12-31-2014 11-28-58 AMBy Ron Ewart

December 31, 2014

A long, torturous human history has proven that without discipline, accountability and oversight, a child, an adult, a group of adults, or an institutional entity will slowly increase or exert his, her, or its power over time, even if there are laws or rules that restrict that power.

Such is the case in America today. Government, especially the federal government, has far exceeded its constitutional limits. In a long vacuum of accountability and over-sight, the federal government has evolved into increasing malfeasance, misfeasance, mis-appropriation of funds, graft, cronyism, nepotism, corruption, racketeering, double-dealing, collusion and improper or illicit personal behavior. It is not a case of what limits government. It has now become a case of whatever government wants to do without limits. No limits on power are the ingredients for corruption, racketeering and eventually a dictatorship.

CORRUPTION DEFINED: Wrongdoing on the part of an authority or powerful party through means that are illegitimate, immoral, or incompatible with ethical standards. Corruption often results from patronage and is associated with bribery. It is also defined as abuse of public office for private gain. Corruption manifests itself in the form of bribes, extortion, graft, patronage, nepotism, cronyism, theft, embezzlement and diversion of public or private revenues or assets. It exists in all cultures, countries, religions and institutions in different degrees of severity. Corruption is in fact, a negative human characteristic that is only offset by individual and societal honor, integrity and morality.

Ladies and gentlemen, whenever you hear a politician say “My Fellow Americans”, the hair should rise up on the back of your neck and you should check your wallet to see if there is any money left in it. The politician is not your “fellow” American. He is a member of the privileged class and the only time he really cares about you is at election time.

Leading up to the election he will lie through his teeth to get you to vote for him ….. or her. He will vigorously run down his opponent as being corrupt, in-experienced and unworthy. Once in office, he will aid and abet the waste, fraud and abuse of your money. In direct violation of his oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the U. S. Constitution, HE WILL NOT oversee and hold the federal bureaucracy accountable. (Article 1, Section 1) He can easily be bought by wealthy special interest groups and will grant favors to his relatives, friends and business associates. He will vote for the passage of laws that he never reads. He will add his vote to a law to which billions of taxpayer dollars are attached, when he knows full well America is broke and deep in debt. In the spirit of compromise, he will trash his principles, if he has any. The examples are almost endless.

He likes the federal bureaucracy because the special interests that influence the bureaucracies send him campaign donations for the same reason. He especially likes the IRS because it assures him the aggressive collection of the money he wants and needs to continue his socialist and radical environmental agenda and opulent lifestyle.

What is even more infuriating is that very few of these politicians, judges, or bureaucrats, have been impeached, fined, censored, excoriated, or gone to jail as punishment for their crimes, corrupt behavior and racketeering. This activity in government and even in private business has become so commonplace that the perpetrators believe what they are doing is perfectly moral and legal. In contrast, most of the people just don’t care.

Most politicians, judges, or bureaucrats, no matter in which party, are hopelessly corrupt and devoid of honor, because they can be. No one is holding them accountable, certainly not the people. The politicians, judges and bureaucrats are beholden to the “system”, which has become equally corrupt. The unfortunate truth is, the longer politicians, judges and bureaucrats are in office the more likely they are corrupt and will openly engage in the racket government has become.

Government oversight of itself is a joke and those in government that are watching each other are the proverbial fox guarding the henhouse. As a result, most of America’s institutions are corrupt as well and they have been growing more corrupt since the early 19 hundreds. Corruption is embedded throughout the fabric of all government, local, state, or federal.

The $1.1 Trillion, 1,600-page Omnibus Bill, just passed by the House and Senate in December and signed by the President is a prime example. Just like Obama’s almost $1 Trillion Stimulus Bill passed by the Democrats in 2010, the 2014 Omnibus Bill is so full of pork and special favors for special interests, it is a stiff poke in the eye for every American and a raid on their wallets and constitutional rights. Additionally, it is estimated that government wastes as much as 20% of its budget (your taxpayer dollars) to fraud and abuse. In the current Omnibus Bill that amounts to $220,000,000,000. $220 Billion Dollars ….. WASTED AND THEY HAVE TO BORROW THE MONEY TO PAY IT! Why isn’t every American seething with anger!

By passing the Omnibus Bill with the Democrats, the Republicans rolled over to the President’s lawlessness on immigration and other illegal actions he has taken. The Omnibus Bill hardly represented what the people voted for in November 2014 when they gave the Senate back to the Republicans. But then, as many of us know, it is business as usual in the racketeering capitol of America, no matter on which side of the aisle this privileged class hangs their hats.

One hundred plus years of giving the federal government its head and not resisting each grab of power reserved unto the states and the people in the 10th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, has led to a central government with almost virtual absolute power over the people. A totally unchecked fourth branch of government, now existing in the ever-expanding federal bureaucracies, has turned the Bill of Rights into just so much meaningless mush. Just try using your alleged constitutional property rights in defense against punitive actions levied by the EPA, or your local land use department.

This institutionalized corruption has become systemic at every level of government where graft, payoffs, bribes, nepotism, cronyism, legislating from the bench and unconstitutional law making are the rule rather than the exception. Businesses are corrupt, unions are corrupt and our entire public education system is corrupt, including all of our liberal colleges. Our judicial system of judges and attorneys is so corrupt it makes justice more than just blind it makes it a fraud and a domain that only the rich can afford. Wealthy special interest groups have more power to influence legislation than the average citizen. This all leads to collusion and racketeering between the parties that are in bed with government.

RACKETEERING: Traditionally, racketeering is defined as obtaining or extorting money illegally or carrying on illegal business activities, usually by Organized Crime. A pattern of illegal activity carried out as part of an enterprise that is owned or controlled by those who are engaged in the illegal activity. The latter definition derives from the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corruption Organizations Act (RICO), a set of laws (18 U.S.C.A. § 1961 et seq. [1970]) specifically designed to punish racketeering by business enterprises.

Isn’t it interesting that the government passed a law against racketeering in business but didn’t include punishments for the same type of illegal activities in government? Sure, there are federal laws on the books that call what they are doing illegal, but the only people that have enforcement authority for those laws, are the very same people breaking the laws. Has anyone heard of Wrangle, Frank, Trafficant, Conningham, or Barack Hussein Obama?

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are in fact under-funded, government-sponsored Ponzi schemes destined for bankruptcy, a fraud and a racket by any definition. The IRS has become nothing more than a protection racket to extort money illegally from the hapless, brainwashed taxpayer to pay for the Ponzi schemes and the interest profits of the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve is a racket that manipulates trillions of dollars for the benefit of the Federal Reserve and the international central banks. The Federal Reserve works in collusion with the U. S. Treasury Department, the IMF and the international central banks. That’s racketeering.

What is hard for most people to understand is that it is always about power. In a Democracy, votes are the power. Throughout history, socialists or dictators, in every country, found that they could remain in power by exploiting the weakness in man by giving him something for free in exchange for his or her vote. That’s the epitome of graft and corruption. It goes all the way back to the Romans and maybe further. The people have been falling for this ploy for the last 3,000 years in country after country and century after century, to their own detriment, starvation and death. And now this corruption and racketeering have infected America in the 20th and 21st centuries.

The political liar can’t be successful if the people will expose the lies. Socialism is the biggest lie of all. Socialism is the manifestation of a corrupt government that engages in racketeering for its own power and gain. It exists in a dark world of unintended consequences and the law of diminishing returns. Eventually, the socialists run out of other people’s money to distribute. Then the riots begin, as in Greece and other socialist countries. Hitler, Stalin and Mao all knew this and when they couldn’t keep their promises, they started viciously intimidating the people at the point of a gun, or starving and murdering them ….. by the millions.

In the end, after putting all the “isms” and parties aside, it is all about power over the masses by the elite few, overwhelming the masses in un-payable debt, making them debt slaves and coning them into paying for (with their taxes) unfunded, give-away Ponzi schemes for their votes, all hidden in the shadowy world of corruption and racketeering.

Unfortunately, morality, honor, integrity and honesty seem to be rarities these days, especially in politicians when socialism and its two brothers, corruption and racketeering, replace morality, honor, integrity and honesty in government and in the culture itself.

Without honor in government and in the people, a free society cannot exist.

So ladies and gentlemen, how much would you give in money and time if you knew there was an effective, sure-fire way to peacefully break this cycle of corruption and racketeering in government and eventually in business? Because, if the cycle can’t be broken peacefully, Americans face two choices: 1) capitulate to rising government power and become unwitting slaves, or, 2) revolt in open violence. For those who know history and can impute the future from the past and current trends, the choice should be an easy one. As a wise man once said, “if you open your eyes, you can’t be taken by surprise.”

