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The federal courts have refused to enforce the Constitution. Congress has failed to impeach & remove usurping federal judges – it has failed to be the “check” on the federal courts.  Therefore, WE must enforce the Constitution by means of nullification. WE must be the final “check” on the courts.  Study & Learn so that you are qualified to do this. PH

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Hi everyone,

Today we are delighted to announce the release of a brand new open Congress version three.  Now, open Congress offers the easiest way to write a letter to all your members of Congress, all on one page, then send it immediately over e-mail. As always, it’s free and open source for the public benefit.

We’re taking all the unique data that has made Open Congress the leading not for profit government transparency website in the United States and using it to power an innovative tool set for grassroots organizing and taking action.

Now you can write to all of your members of Congress at the same time, pulling campaign finance data, bill status info, legislative text, and more into your letter with a simple drag and drop process.

Contact-Congress makes it simple to write powerful, personalized letters to Congress in just a matter of minutes.

MyOC Groups—Coordinate your actions with people who care about the same issues as you. My OC groups is a free platform that makes it possible for anyone to start and lead a grassroots group for watchdogging, peer-to-peer educating, and organizing actions directed at Congress. Share your communications with Congress and publicly track responses from their offices. You can also find groups that are already working on stuff that you care about and get involved right away.

Over the past few days, with congressional web sites crashing due to massive interest in the debt ceiling debate, it’s become clearer than ever that we needed a better system for constituent communication with Congress. The new features were launching today are the foundation for an effective new platform for citizen engagement with our senators and representatives. Until now, it has not been possible to e-mail all of your members of Congress at the same time from one open-source, not for profit, website—unbelievable right?

But this is just the beginning. In the coming months we will be adding even more information about how special interest groups are influencing bills and votes—we’re continually improving our free tools for fighting corruption in politics and encouraging a more responsive democracy.

As always, all of our work will be free to use, free for developers to borrow and remix, and totally independent of political parties or business structures.  OpenCongress is different because all of our data except for personal info, is available in the public commons to help build open knowledge and government accountability, something we need now as urgently as ever.

We invite you to take our new tools for a Spin and let us know what you think.  Take a second to find a bill you care about from our unique list of major bills by issue area, choose whether you support or oppose it in the right-hand sidebar, and draft a quick letter to Congress using our new Contact-Congress tool.  I think you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to write  powerful and personalized letters to Congress.  We’ll be continually highlighting some of the most-newsworthy and most-viewed public letters on our blog, so dive in–let the people who represent you in Congress know what you think !

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IMF Turning Crises Into Opportunity


Friday, July 29, 2011 – by Staff Report

IMF‘s Lagarde Says Clock Ticking for U.S., European Policy Makers on Debt …Christine Lagarde (left), the new head of the International Monetary Fund, urged U.S. policy makers to quickly agree on a fiscal plan and avoid default, while warning Europeans that they are also under pressure to implement their own measures to alleviate the debt crisis. … The former French finance minister hinted that she may seek more money for the IMF. The decision by the group of 20 nations in 2009 to triple IMF resources “was exactly the right move,” she said. “The question is do we still have the level of resources that is now needed and appropriate to address the crises?” – Bloomberg

Dominant Social Theme: With a little more money the IMF can fix all.

Free-Market Analysis: We have been predicting in these humble pages that the current crises sweeping through the world’s financial marts would be used to galvanize support for an even greater consolidation of globalist power. And now, here comes Christine Lagarde, speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations, warning not only America’s “wise leaders” to get their financial house in order, but also the Europeans too. She truly speaks to all nations with a very authoritarian voice.

Lagarde is wasting no time in positioning the IMF as the ultimate provider of wisdom and understanding – the ideal institution to help lead the world forward. As she winds her way through her performance, we envision a crowd of CFR attendee’s swooning to-and-fro in gleeful unison, machinating how to advance the new world order. Oh how much more pleasant she is at this than DSK! (Sarcasm off.)

The reality of the global financial turmoil that has everyone’s attention right now, and deservedly so, is NOT going to be fixed as long as we-the-people continue to give these “wise leaders” the license to oppose the laws of nature. It is the inconsistencies associated with econometrics and central planning, which run counter to the basic operating systems that drive individuals and communal realtionships generally.

People make billions and billions, perhaps trillions and trillions, of decisions each and everyday about a whole host of things that affect their lives. The totality of all these decisions shapes the overall environment around us. And the closer the decision maker is to the ultimate effect of the actual decision being made, the more likely the individual will choose a course that best represents his or her interest.

However, over time via mind manipulation and outright physical oppression, people have been beaten down by fear and removed from taking personal responsibility for their own lives. And at different times in history the processes used to destroy people’s liberties and freedoms has had to change – and not because the power elite necessarily wanted it to.

Prior to the advent of the Gutenberg Press, the primary method of mind manipulation and propaganda was the Roman Catholic Church. The RCC, together with Europe’s ruling Monarch’s, had total control over the fear-baseddominant social themes that kept the masses under their rule. But the Press changed all that and opened people’s minds.

The history of the Renaissance and subsequent Protestant Reformation is well understood by many people. Perhaps less understood is why it happened. To appreciate what inspired the social change and accompanying turmoil of that era is to understand what is shaping the “crises” around the world today and, perhaps more importantly, the expected trends one can forsee by applying that knowledge.

