02 28 2020 Deals With the Devil



By Anna Von Reitz

Here is a good example of how it works:

Evergreen, Inc., is a CIA-owned company.

That means it is a subcontractor of a subcontractor (CIA) of a subcontractor (UNITED STATES, INC.) of a Subcontractor (E PLURIBUS UNUM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.) of a Subcontractor, THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES, INC., of a Subcontractor, the MUNICIPAL CORPORATION OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, of a Subcontractor, The United States of America, Inc., of a Subcontractor, the GOVERNMENT OF SCOTLAND, INC., of a Subcontractor, SCOTLAND, INC, a subcontractor of the franchise of the Bank of Scotland, LLC., doing business as a subcontractor of HSBC, PLC., doing business as a Subcontractor of UK, INC., doing business as a Subcontractor of Vatican City. PLC., a Subcontractor doing business as the Urban Trust,PLC, doing business as a Subcontractor of the UPU, INC., doing business as a Subcontractor of Vatican City, LLC, doing business as The Peace Trust, Inc., doing business as a Subcontractor of The City of Rome, Inc., acting as a Subcontractor of the Holy Family of the Inquistion, Inc., doing business as a Subcontractor of the Societe of Holy Doctrine, Inc., doing business as a Subcontractor of the Holy See, Inc, which is a subcontractor of Cede and Company, Inc., and that is a subcontractor of the UN, CORP, which is a Subcontractor of FRANCISCUS which is a Subcontractor of Francis I, which is a Subcontractor of The Holy See. 

And now you have a bird’s eye view of how interlocking interest organizations (IIO’s) work.

And, please bear in mind, that at each step of subcontracting process, the accountability of each subcontractor diminishes relative to the actual contract—- and what have you got?

You have Evergreen Inc., owned and operated by Evergreen, LLC, which is owned and operated by Evergreen, PLC.

4500 employees, no obligation to file flight plans (Hint, Hint) and you have a totally unaccountable self-interested for profit corporation abusing the powers of “government”.

Evergreen makes money delivering contraband for the CIA, by stabbing lucrative firefighting contracts, and….. by spraying chem trails wastes —- incendiary industrial wastes—- that kill trees (and create fodder for fires) and that leave explosive deposits of metallic elements and oxides layered over the landscape.

See how this works?

Set up the fires at a profit and then make money fire-fighting, too.

Create the problem (and get paid by the Vatican) and then solve the problem and get paid by the victims, too.

And here we sit, paying for it all.

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02 28 2020 Are You Committed? To What?




By Anna Von Reitz

Recently, just the last few days, efforts by what I call “Team America”—- my Readers and our Supporters worldwide, have made some truly stellar progress.

One of the Giant Leaps is our new understanding of yet more legalese applied to both politics and what Jon Rappoport calls “the fake science of psychiatry”—-the word is:”Commitment”

John Adams famously said that commitment is the fundamental virtue of a patriot— but in this case, the same word is being used in two other and different senses:

(1) “commitment” as in a financial commitment,   Debt, or obligation and;

(2) “commitment” as in “being committed to a sanatorium or in-patient mental health care facility”.

As I reported some months ago, we are seeing a rash of sudden and gigantic “tax” bills being presented by the IRS and other incorporated entities —- and we noted that unlike any other such charges in the past, these Billings, Liens, etc, plainly reference assertions that the debtor is “pledged” or made a “pledge” resulting in the referenced charges.

Pledging is an ancient feudal act in which a Serf pledges fealty to a sovereign and it is utterly foreign to the American form of government.  So, you, as an American, would never naturally have any reason or cause to be pledged or to make a pledge, would you?

No. The plain fact of the matter is that the result of The War of Independence left you the sovereign of this land and soil.

So what is going on here?  The Great Fraud.

Someone else has “pledged” you and acted “for” you to obligate you in this manner—- and conveniently, never told you a word about it.

First they “committed” you in the hospital sense of the word as a “ward” of the British Territorial State of State—instead of recognizing you as an American.

Then, they “committed” you financially as a ward of their State of State organization.

They unlawfully, illegally, immorally, and in gross breach of trust “pledged” you— and everything you own— as chattel backing their debts.

And that is why you are getting these huge out of the blue “tax” bills referencing “pledges” you never made.  They defaulted and so, their creditors are coming after you.

It’s like you co-signed a loan for Cousin Bubba, without knowing that you did so.  Twenty years later some Third Party shows up and says, “The balance on this Is due and owing.”

So notice it all hinges on this one word: commitment.

Are you “committed” as a patriot?  Claiming your birthright political status as an American?

Or are you “committed” as a Ward of the British Territorial State of State and knowingly and voluntarily acting as a U.S. Citizen?

Or are you “committed” financially as a PERSON——that is, as a Municipal “citizen of the United States”?

Interestingly, all these so-called COURTS and Courts have no actual valid contract with you or relevant valid cause to “presume” any of what they are presuming about you. They are bluffing and acting under color of law.  So how do you call them on it?

Obviously, by reclaiming your political status as an American.  Most likely you are not and never were a British Territorial U.S. Citizen (the political status of someone born in Puerto Rico) and would have no reason to adopt that status, either, as it offers no benefit over your own natural State National or State Citizen status.  Some Americans adopt this status temporarily while in military service, but once they get their DD214, most of them are anxious to return home to civilian status!

You have to Declare and Record your choice of political status.  And that requires affirmative action on your part.  That is Job One and if you do this BEFORE you get a tax bill, the more credible and less self-serving your claim of exemption appears.

So, get off your rumps and declare your political status as an American. It costs a few bucks and considerable paper pushing but nothing compared to paying one of these default tax bills, believe me.

Have your ducks and paperwork in order and be prepared to go to court.

These Courts are all foreign and bluffing and acting under color of law— so, getting back to how do you call them on it?

Ask them if they have a wet-ink Judicial Warrant of Commitment for the Defendant? And if so, can it be brought forward as admissible evidence and placed on the public record of the court?

The answer to both questions is —-no.

They don’t and they can’t.

Move to dismiss (“Move” not “Motion”)with prejudice for failure to state a claim upon which relief may be granted.

If they avoid Due Process and try to “latch” your private property via commercial liens against their own fictitious PERSON, send them a “Credit Collection Letter”.

If you think about it—- they send Debt Collection Letters to you, but what do they already owe you?  Credit, which you have already earned as Joe, the Hamburger Man.

So send a copy of their bill back to them attached to a “Credit Collection Letter”.  This is a simple statement to the effect that you are claiming your exemption under the Public Law and attempting to collect credit owed to you and you are returning this Credit Collection Letter as a Secured Third Party Priority Creditor for Mutual Offset Credit Exchange.

Send this Registered Mail to entity billing you and to the appropriate officials.

And who are they?

If the entity billing you used acronyms or is a Municipal COURT—- like IRS or UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT — send your Credit Collection Letter back to them and an original signed copy to the Vicar General responsible for your Municipal District.

If the entity billing you uses Upper and Lower case, like: Internal Revenue Service or State of Michigan Circuit Court, send your Credit Collection Letter in multiple signed originals (always using your protected Signature —“All Rights Reserved”) to: (1) the entity that billed you; (2) the Commissioner of Natural Resources for the State of State,  and (3) the State Attorney General.

So they have billed you, and you have billed them, and the issue is zeroed out.

The actual End Game solution to all this craziness and fraud is for you to “commit” to the principles of Self-Governance and the exercise of your Natural and Unalienable Rights, by joining (and if necessary, organizing) your State Assembly.

Doing so puts teeth back into the American Way and re-establishes the enforcement of the Federal Constitution.  It says in big, bold letters— “I am an American and I know who I am and why.  I am fully “committed” to my State of the Union and owe no obligation or allegiance to any other foreign monarch, state, principality or power.

It’s up to you to settle any question about what you are committed to.  Go to: https://theamericanstatesassembly.net/state-coordinators and get started today!

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02 28 2020 Corona Virus Doesn’t Add Up



By Anna Von Reitz

Masks don’t work on viruses, generally speaking.  There are some very special masks that do work, but they are extremely expensive and hard to come by and have to be replaced every few hours. The supplies that do exist are needed for the researchers and medical professionals, So forget about masks.

Instead, take the idea of hand washing to a new level and learn to not only wash hands but safeguard your hands and nasal passages by applying dilute essential oil like a body oil to your hands and swab around the edge of your nostrils.

Remembering that essential oils are very powerful and need to be diluted at least 1:10, add a few drops of traditional spice oil, such as cloves or cinnamon, or eucalyptus or tea tree or oregano essential oil, to a gentle carrier oil like olive oil, almond oil or avocado oil.  This will kill bacteria and viruses, both, and provide a lasting layer of protection for hours afterward.

So– put on a “liquid mask” and forget the operating theater look.

The epidemiology results coming off this outbreak are weird.  By far, the majority (95%) of cases are mild — like the common cold.  About 5% of all cases develop severe pneumonia-like symptoms and may require oxygen and other intervention.  The overall death rate is pegging in at about 2%, with small children and the elderly taking the worst of it.

So — objectively, nothing about this amounts to an “emergency” meriting quarantine.  To put things in perspective — we have had zero deaths from Corona virus, and in a bad year, plain old flu takes out 70,000 people across America.

It’s looking more and more like Jon Rappoport is right — again, that this is just another Big Lie and furor designed to bilk investors in so-called “Pandemic Bonds” and dupe and entertain the public with fear-mongering.  The question then becomes — what are they trying to hide?

Well, the USA, Inc. just missed a payment deadline.  The theft of Falcone’s money is rising to the top again.  More holes are appearing in the excuses that the Administrative Courts have been using to attack Americans.  Numerous huge court settlements are ripe for enforcement.  The Dems have a vested interest in using any means possible to tank the Trump economy.  The issues surrounding the quote-unquote Legacy Trusts are coming forward.  And Americans are waking up by the bucket load.

If I were in Washington, DC, right now, I’d “be afraid, be very afraid” but not of the Corona virus.

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02 28 2020 Prosecute the Prosecutor



By Anna Von Reitz

Day after day I get these pitiful letters and emails. It’s some helpless widow, a great-grandma like me, and the vermin have got hold of her by some ruse, and now they are shaking her down like terriers shaking a rat. And now, at the 11th hour, the victims come seeking help.

It’s impossible — literally — for me to get involved in all the court actions. I can give you generalized information and pointers and hope that you are listening, bearing in mind that every case and situation is different. I can give you my insights into the common mistakes that are made.

Your first job is to declare and record your proper political status. It should be done now, before one of these courts even starts to address you. It will stand as evidence of who you are and in what capacity you are acting. This is like ammo stored up for hunting season.

Your second job is to join your State Assembly and take up the work of an active State Citizen. Why is this important? Because there is strength in numbers and deliverance from this tyranny in your own hands. Once you fill your jury pools and elect your Sheriffs and Justices of the Peace, the foreign courts are obligated to step down and not address you, unless you actually and factually stray into their very limited foreign jurisdictions.

That said, the most common mistakes made when interacting with these felons is that we don’t state our counterclaims and counteroffers from the get-go, and we don’t prosecute their Prosecutors.

The Prosecutor thinks its his job to prosecute you, but in fact, by addressing you, he has made it your job to prosecute him.

He is the one bringing any complaint against you, so he is the one you have to cross-examine and bring your firepower to bear on —- and most of the time, he’s just a dumb schmuck doing what he has been trained to do by rote.

In order to effectively and efficiently nail a Prosecutor, you have to hone your ability to ask pointed questions, bearing in mind that you can never get into trouble in a court room by politely asking questions.

“Mr. Prosecutor…. is the DEFENDANT a person?”

uh, uh, ummmm….

“Mr. Prosecutor…. can you explain to the Court exactly what kind of person the DEFENDANT is?”

Uh, uh, ummmm….

“Mr. Prosecutor….you have used an unusual style convention to name the DEFENDANT in all capital letters —- is the DEFENDANT’s NAME written in Latin or something made to appear like Latin?”

Uh, well, uh, I …. no, that’s just the way we do it, uh….

“Mr. Prosecutor…. were you aware that writing the DEFENDANT’s name in all capital letters has a meaning indicating that the DEFENDANT is either a dead man’s estate, a corporation, or a trademark?”

Umm-uh, I never heard anything like that…

“Mr. Prosecutor…. may we let the record show the Chicago Manuel of Style attributes meaning to the use of all capital letters to name the DEFENDANT on page…. (give your citation and edition, etc.)?

Well, uh, I, we-uh, I mean I was unaware….

“Mr. Prosecutor…. is the DEFENDANT a trademark?”

Uh, no, not that I know of….

Mr. Prosecutor…. is the DEFENDANT dead?”

Uh, uh, oh-uh, well, uh….

Mr. Prosecutor…. is the DEFENDANT a corporation?

Uh-duh, wha–uh….

[If he admits that it is…] “Mr. Prosecutor…. what kind of corporation is the DEFENDANT?”

