ISIS: The Best Terror Threat U. S. Tax Money Can Buy


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By  Alex Newman

The self-styled “Islamic State,” the gaggle of medieval savages and barbarians often referred to as ISIS or ISIL, is now infamous worldwide for its unrestrained brutality. The al-Qaeda offshoot exploded onto the scene in 2014 amid its gruesome and bloody effort to build an Islamic “Caliphate,” exterminate “apostates,” and overthrow the “apostate” regime of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. America and the West are supposedly next — at least that is what the public is being told.

Ever since ISIS emerged seemingly out of nowhere, Americans and people around the globe have been treated to a steady TV diet of beheadings, massacres, crucifixions, and other unspeakable horrors perpetrated by the group. Even young children, whose only “crime” was professing faith in Jesus Christ, have been butchered in the most grotesque ways imaginable by the terror outfit. Eventually, ISIS leaders claim, the whole world will submit to the Islamic god, Allah, and his caliph on Earth, a mystery man who goes by the name “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi” and was once detained in the U.S.-run prison Camp Bucca in Iraq.

The jihadist savagery perpetrated by ISIS is now well documented and well known, with the group’s atrocities being used as a pretext to further empower governments and the United Nations and attack liberty and national sovereignty on a global scale. What is less known, though, is how ISIS — like countless horror shows before it — represents merely the latest bitter fruit produced by U.S. foreign policy and the machinations of the globalist establishment that largely controls it.

How the Anti-ISIS Alliance Built ISIS

Indeed, without the U.S. government and Obama’s “coalition” of Sunni Islamist strongmen, the “Islamic State” would probably not exist — much less have the resources, weapons, manpower, and training needed to seize enough territory to create a “Caliphate” (Islamic Empire) of barbarism across large swaths of Iraq and Syria. This is hardly a secret to anyone who has been paying attention to anything other than the establishment media.

In fact, at least two of the administration’s top officials — Vice President Joe Biden and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Martin Dempsey — have publicly discussed the role of Obama’s “anti-ISIS” coalition in building up the terrorist group. Speaking at Harvard, Biden also admitted another truth long accepted as fact among credible analysts: Despite all of Obama’s rhetoric, there is no such thing as a “moderate” force in Syria that the White House claims to have been supporting against Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

“The fact is, the ability to identify a moderate middle in Syria, um, was, uh — there was no moderate middle,” Biden stated, acknowledging that history was likely to record the facts. In other words, the entire notion that Obama and the U.S. government were arming “well-vetted moderate” jihadists in Syria to battle less-moderate jihadists is a fantasy — or a fraud. It was completely discredited by the president’s own deputy in a public speech!

Biden also cited Obama’s “anti-ISIS” allies as the most important players behind the creation and empowerment of the terror group to begin with. “What my constant cry was, that our biggest problem was our allies — our allies in the region were our largest problem,” Biden continued. He specifically identified the Islamist rulers of Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, along with unspecified others such as Qatar, as the main culprits. “They were so determined to take down Assad and essentially have a proxy Sunni-Shia war,” Biden said. So, with that in mind, “What did they do?” the vice president asked before providing a partial answer. “They poured hundreds of millions of dollars and tens, thousands of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad; except that the people who were being supplied were Al Nusra and Al Qaeda and the extremist elements of jihadis coming from other parts of the world,” Biden said. He did not mention the role of the CIA and the State Department in the process, of course, but that has been well documented by countless sources, as The New American has been reporting for years.

“Now you think I’m exaggerating — take a look,” Biden continued. “Where did all of this go? So now what’s happening? All of a sudden everybody’s awakened because this outfit called ISIL, which was Al Qaeda in Iraq, which when they were essentially thrown out of Iraq, found open space in territory in eastern Syria, work with Al Nusra who we declared a terrorist group early on, and we could not convince our colleagues to stop supplying them.”

Lest Biden’s uncharacteristic truth-telling be dismissed as the ravings of Obama’s “impeachment insurance,” as the vice president has come to be known, he is hardly the only senior official to acknowledge that the “anti-ISIS” coalition was actually responsible for ISIS. In a Senate hearing last fall, for example, neocon Senator Lindsey Graham — among the most ardent warmongers in Congress — asked General Dempsey whether he knew of any “major Arab ally” that embraces ISIS.

General Dempsey responded with an answer that Graham, a longtime advocate of arming and training more jihadists, was almost certainly not expecting. “I know of major Arab allies who fund them,” Dempsey explained. Graham stepped in, perhaps trying to save face, by downplaying the explosive admission. “They fund them because the Free Syrian Army couldn’t fight Assad, they were trying to beat Assad,” the senator from South Carolina claimed. “Let’s don’t taint the Mideast unfairly.”

Obama Support for Jihadists Helped Produce ISIS, Too

Graham might have been correct that Obama’s anti-ISIS coalition was backing ISIS to overthrow Assad, Syria’s brutal dictator, who is viewed as an “apostate” among the jihadists seeking “regime change.” But Sunni Arab dictators with different views on Islam were hardly alone in that endeavor. In fact, the U.S. government and the upper echelons of the glob­alist foreign policy establishment at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and other strongholds of power were advocating and following precisely the same strategy long before ISIS officially emerged.

Mohamed “Ed” Husain, an “adjunct senior fellow for Middle Eastern studies” at the CFR, for example, is now pointing to the terrorist groups rampaging across Syria as a justification for “unifying” the Middle East under a European Union-style regime. In 2012, though, he was celebrating the role of al-Qaeda (elements of which went on to become ISIS) in furthering globalist aims. “The influx of jihadis brings discipline, religious fervor, battle experience from Iraq, funding from Sunni sympathizers in the Gulf, and most importantly, deadly results,” gushed Husain, a Sunni Muslim, in a piece for the CFR. “In short, the [Obama-backed Free Syrian Army] needs al-Qaeda now.” In reality, there was little to no difference between the FSA and al-Qaeda from the start, as mountains of evidence make clear.

Beyond the crucial support for ISIS and al-Qaeda provided by Obama’s purported allies in the alleged war against ISIS, though, the Obama administration itself has also proven essential to the emergence and strengthening of the terror group. Almost from the start of the Western-backed uprising in Syria, Obama boldly proclaimed his solidarity with the establishment-fueled “rebels.” At the time, little was known publicly about the character of the rebellion, with the “mainstream” press falsely presenting it as a “pro-democracy” uprising against tyranny, rather than a complex Western-backed Muslim Brotherhood operation.

Soon, though, the truth about the rebels began creeping out — this was a brutal Sunni-jihadist “revolution,” with powerful backers aiming to impose a sharia-run dictatorship in Syria after Assad was gone. Even the supposedly “moderate” rebels backed openly by Western powers — operating under the banner of the “Free Syrian Army” — were exposed as Islamists perpetrating war crimes and cannibalism, exterminating Christians, advocating ethnic cleansing, cooperating with al-Qaeda, and more.

The war drums in the United States were already beating, though, and Obama was issuing secret and open proclamations purporting to authorize U.S. support — including arms shipments — for the jihadist rebels in Syria. Despite official claims that the arms were going to “moderates” (remember, Biden recently admitted to the world that there were no “moderates” among the Syrian rebels), even the establishment mouthpiece New York Times reported as early as October of 2012 that “most” of the U.S. weapons being showered on the Syrian rebels were going to “hard-line Islamic jihadists.” The rest were presumably going to regular Islamic jihadists.

A Syrian fighter defending locals in his area spoke with The New American last September. He was even more blunt than the Timesor Biden. “Everyone who can hold a gun here, be sure [he] is with the [Syrian] Army or he will be with ISIS,” explained the man, whose identity is being withheld for safety reasons.