The Anglosphere elites seek world governance. The UNWHO, IMF, World BankICCNATO et al., along with their affiliated think tanks Tavistock, CFR, etc., – not to mention central banks – were all created BEFORE the Internet was developed – at least for mainstream use. These edifices were – and still are – meant to be the international control centers for the entire planet’s population. The plan calls for an extreme form of centralization, one that inevitably removes any chance for the “individual” to exist. It is a plan that empowers a “chosen, self-appointed few” to make all of the decisions for everybody.

Of course we disagree with those who seek such an Orwellian society. We believe, as stated above, that government should exist in its most minimal form to protect the natural rights of the individual – not destroy them. But Lagrade and people like her sell the belief that they can do a better job of steering the ship of life, so to speak. Once again, we humbly disagree and side with Ludwig von Mises on this one. And not only do we … but millions of more people do today as well – and more will tomorrow too.

This is the impact that the Internet Reformation is having and what is ultimately flipping the legitimacy of the globalist construct on its proverbial head. People are learning how they’ve been defrauded by a corrupt and unfair system. They can see for themselves that money as it exists today is nothing but a PONZI scheme and that central banks are destroying people’s lives, literally. People don’t like to be defrauded. People see how mainstream media is a talking mouthpiece for the money elite and reinforces the “wise leader syndrome.” People don’t like to be brainwashed. People see how both sides of the political aisle in all Western government structures are really one in the same and that the same money elite who control the money supply and mainstream media are in total control of the Hegelian Dialectic. People don’t like to feel as if they have no voice.

Today people are fed up. And rightfully so. The globalists are once again feeling the pressure that comes from an increase in public consciousness. It has been roughly 500 years since the Gutenberg Press inspired its “season of change.” Well, we are just in the dawning days of this ‘Net-inspired “season of change” and the collectivist agenda is rapidy being exposed for the brutal destroyer to natural liberty that it is.

Will the financial crises be “fixed” by increasing the debt ceiling? Not a chance. Will the IMF be able to do a better job of managing the world financial crises with more “resources?” Nope. But they will certainly try and convince a struggling mass of voters, as their national economies continue to implode, that the solution is in unification.

The reason the turmoil is happening now is that people are awakening. It is really that simple. But the greater question remaining to be seen is whether or not the Internet Reformation will move quicker at exposing the rot within the current planners’ system than the planners can at advancing and implementing their global agenda. This is the struggle.

Conclusion: The world is caught in a cycle of unsustainable lies. The tricks have been played. The memes have been spun. Today’s financial system is based on phony money. People’s faith in it is rapidly eroding and they are employing individual strategies to get out of harm’s way, or at least to the best of their ability. That is why the world’s financial markets are in turmoil. The pool of “believers” is shrinking. There will be pain to come as reality takes root, but the positive, dear reader, is that we all have a chance to build something new – a free-market.

The World’s Biggest Central Bank Has Private Shareholders


Friday, July 29, 2011

As I’ve pointed out for years, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is owned by the world’s central banks, which are in turn owned by the big banks. See this and this.

It turns out there may be a very interesting wrinkle to the private ownership issue.

By way of background, BIS is often called the “central banks’ central bank”, as it coordinates transactions between central banks, and which is the entity determining the level of reserves banks are required to keep worldwide.

As Spiegel reported in 2009:

The BIS is a closed organization owned by the 55 central banks. The heads of these central banks travel to the Basel headquarters once every two months, and the General Meeting, the BIS’s supreme executive body, takes place once a year.

But as the New York Federal Reserve Bank currently states on its website:

As of March 2006, the BIS had 55 shareholding central banks from around the world. As of March 2006, the Bank’s assets were approximately $221 billion, including $5.8 billion of its own funds.

When the BIS initially raised capital, participating banks were given the option to buy BIS shares or arrange for those shares to be bought by the public. Currently, 86 percent of the shares of the BIS are registered in the names of central banks, and 14 percent are held by private shareholders. The shares owned by private shareholders consist of part of the French and Belgian issues and all of the shares that were in the original U.S. issue in 1930.

So the private banks own the Fed (and most other central banks), and the central banks – and private shareholders – in turn own BIS, the global bank regulator.

It would obviously be very interesting to find out who these private shareholders are.

And to find out if the shareholders enjoy any special benefits. As Spiegel notes:

Formally registered as a stock corporation, it is recognized as an international organization and, therefore, is not subject to any jurisdiction other than international law.

It does not need to pay tax, and its members and employees enjoy extensive immunity. No other institution regulates the BIS, despite the fact that it manages about 4 percent of the world’s total currency reserves, or €217 trillion ($304 trillion), as well as 120 tons of gold…

Central bankers are not elected by the people but are appointed by their governments. Nevertheless, they wield power that exceeds that of many political leaders. Their decisions affect entire economies, and a single word from their lips is capable of moving financial markets. They set interest rates, thereby determining the cost of borrowing and the speed of global financial currents.

Could that mean that the private shareholders owning 14% of the world’s central bank have somehow been “grandfathered in”, and are immune from taxes and other national rules? Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out?

The New York Fed claims that the private BIS shareholders don’t have voting rights:

All shareholders receive the Banks dividends. However, private shareholders do not have voting rights or representation at the BIS annual meetings. Only a country’s central bank or its nominee may exercise the rights of representation and voting.

