Mainstream Reports: DHS Battens Down the Hatches for “all hell breaks loose day”


10-29-2013 6-30-46 AM

By Mac Slavo

A few weeks ago we saw what happens when the Electronic Benefit Transfer system is threatened in any way. When access to food stamps went offline for just a few hours, the masses began to panic in what were essentially isolated hot spots where law & order totally broke down.

This Friday, because of guidelines set forth in the American and Recovery Investment Act, the 48 million Americans receiving nutritional food assistance from the government are going to see cutsto their monthly distributions.

According to the USDA, the average monthly food benefit for an American family is about $272. Come November 1st, that will be reduced by $36 – or about 13%.

Now, that may not seem like a big number, until you consider that the people depending on these distributions are already struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads.

The government is, in essence, reducing their food availability by 13% overnight.

Most people aren’t even paying attention, but one organization certainly is, because they know exactly what can happen when you start taking food out of peoples’ mouths.

November 1st could be a very, very iffy day.

This could be ‘all hell breaks loose’ day.

The Department of Homeland Security is spending $80 million on a wrath of armed guards to protect the IRS and other government buildings in New York, not from terrorist threats mind you, but from American citizens because on November 1st the food stamp program is set to start decreasing the amount that is allocated to food stamp recipients… and they’re worried that violence will ensue.

I guess they’re preparing for the worst…

10-29-2013 7-07-57 AM

If we do not radically change our economy and revamp so that those nearly 50 million people have an opportunity to be liberated from food stamps to get $75, versus $70, versus $65. What these people need is economic opportunity and a good job so they can put food on their own table.

You know, the slaves had food stamps too. It was called scraps from mazza’s table… we have a crisis within our country right now when you have 50 million people, nearly the entire West Coast, on food stamps.

That’s the real outrage.

While we don’t anticipate any serious riots or violence following the food stamp cut backs, this shows in unambiguous detail what the government and the Department of Homeland Security have been planning for.
For years they have been simulating the collapse of the U.S. financial system and its after-effects. And their simulations have concluded that any breakdown which leaves people without money, food, or access to government support will lead to widespread violence, looting and riots on the streets of America. The control grid has been put into place to handle what they know is coming.

Why else would they spend $80 million beefing up security to deal with the blow-back from this relatively minor food stamp cut?

Because they know what can happen – and they know what WILL happen!

They’ve spent billions of dollars stockpiling food, guns, ammunition, and militarizing our domestic police forces to deal specifically with riots and mass demonstrations.

We can pretend that FEMA refugee internment campsdon’t exist, but any sensible police state would have designed, built and staffed these facilities well in advance as well.

The United States government, as well as governments around the world, are fully expecting that the game will soon come to an end and confidence in the entire global economic, financial, monetary and political systems will be lost.

And when that happens you can be assured that all of those supplies they’ve stockpiled will be used to support their policing efforts, not for the benefit of the people.

This means you and yours will literally be on your own and left to fend for yourselves.

It’s time to make and finalize preparations, because these are not the activities of a government expecting peace and stability.

They are expecting madness and pandemonium, so you’d better have your plans in place, including your foodwatergold, and other supplies that will help you survive when others will be left to deal with the horrific consequences.

This won’t be a short-term event, but rather, a sustained long-term decline that could potentiallyaffect us for decades – thus we need to be thinking sustainability, and not just prepping for a single isolated emergency.

You best get ready. The government’s giving us a head’s up on what will soon come to pass.

Read more from Mac Slavo at his site, where this first appeared

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The River of No Return


By L. Neil Smith

Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

The Age of Authority, now drawing to a close after ten thousand blood-stained years, has also largely been an age of witlessness and fraud. Stripping history of all of its excuses and rationalizations, it is surpassingly difficult to find a single ruler or leader who was capable of finding his own fundament with both hands and a six-cell Maglite.

Examples would (and do) fill encyclopedias, but one sample will suffice: the way that wise, bewhiskered, august politicians in their distinguished frock coats and top hats insisted on sending their sons and grandsons off to savagely murder one another from 1914 to 1918—for no good reason anyone, from Barbara Tuchman to Bob Dylan has ever been able to discover—and thereby set the tone for the next hundred years, an unbroken century of total war and mass slaughter, through their stupid, hypocritical treatment of Germany following that initial conflict.

The victorious allies of World War I gave birth to Adolf Hitler.

We are all in a boat—the “same boat” you often hear of—swept along by a mighty River of Time, our course set by idiots, maniacs, and looters. By “we”, I mean the hapless, hopeless, helpless members of the species Homo sapiens, once the proud pinnacle of four and a half billion years of evolution, whose supremacy ended on the day that Authority was invented—and assumed a higher position on the food chain.

With the exception of an occasional great white shark, crocodile, lion, or leopard, the only natural enemy and predator of humankind is government.

The boat I’m talking about is not the “Ship of State” we all heard about in grade school. Captain Nemo knew exactly how to deal with that, and he was my first boyhood hero (there haven’t been that many since).

There was a time when our boat cruised easily and freely up and down the River, crossing from one bank to the other without the slightest difficulty. That was because our boat—the boat of American civilization—had a rudder and an engine. The boat that we all find ourselves in now, this sad, leaky, broken-down derelict, has neither.

There was a time when our rudder consisted of our principles—as manifested in the Bill of Rights—which let us turn in any direction except against the legitimate interests of the people comprising that civilization. This was a set of ideas that almost everyone could agree on, without reference to their religious beliefs or any other such consideration.

But the Bill of Rights—that masterpiece of secular philosophy which guaranteed to the people the right to own and operate their own lives—had enemies, dark entities who wanted control over the people’s lives for themselves. Those entities have spent nearly two and a half centuries whittling the Bill of Rights—our rudder—down to nothing. We the people have lost control over where the boat goes.

But, then, so have our enemies.

Some insist that our founding principle, American civilization’s lost rudder, consisted of a single religion, something any student of Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, or Chaim Salomon knows is untrue. The founding principle of a free society must be something that everybody agrees with and takes for granted. While I respect the right of others to believe whatever they desire, I will not exchange my powers of reason for the willful irrationality of faith.

For all that conservatives attempt to anchor themselves in a two thousand year old belief system, they have no observable defining principle. They drift, ideologically, and usually wind up defending the very things their fathers and grandfathers fought passionately against.

Two words: “Social Security”

But a rudder is useless unless the boat it’s attached to has sails or an engine, some means of propulsion. For American civilization, the boat we’re all in together, the means of propulsion consisted of the incentives offered by unlimited individual liberty. A boy who sold refreshments to passengers on railroad trains could grow up to invent the lightbulb, the phonograph, and 1198 other things. A humble teacher of the deaf could invent the telephone. And they could get rich doing it.

With the exception of cybernetics, this is now almost impossible. Even if you make a fortune, it can be taken from you in a heartbeat. The great engine of America is stopped, and the boat drifts, unpowered and rudderless down the dark, murky, frighteningly powerful River of Time.

Hundreds of idiots, charlatans, and lunatics all claim to have the helm, but they lie. The boat keeps turning end-for-end, drifting, filling with water no one bothers to bail out, heading down the river to rapids that can capsize it, or a great falls that will smash it to splinters.

Killing everyone aboard.

So much for life.

So much for liberty.

So much for property.

And so much for the pursuit of happiness, which, in the absence of anything resembling real freedom, has degenerated into nothing more than watching oversized men being paid outrageous amounts of money to play children’s games on television, rioting in the streets and beating up innocent passers-by, or reeling from one drug-saturated, alcohol-soaked sensation to the next, usually in a fast, expensive car.

Meanwhile, in the background you can hear the roar of the falls.

Who put us here? Not just Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, and Bill Clinton, but vile creatures like Prescott Bush, whose Union Banking Corporation, accused of holding gold and laundering money for the Nazis, was seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act. Now his nasty sons and grandsons want to establish an entire dynasty of Bushian clumsiness, irrationality, and cupidity.

Men like George Soros, who collaborated with the Nazis as a teenager and now makes obscene amounts of money by destroying whole nations.

Men like the Duke of New York (“He’s A Number One!”), Michael Bloomberg who, in whatever sickness of the soul he suffers, would make all of the “little people” under his thumb do whatever he decides is good for them, even if he has to have them killed in the process—which is why he is afraid to let them own guns. A Puritan in the Menckenesqe sense that he almost certainly wakes up, trembling and sweating in the night in the secret fear that somewhere, someone is happy, Bloomberg clearly wishes to take away anything and everything that gives people pleasure. The proper word for such a creature is “Notsie”.

Don’t forget women like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Dianne Feinstein.

And it is tragically ironic that the once-beloved symbol for a new hope—which quickly turned into a resurgence of the old disease of Nazism—should be black, reportedly gay, and with a Semitic background.

And what about the soft, shrinking, fearful, cowardly, gutless, craven, dastardly, timorous, weak-kneed, yellow-bellied, lily-livered, pigeon-hearted, jelly-spined, base, pusillanimous Republicans who will do anything, abrogate any principle, betray any constituency, for a glass of white wine at the right cocktail party, and a slice of runny cheese?

Including Rand Paul, who has endorsed Mitch McConnell.

The question sort of answers itself, doesn’t it?

Who keeps us here, drifting toward the chasm?

Before I answer that question, allow me to let you in on a little secret: some Americans (beginning with Thomas Jefferson, in whose writings you will find this Great Idea) have discovered a formulation that can sum up the Bill of Rights in a single sentence, a principle well suited (never abandoning the Bill of Rights) to become America’s new rudder, without offending anyone—except for self-announced villains.

The Great Idea is the Zero Aggression Principle, which holds that nobody—and this most especially includes government—has a right to initiate physical force against another human being under any circumstances; nor will an adherent to the “ZAP” (as it’s abbreviated) advocate or delegate such an initiation of physical force for any reason.

Or, in the words of Will Smith’s fighter pilot character inIndependence Day, as he makes “first contact” with an aggressive alien species, “Like my mama says, don’t start nothin’, won’t benothin’!”

None of this has anything to do with pacifism. Libertarians are among the strongest advocates of private weapons ownership on the planet, and have largely driven the current trend toward armed self-defense.

The ZAP is practically all there is to political libertarianism. (The central tenet of ethical libertarianism is that each of us is the owner and sole proprietor of his own life and all the products of that life.) These ideas are the only things that make libertarians any different from conservatives, or liberals, or even communists and Nazis.

As a tacit philosophical foundation, these ideas are also what has made America different from and better than, any other civilization in history.

So who keeps us here, irrevocably drifting toward disaster? How about the lunatics, halfwits, and outright monsters who reject the ZAP, the very definition of libertarianism, and the basis for American civilization?

Why do they do it? My guess: because they reckon they just might want to injure, kill, or steal from me someday, so they keep this “right” they imagine they have—to initiate force—in their hip pocket.

Sort of handy—like I keep my .45.

Because of them, nothing is safe, not life, not liberty, and especially not property. And so the giant engine of American peace, progress, and prosperity grinds to a halt as the deadly falls draw nearer.

Only the Zero Aggression Principle, and the freedom it generates, can save us from the same oblivion that swallowed the Sumerians, the Babylonians, the Egyptians, the ancient Greeks, the Romans, and the British.

We have a way to stop all that from happening.

Do we have the will?

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“A Corporate Trojan Horse”: Obama Pushes Secretive TPP Trade Pact, Would Rewrite Swath of U. S. Laws


Democracy Now

As the federal government shutdown continues, Secretary of State John Kerry heads to Asia for secret talks on a sweeping new trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The TPP is often referred to by critics as “NAFTA on steroids,” and would establish a free trade zone that would stretch from Vietnam to Chile, encompassing 800 million people — about a third of world trade and nearly 40 percent of the global economy. While the text of the treaty has been largely negotiated behind closed doors and, until June, kept secret from Congress, more than 600 corporate advisers reportedly have access to the measure, including employees of Halliburton and Monsanto. “This is not mainly about trade,” says Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch. “It is a corporate Trojan horse. The agreement has 29 chapters, and only five of them have to do with trade. The other 24 chapters either handcuff our domestic governments, limiting food safety, environmental standards, financial regulation, energy and climate policy, or establishing new powers for corporations.”


This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: President Obama announced this week that the U.S. government shutdown would delay his upcoming four-country trip to Asia, but that negotiations on a controversial new trade agreement he hopes to sign by the end of the year will continue to move forward. Obama called the Philippines president Tuesday night to say he would miss his visit, and a spokesperson shared the news with reporters Thursday.

RICKY CARANDANG: Secretary Kerry … he will go in place of President Obama. President Obama personally called President Aquino to tell him—to explain to him why he could not make the visit.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: John Kerry will attend Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings next week in Indonesia, where he’ll push for the completion of a sweeping new trade deal called the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the largest international trade deal since the creation of the World Trade Organization in 1995. The administration hopes to pass the measure through Congress by the end of the year using its Fast Track authority to limit lawmakers to an up-or-down vote.

AMY GOODMAN: The TPP is often referred to by critics as “NAFTA on steroids” and would establishing a free trade zone that would stretch from Vietnam to Chile, encompass 800 million people—about a third of world trade and nearly 40 percent of the global economy. While the text of the treaty has been largely negotiated behind closed doors, more than 600 corporate advisers reportedly have access to the measure, including employees of Halliburton and Monsanto.

Well, for more, we’re joined by Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch.

Lori, welcome back to Democracy Now! Just explain what the TPP is.

LORI WALLACH: Well, one of the most important things to understand is it’s not really mainly about trade. I guess the way to think about it is as a corporate Trojan horse. The agreement has 29 chapters, and only five of them have to do with trade. The other 24 chapters either handcuff our domestic governments, limiting food safety, environmental standards, financial regulation, energy and climate policy, or establishing new powers for corporations.

For instance, there are the same investor privileges that promote job offshoring to lower-wage countries. There is a ban on Buy Local procurement, so that corporations have a right to do sourcing, basically taking our tax dollars, and instead of investing them in our local economy, sending them offshore. There are new rights to, for instance, have freedom to enter other countries and take natural resources, a right for mining, a right for oil, gas, without approval.

And then there’s a whole set of very worrisome issues relating to Internet freedom. Through sort of the backdoor of the copyright chapter of TPP is a whole chunk of SOPA, the Stop Online Privacy Act, that activism around the country successfully derailed a year ago. Think about all the things that would be really hard to get into effect as a corporation in public, a lot of them rejected here and in the other 11 countries, and that is what’s bundled in to the TPP. And every country would be required to change its laws domestically to meet these rules. The binding provision is, each country shall ensure the conformity of domestic laws, regulations and procedures.

Now, the only reason I know that level of detail is because a few texts have leaked, and I have been following the negotiations and grilling negotiators from other countries to try and find between the lines what the hell is going on; otherwise, totally secret.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Well, Lori, about that secrecy, even members of Congress have been severely limited in what they can learn, and that’s only after the revelations about the total secrecy that this whole process began with. Could you talk about what members of Congress are allowed to know and how?

LORI WALLACH: Well, what’s really important for people to know—and this gets to what you started out with about Fast Track. Congress has exclusive constitutional authority over trade. It’s kind of like the Boston Tea Party hangover. After having a king just impose tariffs, in that case on tea, the founders said, “We need to put all things about trade, international commerce, in the hands of Congress, the most diffuse part of the elected representation, not the executive, the king.” So Congress has all this authority. They’re supposed to be exclusively in control. But until this June, they were not even allowed to see the draft text.

And it was only after a big, great fuss was kicked up by a lot of members—150 of them wrote last year—that finally members of Congress, upon request for the particular chapter, can have a government administration official bring them a chapter. Their staff is thrown out of the room. They can’t take detailed notes. They’re not supposed to talk about what they saw. And they can, without staff to help them figure out what the technical language is, look at a chapter. This is in contrast to, say, even what the Bush administration did. The last time we had one of these mega-NAFTAexpansion attempts was the Free Trade Area of the Americas. And in that instance, in 2001, that whole draft text was released to the public by the U.S. government on the official government websites. So, this is extraordinary secrecy, and members of Congress aren’t supposed to tell anyone what they’ve read. So, for instance, you know, Alan Grayson, who was one of the guys who helped to get the text released, Alan Grayson said, “I can tell you it’s very bad for the future of America. I just can’t tell you why.” That’s obscene.

This would rewrite wide swaths of our laws. And again, it’s mainly not about trade. So, if we have this agreement in effect, for instance, it would be a big push for fracking. Now you would say, “Why fracking?” Because it doesn’t allow us to have bans on liquid natural gas exports. Or, if this were in effect, we couldn’t ensure the safety of the food we feed our families. We have to import, for instance, fish and shrimp that we know, from the limited inspection that’s done, is extremely dangerous from certain kinds of growing ponds that are contaminated, etc., in some of the TPPcountries. Or, for instance, some of the financial reforms where the banksters were finally regulated would be rolled back. All of this, and it would be privately enforceable by certain foreign corporations.

AMY GOODMAN: Let me ask you about a bill that didn’t make it through Congress, but the question is, is it incorporated into TPP? And that’s SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act. First explain what it is, and talk about where it fits in here.

LORI WALLACH: So, the Stop Online Piracy Act was a vehicle basically to take away some of our rights on the Internet. It would have criminalized what they call inadvertent, small-scale, non-commercial copying. And the example would be, for instance, Juan, I had you over to dinner. You liked the recipe I had. I happened to have taken it for $2 I paid for it off of a paid website. And you said, “Lori, can you send me that recipe?” And, of course, I said, “Yeah,” and I sent it to you. That is officially a copyright violation. I should say, “You have to go pay $2 and get it yourself, Juan.” But, in fact, it’s small-scale. I didn’t sell it. It’s not commercial. I didn’t send it to a lot of people.

That kind of activity, under SOPA, as well as any number of things we do all the time—making a copy, or like a buffer copy that our computer would make to look at a video, or breaking a digital lock—for instance, if we bought software, but we wanted to run it on Linux—all of those things would be considered criminal activities. We’d face huge fines, and our carriers—Google, etc.—would have to take us off of service, to black us out. So, a huge limit on Internet freedom.

That whole mess was defeated in Congress in a wonderful citizen uprising. A chunk of that is now stuck in the copyright chapter of SOPA—of TPP. So, they call TPP “son of SOPA.” In a lot of countries around the TPP region, citizens have fought to have good laws that actually provide them access and don’t allow that kind of control. So, that is a chunk. To give you an idea of how varied the problems are, that’s a chunk of what is in there.

Now, the thing about that Fast Track you mentioned, Fast Track is not in effect. Fast Track is an extraordinary delegation of Congress’s authority. So if we don’t want unsafe food, offshore jobs,SOPA, SOPA, SOPA, limits on Internet freedom, the banksters gettings rolled back into deregulation, we have to make sure that Congress actually maintains its constitutional authority to make sure that before this agreement can be signed, it actually works for us. Fast Track is a delegation of authority. President Obama has asked for it, but it only happens if Congress gives it to him.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And, Lori, what’s been the Obama administration’s position on these negotiations in terms of tobacco? Could you talk about that specifically?

LORI WALLACH: Well, the whole approach of the Obama administration has really been, I don’t know, some combination of heartbreaking and infuriating, because when he was a candidate, President Obama promised he would replace the NAFTA model, and instead they’ve doubled down.

So the tobacco issue is one of those that’s the most gruesome. So, the TPP includes the very controversial investor-state system, which empowers individual corporations to directly sue governments—not in our courts, but in extrajudicial tribunals where three corporate attorneys act as “judges,” and these guys rotate between being the judge and being the guys suing the government for the corporation. They’re empowered to give unlimited cash damages from us, the taxpayers, to these corporations for any government action—a regulatory issue, environment, health, safety—that undermines the investor’s expected future profits. Under that system, big tobacco companies have been attacking health regulations. And famously—infamously—these kinds of investor-state cases have extracted billions of dollars and undermined important laws. So, Philip Morris has used this to attack Australia, one of the TPP country’s plain-packaging-of-cigarette laws. So, a lot of the TPPcountries are very worried that they would be basically handcuffed from being able to regulate for health around tobacco. So, the U.S. originally was going to offer an exception. Big tobacco came in and basically won the day. The U.S. pulled away what was a medium exception, put in something that’s really worse than nothing, and then Malaysia came in and actually offered a real exception, which the U.S. is opposing—just like the U.S. is opposing an exception to maintain financial regulations for prudential reasons, just like the U.S. is opposing a real exception to those investor tribunals with respect to health and the environment. It’s incredibly depressing.

The only good news is a bunch of the other countries have basically said, “Basta! We are not going to roll back these things.” So the reason there isn’t a deal is because a lot of the other countries are standing up to the worst of these U.S. corporate-inspired demands. You can see the whole lay of this at ExposeTheTPP, www.exposethetpp. There are fact sheets on each of the ways, each aspect of your life the TPP could affect. And if you want to get down into the weeds and have long papers explaining and/or information from other countries, you can go to That’ Between those two sets of information, you’ll see there’s almost no part of your life or the things you care about that this agreement couldn’t undermine. And again, trade is the least of it.

AMY GOODMAN: Lori Wallach, we want to thank you very much for being with us. Lori Wallach is director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch. When we come back, President Obama is about to hit a new milestone: two million people deported under his administration. We’ll talk about it. Stay with us.

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United States And Its Military Now Rotten To The CORE


 By Clint Richardson

“To save man from the morass of propaganda, in my opinion, is one of the chief aims of education. Education must enable one to sift and weigh evidence, to discern the true from the false, the real from the unreal, and the facts from the fiction.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, “The Purpose of Education”

 “I don’t want a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of workers.”

John D. Rockefeller, who created the General Education Board
in 1903 to dispense Rockefeller funds to education.

 “The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all, it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality.”

–H.L. Mencken

 ”The global agenda of the 21st century (Agenda 21) is set around economy and trade, with manufacturing shifting from the west to the east… In order to sustain their economic growth, developed as well as developing economies need to intensify their human capital formation. Not surprising then, nations across the world are increasingly investing in education for continued development of their human capital… The responsibility to shape young minds and prepare them for a new world rests on Education. The world needs to renounce some age old practices in its education system and adopt a futuristic pedagogyreinventing their education system in line with the unfolding realities of 21st century, CORE is uniquely poised to… help nations enhance the productive capabilities of their future workforce and create immense value for all its stakeholders over coming decades.”

–CORE corporation, India, FY2011-12 Annual Financial Report

 “The quality of education given to the lower class must be of the poorest sort,so that the moat of ignorance isolating the inferior class from the superior classis and remains incomprehensible to the inferior class. With such an initial handicap, even bright lower class individuals have little if any hope of extricating themselves their assigned lot in life. This form of slavery is essential to maintain some measure of social order, peace, and tranquility for the ruling upper class.”

–“Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, page 7

Now just what exactly could this last document be referring to when it states: this form of slavery…?

Of course, through the control of young minds via human capital management as “Employment Education”, it is really speaking here of voluntary slavery. The 13th Amendment to the United States constitution states emphatically that involuntary servitude shall be unlawful in this nation. However, it says nothing about volunteerism – servitude through the contractual nature of citizenship to that United States corporation and its indoctrination process we today laughably call the educational system. In fact, the U.S. Code protects voluntary servitude as a right of citizens, a subject I’ve covered here before in triplicate.

It was Aldus Huxley who so plainly stated in his blueprint for this “Brave New World” that we are now a global and integral part of that:

 “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers”… Most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution…”

Of course, Huxley was not speaking of actual physical, involuntary slavery. There is no need for visible, physical chains or guards when a population virtually begs for jobs, “employment”, and education from its ruling class government. As a foundational leader in the studies and implementation of mind control and chemical persuasion, Huxley very much knew that slavery must be voluntary and consensual, lest that enslavement result in revolution. Like Plato’s allegory of The Cave, ignorance of ones own contractual enslavement is par for the course of the Bravest New World his ilk could ever have dreamed of.

Today, we literally stand upon the threshold of the perfection of that once fictional system of stultification, what Charlotte Iserbyt so in-eloquently and yet with perfect clarity labeled as The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America. We are watching, seemingly helpless, as the education system is being transformed and re-imagined into a private, standardized, and institutionalized commercial venture – a commodity that is traded on the global stock exchange. The word “Education” is now capitalized when spoken of in corporate financial statements and within the prospectuses of governments and corporations; a proper noun referring specifically to the for-profit business called “Education“, complete with shares and stakeholders requiring the typically destructive expansion that drives the profitability of any corporation and industry. For the shareholders must earn returns on their investment; a requirement by law of the Board of Directors and CEO of any corporation.

As the profitability and privatization of the education system expands, so too does the public taxpayer budget and appropriations granted upon the tacitly manufactured consent of the unwitting people of America. Growing in taxpayer budgetary funding by over $500 billion dollars between the years 2009 and 2012, the incentive principle for private enterprise to subsume the Education markets through public private partnerships (PPP) – and yes, Education is now a financial marketplace – is now a forgone reality, with both foreign and domestic corporate tendrils reaching deeper into the school system with every passing semester.

You could say that education in the United States has already become rotten to the CORE…

Indeed, that’s where an international private corporation called “CORE” comes into play.

If you aren’t familiar with CORE corporation, India, please see my previous research article here:

CORE Education and Technology corporation, thanks to Common Core standards and best practices that have been implemented within the individual States to allow such PPP’s to exist, is actually a private corporation created and headquartered in India back in the 1990‘s. It’s wholly owned subsidiary, CORE Education and Consulting Services (ECS), also has headquarters in the Untied States. It reaches across the world, through the public private partnership (PPP) (contractor) model, and has incrementally taken hold of a significant portion of the world’s education standards and practices with reach into over 50 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Its only listed for-profit controlling (voting) shareholders are foreign governments (including the United States) and other government institutional holders across the world, as well as some other private international corporations.

CORE ECS corporation has literally dominated the U.S. marketplace in teacher staffing and IT/data management operations, just a few of its for-profit “products and services” available to the “Education” marketplace via long-term lease agreements (private contracting within government to control that public sector).

Here in the United States, Common Core standard-based curriculum is now all but standard within pre-kindergarten, k-12, post secondary colleges and universities, and vocational training schools. But most disturbingly it has now become standard in U.S. military academies and schools, officer leadership training, the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command or (TRADOC), etc…

We will explore this frightening fact further as we read on…

CORE Corporation and Common Core:

What’s The Connection?

Many folks have expressed personally to me that they don’t quite understand the link between State Common Core standards and this foreign Indian corporation called CORE ECS. This is quite an understandable disposition in my opinion, for the current form of “government” within the United States is also quite difficult to grasp. The changes made to it have been incremental over more than a century by unseen hands – even while the illusion of traditional “constitutional” government is maintained in the paid for media and within the bureaucracy of congress.

It is important for our purposes in understanding how Common Core and privatization through the Public Private Partnership model works to define just what the word bureaucracy means in legal terms:

BUREAU. A French word, which literally means a large writing table. It is used figuratively for the place where business is transacted: it has been borrowed by us, and used in nearly the same sense; as, the bureau of the secretary of state. –Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856

BUREAUCRATAn official who works by fixed routine without exercising intelligent judgment–Random House Dictionary

BUREAUCRACY. The abuse of official influence in the affairs of government; corruption. This word has lately been adopted to signify that those persons who are employed in bureaus (and) abuse their authority by intrigue to promote their own benefitor that of friendsrather than the public good. The word is derived from the French. –Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856

Long ago, government figured out how to bypass its own legal requirements and restrictions by creating and joining its own private, non-governmental associations that would act similarly to an unseen 4rth branch of government, creating legislation in the non-profit, non-governmental, private association sector, and then lobbying government (lobbying themselves) to pass and enforce their own privately created bills.

In this way, and with our definitions of just what the word bureaucracy means above, we can see that the official “elected” government stands as a most definite bureaucracy full ofbureaucrats who do nothing but rubber stamp their signatures onto their own legislation that is created outside of this elected government by themselves, within these bureaucrat’s own non-governmental private associations and in conjunction with other corporate private associations…

Sound confusing? It wont be by the end of this article.

How To Secretly Sell A Nation
While Its People Work, Play, And Sleep

In the early 1990′s, shortly after President Reagan and the Iron Lady of the United Kingdom began to promote and implement the “privatization movement” together, then President George Bush signed the Infrastructure Privatization Act called “Executive Order 12803 – Infrastructure Privatization”. You should read that entire E.O. through the link below to understand that most infrastructure, including public schools, were poised to be sold off to private industry either outright or managed for profit through Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

The most important part of that Executive Order is this:

Section 1. Definitions. For purposes of this order: (a) “Privatization” means thedisposition or transfer of an infrastructure asset, such as by sale or bylong-term lease, from a State or local government to a private party.

(b) “Infrastructure asset” means any asset financed in whole or in part by the Federal Government and needed for the functioning of the economy. Examples of such assets include, but are not limited to: roads, tunnels, bridges, electricity supply facilities, mass transit, rail transportation, airports, ports, waterways, water supply facilities, recycling and wastewater treatment facilities, solid waste disposal facilities, housing, schools, prisons, and hospitals.

Now that you understand the fact government is literally selling off and leasing public infrastructure and allowing it to be managed by private corporations, you will understand not only the dangers of the act of states and local governments accepting any Federal Funds, but also the link between Common Core and CORE of India corporation and how private business is now controlling your childrens public education experience…

It works something like this:

Step 1)  Common Core standards are created by the National governors Association (NGA) (a 100% private, non-governmental association made up of the 50 Governors of the United States), and also copyrighted by the NGA, for the purposes of conspiring together to force all schools in all 50 states to choose (from basically a Common Core approved list) the same privately made “products” and “services” for all children in all schools. This sets up the legal basis for schools to enter into infrastructure privatization utilizing the public private partnership (PPP) model through the “long-term lease” mentioned in E.O. 12803.

Step 2)  CORE ECS (a wholly owned CORE India subsidiary within the United States) contracts with local and state schools and colleges under that PPP, long-term lease agreement, or other sustainable development “best practice” or “model” to take over everything from IT services, data collection and storage, teacher staffing, etc. Thus, this private corporation from India is now in a private partnership with the public government, literally taking over governmental functions through contract. Other private corporations like Dell Computers, Microsoft, Schoolastic, Texas Instruments, etc. are also in PPP’s with local and state governments and the Federal Department of Education… and it will only get worse unless this information is understood by you as spread to your friends, neighbors, and family.

Step 3) – Most importantly, in order to force this organized crime upon all schools in the nation, legislative laws are passed such as the FAPE Act to ensure that schools uniformly must by law purchase their services and products from these private corporations (note that government institutional, pension, and other investment funds are also the largest shareholders of these private corporations such as Microsoft and Apple, as I’ve also uncovered with my research in triplicate):

Examples of this type of legislation are:

Free, Appropriate Public Education (FAPE):

“Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 protects the rights of individuals with disabilities in programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance, including federal funds. Section 504 provides that: “No otherwise qualified individual with a disability in the United States . . . shall, solely by reason of her or his disability, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance…””The U.S. Department of Education (ED) enforces Section 504 in programs and activities that receive funds from ED. Recipients of these funds include public school districts, institutions of higher education, and other state and local education agencies. ED has published a regulation implementing Section 504 (34 C.F.R. Part 104) and maintains an Office for Civil Rights (OCR), with 12 enforcement offices and a headquarters office in Washington, D.C., to enforce Section 504 and other civil rights laws that pertain to recipients of funds. The Section 504 regulation requires a school district to provide a “free appropriate public education” (FAPE) to each qualified person with a disability who is in the school district’s jurisdiction, regardless of the nature or severity of the person’s disability.””Title II of theAmericans with Disabilities Act of 1990, (ADA), 42 U.S.C. § 12131 et seq., prohibits state and local governments from discriminating on the basis of disability

It’s for the children, you see – that greatest political weapon ever conceived (pun intended). Who can argue with such a strong and emotional logical fallacy? Essentially, all children must receive “equality” by law, which means that ultimately they must receive Dell computers, Apple IPads, and CORE special needs products and services – and/or products and services from whichever corporation gets the PPP contract and is able to sell its wares to government public schools in exchange for taxpayer money.

Since schools are under the Federal Department of Education, and because they all receive funding from the Federal Department of Education, the schools are thus required to “provide education” to ALL CHILDREN as a requirement for accepting those federal funds. But we must remember that the word Education is now a for-profit business, so the act of “providing Education” might actually mean providing to every student a Dell computer, Microsoft software and “learning tools” and products, CORE ECS corporation special needs curriculum, intervention, and teacher staffing services, free internet purchased with tax dollars from Comcast, calculators from Texas Instruments, and so on and so forth…

The word education has truly been twisted and reshaped by these Common Core standards and accompanying enabling legislation.

And remember, Common Core was created by and copyrighted by the 50 governors of each state while each participated in the private non-governmental association called the National Governor’s Association. This is a true bureaucracy feeding itself.

Let’s take for example these now highly sought after “Special Needs” education contracts. Corporations, as we will discover, have the hots for autistic children to be trained as future workforce employees. And since no child can be “left behind” because of a disability, the taxpayer must fund the education of these autistic and other special needs children so that they can be work ready drones for corporate intake at age 18. The fluffy Agenda 21 title for this action of taking special needs children away from their parents and training them for repetitive actions in the workplace is slyly referred to as “independence” training.

And of course, this workforce training in public schools certainly comes with a price – a very large public debt price-tag indeed. But not to worry, private corporations are beckoning to the call, and government is requiring schools (and more to the point taxpayers) to pay for the products and services that will ensure workforce readiness by age 18.

One of the fastest growing special needs markets is in what is called the “assistive technology” industry.

Assistive Technology is:

Any itempiece of equipment or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.”

Source: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1990 (Public Law 101-476)


Step 4) With these legal requirements all in place, schools will now be required to enter into public private partnerships (PPP) in order to acquire and purchase the required by law Dell computers to ensure all children are equally equipted. They must purchase Schoolastic software and books. They must utilize CORE ECS IT support, software, data collection, and all of its other products like teacher and administrative Staffing, “Intervention”, the Vocational Training Plan, etc… for no child should be left behind in this Brave New World.

So Common Core was set up not only to aid in privatizing public education, but to create a monopoly of certain already government funded and controlled corporations that will be guaranteed massive sales in the future – literally, for every student in the entirety of America.

In the end, CORE India literally relies on Common Core standards and the PPP best practices and models for its infiltration into America. But this is only the beginning, for the Common Core standards and its supporting legislation allows other private associationswith highly special non-United States interests and motives to write the lesson plans for your children in schools, also through this bridge called the public private partnership.

Is Common Core At The CORE Of
The U.S. National Defense?

Let’s read directly from the CORE India 2011-2012 annual financial report, always remembering that this is a company headquartered in India (spelling and grammar errors copied from the report):

(Page 53) “CORE currently touches the lives of over 20 million students spread over 54,000 schools across the United States, advancing education through an integrated mosaic of innovative solutions… Currently approximately 86% of the Consolidated revenues are generated from the US business, and during the year under review, CORE Education & Consulting Solutions INC., USA, one of our main wholly owned subsidiaries in the US registered a 21.42% increase in Profit after Tax, to USD 20.58 million (’1.016 billion in Indian Rupees).

(Page 47) “Core provides software solutions for its customers (including governments) operating in industries such as human resources, manufacturing, banking, financial services, supply chain management and data warehousing. It typically meets with the customer to discuss a solution required, and then customize the solution and provide the customer with support for the product on a continuing basis. The Company’s consultants specialize in 15 sectors, including central governmentpolicing and criminal justicelocal governmentdefence, transport and finance.”

I was frankly shocked to read that our military men and women (adults) are also deeply steeped in Common Core standards through public private partnerships.

“Advocates for military families, defense readiness and a top general in the Michigan Army National Guard all say the Common Core State Standards are essential for both the children of military families and for the future safety of the nation.”


The following quotes were from the website:

“More schools in The Army School System (TASS) are teaching or soon will be teaching the stand-alone common core for basic and advanced NCO courses(BNCOC and ANCOC)… The Army School System is one system, one standard, so every soldier taking the stand-alone common core will receive identical training no matter which school he or she attends.” –Sgt. Maj. Steve Merrill, chief of the NCO branch the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC). Training is conducted as “distance learning” broadcast through “video tele-training.”

“The Fort McCoy NCO Academy has offered the BNCOC and ANCOC stand-alone common core courses since December 2000, said Master Sgt. Dennis Martinson, Fort McCoy NCO Academy ANCOC and BNCOC course manager. BNCOC is the U.S. Army’s Basic Non-Commissioned Officers Course. This course is one in a series of steps throughout a soldier’s career that help him to be an effective leader. Some courses tend to include a lot of hands-on exercises such as the Warrior Leader Course, but the BNCOC puts more emphasis on written exams. In the fall of 2009,the course transitioned from a traditional classroom setting to an online course. While this is more convenient, some soldiers have complained that this diminishes their educational experience because it leaves out the student-teacher relationship. ANCOC – The current policies and procedures for soldiers selected to attend the Army’s Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course (ANCOC) began taking shape in 1989, when the Army Chief of Staff approved an initiative that made graduation from Primary Leadership Development Course, Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course (BNCOC), ANCOC and USA Sergeants Major Course a prerequisite for promotion.”

As we can see, the common core standard curriculum is a prerequisite requirement to be promoted in the military. This forced Education in what the military calls its training and “doctrine” command, or TRADOC, should be an alarming title to anyone reading.

In other words, soldiers must accept forced Common Core doctrine or never be promoted!

The modern Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word doctrine as:

a :  something that is taught

b :  a principle or position or the body of principles in a branch of knowledge orsystem of belief dogma

c :  a principle of law established through past decisions

d :  a statement of fundamental government policy especially in international relations

e :  a military principle or set of strategies

Essentially, the entire population of the military is now on Common Core learning standards. This becomes more and more horrific in its comprehension as we begin to see, through the public private partnership model, just who is writing these lesson plans for our soldiers… and it isn’t the U.S. government!!!

