05 31 18 For Our Flag Officers


By Anna Von Reitz

As noted on April 24, 1863, Abraham Lincoln issued the Lieber Code.  It made the Grand Army of the Republic responsible for our money and the welfare of our civilian population among other things.  The very next day, he bankrupted the original federal United States commercial company.

Since then the GAR has morphed into the United States Army, the U.S. Army and the US ARMY.  The Lieber Code has morphed into The Hague Conventions.

It’s all still in effect.

Just like the Reconstruction Acts have for the most part never been repealed.

[Read any AR 27-10 issued in your lifetimes.  Read DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY PAMPHLET 27-161-1, the:Law of Peace, which we are owed in this country, but which we are routinely denied.  Read 41-10, Civil Affairs OPs.  If you need “documentation” in support of all that I am saying, God knows you don’t have to go any further than to read Army manuals.]

Fast forward past the evils of the Federal Reserve and the trademarked Federal Reserve System to the Big Short of 2008.

Forget all the funny business on Wall Street and the Big Banks and Derivatives markets.

Obummer is in the White House.  What does he do?  Well, we all know about the TARP fiasco, but something a lot more insidious went on as prep work for bankrupting the Federal Reserve System in 2009.

It’s called State Sponsored Counterfeiting.  Between 2008 and 2015 hundreds of trillions of “dollars” worth of Federal Reserve Notes were printed in Singapore, Thailand, Mexico and Afghanistan using official “government” printing presses, engraving plates, paper and ink.

As a result it is literally impossible to tell the difference between the fakes and the “real” notes.  The same thing was done with Treasury Bonds.

And then, in 2009, the Federal Reserve System TM was bankrupted.

All those notes and all those Treasuries were rendered worthless overnight.

People and governments all over the world were panic stricken, stuck with worthless paper.  And the source of it all was conveniently bankrupt.

Obummer purposefully set this all up to bankrupt both the Municipal United States and the Territorial United States.  He fully intended to “vacate” what was left of the constitutional system and leave the States and the People of this country on the hook to pay for it all.

And all this and more has occured on the watch of our military leaders.

Our actual Silver Dollars we were forced to trade on a “dollar for dollar” basis for paper notes –IOU’s from “the Federal Reserve” which was and is as “federal” as Federal Express.  See the 1934 Emergency Banking Act.

And this came after the vermin confiscated all our privately held gold– $387 billion worth in today’s market, which they used as surety for their own private corporate bankruptcy in 1933.

And while we were being fleeced and impoverished and reduced to soup kitchens on this side of the Atlantic and vast amounts of land were being acquired by banks and corporations for pennies on the dollar, the bastards responsible were investing heavily in Germany and Adolph Hitler.

All this crap has gone on right under the noses of our vaunted “Flag Generals” who were supposed to be minding the store and taking care of our money and protecting the welfare of the civilian population of this country.

And what was happening instead?

Well, they ran out of our money during the Second World War, as Ms. Hudes somewhat incorrectly and disingenuously explained in her letter from the World Bank, so the vermin proposed to kidnap us and press gang us in the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea, and after trafficking us, to sell us into bondage and seize upon all our property public and private back home as more collateral for their debts.

All without our knowledge or consent of course.

This is how you Flag Generals have discharged your duty owed under the Lieber Code and Hague Conventions to safeguard our money and the welfare of our civilian population.

In a sane world you should all be court-martialed and shot.  Your ONLY saving grace is that this information was kept highly compartmentalized so that one hand did not know what the other was doing, and a degree of plausible deniability was maintained throughout this long debacle of endless betrayal of the American States and People.

Otherwise your combined performance at all these junctures would have been worth five cents for a lead slug,

And we are all still standing here waiting to see if your performance of your perceived duty is any better today than it has been for the last 150 years.

Let’s go over this again and see if you get the right answers this time?

Who do we work for?


  1. A) The American People
  2. B) Wall Street
  3. C) the Federal Reserve
  4. D) Congress


Whose money are we supposed to protect?


  1. A) The American People’s
  2. B) the Federal Reserve’s
  3. C) Government Pension Funds
  4. D) Members of Congress’s


Who actually pays our paychecks and retirement benefits?


  1. A) The American People
  2. B) Congress
  3. C) the Federal Reserve
  4. D) Serco


Who do we owe our allegiance to?


  1. A) The American People
  2. B) Congress
  3. C) The United States
  4. D) USA, Inc.


Whose peace and welfare are we supposed to safeguard?


  1. A) The American People
  2. B) The European Elite
  3. C) International Bankers
  4. D) Defense Contractors


Now here’s a tough essay question, gentlemen— is trafficking clueless Americans into foreign jurisdiction and selling them into slavery and seizing upon their assets as chattel backing your debts compatible with the mandate to protect them and safeguard their money?  Why or why not?

If you think that I am just a wee little bit fed up with your lack of performance in behalf of your actual employers you would be right.

If you think that it is easy for a little old lady– who is actually shy and kindly— to get steamed up enough to take on the Pope, the Queen, the Joint Chiefs, and all you fellows, too– think again.  I am not doing this for fun or profit. I am doing this because otherwise Phil the Pill gets to keep @$750 T of our money and all his Bill Collectors will be sitting on American doorsteps and evicting millions more innocent people from their homes.

I am doing all this and it plainly, obviously is NOT my job.  It’s a job I have been paying all these high and mighty Flag Generals to do and we can all see the results.

So my suggestion that you all remove the corks may not be respectful and it may not be becoming a lady, but on the other hand the history and the present circumstance calls for neither respect nor decorum.

I and millions of other Americans have loyally supported you and your predecessors through thick and through thin, and now you can begin to understand why we are banging our dishes on the floor like angry dogs and swearing at you to your faces.

This situation including the evil and corrupt “court” system really IS your fault, it really IS your duty that is derelict, it really IS your mandate to protect our money and guard our welfare — and you have betrayed that duty and mandate in practically every way possible short of pulling your service revolvers and shooting your own employers in the head.

From what I have seen of your training programs in recent years it looks like that is precisely what the vermin have been preparing you to do next.

And after that, the perps will have some Nurembug Trials and get rid of all of you, too.


I have already provided tons of “documentation” throughout my writings, including direct quotes from Army Manuals.  I have given you publication numbers for the most important sources other than the Jag operations manuals — read those, too, if you want MORE proof.

You have Karen Hudes’ confirmation from the World Bank, even if she doesn’t make a distinction between the actual United States and the Federal United States.  And now I am going to add another piece of documentation for you, straight from the US Department of State.

I and many others have been lampooned for exposing the Birth Certificate bondage to which we have been subjected without our knowledge or consent by our own employees. No doubt you want “proof” of that, too.  So I already sent you the step-by-step on that.  Now I am attaching what the State Department has to say about it.

Please notice that the “full faith and credit” has been attached to my Birth Certificate.  My good name has been seized upon as a commercial object by your corrupt governmental “services” corporation (oh, I have been “served” all right) and I have been mischaracterized as a willing volunteer liable to stand good for the debts of the guilty franchise organization doing business as the State of Wisconsin, too.

Here I am, flat-footed on the land of my native country, saying for you and the world that I do not consent to this, that this is an offense against God and Man, that it is the most odious kind of betrayal, that it is a Gross Breach of Trust,  a lie, and an act of knowing commercial fraud institutionalized by foreign governmental services corporations operating both illegally and unlawfully on our shores.

I denounce it as a war crime and an act of attempted genocide and human trafficking and enslavement which has been outlawed since 1702.

That this is being done in the name of “United States of America” —- not, you will note, the honorable organization I serve, The United States of America—- is just more salt in the wounds, more proof of deliberate malice on the part of employees who in fact owe me their good faith service and allegiance, employees who are sworn to defend me from “all enemies both foreign and domestic” for a reason.

I suggest that you go to GMEIUtility.com and plug in what is purported to be “your” Social Security Number to see for yourselves what the ultimate result of this chicanery is and exactly how the “US National War College” is directly involved in vast, hideous, international crime against the actual American States and People.

Attached documents:




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The Time Has Come For All Good MEN To Come To The Aid Of Their Country!

05 30 18 Public and Private Notice II Second Notice Issued Regarding Other Entities + Follow Up From the Personal Representatives of The United States of America


By Anna Von Reitz

Official Public and Private Notice II

Earlier today we objected to the settlement of the bankruptcy of CANADA. We have issued similar Notice regarding the bankruptcy of various federal corporations, all of which have seized upon and mis-administered some aspect of our assets and economy. The text of the second Notice appears below:

Public and Private Notice II

There has been a mistake. We object to any final settlement of the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, E PLURIBUS UNUM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, USA, Inc., and similar Parties, pending correction and return of all material rights, interests and patents owed to the American Government and the American States and People.

This Public and Private Notice is hereby served by and in behalf of James Clinton Belcher, Hereditary Head of State for The United States of America, and his ancestry listed in part, and in behalf of his consort Anna Maria Riezinger and her ancestry listed in part, and in behalf of all living Americans who are similarly owed all right and provenance of the American continental resources they are heir to:

Orville Clintwood Belcher b. 1920 Emmett Anthony Riezinger b. 1920
Jas Ballard Belcher b. 1883 John George Riezinger b. 1879
William Randolph Belcher b. 1852 Francis Heinrich von Reitzenstein b. 1855
William Benjamin Belcher b. 1816 Alfred Julius Schnur b. 1867
William Floyd Belcher b. 1785 Augustinius Frederick Nielson b. 1852
Catherine Bernice Bonnapise b. 1920 LaVera Myrtle Riezinger b. 1920
Alma Bell Davidson b. 1895 Anna Wilhelmina Nelson b. 1881
Louise F. Bonnaprise b. 1898 Wilhelmina Litchfield b. 1835
Alice Marie O’Keefe b. 1897 Mary Ann Alexander b. 1850
Louis A.P. Bonnaprise b. 1856 Mary Jane Zimmerman b. 1859
Mary Jane Ross b. 1861 William Helmich b. 1850

This ancestry firmly established upon the land and soil of the American states prior to 1860 demonstrates the rights and provenance of the vessels. The land records of Tacoma-Pierce County Washington State and Clark County Wisconsin State and corrections posted and cured among the land records of the Matanuska-Susitna Recording District demonstrate permanent political allegiance to The United States of America throughout and return to permanent domicile upon the land and soil of Wisconsin and Washington prior to 2015.

None of those listed are PERSONS nor were they ever Persons owing allegiance to the British Crown: Deuteronomy 1:17, 10:17, Second Samuel 14;14, Matthew 22:16, Acts 10:34, Romans 2:11 and James 2:9.

We assert the Law and Power of the Living to demand release and return of our presumed-to-be escheated names and estates under the lawful covenant of James 2:9 and call forth the restoration of Leviticus 25: 44-50.

We call upon the Commissioners of Natural Resources to yield to the Living all those resources that are naturally theirs as the Powerholders of their names and estates, duly recorded, and as Testators whose Wills in these matters are published.

We especially note the Washington State’s published regulations in contra-indication of the award of Life Force Value Annuities to Prince Philip, as we are and have long been the rightful claimants and Powerholders of these names and estates:

*RCW 11.08.270
Conveyance of escheated property to claimant.
In the event the order of the court requires the delivery of real property to the claimant, a certified copy of such order shall be served upon the department of natural resources which shall thereupon make proper certification to the office of the governor for issuance of a quitclaim deed for the property to the claimant.
[ 1988 c 128 § 3; 1965 c 145 § 11.08.270. Prior: 1955 c 254 § 15.]


Henceforth, we demand Conveyance of General Orders 100, Article 31 “abeyance” to be remitted to us and to our Federation of States, The United States of America, without further obfuscation or delay, and the return of our rightful names and estates and all rights, titles, properties, material interests, patents, insurances, escrows, leases, and other beneficial assets associated with these names and those of our ancestors.


The Head of State
For: The United States of America
From the Powerholder
Of the Washington State

The Fiduciary
For: The World Trust
From the Powerholder of the Wisconsin State

Correspondence may be addressed to us in care of: Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652, The United States of America, and via email at: avannavon@gmail.com and via telephone at 1-11-907-250-5087.

We have repeatedly requested the return of our purportedly escheated names and estates from the Parties responsible. The Territorial Governors, State Secretaries of State, and Attorney Generals have all failed their duties. We are enabled to invoke our Court of Record to declare our remedy, which is the return of all property actual and real, all right, title, and beneficial interest, all soil, all land, all interests and vessels still at sea, all interests and vessels in the global jurisdiction of the air, all interests in space and in time owed to us and to our States and our Federation of States known as The United States of America [Unincorporated],

Please see attached pdfs.

Page 1  http://annavonreitz.com/pandp2pg1.pdf

Page 2  http://annavonreitz.com/pandp2pg2.pdf


05 30 18 Follow Up From the Personal Representatives of The United States of America


By Anna Von Reitz

This is a follow-up to our Public and Private Notice and Public and Private Notice II for all the Flag Officers who still need to get the cobwebs out of their brains and the corks out of their _ _ _ _ _ .

I don’t like Karen Hudes, the World Bank, the IMF or any of their other “international organizations” that have deliberately and in gross self-interest misrepresented the nature and identity of “the United States” being referenced in the attached letter —which is the Federal United States (created to exercise delegated authority only) —not the actual United States at all and not The United States of America [Unincorporated] from which the delegated powers derive, either.

The Federal United States has been managed as an incorporated public trust by the Territorial United States since 1868 and repeatedly subsumed in the bankruptcies of the “presumed” trustees.  Since 1946, it has been managed in a similar fashion by the Municipal United States, and again, dragged into the bankruptcies of the purported trustees.

Bear in mind that there is no authorization in existence for the Territorial United States to assume trusteeship over the Federal United States and no provision for the Municipal United States to function in such a capacity either.

By Law, when a party appointed to exercise delegated power becomes incompetent for any reason, the delegated power returns to the delegating party– which means it is all supposed to come back to The United States of America [Unincorporated] — which should have happened in 1868, in 1946, and in 2015 as a simple matter of operation of Law.

We have pulled the plug and put an end to these false presumptions.

The United States of America and the people populating the member States of the Federal Union are present and accounted for.  We are the delegating authorities, and we have formally, on the public and international record, rescinded, removed, revoked, and repudiated any claim, duty, or obligation of federal citizenship of any kind whatsoever related to our names and estates since we first discovered this fraud in 1998 and ever since.

The perpetrators of this ruse have only gotten away with this 150 year-old con game by pretending that The United States of America [Unincorporated] no longer exists, or is in a condition of “abeyance” waiting to be “Reconstructed”—- when  the entity subject to reconstruction is now and always was the Federal United States, which has nothing to do with the actual United States nor with The United States of America [Unincorporated] at all.

Imagine that your Lawn Maintenance Company suffers a reorganization and goes bankrupt.  That’s what happened to the Federal United States in 1863.  Imagine that another subcontractor comes along and secretively, using deliberately similar names to deceive, substitutes itself “for” the original contractor without your knowledge or consent.  That’s what happened in 1868.  Now imagine that a series of such frauds continues to unfold, with a Third Party subcontractor taking over in 1946…. and going bankrupt in 2015.

These subcontractors are having a merry time, charging whatever they will for whatever services they wish to provide, running up debts against their employers, making false claims against their employer’s assets, and generally running amok. That is what has been going on in this country for 150 years, and it is all fraud, all founded on Gross Breach of Trust by the British Government and the Holy See.

Well, we may be slow and make a lot of mistakes, but by Heaven, we did finally catch on and we have actually “come home” from “over the sea” where our criminally delinquent employees placed us without our knowledge or consent, and we have demanded an end to the purported “abeyance” of the Federal United States Government, and the return of all abandoned delegated powers to The United States of America, together with all our material interests, free and clear of debt or encumbrance created by merely presumed-to-be secondary beneficiaries of our estates which have been administered in criminal Breach of Trust.

So here is the head count — the Federal United States has been moth-balled by the perpetrators in Breach of Trust and violation of commercial contract since 1868, the Municipal United States declared bankruptcy in 2015, and the Territorial United States declared bankruptcy in 2017.

This means that for a period of time in 2017 all three (3) “federal” entities were (1) incompetent as a result of administrative default or (2) bankruptcy.

All delegated “powers” have returned by operation of Law to The United States of America and the constitutional agreements were retained by assignment of some powers to new federal contractors who were not part of the bankrupt organizations.

Ms. Hudes makes the mistake of thinking that the “Federal United States” matters. It doesn’t.  It is simply a failed subcontractor. It has no call upon our resources and its fate cannot be held to affect us, other than the fact that we are the Priority Creditors of the Federal United States, the Territorial United States, and the Municipal United States —- all three, and we do not consent to any role or administrative authority being asserted (as in the attached letter) by the World Bank or the IMF proposing to act as Trustees or Administrators giving away our assets— which are definitely not abandoned and not available to satisfy debts of secondary creditors including the World Bank, the IMF, and the equally complicit IBRD.

We are not party to nor are we responsible for the debts of the Federal United States, the Territorial United States nor the Municipal United States since 1860.  All mistakes otherwise are eligible and due for remedy and cure as a result of fraud practiced in Breach of Trust by the British Monarch and Holy See.

The United States of America [Unincorporated] is the lawful and constant and never conquered Federation of States to which all loyalty, all peace, and all honor is owed by all “federal personnel” at all levels at all times without exception. We are their employers, to the extent that we agree to employ them going forward.

We are the Priority Creditors of all three levels of  the Federal United States Government, and the repositors and ultimate receivers and reversioners of all reversionary trust interests including all the delegated powers which have returned to us by operation of Law.

All Due Process and Notice has been served related to these business affairs and the results are cured and standing upon the public records of this country.

Please see the attached letter from World Bank administrator Karen Hudes, who has mistaken the Federal United States for the actual United States and who

wrongly assumes that our assets are prey to the claims of the World Bank, IMF, and other culprits making false claims of abandonment and similar excuses for their assumptions.

Thank you, very much.

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

The United States of America

05 29 18 No “Article III” Courts, Because There is No National Government — Except Ours + Your Copy of Our Public Notice


By Anna Von Reitz

You can’t have an Article III Court without a National Government.

When they moth-balled the National-Level States of States and substituted Territorial-Level States of States, the Article III Courts that the people of this country are owed disappeared, too.

Instead, what you have are Territorial United States Courts that have been cobbled together to appear as Article III of the Territorial Constitution Courts, which are all corporate tribunals.