This may or may not be true. It is common for powerful and wealthy people informally influence agency decisions. Just look at every captured financial regulator in the United States.

But whether or not the shareholders get special treatment or influence the decisions of the world’s most powerful banking institution, it is still newsworthy that there are private parties with not insignificant ownership interests.


The Rothschilds and the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange


By Silver Shield, on July 26th,2011

I have been watching the emergence of the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange with great interest. I recognize the importance of China establishing this new market that now not only trades Gold and Silver, but eventually Food and Oil. The ability to trade these commodities in both Dollars and Renminbi is a huge step in creating a regional, if not global, reserve currency. The historical significance of this new exchange in the sea change in wealth and power from the Anglo American empire to Asia, is completely missing in today’s media.

Two years ago in the Sons of Liberty Academy, I speculated about the rise of the anti-Hegemon challenging the power of the Anglo American Empire that has dominated the world for the past few centuries. The anti-Hegemon is a union of nations that has fallen victim to, or not benefited from, the Anglo American paradigm. The core of this group includes China, Russia, Iran and Venezuela, but many other nations are learning that there is much to gain from the power vacuum left in the collapse of the dollar. Nations like Brazil, India, Pakistan and South Africa have become closer to the core anti-Hegemon. Even nations that are supposed allies of the Anglo American empire, like France, occupied Germany and occupied Japan have much to gain from getting out of the shadow of the Anglo American empire.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” -Sun Tzu

The anti-Hegemon has been most wise not to go head-to-head with the mortally wounded beast of the American Empire. They see the mathematical inevitability of the dollar collapsing. Without a functioning currency, America cannot control its global empire. With each trade agreement and exchange that is opened outside the Anglo American empire, the beast is wounded further. China has amassed trillions of dollars and is now spending this money on real tangible assets. The most important part of this investment is that China is investing and creating allies, while we drop bombs.

I have studied the Anglo American Elite very closely and I know they would not go down this road without having a plan. The first part, was the creation of the Petro Dollar standard. Both oil shocks in the 70′s were completely planned by the Anglo American Elite. The Bilderberger’s instructed Henry Kissinger to create an oil crisis to increase the price of oil 400% following the closing of the gold window in 1971. The new dollars would be recycled back into America’s markets providing a very powerful petro dollar trade. Admit it, you have always thought it was very odd that the Arabs would be so willing to reinvest their dollars into the great Satan. Now you know it was all a game of power.

What is not as well known, that at the same time the Anglo American Empire started the Petro Dollar standard, they stopped all development of oil in America. After all, why use our precious and limited resources when we can print little green pieces of paper and get someone else’s oil? I guarantee you, that as soon as the dollar dies and we are no longer able to import oil for dollars, America will announce the most amazing oil “finds.” We still have half of the Gulf, both the East and West Coasts, Colorado, the Bakken Field, and most importantly Alaska. These projects will be up and running in record time to help re-establish the Anglo American dominance.

The end of the Petro Dollar will end our world and the Anglo American Elite will not go down without a fight. I theorized in the 3 Coming False Flags that Elite will pick a fight with China way before we accept a 3rd world status. Throughout the most of the last century the Anglo American Elite built up and created enemies. They do this to have wars, that create more debt and control natural resources in order to maintain their dominance. There is ample evidence that Wall St funded the Bolshevik Revolution and even financed and supported the Soviet Empire up until its final days. Without their support, Stalin would have lost the war, never been given half of Europe, and starved millions of times over with the utter failure of Communism. The British funded and created Hitler. While America was going through the Great Depression, Germany was booming with the creation of Hitler’s dream. Even Benito Mussolini was on the British payroll. Even more recently Saddam Hussien received billions of dollars of support and was practically begged not to give up the dollar for oil trade. When he crossed that line, he had to go. (Just like Gaddafi and his gold Dinar dream.)

The Anglo American elite, more specifically the Rothschild’s, have supported both sides of almost every war in the past two centuries. The Rothschild’s power is derived off of their ability to lend out more debt. Nothing creates debt faster than war. Without war, debts would eventually be paid off and control of assets would slip from their fingers. In order to create massive debts, massive threats have to be created. I believe that China will become the next major enemy of the Anglo American Elite. A little over a decade ago, China was nothing. They were a backwards country that had been closed to the outside world for decades. With the most favored nation trade status, their exports rose astronomically and trillions went into building up an economic, political, and military threat. Without the Elite building up China, they would have been nothing.

When I first looked into the HKMEx I was mainly looking to see if silver manipulators JP Morgan, Goldman or HSBC were involved. The good news, I did not see that they had any controlling or operational influence in the HKMEx. The worst thing I guess I found out of the list of board members was President Albert Helmig was a former VP of the NYMEX. The amount of information on the rest of the board is limited most likely because they are Chinese and English Google is limited. I then looked a little further to see who was paying the board.

I have discovered that Nathan Rothschild along with the People’s Bank of China created the privately owned Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange. According to MarketsWiki the HKMEx was founded by En+ Group. On the face of it, it looks like a Russian company is partnering with China as they strengthen ties inside of the anti-Hegemon. When you look at the board of En+ Group you see Nathan Rothschild is at the genesis of this new market that looks poised to take down the dollar.

