07 31 18 Self-Governing


By Anna Von Reitz

When I was about fifteen and full of beans and would do something a bit rash or get above myself in making comments to adults, my Mother would wag her head and say, “If you don’t govern yourself, someone else will have to do it for you!  And it will be at your cost!”

What she meant by this was not totally, crystal clear to me at the time, but it has become one of those nagging mantras that expands and clarifies its meaning over the rough road of experience and time.

Like all great truths, it’s deceptively simple.  We have to self-discipline ourselves and choose what is right, or we run the risk of having other parties and powers come into our lives to do the job we have avoided doing for ourselves.

For me as a young girl, it had more to do with minding my tongue and being patient.

For many people, failing to self-govern means landing in jail.

For a nation, it is the fundamental requirement of existence.

And for a 150 years, America has not been fully self-governing.

We have faithfully explained and proven step-by-step exactly how the “Federal” part of our Federal Government was usurped in breach of trust by the British-backed Territorial United States, and how as a consequence our Delegated Powers have been exercised  by Britain despite the Revolution, the War of 1812, the outcomes of the Civil War, the Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, The Constitution for the united States of America, The Constitution of the United States of America, and The Constitution of the United States—–and every rule of law and trust and decency.

Pure and simple, our States were supposed to operate the Federal States of States.  We were supposed to control our monetary policies, our trade policies, our treaties, our war-making, our patent process, our copyrights and everything else that a nation is responsible for self-determining, but we were lulled into a baby-like trusting dependency and ignorance by the perpetrators benefiting themselves at our expense.

We mistook them for us.  We let them take over and dominate our foreign policy and use our young people for gun fodder in their wars for profit for a hundred and fifty years.  We let them rob and control our natural resources, stifle our industries, take over our schools, and sell us down the drain in trade deals beneficial to their interests.  We let them copyright our names and create franchises named after us.  We let them control our patent office.

We failed to self-govern.

Amazingly, even after years of discussion about all these topics, I am still having to explain to people that what they assumed was their government, is not.

Even more difficult, I have to explain the necessity of getting off their duffs and providing themselves with the government they are owed.


“That thing in your courthouse isn’t your government.  It’s a British-backed colonial outpost.  You have to get organized and restore your own government, and then, you can peaceably oust them.  Not until.”


“Those aren’t your courts.  They aren’t operating under the American Common Law.  They aren’t obeying the Constitution, because they are arbitrarily identifying you as a Territorial Citizen and Territorial Citizens have never been owed any constitutional guarantees.”

“Wha-wha-what’s that you are saying?”

“Am I not speaking plain English?  We’ve been taken over by a bunch of British-backed con men. What you think of as your government isn’t your government. You have to pick yourselves up and get busy, get organized to restore the government you are owed, and self-govern.  If you don’t self-govern, some other power will come in here and do it for you —-at your cost!”

At the cost of your children’s lives.  At the cost of your homes and businesses.  At the cost of your peace and security.  At the cost of your intelligence and spirit.  At the cost of your health.  They will be glad to govern you.

Even now there are various European-backed efforts ongoing trying to take over our government functions by a process of assumpsit.  The only thing preventing them is our discernment of who they are and what they are doing and our polite refusal to accept a contract with them.  We’ve got the Scottish version (again) doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, LTD.  And we’ve got the French version, The Republic for the United States of America.

What’s missing is the actual, factual American Government.  Wake up!  Halloooo!  We have to finish the “Reconstruction” that has been left hanging since the Civil War!

There is only one unincorporated entity still doing business as The United States of America and you are part of it by birth, because your State of the Federation – Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, Massachusetts, Maine…. is a member.  You are being called to self-govern.  Your States are being called to assemble – that means that you are being called to assemble.

There’s work to do.  Decisions to be made.  Restoration of the actual American Government to be done.

You have to self-govern, or someone else will be glad to do it for you — at your cost.

If you want a life worth living, a secure future for your children, control of your assets, a health environment, good schools, and a thriving economy — you have to wake up now and get involved.  Pay no attention to what you have hitherto mistaken as “your” government and focus single-mindedly on building up your own local assemblies, both County and State.

Run don’t walk to your State Assembly and get going.  Send an email to: contentmanager1@yahoo.com and start by getting your own political status records corrected by going to my website, www.annavonreitz.com and scrolling down to Article 928, which gives you instructions and templates to help you reclaim your birthright as an American.