As a result, the only true courts of record are those created by Americans standing on the land and soil jurisdiction of this country invoking them.

The so-called “Federal Government” as you understand that term, is totally broken, dysfunctional, and doesn’t have a contract. The only portion of it that is redeemable is redeemable only by your action to assemble the actual States of the Federation and finally reconstruct the National-Level States of States.

The Territorial States of States and Municipal STATES OF STATES accepted bankruptcy and have attempted to jettison their debts on you after embezzling $20 trillion of National Credit, and delivering approximately $750 trillion in your own “Life Force Value Annuities” and those of your ancestors to Prince Philip.

This is all part of an insurance annuities fraud scheme first dreamed up circa 1700 and soundly defeated and outlawed back then, so they just waited for awareness to fade and brought it back in the 1860s.

Time to wake up, folks.  The bankers that agreed to this form of enslavement and bondage are the ones at more fault even than the greedy immoral “royals” who claimed to have such credit to trade.

The United States of America (Unincorporated) is the only National Level Government you’ve got and you’d better believe it and support it and get your County and State Jural Assemblies organized to operate it.

I will put in a plug to support The Living Law Firm and its research staff, because without them, you wouldn’t know what is going on behind the scenes and you wouldn’t have anyone in the trenches defending your claims and sending the letters and doing all the work necessary to keep your noses above water and keep the rats from winning this outrageous fraud scheme.

We have to keep the lights on and food on their tables, folks, because without these dedicated volunteers, we would all be up the proverbial creek with only one paddle.

Please send donations via my PayPal at: avannavon@gmail.com or via snail mail to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.

See this article and over 1000 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com


05 29 18 Your Copy of Our Public Notice


By Anna Von Reitz

The individual land estates dba JOHN MARK DOE were taken into bankruptcy by the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES and the various STATES OF STATES.  At about the same time, CANADA was in municipal bankruptcy, too.

Unknown to us at the time, the Canadian Governor of Ottawa was acting as Trustee of our ESTATES under the Canadian Ownership and Control Act—- in receipt of our “Life Force Energy Annuities” — CUSIP Bonds.

In the settlement of the CANADA bankruptcy, Prince Philip was awarded $950 trillion dollars-worth of our “energy” which he received on or about April 15, 2017.  He “retired” from public life within 72 hours of receiving those bonds.

However, those bonds are part of our ESTATES and not his, and probate is never closed.

FRANCIS needs to be reminded of this. Also the fact that fraud has no statute of limitations.

We must being objection to the final settlement of the bankruptcy of CANADA before June 10, 2018.

And only we can do that.

Mr. Trump has no standing while being in the employ of the rats, and even if he had standing, he would have no claim established prior to the bankruptcy of the Municipal and Territorial entities.  We, the American people, do.

The very existence of “Life Force Energy Annuities” is an insult to the entire race of Mankind and a more than adequate reason to repudiate the entire monarchical system forever.

The Queen has threatened us with death by the millions.  Prince Philip has received stolen goods representing the profit from the slave labor of six generations of Canadians and Americans.

Shall we all say— we do not consent?  Shall we say this was involuntary and the fruit of fraud and Breach of Trust?  Shall we say that those who perpetuated this and profited by it are criminals?

Shall we demand the entire removal of every member of the Bar Associations from our shores forever?

The entire long plot that the British Government and the Archons have pursued over the past 150 years is fully exposed.

And now comes the Judgment of Heaven.

We are hereby giving worldwide Public Notice and Due Process and are entering our objection to the Bankruptcy Settlement of CANADA/Canada and requiring the return of the receipts of the unconscionable labor contracts, mortgages, and insurances and the principal and profit from all other vicious means used to extract our assets, which Britain has attempted to purloin.

This is being sent directly to Pope Francis and will land on his desk by tomorrow evening.

It is also being sent to the Galactic Council and Federation Members, the White Hats, the US Court of Federal Claims, the Office of the Prosecutor at the World Court, the Secretary General of the United Nations, and other officials around the world.

The Government of France and the Bank of France/FRANCE is also up to their necks and attempting to keep this “plantation” idea going in the face of our “return” from “overseas”.

Can we all say— up yours?

See this article and over 1000 others on Anna’s website here:


05 27 18 Two Confederations of the Original National States of States Two Confederations of the Original National States of States + George Washington’s Oaths


By Anna Von Reitz

Confusing, yes?  But necessary.

The First Confederation formed by the States during the Revolution (1781) was composed of National-Level States of States:  The State of Georgia, The State of Maine, The State of Connecticut….. and these States of States were business entities owned by the States called Georgia, Maine, Connecticut…..

The States own The States of States.   Maine owns The State of Maine.

The States formed a Federation of States known as The United States of America to function as a Holding Company for all the assets and powers that they would agree to hold in common.  The States specifically and through their Holding Company retained control of the land and soil jurisdictions of this country.

That is, the States never gave up a cubic centimeter of soil or land to The States of States.

The States of States were created to function in the realm of international trade and commerce in behalf of the States and in the global jurisdiction of the air, also in behalf of the States.

The States of States formed their original Confederation during the Revolution (1781).  When the Constitution was adopted in 1787 the Second Confederation was set up to exercise the Delegated Powers.

Where the real confusion arises is the idea that the original Confederation disappeared or was “replaced” by the Second Confederation.  It wasn’t.  All that happened was that the Second Confederation of The States of States operated the Delegated Powers under British control / influence, and the First Confederation continued to operate the Non-Delegated Powers.

And in the background, the great Holding Company of the States, The United States of America (unincorporated) was the Source of all the Non-Delegated and Delegated Powers mutually extended by the States.

So the delegation goes like this:  States combine to form a Federation of States dba The United States of America to hold their international and global powers in common.  They form a first Confederation of States of States to conduct their business in these realms.  They split the powers into “Non-Delegated” and “Delegated” subsets and create a second Confederation to exercise the Delegated powers in 1787.

We’ve been hoodwinked into paying attention only to the Delegated Powers and the Federal United States government that was created to exercise these powers, and have “forgotten” about the source of all these “powers” —- the actual government is not the Federal United States Government in any form.

See this article and over 1000 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com

George Washington’s Oaths


By Anna Von Reitz

There is a curious fact of history that deserves everyone’s notice and understanding.

George Washington took two Oaths of office.

One was to The United States of America on April 6, 1789.  That is the political office owed to the land jurisdiction States and the American people holding the non-delegated powers.

The other Oath of Office taken on April 30, 1789 was to the Federal United States and its new Constitution as President of the United States. That is the business office of the top executive of the Federal Government exercising the delegated powers.

One Supreme Office on the land and one on the sea.

The President was supposed to stand with one foot on the land and one in the sea, able to provide for the orderly administration and  functioning of both jurisdictions to best serve the general welfare and benefit of the people and the country as a whole.

The order of the Oath-taking proves beyond any doubt that the Supreme Office was the political Office of the President of The United States of America, which had to be entered and bonded and commissioned and affirmed under Oath before the subject jurisdiction of the delegated powers could be similarly entered into.

You have to have a country before you can delegate powers to operate in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

And that is why Washington took two Oaths and why the Oath to The United States of America had to come first.

See this article and over 1000 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com


05 27 18 ‘Radicalized Christians’



Will every reader of this post please go to the link above and write me if you think THE PHOTO is offensive, and why do you think WORDPRESS WILL NOT POST IT. olddog@morrisbb.net

Complimentary Story By Rob Pue

September 11, 2001 marked the start of a pivotal change here in America and worldwide.  The global Islamic community danced in the streets, and they had good reason to celebrate. Not only was America violently and successfully attacked and brought to its knees, but it was also on this day that a world-wide conversation would begin about one thing:  the religion of Islam. It was a conversation that would resonate throughout the four corners of the earth, and one which continues to this day. Our children, fifteen years old or younger now, have never known it to be any other way in their lifetimes. Islam is on every television station, it is in every newspaper, it is in every news magazine, on the screens of every smart phone, iPad and laptop in the country, and on the minds of every man, woman and child in the world.

Now, if the narrative were actually a true representation of Islam, that would be one thing.  But unfortunately, that’s not the case.  Not only is the global media providing nonstop coverage, but it is also extremely biased in favor of this evil religion.   Before the flames at Ground Zero were even extinguished, and even amid the smoke and rubble and burnt bodies of murdered Americans, our national leaders were declaring Islam to be a “nonviolent religion of peace.” It was surreal, unbelievable.  And this has been the official continuing narrative ever since.  Constantly repeated by heads of state the world over, as well as by every police commander in every city where another terrorist attack takes place.  How many times have you heard the line, “it is too soon to tell what the attacker’s motivation was.  It just seems to be a random act of violence.  We are, quite frankly, stumped as to why he would do such a thing.”  This, inspite of the fact that the man’s name was Mohammed, Ahmed, Nasir, Ibrahim, or Moktar. Friends, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure this out.

But it’s not just the government leaders and police commanders pushing this “religion of peace” nonsense.  Islam is also being heralded as co-equal with Christianity by notable CHRISTIAN leaders… everyone from Brian Mclaren to Rick Warren are on board with a thing called “Chrislam,” because after all, they say, we all worship the same god.   The Pope has been visiting mosques and participating in Islamic prayers, in attempts to build bridges to the Islamic world.  And Joel Osteen brags about how Muslims attend his church and buy his books. Now granted, most mainstream Christians KNOW Osteen is apostate, but he — along with people like Rick Warren are arguably the most famous “preachers” in America, and the general populace accept their endorsements as truth.

Here in America, where Christianity is reviled in public government schools, where you dare not carry a Bible to class or even keep one in your locker, where students walk the halls cursing like sailors but dare not utter the name of Jesus because it is just too offensive, and where the ACLU and Freedom From Religion Foundation wait eagerly to pounce upon any coach who would dare to pray in Jesus’ name before a game or any music teacher who would be so arrogant as to include Silent Night in a Christmas program, our children are now being forced to wear burkas, and visit mosques on field trips where they are taught to bow down and worship Allah.  They’re being forced to memorize the Five Pillars of Islam and to affirm “there is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.”  If you think I’m exaggerating or such things are not happening DAILY even in the small conservative communities across this nation, you are sadly ill informed.

There is no doubt, Islam is on a roll…  you couldn’t buy this type of advertising or publicity at any price.  I’ve said before that this is not all just happening naturally, but SUPERnatural influences are involved here.  Islam is NOT a religion of peace and Christians do NOT pray to the same entity that Muslims do.  Allah is Satan.  Is it any doubt that the father of lies would be perpetrating such delusion on the whole population of the earth in these last days?   Truly, as Christians, we are NOT just wrestling against flesh and blood here, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.  (Ephesians 6:12).

Over the past year or so, the press has been having a hard time continuing to defend the terrorists and present them in a positive light, and so now they have started to differentiate between the “peaceful,” or “moderate” Muslims and the mean ones.  They continue to sing the same, tired old tune of “Islam: the religion of peace,” desperate as they are to  continue the charade as long as possible. So now there is a new phrase being tested:  “Radicalized Muslims.”  Even though savage killers are committing barbaric acts of terror around the world on a daily basis, IN THE NAME OF ISLAM, we are now told that these things are all being done by just a small group of RADICALIZED Muslims.  Most Muslims, you see, are just “normal” and nice. They’re your neighbors, no different from you and me.   It’s only this small band of “radicalized” Muslims that are the problem and we shouldn’t confuse all Muslims with these radical ones.  …And by the way, it’s still ok for your kids to take that field trip to the Islamic Center, to learn how sweet and loving Muslims really are. After all, let’s take the “high road” and show how progressive and advanced we are, by not judging all members of this religion by the actions of a few.  Ok?  Good.

Friends, this is just another lie.  Or as our Muslim neighbors would call it, “Taqiyaa.”  The Qur’an teaches that Muslims SHOULD lie to us infidels, in order to win our trust, so that they can first gain a foothold in our society, then the upper hand, then domination and finally their ultimate goal: total Islamic governance and rule under Sharia law.  This is Islamic doctrine, and this is how they spread and increase.  But I would contend that it’s no longer just the Muslims practicing Taqiyaa.  Now, it’s also our government leaders, our police commanders, our news media, our school teachers and college professors, and even many of our Christian pastors.  Even the Pope is now practicing the Islamic doctrine of blatant lying to non-Muslims.  And the world is buying it all.  Because this Taqiyaa is coming from people we were supposed to be able to trust.  How insidious!

But how is it that so many are falling prey to such lies? Why do women support Islam, inspite of the fact that they are horribly oppressed and treated no better than cattle in this culture?  Why are young people joining ISIS?  Why are professing Christians converting to Islam in record numbers today?  WHAT is the appeal?

First of all, the overwhelmingly positive “press” that Islam gets in our culture surely doesn’t hurt.  When everyone from your kids’ kindergarten teacher to your favorite anchor on the evening news to the kindly old pastor at your church on Sunday is declaring Islam to be the most wonderful, enlightened path one could ever hope to follow, it is no wonder people who don’t know any better form a positive, though ignorant, opinion and worldview on the subject. Islam is also well known for preying on the young and the downtrodden.  Most of the new converts to Islam in the US are young people, experiencing a personal crisis in their lives, seeking answers …and in our culture of shallowness and superficiality, desperately seeking something to be a part of that offers a higher path and some sort of significance.  The recruitment of new converts inside our American prisons is also huge.  Again, feeling outcast by society, Islam promises hope for a future.  The structure of the religious rites is viewed as just what the inmate needs when he “gets out” — a chance to turn his life around and do right by “god.”  Suddenly their lives have meaning and purpose.  Finally, at last, they consider themselves on the right track.

Another appeal is that Islam seems to offer unity and brotherhood.  In Islam, the entire community celebrates religious festivals and carries out the rites of worship in unity and harmony.  As one commentator put it, “they live out their faith publicly, they are deeply religious and fiercely proud.”  Contrast this to Christianity in the United States today, where we seem to just go through the motions of religion, for “show.”  We are forbidden to have Christian symbols in public, and there is even a controversy over a greeting of “Merry Christmas.”  But we never speak up about religious oppression, because we don’t really seem to care anyway.  To those outside looking in, it appears Christians are not proud of their Lord, they are ashamed of Him.

Young people are longing for something more.  They can see through the phony and the fake, and they are tired of being superficially entertained.  After years of all the cute stories in Sunday School, they want something real, and Islam seems to be legitimate.  Legitimate enough that its adherents are willing to die for the cause. Such sincerity has enormous appeal. Contrast this to Christianity, where professed followers can’t even drag themselves out of bed once a week to get to church.  Christians are entertained, pandered to, never asked to do much of anything for God, and the message preached is often meaningless.  Instead of being fed the meat of God’s word which they so desperately crave, they’re given candy and milk — and even the milk is 2%.  Then they go to Islam and Islam reinforces the notion that Christians are weak, hypocrites and whores.  They are already primed and ready to hate the world of their parents that they broke away from, in favor of something that lures them with the promise of substance.

You see, it’s different in Islam.  They pray five times a day, and this is enforced by Islamic law. You don’t get much more serious than that.  As one writer said, “this practice helps Islam dominate a Muslim’s life, filling his daily rhythm with Islam.”  Research shows that the more effort a person puts into something, the more he is likely to believe in it and value it.  What’s more the prayers involve moving together in time. When Muslims pray, they all face the same direction, they bow down, get on their hands and knees, and put their face on the mat, all in unison, and then rise back up. Again and again. When people move together in time, whether dancing or marching or praying, it creates a physical and emotional bond between them.  Brotherhood. Belonging.  That’s why all military training involves marching in unison — because it is so effective at creating a strong feeling of unity between soldiers.  So the method of prayer in Islam helps Muslims feel unified with each other. Contrast that to a typical church experience for a young person whose doubts have already been nurtured by school, the media, and pop culture.  They go to church but don’t fit in.  There is no unity, and only superficial friendships.  Church members don’t seem to live their faith on Monday like they do on Sunday.

One commentator explained:  “Islam completely takes over every aspect of Muslims’ lives. Not only are they required to pray five times a day, they have to go through a washing ritual beforehand. Islam dictates the laws, and the laws cover many public and private behaviors. In an Islamic state, it is impossible to be a casual Muslim.”  And so the more serious a person becomes about their Islamic faith, the more they adhere to the teachings, and delve deeper and deeper into their doctrines.  When a Muslim learns what Islam really teaches, and if this person wants to be the best Muslim he can be, then he MUST wage jihad, he MUST work to bring about a worldwide Islamic Caliphate, ruled by Sharia law.  This is the ultimate goal of Islam.   The Qur’an COMMANDS Muslims to expand the religion by war and conquest.  So to be a good Muslim, one MUST become a RADICALIZED Muslim.  In their minds, it is the highest level of religious piety.

I say these things not to praise Islam, God forbid.  But I say these things to show where we, as Christians, have fallen short and where we need to do much, MUCH better. Radicalized muslims are those who are no longer lukewarm, but are seeking to be the best muslims they can be… following the teachings of their holy books as closely as they know how. They are sincerely WRONG, but they are sincere.

What we NEED are some radicalized CHRISTIANS, willing to die for the cause of Christ if it comes to that.  Christians who are willing to take up their crosses daily and follow Him… Christians who are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ because they KNOW it is the POWER of God unto salvation for all who believe.  We have been taught to be cowards, to be ashamed of our Lord. To act one way on Sunday and then to blend with the world on Monday.  For that matter, many church-goers don’t even make it to Sunday afternoon before they’re swilling down beer and cussing at the TV screen during the football game… no different from their unbelieving neighbors.  So much for keeping the Lord’s Day holy.

But imagine if the national conversation shifted.  Imagine if the front page headlines began featuring “Radicalized Christians” living out their faith every day… how different it would look from the Radicalized Muslims living out their faith.  Our God calls us to repentance and renewal.  Why don’t we read His word, pray sincerely, seek Him and follow the Holy Scriptures we profess to believe, with the same enthusiasm we see in the followers of allah?  Imagine if we did, what a powerful, changed world we would be living in.   We are losing the battle God has assigned us to, because we have surrendered out of cowardice and fear.  Are you ashamed of God?  Then stop acting like it.  It’s time to let our lights so shine before men, that they may see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven.  Yes, it is time for some RADICALIZED Christians.

If you want to hear more about the infiltration of Islam in America and American churches, I urge you to attend the special seminar featuring SHAHRAM HADIAN, on June 20th at our Wisconsin Christian News Ministry Center here in Marshfield, Wisconsin.  Call me for more details.