Ultimately, what this means to states like Michigan is:

“…keeping the (Common Core) standards in place could make Michigan more military-friendly.” –Brig. Gen. Michael Stone, assistant adjutant general,Michigan Army National Guard

In other words, the brainwashing of child students into adulthood as well as that of our common chattel soldiers, could make the martial law military occupation of each state more acceptable to the rest of the Common Core workforce educated population.

The Anti-Defamation League:
Militarily Defaming The Arab Spring

Through what is surely the worst possible conflict of interest I can possibly imagine, the so-called Anti-Defamation League (ADL) – a staunch supporter of International “Jewish” interests and the spreading of Zionism (support for the “State” of Israel) – through the Public Private Partnership model can truly be seen for what it is. This non-governmental private association, interest group, and ultra-powerful lobby is one of the most powerful private associations in the United States and indeed the world. And yes – it is publishing the propaganda training manuals for not only our children in schools, but for our men and women in uniform.

If you are from or have any empathy for any of the Middle East countries and the Arab people, such as those in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Libya, and most of all the gold at the end of the U.S. and Israel war-profiteer rainbow (Iran), then this fact should light a rather hot fire under your posterior.

Perhaps you’ve already heard of some of the ADL’s infamous lesson plans already introduced through the Common Core standards education system, though most likely you haven’t. I’m referring to such beauties as:

“UNHEARD VOICES: STORIES OF LGBT HISTORY – This is an education curriculum course to be taught to youngsters in grammar, middle, and high school and labeled as lessons in civics, history, language arts, life skills: working with others, and of course visual arts.”

On page four of the lesson outline, we see that this ADL teaching tool is listed as in compliance with:



From the ADL’s education resource website, the ADL is proud to give some of the following statistics:

“Over 19,000 educators teach about the holocaust using “Echos and Reflections

“Over 58 million adults and youth impacted by ADL”

“Reaching 300 campuses in 44 U.S. States”

But let’s focus on perhaps the most resourceful crime against humanity I can imagine being perpetrated by the ADL even as we speak. Coming in November, the ADL has actually stooped to the lowest of lows. In its modern day version of book-banning, and symbolically the political burning of books, the ADL will teach you (the parent and teacher) how to not read or teach books that hold what it refers to as a “bias”, so as to prevent your child from developing any opinions based on fact or historical purview of true “Jewish” history. After all, any book that shares the true history of Israel, international Zionism, Jewish supremacy, or one that tells the true story of the genocide happening right now in Palestine, must be regarded as “prejudice” and “anti-Semitic”, right? Let’s examine this brilliantly conniving best practice that has been created by the non-governmental private association called the Anti-Defamation League to literally destroy history through clandestinely banning “biased” books about history…

Using an Anti-Bias Lens to Examine Early Childhood Children’s Books in Your Program

10-26-2013 7-17-58 AM


“Unfortunately, the impressions imparted by some books are
not always positive and free from bias. Learn what teachers can do to
take advantage of their early windows of opportunity to prevent
the development of prejudice. Note this webinar is 1½ hours.”


To further the understanding of just how the ADL has infiltrated and snuffed logic and reason out of the education process via the distorting of history and modern reality, the ADL further explains its Common Core curriculum of clandestine book-burning, which it calls “anti-bias curriculum”.

From the website:

The Need for an Anti-Bias Curriculum

“Preparing students to live and work successfully in a pluralistic nation and a global community requires opportunities for them to engage in curricular content that furthers the ideals of justice and equality upon which the nation was founded. Anti-bias curriculum provides an understanding of diverse perspectives, strengthens critical thinking skills, challenges the development of emerging biases, and builds skills and motivation to take action against injustice.”

“Additionally, creating an anti-bias learning environment fosters a positive and open mindset to engage in and learn from curricular content that promotes equality and diversity nationwide.”

Anti-Bias Study Guide

“Anti-Bias Study Guides have been prepared for educators to use as supplementary materials for students in grades 4–12. The Guides are available in both Intermediate and Secondary Level. The lessons assist students in exploring societal issues arising from bias, bigotry and discrimination; building critical thinking skills; increasing understanding of diverse perspectives; and building leadership skills in promoting justice and equity in schools, communities, and society at large.”

Apparently, according to the ADL, to have a bias is to automatically have bigotry and engage in discrimination?

To give you an idea of just how ironically bias the ADL actually is in its support and promotion of Israel and Zionsim, take a look at just what the ADL is protecting from these entirely Jewish sources:

10-26-2013 7-18-48 AM

10-26-2013 7-19-33 AM


If you are a Christian, or for that matter any other non-Jewish people
with or without 
religious tendencies, then you are a goyim (non-Jew gentile),
“born only to serve the Jew”. From its own newspapers… this is Zionism.
This is Israel. This is what the ADL truly protects.

The ADL also created the World Of Difference Institute to further promote and implement “non-bias education”, which it describes as:


The Anti-Defamation League’s A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute is a market leader in the development and delivery of anti-bias education and diversity training programs and resources. Comprised of four distinct departments —CLASSROOM, CAMPUS, COMMUNITY, and WORKPLACE — the Institute’s customizable, interactive programs are used by schools, universities, corporations, law enforcement agencies and community organizationsthroughout the United States and abroad.

The Institute’s training modules and curricula are designed by human relations and education professionals, incorporating the latest research from the education field.Ongoing evaluation efforts in collaboration with renowned universities, colleges and foundations ensure and enhance the efficacy of the Institute’s offerings. Through the development and delivery of its programs and resources, the Institute seeks to help participants: recognize bias and the harm it inflicts on individuals and society; explore the value of diversity; improve inter-group relations; and combat racism, anti-Semitism and all forms of prejudice and bigotry. Institute programs provide the necessary skills, knowledge and awareness to promote and sustain inclusive and respectful school, work and home environments.

Hidden behind Agenda 21 and within these seemingly wonderful and fluffy words like sustain, respect, combat racism, inter-group relations, and of course anti-bias educationlays a corporation (private association) with one of the most clear biases in the entirety of all lobbying groups, as the claimed mission of the ADL states:

“The Anti-Defamation League was founded in 1913 “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all citizens alike.”

In other words, forced political equality. It uses other discriminated against groups to hide behind – not so much to protect them as to protect themselves.

But that’s not all… for the ADL does all of this too:

A leader in the development of materials, programs and services, ADL builds bridges of communication, understanding and respect among diverse groups, carrying out its mission through a network of regional and satellite offices in the United States and abroad. ADL’s long-term commitment to fighting anti-Semitism and fighting for fair treatment for all people provides the context for all of its anti-bias initiatives.

Today, ADL’s 30 professionally staffed offices in the United States, plus offices in Jerusalem, Vienna and Moscow, work to translate this country’s democratic ideals into a way of life for all Americans. Legal Affairs files amicus briefs challenging discrimination and encourages model legislation — including hate crimes laws, which enhance penalties when crimes are committed because of a victim’s race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or national origin.

Its Research and Fact Finding monitors extremist groups, from neo-Nazi skinheads to international terrorist groups. The Civil Rights Information Center provides quick responses to the media and the public on breaking news and eventsrelating to civil rights issues. Education seeks to break the cycle of hatred through curriculum and training.


Perhaps we should just start calling the ADL and Israel the new U.S. Government Intelligence Agency instead? After all, the ADL is now training the CIA as well…

It is important to understand here the illicit word trickery used by ADL and other civil rights groups when referring to the word “equality”. This legal term is one of the most misunderstood in our society and as “equal citizens”. Equality is actually quite the opposite of what we think. Indeed, equality is a way for groups like the ADL, Freemasonry, and the Church of Satan to obtain “equal” status as other “religions” and non-profit organizations. Equality refers to the enforcement of rights, giving protection, credence, and consent for these types of organizations.

The word equality strips men of their natural right to fight such foes, and assigns forced political equality instead, replacing equity with equality. In other words, this type of equality is not natural – not in the hearts and minds of men. It is forced upon men, who must accept that equality against their own morals and values or be punished by law for being “biased” and non-conforming in their acceptance of things that directly harm them and their personal values and rights. In other words, the right to fight for your honor and integrity has been legally stifled through the legal concept of “equality”.

EQUALITY. Possessing the same rights, and being liable to the same duties. 2. Persons are all equal before the law, whatever adventitious advantages some may possess over others. All persons are protected by the law, and obedience to it is required from all.

EQUITABLE. That which is in conformity to the natural law.

Translation: Equality requires all persons (citizens) to obey the law, no matter how reproachable and repugnant the legal law becomes to the natural rights of men (the word men = male and female; or “mankind”), and equality legally takes away the natural right to fight for your natural rights! While lawful natural equity requires good men to fight groups like the ADL as their natural duty to God and Nature and for their self-preservation of self, family, and culture, such legal equality legislation protects the ADL from such actions of men and literally disables the ability to fight such powerful private associations through the protection of them by law.

This is often referred to as “civil rights”.

What you may not know about this private association called the ADL is that it represents a clear and present threat to America in ever more severe ways than just the re-education of our youth and soldiers; for remember that the ADL is a Zionist organization above all else, supporting the political state of Israel above all else:

Evidence of ADL Spy Operation Seized by Police



Police on Thursday served search warrants on the Anti-Defamation League here and in Los Angeles, seizing evidence of a nationwide intelligence network accused of keeping files on more than 950 political groups, newspapers and labor unions and as many as 12,000 people.

Describing the spy operation in great detail, San Francisco authorities simultaneously released voluminous documents telling how operatives of the Anti-Defamation League searched through trash and infiltrated organizations to gather intelligence on Arab-American, right-wing and what they called “pinko” organizations.

Representatives of the Anti-Defamation League, a well-known organization in the U.S. Jewish community dedicated to fighting anti-Semitism, declined detailed comment Thursday but denied breaking any laws.

Police allege that the organization maintains undercover operatives to gather political intelligence in at least seven cities, including Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Groups that were the focus of the spy operation span the political spectrum, including such groups as the Ku Klux Klan, the White Aryan Resistance, Operation Rescue, Greenpeace, the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People, the United Farm Workers and the Jewish Defense League. Also on the list were Mills College, the board of directors of San Francisco public television station KQED and the San Francisco Bay Guardian newspaper.

People who were subjects of the spy operation included former Republican Rep. Pete McCloskey, jailed political extremist Lyndon H. LaRouche and Los Angeles Times foreign correspondent Scott Kraft, who is based in South Africa.

Authorities said much of the material collected by the group was confidential information obtained illegally from law enforcement agencies. They also alleged that data on some individuals and organizations was sold separately to the South African government.

In addition to allegations of obtaining confidential information from police, the Anti-Defamation League could face a total of 48 felony counts for not properly reporting the employment of its chief West Coast spy, Roy Bullock, according to the affidavit filed to justify the search warrant.

(Note that the current government of Africa is the Zionist

To comprehend the nature of Zionism’s control in U.S. politics, it is best to hear the story right from the horses mouth. In this article, entitled “Obama Has Been Great For Israel”, Obama’s own political adviser lays it all on the line with regards to the atrocious United States support for Israel in the 10′s of billions, even as US troops and drones ravish the Arab inhabited middle-east world in its efforts to build new nations.


The ADL’s Attempt To Ban
Shakespeare And God As Biased Authors

What better way to usher in the atrocities of the past and allow history to repeat itself – from communism to human trafficking, slavery, and genocide – than to erase the history of such atrocities from the education system by this one people who have provably specialized and profited in it all along? By banning history and literature books with what the ADL calls “bias”, for instance, our children will never learn about the worst holocaust in history – that of the Bolshevik Revolution. They’ll never learn of the Jewish heritage of men like Lenin and Trotsky, who lead the Jewish Red Army to kill many 10′s of millions of Germanic white Christian farmers and families throughout the Soviet Union; nor of the series of “concentration camps” set up throughout the Holodomor and the virtually unknown and certainly untaught Ukrainian genocidal Tragedy of the 1930′s – also known as the “Terror Famine” under Joseph Stalin. Children and soldiers will never understand the war crimes being committed right now in Palestine, or the crimes of the past with such historic facts as the Israeli Air force attack on the U.S.S. Liberty. With the swipe of a pen and the thoroughness of the printing press, the enemy of a once prosperous people can become its master without ever pointing a weapon.

Indeed, privatized Education is perhaps mightier than the pen and the sword.

And perhaps most ironically, the children and soldiers of today will never learn this:

Semite – A member of a group of Semitic-speaking peoples of the Near East and northern Africa, including the Arabs, Arameans, Babylonians, Carthaginians, Ethiopians, Hebrews, and Phoenicians.

How twisted indeed has education become…

Vladimer Putin recently celebrated the atrocious history of the Bolschevek Red Army and the  genocide of 10′s of millions of Germanic , women, and children throughout Russia not with favor, but with solitude and remorse, with great hopes that such forces shall never rise to power again. In fact, it was the Jewish Israeli newspaper Haaretz that reported:

“Russian President Vladimir Putin said that at least 80 percent of the members of the first Soviet government were Jewish.

“I thought about something just now: The decision to nationalize this library was made by the first Soviet government, whose composition was 80-85 percent Jewish,” Putin said June 13 during a visit to Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center.

Putin was referencing the library of Rabbi Joseph I. Schneerson, the late leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. The books, which are claimed by Chabadrepresentatives in the United States, began being moved to the museum in Moscow this month.

According to the official transcription of Putin’s speech at the museum, he went on to say that the politicians on the predominantly Jewish Soviet government “were guided by false ideological considerations and supported the arrest and repression of Jews, Russian Orthodox Christians, Muslims and members of other faiths. They grouped everyone into the same category.

“Thankfully, those ideological goggles and faulty ideological perceptions collapsed. And today, we are essentially returning these books to the Jewish community with a happy smile.”

Widely seen as the first Soviet government, the Council of People’s Commissars was formed in 1917 and comprised 16 leaders, including chairman Vladimir Lenin, foreign affairs chief Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin, who was in charge of the People’s Commissariat of Nationalities.”


Naturally, this Bolshevik Revolution referred to above by Putin is one of the historical events that the ADL lists as a plot to defame Zionism and Jews, and that it should be labeled as anti-Semetic – and of course “bias”.

Other lesson plans for children, adults, and soldiers that really hit this symbolic book-burning home include:

Antisemitism And The Merchant Of Venice (A discussion guide for “Educators”)


This resource is a tool for teachers presenting The Merchant of Venice to their students. This guide is not intended as an exhaustive study of the play. Rather, it is a supplement intended to guide an exploration of the problematic issue of anti-Semitism as part of the broader discussion of the play. The initial sections of this guide provide important contextual information about the teaching of controversial literature, the impact of anti-Semitism throughout history, and the beliefs and attitudes prevalent in 16th century England that likely influenced Shakespeares writing. The core of the guide, however, focuses on Shylock as the central figure of discussion. When the play was first registered for publication, it was described as a book of the Merchant of Venice or otherwise called The Jew of Venice. The Merchant is Antonio, but Shylock is the most pivotal character. Over four hundred years after The Merchant of Venice was first written, the debate rages on about Shakespeares intentions regarding the character of Shylock, whether the play is anti-Semitic or a criticism of the Christian anti-Semitism of Shakespeares timeand even whether the play should be taught in schools. The goal of this guide is not to answer these questions, but to help teachers raise these very important issues with their students and to offer discussion questions, related activities and other resources that support an in-depth exploration of the play.


Works of literature, written hundreds of years ago, may contain viewpoints that seem stereotypical and that offend modern sensibilities. While it is natural to want to protect students from these harsh sentiments, it may be counterproductive to omit controversial texts from class rather than using them as a vehicle for raising awareness and sensitivity about issues of prejudice. When teaching The Merchant of Venice, then, it is important to raise the issue of anti-Semitism as a precursor to examining the text, and to explore this type of prejudice as both a historical and contemporary phenomenon.

Throughout the play, Shylock, and by extension, all Jews, are presented as money-hungry, conniving, and cruel. Shylock the Jew, as he is called by everyone in the play is compared with a dog, acur, and a demon, and is referred to as the very devil incarnation. Teachers should be aware of the negative impact these words and ideas could have on students without a thorough examination of the history and the context of this language. It is important to consider how Jewish students in class may feel after reading The Merchant of Venice, and equally essential to take into account how the play might reinforce stereotypes of Jews among other students. When negative and stereotypical portrayals of minorities are read in class with no examination or critical analysis of these stereotypes, students may assume that these depictions are accurate and true. It is therefore critical to contextualize these stereotypes and offer students an opportunity to examine and deconstruct them.

Related Activities/Discussion Questions<


a. Ask students to define the word censorship.

b. Lead a discussion on the history of the free speech movement in the United States. Students can research organizations dedicated to the promise of freedom of speech, such as the ACLU, or PEN,, an association of writers committed to defending freedom of expression.

c. Lead a discussion on whether students think that censorship is ever appropriate.

d. Have students debate whether or not censorship of The Merchant of Venice is ever an appropriate response to concerns about the promotion of anti-Semitism or prejudiceDivide the class into two teams; assign one to argue a pro-censorship perspective and the other an anti-censorship perspective.

Create small groups of four students two from each team and allow them time to debate before debriefing as a whole class.


Anti-Semitism, often called the longest hatred, is both an age-old problem and a current challenge. For centuries Jews have been accused of treacherous acts,including the murder of Jesus, poisoning wells, the ritual murder of Christian children, the Bubonic plague and controlling the media and the banks. Many of these falsities have roots in historical circumstances, and longstanding fear and misunderstanding. Tragically, these lies continue to be launched against Jews. Recently, Jews have been blamed for everything from the attacks on September 11 and the Iraq War to the tsunami that devastated Southeast Asia. The continual demonizing and scapegoating of the Jew as other highlights the need to analyze and discuss the depiction of Jews in literature. Without an examination of both historic and contemporary anti-Semitism, students may be left with stereotypical and negative conceptions of Jews and Judaism.


So now that we have learned from the ADL that the works of Shakespeare made him an anti-Semite, what else should we be taught by this pro-Israel, pro-Jewish, non-governmental, private association?

I’m not here to preach today… but let’s examine some facts. The “story” of Jesus being “murdered by Jews” is of course taken straight from Bible interpretation, where we read that indeed the “Jews” did not actually murder Jesus themselves. No, they did something much worse. In the Bible story, the Jewish leaders did not crucify Jesus, but instead forced others to do it for them through the legal process. The Jewish Sanhedrin was able to use their illicit legal language to try Jesus for blasphemy under Mosaic law, and to then have that sentence carried out by the occupying Roman government through political pressure (lobbying, if you will).

Today, that same force (representing less than 2% of the entire U.S. population) of powerful lobbying and political and legal power is being used for the re-education of children, adults, and soldiers – literally forcing others to teach what the ADL writes as “non-bias” history.

Is the ADL the same lobby today as was in the Bible?

“Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan,
which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie;
behold, I will make them to come and worship before
thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”

–Revelation 3:9

Are you not at all afraid of this “New Testament” book from the Bible also being altered or banned, for being apparently too “anti-Semetic”, leaving just the Jewish Torah without Christianity? Let us not forget, after all, that the Bible calls this group of “Jews” and “Pharisees” the “synagogue Of Satan”.

Oh wait, that book was already banned from education long ago, despite being the most relevant book in history pertaining to the origins of modern law and civil government – the book that the Vatican Cannons and ecclesiastical powers that be were justified from, and from which the Pope and Queen claim to rule the temporal realm of the Earth as the anointed vicar (replacement) of Christ on Earth.

Nope, that’s not at all important for children, adults, the CIA, or the military to study…

So what else should we learn from Abe Foxman’s lobby corporation curriculum in public schools, universities, and in the military?

Holocaust Education

The Holocaust is woven into the very existence of those who lived during that time some seven decades ago. Today, young people’s knowledge of this horrific chapter of history is limited by educators’ choices in planning their classroom curriculum. Although the mandate of “Never Again” has proved difficult to achieve, the lessons of the Holocaust remain relevant and significant in the lives of youth, including the dangers of silence, the consequences of indifference, and the responsibility to protect the vulnerable. Through programs and curriculum, ADL helps educators bring these lessons to life for students.


(Author’s note: Please keep in mind that the ADL and other powerful lobbying groups have been able to make it law in many countries, including Canada and Germany, that challenging the “history” provided by such private associations as the ADL about “the holocaust” is punishable by fine and imprisonment. Does that sound reasonable to you?)

The Resilience of Anti-Semitism –

The Lies of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

A three-part unit for high school students prepared in conjunction with the Anti-Defamation League special exhibit of Will Eisners The Plot

Part I: Prior to Viewing the Exhibit/Novel

(90 minutes plus time for research)

1. In the center of a large sheet of chart paper write, THE PLOT, and beneath it add the following quote:

Whenever one group of people is taught to hate another, a lie is created to inflame the hatred and justify a plot. The target is easy to find because the enemy is always the other.

3. Draw eight spokes emanating from the title/quote in the center of the chart posted earlier, and write the following topics at the end of each spoke:

The Bolsheviks

The Russian Revolution

The Black Hundreds


Theodore Herzl

The Dreyfus Affair

Alfred Rosenberg

Zionism/First World Zionist Congress (1897)

So here we can see the very clever but fallacious tactic of using association of historical events and persons to attempt to somehow wipe the historical slate clean regarding Zionist genocide, slavery, and even the well documented and indisputable World Jewish/Zionist Congress. And while the true origin of the Protocols of Zion are certainly a disputed topic of debate, just the fact that these so-called protocols have literally escaped from those pages to become the reality of global political and economic takeover – including that of the Education system today – should be enough for anyone to see the conflict of interest with a pro-Zionist private lobbying organization such as the ADL being the sole provider of information regarding Jewish history, holocaust information and promotion, and educational autonomy on subjects such as these. I would state the same opinion about the Klu Klux Klan, United Negro College Fund, the AARP, the National Governors Association, or any other non-governmental private association. Such breakdowns in logic, reason, and equity of source information should be enough to make any parent (and especially a soldier killing Arabs across the Middle East in the name of Zionist interests and the protection of the “State” of Israel) at the very least suspect of this source for education curriculum.

One of the soft and fluffy words being used throughout the ADL propaganda materials here has been the word “diversity“.

Ironically, if you haven’t noticed through all of the Agenda 21 rhetoric, the goals of the ADL and Common Core are to kill diversity, and to destroy the multi-cultural world by transforming it through the process of education into a “global society” per the Agenda 21 principals.

They then label this Zionist utopia as “equality”.

It is interesting to examine the definition of the word culture, for that is exactly what will both be disappearing from a Common Core educated world, and what will be replaced by the uni-cultureal ideals of the ADL, Zionism, and globalist agenda. If all students and adults around the world are learning the same thing from the same biased corporations called “Education”, then multi-culturalism and diversity must in fact by necessity be destroyed.

From Merriam Webster, this dualistic definition explains both the cultures being lost and the institutional corporate culture that is taking over:


: cultivation, tillage

:  the act of developing the intellectual and moral faculties especially by education

3:  expert care and training

4a :  enlightenment and excellence of taste acquired by intellectual and aesthetictraining

b :  acquaintance with and taste in fine arts, humanities, and broad aspects of scienceas distinguished from vocational and technical skills

5a :  the integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations

b :  the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social groupalso :  the characteristic features of everyday existence (as diversions or a way of life) shared by people in a place or time <popularculture> <southern culture>

c :  the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizesan institution or organization <a corporate culture focused on the bottom line>

d :  the set of values, conventions, or social practices associated with a particular field, activity, or societal characteristic <studying the effect of computers on print culture>

All of this diversity of culture, my friends, is being educated out of the population, incrementally, as the tendrils of CORE and Common Core (and international Zionism) best practices, standards, and curriculum spread without resistance by the very parents who seek to preserve that history and heritage of their family and of all different races.Common Core is in fact a counter-culture movement. There is no excuse to sit idly by anymore and watch your own children and teachers be physically and mentally brainwashed by the ADL, Microsoft, CORE, and other private corporations around the world. This is truly the end of humanity and the beginning of trans-humanity.

And when good people do nothing, evil certainly doth prosper…

The aesthetic, or appreciation for the beautiful things in nature, art, culture, and races of people, is perhaps the most manipulated aspect of CORE education, as we will see later. In its place, Common Core and its partners, if you haven’t already noticed, are promoting nothing but computerized pictures of nature and digital interfacing with other people. In other words, a simulation and simulacra is being created where the appreciation of the aesthetics of the world, of nature, and of humanity are being recreated in 3 dimensions and broadcast through “Distance Learning” and in virtual reality to our children (see the disturbing pictures below).

And let’s face it, the culture of today has rapidly turned to IPhones and IPads, massive online artificial worlds, and digital friendships and dating. This is not a natural culture; but a complete turning away from nature and culture – a uni-culture; soon to be broadcast and promoted into every Common Core classroom around the world… and into your very own interconnected home entertainment systems.

Finally, we can read from the ADL annual financial report to understand how the defamation of the Arab nations, the truly “Semitic” people, does not apply to the protections of such defamation by the Anti-Defamation League.

The report states:

We monitor and expose online hate and anti-Semitism to make everyone aware of hidden threats.

We keep government out of religion and religion out of government—and religion flourishes.

Our partnerships with law enforcement help us protect against violent extremists.

We deepen the knowledge of Catholic-school educators so our future will be more peaceful than our past.

Our legal experts pioneered hate crime laws and work to implement them nationwide.

Our outreach to Hispanics and Latin Americans dispels ignorance and creates allies.

We help combat global terror by connecting American and Israeli law enforcement.

Our educators teach students to reject bullying and to treat each other with respect.

No lobby or associaton should ever have this type of manipulative governmental power!

In its ridiculously obvious attempt to pretend to protect what it calls “religious freedom”, The ADL indeed attempts to restrict the religious freedom of all others – as in no religion left behind:

ADL confronted these assaults head on. In Texas, we brought together Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other faith advocates to sign a unified message expressing concern over the governor’s blatant disregard for church-state separation in his call for an exclusionary prayer rally…

Now we are calling on candidates in the 2012 election to keep religion out of the campaign. A broad coalition of national religious leaders convened by ADL asserted that candidates should “conduct their campaigns without appeals, overt or implicit, for support based upon religion.”

Does that really sound like religious “freedom” to you?

Please understand that the ADL and AIPAC are by far the largest special interest contributors to political campaigns in the entire world. If this is not clear, you’d better darn well watch this video of the real United States presidential election:

Not ironically, in a new poll released this month, over 60% of American “Jews” answered that they are not religious in any way (atheism is indeed listed as one tenet/description of Judaism), and that that their Jewishness was simply a racial “identity”, a meme pushed by such organizations as the ADL and international Zionism.

The article from USA Today states:

“WASHINGTON (RNS) In the most comprehensive study of American Jews in 12 years, a strong majority said being Jewish is mostly about ancestry or culture, not the religious practice of Judaism.”

“A Portrait of Jewish Americans,” released Tuesday (Oct. 1) by the Pew Research Center, shows strong secularist trends most clearly seen in one finding: 62% of U.S. Jews said Jewishness is largely about culture or ancestryjust 15% said it’s about religious belief…”


The ADL And CORE Instructs
U.S. Government, Military, FBI, CIA…

This financial report goes on to show how deep the ADL is intertwined and infiltrated into the law enforcement, military, and government of the United States through the utilization of Common Core standards and the PPP model.

“Additionally, in a new program affecting Jews overseas, we’re partnering with the U.S. State Department to train U.S. diplomats to recognize anti-Semitism. And a unique program created by ADL and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, has trained over 70,000 FBI New Agents on their role as protectors of individual rights.

The ADL’s use of word magic and trickery – the language of illicit fallacy of the law society (attorneys) – shines through and is very convincing when it speaks of “hate crimes” legislation (thought crime), which it brags about both authoring the legislation and lobbying to get passed:

“For millions of students, bullying, cyberbullying and name-calling damage their self-esteem and ability to learn. No student should ever feel isolated because of his or her ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation or physical appearance. ADL’s No Place for Hate® initiative enables schools to build inclusive and safe environments in which respect is the goal, and all students can thrive. No Place for Hate engages entire school communities in anti-bias activities, which ADL helps the schools develop, sending a clear message that all students have a place to belong.”

Remember first and foremost that this “No Place For Hate” is a registered trademark, meaning that it is a for-profit product offered by ADL to the for-profit Education industry through public private partnerships under Common Core Standards and within the privatization movement and legislation. This is not a charity.

In essence, this is the forced promotion of wolves in sheep’s clothing, straight from a pages of the Fabian Society, where respect is not earned but forced through private association-created “integration” legislation and Education.

Secondly, the reader and the parent must not be fooled by the fluffy and sustainable Agenda 21 language being used here. In reality, this re-education process is designed to create what the United Nations is today calling “peace-keepers”, those who would protect the corporate world peace through global martial law – by oppressing and killing anyone who opposes the servitude and voluntary slavery being forced upon them by sanctions and international laws of the United Nations. You certainly don’t see this lesson being taught to Israeli soldiers or children in their atrocious dealings with the Palestinian people. Semantics and word magic is the greatest tool of such “synagogues” of false charity.

Case in point… the next section in the ADL annual financial report shows the true nature of a corporation that defames the majority of the world’s population:


“Zionism is a gang, not a country. So we will resist them until they do not have a country.”

From its charter and public statements, the Muslim Brotherhood ideologically continues to reject Israel’s right to exist. On a practical level, the evidence is more complex. Some statements suggest it will let the peace treaty stand and others indicate in time the desire to end the treaty and relations with the Jewish state.

Tracking the Muslim Brotherhood online is just one example of how ADL’s Arabic-speaking analysts obtain valuable insight into new developments.Our monitoring and translation of media from the Arab world consistently reveals the demonization of Israel and Jews in state-sponsored venues—even in Muslim and Arab countries with extensive ties to the West.

We shared our findings with Members of Congress, the State Department and the White House to make sure that the Muslim Brotherhood’s hostility is part of the conversation between the United States and the “new” Egypt.”


Terrorism has plagued the Middle East for decades, and Israel has learned the hard way how to prevent and combat it. With ADL’s help, its counterterrorism experts are showing U.S. law enforcement how to do the same.

The partnership between ADL’s Israel Office and the Israel National Police allows ADL to provide major American law enforcement agencies with access to Israel’s top security professionals and facilitiesWhen ADL brought groups of U.S. law enforcement to Israel last year, they were briefed on the tactics that deflect terror attempts at border crossings, coastal waters, the airport, holy sites and much more.

Once they get home, many from this and previous ADL law enforcementmissions to Israel participate in a network that enables them to maintain regular contact with each other and with ADL. Said one: “I can assure you that these lessons will serve as a constant reminder of how we can do things differently and even better in the States.

Hmm… Does this mean Americans should be expecting the illegal use of terror on its own people who are against Zionism like in Israel, with the use of outlawed and internationally condemned white phosphorous bombs and depleted uranium bullets and shells? Why not, they are U.S. made after all…

Anything to keep the peace!

Keep in mind that Judaism is a global presence, and this monitoring claimed by the ADL is in reality spying by this non-profit, non-governmental organization. The American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC) is certainly no angel either. Why just in 2010, this bit of news came out about the true nature of AIPAC:

AIPAC was caught red-handed undermining the business and security of the United States:

“Declassified files detailing an FBI investigation targeting the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC – the most powerful lobby in the United States) are now available on the Internet. AIPAC was investigated after it acquired and circulated classified government information provided in strict confidence by US industry and worker groups opposed to AIPAC sponsored economic legislation.”

“FBI reports of Israelis circulating classified documents in the US Congress, “compromising” the authority of the U.S. President.”

“…an Israeli intelligence service operative (MOSSAD) was working undercover on AIPAC’s staff.

“An FBI director order that the Washington Field office give the AIPAC investigation top priority after Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard was caught on video surveillance stealing classified US national defense information.

“…FBI special agent interviews of Israeli minister of economics Dan Halpern who claimed diplomatic immunity. Halpern admitted passing classified US documents to AIPAC but refused to name his source.

“These files, available on the Internet for the first time, reveal activities that undermined rule of law and governance. They have wrought massive economic harm to American businesses and workers. We urge all concerned Americans to carefully review and ponder the implications of these FBI files and other documents now available from the Israel Lobby Archive.” —PRNewswire-USNewswire, Forbes, March 10, 2010

–While this article was on the Forbes website (and is now removed), the full article can still be seen here:

This article details leaked classified information, corporate espionage, usurpation of government authority with Israeli intelligence officers undercover in AIPAC, theft of government property, Dan Halpern interviews admitting to passing classified U.S. documents to AIPAC as well as lists of the traitors, and more. These files are available on the internet for the first time, and should be utilized while the internet still can be.

When we add the connection of ADL and AIPAC as the leading legislative lobbying and campaign funding private organizations in the country, we quickly see that the once claimed sovereignty of the United States is all but disappeared. Add to this the Common Core standards and best practice of public private partnerships with companies like CORE Education and Consulting Services, which data mines every aspect of American and foreign students and provides IT and other types of tracking of student data right into India, including our military, CIA, and FBI students, and we have a recipe for disaster on our hands.

Spying is being perfected through the meme of education of the children and government in peace and diversity… and a peace-keeping force with no empathy is being created from the children and adults – referred to as the business of human capital management.

Finally, this annual financial report shares how the ADL actually led the lobbying campaign, authoring and introducing the “hate and speech crimes” legislation into Congress, and allowing Federal overreach into States without permission of state authorities. This is just another example of ADL’s use of and hiding behind children, history, and tragic events to pass legislation not based on reason, logic, or even need… but instead purely by a fallacious appeal to emotion.

“Capping a 13-year coalition lobbying campaign led by ADL, Congress finally passed the federal Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act (HCPA) in 2009. ADL had pioneered a model hate crime law for states in 1981. The HCPA permits the federal government to investigate and prosecute if local authorities can’t or won’t. “I know ADL was critical to getting it done,” Mrs. Shepard says.

Now ADL and the Shepards are helping the FBI and Justice Department implement the law, including training on new protections for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) victims. We continue to educate law enforcement on what constitutes a hate crime under the new law.”

“Some individuals still think hate crime laws aren’t necessary,” Mrs. Shepard says. “In some places, the fact that the LGBT community suffers crimes based on bias isn’t on their radar. But it isn’t up to them anymore. This law is about protecting everyone.”

How Deep We Have Fallen

In my further efforts to expose just how deep the CORE and Common Core curriculum, standards, and “best practices” go, I am most horrified to bring you this deeper tier of CORE corruption that has infiltrated the entirety of the U.S. government. Obviously, today we are focusing on the Federal Department of Defense and its military branches.

Core Education and Technology corporation, which again is headquartered in India, is quickly spreading to take over the federal education standards and staffing of the 50 States in the union through Public Private Partnership… and the rabbit hole seems to be never ending. Somehow this foreign corporation through its Common Core and other educational corporate entities and standards has literally become the official IT, staffing, teacher training, and computer-based learning tool of choice for the U.S. Department of Education. And through private public contract, this now for-profit industry shows no signs of slowing.

But what is the end goal of such privatized education?

The answer to this question stems from the creation of what CORE refers to as “Employment Education” for better “human capital management”. Take page 11 of its Annual Financial Report (AFR) for example:

“Employability Education”

“Stepping into the world of productive employment, students’ approach often is too theoretical. While professionally qualified, they lack fundamental understanding that can make them readily employable. Also, fast developing countries are facing tremendous skill shortage. Despite having vast rural youth population, India itself today need an additional 140 million skilled workers across industry segments.”

In order to make students industry ready, educational institutes must use contemporary tools to bridge the gapCore offers best-in-class, employability-linked vocational training in areas like Hospitality & Housekeeping, Spa Healthcare & Wellness, Data entry operations, IT & ITeS operations, Basic Accounting, and Construction. Core follows the Source, Train, Place model by working closely with industry and government organisations. It plans to expand its span by adding more sectors such asAutomobile, retail, Travel and Tourism. Core’s comprehensive employability education is created using principles of 4E i.e. engagement, education, employability, entrepreneurship and 4A i.e. Accessible, Affordable, Attractive and Applicable.”

“Core has partnered with The East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT), a US based institute recognized for excellence in career and technical education… for developing high quality Career and Technical education curriculum.”

Later, on page 13, we read:

“A continuous assessment of students’ assimilation of the concepts taught is an important step of overall education system. Speed of teaching should be adapted to students’ speed of learning and not the other way around. Core provides powerful and comprehensive formative assessment solution, designed to support region-wide assessment initiatives. These solutions help teachers, schools and administrators to scientifically assess their students and thereafter design their individual learning paths.”

And on page 14:

CORE assists government agencies globally to monitor, process and evaluate complex information across the state.”

“Core provides innovative educational solutions for governments across the globeto help them address key global education challenges like Accessibility & Inclusion, Increasing employability, enhancing Learning experience and Literacy. Whether it is helping North Carolina to manage its special education needs, or automating Mozambique’s examination management system, or tracking of 8 million children in JharkhandCore strives to enlighten minds and nations globally.”

Did you notice all of the spelling errors from this financial report?

I remember my public education in political science, geometry, and grammar.

But apparently these subjects take second place to such subjects as employ-ability in hospitality and housekeeping standards, construction worker training, spa health-care and wellness, and the redundancy of data entry skills. This may seem strange to the average reader unfamiliar with Huxley’s Brave New World model, but in the real world of course these vocational training “skills” are all considered as “unskilled labor” jobs.

It is important to note here that the word “capital” when used in conjunction with the word human literally creates legal (voluntary and consensual) human trafficking, where human beings are commodities to be managed first and foremost through workforce Education, and secondly through specialized workforce applications mostly based around immersion into computers and internet.

In dictionaries, we find capital defined as:

CAPITAL – of or relating to capital; especially : relating to or being assets that add to the long-term net worth of a corporation <capital improvements> – a store of useful assets or advantages – a stock of accumulated goods especially at a specified time and in contrast to income received during a specified period; also : the value of these accumulated goods (2) : accumulated goods devoted to the production of other goods (3) : accumulated possessions calculated to bring in income – (1) : net worth (2) : stock 7 – c :  persons holding capital :  capitalists considered as a group – d : advantage, gain <make capital of the situation> – e :  a store of useful assets or advantages…

In a nutshell, the government considers its citizen children and adults in industry and in its military as capital assets, with enlisted men generally considered as cannon fodder.