Nathan Rothschild has had other deals with “enemies” of the Anglo American Empire. Recently, it has become apparent that Nathan Rothschild had deep financial ties with Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. The relationship was interesting since most of the world’s central banks are Rothschild controlled and Libya was one of the few nations not under the Rothschild control. Nat developed a relationship with Gaddafi’s son Saif, then when the time was right, Gaddafi would have to go.

This is small potatoes compared to the Rothschild Rape of Russia. You may vaguely remember the rise of the Oligarchs in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was said that these few young men became the richest men in the world when then bought and controlled huge portions of the natural resources and industries in the former Soviet Union for pennies on the dollar. We were told that they were lucky, smart or cunning. The reality was that they were merely front men for a much larger power. Young men like Mikhail Khordorkovsky went from obscurity to owning the Russian equivalent of Exxon Mobil in a few years. For years these Oligarchs controlled Russia with their wealth and mob like tactics. Finally, when Vladimir Putin wrestled control of Russia from the Oligarchs it became apparent that the power was never with the Oligarchs, but the Rothschild’s. When Vladimir Putin imprisoned Mikhail Khordorkovsky it was reveled that Jacob Rothschild was the real owner of Yukos.

Now Jacob’s son Nathan, is partnering with another Rothschild Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska in En+ Group with China, what could possibly go wrong? Oleg Deripaska was a manager of a smelter at 25. Four years later he owned the Sibirsky Aluminium Investment Industrial Group. That grew into Basic Element conglomerate that controlled…

  • United Company RUSAL Largest Aluminum Producer
  • Ingosstrakh oldest insurance company
  • GAZ automotive
  • Avaikor Aviation
  • EuroSibEnergo Power Company
  • Glavmosstroy Construction

In 2008,Oleg was the eight richest man in the world with an estimated worth of $28 Billion dollars.(All of these “richest” lists never show you the real wealth of trillionaire families like the Rothschild’s who own Central Banks.) All of Oleg’s wealth came of course through the power of the Rothschild’s. Oleg thrived in the chaotic era of crime that was rampant in Russia after the collapse. The Aluminum Wars were probably one of the more violent episodes in the battle for control. Lawlessness in Siberia was rampant as,“politicians, managers or reporters –were run over, shot,had their throats cut or were killed in air crashes.” In the midst of all of this violence, Oleg emerged the king of Aluminum.

It is also important to note that the Rothschild’s exited the LBMA in 2004.The Rothschild’s have been involved and owned gold for centuries. They know more than any other family in the world, the power of gold. At the LBMA they and a few other families owned so much gold that they literally met twice a day to literally fix the global price of gold. So why did they leave the LBMA after 200 years in London and why are they going back in to the game in China? My speculation is that the LBMA does not have all of the gold they are trading as Andrew Maguire’s testimony proved. These Anglo American banks are trading and suppressing the real price of gold and silver with multiple paper schemes. My guess is that the Rothschild’s simply left the scene of the crime before it comes crashing down.

So why China? Given the history of the Rothschild’s and the fact that their wealth has been tied to buying assets when there is “blood on the streets,” I think China will be the next to bleed. The heart of the Anglo American empire is the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers. They have been actively courting China to join forces with them. These Elitists actually admire the Chinese in their ability to control their citizens and its free reign they give to industrialists.

“Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.” -David Rockefeller, statement about Mao Tse-tung in The New York Times, August 10,1973 (65 million died under Mao.)

“Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” -David Rockefeller, Memoirs, page 405

The Rothschild minion George Soros has been trying the hardest to get the Chinese to play ball with the Anglo American Elite. Their creation of a New World Order must have China or it will collapse. The Chinese have been wise to take from the Anglo American empire and not give them any control. They play along while they continue to strengthen their position. Ultimately if the Chinese do not take the offer, they will be handled with the gun.(Read the 3 Coming False Flags.)

If my sons did not want war, there would be no war.” -Baron Rothschild

Having the Rothschild’s involved at the HKMEx really raises my alarm as they create deeper ties inside the Chinese elite. If you know anything about the Rothschild’s they are very generous and gracious friends when they want something from you, and when they have what they want, they turn the tide and leave you hanging. They mastered the cycle of lending generously money that they don’t have through fractional reserve banking and then contracting credit markets so that they take ownership of the assets that they loaned against. The big play they mastered is loaning to both sides of wars and then making sure that the victors are responsible for the defeated debts to be paid. Don’t dance with the devil.

“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.” The current Nathan Rothschild namesake Lord Nathan Rothschild.

China would be wise not to associate with the Rothschild’s and the Anglo American Empire, just look at the Opium Wars. When the British Empire continued to run trade deficits with China, they tried diplomacy with Lord McCartney and economic inducements, all of which failed. The more tea, silk and porcelain the British imported, the lower the money stock of silver the British Empire had. This was because China was on the silver standard and they would not buy any English goods to off set the trade imbalance. (Sound familiar?)

So what did the British do? They smuggled Opium into port cities and started a drug trade to create problems for the Chinese Elite, weaken the Chinese populace and get the silver back from the Chinese. When the Chinese asserted their sovereignty and fought against these drug dealing criminals, it started the two Opium Wars that ravaged China for years. The British defeated the Chinese and they the signed the Treaty of Nanjing in 1842. The Chinese signed over all of their ports and international trade to the British. (If you ever wondered how Britain owned Hong Kong, now you know.) The Rothschild’s controlled Britain at the time and I am sure that they were influential in getting the eight nation army to crush the Boxer Rebellion in 1898. The Anglo American Empire subjugated the Chinese until Mao kicked out all of the Westerners.