© 2014 Ron Ewart — All Rights Reserved

Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, “In Defense of Rural America”, is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) (http://www.narlo.org) a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State, an advocate and consultant for urban and rural landowners. He can be reached for comment at info@narlo.org.

Website: www.narlo.org

E-Mail: info@narlo.org

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You’re Either a Cop, or Little People: The American Police State in 2014



By John W. Whitehead

December 30, 2014

“You’re either a cop or little people.”—Police captain Harry Bryant in Blade Runner

For those of us who have managed to survive 2014 with our lives intact and our freedoms hanging by a thread, it has been a year of crackdowns, clampdowns, shutdowns, showdowns, shootdowns, standdowns, knockdowns, putdowns, breakdowns, lockdowns, takedowns, slowdowns, meltdowns, and never-ending letdowns.

We’ve been held up, stripped down, faked out, photographed, frisked, fracked, hacked, tracked, cracked, intercepted, accessed, spied on, zapped, mapped, searched, shot at, tasered, tortured, tackled, trussed up, tricked, lied to, labeled, libeled, leered at, shoved aside, saddled with debt not of our own making, sold a bill of goods about national security, tuned out by those representing us, tossed aside, and taken to the cleaners.

As I point out in my book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, we’ve had our freedoms turned inside out, our democratic structure flipped upside down, and our house of cards left in a shambles.

We’ve had our children burned by flashbang grenades, our dogs shot, and our old folks hospitalized after “accidental” encounters with marauding SWAT teams. We’ve been told that as citizens we have no rights within 100 miles of our own border, now considered “Constitution-free zones.” We’ve had our faces filed in government databases, our biometrics crosschecked against criminal databanks, and our consumerist tendencies catalogued for future marketing overtures.

We’ve been given the runaround on government wrongdoing, starting with President Obama’s claim that the National Security Agency has never abused its power to spy on Americans’ phone calls and emails. All the while, the NSA has been racing to build a supercomputer that could break through “every kind of encryption used to protect banking, medical, business and government records around the world.” Despite the fact that the NSA’s domestic surveillance program has been shown to be ineffective at preventing acts of terrorism, the agency continues to vacuum up almost 200 million text messages a day.

We’ve seen the police transformed from community peacekeepers to point guards for the militarized corporate state. From Boston to Ferguson and every point in between, police have pushed around, prodded, poked, probed, scanned, shot and intimidated the very individuals—we the taxpayers—whose rights they were hired to safeguard. Networked together through fusion centers, police have surreptitiously spied on our activities and snooped on our communications, using hi-tech devices provided by the Department of Homeland Security.

We’ve been deemed suspicious for engaging in such dubious activities as talking too long on a cell phone and stretching too long before jogging, dubbed extremists and terrorists for criticizing the government and suggesting it is tyrannical or oppressive, and subjected to forced colonoscopies and anal probes for allegedly rolling through a stop sign.

We’ve been arrested for all manner of “crimes” that never used to be considered criminal, let alone uncommon or unlawful, behavior: letting our kids walk to the playground alone, giving loose change to a homeless man, feeding the hungry, and living off the grid.

We’ve been sodomized, victimized, jeopardized, demoralized, traumatized, stigmatized, vandalized, demonized, polarized and terrorized, often without having done anything to justify such treatment. Blame it on a government mindset that renders us guilty before we’ve even been charged, let alone convicted, of any wrongdoing. In this way, law-abiding individuals have had their homes mistakenly raided by SWAT teams that got the address wrong. One accountant found himself at the center of a misguided police standoff after surveillance devices confused his license plate with that of a drug felon.

We’ve been railroaded into believing that our votes count, that we live in a democracy, that elections make a difference, that it matters whether we vote Republican or Democrat, and that our elected officials are looking out for our best interests. Truth be told, we live in an oligarchy, politicians represent only the profit motives of the corporate state, whose leaders know all too well that there is no discernible difference between red and blue politics, because there is only one color that matters in politics—green.

We’ve gone from having privacy in our inner sanctums to having nowhere to hide, with smart pills that monitor the conditions of our bodies, homes that spy on us (with smart meters that monitor our electric usage and thermostats and light switches that can be controlled remotely) and cars that listen to our conversations and track our whereabouts. Even our cities have become wall-to-wall electronic concentration camps, with police now able to record hi-def video of everything that takes place within city limits.

We’ve had our schools locked down, our students handcuffed, shackled and arrested for engaging in childish behavior such as food fights, our children’s biometrics stored, their school IDs chipped, their movements tracked, and their data bought, sold and bartered for profit by government contractors, all the while they are treated like criminals and taught to march in lockstep with the police state.

We’ve been rendered enemy combatants in our own country, denied basic due process rights, held against our will without access to an attorney or being charged with a crime, and left to molder in jail until such a time as the government is willing to let us go or allow us to defend ourselves.

We’ve had the very military weapons we funded with our hard-earned tax dollars used against us, from unpiloted, weaponized drones tracking our movements on the nation’s highways and byways and armored vehicles, assault rifles, sound cannons and grenade launchers in towns with little to no crime to an arsenal of military-grade weapons and equipment given free of charge to schools and universities.

We’ve been silenced, censored and forced to conform, shut up in free speech zones, gagged by hate crime laws, stifled by political correctness, muzzled by misguided anti-bullying statutes, and pepper sprayed for taking part in peaceful protests.

We’ve been shot by police for reaching for a license during a traffic stop, reaching for a baby during a drug bust, carrying a toy sword down a public street, and wearing headphones that hamper our ability to hear.

We’ve had our tax dollars spent on $30,000 worth of Starbucks for Dept. of Homeland Security employees, $630,000 in advertising to increase Facebook “likes” for the State Dept., and close to $25 billion to fund projects ranging from the silly to the unnecessary, such as laughing classes for college students and programs teaching monkeys to play video games and gamble.

We’ve been treated like guinea pigs, targeted by the government and social media for psychological experiments on how to manipulate the masses. We’ve been tasered for talking back to police, tackled for taking pictures of police abuses, and threatened with jail time for invoking our rights. We’ve even been arrested by undercover cops stationed in public bathrooms who interpret men’s “shaking off” motions after urinating to be acts of lewdness.

We’ve had our possessions seized and stolen by law enforcement agencies looking to cash in on asset forfeiture schemes, our jails privatized and used as a source of cheap labor for megacorporations, our gardens smashed by police seeking out suspicious-looking marijuana plants, and our buying habits turned into suspicious behavior by a government readily inclined to view its citizens as terrorists.

We’ve had our cities used for military training drills, with Black Hawk helicopters buzzing the skies, Urban Shield exercises overtaking our streets, and active shooter drills wreaking havoc on unsuspecting bystanders in our schools, shopping malls and other “soft target” locations.

We’ve been told that national security is more important than civil liberties, that police dogs’ noses are sufficient cause to carry out warrantless searches, that the best way not to get raped by police is to “follow the law,” that what a police officer says in court will be given preference over what video footage shows, that an upright posture and acne are sufficient reasons for a cop to suspect you of wrongdoing, that police can stop and search a driver based solely on an anonymous tip, and that police officers have every right to shoot first and ask questions later if they feel threatened.

Now there are those who still insist that they are beyond the reach of the police state because they have done nothing wrong and have nothing to fear. To those sanctimonious few, secure in their delusions, let this be a warning: the danger posed by the American police state applies equally to all of us: lawbreaker and law abider alike, black and white, rich and poor, liberal and conservative, blue collar and white collar, and any other distinction you’d care to trot out.

The lesson of 2014 is simply this: in a police state, you’re either a cop or you’re one of the little people. Right now, we are the little people, the servants, the serfs, the grunts who must obey without question or suffer the consequences.

If there is to be any hope in 2015 for restoring our freedoms and reclaiming our runaway government, we will have to start by breathing life into those three powerful words that set the tone for everything that follows in the Constitution: “we the people.”

It’s time to stop waiting patiently for change to happen and, as Gandhi once advised, be the change you want to see in the world.

Get mad, get outraged, get off your duff and get out of your house, get in the streets, get in people’s faces, get down to your local city council, get over to your local school board, get your thoughts down on paper, get your objections plastered on protest signs, get your neighbors, friends and family to join their voices to yours, get your representatives to pay attention to your grievances, get your kids to know their rights, get your local police to march in lockstep with the Constitution, get your media to act as watchdogs for the people and not lapdogs for the corporate state, get your act together, and get your house in order.