Worse still, perhaps, is that Obama was reportedly training actual ISIS fighters in Jordan under the guise of helping “moderate” rebels overthrow Assad, according to Jordanian security officials cited by WND journalist Aaron Klein. “The officials said dozens of future ISIS members were trained at the time as part of covert aid to the insurgents targeting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Syria,” Klein reported. “The Jordanian officials said all ISIS members who received U.S. training to fight in Syria were first vetted for any links to extremist groups like al-Qaida.”

Even among those Obama-backed rebel forces that were not “technically” ISIS or al-Qaeda to begin with, the line between them was virtually non-existent. For example, the international press has been packed with interviews by both “moderate” rebels and ISIS/al-Qaeda leaders boasting of their cooperation with each other in the fight against Assad to create an Islamic dictatorship.

“We are buying weapons from the FSA,” ISIS fighter Abu Atheer was quoted as saying by Al Jazeera, referring to the Obama-backed “Free Syrian Army” jihadists. “We bought 200 anti-aircraft missiles and Koncourse anti-tank weapons. We have good relations with our brothers in the FSA. For us, the infidels are those who cooperate with the West to fight Islam.”

Separately, FSA commander Bassel Idriss told Lebanon’s Daily Star newspaper that his group is “collaborating with the Islamic State and the Nusra Front [al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria] by attacking the Syrian Army’s gatherings.” Countless other examples of Obama’s “moderates” and the non-moderate ISIS/al-Qaeda terrorists celebrating their cooperation and friendliness with each other can be found in media outlets around the globe.

Another FSA commander, Abdel Basset Al-Tawil, told Al Jazeera in June of 2013 (before ISIS emerged) that his Obama-backed rebels were working with al-Qaeda to build a state in Syria based on sharia law. “It is no secret that we have ties with everybody, even the brothers in the Nusra Front, and we cooperate in many places,” he boasted, calling for even more cooperation. Tawil then threatened that if Western powers did not promptly send even more weapons within a month, “we will reveal all the evidence we have” about the chemical weapons attack Obama unsuccessfully sought to blame on Assad as a pretext for launching direct military strikes. More weapons shipments began promptly — this time, even more openly.

In November, an FSA operative by the name of “Mahmoud” was quoted in media reports admitting that he now works with ISIS and Nusra to funnel fighters and supplies to the terror groups — and that he is not alone. “Many of my friends are doing the same now,” he told the U.K. Telegraph, adding that Obama should have sent even more weapons to rebels to stop them from joining ISIS and Nusra. “ISIL is the only solution for us…. The most important thing now though is to remove the regime and ISIL is the strongest group. I will do whatever it takes.”

Meanwhile, as if to drive the point home, multiple reports from human rights groups and news agencies suggested that ISIS and many of Obama’s “moderates” signed a non-aggression pact brokered by the al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, Jabhat al-Nusra. According to Agence France-Presse (AFP), the French news agency, the deal states that “the two parties will respect a truce until a final solution is found and they promise not to attack each other because they consider the principal enemy to be the Nussayri regime.” The term “Nussayri” is a slur used to describe the Islamic Shia denomination to which Assad and many Syrians belong — a sect that a spokesman for the Obama-backed FSA vowed on TV to exterminate, along with all other Shias in Syria.

More recently still, last November, two of the key Obama-backed “moderate rebel” groups, the Harakat Hazm and the Syrian Revolutionary Front (SRF), both affiliated with the FSA, also defected to ISIS and al-Qaeda. Unsurprisingly, they took their U.S.-supplied weapons with them — including Grad rockets and Tow anti-tank missiles. Before that, an entire “moderate” brigade of 1,000 Syrian rebels known as Dawud, part of the Islamic Front’s “Sham Army,” also defected to ISIS, taking its tanks and weapons with it.

Much of the expensive military hardware showered on Iraq’s U.S.-installed regime has also “mysteriously” ended up in ISIS hands, too, as have many supplies dropped from the air for “moderate” rebels. In October, meanwhile, even the establishment media was reporting that a massive amount of U.S. “foreign aid” was flowing directly to ISIS. The Daily Beast, for example, reported that “truckloads of U.S. and Western aid have been flowing into territory controlled by the jihadists.”

Blunders Galore

Aside from the arming, training, and funding of jihadists in Syria, the “anti-ISIS” coalition’s creation — ISIS — could not have come about without decades of previous U.S. foreign policy “blunders,” as the establishment likes to call them. Without each successive piece of the puzzle falling into place, ISIS and the global jihadist movement being exploited by globalists today to advance their agenda would probably not exist.

Going back decades, the U.S. government and its allies were instrumental in creating the Islamist Mujahedeen to fight against the Russians in Afghanistan. Those Muslim “holy warriors” radicalized and armed by the U.S. government went on to become the Taliban and al-Qaeda — with al-Qaeda representing the genesis of what would later become ISIS. Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, writing in the U.K. Guardian, is one of countless sources who have acknowledged the U.S. role in creating al-Qaeda. Noting that “throughout the 80s [Osama bin Laden] was armed by the CIA and funded by the Saudis to wage jihad against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan,” Cook called bin Laden “a product of a monumental miscalculation by western security agencies.”

While not everybody agrees that it was a “miscalculation,” the fact that bin Laden and his fighters worked with and on behalf of the U.S. government and other Western powers is beyond dispute. Without having created that global jihadist powerhouse decades ago, what is known today as ISIS almost certainly would not exist.

Then came the next crucial element. Under the George W. Bush administration, U.S. forces overthrew former U.S. ally Saddam Hussein, the brutal Iraqi dictator who, seeking to stamp out competition to his bloody rule, had no tolerance for al-Qaeda and other Islamist groups. In fact, there was virtually no al-Qaeda in Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion and occupation. That particular interventionist U.S. foreign policy “blunder” also proved to be crucial to the emergence of ISIS, as the terror group began as an offshoot of the previously non-existent al-Qaeda in Iraq.

More recently, Obama’s UN-approved machinations in Libya involved literally backing the same terrorists previously fighting U.S. troops in Iraq and now fighting under the ISIS banner — laying the groundwork for the self-proclaimed “Caliphate” to emerge. “ISIL is certainly not a state,” Obama argued when he announced his unconstitutional “strategy” to supposedly “fight” ISIS. “It was formerly al Qaeda’s affiliate in Iraq, and has taken advantage of sectarian strife and Syria’s civil war to gain territory on both sides of the Iraq-Syrian border.”

But none of that would have been possible without Obama’s illegal war in Libya. Indeed, Obama’s war in Libya provided the single biggest boost of the last generation to al-Qaeda and associated jihadists.

In early December 2014, U.S. General David Rodriguez, chief of the U.S. Africa command, even noted that hundreds of ISIS were now training at ISIS terror camps across Libya ­— and nothing would be done about it, except watch.

In a 2013 interview with The New American, John Rosenthal, a Europe-based journalist and author of The Jihadist Plot: The Untold Story of Al-Qaeda and the Libyan Rebellion, explained that the Obama administration had literally “switched sides” in the terror war. The administration’s Syria policy, he added, “is a continuation of its Libya policy”: siding with Islamists against secular regimes that even recently had helped the U.S. government in the “terror war.” Those same Islamists had for years been planning to overthrow the “apostate” regimes, and Obama stepped in to help at precisely the right moment.

Libya is now embroiled in a brutal civil war, with large swaths of the nation run by al-Qaeda-linked jihadists aided by the White House. From Libya, many of those Islamists gathered weapons — some from Gadhafi’s huge stockpile; others provided by the Obama administration and its allies for “revolution” — and headed for Syria to overthrow its “apostate” dictator with Obama’s assistance. Thanks to the Western-backed rebellion there — which had been in the works since at least the George W. Bush administration, according to documents released by WikiLeaks — Syria was sufficiently destabilized to make possible the rapid rise of ISIS.