What does this all mean for silver? I believe that the HKMEx is still a very positive development for the price of physical silver, despite the Rothschild involvement. The Rothschild’s are some of the most brilliant men on earth. There is no denying this, given the amount of power that they have accumulated over many generations. Nat Rothschild is clearly the future of the dynasty. (Especially since enviro Jesus David de Rothschild has blown his mission for the Global Warming Carbon Credit Scheme.) The Rothschild’s throughout history have not so much created history, but flowed along with history. They used to study the effect of sunspots on the prices of grain. They have carefully watched political and economic cycles to be in the right place at the right time. All of which I am teaching in the Sons of Liberty Academy. The Rothschild’s know that the debt cycle is coming to an end and that it is a mathematical certainty. Even they, cannot prevent this from happening. So they are preparing for the turn in history.

The fact that the Rothschild’s are back in the metals market and they are behind smaller silver contracts being sold in China, is a good thing for the price of silver. Any more physical demand in a huge market like China can only accelerate the inevitable physical silver default. The price of silver over the long term cannot be stopped. At some point the 3 Demands of Silver will force the physical prices of silver to over ride the paper price of silver once and for all.

“You can ignore reality but not the consequences of reality.”-Ayn Rand

What I am very concerned is the coming crisis between the Anglo American Empire and the anti-Hegemon. It is fun to think about the price of silver when the physical reality sets in, but the economic, political and military reality of what will happen is very disconcerting. I hope I am wrong about my prediction of the Flags, but the more time goes by, the more I see that this will not end well. The Anglo American Empire still has the largest military, the strongest propaganda machine and deepest capital markets. They will not just throw their hands up and let the Chinese dictate the future without a fight.

Finally, I would like to touch on another subject that I am sure will play into this, racism. I believe when this time comes to make China into the next Nazi regime, all of the power used to make Arabs into “animals,” will be turned against the Chinese to make middle America blame those “slant eyed, commie bastards.” Donald Trump has already called China our “enemy.” Video games and movies are trying to make China our new enemy. This will all be done to fuel the fire of ignorant Americans to blame China for all of our problems. The fact is that our Elite is responsible for all of our problems. They are the ones running up deficits fighting never ending, senseless wars. They are the ones that invested and built up China while gutting America. They are the ones that control both parties. And sadly they will be the ones to profit off of the next war of the Military Industrial Complex to create a new paradigm. The Elite will blame China while they go back into the shadows retaining power and making more profits.

I know I could have made this article very small and simply said the Rothschild’s are owners of the HKMEx, but that would not have put into perspective what is really going on in this world. I spent 6 years studying and putting together the Greatest Story NEVER Told, the enslavement of humanity by the Elite. Far to often what is missing from the even the best bloggers ,Is the historical, economic, political, military, emotional and even spiritual perspective of what is behind all of these stories. I believe that everyone should understand how the world works and the Sons of Liberty Academy is by far the best way to wake up to this reality. Take time to join today, it is free and it will change your life.

“When you are aware, you can prepare.” -Chris Duane

Wake Some People Up!

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July 26, 2011

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Now, if you’d like to apply for one of these openings, there are only two qualifications:

You must be at least 25 years old. And you have to be a U.S. citizen for at least the last nine years. That’s it.

The only drawback is that you must be willing to travel to Washington, D.C. from time to time. But only when you really want to, between jaunts to Martha’s Vineyard.

And things get even better…

That’s because the annual salary is not all the money you can make in this job.

You see, when members of Congress leave office, they can still keep spending the PAC money on whatever they please… until it’s gone.

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), for example, has spent $50,807 this way at the Boulders Resort in Carefree, Arizona. And Rep. Pete Sessions of (R-TX), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, has spent $49,739 at several Las Vegas sites, including Dos Caminos, a restaurant that brags about its “vibrant bar scene.”

Who’s got time to worry about some “debt ceiling” when there’s so much extra cash to burn?

But it’s not just about the extra money…

Members of Congress can also increase their existing wealth… in ways the rest of us aren’t allowed.

If, for example, Congress is considering a law that would help or harm a particular industry, members are free to use that information to buy or sell stock. So it’s totally legal for them to personally profit from insider information.

The most popular investment among members of Congress? General Electric, in which 82 current members have invested.

GE paid no taxes last year.

Members also get a special tax deduction of $3,000 to write off living expenses when away from their congressional districts or home states. And, of course, the value of most of the other perks is not taxable.

I mean, why tax that income when you can simply add to our country’s debt problems?

Let’s face it… Our “representatives” are officially out of touch. They have no idea how real Americans live on a day-to-day basis.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to stop filling up 535 extra gas tanks each week…

Especially when 58% of Congress members are millionaires. And the “non-millionaires” are doing just fine.

The median wealth of a House member in 2009 was $765,010.

For or a senator, it was $2.38 million.

So let’s be honest…

Despite what they tell us, working in Congress is not a “Public Service.”

It’s a job – an incredibly lucrative one.

We believe it’s too lucrative.

And that’s why we’re petitioning members of Congress from all over the country to pay their fare share – just like the rest of us.

Today, you can join us.