In other words, get moving. Time is growing short, and the police state is closing in. Power to the people!

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The Outlook for the New Year



By Paul Craig Roberts

 Dear Readers: The conflict that Washington has initiated between the West and Russia/China is reckless and irresponsible. Nuclear war could be the outcome. Indeed, Washington has been preparing for nuclear war since the George W. Bush regime.

Washington has revised US war doctrine in order to initiate conflict with a first strike nuclear attack.
Washington has discarded the ABM treaty in order to build and deploy anti-ballistic missiles that are intended to prevent a retaliatory strike against the US. Washington is engaged in a buildup of military forces on Russia’s borders, and Washington is demonizing Russia’s government with false charges.
As the Bush/Obama regimes dismantled the safeguards put in place in order to minimize the risk of nuclear war, no protests came from the American public or the media. Washington’s European vassal states have also been silent.
Washington’s drive for hegemony has brought nuclear insanity to the world.
Moscow and Beijing understand that they are Washington’s targets. As Larchmonter explains, Russia and China are conjoining their economic and military capabilities in order to protect against Washington’s attack. 
Washington’s demonization of Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, and Assad were preludes to military attacks on Iraq, Libya, and Syria. In view of these precedents, it is reasonable to regard Washington’s demonization of Vladimir Putin as a prelude to military action.
Russia is not Iraq, Libya, or Syria. Russian war doctrine states that Russia can use nuclear weapons in response to a nuclear or conventional attack on Russia. For the world to sit silent while Washington’s arrogance provokes armageddon telegraphs total political failure. Where are the voices in behalf of humanity?

The Outlook for the New Year

Paul Craig Roberts

Washington has shaped 2015 to be a year of conflict. The conflict could be intense.

Washington is the cause of the conflict, which has been brewing for some time. Russia was too weak to do anything about it when the Clinton regime pushed NATO to Russia’s borders and illegally attacked Yugoslavia, breaking the country into small easily controlled pieces. Russia was also too weak to do anything about it when the George W. Bush regime withdrew from the ABM treaty and undertook to locate anti-ballistic missile bases on Russia’s borders. Washington lied to Moscow that the purpose of the ABM bases is to protect Europe from non-existent Iranian nuclear ICBMs. However, Moscow understood that the purpose of the ABM bases is to degrade Russia’s nuclear deterrent, thereby enhancing Washington’s ability to coerce Russia into agreements that compromise Russian sovereignty.

By summer 2008 Russian power had returned. On Washington’s orders, the US and Israeli trained and equipped Georgian army attacked the breakaway republic of South Ossetia during the early hours of August 8, killing Russian peacekeepers and civilian population. Units of the Russian military instantly responded and within a few hours the American trained and equipped Georgian army was routed and defeated. Georgia was in Russia’s hands again, where the province had resided during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Putin should have hung Mikheil Saakashvili, the American puppet installed as president of Georgia by the Washington-instigated “Rose Revolution”, and reincorporated Georgia into the Russian Federation. Instead, in a strategic error, Russia withdrew its forces, leaving Washington’s puppet regime in place to cause future trouble for Russia. Washington is pushing hard to incorporate Georgia into NATO, thus adding more US military bases on Russia’s border. However, at the time, Moscow thought Europe to be more independent of Washington than it is and relied on good relations with Europe to keep American bases out of Georgia.

Today the Russian government no longer has any illusion that Europe is capable of an independent foreign policy. Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated publicly that Russia has learned that diplomacy with Europe is pointless, because European politicians represent Washington’s interest, not Europe’s. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently acknowledged that Europe’s Captive Nation status has made it clear to Russia that Russian goodwill gestures are unable to produce diplomatic results.

With Moscow’s delusion shattered that diplomacy with the West can produce peaceful solutions, reality has set in, reinforced by the demonization of Vladimir Putin by Washington and its vassal states. Hillary Clinton called Putin the new Hitler. While Washington incorporates former constituent parts of the Russian and Soviet empires into its own empire and bombs seven countries, Washington claims that Putin is militarily aggressive and intends to reconstitute the Soviet empire. Washington arms the neo-nazi regime Obama established in Ukraine, while erroneously claiming that Putin has invaded and annexed Ukrainian provinces. All of these blatant lies are echoed repeatedly by the Western presstitutes. Not even Hitler had such a compliant media as Washington has.

Every diplomatic effort by Russia has been blocked by Washington and has come to naught. So now Russia has been forced by reality to update its military doctrine. The new doctrine approved on December 26 states that the US and NATO comprise a major military threat to the existence of Russia as a sovereign independent country.

The Russian document cites Washington’s war doctrine of pre-emptive nuclear attack, deployment of anti-ballistic missiles, buildup of NATO forces, and intent to deploy weapons in space as clear indications that Washington is preparing to attack Russia.

Washington is also conducting economic and political warfare against Russia, attempting to destabilize the economy with economic sanctions and attacks on the ruble. The Russian document acknowledges that Russia faces Western threats of regime change achieved through “actions aimed at violent change of the Russian constitutional order, destabilization of the political and social environment, and disorganization of the functioning of governmental bodies, crucial civilian and military facilities and informational infrastructure of Russia.” Foreign financed NGOs and foreign owned Russian media are tools in Washington’s hands for destabilizing Russia.

Washington’s reckless aggressive policy against Russia has resurrected the nuclear arms race. Russia is developing two new ICBM systems and in 2016 will deploy a weapons system designed to negate the US anti-ballistic missile system. In short, the evil warmongers that rule in Washington have set the world on the path to nuclear armageddon.

The Russian and Chinese governments both understand that their existence is threatened by Washington’s hegemonic ambitions. Larchmonter reports that in order to defeat Washington’s plans to marginalize both countries, the Russian and Chinese governments have decided to unify their economies into one and to conjoin their military commands. Henceforth, Russia and China move together on the economic and military fronts. http://www.mediafire.com/view/08rzue8ffism94t/China-

The unity of the Bear and the Dragon reduces the crazed neoconservatives’ dream of “an American century” to dangerous nonsense. As Larchmonter puts it, “The US and NATO would need Michael the Archangel to defeat China-Russia, and from all signs Michael the Archangel is aligned with the Bear and its Orthodox culture. There is no weapon, no strategy, no tactic conceivable in the near future to damage either of these rising economies now that they are ‘base pairs.’”

Larchmonter sees hope in the new geopolitics created by the conjoining of Russia and China. I don’t dispute this, but if the arrogant neoconservatives realize that their hegemonic policy has created a foe over which Washington cannot prevail, they will push for a pre-emptive nuclear strike before the Russian-Chinese unified command is fully operational. To forestall a sneak attack, Russia and China should operate on full nuclear alert.

The US economy–indeed the entire Western orientated economy from Japan to Europe–is a house of cards. Since the economic downturn began seven years ago, the entirety of Western economic policy has been diverted to the support of a few over-sized banks, sovereign debt, and the US dollar. Consequently, the economies themselves and the ability of populations to cope have deteriorated.

The financial markets are based on manipulation, not on fundamentals. The manipulation is untenable. With debt exploding, negative real interest rates make no sense. With real consumer incomes, real consumer credit, and real retail sales stagnant or falling, the stock market is a bubble. With Russia, China, and other countries moving away from the use of the dollar to settle international accounts, with Russia developing an alternative to the SWIFT financial network, the BRICS developing alternatives to the IMF and World Bank, and with other parts of the world developing their own credit card and Internet systems, the US dollar, along with the Japanese and European currencies that are being printed in order to support the dollar’s exchange value, could experience a dramatic drop in exchange value, which would make the import-dependent Western world dysfunctional.

In my opinion, it took the Russians and Chinese too long to comprehend the evil that has control in Washington. Therefore, both countries risk nuclear attack prior to the full operational capability of their conjoined defense. As the Western economy is a house of cards, Russia and China could collapse the Western economy before the neoconservatives can drive the world to war. As Washington’s aggression against both countries is crystal clear, Russia and China have every right to the following defensive measures.

As the US and EU are conducting economic warfare against Russia, Russia could claim that by wrecking the Russian economy the West has deprived Russia of the ability to repay loans to the European banks. If this does not bring down the thinly capitalized EU banks, Russia can announce that as NATO countries are now officially recognized by Russian war doctrine as an enemy of the Russian state, Russia can no longer support NATO’s aggression against Russia by selling natural gas to NATO members. If the shutdown of much of European industry, rapidly rising rates of unemployment, and bank failures do not result in the dissolution of NATO and thus the end of the threat, the Chinese can act.