Some astute U.S. lawmakers who previously warned that Obama’s strategy of arming al-Qaeda and other jihadists in Syria would backfire did speak out about the insanity. Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), for example, outlined those concerns on Fox News after the president’s speech about supposedly degrading and destroying ISIS. “The one thing we need to remember about all of this,” he said, “we need to remember how we got here. The reason we got here is we took it upon ourselves to topple secular dictators who were the enemy of radical Islam.”

But what about all those air strikes Obama is supposedly conducting against ISIS? Well, according to the Assad regime, which is locked in mortal combat with ISIS and other Western-backed Islamists, Obama’s unconstitutional military adventures, perhaps not surprisingly, have done nothing to weaken it. “All the indications say that (Islamic State) today, after two months of coalition air strikes, is not weaker,” explained Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem in a recent TV interview cited by Reuters.

The most powerful military in the world could not even “weaken” a rag-tag group of terrorists after two months of air strikes and countless millions worth of military support to “moderates”? If that is the case — which sounds rather implausible — perhaps Americans deserve a refund for the hundreds of billions of dollars spent each year on the military. More likely, though, is that, as top Obama officials have explained openly, the real purpose of the “anti-ISIS” war is to remove Assad — at least initially — on the road toward “world order.”

“I recognize the contradiction in a contradictory land and a contradictory circumstance,” Obama claimed in September 2014, downplaying the insanity and deception as if it were all some confusing misunderstanding. The week before those comments, though, his own ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, admitted in a separate TV interview that deposing Assad was among the real goals of the administration’s “contradictory” Syria policy. “The training also will service these troops [Obama’s so-called ‘moderate rebels’] in the same struggle that they’ve been in since the beginning of this conflict against the Assad regime,” Power said, contradicting the key selling point for arming “moderate” jihadists — to fight ISIS.

ISIS as a Force for Globalism

ISIS is now being hyped by globalists worldwide as justification for wide-ranging assaults on liberty, national sovereignty, and more. For instance, empowering the UN, Interpol, and the self-styled “International Criminal Court” to lead the “terror war” is at the top of the glob­alist agenda. Great progress has already been made for the globalist cause under that transparently phony pretext. A global war on “non-violent extremism” is in the works, too, meaning a war on any groups such as U.S. constitutionalists, who don’t toe the globalist line. Meanwhile, the CFR and globalist forces are also touting a “Middle East Union” — another building bloc of what they call the “New World Order” — as a “solution” to the chaos and horrors those same globalists unleashed on humanity.

From arming and radicalizing Islamists who went on to become al-Qaeda to overthrowing the Iraqi dictator and supplying weapons to brutal jihadists to unseat brutal tyrants, U.S. foreign policy appears to have been practically designed to create the “Islamic State” rather than destroy it. In other words, ISIS is the “new and improved” best terror group U.S. tax money can buy. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have already paid the ultimate price for the machinations. It is time for Congress to rein in the administration before further “blowback” comes back to haunt the very American people forced to pay for it all.

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Why We should Abandon the State + 37 Reasons why a Democracy is a Cluster F#%K


7-30-2015 7-59-53 AM

Why We should Abandon the State + 37 Reasons why a Democracy is a Cluster F#%K and ANB

By George F. Smith

Barbarous Relic

Revisionism, according to Harry Elmer Barnes, is bringing history into accord with the facts.  Why would history and factual evidence be at odds?  Because governments, per Orwell, falsify the past to keep the population subservient.  If people really knew what governments had done they would want less of it than they have.

How much less is the question Lew Rockwell addresses in his book, Against the State: An Anarcho-Capitalist Manifesto, released in May, 2014.  As the title makes clear, Rockwell argues for the complete elimination of the State.

Many people otherwise favoring unfettered freedom will qualify their position with an inevitable “but” — “but we need government to provide physical security and dispute resolution, the most critical services of all.”


If the free market is the “arena of voluntary interactions between individuals” that has proven so fruitful over the past 250 years, why does it need a coercive monopoly — the State — providing its most critical services?  Monopolies, he reminds us, are characterized by higher prices and poorer service.  Furthermore, the State, because it lacks the profit and loss test for allocating resources, “has no idea what to produce, in what quantities, in what location, using what methods.”  Given the importance of physical security and dispute resolution why do we assign its provision to such a thoroughly flawed institution?

Morally, the state fails in every way we consider moral, Rockwell points out. Instead of acquiring revenue through voluntary trade it steals from us and calls it taxation; it not only steals it tells us it’s our duty to comply if we want a civilized society.  If this sounds fishy we better get with it because this is the only way we can keep barbarians outside the gates and criminals from breaking into our homes.  Instead of attempting to provide for the general public, the state greases the squeaky wheels that lobby for special favors in exchange for votes or campaign contributions.

To paraphrase Major General Smedley Butler, the State is a racket, the oldest and easily the most profitable, and surely the most vicious.

Yet we are indoctrinated to view the State from an early age as a positive force, thanks to its control of the educational system.  We are encouraged “to consider the State’s predation morally acceptable, and the world of voluntary exchange morally suspect.”

But even if one agrees that the State is an unwanted invader in our lives, does it necessarily follow that it should be eliminated?  Isn’t it instead a strong candidate for reform?  Rockwell says reform is futile.

Governments have no interest in staying limited, when they can expand their power and wealth by instead increasing their scope.

The next time you find yourself insisting that we need to keep government limited, ask yourself why it never, ever stays that way. Might you be chasing a unicorn?

What about “the people”? Can’t they be trusted to keep government limited? The answer to that question is all around you.

The State’s wars

If war is the health of the state, then the U.S. state has achieved a remarkable degree of well-being.  As Rockwell argues, the State’s health does not produce a corresponding degree of health in Americans or people in other countries it is allegedly trying to help.  Quite the opposite.

In demonstrating the State’s disregard for actual human beings, he cites the 60 Minutes interview in 1996 with then UN Ambassador Madeleine Albright, with her infamous remark about the deaths of half a million Iraqi children being “worth” the price of UN economic sanctions.   That Albright did not dispute the statistic has been taken by sanctions opponents that it was legitimate.  At the time, the US-led sanctions were an attempt to compel Iraq “to disclose and eliminate any weapons of mass destruction.”

Estimates of the number of Iraqi deaths during the first four years of the Iraq War range from 151,000 to over one million, with Rockwell emphasizing the latter figure.  These are only estimates because the U.S. did not think it worthwhile to track Iraqi (or Afghan) deaths.  In the frank words of U.S. General Tommy Franks, “we don’t do body counts.”

Whichever figures are closer to the truth, the so-called Operation Iraqi Freedom resulted in Operation Iraqi Death and Destruction.

Rockwell attributes American indifference to Iraqi suffering to “this mysterious thing called nationalism.”

[It] makes an ideological religion of the nation’s wars. We are god-like liberators. They are devil-like terrorists. No amount of data or contrary information seems to make a dent in this irreligious faith. So it is in every country and in all times. Here is the intellectual blindness that war generates.

And the blindness is ideological, not technological.  We are the good guys.  “Every nation believes that about itself, but freedom is well served by the few who dare to think critically.”

He continues:

Something at the heart of American culture leads us to believe that everyone in the world would be pleased to be ruled by us. We seem to have great difficulty in sympathizing with the victims of US foreign policy. In addition, the whole of modern life seems to teach us that force is the answer to all problems. This is the basis of all domestic policy as recommended by both right and left. The Iraq War is nothing but an extension of this model.  (My emphasis)

Rockwell goes on to examine other wars in our history, particularly the Civil War and World War II, and shows that the government was not fighting to defend the freedom of Americans.  In the first case, Lincoln, as he threatened to do in his first inaugural, invaded the South to force it to collect a high federal tariff, which was an attempt to force southerners to subsidize northern manufacturers.  World War II was the capstone of two previous government disasters, World War I and the Great Depression, and it took government treachery to get the Japanese to strike the first blow and change Americans’ attitude about entering the fray.