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07 30 18 More Nitty Gritty How the Bar Associations Contrived to Overcome the Constitutions and Common Law + How to Recognize the Walking Dead aka Undeclared Federal Agents


By Anna Von Reitz

More Nitty-Gritty: How the Bar Associations Contrived to Overcome the Constitution and Common Law

We have long been aware of the “sea change” that happened in the American Court System circa 1965-66. We have been aware that the result was an unlawful conversion of the State of State Courts from operating in Common Law to Statutory Law and that this was accompanied by an equally unconstitutional and improper shift in legal presumptions about our “Persons”—in fact, an unlawful conversion and trafficking in our Persons occurred.

The organic constitutions under which our states (soil) and States (land) function all refer to “persons” defined as Natural Persons — living men and women — and “inhabitants” — again, living people who have made their home (soil) and established their domicile (land) in one of the sovereign States of The United States of America.

So exactly how was this sleight of hand “redefining” Natural Persons as legal fiction “Persons” accomplished, and how was the Organic Constitution and Common Law overthrown? And why?

The why is simple enough. The Territorial and Municipal United States and their federated “State of States” business franchises had been operating on a fiat currency system for decades and draining away our American silver dollars via their inequitable “dollar for dollar” exchange rate established by the 1934 Emergency Banking Act. By 1965 they were looking for new actual, factual assets to “exchange” for their I.O.U.s.

Credit systems based on I.O.U’s. are not real in the sense of having something of intrinsic hold-in-your-hand value to exchange. Having established a virtual monopoly on our monetary system and having removed both gold and (largely though not entirely) silver from circulation at that time, they moved on to the next obvious step — creating the fictional Persons/PERSONS to go with their fictional money — and seizing upon and subjecting our actual Natural Persons as the source of their credit.

So profit and control of our assets were the motives. That’s why.

And here’s how: an unconstitutional and undisclosed “amendment” to the State Constitutions, allowing the rats to tack on statutory law as an administrative option and allowing the commingling of “Persons”—-which then allows them to use “judicial discretion” to unlawfully convert Natural Persons to legal fiction Persons and prosecute these under statutory law.

These “amendments” were presented as voter initiatives by the schemers who then purposefully misled voters as to the nature and affect of the proposed amendments to their State Constitutions.

We have it dead in the water in New Hampshire and it is being confirmed as a repeat performance at about the same time in all fifty States. This is proof of a nationwide conspiracy, promoted by local Bar Association members and allowed by politicians.

All these “amendments” are null and void for fraud and failure to disclose their intent and affect, and in violation of the original organic Constitutions owed to the States and People.

The paperwork related to New Hampshire’s case is being posted on my website:  http://annavonreitz.com/danielrichard.pdf

We need researchers in all fifty (50) states to examine the voter initiatives and constitutional amendments proposed in your states in about the same time period — 1965-66 — to nail down the same fraud being promoted in all fifty states.

These amendments allowing commingling of “Persons” need to be nullified by declaration from the moment of their adoption and brought forward for nullification by the courts themselves.

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07 30 18 How to Recognize the Walking Dead aka Undeclared Federal Agents


By Anna Von Reitz

As you now know, most of us have been declared legally dead and have to prove that we are alive and have to take action to establish our birthright political status and re-convey our Trade Names back to the land and soil of our birth in order to protect ourselves and exercise our reversionary trust interest in our own birthright estates.

This is because we are being targeted as victims in the biggest identity and credit and bankruptcy/insurance fraud scheme in history. They indemnify you from loss and damage to legalize their theft and literally “put a gloss” over their seizure and use of your identity, credit, and assets—- and then prevent you from ever making a claim, simply by not telling you how and never revealing that you have the option.

But at least you can, by dint of hard work and learning and help from others along the way, regain your living status.

As things stand, federal citizens are “dead” and remain so, because their only presence is as “dead” corporate entities: JOHN DOE (Public Charitable Trust), JOHN M. DOE (Bankrupt Public Utility) and JOHN MARK DOE (Foreign Grantor Trust). And many of them have no choice in the matter, other than invoking “Equal Civil Rights”. They are in terms of law, among the “walking dead” by definition.