The Chinese hold a very large amount of dollar-denominated financial assets. Just as the Federal Reserve’s agents, the bullion banks, dump massive shorts onto the bullion futures markets during periods of little activity in order to drive down the bullion price, China can dump the equivalent in US Treasuries of years of Quantitative Easing in a few minutes. If the Federal Reserve quickly creates dollars with which to purchase the enormous quantity of Treasuries so that the financial house of cards does not implode, the Chinese can then dump the dollars that they are paid for the bonds in the currency market. Whereas the Federal Reserve can print dollars with which to purchase the Treasuries, the Fed cannot print foreign currencies with which to buy the dollars.

The dollar would collapse, and with it the power of the Hegemon. The war would be over without a shot or missile fired.

In my view, Russia and China owe it to the world to prevent the nuclear war intended by the neoconservatives simply by replying in kind to Washington’s economic warfare. Russia and China hold all the cards. Not Washington.

Russia and China should give no warning. They should just act. Indeed, instead of step by step, Russia and China could simultaneously use the counter-measures. With four US banks holding derivatives totaling many times world GDP, the financial explosion would be the equivalent to a nuclear one. The US and Europe would be finished, and the world would be saved.

Larchmonter possibly is correct. 2015 could be a very good year, but pre-emptive economic moves by Moscow and Beijing could be required. Putin’s current plan seems to be to turn away from the West, ignore the provocations, and mesh Russia’s strategic and economic interests with those of Asia. This is a humane and reasonable course of action, but it leaves the West untroubled and undistracted by its economic vulnerabilities. An untroubled West remains a grave danger not only to Russia and China but also to Americans and the entire world.


Bend over, and


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From Energy War to Currency War Americas Attack on the Russian Ruble





By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

Global Research, December 26, 2014


A multi-spectrum war is being waged against Moscow by Washington. If there are any doubts about this, they should be put to rest. Geopolitics, science and technology, speculation, financial markets, information streams, large business conglomerates, intelligentsia, mass communication, social media, the internet, popular culture, news networks, international institutions, sanctions, audiences, public opinion, nationalism, different governmental bodies and agencies, identity politics, proxy wars, diplomacy, countervailing international alliances, major business agreements, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), human rights, prestige, military personnel, capital, and psychological tactics are all involved in this multi-spectrum war. On a daily basis this struggle can be seen playing out on the airwaves, in the war theaters in Ukraine and the Middle East, through the statements and accusations of diplomats, and in the economic sphere.

Additionally, the debates and questions on whether a new cold war—a post-Cold War cold war—has emerged or if the Cold War never ended should be put to rest too. The mentality of the Cold War never died in the Washington Beltway. From the perspective of Russian officials, it is clear that the US never put down its war mace and continued the offensive. The dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, defeating the Soviets and Eastern Bloc, and seeing the Soviet Union dismantled into fifteen republics was not enough for the Cold War warriors in the US. The newly emergent Russian Federation had to be placated in their views.

Petro-politics have been a major feature of this multi-spectrum war too. [1] Not only have energy prices been a factor in this struggle, but so are financial markets and national currencies. The manipulated decline in the price of energy, which has been driven by the flooding of the global market with oil, is now being augmented by a siege on the value of the Russian ruble. This is part of what appears to be a deliberate two-pronged attack on the Russian Federation that seeks to cut Russia’s revenues through market manipulation via economic sanctions and price drops. It is what you would call a «double whammy». While sanctions have been imposed on the Russian economy by the US and its allies, including Australia, Canada, the European Union, and Japan, offensives on Russia’s main source of revenue — energy — and its national currency have taken place.

Currency Warfare and Inflation

The price of the Russian ruble begun to drop in December 2014 as a consequence of the economic siege on the Russian Federation, the drop in global energy prices, and speculation. «Judging by the situation in the country, we are in the midst of a deep currency crisis, one that even Central Bank employees say they could not have foreseen in their worst nightmares», Interfax’s Vyacheslav Terekhov commented on the currency crisis while talking to Russian President Vladimir Putin during a Kremlin press conference on December 18, 2014. [2] Putin himself admitted this too at the press conference. While answering Terekhov, Putin explained that «the situation has changed under the influence of certain foreign economic factors, primarily the price of energy resources, of oil and consequently of gas as well». [3]

Some may think that the drop in the Russian ruble’s value is a result of the market acting on its own while others who recognize that there is market manipulation involved may turn around and blame it on the Russian government and Vladimir Putin. This process, however, has been guided by US machinations. It is simply not a result of the market acting on its own or the result of Kremlin policies. It is the result of US objectives and policy that deliberately targets Russia for destabilization and devastation. This is why Putin answered Terekhov’s question by saying that the drop in the value of the Russian ruble «was obviously provoked primarily by external factors». [4]

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Both US Assistant-Secretary of State Victoria Nuland — the wife of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) co-founder and neo-conservative advocate for empire Robert Kagan — and US Assistant-Secretary of the Treasury Daniel Glaser told the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives in May 2014 that the objectives of the US economic sanctions strategy against the Russian Federation was not only to damage the trade ties and business between Russia and the EU, but to also bring about economic instability in Russia and to create currency instability and inflation. [5] In other words, the US government was targeting the Russian ruble for devaluation and the Russian economy for inflation since at least May 2014.

It appears that the US is trying to manipulate the Kremlin into spending Russia’s resources and fiscal reserves to fight the inflation of the Russian ruble that Washington has engineered. The Kremlin, however, will not take the bait and be goaded into depleting the approximately $419 billion (US) foreign currency reserves and gold holdings of the Russian Federation or any of Russia’s approximately 8.4 trillion ruble reserves in an effort to prop the declining value of the Russian ruble. In this regard, while holding a press conference, President Putin stated the following on December 18, 2014: «The Central Bank does not intend to ‘burn’ them all senselessly, which is right». [6] Putin emphasized this again when answering Vyacheslav Terekhov’s question by saying that the Russian government and Russian Central Bank «should not hand out our gold and foreign currency reserves or burn them on the market, but provide lending resources». [7]

The Kremlin understands what Washington is trying to do. The US is replaying old game plans against Russia. The energy price manipulation, the currency devaluation, and even US attempts to entrap Russia in a conflict with its sister-republic Ukraine are all replays of US tactics that have been used before during the Cold War and after 1991. For example, dragging Russia into Ukraine would be a replay of how the US dragged the Soviet Union into Afghanistan whereas the manipulation of energy prices and currency markets would parallel the US strategy used to weaken and destabilize Baathist Iraq, Iran, and the Soviet Union during the Afghan-Soviet War and Iran-Iran War.

Instead of trying to stop the value of the ruble from dropping, the Kremlin appears to have decided to strategically invest in Russia’s human capital. Russia’s national reserve funds will be used to diversify the national economy and strengthen the social and public sectors. Despite the economic warfare against Russia, this is exactly why the wages of teachers in schools, professors in post-secondary institutions of learning and training, employees of cultural institutions, doctors in hospitals and clinics, paramedics, and nurses — the most important sectors for developing Russia’s human capital and capacity — have all been raised.

The Russian Bear Courts the Turkish Grey Wolf

The Kremlin, however, has an entire list of options at its disposal for countering the US offensive against Russia. One of them involves the courting of Turkey. The Russian courtship of Turkey has involved the Russian move away from the construction of the South Stream natural gas pipeline from Russia across the Black Sea to Bulgaria.

Putin announced that Russia has cancelled the South Stream project on December 1, 2014. Instead the South Stream pipeline project has been replaced by a natural gas pipeline that goes across the Black Sea to Turkey from the Russian Federation’s South Federal District. This alternative pipeline has been popularly billed the «Turk Stream» and partners Russian energy giant Gazprom with Turkey’s Botas. Moreover, Gazprom will start giving Turkey discounts in the purchase of Russian natural gas that will increase with the intensification of Russo-Turkish cooperation.

The natural gas deal between Ankara and Moscow creates a win-win situation for both the Turkish and Russian sides. Not only will Ankara get a discount on energy supplies, but Turk Stream gives the Turkish government what it has wanted and desired for years. The Turk Stream pipeline will make Turkey an important energy corridor and transit point, complete with transit revenues. In this case Turkey becomes the corridor between energy supplier Russia and European Union and non-EU energy customers in southeastern Europe. Ankara will gain some leverage over the European Union and have an extra negotiating card with the EU too, because the EU will have to deal with it as an energy broker.