Ah, ah, ah…..

“Mr. Prosecutor, what evidence do you have that the DEFENDANT exists?”

I-uh, we-uh, well-uh…..

“Mr. Prosecutor, can you please bring your evidence demonstrating probable cause that the DEFENDANT exists and submit this evidence on the Public Record of the Court….?

Aye, aye, uh, cough, cough, blanch…

“Mr. Prosecutor…. is the DEFENDANT allowed to do business in this state?”

Bhelf, uh, oh, uh….

“Mr. Prosecutor…. is the DEFENDANT being represented by a Board of Directors?”

Oh, uh,…..

“Mr. Prosecutor…. if you had a problem with the DEFENDANT, why didn’t you address your charges to the Board of Directors or the CEO of the corporation?”


“Mr. Prosecutor…. what I am trying to get to is, why is this DEFENDANT being sent mail to my mailing address?”

Buh, wuh, I-uh, well, isn’t it obvious….?

“Mr. Prosecutor…. where is the probable cause that I have anything to do with the DEFENDANT—other than having a somewhat similar name?”

Ah, well, uh…

“Mr. Prosecutor… are you aware that the DEFENDANT’s name has appeared as a Traded Security and brokerage account?”

um, um, um, um-ah….

“Mr. Prosecutor…. you have named this DEFENDANT and sent mail (or process servers or officers) addressed to it at my address, is that not true?

Well, uh, yes, I suppose that occurred… uh…

“Mr. Prosecutor…. you are obviously aware that I am not an incorporated entity and not a Traded and Bonded Security, either, correct?”

Of course, not… I can see that… uh….

“Mr. Prosecutor…. can you please provide the Court and submit to the Public Record any evidence that you have amounting to probable cause for you to think that the DEFENDANT is connected to me or voluntarily represented by me in any capacity?

Ah, ah,….

“Mr. Prosecutor…. can you demonstrate and explain to the court exactly why you addressed this DEFENDANT in this manner?”

Well, yes. It’s required by our style guidelines….

“Mr. Prosecutor…..

You see my point. Once you fully grasp what the Person/PERSON they are addressing really is, you can run laps around them and reduce them to blithering idiots in front of a judge on this one point alone, because (1) most of them don’t know what they are doing or why, they have just been trained to “do it this way” and (2) they have been caught in something that is obviously shady, and (3) for those who do know the scam, they can’t admit it, can they? So they wind up looking completely incompetent.

“I move the court to dismiss for failure to state a case, failure to identify the nature and identities of the Parties being addressed, and failure to state a claim upon which relief may be granted.”

Put yourself in the guise of an investigator, someone who has landed in this peculiar World of Oz environment of the courtroom, and Mr. Prosecutor is the one person in the room who is obligated to answer all your questions about the whole circumstance, because that’s what he is.

He is the one bringing charges, so it is his job to know who or what the DEFENDANT is, and everything else about the circumstance. It is his burden of proof to support everything he says and does.

So, batten up, and role play with each other. Now you know the game and it is just a matter of asking them questions they can’t or won’t answer.

Learn to make everything into a question and learn to recognize and rebut their language cues — for example, you may address them as “Mr.” but never let them address you using such a title.

They may say that you are a “resident” of whatever town or county or state; always “take exception” to this. You don’t reside anywhere or maintain a “residence” in any fictional State of State. You have a house and you live in your State. Period.

The identity and nature of the DEFENDANT is just one small point that you can and should drill home. I’ve seen Prosecutors run from courtrooms after four or five such pointed questions. Very few of them will let it get down to any discussion of the actual meaning and use of DOG LATIN, because it is damaging to the court and to their own professional credentials.

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02 27 2020 Rod Class and The Truth About EM Exposure





By Anna Von Reitz

This covers two very different topics — one is a quick referral to all the Doubters out there about the potentially serious consequences of constant exposure to EM radiation. The other is a quick commentary on the Rod Class Case.

I like actual factual science and so I am always cruising around looking for it, and amid all the for-pay garbage, it is still quite easy to find on YouTube. Dr. Devra Davis does a bang ’em up job with her presentation made four years ago at the University of Melbourne in Australia, and nothing has changed in four years, except to get worse and more worrisome with the proliferation of 5G. Spend an hour and have all the information you need to shove under the noses of those who think that you are being a Luddite for viewing EM radiation as a potential threat to human health:


“The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation” — Dr Devra Davis

And now on to Rod Class….

Brief background. Rod went to Washington, DC, with a couple of his duly registered guns in a lock box in his registered “motor vehicle” and he was arrested in Washington, DC, for violating their Municipal Code, which forbids bringing “firearms” into the capitol, which is an independent international city-state, authorized under Article I, Section 8, Clause 17. This clause of The Constitution of the United States (that is, the Municipal Constitution) tells us very clearly that this separate and foreign government is a “plenary oligarchy” run by the members of Congress. Period.

So, he basically identified himself as a Territorial U.S. Citizen via all his “registrations” which converted his guns into “firearms” and his private car into a “motor vehicle” belonging to the Territorial United States Government, and then he entered the foreign Municipality, which has been at “war” with the Territorial Government since 1861— and he was amazed when he was arrested under Municipal Law for disturbing the peace.

How many of you have seen the Clint Eastwood film, “Unforgiven”?

Remember when the town passed the ordinance against bringing guns into town and the Sheriff was responsible for collecting and keeping everyone’s guns while they were in town?

This is an apt demonstration of Local Law versus Constitutional guarantees.

The two things really don’t have anything to do with each other if you are talking about independent sovereignty.

That little town had the sovereign right of self-government and self-determination, so if the people didn’t want to put up with gunfighters whooping it up on Main Street, they had every right to require visitors to deposit their guns with the Sheriff or at some drop-off point outside the city limits. If you don’t want to abide by the rule, Mister, keep riding.

The only responsibility the town had was to clearly post the requirement, which in the movie, they did by posting a big sign on the only road into and out of town. I don’t know what Washington, DC, has done to provide Public Notice of its restrictions on guns, or whether Rod had prior knowledge of those restrictions.

What I do know is that Washington, DC, is an independent, international city-state, and the Municipal Congress has plenary authority to establish whatever laws they want to establish for the Municipality of Washington, DC. If they want to outlaw bubble gum, they can.

What I also know is that the Municipal Government has been at mostly tongue-in-cheek “war” with the Territorial United States Government since the 1860’s, when the Territorial Government adopted the infamous 14th Amendment (or should I say, more properly, 14th By-Law) and declared all Municipal “citizens of the United States” to be criminals, and therefore, slaves, and began waging a campaign to collect war reparations from the Municipal citizenry.

Now you can see why the Municipal Police would be up in arms about a Territorial U.S. Citizen coming into Washington, DC, with firearms registered as part of the arsenal of the Territorial Government.

Heck, he might be there to take revenge for Bull Run.

Ridiculous as this is, this is the imaginary situation these folks are playing with, and here’s Rod Class, Joe American, without a clue that this is going on, relying on his constitutional guarantees, totally unaware that he is entering foreign territory, unaware of the Municipal Law, unaware that he is himself not being recognized as an American State Citizen thanks to all the Territorial registrations attached to him, unaware that U.S. Citizens are “the Enemy” in a long-vanished war, unaware that his guns are classed as “firearms” and that he is engaged in transporting them across state lines (a city-state is a form of state), unaware that so far as the Municipal Police are concerned, he is a dangerous hombre and probably intent on shooting up Main Street.

So, then, Rod, still clueless as to what he is messing with, spends what? Five years messing around with the Municipal COURTS arguing about his constitutional rights (which so far as they are concerned, don’t exist because he appears to be registered as a U.S. Citizen, and his car is registered and his guns are registered, too) and trying his best to get down to brass tacks and find out what kind of COURT this is? And under what law it operates?

He and over 2,000 court observers discover that the Municipal COURT is prosecuting him as an Enemy at war, under Title 50, 3 (23), and are determinedly throwing the book at him.

Well, why not?

Have I not told everyone within ear-shot of a foghorn and the FM grid that the only part of Federal Code ever adopted by the Municipal Government was Title 50?

Have I not told everyone that the exemption for American State Nationals and American State Citizens is at Section 7 (c) and (e) of the 2012 iteration of 50 USC? And have I not told everyone that you have to declare and record your political status as an American State National/State Citizen, otherwise, you are being mis-identified as a U.S. Citizen (by the Municipal Government) or as a Municipal “citizen of the United States” (by the Territorial Government)?

See how they set this cozy little “war” between themselves up, so that they could both prey upon us?

Anyway, so Rod and his Court Observers finally delve down to “discover” these facts and see for themselves that he is being ruthlessly prosecuted under the Common Law of War, which is basically no law at all, when in fact, as an American State National, he should be afforded The Law of Peace.

The problem is that he has not identified himself as an American and he has no admissible evidence established on the public record of his political status as an American, and he has not claimed The Law of Peace and he has not claimed his exemption, so of course, they are proceeding against him as the dirty, lily-livered Yankee sneak they “presume” he is….. intent on entering the Municipality and single-handedly ransacking it with a deer rifle….

It’s easy for me to laugh, the whole prospect is so preposterous, but, nonetheless, that’s what they are doing, and, moreover, that is what they have published that they are doing.

Rod and Company have gone so far as to deduce that they are being prosecuted under the Trading With the Enemy Act as Amended by the Emergency Banking Acts of 1933/34. And they have loudly proclaimed that “we” are being attacked as the Enemy under the War Powers Act, without taking into account who “we” are. Or who they are being mistaken for, either.

American State Nationals and American State Citizens are exempt from all this grim silliness, but until you declare your political status as an American, you are “presumed” to be some species of Federal “US” Citizen, still fighting the Civil War.

What adds an extra cherry on the top effect of all this, is that this “war” between Territorial United States Citizens and Municipal “citizens of the United States” is completely cynical and actually one-sided. The Territorial United States is ruled by Queen, acting as the Overseer of the Commonwealth for the Pope—- so the Pope, through the Queen, owns and operates the Territorial United States indirectly. And the Pope also charters the Municipal United States directly, so he owns and operates that, too.

So we have the spectacle of both sides being played against the unsuspecting “Middle” — that’s us, the clueless Third Parties — by two sides that are both actually owned and operated by the Pope.

The Territorial Government purposefully misidentifies us and attacks us as Municipal citizens.

And the Municipal Government purposefully misidentifies us and attacks us as Territorial Citizens.

And they make out like bandits — literal bandits— promoting this fraud, simply because great men like Rod Class can’t imagine that their history teachers left out “mission critical, need-to-know information”.

So the Vermin threw their books at Rod Class, and he is looking at ten (10) years and $250,000.00 fine, plus all the court costs. The information he has brought forward and proven has been purchased at an unimaginably dear price, and could have been had for the cost of reading my blog articles. Now his worried friends are facing the prospect of a Supreme Court challenge, which will be useless and unlikely to be heard.

After all, the Municipal Government is a plenary oligarchy under the Constitutions, no matter which Constitution you read.

And I am his friend, and I am worried, too,— that he will spend more of his life and his money and everything else, fighting this out to the bitter end (and it will be bitter, if he keeps going at it as he is). So, if I were Rod Class, here is what I would do:

I would investigate, in depth, the ways and means that the Municipality has used or failed to use to publicize its “no guns” policy. Mostly likely, they have not done a good job of that, and Rod would have basis to claim that he simply wasn’t told that it was against the rules to bring a gun into Washington, DC.

Then, I would go to “my” state-of-state Congressional Delegation and lay out the facts, including the fact that I didn’t actually cause any harm or brandish any firearms, and ask for “Congressional Clemency” and forgiveness for my unintentional and uninformed lapse.

They have the ability, as Oligarchs, to call up the judge in the case and say, “Hey, Jimmy, one of my Rubes, a guy named Rod Class, came in from the hinterlands and got arrested for having a deer rifle in a lock box in the back of his truck. Slap his hands and let him go with a warning, and oh, a $300 fine. That will be good enough.”

And that’s what will happen, because as Oligarchs, they have the power to do that within the Municipality of Washington, DC. No questions asked.

But beyond this bunch of flying factoids— don’t forget. It’s the Pope and the Queen pulling the strings of this Punch and Judy Show, and though the members of the Territorial Congress may play Punch and the members of the Municipal Congress may play Judy, they are all just puppets in the hands of the Pope, who at the end of the day is the “Person” on Earth responsible for all this crime and mis-administration.

The Pope could turn to the Queen and say, “Hey, Lizzie, let’s give it up and make amends. Stop the phony war against the Americans. Let them issue some kind of Peace Treaty ending the Civil War over there and play it straight from now on.”

And the Queen would agree, because, after all, when it comes to administration of Commonwealth properties, she takes her orders from the Pope.

These facts and many more need to be brought to the Pope’s attention and to the attention of the members of the United Nations Organizations and to the people of the Earth, so they get the message along with all the still-half-asleep and clueless Americans. Good people. Brave people. Stubborn people like Rod Class.