Now, nobody in their right mind wants to be stuck in that helpless zombie status, but as long as nobody knows that they’ve been handed a second class “citizenship” instead of their Natural and Unalienable rights– who is going to complain, right?

Most Federal Citizens are harmless, but there are some notable exceptions: crooked judges and lawyers, insurance adjusters, paid snitches and trolls and runaway politicians.

So how do you recognize these predatory zombies?

Many of them are blowhards who speak the loudest and take the most extreme stances and try to convince you that they know what is “really” going on (and you don’t). They also regularly entrap innocent people and encourage them to take wrong action as a means of getting them into trouble.

That’s what happened to Schaeffer Cox. That’s what happened to the “Colorado Nine”.

Schaeffer’s story is typical. The Federales imposed upon people of shady character who were in trouble already to act as infiltrators and snitches.

The snitches were then encouraged to lead Schaeffer to make mis-statements that could be used as evidence against him and they recorded those statements without Schaeffer’s knowledge. They also used their position of trust to feed him wrong information and encouraged him to be paranoid and react to phantom threats. That’s what landed him in jail with a very long sentence.

The Colorado Nine story is also textbook. An insurance adjuster (Honk! honk! Buzz! Wee-O! Wee-O! “Licensed professional” Honk! That’s my Shinola Sensor going off in the background) named Michael R. Hamilton showed up all of a sudden and was immediately the loudest voice in the room, the most ardent advocate of “taking action” — always implying violent action and “resistance” and “preparation” and calling me and anyone who supported me names and making suggestive remarks and even outright accusations against my “loyalty”.

People who require licenses from the government to make a living are always at a disadvantage, and because they are, they can more easily be “compromised” and outright forced or “encouraged” to run these sting operations.

So Michael R. Hamilton, insurance adjuster, came in and made himself out to be the brightest legal mind that ever was, the most knowledgeable, most ardent patriot around, and he shoved the Colorado Nine into making exactly the wrong moves and he cast doubts in their minds about me so that they didn’t heed my warnings.

But — please note — when it really came push to shove, Michael R. Hamilton was nowhere to be found. After preaching action, action, action — he took none. He wasn’t arrested. Once the others were in jail, he took a powder and disappeared. Probably went to the Bahamas for a well-earned vacation on Uncle Sam’s ticket.

Beware the loudest voices, the ones that taunt and ridicule and cast doubt on others. Beware the big egos that are all about “me, me, me, and mine” touting their own horns and bragging about their accomplishments. Beware those preaching action without really defining what “action” they advocate and especially beware of anyone pushing violence, fear, or suspicion aimed at local people and long-time friends.

Michael R. Hamilton wasn’t even from Colorado.

If you listen carefully to these shysters you will always hear faint echoes of a carnival barker, someone selling you something, someone overbearing you, someone making you afraid, someone making you doubt your own horse sense.

Turn away from these characters, because they are up to no good. Just pay them no mind. Turn the knob. Shut them down. Don’t let them dominate you or hog the floor at meetings and don’t stand around while they insult and cast doubts on other members of your group.

Chances are, when you see these behaviors, you’ve got an undeclared foreign agent on your hands.

One way to help “cut to the chase” with these scenarios is to use the Bevins Declaration at the start of every meeting public or private. Just say, “Anyone here acting as an undisclosed federal agent or provocateur, anyone seeking to collect information for Third Parties, anyone working for some other agenda such as entrapment or solicitation or redirection of our group is now invited to declare themselves or leave.”

Strange as it may seem, this simple precaution often causes Federal Agents to respond. They raise their hands or they vacate and that’s just fine. If they don’t respond appropriately to a Bevins Declaration, they are made fully liable for their lack of disclosure and any evidence they collect is tainted.

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07 28 18 Here It Is – Tied Up With a Bow


By Anna Von Reitz

Many people are still having a hard time grasping what went on here, even after the research has been done and published and re-researched and affirmed again.

The states that went to war in the Civil War were the Federal-Level “Confederate States” — yes, there were “Confederate States” long before the Civil War.  Those States of States were formed in 1781 under the Articles of Confederation as doing business entities belonging to the States of the Union.

We have the Federation (Union) of States doing business as The United States of America (September 9, 1776) and a few years later, we have the Confederation of States known as the States of America formed under The Articles of Confederation (March 1, 1781).