Wars against Americans

The government doesn’t limit itself to wars against other states.  The War on Drugs is manifestly a war on American civilians that “needlessly puts thousands of people in jail and discriminates against blacks, for a completely illegitimate purpose.”

Almost everybody today realizes that Prohibition was a failure: the attempt to regulate alcohol consumption didn’t work and brought crime and civil liberties violations in its wake. . .  But if most people reject the Prohibition Amendment as an undue restriction on personal freedom, shouldn’t they reject the war on drugs as well?

It’s not just astronomically high incarceration rates that this war has produced.  Quoting Laurence Vance, he writes:

The war on drugs has destroyed financial privacy. Deposit more than $10,000 in a bank account and you are a suspected drug trafficker. … The war on drugs has provided the rationale for militarizing local police departments. … The war on drugs has resulted in outrageous behavior by police in their quest to arrest drug dealers. … The war on drugs has eviscerated the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures.

The State’s monopoly of legal coercion can be invaluable for groups that want to impose their agenda on the rest of us.  As the agenda produces legislation and more bureaucracy, government expands, which is another way of saying more of our liberties disappear.

Environmentalism, the call for tyranny

The environmentalist movement regards humans as the number one threat to the survival of the planet, and today “it holds the moral high ground.”  Nature is pure and man a blight.  The great evil is capitalism and the Industrial Revolution.  If you’re burdened with a terminally-ill disease, suggests an EarthFirst! Journal article, “Don’t go out with a whimper; go out with a bang! Undertake an eco-kamikaze mission.”  Don’t jump off a bridge — blow it up.

Yet there’s no denying we have environmental problems.  Rockwell returns to the free market for a solution:

The answer is to privatize and deregulate everything, from trash pickup to landfills. That way, everyone pays an appropriate part of the costs. . . .  The choice is always the same: put consumers in charge through private property and a free price system, or create a fiasco through government.

But some problems are global in scope, say the environmentalists, and only a world government can solve them.  How are we going to keep the air clean and the water potable without forcing people to radically change their behavior?

In economics, if something is not owned but used by many, it is called the “tragedy of the commons,” a term popularized by Garret Hardin.  The problem, to quote Aristotle, is “that which is common to the greatest number has the least care bestowed upon it.”

Robert P. Murphy in his Mises Academy Energy Economics course explains the problem with an example of overfishing.  Government owns lakes and won’t allow people to fish there without rules.  And the rules are many: Boat size, net size, size of the fish that can be caught, etc.  If it took a laissez-faire approach instead, people would come in and clean out the lake with huge boats and sophisticated fishing equipment.  Government thus imposes rules to make fishing less efficient.

But if the lake were privatized, the owner would have an incentive to act economically responsible.  He would charge an appropriate price rather than cripple the efficiency of his customers.

As Rockwell tells us,

[If] people had property rights in the streams and rivers running through their land, they could prevent pollution just as they prevent trash-dumping in their front yard. And if fishermen and homeowners held property rights in the coasts and adjacent waters, they could prevent pollution and properly allocate fishing rights.

The State’s Creature

He next turns his attention to the engine of State growth: the central bank, which in the U.S. is the Federal Reserve System.

The literature on the Fed would fill an ocean, but its essential character is easy to describe: It has monopoly control of the nation’s money supply, which today consists of paper bills and digits in bank accounts.  The power to create money at will allows it to guarantee the solvency of the biggest banks and serve as the federal government’s ATM machine.

If you remember only one thing about the Fed, allow me to suggest that you never forget it is a creature of government.   It is not a free market entity.  Parts of it are privately owned but without the State none of it would exist.

It is said the Fed is a necessary appendage to make the free market run smoothly, without the Panics that once plagued it.  It is in fact the second-worst thing to happen to free markets, with the number one villain being the State itself.

Panics were the market’s disincentive for the perennial banking practice of fractional reserve banking.  With fractional reserve banking the banker says to its depositors: Your money is safely in our care anytime you want it.  When enough depositors sense that this may not be true, they line up at the bank demanding their money, which the bank cannot provide.

In pre-Fed days the government would allow favored banks to turn depositors away.  One would think the bank would be charged with embezzlement, which is defined as “the fraudulent appropriation of funds or property entrusted to one’s care but actually owned by someone else.”  Not so.  English courts circumvented this problem by declaring the money deposited with the banker is really his, not the depositor’s, and American courts have done the same. See here for historical details.

Without the State banks that practiced fractional reserve banking would be far more cautious with their depositors’ money, at the very least.

Today, the central bank is ready to print money at a moment’s notice to support irresponsible banks.  The central bank is also ready to print money to support the state’s military adventures and welfare schemes.  It’s a nice racket for those at the top of the food chain, but not for the rest of us.

Rockwell is careful to point out the distinction between hard times created by central bank meddling and hard times that arise for other reasons, such as war or natural disasters.  The latter may not be avoidable but the former certainly are.  Drawing on Mises’s circulation credit theory, he explains how, when the central bank artificially lowers interest rates, entrepreneurs are fooled into believing long-term projects are sustainable when in fact the resources don’t exist for completing them.

The public has not made available [through increased savings] the additional means of production necessary to make the array of long-term production projects profitable. The boom will therefore be abortive, and the bust becomes inevitable.

It was this “misdirection of resources into unsustainable projects” that led to the Crash in 1929.  This is crucial to understand, Rockwell points out, because the prevailing economic approach was (and still is) to consult various aggregate measures for the health of the economy, particularly wholesale prices.  By this measure all seemed well.  As Rothbard explains in America’s Great Depression,

the stability of wholesale prices in the 1920s was the result of monetary inflation offset by increased productivity, which lowered costs of production and increased the supply of goods. But this “offset” was only statistical; it did not eliminate the boom–bust cycle, it only obscured it. The economists who emphasized the importance of a stable price level were thus especially deceived . . . [pp. 169-170]

Economist Irving Fisher was one of those deceived, Rockwell notes, and was completely blindsided by the Crash.  Rockwell:

In the 1920s as now, fashionable opinion could see no major crisis coming. Then as now, the public was assured that the experts at the Fed were smoothing out economic fluctuations and deserved credit for bringing about unprecedented prosperity. And then as now, when the bust came, the free market took the blame for what the Federal Reserve had caused.

He concludes:

The century of the Fed has been a century of depression, recession, inflation, financial bubbles, and unsound banking, and its legacy is the precipice on which our economy now precariously rests.

And I wish to add, the century of the Fed has been a century of war.

What we are today

At this point Rockwell identifies the social and economic system we have today, and it isn’t one most people would find comforting: Fascism.  Nevertheless, the shoe fits.

Fascism is the system of government that cartelizes the private sector, centrally plans the economy to subsidize producers, exalts the police State as the source of order, denies fundamental rights and liberties to individuals, and makes the executive State the unlimited master of society.

Of all the cartels the federal reserve is the most powerful by far, since it has monopoly control of the money supply.  Cartels derive their power from the coercive monopoly of the State.  In his pathbreaking book, The Triumph of Conservatism: A Reinterpretation of American History, 1900-1916, Gabriel Kolko explains that cartels and regulations began with the desire of big business to protect their turf and profits from upstart competition.  Voluntary arrangements within industries weren’t working so businessmen turned to government for help.

When bankers partnered with government to establish the Fed it wasn’t long before money itself (gold) was banished domestically (1933) then later altogether (1971).

The money we have today is a loaded deck, and the dealer is the Fed.

Rockwell cites the year 1985 as the year in which “it became more common than not for a household to have two incomes rather than one.” Women were entering the workforce to keep family incomes stable.  Why was this necessary?  Fed inflation and an outpouring of new regulations were jacking up the cost of living.  Median family incomes today are only slightly better than they were in the Nixon era.

So should we seek reforms, tweak the system here and there?  Emphatically not, says Rockwell.