We’re looking for 1 million American taxpayers to sign our petition – people who, like us, are tired of paying for all of the excessive perks our rich members of Congress take for granted.

Our petition is not directed at Democrats or Republicans. It’s not political at all. It’s American – a straightforward attempt to end Congress’ rampant abuse of power… regardless of party affiliation.

These people possess more wealth than 99.9% of Americans, and they write and protect laws to preserve this fact – laws that benefit them more than the rest us.

What’s more, their compensation packages stretch far beyond the limits of their “public servant” roles. And they’re funded at our expense!

This is wrong. We believe members of the U.S. Congress should be subjected to the same economic realities the rest of us must face.

So we’re demanding one simple change: To eliminate their excessive, taxpayer-funded perks and make them pay their own way… just like the rest of us. No more freebies.

And we will get their attention…

You see, this is more than a petition you can sign. It’s an event.

That’s why we’re filming it…

Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald isn’t just appearing on the Hill to hand-deliver this petition. He’s taking it one big step further…

Keith’s going to take every single member of Congress… and “nail them to the wall.”

(Wait ’til you see how he does it!)

He’s even giving them time to prepare…

Keith’s sending them a letter, announcing to every member of Congress exactly where he’ll be… when he’ll be there… and why he’s coming.

So are you ready?

Are you ready to stop filling up 535 extra gas tanks a week? Are you ready to stop paying for your representative’s gym membership? Or taking care of his parking tickets? (Yes, we pay for those, too.) Or funding her extra retirement plan?

Are you ready to start making these people live like the rest of us?

We are. And now we’re ready to do something about it.

You can sign our petition here. And if you know anyone else who would like to stop buying gourmet soups and sandwiches for rich people on Capitol Hill every day, pass this on.

Yours truly,

William Patalon III
Executive Editor, Money Morning


The Only White People That are a Real Threat Work for the U.S. Government.


I can see were this is going. They are seeking to demonize white people who are middle class and just want to be left alone. These people do not want to go out of their way to mess with someone else. He just minds his own business and goes about his daily routine going to work or picking up aluminum cans because he ran out of unemployment benefits, the truth is he does not scare me at all. He is just very upset as anyone else because it cost more to eat and to live. Soon it will cost an arm and a leg just to breathe because all those carbon taxes. We are seeing a pack of criminals calling their victims the bad people. Do not fall for this DHS fabricated threat.

The only threat coming from white people with blond hair and blue eye, are the ones working for the government. They are the TSA that humiliates grandma at the Airport with a cavity search in full view. They are the IRS agents who will make up something to rob you of all your substance. They are the EPA agents who will arrest you for putting dirt in a wet spot on your property because this Bureaucrat says it is a wetland because a rainstorm left a puddle. They work for the FBI doing sneak peeks without search warrants issued by a judge, they work for the ATF running guns into Mexico and harass people at gun shows. They are the judges that legislate from the bench ignoring the constitution. They are the congress people and Senators who do not read the bills before they vote on them. They are the politicians who are brought and paid for by the bankers to steal homes the banks do not own. They are the local police who will write a tickets for going the speed limit, arrest you for a DUI drinking apple juice and tazer you for jaywalking. Why fear Joe six pack?

The terror attacks in Oslo Norway and the DHS saying white people are the new terrorist threat shows they are desperate. Without provocateurs from the government to stage attacks, they will start to really see their power slip away from them. The patriot act will not have any justification to be law, the TSA using the excuse of the underwear bomber as a reason for groping people and the full body scanners is starting to become irrelevant when there is no real threat to be concerned with. The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and Libya will be seen for what they really are. These conflicts being undeclared wars are for conquest to enrich corporations and bankers to loot the nations of their natural resources. The people are looking past the puppet rulers, right at the bankers being in charge behind the scenes. Seeing them, as they really are, the very people responsible for the wars, poverty and instability around the world.

The bankers are in real trouble and their agenda of putting many countries under IMF receivership is in jeopardy of not happening. People are getting upset seeing their life savings and what they work for all their lives being taken away for the benefit of the few. The people in Europe and in America see the banks want us to do with less while we pay our taxes to them, so we can be their slaves for their entertainment. Without false flag terror, they do not have a chance getting anything they want. Without demonizing a group of people to blame for all the problems, they have not a prayer. The people are being told hand over half of your pension funds or get none. People are losing their homes to banks that do not hold the deed. It cost double to fill up the car to commute to work. People are upset and speaking out against the White House who rammed through a health care bill the people did not want and bailing out Banks who made bad choices. Everyone has a right to be mad.

The government just said that the American people are terrorist because they do not like what Obama is doing, this is frustrating the White House and Globalist. Therefore, he classified his political enemies as terrorist who oppose him. The people who are pro second amendment, pro constitution, who support Ron Paul and Bob Barr are not potential terrorist. What is freedom is now suspicion to them. They want to send a chilling effect to be silent and not dare question the US Government’s actions. If we do, we are a potential terrorist. This is the time we get louder and not go silent. If we do shut our mouths, the real terrorist win.

 The truth, the establishment will try to pull a false flag event to blame it on Obama’s political enemies because they gain nothing sitting idle, having a false flag event benefits the government, not the people. Free speech and our liberties are the threat to them. Please do not feel guilty being white and do not feel guilty wanting to stay free. The only white people we need to watch work on Wall Street and in our Government.