The members of the States of America Confederation were all corporate entities doing business using names in the form: The State of Georgia, The State of Ohio, The State of Massachusetts, etc.  They  got along well enough and exercised the Delegated Powers under the Federal Constitution (The Constitution for the united States of America) from 1787 to 1861, when some of the “confederate” states broke away from the original Confederation and formed their own group, the Confederate States of America.

So not all “confederate” States were in rebellion against the original Confederation.  There were “Union” States of States like The State of Ohio and The State of Wisconsin that elected to stay loyal to the original Confederation formed under The Articles of Confederation, and other break-away States of States that wanted to go their own way—the Southern members that formed the CSA.

And none of this had anything to do with the actual sovereign States of the original Federation, The United States of America, and their members— Ohio, Wisconsin, Massachusetts et alia that existed at the same time.

The American Civil War was a cat-fight among commercial business entities and their backers, what we call a “mercenary war”.  This is why there is no actual Declaration of War associated with the civil war and no actual Peace Treaty ending it.

It wasn’t really a war and Abraham Lincoln wasn’t really a President of this country, either.

But that’s another story.  For right now, we want to follow the thread of what happened.

In 1863, the Northern Confederation States of States were bankrupt.  Abraham Lincoln signed the Lieber Code (General Order 100) which is the first Executive Order as Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic. The next day he entered the Northern Confederation of Federal States into bankruptcy.

He made the Army responsible for the duties of the Federal States of States during their bankruptcy.

After the hostilities ceased two years later in 1865, the Federal States of States in the North were still in reorganization and the Southern States of States were in ruins and total disarray.

Britain saw its chance.

It came in via the guise of the banks acting as creditors to the Northern States of States and proposed to substitute British-backed Territorial States of States for the Federal States of States we are owed.  Thus, in 1868, The State of Georgia was surreptitiously moth-balled and the British Territorial equivalent, the State of Georgia, took over.

It was a commercial fraud aimed at commandeering our Federal Government by Britain and it worked.

As a result, the “Federal” part of our “Federal Government” has been moth-balled and held “in abeyance” for 150 years, while the actual international government owed to this county – The United States of America [Unincorporated] has been vicariously “represented”–mostly by the perpetrators of the aforementioned scheme.

The actual international government that delegated the “Delegated Powers” in the first place, The United States of America, was left ineffective and unable to contact and assemble their member States, cut off from its sources of revenue, and its executive officers mercilessly hunted and murdered by British-sympathizers and spies.

Fast forward to 1933.  The British-Territorial interlopers have made a mess of things and let the international bankers manipulate and destroy our stock market for their profit.  The Great Depression socks down. Millions of Americans lose their homes and farms and businesses.  The banks buy up everything in sight for pennies on a dollar, profiting from the disaster they created for exactly this purpose.

As part of the clean-up, FDR pulled the biggest identity theft in history, declaring that we were all franchises of the British Territorial United States Government; that is, he seized ownership and copyrighted our Given Trade Names, and stole our most private property from us – our identities — falsified them, and offered these new “franchises” as chattel backing government debt.

The theft was unobservable and unconscionable.  On paper, there is no way to tell the difference between the Trade Name of a living man, John Mark Doe, and the name of a Territorial Foreign Situs Trust doing business as “John Mark Doe”.  Millions upon millions of Americans were thus kidnapped into the foreign jurisdiction of the British Territorial United States and mis-characterized and impersonated in this fashion without their knowledge or consent.

It was and is a commercial crime of staggering proportions.

In order to legalize this theft the then-Congress published its intent as House Joint Resolution 192, enacted Public Law 73-10, UCC 3-104(c) and numerous court cases were fought: Guaranty Trust Co. of New York v. Henwood et al., 307 U.S. 247 (FN3) and Spencer v. Sterling Bank, 63 Cal. Ap. 4th, 1055 (1998), and as further proof we have the charges brought to the House Judiciary Committee by then-Co-Chair of the House Banking Sub-Committee, Congressman Louis T. McFadden (still waiting to be heard, but firmly lodged against the bastards nonetheless), and the admissions found in Witkin Negotiable Instruments, Volume III including the 2002 Supplement.

As a result of this outrageous and undisclosed claim by FDR, the assets including the names and property of virtually all Americans were “conscripted” and used as chattel backing the debts of a privately owned and operated governmental services corporation chartered in Delaware by the Roman Catholic Church and calling itself the “United States of America” (Incorporated).