The problem is more fundamental. It is the quality of the money. It is the very existence of 10,000 regulatory agencies. It is the whole assumption that you have to pay the State for the privilege to work. It is the presumption that the government must manage every aspect of the capitalist economic order. In short, it is the total State that is the problem, and the suffering and decline will continue so long as the total State exists.

Someone might reasonably claim that the Founding Fathers’ ideal of limited government is the solution, the so-called night watchman view of the State.  While this would be a vast improvement over what we have, there is no way to prevent the watchman from becoming a tyrant.  No one is watching the watchman or curbing his power.  Besides, the Founding Fathers were not strict libertarians.  American fascism got its start at the Constitutional Convention and has expanded ever since.

Well, you might say, even if the statist, fascist tradition goes very far back in American history, can’t people reverse it? Can’t we return to limited government, as the Constitution mandates?

This solution can’t work. It suffers from a fatal flaw. The Constitution creates a government that is the judge of its own powers.

Nor will focusing on democracy limit the State.  If democracy is understood as majority rule, what safeguards will we have to protect minorities?  What safeguards exist to prevent the majority from “eating the seed corn” or from doing anything at all?

How does a stateless society work?

If we have eliminated all varieties of State rule, we are left without a state.  How then do we live without one?

Simply put, we rely on the free market for everything, though “we can’t specify in advance exactly how the free market will work.”  But we know on a fundamental level what we need.  We need rights.  We need the right to acquire and own property.  And we need to “accept a common law code that spells out these rights.”

We also have the right to self-defense.  But as most people can’t do that for themselves we need an agency that will provide it for us.  We also need some means of settling disputes.

We don’t want a monopoly securing our rights because States have not only failed to do the job, they have violated our rights at every turn.

The anarcho-capitalist solution follows from the nature of a voluntary society: “People would purchase protection and judicial services on the market, just like other goods.”

That simple?  That simple.

Rockwell quotes Rothbard for details:

Most likely, [protection and judicial] services would be sold on an advance subscription basis, with premiums paid regularly and services to be supplied on call. . . It seems likely, also, that supplies of police and judicial service would be provided by insurance companies, because it would be to their direct advantage to reduce the amount of crime as much as possible.


The checks and balances in the stateless society consist precisely in the free market, i.e., the existence of freely competitive police and judicial agencies that could quickly be mobilized to put down any outlaw agency. . .

Did someone mention foreign policy?  Rockwell has an answer:

There is no danger of an aggressive or imperialist foreign policy, because there is no foreign policy. Each protection agency is confined to protecting its clients. Agencies, or allied groups of agencies, would defend against an organized invasion.


There is much more to Lew Rockwell’s argument than I have presented here, and I encourage readers with unanswered “buts” to see what he has to say.

Overall, Rockwell presents his case in typical Rockwellian fashion, which is concise, lively prose that pulls no punches:

We are in the stage of late fascism. The grandeur is gone, and all we are left with is a gun pointed at our heads.

Nor does he go it alone.  He calls on experts such as Murray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, Hans-Herman Hoppe, Tom DiLorenzo, John Flynn, Lysander Spooner, Albert Jay Nock, Robert Higgs, Glenn Greenwald, and even opens with a quote from Thomas Paine.

Perhaps an abbreviated version of this book would be enticing to those looking for a brief introduction to a market-only society.  Though his book is not long, it does take the reader through details that an introductory work could safely omit.

Lew Rockwell deserves high praise for a work I consider a must-read not just for libertarians, but for any person looking for answers in a world where wars and economic crises have become the norm.

Reprinted with permission from Barbarous Relic.

The Best of George F. Smith

George F. Smith [send him mail] is the author of The Jolly Roger Dollar: An Introduction to Monetary PiracyEyes of Fire: Thomas Paine and the American Revolution, and The Flight of the Barbarous Relic, a novel about a renegade Fed chairman. Visit his website and his blog.

Copyright © 2015 George F. Smith

Previous article by George F. Smith: The Fall of Tyranny


07 30 15 37 Reasons why a Democracy is a Cluster F#%K

 By Olddog

Changing the political ideology of a Nation is a guaranteed method of gaining control of that Nation, as dividing the citizens against each other has always been the objective of tyrants. The following 37 articles from “The Rutherford Institute” should convince the reader that America is beyond recovery, and nothing is left but civil war and destruction. Those who believe there is hope are deluded because we are fighting each other instead of the Banking Oligarchy.

 Homing in on the gravest threats to our civil liberties and human rights, The Rutherford Institute is determined to highlight news reports and investigative stories that shine a light on the most serious threats to the Constitution and our freedoms. Remember, the only way to safeguard our freedoms is to know when they’re being threatened!


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Friends of Supreme Court: Justices Repeatedly Find for Businesses Related to Their Stocks

Obama Blocks Investigator’s Access to Files Related to DOJ Scandals

Colorado Laws Allow Rogue Officers to Stay in Law Enforcement

Torture Is Bad. So Psychologists Helped the US to Redefine It


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The Big Question: Will Personal Data Privacy Exist in Ten Years’ Time?

Surveillance Society: Pittsburgh Seeking to Implement Surveillance Camera Privacy Policy

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Major Flaw in Android Phones Would Let Hackers in With Just a Text

Transhumanist Candidate Wants “Brain Implants to Manage Violent Actions of Prisoners”… and Society

FBI Backtracks on Cell Phone Trackers

FBI/Counterintelligence and Security Center Release Economic Espionage Awareness Campaign

A Sensor for Logging People Traffic at the Gym or Café

Disruptive Technology That Could Transform Government-Citizen Relationships

Researchers Develop Facial Recognition Method That Works in the Dark

Wyden Blasts Plan to Have Tech Companies Report “Terrorist Activity” – Whatever That Is

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‘I’ll Put a Bullet Hole Right Through Your F*Cking Head’: Off-Duty Mass. Cop Suspended for Threatening Driver

A Young Black Man Talks to His Mom About the Traffic Stop That Almost Killed Him

Police Brutality and Misconduct Has Cost Americans $1 Billion in the Past Five Years

Police Guild Slams City for $2 Million Shooting Settlement

Florida Cop Suspended After Video Emerged of Him Throwing Food at Homeless Man

Native American Civil Rights Activist Dies Mysteriously in Police Custody

“Don’t Miss” Said the Cops Just Before Shooting Man in the Face in Front of His Child for No Reason 

Chicago Tops in Fatal Police Shootings Among Big U.S. Cities

The Video of Police Killing of Sam Dubose Is Apparently so Bad, Cincinnati Is Preparing for Riots

Police State America Invades Movie Theaters

Police Chief Gets Probation for Multiple Felonies, Including Malfeasance, Forgery and Firearms Theft

Hillview Man Arrested for Shooting Down Drone; Cites Right to Privacy

How to Stop Brutality-Adjacent Policing

2-6-2015 10-13-51 AM

China’s Stock Market Just Crashed in the Most Predictable Way


7-29-2015 11-43-27 AM

By Joshua Krause

Just last month, Chinese stocks were on one hell of a hot streak. The Shenzhen and Shanghai stock exchanges had risen to unprecedented heights, and were worth a total of $10 trillion.

But by early July, their value had plummeted by a whopping 30% in a very short time frame.

The Chinese government stepped in with several market controls to stabilize their stocks, which actually succeeded for a while. The government worked with several top financial firms to buy $20 billion in stocks, and over 1,400 companies were allowed to suspend the trading of their shares, among many other measures.

However, they just found out the hard way, that you can’t really plug a sinking ship.

Chinese equities have suffered the sharpest one-day crash in eight years, sending powerful tremors through global commodity markets and smashing currencies across East Asia, Latin America and Africa.

The Shanghai Composite index fell 8.5pc despite emergency measures to shore up the market, with a roster of the biggest blue-chip companies down by the maximum daily limit of 10pc. The mood was further soured by news that corporated profits in China are now contracting in absolute terms, falling 0.3pc over the past year.