 Thomas Jefferson quotes:

 When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

 What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?

 The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

 I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property – until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. Thomas Jefferson – 1802


 When a Nation is too civilized to defend them-selves from tyranny, they will be exterminated by their masters. OldDog

 Don’t say you were not warned, just admit you were playing instead of learning.  OldDog

Who Rules America?


Who Rules America?

 AmpedStatus.Org ) ) )

 Sent in from G. William Domhoff, author of Who Rules America?

This article was written by an investment manager who works with very wealthy clients. I knew him from decades ago, but he recently e-mailed me with some concerns he had about what was happening with the economy. What he had to say was informative enough that I asked if he might fashion what he had told me into a document for the Who Rules America Web site. He agreed to do so, but only on the condition that the document be anonymous, because he does not want to jeopardize his relationships with his clients or other investment professionals.

I sit in an interesting chair in the financial services industry. Our clients largely fall into the top 1%, have a net worth of $5,000,000 or above, and if working make over $300,000 per year. My observations on the sources of their wealth and concerns come from my professional and social activities within this group.

Work by various economists and tax experts make it indisputable that the top 1% controls a widely disproportionate share of the income and wealth in the United States. When does one enter that top 1%? (I’ll use “k” for 1,000 and “M” for 1,000,000 as we usually do when communicating with clients or discussing money; thousands and millions take too much time to say.) Available data isn’t exact. but a family enters the top 1% or so today with somewhere around $300k to $400k in pre-tax income and over $1.2M in net worth. Compared to the average American family with a pre-tax income in the mid-$50k range and net worth around $120k, this probably seems like a lot of money. But, there are big differences within that top 1%, with the wealth distribution highly skewed towards the top 0.1%.

The Lower Half of the Top 1%

The 99th to 99.5th percentiles largely include physicians, attorneys, upper middle management, and small business people who have done well. Everyone’s tax situation is, of course, a little different. On earned income in this group, we can figure somewhere around 25% to 30% of total pre-tax income will go to Federal, State, and Social Security taxes, leaving them with around $250k to $300k post tax. This group makes extensive use of 401-k’s, SEP-IRA’s, Defined Benefit Plans, and other retirement vehicles, which defer taxes until distribution during retirement. Typical would be yearly contributions in the $50k to $100k range, leaving our elite working group with yearly cash flows of $175k to $250k after taxes, or about $15k to $20k per month.

Until recently, most studies just broke out the top 1% as a group. Data on net worth distributions within the top 1% indicate that one enters the top 0.5% with about $1.8M, the top 0.25% with $3.1M, the top 0.10% with $5.5M and the top 0.01% with $24.4M. Wealth distribution is highly skewed towards the top 0.01%, increasing the overall average for this group. The net worth for those in the lower half of the top 1% is usually achieved after decades of education, hard work, saving and investing as a professional or small business person. While an after-tax income of $175k to $250k and net worth in the $1.2M to $1.8M range may seem like a lot of money to most Americans, it doesn’t really buy freedom from financial worry or access to the true corridors of power and money. That doesn’t become frequent until we reach the top 0.1%.

I’ve had many discussions in the last few years with clients with “only” $5M or under in assets, those in the 99th to 99.9th percentiles, as to whether they have enough money to retire or stay retired. That may sound strange to the 99% not in this group but generally accepted “safe” retirement distribution rates for a 30 year period are in the 3-5% range with 4% as the current industry standard. Assuming that the lower end of the top 1% has, say, $1.2M in investment assets, their retirement income will be about $50k per year plus maybe $30k-$40k from Social Security, so let’s say $90k per year pre-tax and $75-$80k post-tax if they wish to plan for 30 years of withdrawals. For those with $1.8M in retirement assets, that rises to around $120-150k pretax per year and around $100k after tax. If someone retires with $5M today, roughly the beginning rung for entry into the top 0.1%, they can reasonably expect an income of $240k pretax and around $190k post tax, including Social Security.

While income and lifestyle are all relative, an after-tax income between $6.6k and $8.3k per month today will hardly buy the fantasy lifestyles that Americans see on TV and would consider “rich”. In many areas in California or the East Coast, this positions one squarely in the hard working upper-middle class, and strict budgeting will be essential. An income of $190k post tax or $15.8k per month will certainly buy a nice lifestyle but is far from rich. And, for those folks who made enough to accumulate this much wealth during their working years, the reduction in income and lifestyle during retirement can be stressful. Plus, watching retirement accounts deplete over time isn’t fun, not to mention the ever-fluctuating value of these accounts and the desire of many to leave a substantial inheritance. Our poor lower half of the top 1% lives well but has some financial worries.

Since the majority of those in this group actually earned their money from professions and smaller businesses, they generally don’t participate in the benefits big money enjoys. Those in the 99th to 99.5th percentile lack access to power. For example, most physicians today are having their incomes reduced by HMO’s, PPO’s and cost controls from Medicare and insurance companies; the legal profession is suffering from excess capacity, declining demand and global outsourcing; successful small businesses struggle with increasing regulation and taxation. I speak daily with these relative winners in the economic hierarchy and many express frustration.