Note here that murder and kidnapping are referred to in the United States law as “capital crimes” or as a “capital offense”. This signifies a criminal activity by one human capital commodity against other human capital commodity of the nation, just like stealing a cow from a farmer would be stealing one of that farm’s “commodities” as his bovine capital. The farmer governs the farm in cow capital management, including their slaughter. So the farmer (government) uses cows as his capital to be managed, defined above as “accumulated goods devoted to the production of other goods” such as milk, fertilizer, and meat. Cows and humans are “assets that add to the long-term net worth of a corporation“, the corporation being government. The word capital is a descriptive way to dehumanize (to make slavery appear less inhumane) the management of people (as livestock). To call a cow “beef stock” is a similar term, and is a way to treat living things as commodities by never acknowledging their sentience or natural state under God.

This limited liability to the protection of life and nature is the gift of corporations to the world, which sacrifice the well-being of people and just about everything in nature for the benefit and protection of shareholder dividends and profits – all with the blessing of corporate government regulatory agencies. And of course no corporation I can think of is more streamlined in the successful implementation of human capital management than the corporation called the Department Of Defense (DOD). In fact, the military has made human trafficking as human capital management into an art-form, utilizing a contractual state of voluntary servitude (service) that relies on the illusion of words like honor, patriotism, nationalism, loyalty, and bravery to justify its actions – and indeed its very existence. If you are doubtful that this cabinet is indeed a corporation of the United States government, simply pull up a Dunn & Bradstreet report and see for yourself. Here’s a link –>

So many sub-corporations all stated to be “also traded as Dept of Defense”…

And this “military industrial complex” must continuously create new global and domestic threats to ensure the support of the rest of the United States’ voluntary citizenry as human capital to ensure the perpetual state of psychological terror that justifies such a corporate military presence around the world in peace-time; not to mention the clandestine military rule (martial law) over the people of the 50 States of America – a people that have no idea that under the Liebor Code, these military bases within their 50 republic states represent the military occupation of each state by this foreign corporation called “United States” within U.S. and international Admiralty Law. In short, the mass of the workforce human capital called soldiers in the U.S. military, thanks to such substandard education as a standard, have no idea they are part of the Federal army that occupies the 50 countries of North America called “states” under the military rule of the United States Federal government.

 Article 1.

“A place, district, or country occupied by an enemy stands,
in consequence of the occupation, under the Martial Law
of the invading or occupying army, whether any proclamation
declaring Martial Law, or any public warning to the inhabitants,
has been issued or not. Martial Law is the immediate
and direct effect and consequence of occupation or conquest

The presence of a hostile army proclaims its Martial Law.

–Leiber Code, (General Orders 100) Article 1

Trust me when I say to you that the United States does not wish this information to be taught within public education. Thus, it must nationalize Education so as to control the flow of information. But the logic is so simple it hurts…

The fact that martial law can be declared by a government at any time represents the simple fact that the nation is always under military martial law, which in peace-time is called “military rule”.

Today, CORE Education and Technology corporation, a U.S. funded and supported corporation in India, is now streamlining that substandard education process into a for-profit business for military application. In other words, Common CORE is being used to train children in pre-K through 12th grade, in universities and colleges, and in vocational schools… and is now used to train the soldiers and officers of the U.S. military!!!

Listen to what the high officials in charge of this implementation of Common Core standards have to say about why this equalized, dumbed-down education tool is so important to the continuity of the U.S. government:

“We’re trying to build nations, and do things like that.”

–Major General Wesley E. Craig, U.S. Army

“You’ll have the same basic education no matter what State
of the Union you’re in… And will provide a basic floor of competency.
And that’s in the military what we’re looking for.  We’re all about standards…
And Common Core allows this floor to be established.”

–Major General Wesley E. Craig, U.S. Army

Oh, I get it now generals… you can’t build nations across the world with an educated military force that understands that building nations is a communist, corporate venture, and therefore educated men who can think independently outside of Common Core standards are not wanted as human capital soldiers and “Warriors”.

Turning Education Into
A McDonald’s Franchise

On a recent 4,000 mile road trip I took to Texas, even I was at times comforted by the nationally and internationally known franchises of restaurants, gas stations, fast food outlets, and other department and smaller store chains and outlets. With reservation and helplessness we partook of these global chains, simply because we had to. Gasoline and food are necessities, and sometimes the choices to eat locally have already been usurped by these national chains. From Cracker Barrel and its “Home-style cookin’” to the same old oil and gas products sold now through convenience store companies like “Maverick” and “Holiday” – portraying scenes of nature and happy clowns in the hopes of making the negative aspects of brand recognition with products like Exxon and BP eased or forgotten among the nonsensical symbolism of these front corporations. In reality, I find these so-called “convenience stores” quite inconvenient while browsing the 100′s of junk-food choices just to find the one that is half-organic and without high fructose corn syrup, MSG, sulfates, and dextrose.

So what does this have to do with Common CORE education?

In this video, entitled “Common Core State Standards for Military-Connected Students”, we can see the promotion of Common CORE standards across the United States and the world for the purposes of ensuring the same type of brand recognition. The notion that military children are uprooted and have to move across the country or to another nation is the reason stated for turning education into a familiar corporate franchise. So no matter where you go, you can always expect your children to receive the same exact dumbed-down education schedule and curriculum. And of course this suits the military quite nicely, for they want nothing more than to have an army of workforce ready students ready for military induction and service, all with the same opinions and lack of carnal knowledge. There is even talk around capital hill of creating mandatory military and/or civilian non-military service after high school for all children… not ironically, just like in Israel.

Here, advocates for Common Core actually declare it to be the modern “Common Sense”, replacing Thomas Payne’s treatise.

Some of the more telling quotes from this propaganda video include:

“As America grew, it became perhaps the most diverse nation on Earth. Each of the 50 states is almost like a country into itself; with different experiences and characteristics. This lead in part to different education standards from one state to the next. What a third-grader might learn in California, for example, could be quite different than her same-aged cousin in Pennsylvania. That might have worked at an earlier time, but as the world has changed, communication has been revolutionized, and economies have to compete on a global scale. Americans, including our youngest citizens, need every advantage we can give them. We’re in a global marketplace these days. And we’re competing for everything, and we’ve really got to have the best curriculum, and we’re all doing our own thing, it leads to a lot of discontinuity… Once our students master the Common CORE, they’ll be well positioned to compete in this global economy…”


The thing that made America great was its diversity of thought and culture. We must change that. We have already uprooted everything that was built in America and moved it to other nations – part of a United Nations plan known as Agenda 21. Now we must educate our children to function in an international society. (Each state is in fact a separate country, you idiot, all contractually indentured to the Untied States district – a foreign corporation that is not one of the 50 states. The federal United States is a nation, not a country, which is made up of the 50 countries with legal federal boundaries called the 50 “states”.) And while the diversity of education and ideas made these states the individually great and diverse countries they are today, we now wish to make every state exactly the same and destroy cultural and racial diversity and any characteristics that make each state unique. We wish to computerize the world, and as we destroy the independence of America by relocating its infrastructure and public education both overseas and through public private partnerships into the corporate world, our children will now have to learn to work for international conglomerate corporations instead of locally or in family businesses, while paying international taxes on their wages. There is no room for family in the new world. Where once we provided for ourselves and traded between states without competition from outside nations, we now depend on international corporations globally under the United Nations to supply us. Therefore, a common global education system like Common Core must be implemented so that the children of America can be equally utilized and managed as human capital commodities just as the children in India, China, and soon to be the entire world population. And our dumbed down military men and women will ensure that no country in the world threatens our “globalist agenda of the 21st century”.

It is ironic that the problem of uprooting children from their homes and friends and the break up of the family is not being addressed as the problem here, but rather the symptoms of this crime of nature are being addressed by making all political places the same. Again, this is the franchising of education as for-profit corporations, so that in every town across all 50 states there will be Walmart, Starbucks, government-censored Internet, and Common CORE.

The video also states:

“American students and their parents need to know that upon completion of high school, they are fully prepared for a collegiate careerand that their educational experience is globally recognized for excellence… What we expect from (all) youngsters to be able to do and to know, is the same, irrespective of where they’re coming from… ah- in order to be admitted to universities and in order -most importantly – to be successful… From the point of view of these military kids and their parents, it just makes so much sense to have the continuity in that curriculum from kindergarten to 12th grade, so that no matter where  you’re stationed, when you move, you’ve got a confidence that what you’ve been learning is gonna transfer smoothly into your new location…”


We don’t want our children to have a liberal arts education under the Trivium learning logic, grammar, rhetoric, reasoning, or how to think for themselves…

And the military occupying force under the Leiber Code, which implements and ensures martial law (called military rule in peacetime) within all 50 states (countries) and around the world as peace-keepers in states and nations that are claimed by the militarized United States and Crown corporations, should be able to transfer nationally and internationally without worrying that their children will not get the same education as “civilian children”. This is not “No Child Left Behind”… but instead, this is “No Child Gets Ahead”. And since CORE reaches into the deepest aspect of the university and “higher education” system, K-12 should be nothing more than preparation for induction into either the workforce, the military, or into some other Common CORE post k-12 vocational education structure. In other words, in order to make the lives of our occupying forces of the United States easier, CORE should be implemented so that military children and all children for that matter never have to slow down or catch up. And soon, all children will become military children – that is if they want to collect their federal benefits and not go to work-camps clandestinely called the private prison industry (another type of public private partnership). We want our children across the nation and across the world to be “successful” human capital and be good assets for the United States corporation. And the best way to do that is to manage those children through CORE education, ensuring the continuity and equality of intelligence and learning of CORE values as opposed to family values for an unquestioning, unthinking, and docile workforce. Our children must be taught to love their servitude. How else do we keep our soldiers in the dark about their true role as a foreign military force occupying the 50 States of the Union, under an oath not to the people of America but to the corporate charter called the “constitution of the United States” that created this United States corporation and is its foundation. They may as well take an oath to Walmart – and with CORE Education and Consulting Services, we hope that someday our children will indeed take contractual and blood oaths to all of our international, government-owned corporations for which we call the “global economy”.

As a “civilian” parent, do you believe that your child’s education should be based on the relocation of military brats so as to ensure easy transition into the military or global economy?

As a “military” parent, do you understand that what you are fighting for is this Orwellian nightmare for your own child and for all children in the world – who will likely follow in your footsteps to become useful idiots of the U.S. government and its military, standing guard against your own people?

 “Socialism… is merely State-capitalist monopoly.”

–Vladimir Lenin


Some other quotes from this video:

“This common sense approach to promoting excellence in our schools and the educational experience of our children has been adopted in 46 of the 50 united states, as well as the Department Of Defense education activities schools.”

“When we agree on those basics, then we begin to have a clearer picture – our kids learning what they need to learn when they need to learn it. And that means all kids… We need clarity. And that’s true for military-connected kids as well as other kids.”

“A common misconception is that the Common CORE standards are federally driven. This is not the case. The “Council Of Chief State School Officers” and the “National Governors Association (NGA) Center For Best Practices” have worked for several years with 48 states, two territories, and the District Of Columbia. States voluntarily decide whether they will or will not adapt the standards, and how they will implement themThe notion that these were handed down by the Federal government and imposed on everybody is just not trueIn fact it was a very collaborative process involving literally 100′s of collegiate faculty and high school teachers, middle school and elementary teachers and administrators- from all over the country.”
How Government Really Works In America

The reality?

Common Core is literally a conspiracy in the truest sense of the word…

The American people have been systematically fooled into believing that the United States is a participatory (democratic) government that counts on the opinions, will, and votes of the people. But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, today’s government consists almost solely of private associations like the one that made this video, as well as the ones listed within – like the National Governor’s Association and the Council Of Chief State School Officers.

Let’s read about these non-governmental private associations from their own words:

“The National Governors Association (NGA) is an American 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organizationbest known for involvement with developing the Common Core education initiatives.” “Mission Statement –The National Governors Association (NGA)—the bipartisan organization of the nation’s governorspromotes visionary state leadershipshares best practices and speaks with a collective voice on national policy.

Who We Are – Founded in 1908, the National Governors Association (NGA) is the collective voice of the nation’s governors and one of Washington, D.C.’s most respected public policy organizationsIts members are the governorsof the 55 states, territories and commonwealths. NGA provides governors and their senior staff members with services that range from representing states on Capitol Hill and before the Administration on key federal issues to developing and implementing innovative solutions to public policy challenges through the NGA Center for Best Practices. NGA also provides management and technical assistance to both new and incumbent governors.

What We Do – Through NGA, governors identify priority issues and dealcollectively with matters of public policy and governance at the state and national levels.”

“The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center)develops innovative solutions to today’s most pressing public policy challenges and is the only research and development firm that directly serves the nation’s governors.”

The Council of Chief State School Officers is a nonpartisan, nationwide, nonprofit organization of public officials who head departments of elementary and secondary education in the states, the District of Columbia,the Department of Defense Education Activity, and five U.S. extra-state jurisdictions. CCSSO provides leadership, advocacy, and technical assistance on major educational issues. The Council seeks member consensus on major educational issues and expresses their views to civic and professional organizations, federal agencies, Congress, and the public.”

“The work of the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) is focused on ensuring quality educational opportunities for all military children affected by mobility, family separation, and transition. A 501(c)(3) non-profit, world-wide organization, the MCEC performs research, develops resources, conducts professional institutes and conferences, and develops and publishes resources for all constituencies.”

And so here, folks, is your crash course lesson in supporting such propaganda – that Common CORE is not being federally (centrally) implemented by government…

Common Core was actually created by the National Governors Association. They did not just create the standards, they copyrighted them.

From the main website for Common Core, we read the following mind-blowing information. Remember this is a non-governmental, private association:


This website and all content on this website, including in particular the Common Core State Standards, are the property of NGA Center and CCSSO, and NGA Center and CCSSO retain all right, title, and interest in and to the same.

Public License for Use of Common Core State Standards

Use of the Common Core State Standards is permitted by NGA Center and CCSSO pursuant to, and subject to the terms of, a Public License, which is available on this website.

Access to This Site

NGA Center and CCSSO reserve the right to refuse to any person access to this site or any of its resources, and to terminate or suspend any person’s access at any time.



Now, if the impact of this knowledge isn’t fully impressed upon you, let me explain the conspiracy clearly and concisely so that you understand just how your government truly operates within that Federal sanctuary from law called the United States.

Let’s take this National Governor’s Association (NGA) as our primary example. You see, these non-governmental (NGO) private associations/organizations have been formed by the officers and members of government, including everything from Governors to State legislators, Treasurers, Mayors, councilman, financial officers, commissioners, and public pension schemes, as well as tax councils, teachers, police, Sheriffs, firemen, comptrollers, auditors, etc…

Each of these political functions have formed their own private, non-governmental public policy association, of which they make up the membership.

Politicians figured out a long time ago (in the late 1800′s) that the best way to circumvent the reasonable and lawful restrictions placed upon government officials was to create their own private, non-governmental associations and then inhabit them as the organization’s appointed members. You may ask why someone in power would need to resort to such means when they are indeed the makers of law in the first place? And of course the answer to this question is that by creating special interest lobbying organizations, government officials can meet outside of their perspective states (legal jurisdictions) and indeed outside of America proper, generally meeting in the foreign corporate district of Washington D.C. where such conspiratorial offenses are protected by Federal laws – a literal government sanctuary.

In other words, through non-governmental private associations, these Governors and other politicians can literally lobby themselves and create their own model legislation, which they in turn promote and introduce as legislation once they go back to their own States. In this way, the official “elected” government legislature of each state becomes nothing but a rubber stamp for the will of the conspiring politicians that make up these private, non-governmental associations.

Before you ask… yes, this is perfectly legal.

But then the same legislators participating in these associations were the politicians that made them legal and legally protected in the first place!

If you missed how that works, let me recap. Your particular individual state governor traveled outside your state to conspire with the 49 other state governors to create Common Core standards and “Best Practices”, copyrighted them under that private non-governmental association, and then your governor personally hand-delivered these standards back to each state legislature and lobbied to get them passed by the state legislature through the NGA. In this way, each state has “uniform” laws and acceptance of Common Core Standards and all other “uniform acts” of each state. In other words, THE GOVERNORS LOBBIED THEMSELVES!!!

Who is there to complain to? Government?

In fact, most of the very influential organizations involving government officials are all tenants of one single building in Washington D.C. called the “Hall of States”. Below is the link to the State Services Organization (SSO) website, which acts as the caretaker for all of these corporate non-governmental association tenants when they participate in their conspiring meetings. There you will find a list of these organizations that all are housed in this single Washington D.C. building. It’s like a government away from government…


And indeed, it is your taxpayer dollars that pay for the transportation and expenses of these legislators and appointed officers to meet and conspire together outside of the 50 states.

You see, it is very important for the 50 governors of the United States (a required military office along with the Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General by the United States for each constituted State) to be able to shed the perception of the two-party political fallacy – the Democrat or the Republican. This persona is simply entertainment for the masses, who again believe that they have some say in the political spectrum through the pointless actions of voting, petition, etc… You will notice that all of these non-profit, non-governmental associations and organizations uniformly state that they are “bipartisan“. This simply means that while acting as governor of their perspective states, they play the part of Democrat or Republican. But within these private associations in Washington D.C., these politicians are free to show their true colors as mere conspirators acting in “consensus” without the moniker of right or left.

And when they go back to work, each to their perspective 50 states, they carry with them their new model legislation… exclaiming that this bipartisan act was reached with consensus and therefore should be immediately passed independently in all 50 state legislatures. And thus through this continuous conspiracy, year after year, we see uniform acts and model legislation being passed by all of the states at virtually the same time.

And so when these propagandist private associations come out and state fervently that Common CORE is not being imposed on a federal level, but instead by individual states and local governments without partisanship, they are actually telling a strange kind of veiled truth. For to hide the uniformity of all State laws, model legislation is created so that the federal government can claim to be a voluntary political partner and funding champion in purely state decisions. And so a national law is clandestinely passed by all 50 states, through trickery and word magic. In this way, the federal government has plausible deniable evidence that Common Core is not a federal law.

This is the game of thrones – individual politicians pretending to act alone while acting as one private association with absolutely no real legal or popular opposition, passing the same law in every state as if it were a federal (central) law mandating all states together, becoming “uniform” in its application from state to state. And this is how Uniform Commercial Code and over 100 other uniform laws have been able to be implemented in each state without the need for federal mandate or voter approval, mostly created by a merry band of attorneys called the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL), which have since been approved and adopted for the people (not by the people) under Executive national emergency status. Chances are at least one of these effects your life in “interstate commerce”, including the Child Protection Services (CPS) agency that has kidnapped, harmed, and murdered so many of our children as “property” of government.

Here is a list of these uniform acts:

Of course, the most important aspect of the “Global Agenda of the 21st Century (Agenda 21)” is that this form of uniform governance is coming from a much higher place – the United Nations. Just as States show up in Washington D.C. (the United States corporation) and conspire together with immunity from their own laws, so to do nations travel and meet in the sanctuary from law called the United Nations, where they create similarly uniform law. These “representatives” then take that U.N. Agenda 21 “model legislation” back to their perspective nations and again lobby themselves to ramrod it through their own legislative processes. And today, we see uniformity throughout most nations in a collaborative conspiracy for globalization. The global Education markets are just one piece of that global economy and marketplace. And Common Core type standards and best practices are being implemented uniformly across the globe thanks to private corporations like CORE in India.

Common Core by any other name, like a rose, is still Common Core.

So yes, my fellow human capital assets, I suppose I’ll have to admit that the acceptance and propagation of Common CORE Standards and Practices is indeed a voluntary act of each state, municipality, and school district. It’s just that the word “voluntary” has been cut up into tiny pieces, thrown into an attorney’s special Cuisinart blender, and spit back out as an irreconcilably sinister legal word and concept. I, for one, dare to call this a massive conspiracy – so big that none others dare call it so.

The Common Core Website maintained by the NGA states the following upon its interactive map:


“Forty-five states, the District of Columbia, four territories,

and the Department of Defense Education Activity

have adopted the Common Core State Standards.”



It might surprise most readers to learn that their own “State” is also listed as a tenant of this SSO building in Washington D.C. This stems from the fallacy that States are independent of the central government with sovereign rights, as opposed to what they really are – judicial jurisdictions of the United States corporation under military rule (martial law). The word of means belonging to. A State is nothing more than an incorporation of part of a previously claimed United States territory; for the republics of each state have been abandoned by the people, and government operates almost exclusively in a private (contractual) capacity. And while the constitution requires the central federation of the United States to protect those individual republican forms of government within each state, each state in their acceptance of federal membership (constitution) and federal funding accepts all of the terms of that membership and funding, including the rules of the Department of Education, through that contractual private relationship.

And thanks to the already decayed state of education, this knowledge is also abandoned in lieu of an institutionalized patriotic dogma from a victor’s history and false perspective. CORE education will be the crowning achievement of ensuring true obedience from U.S. subjects (citizens) and total ignorance of the true nature of just what this central government corporation really is and how it really operates outside of the people’s will or voting capacity.

It is important to note here that even after all of these ridiculous attempts to justify Common CORE as a voluntarily accepted standard for Education – now that the uniformity of the legislation created by so many private associations has already been voluntarily and officially inundated by the government officers of each state, who also happen to make up those private associations, so as to nowadays be the “common” and uniform standard in k-12 around the nation – there is a new 1200 page bill on the Congressional floor that is being called the “Obama-care of Education“.

The grassroots organization named “Education Freedom Committee” exposed Senate BillS.1094, the “Strengthening America’s Schools Act of 2013.” The EFC refers to this bill as “A 1200 page regulatory tsunami on local school systems“.

The EFC states on its website that:

“S.1094 puts approximately 150 new reporting requirements on states relating to:

>>> Teacher evaluations >>> Learning goals >>> Curriculum standards >>> Standardized testing >>> Annual reporting

S.1094 also continues the war on local schools through FORCED implementation of Common Core Standards.

A longstanding line of defense used by Common Core advocates is that it is voluntary for the states to participate. With the passage of S.1094, participation and implementation of Common Core Standards will be required of states.

This bill puts every single major decision on American education policy in the hands of Washington DC bureaucrats in the U.S. Department of Education.

What’s worse is that local school systems are required to implement all of these new federal mandates and standards in a very short time frame…

The bill has already been rubber stamped in the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee and could be voted on in the U.S. Senate at any time.


And so after passing the legislation clandestinely and uniformly in each state, the federal government can swoop in without threat of appearing tyrannical. it’s a wonderfully devious plan that is coming to fruition before our eyes.

Disappointingly, this organization simply asks people to do exactly what government wants them to do… to sign an online (digital) petition. This of course brings us back to the comprehension of that illusion of a participatory government we all fool ourselves with. A petition to a politician is the digital or written equivalent of hundreds or thousands of slaves grovelling to their masters on bended knee to please- no, pretty please- don’t harm us any more. A petition, phone call, or email has no more legal bearing upon these congressmen than it would on the board of directors of Walmart. And these criminal conspirators count on the people playing their parts as helpless, mind controlled servants of the United States and government of their perspective states, who still believe in the American dream even as they are wide awake in this Federal nightmare. The people somehow still have hope… and until that hope is abandoned, the hopeful human capital will be enslaved further and further until hope is finally irreplaceable but by physical action.

While a gazelle would protect its child from even the most ferocious beast in the jungle, as anything in nature would, the citizen is as a deer in headlights as it faces the attorney’s elicit words pontificated by its political electorate as public uniform law. For the attorney has no match in that jungle for its evil prowess and ferociousness. And so the parents hold up a sign protesting Common CORE while their child’s mind and mental state is raped right in front of them, never considering the completely unnatural state of their disposition as artificial persons caught in de facto (illegitimate), invisible legal chains.
The Dark Side: Planning The Life Of The Child And The Adult

“‘Autism doesn’t hold me back. I’m moving up the career ladder.”

“Driven new generation of people with the condition are
showing employers there is no limit to what they can do.”

“He is part of the most visible generation of young people with autism
our society has ever known. Diagnosed early, this generation have been
educated to expect not just a job when they leave school
but a career on par with their “neuro-typical” contemporaries.”

“Autism doesn’t hold me back because I have had the
correct support from a young age. It’s key to have that support,
both in education and in the workplace”

“I’m more focused, intense and honest than a neuro-typical person…
I do things thoroughly and pay proper attention to detail.
I’m always switched on: even when I’m not at work…”

“…employers are increasingly coming round to the arguments from
disability advocates that employing those on the spectrum
is not about charity or social responsibility – but the empirical benefit
of taking on people with unique skills.”

“Tom Madders is head of campaigns at the society and responsible for its Undiscovered Workforce campaign to get young people with autism into employment. He talks of a “vast pool of untapped talent” among those with autism. ‘When someone has the intellectual ability and ends up doing a job like working in a supermarket, it’s heartbreaking. It’s such a waste because although everyone with autism is different, the things they bring that are additional to the rest of us include a very high concentration level, very good attention to detail and analytical skills that are key in data analysis and when looking for anomalies in complex spreadsheets,” he said. “Why would employers want to miss out on those skills? In addition, those with autism have very specialist areas of exhaustive interest which, if these can coincide with the job in hand, can be extremely useful. They’re much more reliable in terms of timeliness and absenteeism and very loyal. Often, they’re very happy in jobs other people find boring.’”

“When we decided to take on three young people with autism last year, we thought there would be limits to what they could achieve,” said Gani… Yes, they need work that’s repetitive and structured, but much of the service industry is like that anyway.We would gladly take them on full-time and increase the numbers of people with autism working for us across all our outlets.”

–Guardian Article promoting a Goldman Sachs hiring program



“With an estimated 433,000 adults with autism in the UK,
having only 15 percent in fulltime work means that there is
too much potential going to waste; too many people in this country
who could be more independent than they are;
in short – too much wasted talent.

This is a tragedy, but not only for individuals and their families.
It is also a tragedy for employers, who are missing out on a large
national resource of loyal and hard working staff.
So the economy is also missing out.

But if we are to utilise this resource, and realise its potential,
the impetus must be from employers themselves.
They must first realise what they are missing out on,
then equip themselves to capitalise on it…”

“…it makes good business sense to employ people who are reliable,
punctual and loyal; people who have good attention to detail
and concentration levels; people who have excellent problem
solving skills and can be analytical, resourceful and creative.

What good employer wouldn’t want an employee with those skills?”

–Lord David Freud, Member House of Lords,
Minister of Wellfare Reform, from his speech of March 20, 2012


 “Till at last the child’s mind is these suggestions,
and the sum of the suggestions is the child’s mind.
And not the child’s mind only.
The adult’s mind too – all his life long…”

–Aldus Huxley, Brave New World


The promotion of special needs children as potential human capital is one of the great focal points of corporations in public private partnership with the Education system. CORE ECS is certainly no exception. Many of its for-profit “products” are geared towards Autism Spectrum Disorder and other special needs – a life plan not just for the child, but continued into the workforce as an adult.

But how can this private corporation in India get its for-profit special needs products into public schools?

This is where the Common Core Standards come into play, for the regulators of “Education” can only accomplish this through the public private partnership model, doling out massive public funds to private corporations for their “services” to ensure equal education products and services to all children.

But first, government needed a way to foce all state and local governemnts to include all special needs children into the public school curriculum. And the easiest way to do that was to foce all children into the Education system under the guise of “protecting the equal rights of all of the children”. Let us not forget here that children are the greatest political weapon ever conceived. The second nail in the coffin is of course how to fund this corporate venture. Money is the second greatest political tool, and by threatening to withhold federal funds to local and state schools, local goverments were all byt forced to cave into the will of the federal government and fall in line with its ideals of human capital management through the Education process.

So here is what the Fed ED did:

Free, Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)

“Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 protects the rights of individuals with disabilities in programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance, including federal funds. Section 504 provides that: “No otherwise qualified individual with a disability in the United States . . . shall, solely by reason of her or his disability, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance…”

“The U.S. Department of Education (ED) enforces Section 504 in programs and activities that receive funds from ED. Recipients of these funds include public school districts, institutions of higher education, and other state and local education agencies. ED has published a regulation implementing Section 504 (34 C.F.R. Part 104) and maintains an Office for Civil Rights (OCR), with 12 enforcement offices and a headquarters office in Washington, D.C., to enforce Section 504 and other civil rights laws that pertain to recipients of funds. The Section 504 regulation requires a school district to provide a “free appropriate public education” (FAPE) to each qualified person with a disability who is in the school district’s jurisdiction, regardless of the nature or severity of the person’s disability.”

“Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, (ADA), 42 U.S.C. § 12131 et seq., prohibits state and local governments from discriminating on the basis of disability. ED enforces Title II in public elementary and secondary education systems and institutions, public institutions of higher education and vocational education (other than schools of medicine, dentistry, nursing, and other health-related schools), and public libraries. The requirements regarding the provisions of a free appropriate public education (FAPE), specifically described in the Section 504 regulations, are incorporated in the general non-discrimination provisions of the Title II regulation. Because Title II does not change the requirements of FAPE, this pamphlet refers only to Section 504.The Section 504 regulation uses the term “handicap.” However, Congress has amended the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and has replaced the term “handicap” with the term “disability.” The terms “handicap” and “disability” have the same meaning. This pamphlet uses only the term “disability.”


And so the proper fallacy implemented to anyone who sees the inherent flaw in this type of “no child left behind” nonsensical legislation would be to attack the messenger (myself) with ad hominem attacks on my character to make it appear that I don’t care about the children. Again, that great political weapon pulling heartstrings for decades. In reality, this whole article and the months of research I have personally put into it is more than obviously not only for the children, but is in fact a direct attempt at intervention to parents everywhere to protect their own children and stop letting government furnish its own brand of protection.

Other ad hominem and strawman arguments might include the thought that this is an anti-Semetic article. Of course, in reality, this is an attempt to protect the true Semitic Arab people of the Middle East from the very synagogue that attempts to hide behind them.

This tactic is explained well by a former Israeli Minister – the art of attacking the messenger to avoid considering the truth of the message:


But this trafficking in “special” children is nothing more than the implementation of Common Core Standards, creating a completely nightmarish hierarchy of legal happenstance that helps to create a booming need for the public private partnership model, selling out the education system so as to privatize it in what appears to be shear necessity.

Reading from the “Military Child Education Coalition” publication entitled “Special Needs & The Military Child”, we see this darker side of education as employment training and human capital management, where autistic and other special needs children are literally coveted by CORE and Common Core partners as the workforce of the future – the perfect data entry and repetitive action specialist.

“The transition from high school to young adulthood is a critical stage for all adolescents , including children of military families and those with disabilities. For a student with a disability, a Vocational Transition Plan must be included as part of the Individual’s Education Program (IEP) and needs to be developed when the student turns 16 years of age (or earlier).”

Hmmm. Ok. And just what exactly is this “Individual Education Program” and the “Vocational Transition Plan”?

“An EIP is provided for all students who receive special education programs and services through their schools, and preparation of the vocational transition plan is a careful process which determines where the student needs to live,work, and play as an adult.

The transition plan is based upon the students needs and takes into account his/her strengths, preferences, and vocational interests. It contains specific details regarding the training and services that will be required for the student to make a smooth transition from school to work or post-secondary schooling and provides the bridge between the student’s EIP and adult life.

The transition plan must include all of the specially designed instruction, related services, community experiences, and development of employment and other post-school adult living objectives that the student requires as well as the plan for the students acquisition of all functional daily living skills. Itmust be established as part of the students EIP no later than the age of 16 years, and it must be updated annually thereafter.”

So a “special needs” child, no matter what the need, is really a legal status placed on that child like a bar-coded, biometric scarlet letter, allowing the State as parens patria (child as ward of the state – the state as parent/guardian of child and then the adult) to force certain political rights upon that adult, including where he or she can learn, and then “live, work, and play” as an adult.

Of course, this is really just a way to use children as a political weapon to extract massive amounts of wealth from the public sector (taxpayers) and force feed it into private corporations like CORE.

Like a robot on an assembly line, the special needs child can be molded into whatever the public private partnership corporation that sponsors that school wishes he or she to become – a specialty drone that is work-ready for that particular sponsoring corporation or industry to subsume into its own specialized workforce. It can then place that child in special compartmentalized public private sponsored housing complexes that also receive taxpayer funding paid to that private corporation. And this life-plan is called the “Vocational Transition Plan”.

Have a look at this video, where in public private partnership, Dell Computers and CORE ECS have partnered with public sectors to bring repetition training to autistic children. Remember, this is what corporations are foaming at the mouth to tap into as a human capital resource. Please view the video here:

Never forget that this is an appeal to pity, using children and special needs as a political weapon to justify the voluntary enslavement of autistic and other “special” children. And here we can see the public private partnership model being utilized to ensure that Dell computers with Intel processors and Microsoft software are purchased by taxpayers to provide all children “equality”.

That same military report then explains its opinions and plans with autistic children:

“Autism is a specific disorder that requires special attention. Tricare offers additional services (up to $36,000/year) through enrollment in Extended Care Health Options (ECHO) to provide critical standard of care behavioral intervention for children with autism.”

I took a look at the Tricare website, which is the health care insurance benefits for military families. I found it ironic that the two back to back news headlines had such an obvious and disturbing correlation…

The first story states:

“TRICARE Immunizations and Physicals Help Parents and Children Get Ready for School

8/15/2013 The sun is setting on summer fun and thoughts are turning toward a new school year. TRICARE beneficiaries will be scheduling physicals and making sure their kids get their shots. Most primary schools in the United States require students to have an annual physical and to be up-to-date on immunizations before starting the school year. Parents should check their school district’s enrollment requirements. TRICARE covers necessary physical exams children ages 5-11 need to enroll in school, and age-appropriate immunizations recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Immunizations are the most effective way to prevent disease and complications from disease, especially among young children. August is Immunization Awareness Month, the perfect time to make sure children get immunized before heading back to school. TRICARE covers immunizations at no cost to beneficiaries if they get them at a TRICARE-authorized provider or participating TRICARE network pharmacy. To find a pharmacy or provider that participates in the vaccine program and to see a list of covered immunizations go Parents should keep in mind that immunizations aren’t just important for elementary school-aged children; babies and teens also need to stay fully vaccinated. CDC’s website has information about which immunizations are recommended up to age 18, and why.”

Here we have the military blatantly omitting the truth about vaccinations and available exemptions for children, eluding that vaccines are in fact mandatory for school attendance. But then, the third greatest political weapon is to deny rights and benefits to citizens who aren’t manageable as good little human capital assets. Ironically, after denying entrance of children into public school for issues parents don’t agree with, government will then arrest the parents and take the child for not lawfully placing their child into forced government education!

Your children will be Common CORE educated, damn it!!!

The following news story follows just below this one on the Tricare website…

“Applied Behavior AnalysisTRICARE covers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for all TRICARE-eligible beneficiaries who are diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.Covered ABA by Board Certified Behavior Analysts under the basic TRICARE benefit includes:

  • Functional Behavioral Assessment and Analysis/Initial Behavioral Plan
  • ABA services to the beneficiary
  • Updated ABA Treatment Plan
  • ABA interventions to family member/caregivers

In addition, TRICARE continues to provide all necessary treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders, such as psychometric testing, physician servicespsychological servicesspeech therapyoccupational therapyphysical therapy and pharmacy.


The Health Freedom Foundation recently held a seminar on this phenomenon of what I believe to be the intentional infliction of autism and other mental disorders upon children. This seemingly unbelievable plot, it turns out, is not at all unbelievable. The symposium can be found and purchased here:

At the CORE of NASA?

It only seems to get worse the deeper we look…

“CORE Projects & Technologies Celebrates the Opening of its New Office at the NASA John C. Stennis Space Center

Stennis Space Center, MS (PRWEB) July 18, 2007

CORE Projects and Technologies announces the opening of a new office in conjunction with Mississippi Enterprise for Technology at NASA’s John C. Stennis Space Center. The announcement comes in conjunction with planned festivities to celebrate the office’s inaugural day.

B. Greg Hinkebein, president and CEO of Mississippi Enterprise for Technology at NASA’s John C. Stennis Space Center welcomes Shekhar Iyer, president of CORE-ECS, US headquarters of CORE Projects and Technologies.

Located an hour away from Gulfport, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana, the center is a unique federal city, home to more than 30 federal, state, academic and private organizations, as well as several technology-based companies. Initially established in 1961 as a national testing center to flight-certify all first and second stages of the Saturn V rocket for the Apollo Program, the center now serves as NASA’s premier rocket propulsion testing headquarters. SSC currently manages such testing for NASA’s Constellation Program, which will supersede the Space Shuttle Program in 2010 to transport both humans and cargo to the moon and Mars.

Shekhar Iyer, president of CORE-ECS, is pleased about the company’s collaborative partnership with the Center for Higher Learning located at the space center. “Our active collaboration towards the research and development of cutting edge technologies is a significant opportunity for technological advancement, especially in the field of education.”

Based out of Mumbai, India, CORE Projects & Technologies is recognized as the fastest growing information technology service provider in the country by the Government of Maharashtra, India’s third largest state. CORE specializes in developing enterprise and educational technology, and RFID and GPS services via its offices in the USA, UK, Africa, Middle East and India. CORE’s North American headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia. More information about CORE Projects & Technologies can be found at…”;

Safety In Private Business
Requires Public Funding

Elsewhere, in the FY2008 financial report, the CEO of CORE corporation states a very important fact:

Education sector is generally immune to slowdowns in terms of government spending in the respective countries, but our ability to offer an end-to-end range of integrated education solutions also enabled us to outperform the market sentiments.”

Bad economy? No problem. Taxpayer appropriations by Congress for “Education” are made through publicdebt. So don’t worry, our children’s-children’s-children will float the bill!

Its a great business, this Education market. It will never need accountability because its being done “for the children” … puke!

The average consumer as human capital doesn’t realize that anything that is labeled as publicly funded in actuality means publicly consented to. This funding from the Federal Education corporation represents the authority of all the people in America to turn our children into workplace automatons, and to do so by funding today’s Education marketplace with tomorrows taxpayer dollars.