The violence of the moves unnerved investors worldwide, stirring fears that the Communist Party may be losing control after stoking a series of epic bubbles in property, corporate investment and equities to keep up the blistering pace of economic growth.

In all honesty, this was entirely predictable. I described how well this strategy would work on July 7th when the Communist party first decided to dump money into their stock market, in the hopes that this would stop its precipitous decline.

What’s worse, is how financial institutions in China are reacting to the healthy dose of realism that their stock market so desperately needed. The country’s top stock brokerages decided to collectively buy almost $20 billion in stocks to help stabilize the market, part of which was supplied by the government. You might recognize this as the award winning strategy that was employed by several top financial firms in the US, just after the market crash of 1929. The Great Depression quickly followed.

Of course, anyone could have predicted that. While a depression has yet to develop in China, their stocks are falling despite the best efforts of their government and other major financial institutions (which are really just an extension of the Communist Party). There is a clear historical precedent for this sort of thing. Once a bubble pops, pumping more air into it will never blow it back up. The best you can do is blow more bubbles into other sectors of the economy, which is exactly what China has been doing for years to stave off a genuine correction in their markets.

You might notice that this is the same strategy employed by America’s financial elite. We’ve managed to keep our economy afloat for decades by bouncing from one economic bubble to the next, accumulating more and more debt along the way. But at the end of the day, that can’t work forever. There needs to be a correction at some point, and the longer they wait, the worse it will be when it finally comes crashing down. And that day seems to be long overdue for the likes of China, the US, and the rest of the world.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

This article may be re-posted in full with attribution. 

2-6-2015 10-13-51 AM

Backyard Chickens Must Be Registered in North Carolina for Your Own Safety



7-28-2015 10-19-30 AM

 By Daisy Luther

There isn’t much that feels more self-reliant than going out to your backyard hen house to get fresh eggs for breakfast.  There’s no need for USDA approval, you know what your hens have been eating, and you don’t have to pay a premium price and hope that the farm who raised the chickens that laid those grocery store eggs actually treated the hens humanely. Bonus points if the bacon you fry up comes from a local farm, and bonus BONUS points if you raised that little piggie yourself. Raising backyard chickens is incredibly rewarding.

It’s pure freedom, this control over your own food.

Of course, until you have to register your chickens. Then, as food freedom activist Joel Salatin says, “Everything I want to do is illegal.”

With so many people moving towards self-reliance, you had to know it was only a matter of time before the government got involved.

And now they have. But don’t worry, it’s all for your own good.

In North Carolina, the state’s Department of Agriculture wants to protect you against the avian flu. So regardless of the number of chickens you have, you must register for a state farm ID number as of August 1, 2015. Surprisingly, this is free. Not surprisingly, this is mandatory.

Up until the recent avian flu fear, farm registration was voluntary. Now, even families with two or three hens in a nifty little moveable chicken tractor in the backyard must register.

According to State Veterinarian (who knew there was a State Veterinarian?) Doug Meckes, this is vital. “In planning our response for highly pathogenic avian influenza, one problem we’ve come across is that we can’t protect birds that we don’t know exist. We need to know where poultry are located so we can properly protect commercial and backyard flocks.”

Chicken owners must fill out a FORM LIKE THIS and declare all of their animals. According to the state’s website, this won’t be used for any other purpose than health tracking. “Information gathered through registration will be used solely for animal health purposes. This critical data will provide animal health officials with necessary contact information in case of an animal health concern and help identify animals and premises that may have been affected.”

Of course, I figure once you register your chickens, they’re no longer really your chickens. The state is just letting you use them. Think back to Michigan, a couple of years ago, when a farmer was forced to destroy his heritage pigs because the state said so. Who can forget the shepherd in Canada whose beloved sheep were thought to be a threat and summarily destroyed? Personally, I’d prefer that my chickens remain happy little libertarian chickens, footloose, fancy free-ranging, and unfettered by a license.

Given the history of any type of registration (cough *guns* cough), is it any stretch of the imagination whatsoever to think your backyard chickens or your small homestead will not become vulnerable to some kind of future “public safety” mandate? Don’t you think they could be subject to seizure or execution based on the whims of the state? And what do you think will happen to families who don’t register their chickens? Do you really honestly feel safer with the state knowing your business? Am I going to have to write an article about stealth chicken keeping to aid and abet wannabe backyard chicken bootleggers?

While this is presented to the public as a way to keep everyone healthy, don’t be fooled. It’s “game on” in the war against self-reliance.

Daisy Luther lives on a small organic homestead in Northern California.  She is the author of The Organic CannerThe Pantry Primer: A Prepper’s Guide to Whole Food on a Half-Price Budget, and The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide: Harvest, Treat, and Store Your Most Vital Resource. On her website, The Organic Prepper, Daisy uses her background in alternative journalism to provide a unique perspective on health and preparedness, and offers a path of rational anarchy against a system that will leave us broke, unhealthy, and enslaved if we comply.  Daisy’s articles are widely republished throughout alternative media. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest,  and Twitter.

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Surely by now my readers know that America has become a Prison State where soon you will not have to make any decisions in life, because our government has determined they can do it better. Also, they are soon to prohibit us from leaving or transferring our assets abroad. What else besides a prison does this to its population? If any of you still believe we live in a democracy where our wishes rule the Nation, I have a great investment for you which will make you filthy rich.

2-6-2015 10-13-51 AM


The March Towards Civil War Is Rapidly Progressing



by Dave Hodges

7-27-2015 10-29-23 AM

7-27-2015 10-28-59 AM

On July 25, The Common Sense Show published an article which demonstrated how far the dissident roundup preparation plans have advanced. However, as tyranny marches forward, there appears to be a push back which could result in a military coup in order to unseat the traitor residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Even local Officials Are Speaking Out Against the Tyranny of This Administration

In October of 2014, a county official in Missouri suggested that American troops should overthrow President Barack Obama.

Jefferson County Recorder of Deeds Debbie Dunnegan called President Barack Obama “our domestic enemy” and she even suggested the U.S. Constitution would give the U.S. military the authority to oust the president in a coup d’état, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.Certainly, the betrayal of the American people represents a foreign and domestic enemy. Perhaps Dunnegan is correct.

One Military Coup Has Already Failed

The military has been under attack. Over 260 of the command structure of the American military have been fired by Obama. Except for the liberal sell-out of American sovereignty by American officers trying to advance their career on the backs of a globalist communist takeover of this country, most of the military leadership loathe this current President and would delight at the thought of removing him from office.

The opportunity to remove Obama nearly presented itself in September of 2012 with the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens. It has been well-established and well-documented on The Common Sense Show, that Stevens had participated in the overthrow of the Libyan government through funds raised by drug dealing, arms peddling and child sex trafficking. Stevens, doubling as a CIA plant was fermenting a regime change in Libya and then Syria from funds raised from these nefarious activities. These funds were used to support our terrorist allies of al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, the creation of ISIS and Hamas. These terrorists overthrew Libya and are working on Syria. However, word began to leak out about Stevens CIA activities and he had to be eliminated before he could become a campaign issue in the lead up to the 2012 election. I previously documented how Stevens was under attack and asking for military assistance.

As Ambassador Stevens was begging for help after the Benghazi attack had begun, General Hamm, the commander of AFRICOM had activated a special forces team within minutes of learning that the embassy, which was really a CIA safe house, was under attack.

7-27-2015 10-28-39 AM

The former commander of AFRICOM who tried to rescue Chris Stevens as part of a military coup to expose the administration’s involvement in gun running to terrorist to promote regime change through drug and child sex trafficking.

7-27-2015 10-28-21 AM

Admiral Gayouette provided surveillance for General Hamm’s attempted rescue of Ambassador. He was discovered and arrested by his executive officer a CIA plant.