Unlike those in the lower half of the top 1%, those in the top half and, particularly, top 0.1%, can often borrow for almost nothing, keep profits and production overseas, hold personal assets in tax havens, ride out down markets and economies, and influence legislation in the U.S. They have access to the very best in accounting firms, tax and other attorneys, numerous consultants, private wealth managers, a network of other wealthy and powerful friends, lucrative business opportunities, and many other benefits. Most of those in the bottom half of the top 1% lack power and global flexibility and are essentially well-compensated workhorses for the top 0.5%, just like the bottom 99%. In my view, the American dream of striking it rich is merely a well-marketed fantasy that keeps the bottom 99.5% hoping for better and prevents social and political instability. The odds of getting into that top 0.5% are very slim and the door is kept firmly shut by those within it.

The Upper Half of the Top 1%

Membership in this elite group is likely to come from being involved in some aspect of the financial services or banking industry, real estate development involved with those industries, or government contracting. Some hard working and clever physicians and attorneys can acquire as much as $15M-$20M before retirement but they are rare. Those in the top 0.5% have incomes over $500k if working and a net worth over $1.8M if retired. The higher we go up into the top 0.5% the more likely it is that their wealth is in some way tied to the investment industry and borrowed money than from personally selling goods or services or labor as do most in the bottom 99.5%. They are much more likely to have built their net worth from stock options and capital gains in stocks and real estate and private business sales, not from income which is taxed at a much higher rate. These opportunities are largely unavailable to the bottom 99.5%.

Recently, I spoke with a younger client who retired from a major investment bank in her early thirties, net worth around $8M. We can estimate that she had to earn somewhere around twice that, or $14M-$16M, in order to keep $8M after taxes and live well along the way, an impressive accomplishment by such an early age. Since I knew she held a critical view of investment banking, I asked if her colleagues talked about or understood how much damage was created in the broader economy from their activities. Her answer was that no one talks about it in public but almost all understood and were unbelievably cynical, hoping to exit the system when they became rich enough.

Folks in the top 0.1% come from many backgrounds but it’s infrequent to meet one whose wealth wasn’t acquired through direct or indirect participation in the financial and banking industries. One of our clients, net worth in the $60M range, built a small company and was acquired with stock from a multi-national. Stock is often called a “paper” asset. Another client, CEO of a medium-cap tech company, retired with a net worth in the $70M range. The bulk of any CEO’s wealth comes from stock, not income, and incomes are also very high. Last year, the average S&P 500 CEO made $9M in all forms of compensation. One client runs a division of a major international investment bank, net worth in the $30M range and most of the profits from his division flow directly or indirectly from the public sector, the taxpayer. Another client with a net worth in the $10M range is the ex-wife of a managing director of a major investment bank, while another was able to amass $12M after taxes by her early thirties from stock options as a high level programmer in a successful IT company. The picture is clear; entry into the top 0.5% and, particularly, the top 0.1% is usually the result of some association with the financial industry and its creations. I find it questionable as to whether the majority in this group actually adds value or simply diverts value from the US economy and business into its pockets and the pockets of the uber-wealthy who hire them. They are, of course, doing nothing illegal.

I think it’s important to emphasize one of the dangers of wealth concentration: irresponsibility about the wider economic consequences of their actions by those at the top. Wall Street created the investment products that produced gross economic imbalances and the 2008 credit crisis. It wasn’t the hard-working 99.5%. Average people could only destroy themselves financially, not the economic system. There’s plenty of blame to go around, but the collapse was primarily due to the failure of complex mortgage derivatives, CDS credit swaps, cheap Fed money, lax regulation, compromised ratings agencies, government involvement in the mortgage market, the end of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999, and insufficient bank capital. Only Wall Street could put the economy at risk and it had an excellent reason to do so: profit. It made huge profits in the build-up to the credit crisis and huge profits when it sold itself as “too big to fail” and received massive government and Federal Reserve bailouts. Most of the serious economic damage the U.S. is struggling with today was done by the top 0.1% and they benefited greatly from it.

Not surprisingly, Wall Street and the top of corporate America are doing extremely well as of June 2011. For example, in Q1 of 2011, America’s top corporations reported 31% profit growth and a 31% reduction in taxes, the latter due to profit outsourcing to low tax rate countries. Somewhere around 40% of the profits in the S&P 500 come from overseas and stay overseas, with about half of these 500 top corporations having their headquarters in tax havens. If the corporations don’t repatriate their profits, they pay no U.S. taxes. The year 2010 was a record year for compensation on Wall Street, while corporate CEO compensation rose by over 30%, most Americans struggled. In 2010 a dozen major companies, including GE, Verizon, Boeing, Wells Fargo, and Fed Ex paid US tax rates between -0.7% and -9.2%. Production, employment, profits, and taxes have all been outsourced. Major U.S. corporations are currently lobbying to have another “tax-repatriation” window like that in 2004 where they can bring back corporate profits at a 5.25% tax rate versus the usual 35% US corporate tax rate. Ordinary working citizens with the lowest incomes are taxed at 10%.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is this: A highly complex and largely discrete set of laws and exemptions from laws has been put in place by those in the uppermost reaches of the U.S. financial system. It allows them to protect and increase their wealth and significantly affect the U.S. political and legislative processes. They have real power and real wealth. Ordinary citizens in the bottom 99.9% are largely not aware of these systems, do not understand how they work, are unlikely to participate in them, and have little likelihood of entering the top 0.5%, much less the top 0.1%. Moreover, those at the very top have no incentive whatsoever for revealing or changing the rules. I am not optimistic.