Olddogs Comments!

I can think of no other creature lower than an American who degrades Jesus Christ and favors Islam. Close behind is the putrid idiots making pussies of our young boys.

05 26 18 The Short Short Version



By Anna Von Reitz

The scags back in the 30’s made a false claim against our assets by pretending that we were all Territorial United States Citizens by choice — that we all “volunteered” into that status in exchange for the “benefits” of Social Security (which we paid for times ten ourselves) and similar such bogus “benefits” like registering our private cars as property belonging to them and available for them to use as collateral for loans, etc., etc., etc.

They did this with our labor and our land — everything.  And all without telling us.

It would be like being named as the co-signer on a car loan without ever being told a word about it.  It’s an “unconscionable contract” — literally, because there was no “meeting of the minds” possible.  They just did it, and the greedy banks let them do it.

It is totally illegal and unlawful and morally bankrupt to boot.

Okay, so the moment we find out, we can object.  We found out and started objecting immediately.  We went to the Pope. We went to the Queen.  We went to the FBI.  We went to Interpol.  We went to the DOJ.  We went to the UN.  We went to the Inspector Generals.  We went to the Postmasters.

And they all stood there staring at us like we were Mr. Ed — but we have the proof and everything we are telling you is playing out as we speak.

The Historic Trusts are all locked up.  Nobody can get a transaction through to save themselves.

Why?  Because these yahoos, the Governors of the States of States, like the State of Ohio, went bankrupt while in possession of our purportedly “abandoned estates”.  That means that our estates are “presumed to be” property belong to the bankrupt State of Ohio, for example, available for the creditors of the State of Ohio to claim under the rules of maritime commerce.

Using the car loan analogy, everything went along fine as long as the State of Ohio made its payments.  Nobody was the wiser, really.

The moment the State of Ohio goes bankrupt, the payments don’t get made and the co-signers get dunned.  If the co-signers don’t pay, the car then gets repossessed.

If Trump and Company don’t wake up to the game the international bankers are playing, and tell the State of State Governors to release our names and estates Quit Claim and Quiet Title them back to us effective with the day we were born, foreign creditors will own this whole country as a result of this criminal fraud against the American States and people.

See this article and over 1000 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com


05 25 18 As Part of the Ongoing Effort = Attention North Carolina Attorneys



By Anna Von Reitz

The article re-posted below will help you understand why Rod Class’s Administrative Rulings matter.  The short answer is that  the State of North Carolina admitted that the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA is a private subcontractor, and that the State of North Carolina had no direct administrative control over the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA and its employees. [Direct administrative control is the responsibility of the parent corporation, dba UNITED STATES and the US Bankruptcy Trustees.]

If you have been following the history, you already know why this is so.

The Territorial United States franchise doing business as “the State of North Carolina” was bankrupted in 1933.  In 1946, it was still “incompetent” due to bankruptcy and the Bankruptcy Trustees appointed a Municipal United States Corporation, the UNITED STATES, INC., and its franchise doing business as the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, to take over the job of providing “essential government services”.

Joe Average in North Carolina didn’t notice or care.  What difference did it make to him who swept the streets and wrote traffic tickets?  It was the same way throughout the country.  People were given no disclosure about any of these arrangements made “for” them.

But as we shall see, private incorporated subcontractors are not subject to the same rules as public institutions— and that gives rise to both the situation confirmed by Rod Class’s efforts, and the situation described below by one angry attorney:


There are a few more things worth noting regarding the DUN & BRADSTREET listing service: D-B is a financial rating service for both ‘public’ and ‘private’ corporations. Utilities and municipal bond ratings would come under D-B preview for certain. It just really never occurred to me years ago when doing litigation discovery, research and analysis, and ‘structured settlements’ that there was seemingly anything incoherent with that fact that municipal and utility bonds are integral to D-B rating services.

I never ever stopped to think about or scrutinize that fact, let alone allow my deliberation and research skills to ‘wander’ or ‘wonder’ into research that would have disclosed what we recently found. Part of the ease of discovering the complex web of inter-related inter-locking CORPORATIONS had to do with ease of electronic research over the internet. Years ago, if one wanted to search anything within any of the rating services, including “Moody’s”, Standard & Poors, and Dun & Bradstreet, + others, one would have to either have to be a subscriber to the service in order to manually expedite their search-rating results, or, one would have to pay a fee and cause a search to arise.

D & B ‘ratings’ are affected every time a ‘public hazard bond’, or ‘surety performance bond’, or ‘indemnity bond’ is complained against. An ‘administrative complaint’ is usually all that it takes to cause a ‘tag’ or book entry to be made on any particular bond. Any particular bond, once complained against three or more times, causes a change in underwriting bond ‘risk’. For bonded Bar attorneys, who in many cases may also be appointed, commissioned, or elected to ‘public office’ as ‘Judge’, ‘Clerk of Court’, etc. when/if their bond is complained against for good and reasonable cause, their bond may be ‘pulled’, and due to loss of effective bond or ‘suretyship’, they cannot ‘practice’ or ‘discharge’ the duty of the office held, or occupied.

In short, the bond maker-issuer is the bonding party for the benefit or on behalf of the ‘bondee’, ie. the purported ‘public officer’, ‘employee’, or ‘official’. This would extend as well to all other ‘public employees’ and ‘agents’-‘agencies’, etc. Every ‘person’ being bonded has a Dun & Bradstreet ‘bond rating’. At least it is reasonable to assume such.

Once three complaints are filed against any bond, assuming they are with merit and well supported by fact and ‘law’ of the ‘breach’ of fiduciary duty, the bond is most always pulled or revoked. The ‘servant’ at ‘risk’ by assuming the responsibilities of operating in any ‘official capacity’ or by ‘employment’, can no longer be underwritten as a ‘no risk’ or ‘low risk’ contract.

One incident of ‘breach’ or operating ‘ultra vires’, or ‘without the law’, causes the ‘immunity’ provisions of the written ‘law’ to cease to be effective, because when one violates the law as a ‘public servant’, one’s immunity blanket ceases to apply, thereby leaving the insurer or bondsman or bond issuer exposed to the liability arising from the servant’s acts, which under any ‘breach of law authority’ causes or gives rise to an ‘injury’ which is a civil or criminal commercial liability.

Everything, whether civil or criminal or martial, is a matter of ‘commerce’, and admiralty law is the venue and jurisdiction by which disputes in/of commercial nature are resolved in truth and fact.

All writings of the United States of America and of the UNITED STATES, or any other ‘government unit’ are forms of making an ‘offer to contract’. There is no written matter of material fact or issue of fact that is ‘law’ which is not bonded. There is no ‘office’ or function of ‘civil service’ or ‘public’ function that is not bonded. If the bond is not in existence, the bondee is ‘exposed’ and without ‘coverage’ by any ‘surety’.

Therefore, there is no ‘guarantor’ behind the agent, officer, official, or employee having ‘exposure’, by ‘assumption of risk’, of a material breach or injury in fact by the bondee [person being bonded or insured]. This leaves the person under taint or cloud of operating ‘in the public interest’ without the constitutionally and statutorily required bond, and therefore, in tacit violation of the constitutions and statutes under the scheme of ‘law’.

“Law” applies first and foremost to government, its employees, officers, and agents. In today’s rogue ‘doctrine of necessity’ ‘de facto’ environment, research has proven and documented that no person, performing as an ‘officer of the court’, being an alleged ‘judge’, being a ‘Bar attorney’ of the ABA or the Federal or State Bars, has a bona fide Constitutional Oath.

The Bond that is supposed to be in existence sits atop the Oath. The Oath is not merely ‘incidental’ to the ‘office’ as has been ruled in some States by their corrupt court “officers”. The Oath is what imparts lawful and legal authority to the man/woman coming into ‘holding’ a ‘public office’ and becoming a ‘public official’. A public servant having no proper Oath cannot have a proper Bond to encompass or include those risks associated with the ‘office’, ‘discharge of fiduciary duty’ of the office, and the various levels or elements of ‘law authority’ underlying the office.

Hence, one may take an Oath to any office of the incorporated State, or the UNITED STATES, and not take a preceding Oath to the unincorporated de jure state or United States of America, and operate non/un constitutionally, which is all that has been going on for years, but which was not known or Law-Lawyer tells of truth about oaths and bonds.doc Page 2 of 3 11 April 2008 understood as being a material breach to the People of the State/state, causing or giving rise to material injuries in fact as a consequence of operating ‘ultra vires’, ie. outside the corporate charters and ‘trust indentures’ which create the office in the first place.

In the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, not one judge has taken the necessary Oaths of office, which include the organic ‘state’ de jure republic oath for “North Carolina”, and the subsequent and inferior or ‘lesser’ oath for the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA. The latter ‘public entity’ has federal character, a Federal Employer Identification Number, a Federal Tax Identification Number, and is a federal ‘instrumentality’ of the CORPORATE ‘UNITED STATES’, and the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, under definition of 28 U.S.C. §3002(15), AND 26 U.S.C. §§7701 (a)(9) and (10). This documented fact pertains to every judge in every State court, but also applies to most every other ‘public official’ or ‘law enforcement officer’.

I cannot address what other State public pretenders and ‘District Attorneys’ or “Prosecutors” do when bringing a criminal complaint against any “natural person”, which includes CORPORATIONS [YES, they are both the class of ‘person’ under statute ‘law’ definition], but in the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, when it is the bringer of the action, the People of the State are never brought in as ‘party to the action’. Only the CORPORATION name is found on the Criminal Complaint or Information form. Only the corporate State is present in the courtroom, trying a case before a CORPORATE JUDGE.

There exists a complete breach and break from the Constitution of North Carolina, because the People of the republic North Carolina and their ‘law’ are not present in the action nor party to it. They are not in the courtroom, nor are they acting through any ‘officer’ of the People, as ‘District Attorney’, which Office alleges to be a ‘servant of the People’. It is NOT. Even the DA does not have the mandatory and proper Constitutional Oath as condition precedent under NORTH CAROLINA GENERAL STATUTES, which clearly state at Chapter 11, Section 11, there shall be two Constitutional Oaths taken.

Absent performance according to that bonded STATUTE regarding bonded Oaths, leaves a clear and certain risk liability issue for the Bond maker-issuer. Some bonding agent has bonded the Statutes and other writings of the law of the State. Some bond issuer has bonded State ‘employees’, ‘officers’, and ‘public officials’. Some bond issuer has, therefore, “underwritten” risk on the basis of having full knowledge that there exist no Constitutional Oaths beneath the CORPORATE OATH.

One cannot but presume that the bond issuer-maker has full disclosure; after all, ‘they’ have been registered within each State Department of Corporations, do business in all ‘States’ and DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, and are presumed to know the “LAW”….including the “law of the land”, which under their “UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE” and all secondary ‘Civil’ or ‘Criminal’ Codes, would find itself to be in harmony with their legislative jurisdictional ‘statutes and implementing regulations’ at U.C.C. 1-308, 1-207, and 1- 103, wherein All Rights are Reserved, and the U.C.C. states that it is harmonious with ‘all jurisdictions’, which would include the jurisdiction of the “law of the land”, ‘common law’, and the various common law Constitutions of the underlying several de jure republic ‘states’ of the American union, aka, United States of America.

Why would any bond underwriter knowingly underwrite these CORPORATE STATES, UNITED STATES, all of their ‘sub-corporations’, agents-agencies, instrumentalities, and their ‘law authority’ found in their various ‘writings’, private ‘laws’ etc., to operate a ‘public’ or ‘municipal’ construct as if it were ‘lawful government’, but knowing that it really is not?  [Answer: they have named us– our private ESTATES as the sureties of their bonds, so in order to get relief or restitution for their evil deeds, we have to injure ourselves.]

The underwriters of bonds, therefore, could not allege any defense against a massive intake of related claims by private inhabitants of any of the States or UNITED STATES who have been “compelled” under duress, extreme duress, or risk of extreme duress and prejudice of ‘seizure’, ‘confiscation’ ‘impound’, ‘occupation’, ‘detainment’, or injury or termination by any means of potentially lethal force?

Everyone who has ever been inside a State of North Carolina administrative or judicial ‘law’ proceeding, or been before any ‘clerk’ or ‘judge’ of same, or been prosecuted by any County District Attorney within said State/STATE, has been within a “brutum fulmen”: Black’s Law Dictionary, 4t Edition: “brutum fulmen”: “An empty noise; an empty threat. A judgment void upon its face which is in legal effect no judgment at all, and by which no rights are divested, and from which none can be obtained; and neither binds nor bars anyone. Dollert v. Pratt-Hewitt Oil Corporation, Tex.Civ.Appl, 179 S.W.2d 346, 348. Also, see Corpus Juris Secundum, “Judgments” §§ 499, 512 546, 549.

The “Office of Sheriff” is a most important link between the People of any de jure republic ‘state’ and the Courts, and Offices of the State. However, it has been discovered that many Sheriffs do not, as Chief Law Enforcement Officer of any local ‘county’ or County, have a bona fide prior or ‘precedent’ Constitutional Oath to their respective republic state. Or, they may have taken a bona fide Constitutional Oath, and then disclaimed or disavowed it immediately henceforth by taking a CORPORATE Constitutional Oath. “A man cannot serve two masters”.

This same “axiomatic” principal applies to ‘officers’ of the United States as well. How can the newly ‘sworn’ Attorney General of the UNITED STATES, OFFICE OF ATTORNEY GENERAL [a federal corporation] take a Constitutional Oath to the United States, or UNITED STATES, and be held to such an Oath as ‘liable’ for his/her breach of fiduciary duty to the people of the United States of America, or to the franchise corporate trust estate ‘citizens of the UNITED STATES’, when the office ‘holder’ enjoins by contract to the ‘international purposes of Law-Lawyer tells of truth about oaths and bonds.doc Page 3 of 3 11 April 2008 INTERPOL’, under its Constitution [charter-contract] at Article 30 shortly after taking said Oath? Article 30 is quite explicit in meaning and intent. If one understands the “international purposes of INTERPOL” and all other ‘international agencies’ was and is to ‘establish a financial dictatorship within the United States/United States of America’ for the benefit of undisclosed third parties, under jurisdiction and authority of the IMF-U.N, then all of the lower level ‘breach of duty’ by lack of proper Bond and Oath issues would begin to make clear sense. [Jeff Sessions and Steven T. Mnuchin are both Interpol Officers and have renounced all loyalty to this country and its people.]

In short, all alleged ‘public servants’ are serving ‘public policy’ and ‘public administration’ of the ‘laws’ and enforcing those laws to protect the CORPORATION, to the disinterest and detriment of the People, whom have been ‘captured’, ‘searched’, ‘seized’, ‘boarded’ as with a ‘vessel’, and which people have been placed into ‘warehouse storage’ as ‘human capital’ and ‘property’ of the de facto King or “Sovereign”, which/who has conquered and occupied the Office of the People, and subverted and subordinated it into an Office of Inquisition for YOU KNOW WHO!!  [This is an example of the corruption fostered by Satanists within the Roman Catholic Church, of which many Catholics are completely unaware.]

Lacking mandatory Oath, creates liability against the bond of the STATE, and every officer-agent-employee who has come to be ‘employed’ thereby. Breach of any underlying writing of the STATE, or State, or state, as an offer to contract in admiralty venue, is a certain “injury in fact” giving rise to a “material injustice” and resultant ‘liability’. There is no longer any question about ‘risk analysis’ or ‘damage assessment’.

The only real issue is “HOW MUCH IS THE INJURY WORTH”? WHAT PENALTIES should be compelled above the mere “pecuniary” or monetary ‘relief’ to be sought? Treble damages? Punitive damages? Civil or Criminal or BOTH? If Oaths and Bonds have not yet been ascertained for all relevant federal and State officers, agents, and employees, they should be compelled by FOIA request or subpoena duces tecum1 immediately so that the elements of contract and breach of duty by these ‘public servants’ under mandate of relevant Constitutions, statutes, regulations, etc., including the U.C.C. in Admiralty venue can be comprehensively determined; then, a resultant ‘cause of action’ constructed accordingly.

It is further axiomatic that: “Where a liability in equity arises due to injury by any party, and that party does not also provide a “remedy” for said liability, the injured party has the right and standing to create his own remedy”

Persons without proper Oaths do not and cannot have proper Bonds OR satisfy the necessary requirements to “hold” a bona fide “Office”, by ‘commission’, “election”, or “appointment”. In short, an ‘Officer’ or “Office Holder” cannot but ‘occupy’ the office under false and misleading pretense, misrepresentation, and FRAUD, which strips the ‘individual’ of ‘law authority’ and ‘immunity’ under well-seasoned law of the land and sea. Brutum fulmen!!

Bonds that are attached to such juristic ‘persons’ are subject to claim and lien, after “adequate assurance of due performance” has been found lacking pursuant to U.C.C. 2-619. A proper Oath and Bond are but two of the three primary “poles” of “Office” [Oath, Bond, Commission]. One cannot act upon being ‘duly appointed’ or ‘duly elected’ or ‘duly commissioned’ simply by INCORPORATION and CORPORATE ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS. CORPORATE ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS lacking bona fide Constitutional nexus is without “law authority”, and therefore has no nexus to the Constitutionally protected ‘Right’ of “due process”. Hence, any act or action taken against any one by any alleged ‘official’, ‘officer’, agent’ or ‘employee’ lacking such nexus is subject to CLAIM and/or COUNTER-CLAIM in Admiralty venue and proceeding. The claim, once perfected after ‘exhausting administrative remedy’ is brought against the Bond and the DUN & BRADSTREET rating of that CORPORATE PERSON will be affected as a consequence. The idea is not to seek an illegitimate claim for merely punitive or monetary purposes, but to seek claim on the basis of protest, dispute, redress, relief, and ‘remedy’!!! S

I need only add that since this article and other information like it has come to the surface and Rod Class has definitively proven that the relationship between the State of North Carolina and the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA is what it is, the STATE franchises have been forced to enter bankruptcy, too, as the claims against them for the injustices perpetrated by their employees quickly became overwhelming.

This is entirely the fault of those organizations for failure to operate according to the Public Law of this country, and under no circumstance should the people of this country be “presumed” to be sureties liable for the appointments made by foreign bankruptcy trustees and the acts of foreign municipal employees who were never qualified to be bonded or to serve in any public capacity related to us.