For its part, Russia has reduced the risks that it faced in building the South Stream by cancelling the project. Moscow could have wasted resources and time building the South Stream to see the project sanctioned or obstructed in the Balkans by Washington and Brussels. If the European Union really wants Russian natural gas then the Turk Stream pipeline can be expanded from Turkey to Greece, the former Yugoslav Republic (FYR) of Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, and other European countries that want to be integrated into the energy project.

The cancellation of South Stream also means that there will be one less alternative energy corridor from Russia to the European Union for some time. This has positive implications for a settlement in Ukraine, which is an important transit route for Russian natural gas to the European Union. As a means of securing the flow of natural gas across Ukrainian territory from Russia, the European Union will be more prone to push the authorities in Kiev to end the conflict in East Ukraine.

In more ways than one the Turk Stream pipeline can be viewed as a reconfigured of the failed Nabucco natural gas pipeline. Not only will Turk Stream court Turkey and give Moscow leverage against the European Union, instead of reducing Russian influence as Nabucco was originally intended to do, the new pipeline to Turkey also coaxes Ankara to align its economic and strategic interests with those of Russian interests. This is why, when addressing Nabucco and the rivalries for establishing alternate energy corridors, this author pointed out in 2007 that «the creation of these energy corridors and networks is like a two-edged sword. These geo-strategic fulcrums or energy pivots can also switch their directions of leverage. The integration of infrastructure also leads towards economic integration». [8]

The creation of Turk Stream and the strengthening of Russo-Turkish ties may even help placate the gory conflict in Syria. If Iranian natural gas is integrated into the mainframe of Turk Stream through another energy corridor entering Anatolia from Iranian territory, then Turkish interests would be even more tightly aligned with both Moscow and Tehran. Turkey will save itself from the defeats of its neo-Ottoman policies and be able to withdraw from the Syrian crisis. This will allow Ankara to politically realign itself with two of its most important trading partners, Iran and Russia.

It is because of the importance of Irano-Turkish and Russo-Turkish trade and energy ties that Ankara has had an understanding with both Russia and Iran not to let politics and their differences over the Syrian crisis get in the way of their economic ties and business relationships while Washington has tried to disrupt Irano-Turkish and Russo-Turkish trade and energy ties like it has disrupted trade ties between Russia and the EU. [9] Ankara, however, realizes that if it lets politics disrupt its economic ties with Iran and Russia that Turkey itself will become weakened and lose whatever independence it enjoys

Masterfully announcing the Russian move while in Ankara, Putin also took the opportunity to ensure that there would be heated conversation inside the EU. Some would call this rubbing salt on the wounds. Knowing that profit and opportunity costs would create internal debate within Bulgaria and the EU, Putin rhetorically asked if Bulgaria was going to be economically compensated by the European Commission for the loss.

The Russian Bear and the Chinese Dragon

It is clear that Russian business and trade ties have been redirected to the People’s Republic of China and East Asia. On the occasion of the Sino-Russian mega natural gas deal, this author pointed out that this was not as much a Russian countermove to US economic pressure as it was really a long-term Russian strategy that seeks an increase in trade and ties with East Asia. [10] Vladimir Putin himself also corroborated this standpoint during the December 18 press conference mentioned earlier when he dismissed — like this author — the notion that the so-called «Russian turn to the East» was mainly the result of the crisis in Ukraine.

In President Putin’s own words, the process of increasing business ties with the Chinese and East Asia «stems from the global economic processes, because the East – that is, the Asia-Pacific Region – shows faster growth than the rest of the world». [11] If this is not convincing enough that the turn towards East Asia was already in the works for Russia, then Putin makes it categorically clear as he proceeds talking at the December 18 press conference. In reference to the Sino-Russian gas deal and other Russian projects in East Asia, Putin explained the following: «The projects we are working on were planned long ago, even before the most recent problems occurred in the global or Russian economy. We are simply implementing our long-time plans». [12]

From the perspective of Russian Presidential Advisor Sergey Glazyev, the US is waging its multi-spectrum war against Russia to ultimately challenge Moscow’s Chinese partners. In an insightful interview, Glazyev explained the following points to the Ukrainian journalist Alyona Berezovskaya — working for a Rossiya Segodnya subsidiary focusing on information involving Ukraine — about the basis for US hostility towards Russia: the bankruptcy of the US, its decline in competitiveness on global markets, and Washington’s inability to ultimately save its financial system by servicing its foreign debt or getting enough investments to establish some sort of innovative economic breakthrough are the reasons why Washington has been going after the Russian Federation. [13] In Glazyev’s own words, the US wants «a new world war». [14] The US needs conflict and confrontation, in other words. This is what the crisis in Ukraine is nurturing in Europe.

Sergey Glazyev reiterates the same points months down the road on September 23, 2014 in an article he authors for the magazine Russia in Global Affairs, which is sponsored by the Russian International Affairs Council — a think-tank founded by the Russian Foreign Ministry and Russian Ministry of Education 2010 — and the US journal Foreign Affairs — which is the magazine published by the Council on Foreign Relation in the US. In his article, Glazyev adds that the war Washington is inciting against Russia in Europe may ultimately benefit the Chinese, because the struggle being waged will weaken the US, Russia, and the European Union to the advantage of China. [15] The point of explaining all this is to explain that Russia wants a balanced strategic partnership with China. Glazyev himself even told Berezovskaya in their interview that Russia wants a mutually beneficial relationship with China that does reduce it to becoming a subordinate to Beijing. [16]

Without question, the US wants to disrupt the strategic partnership between Beijing and Moscow. Moscow’s strategic long-term planning and Sino-Russian cooperation has provided the Russia Federation with an important degree of economic and strategic insulation from the economic warfare being waged against the Russian national economy. Washington, however, may also be trying to entice the Chinese to overplay their hand as Russia is economically attacked. In this context, the price drops in the energy market may also be geared at creating friction between Beijing and Moscow. In part, the manipulation of the energy market and the price drops could seek to weaken and erode Sino-Russian relations by coaxing the Chinese into taking steps that would tarnish their excellent ties with their Russian partners. The currency war against the Russian ruble may also be geared towards this too. In other words, Washington may be hoping that China becomes greedy and shortsighted enough to make an attempt to take advantage of the price drop in energy prices in the devaluation of the Russian ruble.

Whatever Washington’s intentions are, every step that the US takes to target Russia economically will eventually hurt the US economy too. It is also highly unlikely that the policy mandarins in Beijing are unaware of what the US may try to be doing. The Chinese are aware that ultimately it is China and not Russia that is the target of the United States.

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Economic Terrorism: An Argentina versus the Vulture Funds Scenario?

The United States is waging a fully fledged economic war against the Russian Federations and its national economy. Ultimately, all Russians are collectively the target. The economic sanctions are nothing more than economic warfare. If the crisis in Ukraine did not happen, another pretext would have been found for assaulting Russia.

Both US Assistant-Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and US Assistant-Secretary of the Treasury Daniel Glaser even told the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives in May 2014 that the ultimate objectives of the US economic sanctions against Russia are to make the Russian population so miserable and desperate that they would eventually demand that the Kremlin surrender to the US and bring about «political change». «Political change» can mean many things, but what it most probably implies here is regime change in Moscow. In fact, the aims of the US do not even appear to be geared at coercing the Russian government to change its foreign policy, but to incite regime change in Moscow and to cripple the Russian Federation entirely through the instigation of internal divisions. This is why maps of a divided Russia are being circulated by Radio Free Europe. [17]

According to Presidential Advisor Sergey Glazyev, Washington is «trying to destroy and weaken Russia, causing it to fragment, as they need this territory and want to establish control over this entire space». [18] «We have offered cooperation from Lisbon to Vladivostok, whereas they need control to maintain their geopolitical leadership in a competition with China,» he has explained, pointing out that the US wants lordship and is not interested in cooperation. [19] Alluding to former US top diplomat Madeline Albright’s sentiments that Russia was unfairly endowed with vast territory and resources, Putin also spoke along similar lines at his December 18 press conference, explaining how the US wanted to divide Russia and control the abundant natural resources in Russian territory.