As a further result, the Congress and the Church and the Bank of Scotland (for a prior bankruptcy of their commercial “service” corporation doing business as “The United States of America” Inc.) and the British Crown and the British Monarchs and the Popes all became liable to the American States and People for all debts, all damages and losses we have incurred.

And that is why our “friends, trustees, and allies” sought to paint us with the brush of their own guilt and have undermined our lawful government—to gain control of and profit from our assets.

Prince Philip collected $950 Trillion dollars-worth of “Life Force Value Annuities” from the bankruptcy of CANADA (Inc.) — yet another bogus governmental services corporation, last April 15th, and promptly “retired” from his public office — if he ever had one.  Most of that credit as already reported, belongs to us, the American People who have been defrauded, and the People of Canada, who have been sold under the same completely outrageous and fraudulent circumstances.

That’s our credit, not anything owed to Prince Philip, not anything rightfully belonging to CANADA or the UN or some muckety-muck in the Philippines.  We mean to have it back and to be fully credited for our time and labor and that of our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents, too.  If the Queen doesn’t like it, she and Hubby know what they can do.

Also, please note, that our actual General Government, The United States of America, was never conquered, never directly involved in any of this ugly commercial squabbling, and not a participant in any “war” – civil or otherwise –related to any of this con game and it is owed every jot of every treaty and commercial services contract.  We are here to exercise all the above in sum total.

We have called the actual States to assemble and they are doing so.  Every American is being told to get their political status correction on the public land jurisdiction records and to join their State Assembly: go to the National Assembly website.

Also please note that we are not in any kind of “abeyance” and that Donald J. Trump is qualified and has been bonded to enter the actual Office of the President of The United States of America.

What is left to do is to exercise our indemnity – our “insurance” against loss and damage.

As explained in the prior article, you are responsible for examining Bills addressed to the franchises for accuracy and approving them for payment and sending it back to the Billing Party.  They are then responsible for taking it to the TTL Officer at their bank and he is responsible for sending the approved bill to the Treasury via certified or registered mail with a return receipt requested; sixteen days after the bill is received by the Treasury, the TTL Officer at the Billing Party’s local bank is authorized to deposit credit in the amount claimed into the Billing Party’s account.

This then cancels the billing out, credit for credit.

You, Joe Average American, were never meant to pay any of these bills that are associated with mortgages, car loans, college loans, credit cards, public utility bills and so on.  You have merely been coerced and suffered racketeering —seeking to force you to pay, rather than letting you claim your indemnity.

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07 27 18 Who to Light a Fire Under…..?


By Anna Von Reitz

Where to go to report a crime?  Like you being falsely identified and impersonated as a “US CITIZEN” or “citizen of the United States” and presented with federal tax bills and liens?  Well, here it is, folks!   Thank you, Texas!

Claim your indemnity from all this bull crap and make it stick.

Make them go through the process they are supposed to go through — present the bill for your approval, accept your signature to release the credit, take the signed “voucher” to their TTL Officer at their bank and submit it to the U.S. Treasury for permission to deposit equal credit in the Billing Party’s account. After the Treasury returns the green Return Receipt to the TTL Officer submitting the request, they have to wait sixteen days from the return date before issuing the credit equal to the debt. The Billing Bank and the U.S. Treasury are supposed to be cancelling out all these bogus charges being sent to Americans.

U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA)


Report Fraud, Waste, & Abuse

If you are aware of fraud, waste, mismanagement, and abuse in the IRS programs and operations, report it to the TIGTA Hotline! 

What kinds of things should you report?

Allegations of violations that impact the integrity of Federal tax administration and IRS programs. This includes allegations of misconduct by IRS employees.

Allegations of improprieties, false claims and fraud by outside contractors attempting to defraud the IRS by utilizing deceptive contract methods.

Allegations of identity theft where any individual (s) impersonated the IRS or an IRS employee or used words, letters, symbols, or IRS emblems to illegally obtain personal, confidential or private financial information.

Examples of specific allegations that should be reported include, but are not limited to: attempts by taxpayers to bribe IRS personnel; extortion or misuse of position by IRS personnel; assaults and/or threats by taxpayers against IRS employees; schemes involving the use of computer technology or mail that impersonate the IRS or IRS personnel; misconduct by tax practitioners (falsification of qualifications, theft of IRS tax remittances and theft of IRS tax refunds).