The corporations responsible are trying to shuffle off the liabilities created by their often criminally mis-directed employees as well as their own profligate unauthorized spending back onto the victims of this debacle, and we are saying no and saying it in no uncertain terms.

We are not the “sureties” for these interlopers.  We are their Priority Creditors and the Priority Creditors of their parent corporations and affiliates as well.

See this article and over 1000 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com

05 24 18 Dispelling Patriot Myths



Hello Again Truth Seekers:

Over the past few years I have seen many patriot myths survive and even more than that, new people come into the movement, without having done any research of their own and adopt them out of a sheer desire to explain the apparent injustices we see everywhere in our great country.

The Ugly Truth about all that is wrong in government in America, and as far as that goes everywhere in the world is that the people are to blame.   We, more so here in America because we have more freedoms than any other country in the world.

Ultimately, we are all responsible for the way things are in our world.  You only need look in the mirror to find the responsible party.  It should be no surprise to you that when power, such as that given to our representatives in government,  is left unchecked it will almost certainly be abused.

I hear and read on some patriot sites people talking about “strawman this and strawman that” and espousing commercial theories of how to handle taxes, traffic tickets, foreclosures etc. which have been repeatedly been shown not to work.

How does this persist and how as a movement do we evolve?

The first thing we need to realize is that, unwittingly we have selected to participate in everything that is happening.  I know what you are thinking: “I didn’t ask for things to be the way they are,”  but believe me, you have.

My reply would be that –  “By not learning how to make things different, and understanding the power you have to change them, you are agreeing to accept things they way they are.”

That may sound harsh but it’s a reality and we all know it.   If you stay in an abusive relationship, job, friendship etc. you are choosing to accept the situation the way it is and to endure the outcomes.

Some people live in fantasyland thinking their mate, boss, friend will change, when life has taught us that most people do not change unless given a really good reason to do so.

Government is no different and you are fooling yourself if you believe differently.  The something that must change is YOU!  In fact, my experience and history shows that the only thing that will change government is when the people change.

Most people like to sit around and bitch, groan and complain about how bad government is but when you step into your power things can, do and will change.

The first big stumbling block is ignorance.   People are ignorant of the power they possess.   They don’t know what they don’t know.  This is complete ignorance and it is the condition encompasses the vast majority of the American People.

If a determinate human superior… receives ritual obedience from the bulk of a given society,  that determinate human superior is sovereign in that society…”  Blacks 1st Ed under definition of “sovereignty”

Are you giving “ritual obedience” to the government?

I bet you are.  Think about federal and state income tax, traffic tickets, property tax and the list goes on and on.

The second stumbling block is the vast degree of corruption which now exists in our government to keep the People believing that the government is all powerful.   Most people believe this which leads to the next problem.

Surrender.  Because most everyone believes they are powerless to the government (this was a created belief by design and implanted into all the minds of the people) they surrender to it and allow it to control their lives in ways that are unimaginable.  For instance, who has ever read Title 26 the federal tax code and seen the exact place where it says you are required to give up 25%-35% of your pay to the IRS?

Answer: no one!

Because if you had you’d most likely find at least for the vast majority of people it doesn’t apply to you, nevertheless everyone lines up eagerly on April 15th every year to give up a third or more of what they earned the previous year.

Sound insane?  It does to me but people do it every year and for only one reason – ignorance.

What about the guy who rolls through the stop sign and gets a ticket.  Ok, first the stop by the policeman is 20 minutes, so he’s late for work.  Then he has to get to the court house and sit there for an hour or hour and a half to get his “fine.”  If he decides to go to trial, then there is another 2 hours or more in preparation.

Everything the police do in “enforcing” the “driving” issue and “driving infractions” is fraud.  This is not my opinion, the U.S. Supreme Court says so.  You cannot require someone to pay a fee to obtain a license to exercise a right under the Constitution.  PERIOD!

Why don’t people know this?   Ignorance.

Now ignorance is not necessarily a bad thing.   It just means you don’t know.   There is always a point in our lives where we are ignorant of certain things, where we don’t know.   We’ve all been there.   When we graduate from high school we go to college to further our learning, to prepare ourselves for the career we desire.

The same holds true for the Redemption movement.   It is now time to put all the old,  useless ideas behind because they are getting us nowhere.   We are moving into a golden age where the Truth of our power as a People is being revealed and I am here to share it with you.

I offer classes which will propel you into this new age of understanding in such a way as to allow you to see and feel your Power in a very meaningful  and tangible way.

There is no more time to complain about the way things are.  Things are the way they are because You haven’t done anything about it and believe me there is plenty you can do and have the power to do.

I invite you to visit my website to read more about what I teach and about joining my classes.   Here is a link below:




05 23 18 Postal Fraud and Breach of Trust + I Double Dog Dare the Territorial United States Supreme Court


By Anna Von Reitz

One of the most frustrating parts of the current situation is that Americans continue to respect and trust the very people that have betrayed them.

This is what makes “breach of trust” such a difficult and reprehensible crime — difficult in that the victims often resist those who are trying to help them and deny that their beloved “Trustees” would ever cheat or harm them, and reprehensible in that the guilty parties have knowingly traded upon this trust placed in them and in the positions of power entrusted to them to implement the crime.

If the members of Congress had done their actual jobs, if former Presidents had acted with Honor, none of the evils infesting our monetary and political and court systems would exist.  And we, ourselves, had we done our job and been less trusting and more vigilant— this situation wouldn’t exist, either.

One of those who has done his best to truly represent the people who placed their trust in him, New Hampshire Representative Richard Marple, has recently raised the issue of postal fraud and the misuse and abuse of the postal service to deliver bogus court documents and bills–essentially promoting a scam– so a group of us have been discussing and I share my comments below:

It IS both grammar fraud– they know that when they address anything to RICHARD MARPLE they are addressing a public trust that they set up and named after you without your knowledge or consent– and postal fraud.

The use of all capital letters is known as “DOG LATIN”.  In this country it has been used as “American Sign Language.”

If you look it up in Black’s Fourth or in the Chicago Manual of Style you will get an eye-full.  Friends in Australia have tracked its use and misuse all the way back to the Emperor Justinian.  They have an entire WordPress site dedicated to the subject– The Justinian Deception.  It is very well documented.

So when they create a public trust named after you without your knowledge or consent they are creating an “unconscionable” contract.  You are literally not conscious of any of this.

Right out of the box any such contract in any jurisdiction of the law is null and void the moment you object to it, but how are you going to object if you don’t know that any such THING exists?

The one contract that you can’t break is the one you are not aware of.

They know the scam they have set up, but you don’t.  So they send you mail addressed to their PUBLIC TRUST as if you were the Trustee responsible for this, and you mistakenly think it is addressed to you and answer the summons or whatever else without objection so— gotcha!  They shirk off their responsibility for their creation and hang it around your neck instead.

Now, they are committing fraud against average Americans when they set up this whole system and start using a foreign language–DOG LATIN — to secretively mis-address us.  They are committing mail fraud by sending their solicitations through the mail to us “as if” we were the Trustees responsible for IT.

And the only way they get away with this is by pretending that this is all “voluntary” and we are knowingly and willingly allowing them to do this.

It is criminal and may not be excused in terms of private contracts.  An illegal private contract is still illegal.  Slavery and involuntary servitude have both been outlawed worldwide since 1926.   Any contract voluntary of involuntary yielding that result is also null and void.

But we have to object to being bonded and we have to object to any presumption of Trusteeship related to IT and we have to object to the Mail fraud and so on—and how are The People going to do that if (1) they don’t know this ugly foreign system exists and (2) they don’t know they have been targeted and included in this foreign system by these scam artists and (3) they trust and respect the vermin doing this to them and think you are a crackpot when you try to warn them?

A Purgatory Oath is an Ecclesiastical/Canon Law Oath that has no place in a Commercial Court.  Just like Writs don’t work in a Commercial or Administrative Court.

You have three different systems — air, land, and sea — and they all have different conventions — different means of expression, different forms to fill out, different courts to invoke.

A lot of the confusion in the courts comes about because people think they are in one kind of court when in fact they are in another kind of court.  It is necessary to nail them down as to what the declared and actual jurisdiction of the court is before you make ANY reply to them at all, and once they commit to a jurisdiction you have to watch them to make sure they stay in that jurisdiction.  If, after declaring jurisdiction, the judge makes an excuse and gets up and leaves the room and then comes back in, you have to repeat the demand for him to declare the actual jurisdiction of the court again.  They use this as a trick to switch jurisdictions when the court appears to be in continuous session.

All these courts that the Bar Attorney (shipping clerks) operate are commercial courts and the Judges won’t budge from that jurisdiction absent action on your part forcing them to move from Maritime to Admiralty to Ecclesiastical jurisdiction.  Maritime deals with trusts and contracts that are implied, Admiralty deals with actual factual contracts and trusts that are written and present as evidence, Ecclesiastical Courts deal with moral issues and contracts we have with God —- and no judge wants to enter there.

Maritime is the easiest jurisdiction for these yahoos to fudge around in, so that is where they dearly like to stay.  In Admiralty they have to hear the facts, which are often detrimental to the Court’s advantage.  In Ecclesiastical Law the Judge is put at risk and anything up to and including his life can be forfeit, so they avoid going into the realm unless they are utterly desperate and have no choice.

And the moment you enter upon the land and soil jurisdiction of this country they have to vacate — simply dismiss and run — because they have no jurisdiction related to the land and soil at all and are obligated to obey the Law of the Land while on our shores, and they have often abundantly violated the Law of the Land, so best not to even discuss it from their standpoint.

I have had so many of these courts return fees, release bonds and dismiss charges by now that this is set in cement and completely reliable and predictable.  They will not engage any issue on the land and soil jurisdiction nor can they operate any Court in the land and soil jurisdiction, because the Territorial United States has no such jurisdiction delegated to it.

They can only succeed in their objective — which is to traffick you into their jurisdiction and fleece you — if you let them, which means you have to learn how to effectively shut them down and recognize all the tricks they use to weasel you into admitting, accepting, submitting, etc.

Along with re-affirming the land and soil jurisdiction courts owed to this country and populating those courts with properly trained Counselors-at-Law, and properly informed Jury Pools that are aware of and ready to use their nullification powers, we have to re-educate and discipline the Territorial Courts and the members of the Bar Associations.

They do have a job to perform, but unfortunately, they have been usurping and presuming upon the American people and their assets, and have been subjecting millions of innocent people to unconscionable contracts under color of law.

This has to stop and right about now.  It is nothing more or less than a venal international crime spree and if it means confiscating pensions, arresting judges, outlawing the Bar Associations on our shores — whatever it takes, must be done.

See this article and over 1000 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com

05 23 18 I Double Dog Dare the Territorial United States Supreme Court


 By Anna Von Reitz

Let’s begin this discussion with this realization: you can be a king in one country and a slave in another.

Is that clear enough?

Is it also clear that different countries operate under different laws?


The United States is and has always been a different country with respect to the Territorial United States.  They function under two separate systems of law.

This leads to a situation where the States (members of The United States land jurisdiction Union) function under a different system than the Territorial States of States (international jurisdiction of the sea).

We have lawyers who are Counselors at Law and Justices (of the Peace) who administer the Public Law, which in a State is known as the General Session Law, even if the “State” is being represented as a Public Trust, and the Public Law generally, known as the Law of the Land.

They have Attorneys at Law and Judges who administer the Private Law, which in a State of State is known as the Statutory Law.  Strictly speaking, only State of State officials, employees and dependents — all known as “residents” of the State of Alaska (for example) are required to obey the Statutory Law.

So you have Counselors at Law and you have Attorneys at Law.  I am a Counselor at Law.

If you occupy an office of the soil or land jurisdiction courts you must be a Counselor at Law and CANNOT be a Bar Attorney.  Period. So there is no basis whatsoever for anyone supposing that I would be or even could be a Bar Attorney.

It is totally ignorant to look for me among the members of the Bar Association.  They can’t operate a State Court and I can’t operate a State of State Court BY DEFINITION.

So, no, I am NOT a member of the Bar, am not required to be a member of the Bar, and could not operate a land or soil jurisdiction court as a member of the Bar.

Bar Attorneys can act as administrators but can’t sit on the bench or otherwise operate in any public capacity in a State Court.

People have become so ignorant that they don’t know the difference between the “Alaska State Court” and the “State of Alaska Court”.

Nor do they know the difference between a Counselor at Law (required to run land and soil jurisdiction courts) and Attorneys at Law (required to run Maritime and Admiralty jurisdiction courts).

Obviously, I know what I am doing, the rules of the Office I am occupying, and the State I serve; just as obviously, I am not serving in nor have I ever claimed to serve in any of the capacities you mention.

And again, there is no factual controversy about this whatsoever.

There are land courts and there are sea courts and this is the way it has always been.

All that has happened is that as more and more Americans have been unknowingly press-ganged into the international jurisdiction of the sea, they have unwittingly subjected themselves to the sea courts and the land courts have become rare as hen’s teeth as a result.

That does not mean that my court does not exist– it is clearly established under the General Session Laws of Alaska.  Nor does it mean I am doing anything wrong or making any false claims.  I am not impersonating a judge of any sea jurisdiction court or claiming to be a Bar Member or any other such ignorant meandering.

I am here serving my State– not any “State of State”.

And I am serving the honest Tradesmen engaged in private international trade and the living people who have rejected FDR’s unconscionable New Deal contract and who have returned to the land and soil of Alaska.

And I Double-Dog Dare any member of the (Territorial) United States Supreme Court to say otherwise.

See this article and over 1000 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com


05 21 18 Are we “Federal Children?”




While doing some searching on how we are TRACKED by the government (cell phones, etc.) I came across this item I wrote in 2002 that provides more info on how the government goal of TRACKING and controlling American citizens really got started.  I had forgotten I had written this but in finding it today and reading it over I thought some on WGEN might like to review the history of how the *massa’s* devised ways to track us and how to use us as collateral for that national debt – mostly owed to China.  When China calls in the debt we owe to them how many of us will then be placed in Chinese custody to do their bidding?

Jackie Juntti
WGEN   idzrus@earthlink.net
It isn’t who you are –  It is WHOSE you are ! ! !

The Journal of History
Fall 2002 – Volume 2, Issue 4
Table of Contents

Are we “Federal Children?”




By Jackie Juntti

Washington Grassroots Email Network

Are we “Federal Children,” owned by the Government?

In 1921, the federal Sheppard-Towner Maternity Act created the birth “registration” or what we now know as the “birth certificate.” It was known as the “Maternity Act” and was sold to the American people as a law that would reduce maternal and infant mortality, protect the health of mothers and infants, and for “other purposes.” One of those other purposes provided for the establishment of a federal bureau designed to cooperate with state agencies in the overseeing of its operations and expenditures.

What it really did was create a federal birth registry which exists today, creating “federal children.” This government, under the doctrine of “Parens Patriae,” now legislates for American children as if they are owned by the federal government. Through the public school enrollment process and continuing license requirements for most aspects of daily life, these children grow up to be adults indoctrinated into the process of asking for “permission” from Daddy government to do all those things necessary to carry out daily activities that exist in what is called a “free country.”

Before 1921 the records of births and names of children were entered into family bibles, as were the records of marriages and deaths. These records were readily accepted by both the family and the law as “official” records.

Since 1921 the American people have been registering the births and names of their children with the government of the state in which they are born, even though there is no federal law requiring it. The state tells you that registering your child’s birth through the birth certificate serves as proof that he/she was born in the United States, thereby making him/her a United States Citizen. For the past several years a social security number has been mandated by the federal government to be issued at birth. In 1933, bankruptcy was declared by President Roosevelt. The governors of the then 48 States pledged the “full faith and credit” of their states, including the citizenry, as collateral for loans of credit from the Federal Reserve system.

To wit: “Full faith and credit” clause of Constitution U.S. article 4. section 1, requires that foreign judgment be given such faith and credit as it had by law or usage of state of its origin. That foreign statutes are to have force and effect to which they are entitled in home state. And that a judgment or record shall have the same faith, credit, conclusive effect, and obligatory force in other states as it has by law or usage in the state from whence taken. Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition cites omitted.

The state claims an interest in every child within it’s jurisdiction. The state will, if it deems it necessary, nullify your parental rights and appoint a guardian (trustee) over your children. The subject of every birth certificate is a child. The child is a valuable asset, which if properly trained, can contribute valuable assets provided by its labor for many years. It is presumed by those who have researched this issue, that the child itself is the asset of the trust established by the birth certificate, and the social security number is the numbering or registration of the trust, allowing for the assets of the trust to be tracked. If this information is true, your child is now owned by the state. Each one of us, including our children, are considered assets of the bankrupt United States. We are now designated by this government as “HUMAN RESOURCES,” with a new crop born every year.”

In 1923, a suit was brought against federal officials charged with the administration of the maternity act, who were citizens of another state, to enjoin them from enforcing it, wherein the plaintiff averred that the act was unconstitutional, and that its purpose was to induce the States to yield sovereign rights reserved by them through the federal Constitution’s10th amendment and not granted to the federal government, and that the burden of the appropriations falls unequally upon the several states, held, that, as the statute does not require the plaintiff to do or yield anything, and as no burden is imposed by it other than that of taxation, which falls, not on the state but on her inhabitants, who are within the federal as well as the state taxing power, the complaint resolves down to the naked contention that Congress has usurped reserved powers of the states by the mere enactment of the statute, though nothing has been, or

is to be, done under it without their consent (Commonwealth of Massachusetts vs. Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury, et al.; Frothingham v. Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury et. al..) Mr. Alexander Lincoln, Assistant Attorney General, argued for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. To wit:

  1. The act is unconstitutional. It purports to vest in agencies of the federal government powers which are almost wholly undefined, in matters relating to maternity and infancy, and to authorize appropriations of  federal funds for the purposes of the act.

Many examples may be given and were stated in the debates on the bill in Congress of regulations which may be imposed under the act. THE FORCED REGISTRATION OF PREGNANCY, GOVERNMENTAL PRENATAL EXAMINATION OF EXPECTANT MOTHERS, RESTRICTIONS ON THE RIGHT OF A WOMAN TO SECURE THE SERVICES OF A MIDWIFE OR PHYSICIAN OF HER OWN SELECTION, are measures to which the people of those States which accept its provisions may be subjected. There is nothing which prohibits the payment of subsidies out of federal appropriations. INSURANCE OF MOTHERS MAY BE MADE COMPULSORY. THE TEACHING OF BIRTH CONTROL AND PHYSICAL INSPECTION OF PERSONS ABOUT TO MARRY MAY BE REQUIRED.