The American People don’t deserve to be abused in any way, by any Pope or any British Queen. They both already owe us debts that can never be repaid, but as they stand accused before the entire world for this pitiless and ridiculous racketeering, they can pull in their horns and start trying.

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02 26 2020 Recap



 By Anna Von Reitz

There are three (3) Constitutions, one Unanimous Declaration of Independence, and no treaties signed in 1866 have any validity or weight, beyond being private corporate business agreements, because they were not signed by the actual government of this country.

From 1776 to 1790, The United States functioned for business purposes as “the” United States.  After 1790, The United States functioned as The United States and still does.  The business name “the” United States was passed on to the Municipal Government upon the passage of The Constitution of the United States.

From 1776 to 1789, The United States of America functioned for business purposes as “the” United States of America.  After 1789, The United States of America functioned as The United States of America and still does.   The business name “the” United States of America was passed on to the Territorial Government upon the passage of The Constitution of the United States of America.

From 1781 to 1787, the united States of America (Confederation formed under the Articles of Confederation) functioned for business purposes as “the” united States of America.  The business name “the” united States of America was passed on to the Federal Government (American Subcontractor) upon the passage of The Constitution for the united States of America in 1787.  This portion of the intended Federal Government ceased functioning in 1861 and has yet to be “reconstructed” by the States of the Union, that is, the member States of the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.

This is confusing due to the transfer of business names and similarity of names involved, and the use of the same names by different entities at different times during and after The War of Independence, but you can see it graphically presented as it currently sits by going to www.annavonreitz.com and looking up our One Pager of the American Government Structure to see where the gaping hole is.

What has resulted is that instead of African Americans being set free, everyone was enslaved on paper.  They did this by abolishing slavery EXCEPT in the case of criminals, and then, defining all Municipal citizens of the United States as criminals.

This travesty has to end and the Pope has to stop playing war with himself.  In essence, what happened is that the British Monarch in charge for running the Territorial Commonwealth for the Pope declared “war” on the Municipal United States Government which is also run by the Pope.

So you see that the Pope indirectly owns/controls the Territorial Commonwealth and directly owns/controls the Municipal United States Government, so that any “war” between them is phony.  The Pope owns/controls both would-be combatants.

What they have done is to collude together to keep a bogus “civil war” going on our shores as an excuse to accidentally-on-purpose misidentify and attack their Employers, the American State Citizens, who are civilian non-combatants who never fought in the so-called Civil War, and who are innocent Third Parties with respect to all this guile.

The Pope needs to be called out for all this and it needs to stop.  The British Queen needs to be called out for her part in this, too. She knows that there is a difference between citizens of the Commonwealth who are residing here and the Americans who live here.  There is no excuse for either the Pope or the Queen concerning this ugly circumstance.  They both need to make amends and provide remedy.

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Religion Has Failed Us — And So Has Science



 By Anna Von Reitz

I was watching video clips of a meeting at which leaders of the current Municipal Regime were discussing how they could use the trust of employees in their corporate CEO’s and the trust people place in their religious leaders as a means to enforce our compliance with their Regime and submit ourselves to whatever often deadly experiments and manipulations they want to foist off on us, including self-sterilization by “voluntary” vaccination.

These Monsters know that we no longer trust them or take anything the government corporations say for granted.  They know we no longer trust the Lame Stream Media.  They can clock that via the abysmal readership and viewer statistics.

They know that our trust in science is now at an all-time ebb, since the whole carbon dioxide, carbon credit, and “Greenhouse Gases” furor has been shown up as an obvious Big Lie that is easily debunked with just a couple salient facts (like the fact that CO2 makes up a whopping .035 of one percent of our atmosphere) and the knowledge that The Greenhouse Gas Theory was proposed 196 years ago and rejected because it violates The Second Law of Thermodynamics — yet, all these scientists piled on board for the money, and lied their rumps off in public in support of this nonsense.

Shame on them, but after all, science is really just another religion that is supposed to follow rules of honesty and logic —-and which was perverted by the jingle of university tenure, department chairmanships, prestigious institutional appointments, and money, money, money.

The whole idea of carbon dioxide being a threat has been overturned, the Paris Accords have been debunked along with the Carbon Tax Scheme, the panicking housewives and ignorant teenagers have been put to rest.  But, oh, what a global embarrassment!  All these supposedly educated people and respectable scientists with their pants down around their knees!

So, Plan B,  they are actively, consciously figuring out who and what we still trust, so that they can pervert those avenues of information and use them to continue to secretively promote their own agendas using the CEO’s at our workplaces and the religious leaders of our synagogues, mosques, and churches to mislead us.

Well, let me point out that the leaders of the world scientific community are just the most recent religious leaders to betray their trust.

Judaism, Islam, and Christianity all share scripture in common.  That scripture forbids idolatry, usury, and personage — yet all three major western religions have ignored their shared scripture and just shoved that part of it under the proverbial rug, shrugged, and said, “Nothing to see here, folks, just move along….” And all three have condoned, used, tacitly supported, and certainly failed to condemn or demand changes in the world monetary systems.

If they wanted a cause, a reason for a jihad, or a crusade, the scriptural basis has been there in front of all their faces (and ours) for thousands of years, silently crying out and being ignored.

My husband sent a letter to the King of Spain detailing the Great Fraud and how people have been redefined as “persons” and securitized as assets and traded like commodities by these usurping “governmental services corporations” — and he also gave the Most Catholic King of Spain the scriptural basis forbidding such personage, on the page, in black and white, tenet by tenet.

We received back the Return Receipt confirming that the letter was delivered, but no reply.  It seems that the King of Spain doesn’t really care about the scripture, despite being Most Catholic.

And neither do the rabbis, priest, or mullahs, because the scriptural instruction about all these evils — idolatry (which includes money), usury, and personage — is very clear.

By ignoring this part of the scripture these religions have led all men astray and allowed the promotion and proliferation of the profane and venal “religion” of false idols to gain control of much of the world again, and once again, we are all suffering the results.

So, unavoidably, factually, yes, religion has failed us and so has the “religion” of science fallen short.  Be forewarned that these Vermin intend to use the CEO’s of the companies you work for to force you to accept vaccination intended to either kill or sterilize you and be forewarned that they intend to use the leaders of your various congregations to shame and coerce you to the same ends.

It’s time for everyone to learn a lesson from Donald Trump’s old TV Show and practice saying, “You’re fired!”  and “No!”  to all the pundits that have been telling us what to believe and what to do with our lives.

The best comeback yet was from Dana Ashlie — “My body, my choice.”

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02 25 2020 The Problem of Money and Issue of Capacity



 By Anna Von Reitz

Lately, I’ve had lots of people writing to me trying to fix the money problem.

I assure you and the rest of the world that some of the most brilliant minds on the planet have engaged the problem and some of the most creative thinkers, too. And not just for a few weeks or months, but years.  Decades.  Centuries.

The fundamental problem with money is that it is by all definitions an idol.

It is a representation of something that is as intangible as God —- “value”.

And like our belief in God, our belief in value, is just that — a belief.

Value can’t be judged or seen or quantified; it only exists within the heart and mind of each individual and circumstance.

So it is a Fool’s Errand to try to “put a meter on value” in any actual sense.

Even though we can all agree that desire and value are both experiential realities that exist —-if only because we experience desire and feel that things around us are valuable for our sustenance, our comfort, our sense of beauty, or the betterment of our health or the furtherance of our work.

Since “value” can’t be quantified or measured, or set on any permanent scale, neither can what “stands for value” —- money—- be properly nailed down.  What are you going to use for a standard?

Gold?  Potato chips?  A loaf of bread?   An hour of labor?  You could choose any such “commodity standard” you liked, and all you do is shift the focus of small-minded men toward controlling and limiting access to that commodity.

And it doesn’t matter what it is. Whatever you use as the “standard commodity” is going to be hoarded and supplies of it are going to be manipulated.

And all of this is just a completely childish mind game in which we perpetually $$%@^ ourselves and our planet.  Now the madmen among us are ruining the air and water resources because they realize that on a scale of need, and therefore, value, what God gave us for free is most valuable.

We have to shut down the Vatican chem-trails program and the CIA organizations that are making it possible, for example, or we will have complete deforestation of this planet and be prey to uncontrolled explosive wildfires and won’t be able to live on the surface of the planet for lack of oxygen.

This is how crazy people who are deluded by money become.

This is where seeking after money leads— insanity and immoral acts and self-destruction and destruction of others.  People who can’t see through the illusion of money and who think that it is actually and factually valuable in and of itself, are the bane of this world.

The Bible could not tell us this in any clearer or more certain terms.  What was Jesus sold for?  Thirty pieces of silver— that were subsequently thrown away, when Judas realized just how stupid he had been.

Don’t wait to wake up.  Don’t take the bait.

Stop playing into the banker’s game and look beyond it to a real solution, which is what I have already suggested: create a form of money that is based on the value of all traded commodities and all labor resources, worldwide, so that every commodity is precious and every labor pool is honored and valued.

This is the only kind of money that can ever be honest, free of commodity rigging and manipulation.  When everything has value and that is simply reflected by total trading indices, there is no “standard commodity” to rig and hoard, nothing for the bankers to manipulate and corral.

This is the only kind of money that can be a positive influence on the world, because it is the only form of money that is pegged against absolute value — meaning, that as we improve our labor force, the value of the money increases, as we improve the value and quality of our environment and our products and our natural resources, the value of our money increases.

So we are all motivated, worldwide, to do better, to live cleaner, to improve our world, and to work cooperatively toward that end — instead of being motivated to acts of selfish insanity and mindless hoarding and manipulation.

Money will still be an illusion.  It would still merely stand for value.  Value will remain as mysterious and variable as ever.  But at least we will be at peace with this set of circumstances and everyone will understand the nature of money and how they interact with it will change.

Sharing money like sharing labor will become more common.

Whole communities will be able to work together in common cause to improve the value of their properties and preserve their resources — why?  Because instead of running headlong after the little symbols representing value, people will have their attention focused on what creates value and is value.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God (the true value) and all else will be added unto you (all the man-made goods and trinkets).

So there is the solution to the “money problem” and it need not be any big deal or upset.  Simply set up a form of money that has its value indexed against the value of all traded commodities and all labor, and guess what?  It will shortly claim a large market share of all currencies traded.

Why?  Because it will be honestly indexed against all commodities traded and the value of all labor pools.

All the national currencies can continue to be traded as is normal now, but gradually, over time, the new money standard will gain ground and people will wake up and see —- oh, is that what money is?  Is that what money should be?

Right next to this problem, I have been getting mail about capacity.

Some people are still confused about the fact that we can act in different capacities and that our rights and obligations change depending on the capacity in which we are acting.

This is, apparently, hard to understand when it comes to the issue of citizenship.

When we choose to act as citizens, we take on the obligation, right, and responsibility of forming and operating our own government.  That’s change in capacity Number One.  We could just live as “nationals” and have no obligation to the government at all, beyond keeping the peace.

Then, we have to decide what kind of citizen we are?  In this country, you can be a State Citizen or a Federal Citizen, and if a Federal Citizen, there are three options to choose from.

A State Citizen is owed all the guarantees and protections of the Constitutions.

Federal Citizens have no such guarantees or protections.

That’s the way it is, and the way it has always been.

Many Americans have been deliberately misidentified as Federal Citizens without their knowledge or consent.  Public and private records concerning them have been created out of thin air to promote this fraud and identity theft and conversion of their political status, so as to deprive them of their Constitutional guarantees.

They have a hard time understanding why the Courts they see around them don’t honor Writs of Mandamus or suits under Habeas Corpus, but the truth of the matter is that the vast majority of the courts they see around them are not their courts.  They are courts that serve Federal Citizens.  Not American Nationals.  Not American State Citizens.

This is all a matter of the capacity in which you choose to act.  If you want the guarantees and protections of the Constitutions to be honored, you have to act as American State Citizens and provide your own courts.  And stop “voluntarily” acting in any capacity as a Federal Citizen at all.

After all, you are not under any obligation to serve them, but they are under many obligations to serve you.

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net.

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02 24 2020 All Roads Lead to Oxygen



By Anna Von Reitz

I am rushing to get this done and out on a very busy day because I want it to go viral and I want all of you to know this VERY IMPORTANT conclusion of our research — there is a cause of every disease and illness, and perhaps even death.

The superficial cause is toxemia — the build up of toxins in our blood.  The actual cause, however, is lack of oxygen and things that screw up our ability to use oxygen at a cellular level.


Read that again.  There is a single underlying cause of all disease and that actual cause is: lack of oxygen and things that screw up our ability to use oxygen at the cellular level.

The resulting toxemia kills us, but it is the lack of oxygen that allows and promotes the toxemia.

How do I know this and know it for certain?  It’s a combination of research studies and clinical results, epidemiology, a long, long trail of things that should be present and aren’t, relationships between the causes and effects and the timing of causes and effects over time, research I was party to forty years ago—— and the present virus scare that made me go back and revisit all the above.