Note: Contact IRS for tax related issues – www.irs.gov/contact/index.html

Your complaint will be kept confidential if it is received on the phone, through the mail, or in person. We cannot guarantee confidentiality if you send your complaint via the online form or e-mail.

Laws protect you from reprisals (any action taken against you because you filed this complaint).

You can submit your complaint by these methods:

By Online Form or Email (TIGTA Hotline Complaints Unit):
Remember: if you submit your complaint via the online form or email, it is possible – though unlikely – that others could read it since the internet is not secure.

By Phone:
Call toll free: 1-800-366-4484

By Fax:
(202) 927-7018

By Mail:
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
P.O. Box 589
Ben Franklin Station
Washington, DC 20044-0589

07 26 18 Trying not to lose my property


By Anna Von Reitz

Anna answers the following question from one of our readers.

“Howdy Paul , I was trying to offset some debts. Had some luck with an A4V, offset 39k of student loans. But have had no success otherwise. Trying not to lose my property. What do you know about the BC and Indemnity bonds? I really appreciate your time and I would like Anna to know the same. I am very much grateful. Respectfully, (Name Withheld) ”

Answer from Anna:

Paul– I am in a location with very poor internet reception.  You will probably want to post this as a separate article as everyone needs to wrap their head around this situation.

Any debt that is from a public lender –that is, an incorporated business- is subject to discharge.  Private debts are not.

The vermin responsible seized upon your private property- your name– and created unauthorized franchises named after you.  This use of your name was unconscionable and non-consensual.  In order to make it legal they had to indemnify you against loss or damage –that is, insure you against loss or damage resulting from their use of your property.  Also, if they confiscate any of your assets they have to pay you fair market value.  All that is required and set in cement by the Lieber Code and Hague Conventions and spelled out in Army Regulations AR 27-20.

They just never told you and never made it possible for you to claim your Indemnity.

So when they force you to pay off their mortgage you have the right to discharge it via the Federal Treasury Window but instead you are misled into assuming that it’s your mortgage– you are deceived and defrauded into paying off the government corporation’s debts for them and the guilty banks facilitating this gross fraud don’t even bother to report all this “Gift Income” to the IRS.

Here is what is supposed to happen:

They bring you the Bill, you approve the charge, they take the signed Bill to the TTL Officer at their bank, he sends it by certified or registered mail to the Treasury attention Steven Terner Mnuchin or his Successor with a Return Receipt Requested Green card. Sixteen days after the date received shown on the return receipt (the green card that comes back to the TTL Officer)  the local bank is authorized to deposit credit into the Billing Party’s account equal to the charge they presented.

You are put in the middle to keep the Billing honest– you are NOT required to pay the Bill.

But since absolutely nobody ever told you any of this you have gone on slogging along paying bills that you are insured against and that were never actually yours to pay since the governmental services corporations claimed to own everything –including your Trade Name and they are in truth and in fact accountable for every charge they have made against you and your assets.

All this is handled by the Billing Party’s bank and the US Treasury. All you have to do is check the bill over and authorize payment .

Anything that can be bought with credit can be paid for in this way with credit.

And this, legally, is what the banks and the corporations have been obligated to do all along and the way this system was supposed to be working all along.

This service department within the US Treasury is called the Seventh Department of Extraordinary Finance, but because you were never told how to access this means of indemnifying yourself against loss as a result of their use of the government franchise’s NAME on your paperwork and never informed that you were paying off a government mortgage taken against your property– you assumed that it was your own mortgage you were paying.

Not so. The bank shifted the entire weight of the government’s debts off onto our shoulders and never said a word.  The government kept mum, too.  But the truth of the matter is that the filthy buggers in Congress told outrageous lies about you and their relationship with you.  They borrowed huge sums of money against your assets, never told you, and never told you that you were supposed to be indemnified against the harm of these venal practices via “mutual offset credit exchange” and deposit of credit from the US Treasury to pay all the Bills addressed to YOU.

So Congress had you suckered into paying all their whims and you didn’t have a clue and the banks were not doing their job and not informing you, either.