By  section 4 of the act, the Children’s Bureau is given all necessary powers to cooperate with the state agencies in the administration of the act. Hence it is given the power to assist in the enforcement of the plans submitted to it, and for that purpose by its agents to go into the several  states and to do those acts for which the plans submitted may provide. As to what those plans shall provide, the final arbiters are the Bureau and the Board. THE FACT THAT IT WAS CONSIDERED NECESSARY IN EXPLICIT TERMS TO PRESERVE FROM INVASION BY FEDERAL OFFICIALS THE RIGHT OF THE PARENT TO THE CUSTODY AND CARE OF HIS CHILD AND THE SANCTITY OF HIS HOME SHOWS HOW FAR REACHING ARE THE POWERS WHICH WERE INTENDED TO BE GRANTED BY THE ACT.

(1) The act is invalid because it assumes powers not granted to Congress and usurps the local police power. McCulloch v. Maryland, 4 Wheat. 316, 405; United States v. Cruikshank, 92 U.S. 542, 549-551.

In more recent cases, however, the Court has shown that there are limits to the power of Congress to pass legislation purporting to be based on one of the powers expressly granted to Congress which in fact usurps the reserved powers of the States, and that laws showing on their face detailed regulation of a matter wholly within the police power of the states will be held to be unconstitutional although they purport to be passed in the exercise of some constitutional power. Hammer v. Dagenhart, 247 U.S. 251;

Child Labor Tax Case, 259 U.S. 20; Hill v. Wallace, 259 U.S. 44.

The act is not made valid by the circumstance that federal powers are to be exercised only with respect to those States which accept the act, for Congress cannot assume, and state legislatures cannot yield, the powers reserved to the states by the Constitution.

Message of President Monroe, May 4, 1822; 4 Elliot’s Debates, p. 525; Pollard’s Lessee v. Hagan, 3 How. 212; Escanaba Co. v. Chicago, 107 U.S. 678; Coyle v. Oklahoma, 221 U.S.

559; Cincinnati v. Louisville & Nashville R.R. Co., 223 U.S. 390.

(2) The act is invalid because it imposes on each State an illegal option either to yield a part of its powers reserved by the Tenth Amendment or to give up its share of appropriations under the act. A statute attempting, by imposing conditions upon a general privilege, to exact a waiver of a constitutional right, is null and void. Harrison v. St. Louis & San Francisco R.R. Co., 232 U.S. 318; Terral v. Burke Construction Co., 257 U.S. 529. (3) The act is invalid because it sets up a system of government by cooperation between the Federal Government and certain of the States, not provided by the Constitution. Congress cannot make laws for the states, and it cannot delegate to the states the power to make laws for the United States. In re Rahrer, 140 U.S. 545; Knickerbocker Ice Co. v. Stewart, 253 U.S. 149; Opinion of the Justices, 239 Mass. 606.

The Maternity Act was eventually repealed, but parts of it have been found in other legislative acts. What this act attempted to do was set up government by appointment, run by bureaucrats with re-delegated authority to tax, which is in itself unconstitutional. What was once declared as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of this nation in the past should be upheld in a court challenge today. The Constitution hasn’t changed. What has changed is the way this government views human life. Today we are defined as human resources, believed to be owned by government. The government now wants us, as individuals, to be tagged and tracked. Government mandated or legislated National I.D. is unconstitutional anyway you look at it. Federal jurisdiction to legislate for the several states does not exist and could never survive a court challenge as shown above.

Writing letters to elected public servants won’t save us when we all know their agenda does not include serving those who placed them in power. Perhaps the 10th amendment of the federal Constitution guaranteeing states rights will, if challenged, when making it known that we as individuals of the several states will not be treated as chattel of the U.S. government.

If the federal government believes they own us, and as such have the right to demand national I.D. cards, and health I.D. cards, which will in truth tag us as we tag our animals, then let them bring forth the documents to prove their authority to legislate for it. If our God given rights to liberty and freedom, which were the foundation upon which this nation was created do not exist, and liberty and freedom is only an illusion under which the American people suffer, then let the governments of this nation come forward and tell the people. But…if we are indeed free, then we should not have to plead or beg before our elected public servants to be treated as such. If, in truth we are not free, then perhaps it’s time to let the final chapter of the Great American Revolution be written.

05 21 18 The Biggest Back Fire in History

By Anna Von Reitz

THEY, the Territorial United States, planned to vacate the Constitutions — all three of them.

THEY had already moth-balled and usurped upon and taken over the duties of the Federal United States 150 years ago, so that was no problem.  With a little finagling and a lot of unauthorized spending, they figured they could bankrupt both their own corporations and the Municipal United States corporations, too.

Just run up a giant debt, let the corporations acting as providers of “essential government services” — Article IV — go bankrupt, so as to sever any connection to the actual constitutional agreements, and off-load all their corporate debts onto the unwitting backs of the American People.

Then, they planned to boot up a new corporation, call it something deceptive and sexy like THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, charter it in a foreign country like France so nobody would catch on, and then sneak right back in the back door and establish themselves as the Successor to the service contracts they vacated by a process of assumption.

We’d assume that they were our own dear Federal Government, because we’d assumed that twice before.  Why wouldn’t we go for the sop a third time?

Because we woke up and said, “No thanks.”

Hey, they are the ones who usurped upon the actual Federal United States, rendering it inoperative back in 1868.  They are the ones who spent themselves into oblivion and bankruptcy.  We are totally innocent Third Parties.

It’s all, one hundred percent, their own fault that they don’t have a contract.

It’s also their fault that all those juicy “delegated powers” reverted back to the Grantor of those delegated powers, The United States of America (Unincorporated).

They disabled the actual Federal United States via mercenary “war”, fraud, breach of trust and deceit.  They disabled the Territorial United States via bankruptcy.  They disabled the Municipal United States via bankruptcy.  All three.  They vacated all three Constitutions at one time and haven’t got a leg left to stand on.

What’s even more problematic are all the legal entanglements.

Now that we are back on the land and standing in our sovereign capacity and operating our sovereign government, all the many Peace Treaties and Friendship Treaties apply.  The Chief Perpetrators responsible for this mess, the Holy See, the British Crown, the British Monarch, the French Government and the British Crown (Westminster) are all obligated to come to our aid.

They can’t make war against us — not even surreptitious mercenary war — because they are bound by Law and Treaty to provide us with “perpetual friendship and amity”—and in the case of the British Monarch, obligated to act as our Trustee and Protector on the “High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways” which includes the province of both Maritime and Admiralty Law.

And if they did make war against us, everyone on the planet would know that they were criminals.

The Chinese and Russians have never liked Britain, for good reason, but they have reason to like the actual Americans.  Our egalitarian philosophy of life and government is far more compatible with their own views.  We also have a somewhat distant but honorable history as honest people who mind our own business and pay our debts.

And wouldn’t that be a relief for the whole world?  Actual Americans at the helm of the actual United States instead of Euro-Scum pretending to “represent” us?

The Russians and the Chinese and in fact all the people on this planet have more than adequate reason to support us against our run amok and misdirected Hired Help.

Not only has the Territorial United States left itself without a contract and without delegated powers, but it has spent the last hundred years telling everyone who would listen that they are a “democracy”.

A democracy only functions by majority rule.  It requires a mandate — 51% of all eligible voters — to take a legal action. And the government of the Territorial United States hasn’t had a mandate for anything it has done in decades, if ever.

So between the fraud and breach of trust they employed in their in-house take over, which is all crime that has no statute of limitations, and their utter lack of a mandate even within their own self-proclaimed democracy, and their already observed lack of contract and delegated power, they are well and truly up a creek without a paddle.

What they intended for others has come home to roost upon them.

And it couldn’t happen to a nicer, more deserving group of people.

That is, of course, said in irony.  They have in fact been ruthless pirates and scourges, who have pillaged and plundered the people at home and neighbors abroad, and then proposed to blame their victims.  The sanctimonious fraud artists are finally exposed for what they are.  And cut off at the knees.

The United States of America (Unincorporated) has summoned the actual States to assemble, and they are doing so.  The Territorial United States is trying every petty little trick in their book to interfere and discredit and gainsay the effort, but it isn’t working.  The American People are waking up.

They are admitting to themselves just how abused they have been, how the fruit of their labor has been siphoned away, how they have been mistreated by police ostensibly hired to protect them, how they have been frightened in their own homes by un-elected agencies, how the quality of their lives and the value of their money has suffered along with their reputation in the rest of the world.  Most of all, they are sick of constant, unending, perpetual war, war, war.

It’s time for peace and it is time for all sentient Americans to join the ranks of those standing on the land and soil jurisdiction of the actual United States.  It’s time for them to overcome the lies that have been told to them and about them, and for everyone concerned to fully recognize the fact that the Territorial United States and its Government no longer “represents” us.

We have, even according to their description of the circumstance, returned home and resumed the operation of our lawful government.

Mr. Trump needs to take our offer to occupy the lawful Office of the President of The United States of America and join with us to finally, for real, drain the swamp and address the fraud and usurpation at the root of it.

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05 19 18 Holy Moly!!!!!!! This Is the BIG ONE! + The UN Trusteeship + The Public Law and the Private “Law”



By Anna Von Reitz

The Fourth Maxim of Commercial Law is crucial.  It establishes the Due Process of Commercial Law by demanding that someone stick their neck out and declare their responsibility for telling the truth to the court by providing an affidavit.

TRUTH IS EXPRESSED IN THE FORM OF AN AFFIDAVIT. (Lev. 5:4-5; Lev. 6:3-5; Lev. 19:11-13: Num. 30:2; Mat. 5:33; James 5: 12).

I have not had much respect for Commercial Law and haven’t studied it a whole lot, mostly because I noted years ago that it was broken.  It doesn’t work the way it should. Specifically, affidavits don’t work.  The courts ignore them.

Now, almost by accident, I know why and it is so simple, it’s stupid.

First, via the “US Citizen” political status fraud, the vermin re-defined us as “decedents” — that is, people who willingly declined their birthright estate.  Next, they “enfranchised” us — created multiple business entities and public trusts and public utilities named after us — all that remained  on the public record were incorporated entities: JOHN DOE, JOHN M. DOE, and JOHN MARK DOE, and it was these incorporated entities that the courts addressed.

And the “Rest of the Story is…….”  —- incorporated entities can’t create affidavits. They have no ability to take Oaths, swear to anything, or provide any testimony.

So by enfranchising us, the demons both subjected us to commercial law and rendered us helpless under it.

Quote my new BFF, Magnus….

“…..The Undeniable Fact That Artificial Entities (Corporations) Cannot Take Oaths, They Cannot Make Affidavits. See, E.G., In Re Empire Refining Co., 1 F. Supp. 548, 549 (Sd Cal. 1932) (It Is, Of Course, Conceded That A Corporation Cannot Make An Affidavit In Its Corporate Name. It Is An Inanimate Thing Incapable Of Voicing An Oath); Moya Enterprises, Inc. V. Harry Anderson Trucking, Inc., 162 Ga. App. 39, 290 S.E.2d 145 (1982); Strand Restaurant Co. V. Parks Engineering Co., 91 A.2d 711 (D.C. 1952); 9a T. Bjur C. Slezak, Fletcher Cyclopedia Of Law Of Private Corporations § 4629 (Perm. Ed. 1992) (“A Document Purporting To Be The Affidavit Of A Corporation Is Void, Since A Corporation Cannot Make A Sworn Statement”) – (Footnote Omitted). Rowland V. California Men’s Colony • 506  U.S. 194, 203 (1993).”

And he is absolutely correct!

This, at last, is why there has been no remedy and no hearing for the victims of this fraud scheme.  Commercial law can’t work without an affidavit, and incorporated entities — public trusts and public transmitting utilities — can’t issue affidavits. End of story.

We were totally boxed in, so that the judge couldn’t even hear us.  Literally.  We had no recourse, and only the “appearance” of justice.  They let us talk and run the meter, charged us for their “service”—and left us without any possible relief.

The Bar Association Members — British Merchant Marine Shipping Clerks — colluded with the politicians and the banks to set up the Perfect Crime, an ultimate Identity Theft Scheme that rendered the victims voiceless and helpless and without recourse.

It’s almost funny when you finally see it— a real guffaw-worthy sleight of hand, something so preposterous, so obvious, and yet — unless you had cause to think about both the identity theft and this particular bit of commercial law, you’d never put it together.

So, everyone ever issued a BIRTH CERTIFICATE has been trafficked, impersonated, and defrauded. Every such PERSON ever addressed by one of these COURTS has suffered barratry and been subjected to a foreign jurisdiction and form of law, within which they were specifically disabled and unable to defend themselves.

No more filthy, repugnant, criminal scheme, nothing more unjust, despicable, cynical —- and in the end, cowardly, can be imagined.  They attacked little babies in their cradles and used a petty, pathetic scheme like this to steal them blind and enslave them for life.

Even I am stunned.

But there it is, and there you have it.

We have come full circle at last.

In the end, this is all that anyone needs to know — what they did and how they did it.  That, and the realization of how many million— nay, billions— of innocent people have suffered because of it.

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05 19 18 The UN Trusteeship


By Anna Von Reitz

The UN Trusteeship

According to this mammoth fraud against the American States and People, we just disappeared one day, like the ships of the Dutch East India company or the Templar Fleet before them, and deserted all our property here in America, leaving it behind in the care of our servants for hire — the British-controlled Territorial United States.

As such, we were deemed by those same dishonest servants to have “donated” our “abandoned” estates to the good of whomever, and most likely, to ourselves, should we ever “return” from “over the sea”.

Of course, we were never informed of our purported absence, nor of our supposed donation of our good names and assets.

As Mark Twain noted when this fraud first started — rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated.

In 1976, the traitors responsible for this debacle passed two Acts in the Territorial United States Congress — the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and in tandem with it, the International Organizations Immunities Act.

These two Acts together provide for individual still owed their lawful birthright estates to claim them as “Foreign Sovereigns” —- that is, “foreign” with respect to the Territorial United States, and to otherwise wash the hands of the perpetrators by naming the United Nations as the Trustees responsible for administration of our state laws and assets.

This manipulation (invalid as it is) is the equivalent of taking your money out of one pocket and putting it in the other, as the UN Corporation is owned and operated by the same people and interests as the US Corporation.

So now we are being treated to the spectacle of “UN Commissioners” disguised as County Commissioners arriving on our soil to tell us how to live our lives and how high to jump — except for one important fact.

We, the supposed “Donors” of the Trust they are administering have also seized claim as the “Beneficiaries” of all the Cestui Que Vies and related State assets and invoked the Doctrine of Merger.

This means that when the (merely presumed to be) Donor of a Trust is also the Beneficiary of a Trust, that Donor has the absolute right to collapse the Trust and receive back all the assets of that Trust. This is called a “reversionary trust interest”— which we have, and which we have invoked on the public and international record. We have merged the various entities established in our NAMES and returned them to the land and soil of our birth.

Read that— we have already told the UN to get off our soil and stay off and to prove any legitimate interest granted to them by the foreign Territorial United States Congress acting in Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract.

There is absolutely nothing in the Delegated Powers suggesting that the Territorial United States has now nor ever had any ability to dispose of our assets in any jurisdiction of the law. Therefore, the Territorial United States cannot grant to the UN what was never theirs to grant.

The actual presumed “Donors” have come home and claimed back the entirety of their land and soil as well as their Persons/PERSONS. Kindly inform the United Nations Secretary General and all the new “County Commissioners”.

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05 19 18 The Public Law and the Private “Law”


By Anna Von Reitz

More mirroring.

Yesterday, I discussed the necessity of nailing down exactly which “United States” is being referred to in every instance and brought attention to the fact that our Territorial servants have defrauded us via the use of deliberate confusions and semantic deceits.

This process of “mirroring” everything is endemic, from the sacred office of the Pope being mirrored by the secular office of Pontiff, and the United States of America, Inc. being passed off as The United States of America (Unincorporated) on down.  It therefore comes as no surprise that The United States created by the Colonies back in 1776 has been “mirrored” by the United States exercising powers delegated to it in 1787, and that the Territorial United States and Municipal United States have made merry with the name “United States”, too.

This basic principle of the Satanists holds true throughout their system.  They label everything and mirror everything, even the law itself.

The Public Law is mirrored by their private law.

Our Sheriffs are peacekeeping officers.  Their Sheriffs are law enforcement officers.

These are two different offices, one public, one private, both called “Sheriff”.

Yet another similar names deceit.

The vermin attempt to confuse one with the other, and to convince you that you are subject to their private “club” law, which amounts to the “public policies” of a corporation.

Yesterday, we also discussed the Clearfield Doctrine.  When an entity exercising our delegated powers debases itself and engages in commercial activity as an incorporated entity, it loses any special governmental powers or sovereign immunity and descends to the nature of any other commercial corporation.

Very clearly what has happened here is that private commercial corporations have been entrusted with governmental functions.  They have then hidden behind their government “identity” and used those delegated but still coercive powers to benefit their own bottom lines and protect their own corporate interests at the expense of competitors.

Imagine giving Exxon the ability to act as “the government”?

So how is it possible that you, a free born American, could become liable and subject to the public policies of a foreign corporation merely under hire to provide stipulated governmental services?

By contract — and in this case, undisclosed and unconscionable contract  employing semantic deceit  (Are you a US [Territorial] Citizen?) and improper use of the coercive powers of what appears to be government (You have to sign up for Social Security in order to have a [Federal] job….) to feather the nests and extend coercive power to private corporations.

Reclaiming your Trade Name re-establishes your identity as an American eligible to claim back your birthright estate as a living man or woman, and enables you to then lay claim to the derivative NAMES that the vermin have established “for” you in the following forms:  JOHN DOE (a public charitable trust),  JOHN M. DOE (a public transmitting utility) and JOHN MARK DOE (a constructive foreign grantor trust ESTATE)—-and return all them to a permanent domicile on the land and soil of your birth.

This effectively severs the unconscionable contract that they have created for their own benefit and the benefit of their foreign commercial corporation, which is supposed to be providing your States with good faith service, and corrects the falsified public records they have used against you.

Put another way, when you remove your names from their jurisdiction they no longer have a “handle” to seize upon and manipulate you and your assets.  Whatever contract there is, is re-written in your favor.  It is therefore of the utmost urgency and should be of your utmost concern to “come home” and take care of your own affairs, shed yourselves of these unconscionable presumptions, and stand in your true nature again.