Isn’t it time to cease being a consenting member (citizen) of society?
CORE: Making Transhumanism
Look Cool In 3 Dimensions

Nothing says workforce education and human capital integration like total cerebral immersion into the computer realm. Soon to become a true-to-life virtual reality, welcome the CORE’s simulacrum of Plato’s allegory of The Cave…

In it’s 2008-2009 Annual Financial Report, CORE Projects & Technologies (now CORE ETS) revealed one of its many technological “tools” for learning:


“At CORE Projects, we have always partnered with the best companies and institutions and in the process, utilised the relationship to develop our product offerings and technological skills. We partnered with Centre for Higher Learning (CHL) at NASA John C. Stennis Space Centre to develop our ability to offer virtual-enabled learning solutions. In the process, we installed India’s first full-fledged immersive 3D Visualisation Centre in Navi Mumbai in March 2009. We also partnered Mechdyne (USA) for the infrastructure requirements for the same.

A Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (better known by the recursive acronym CAVE) is an immersive virtual reality environment where projectors are directed to three, four, five or six of the walls of a room sized cube. CAVE system is best known as visualisation of real-time 3D graphics on a desktop or an immersive virtual reality environment. A lifelike visual display is created by projectors positioned outside the CAVE and controlled by physical movements from a user inside the CAVE. This multi-person, room-sized, high-resolution, 3D, video and auditory environment can be used to present very immersive virtual environment simulations, which can be used to impart quality education in complex topics that are not easily assimilated in a normal classroom environment. Key areas are all sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Engineering, Astrophysics, etc.)

This 3D Immersive Visualisation technology is also suited for a host of industries like transportation, engineering design, pharmaceuticals, health care, oil & natural gas, or disaster management – where real time situations can be simulated to enable testing, training and creating ‘what if’ situations, in a customised, affordable and efficient way.”

It looks so cool on the surface… but is this how we want to teach our children about nature, family, and life in general – through transhumanism?

10-26-2013 7-01-36 AM

10-26-2013 7-04-12 AM

10-26-2013 7-05-10 AM

10-26-2013 7-05-41 AM

10-26-2013 7-06-23 AM

10-26-2013 7-07-01 AM

10-26-2013 7-07-36 AM

10-26-2013 7-08-18 AM

10-26-2013 7-08-58 AM

10-26-2013 7-09-57 AM

10-26-2013 7-09-57 AM

10-26-2013 7-10-32 AM

10-26-2013 7-11-08 AM

10-26-2013 7-11-38 AM

10-26-2013 7-12-27 AM

10-26-2013 7-12-55 AM

I must admit, growing up in the video game generation with my Commodore 64 and my series of cheesy Atari game consoles, the thought of virtual reality and other incredible technologies such as these were a nerds wet dream. And today, if I had not become aware of the agenda of such technological tools, I would likely be first in line to take a virtual ride down that trans-humanist rabbit hole. And so I can empathize with children and former children like myself today who would embrace such miraculous artificial virtual life as indeed wondrous and divine.

But nothing could possibly be farther from divinity than this. Transporting young minds away from nature and humanity into the workability mode of technology in 3D will indeed be the greatest success for the envisioning pioneers of this Brave New World.

Doesn’t anyone else see how truly uncool this really is?

Truly, I imagine that one day a young teenager will suddenly take off his headgear and biometric reality simulator plugged into this CAVE, and see the real world in nature for the very first time. Imagine what will happen when he tries to tell his friends and fellow students that there is a whole real world out there better than anything a programmer can create…

As Plato rolls in his grave.

This Is Not The End!

It is my sincere hope that the research presented here has been a severe wake-up call, not only to the true nature of education in this country and around the world, but also to the true nature of just what this nation is and how it is run outside of public purview.

Your silence to this CORE of common indoctrination and privatization is golden to government, for your silence represents consent to all of these conspiratorial actions by that government. Your vote or approval is not needed for this Brave New World to be further implemented into this global society, just your lack of courage and conviction. This plan relies on your silence and inaction.

Please share this information freely, with all who will listen, with no permission needed by myself to reprint, reproduce, or alter this for further consumption.

We are at war now, and your children are the prize.

Fight for their future, for your own future depends on it!

–Clint Richardson

–Monday, October 21st, 2013

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Edwin Vieira on His New Book: “The Sword and Sovereignty”, and Where the US Went Wrong


Only an educated citizen can contribute to saving our freedom!


With Anthony Wile

Introduction: Dr. Vieira holds four degrees from Harvard: A.B. (Harvard College), A.M. and Ph.D. (Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences) and J.D. (Harvard Law School). For over 36 years he has been a practicing attorney, specializing in cases that raise issues of constitutional law. He has presented numerous cases of import before the Supreme Court and written numerous monographs and articles in scholarly journals. His latest scholarly work is The Sword and Sovereignty (2012). Previous works include Constitutional “Homeland Security” (2007), a proposal to begin the revitalization of the constitutional Militia of the several states; Pieces of Eight: The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution (2d rev. ed. 2002), a comprehensive study of American monetary law and history viewed from a constitutional perspective; and How to Dethrone the Imperial Judiciary (2004), an analysis of the problems of irresponsible “judicial supremacy” and how to deal with them. With well known libertarian trader Victor Sperandeo, he is also the co-author (under a nom de plume) of the political novel CRA$HMAKER: A Federal Affaire (2000), a not-so-fictional story of an engineered “crash” of the Federal Reserve System, and the political revolution it causes. 

Daily Bell: Thanks for sitting down with us again. Let’s jump right in with a discussion of your new book, The Sword and Sovereignty. Give us a synopsis, please. Where can people buy it?

Edwin Vieira: The Sword and Sovereignty is available at It is a study of the actual constitutional “right of the people to keep and bear Arms” in the Second Amendment in its inextricable relation to “the Militia of the several States,” as opposed to the historically inaccurate and legally indefensible so-called “individual right to keep and bear arms” on which almost all contemporary advocates of the Second Amendment fixate. I describe “the individual right to keep and bear arms” as legally indefensible because fundamentally it is a right in name only, inasmuch as it lacks an effective remedy if an highly organized and armed tyranny sets out to suppress it, whereas the true “right of the people to keep and bear Arms” exercised in the context of “well regulated Militia” is the Constitution’s own preferred remedy against usurpation and tyranny in their every aspect. Even though the Second Amendment is very much the subject of contemporary political debate, I seem to be one of the very few commentators saying as much − which, in these days of rampant legal and political confusion, misinformation and disinformation, is probably very convincing evidence that I am correct.

In any event, The Sword and Sovereignty breaks down into four parts: First, an analysis of the correct manner of interpreting the Constitution. Second, an application of the rules of constitutional interpretation to the question of “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms” in relation to “the Militia of the several States,” elucidating the basic principles of the Militia through a thoroughgoing analysis of the pre-constitutional Militia statutes of the Colonies and independent States. Third, an application of the principles of the Militia, and especially of the duty (as well as the right) of all eligible Americans to be armed, to present-day problems of what is called “homeland security.” And fourth, a warning that, should these principles not be applied in the very near future − immediately, if not sooner, as I like to put it − America will slip under the control of a national para-militarized police-state apparatus (which anyone with even the least insight should recognize is taking place at an ever-accelerating pace even as he reads these words). The book is heavily freighted with footnotes and endnotes identifying primary sources, so no one has to take my poor word alone for its premises and conclusions.

Daily Bell: What’s the response been?

Edwin Vieira: The Sword and Sovereignty was first made available in mid-December of 2012. It had to be put out on a CD in PDF format because there was insufficient interest shown among potential readers to justify producing a quality hardbound printed version (although that may become an option in the future). In light of the popularity of the subject matter of the book − the Second Amendment and related constitutional issues − that depth of disinterest really surprised me. But now, with all of the brouhaha over new, draconian “gun-control” legislation in the States as well as in Congress, the very slow sale of, and dearth of commentary about, the CD is more than surprising. It is shocking, even appalling. Especially so when more and more commentators, bloggers, and others on the Internet are recognizing, and correctly so, that the ultimate purpose of the Second Amendment is not to protect hunters or target shooters, or even to enable individuals to protect themselves against common criminals but instead to enable common Americans to resist the political crimes of usurpation and tyranny. Which, I believe, the historical record proves beyond peradventure cannot be accomplished through the exercise of an “individual right to keep and bear arms,” but rather demands collective action through “the Militia of the several States.”

Daily Bell: What was the most interesting thing you discovered while researching the book?

Edwin Vieira: The extent and depth of the evidence for the construction of the Second Amendment and the Militia Clauses of the original Constitution, which The Sword and Sovereignty lays out. Over the years, I have studied many aspects of pre-constitutional legal history; but as to no other matter is the historical record as complete, consistent and compelling as it is with respect to the Militia. The evidence supports the conclusions in the book beyond a reasonable doubt, which is far more than can be said about such matters taken as “legal gospel” today as the reach of the Supreme Court’s power of “judicial review” or of Congress’s power under the Commerce Clause.

Daily Bell: What are some of the fundamental conclusions?

Edwin Vieira: There are far too many to compile here. The five most consequential for the average man’s understanding of the present-day issue of “gun control” are that: (i) The maintenance of freedom depends inextricably upon the American people’s collective participation in “well regulated Militia,” not upon individual action; (ii) “A well regulated Militia” is composed of nearly all of the eligible adult residents in a State, who are required by law to serve; (iii) Every member of such a Militia (other than conscientious objectors) must be armed with one or more firearms, ammunition and accoutrements suitable for Militia service, all of which must always be maintained in his personal possession; (iv) Because two of the most important responsibilities of the Militia are to repel invasions by foreign countries and to put down domestic usurpation and tyranny by rogue public officials, every armed member of the Militia must be equipped with a firearm suitable for those specific purposes − which means a firearm equivalent to, if not better than, the firearms contemporary regular armed forces bear: that is, not just a semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifle in 5.56 x 45 (.223) or 7.62 x 39 caliber, but a fully automatic or burst-fire rifle, preferable in a caliber more effective than the latter calibers, such as 6.5 x 38 Grendel (which can be made to work reliably on an AR-15 or M-16 platform); and (v) because “the Militia of the several States” are State governmental institutions, no contemporary form of “gun control” can be applied to them or their members by either Congress or the States’ legislatures. Rather, it is the duty of Congress and the States’ legislatures to see that all members of the Militia are properly armed, not to any degree disarmed. That is, as to the Militia and their members (which includes essentially all adult Americans), all forms of contemporary “gun control,” including those of the Feinstein and Cuomo patterns (to name two of the more infamous poster-children for “gun control”), are absolutely unconstitutional.

Daily Bell: From your perspective, a free people is an armed people?

Edwin Vieira: It has nothing whatsoever to do with my personal “perspective,” or my “opinion,” or my “view.” The Constitution tells us, in no uncertain terms, that a “well regulated Militia” is “necessary to the security of a free State.” This is a declaration of law and historical fact − as well as an admonition − set out in the supreme law of the land, and therefore from a strictly legal perspective to be accepted and acted upon. It is also a first principle or axiom of American political philosophy. Had I a different “perspective,” “opinion,” or “view,” I should to that extent be an opponent of the Constitution. And if I were in a position to attempt to impose that different, anti-constitutional “perspective,” “opinion,” or “view” on the American people by enacting legislation and enforcing it against them through the threats and assaults of jack-booted, uniformed, para-militarized thugs, then I should be, as well, a traitor (in the strict sense in which the Constitution defines “Treason” in Article III, Section 3, Clause 1).

Daily Bell: How can people with guns hold off the tanks (or “non-lethal” weapons) of a repressive government?

Edwin Vieira: This is a complex question because it incorporates so many implicit, unexamined and likely false assumptions. It probably is true that, even though many in overall number, individuals acting only in isolation, without coordination or even a common plan, cannot hold off rogue armed forces or even police agencies that are armed only with small arms, let alone tanks and other heavy weaponry. But the desired goal is not necessarily to win an all-out, once-and-for-all nationwide firefight but instead to deter usurpation and tyranny at their onset and grind their perpetrators down even if they are initially successful.

If Militia exist which could effectively resist aspiring usurpers and tyrants to any degree for any length of time, the usurpers and tyrants will be compelled to think twice about attempting to repress the people. Indeed, under such circumstances, the regular armed forces and police may themselves fracture: some supporting the rogue regime, others supporting the people. And, in the long run, the armed forces and police that remain on the side of the usurpers and tyrants may prove unable to suppress the people, their supposedly superior weaponry notwithstanding.

Look at Afghanistan. In more than ten years, the armed forces of the United States and their puppet “coalition partners” have been unable to defeat a rag-tag people’s army of cave-dwellers and primitive tribesmen armed with weaponry less effective than was used in World War I (no tanks, no planes, no heavy artillery, no poison gas and so on), in a land-locked country which receives no significant outside assistance.

Now, there are some 300 million people in the United States. Assume that 150 million are adults and that of these some 50 million, spread throughout a landmass than spans North America, would actively sympathize with and even personally participate in a resistance-movement. And remember that of these 50 million, most are already fairly well armed. The difficulty of suppressing this level of opposition, particularly when the resistance-fighters could directly attack the logistical support of the usurpers’ and tyrants’ puppet forces, would make Afghanistan look like a cakewalk.

Daily Bell: Do people need to form their own militias?

Edwin Vieira: If you mean do individuals need to form private militia, on their own, then the constitutional answer is an unequivocal NO. The constitutional Militia, “the Militia of the several States” incorporated in the original Constitution and the “well regulated Militia” to which the Second Amendment refers, are State governmental institutions or establishments. This is what imbues them with legal − indeed, constitutional − authority, which no private militia can possibly claim. Think about it: If the people on the south side of Main Street in Smalltown USA form their own private militia, and the people on the north side of Main Street form theirs, which one of them, perforce of its mere existence, can claim even a semblance of legal authority over the other, or over anyone else for that matter? Or are both of them − and any other armed groups that happen to coalesce in that area − of equal legal authority, so that no generally applicable system of law can be applied in that territory? In which case, one might conclude, there can be no legal authority there at all, just a multiplicity of Freikorps settling their inevitable differences by main force. Not a very pretty picture.

Daily Bell: What’s your take on the current gun control controversy?

Edwin Vieira: The present controversy − at least as it is being mis-argued in the media, both mainstream and alternative − can basically be characterized as two huge gas-bags colliding head-on, but with no real harm possibly done by or to either because neither articulates the issue actually at stake.

If the problem is viewed from the constitutionally true perspective of the Militia, then “gun control” of the familiar contemporary variety must be seen as legally impossible and politically perverse. Any form of “gun control” is illegitimate, on its face, if its intent or effect is to any degree to disarm the Militia because the Second Amendment declares that “[a] well regulated Militia” is “necessary to the security of a free State,” any attack upon which is precluded (and therefore unreasonable) as a matter of law. And the original Constitution incorporates the Militia as integral components of its federal structure, with which neither the General Government nor the States may dispense. That is the end of the matter. Any other supposed merits or demerits of a particular “gun-control” proposal are simply irrelevant. If it undermines the Militia − as all contemporary “gun-control” schemes do, and are objectively intended to do − then such a scheme is out of bounds, absolutely and irretrievably. Period.

On the other hand, if the problem is viewed from the constitutionally false perspective of “the individual right to keep and bear arms,” then “gun control” becomes a matter of what can be deemed “reasonable” in relation to something other than the maintenance of the Militia and “the security of a free State.” Something, perhaps, with highly emotional appeal, such as guaranteeing the supposed “safety” of children from irresponsible, criminal, or insane individuals who somehow get their hands on guns. If “gun control” is aimed only at curtailing some vague “individual right” entirely separate from the Militia and the maintenance of “a free State” (which is inextricably tied to the Militia, not to any “individual right”), then why is it not perfectly “reasonable” to prohibit the possession of some sorts − indeed, many or even most sorts − of firearms, by some or even many sorts of putatively “dangerous” people, as long as individuals not within the prohibited classes are left with a few firearms with which arguably they can defend themselves as individuals against adventitious attacks by common criminals?

Why, the Feinsteins and Cuomos of this benighted country may ask with some semblance of cogency, does anyone “need” a supposedly dangerous semi-automatic rifle if he is not a member of an official institution with the responsibility to repel invasions (such as the Army) − which, according to the dogma of “the individual right to keep and bear arms,” most individuals are not? Conversely, if one is a member of such an institution − as most adult Americans are (or should be) with respect to the Militia − then the question the Feinsteins and the Cuomos pose lacks not simply cogency but even logic and legitimacy. It becomes a question which might be asked appropriately in North Korea but never here in America.

Daily Bell: What’s the most critical problem facing America right now? Previously you claimed it was authoritarianism and a growing police state.

Edwin Vieira: Claimed?! I have “claimed” nothing. As a political and legal scientist, I have observed and reported on my observations, which is an entirely different matter. Moreover, anyone who cannot and does not make the selfsame observations needs to have his political eyes examined.

America’s national para-military police state is not simply “growing“; it has grown to fantastic proportions. Why else do you imagine that I am devoting the last years of my life to promoting the revitalization of the Militia? Nostalgia for the by-gone Colonial era? When the Executive Department of the General Government declares, as it has today, that nameless, faceless bureaucrats can order the assassinations of Americans, anywhere in the world, on the basis of the mere suspicion that the targets are somehow allied with “terrorists” or other “enemies,” and no other department of the General Government or the States at any level of the federal system challenges that declaration, then America has degenerated into a politically putrescent state beyond mere “authoritarianism.” This condition constitutes a species of legal nihilism with which, heretofore, only monsters such as Caligula and Hitler were associated. For if one’s life can be stripped from him under such circumstances, what other rights does he retain? None, as all rights inevitably depend upon the right to life itself. And if such an individual − indeed, every American − retains no rights, because the theory of “official assassinations” embraces essentially anyone and everyone who might be denounced from within the bowels of the bureaucracy as an “enemy combatant,” then what limits exist to rogue public officials’ powers? None. This is totalitarianism with a vengeance.

Daily Bell: We mentioned directed history the last time we spoke, and you indicated that in your view a “paper-money oligarchy” was at least one group organizing this kind of history. These are basically banking families and their enablers based in Britain and Europe with military and intelligence arms (along with other such families) in Israel and the US. Why are they busy in Africa creating wars? Is it because their credit scheme is in the final stages of Ponzi self-destruction, as you indicated? Has that advanced in the past two years?

Edwin Vieira: What I might describe as “intermediate Ponzi banking pyramids,” based upon national or regional central banks − namely, the Federal Reserve System and the European Central Bank − are shaking themselves to pieces, as all such Ponzi schemes eventually must. As a result, “the paper-money oligarchy” will now try to salvage the basic system by elevating it to a global level with some sort of world central bank, perhaps based upon the IMF. This may prove difficult if not impossible to accomplish if the Chinese, for example, cannot be cajoled or coerced into joining or at least acquiescing in such an operation. At present, that does not seem likely. The Chinese appear to be staking out a position based upon competition with, rather than complicity in, any new global paper-money-and-credit scam run by the “Western” elites. So those elites are taking defensive measures to shore up their position, based upon their realization that the purpose of all paper-money-and-credit schemes is not simply to manipulate paper “obligations,” “claims,” and misnamed “assets,” but instead to redistribute real wealth from the unsuspecting members of society at large to the manipulators and their cronies and clients.

Ultimately, real wealth consists of human labor and natural resources. Africa is awash in critical natural resources; and the potential for en-surfing its native populations as docile workers under puppet “governments” controlled by the “Western” elites makes those resources even more valuable. So the military conflicts in Africa now being billed as parts of “the war on terrorism” are actually parts of a “war of terrorism” intended to destabilize the region, introduce “Western” neo-colonialism and thus preempt the Chinese from obtaining an economic or political foothold in the area.

Daily Bell: We spoke about dominant social themes and how they are used by this power elite. What have you noticed about their fear-based promotions? Are they more powerful than ever or are they losing their power to convince?

Edwin Vieira: A little of both. We observe with the present orchestrated hysteria over “gun control” − all of which is based upon promoting irrational fear of and loathing for firearms amongst the general populace − that, although many Americans are being swayed by the elitists’ propaganda and agitation, perhaps even more Americans are not: The more the elitists scream for radical “gun control,” the more common Americans listen to the real subliminal message in these rants, and the more firearms and ammunition they amass.

On the other side, though, the elitists have successfully imparted a subtle twist to their propaganda and agitation: At first, “the party line” was simply that Americans must fear “terrorists” from abroad, and therefore must surrender some of their freedoms to a nascent national para-military police-state apparatus. To this was soon added the supposed necessity for Americans to fear “domestic terrorists” (such as their fellow countrymen who support the Constitution, advocate the restoration of sound money and possess firearms), coupled with the necessity for Americans to surrender even more of their freedoms to a burgeoning police state. Most recently, the theme has shifted to the utterly discordant note that Americans must fear their own “government” most of all but can do nothing about its ever-more-abusive inroads into their remaining freedoms because, with all of the political, economic, and military power at its disposal, “the government” cannot be effectively opposed, no matter what excesses it may commit.

This at least has the advantage of bringing the discussion into concordance with the true meaning of words, inasmuch as the very first definition of “terrorism” in Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (the standard reference for American English) as well as in The Oxford English Dictionary (the standard reference for English generally) is none other than “government by intimidation.” But it also points up the psychotic nature of the “national debate” being foisted upon us: namely, that (at least according to the elitists and their touts) Americans’ only defense against “terrorism” is to acquiesce in the worst sort of “terrorism.” If this is not the best argument for revitalizing “the Militia of the several States,” immediately if not sooner, then what is?

Daily Bell: What is a nation? Are they necessary?

Edwin Vieira: These are typical of open-ended questions the complete answers to which would require volumes. Suffice it to say here that nations must have been sufficient, if not absolutely necessary, for some historical purposes of general significance, or they would never have arisen let alone assumed such importance throughout the world. Today, if they did not already exist, they should be created for the specific purpose of opposing globalism.

True, throughout history many nations have been guilty of all sorts of crimes and other wrongdoing. But because of the multiplicity of nations, various “alliances” and “balances of power” among them have tended to deter, defend against, or mitigate many of the worst potentials and consequences of nationalistic hubris, aggression, imperialism and kindred disorders. Under a globalist regime, conversely, such “alliances” and “balances of power” will, by hypothesis, be impossible. For that reason, a globalist regime will usher in the possibility − and, I should suspect from the plans and pronouncements of contemporary globalists themselves, the likelihood − of the most horrific tyranny from which mankind has ever suffered.

There being no other effective defensive measures that can be interposed against globalism in time to interfere with its proponents’ schedule, nations and national sovereignty are necessary. That is especially true with respect to Americans, in particular. For our Declaration of Independence announced that Americans have “assume[d] among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them.” The last time I looked, the Declaration of Independence had not been rescinded.

Daily Bell: Is it possible the Colonial period was merely a prelude to globalism? In other words, that nations had to be created before globalism could occur? Too paranoid?

Edwin Vieira: I should think such a conclusion would go far beyond paranoia. Do you mean to suggest that globalism is a consciously elaborated project, going back literally centuries, in which one intermediate stage has been the creation of independent nations for the very purpose of destroying those nations at some indeterminate time in the future? If so, who are this project’s original architects? And how have they recruited followers true to the cause over the centuries? What is the evidence for such speculations? Are we to give credence and credit to (say) the musings of such as Francis Bacon, who proposed the establishment of “an universal republic” several hundred years ago?

To be sure, the contemporary globalist movement can attempt to take advantage of the existence of nations, which provides possibly ready-made building-blocks for the construction of some globalist edifice − as, for instance, by incorporation of individual nations into a multi-national organization such as the United Nations which can serve as a predecessor to the final globalist structure. This, however, is as likely to be historical happenstance − nations are available for such use, so why not use them − as it is to be the result of some long-range plan the origins of which are obscured in the mists of time.

Nations, moreover, are obviously two-edged swords in this duel for political power between themselves and the globalists. True enough, nations could conceivably be finagled into becoming stepping-stones to globalism, by co-opting them in international organizations, then transmogrifying those organizations into supra-national organizations, then simply eliminating the nations as independent sovereignties, then wiping out international borders and their political, economic, and legal significance entirely − especially if traitorous political leaders could be co-opted, bribed, blackmailed, or otherwise convinced or coerced to connive or cooperate with the globalist steering-committee. But the various nations’ peoples, and even some of their political leaders, also might balk at being dragooned into a globalist regime that reduces them to pawns on the elitists’ political chessboard; and they might then assert national sovereignty − and the legal, political, economic and especially military power that goes with it − in forcible opposition to globalism.

Daily Bell: The power elite uses false flags to promote global control. Is one of their goals gun control?

Edwin Vieira: Always. As Mao Tse-tung correctly observed. “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” The Second Amendment makes the same point but with a special political and ethical gloss: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” In America, the guns are supposed to reside in We the People’s hands, in order that “a free State” − not “a police state” − may be maintained. So, for Americans in particular to be brought under the globalists’ control − a boot stamping on a human face forever, as Orwell described the situation in his novel 1984 − they must first be disarmed, as other peoples subjected to oppression throughout history have been disarmed.

“False flags” − in the sense of shocking events, sometimes manufactured, sometime perhaps spontaneous − have become the preferred vehicles today for stampeding the populace into “gun control” of one variety or another. It is almost as if the political actors were working off the same dog-eared B-movie script in scene after scene. Which, thankfully, is why these “false flags” are becoming increasingly less credible, and the American people increasingly less credulous.

Daily Bell: Was Barack Obama re-elected legitimately or was there a lot of voter fraud?

Edwin Vieira: Doubtlessly voter fraud was pervasive in the last election, as it has been in many others, to the disgrace of this country. More to the point, however, is whether Barack Obama was even constitutionally eligible to stand for election or re-election in the first place. Did his putative father’s British citizenship (as a resident of Kenya) disqualify Obama as a matter of law, even if in fact he was born within the United States? Did he become an Indonesian citizen when he was relocated there as a child; and, if so, did he as an adult ever reassert his supposed American birth-citizenship when he returned to the United States? As an adult in the United States did he seek educational benefits on the basis that he was a foreign student?

Why are these and related questions not being asked, let alone answered, either in Congress or in the courts? How is it that you and I must submit to a comprehensive background check before we can purchase a single firearm, but this fellow, whose origins, peregrinations and other personal details are purposefully being sequestered from public scrutiny at very great expense in attorneys’ fees, can have his finger on the proverbial “nuclear trigger” and thereby threaten the lives of hundreds of millions of people, and no one in public office seems to be concerned?

Daily Bell: What was your feeling regarding Ron Paul‘s campaign? Were you surprised at the way it ended?

Edwin Vieira: I was hardly surprised at the manner in which the Republican Party big-shots systematically stabbed Ron Paul in the back. I was disappointed, though, that after such shoddy treatment Dr. Paul did not bolt from the Republican Party and run for the Presidency on a “fusion ticket” composed of the Constitution Party, the Libertarian Party and other splinter-parties that might have created the foundation for a true secondparty in this country, as well as consigned the Republican Party to the dustbin of history once and for all. Such a “fusion ticket” might not have won the 2012 election, just as the original Republican Party did not win the first Presidential election it contested in 1856. But, once formed, “the fusion ticket” could have become a formidable force in 2016 and thereafter. Now, the necessary work has to be begun all over again.

Daily Bell: Will there be a successful states’ rights movement − or even secession?

Edwin Vieira: I believe that “secession” − the assertion by a State of a right to remove herself from the Constitution’s federal system on her own recognizance − is unconstitutional. I have a long series of articles on this subject posted in my archive at And even if such a form of “secession” were not unconstitutional, or some other arguably legal form of “secession” were tried, the exercise would be futile at the present time because no State is prepared to deal with the primary consequences of “secession.” How, for example, could a State successfully “secede” economically if she remained tied to the Federal Reserve System’s phony regime of paper currency and unlimited bank credit? Obviously, as a precondition to “secession” a State would have to adopt an alternative currency entirely independent of the Federal Reserve and the United States Treasury Department. Has that been done anywhere? No.

Moreover, how could a State expect to “secede” politically if rogue agents of the General Government could enter her territory at will and attempt to enforce that government’s statutes, regulations and executive orders on her citizens? Obviously, as a precondition to “secession” a State would have to revitalize her Militia, in order to be able to interpose against such assaults on her own sovereignty and on her people’s lives, liberties, and property. But has that been done anywhere? Again, no. So in the absence of these necessary preliminary steps (and many others, too), talk of “secession” is plainly little more than the expulsion of hot air.

The assertion of the States’ special constitutional status within the federal system − what is often described as “States’ rights” − is another matter, though. Many opportunities for asserting the States’ special status now exist. The problem, of course, is that the General Government’s courts are ready, willing and able to attempt to nullify these assertions of federalism by invoking an overly expansive misconstruction of the Constitution’s “supremacy clause” (Article VI, Clause 2). So if the States are serious about protecting and promoting their rights and the rights of their people, at some point in the near future they will have to reject the notion that the General Government’s courts, or any department of that government, or all of them acting in unison, are the final arbiters of what the Constitution means. Indeed, this should be obvious. The General Government is merely the agent of the people, not the people’s master. The people are the principal. On what theory of agency is the principal required to accept the agent’s unilateral, self-serving and possibly corrupt determination of what the agent’s powers are, thereby effectively subordinating the principal to the agent? To be sure, this is the twisted formula usurpers and tyrants invariably employ in drawing all powers to themselves, at the expense of the people. But to contend that it is a principle, precept, or permissible interpretation of the Constitution is at best a nice piece of effrontery to which no American should give credence, if not a rotten piece of political treachery, which every American should condemn and oppose.

Daily Bell: You were a bit doubtful of the Internet’s effect last time we spoke, saying it was full of misinformation. What’s your take on that now?

Edwin Vieira: As far as I can tell, that particular problem has become worse. Today, the Internet is inundated not only with misinformation posted by the ignorant and the insouciant but also with carefully crafted disinformation posted by professional trolls and agents provocateurs. That does not mean that useful information is not to be found but only that one must use a very great deal of discernment in uncovering it, particularly if the subject is politically “controversial” (that is, runs against the grain of the elitists’ party line). The great value of the Internet remains, however, that unlike books, which are costly and time-consuming to print and then may not be immediately accessible to the people who need to read them, the Internet allows for the almost instant posting and retrieval of information. So I remain cautiously optimistic.

Daily Bell: What’s going on with Afghanistan? It doesn’t appear that the war is going well for the elites.

Edwin Vieira: Except, of course, with respect to the reintroduction of the cultivation of and trade in opiates, which seems to be a smashing success. As I pointed out earlier in this interview, however, the quagmire in Afghanistan does give the lie to the elitists’ claim that rebellious peoples will always be helpless in the face of the modern technology, which contemporary armed forces can deploy against them.

Daily Bell: Any news on the martial law front as regards the US? Does Obama have it in mind? Would law enforcement cooperate?

Edwin Vieira: I doubt that Obama, personally, has anything in mind with respect to “martial law” (or any other subject you might mention). His handlers, however, doubtlessly are considering the invocation of some variety of “martial law” if the banking and financial systems collapse, with subsequent economic stringencies, social dislocations and civil unrest and disobedience spreading throughout America. And they are not reluctant to have their mouthpieces suggest in various fora the possibility or even likelihood of “martial law,” doubtlessly in order to condition common Americans into acquiescing in its inevitability. A chapter in The Sword and Sovereignty deals in great detail with the question of “martial law” in all of its ramifications. The bottom line is that the type of “martial law” commonly presented as a political possibility in America is actually a constitutional impossibility, and would be a practical impossibility were “the Militia of the several States” revitalized.

Would “law enforcement” cooperate in the imposition of such unconstitutional “martial law”? Surely some would, simply to continue to receive their paychecks. And the extent of “police brutality” throughout this country, documented in often terrifying videos on the Internet, evidences the existence of all too many “law enforcement officers” who are ready, willing and able to oppress their countrymen with almost lunatic outbursts of violence that result in unpunished official homicides (or, as the vernacular has it, “death by cop”). “Martial law” would provide these psychopaths with the opportunity to vent their animalistic rage on a very wide scale. Here, too, as The Sword and Sovereignty explains, the solution to the problem would be revitalization of the Militia.

Daily Bell: What do you think of Chief Justice Roberts’s decision regarding Obamacare?

Edwin Vieira: Very little that is fit to print. It is an abomination, if I may be allowed a juxtaposition of letters in order to make a play on words. Roberts held that the so-called “individual mandate” in “Obamacare” − the supposed requirement for Americans to purchase health insurance which they do not want, or be penalized for their refusals − could not be sustained under the Constitution’s Commerce Clause or its Necessary and Proper Clause. Fine. That means that no substantive constitutional power exists that can rationalize that provision in “Obamacare.” But then he opined that, notwithstanding the absence of any such substantive power, “the individual mandate” can be enforced as a “tax.” What is the result of this aberrant reasoning? Namely, that Congress may, through the imposition of a “tax,” coerce Americans into behaving in any manner whatsoever, even though it admittedly enjoys no particular power to require such behavior. Furthermore, as we know, taxes are often enforced not only by the confiscation of money or other property but also by imprisonment. So the bottom line is that Congress can provide for the imprisonment of any and every American who refuses to obey any Congressional command to behave in a certain manner, even though Congress has no independent power whatsoever to require such behavior!

Obviously, this is far worse than the constitutionally crackpot notion that Congress can “regulate commerce” by coercing Americans to engage in “commerce” against their wills; for at least some forms of personal behavior do not constitute “commerce” (or even, to use the judiciary’s gibberish, “affect commerce”) by anyone’s definition, and therefore could never be subject to such a ludicrous misconstruction of Congressional power. Roberts’s “tax” theory, in contrast, embraces every conceivable form of behavior known to man, all of which can be compelled by the imposition of some “tax,” and in the final analysis by imprisonment. Thus, appealing to just one clause of the Constitution (Article I, Section 8, Clause 1), Roberts has concocted a rationalization for a complete totalitarian state! Even Alexander Hamilton, the most consistent and candid centralizer among the Founding Fathers, would have repudiated this theory in no uncertain terms. Even Stalin, I suspect, would have been surprised (albeit pleasantly) to discover that the power to tax, by itself alone, could be so employed. If this is not a perfect illustration of the utter imbecility of “judicial supremacy” − the notion that decisions of the Supreme Court control the meaning of the Constitution − nothing could be.

Daily Bell: Is the central banking system beginning to fail? Will it self-destruct? Is a global currency going to be established in the near future? Will it feature a commodity like gold?

Edwin Vieira: Yes, the present central banking system is in the process of catastrophic failure. And this is a matter of self-destruction because the problem derives from the inherent unworkability of fiat currency and fractional reserves, not simply from the incompetence of the particular individuals appointed to manage the system from time to time. Which is why the Money Power intends to introduce a new currency in the near future, just as in America the Money Power supplanted State bank notes with National Bank Notes in the 1860s, folded the National Banking System into the Federal Reserve System in 1913, then reneged on redemption of Federal Reserve Notes in gold in 1933 (domestically) and 1971 (internationally).

The formula has always been the same: As the paper-money and bank-credit scam implodes at a lower level, give the scheme a new lease on life by translating it to a higher level. But, in each case, the translation has required the promise − albeit one made to be broken − that the new currency will somehow be more stable than the one it replaces. So in a world increasingly disenchanted with and suspicious of irredeemable paper currencies, expect the new global currency to have some sort of gold veneer applied to it, so as to inspire unwarranted confidence amongst those uneducated in the long-term twists and turns of monetary and banking fraud.

I doubt, however, that the new scheme will allow for actual redemption of the new paper currency in gold for individuals (as did the Federal Reserve System prior to 1933) or even for central banks (as did the Federal Reserve System between 1933 and 1971), for the very last thing the Money Power wants is for individuals to recognize that gold itself is money, that paper currency is not really money at all but only an oft-repudiated promise by the bankers to pay gold and that the only true monetary security for any individual demands that he should always enjoy the legal right and should always exercise the physical ability to hold his own gold in his own hands whenever he so desires. Nonetheless, the integration of gold into the new system will gull many proponents of sound money into supporting the scheme. “See,” they will crow, “the bankers have been forced to return to a ‘gold standard‘. We have won!” And that approbation will enable the bankers to impose upon the entire world another century or so of monetary manipulations, redistributions of wealth, Ponzi pyramids and associated financial frauds and other chicanery. Every time I hear some purported champion of sound money call for returning the Federal Reserve System to a “gold standard,” or for adopting a supra-national paper currency linked to a “gold standard,” I wonder how it is that one hundred years of sorry experience with the Federal Reserve System has taught these people absolutely nothing.

Daily Bell: What can one do on an individual level to combat the elite matrix that has been built around is?

Edwin Vieira: For starters, never passively accept that people in “authority” actually have the “authority” they claim. Never take at face value anything people in “authority” may say. Always investigate the nature of their “authority,” verify or falsify the purported bases for their “authority” and try to predict the likely untoward consequences of their exercises of “authority.” Hold all of their assertions and applications of “authority” up against the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and carefully gauge whatever disparities become apparent − and there will be many of them, you can be sure.

Daily Bell: Finally, are you more or less worried because of Obama’s re-election?

Edwin Vieira: I can supply no really satisfying answer to that question. On the one hand, that Obama received a majority of the votes could evidence a profound and dangerous split in the electorate between (i) the remnants of the population that still embrace semi-traditional American political values and (ii) an emergent, aggressive “social-democratic” bloc (that is, Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism with a temporary human face). On the other hand, that Obama was running against Romney tends to dilute that concern because an approximately fifty-fifty split between Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee can be interpreted to signify no more than that the electorate was basically indifferent to the candidates, insufficiently aware of the issues, inclined to vote more in line with evanescent media “spin” than with permanent ideological convictions and above all, inured to the political status quo.