It is of little wonder that in 2014 a record number of Russian citizens have negative attitudes about relations between their country and the United States. A survey conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center has shown that of 39% of Russian respondents viewed relations with the US as «mostly bad» and 27% as «very bad». [20] This means 66% of Russian respondents have negative views about relations with Washington. This is an inference of the entire Russian population’s views. Moreover, this is the highest rise in negative perceptions about the US since 2008 when the US supported Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili in Tbilisi’s war against Russia and the breakaway republic of South Ossetia; 40% viewed them as «mostly bad» and 25% of Russians viewed relations as «very bad» and at the time. [21]

Russia can address the economic warfare being directed against its national economy and society as a form of «economic terrorism». If Russia’s banks and financial institutions are weakened with the aim of creating financial collapse in the Russian Federation, Moscow can introduce fiscal measures to help its banks and financial sector that could create economic shockwaves in the European Union and North America. Speaking in hypothetical terms, Russia has lots of options for a financial defensive or counter-offensive that can be compared to its scorched earth policies against Western European invaders during the Napoleonic Wars, the First World War, and the Second World War. If Russian banks and institutions default and do not pay or delay payment of their derivative debts and justify it on the basis of the economic warfare and economic terrorism, there would be a financial shock and tsunami that would vertebrate from the European Union to North America. This scenario has some parallels to the steps that Argentina is taken to sidestep the vulture funds.

The currency war eventually will rebound on Washington and Wall Street. The energy war will also reverse directions. Already, the Kremlin has made it clear that it and a coalition of other countries will de-claw the US in the currency market through a response that will neutralize US financial manipulation and the petro-dollar. In the words of Sergey Glazyev, Moscow is thinking of a «systemic and comprehensive» response «aimed at exposing and ending US political domination, and, most importantly, at undermining US military-political power based on the printing of dollars as a global currency». [22] His solution includes the creation of «a coalition of sound forces advocating stability — in essence, a global anti-war coalition with a positive plan for rearranging the international financial and economic architecture on the principles of mutual benefit, fairness, and respect for national sovereignty». [23]

The coming century will not be the «American Century» as the neo-conservatives in Washington think. It will be a «Eurasian Century». Washington has taken on more than it can handle, this may be why the US government has announced an end to its sanctions regime against Cuba and why the US is trying to rekindle trade ties with Iran. Despite this, the architecture of the post-Second World War or post-1945 global order is now in its death bed and finished. This is what the Kremlin and Putin’s presidential spokesman and press secretary Dmitry Peskov mean when they impart—as Peskov stated to Rossiya-24 in a December 17, 2014 interview — that the year 2014 has finally led to «a paradigm shift in the international system».


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China takes a stand in the US currency war against Russia and offers Putin support



12-27-2014 9-02-37 AM

BY Kenneth Schortgen Jr

Over the past month, attacks on both oil and the Ruble have created economic turmoil around the world, and especially in the economies of Russia and the European Union. And despite the fact that the United States has chosen Ukraine as ground zero for instigating pressure against Russia and the Russian currency, one superpower has sat on the sidelines until today when on Dec. 17, China stepped forward and offered full aid and assurances to Russia in their ongoing proxy war with Washington.

Until yesterday, Russia was believed to be isolated and under immense economic pressures from both the U.S. and Europe over what has been labeled ‘aggressions against Ukraine’. However, the underlying truth is that Ukraine has little or nothing to do with the war on the Ruble and on the Russian economy, and the U.S. is simply using the Eurasian country as a scapegoat for Putin’s chess moves against the petro-dollar and America’s hegemony over the global reserve currency.

Russia could fall back on its 150 billion yuan (HK$189.8 billion) currency swap agreement with China if the Ruble continues to plunge.

If the swap deal is activated for this purpose, it would mark the first time China is called upon to use its currency to bail out another currency in crisis. The deal was signed by the two central banks in October, when Premier Li Keqiang visited Russia.

“Russia badly needs liquidity support and the swap line could be an ideal tool,” said Bank of Communications chief economist Lian Ping.

The swap allows the central banks to directly buy yuan and ruble in the two currencies, rather than via the US dollar.

Two bankers close to the People’s Bank of China said it was meant to reduce the role of the US dollar if China and Russia need to help each other overcome a liquidity squeeze. – South China Morning Post

Most of the sanctions placed upon Russia oil companies and investment banks stem primarily from several ground-breaking agreements the Eurasian state has made this year to facilitate the selling of oil and other products in currencies other than the dollar.

In addition, Russia has established very strong partnerships with China and the BRICS coalition to offer alternatives to the dollar and the Western based systems led by the BIS, IMF, and World Bank, and now have agreements in place that are tied to more than 40% of the global population, and contain two of the top 10 largest economies.

Many have wondered when or if China would enter into the proxy war Washington has declared on Russia, especially as the U.S. is a much bigger trading partner than Russia is with China at this time. However, it appears that China now sees a ripe opportunity to take a stand contrary to that of America and Europe, and by their move to support the Russian Ruble has changed the entire shape of the conflict because now, Russia has the opportunity to completely divest themselves from the dollar and any potential chaos Wall Street’s hedge funds may bring against their currency by opting to peg the Ruble to the Yuan, and begin an all out program of no longer selling their oil in dollars, but in the Yuan, Ruble, and even the Euro.

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Third Base The Guilty Parties By Anna von Reitz



 Posted by arnierosner

 Print and distribute to all who need to know.

Written By Anna von Reitz

There are a number of guilty parties responsible for the current deplorable criminality engulfing western civilization.

First, there are the “Higher Contracting Powers” — the Global Estate Elite responsible for caretaking the entire planet. Each separate nation has three such caretakers, one for each “jurisdiction”—air, land, and sea. The caretakers of the united States of America are: (1) Pope Francis acting in his “temporal role” as FRANCISCUS and his appointee, the Rector of the National Shrine, who are responsible for the entire planet’s well-being and this little patch of it, respectively, (2) HRM ELIZABETH II, and (3) SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY, JACOB JOSEPH LEW, who inherited the responsibility when his Office gained control of the Office of The United States Postmaster.

Of the three international trustees only the past two Popes– Benedict XVI and Francis– have honored their obligation to the people of the world and the united States of America. Both these men have very courageously and tenaciously sought to correct the misadministration and criminality we are all battling. Both have acted promptly, intelligently, and in spite of great individual risk to bring remedy and relief.

The Queen, the Lords of the Admiralty, the Lord Mayor of London, and the Privy Council are largely to blame for the situation and have exercised the most direct control over the members of the Bar Associations and the Banking Cartels responsible for the wrongs we and so many other nations have suffered for the past hundred years.

The Secretary of the Treasury, Jacob Joseph Lew, was born and bred and educated as a member of the banking cabals that are directly and absolutely responsible for the lawlessness and corruption in our midst. He may plead that he “dodged the bullet” and is not “really” responsible, as his predecessors “released” the Office of The Postmaster General and “abandoned” it some years ago, however, trusteeship is a stubborn and time-honored identity under Roman Civil Law and Common Law, both. He who continues to own, operate, and dispose of trust assets remains the Trustee of those assets which continue to belong to others, despite what he calls himself, despite the name of the office he holds, and despite any obfuscation otherwise. Mr. Lew inherited the responsibility along with the assets.

These three individuals are supposed to work together to ensure peace, justice, and smooth administration of governmental services throughout the united States of America.   Pope Francis is putting up a determined fight in favor of these aims, the Queen and her Counselors have failed in every respect, and the Secretary of the Treasury is either out to lunch or recklessly endangering all three.

Second, there are the “governments” of the various nations, all of them now acting as commercial corporations chartered by the Holy See, or since 1929, the Vatican.   There are many kinds and styles of governments and many more governments than we typically think of. There are “governmental services corporations” that are supposed to be administering Republics (like ours), there are others that administer legislative democracies (like the United States of America (Minor)—a consortium of “American States” more often thought of as “federal territories and possessions”), and others that administer oligarchies (like the United Nations City State or the Municipal Government of Washington, DC, which is also an independent, international City State like Vatican City or the Inner City of London).

All of these entities are corporations just like any other commercial corporation on earth. They all have corporate charters. They are all obligated to function lawfully and for the public good, or their charters can be pulled and their assets liquidated to pay their creditors.

At “First Base” you learned the answer to— “Who is doing all this damage to us?” — three foreign nations who are all supposed to be our good friends: the United States of America (Minor), the Municipal Government of Washington, DC, and the United Nations City State.

They are operating in collusion with two giant international banking cartels, the “Federal Reserve” and the “International Monetary Fund” to plunder and control the national trusts of most of Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

The original Federal Reserve operated the “Federal Reserve System” and that in turn operated the United States of America, Inc.   The International Monetary Fund operated (and still operates) the UNITED STATES, INC.   And now, most recently, the United Nations has allowed yet another version of the parasite known as the FEDERAL RESERVE to incorporate under its City State auspices and spawn a new version of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. to replace the old, bankrupted United States of America, Inc. that finally settled its bankruptcy as of July 1, 2013.