Don’t be afraid of the corona virus.  We know how to beat the virus.  Be afraid of the vaccine.

The South Koreans have already beaten the corona virus with simple oxygen therapy — and that, too, is part and parcel of the story.

That said, let’s review the recently accumulated, re-accumulated, and re-integrated facts:


  1. Electromagnetic fields are known to adversely affect porphyrins, which are pigment enzymes (special proteins that enable chemical reactions) which means that these proteins are light sensitive.  They can “perceive” EM energy, so that is why are impacted by EM fields.


2.The effect of EM fields on these special proteins hobbles their ability to produce “Heme” —  the vital part of hemoglobin that allows it to attach to and carry oxygen throughout the body.  A portion of our hemoglobin is disabled outright and a portion is normal and a portion is crippled, but still functioning to a degree.


  1. So raw “un-modulated” EM fields, which are what we are bathed in 24/7, inhibit the ability of our blood to carry oxygen to our tissues and cells, which then interferes with everything else.


  1. The more we are exposed to high intensity EM, the more severely our blood and its oxygen-carrying capacity is impacted. There is the real danger of 5G and the reason it kills whether it is overtly weaponized or not.


  1. This is why chronic diseases are the great scourges of industrialized societies worldwide — cancer, diabetes, and coronary disease — were virtually unknown a hundred years ago — and only became common in tandem with the expansion of the electrical grid.  There’s your cause and your effect.


  1. Cancer is known to shrivel up and die in the presence of oxygen, and if you look a bit deeper into the disease mechanisms of diabetes and coronary and arterial diseases, you will see that lack of oxygen and lack of complete oxidation— resulting in the build up of toxic waste products— is central to both those diseases as well.


  1. At the same time that EM exposure is wreaking silent havoc with our blood and blood’s ability to carry oxygen, oxygen levels in the atmosphere are being depleted at a frightening rapid rate, having lost 5% of the total atmosphere in the past sixty years. This is a double whammy.


  1. Not only is our ability to capture and use oxygen being harmed, but there is less oxygen available as a result of deforestation and pollution of the oceans and large fresh water lakes.


  1. The fact that South Korea has been able to cure corona virus via the use of simple oxygen therapy simply adds the icing to the cake of conclusions we’ve drawn here.


  1. This also explains why Keshe water (GANS) kills the corona virus and “resets” the EM balance. Go to YouTube now and watch Keshe’s DIY called “One Cup, One Life”.


Our body’s metabolism and immune functions are both crippled by lack of oxygen.

Certain idiot factions have promoted and profited from this circumstance, have obscured and suppressed this information for their own enrichment, and those same elements, including B.Gates, know how to modulate the EM radiation to gain health benefits from it, instead of being harmed by it.  But they are sitting mum as stumps and planning to profit from the death and misery of millions of people.

This can only be considered a form of criminal psychopathy.

Especially because EM fields can be modulated at little cost to promote health instead of disease — if health was the goal of these monsters.

There is an even darker and more sinister reality involved here and it is the research I was involved in at the University of Wisconsin forty years ago that prompts this insight.

At that time, we had the ability to reverse 36 out of 38 basic parameters of aging in rats. We could and did take very elderly rodents, shoot them up with a chemical cocktail, and have them back, zipping around their cages and mazes like youngsters – and that was forty years ago, but two factors eluded us.

The rats all eventually succumbed to toxemia of one kind or another.

Their blood went bad.

Two factors explain why —- (1) unnatural exposure to un-modulated EM fields in the controlled laboratory conditions, lack of oxygen, leading to incomplete oxidation, and build up of waste products, and (2) lack of biotin, one of the then-barely known or noted B Vitamins.

Biotin cleans up the most dreadfully polluted water –or blood– and does so in no time, if there is access to oxygen.

What are the odds that B. Gates and their ilk have discovered the secret of “eternal life” short of being throttled by the rest of us?

With access to sufficient oxygen, they avoid all the diseases and problems that plague the rest of the world, and with access to biotin, they have the means to clean up any toxemia that did develop.

Then, indeed, the world would face an overpopulation problem, but not because of natural population expansion.  The overpopulation would be driven by these selfish, profit-driven, more-than-half-insane criminally psychopathic creatures not dying at their appointed time.

And they and their kind would eventually proliferate at the expense of the compassionate and sane.

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02 23 2020 The Private Indemnity Bond, the Church, and the Broken Spell



By Anna Von Reitz

I received an un-marked communication asking me for a copy of the Private Indemnity Bond that I lodged with the Treasury; it must be understood that it is “private” only in the sense of being on the private side of the Treasury Ledger, and is in fact available for anyone to research at the United States Treasury by Bond Number.

What it says is that I and others including Witnesses who have established the fact that unlimited credit is owed to us, have indemnified (that is, underwritten) the States — meaning the actual States — to do mercantile business and to insure them against loss.

To do this effectively, we placed liens first upon the assets of the National Credit, and then upon the assets of the Municipal STATES OF STATES and then upon the assets of the Territorial States of States, and rolled all of that into the Federal State Trusts. After that, we brought it all full circle and returned the Federal State Trusts to the actual Union, The United States, and The United States then returned assignment of the international “Powers” to our unincorporated Federation of States — The United States of America.

The indemnity bond is necessary for the Federal State Trusts to be liquidated and for The United States of America [Unincorporated] to do international business. Similar to owning a car, the Ship of State must be insured and underwritten when it conducts international business.

In the same way, The United States of America takes precedence as the Priority Creditor in “international waters” over all Delegated Authorities (the Queen and the Pope) and also over all Federal entities (including all US Corporations, States of States, and so on).

Basically, the people (The United States) possess it all– the whole shooting match, in sum total— and the People acting as State Citizens in behalf of their States together operate The United States of America to serve the people.

Those operating in an international capacity serve those operating in the national capacity.

This is so that local rule cannot be overcome by any foreign effort to imperil national security and suborn it through control of global or international levels of government.

The lawful tradition we honor prevents exactly what is going on right now, where Globalist criminals and self-interested internationalists are attempting to take over all the countries of the world through the simple device of owning and operating government services corporations— misdirected and evil corporations which the Pope is refusing to liquidate even though he is obligated to liquidate all such THINGS that operate in a criminal manner.

Corporations are only allowed to exist for “lawful” purposes, not “legal” purposes, a fact that Pope Francis and Company have clearly never learned, have forgotten, or chosen to ignore.

Chief among those offending corporations are those of the City of Westminster and the Bar Associations and all their associated accounts. Next are all the offending Municipal CORPORATIONS of the United States and all the other countries that have been abused by this “system” in which persons are treated as public properties.

Thus the liens are secured for the benefit of the living people of each State and for the State in terms of any property entrusted to any Federal State Trust or State of State organization’s holdings, and the people in turn indemnify the operations of the States and The United States of America in their behalf.

The assignments had to be done in this peculiar fashion thanks to the obstructions that the Perpetrators placed in the way of the lawful governments, but the plain and simple fact of it is that the way our government is constructed, as long as there is an American breathing on this planet, our government lives.

I am not putting the blame for all this on rank and file Catholics and as everyone knows, I have done more than my share to attempt to raise the conscience and the consciousness of the Roman Catholic Clergy, but the facts remain:

  1. Incorporated “commercial” entities are all ruled by the Roman Curia within the Roman Catholic Church;
  2. As they created these business structures, they are responsible for riding herd on them and making sure that they cause no harm;
  3. They have thus far failed this critically important social function and let the corporations, especially those that they directly own or benefit from, run wild;
  4. They have directly supported “operant programming” that is highly immoral through investments in organizations that target young children, like Disney, which is now owned by George Soros, and the illegal Federal Department of Education that Jimmy Carter used to dumb down four generations of Americans;
  5. They have supported a worldwide program of chem-trail spraying that impacts every corner of the globe except Vatican City, which always makes sure that the chem-trail garbage is not spread on their soil and in their air;
  6. They have condoned sexual abuse within the Church, among the Clergy, and among the members, and taken such a lax stand against it that chronic repeat offenders have been allowed to continue their activities with the protection of the Church;
    7. They have taught a form of cannibalism as Doctrine of the Church by the adoption of the notion of “transubstantiation” teaching that communion wine and bread actually magically transforms into the blood and body of Jesus;
  7. They have insinuated their operatives into over 700 of the largest corporations on Earth to form a criminal syndicate controlled by a massive Interlocking trust directorate;
  8. They have planned to liquidate all the actual national governments and add two new layers of “corporate government” — both regional government and United Nations Government, on top of the very lucrative corporate “governmental services corporations” they have in place, and to burden the people down with the expenses of their betrayers and oppressors;
  9. They have allowed the pernicious teachings of idolatry and usury to run rampant and unopposed and have attempted to hide these issues “under the rug” and keep the obvious fraud going against people of all nations;
  10. They have promoted the fantastic Big Lie that carbon dioxide emissions are dangerous, when they are naturally buffered and amounts to .035 of one percent of the atmosphere;
  11. They have failed to report and take appropriate action to address the actual problem which is a 5% drop in the amount of atmospheric oxygen in the past sixty years — a problem that can be countered by cleaning up pollution and planting trees and restoring other vegetation;
  12. They have hatched a flagrantly fraudulent taxation scheme based on this ridiculous idea that carbon dioxide is causing “global warming” and attempted to make otherwise sane people agree to the Paris Accords they proposed;
  13. They have participated in and colluded in the biggest human trafficking and enslavement scandal in the history of mankind and benefited themselves from it, along with the Queen and Westminster, all of whom owe us good faith service and perpetual amity.

I suppose I could go on, but why bother? That accounts for Jesus and the thirteen Disciples, all trampled underfoot, defamed, dis-served, and mocked. It is painfully apparent that however sincere Catholics may be, and however compassionate, and however devout —- their Church Leadership is following the Father of All Lies and doing so flagrantly to the detriment of life on this planet.

It’s really simple, if you think about it. Choose life and truth over death and lies. How much more obvious does it have to be?

Recently, leaders of several Italian families have repented. They don’t know much about religion or philosophy, but they know how they have lived lies, and told lies, and used lies to prosper. And they know now that Satan is the Father of All Lies. They have turned away from the evil infesting the Church.

I don’t know what put the fear of God into their hearts, but there is a great turn around coming. The shivers of the “earthquake” in the global power structure are being felt from Stockholm to Bangkok.

I felt exhausted this morning when I woke up, tired in a way beyond physical stress —- the kind of tired one feels after a great spiritual battle, so tired in fact that I didn’t immediately notice the change in the atmosphere. I was just going about my business drying my hair, checking my messages, and it hit me:
The spell is broken.

Enough people have awakened so that the powers of illusion and propaganda and lies and pretending to be something you are not, are broken, snapped like a rotten rubber band.

I shook my head in wonderment. The spell that has kept people enslaved for thousands of years, kept people worshiping idols, kept people are war — all of it — is broken. Gone like a bad smell or a black cloud.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere has changed. We are not in the same world we were in yesterday or all the other days we can remember. And all of a sudden look what has begun:

Tucker Carlson warns that America is being attacked by its own ruling class: https://fxn.ws/3bX4uSj Another brother woke up….. a flicker of life in the corpse of the Fourth Estate.

And this: https://aim4truth.org/…/british-plans-to-depopulate-the-wo…/

This really is unheard of — someone else besides me reporting on the Brits at the bottom of every dog pile?

Do you all realize that I have waited for this day, without knowing that I waited for it, all my life? And now that it’s here, I can’t quite take it in and am too tired to enjoy it? But tomorrow, a great many more Americans will wake up, and more Italians, and more Swiss. More Germans. More Brits.

The Tipping Point has been tipped.

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02 23 2020 Civil War???




The Civil War in the United States began in 1861, after decades of simmering tensions between northern and southern states over slavery, states’ rights and westward expansion. The election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860 caused seven southern states to secede and form the Confederate States of America; four more states soon joined them. The War Between the States, as the Civil War was also known, ended in Confederate surrender in 1865. The conflict was the costliest and deadliest war ever fought on American soil, with some 620,000 of 2.4 million soldiers killed, millions more injured and much of the South left in ruin.

Causes of the Civil War

In the mid-19th century, while the United States was experiencing an era of tremendous growth, a fundamental economic difference existed between the country’s northern and southern regions.

In the North, manufacturing and industry was well established, and agriculture was mostly limited to small-scale farms, while the South’s economy was based on a system of large-scale farming that depended on the labor of black slaves to grow certain crops, especially cotton and tobacco.

Growing abolitionist sentiment in the North after the 1830s and northern opposition to slavery’s extension into the new western territories led many southerners to fear that the existence of slavery in America—and thus the backbone of their economy—was in danger.

Did you know? Confederate General Thomas Jonathan Jackson earned his famous nickname, “Stonewall,” from his steadfast defensive efforts in the First Battle of Bull Run (First Manassas). At Chancellorsville, Jackson was shot by one of his own men, who mistook him for Union cavalry. His arm was amputated, and he died from pneumonia eight days later.