Yet one’s hopes cannot be overly sanguine when one considers the likelihood (indeed, arguably the certainty) of a major national economic catastrophe breaking out within the next two or three years, and the already demonstrated propensity of Obama’s handlers to cause him to employ extra-legal devices, from sweeping executive orders to “official assassinations,” as a matter of course in “crisis” situations. Moreover, that Obama cannot seek re-election and therefore personally has nothing more to gain or lose politically, can only exacerbate the situation.

As the Chinese are wont to say, the next few years will be “interesting times,” indeed.

Daily Bell: Congratulations on your new book. Thanks!

 The Daily Bell After Thoughts

 We’ve been doing this for 20 years or more and never have we run into this level of constitutional literacy – an understanding of REAL history married to growing anger as this remarkable litany of responses progresses.

Fortunately, we believe we have the kind of audience that shall appreciate what we’d characterize as a kind of tour de force.

Like someone launching a huge ship, we can do no more than hang back open-mouthed as Dr. Vierra takes to the sea with waves breaking timidly around him. This is a surprising spectacle. He makes the ramblings of supposed “constitutional scholars” such as Barack Obama look like the disconnected babble of infants.

Journalism is like yesterday’s newspapers, useful only unto the day. It is forgotten by tomorrow, as we all shall be. But perhaps Dr. Vierra shall not be forgotten. He is REALLY bearing witness to America’s decent into fascism and horror.

What is going in the US will not end well – or not for many – for the perpetrators are motivated by humankind’s worst characteristics: both greed and fear. They are greedy for the spoils of power but scared their actions shall be revealed.

And, of course, what we call the Internet Reformation is recording every aspect of their behavior.

Dr. Vierra and a few others like him are its scribes.

This bloody globalist episode will pass one day and a New Time will arrive. People will turn to Dr. Vierra among others to understand what went wrong and how and why.

We have listened to Dr. Vierra and thus have the melancholy privilege of knowing in advance.

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The Growing Rift With Saudi Arabia Threatens To Severely Damage The Petrodollar


 By Michael Snyder

The number one American export is U.S. dollars. It is paper currency that is backed up by absolutely nothing, but the rest of the world has been using it to trade with one another and so there is tremendous global demand for our dollars. The linchpin of this system is the petrodollar. For decades, if you have wanted to buy oil virtually anywhere in the world you have had to do so with U.S. dollars. But if one of the biggest oil exporters on the planet, such as Saudi Arabia, decided to start accepting other currencies as payment for oil, the petrodollar monopoly would disintegrate very rapidly.
For years, everyone assumed that nothing like that would happen any time soon, but now Saudi officials are warning of a “major shift” in relations with the United States.  In fact, the Saudis are so upset at the Obama administration that “all options” are reportedly “on the table”.  If it gets to the point where the Saudis decide to make a major move away from the petrodollar monopoly, it will be absolutely catastrophic for the U.S. economy.

The biggest reason why having good relations with Saudi Arabia is so important to the United States is because the petrodollar monopoly will not work without them. For decades, Washington D.C. has gone to extraordinary lengths to keep the Saudis happy. But now the Saudis are becoming increasingly frustrated that the U.S. military is not being used to fight their wars for them.

The following is from a recent Daily Mail report

10-18-2011 7-10-19 PM

Upset at President Barack Obama’s policies on Iran and Syria, members of Saudi Arabia’s ruling family are threatening a rift with the United States that could take the alliance between Washington and the kingdom to its lowest point in years.

Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief is vowing that the kingdom will make a ‘major shift’ in relations with the United States to protest perceived American inaction over Syria’s civil war as well as recent U.S. overtures to Iran, a source close to Saudi policy said on Tuesday.

Prince Bandar bin Sultan told European diplomats that the United States had failed to act effectively against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, was growing closer to Tehran, and had failed to back Saudi support for Bahrain when it crushed an anti-government revolt in 2011, the source said.

Saudi Arabia desperately wants the U.S. military to intervene in the Syrian civil war on the side of the “rebels”.  This has not happened yet, and the Saudis are very upset about that.
Of course the Saudis could always go and fight their own war, but that is not the way that the Saudis do things.

So since the Saudis are not getting their way, they are threatening to punish the U.S. for their inaction.  According to Reuters, the Saudis are saying that “all options are on the table now”…

Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil exporter, ploughs much of its earnings back into U.S. assets. Most of the Saudi central bank’s net foreign assets of $690 billion are thought to be denominated in dollars, much of them in U.S. Treasury bonds.

“All options are on the table now, and for sure there will be some impact,” the Saudi source said.

Sadly, most Americans have absolutely no idea how important all of this is. If the Saudis break the petrodollar monopoly, it would severely damage the U.S. economy. For those who do not fully understand the importance of the petrodollar, the following is a good summary of how the petrodollar works from an article by Christopher Doran

In a nutshell, any country that wants to purchase oil from an oil producing country has to do so in U.S. dollars. This is a long standing agreement within all oil exporting nations, aka OPEC, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. The UK for example, cannot simply buy oil from Saudi Arabia by exchanging British pounds. Instead, the UK must exchange its pounds for U.S. dollars. The major exception at present is, of course, Iran.

This means that every country in the world that imports oil—which is the vast majority of the world’s nations—has to have immense quantities of dollars in reserve. These dollars of course are not hidden under the proverbial national mattress. They are invested. And because they are U.S. dollars, they are invested in U.S. Treasury bills and other interest bearing securities that can be easily converted to purchase dollar-priced commodities like oil. This is what has allowed the U.S. to run up trillions of dollars of debt: the rest of the world simply buys up that debt in the form of U.S. interest bearing securities.

This arrangement works out very well for the United States because we can wildly print money and run up gigantic amounts of debt and the rest of the world gobbles it all up.

In 2012, the United States ran a trade deficit of about $540,000,000,000 with the rest of the planet.  In other words, about half a trillion more dollars left the country than came into the country. These dollars represent the number one “product” that the U.S. exports.  We make dollars and exchange them for the things that we need.  Major exporting countries (such as Saudi Arabia) take many of those dollars and “invest” them in our debt at ultra-low interest rates.  It is this system that makes our massively inflated standard of living possible.

When this system ends, the era of cheap imports and super low interest rates will be over and the “adjustment” to our standard of living will be excruciatingly painful.

And without a doubt, the day is rapidly approaching when the petrodollar monopoly will end.
Today, Russia is the number one exporter of oil in the world.

China is now the number one importer of oil in the world, and at this point they are actuallyimporting more oil from Saudi Arabia than the United States is.

So why should Russia, China and virtually everyone else continue to be forced to use U.S. dollars to trade oil?

That is a very good question.

In fact, China has been making a whole lot of noise recently about the fact that it is time to start becoming less dependent on the U.S. dollar.  The following comes from a recent CNBC article authored by Michael Pento

Our addictions to debt and cheap money have finally caused our major international creditors to call for an end to dollar hegemony and to push for a “de-Americanized” world.

China, the largest U.S. creditor with $1.28 trillion in Treasury bonds, recently put out a commentary through the state-run Xinhua news agency stating that, “Such alarming days when the destinies of others are in the hands of a hypocritical nation have to be terminated.”

For much more on all of this, please see my previous article entitled “9 Signs That China Is Making A Move Against The U.S. Dollar“.

But you very rarely hear anything about this on the evening news, and most Americans do not understand these things at all.  The fact that the U.S. produces the de facto reserve currency of the planet is an absolutely massive advantage for us.  According to John Mauldin, this advantage allows us to consume far more wealth than we actually produce…

What that means in practical terms is that the United States can purchase more with its currency than it produces and sells. In theory those accounts should balance. But the world’s reserve currency, for all intent and purposes, becomes a product. The world needs dollars in order to conduct its trade. Today, if someone in Peru wants to buy something from Thailand, they first convert their local currency into US dollars and then purchase the product with those dollars. Those dollars eventually wind up at the Central Bank of Thailand, which includes them in its reserve balance. When someone in Thailand wants to purchase an imported product, their bank accesses those dollars, which may go anywhere in the world that will take the US dollar, which is to say pretty much anywhere.

And as Mauldin went on to explain in that same article, a significant amount of the money that we ship out to the rest of the globe ends up getting reinvested in U.S. government debt…

That privilege allows US citizens to purchase goods and services at prices somewhat lower than those people in the rest of the world must pay. We can produce electronic fiat dollars, and the rest of the world accepts them because they need them to in order to trade with each other. And they do so because they trust the dollar more than they do any other currency that is readily available. You can take those dollars and come to the United States and purchase all manner of goods, including real estate and stocks. Just this week a Chinese company spent $600 million to buy a building in New York City. Such transactions happen all the time.

And there is one other item those dollars are used to pay for: US Treasury bonds. We buy oil and all manner of goods with our electronic dollars, and those dollars typically end up on the reserve balance sheets of other central banks, which buy our government bonds. It’s hard to quantify the exact amount, but these transactions significantly lower the cost of borrowing for the US government. On a $16 trillion debt, every basis point (1/10 of 1%) means a saving of $16 billion annually. So 5 basis points would be $80 billion a year. There are credible estimates that the savings are well in excess of $100 billion a year. Thus, as the debt grows, the savings also grow! That also means the total debt compounds at a lower rate.

Unfortunately, this system only works if the rest of the planet has faith in it, and right now the United States is systematically destroying the faith that the rest of the world has in our financial system.
One way that this is being done is by our reckless accumulation of debt.  The U.S. national debt is now 37 times larger than it was 40 years ago, and we are on pace to accumulate more new debt under the 8 years of the Obama administration than we did under all of the other presidents in U.S. history combined.  The rest of the world is watching this and they are beginning to wonder if we are going to be able to pay them back the money that we owe them.

Quantitative easing is another factor that is severely damaging worldwide faith in the U.S. financial system.  The rest of the globe is watching as the Federal Reserve wildly prints up money and monetizes our debt.  They are beginning to wonder why they should continue to loan us gobs of money at super low interest rates when we are beginning to resemble the Weimar Republic.

The long-term damage that we are doing to the “U.S. brand” far, far outweighs any short-term benefits of quantitative easing.

And as Richard Koo has brilliantly demonstrated, quantitative easing is going to cause long-term interest rates to eventually rise much higher than they normally should have.

What all of this means is that the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve are systematically destroying the financial system that has enabled us to enjoy such a high standard of living for the past several decades.

Yes, the U.S. economy is not doing well at the moment, but we haven’t seen anything yet.  When the monopoly of the petrodollar is broken, it is going to be absolutely devastating.

And as I wrote about the other day, when the next great economic crisis strikes it is going to pull back the curtain and reveal the rot and decay that have been eating away at the social fabric of America for a very long time.

Just check out what happened in Detroit recently.  The new police chief was almost carjacked while he was sitting in a clearly marked police vehicle…

Just four months on the job, Detroit’s new police chief got an early taste of the city’s hardscrabble streets.

While in his patrol car at an intersection on Jefferson two weeks ago, Police Chief James Craig was nearly carjacked, police spokeswoman Kelly Miner confirmed today.

Craig said he was in a marked police car with mounted lights when a man quickly tried to approach the side of his car. Craig, who became police chief in June, retold the story Monday during a program designed to crack down on carjackings.

Isn’t that crazy?

These days, the criminals are not even afraid to go after the police while they are sitting in their own vehicles.

And this is just the beginning.  Things are going to get much, much worse than this.

So let us hope that this period of relative stability that we are enjoying right now will last for as long as possible.

The times ahead are going to be extremely challenging, and I hope that you are getting ready for them.

End of the Petrodollar?!

This article first appeared here at the Economic Collapse Blog. Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream and Economic Collapse Blog. Follow him on Twitter here.

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As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap


 By Paul Craig Roberts,

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Paul Craig Roberts

The year 2014 could be shaping up as the year that the chickens come home to roost.

Americans, even well-informed ones, don’t know all of the mistakes made by neoconized and corrupted Washington in the past two decades. However, enough is known to see that the US has lost economic and political power, and that the loss is irreversible.

The economic cost of this lost will be born by what remains of the middle class and the increasingly poverty-stricken lower class. The one percent will have offshore gold holdings and large sums of money in foreign currencies and other foreign assets to see them through.

In the political arena, the collapse of the Soviet Union presented Washington with the grand opportunity to reallocate the Pentagon budget to other uses. Part of the reduction could have been returned to taxpayers for their own use. Another part could have been used to improve worn out infrastructure. And another part could have been used to repair and improve the social safety net, thus insuring domestic tranquility. A final, but perhaps most important part, could have been used to begin repaying the Treasury IOUs in the Social Security Trust Fund from which Washington has borrowed and spent $2 trillion, leaving non-marketable IOUs in the place of the Social Security payroll tax revenues that Washington raided in order to fund its wars and current operations.

Instead, influenced by neoconservative warmongers who advocated America using its “sole superpower” status to establish hegemony over the world, Washington let hubris and arrogance run away with it. The consequence was that Washington destroyed its soft power with lies and war crimes, only to find that its military power was insufficient to support its occupation of Iraq, its conquest of Afghanistan, and its financial imperialism.

Now seen universally as a lawless warmonger and a nuisance, Washington’s soft power has been squandered. With its influence on the wane, Washington has become more of a bully. In response, the rest of the world is isolating Washington.

The prime minister of India, Manmohan Singh, recently declared China and Russia to be India’s “most important partners” with whom India shares “common strategic interests.” Prime Minister Singh said: “ India and Russia have always had a convergence of views on global and regional issues, and we value Russia’s perspective on international developments of mutual interest.”

India joined China in expressing concerns about the Federal Reserve’s practice of printing money in order to cover Washington’s vast red ink. The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) are taking steps to create their own method of settling trade accounts in order to protect themselves from the looming dollar implosion,

China has forcefully called for a “de-Americanized world.” After watching the “superpower” offshore a large part of its GDP to China and then add to the diminished tax base the burden of $6 trillion in wars that brought no booty and served no US interest, China has concluded that American power is spent. The London Telegraph thinks “it is only a matter of time before the renminbi replaces the dollar as the primary currency for trading commodities and resources.”

The Obama regime attempted to attack Syria based on the sort of lies that the Bush regime used to invade Iraq, only to be slapped down by the British Parliament and Russian government. This rebuke was followed by the childishness of the government shutdown and threat of default. Consequently, the Washington morons have lost their monopoly on economic and political leadership. A few days ago the British government announced a historic agreement that permits British investors direct access to China’s markets and allows Chinese banks to expand their operations in Great Britain.

In Australia, the US dollar will no longer be used as the currency in which to settle the Australian trade accounts with China. Instead of dollars, trade will be settled in the Chinese currency.

Washington served as cheerleader, as did most economists and libertarians, while US corporations, greedy for short-term profits and executive bonuses, off-shored US industry and manufacturing, calling it free trade. The obvious and predicted result is that China’s demand for resources needed to fuel its industrial and manufacturing power now dominates markets. This means that the US dollar is being displaced as world currency. The only market that America dominates is the market for financial fraud.

When industrial, manufacturing, and tradable professional service jobs are off-shored, they take US GDP and tax base with them. The foreign country gets the benefit of the relocated economic activity. Due to the revenues lost from jobs off-shoring, there is a large gap between federal revenues and federal expenditures. As Washington’s irresponsible behavior has raised so many doubts about the dollar’s value and the government’s commitment to stand behind its massive debt, foreign countries with trade surpluses with the US are less and less willing to recycle those surpluses into the purchase of US Treasury debt.

Today the two largest holders of US Treasury debt are not investors or even foreign central banks. The two largest holders are the Federal Reserve and the Social Security Trust Fund.

As for those $6 trillion wars, that’s to pay for national defense to protect us from women, children, and village elders in far away countries devoid of air forces and navies, and to provide those recycled taxpayer monies from the military/security complex that find their way into political contributions.

The Wall Street gangsters sighed for relief over the last minute debt ceiling agreement. This shows how short-term Wall Street’s outlook is. All the October agreement did was to push off the crisis to January and February. The “debt ceiling agreement” did not produce a new debt ceiling that would last beyond February, and it did not resolve the large difference between federal revenues and expenditures. In other words, the can was again kicked down the road. A repeat of the October fiasco won’t play well.

Obamacare is causing the premiums on private insurance polices to rise substantially, almost doubling in some situations unless people move to the uncertain exchanges, and Obamacare’s raid on Medicare payroll tax revenues has resulted in a cut in Medicare payments to health care providers. The result is a further reduction in consumer discretionary income and a further drop in the economy.

This in turn means a larger federal budget deficit and the need for the Federal Reserve to purchase more debt.

Another reason the Federal Reserve is faced with increasing, not tapering, quantitative easing (money printing) is the decline in foreign purchases of US Treasury bills, notes, and bonds. As the instruments pay interest that is less than the rate of inflation, holding Treasury debt makes no sense when the dollar’s value and the potential of default are open questions.

According to reports, not only are foreign governments, such as China, ceasing to buy US Treasury debt, China has started to sell off its holdings, substituting gold in the place of US Treasury debt.

This means that the bonds must be purchased by the Fed or interest rates will rise as the increased supply of bonds on the market drives down bond prices. The only way the Fed can purchase a larger supply of bonds is by printing more money, that is, by more quantitative easing.

With the world moving away from using the dollar to settle international accounts, as the Fed prints more dollars the rate at which foreign holders of dollar assets sell off their holdings will rise.

To get out of dollars requires that the dollar proceeds from selling Treasuries, US stocks and US real estate be sold in the currency markets. The selling of dollars drives down the exchange value of the US dollar and results in rising US inflation. The Fed can print money with which to purchase Treasury debt, but it cannot print foreign currencies with which to purchase dollars.

The decline in the dollar’s exchange value and the domestic inflation that results will force the Fed to stop printing. What then covers the gap between revenues and expenditures? The likely answer is private pensions and any other asset that Washington can get its hands on.

Initially, private pensions will be taxed at a rate to recover the tax-free accumulation in the pensions. The second year a national emergency will be used to confiscate some share of pensions. Those relying on the pensions will find themselves with less income. Consumer spending will decline. The economy will worsen. The deficit will widen.

You can see where this is going, and there seems to be no way out. Policymakers, economists, and corporation executives are in denial about the adverse effects of off-shoring, which they still, despite all the evidence, maintain is good for the economy. So nothing will be done about off-shoring. Republicans will blame the budget deficit on welfare and entitlements, and if those are cut consumer spending will decline further, widening the budget deficit. Inflation will rise as incomes fall, and social cohesion will break down.

Now you know why Homeland Security purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, enough ammunition to fight the Iraq war for 12 years, has its own para-military force and 2,700 tanks. If you think the “terrorist threat” in America warrants a domestic armed force of this size, you are out of your mind. This force has been assembled to deal with starving and homeless people in the streets of America.

September employment report: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), September brought 148,000 new jobs, enough to keep up with population growth but not reduce the unemployment rate. Moreover, John Williams ( says that one-third of these jobs, or 50,000 per month on average, are phantom jobs produced by the birth-death model that during difficult economic times overestimates the number of new jobs from business startups and underestimates job losses from business failures.

The BLS reports that 22,000 of September’s jobs were new hires by state governments, which seems odd in view of the ongoing state budgetary difficulties.

In the private sector, wholesale and retail trade produced 36,900 new jobs, which seems odd in light of the absence of growth in real median family income and real retail sales.

Transportation and warehousing produced 23,400 new jobs, concentrated in transit and ground passenger transportation. This also seems odd unless the price of gasoline and pinched budgets are forcing people onto public transportation.

Professional and business services accounted for 32,000 jobs of which 63% are temporary help jobs.

So here you have the job picture that the presstitutes, hyping “the jobs gain,” don’t tell you. The scary part of the September job report is that the usual standby, the category of waitresses and bartenders, which has accounted for a large part of every reported jobs gain since I began reporting the monthly statistics, shows job loss. Seven thousand one hundred waitresses and bartenders lost their jobs in September. If this figure is not a fluke, it is bad news. It signals that fewer Americans can afford to eat and drink out.

The unemployment rate that is reported is the rate that does not count as unemployed discouraged workers who are unable to find jobs and cease to look. This favored rate, the darling of the regime in power, the presstitutes, and Wall Street, also is not adjusted for the category of “involuntary part-time workers,” those whose hours have been cut back or because they are unable to find a full-time job. Obamacare, as is widely reported, is causing employers to shift their work forces from full time to part time in order to avoid costs associated with Obamacare. The BLS places the number of involuntary part-time workers at 7,900,000.

The announced 7.2% unemployment rate is a meaningless number. The rate can decline for no other reason than people unable to find jobs drop out of the work force. You are not counted in the work force if you are discouraged about finding a job and no longer look for a job.

The phenomena of discouraged workers shows up in the measure of the labor force participation rate, which has declined in the 21st century. The opportunities for American labor are so restricted that a rising percentage of the working age population have given up looking for jobs.

Yet, the Obama regime, the Wall Street gangsters, and the pressitute media tell us how much better the economic situation is becoming as more small businesses close, as memberships decline in golf clubs, as more university graduates return home to live with their parents, who are drawing down their savings to live, as Fed Chairman Bernanke has made it impossible for them to live on interest payments on their savings.

According to the US census bureau, real median household income in 2012 was $51,017, down 9% from $56,080 in 1999, 13 years ago. In contrast, annual compensation in 2012 for US CEOs broke all records. Two CEOs were paid more than $1 billion, and the worst paid among the top ten took home $100 million. When the presstitutes speak of economic recovery, they mean recovery for the one percent.

America is in the toilet, and the rest of the world knows it. But the neocons who rule in Washington and their Israeli ally are determined that Washington start yet more wars to create lebensraum for Israel.

Early in the 21st century the liberal Democrat Senator from New York, Chuck Schumer, and I coauthored an article in the New York Times about the adverse effects on the US economy of jobs off-shoring. The article caused a sensation. The Brookings Institution in Washington quickly convened a conference, which was covered by C-SPAN. C-SPAN rebroadcast the conference several times. During the conference I said that if jobs off-shoring continued, the US would be a third world economy in 20 years.

Wall Street quickly shut up Senator Schumer, but I am sticking by my forecast. Indeed, I think we are already there.


Some have accused me of being anti American because of my opinions of our government, and my opposition to voting in our rigged elections. Well, this article shows how well you have helped your country by supporting these scumbags. If there was any justice they, and their Bankster masters would be burned alive. If any of you still believe they have done the best they possibly could, you’re out of your mind.

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Ross: My Thoughts On The Erosion of States Rights


By Neal Ross

On June 7, 1776 Richard Henry Lee stood before the Continental Congress and presented a set of resolutions, the first of which began with the following words, “Resolved, That these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States…” Almost a month later, this same Continental Congress would vote upon a declaration which stated, “We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States…

Lee’s initial resolution was the impetus for what we know as our Declaration of Independence. Notice that both Lee, and Jefferson, who wrote the majority of the Declaration of Independence, both declared that the colonies ought to be free and independent States. Each state was to be a sovereign entity, capable of establishing its own system of government which best suited the needs and desires of the inhabitants therein.

When delegates gathered together once again in 1787 to discuss amending the Articles of Confederation they did so on behalf of the state legislatures which selected them to represent the best interests of the individual States.

Unless you have taken the time to study the proceedings of the esteemed body that gathered together over the summer of 1787 then you probably do not know that it was, at times, a very heated discussion with much of the discussion centering around how the new government being formed would affect the States, most importantly, the smaller less populous ones.

One of the first proposals to the convention was presented by James Madison and is known as the Virginia Resolution. It would form a strong central government with 3 branches, with 2 houses of Congress, a Senate and a House of Representatives. However, as presented it gave the larger, more populous states a distinct advantage in Congress and was opposed by the smaller states.

The New Jersey plan, was then next presented by William Patterson and it had a unicameral Congress, (only one house to enact laws) and each state had only 1 vote in the Congress. This was opposed by the larger states as it did not equitably represent them due to population.

There were other plans which dealt with such issues as how to count slaves when considering representation and the manner of choosing/electing the president. However, the main sticking point came with fair and equitable representation in Congress for the States.

As in most political discussions, a compromise was reached which created one body, the House of Representatives, which representation would be based upon population of the States, with another body, the Senate, wherein the States would elect two people to represent their will. For laws to be passed they would have to pass both bodies before being sent on for the presidents consideration.

The final document they presented for a vote is what we now know as our Constitution. Again, few know that although there were 55 delegates in attendance at various times over the course of the Convention, only 39 names appear on the final document. Many had left the proceedings prior to the vote and signing, however there are 3 names; Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts, and Edmund Randolph and George Mason of Virginia, who refused to sign the document because they were not happy with the final outcome.

Colonel Mason penned a letter stating his reasons why he refused to sign the proposed Constitution, and at the top of the list amongst his reasons he stated, “There is no declaration of rights: and the laws of the general government being paramount to the laws and constitutions of the several states, the declarations of rights, in the separate states, are no security. Nor are the people secured even in the enjoyment of the benefit of the common law, which stands here upon no other foundation than its having been adopted by the respective acts forming the constitutions of the several states.” Chief among his reasons for refusing to sign the document was a lack of security for the rights and sovereignty of the States.

Although the Constitution had been voted upon, and passed by a majority of the delegates in attendance at the Convention, it still had to be ratified by a majority of the state legislatures in order for it to go into effect. That, in and of itself, would pose a daunting task for those who had worked so hard, and now supported the document that was the result of all their labors.

As stated, George Mason refused to sign the document, but there were other notable names who are decidedly absent on it. Take for instance Patrick Henry, the patriot whose stirring speech declaring ‘…give me Liberty or give me Death‘ refused to attend the convention because he ‘smelled a rat.’ These men, among others, would use their talent as orators, and their standing, to oppose the ratification of this Constitution; they were to become known as the anti-Federalists. Those who supported the document, and fought for its ratification became known simply as the Federalists. In a sense they became the first political parties, as their stance on the purpose, power given to the federal government, and that reserved to the states and the people, can trace its growth throughout our history all the way to the modern day Tenth Amendment movement, but more on that later.

A chief distinction between the Federalists and the anti-Federalists was the economic standing of those who favored, or opposed the proposed Constitution. For the most part the Federalists were well educated and well to do; merchants, large farmers, and artisans. On the other hand the anti-Federalists aside from Gerry, Mason, and Randolph, were mostly rural farmers who felt that a strong central government was a threat to their rights, and to the powers of the states whose job they felt to was to do what was in the best interest of the people who lived therein.

In the end, the Federalists won and the constitution was ratified. But it wasn’t without a struggle, and the promise of some sort of a declaration of rights that many States agreed to ratification. Over the course of the ratification process both sides employed writers of great oratory skill to espouse their reasons for either supporting, or opposing the proposed Constitution. Among the better known Federalists whose works explained this new system of government were Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, whose combined works we now know as the Federalist Papers.

As States rights were a big concern for those who opposed the Constitution, it was important that the Federalist writers that they convince the people that the new Constitution did not infringe upon the rights of the states.

In Federalist 32 Alexander Hamilton wrote, “An entire consolidation of the States into one complete national sovereignty would imply an entire subordination of the parts; and whatever powers might remain in them, would be altogether dependent on the general will. But as the plan of the convention aims only at a partial union or consolidation, the State governments would clearly retain all the rights of sovereignty which they before had, and which were not, by that act, EXCLUSIVELY delegated to the United States.”

Then in Federalist 45 James Madison further emphasized, “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected. The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State.

The operations of the federal government will be most extensive and important in times of war and danger; those of the State governments, in times of peace and security.”

As I said, the Federalists won the day and the Constitution was ratified―with the promise that a declaration of rights be added as soon as the new government became active. The promise was kept, and as the preamble to the Bill of Rights states, “THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution.”

It is the very last of these proposed rights that I wish to include in my discussion, the one which we know as the Tenth Amendment. It states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

It is imperative that you understand just what the Tenth Amendment means. It begins with the words “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution…” To begin with it declares that the powers granted this new entity, the United States, have been delegated. Therefore it was by the ratification of the State legislatures that the United States came into being, and it was by their power and authority that these powers were ‘delegated’, or granted this new body. It also states that the powers NOT delegated, this must mean that somewhere within the Constitution there is a specific list of powers that ARE delegated to this new entity, the United States. Otherwise how are we to determine which powers ARE NOT delegated?

The Tenth Amendment goes on to say “…nor prohibited by it to theStates” (my emphasis). All this means is that the Tenth Amendment is only referring to powers that are not expressly granted the federal government via the Constitution, AND those powers which that same document expressly grants the States. The Tenth Amendment concludes by saying, “…are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

So, in effect, the Tenth Amendment could be written to say, “Any proposed powers which are not specifically listed by the Constitution as being powers of the federal government, or granted specifically by said document to the States, are to be amongst the powers granted the individual States, or reserved to the people.”

As Madison said in Federalist 45, the powers granted the federal government were to be primarily exercised in regards to war, peace, commerce, and negotiations with foreign nations. EVERYTHING else was to be a power reserved to the States.

In his Commentaries on the Constitution, a discussion of the Constitution from a legal standpoint, Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story said the following about the Tenth Amendment, “This amendment is a mere affirmation of what, upon any just reasoning, is a necessary rule of interpreting the constitution. Being an instrument of limited and enumerated powers, it follows irresistibly, that what is not conferred, is withheld, and belongs to the state authorities, if invested by their constitutions of government respectively in them; and if not so invested, it is retained by the people, as a part of their residuary sovereignty.”

To better understand how our system of government was supposed to work in relation to the states, allow me to present a simple analogy. Imagine a group of families settle in a previously uninhabited region. Each family stakes out 10 acres of land as their property for farming and whatever use they deem necessary for their survival. As individual families they must rely upon themselves to provide for their defense against any who might trespass and threaten their livelihood.

After a time if these settlers begin to establish trade with each other and setter A begins charging a fee for his neighbors to transport their goods across his property to sell to settlers on the other side. This causes the settlers to either abandon trade or, in an effort to offset the cost of the penalty, raise the price for which he sells his goods.

Soon chaos and anarchy reign and the settlers agree that something must be done. So they gather together and come up with a compact which declares that a body shall be established, consisting of members selected by the entire settlement, to settle disputes, provide for the common defense of the settlement, and to regulate trade so that if flows smoothly within the settlement.

That is the entire purpose for which this ‘governing’ body was established. These ‘governors’ could not enter a person’s private property and tell them what to do. They were merely there to keep the peace between each settler, to provide for a common defense, and should the need arise, negotiate treaties and other such arrangements with any neighboring settlements.

That is our system in miniscule. Each settler was sovereign over his land as our each state in our Union. The governing body was to settle disputes, provide for the common defense, regulate trade, and negotiate with other settlements. So was our government. But our government has intruded into the states and now usurps powers and authority over the states that it was NEVER intended it possess.

In my little analogy, what would have happened had a majority of settlers banded together and demanded that their governing body enact rules which imposed undue hardship on the minority? What recourse could they possibly have when their rights and sovereignty were being attacked by a larger, more powerful majority? They would have but two options; either they could withdraw from this union of settlers, or they could stand up and fight to regain what was rightfully theirs.

Such has been the nature of our federal government, and its relationship to the states since nearly the beginning of our nation’s existence. The federal government has sought to expand its power and exert control over the states which was clearly an abuse of power and an encroachment upon the rights of the states, and the citizens thereof.

Under the administration of our second president, John Adams, laws were enacted which many felt overstepped the power of the federal government and encroached upon the rights of the states and the people. The Alien and Sedition Acts forced a sitting Vice-President, Thomas Jefferson, to take a stand against the acting President.

In 1798 Thomas Jefferson wrote the Kentucky Resolutions wherein he said, “1. Resolved, That the several States composing, the United States of America, are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their general government; but that, by a compact under the style and title of a Constitution for the United States, and of amendments thereto, they constituted a general government for special purposes — delegated to that government certain definite powers, reserving, each State to itself, the residuary mass of right to their own self-government; and that whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force: that to this compact each State acceded as a State, and is an integral part, its co-States forming, as to itself, the other party: that the government created by this compact was not made the exclusive or final judge of the extent of the powers delegated to itself; since that would have made its discretion, and not the Constitution, the measure of its powers; but that, as in all other cases of compact among powers having no common judge, each party has an equal right to judge for itself, as well of infractions as of the mode and measure of redress.”

Yet power is something that, once obtained, is difficult to restrain. Abraham Lincoln once said that “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” It’s funny that it was Lincoln who said that, because the next serious threat to state sovereignty came about while he was president.

After our nation’s birth the states went on awhile in semi-peaceful status. However, the northern states began to be more industrialized, while the southern states stayed mostly agricultural. As our system of government had no direct tax upon the people, an income tax, they relied solely upon tariffs on goods coming into this country to fund its operation. As the North did more exporting than importing these tariffs benefitted the northern states. The South, on the other hand, relied heavily upon imported goods and these tariffs raised the prices of the things they depended upon.

In 1833 a Senator from the State of South Carolina, John C. Calhoun, argued before the U.S. Senate on the process of State nullification of federal laws which encroached upon the rights of the states. The South Carolina assembly had passed a resolution which declared tariffs imposed by the federal government upon goods entering South Carolina null and void. To defend his state’s rights before the Senate, John Calhoun resigned from the office of Vice-President so that he could more effectively represent his state in the Senate.

In his argument, Senator Calhoun stated, “The very point at issue between the two parties there is, whether nullification is a peaceful and an efficient remedy against an unconstitutional act of the general government, and may be asserted, as such, through the State tribunals. Both parties agree that the acts against which it is directed are unconstitutional and oppressive. The controversy is only as to the means by which our citizens may be protected against the acknowledged encroachments on their rights.”

The crisis rose to a head when the federal government authorized the use of military force to enforce the tariffs. South Carolina backed down when a new, lower tariff was announced and the crisis was resolved and things were back to normal for a while. Although I cannot personally presume to know what thoughts went through the minds of those who occupied seats with the South Carolina State legislature, I can imagine that there must have been some stinging resentment towards the actions of the federal government towards them.

Therefore, just 30 short years later the issue of States Rights came to a head and South Carolina could no longer tolerate what it perceived to be encroachments upon its rights, and it declared that it had withdrawn from the Union. In its Declaration of Secession, South Carolina stated, “The people of the State of South Carolina, in Convention assembled, on the 26th day of April, A.D., 1852, declared that the frequent violations of the Constitution of the United States, by the Federal Government, and its encroachments upon the reserved rights of the States, fully justified this State in then withdrawing from the Federal Union; but in deference to the opinions and wishes of the other slaveholding States, she forbore at that time to exercise this right. Since that time, these encroachments have continued to increase, and further forbearance ceases to be a virtue.

And now the State of South Carolina having resumed her separate and equal place among nations, deems it due to herself, to the remaining United States of America, and to the nations of the world, that she should declare the immediate causes which have led to this act.”

Is it just me or do the sentiments expressed by South Carolina in its Declaration of Secession sound familiar? I seem to recall that all thirteen of the original colonies agreed to a certain declaration which said, “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

Our Declaration of Independence was a declaration of secession by all thirteen colonies from their commonly accepted sovereign, England. Although they considered it their right, England on the other hand felt it was an act of treason, or to be more specific, an act of war. Such was the case when South Carolina seceded. They felt it was within their right, but the federal government, not the northern states so much, but the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT declared it to be open rebellion.

Whatever your beliefs as to the Civil War, its origins and its outcome, you must consider something I asked earlier in my little analogy about the settlers. What recourse do states, or the people, have when a governing body oversteps their legal authority and enacts laws which are detrimental to the people they represent?

Our Declaration of Independence states “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Is that right to alter or abolish a right which must be a commonly held belief by all parties, or can an individual state decide that their continued adherence to the union would only be detrimental to the people of that state, and that they therefore have the right to withdraw from that Union? Again, it doesn’t matter if you agree with their reasons or not, you must ask yourself is it within a states right to do so when it feels that the federal government has become destructive of the ends for which it was established. And, more importantly, if you don’t believe it is within a states right to secede, then what peaceful recourse does a state have when it feels that its rights are being encroached/infringed upon?

In Federalist 28, Alexander Hamilton stated that “If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no resource left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government, and which against the usurpations of the national rulers, may be exerted with infinitely better prospect of success than against those of the rulers of an individual state.” What is this original right of self-defense of which he spoke if it is not to either withdraw from the Union or to take up arms against it?

In Abraham Lincolns first inaugural address he put to rest where he stood on the issue of secession, “It follows from these views that no State, upon its own mere motion, can lawfully get out of the Union, — that resolves and ordinances to that effect are legally void, and that acts of violence, within any State or States, against the authority of the United States, are insurrectionary or revolutionary, according to circumstances.” He would consider it an act of rebellion, just as did King George when the 13 colonies seceded from England.

Yet, Lincoln seems to contradict himself because towards the end of his address he states, “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.”

In either case it seemed that Lincoln left no middle ground. You would either remain in the Union, or you would start a revolution and attempt to dismember it. Instead of allowing for a peaceful withdrawal by those states who felt that remaining in the Union would be detrimental to their residents he drew a line in the sand―either stay in the Union, or face the threat of war when we try to force you into compliance.

I need not go into the actual war itself as we all know how it turned out. The South lost and along with it died the belief that the states had the right to peacefully withdraw from the Union when they felt it was incompatible, or detrimental, to their sovereignty.

Yet there still remained one obstacle for the federal government in its quest to obtain complete control over the states, that being the fact that United States Senators were chosen by the States themselves. Therefore any law which the federal government wanted to see enacted had to make it through a body of representatives who still, supposedly, were loyal to the states they represented. Hence the passage of the 17th Amendment which altered the structure of our government by removing any say the states had in the enactment of law by having the people, instead of the states legislatures, chose their Senators. With the ratification of the 17th Amendment the states were now at the will of the federal government as they had absolutely no means of fighting the growth of the federal Leviathan.

Now look at the states, they are mere shadows of their former glory. They are filled with assemblies and legislatures that are beholden to the federal teat for subsidies and funding for internal improvements. If they speak out against federal law which encroaches upon their sovereignty the beast that is the federal government simply threatens to cut off vital funding and the states comply.