If anyone asks, tell them that you have “retired” from all obligations and duties of Territorial and/or Municipal Citizenship and “returned” to your birthright political status on the land and soil of your native state, without prejudice.

This is equivalent to saying— “Hey, fella, you can do what you want to do. If you want to subject yourself to the Queen and be plundered for your trouble, that’s your business.  Leave me to mine. I obey the Public Law, which is sufficient.”

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05 18 18 The Historic Trusts the World Economy and You + Yes There Are No States Wake Up Oh Glory Wake Up!!!


By Anna Von Reitz

Long ago, wealth began accumulating.  It’s a strange thing — wealth.

At a certain point it acquires the “critical accumulation mass” and it grows all by itself, like a cancer.  It goes metastatic. It diversifies.  It builds potential energy like water being backed up by a dam, if it isn’t invested.  And if it is invested, it seeks opportunity much like flowing water, too, pushing into every new nook and cranny it can find.

It should come as no surprise then, that at a certain point, wealth becomes practically “un-spendable” by heirs.

What does one person do with a hundred trillion dollars worth of gold?

There are Seven Covenants in the Bible and so, there are Seven Covenant Trusts.  These are all unimaginably huge.   There are also a couple banks in the world that are literally thousands of years old that have holdings on a scale that can be measured against the Covenant Trusts.

There are at least a dozen Spanish Trusts that legitimately belong to living heirs of those who began the trust accumulation during the days of the Spanish Treasure Ships.  These are not as huge as the Covenant Trusts, but they are still unimaginably huge.   There are other family trusts, like those belonging to the Saudi Royal Family, and the British Royal Family, that are monstrous, too.

Then there are Business Trusts, often set up as “Commonwealth Trusts” among groups of private investors for their heirs or their pet project or cause. Like the Spanish Trusts, they can be several hundred years old and depending on their own peculiar “mission” may or may not share elements similar to family or charitable trusts.

Then there are a few really BIG Charitable Trusts, most of them accumulated by politicians via deceits worked against generations of innocent people.  These trusts pretend to be “charitable” but upon closer examination they are usually used for nefarious purposes — manipulating money and commodity markets, paying for large scale mercenary armies — staffed by people who don’t even know they are acting as mercenaries, buying up public land and resources then used to benefit the players behind this larceny in the name of charity and so on.

Finally, there are Treaty Trusts— these are also called “Restitution Trusts” — and a few of them are really sizable, too.  These are endowments built up from various resources to settle negotiated peace treaties in wars and trade squabbles and things of that nature.

In all, there are about 4,800 Historic Trusts.  Most of the actual Trustees I have spoken to are good people who want to do good things and release back the flow of wealth that has been withheld for so long—- however, the situation is like a person starved almost to death going to an all-you-can-eat Smorgasbord.

The shock of suddenly going from nothing to everything could kill the intended beneficiary. And, the release of so much hoarded actual wealth could render such wealth relatively worthless.

Money, we have to realize— even actual, factual money— is a commodity.  If you flood the market with a commodity, ANY commodity— what happens?  The perceived value of that commodity tanks, and suddenly, gold really could be used for paving bricks and shingles.

Most of the Historic Trust Assets have been used to underwrite banks, especially the ‘central banks” set up by various national governments.  Those banks have foolishly extended vast amounts of credit — up to a thousand times net — of their assets, and now they are hunting and scratching and trying to find new sources of hard assets to keep the “fractional reserve banking” pyramid scheme going.

This has led them to very dishonest schemes employed to seize “Special Deposits” — Historic Trust assets left with the banks in good faith — and use any excuse possible to maintain control of these assets without paying interest.

To quote one of my correspondents, “This situation is crazy…. we are drowning in wealth, and nobody dares to cut any of it loose.”

Well, they’re afraid to, because nobody knows what will happen.  We have lived according to the niggardly “Doctrine of Scarcity” for thousands of years. The floodwaters of wealth are backed up clear to Poughkeepsie. Will the dams hold?  Are the reservoirs sufficient?  What happens when it starts to go?

In order for there to be any good result, the wealth has to be released in a gradual, orderly fashion —  a modest trickle compared to the amount of wealth amassed needs to be aimed at new technologies, pollution clean up, infrastructure improvements,  and economies that have large growth potential — like most of the Third World.  And then, as the world economy “stabilizes” and grows, more wealth is released to fund the new growth.

It has to be like this, because— to use another metaphor — otherwise, you over-fertilize the field and kill everything.  We can literally kill the world economy with too much wealth released too fast.

Now, people in the developed countries will understandably question the big emphasis on public works and infrastructure developments aimed at the Third World when their own infrastructure is crumbling, so some really good projects have to be parceled out for them, too, though it may seem initially that they are undeservedly getting the short end of the stick.  They will catch up and the investments made in their poorer neighbors will bear much fruit for everyone.

In addition, we have proposed a Basic Living Stipend to be made available to everyone on Earth, equivalent to a constantly cost-adjusted amount of $2000 in local currency value per month, per person.  This would immediately place a safety net under all people at risk and largely end chronic desperate poverty on Earth.

The Naysayers say that this would simply increase inflation and to some extent it would, however, Beta Tests have shown that in actual practice, most people have used the extra income in profoundly good ways — taking care of their health, their homes, their families, and improving their educations and their communities. The Niggardly Among Us also say it will encourage “more useless Eaters”.  We say it would help those who need help and provide peace of mind enough so that people can think of better lives and things to do.

We are still battling over that concept, how it could be delivered, etc., but speaking for myself, Individual Living Being Accounts with independent triple layer security delivered by a new blockchain-like technology that can be delivered to each person worldwide via simple hand-held devices makes sense. Decentralizing delivery cuts all the dishonest governments and agencies right out of the loop and aside from local bunko operations, assures that the funds actually get delivered to all the people we intend to help.

The banks that are heavily invested in securities don’t want this new world economy to open up. They want to chisel their way forward and keep the Old Game going, keep operating according to the Doctrine of Scarcity, and playing all their old gambits.  It’s essential that they understand that that isn’t going to happen. This is a new era in human history.  We have outgrown the old system. We can either all work together to make this Transition something good and glorious, or we can senselessly starve together.

One final note.  The existence of all this wealth built up in the Historic Trusts has caused no end of Flim-Flam artists and Wannabe Trustees showing up out of nowhere claiming to be the rightful owners or at least, rightful managers, of all these Historic Trusts.  They’ve come running from all directions like flies on carrion.  Some of them are funded by sleazy bankers and sleazy national governments.  Others are free-lancers or “runners” put up by crime syndicates. Almost all of them sing a good song and dance of peace, love, and joy. Indeed, Satan appears as an angel of light, but you will see what he does and not put faith in what he says.

Because this release has to be a controlled release, the people handling it have to be intelligent, compassionate and wise. This is not a moment in history to try any airy-fairy academic theories, nor is it a time when we can afford to get bogged down in religious or political differences. If this is to work for the good of Mankind, the theorists have to step aside and let those with a more practical and good-hearted character take the stage.

Toward that end, the governments — which with very few exceptions are just corporations at this point — need to stop competing with each other.  Just call a truce. I know that is antithetical to their culture, but that’s what needs to be done for the sake of the whole planet.  For a brief time at least, everyone needs to stop thinking in terms of me, me, me and think about us, us, us.

Let the actual Trustees — all of them — come forward and have their say and together make decisions about whose assets are going to underpin what, and not in the sense of competing for investments, but in the sense of saving the world economy and finding our way forward.

Any one of the major trusts could, if unleashed, destroy the world economy and thereby destroy billions of lives more efficiently than any atom bomb.

It is therefore of the most urgent and utmost importance for all concerned for the governments to stop interfering and trying to cherry pick assets and Trustees and using dishonest tactics to suppress some and advance others.  Nothing good can be built on a criminal basis. Our recent past history and personal experience in life should be sufficient to convince any mature leader that what I am saying is true.

The actual Trustees of the Historic Trusts need to be brought together to hash things out and the political leaders of government service corporations need to stand ready to help implement a sensible plan to restructure the world economy and deploy assets without further argument or delay.  I will pledge our resources toward such a meeting of hearts and minds.

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05 18 18 Yes There Are No States Wake Up Oh Glory Wake Up!!!


By Anna Von Reitz

Thanks for the best laugh I have had in a long time…..

Bill Henshall has concluded an investigation and found out that there are no states!


Hello, America?  I love you all!  — But really, this is too droll!

Surely, you realize that the entire concept of a “state” or a “nation” exists only in your head?  That the reality of any such political entity or subdivision or kingdom or country is a legal FICTION?

Surely, you have seen the names and borders of countries shift and change even in your own lifetimes?  Where is “Burma” now?  What happened to “Yugoslavia”?

My sides ache.  My mouth is dry from gasping.

Lord, Lord…..

Yes, it’s true.  There are no states, no provinces, no kingdoms.

And that is why the actual basis of “States” in this country have been summoned to assemble: people.

People create States.  People are states.

If anyone ever challenges you to show them where you own any sovereign piece of land, dig a hole at least six inches deep in the ground, stand in it, and pound on your chest.  Take a photo.

It really is as simple as that.

The United States of America (Unincorporated) is an organization of what?  People.

It is a business structure, an unincorporated Holding Company.  And what’s that?  It’s people organized to do a job, fulfill a function, for still other people who are organized as what?  State and County Jural Assemblies.

Lions and tigers and bears!  Who knew?

Yes, this is why it is so absolutely and urgently NECESSARY and important that you all heed the call and “return home” to the land and soil jurisdiction of your States of the Union (get your political status records corrected) and join your State Jural Assembly—-because you are your States.

Your Jural Assemblies are what create and maintain and give life and breath and authority to your Counties and your States.

If you don’t make the commitment to live on your soil and land, then it stands vacant.

If you don’t make the commitment to occupy the Public Offices of your Counties and States, then foreign corporate employees will be happy to do this “for” you, and claim that you are “absent”.

Which then ALLOWS them to do whatever THEY please with YOUR assets.

Honest to God, this entire country has been bamboozled and our people have been reduced to walking, talking zombies, still more than half asleep–despite me and many, many others banging a gong as loud as we can.

Re-convey your Trade Name to the land and soil of your State.  Seize upon your Assumed Names/NAMES.  The forms you need are already on my website: www.annavonreitz.com, Article 928, Editable documents.

And then, join your State Jural Assembly.  Go to www.national-assembly.net and connect.

You are the sovereigns of this land.  Nobody else on Earth is.  It’s up to you to breathe life and meaning into your States of the Union—and if you don’t do it, nobody else can.

The United States of America (Unincorporated) is still alive and still standing in the doorway like a lion—the lawful government of this country with all four paws on the floor.  But you have to answer her call.  You have to re-boot your States and your States have to re-boot your National States of States.


For your edification, and if you are like me, your “Ouch!” sense of humor — I am including the research (thus far) into the profound truth that the “States” do not exist (without you).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajl7bZ8J2ws     Constitutional discussion with Bill and friend–there are NO States, Article I, Section 2, Cl. 3



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05 16 18 The Long and Short of All of It 1 and 2 + Here It Is AGAIN for All Those Who Need to Know + Statehood is a Capacity + Another Voice Heard A New Avenue of Relief


By Anna Von Reitz

Either these people are: (a) my employees, owing me good faith service, or (b) they are foreign commercial mercenaries trespassing upon me and engaging in inland piracy.

In the first case, they are obligated to honor and protect my person and property. That is the only credible reason for any government to exist.

In the second case, they are pirates and every anti-piracy law ever created kicks into gear, including the international treaties that directly obligate both the Holy Sea and the British Monarch and their respective organizations to protect my person and property.

Read that: Checkmate.

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The Long and Short of It All Part 2


By Anna Von Reitz

All you currently active duty and reserve and retired United States Marines out there–  what was it you were shouting every day of your Marine training?

Was it, “I am an American!” — or was it, “I am a United States Citizen!”?

All you United States Army guys — which one are you?

This same question applies to the Air Force, the Navy, even the Coast Guard.

The answer determines whether you are an American and an honorable member of the American Armed Forces  or you are acting in the capacity of a filthy commercial mercenary — albeit, not getting the big bucks of merc wages.

Did anyone ever tell you that when you signed up to enter military service you were enrolled as a mercenary in the employment of commercial corporations

and given a share in the profits via a stock portfolio?  No?

No doubt this is coming as Big News, but yes, the rats set you up with a stock portfolio they were supposed to give to you when you left military service.  The catch is that so far as their records show, you never left their jurisdiction.

This is another example of the criminality infesting every aspect of the “government” corporations — your DD214 is not  a discharge from “US citizenship”.  So you are still snagged.

You have to go back to the head of your branch of service and serve Notice that you have returned to your birthright political status as an American State Citizen.  Otherwise, they just presume that you are a “Lifer” and still obligated to bow, scrape, and salute. And they just keep your stock portfolio and manage it “for” you until you die, at which point they claim it as “abandoned property”.

And you thought you were serving your country all the while you were serving the “US CORP”.  Nobody told you any different, either.  Until now.

So fire up your writing instruments and re-convey your Trade Names to the land and soil of the state where you were born (www.annavonreitz.com, Article #928, Editable pdfs) and give Notice that you left “US Citizenship” behind effective the date of “Discharge” noted on your DD214 and you are owed a stock portfolio and/or income therefrom earned while unwittingly employed as a commercial mercenary.

Direct the Service Branch Office to update your political status records and forward your claim to the Office of Military Settlements. That should put a bulwark in the retirement resources of a lot of American veterans.  And when you get a chance, say, thank you, to the True God.  The rats didn’t intend for it to be any actual benefit to you. They just wanted to stand around and say, “Gee, look at all these accounts nobody ever collected.  What a bunch of patriotic guys!”

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05 16 18 Here It Is AGAIN for All Those Who Need to Know


By Anna Von Reitz

There is a widespread swath of gross ignorance in America populated by True Believers who think that they know all they need to know and devil take the hindmost.

No doubt that is comforting to them and they cling to their suppositions accordingly, like Linus clinging to his Blanket.

—Until, that is, they land in a “US District Court” and are told that they have no constitutional guarantees and other wake up calls come due.

For all of those who think that I am a “Patriot Guru” and that I can’t possibly know what I am talking about despite the abundant factual and actual proof that I do (admittedly not paying federal income tax since 1998, for example) here is a compilation of primary source quotes from people as diverse as Frederick Douglas and JFK in support of the information I am giving you—300 pages worth:


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05 16 18 Statehood is a Capacity


By Anna Von Reitz

It really does not matter for the purposes of the Federal Union that Texas came in as a “republic” or a “territory” or a “colony” either — Texas agreed to act as a State of the Federal Union.

Being a “State” is a capacity — for example, you might agree to act in the capacity of an elector, or in the capacity of a wife, or in the capacity of employee in a book store.

In the same way the Body Politic of Texas can act as an independent republic, a State Republic, a State, or a State of State, or a Council of County Governments or, or, or.

Having agreed, Texas joined the Union and has been part of the Union as a member-State ever since.  If it joined some other Union it might be called a “region” or a “borough” or a “principality”.

So in its own internal affairs, Texas functions as a republic— as all the State Republics are supposed to (though largely don’t) and with respect to its relationship with the other States functions as a State of the Federal Union.

I wish people would take the time to understand capacity.  It’s really not that foreign to us.  We all act in different capacities all the time.  Why is it difficult to conceive of our government acting in different capacities?   Especially when it is right in front of us?  We can literally see that “Ohio” is different than “State of Ohio”—right?  So why don’t people pick up on that fact?

I spend a good deal of time explaining the fact that The Texas Republic is a different entity from The Republic of Texas, which is a different entity from Texas, which is different from Texas State, which is different from The State of Texas, which is different from the State of Texas, which is different from the state of texas, which is different from the STATE OF TEXAS or TEXAS…… and you can plug in any other state in place of “Texas” and find the same array of capacities.

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05 17 18 Another Voice Heard A New Avenue of Relief


By Anna Von Reitz

We have determined what was done to us, when, how, by whom.  And now, what goes around, comes around — to quote my Nephew Jonathan’s favorite adage.

I have discussed at some length the pollution of the English Common Law by admixture with British Admiralty and Maritime Law that occurred in the 1750’s and which has given rise to “the King’s Equity Law” — in which the King has all the equity and Judges sit as proxies for the King.

Just as the vermin have mirrored everything else, it turns out that they have mirrored Equity Law, too.

What they call “Equity Law” — their kind of Equity Law — isn’t Equity Law.

I guess we could have all told them that, eh?  — but their semantic deceit and trashing of the entire concept of Equity Law, their defilement of its meaning and reputation, again conceals the truth of the matter.

It turns out that there actually is pure Equity Law and it actually does deliver justice and equity—- unlike their cruel sham that mocks the concept.

Beginning next week, May 22nd, we will all have a precious chance to learn more about Pure Equity — how to invoke it, how to process claims, how to obtain relief and restitution which so many people desperately need.

The introductory call is next Tuesday, May 22nd, at 7:30 CST.  The call in number and access code is:  (712) 775-7035   918810

I asked the instructor to change to Tuesday so that his calls won’t conflict or overlap with the National Assembly calls and he kindly agreed.

The intent is to develop a highly competent core group of students who will be enabled teach and counsel others. Members of the Living Law Firm are being alerted to participate.

Securing practical relief and restitution for all the people who have suffered is one obvious (and large) goal of The Living Law Firm; restoring our lawful government and getting America back on track is another.

These major goals have to work forward in tandem, together.  So while we learn about this new avenue of relief on Tuesday, we still need to keep going with the organizational effort summoning the State Assemblies.

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The Municipal United States Corporation a Lesson About Larry Becraft


By Anna Von Reitz

Here’s a good example of how attorneys deliberately avoid and obscure the actual truth and substance of things.   Larry finds an obscure reference somewhere in my writings to the Act of 1871.  It was probably a quote from someone else or part of a list of historical actions undertaken by Congress — he doesn’t say, so it’s impossible to know where he picked this bit up, whether it is in context or not, but he quotes it as something I referenced:


Contrary to your present denial, I have specifically quoted an article you wrote that was posted on Crackpot Arnie’s website, which is as follows:

Claim 15. 1871: The Corporate Congress begins to set up shop for itself by creating a separate government for the District of Columbia.  The initial effort fails but seven years later the Washington DC Municipality is created as an independent international city state run as a plenary oligarchy by the members of “Congress”.   Also in 1871, the Corporate Congress claimed to own all United States corporations— 41st “Congress”– Third Session, Chapters 62, 63, 64, and 65.