When General Ham received his “stand down” orders from the Obama administration, he made plans to go ahead with the rescue anyway and was arrested within minutes by his second in command, General Rodriquez a CIA plant embedded into the command structure of AFRICOM.

Admiral Gayouette, the commander of Carrier Strike Group Three, was preparing to provide intelligence and  air cover for General Hamm’s rescue team in violation of his standing orders and he was promptly relieved of command for allegations of inappropriate leadership judgment.”

General Ham had been in command of the initial 2011 US-NATO military intervention in Libya. And as we can, in part, read from US military insider accounts of this growing internal conflict between the White House and US Military leaders. There is a to a growing body of evidence that the military is rebelling against this rogue President. This President is vulnerable for all the rogue operations that he has sanctioned, most notably the murder of Ambassador Stevens.

The actions of Hamm and Gayouette represented a coup of opportunity, not a coup of planning. If Stevens could have been rescued, he would surely know that he was sold out by Obama and he would sing like a canary about his activities on behalf of this President. The coup of opportunity nearly worked. Unfortunately, for the American people and the American military the plot failed.

It is abundantly clear that had Obama been concerned for saving the lives of the four murdered Americans, American forces could have stopped the mortar fire that eventually killed Ambassador Stevens. However, Panetta and Obama blocked any rescue attempt. In legal parlance, Obama, Panetta and Clinton are, at minimum, accomplices to murder. At maximum these three rogue government officials are co-conspirators to first degree murder and now they have sacked two senior command military leaders to cover their complicity in an act of treason. I feel like I am watching an episode of the former popular television show, 24, as we are presently engaged in a plot that scarcely anyone would have believed if it had aired on television and not occurred in real life.

Even though the corporate controlled media refuses to cover the events in Benghazi s they really transpired, Representative Buck McKeon wrote a letter to Obama in which he boldly stated  ”As we are painfully aware, despite the fact that the military had resources in the area, the military did not deploy any assets to secure U.S. personnel in Benghazi during the hours the consulate and the annex were under attack. I find it implausible that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Commander of U.S. Africa Command (author’s note: General Hamm) and the Commander of U.S. European Command would have ignored a direct order from the Commander in Chief.”

There’s growing evidence that US agents in Libya were at least aware of weapons and militants moving across the border. The ties between murdered U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and jihadist Syrian rebels are becoming more clear as it is now known that Chris Stevens was an arms dealer for the CIA and he brokered arms deals with Al-Qaeda and their affiliate rebels in both Libya and Syria. Can anyone imagine the political fallout to this President if word of this had ever leaked out? Stevens was the link between the CIA and al-Qaeda. With Stevens out of the way, the trail could grow cold and the American public would be none the wiser. This is why a rescue attempt was not permitted and this explains why two senior level officials were sacked for trying to do so.

Coup number one failed.

I asked the question of my best sources if we would see another military coup of this type in the near future. I was told “no” for two reasons.

  1. The people are too dumbed down to support the military in such an action and no revolution can succeed without the popular support of the people and that support is not adequate in the present political climate.
  2. Yes, there will be another coup, but it will be another coup of opportunity, not a coup of planning from scratch. I was also told that any coup will result in a civil war between dissident military forces, forces remaining loyal to the administration and against DHS and its foreign troop allies stationed at places like Ft. Carson. I was also told by my sources that any coup would take place within an embedded crisis in order to justify moving militarily. The coup would be short and would go for the jugular, meaning a move on key administration agencies, facilities and the White House.

Coup Number Two Is Another Coup of Opportunity

7-27-2015 10-27-40 AM

I will cut right to the chase, all the evidence points to a coming military coup. I have long believed that the military troop and equipment movements has far exceeded the operational needs of Jade Helm.

I have previously reported that the Navy has been involved in an unprecedented six  year war game.

7-27-2015 10-27-08 AM

An unheard of six year war game.

Since 2009, the Navy has been in war mode, why? What do they know that we do not? At first, I thought this was a safety measure against an EMP attack. I now know that Navy, the branch of the military, that is not under the control of the Obama administration, is in stand down mode against this President. I have previously reported that they refuse to surrender their nuclear launch codes for their submarines which is why the administration has provided sub tracking surveillance capabilities to our enemies and potential partners in an United Nations takeover of the country if a coup were to transpire.

There are more curious things going on with regard to Jade Helm such as the movement of full scale combat divisions as we have seen out of Fort Carson and other military bases as well.

7-27-2015 10-26-32 AM

Fort Carson has been emptied out as the troops and equipment have been rolled out across Pinon Canyon destroying the land of private ranchers. the only operational troops that remain at Ft. Carson are the Russians. These are combat operations not dissident extractions and martial law preparations.

I have no doubt that Jade Helm is a dissident extraction and martial law operation. However, the scope of the troop movements and the movement of large military equipment is out of proportion to martial law. This has nagged at me for 3 months.

On Friday, I had begun to conclude that Jade Helm could be used like Judo from the existing military to be boomeranged back on an enemy (i.e. the administration and their foreign lackey military forces stationed on many of our military bases). Now, if these massive troop movements are indicative of a battlefield action, we can safely assume that the conflict will be domestic. The dots are beginning to connect.

What Deep Cover Military-Related Sources Are Saying

I was once told by one of my most trusted sources that if an operation was ongoing, I would not be told about it so as to not compromise the operation. However, if for some reason I come to believe that we could be thrust into a civil war, I will say something because so many civilian lives are at stake.

My stern warning to everyone is to prepare and prepare now for the shut down of essential resources. Also, be prepared to defend your resources and yourselves. There will be unpredictable turns in what could be coming.


I asked my two best sources if a coup was in the works and if Jade Helm was being used as the cover for this plan?

Answer from both sources: Crickets Chirping……..

Second question: Will Jade Helm be used for anything other than dissident roundups, gun confiscation and martial law implementation?

Answer from both sources: Crickets Chirping….

I asked a follow up question: Do I need to go dark at this time and not write about my suspicions?

Answer from both sources:  No!

7-27-2015 10-26-02 AM

I used to write and teach statistics courses. I understand how when less than 2% of the population votes, a winner can be accurately predicted with less than a 5% chance of being wrong. My sample size is much larger than 2% and, unscientifically, I feel it in my bones, Jade Helm and other soon-to-be military operations are going to be used to thwart what Jade Helm has planned for the American people. Will they succeed? I think the odds are long that our military will prevail on our soil. However, the Navy is a different matter and I think it is likely that they are the people’s last line of defense.

We also know that Hollywood loves to use predictive programming. The TNT hit series, the Last Ship, is predicting exactly what is occurring with regard to the Navy. The Last Ship is the last bastion of defense against a virus that wiped out 80% of humanity and the nefarious forces of evil that have sprung up in the midst of this crisis.

All hell is breaking loose.


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7-25-2015 6-33-11 AM


The U.S. government has already made clear in numerous official documents and announcements that its war on terror is increasingly focused on its own domestic political enemies. If you’re conservative, Christian, a gun-owner, have expressed disapproval of your government in any way, a veteran, homeschool your kids, etc.,….well, this includes you.

As we reported in a post from last year, FEMA just ordered $1 billion in coffin liners, millions of ready-to-eat meals and body bags.

The camps have been prepared – and it isn’t hard to see who they intend to fill them with.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (shown) made headlines nationwide this week after bluntly telling law students at the University of Hawaii that internment camps to detain Americans would eventually return. Acknowledging that the infamous Supreme Court-approved internment of Japanese-Americans in wretched camps during World War II was wrong, the conservative-leaning justice followed up by adding that “you are kidding yourself if you think the same thing will not happen again.” In “times of war,” Scalia said, citing a Latin expression attributed to Cicero, “the laws fall silent.”