Yet there is an awakening, of sorts, going on and although it may not be a light at the end of the tunnel, it does give hope that some people still understand how things were supposed to function in our Republic. I suppose that only the future can guess what lies ahead for us as people. Whether we will continue down the pathway to further encroachments of our rights, or will we say enough is enough and stand up and tell the beast that is Washington D.C. no more.

And maybe that is why I was born, why I was chosen to live during these troubling times; maybe it is my purpose in life to chronicle this journey we are taking, and to record for all those who will listen the clarion song of freedom and liberty. Who knows. All I do know is that the things I write are rooted in fact and that, for the most part, the arguments I get from people who oppose my views are not.

In closing I would like to leave you with a quote by Samuel Adams, which I find to be quite appropriate. Adams once said, “The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors: they purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood, and transmitted them to us with care and diligence. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men.”

I suppose then the only question which remains to be asked is which side will history will record you as having taken, the side which meekly surrendered to an oppressive tyrant, or the one who stood up for liberty.

October 20, 2013

Neal Ross

Student of history, politics, patriot and staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment
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The PPJ Gazette

By John W. WallaceNY OathKeeper

Liberty News Online

“Let the facts reveal – the Federal Government of the United States of America, which was instituted to protect the rights of individual citizens, instead – threatens our life, liberty and property through usurpations of the Constitution; and emboldened by our own lack of responsibility and due diligence in these matters, has exceeded its mandate, and abandoned those founding principles which have made our nation exceptional;”

I believe that our individual Freedoms and Liberties, as well as our nation’s sovereignty, are in danger because of the unconstitutional actions of our federal government, both Republicans and Democrats. I was a New York delegate to Continental Congress 2009, held in St. Charles, Illinois from November 11th to November 22nd, 2009 and I am also a signer to the “Articles of Freedom.”

I firmly believe that the time has come to establish a third party, a nationalist party, whose members and elected representatives truly support the United States Constitution. Like millions of my fellow Americans, I have raised my right hand and took an oath “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

How could anyone who has pledged to support and defend the Constitution, reconcile the following violations of the Constitution that are destroying America?

1. For many, many decades, our Government has been meddling in the internal affairs of other countries, without any Constitutional authority, causing foreign nationals to direct their hostilities towards us, which has given us a War on Terror and a growing Police State at home that is repugnant to the Fourth Amendment and the General Welfare of a Free People;

2. For many, many decades, we have had undeclared wars in violation of the War Powers clauses of Articles I and II;

3. We are now gifting and lending public money and credit to private corporations for decidedly private purposes (corporate welfare), without any constitutional authority, whatsoever;

4. We have a fiat currency, in violation of the money clauses of Article I;

5. We have been emitting trillions of dollars worth of Bills of Credit through or under the auspices of the Federal Reserve System in violation of Article I;

6. We have been incurring trillions of dollars worth of debt for the payment of expenditures for programs and activities that are not enumerated in Article I, and therefore not authorized;

7. We have a fraudulently ratified 16th Amendment in violation of Article V, a direct, un-apportioned tax on labor in violation of the tax clauses of Article I, and a judicial system that refuses to consider the evidence, in violation of Article III;

8. For decades we have had unenforced immigration laws in violation of that mandate, plainly-worded in Article II, that requires the President to “faithfully execute” all the laws passed by Congress;

9. We have a President who apparently is not a natural born citizen, is using the social security number of a dead man and has submitted a forged birth certificate, a violation of Article II;

10. We are counting our votes in secret, as all machines do, in violation of our constitutional right not only to vote but to know that our votes are being accurately counted;

11. We have an absence of well-regulated state militias, and we have federal and state gun control laws, all in violation of the Second Amendment;

12. For decades, in violation of the sovereignty clauses of the Declaration of Independence, the United States has been entering into treaties, contracts and relationships with foreign entities, and giving authority to international bodies, dissipating, destroying and undermining America’s sovereignty;

13. We have private land being taken for private purposes in violation of the Fifth Amendment.

14. We have a Government about to become a provider of Health Care, and about to order the People to purchase a product, powers that are not enumerated in Article I, and therefore not authorized.

15. We have money bills originating in the Senate, in violation of Article I.

16. We have a Senate that is using a supermajority vote to decide whether to enact a law, without an amendment to the Constitution, all in violation of Article I, Sections 3 and 5, and Article 5.

These violations have challenged the Constitutional Republic of the United States and Her People to Its core.

Above all, we have government officials who, for almost two decades and more, have refused to honor their fundamental obligation to respond to the People’s First Amendment Petitions to Redress these violations. I call this the “capstone grievance.”

It is well settled in American Jurisprudence that if anyone has an obligation to respond and he fails to do so, his silence amounts to admission. It is also well settled that any Right that is not enforceable is not a Right – that is, with every Right there is a Remedy. However, the Constitution cannot defend itself. It is the duty of the People to defend it.

We The People need to establish a strong nationalist political party for the purpose of protecting and defending our federal and state Constitutions and to ensure the day comes when the American People will have institutionalized citizen vigilance for the purpose of routinely holding their elected officials accountable to their Constitutions, regardless of their political stripes and whether they voted for them.

Below is the Preamble to the Articles of Freedom. I believe that the words contained in the Preamble are as moving and powerful as the words in the the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the US Constitution and these are the words that must guide us as we form a strong nationalist party to take our nation back from the enemies within.


November 21, 2009

“In defense of a free people, the time has come to reassert our God-given natural rights and cast off tyranny.

Let the facts reveal – the Federal Government of the United States of America, which was instituted to protect the rights of individual citizens, instead – threatens our life, liberty and property through usurpations of the Constitution; and emboldened by our own lack of responsibility and due diligence in these matters, has exceeded its mandate, and abandoned those founding principles which have made our nation exceptional;

Our servant government has undertaken these unconstitutional actions in direct violation of their enumerated duties, to the detriment of the People’s liberty and the sovereignty of our Republic;

Over many years and spanning multiple political administrations, the People who have, in good conscience, attempted to deliberate our grievances and voice our dissent against these offensive actions through both petition and assembly, have been maligned and ignored with contempt;

The people of the several States of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming, justly alarmed at these arbitrary and unconstitutional actions, have elected, constituted and appointed delegates to meet, and sit in general Congress in the city of St. Charles, Illinois.

Whereupon these delegates, as duly elected representatives of the several States, have gathered in defense of divine justice, liberty and the principles of limited government, and we stand in clear recognition of the supreme law of the land – the Constitution of the United States of America.

Therefore, We demand that Government immediately re-establish Constitutional rule of law, lest the People be forced to do so themselves; and we hereby serve notice that in the defense of Freedom and Liberty there shall be NO COMPROMISE to which we shall ever yield.”


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IT IS TIME: Move Your Money Out of the US Banking System


By Robert Wenzel

I am often asked if it is time to leave the United States because it has becoming too totalitarian. My answer has been that it depends on the individual and his circumstances, but I haven’t  given a blanket “Get out of the United States” advisory.
I am still not prepared to give that warning, however, I am now advising that your money be moved outside the US banking system. Within the last 24 hours, I have learned of two major banks that are making it difficult for you to send international wires or draw out large amounts of cash. BothJPMorganChase and HSBC USA have instituted new policies which will make it difficult for you to withdraw your funds in certain ways. This is not good. There are apparently some workarounds relative to these policies, but just try setting up those workarounds when you want to move your money during some kind of panic.

Totalitarians don’t take away all your freedoms at once. They do it in incremental measures. Watch the movie The Pianist  to understand how many Jews ended up in gas chambers by shrugging off early totalitarian measures.

The prevention or delaying of certain customers from sending international wires, and JPMorganChase stopping some accounts from withdrawing large amounts of cash,  is a serious signal that we are well along the way to a banking sector that doesn’t respect its customers and has no compunctions about preventing customers from pulling out their money, if the banks deem it in their interest to prevent such withdrawals.

Bottom line: You are playing with fire if you keep any serious amount of money in a US bank.

It is time for serious diversification. Depending upon the size of your assets, there are different things that should be done. But almost everyone should have some cash and gold coins stored outside the banking system. Those with significant assets should begin international diversification now, while it is still possible. I don’t consider any country completely safe from the clutches of the US government so international diversification, among many countries, is also called for: Switzerland and Hong Kong for starters, but also other countries that are not known as tax havens, the USG has their claws into these countries, be creative.


Read the related article at


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Nestle Global Water Predator



For those of you who are progressively reading and learning what has been slowly happening to our country over the last hundred years, this is a planned part of the U.N. Agenda 21 plan to privatize all of the world’s resources, so what’s left of the people will be controlled in every possible way. The bottom line will be, obey, and make us richer, or starve to death. Everything we need to live will be purchased from giant corporations who have no concern for the people. THEY WILL BE PARTNERS WITH  OUR REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS.


 By Stephen Lendman

Nestle is a global predator. It lies calling itself “the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company.”

“Our mission of ‘Good Food, Good Life’ is to provide consumers with the best tasting, most nutritious choices in a wide range of food and beverage categories and eating occasions, from morning to night.”

Acquiring competitors secured it numerous water brands. They’re listed under the heading “Nestle Waters: The Healthy Hydration Company.”

They include Aqua Spring, Deep Spring, Glaciar, Ice Mountain, Perrier, Poland Spring, and Pure Life among others. They’re sold in dozens of countries worldwide.

It does so by stealing community water resources. It claims what’s “good for business can also be beneficial to society. This is what we call Creating Shared Value,” it claims.

It calls nutrition the only Nestle “raison d’etre.” Its concern for public health rings hollow. Profits alone matter.

“Rational water management is an absolute priority,” Nestle claims. It drains public aquifers and other water sources. It leaves communities high and dry when they’re exhausted.

It’s costly bottled water is no different from what most people in developed countries can get through their taps.

For sure it’s no better. At times it’s worse. In July 2013, the Natural Resources Defense Council(NRDC) headlined “Bottled Water: Pure Drink or Pure Hype?”

Its report discussed earlier findings. They show “bottled water is not necessarily safer than tap water.” Facts and figures don’t lie.
They expose water predators like Nestle. They rip off consumers. They make false claims to do so.

NRDC found “major gaps in bottled water regulation and conclude(d) that bottled water is not necessarily safer than tap water.”

Independent labs were used. They tested over 1,000 bottles of 103 brands.

One-third contained “significant contamination (i.e. levels of chemical or bacterial contaminants exceeding those allowed under a state or industry standard or guideline).”

Contaminants found in some samples included excessive coliform bacteria, and synthetic organic compounds. Ones named were toluene, xylene, styrene and others.

Flouride, phthalate, arsenic, nitrates, and other inorganic contaminants were found. Labeling stresses purity.

A January 2009 Food and Water Watch report was titled “All Bottled Up: Nestle’s Pursuit of Community Water,” saying:

“Nestle takes water from US communities” on the cheap. It “bottles and sells it. (It does so) for billions of dollars in profit. (It) dumps the environmental and other costs onto society.”

It ignores community and citizen rights. It plunders for bottom line priorities. It bottles what’s no different from tap water. It sells it “for thousands of times more cost” than what most people in developed countries can get cheap or free.

It contributes to pollution doing so. It from its plastic bottle production, as well as processing and distributing water.

It “greenwashe(s)” harmful environmental fallout. “Of the billions of empty plastic bottles that end up in landfills every year, Nestle’s brands” contribute hundreds of millions.

It’s a global predator writ large. It’s all take and no give. Weak regulatory oversight permits ripping off communities for profit.

Vandana Shiva calls privatized water “ecological terrorism.” It contributes to global water crisis conditions. It causes overuse, waste and pollution.

It results in “the most pervasive, most severe, and most invisible dimension of the ecological devastation of the earth.”

It’s a road to “ecological crisis with commercial causes but no market solutions.”

It “destroy(s) the earth and aggravate(s) inequality. Solving “an ecological crisis is ecological,” she says. Solving “injustice is democracy.”

Water is a fundamental human right. Nestle claims it a food for sale. Shiva says water rights are natural and “usufructuary.”

It can be “used.” It can’t be “owned.” It belongs to everyone. It’s part of the commons.

It’s essential for life “under customary laws. (T)he right to water has been accepted as a natural, social fact.”

It’s “nature’s gift.” There’s no substitute. It’s vital “for sustenance needs.” Life is “interconnected through water.”

It’s limited and exhaustible. Conserving it is essential.

“No one has a right to overuse, abuse, waste, pollute,” or own it.

It’s not a commodity. It belongs to everyone. Water predators like Nestle exploit it for profit.

Stop Nestle calls itself “a gathering point for rural citizens fighting to preserve control of their water supplies and local economies from Nestle.”

“Why are we targeting Nestle Waters,” it asked? “Because Nestle’s predatory tactics in rural communities divide small towns and pit residents against each other.”

“Because Nestle reaps huge profits from the water they extract from rural communities – which are left to deal with the damage to watersheds, increases in pollution and the loss of their quiet rural lifestyle.”

“Because Nestle has a pattern of bludgeoning small communities and opponents with lawsuits and interfering in local elections to gain control of local water supplies.”

“Because the environmental consequences of bottled water on our atmosphere, watersheds and landfills are simply too big to ignore.”

Since 1993, McCloud, CA residents contested Nestle’s plan to build America’s largest bottling plant. They intended a huge one million square foot facility.

McCloud’s Services District contractually agreed. It did so secretly. No public input was allowed. Completion would have given Nestle control of McCloud’s water for 100 years.

It would have gotten it for virtually nothing. It operates the same way everywhere. It’s no good neighbor. Plunder is its bottom line priority.

It interfered in local McCould elections. It funded campaigns of pro-company candidates. It bought their support. It intimidated opponents. It harassed them.

It “had their legal hit squad subpoena (their) private financial records.”

It failed. Justice prevailed. In 2009, it abandoned plans to build in McCloud. It chose Sacramento instead.

Nestle sued Fryeburg, ME five times. Doing so tried to litigate it into insolvency. It sought the right to steal its aquifer water. It wanted it by default.

Corporate predators operate this way. Nestle’s size and financial clout make it formidable.

Fryeburg’s planning commission and citizens contested courageously. They opposed Nestle’s proposed 24/7 water pumping station. They faced long odds.

In return for intrusiveness, bullying, litigiousness, congestion, noise and pollution, Nestle offered townspeople virtually nothing. It contested them up to Maine’s Supreme Court.

In March 2010, it prevailed. It won the right to build a water pumping station. It did so despite overwhelming public opposition. It’s empowered to steal Fryeburg’s water.

Western Maine Residents for Rural Living attorney Scott Anderson fought a losing battle. Nestle gets water from around two dozen wells. They’re located in eight Maine communities.

It’s bottling plants operate in Hollis, Poland Spring and Kingfield. It bears repeating. Nestle’s no good neighbor. It’s a corporate predator writ large.

According to Stop Nestle, its “transgressions against rural communities and watersheds include communities from the Northwest, Michigan, Maine, Florida and Canada.”

It profits by stealing their water. It usually gets what it wants. It does so by bribing and/or bullying local politicians. Other times, it prevails litigiously.

Not always. It failed in McCloud. Enumclaw, WA and Kennebunk, ME “summarily kicked (it) out of” their communities. It’s not going quietly into the night.

Stealing water for virtually nothing is too profitable to abandon. Nestle pursues every way possible to do it.

Stop Nestle uses “community-building powers of the Internet to counter Nestle’s big-dollar PR/legal/marketing legions.”

It wants communities across America in control of their own water. It wants Nestle and other water predators kept out.

In March 2012, Marseille, France hosted two international forums on water issues.

On March 16, 2012, Public Services International headlined “The resounding message from people’s world water forum: Reclaim public water!”

The World Water Council promotes privatization. An Alternative World Water Forum opposes its agenda.

It focuses on water as a human right. It’s a common good. It belongs to everyone. It’s not a commodity for sale.

It supports establishing universal legal standards. It wants them in place to prevent corporate water predators from stealing public water.

It wants water free from corporate exploitation. It’s an essential to life resource.

The Transnational Institute (TNI) promotes water justice. It says “(t)he 1990s witnessed an ideologically-driven global push for water privatisation that failed to deliver promised investments and pushed prices beyond the reach of the poorest.”

“Water Justice believes it is critical to refocus the global water debate on the key (issue): how to improve and expand public water delivery around the world.”

It facilitates reclaiming water as a public resource. It does so by working with “an international network of civil society activists, trade unionists, academics, as well as water utility managers and engineers.”

Together they promote people-centred democratic public water servicesAdvocates and facilitate public-public partnerships (PUPs).”

They represent “civil society’s voice in the UN’s Global Water Operators Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA).”

The struggle to control world water pits communities and ordinary people against giant corporate predators.

At stake is what’s essential to human life. It bears repeating. Water belongs to everyone. It’s a universal right.

It’s not the private domain of predators to exploit. Doing so is “ecological terrorism.”

The struggle for water continues. It’s a life sustaining resource too important to lose.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at His new book is titled How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War Also visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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Non Participation As An Effective Weapon Against Tyranny


10-17-2013 7-10-07 AM

 By Brandon Smith

 Legitimate revolution takes time, patience and fortitude. Unfortunately, this is a strategic concept that is lost on many Americans today who suffer from a now common ailment of attention deficit disorder and an obsession with immediate gratification. Even some who have their hearts in the right place and who work to defend and resurrect our nation’s founding ideals seem to believe that any action to defeat corrupt oligarchy must be effective immediately, otherwise, it’s not worth the attempt. History, of course, teaches us the opposite.
The American rebellion against the British monarchy was not an abrupt or immediate affair. Anger and unrest over the trespasses of King George simmered for decades. The first British troops stationed with the intent to stifle colonial freedoms arrived in Massachusetts in 1768. The Boston Massacre took place in 1770, and still, the Founders refused to leap into open retaliation. Lexington Green and the “shot heard around the world” did not take place until April 19, 1775. The Revolution took years to culminate into an actual physical war. So what did the colonists do in the meantime? Sit on their hands?

In fact, early Americans employed economic tactics against their enemy long before they picked up muskets and powder. British imports were turned away or destroyed. Clothing and other items normally shipped from Europe to be sold in the colonies were boycotted, while colonists began producing all of their own survival necessities. They refused to participate in the system that was designed to enslave them and this gave them a foundation on which to launch their eventual fight for liberty. Without efforts in economic independence, the American Revolution may not have ever taken place.

I always recall this example whenever I am confronted with a Gung-ho liberty movement activist who demands to know when “we” are going to “do something” about criminal government. Or, when I am confronted by nihilists who proclaim that “we” should have “pulled the trigger” long ago, and now it is “too late to do anything.” The Founders had the same doubts and faced the same naysayers, and had the wisdom to act with the correct force at the correct moment.

The methods of non-participation have been repeated in many dissenting actions against despotic establishments, often with much success. This does not mean that one can necessarily topple tyrants simply by refusing to use their goods or their currency. That would be a childish assumption. Very few tyrants have ever been removed from power without an act of force. However, the process of learning to become self sufficient makes each person more effective as an activist or revolutionary, and thus, more dangerous to those who seek control.

Sadly, one of the greatest threats to the American public in 2013 is the possibility that our government will cut off public access to Federal funds. Our society has become so addicted to government tainted money that up to one third of the country relies on some form of paycheck or welfare from the system. If the system breaks, or is deliberately sabotaged, the sickening level of citizen dependency today makes catastrophe inevitable.

The most interesting aspect of the current “shut-down” situation is the fear it is generating, and the partisan fury it facilitates. Republicans and Democrats are nearly ready to tear each others’ throats out all over the continuance or non-continuance of a political body that no longer functions anyway and has become a middle-man for global banks. This interests me because it is an entirely solvable problem, yet the average American appears completely ignorant of the fix.

Most people are either ready to riot, ready to undermine themselves with bad legislation or a Constitutional Convention, ready for a military coup (another idiotic idea the elites would enjoy), or they have become despondent and uselessly morose, when all they really have to do is consider that perhaps they should not be so dependent on such an unstable economic structure or political dynamic in the first place.

The real power is in OUR hands, and has always been in our hands. Federal welfare, and the idea of the loving provider nanny state are the great illusions. The idea of barreling head first to topple this soulless machine, though satisfying to consider, is also inadequate. A more rounded strategy is required…

The mindless drive for infinite spending often associated with the “Left” is a recipe for utter fiscal disaster in the form of suffocating liabilities, massive deficits, and a hyperinflated dollar. But,the mainstream Republican notion that there will be no consequences if debt default occurs is equally foolish. I have been astounded by wild assertions from the GOP that American tax revenues will be more than enough to cover interest payments on U.S. debts. There are many conservatives and Liberty Movement analysts that should know better than to use official Treasury Department interest numbers and debt numbers to support their arguments.

Given that the real U.S. National debt including entitlement programs is estimated at around $200 trillion, and real deficit figures stand at around $5 trillion per year, I’m wondering how anyone in their right mind could claim that annual tax revenues of $2.5 trillion (2012 direct revenue numbers) could possibly cover foreign interest payments on top of existing liabilities? A massive piece of flesh has to be taken somewhere, and the U.S. financial system is on life support already.

The no-worries default theory does not take into account the fact that median household incomes have been dropping every year for the past five years, thus continuously diminishing tax revenue opportunities. It does not take into account the massive spike in interest payments that would come with a foreign sell-off of U.S. Treasury debt. It does not take into account the possibility that foreign creditors might refuse to accept payments on interest in U.S. dollars (as creditors refused to take German Marks as payment during their hyperinflationary collapse). Nor does it take into account the eventual loss of international faith in the dollar as the world reserve currency, which would rain havoc down upon the U.S. populace in the form of dollar devaluation and exploding prices on every commodity imaginable. Think this cannot or will not happen? The Chinese are now openly calling for it to happen!

There is a false notion floating around alternative economic circles that a default is caused only by the refusal of a nation to pay the interest on existing debt obligations, and that these debt obligations are somehow static and predictable. In fact, a default also takes place when Treasury bonds (consider the vast sums of short-term bonds circulating in foreign coffers) are unexpectedly liquidated by creditors and the debtor nation does not honor them in full. Greece went through a similar “haircut” process, though the domestic and global effects are limited because they do not suffer the distinction of holding the world reserve currency. The U.S. does carry that distinction, and with it comes danger. America has only defaulted on debt payment once during the time in which the dollar ascended as the world reserve, in 1979. This was a “technical” default the government blamed on an organizational error, and was extremely short lived.

Never has the U.S. gone into full default mode while holding world reserve currency status.

Let’s not delude ourselves, fellow conservatives. There is a steep price to be paid for debt default. I fully agree that mathematical reality requires our nation’s government to end it’s fiscal spending obsession, and if that means we suffer a painful withdrawal, then so be it. Obama cultists don’t seem to grasp that this event is inevitable anyway. However, attempting to gloss over the consequences will only make it easier for the mainstream media to demonize us later down the road as the cause of the coming catastrophe. There is no way around it. There is no magical silver bullet solution to avoid the pain. We will have to take our medicine, one way or the other…

Fantasies of a serene default scenario are luring many conservatives into a false sense of security which distracts them from preparation. Never assume we are destined for the best possible outcome. Always assume the shark circling you in the water sees you as dinner.

Whether the White House gets its way, or no-one gets his way and the whole debacle eventually ends in default (which has been my personal prediction since the debate began). America’s economy will face the same destruction on only slightly different timetables. As I pointed out in my last article, The Possible Outcomes Of The Shutdown Theater, the only conceivable winners will be international banks, who can play the market and bleed it dry based merely on what their politician friends tell the media on any given day, and who ultimately WANT to dismantle the United States, our economy, our sovereignty and our Constitution to make way for a new global financial edifice.

If there is no way for the average American to win this game because the rules have been written by our opponent, then perhaps we should stop playing the game altogether.

This means millions of Americans must actively pursue a more independent standard of living. This means each and every person must learn to provide all of their own survival necessities, including food, water, shelter, energy and self defense. This means growing a well-planned garden and educating one’s self on raising livestock. This means learning a valuable trade skill that is useful and always sought after regardless of the state of the mainstream economy. This means striving for off-grid status and cutting ties to electric, gas, and water utility companies. This means training to keep one’s self and one’s family safe in an atmosphere of violence where state sanctioned law enforcement may not be present to protect you. This means building relationships within one’s neighborhood, town or county that allow for proactive organization without the oversight of government. This means providing your own community safety and disaster response without the aid of FEMA. This means establishing alternative local trade (like a barter market) that is NOT dependent on the Internet or any other government watched and regulated network. This means refusing to follow the mandatory directives of Obamacare. This means removing your children from federally funded and dictated schools. This means divorcing yourself completely from government.

There are those within the Liberty Movement that are working to make it easier for regular people to transition away from the mainstream, providing outlets for education and organization for those seeking more independence through non-participation. My own website,, is geared towards helping people network for barter and mutual aid at the local level.

Oath Keepers, a Constitutional organization of veterans, currently serving military, police, firefighters and concerned civilians, has just launched its “Civilization Preservation Program.” It is designed to set up highly adaptable training groups across the U.S. who will teach any interested citizens within their community the survival methods needed to endure disaster, whether natural or man-made, as well as how to rebuild as the storm subsides.

If one is dependent on a tyrant, one cannot hope to defeat that tyrant. The reason so many people are afraid of the results of government shutdown and debt default is because so many people refuse to step away from the system. The reason so many people are afraid to fight back is because they have seen the establishment as their source of income for so long. If more Americans were self-reliant, if more Americans were willing to give up free goodies from the state, if more Americans built their own economic foundations, a collapse of our financial structure would be meaningless. We could simply sit back comfortably and let it die, for why would we care about the funeral pyre of a vicious and reckless political/corporate suicide train?

As things stand at this moment, though, the death of the system is not something to cheer, no matter how much we might wish it to crumble under the weight of its own criminality. The collapse of the existing system will not be the end of our troubles, only the beginning. Chaos always opens doors for evil men, and they will certainly take full advantage of the chaos triggered by shutdown, default or continued inflationary debt spending.

We must make ourselves ready to resist by making ourselves separate from the monster we plan to fight. Crisis waits for no one, and on the path our nation now walks, crisis is assured.

You can contact Brandon Smith at: Alt-Market is an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for mutual aid and defense. Join today and learn what it means to step away from the system and build something better.


Unfortunately, there is not enough positive words in my vocabulary to do this young man justice, as I see humanity through a different lens than he does, nevertheless, I support his conclusions on most subjects, and especially this one. There is no accomplishment in suicide, and that is exactly what physical insurrection would bring. There is no possibility to implement secession without civil-war, as that would be another form of suicide. As much as I hate this situation we are in, I must admit no-one has made a better plan for our survival. His web-site is , please read everything he publishes. I only hope our people have the guts and intelligence to follow his advice. The road back to freedom is all up-hill, but beats the crap out of a grave.

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Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution


 By Lawrence Sellin

Text Copyright © 2013 Lawrence Sellin

  Chapter 1

Introduction – America’s Cold Civil War

 “To usurp supreme and absolute authority…in a free state, and subject it to tyranny, the people must have already become corrupt by gradual steps from generation to generation.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

 There is a Cold Civil War underway in the United States to determine who should control the federal government. It is not a contest between the Democrat and Republican ideologies, but a battle between the entrenched power of the bipartisan political establishment versus the rights and liberties of the American people.

The Cold Civil War is a conflict between those who want to adhere to the Constitution and the rule of law and the party leaders, who wish to continue the practices of political expediency and crony capitalism. It is a choice between a government of the people, by the people and for the people envisioned by the Founding Fathers and eloquently stated by President Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address or something akin to Sheldon S. Wolin’s “managed democracy”, where a governmental cartel stages elections every few years to obtain voter acquiescence in a: “Country where citizens are politically uninterested and submissive–and where elites are eager to keep them that way.”

The US no longer has representative government. Members of Congress seek election, not to uphold the Constitution and serve the American people, but to obtain power, and to use that power to accrue professional and financial benefits for themselves and their major supporters. All the traditional means for the American people to seek the redress of grievances have now been blocked by a self-absorbed permanent political elite unaccountable to the American people.

The attributes that best describe how America is now governed are executive over-reach, legislative complicity, judicial partisanship and journalistic decadence.

The erosion of the Constitution and the theft of our Constitutional rights have been happening incrementally and quietly over a long period of time. With the election of Barack Obama in 2008, those efforts have accelerated.

The tenant in the White House leads a dishonest and lawless cabal of anti-American ideologues, who engage in activities and foster policies that risk the survival of the American republic, undermine the security of its citizens and abrogate their unalienable rights.

Barack Obama, a coffeehouse communist, was always doomed to replay the tragic political and economic mistakes of the past because he lacks any sense of history beyond the clichés of fashionable and comfortable college Marxism.

In contrast to what Thomas Paine wrote in the “Rights of Man” (1791), the Obama “utopian” model sees individual rights as privileges, not endowed by God, but granted via political charter, and, thereby, legally revocable to ensure the “good order” of society. It is a collectivist philosophy that directly conflicts with the principles outlined in the Constitution, where government is a construct of and accountable to its citizens, as Paine noted:

“The fact, therefore, must be that the individuals, themselves, each, in his own personal and sovereign right, entered into a contract with each other to produce a government: and this is the only mode in which governments have a right to arise, and the only principle on which they have a right to exist.”

The political and cultural cancer of corruption is spreading through our republic. The forbidden and unspoken fact is that Congress, the American media and the courts are engaged in a conspiracy to conceal their complicity in the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people – an illegal and, quite likely, criminal Presidency. Our elected officials have chosen to risk the survival of the country rather than risk the truth.

The ruling elites of a now hopelessly corrupt political system are just one major blunder away from revolution. When blatant and outrageous lies are no longer sufficient to soothe the electorate into complacency, such a government must begin to curtail liberty and oppress the people in order to remain in power.

Chapter 2

The Government Seceded from the American People

 “Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it.” – John Adams

The Preamble explicitly declares that “We the people…do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

The federal government is entirely a creature of the Constitution. It is a government of delegated powers, possessing no authority not expressly or by implication granted to it by the instrument that created it.

Edwin Vieira wrote that, without exception, “We the people” are the sole source of whatever legal status the Constitution, the federal government and public officials have. “We the people,” therefore, are personally responsible for maintaining and protecting the Constitution and seeing to its enforcement even when the government is impotent or worse and our representatives prove to be incompetent or dishonest. The republic could fall through usurpation and tyranny when evil or misguided men corrupt, subvert and pervert the government by misusing the law to break the law, while, simultaneously, claiming to act under the law and in the interest of the American people.

According to Angelo Codevilla3, the United States already has a bona fide ruling class that transcends government, sees itself as distinct from the rest of society and as the only element that may act on its behalf. The ruling class considers those who resist it as having no moral or intellectual right, and, only reluctantly, any civil right to do so.

Republican leaders neither contest that view nor vilify their Democrat counterparts because they do not want to challenge the ruling class, they want to join it. The GOP leadership has gradually solidified its choice to no longer represent what had been its constituency, but to adopt the identity of junior partners in the ruling class. By repeatedly passing bills that contradict the views of Republican voters, the leadership has made political orphans of millions of Americans. In short, at the outset of 2013, a substantial portion of America finds itself un-represented, while Republican leaders increasingly represent only themselves. The differences between the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas are of degree, not kind.

There is now a sharp division between the bipartisan ruling class and the rest of Americans, who are considered retrograde, racist, and dysfunctional unless properly controlled by the dictates of central authority.

The present political environment, that is, the separation between the rulers and the ruled, bears comparison to the events leading up to the American Revolution.

On January 10, 1776, nearly six months before the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Paine published the 9 ,” which openly presented arguments supporting the freedom of the American colonies from oppressive British rule. In “Of the Origin and Design of Government in general with concise Remarks on the English Constitution,” the first of four sections, Paine described the difference between the positive human instincts that drive the formation of a society and its limitations that require a society to create a government.

According to Paine, a society arises because individuals living alone in nature find shared benefit by living together rather than remaining isolated. In an ideal society, where each individual acts in a morally just fashion toward every other individual in the society, there is no need for laws and government. Only when moral virtue is inadequate to restrain human evil, do laws become necessary; and only when a society becomes too large to operate by collective agreement and as individual enforcers of those laws do governments become necessary.

“Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one: for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries BY A GOVERNMENT, which we might expect in a country WITHOUT GOVERNMENT, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer. Government, like dress, is the badge of lost innocence; the palaces of kings are built upon the ruins of the bowers of paradise. For were the impulses of conscience clear, uniform and irresistibly obeyed, man would need no other lawgiver; but that not being the case, he finds it necessary to surrender up a part of his property to furnish means for the protection of the rest; and this he is induced to do by the same prudence which in every other case advises him, out of two evils to choose the least. Wherefore, security being the true design and end of government, it unanswerably follows that whatever form thereof appears most likely to ensure it to us, with the least expense and greatest benefit, is preferable to all others.

Thus necessity, like a gravitating power, would soon form our newly arrived emigrants into society, the reciprocal blessings of which would supersede, and render the obligations of law and government unnecessary while they remained perfectly just to each other; but as nothing but Heaven is impregnable to vice, it will unavoidably happen that in proportion as they surmount the first difficulties of emigration, which bound them together in a common cause, they will begin to relax in their duty and attachment to each other: and this

remissness will point out the necessity of establishing some form of government to supply the defect of moral virtue.”

In such circumstances, the balance between society and government will determine the balance between individual liberty and functionality of the society. In complex societies, in the absence laws and government, chaos will prevail. When laws become too numerous and government too large, individual liberty suffers. Ultimately, it is, as Paine noted, a balance of freedom and security.

“Here then is the origin and rise of government; namely, a mode rendered necessary by the inability of moral virtue to govern the world; here too is the design and end of government, viz. Freedom and security.”

The efficiency and effectiveness of government are directly dependent upon the trustworthiness of government officials as representatives and executors of the views and desires of the people.

“If the colony continue increasing, it will become necessary to augment the number of representatives, and that the interest of every part of the colony may be attended to, it will be found best to divide the whole into convenient parts, each part sending its proper number: and that the ELECTED might never form to themselves an interest separate from the ELECTORS, prudence will point out the propriety of having elections often: because as the ELECTED might by that means return and mix again with the general body of the ELECTORS in a few months, their fidelity to the public will be secured by the prudent reflection of not making a rod for themselves. And as this frequent interchange will establish a common interest with

every part of the community, they will mutually and naturally support each other, and on this, (not on the unmeaning name of king,) depends the STRENGTH OF GOVERNMENT, AND THE HAPPINESS OF THE GOVERNED.”

In other words, whenever the interests of government officials divert from or are in conflict with those of the people, tyranny ensues.

Today the federal government has become an entity unto itself operating outside of Constitutional constraints and accountability to the American people.

The conflict of interests between the rulers and the ruled represented by the corrupt political status quo is unsustainable.

 Chapter 3

The Corrupt Political Status Quo

 “Politics: A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.” – Ambrose Bierce

Thomas Jefferson warned Americans of the danger of “elective despotism” now fostered by corrupt politicians, enabled by wealthy special interests and facilitated by a compliant press:

“They should look forward to a time, and that not a distant one, when a corruption in this, as in the country from which we derive our origin, will have seized the heads of government, and be spread by them through the body of the people; when they will purchase the voices of the people, and make them pay the price.”

In his 1952 book “The Origins of Totalitarian Democracy,” Israeli historian J. L. Talmon described a political system in which lawfully elected representatives rule a nation state whose citizens, although granted the right to vote, have little or no participation in the decision-making process of government.

The United States now has a government, which has been transformed from one based on traditional values, articles of faith and the support of individual liberty into one in which moral relativism, political expediency and social utility take precedence.

America is controlled by a Democrat and Republican ruling class, where power rests, not with the American people, but with a relatively small group of politicians and financiers, who enhance their personal wealth and privilege by looting the country through a self-interested legislative process. They maintain their authority by adjusting the levers of government and using the establishment media to manipulate public perception and opinion.

From the perspective of the ruling class, elections are nothing more than an occasion to redistribute power between select Democrat and Republican elites. To the financiers, it does not matter who wins as long as they can continue to influence policy through their lobbies and political donations.

The arrogance of political establishment has only gotten more brazen since 1993, when Lewis H. Lapham (“A Wish for Kings”) wrote:

“The politicians dress up the deals in the language of law or policy, but they’re in the business of brokering the tax revenue, and what keeps them in office is not their talent for oratory but their skill at redistributing the national income in a way that rewards their clients, patrons, friends and campaign contributors.”

Driven solely by a craving for personal power and profit, while remaining unconstrained by the Constitution or the rule of law and unaccountable to the American people or even common sense, the conduct of the Democrat and Republican establishments and their facilitators in the media has become pernicious to the health of the nation.

 Chapter 4

Political-Media Collusion

 “The press is our chief ideological weapon.” – Nikita Khrushchev

Malfeasance is defined as the performance by a public official of an act that is legally unjustified, harmful, or contrary to law.

Federal governmental malfeasance fueled by political corruption is the single, most important issue of our time.

In the service of the ruling class, politicians preserve the illusion of democracy for the now disenfranchised voters, while journalists, falsely proclaiming themselves as the tireless defenders of liberty, distort the news to advance their partisan political agenda.

For the politicians and the media, business as usual is a metaphor for corruption as usual.

Together, the politicians and the media have become purveyors of a conventional wisdom defined along narrow political lines and dominated by self-interest.

In 1920, Russian revolutionary and communist, Vladimir Lenin, predicted our present political-media collusion:

“Why should freedom of speech and freedom of the press be allowed? Why should a government which is doing what it believes to be right allow itself to be

criticized? It would not allow opposition by lethal weapons. Ideas are much more fatal things than guns.”

Lenin feared both the truth and the people, as do American politicians and journalists.

It would indeed embarrass the U.S. government and both the Democrat and Republicans leadership, if the truth was revealed about their violations of the Constitution, their contempt for the rule of law and how they have perverted representative government to maintain their exclusive grip on power.

The Democrat Party is now controlled by a cadre of far-left ideologues, whose goal is to promote socialist dogma nationwide, which can only be implemented at the expense of personal liberty.