Yes, Larry, Congress did do exactly what I said it did and what a lot of other patriots have said it did — the fact that the unpopularity of their action forced them to repeal the original Act three years later, and caused them to cut it up and pass its substance in a piecemeal fashion in 1878 — is the kind of hair-splitting and deliberate avoidance of the basic truth that does you no credit.

Here for your education — AGAIN — is the entire, truthful history of the Act of 1871:1871 – Act of 1871 —“An Act to provide a Government for the District of Columbia,” ch. 62, 16 Stat. 419, February 21, 1871 —which was repealed in 1874 and then passed piecemeal via these actions—- “An Act Providing a Permanent Form of Government for the District of Columbia,” ch. 180, sec. 1, 20 Stat. 102, June 11, 1878, to remain and continue as a municipal corporation (brought forward from the Act of 1871, as provided in the Act of March 2, 1877, amended and approved March 9, 1878, Revised Statutes of the United States Relating to the District of Columbia . . . 1873–’74 (in force as of December 1, 1873), sec. 2, p. 2); as amended by the Act of June 28, 1935, 49 Stat. 430, ch. 332, sec. 1 (Title 1, Section 102, District of Columbia Code (1940)).

It doesn’t really matter, Larry, that the original Act was repealed and then passed in pieces later — what matters is the substance of the Act, which is apparently what you wish to avoid and gainsay: the creation of the US Corp.

And it can only be the creation of the US Corp that we are looking at, Larry, because: the District of Columbia was set up in 1790 and fully chartered by 1801, so there was no need to do that in 1871 or 1874 or 1878.

Nowadays, Larry, it isn’t necessary to dig up the entire history of the Act of 1871 to prove that the US Corp exists.  It was emblazoned on every fork and spoon issued to the US Military throughout World War II, painted on canteens, and spray-painted on jeeps.  There are thousands upon thousands of such “admissions” available to anyone who cares to look.

And as if that were not enough, there are many different commercial registries all over the planet.  Dunn and Bradstreet is just one such registry that people can look up from their comfort of their computer console and see for themselves that yes, indeed, what we think of as “the government” is in fact functioning as a commercial corporation in the business of providing “essential government services”.

A small sampling of around a hundred of the DUNNS numbers belonging to the US Corp are listed in the Appendix in the back of my book, “You Know Something Is Wrong When”, and with a little poking on search engines like Manta.com, Edgar.com and Thomas.com people can discover the CAGE and EIN and other proofs of the commercial nature of such things as the “US GOVERNMENT” and the “BLM” and the “STATE OF OHIO”.

People can also search the data bases of the State of Delaware, where most of these corporations maintain registration. It’s all online, Larry.  No need to try to obfuscate or hide the truth anymore.

And while people are at it, they can look up the Clearfield Doctrine, which very clearly enunciates the principle of the law which says that when a government steps down and functions in the capacity of a corporation, it is subject to all the same limitations as any other corporation.

As everyone, even Bob Hurt, can now see, Larry’s hair-splitting does him no credit and serves no truth.  He is simply obfuscating and trying to avoid admission of the fact that the Act of 1871 led to the creation — howbeit, seven years later — of the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia, more popularly known by its dba “US Corp”.

Well, there it is, folks — the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the Act of 1871, for your knowledge and enjoyment —  so that when some hair-splitting shyster tries to tell you that the Act of 1871 was repeated in 1874 (which it was) you are prepared to tell him the rest of the story just as I told it to Larry.

And I trust that my credibility on the matter now stands heads and tails and nose and whiskers above anything Mr. Becraft might have (left) to say.

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05 15 18 The Three Greatest Threats We’re Facing



Complimentary Story By Rob Pue

There is a lot of evil in this old world.  The bad news is endless, and it seems our society here in America grows darker and more Godless with every passing day.  Many remain optimistic. They look forward to many good things, and “making America great again.”

No doubt, we HAVE seen some good in the past year.  Just the very fact that President Trump has removed the wicked idols of Islam from the White House and brought back the prayer to the one TRUE God of heaven is a VERY good and positive thing.  Yet evil still reigns in our land, and blood runs in our streets daily.

If I had to identify the most evil threats we are facing as a nation and world, I could easily narrow it down to three primary points. You see, there is nothing new under the sun, and Satan only HAS a few tricks.   And he and his demons have been using these things in an attempt to destroy everything Godly, righteous and holy since time began and the serpent and his demons were cast out of God’s presence.  It seems in these last days, all three have arisen again, more ugly and more vicious than ever — determined to utterly kill and destroy every one of God’s people and everything good and sacred.

First on the list is the demonic deception of homosexuality. I can hardly believe things have “progressed” this far down the path of deviancy, here in the United States and spreading like a cancer across the entire globe.  As I read about what the world was like in the days of Noah and Lot, I have a hard time imagining that it could have been any worse or any more deviant than the days we’re living in RIGHT NOW.   Those on the “left” will equate the depravity of sodomy and the right to commit acts of sexual abomination with such things as “civil rights,” “freedom,” and they will use phrases like “love wins” — when even the Supreme Court of this nation hands down a demonically-influenced decision and seeks to legislate this ugly immorality and impose it on us all.

And, you see,  it does so by FORCE — as it must— for  “where the Spirit of the Lord is,”Scripture reminds us, “there is liberty, (or freedom).” And CERTAINLY, the Spirit of the Lord is nowhere IN this picture.  One need only observe what Satan does every single timeto ALL the laws of God and nature— he perverts them, twists them, whispers confusion into the minds of even God’s people, and he turns them 180 degrees to the opposite  So, in order for this Homosexual Agenda to go forward, there must NOT be, there CAN NOTbe, ANY freedom…. it must be MANDATED, it must be FORCED upon the people. For this sin of sodomy is so wicked and so perverse, there are very few who would accept it willingly of their own freewill. (Statistics show, it’s less than 3%).  But now, we are even indoctrinating our PRE-SCHOOL age babies to question their very gender!  And the parents are ENCOURAGING THIS!  How much more perverted and evil can we possibly become?

I have no doubt that there are SOME listening to me right now with smoke coming out of their ears, calling me a “hater,” a “homophobe” and worse things.  While claiming to be fighting for love and tolerance, many of those who practice sodomy would readily kill me if they could.  No “love” or “tolerance” for me.   On the contrary, they — and their legions of advocates — are the LEAST tolerant and LEAST loving people on earth.  They are FILLED with lust and rage, with murder in their hearts, indwelled with the same demonic spirit that inhabited the men who marched through the streets of the city of Sodomon one of the world’s first “Gay Pride Parades,” then surrounded Lot’s house, tried to break down the door, demanding their perverted lusts be satisfied.  Hear this people:  IT IS THE SAME SPIRIT!  This is nothing new, it has simply resurfaced in our world today — and it is back with a FIERCE vengeance.

What we know today as the “LGBTQ+” agenda has been accepted and normalized by MOST— hear this now, I said MOST— of the people of the world, including NOW, MOST  professing Christians and professing Christian churches.  The latest stats now show that an average of 67% of professing CHRISTIANS not only accept, but CELEBRATE homosexual so-called “marriage.” 67%!!  THAT is where we are at, folks.  Most church-goers are so biblically-illiterate that they have embraced it under the guise of “equality,” “civil rights,” “love,” and “tolerance…” just as the sodomite lobbyists planned.  Just as Satan planned.  We have fallen for the same scheme he used against Eve in the garden, as he whispered in her ear:  “Did God REALLY say?…”   It doesn’t surprise me that the unsaved world has fallen for this lie —the Homosexual Agenda has MASSIVE funding by just about EVERY major corporation in the world to accomplish it’s evil goals.  But when CHRISTIANS tell me sodomy is perfectly alright with them, and that JESUS would love and embrace the sin of sodomy, something is very, very wrong in our churches!

Then there’s the abomination of baby killing in America. Most call it “abortion,” but let’s get “real” here — we all know what it is, even those who advocate for it:  it is the MURDER of a baby.  Precious babies, God’s “image bearers,” knit together in their mothers’ wombs — 60 million of them murdered in cold blood here in the US alone since 1973.

The TRUTH of baby killing is out there, for anyone with a rational mind to see.  We now know, through the amazing technology of the 21st century, that life begins at the moment of conception.  We know these little ones feel pain as they are burned alive and torn apart.  We’ve even heard people justify the horiffic act of “partial birth abortion,” in which a baby is nearly fully delivered, except for the head, and then it’s tiny spinal cord and brain is pierced with a knife, sometimes decapitated — just seconds from birth.  The pro-death crowd defends this practice because, they argue, the life of the mother may be at stake.  How can THIS possibly save the life of the so-called “mother?”   In two more seconds, the baby would be born alive and healthy.  It’s a ridiculous and hideous argument.  We kill our own children for the sake of convenience and profit and then the hired killers sell their precious little body parts for even more blood money!

Again, this is nothing new.  It is the SAME demonic spirit that has caused countless cultures before us to kill THEIR children, and then to suffer the wrath of God and ultimately fall.  Child sacrifice, down through the ages, has been done for the worship of false gods… from the ancient Aztecs and Incas to the Druids of Europe to the Romans… and in the Bible we read of children being murdered as sacrifices to Moelch, a god of the Ammonites and Canaanites.  And just as the church is deceived by Satan when it comes to sodomy today, you’d be hard pressed to find a single church-goer out of a hundred to truly stand against this horrific abomination and do anything significant about it.

Again:  nothing new.  Even King Solomon, who was known as the “wisest man to ever live” fell for this demonic deception, as we read in 1 Kings 11:  “As Solomon grew old, his wives turned his heart after other gods, and his heart was not fully devoted to the LORD his God, as the heart of David his father had been. He followed Ashtoreth the goddess of the Sidonians, and Molek the detestable god of the Ammonites. So Solomon did evil in the eyes of the LORD…”  It is THE SAME EVIL, DEMONIC SPIRIT that has enticed cultures before us to kill THEIR children that is confusing and deluding us into the very same practice.  We KNOW what we are doing.  We cannot say we don’t know.  Yet even professing “God-fearing” Christians will do nothing to stop it.

I once had a pastor tell me that all throughout history, whenever a nation began killing it’s own children, that nation was either destroyed or self-destructed within a generation.  A biblical generation is usually considered to be 40 years.  It seems we are 5 years overdue for the full fury of God’s wrath.

Finally, the last greatest evil invading our world today is that of the demonic false “religion” of Islam.     Islam officially began in the year 610.  That’s when Mohammad received his first visit from the demon, appearing to him as an angel of light.  But I believe the demonic SPIRIT of this false religion dates back to the beginning of time, when Satan first rebelled against God, our Creator.  Down through history, this demonic spirit has raised its ugly head time and time again.  In the book of Daniel, we read of Nebuchadnezzar, a wicked Persian king in the province of Babylon, who demanded the people worship a false god.  Whenever the music played, the people were to bow down and worship this false god.  Anyone who refused would be killed in the most horrific way they could dream up.

Of course, it was God’s people  — Shadrack, Meshak and Abednego — there in captivity, who refused to prostitute themselves to this false god.  And so these righteous, courageous young men were thrown into the firey furnace.  I’m sure you’ve heard this story before, but I’d encourage you to read it again and refresh your memory.  You can find it in Daniel, Chapter 3.

My point is, the evil we see perpetrated today by the Muslims, has been going on for eons of time.  And so just as this demonic spirit inhabited Nebuchadnezzar, (in the SAME part of the world where Islam now reigns, by the way…),and just as Nebuchadnezzar demanded worship of his false god, and just as those who refused were sentenced to death in a fiery furnace, the same is happening today.  Only today, this Satanic activity has a name:  ISLAM.  Five times a day, that eery, dark, hideous music plays — that “Islamic call to prayer” — and they must then stop everything and bow down to this demon called “Allah.”   The demon is back.  Today we have Muslims taking those who refuse to convert to Islam and worship the demon, locking them in cages and burning them alive — in a FIERY FURNACEIt’s the SAME THING!  It’s the same demonic spirit.

Donald Trump wants to make America great again.  That’s a lofty goal.  And today the world celebrates the “peace agreement” between North and South Korea.  But Scripture tells us (and I’m paraphrasing here), “when they are all saying ‘peace and safety,’ then destruction will come suddenly.”  There IS NO PEACE AND SAFETY apart from God.  Unless America repents — unless AMERICAN CHURCH-GOERS REPENT — unless our PASTORS AND SO-CALLED ‘SHEPHERDS’ REPENT — there will BE NO peace and safety, only God’s ultimate judgment upon a wicked and rebellious nation, and deservedly so!  America USED to export Christianity — sending missionaries to the uttermost parts of the earth to win souls.  Now we export Abortion and Sodomy and we IMPORT Islam!   How long do YOU suppose God’s patience will endure?   A better question might be:  “What are YOU planning to do about all this?”

You see, just as Satan uses people — filled with demonic spirits — to achieve his evil goals, God uses HIS people, filled with the HOLY SPIRIT to accomplish His.  There is a spiritual WAR being waged — but God’s people, willing to walk the narrow road, are few, indeed.   Our problem is not the evil THINGS I have mentioned, so much as it’s the church-goers and professing Christians who refuse the Holy Spirit, and turn away from the truth, embracing the lies of the world and it’s wicked ruler, Satan — without even realizing they’re doing it.

Wisconsin Christian News has partnered with the Salt and Light Brigade.  The Brigade is a group of remnant believers from all over the nation who respond to crisis situations, feed the hungry, preach the gospel on the streets and fight evil wherever it raises it’s head.

On June 14, we will begin a NATIONAL Gathering and Deployment of the Salt and Light Brigade near Columbus, Ohio.  Our staging area will be a campground, with facilities for up to 500 people.  You can camp in a tent, RV or camper, or sleep on the floor in the gymnasium there, or get a hotel nearby.  The event will go from June 14-17, and during that time, we will take on these three most dangerous and evil threats I have just mentioned.  We will GO and minister the Gospel at a local mosque, at an abortion center, and at the 2nd largest sodomite “pride” parade in the country.  Last year there were only 22 of us standing against a half million sexual deviants marching pridefully down Broad Street in Columbus.  Among those marching in the parade were at least 40 so-called Christian “churches.

You may THINK you could never be involved in such a ministry.  You may think it’s too scary, too frightening to speak and share the gospel on the street — especially to those whose worldviews are so diametrically opposed to your own.  But having done this many times, I can tell you, God goes before us, and stands with us, and the Holy Spirit speaks through us as we go.  And there IS great fruit borne from our efforts.  I, personally, was able to have some very meaningful discussions and share the truth with some profoundly lost souls last year.   The main thing is that we GO.  We really DO NEED ‘All Hands on Deck’ right now.

You may be praying for our nation and our world.  But may I suggest that THIS event just MAY be the ANSWER to your prayers?  Jesus told us to GO!  We are going. Will you join us?  If you don’t do anything else for the Kingdom of God this year, please make plans now to give the Lord FOUR DAYS of your time, and your life will never be the same.  You see, we MUST do this, if we are to have any hope for the future of our nation, for our children, and our grandchildren.  We simply cannot wait any longer.  If we don’t do this NOW, when WILL we?  Call me for more information.

You See Bob……+ There’s Pikers, and Then There’s Bob Hurt + I Broke Into Your House


By Anna Von Reitz

You see, Bob, to adopt your own chauvinistic and condescending tone — you make the mistake of thinking that you know what you don’t know, and interpreting legal documents without knowing the legal meaning of words and terms.

I know this is so the same way that judges always know when someone is ignorant of legal jargon and comes to their courtroom all stuffed up on what they THINK they know — and don’t.  Those are the same people who are surprised to learn that they have no “constitutional rights” while claiming to be US Citizens or “citizens of the United States”.

You make all the mistakes that patriots typically make and all the same (wrong) assumptions, too.  And the really cloying part of this, is that you look down your nose at the patriots while encouraging and displaying the same kind of ignorance yourself.   I find that very suspicious, Bob.  Is it deliberate?

I have already proven to anyone’s satisfaction that you know nothing about what “citizenship” is or what kinds of “citizenship” there are.

I have already demonstrated that although you claim to be a “US citizen” of some kind, you don’t have the least little bit of an idea what that political status obligates you to be and to do.  You don’t know and can’t tell me, but you are a big enough Blowhard to try to bluff it out and pretend that you know “stuff” and I don’t.

So let’s put it to test, Bob.  I already gave you a long list of words that you should know the legal meanings of, presented in pairs:

“Citizen” and “National”

“Law Enforcement” and “Peacekeeping”

“Domestic” and “Non-domestic”

“Resident” and “Landlord”

“Usufruct” and “Holder in Due Course”.

“Alien” and “Inhabitant”

“Within” and “Without”

“Including” and “Excepting”

“Judge” and “Justice”

“Postmaster” and “Post Master”

“of” and “for”

“United States” and “United States of America”

“Territorial” and “National”

“Declaration” and “Constitution”

“Title” and “Covenant”

“Patent” and “Deed”

“Warrant” and “Writ”

So let’s see you demonstrate even a passing knowledge of what the legal definitions of these words are for starters, before you pretend to have knowledge that you: (a) don’t have or (b) have, but choose not to reveal to others.

Somehow you think that you can just “shine me on” and make me kow-tow to your ignorance and name-calling and condescending language.

You might as well give up with that train of thought right now.  I’ve faced off the Pope..  I am not going to bow to you.

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There’s Pikers and Then There’s Bob Hurt


By Anna Von Reitz

Imagine this situation:

You have spent decades of your life studying public documents that are available to everyone to read.  You look around and realize that nobody knows what those documents actually say — so you bring forward the facts to help educate people who are suffering and “being destroyed” as Amos says, for lack of knowledge.

And certain people start calling you a “liar” and a “fake” and God-only-knows-what-else, even though they haven’t bothered to read it all themselves. They just “know” what they think they know. And then they demand that you “prove it” to them because they are too lazy to read the documents and prove it to themselves.

Let’s recap — they haven’t read the documents. You have. They won’t believe  you when you tell them what the documents say.  Then they still refuse to read the documents for themselves and demand that you “prove” to them what the documents say….