It’s nothing but a giant identity theft and Ponzi Scheme with you targeted as the Fall Guy, being foisted off on you by the members of “a” “US” Congress that also conveniently did not reveal that it was acting in behalf of the Territorial United States and not the “United States” that you naturally assumed– a foreign British-backed “Congress” that did nothing but serve itself at your expense for 150 years.

And the Kings and the Queens and the Popes acted in Gross Breach Of Trust, sat on their asses and raked in the profits from all this guile and fraud.

Generations of people worldwide have been hoodwinked and enslaved by these hidden commercial interests operating under color of law for the profit of a very few. And now it is time for “the System” to work the way it is legally mandated to work and for the guilty parties and banks to pay up or be liquidated.

Mnuchin needs to bulk up his staff and vastly reorganize his mailroom.

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07 25 18 The Devil Went Down to Alaska?


By Anna Von Reitz

So we finally won our case. Donald Trump sicced teams of lawyers and archivists and historians onto all the information we’ve provided and guess what? We stand exonerated. All that we have brought forward has been proven, nailed down, and tied up with a bow, complete with all the research and case law and historical documentation.

Count that much done and over.

President Trump now knows — definitively — what is wrong, what the game is, what the game has been all along, who is responsible, and from what he has done so far, he is swiftly taking care of business. But he can’t do it alone.

You see, he is working from the “federal side” of the fence. He needs our help coming from the side of the states and the people to meet him halfway. I already thumped on everyone to get their political status corrected and join their State Assembly, so I won’t beat that drum again. At least not today.

What I will tell you is that there has been an extraordinary “up-tick” in millionaires and billionaires contacting me and promising support for my work and the work of The Living Law Firm…..if…..

Now I have been contacted before by millionaires before in the course of doing this work. Somehow none of them have the insight to figure out that their good is tied to the overall good of this country and that their freedom from such things as IRS harassment is tied to a larger picture in which everyone is freed from the same scourge.

Instead, they always want a quid pro quo. You do this for me, and I will do this for you…. always the sidebar, always the back rubbing scenario, always the everyone-has-a- price attitude. Even those that inherited their money have the same selfish, small-minded, narrow view.

Most of them come because they have IRS or “regulatory agency” problems they want me to fix. I help them. They promise to make a donation. They forget. They include some of the richest people in America and they all do the same things, the same way. It’s monotonous, boring, and yes, irritating.
So irritating that I see them coming and spit.

They always show up with the expectation that I am going to be all excited and groveling and fawning and begging them for money. They always brag about their latest acquisition, their expensive hobbies, their new car, their latest hang-gliding trip to Morocco.

It’s so obnoxious that I have to apply my Christian upbringing and try really hard to see them as people who are in trouble, who need help.

Most of the time I succeed.

But lately, since the word is out on the street that I am on target and have the facts and by golly —- she was right! —– now all of a sudden there is a conga line of millionaires lining up to make a deal.

But, I tell them, there’s no deal here. All you get from helping me, is what everyone else gets. Good government. Free markets. Safe banks. A sane judicial system. Protection of your lives and your private property. You know — what you are supposed to have now, but don’t.

They all look disappointed. Crest-fallen. What? There’s no special ice cream? No back of the cabinet joy juice? Nope.

They don’t have sense enough to realize that without the basics that everyone needs being in place, they suffer too. So they walk away and most of the time don’t even say, “Thank you.” It’s rare that they even buy lunch. Most of the time I get stuck with the bill —-after they asked me out to pick my brain about their problem.

See what I mean? Selfish. Short-sighted. Small. If that’s what having a lot of money does to people — and apparently it does in a majority of cases — let’s stay poor.

Probably because of this plague of all these do-nothing-see-nothing-care-about-nothing-but-my-pedicure millionaires, I had a dream last night.

Lucifer came to me and promised me all the money and power in the world, if only I would bow down and worship him.

I said, “What good is money to me? The moment I spend it, it’s gone. Bring me clean natural ocean water for this planet. Then, we’ll talk.”

But of course, that’s impossible, because all the oceans are polluted. He looked just like those millionaires. So disappointed.

So the dream goes on, and I go on about my business in the dream — which is cleaning house and washing windows — and Lucifer shows up again — and he says, “You need money to do the work you’ve taken on. I can give you the whole world. All you have to do is bow down and worship me.”

I smile at him. He looks like a young Marine. He’s so earnest.