The obvious collusion between the IMF and the Federal Reserve has been to keep a cycle of planned, fraudulent bankruptcies going. Every seventy years, following the ancient Hebrew custom of the “Jubilee”, all debts are forgiven (that is, discharged in bankruptcy), and then, almost immediately, a new bankruptcy begins. That’s the flip-flop they are trying to engineer right now—- bankrupt the UNITED STATES, INC. and bring in the new “FEDERAL RESERVE” to provide (and charge for) all those juicy governmental services contracts under the old name—THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.

In this way they contrive to escape the responsibility for their flagrant spending of the public purse for their private enrichment, and continue to acquire title to assets that don’t belong to them for free, and continue to hypothecate “public” debt—-which is really their private corporate debt—against the assets of their victims.   At the end of the day, they declare “bankruptcy” and leave the “presumed sureties” to pay for their misdeeds.

At “Second Base” you learned who these “presumed sureties” are—- you and your organic States of the Union— and you learned the means and fraud schemes used by these perpetrators to defraud you, steal your identity, misappropriate your credit, and enslave you despite all the many national and international prohibitions against both peonage and slavery.

They simply pretend that you are “dead”, seize control of your estate via probate fraud, and make themselves both your trustees (via their very own “court” system) and your beneficiaries. You are left to be their unpaid “volunteer” jack of all trades working on Uncle Sam’s Plantation. Or Uncle Abe’s Plantation. Or Aunt Angela’s Plantation….

You “donate” all your credit to fund their currency— the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES—and then you pay them very, very handsomely—the entire face value of the “note” plus interest — for the honor of being defrauded and forced via monopoly inducement to use their currency when you could just issue currency of your own — real American dollars based on the same resources—and pay nothing but the cost of printing and minting. Repeat the words, “monopoly inducement” until you truly understand what has been done to you and your country.

You also become subject to the “law” and foreign jurisdiction of their host countries.   Foreign situs trusts named after living Americans and styled as “John Quincy Adams” were subject to the foreign civil maritime jurisdiction of “federal states” —franchises of the United States of America (Minor) doing business as the United States of America, Inc. doing business as the “State of Ohio” for example. ESTATE trusts named after living Americans and styled as “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” were subject to the foreign jurisdiction of Puerto Rico. And now the shameless perpetrators propose that “transmitting utilities” operated under the NAMES of living Americans styled as “JOHN Q. ADAMS” —-which are not even legal, specific, and identifiable names—will be subject to the United Nations City State and its “laws”.

What about you and your laws? Who gave away the keys to the car? Who “volunteered” you and your land to stand as “sureties” for these other people and their debts?

Your “representatives”, of course—- the “US Congress” and the members of the “State” Legislature—only which “Congress” and which “State” are we talking about?

This is the third group of guilty parties, and they are also to blame for all the corruption, misappropriation, and criminality that have befallen America for the last 150 years.

As should be apparent from what you learned at First Base and Second Base, none of this could have happened at all without direct participation, co-option, cooperation and criminal collusion on the part of the members of Congress and the “State” legislatures.

No doubt some members of these organizations were deliberately kept in the dark, because they were not inclined to disserve their country and constituents. Dr. Ron Paul comes to mind. And some members are too stupid to understand the scam, so they are “innocent by default” — merely tools in the hands of their political handlers and teleprompters. The rest have no excuse.

How many members of the “US Senate” and the “US House of Representatives” could be expected to notice that they take their Oath of Office to “the United States” and NOT to “the United States of America”?

How many members of Congress could be expected to notice that there is a difference between “United States” and “UNITED STATES” and between “The Constitution for the united States of America” and “the Constitution of the United States of America”?

How many must—at least eventually and unavoidably— notice the corporate, self-interested, and commercial nature of what they are doing and how they are acting, as opposed to what the real contract and public office require?

Most of all, how many of these people at both the “federal” and the “federal state” level know perfectly well that they are functioning as private corporate officers occupying vacated public offices and willfully have chosen to bilk, defraud, and deceive their friends, family, neighbors, and communities for the lure of personal power and private advantage?

The answer over time as written upon the averages and voting records is 68% of the members of the Congress and the “State” Legislatures at any one time know full well what they are doing, know that it is a crime, and do it anyway because they think that they are immune from prosecution.

They’ve made “laws” declaring themselves immune from prosecution for their misdeeds and they’ve claimed the protection of the “corporate veil” for more of their criminality. Like ostriches with their heads buried in the sand and their tails in the air, they have become increasingly senseless and arrogant at the same time that their actions have more fully exposed their corruption.

Despite their self-serving claims and “Acts”, they are not immune. And neither are those who are working for them— the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Provost Marshals, the US Marshals, the FBI, the CIA, NSA, FEMA, DOJ and all the rest—-all the way down to your local traffic cops: they are all 100% liable for their acts and omissions and their abuse of the people of this country.

Some are old enough to recall the Nuremburg Trials, where it was decided once and for all time that “I was just following orders!” is not a good enough excuse.

The Truth is that they are “trading upon a contract”— the only contract that exists between the States of America and the corporation running the “federal government” – and that is the original equity contract signed in 1789, “The Constitution for the united States of America”.   They are pretending to be “successors” to that contract and they all certainly know what the contract requires down to a gnat’s eyelash, even as they flout it and ignore it and disrespect it in public, even as they misrepresent the people of America and defraud them and grossly abuse the position of fiduciary trust that any “successor” is obliged to either honor or stand in default.   As they are now.

They have become so corrupt, so arrogant, and so irresponsible that they have completely forgotten the source of their power and the responsibilities that go with it. Instead of “representatives” of the people, they have acted as representatives of the private, for-profit, mostly foreign owned governmental services corporations and the banking cartels that own and operate them. Instead of using public assets for the public good, they have abused them for private gain. Instead of safeguarding the lives and well-being of the people who have trusted them, they have misled Americans, spilled their blood in wars for profit, defrauded them, and enslaved them. The American people elected these individuals with the clear intent that they occupy public offices and accept the responsibility of public office; they have willingly occupied look-alike, sound-alike private corporate offices instead.

To this long list of guilty parties— the international trustees who failed, the governmental services corporations that have milked us, and the false “representatives” who have robbed, defrauded, enslaved and abused us via fiduciary trust fraud, probate fraud, non-disclosure, and blatant semantic deceit, a final group of guilty parties must be added.


It’s true that this fraud started long, long before any of us were born, and it is also true that we were attacked and our estates were attached by the perpetrators of this scheme while we were still babies in our cradles—totally unable to defend ourselves. It’s also true that our Mothers were never told the truth about the papers they were signing at the hospital, just as none of us were told the truth about “Social Security”, or “Voter Registration” or “Driver Licenses”.   We were never told the truth about “citizenship”, either.

If we had known The Truth about the misrepresentation and fiduciary trust fraud that has been practiced against us by members of the “US Congress” and the banking cartels and the federal “State” legislatures, if we had in any way comprehended the horrific criminality and abuse we have suffered, we would have nationalized every bank bigger than a bread box and deported every lawyer in America a long time before this.

We have not “willing, knowingly, and voluntarily” accepted ANY of this disservice and betrayal.

That is certainly in our favor.

However, there is the nagging fact that this fraud has been ongoing and in our midst in one way or another since 1862.   It has been cleverly disguised and it has been scattered through huge volumes of public records in obscure and often arcane places, and some records —like the existence of the original 13thAmendment to the original Constitution have been systematically expunged to prevent us from identifying the perpetrators—- bankers and members of the Bar Associations working in collusion with foreign governments, most especially the British government— but the evidence exists.

After years of piecing it all together one jigsaw puzzle-piece at a time, we now know The Truth, and as bad as it is, and as guilty as the perpetrators are, we have to admit our own complacency and blind trust in what we thought of as “our” government.

As should now be very, very clear, that THING in Washington, DC is not “our” government. It’s a cancer in our body politic. Those men and women sitting in the corporate “Congress” of the UNITED STATES, INC. are not “our” representatives and Mr. Obama is not “our” President. Neither are the people sitting in federal “State” Legislatures “our” representatives. They are all representing foreign commercial corporations and/or “State” franchises thereof, all of which have been operated as criminal syndicates on our shores in violation of their charters. They have all committed gross fiduciary trust fraud and probate fraud against each and every one of us, misappropriated our credit, placed false claims against our assets, and abused the rights of usufruct to commit personage against us. They have claimed that we are “sureties” for their debts and they have “hypothecated” trillions of dollars of their private corporate debts against us, our labor, our land, our homes, our businesses, the resources of our organic States of the Union, and even our children. They have had neither mercy nor shame.