That reminds me of the time my Best Friend Forever said she’d offer me five bucks to go pee for her because she was afraid to walk out to the latrine at summer camp in the middle of the night.

There are some things that other people can’t do “for” you.  Proving what a document that you refuse to read for yourself says — is one of those.

I wish there were some way that I could attach a USB cable from my ear to your ears and just download everything I know.  The world would quickly become a much safer and saner and more law-abiding place.

Everyone would know how the governments are supposed to be structured and how they are supposed to be funded and would know where the problems lie — and so, would correct the Mess without any big debate.

But until people stop reacting like little babies and going “Waah!  Wahh!  That can’t be so!  You must be lying to me!  Waah!  Wahh!  Prove it to me!  Waaaah!” — and start reading and thinking as adults who are responsible for reading and researching and knowing the facts for themselves — there is no USB cable.

You have to either believe me and take my word for what it says, or you have to read it yourself and determine what it says.  Those are the two options that Nature gave us.  All those that want “proof” need to man up and prove it to themselves, especially as I and others have already done the heavy lifting and told everyone where to look.

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 I Broke Into Your House

Submitted by: Edward Moore


A lady wrote the best letter in the Editorials in ages!!!

It explains things better than all the baloney you hear on TV.

Recently large demonstrations have taken place across the country protesting the fact that Congress is finally addressing the issue of illegal immigration.

Certain people are angry that the US might protect its own borders, might make it harder to sneak into this country and, once here, to stay indefinitely.

Let me see if I correctly understand the thinking behind these protests.  Let’s say I break into your house.   Let’s say that when you discover me in your

house, you insist that I leave. But I say, ‘No! I like it here. It’s better than my house. I’ve made all the beds and washed the dishes and did the laundry and

swept the floors. I’ve done all the things you don’t like to do. I’m hard-working and honest (except for when I broke into your house).

According to the protesters:

You are Required to let me stay in your house.  You are Required to feed me

You are Required to add me to your family’s insurance plan.  You are Required to Educate my kids

You are Required to Provide other benefits to me & to my family

My husband will do all of your yard work because he is also hard-working and honest. (except for that breaking in part).

If you try to call the police or force me out, I will call my friends who will picket your house carrying signs that proclaim my RIGHT to be there.

It’s only fair, after all, because you have a nicer house than I do, and I’m just trying to better myself. I’m a hard-working and honest, person, except for well,

you know, I did break into your house

And what a deal it is for me!!!  I live in your house, contributing only a fraction of the cost of my keep,

and there is nothing you can do about it without being

accused of cold, uncaring, selfish, prejudiced, and bigoted behavior.

Oh yeah, and I DEMAND that you learn MY LANGUAGE!!! so that you can communicate with me.

Why can’t people see how ridiculous this is?!

America is populated and governed by SOME idiots.

If you agree, pass it on (in English).

If not blow it off……..  along with your future Social Security funds and a lot of the former benefits of being an American Citizen.


Proof that Our Federal Government Was Usurped By Foreign Corporations


By Anna Von Reitz

With many thanks to my Soul Brother John-Henry Hill who complied a short and to-the-point documentation and proof of exactly WHAT has been functioning “as” our government since 1868.  I have seen these documents and others like them pertaining to all sorts of variations of the names United States of America and United States, but these are the Big Muggly-Wugglies that prove beyond any reasonable person’s doubt that yes, indeed, what I have been telling you for years is true and part of the public record you can look up for yourselves.

The main entity that the rats (Scottish rats) set up in 1868 is recorded here at John-Henry Hill’s brilliant website, together with all the links you need to go see for yourselves.  If you ever need to “prove” that a commercial corporation was substituted for your national-level State of State Government in 1868, look no further:


For those on the email list I am attaching your very own copy, so you can print it off and cherish it for posterity.  Given our vermin’s proclivity for burning books and obscuring records, make a few copies and flash drives for posterity.

Thanks to the friends who inspired me to address this topic.  Given what is coming out next, it is indeed fortuitous to put all questions about the incorporated nature of the Beast to rest.


05 11 18 The United States of America Corporation Listings – Laugh or weep …???


Freedom, Rights and the Common Law

 February 20, 2014 · by JohnHenryHill

FIVE images copied from www.Delaware.gov and www.CompaniesHouse.gov.uk

The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a British corporation based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is the parent-company of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA sub-corporations in America under various names (which it changes on ongoing basis by re-incorporating them),  The company was first incorporated within America in 1868 in the state of Delaware as a PRIVATE company and seized control of the District of Columbia when Congress passed the District of Columbia Act of 1871 . (Please view all images closely and verify/disprove on Internet web sites BEFORE you make up your mind …)

Colt Dekker · April 23, 2014 – 9:29 PM ·

Not only is the United States a corporation, but the “Judicial Branch of US Govt” is also a Delaware Corporation (Delaware SoS file number: 3383789), listed in Dun & Bradstreet: “The following is the DUNS number for JUDICIAL BRANCH OF US GOV: DUNS number: 956858625”, as well.
The “Judicial Branch of US Govt” (corporation) includes: “U.S. GOV’T LAW COURT ADMIN SUPREME & U.S. DISTRICT, APPELLATE, VETERANS PROBATE, BANKRUPTCY, STATE(S) COURTS, INC.” So our courts from the Supreme Court down to state courts are corporate “policy” (as in police) courts.

This is the United States Peace Flag

The popular Stars and Stripes is the WAR flag and rightly so because the United States is at war with U. S. Civilians

JohnHenryHill · November 14, 2016 – 1:23 AM ·

If you look closely, every town and city in the U.S. is a corporation; as are the various departments within each town. It is INSANE!

Olddogs Comments!

Folks, not until you are educated about our past can you determine what our future will be. So, your choice is either learn or burn.  Yes, you are going to have to sacrifice your entertainment time if you are going to have a future other than slavery. Below is a link of a past article on this site that you simply cannot ignore if you are going to fight for your freedom.



05 09 18 Message to William Mount Christine LaGarde and President Donald J Trump + A Reply for Michigan General Jural Assembly to T ROH


This letter is self-explanatory for anyone who has been following this story for the last several years. It is our intent to sue for the liquidation of the IMF for criminal activity and malfeasance if this nonsense of them setting up Offices in North Carolina and pretending to operate our government does not immediately cease.

From James Clinton Belcher

To All Concerned:


We have learned this morning that the IMF has falsely presumed that our government is not in operation and that our international claims are not in place and that the IMF is free to act as the Priority Creditor of the United States Corporation(s).

This is not the case.

Ms. LaGarde and President Trump and all the Principals have been given full Due Process and have cause to know that the States and People of this country are the Priority Creditors of the United States and its Corporations—- all of them.

Any further encroachment upon our sovereignty by these incorporated entities will result in their liquidation and the forfeiture of their assets for making unlawful false claims and serving as accomplices to Breach of Trust, fraud, and  unlawful conversion of assets.

All IMF Offices recently opened in North Carolina need to be summarily shut down and the IMF needs to retreat to its Washington base pending our assignment of Bankruptcy Trustees.

When the United States entered international bankruptcy all three levels of the Federal Government we established were vacated and the delegated powers reverted to the Issuer of those Powers: The United States of America (Unincorporated).

We have been in business since 1776, so this is not presumed to be any big news to any of you.

Thank you.

James Clinton Belcher

Head of State

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A Reply for Michigan General Jural Assembly to T ROH


By Anna Von Reitz

A brief history of who and what this “T-ROH” organization is.

A man named Keith Livingway made a claim on abandonment to the name “The United States of America” when the 1868 Corporation came out of bankruptcy.

Some British Territorial United States scum infringed on our copyright  back in 1868 and used our name to name a foreign commercial corporation — “The United States of America—- Incorporated”.  Put a big, red line under the word “Incorporated”.

The United States of America is not the same as The United States of America, Incorporated.   More semantic deceits.

The pukes then ran that corporation into the ground and bankrupted it, giving everyone the impression that our country had somehow been bankrupted.

No sovereign entity can be bankrupted.  Only commercial corporations can receive bankruptcy protection.

So, there you go.  Anything that can be bankrupted by definition is not our country, not our government, and doesn’t have a  thing to do with us except that we hired these vermin to clean our toilets.

Obviously, what Mr. Livingway “claimed” was “abandoned” was the name of an illegally conceived foreign corporation.  He can’t validly claim the name of our country anymore than the original rotters could.

What it boils down to is that we have a would-be pirate claiming to have rights and prerogatives based on the actions of earlier pirates.

Let me repeat the applicable Maxim of Law:  A piratis et latronibus capta dominium non mutant.

Any property captured by pirates does not change ownership.

Our name “The United States of America”  has been ours since September 9, 1776 and no amount of claiming otherwise by anyone — and no amount of copyright infringement — changes that fact.

I am not in a position to comment on Mr. Livingway’s state of mind, what he believes about this, or what his intentions are good or bad, but I can guarantee you the facts just stated and those facts add up to Keith Livingway has no claim to own the name “The United States of America” and it is lunacy to think he has.

Think, people —- this is like someone claiming to own the name “France” because he went to a yard sale and some other shyster claimed to be selling it.

If that’s the way the world works, let’s all sell the “British Crown” next.

It would be laughable, but to the extent that people are believing this and are putting time, faith and money in it, it’s not funny.  It’s sad that we’ve sunk so low and are so gullible.

Same thing with “Reign of Heaven”.

This organization is a rip-off bastardization of the  honorable work of Frank O’Collins.

Once again, Mr. Livingway seized upon work and ideas that were never his own and has attempted to plagiarize and “interpret” his way into something — a new elitist society that he and his cronies rule with iron paws.

Well, I am not an elitist.  I am an American.

When I see a bunch of pirates stealing the work of Frank O’Collins and trying to twist it into something to benefit their own egos — and then attach that monstrosity to the name of The United States of America, my instinct is to throw up — and then load my .44.

Run like an antelope away from “T-ROH” and all its works and all its ways — unless of course, you want to spend your life as a pirate hiding out in places like Costa Rica and Honduras — which is what Keith Livingway has been doing for years.

05 08 18 White Hats Pay Attention Please + Nonsense and Sense


By Anna Von Reitz

As long as we are de-bunking things this week, let’s have done with the idea of “Thirteen Families” of the “Illuminati”.

There aren’t Thirteen Families.

There are Thirteen Tribes.

And they are all one family, stemming from one source: Abraham.

Their history is very recent in terms of the age of the Earth — less than a week ago, in God-Time.

Everyone talks about Twelve Tribes, but there are actually Thirteen— just like everyone talks about Twelve Disciplines and forgets about Judas Iscariot.

Now, among the tribes there are fates which were spelled out by Jacob’s Blessing.  Dan is the stumbling block, Ephraim holds the scepter, Asher holds the baking championship.

And all this is spelled out in the sky, too, with thirteen constellations.  You’ve just never been baldly told what the thirteenth constellation is — it’s the star system of Sirius, the Dog Star, the Morning Star…. the birthplace of Satan, the Son of the Morning Star.

So this one family that gave rise to thirteen tribes has been misrepresented as thirteen families and nobody is connecting the dots.

The Ten “Lost” — as in spiritually ‘lost” tribes —  left the Middle East behind a long, long time ago and moved westward, eventually populating Western Europe.

By 400 AD these pagan Celtic people who followed their own version of  what we now call Satanism had long established their homes in Europe and their kings ruled over Germany, Poland, and  the Scandinavian Countries since @ 1000 BC and, except for the Roman occupation, they had ruled both France since @ 800 BC and Britain since @ 600 BC.

These pagan Celtic Norman French Kings were the ones who originally conquered Britain and displaced the people of central England, especially the Kingdoms of Powys and Northumbria.  A couple hundred years later, more Celtic people arrived in Ireland and married into the native Irish Royal Family.  About 450 A.D. these Irish-Celts moved down the West Coast of England and invaded Wales.

The chaos created when the Romans withdrew their legions  and the Saxons invaded resulted in the French Celtic King of Powys’s daughter marrying the Celtic Irish prince.  We know them as Guinnivere (the White Owl) and Arthur (the Bear).  They came from different tribes of the same family.  All Celts, aka, Israelites.

We also know about Guinnivere’s kinsman, Guilleroi de Lancelot du Lac, the son of King Ban of Banoic and also, eventually, the King of Gaul.

“Guilleroi” is the French for “William”.

When Arthur broke his wedding covenant with Guinnivere by sleeping with his own half-sister, the Kingdom of Powys reverted to her and passed to Lancelot who was at that time, the senior male member of Guinnivere’s family, and King of Gaul.

That claim passed down from father to son to William of Normandy—a claim which Edward the Confessor of England fully admitted.

It was the refusal of the then-nobles in England to honor the Norman French Celt’s claim to Powys that led to The Norman Conquest and what was in fact the Second Conquest of Britain by the French Celts in 1066 A.D.

William “Guilleroi” de Lancelot du Lac and William of Normandy are our ancestors. The Belle Chers have been kings in their own right in England since 1087 A.D. and in France for even longer.

The Holy See knows this, has all the records, knows the entire lineage of the tribes and the strife.

Read that— the Queen of England is subservient to us in this matter on all counts.  Even within their own  system they are still wrong, still functioning improperly, still making false claims, still trying to obfuscate and chisel their way forward.

True to form, they acted in Breach of Trust, fraud, and deceit to pose a false claim on this country and its people.

So while they have been playing all their “games” and the tail has been wagging the dog since the Civil War began, they really have no valid right, power, or authority related to the international land jurisdiction of this country and had only delegated and partial power in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

Most recently, they lost all claim to the delegated powers, too.

The United States of America (Unincorporated) delegated nineteen enumerated powers to the three levels of the Federal Government established to exercise those powers in behalf of our States— the national level government we ordained was usurped upon and moth-balled under a false trusteeship pending “reconstruction” in 1868, the municipal level government we allowed to the members of the United States Congress was liquidated in Chapter 7 bankruptcy beginning in 2015, and the Territorial Government declared bankruptcy in 2017.

Thus all three levels of the Federal Government were incompetent and in receivership and all powers delegated to them have, as a result, reverted to the Issuer of those delegations of power, The United States of America (Unincorporated) and our member States and People.

Trying to maintain a grasp on the commercial contracts associated with the three violated Constitutions, those responsible for this debacle have most recently gone to France and tried to set up yet another governmental services corporation calling itself THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

This is another act of deceit and infringement upon our copyright and attempted usurpation upon the actual sovereign government of this country by foreign powers.

If the Holy See and the Conclave of Cardinals wish to have any credibility as a moral or lawful organization whatsoever, they must come forward at this juncture and intervene because we have clearly stated our claims and presented our evidence and established our standing in the matter as of 2008. That evidence was received and accepted and cured on the public record.  All parties including Jacob Rothschild and the Bank of France have been given full Due Notice and Due Process.

There can be no excuse for trying to steal control of our country by assumption of contracts.  The Constitutional framework, to the extent that it is preserved, is represented by our agreements with the American Indian Nations.

There can be no excuse for trying to claim that our land titles, patents, copyrights, or any other property is being “held in trust” by any of these deceitful interlopers.

There can be no excuse for the continued mis-direction of our employees, including the members of the military.

And there can be no excuse for any continued claim or supposition that the American People were ever voluntarily alienated from their birthright political status as the result of deliberate fraud and falsification of public records.

We are the “factualized” National Trust and our claims are long-cured as agricultural liens in favor of all Natural Persons and the actual States of our Union.  We are owed the return of our land titles and patents, our copyrights, our trademarks, our Good Names, our private assets, and all other property and benefit rightfully owed to us, free and clear of debt and encumbrance.

All presumption that our people have been made subject to the Territorial United States or removed to the international jurisdiction of the sea by any Declaration, Act, or “New Deal” by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, is false and all claims based upon such presumptions are false.  

We mandate the immediate return of all American “Vessels” to their natural birthright political status and permanent domicile on the land and soil of our States, the enforcement of the Public and International Law, and the lawful conversion of all assets rightfully belonging to us.  

If the members of the Bar Associations will not stand down and accept new positions as Counselors at Law and otherwise abide by the limitations of the actual Maritime and Admiralty Courts, we call for their immediate arrest.  

The Norman Conquest is a fact and so is our lineage, standing, authority, and rightful claim cured upon the record of the Vatican Chancery Court.

It is time for everyone to wake up and demand an end to all the criminality which has infested the world and been funded by selling little babies into bondage under conditions of fraud.  

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Nonsense and Sense


By Anna Von Reitz

Okay, I am going to give you all a trillion dollars worth of credit and a trillion dollars worth of gold….. each and every one of you.

What is your reaction?

Horror, is the correct answer.

Now, bear in mind, that I am a Great-Granny who does not believe in money.  To me, it is a phony construct and form of idolatry and it shouldn’t exist.

However, at least for now, it does exist and people have gotten in the habit of using both credit and money as a means to “symbolize value” and conduct trade—so what happens when there is a big glut of gold or credit, either one?

Devaluation and hyper-inflation.

What the bankers on both sides are really doing when they promise to release all these “Prosperity Funds” in big dumps to private accounts is the economic equivalent of Mutually Assured Destruction, a sort of monetary nuclear war.

Very, very rapidly, a cup of coffee costs a million “dollars” and a hoodie costs ten ounces of gold.

Now, I know there are a lot of innocent people out there thinking that at last they are going to get their bite of the apple and be able to sail around the world in their twenty million dollar yacht, but what happens in real life is that the money is rendered useless— just like a broken tool.

And it loses its value accordingly.  How much will you give me for a busted post-hole digger?

Another way to look at this is in terms of fertilizer.  Every good farmer knows that if you put the right amount and kind of fertilizer on a field, everything flourishes —- but if you put too much fertilizer on a field, you kill it— and it can take a long time and a lot of effort to restore it.

It’s the same way with money.  Too little, and the economy is unhealthy.  Too much, and you kill the economy altogether.

So what happens when a symbol of value loses its value and nobody has a means of exchange?

Oil pumps stop pumping.  Fields full of strawberries rot because there is nobody to pick them all, no way to transport them, and no viable market when they get there. Food disappears off the grocery store shelves, and what is left costs so much that it is insane.  Farm animals disappear because people are starving. Fields lie fallow for all the reasons stated about.  Widespread starvation, disease, and crime erupt.

All this and more actually happened in the Weimar Republic a hundred years ago.

The cynical bankers know this, so when they talk about releasing “Prosperity Funds” they are in fact threatening you with death and chaos, not a well-earned vacation and Pina Coladas.

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