In 1854, the U.S. Congress passed the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which essentially opened all new territories to slavery by asserting the rule of popular sovereignty over congressional edict. Pro- and anti-slavery forces struggled violently in “Bleeding Kansas,” while opposition to the act in the North led to the formation of the Republican Party, a new political entity based on the principle of opposing slavery’s extension into the western territories. After the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Dred Scott case (1857) confirmed the legality of slavery in the territories, the abolitionist John Brown’s raid at Harper’s Ferry in 1859 convinced more and more southerners that their northern neighbors were bent on the destruction of the “peculiar institution” that sustained them. Abraham Lincoln’s election in November 1860 was the final straw, and within three months seven southern states–South CarolinaMississippiFloridaAlabamaGeorgiaLouisiana and Texas–had seceded from the United States.

Outbreak of the Civil War (1861)

Even as Lincoln took office in March 1861, Confederate forces threatened the federal-held Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina. On April 12, after Lincoln ordered a fleet to resupply Sumter, Confederate artillery fired the first shots of the Civil War. Sumter’s commander, Major Robert Anderson, surrendered after less than two days of bombardment, leaving the fort in the hands of Confederate forces under Pierre G.T. Beauregard. Four more southern states–VirginiaArkansasNorth Carolina and Tennessee –joined the Confederacy after Fort Sumter. Border slave states like MissouriKentucky and Maryland did not secede, but there was much Confederate sympathy among their citizens.

Though on the surface the Civil War may have seemed a lopsided conflict, with the 23 states of the Union enjoying an enormous advantage in population, manufacturing (including arms production) and railroad construction, the Confederates had a strong military tradition, along with some of the best soldiers and commanders in the nation. They also had a cause they believed in: preserving their long-held traditions and institutions, chief among these being slavery.

In the First Battle of Bull Run (known in the South as First Manassas) on July 21, 1861, 35,000 Confederate soldiers under the command of Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson forced a greater number of Union forces (or Federals) to retreat towards Washington, D.C., dashing any hopes of a quick Union victory and leading Lincoln to call for 500,000 more recruits. In fact, both sides’ initial call for troops had to be widened after it became clear that the war would not be a limited or short conflict.

The Civil War in Virginia (1862)

George B. McClellan–who replaced the aging General Winfield Scott as supreme commander of the Union Army after the first months of the war–was beloved by his troops, but his reluctance to advance frustrated Lincoln. In the spring of 1862, McClellan finally led his Army of the Potomac up the peninsula between the York and James Rivers, capturing Yorktown on May 4. The combined forces of Robert E. Lee and Jackson successfully drove back McClellan’s army in the Seven Days’ Battles (June 25-July 1), and a cautious McClellan called for yet more reinforcements in order to move against Richmond. Lincoln refused, and instead withdrew the Army of the Potomac to Washington. By mid-1862, McClellan had been replaced as Union general-in-chief by Henry W. Halleck, though he remained in command of the Army of the Potomac.

Lee then moved his troops northwards and split his men, sending Jackson to meet Pope’s forces near Manassas, while Lee himself moved separately with the second half of the army. On August 29, Union troops led by John Pope struck Jackson’s forces in the Second Battle of Bull Run (Second Manassas). The next day, Lee hit the Federal left flank with a massive assault, driving Pope’s men back towards Washington. On the heels of his victory at Manassas, Lee began the first Confederate invasion of the North. Despite contradictory orders from Lincoln and Halleck, McClellan was able to reorganize his army and strike at Lee on September 14 in Maryland, driving the Confederates back to a defensive position along Antietam Creek, near Sharpsburg.

On September 17, the Army of the Potomac hit Lee’s forces (reinforced by Jackson’s) in what became the war’s bloodiest single day of fighting. Total casualties at the Battle of Antietam (also known as the Battle of Sharpsburg) numbered 12,410 of some 69,000 troops on the Union side, and 13,724 of around 52,000 for the Confederates. The Union victory at Antietam would prove decisive, as it halted the Confederate advance in Maryland and forced Lee to retreat into Virginia. Still, McClellan’s failure to pursue his advantage earned him the scorn of Lincoln and Halleck, who removed him from command in favor of Ambrose E. Burnside. Burnside’s assault on Lee’s troops near Fredericksburg on December 13 ended in heavy Union casualties and a Confederate victory; he was promptly replaced by Joseph “Fighting Joe” Hooker, and both armies settled into winter quarters across the Rappahannock River from each other.

After the Emancipation Proclamation (1863-4)

Lincoln had used the occasion of the Union victory at Antietam to issue a preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, which freed all slaves in the rebellious states after January 1, 1863. He justified his decision as a wartime measure, and did not go so far as to free the slaves in the border states loyal to the Union. Still, the Emancipation Proclamation deprived the Confederacy of the bulk of its labor forces and put international public opinion strongly on the Union side. Some 186,000 black Civil War soldiers would join the Union Army by the time the war ended in 1865, and 38,000 lost their lives.

In the spring of 1863, Hooker’s plans for a Union offensive were thwarted by a surprise attack by the bulk of Lee’s forces on May 1, whereupon Hooker pulled his men back to Chancellorsville. The Confederates gained a costly victory in the Battle of Chancellorsville, suffering 13,000 casualties (around 22 percent of their troops); the Union lost 17,000 men (15 percent). Lee launched another invasion of the North in early June, attacking Union forces commanded by General George Meade on July 1 near Gettysburg, in southern Pennsylvania. Over three days of fierce fighting, the Confederates were unable to push through the Union center, and suffered casualties of close to 60 percent.

Meade failed to counterattack, however, and Lee’s remaining forces were able to escape into Virginia, ending the last Confederate invasion of the North. Also in July 1863, Union forces under Ulysses S. Grant took Vicksburg (Mississippi) in the Siege of Vicksburg, a victory that would prove to be the turning point of the war in the western theater. After a Confederate victory at Chickamauga Creek, Georgia, just south of Chattanooga, Tennessee, in September, Lincoln expanded Grant’s command, and he led a reinforced Federal army (including two corps from the Army of the Potomac) to victory in the Battle of Chattanooga in late November.

Toward a Union Victory (1864-65)

In March 1864, Lincoln put Grant in supreme command of the Union armies, replacing Halleck. Leaving William Tecumseh Sherman in control in the West, Grant headed to Washington, where he led the Army of the Potomac towards Lee’s troops in northern Virginia. Despite heavy Union casualties in the Battle of the Wilderness and at Spotsylvania (both May 1864), at Cold Harbor (early June) and the key rail center of Petersburg (June), Grant pursued a strategy of attrition, putting Petersburg under siege for the next nine months.

Sherman outmaneuvered Confederate forces to take Atlanta by September, after which he and some 60,000 Union troops began the famous “March to the Sea,” devastating Georgia on the way to capturing Savannah on December 21. Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina, fell to Sherman’s men by mid-February, and Jefferson Davis belatedly handed over the supreme command to Lee, with the Confederate war effort on its last legs. Sherman pressed on through North Carolina, capturing Fayetteville, Bentonville, Goldsboro and Raleigh by mid-April.

Meanwhile, exhausted by the Union siege of Petersburg and Richmond, Lee’s forces made a last attempt at resistance, attacking and captured the Federal-controlled Fort Stedman on March 25. An immediate counterattack reversed the victory, however, and on the night of April 2-3 Lee’s forces evacuated Richmond. For most of the next week, Grant and Meade pursued the Confederates along the Appomattox River, finally exhausting their possibilities for escape. Grant accepted Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Court House on April 9. On the eve of victory, the Union lost its great leader: The actor and Confederate sympathizer John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre in Washington on April 14. Sherman received Johnston’s surrender at Durham Station, North Carolina on April 26, effectively ending the Civil War.


2020s Possible Civil War???

One may think given the obvious superior weapons that the armed forces would have over the people that a civil war of the kind described above would be impossible, but that would not be the kind of war the people would participate in. Knowing full well that heavy weapons would not be available to them, the people would conduct war by stealth. Instead they would fight a snipers war where long range targets would be safer, and give them time to sneak away. One may think this would not really be a war but ten thousand snipers in big cities would be very effective. At this point their objective would be to scare politicians to death, and keep them in hiding. Making it difficult for them to stay alive would soon produce results and loss of support from sister countries. This would throw most foreign countries economies out of whack, and promote more problems than the government could handle. Let me make it clear this is not something I support, but there is a limit where the people will demand their freedom and the kind of government we were promised. And this is why all hell will break loose if the government starts confiscating civilian firearms.

02 22 2020 Bring the Storm.



I am well aware that offending my readers is not wise, but, it is time to inform them that it is their responsibility to be informed of the things that have happened to America while we pursued entertainment instead of our responsibility to be informed. The article below is of the upmost importance, if we really want to be free Americans and the time has come where it is imperative for every one of us to do our home work and become really informed about our method of government. Anna Von Reitz is a God send and we must diligently study her work. Other wise, we will soon become a Nation at war among ourselves. So please tell me if you want a repeat of the Civil War!

SEE: https://www.history.com/topics/american-civil-war/american-civil-war-history


 By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Mr. Trump — you have said that you want to know all about any kind of corruption. You have taken a stand against Human Trafficking. So, we guess it is up to us to fully inform you and your Administration that:

Almost everyone in this country has been the victim of trafficking — it happened the moment that the military managers in this country “presumed” that our babies were lost on a battlefield instead of being Americans safe at home and owed The Law of Peace. It happened when they registered our babies as “presumed” British Territorial U.S. Citizens without our knowledge and without our consent.

They need their presumptions and practices shoved back down their throats on the toe end of a hobnailed boot.

And it happened again, when those same military managers sold our names and information to the Pope and misrepresented us as homeless, fatherless orphans and Wards of their Territorial State of State organizations, seeking assistance as members of the Commonwealth. And subjected us to those horrors, too.

The men who fought the Civil War to end slavery and the men who fought WWII for the sake of freedom, would turn over in their graves if they knew what the sleazy little white collar bankers and bureaucrats, the OCC and the Security Exchange Commission, and the Democratic Party Hacks, and the DTCC bureaucrats perpetuated here. They’d rise up and destroy this entire nest of thieves and tear down every vestige of FDR’s “legacy”. There wouldn’t be a brick’s worth of 55 Water Street, New York, left standing.

So now you know what has gone on here, action is required.

First— stop the illegal registration of American babies. Tell parents the facts and tell them that if they are Americans, they are responsible for creating a Public Record of the names and places and dates of birth of their children. Give them and the various recording offices and county registrars correct information and put the hospital administrators on a fast track to jail and put an end to this travesty where it starts.

Second — as you are informed of the facts concerning the millions of individual people who have been mistreated and abused in this way, seize upon the assets of all foreign Municipal PERSONS that have been created “in the name of” Americans and return these assets to the people they belong to. All the records of those thus trafficked and abused are in the possession of Cede and Company, an internal Holding Company within the DTCC.

Shut them down and seize the records and if they don’t like it, tell them that there is an American Great-Grandma ready to do ten rounds with their Pope.

Provide an easy process by which Americans from our State Assemblies can come forward and claim their purloined property without any undue paperwork, any arguments, or any further delays, and claim their exemptions and their Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges, too. The responsibility for providing full remedy, including the cost of the correction program, lies upon the banks and the Pope. Make sure they pay for it all.

And if they try to pull any more Funny Business, it’s the job of the United States Military to stomp them into the dirt. That’s what we pay them for. To protect our persons. Make all military personnel read Article IV of any Constitution they can find. Right there in black and white, their neglected duty to protect our persons is plainly and explicitly stated and it is clear also that to date, they have been grossly derelict.

Third — make everyone who actually is a Federal Employee or Dependent aware of the facts and of the obligations that are conditions of their employment, so that nobody is entrapped, and so that all such Persons and PERSONS are clearly identified and set apart from the civilian population of this country.

This little excerpt very clearly demonstrates the corruption that has been going on the last hundred years:

“[The banks] have been bootstrapping on [our] credit and using what is owed to [us] to back their banks and then investing [our] asset ledger and keeping it all sequestered so that [we] couldn’t access it via Mutual Offset Credit Exemption Exchange to discharge any of [our own] debts— which is what they promised as payment for their use of [our] credit in the first place.

The rule and the law is and always was that because they were using credit owed to [us], [we] would be able to offset any debts accrued against [OUR] NAME[s] by “claiming [our] exemption”. And then, they just conveniently neglected to tell [us] that [we] had an exemption and also neglected to tell [us] how to access and use it. And that “lapse” among other things is what we are taking them and the Queen and the Pope and all their corporations to task for.”

Mr. President, it’s clear that the American People have been grossly misused and defrauded by their own employees, that we have been unconscionably trafficked into foreign jurisdictions, had our assets and credit traded upon based on self-interested deceit and non-disclosure, that we have been denied practical and timely access to remedies we have been owed since 1934, and that the banks and courts and prior generations of politicians and even members of the military have colluded to create and enforce this gigantic criminal enterprise against the American States and People.