“I’m not really interested in money. It comes in, it goes out. Bring me really nice, fresh, clean air to breathe—air with lots of oxygen for everyone. Then we’ll talk.”

But that’s not possible, either. He flushes red-faced and looks really angry, but he turns around on his heel and walks away.

Finally, as I am resting from my day’s work and looking out my nice clean windows, he shows up again.

“What does it take, you obstinate old woman!” he rages.

“I already gave you a couple ideas,” I return mildly and shrug.

This doesn’t improve his mood.

“Perhaps you could clean up all the polluted soil and return all the soil that has eroded to its rightful place? Then, we could talk.”

This is the final straw. He’s really beyond angry now. He’s stomping around my living room, huffing and snorting.

“Everyone worships ME!” he shouts. “Everyone!”

I say nothing. I don’t have to. Evidently, not everyone worships him….or he wouldn’t be kicking up so much dust, right?

“Money,” I say to him, “is a tool — like a shovel, or a rake, or a post hole digger. And I have work to do, that’s true. I am a bit frustrated right now, because I want to get on with my job, but hey, I’m just a worker. It’s the True Lord’s vineyard. He’ll get around to supplying me with everything I need.”

And that was the final straw. He whipped around and did his old swirling routine, making a little tornado in the middle of my kitchen and disappearing in a puff of smoke. The dream ended with me sighing and picking up all the paper he blew off my desk.

Out of all these millionaires and even billionaires I have talked to, I bet none of them have contributed as much as some of the seniors who make a $10 per month donation out of their Social Security checks.

Well, at least we can truly and absolutely say that everything that we have done has not been funded by any special interests. It has all been done with cookie jar money by Team America and Team World— just average people with limited resources who weigh in and plug along step-by-step toward a better future for everyone.

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From: Neo The One

To: Paul Stramer at Eurekadsl.net ; Anna von Reitz ; Monday Night Class – Caleb

Sent: Monday, July 23, 2018 9:22 AM


Greetings Paul, Anna and Caleb

I will be holding my final Q & A call to invite those with an interest to consider joining my upcoming class.

If you would be so kind as to forward the below message to your groups I would be extremely grateful.


Hello Truth Seekers:

I am holding my final call tomorrow Tuesday July 24 at 7PM CST to share with you some of the insights I have gained from my 3 1/2 years of teaching and 27 years of researching issues of the Freedom movement.

I want to offer a final opportunity for those who have not yet decided on whether to join  my class to hear my students testimonials as well as an overview of what you can expect to learn from the class.

I want you each to think about what is important in your life.  I find that most people only think about issues of Freedom when something tragic happens in their life, like being imprisoned or indicted, foreclosure, tax problems etc.

This is a “bassackwards” approach, because it leaves you completely unprepared when trouble strikes.

I have always taught that you will rarely have the opportunity to pick when trouble will come into your life.   The best thing is to be prepared.  In actuality there is a better reason to be educated.

Your Freedom and that of your family depends on it.  The future depends on it.   We are dangerously approaching a point of critical mass when so much of the population will be so hopelessly indoctrinated that the government will completely cut loose on us all.  No holds barred.

Because we have forgotten our “place”in government,the government has purposely advanced their own cause to displace our sovereignty.   It’s as if we all fell asleep and are now stuck in this hellish nightmare.

Actually, the governments are idiotic puppets dancing to the tune of their masters, the international banking syndicate and military industrial complex.

The Truth is NOTHING HAS CHANGED.  All of our protections and Rights are still here, safe as ever.  This was cleverly relayed int he Wizard of Oz when Glenda told Dorothy “You always had the Power to return Home whenever you wished.”

The problem is you don’t understand how and probably don’t even believe that, but it’s true.  I know it is true when I see prosecutors LITERALLY TREMBLE at my words and judges retire when they have to deal with me.  After a short conversation, with them, THEY KNOW I KNOW.  They know the jig is up.

The only difference between you and me is knowledge, experience and confidence.   Some of my students have accomplished miracles using my material.   I’ve seen it work time and again.

So there is a choice all of us must make.  Agree that we are fine living as slaves with others controlling nearly every facet of our lives (and looking at ways to control others facets) OR take control of our lives and reclaim the rights so many good men were SHOT, BLOWN UP and DIED for us to have.

I hope to see you tomorrow night!