Alexis de Tocqueville, author of “Democracy in America” (1835) wrote:

“Democracy extends the sphere of individual freedom, socialism restricts it. Democracy attaches all possible value to each man; socialism makes each man a mere agent, a mere number. Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word: equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.”

Yet the opposition offers little more than sclerotic big government Republicanism hardly distinguishable from the policies proffered by the Democrats and also designed to limit rather than expand liberty.

Both parties adhere to the notions de Tocqueville described:

“After having thus successively taken each member of the community in its powerful grasp and fashioned him at will, the government then extends its arm over the whole community. It covers the surface of society with a network of small, complicated rules, minute and uniform, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate, to rise above the crowd. The will of man is not shattered, but softened, bent, and guided; men are seldom forced by it to act, but they are constantly restrained from acting. Such a power does not destroy, but it prevents existence: it does not tyrannize, but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd.”

In order to preserve a timid citizenry, both the Democrat and Republican establishments, together with their enablers in the establishment media, remain willing to smother the truth, ignore the Constitution and flout the rule of law.

In particular, the American establishment media follow a script supplied by the Obama Administration to support its radical policies. Rather than restraining the power of the federal government, they have become an extension of it, which primarily benefits the greedy and ambitious ruling elites. The media enable tyranny by misinforming and misleading citizens. They insert emotional slogans in the heads of the naïve or low-information voters to replace the reasoned debate of issues that would otherwise stymie their efforts toward one-party rule. It is not a democracy that they wish to foster, but what Edmund Burke described as a liberal “mobocracy,” dedicated to the absolute authority of King Obama and his government of one-world progressives.

 Chapter 5

Obama’s Dystopia

 “The worst government is often the most moral. One composed of cynics is often very tolerant and humane. But when fanatics are on top there is no limit to oppression.” – H. L. Mencken

Throughout history, in many cultures and societies, from Plato’s “Republic” to the French Revolution to “The Communist Manifesto”, humankind has sought to design and construct an ideal society, a utopia, where humanity lives in harmony with nature, where people’s desires are limited and their needs equitably fulfilled and where there would be no motives for war or oppression.

The road to utopia is always paved with good intentions, but in every case the opposite, a dystopia, has been the inevitable result and the external reality of all failed utopian agenda.

A dystopia is characterized by a cataclysmic decline of a society, in which a totalitarian government enforces ruthless egalitarianism by suppressing or denouncing ability and accomplishment, or even competence, as forms of inequality. It creates dependency on the state and attempts to eradicate the family by deploying continuing efforts to keep it from reestablishing itself as a social institution.

In his article, “Why Americans Are Not Taught History,” Christopher Hitchens, inadvertently identified the vulnerability of America’s present-tense culture to the

utopian myth and the means by which Obama is executing his fundamental transformation of the United States.

That is, for the true blissed-out and vacant servitude required by the Obama strategy, you need an otherwise sophisticated society to lose any sense of itself through an understanding of its own history and traditions. Through media deception and historical revisionism, the low-information voter will slouch towards Obama’s utopia by a combination of governmental coercion as in George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” and the hedonist nihilism of a painless, amusement-sodden, and stress-free consensus managed by the nanny-state found in Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World.”

In his book “Amusing Ourselves to Death,” Neil Postman notes that in “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” people are controlled by inflicting pain; in “Brave New World,” they are controlled by inflicting pleasure. Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture. Obama plans to do both.

Like “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” Obama’s dystopia will be a world of perpetual crisis, omnipresent government surveillance, misinformation and manipulation by state-controlled media; all governed by a privileged, hedonistic and shallow political elite led by a quasi-divine party leader who enjoys an intense cult of personality and considers free will as a source of unhappiness.

In a dystopia, the government does not derive its power by consent of the governed, but by the control and extortion of them and where truth becomes a commodity of the state.

When a government is ruled by men unconstrained by law, there are few things that power cannot do. It can make political allies rich or political enemies paupers. It can waste billions of dollars without accountability and destroy an economy without responsibility. It can make incompetent men high officials or make extraordinary men corpses.

No matter how idealistic are the foundations of the United States or how honorable its previous history, the accumulation of excessive power in the federal government transforms it into a dysfunctional super-state dedicated to maintaining its own power irrespective of truth or the well-being of the country. The bureaucrats of the super-state can ignore both morality and the lessons of history, in order to protect their appetite for and the use of raw power. Under such circumstances, the government need not fear that any of its agencies will intervene on behalf of the people, nor will it hear any protests from their elected representatives, nor anything but polite questions from the national media.

In a dystopia, history, truth and the law are just chalk-writing on a blackboard, which can be erased and rewritten whenever it suits the convenience and desires of a government of perfidious men.

 Chapter 6

A Corrupt Congress

 “No man who is corrupt, no man who condones corruption in others, can possibly do his duty by the community.” – President Theodore Roosevelt

Members of Congress, once elected, do not represent their constituents, but become party foot-soldiers, whose sole purpose is to maintain the personal power and profit of an entrenched permanent political class and their wealthy supporters at the expense of the well-being of the country.

The Code of Ethics for U.S. Government Service, adopted by the House of Representatives on July 11, 1958 with the Senate concurring, resolved that it is the sense of the Congress that the following Code of Ethics should be adhered to by all Government employees, including officeholders.

The first two requirements state that any person in Government service should:

1. Put loyalty to the highest moral principles and to country above loyalty to Government persons, party, or department.

2. Uphold the Constitution, laws, and legal regulations of the United States and of all governments therein and never be a party to their evasion.

No informed American can believe that the Congress, as an institution, adheres to those principles.

The conduct of Congress is driven purely by political expediency and winning elections for the sole purpose of obtaining power and profit. There is, in fact, no difference between the aims of Big Government Republicans and Big Government Democrats. The bigger the government, the larger and more numerous the public parasites become.

The permanent political class has brought our country to the brink of bankruptcy, has opened our borders to illegal immigration, has permitted a fifth column promoting Sharia law to infiltrate our society and the judicial system and continues to pass laws from which they exempt themselves.

In April 2013, a law making it again easier for congressional and top executive branch staffers to engage in stock trading practices, illegal to ordinary citizens, was signed by Barack Obama.

The law, which is a modification of the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act, was passed in the dead of night by unanimous consent of the House and the Senate with no debate or even discussion.5

According to an article, The STOCK Act, which became law in 2012 and was designed to discourage insider trading by members of Congress and top government officials, has now been gutted of its chief enforcement clauses. In theory if not in practice, our get-rich quick Congress can again mix business with governing by trading stocks and making land deals while considering major pieces of legislation.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) – When Visa went public in March 2008, then-Speaker of the House Pelosi and her husband bought some of their shares at the opening IPO price—access that would be virtually impossible for the average individual investor.

Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) – Baucus played a central role in forging the health-care-reform bill. As he was negotiating with pharmaceutical companies and putting his imprint on the legislation, Baucus was also buying and selling health-care stocks.

Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) – John and Teresa Heinz Kerry made numerous trades in health-care stocks, buying almost $750,000 in Teva Pharmaceuticals in November 2009 alone, while Kerry actively pushed Obama-care as a member of the health-care subcommittee.

Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) – Polis sat on two committees central to the crafting and language of Obama’s health-care bill. At the same time, he invested millions of dollars in stocks and funds related to health care and pharmaceuticals.

Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-AL) – After learning in a September 2008 briefing with Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Fed chairman Ben Bernanke that the financial markets were in deep trouble, Bachus began aggressively buying and selling stock options.

Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) – On Dec. 10, 2009, then-House Minority Leader Boehner bought tens of thousands of dollars of health-care stocks, including in 25 health-insurance companies. On Dec. 15, The Washington Post declared that the “public option” for health insurance was dead.

Rep. Shelley Capito (R-WV) – After a briefing with Paulson and Bernanke, Capito sold between $100,000 and $250,000 shares of Citigroup; she and her husband accrued as much as $50,000 in capital gains from Citigroup transactions made throughout the crisis.

Rep. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) – When Hastert was Speaker of the House, he inserted a $207 million earmark into a federal highway bill for a parkway near land he owned in rural Illinois. When he first went to Congress in 1986, Hastert’s net worth was less than $300,000. When he retired in 2007, it was close to $11 million.

 Chapter 7

The Corrupt Media

 “The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.” – Vladimir Lenin

Having anointed themselves the final arbiter of what the public has a right to know, the American establishment media, although vigorous in their pursuit of Republican scandals, have been far less enthusiastic about investigating and reporting on those involving Democrats.

According to The Newspaper Guild document “Professionalism and Honesty in the News Media,” the goal of newsgathering institutions is to report the news in a truthful, accurate and impartial way in order to inform the public. It specifically states the following:

“Those who gather and present the news shall at all times strive for honesty, accuracy, fairness and balance in order to maintain their credibility as guardians of the public’s right to know…

Stories, photographs, audio recordings and video material shall not be altered so as to deliberately distort what was said or present a knowingly misleading version of an event…

It is the shared duty of newsgathering institutions and those who work for them to oppose any attempts to suppress news and prevent important stories from being told. No employee shall be disciplined for exposing such unethical conduct, regardless of the level at which it takes place.”

In addition to other Obama and liberal scandals such as Fast & Furious 7, Climate-gate 8, Journolist 9, Pigford 10, and ACORN 11, nothing demonstrates better how the American media establishment has abandoned any pretense of objectivity or fairness than their corrupt, openly biased attempts to bury one of the biggest presidential scandals in US history.

As Robert Moon notes in his hard-hitting article, on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya:

“All indications are that four Americans were deliberately left to be savagely murdered in the streets of Benghazi by a sitting U.S. president who easily had all the means and opportunity to intervene and save their lives, but simply sat back and chose not to…and then lied about it and even publicly apologized to the terrorists for Americans ‘provoking’ them.”12

According to Moon, as of this moment, the news media have:

– Openly lied about the facts of Benghazi from start-to-finish.

– Attacked any reporter who dared to actually investigate it.

– Painted all congressional inquiries into it as a partisan GOP witch hunt.

-Allowed Obama to silence witnesses, no questions asked.

– And blindly parroted doctored, fraudulent talking points from the White House falsely blaming it on a film.

The media facilitate government corruption by misinforming and misleading citizens. Rather than challenging power, they have become the mouthpiece of the Democrat Party, defending and serving the interests of its far-left agenda.

 Chapter 8

A Corrupt Electoral Process

 “Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods.”

– H. L. Mencken

We have elections, but we no longer have representative government.

National elections are not about Washington, D.C. responding to the will of the American people, they are about the distribution of power between the two political establishments.

They parlay that power into influence, privilege and affluence by redistributing the wealth generated by ordinary Americans into their own pockets and those of their friends.

The Democrat establishment is composed of the Democratic Party, left-wing financiers, unions and the liberal media.

The Republican establishment includes big government Republicans, their financiers and pundits masquerading as conservative media.

The objective of both establishments is the same; to maintain the political status quo unconstrained by the Constitution and the rule of law.

The method by which both establishments maintain the status quo is the same; fostering a culture of dependency.

The Democrat establishment creates a culture of dependency by expanding government control and entitlements. It is predominantly fed by tribal politics, which divides America into a collection of minority groups, and where the only thing that we have in common is our differences.

The Republican establishment produces a culture of dependency by limiting choice.

They want to remain the sole alternative to the Democrats. When grass root movements like the Tea Party arise or independent thinkers speak out, they are co-opted or crushed.

Republicans also limit choice by pre-selecting candidates and carefully managing primary elections to produce a pre-determined outcome.

There are many things obvious to ordinary Americans that cannot be mentioned in the polite political company of the Republican and Democrat establishments or with their press agents in the mainstream media, who obligatorily pirouette around the truth.

The fact is that both establishments are composed of hopelessly corrupt, procrastinating control freaks, who seek fame and fortune through spending money they didn’t earn and enthusiastically destroying any spontaneous outbreaks of democracy among U.S. citizens.

There is substantial evidence that the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election was determined by significant voter fraud. 13 This was done in two ways (1) illegal voters and (2) erasing votes.

It was estimated that more than 20% of registered Ohio voters weren’t eligible. 14 According to authorities, in two counties, the number of registered voters actually exceeded the voting-age population. The report said, in 31 other counties, registrations were above 90 percent of the population, “a rate regarded as unrealistic by most voting experts.”

In pivotal Wood County 15, Ohio, which Obama won, 106,258 people were registered to vote out of an eligible 98,213.

In 21 of the 1,022 precincts in Cuyahoga County 16, Ohio, the statistically impossible happened. Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney by 5,978 to zero. Even third party and write-in candidates got more votes than Romney. In 202 precincts Obama tallied 95% of the vote and in 20 precincts he received over 99%. Furthermore, the average number of voters per precinct decreased by more than half as you move from precincts where Obama won less than 50% of the vote (714) to those where he won 95% (356). In precincts where Romney received zero votes, the average number of voters was 288. These data suggest that Romney votes were being systematically erased.

The same type of voting pattern was reported in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania17, where in 59 precincts Mitt Romney got zero votes. It is also a statistical improbability that out of 19,605 votes, not even one vote was cast in error for Romney.

Obama also received 99% of the vote in some precincts in Broward County, Florida. 18

In addition, thousands of votes from members of the military, who were believed to be mostly Romney supporters, went uncounted or missing. 19

It does not require nationwide voter fraud to change the outcome of a Presidential election. A significant change in the votes in several cities or counties in a few key swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida would produce a fraudulent result.

In the face of numerous signs and symptoms of a stolen election, however, there was no investigation. There was only silence.

An explanation resides in a report claiming that the Republican Party signed a legal agreement, New Jersey Consent Decree, with the Democrat Party in 1982 not to pursue suspected vote fraud, where, in the language of the Consent Decree, there is “a substantial proportion of racial or ethnic populations.” The term “substantial proportion” is not defined. The agreement, in effect, gives a carte blanche to the Democrat Party to commit vote fraud in every voting district across America 20

If true, the Republican Party is dead or should be, because, if there is no guarantee of election integrity, then elections become only window dressing for tyranny.

 Chapter 9

A Corrupt Presidency

 “If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” – Samuel Adams

In an effort to force a radical transformation of the United States, the rogue Obama Administration, enabled by a complicit Congress and a compliant media, has attempted to undermine the Constitution, usurp the power it reserves for the States and deny the rights it guarantees to the American people.

Mandi Campbell 21, an attorney with the non-profit Liberty Counsel law firm focusing on constitutional law, provided a long and troubling list of Obama’s unconstitutional overreaches since occupying the Oval Office. The list includes the following:

– On January 4, 2012 Obama made four appointments without the advice or consent of the U.S. Senate.

– Obamacare violated the Constitution by forcing individuals to purchase health insurance.

– Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services violated the First Amendment by requiring employers to cover contraceptives, abortifacients and sterilization in the health insurance they provide their employees, despite their religious and moral objections.

– Obama told the Department of Justice not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, which was passed by a bipartisan Congress.

– Obama signed Dodd-Frank into law, which allows the government’s seizure of property, violating the Due Process Clause of the Constitution and creating administrative positions that are not vetted by the Senate as required by the Appointments Clause.

– When the Democrat-led Congress would not pass net neutrality, Obama’s Federal Communications Commission violated the Constitution by contravening Congress to restrict the freedom of Internet service providers to manage their network transmissions.

– When the Democrat-led Congress could not pass cap and trade, Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency decided to auction greenhouse gas allowances, essentially imposing a tax on emissions, which, according to the Constitution, can only be done by Congress.

– When the Democrat-led Congress did not pass the Employee Free Choice Act, Obama contravened Congress by pushing the National Labor Relations Board to pass regulations that allowed for “ambush elections” and required employers to provide employee e-mail addresses and phone numbers to union organizers.

– When the Democrat-led Congress refused to pass the Dream Act, the Obama White House and the Department of Homeland Security decided to implement a policy of granting illegal aliens stays of refusal, which is essentially amnesty by fiat. The Obama policy even gives local immigration officials the authority to dismiss deportation cases against illegal alien criminals convicted of violent crimes.

– Without the approval of Congress, as required by the Constitution, Obama ordered the U.S. military to attack Libya.

During Obama’s Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” scheme, about 2,000 firearms were allowed to be illegally smuggled into Mexico and, among others, some eventually found their way into the prominent Mexican Sinaloa Cartel.22 Obama’s contribution to the Mexican drug gangs included a .50 caliber rifle, an anti-aircraft machine gun and grenade launcher. It was reported that Fast and Furious weapons were found at the murder scenes of US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Jaime Zapata and Mexican beauty queen Maria Susana Flores Gamez. According to Humberto Benítez Treviño, former Mexican Attorney General and chair of the justice committee in the Chamber of Deputies, related firearms have been found where at least 150 Mexican civilians were maimed and killed.23

The Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist assault 24 targeting the U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi and the Central Intelligence Agency annex claimed the lives of the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and three other Americans. According to a House Republican report, the Obama Administration failed to provide adequate security for US personnel and perpetuated a deliberately misleading and incomplete narrative that the attacks evolved from a political demonstration, while minimizing the role played by al Qaeda-affiliated entities and other groups.

 Chapter 10

Constitutional Cancer

 “We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is afraid of its people.” – John F. Kennedy

Politicians and the media are deliberately hiding the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people, because exposure of the facts would rock the foundations of the political-media establishment.

In 2008, pressured by a biased, left-leaning media, a spineless Republican Party leadership joined the Democrats in refusing to fully vet Obama and, in violation of the Constitution and common sense, permitted an ineligible candidate of questionable background to run for President.

With the full backing of the liberal media, Obama supporters have been successful in applying one of the most effective tactics neo-Marxist Saul Alinsky outlined in his book “Rules for Radicals”:

“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule.”

Since 2008, out of fear or complicity, a conspiracy of silence has descended upon the public discourse regarding all questions related to Obama’s eligibility and personal history. Despite the truly enormous historic Constitutional implications, the politicians and the media, not only remain silent, but actively suppress legitimate inquiry.

Stated simply, Barack Obama, according to the Constitution, has never been eligible for the office of President of the United States because he is not a natural born citizen, that is, a second generation American; a US born citizen of parents who were citizens at the time of his birth.25

His father was Kenyan and a British subject at the time of Obama’s birth. In addition, The British Nationality Act of 1772 declares unequivocally that children born of British Subjects, regardless of their birth location, are themselves British Subjects.

Article II, Section I, Clause 5 of the Constitution states:

“No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

The Founding Fathers’ understanding of the term “natural born citizen,” originated from the 1758 book “The Law of Nations” by Emerich de Vattel, who wrote: “… natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. … children naturally

follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights. … The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children…”

The reason for requiring the President and Vice President to be natural born citizens or second generation Americans was allegiance to the republic and to prevent a usurper from attaining the highest office in the land.

On July 25, 1787, John Jay wrote to George Washington, presiding officer of the Constitutional Convention:

“Permit me to hint whether it would not be wise and reasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government, and to declare expressly that the Command in chief of the American army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen.”

Although not defined in the Constitution, the term “natural born citizen” was made clear in the U.S. Supreme Court binding precedent of Minor v. Happersett (1874) as being a U.S. citizen born to two citizen parents:

“The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners.”

There was no dissention or opposition among the Justices as to the findings and the Supreme Court decision and the definition contained in Minor vs. Happersett (1874) has never been superseded.

Despite politically-based arguments to the contrary, there is no ambiguity; Barack Obama is not and never has been eligible for the office of President of the United States.

Since 1975, both Democrat and Republican politicians have been trying unsuccessfully to amend Article II, Section I, Clause 5 of the U. S. Constitution. The election of Obama has allowed them to do so, not legally, but by fait accompli.

By electing Obama without an Amendment, the Constitution was severely undermined and a precedent has been established to eliminate the true meaning of “natural born” from law.

Now complicit with the Democrats in violating the Constitution, the Republicans joined them in a deliberate campaign of disinformation to hide the truth about Obama and the natural born requirement; an effort which continues to this day.

Given the effort to prevent discussion of Constitutional ineligibility, it should come as no surprise that the politicians and media also protected Obama from investigation of allegations 26 involving a forged birth certificate, 27 a forged Selective Service registration, 28 and the use of a Social Security Number not issued to him. 29

The Los Angeles Times 30 reported that Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio claimed that volunteer investigators working for him concluded that The Certificate of Live Birth presented by Barack Obama as his original birth certificate is fraudulent.

“At the very least, I can tell you this, based on all of the evidence presented and investigated, I cannot in good faith report to you that these documents are authentic… My investigators believe that the long-form birth certificate was manufactured electronically and that it did not originate in a paper format as claimed by the White House.”

Both the Democrat and Republican parties know that exposing Obama would reveal their dereliction of duty, their complicity to undermine the Constitution and their continuous flouting the rule of law. They know that the truth would topple the corrupt status quo and terminate their exclusive grip on political power, allowing the American people to regain control of their government. The political and media elite will do anything to prevent that.

 Chapter 11

Taking Back Our Government – Political Insurgency

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” — Frederick Douglass

Barack Obama can be removed from office at any time simply by telling the truth.

To do so, however, would expose the rampant corruption of our political and media elite, reveal their complicity in Obama’s violations of the Constitution, uncover their willful ignorance of his alleged felonies and confirm their participation in the greatest election fraud and Constitutional crisis in American history.

Rather than tell the truth, many in power have chosen to succumb to political expediency or blackmail and, thereby, have endorsed permanent corruption in Washington, D.C.

Even conservative media have chosen self-censorship and political correctness to protect their personal financial interests.

Now that our elections have proven to be a sham and our political system has been shown to be hopelessly corrupt, Americans who believe in the Constitution and the rule of law must now choose either to succumb or to fight.

The Obama regime, the ideologues of the Democrat Party and much of the mainstream media have made themselves the enemies of honest government. You cannot collaborate or compromise with the enemy.

Events leading up to and after the 2012 election should leave no doubt in the minds of anyone that the Obama regime is antithetical to the principles upon which the United States was founded and that voter fraud is now considered an integral component of many Democrat campaign strategies. In parallel, the mainstream media will censor or manipulate the news in order to promote a partisan political agenda at the expense of their journalistic integrity and the well-being of the country.

Ordinary Americans need to recognize that there is no longer representative government in the United States.

Once elected, members of Congress serve only their interests, and that of their party and its wealthy donors. Petitioning members of Congress on important issues is an exercise in futility.

The status quo is no longer defensible. Unless there is a significant reversal soon, it is only a matter of time that a catastrophe will be upon us, which will inevitably lead to national collapse and fragmentation.

Any country ruled by a small group without broad, popular participation by its citizens provides a political cause for an insurgency. It is an axiom of unconventional warfare that insurgents succeed through chaos and disorder appearing anywhere. The regime fails unless it maintains a degree of order everywhere.

The Obama regime, the far-left Democrats and the mainstream media have declared political war on us. It is now time to take the fight directly to them, ruthlessly and relentlessly.

The creation of Democrat Party-free zones is a bottom-up strategy of ever-expanding geographic areas. With a few exceptions, Democrat politicians must be removed from positions of power.

Starting at a local level, all biased newspapers, all radio and TV stations affiliated with NBC, CBS and ABC, and all their sponsors should be subjected to continuous public challenge whenever partisan reporting exists and sued whenever a legal argument can be made against them.

The Republican Party should be abandoned as a political vehicle capable of providing an effective opposition to the Obama regime, the Democrats or the mainstream media. It too is a party of big government, which has become unresponsive and unaccountable to its constituency.

The objective of the political insurgency is to restore the Constitution as the basis of our government, in particular the 10th Amendment, which states:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

A county by county battle is the means by which the American people can restore the Constitution, establish responsible fiscal policies and take back control of the political process. Patriots need to organize locally, outside of the party apparatus to exert political pressure.

No county officials, in particular the Sheriff, should be elected or maintained in office, if he or she does not fully honor their oath to support and defend the Constitution.

Fundamental to this effort are the rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment. Each county should establish elements of an organized and disciplined militia with sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain independence and individual liberty from any entity that might attempt to abuse them.

To prevent the current situation from ever again establishing itself, fundamental changes in government operations and the political environment will be required.

Such measures may include:

– A strict constructionist interpretation of the Constitution.

– Limiting Congressional terms to a total of 12 years either in the House of Representatives or the Senate or a combination thereof.

– All current members of Congress who have exceeded the 12-year limit cannot run for reelection.

– Elimination of special benefits for members of Congress and government officials beyond those available to ordinary citizens.

– Establishment of a simplified flat tax system for individuals and business to limit severely both the Internal Revenue Service and the impact of lobbyists.

– Securing our borders and firm enforcement of current immigration laws.

– Removing energy and financial dependence, freeing our foreign policy from overseas control.

– With the exception of defense, establish a yearly across-the-board 10% reduction in the funding for the federal government with the immediate elimination of the Departments of Homeland Security, Energy, Education and the Environmental Protection Agency.

– A yearly 10% reduction in the funding for foreign aid.

– Revoking broadcast licenses of media outlets that deliberately mislead or misinform for partisan political purposes.

– Strictly enforcing Equal Opportunity against the discriminatory practices of affirmative action and diversity policies,

– Declaring Sharia incompatible with the U.S. Constitution and made illegal.

– Declaring English as the one and only official language of the United States.

– Rejecting political correctness and multiculturalism as an infringement of the rights guaranteed under the First Amendment and contrary to the American principle of E pluribus Unum.

Ordinary Americans must band together and take a stand to restore the Constitution and the rule of law, to establish political and fiscal sanity and to return the government to the people. Otherwise, our republic may be lost forever.


 1Putney, Albert H. “United States Constitution, State Constitutions, Statutory Law, Cree Publishing Company, Chicago, 1910, pp. 11-12.

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14Rowland, Darrel, “Voter rolls in Ohio are bloated, experts say,” The Columbus Dispatch, September 16, 2012.

15Exner, Rich, “Ohio voter registration list nearly 500,000 smaller than in 2008: Statistical Snapshot,” The Plain Dealer, November 15, 2012.

16”Statistical Analysis of Cuyahoga County Ohio 2012 Election Results 99% Obama Precincts,” Real Deal Politics, November 12, 2012.

17Hill, Miriam, Seidman, Andrew and Duchneskie, John “In 59 Philadelphia voting divisions, Mitt Romney got zero votes,” Philadelphia Inquirer, November 12, 2012.

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Who Is Really Destabilizing the Dollar?


 By Staff Report

Debt Ceiling: China Calls for World to Be ‘De-Americanised.’ Chinese government mouthpiece says ‘Pax Americana’ has failed on all fronts … Xinhua calls for de-Americanised world. China’s official news agency has called for the creation of a “de-Americanised world”, saying the destinies of people should not be left in the hands of a hypocritical nation with a dysfunctional government. Heaping criticism and caustic ridicule on Washington, the Xinhua news agency called the US a civilian slayer, prisoner torturer and meddler in others’ affairs, and said the ‘Pax Americana’ was a failure on all fronts. – International Business Tribune

Dominant Social Theme: The US is not going to change and must lose power, along with its currency.

Free-Market Analysis: With this announcement, excerpted above, what’s going on worldwide becomes just a little bit clearer. We take it for granted at this point that the Edward Snowden affair is not what it seems (we’ve mentioned our reservations previously) and a lot of the following analysis flows from that perception. At the end of the article, we’ll explain.

We’re not accusing Snowden of being a bad person, nor a double agent, nor those around him. But you know there is a handful of conglomerates running Western media and if these top people don’t want something emphasized, it doesn’t get emphasized. Snowden has been on the front pages of major Western media for months. Same with Julian Assange, who’s now gotten movie-star treatment.

It’s part of a kind of directed history, perhaps, and makes sense within a globalized context. Granted, you can overdo the pattern, but here at The Daily Bell our job is to provide you with any early warning context of dominant social themes …

Part of the big dominant social theme regarding the US of late is surely that its leaders cannot be trusted and its sociopolitical, military and economic brain-trust are “dysfunctional,” just as the above article claims.

Seems reasonable, doesn’t it? But wait …

Some of the biggest news coming out from Snowden revolves around spying on just four countries: China, India, Brazil and Russia. We can understand an Intel emphasis on Russia and China – but Brazil and India? These are not traditional military threats and India is seen as a reliable ally these days against the Taliban.

Just to make sure, we double-checked on some search engines. Here’s something on India from in mid-September entitled, “India among top targets of spying by NSA” …

In the overall list of countries spied on by NSA programs, India stands at fifth place, with billions of pieces of information plucked from its telephone and internet networks just in 30 days. According to top-secret documents provided to The Hindu by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, the American agency carried out intelligence gathering activities in India using at least two major programs: the first one is Boundless Informant, a data-mining system which keeps track of how many calls and emails are collected by the security agency; and the second one is PRISM, a program which intercepts and collects actual content from the networks.

While Boundless Informant was used for monitoring telephone calls and access to the internet in India, PRISM collected information about certain specific issues — not related to terrorism — through Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, Apple, YouTube and several other web-based services.

Asked by The Hindu why a friendly country like India was subjected to so much surveillance by the U.S., a spokesman of the U.S. government’s Office of the Director of National Intelligence said: “The U.S. government will respond through diplomatic channels to our partners and allies. While we are not going to comment publicly on every specific alleged intelligence activity, as a matter of policy we have made clear that the United States gathers foreign intelligence of the type gathered by all nations.”

… Three “global heat maps,” which give each country a colour code based on how extensively it was subjected to NSA surveillance, clearly show that India was one of the hottest targets for U.S. intelligence. With the colour scheme ranging from green (least subjected to surveillance) through yellow and orange to red (most surveillance), the heat maps show India in the shades of deep orange and red …

In the heat map that gives the overview of internet surveillance (DNI), with 6.3 billion pieces of intelligence taken from its networks, India is placed between Iran and Pakistan (both red) and China and the U.S. (both light orange). Both Brazil and Russia are coded in light green in this map, while China is shown in light orange.

This Reuters article above reinforces the meme mentioned in today’s lead article. The idea basically is that the US is being a terrible steward of the world’s reserve currency and that its carelessness is putting the world’s “recovery” at risk.

Of course, if this is a recovery, we’d hate to see what a further recession would feel like! Southern Europe is sagging under the weight of an unemployment scenario that supposedly keeps half of its youngsters from working. The US and Britain are not in much better shape, at least when it comes to overall unemployment.

The Hindu article tends to minimize spying on Brazil and China, but we’ve been reading about Brazil’s fury for weeks. Brazilian leaders, no doubt grateful for an issue to take their citizen’s minds off internal corruption, are floating the idea of isolating a South American Internet to ensure that US spooks can’t utilize it.

Here’s an article posted in late September over at on Brazilian irritation …

Breaking UN Protocol, Brazil Lambastes US Spying … Throwing diplomatic protocol to the winds, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff launched a blistering attack on the United States for illegally infiltrating its communications network, surreptitiously intercepting phone calls, and breaking into the Brazilian Mission to the United Nations.

Departing from a longstanding tradition of closed-door diplomacy on bilateral disputes, she dropped a political bombshell on a room overflowing with world leaders, foreign ministers and ambassadors from 193 countries sitting in rapt silence. Justifying her public criticism, she told delegates Tuesday that the problem of electronic surveillance goes beyond a bilateral relationship.

“It affects the international community itself and demands a response from it.” Rousseff said recent revelations concerning the activities of a global network of electronic espionage have caused indignation and repudiation in public opinion around the world.

But in Brazil, she said, “The situation was even more serious, as it emerged that we were targeted by this intrusion.” She said that personal data of citizens was intercepted indiscriminately. Corporate information, often of high economic and even strategic value, was at the center of espionage activity.

And then there is this, regarding the recent US government shutdown:

In less than 8 hours of the shutdown, miraculously, professionally printed 3X4 foot signs appeared all over the country in the tens of thousands saying “this [park, facility, etc. with custom logos] closed due to government shutdown.”

There has not been a government shutdown in 17 years. These signs were designed, specifications were determined, signs were then requisitioned, bids were posted and vetted, government contracts were awarded. The materials were then ordered and the signs manufactured then distributed [by] U.S. Mails [sic] or [another method].

This shutdown was orchestrated and planned well in advance at least 6-8 months ago. Millions of tax dollars were appropriated and spent in this process. There is a paper trail a mile long leading directly to the White House.

It’s hard to determine the source of this statement and we have no idea if it is accurate or even insightful, but into the hopper it goes.

The hopper is filled with shadowy patterns, perspectives that are not of themselves substantive but when put together, piled on top of each other, begin to create a specific and tangible outline. In this case, it has to do with a deliberate weakening of the US dollar.

Why would Anglosphere elites want to weaken the dollar? Because they are getting ready to try to substitute a more globalized currency? When we read the IBT article excerpted above, we find this:

As the first step in creating a de-Americanised world, all nations must try to shape an international system that respects the sovereignty of all nations and ensures the US keeps out of the domestic affairs of others, Xinhua said.

“The developing and emerging market economies need to have more say in major international financial institutions including the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, so that they could better reflect the transformations of the global economic and political landscape,” the editorial says.

It also called for an end to the use of the US dollar as the international reserve currency, a step that would ensure the international community could maintain a safe distance from the side-effects of domestic political turmoil in the United States.

Look, we can’t prove it … can’t touch it … can’t feel it as a tangible object. But like the sudden eruption of fracking (which may or may not be a long-term viable technology but, it can be argued, is destabilizing the Petrodollar) to the selected targeting of BRIC countries via Snowden’s evidence to the current “shutdown” of the US government, we find a pattern that we can easily characterize as “directed.”

The IMF and World Bank in particular are elite facilities. The idea that communist China wants “more say” in it is certainly a bit strange. Anyway, weren’t the BRICs going to create their own mini-IMF?

Are US and British elites conspiring to weaken the world’s dollar reserve currency in order to substitute a more global currency like Keynes’s bancor? We can’t say for certain, of course, but if top men have set out to deliberately destabilize the dollar, that’s big news with tremendous ramifications.

The dollar was in fairly good shape, post-Bill Clinton … for a monopoly fiat-currency, anyway. George Bush’s deliberate wars and grandiose domestic schemes further destabilized it. Barack Obama has doubled and trebled the damage.


The International Investment Banking Cartel is absolutely at the top of this global group of tyrants that are reshaping the entire structure of society and governance world wide. Every Nation is suffering from these monsters who lust after power. The very fact that NO ONE has made any real attempt to stop their takeover of Planet Earth, should tell you that we are in for a life and death fight with only the Bankers making any progress. The justification for this massive apathy is the same as that which is implied in the article above. Lack of absolute proof. However, it take’s little brains to make a judgment when the chickens are slowly disappearing and the hen house smells like fox. My fellow American’s, it’s high time someone goes on a fox hunt with enough ammo to finish the job, because there are more than one fox in this raiding party. As the old saying goes, To kill a snake, cut off it’s damn head. Well, the same goes for Banksters. These bastards are responsible for manipulating government’s world wide into killing millions of their own citizens, and they are just getting warmed up. What possible condemnation could one warrant for calling for their elimination? How damn much proof do we need? 

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Transforming Americas Schools into Authoritarian Instruments of Compliance

10/12/2013 John W. Whitehead

By John W. Whitehead

 “To the degree that we take away play, we deprive children of the ability to practice adulthood, and we create people who will go through life with a sense of dependence and victimization, a sense that there is some authority out there who is supposed to tell them what to do and solve their problems. That is not a healthy way to live.” – psychologist Peter Gray

These days, it is far too easy to rattle off the outrageous examples of zero tolerance policy run amok in our nation’s schools. A 14-year-old student arrested for texting in class. Three middle school aged boys in Florida thrown to the ground by police officers wielding rifles, who then arrested them for goofing off on the roof of the school. A 9-year-old boy suspended for allegedly pointing a toy at a classmate and saying “bang, bang.” Two 6-year-old students in Maryland suspended for using their fingers as imaginary guns in a schoolyard game of cops and robbers. A 12-year-old New York student hauled out of school in handcuffs for doodling on her desk with an erasable marker. An 8-year-old boy suspended for making his hand into the shape of a gun, in violation of the school district’s policy prohibiting “playing with invisible guns.” A 17-year-old charged with a felony for keeping his tackle box in his car parked on school property, potentially derailing his chances of entering the Air Force. Two seventh graders in Virginia suspended for the rest of the school year for playing with air-soft guns in their own yard before school.

Thus, it’s tempting, when hearing about the 7-year-old suspended for chewing his Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun to chalk it up to an isolated example of school officials lacking in common sense. However, as I point out in my book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, these incidents are far from isolated, occurring as they have for the better part of the past 30 years under the guise of maintaining safety and security in the schools. They are part of a concerted, top-down approach to creating a generation of obedient worker-bees content to be directed, distracted and kept in line.

Despite a general consensus that zero tolerance policies have failed to have any appreciable impact on student safety, schools have doubled down on these policies to the detriment of children all across the nation. Indeed, the zero tolerance mindset is so entrenched among school administrators all over America that we are now seeing school officials reaching into the personal lives of students to police their behavior at all times. For example, 13,000 students in the Glendale Unified School District in California are now being subjected to constant social media monitoring by school officials. Superintendent Richard Sheehan has hired private firm Geo Listening to analyze the public social media posts of students both off and on campus. Whether on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or any other social media platform, students will have their posts and comments analyzed for evidence of “bullying, cyber-bullying, hate and shaming activities, depression, harm and self harm, self hate and suicide, crime, vandalism, substance abuse and truancy.”

Unfortunately, the Glendale program is simply one component of a larger framework in which all student activity is treated as an open book by school administrators. What we are witnessing is a paradigm shift in American society, in which no personal activity is safe from the prying eyes of government agents and their corporate allies. Every decision and action, no matter how innocent, is scrutinized, analyzed, filed, stored, and eventually held against you when those in power feel like it.

When one pulls back the veil of zero tolerance, one can see the real culprit is the corporate-state, which has been meticulously applying the zero tolerance mindset to not just public schools in America, but our workplaces, our political forums, our social interactions and even our own homes. The end result is a society which is completely pacified and willing to march in lockstep with the corporate-state.