It is now more than past time to rebuke all this corruption and dismantle it.

Any effort to Make America Great Again must be predicated on the need to Make America America Again.

So let’s nationalize the banks as Britain and Russia have already done, issue American Currency based on gold and silver that is undeniably owed to us, issue an immediate moratorium on mortgages and foreclosures, close down the Municipal COURTS, including the Municipal UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTS, none of which have any right to be operating on our soil, liquidate the Municipal PERSONS, return the assets to the individual people and States they belong to, make the Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions available and accessible, and return this country to some semblance of security and sanity.

And as for funding the Government, all functions can be supported using the earnings from the gigantic pension and CAFR Slush Funds already established without the need to collect, argue about, or administer any system of individual taxation at all.

We are doing our part to end and oppose this criminality. We have declared our birthright political status by all public and private means available. We have summoned and called the People of each State to Assemble, and they have done so in ever increasing numbers.

Americans wish to be counted as Americans and it is a great shock to them to learn that they have, generally speaking, been mis-characterized as Federal Citizens and even as Municipal CITIZENS, instead.

It is not lost upon us and it should not be lost upon any Federal Employee, including the members of the respective Congresses, that these acts undertaken against their Employers, the American States and People, are in complete contravention of Public and Organic Law and against both the Geneva and Hague Conventions, even if we were combatants in any actual “war” and even if we were under any obligation of occupation by our own bought and paid for military services—- which, as it turns out, we are not.

Our States and People did not take part in the so-called American Civil War, which was nothing but another deliberately and immorally and deceitfully constructed mercenary conflict illegally promoted on our shores.

Its more than past time for all this to end, Mr. President.

Our position is that we have never left our home jurisdiction, and it is only a nasty lot of self-interested scheming and false claims that has ever made it appear otherwise.

It is our position that the entire circumstance is the fault of the members of Territorial and Municipal Congresses and the U.S. Military committing self-interested fraud against the American States and People, and doing so under conditions of non-disclosure and constructive semantic deceit resulting in identity theft, human trafficking, enslavement, involuntary peonage, and impersonation of Americans, followed by practices of barratry inflicted by commercial “courts”.

Tell the American People even 1/10th of what has gone on here, and you will have 300 million people highly motivated to lend a hand. Not only will there not be a swamp, the alligators will be extinct.

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02 22 2020 Abuses of THEIR Courts



 By Anna Von Reitz

Every day I get horrible letters and emails from Americans who are being prosecuted by these foreign carpetbagger courts.  And day after day, I have to answer them, and basically what I have to tell these suffering Americans is: it’s your own fault.

A recent exchange with a State Assembly Coordinator regarding court issues being suffered by members went like this:

“The most effective way out of their courts is to provide your own Court.  What progress have you made?  Once you have set up your own Court the provisions of Milligan Ex Parte kick in and you can just notify their whole Court System to stand down with respect to you and your membership.”

For some reason people seem totally stymied by the task of rounding up twelve jurors and electing a Sheriff and a Justice of the Peace to address the needs of their own Assembly members.

Your softball team could function as a court, and you are all sitting there staring into space, crying and griping about how you are being abused by these foreign courts, when your own inaction is what allows these foreign courts to address you.

All you have to worry about is the needs of your Assembly members.  You aren’t being asked to provide court services to thousands of people.  You are being told to service yourselves. Self-Govern.

Once the civilian courts arise to service their own people, the quasi-military courts have to stand down with respect to the civilian authority, and that has already been decided by the Supreme Court in Milligan Ex Parte.

When you declare your birthright political status and record it and form a State Assembly, there is no more denying the fact that you are the civilian authority.

So — you are being improperly railroaded and hounded and fleeced by foreign courts?  What’s the actual cure?  Get your rumps in gear.  Get motivated.  Declare your political status, record it, join your Assembly, form a Jury Pool to serve your Assembly, elect a Sheriff, elect a Justice of the Peace.

How difficult is this?  I am serious.  Your Softball Team could staff an American Court.  Why are you all stupidly sitting there putting up with being attacked by foreign courts that you are not naturally subject to? Why are you putting up with this situation at all?

The essence of Self-Governance is to make your own decisions and deal with the consequences.  You all know the consequences of inaction.  You all know the Ten Commandments.  You all have brains and feet and can talk.  Get yourselves a copy of the Geneva Bible and get moving.

Name someone in your Assembly as the Court Administrator.  Make it their job to organize the Court and arrange the Jury Pool and manage the election process.

End of story. End of abuses.  But it is in your hands, just as it always has been.  So long as you cling to your chains, nobody can help you.  That includes me. So stop bringing me your sob stories about these Big Bad Courts abusing you and stealing your stuff.  You have the remedy and the authority in your own hands.

Like God told the Israelites coming out of Egypt— I already told you, Moses, what you need to do to deal with the Egyptian Army.  What are you bothering me for?  Walk into the sea and it will part its ways for you.

But if you don’t walk into the water — guess what?

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02 21 2020 Housekeeping for the State Assemblies



 By Anna Von Reitz

There seems to be considerable confusion about how to handle cases wherein an American seeking to record and claim their birthright political status has only a Certificate of Live Birth (COLB).

This is what they really need and all they need to get the job done.

Remember that the British Territorial Government and the Municipal United States Government are two, distinct, and different Foreign Governments acting as Subcontractors bound to honor their respective Constitutional Agreements with us. The services they deliver are separate and different, too. The corporations that they have used to deliver services are also different. So you have two different entities, one Municipal and one Territorial, to deal with, and they each interact with you via two separate entities that are foreign persons with respect to you.

The Territorial Government creates a Legal Person, which is in fact a Foreign Situs Trust, that is named after you and uses the same exact name in the form: John Michael Doe. Under certain circumstances, this familiar Lawful Person, your Trade Name, comes to represent a Foreign Legal Person and Subject of the Queen.

This happens when you are on the High Seas or Navigable Inland Waterways or when you are engaged in the interstate manufacture, sale, or transport of alcohol, tobacco, or firearms. This Person is also invoked when you enter Military Compounds, Navy Yards, Arsenals, and similar facilities.

A Foreign Situs Trust is a form of trust that guarantees the safe transport of your Person while in the safekeeping of the Queen’s Government, in exchange for your compliance with their codes and regulations while you are in these locations or engaged in these specific activities.

Similarly, the Municipal United States Government creates a Municipal PERSON that it uses to interact with you. This PERSON appears in a variety of forms: JOHN DOE, JOHN M. DOE, and so on. Each of these is a separate franchise entity created as a shareholder or member or donor, etc., in some kind of commercial trust, business, organization, or enterprise. JOHN DOE is a beneficiary of a Public Charitable Trust, a Pauper on the Dole of the Commonwealth. JOHN M. DOE is a Public Transmitting Utility. And so on. These are all Vassals of the Pope and part of the Federal Civil Service System.

This form of PERSON was meant to create a convenient accounting system by which people could contract for and pay for specific services to be provided by the Federal Civil Service. As such, these PERSONS are more like Trademarks standing for a specific Service Account. The ubiquitous Social Security ACCOUNT is one example that acts like an umbrella corporation for various social services, the JOHN H DOE ACCOUNT is a public transmitting utility franchise used to track use of public utility services, and so on and on.

This is where things got totally messed up, thanks to FDR and his Administration.

FDR pledged the “citizenry” of the Federal Civil Service to the Pope, to be chattel backing the debts of his government, and then failed to make any distinction between Federal Civil Service Employees and the rest of us. He incomprehensibly alluded to this in his First Inaugural Address as President of the Municipal Government and its for-profit Municipal Corporation. What followed was a criminal enterprise based on impersonation, racketeering and identity theft on an absolutely massive scale.

In 2015, the Municipal Corporation responsible was forced into Involuntary Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and we are still sorting out the aftermath. The corporation assets which include all the franchises and their purported assets are being liquidated, but the problem is, that these franchises should not exist and were all created under condition of non-disclosure and constructive fraud.

This leaves the Bankruptcy Trustees trying to sort this mess out. We staked our claims in 1998 and followed up in intervening years. We placed liens against the National Credit accounts backing the National Debt so that Secondary Creditors couldn’t claim them. We placed more liens against the assets of the Municipal STATE OF STATE organizations to preserve our State’s property interests and prevent them from being “subsumed” as Abandoned Assets, etc.

So the Big Mess and all the worst problems are associated with the misuse and abuse of all these Municipal PERSONS.

That’s why we appointed Steven T. Mnuchin, an Interpol Officer, to act as Fiduciary of the Primary ACCOUNT created by the Municipal BIRTH CERTIFICATE process, and instructed him to roll it over into the Territorial United States Account for Safekeeping. That gave both Mr. Mnuchin and Mr. Trump, jointly, a right and an obligation to intervene in our behalf and to protect our assets.

Working in tandem with the US Bankruptcy Trustees (not all of whom like the results) the creation of new birth certificated ACCOUNTS has been stopped with respect to those claiming their birthright political status and as the clean up progresses, the only birth records that will remain will be the Certificates of Live Birth, which very clearly pertain to a living man or woman and the creation of the Foreign Situs Trust they are owed, if and when they decide to participate in Federally Regulated activities or enter military facilities, etc.

As more people are coming on board in this post-bankruptcy period, more and more of them will be receiving only a Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) and that means that there is no longer a Municipal PERSON to be dealt with in their case. They don’t have to go through the Form 56 Process anymore, because they don’t have a Municipal PERSON attached to them anymore, and it most be noted, in a few cases, they never did have a Municipal PERSON operating in their name at all.

So when people come to join the Assembly and all they’ve got is a Certificate of Live Birth (COLB), that is just fine. Accept them and exempt them from the Form 56 process and don’t treat them any differently than anyone else in the Assembly. It’s just that changes in circumstance and administration have occurred so that they no longer have to go through this particular part of the Turkey Trot.

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02 21 2020 CUSIP AUTOTRIS What Is This About?



 By Anna Von Reitz

CUSIPS are just bank registry numbers that attach your collateral to debts so that they can be securitized and traded.  They are the equivalent of —- yes, you got it — Bar Codes on products.  What you are more likely looking for is the corresponding AUTOTRIS number, which attaches you to your credits earned, but remember, they aren’t YOUR credits, until and unless you claim the PERSON.

This makes for an impossible situation, because if you claim the PERSON, you also claim the debts, and all that happens is that the account gets zeroed out.  Remember that in a debt-credit system, it is literally impossible to accrue debt and that is because every debt is automatically offset by an answering credit in the same amount.  So anything that appears to be a credit or a debt in such a system is illusory.  It’s the result of bad bookkeeping, not any actual debt or credit.

You might think that, oh, well, that’s dumb.  How did all those debt amounts appear to be credits?  And credits appear to be debts?   Why weren’t these things being offset automatically?  What’s the whole teapot tempest about?  Kick the accountants into gear and clean up the mess!   That’s what I said on Day One when I found out about this fiasco.  Their reply?  We can’t do that.  It would collapse the world’s stock markets and banks and cause a terrible mess!

Why?  Because the entire system, while objectively designed to be clean and just and honest and fool-proof —- isn’t.  A Third Element was added to the CUSIP and AUTOTRIS System and that Third Element was you, the living man or woman.  And your role?  You gave value to it all, without knowing it.

Think about my Joe’s Hamburger Shop analogy.   You give Joe some I.O.U.’s issued by the Federal Reserve Banks in YOUR NAME as “payment” for a hamburger.  But as we all know, I.O.U.s aren’t really payment, are they?   They are just promises to pay at some future date.  Nonetheless, Joe is obligated by Legal Tender Laws to accept your I.O.U. “as” payment — as if you paid when you didn’t really.  So far you are on the debt side of things, and with every transaction you make, you go deeper into debt.

See how this works and how a huge “national debt” can be accrued, especially when you are adding interest payments to all this?

So go back and ask yourself what really happens when the Federal Reserve Banks issue I.O.U.’s in YOUR NAME?   They are standing there as a Third Party Agent.  They are placing a value on your NAME and all that it stands for, your land, your labor, your potential earnings, your home, everything —- and issuing credit in your NAME.  This is how YOU become a perpetual DEBTOR.

But, what about Joe?  The Hamburger Shop guy?  He provided the actual meat and bread and labor to make a hamburger.  That’s real.  That’s not credit.  That’s payment.

And he never got his materials and labor back.  All he got was an I.O.U.  So, in this crazy system, what could he do?  He sold your debt on.  He traded your debt, your I.O.U., to his butcher and baker suppliers.  And then they were in the same boat—- trading your debt for their debts to the farmers.  And the farmers were stuck trading your debts to pay for their seeds and animal feeds and so on and on it goes, everyone trading on YOUR debt, in the good faith expectation that “someday” they will all get paid.