[By our count, at a minimum, every living American has at least four (4) legal fiction entities named after them which are owned and operated by foreign corporations in foreign jurisdictions.

There is an individual foreign situs trust operated by the corporate federal franchise “State” (like “State of Ohio”) under your given Name styled as in: “John Quincy Adams”.

There is a Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trust formed under Washington, DC Municipal Statute, Chapter 2, Vital Statistics, Section 7-201, paragraph 10, operated under your given NAME and styled as: “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” in Puerto Rican jurisdiction.

There is at the current time a transmitting utility being introduced and operated under your given NAME styled as: “JOHN Q. ADAMS” by the UNITED NATIONS CORPORATION dba the new “FEDERAL RESERVE” and its new governmental services corporation doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. and a state level version being operated as: “John Q. Adams” by new “STATE” franchise being operated simply as “OHIO” or “WISCONSIN” or “IDAHO”, etc.

There is in theory no end to the kind or number of legal fiction entities that can be created “in your name” by foreign corporations and governments and used to promote personage— the crime of deliberately confusing corporations like “ELIZABETH ARDEN” or “J.C. PENNY” with living people of the same or similar names—and thence used as a sophisticated form of identity theft to promote false claims against your credit and material assets.]

Depending on which hat they happen to be wearing at any given time, these false “representatives” sitting in Congress and federal “State” Legislatures also serve foreign governments –governments that have worked to undermine our own while pretending to be our friends and allies: the United Nations City State, the United States of America, (Minor), the Washington, DC Municipal (City State) Government, and, most especially, the City-State of Westminster.

Now you know who did it to you, you can deduce why they did it—the massive profits they’ve made at your expense by taxing your labor and resources and charging off their debts against your assets—how they’ve done it and how they are proposing to keep on doing it, and you know in detail who you can blame for it all, including yourself.

Third Base is a good place to stop and consider the Big Picture and begin considering who your allies in this mess really are and what you can do about it. After a few moments of consideration certain aspects of this should become very clear.

  1. The entire political process in America, the whole so-called “Two Party System” is rigged, and in terms of representing you and your interests is meaningless.   The entire game show of “bad” or “good” Democrats or Republicans is just that— a show designed to entertain and distract and exhaust your energy and resources for no possible gain. Both parties serve the same bosses and work for the same corporations. Those corporations are still owned and operated by international banking cartels and foreign governments. There is no sense and no benefit in participating in the corporate “political process” at all, in fact, there is a great deal of harm in it.

Voter registration is one of the chief ways they use to claim that you are a “US citizen” subject to their foreign maritime jurisdiction. They say—you voted for a candidate in our election, so obviously, you agreed to be represented by us.   You see? You gave them your proxy by default by voting for a candidate in THEIR election, and whether or not “your” candidate won. After that, your right to present yourself and be immune from the consequences of their representation of you or as it happens, their misrepresentation of you, is severely challenged.

So stop being played like so many bass drums and violins. Cancel your voter registration and stop riding the political party bandwagon and stop being fooled into letting these criminals “represent” you however they will. Put your time and money into effort that will protect your standing as an American State Citizen and restore your real government.

  1. The actual American government only exists as a vestigial institution composed of a few functioning public offices and the Body Politic—- the sweeping civil authority that our ancestors bequeathed to each and every living American, including the right to form Citizens Grand Juries, to formunincorporated County and State governments, to define and fill public offices, and to perform arrests of outlaws via Citizen’s Arrest.

As difficult as it may seem, each and every American is heir to a large estate interest, and is enabled to utilize that as they see fit.   Why not exercise your civil authority? Learn how to make a Citizen’s Arrest, so that when the time comes, you will know how?   Learn how to file an international commercial claim for damages. Learn how to challenge the jurisdiction of THEIR courts. Learn how to set up and operate a Grand Jury. Get your tail in a knot and demean yourself to serve in a public office. These are all things that you and like-minded Americans can do to restore a fully functioning government on the land of the united States of America. Beyond that— learn how to file international criminal complaints against these foreigners and their foreign governmental services corporations, because they are criminals and they are committing crimes against you every single day of every year.

Learn how to take back your assets from their control. Stop paying them to defraud you. Learn how to liquidate corporations and how to attach their assets, just as they have attached yours. Learn how to expose them and what they are doing via sharing information and word-of-mouth.

  1. Once you have decided once and for all that these people DON’T represent you and HAVEN’T represented you in any manner approaching what you deserve, demand, and expect from a “representative”, tell them so. Make it official.   Publish it in a newspaper or on the web or both. Send them Notice via U.S. Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested. Or better yet, Registered Mail to the Secretary of the Treasury and all those people who have “represented” you: “Dear So-and-So, you don’t represent me. Here is explicit notice of the fact. Any presumption that you have ever represented me or my organic state of the Union or my family or my estate is hereby and forever rebutted. You and the other members of the (Congress, State Legislature, Borough Assembly, blah-blah-blah) do not have any proxy of mine nor permission to represent me in any matter whatsoever, nor any material interest in me, my labor, my material or intellectual property, my family, my credit, my land, my home, my business or my individual life.

Any claim otherwise has been obtained under conditions of fiduciary trust fraud, probate fraud, non-disclosure, and semantic deceit.   I claim my remedy preserved by the Uniform Commercial Code Section 1-308 not to be bound by any contract defective under Common Law, and my recourse preserved by Uniform Commercial Code Section 1-103.6 which requires all further interpretation of contracts, identities, roles, and relationships to conform with the Common Law.

You, Sir/Madam, are acting as the representative of a foreign corporate entity and are merely presuming a successor interest in a commercial governmental services contract you have defaulted upon and a trust indenture you have breached.

You are similarly pretending to occupy a vacated public office while serving in a deceptively and similarly named private corporate office. So far as I am concerned, you have no valid claim or contract in existence to justify your continued operations on our shores, no authority to impose any of your administrative “laws” upon me or my estate. Any further false pretensions otherwise or inconvenience caused by claims resulting from these false “representations” concerning me and my property interests shall be cause for international criminal complaint.

Finally, it has come to my attention that you and your predecessors have caused various legal fiction entities to be created and operated under my given name without my knowledge or consent and that various false claims have been made and legal chicanery has taken place aimed at misappropriation of my real property and credit. This has been done by the false pretension that I am “dead” or “missing” and accomplished by probate fraud and undisclosed registrations and claims. This is criminal malfeasance and fiduciary trust fraud of the first order.

My given name is my intellectual property. I have the absolute controlling interest in my estate, including my name. Release all titles and claims held under color of law in my name by any and all legal fiction entities and cease and desist in these immoral and unlawful practices seeking to defraud me and to confuse my living self with incorporated personas operated for the benefit of the privately owned and operated governmental services corporations you actually work for. Sincerely—(your entire given name in all small letters, non-negotiable autograph, all rights reserved).“

Third Base….almost “Home”—-and how hard are you prepared to try for the final success?   Will you pledge your lives, your fortunes, and your sacred honor?

In the end, among people, it is always a question of commitment. As John Adams called it— there is not creature worth considering, but those who have commitment. Real commitment. Those who will stand up and insist that they are something more than chattel owned by a king or a corporation are the only ones who will cross the Great Divide between what is real and what exists only in men’s minds.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Below is part of a newsletter I receive daily from Simon Black and it got me thinking about family, which most American’s closely associate with Christmas and I thought it appropriate for this holiday notice.

The direct product of pitiful leadership.

Simon Black
Founder, SovereignMan.com

We trust in our leaders to maintain the peace. To preserve the purchasing power of our savings. To secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

Yet instead, they achieve record levels of debt, thrusting obligations upon unborn generations so that they can wage wars, drop bombs, buy drones, and spy on their citizens.

And they just expect us to take it.

“Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori” is a lie. We aren’t born with obligations to some politician who expects us to sacrifice for the ‘greater good’ (as defined in his sole discretion).

Our obligation is to family first. It’s to the small circle of people that we grip hands with to stare down an uncertain future.

Family is the most important thing there is, and it’s why we all do what we do.

If you plant a tomato seed in the ground, it grows and matures, eventually producing dozens of tomatoes itself.

Each one of those tomatoes has dozens of seeds inside… the idea being that hopefully at least one of those dozens of seeds inside dozens of tomatoes will make it into the dirt, germinate, and continue the line again.

Family is the most natural thing in the universe. And it’s literally why (and how) we’re all here.

We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy. ” ~ Chris Hedges

To that OLDDOG adds

Fear of the future destroys families which is the real backbone of America, so let us not be afraid, but resolve to reconstruct our government.
God helps those who help themselves!
Merry Christmas