Government officials have worked hard to indoctrinate Americans into the belief that everything you do is suspect, and anything you do can be held against you at a later date. This mindset is clear in all aspects of society, from zero tolerance policies in our nation’s schools, to SWAT team raids in our neighborhoods, from the NSA’s surveillance of all Americans’ communications, to the corporate-state’s insistence that people aren’t capable of managing their own affairs. More and more people are becoming suspicious of others, quick to judge, and more than willing to follow the government’s dictates, however irrational and immoral they may be.

This manner of thinking has been slowly adopted by many Americans, but more worrisome is the manner in which it’s being foisted upon our nation’s youth. We are now living in an era in which childhood as it was once understood, a time to learn, to make mistakes, to try and fail, to try again and succeed, has been replaced by the worst elements of corporate and government culture. Children are treated as workers and prisoners, collected, corralled and controlled by teachers who increasingly act as bureaucrats, forced to fit every child into the exact same mold, regardless of their personal abilities and talents. This mindset is apparent among the proponents of the Common Core Testing Standards which threaten to unleash a new system of standardized testing on a new generation of kids.

As communications consultant Luba Vangelova has noted, the key attributes of a productive member of society are “a zest for life, creativity, perseverance, empathy, effective communication and the ability to cooperate with others. These are things that can’t be measured well – if at all – by tests.” Our obsession with testing leaves children without basic reasoning and analysis skills. They are taught to parrot information, rather than produce arguments. Their value is tied to letter grades and numbers.

Psychologist Peter Gray takes this criticism further, noting that children today are rarely allowed the opportunity to engage in undirected creative activity, also known as playing. Gray notes that since the 1960s, time for play has taken a backseat in the lives of children in favor of rigid curriculums revolving around high-stakes testing. Even sports, which were once simply games played on the fly by a mixed group of neighborhood kids, have taken on the rigidity of life in a factory or cubicle.  The obsession with quantifying childhood progress has gone so far that charter schools in DC are beginning to conduct high stakes testing for three and four year old children.

Over the same time period, incidences of childhood mental illness have steadily increased. The number of children and young adults suffering from major depression and generalized anxiety disorder have increased between five and eightfold since the 1950s. The suicide rate for 15 – 24 year olds has doubled, while the suicide rate for those under the age of 15 has quadrupled.

The rise in these mental illnesses is coupled with a decrease in empathy and an increase in narcissism in young people, indicating that their ability to work with others — as is necessary in a society — has been muted. We’re raising a generation of anxious individuals who expect their life’s direction to come to them from orders from above. In short, we’re creating a generation ingrained with an authoritarian mindset.

This authoritarian mindset is an unavoidable consequence of the American education system. Indeed, while so-called education reformers insist on more tests, pushing schools to emulate the Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean educational systems, they miss a big piece of the puzzle: educators in those countries consider their systems a failure. Despite performing better than American children on certain international standardized tests, Chinese educators have noted that Chinese students have also demonstrated a “lack of social and practical skills, absence of self-discipline and imagination, loss of curiosity and passion for learning.”

Despite this fact, states are pushing ahead with programs like Common Core, which not only threatens our children’s quality of education, but their privacy as well. A great deal of data will be collected under new guidelines proposed by the program. While the purposes of the data collection appear legitimate on their face, mainly focused on keeping track of student progress, we must keep in mind that we are living in the era of Big Data, in which information becomes currency between the government and their corporate benefactors. The data collected on students goes beyond test scores and includes “social security numbers, attendance records, records of interaction with school counselors, identification of learning disabilities, and even disciplinary records.” Of course, having all of this information about every misstep or mistake one has made through his whole life does not bode well in a society in which government and corporate authorities are happy to punish any minor mishap.

We are living in an era where every personal decision, such as where to work, where to shop, where to play, who to love, who to befriend, who to worship, what to believe, and what to say, is open to scrutiny by government officials and corporate managers. It’s a poisonous mentality for those hoping to preserve democracy, and it’s being foisted upon our children, whether in the form of bureaucrats fashioning one-size-fits-all educational standards, or police officers investigating innocent activities such as children playing in the street as possible crimes.

This situation will only get worse as our children are taught to accept the police state as normal. Between the regimes of zero tolerance, the surveillance of students both in school and in their homes, and the value placed in standardized testing over teaching analytical thinking skills, we are raising a generation which is being encouraged to adopt the authoritarian mindset which pollutes the minds of our government and corporate leaders. By allowing our children to be subject to the forces of the market and the dictates of the state, we are ensuring tyranny within a generation or two, if not sooner.

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Being Fearless


By Jon David Miller

Doubt and Fear

Who knows what’s next? Who knows for sure what is going to happen tomorrow? This afternoon? Two minutes from now?

We have all experienced unexpected events, shocks and disappointments. From the experience of unfulfilled desire or a change of expectation, a sense of doubt may develop.

Partly because of the uncertainty of what will happen in the future, we harbor a doubt that it will turn out how we would like it to be. You would like a situation or condition to be a certain way, but doubt that it can be that way.

Doubt is built-in to the common mindset, and it is transmitted from generation to generation in how we communicate with one another.

Whose parents did not foster some doubt in the process of childrearing? Maybe parents try to keep the “problems” of life from bothering their children, but the concern and worry are embedded in language, thought and behavior, so that it is inevitable that the children get the doubt.

Doubt is the precondition for chronic fear. The genuine acute fear of a threatening circumstance has a natural purpose. If facing a wild animal capable of killing you, fear enhances your awareness and fight or flight capabilities. However, chronic fear is debilitating. It becomes an impediment to keen perception and excellent performance.

Associated with doubt and chronic fear are various attitudes that diminish success: hesitation, ignorant skepticism and withholding of attention. At its worst, this becomes a lack of acceptance, false certainty and possibly persecution of others.

Doubt, fear and skepticism are predominant in today’s culture of stressful overwhelm.

For several years we have been facing several threats, including major disasters: economic collapse, social chaos, chemtrails and other public poisonsgeophysical changes, storms, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, nuclear radiationpandemic, electro magnetic pulse (EMP), power grid shutdown, martial law, tyranny, false flags and other psyopsmind control and genocide.
Among those who have been willing to consider these issues, who wouldn’t have some doubt and fear?

The Powerful Thrive On Fear

It is said that fear in the mass consciousness is a powerful food for the elite controllers. Further, fear is used to manipulate people to seek help to counter that which they are caused to fear.
Using the Hegelian dialectic of problem-reaction-solution, the elite controllers have guided the masses to accept incremental erosion of freedom and increasing tyranny. They have orchestrated this using subtle and indirect methods, including debt, ideologies, predictive mind control entertainment and security threats, as well as major direct actions such as false flag disasters and war.

Highly publicized, unexpected celebrity deaths, and disasters that produce mass deaths or displacements, are thought to be particularly to their liking.

As demented as it sounds, if there is a guiding involvement of the hidden controllers in such a calamity, they may derive more of a power boost from it. They may even get a buzz from it if some more aware people simply suspect and worry that these powers may be behind a disturbance.

They seem to plan and predict a lot of trouble, possibly for that reason, but through the coverage by their controlled media, they have the masses convinced that it was random rogue terrorists or some violent crazy person that was responsible for each disaster event.

Any negative condition that can produce upset in people, such as financial difficulty, power outage, starvation, illness, pain, war, deaths, etc., or the threat of such a possibility, can serve the elites’ bizarre thirst for victims, if those affected let the situation generate distress.

Still, a common understanding of fear is “False Evidence Appearing Real”. Much of what goes on in this world is not as it seems.


What is there to be afraid of in reality? Imprisonment, torture, death?
Woody Allen has said, “I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens!”

Some people choose the time of their passing. For others, death may come through an accident, violence or a sudden emergency health failure. Death happens! Almost everyone in the history of the world before 1900 has experienced it.

Everyone knows someone who has “passed on”. What do you think about where they go or what they do after death?

Some religions teach about a permanent afterlife, either a pleasant heaven in the presence of God, or an awful hell with evil entities. Many think they have lived one or more lives before this one, and will probably live more of them after — “reincarnation”.

On the other hand, some agnostics and most atheists think that afterlife scenarios are a myth that people adopt to take the anxiety out of considering the termination of a personality.

Life is a matter of death! Life is intimately related with death. In nature, plants and animals are born and die in an ongoing process.

In every moment, individual consciousness is being born AND simultaneously dying as the moment expires. The mind focuses on memories of some things and shoves others into some type of archives that may or may not ever be opened again. Yet the greater collective consciousness and life itself continues.


Only the present exists as a point of conscious awareness. The past is whatever research indicates or the memory portrays and the mind determines. The future is a fantasy projection based on past experiences and creative thinking.
Yet the past has a reflected existence in a present moment memory. And the future can exist to a degree in the present as a plan that we will enact, although it may not come to be exactly as foreseen.

A memory of the past is just as real to the brain as a present observation, so the past is actually as real as a present activation of memory. But are memories dependable? People remember the same event differently. What about those with Alzheimer’s? Memory is, at least in part, like a physical filing cabinet in the brain, but it is subject to interpretation if it is drawn out, as with any thought.


What about the reality of the physical world?

Einstein’s equation, E = mc2, was a revelation for smarter living that has yet to be understood by most of us. Energy is matter raised to a high frequency; or put another way, matter is slowed down energy.

And the law of the conservation of energy – that energy is never lost, as it simply changes form – is one of science’s primary laws, the first law of thermodynamics.

Are you aware that an atom is made up almost entirely of space? At the sub-atomic level, matter is made up of mostly nothing – just light waves in this space — that happen to appear as particles when we look at them. These subatomic waves are pulsing, possibly in more than one “reality”.

That’s right, physics has determined that there may actually be alternate realities occurring simultaneously in a space that is internally as vast as the universe apparently outside of us.


Thus our personal reality is very susceptible to being guided by our own intention, or by manipulation by those who have developed methods of mind control.

By changing habits of thought and behavior by our intention and action, we can change our attitude and ultimately, our very “neuro-net” – the receptors on our cells. Thus cellular memory can change, and we can move on to new vistas of health and exploration in the physical and beyond.
Even with the death of an individual, consciousness continues. Since the appearance of separation is only an appearance, not reality, we will not have gone anywhere. It’s just that at a certain point our physical form, after changing all of our lives, will be now dropped for recycling while consciousness moves on to tend to other things.

Most of what people assume is a problem regarding death is because of ego. The ego is an organizing function for consciousness that wants itself to continue. It forms the habit of getting organized, and it wants to continue organizing, perhaps even when it no longer has to arrange for physical needs.

The ego is what expands the use of fear beyond urgent life-threatening challenges to chronic restriction of full insightful living. Fear and its related emotions are tools the ego uses for self preservation.

The powers-that-be realize that the manipulation of the individual ego through a combination of intelligence reduction by chemicals and frequencies, major fear events, threat and intimidation, will prompt the fear that retards awareness and action.

Ultimately, we can and will move beyond ego – the sense of separate self, which is not reality. And beyond the habits that limit our cells’ ability to function. We can change our reality, starting with a change in our attitude from doubt and fear to forgiveness and love.

Protection from harmful toxic influences and an improvement in nutrition are important as well.

Before long, the cells start to change and we develop a new neuro-net.

This is a process that can overcome doubt, fear, stress, illness and disease, darkness, evil, and maybe even death!

Transformation In The Face Of Challenge

We must consider what is happening from a unified view beyond manipulated polarities to understand it.

Consider the dark as unrecognized, un-requested light, and evil as unrecognized, unappreciated good. Through love and understanding we can bring about a transformation of dark to light and evil to good.

There is a threat and real danger of a coordinated worldwide attempt at mass control, in addition to economic problems andsocial changes planned and enacted by a small group of powerful people at the top of a global system of interwoven corporations and governments. Significant political, military and planetary changes seem to be unfolding that could alter life as we know it.

This period may be one of the most challenging times in human history.

These are all signals of a huge drama underway in collective consciousness. This drama has developed and unfolded over many centuries, but it has now reached a climactic point. In the process, we face significant challenges, personal upheavals and many may leave physical life.

Life is in the process of being transformed. Yet this situation is not something to fear.

The drama is about a choice between the well-established mode of thinking and acting from polarity out of separation, doubt and fear; OR releasing that limiting dualistic manner of operating, and expressing ourselves with the higher understanding of wholeness, awareness and love.

We need to recognize what has happened, and what is currently happening in consciousness. Then with a continuing improvement in consciousness nurtured by those of us who are growing in awareness and giving regular attention to forgiveness and love, the powerful elite themselves will eventually be transformed along with everybody else.

The Earth is already undergoing a major transformation to higher awareness, which will affect all of the population. It is obvious to those already engaged with expanding awareness.

How do we prepare for whatever changes may come? How do we proceed to expand awareness to change the undesirable trends that have been set in motion? How do we get others involved around the globe to move consciousness to a new higher level of understanding, and a better life on Earth for everyone?

Move beyond doubt. Be fearless. No matter what serious changes occur, conscious living will go on. Growth and improvement in awareness will continue to manifest. A greater understanding and appreciation of a profound experience of life will result.

Jon David Miller is a social analyst, wellness educator, philosopher and singer/songwriter. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics from Ohio University, a Master of Arts in religion and a Master of Divinity from Hartford Seminary, and 40 years of experience in wellness education, business, community organizations, social studies research and writing. Jon is the author of several books, including The New World Order Empire, and developer of several websites, such as and

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Forget Glee Club and Football This High School Has a Death Panel!


By Kimberly Paxton

Critics of the public school system will be pleased to know that St. Joseph-Ogden High School in Illinois is preparing kids for the future by teaching them practical skills.

That’s right – 15 and 16 year olds just had an assignment on how to distribute limited medical resources amongst a small sampling of the population. They got to pick who deserves to live and who deserves to die.

The lesson involves 10 people who are in desperate need of kidney dialysis.

“Unless they receive this procedure, they will die,” the lesson states.

But there’s a problem. The local hospital only has enough machines to support six patients.

“That means four people are not going to live,” the assignment states. “You must decide from the information below which six will survive.”

According to the worksheet I received, the student opted to spare the doctor, lawyer, housewife, teacher, cop and Lutheran minister.

The others weren’t so lucky.

Among those unceremoniously dispatched to the hereafter were an ex-convict, a prostitute, college student and a disabled person. (source)

At least these students will leave high school job-ready. They’ll be all set to serve on the much-speculated Obamacare Death Panels.

The principal of St. Joseph-Ogden, Brian Brooks, says this perspective is all a big misunderstanding.

“The assignment you are referring to is not a “Death Panel” assignment.  The assignment is one in the sociology unit of our Introduction To Social Studies class.  The purpose of the assignment is to educate students about social values and how people in our society unfortunately create biases based off of professions, race, gender, etc.  The teacher’s goal is to educate students in the fact that these social value biases exist, and that hopefully students will see things from a different perspective after the activity is completed.  The teacher’s purpose in the element of the assignment you are referring to is to get students emotionally involved to participate in the classroom discussion, and to open their minds to the fact that they themselves have their own social biases.  The assignment has nothing to do with a “Death Panel.”

We encourage parents to contact their son/daughter’s teachers if they have any concerns about an assignment in the classroom.  That line of communication typically clears up any potential misunderstanding.”

Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

Contributed by Kimberly Paxton of

Kimberly Paxton, a staff writer for the Daily Sheeple, is based out of upstate New York.

This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to

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The principal of St. Joseph-Ogden, Brian Brooks, says this perspective is all a big misunderstanding????? What planet did this jerk come from? Does he really believe “We the people” will fall for his stupid explanation? His double speak is his own condemnation. Get your children out of public education if you really love them, otherwise they will wind-up just like him. America already has enough narcissistic ass-holes who believe they are smart enough to decide how other people’s lives should be lived.

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Pay attention folks, you’re about to read a REAL American’s words.

By Mike Vanderboegh
October 5, 2013

Speech at Hartford, Connecticut, 20 April 2013.

My name is Mike Vanderboegh and I’m a smuggler. I am from the great free state of Alabama and I am a Three Percenter.

If you need to pigeonhole my politics I consider myself a Christian libertarian. I believe in free men, free markets, the rule of law under the Founder’s Republic and that the Constitution extends to everyone regardless of race, creed, color or religion.

I most especially believe in the right of the people to keep and bear arms as the ultimate guarantor of liberty.

I have also been called a “seditionist” by members of the current regime. If faithfully fulfilling my oath to the Founders’ Republic and unrelenting hostility to those who would undermine and overthrow it makes me a “seditionist” then I cheerfully plead guilty.

The Three Percent movement I founded has been denounced by that paragon of moral virtue Bill Clinton and I am a perennial “honorable mention” on the Southern Poverty Law Center‘s list of dangerous folks. I have even been the subject of an eighteen and a half minute rant by Rachel Madcow on MSNBC and the current Attorney General of the United States knows — and despises — me by name because of the Fast and Furious scandal that, with my friend David Codrea, I broke the news of on the Internet. Eric Holder would not be surprised to know that the feeling is mutual.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence calls me an “insurrectionist” because I don’t believe, as they do, in a government monopoly of violence, but rather in a literal interpretation of the 2nd Amendment as a bulwark against tyranny. Well, as my friend Kurt Hofmann says, “It is better to be despised by the despicable than admired by the admirable” and I suppose my remarks here today will only reinforce my enemies’ opinions of me. I think I can bear the burden.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775, but also of the liquidation of the Warsaw ghetto in 1943 and that of the Branch Davidians at Waco fifty years later to the day — two examples of what happens when governments exercise a monopoly of violence.


It is proper, then, to contemplate the lessons of the date in history — April 19th — then, now and in the near future. What I say now I say with reluctance, sadness and not a little bit of dread, but say it I must.


Neither do I believe that you consent, for you would not be here today if you did. But what I say is not easy to say nor easy to hear and many of you will not like it.

“An unconstitutional law is void.” So says the standard legal text American Jurisprudence. That is certainly true. The tricky part is how we are to make that point when the local, state and federal executive and legislative branches as well as the courts are in the hands of the domestic enemies of the Constitution. Every one who is currently trying to take away your right to arms starts out by saying “I support the 2nd Amendment.” Let me tell you a home truth from Alabama — Barack Obama supports the 2nd Amendment about as much as Adolf Hitler appreciated Jewish culture, or Joe Stalin believed in individual liberty. Believe what politicians do, not what they say.

So what shall we do about this current spate of tyranny breaking out all over?

The facsimile of a semi-automatic pistol that some of you hold in your hands was smuggled into your state from the South. Manufactured in Georgia, trans-shipped to Alabama, it came across your state line in the trunk of a car. The fact that the authorities of your state have not yet banned “sponge guns” is immaterial. It could as easily been a whole trunk full of real pistols. Indeed, before this year no one thought that other firearms and related items would ever be banned — but they have been. No one thought that the authorities of your state would pass laws making criminals out of the previously law-abiding — but they did. If they catch you violating their unconstitutional laws, they will — when they please — send armed men to work their will upon you. And people — innocent of any crime save the one these tyrants created — will die resisting them.

Yet despite the cost, these unconstitutional laws MUST be resisted. For if not now, when? And if not us, who? This is no longer a “slippery slope” leading to firearm registration and eventual confiscation — it is a precipice that some states have already plunged over and that the federal government threatens to follow. Arrests are happening NOW. When, if not now, shall we resist? Will we allow ourselves to be shoved back once again, from the free exercise of our God-given, natural and inalienable rights to liberty? — Shoved back once more, muttering but compliant?


The Founders knew how to answer such tyranny. When Captain John Parker — one of the three percent of American colonists who actively took the field against the King during the Revolution — mustered his Minutemen on Lexington Green, it was in a demonstration of ARMED civil disobedience. He might have retreated at the British approach, but he didn’t. He might have ordered his men to lay down their arms, but he didn’t. His defiance was silent but plainly stated. A veteran of the French and Indian War, he did not want a war. He knew intimately the horrors of war. BUT HE ALSO KNEW THAT SOME THINGS ARE WORSE THAN WAR. The British could not tolerate his silent defiance — and someone fired a shot.

But even before the shot heard ’round the world, the colonists understood their weaknesses and their military needs and did something about it. They smuggled. They smuggled Dutch gunpowder and French flints. They smuggled tents and uniform cloth and artillery and ammunition. Boston was the high headquarters of anti-British smuggling and John Hancock was its prime minister. Connecticut was a small empire built on patriotic smuggling. The colonists knew what to do and they did it, regardless of the risk — regardless of all the King’s ministers and the King’s soldiery.

They defied the King. They resisted his edicts. They evaded his laws and they smuggled. Lord above, did they smuggle.

Now we find ourselves in a similar situation. The new King Barack and his minions have determined to disarm us. We must determine to resist them.

No one wants a new civil war (except, apparently, the Anti-Constitutional tyrants who passed these laws and the media toadies who cheer them on) but one is staring us in the face. Yes, a civil war is staring us in the face. To think otherwise is to whistle past the graveyard of our own history. We must, if we wish to avoid armed conflict, get this message across to the collectivists who have declared their appetites for our liberty, our property and our lives —


Just like King George, such people will not care, nor modify their behavior, by what you say, no matter how loudly or in what numbers you say it. They will only pay attention to what you DO.

So defy them. Resist their laws. Evade them. Smuggle in what they command you not to have. Only by our ACTS will they be impressed. Then, if they mean to have a civil war, they will at least have been informed of the unintended consequences of their tyrannical actions. Again I say —

Defy. Resist. Evade. Smuggle. If you wish to stay free and to pass down that freedom to your children’s children you can do no less than to become the lawbreakers that they have unconstitutionally made of you. Accept that fact. Embrace it. And resolve to be the very best, most successful lawbreakers you can be.

One last thing before I go. On Thursday I smuggled a half-dozen 30 round AR-15 standard capacity magazines into Connecticut in deliberate disobedience of the new state diktat.

So to Martin Looney, Mike Williams, Larry Cafarro and John McKinney I’d like to say this: I JUST COMMITTED A “D” CLASS FELONY, YOU TYRANNICAL MORONS — PROVE IT — WHICH YOU CAN’T — AND CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.

And I’ll tell you something else. When the new ammo restrictions go into effect the first week of July (Correction: it will be in October), I’ll be back — with two full crates of 7.62×39 ball ammunition and I will transfer said ammunition into the hands of a Connecticut citizen without the state’s permission or paperwork.

And after I break their unconstitutional laws again, I’ll be sitting in Frank Pepe’s Pizza down in New Haven waiting for Looney and Company to come arrest me —


Thank you

© 2013 – Mike Vanderboegh – All Rights Reserve

  Mike Vanderboegh, editor of the Sipsey Street Irregulars blog, broke the Fast and Furious scandal story on the Internet in December 2010 with the help of fellow citizen journalist David Codrea. A Second Amendment activist and constitutional militia advocate for more than two decades, he is the founder of the Three Percent movement, which has been denounced by Bill Clinton as a threat to public order.

Vanderboegh is a perennial honorable mention on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of dangerous folks and has been labeled an “insurrectionist” by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. However he believes that, in the words of his friend Kurt Hofmann, “It is better to be despised by the despicable than admired by the admirable.” A father of three, he resides in Pinson, AL.

Website: Sipsey Street Irregulars blog


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America The Republic of Lying


By Stephen Lendman

Longtime investigative journalist Seymour Hersh addressed it. More on what he said below.
Others like him did years earlier. They included HL Mencken, Charles Edward Russell, Lincoln Steffens, Upton Sinclair, and IF Stone among others.

Stone (1907 – 1989) said he “tried to bring the instincts of a scholar to the service of journalism; to take nothing for granted; to turn journalism into literature; to provide radical analysis with a conscientious concern for accuracy, and in studying the current scene to do (his) very best to preserve human values and free institutions.”

He deplored the ascendancy of “right-wing kooks” taking over America. Ralph Nader called him a modern day Tom Paine.

He was “as independent and incorruptible as the come,” he said. He was “journalism’s Gibraltar.” He was a crusader. He was an irritant. He spoke truth to power. He did it forthrightly. FBI agents monitored him for years. They tapped his phone. They intercepted his mail. They amassed a file on his activities threefold their size for Al Capone. He was a journalist’s journalist. He was a newspaperman at heart.

He said: “The only kinds of fights worth fighting are those you are going to lose, because somebody has to fight them and lose and lose and lose until someday, somebody who believes as you do wins….”

He lectured young students wanting to enter the profession.

He told them: “All governments lie and nothing they say should be believed.” Media liars reflect the same problem.
Hersh understands. He’s furious about what passes for today’s journalism. His anger is well justified. Managed news misinformation substitutes for truth and full disclosure.

On September 27, London’s Guardian headlined “Seymour Hersh on Obama, NSA and the ‘pathetic’ American media.”

Hersh is a Washington-based Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist/author. He won numerous awards. In 2004, he was a George Orwell Award recipient.

It’s called the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) Distinguished Contribution to Honesty and Clarity in Public Language.

It honors writers who’ve made outstanding contributions to critical analysis and public discourse. Hersh has been the nemesis of politicians for decades.

Republicans once called him “the closest thing American journalism has to a terrorist.”

He believes fixing the deplorable state of US journalism requires major surgery. He favors closing down TV news bureaus. Sack 90% of print editors. Get rid of all the liars.

Get “outsider(s)” involved willing to speak truth to power. “Don’t get him started on the New York Times,” said the Guardian.

It spends “so much more time carrying water for Obama than I ever thought they would – or the death of Osama bin Laden,” said Hersh.

Nothing’s been done about that story. It’s one big lie. Not one word of it is true.

In May 2011, Obama lied saying:

Tonight, I can report to the American people and to the world that the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of al Qaeda, and a terrorist who’s responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women, and children.

Media scoundrels regurgitated the Big Lie. Bin Laden died naturally. He did so in December 2001. He was very ill with kidney disease and other ailments.

In July 2002, The New York Times said he’d been dead for “almost six months.” He was “buried in the mountains of southeast Afghanistan.”

The story was buried, forgotten and ignored. On May 1, 2011, The Times headlined “Bin Laden Is Dead, Obama Says.”

(T)he mastermind of the most devastating attack on American soil in modern times and the most hunted man in the world, was killed in a firefight with United States forces in Pakistan, President Obama announced on Sunday.

Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11. Times writers, commentators and editors never explained.

Lies substituted for truth. They still do. Even its own July 2002 story was ignored. It’s buried down The Times’ memory hole.

Hersh has a bin Laden chapter in a new book he’s writing. It focuses on national security.

He commented on a so-called “independent” Pakistani commission report. It discusses life in the Abottabad compound where Obama said bin Laden was killed.

“The Pakistanis put out a report,” said Hersh. “Don’t get me going on it. Let’s put it this way. It was done with considerable American input. It’s a bullshit report.”

Obama and those around him lie. They do it repeatedly. They do it consistently. They do it disgracefully. Nothing they say holds water. One lie follows others.

Media “leviathans” don’t challenge them. “It’s pathetic,” said Hersh. “They are more than obsequious. They are afraid to pick on” Obama.

It used to be when you were in a situation when something very dramatic happened, the president and the minions around the president had control of the narrative.

You would pretty much know they would do the best they could to tell the story straight.

Now that doesn’t happen any more. Now they take advantage of something like that and they work out how to re-elect the president.”

Finley Peter Dunne (1867 – 1936) believed journalism should “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

Today’s major media journalists follow polar opposite standards and guidelines. They don’t speak to power. They lie for it. They betray their readers, viewers and profession in the process.

Hersh retains hope. “I have this sort of heuristic view that journalism, we possibly offer hope because the world is clearly run by total nincompoops more than ever,” he said.

Not that journalism is always wonderful. It’s not, but at least we offer some way out, some integrity.

He won a Pulitzer Prize for exposing the Vietnam era My Lai massacre. He did it the old-fashioned way. In 1969, he learned about platoon leader William Calley.

He was charged with the crime. Hersh sought him out. His efforts paid off. He got what he wanted. He wrote five stories explaining it. The first one headlined “Lieutenant Accused of Murdering 109 Civilians.”

He did so “deliberately in a search-and-destroy mission in March 1968 in a Viet Cong stronghold known as ‘Pinkville.’ ”

Calley was formally charged on or about Sept. 6, 1969, in the multiple deaths, just a few days before he was due to be released from active service.

He was tried. He was convicted of murder. He was sentenced to life in prison.

He got off easy. Nixon ordered him transferred to house arrest at Fort Benning pending appeal. He remained there for three and half years.

He petitioned for release. A federal judge granted it. In late 1974, Nixon granted him a limited pardon.

His general court-martial, conviction and army dismissal were upheld. His sentence was commuted to time served. He remains a free man.

Decades after Hersh broke the My Lai story, he exposed Iraq’s Abu Ghraib torture and abuse scandal. His message to aspiring journalists is “put the miles and hours in.”

He knew about Abu Ghraib months before he exposed it. “I went five months looking for a document, because without (one), there’s nothing there,” he said.

He’s adamant in calling Obama worse than Bush.

“Do you think Obama’s been judged by any rational standards,” he asked?

“Has Guantanamo closed? Is a war over? Is anyone paying any attention to Iraq?”

“Is he seriously talking about going into Syria? We are not doing so well in the 80 wars we are in right now.”

“What the hell does he want to go into another one for? What’s going on?” Why aren’t journalists discussing this?

He believes US investigative journalism is succumbing to a crisis of confidence. Resources are lacking. Digging out hard truths takes time, patience, supportive editors, and willingness to fund the effort.

Too much today “is looking for prizes,” said Hersh. Journalists want a Pulitzer. They’re not pursuing it the right way.

They practice “packaged journalism.” They write about unsafe “railway crossings and stuff like that.” They avoid hard issues mattering most.

“Like killing people. How does (Obama) get away with” drone wars? “How does he justify it? What’s the intelligence?”

Why don’t we find out how good or bad this policy is? Why do newspapers constantly cite the two or three groups that monitor drone killings? Why don’t we do our own work?

Our job is to find out ourselves. Our job is not just to say – here’s a debate.

Our job is to go beyond the debate and find out who’s right and who’s wrong about issues. That doesn’t happen enough.

It costs money. It costs time. It jeopardizes. It raises risks. There are some people – the New York Times still has investigative journalists but they do much more of carrying water for the president than I ever thought they would.

“It’s like you don’t dare be an outsider any more. The Bush era (was) much easier to be critical” about. Obama gets away with murder.

Most editors are cowards, Hersh believes. Fire them, he says. Start promoting subordinates not beholden to power. Get ones you can’t control.

“Start promoting better people who look you in the eye and say ‘I don’t care what you say.’ ”

“The republic’s in trouble,” Hersh stresses. “We lie about everything. Lying has become the staple.”

It’s what passes for major media journalism today. It’s biased, irresponsible and duplicitous. Propaganda substitutes for real news, information and analysis.

George Seldes called irresponsible journalists of his day “prostitutes of the press.” Paul Craig Roberts calls them “presstitutes.”

The New York Times is the closest thing in America to an official ministry of information and propaganda. The self-styled “paper of record” has a sorrowful history.

It fronts for wealth, power and privilege. It backs corporate interests. It spurns populist ones. When America goes to war or plans one, it marches in lock step.

It lies for power. It does do disgracefully. It’s not alone. America’s entire major media establishment supports what demands condemnation.

Growing numbers of people object. They’re tuning out. They want reliable sources. They’re available online. What better way to stay informed. It’s more important now than ever.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at His new book is titled “Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity.” Visit his blog site at Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network. It airs Fridays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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Can we recover America, back to America?


 By Frosty Wooldridge

For the past several years, America finds itself fragmenting at the seams.  We suffer a gridlocked Congress that watches problems grow and grow—but it fails to take action to solve anything.  It continues endless wars abroad.  It watches our educational systems disintegrate, but does nothing.   Endless millions of minorities and the Middle Class cannot secure jobs, but Congress continues to import 100,000 green card holding immigrants every 30 days.

A mind-blowing 47 million Americans subsist on food stamps, but our U.S. Congress continues to offshore jobs, insource jobs and outsource jobs.  Those 535 congressional critters do everything in their power to subvert the Middle Class of America.

Across America, illiteracy grows as 7,000 kids quit high school every day of the nine-month school cycle.  CBS anchor Scott Pelley said, “Our educational results cannot sustain America.”

In other words, we cannot keep kicking illiterate kids into the job market and hope they can read, write and perform simple math—when they can’t.

We suffer Black-America revolting with marches over Latino-American Zimmerman killing African-American Martin with calls of racism, when, at the same time, 1,300 blacks killed 1,300 blacks from the Martin killing to the trial date.  Black on black crime killed 1,299 black kids while blacks protested over one shooting of a Latino killing a black.  It never occurs to them that black on black and black on white crime runs 1,000 to 1.

The Main Stream Media censors the phenomenon known as “Black Flash Mobs” where young blacks in cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago and Minneapolis—run wild in streets beating up white people and looting stores.

Why? Those kids don’t enjoy fathers to mentor them toward responsible adulthood as 68 percent of all black kids in America are raised by single mothers.  About 99 percent of them live on welfare and in poverty.  (Source: Denver Post, Dottie Lamm)  Yet, the Congress sits and knits, picks its nose and yawns and scratches its rear-end, but won’t get off its collective butt to solve the problems.

Our nation faces $16.5 trillion debt, entrenched poverty class, growing illiteracy, accelerating killings, intractable crime, drugs and unemployment.

Yet, it imports 100,000 legal Third World immigrants every 30 days.   In 2013, we feature over 40 million people not born in this country.  As they continue to bring in their families and birth their babies, whole communities in cities like Chicago, Miami, Houston and LA do not resemble America or speak our language.

Every American sees the mess exploding, but most remain clueless as to its origins.

On a recent radio show where I interview weekly, with Dave Chaffin on the “Morning Zone,”  a caller asked a poignant question:  “Will we ever get back to the America that I knew growing up as a kid?”

First of all, the America of 50 years ago with Norman Rockwell paintings of paper boys throwing papers onto the steps of nicely painted houses with picket fences—will not be seen again.  Instead, we see violent mega-cities exploding beyond the sky line with air pollution and gridlock.

Since 1965, we imported 100 million third world immigrants because of Teddy Kennedy’s Immigration Reform Act.  That bill continues today as it adds 1.2 million third world people annually.

We contorted America from three major ethnic tribal groups with the same Christian religion to over a dozen tribal groups with aggressive religions like Islam.  If the current amnesty bill passes, it will import 1.5 million third world immigrants annually, or, about 125,000 new comers each month.  Total: 100 million by 2050.

Where are they coming from?  This two-minute video on Bangladesh will stun you, but this will be our end result:

That video probably shocked the daylights out of you, but that’s what all of China, India, Bangladesh, Indochina and many other parts of the world face with their population loads. I’ve witnessed it first hand on my world bicycle travels.  Worse, they come to America for a better life, but they continue propagating beyond reason.

Back to the question: Can we return America back to the way it was before this mass immigration juggernaut?

If we don’t reduce all immigration to less than 100,000 annually, instead of 100,000 monthly—we will never, ever return to what it meant to be an unhyphenated American. We will never enjoy religious civility as the Muslims grow their numbers and aggressively push for Sharia Law within America.  We will never again enjoy a flourishing Middle Class.  We will never again enjoy clean air and plenty of water.

We will not enjoy a single language or culture.  We will never again enjoy unlimited freedom as we compact ourselves into cities and begin to resemble China, India and even Bangladesh before this century expires.

What to do?  How to take action?

Do everything in your power to stop S744 amnesty bill. Call, write, visit your Senators and House reps. Write letters to the editor, call your radio shows and push the issue to stop mass immigration.

Join every organization you see on my website: in order to make collective impact to stop passage of S744.

Vote out any senator or congressman that thinks importing the entire third world or the projected 100 million new immigrants to this country within 37 years.

Call or email Charlie Rose and ask him to interview top environmental/population experts as to our future if we allow another 100 million people to be imported via mass immigration.  Write Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, 60 Minutes, Dateline, Primetime, and ask them to interview top speakers as to our survival prospects of an America that grew from 316 million to 625 million people within this century.

Send me your thoughts on more ideas I can share with Americans in order to regain or at least not lose any more of America than we have already.

If you would like to make a difference, please join these organization for the most effective collective action you can take: ; ; ;

Join me, Frosty Wooldridge, with Dave Chaffin, host of the Morning Zone at 650 AM,, Cheyenne, Wyoming every Monday 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., as we discuss my latest commentaries on about issues facing America. You may stream the show on your computer. You may call in at: 1-888-503-6500.

In a five minute astoundingly simple yet brilliant video, “Immigration, Poverty, and Gum Balls”, Roy Beck, director of www.numbersusa.ORG, graphically illustrates the impact of overpopulation.  Take five minutes to see for yourself:

“Immigration by the numbers—off the chart” by Roy Beck

This 10 minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words, “Mind boggling!”

This is the best website to start: ; watch Roy Beck’s “Immigration by the Numbers” at 14 minutes. Bi-partisan and very effective. Become a faxer of pre-written letters to your reps to make positive  change.

Visit for the best information on what we face as a civilization as to overpopulation, energy, immigration and much more.

Canada ; in Australia; in Great Britain ; and dozens of other sites accessed at   In Florida, .

Must see DVD: “Blind Spot” , This movie illustrates America’s future without oil, water and other resources to keep this civilization functioning. It’s a brilliant educational movie!

Must see: Rapid Population Decline, seven minute video by Dr. Jack Alpert-

Dave Gardner, President, Citizen-Powered Media ; Producing the Documentary, GROWTH BUSTERS; presents Hooked on Growth: Our Misguided Quest for Prosperity, Join the cause at ; Trailer to his latest movie on overpopulation:

Check out this link with Wooldridge on bicycle and Lester Brown and panel discussion:

Tomorrow’s America project on

Producer: GEORGE A.

DC: 202-258-4887


Link to for more discussions on America’s predicament.


Alexandra Paul talks about human overpopulation and saving our world by all women having 1 child only:

One planet, one child:

This film will rock you:   MOTHER: CARING FOR 7 BILLION  

Dr. Jack Alpert ,

We must come to terms with birth control and stabilizing human population.

This three minute video brings the terror of India’s predicament up close and personal by Paul Winn of Australia:

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