YOUR debt is constantly accruing and being accounted for, but Joe’s answering credit is nowhere to be seen.  That just dropped off the ledger somehow and never got applied.

So that is what the AUTOTRIS number is attached to, YOUR answering credit  for actual payments and the earnings from those payments.  Yes, they turned that side of the ledger into a giant Slush Fund, so all the Credit owed to Joe and everyone else was being “sequestered” or “blocked” in the language of the banks, and invested by them “for” you.

When the Day of Reckoning comes, of course, that giant Slush Fund of Credit owed to Joe and everyone else on that side of the transaction chain has to pay off all the debt accrued by YOU and everyone else on the debt side of the ledger, including the interest owed to the banks for their services.

Many naive people have made the statement over the years that we can never pay off the debt because of the interest owed on all those debt notes, but they forget that all this while, the answering credit has been invested and earning far, far more than mere interest returns.

So at the end of the day, how does it all turn out?   Well, some Americans owe debts far in excess of what they ever contributed.  And other Americans are owed credits far in excess of what they ever took out of this system.  When its all settled out, the National Debt vanishes, together with the interest owed to the banks, because— remember — no debt ever actually existed: Joe paid for your hamburger the moment he accepted your debt note.  It all gets offset against the National Credit, and that leaves the left over profit accrued from investing the credit owed to Joe and you and me.

I am presenting the “bare bones” of the issue.  In between all of this, the bankers have been shuffling around protecting YOUR assets including your credit and the receipts from investing it, in offshore accounts in Puerto Rico, all conveniently without telling you a word about any of these activities going on in the background.  It is all far more complex than the Hamburger Shop example, but in the main, when you crunch it all down — they’ve been bootstrapping on YOUR CREDIT and using what is owed to you to back their banks and then investing your asset ledger and keeping it all sequestered so that you couldn’t access it via Mutual Offset Credit Exemption Exchange to discharge any of your own debts— which is what they promised as payment for their use of your credit in the first place.

The rule and the law is and always was that because they were using credit owed to you, you would be able to offset any debts accrued against YOUR NAME by “claiming your exemption”.  And then, they just conveniently neglected to tell you that you had an exemption and also neglected to tell you how to access and use it.  And that “lapse” among other things is what we are taking them and the Queen and the Pope and all their corporations to task for.

It wasn’t bad enough that they seized upon and used credit that was owed to us and which should have been used to pay off any debts we owed, but they profited themselves and denied us access to our own credit using spurious excuses —- they didn’t know where we were, for example, except when it came time to tax us.  Right.

So now, we are showing up with our credentials in hand and saying — pay up.  We didn’t agree to this.  We weren’t told anything about this.  We have paid not only our own debts but everyone else’s and this has got to stop.  To put teeth to this, we have joined together with like-minded people, to exercise our right to Self-Govern and claim our exemption from all this rot.  We are assembling the actual State Assemblies and pooling our resources and knowledge to push back.

They, of course, are claiming that they are “broke” and can’t pay us.  To which we are saying, “BS — we know where the assets are and who they belong to.”

Your best bet on getting access to the credit that is owed to you, and the return of your assets,  is to do what we have suggested and join your State Assembly and bring your claims.  Forcing them to offset those claims and to respect your standing isn’t an easy proposition.  They’ve gotten away with using your assets including your credit for free for over a hundred years.  They have developed an Entitlement Mentality regarding your assets and your credit —- and they need to have that knocked out of their heads.  One person is not going to do that.  Ten people aren’t going to do that.

But join together as a recognizable and cohesive Body Politic that actually owns the resources of your State of the Union and is owed the Constitutional Guarantees, and suddenly, everything changes for the better.  They can no longer claim that you are a “US Citizen” and they can no longer excuse their laxity and failure to provide you with the Good Faith Service and Exemptions you are owed.  We are on the uphill climb and I won’t sing you any songs of easy money and pina coladas in the shade.

What we will guarantee you is that you are owed the offset and/or discharge of all Public Debts addressed to YOUR NAME and the return of your assets free and clear of debt or encumbrance. Together, through our State Assemblies, we are standing tall and demanding that this be done for everyone who wakes up and declares their political status as an American.

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02 21 2020 A Final Public Declaration



 By Anna Von Reitz

Tonight, I was answering correspondence as best I may in all my spare time, and someone said something that left my mouth agape. I mean, literally, jaw dropped, staring into space, eyes rolling upward. You are all, hereby, called to be our Witnesses.

This may come as Big News, but right here in America, there were numerous persons who did not support the Revolutionary War effort, didn’t approve of it, didn’t fight in it, and in many cases tried to undermine its success.

They were called “British Tories” — the same Conservative, Monarchist, pro-Queen, pro-Status Quo British Citizenry that populate seats in the House of Commons to this day. They lived here, were born here, had homes and estates and businesses here, in America.

What do you think happened to all those people once the fighting ceased and a Peace Treaty was drawn up?

They did not just disappear.

Some of them moved or were removed to Nova Scotia, but the bulk were allowed to stay here as “permanent residents” and “inhabitants” separate from the American population, but also allowed to keep their homes and lands and businesses going as tenants. And allowed to keep their own separate political status as subjects of the King and Queen, too, so long as they dwell peacefully among us.

In the same vein, there were also Papists who were born here, lived here, and had made their homes here. There were even entire states founded by Catholic colonists. Why do you think they called it Maryland? –After the Virgin Mary! Many of these Roman Catholics felt that they owed their allegiance to the Pope and to Rome, and maintained their religious objections to be drafted or used by either side of the Revolutionary War conflict.

They, too, were allowed to keep their private holdings, their homes, jobs, farms, and businesses — as “permanent residents” among us, but they were never again part of the general populace unless they declined their allegiance to the Pope and Rome. Theocracy is a government — a foreign government with respect to this country.

These people have continued to live here among us, generations of their children, too, and if you don’t stand up and identify yourself as an American and don’t act as an American State Citizen —- you are “presumed” to be a British Subject or a Vassal of the Pope. Simple as that.

U.S. Citizen = Citizen of the British Territorial United States, a Subject of the Queen.

Citizen of the United States = Municipal Citizen, Subject of the Pope.

It does not seem possible to me that people are still confused about this state of affairs after more than 200 years, but apparently there are Americans who forgot or never knew.

However that may be:

From the moment our zygotes first formed in this country, of and from its land and its soil, my husband and I declare and publish before the entire world that we are Americans, known as Wisconsinites and Washingtonians, respectively, and we affirm that we willfully and with prejudice renounce allegiance to any king or prince, or any other State or Government. We do this in respect of the Naturalization Act of July 1779, and we take exception to any presumption that we are Foreigners in our own country, or that we have ever knowingly, willingly, or voluntarily pledged ourselves to any foreign sovereign or separated ourselves from our birthright political status. We further declare, publish, and affirm under penalty of perjury under the Public Law of The United States of America and from without the United States and without the United States of America, that our ancestors have been here in these United States as Free Men and by their own Free Will since 1608 and 1752, respectively, and there is no authority, reason or excuse for presuming that we have any other allegiances apart from our own sovereignty, nation, State, home, and country. We affirm under these aforementioned penalties that we are Lawful Inheritors, Landlords, Keepers, Guardians, and Deputies of the Rightful and Lawful Government of this country, acting with Full Right, Authority, and Honor, in the Public Offices vested in us, now and always while our tenure on Earth shall last. So delivered to the White House, the Queen, the Pope, and all other interested Principals and Parties, this 19th day of February 2020.

Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents; Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals.

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02 19 2020 Torpedoes Away And a Great Unseen Danger



 By Anna Von Reitz

My Shinola Sensor has been driving me crazy the last few days as it has been reacting to the news coming out of China. I have been scanning through every published medical and news report I can lay hands on, and frankly, the results don’t add up.

Certain reports are consistent with infectious disease symptoms and results, so, yes, there does seem to be an infectious disease component, but then, turn around, and the next ten reports make no sense at all if this “outbreak” is caused by a biological vector.

And I do mean “no correlation” — none, zero, zip, nada.
What those aberrant findings indicate is a non-biological source of the malady, Electromagnetic Radiation Sickness, coupled with poor air quality in China and reduced atmospheric oxygen levels.

Those who have been following along with recent posts have become familiar with research going back more than a century compiled and published by Arther Firstenberg in his book, The Invisible Rainbow, and brought forward by Robert David Steele.

Put simply, the raw transmissions of our power plants, electrical grid, radio transmitters, and now, microwave towers, have known health problems associated with them.

Most particularly, they interfere with porphyrins, which are enzymes needed to build hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the molecule that carries oxygen in our bloodstream, so this whole metabolic system is impacted, and our cells and tissues are not able to access and use oxygen efficiently. There are other known effects, too, such as thinning of our blood –reducing its oxygen carrying capacity at the same time that it reduces our ability to coagulate blood.

Outrageously, these effects of unrestricted EM transmissions have been known in some circles for over a century, but have been pooh-poohed and obscured in favor of those benefiting financially by not having to modulate electrical outputs (power companies) and from treating the anoxia-caused diseases that predictably result from long term exposure to raw EM fields: coronary disease, diabetes, and cancer (Big Pharma, AMA, Medical Establishment).

The resulting interference with our ability to access and use oxygen, blood thinning effect, serious air pollution in China, and overall reduction in atmospheric oxygen can then create a domino effect resulting in symptoms that mirror hemorrhagic fever.

Viewed against that background, and in view of the 5G roll out in Wuhan just prior to this, South Korea’s success with treating “corona virus” with simple oxygen therapy makes total sense. More oxygen offsets the effect of damaged hemoglobin and inefficient energy transfer metabolism.

There are still more lessons to be learned from the Spanish Influenza Epidemic that hit in 1918, too, that may be crucial to victims and would-be victims today — one of our dauntless researchers uncovered otherwise buried information that involved Bayer, and it’s most famous product, Bayer Aspirin.

Bayer Aspirin was Big News in 1918 and it was initially prescribed in literally lethal doses during the Spanish Flu Epidemic. I quote:

“In 1918, the Bayer Corp was pushing Aspirin, and in dosages far, far exceeding now known safe levels. Both the Army and Navy mandated these known toxic doses for their service members, and civilians were also encouraged to do the same. Aspirin in such high doses is a hemolytic toxin, similar to rat poison. [like Warfarin] In such lethal levels, death can occur in a matter of hours.

The two categories of death seen in the “pandemic” were: upper respiratory edema, consistent with bacterial pneumonia, and a hemorrhagic condition with rapid onset and nearly 95% mortality. The two categories could not have been more different, and would be consistent with both EMF-induced immune suppression and opportunistic bacterial infection, and a second cohort (mostly young, string, otherwise healthy men and women) showing classic signs and symptoms of salicylate-poisoning.”


Bayer has just acquired Monsanto, the chief proponent and patent-holder for nano-assisted GMO Transfer Agent technology. Is history repeating itself?

I was recently horrified when a friend on blood thinners hurt his leg and innocently took Ibuprofen and turned a banged up shin into a near-crisis. None of his doctors ever told him to avoid Ibuprofen and Aspirin and to restrict Acetaminophen– and we forget that common pain-killers and fever reducers are blood thinners. Both Ibuprofen and Aspirin can cause hemorrhage and symptoms that look like hemorrhagic fever.

Taken in excess or in tandem with other unperceived blood thinning factors, these common, cheap, taken-for-granted, over-the-counter drugs have the potential to kill. During the Spanish Influenza they helped to kill millions.

Coupled with the unseen blood thinning effects of intense EM radiation fields provided by active 5G networks, these medicine cabinet standbys could easily become deadly in normal dosage ranges— and what else would people suffering from high fever reach for?

Additionally, anyone who was on blood thinning medication for any chronic condition, including most heart patients, would be at greatly increased risk.

So — how about this scenario, which neatly explains the entire gamut of information coming out of China?

A new 5G grid is rolled out in Wuhan, China—-and unknown, unseen, begins to impact the blood of the Chinese people in range, thinning their blood to dangerous levels and crippling their ability to access and use oxygen at the cellular level —oxygen that is already depleted in the atmosphere.

Then, a GMO-style nanobot Transfer Agent is used to introduce a virus known to cause high fever.

The victims and doctors reach for the common fever-reducing drugs and voila –the symptoms of a fatal hemorrhagic fever present themselves within hours.

Everyone thinks its a new super-deadly bio-tech weapon and that it is “carried” by a virus (which serves well-enough to tank China’s exports and economy and the new China-Trump Trade Deal), but all the virus does is cause a relatively bad fever.

Technically, it’s not deadly at all, which keeps the Perpetrators from being prosecuted for war crimes.

It’s actually the other factors — the unappreciated biological effects of 5G and the unthinking use of blood thinners as fever reducers that makes the corona virus deadly.

And that, my friends, is the only scenario in all this data that presents itself as being both likely and true.

Bayer has prior experience killing people via pandemic interactions. Bayer recently acquired Monsanto, the patent-holder for GMO Transfer Agent technology that could be used to implant the fever-causing virus. Bayer has been taking it in the shorts as Chinese companies have taken over increasingly larger and larger shares of pharmaceuticals production away from American and European manufacturers.

Time to look for dots, people. We have motive and we have means and it is pointing right at Bayer/Monsanto. Is there a DoD or NIH connection? A connection to Charles Lieber? Harvard?

It’s no secret that there are certain elements embedded in all these communities that hate China for political and financial reasons, and no doubt whatsoever that some of those same parties hated the China-Trump Trade Deal and would wish to dismantle it by any means possible.

Getting the Chinese to — in effect — kill themselves, and convince everyone that its the result of a pandemic, would appeal to the sense of logic and humor, such as it is, common among such persons.

It’s the same rationale that foists mortgages off onto unsuspecting people, disguised as “home loans”. It’s the same MO that foists U.S. Citizenship off onto Americans.

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02 19 2020 Five Different Political Statuses One Country



By Anna Von Reitz

We recently released our “One Pager” chart showing the structure of the government we are supposed to have in skeletal form, so that everyone can see what is supposed to be present — and the two parts that are obviously missing.

Those two Missing Pieces show up most obviously in our daily lives as missing State and County Courts that have been usurped upon and substituted for by privately administered for-profit Territorial and Municipal Courts, and by the absence of the American-based Confederation of States of States that is supposed to be the primary Subcontractor of our Federal Government.

So now that we have a clear picture of what is supposed to be here, and what is missing and therefore needs to be “reconstructed”, we are prepared for another One Pager about the hitherto confusing subject of citizenship.

As you will see (FB Friends go to my website for this information) there are five (5) different political statuses in this country.

Two of these political statuses pertain to the actual government of this country and are populated by people acting as State Nationals (your basic birthright political status) or as People — also known as Lawful Persons — who are State Citizens involved in their State Government and occupying various Public Offices for the purposes of Self-Government.

These are the people of the Union known as The United States and the People of the Federation of States known as The United States of America — this is the “government of the people, for the people, and by the people” and the “People” who are owed the guarantees of the Federal Constitutions, both shown in the top portion of the One Pager.  These are the offices and Officers of our States.

Then we have three other Federal political statuses — one of which is virtually extinct, because it has to be occupied by volunteers in the absence of the Confederation of States of States.

That Missing Piece political status is that of a United States Citizen, or true Federal Citizen, as defined by the first Naturalization Act.  Here we find our Post Masters and our Coast Guard Admirals and our Postal District Courts.

Additionally, we have Territorial United States Citizens known as U.S. Citizens. Here we find the District Courts and Postmasters and Coast Guard Commandants.

Finally, we have Municipal “citizens of the United States” —that includes the Federal Civil Service and Agency personnel and corporations formed under and chartered by the Municipal Government allowed by Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.

Now, as with the One Pager, you can see all five (5) choices arrayed, and can better understand why the absence of the actual American component of the Federal Government and the absence of United States Citizens has been both such a problem — and such a rich feeding ground for crooks.

You have the absolute right and responsibility to choose and to publish and to record your political status, and if you wish to function as a traditional American, you have the right to step forward, act as a State Citizen, and assemble your State Assembly — by which you can Self-Govern.

Please note that The United States of America — our Federation of States — never went away.  It has stayed semi-dormant, but still “alive” through all the changes and ruses.  And The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, can take over and do anything that the missing Confederation could do.

This is because all “powers” of the Confederation were delegated to it by the Federation.  The delegated powers entrusted to the Confederation naturally revert to us and our Federation of States upon the Confederation’s incapacity.

So long as we populate and operate our States and our Federation of States the lack of an active Confederation is not crucial.

To fully restore the government the Founders intended requires our State Assemblies to reconstruct their American States of States and restore the Confederation, but in the meantime, we can hobble along with properly constituted State Assemblies and our Federation of States.

So, if you are an American born in this country or a Naturalized U.S. Citizen who wishes to obtain all the benefits of being an American, and you are not currently in the military or serving as Federal Civil Servant, you can come home, declare your proper political status and inherit the property assets and freedom you are owed.

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net to get started on your road to Self-Governance and to see the One Pager and now, being published for the first time —Citizenship Chart.

Find out what your political status is and decide what it should be.

Please note that we shall also be releasing a re-formatted version of the One Pager that makes it all a bit easier to read and reproduce.

I am forwarding the two charts this afternoon so you can expect them to appear on my website: www.annavonreitz.com and at www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net in the next few hours or so, if they are not attached to this communication.

Citizenship Chart Final  http://annavonreitz.com/citizenshipchartfinal.pdf

One Page Structure of American Government


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02 19 2020 Get the Picture Make It Viral



By Anna Von Reitz

Confucius says a picture is worth a thousand words.  So look—

Raw unmodulated electromagnetic radiation impacts your red blood cells in numerous ways, but principally by interfering with porphyrins that form hemoglobin, with cell connectivity, and with cell metabolism.  These changes make it harder for cells to use oxygen, which is already depleted in our atmosphere.  Take a look at these photos from the gr8Solutions.com website:


I am asking Paul to post a “poster” with this information on my website, and hope that everyone who has a website will follow suit.

Put simply, the raw electromagnetic radiation from our power plants and electrical grid and radio transmitters and now, microwave towers, have known health consequences that first appeared more than a century ago.

Now you can literally see the problem.

Vastly increased incidence of coronary disease, diabetes, and cancer arrived in tandem with the deployment of the electrical grid.  This was documented at the time, but Big Business — the Utilities, Big Pharma, and AMA — shoved the facts aside. Their cash cows were at stake.

So are your lives.

EM radiation can be modified and modulated to have beneficial effects instead of the harmful ones being produced today, but little or no effort is being made to provide systemic correction. There’s no profit incentive to the utility companies to protect their customers —and both Big Pharma and the AMA make a large percentage of their profits off these EM-induced diseases.

Go figure.  It will take mammoth public awareness and outcry to change this picture.



02 19 2020 Red Hot Highlights



 By Anna Von Reitz

Please note that Trump has 250,000 Troops deployed for reasons that nobody in the civilian world knows.  A quarter of a million men and women wearing “US” uniforms and flying our flag — “in our names” — while unwittingly working for a for-profit British Crown Corp franchise doing business as “the” UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

And they don’t even know they are operating as mercenaries.

It has been suggested that the US troops are being deployed against us, the feckless Americans who have left our country on autopilot for 160 years.

So here we all sit, waiting for the shoes to drop.  Watch to see if they are red slippers, Florsheim loafers, hobnail boots, or Italian hand-made.

Let’s recap the other Red Hot Highlights that all thinking people need to know:

Remember that carbon dioxide makes up about 1/300th of 1 percent of the atmosphere.

Remember that the carbon-calcium cycle and photosynthesis both immediately remove carbon dioxide from circulation.  That’s why carbon dioxide makes up such a tiny part of the atmosphere. The plants, algae, and corals gobble it up.

Read that: we do not have and cannot develop an over-abundance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Remember that The Greenhouse Gas Theory was proposed in 1824 and discarded for the simple reason that it violates The Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Read that — The Greenhouse Gas Theory is pure bunk, and scientists have known that for two hundred years.

Remember that in my lifetime the amount of atmospheric oxygen has dropped from around 21% to 16%.

Remember that atmospheric oxygen has dropped from 28% over the course of the last 20,000 years.

That is, we lost 7% over 20,000 years and another 5% in the last 60 years.

Anyone see a problem here?

The problem isn’t too much carbon dioxide.  It’s too little oxygen.

We are being lied to for power and profit, so until we wake up ourselves and face facts, we have no chance to address the actual problem.

What should we do to the Mindless Ones blathering day and night about the dangers of carbon dioxide and “emissions” on CNN and BBC and in corporate board rooms from here to Paris?

Maybe we should observe the facts and give them the 200 year-old news?

And now, the World Health Organization is mad at Robert David Steele, but I checked out what he brought forward and so should you.  Most of this is from a book called “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg —- here’s a quote to get you started:

“In 1889, full-scale electrification was carried out in the USA and, shortly thereafter, in Europe. That same year, as if by chance, doctors were inundated with cases of flu, which had until then appeared only infrequently. The victims’ symptoms were far more neurological in nature, resembling neurasthenia, and did not include respiratory disorders. The pandemic lasted for four years and killed at least a million people.
In 2001, Canadian astronomer Ken Tapping showed that the influenza pandemics over the previous three centuries correlated with peaks in solar magnetic activity, on an 11-year cycle. It has also been found that some outbreaks of influenza spread over enormous areas in just a few days – a fact that is difficult to explain by contagion from one person to another. Also, numerous experiments seeking to prove direct contagion through close contact, droplets of mucus or other processes have proved fruitless.
From 1933 to the present day, virologists have been unable to present any experimental study proving that influenza spreads through normal contact between people. All attempts to do so have met with failure.”

Read that: it’s time for a new theory.

It comes down to this: there is no way that a physical germ vector could spread fast enough to account for the observed facts presented by any of the major contagions we know about, but there is an explanation that could account for all of it, along with solving a great many other modern medical and scientific mysteries.

Here’s something I happen to know about that corroborates Firstenberg’s explanation of EM Radiation impacts on our biology—-

People suffering from inherited Porphyria were long ago observed to worsen when exposed to artificial electromagnetic fields.

Porphyria is caused by a genetic mutation that interferes with the enzymes that build “heme” — part of the hemoglobin molecule and this results in light sensitivity, skin ailments, nerve problems, anxiety, depression, hemolysis (spontaneous bruising and bleeding) and can cause mental problems — hallucinations — as well.

Porphyria is a serious and unpleasant condition and exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields makes it worse.  Why?

Hemoglobin carries oxygen in our blood, and Porphria reduces the amount of viable hemoglobin, therefore, also the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.

Combine that with decreasing atmospheric oxygen and what is today called “Electrical Sensitivity” and you get: headaches, dizziness, nausea, confusion, fatigue, nervous exhaustion, depression, muscle weakness, various kinds of blood disorders, internal bleeding and bruising, heart irregularities — symptoms akin to a hemorrhagic fever, independent of any biological vector at all.

The overall loss of oxygen in the atmosphere, the additional air pollution in China, and the deployment of 5G exposing people to much higher levels of EM radiation can very neatly account for the widespread symptoms of hemorrhagic fever.

It also explains the fact that people thought to be suffering from the corona virus are recovering with simple oxygen therapy in South Korea: https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-02-18-south-korea-successfully-treating-coronavirus-oxygen-therapy.html

There’s more.  When radio transmitters were established on the Isle of Wight back in 1904, the native bees began to die off.

And where else have we had a major league problem with bees conking over for no known reason?  America’s farm belt, right where and when microwave transmitters were being installed and wi-fi was being jammed into every kitchen cabinet.

The Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918 sheds more light — I quote Firstenberg again:

“[The Spanish Flu Epidemic] which actually began in the United States, at the Naval Radio School of Cambridge, Massachusetts, with 400 initial cases. This epidemic rapidly spread to 1,127 soldiers at Funston Camp (Kansas), where wireless connections had been installed. What intrigued the doctors was that while 15% of the civilian population were suffering from nosebleeds, 40% of the Navy suffered from them. Other bleeding also occurred, and a third of those who died did so due to internal hemorrhaging of the lungs or brain.

In fact, it was the composition of the blood that had been altered, as the measured coagulation time was more than twice as long as normal.

These symptoms are incompatible with the effects of the influenza respiratory viruses, but totally consistent with the devastating effects of electricity. Another incongruity was that two-thirds of the victims were healthy young people. A further atypical flu symptom was that the pulse slowed to rates of between 36 and 48, whereas this is a common result of exposure to electromagnetic fields.”

There’s more.  You may have heard that heart disease and cancer were comparatively unknown a century ago and that diabetes was rare, too—- all these new disease statistics have been blamed on diet and environmental pollution, but they in fact appeared and escalated at the same time as the electrical grid and high-power radio transmitters.  So — ?

Here’s another quote from The Invisible Rainbow:

“Graphs showing the statistics for death rates from heart disease broken down by the degree of electrification of the American states in 1931 and 1940 are also very explicit and leave no doubt as to the toxicity of electromagnetic fields for the heart, thus exonerating cholesterol and diets deemed too high in fat.”

And another Fun Fact — both Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell developed diabetes, which was very rare at the time.

There’s a lot more, but it culminates in this gem:

“In 1997, there was a 31% increase in the number of cases of diabetes in the United States in a single year, which  precisely correlated with the mass introduction of cell phones in the country.”

Firstenberg builds a convincing historical development that is consistent with observed facts and explains things that are otherwise inexplicable.

Spanish Influenza, dead bees, wild increases in heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and the reason that oxygen therapy is needed and why it helps people recover from the symptoms of the “corona virus”.  All in one swoop.

What remains to be seen is what we can do about it.

Here’s a start:

What the Omnia Radiation Balancer can do for you and your health

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