According to the Associated Press, which first reported the explosive February 3 statements, Scalia was responding to a question about one of the Supreme Court’s most widely criticized decisions. Amid national hysteria following theJapanese regime’s attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued an “executive order” in 1942 purporting to justify the mass detention of people of Japanese ancestry — the vast majority of whom were U.S. citizens. In 1944, the high court upheld the convictions of two men for failing to report to an internment camp in Korematsu v. United States.

“Well of course Korematsu was wrong. And I think we have repudiated in a later case,” Scalia was quoted as telling students and faculty during a lunchtime question and answer session. “But you are kidding yourself if you think the same thing will not happen again.” Pointing to the Latin expression about laws falling silent during war-time, the longest-serving justice said, “That’s what was going on — the panic about the war and the invasion of the Pacific and whatnot.”

“That’s what happens,” Scalia continued. “It was wrong, but I would not be surprised to see it happen again, in time of war. It’s no justification, but it is the reality.” In other words, one of the nation’s top judicial officials believes that during a “time of war,” Americans run the risk of being unconstitutionally rounded up by the federal government and detained in camps like over 110,000 almost certainly innocent Japanese-descent individuals during World War II.

Keep in mind that the U.S. government is currently engaged in multiple unconstitutional wars, including many that could potentially go on indefinitely — especially the “terror” war, which now spans across the “Homeland” and the entire planet. Incredibly, buried inside the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Congress and the president have even approved a statute pretending to legalize the indefinite detention of Americans without charges, trial, due process, or any other constitutionally guaranteed rights.

The Obama administration even claims to have the power to secretly murder Americans with no trial — and, in fact, ithas done so in at least several cases that are now known publicly. A Justice Department memo leaked in 2013outlined the outlandish legal rationale purporting to authorize Obama serving as judge, jury, and executioner. When asked by the Huffington Post whether the administration should tell the public when it secretly murders an American, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said “it depends.”

The dean of the law school, Avi Soifer, tried to downplay Scalia’s explosive remarks, telling the AP he thought the Supreme Court justice was merely suggesting that people should always be vigilant and that the law alone cannot be relied on to provide protection. “We do need a court that sometimes will say there are individual or group rights that are not being adequately protected by the democratic process,” Soifer was quoted as saying, though it was not clear what “group rights” was supposed to refer to. The dean also noted that Scalia was among those who reined in the power of “military commissions.”

However, despite efforts to downplay the clear statements made by Scalia, countless Americans believe there is good cause to be concerned — and not just because history conclusively proves that the U.S. government is capable of lawlessly interning citizens. In 2012, for example, a leaked military document dubbed “Army Field Manual 3-39.40: Internment and Resettlement Operations” provides guidance on interning Americans on U.S. soil. It even teaches how to identify “malcontents, trained agitators, and political leaders” and how “to reduce or remove antagonistic attitudes.”

Of course, there have been countless reports about internment facilities all across the United States set up under the aegis of the Federal Emergency Management Agency — so-called “FEMA camps.” In 2006, a Halliburton subsidiary was even handed a $385-million contract to build a vast network of “detention centers” for the Department of Homeland Security. Officials downplayed the news, saying the camps were simply meant to prepare for a potential massive influx of immigrants.

Stories and fears about “FEMA camps” are often dismissed by the establishment and even some credible researchers who have investigated. The centers, however, along with countless videos claiming to show camps across the United States, have fueled strong suspicion all across the political spectrum. Meanwhile, even a cursory review of the so-called “executive orders” issued over the last century shows that the executive branch believes it can seize virtually total control of the nation in the event of an “emergency” declared by the president.

Even in recent years, Americans have been herded by federal officials into camps against their will. After hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, for example, authorities declared martial law, forcibly disarmed residents, and forced massive numbers of people into FEMA-run camps. During the recent swine flu hysteria, officials were also openly discussing and preparing for the forcible quarantine of Americans. More recently still, homeless people in some areas have also been coerced into camps under penalty of arrest.

Obviously it makes sense for government to prepare for contingencies. As with all official programs, however, innocent-seeming schemes can be abused, and often are. With the U.S. government becoming infamous for brazenly lying to the public — WMDs in Iraq, for example, or you can keep your health insurance — it is hardly surprising that public suspicion of Washington, D.C., and its intentions continues to grow.

More than a few recent training exercises have added fuel to the fire. Among the most alarming: Black military helicopters filled with terror warriors swarming around U.S. cities firing fake ammoChinese and Russian troops training on U.S. soil with American forces in recent years, Homeland Security “relocation” drills in Colorado, FEMA signing an “exchange” deal with Vladimir Putin’s government, and more. The Obama administration’s wild stockpiling and distribution to local law enforcement of “weapons of war” for domestic use has also raised serious concerns.

Analyst Justin King, writing in the Digital Journal, said Scalia’s remarks should “terrify” Americans. “First, the longest-serving Justice on the Supreme Court has openly stated that the court does not adhere to the Constitution of the United States, but rather allows laws to wither in times of war,” he wrote. “The highest court in the land will gladly send you to a prison camp out of fear, knowing that it is wrong.” He also pointed out that with the vague “terror” war still raging, virtually anybody could be caught in a government dragnet merely by virtue of their beliefs.

In fact, the U.S. government has already made clear in numerous official documents that its terror war is increasingly focused on its own domestic political foes. From the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department to the Pentagon, numerous tentacles of the lawless executive branch have openly identified everyday Americans as potential terrorists and extremists. Among others: pro-life activists, Christians, gun-rights supporters, states’ rights advocates, veterans, conservatives, libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, liberty lovers, and more.



“No earthly government has jurisdiction over your God Given Rights.”

CRUDEN v. NEALE 2N.C. (1796) 2 SE 70 “Every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowmen without his consent”

“The duty of a Patriot is to protect his country from its government.” – Thomas Paine

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”

“I believe that being despised by the despicable is as good as being admired by the admirable.” Kurt Hoffman

A man is a fool who trusts his rights to lawyer, his soul to a preacher, his health to a doctor, his wealth to a banker, and his happiness to a government. 

“Governments need armies to protect them against their enslaved and oppressed subjects.”

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” H.L. Mencken “

“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out…without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable.” FL. Hamer

Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.” S. Rasmussen

Evil unchallenged will prevail every time. Let no evil go unchallenged from this moment forward. We cannot pass this mess on to our children.

 “Real Americans would die on their feet rather than live on their knees.” George Washington

“The public welfare demands that constitutional cases must be decided according to the terms of the Constitution itself, and not according to judges’ views of fairness, reasonableness, or justice.” — Justice Hugo L. Black ( U.S. Supreme Court Justice, 1886 – 1971).

“It is not the function of our government to keep the Citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the Citizen to keep the government from falling into error.” American Communications Ass’n v. Douds,  339 U.S. 382, 442.

Plato once alluded to the purpose of the oligarch, which was to simply perpetuate the oligarchy –In America today, there is very little to indicate otherwise.

“If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. … May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” Samuel Adams

“Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence… From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to ensure peace, security, and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable… The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference. When firearms go, all goes.” – George Washington

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace in a continual state of alarm (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing them with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. H.L. Mencken

The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is naïve and usually idiotic. He is, more likely, one who likes his country more than the rest of us, and is thus more disturbed than the rest of us when he sees it debauched. He is not a bad citizen turning to crime; he is a good citizen driven to despair”. H.L. Mencken

Phrase originally coined by H.L. Mencken which the Urban Dictionary defines thusly: “Complacent, lazy & stupid US citizen who votes for politicians based upon information proffered by government shills in the mainstream media, or for other vacuous reasons. This dolt not only doesn’t understand the concept of “limited government”, but has never read The Constitution or The Bill of Rights. He also believes his vote counts and that politicians are honest.”

“Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it.”- John Adams

You may be the most cogent and critically important author on the planet, but as long as you support gun control, your mind would be far more useful as a toxic waste pipeline, for it shows your surreptitious intent to assist in murdering your countrymen.  Rayce Patane & James P. Harvey

The Constitution and Bill of Rights are important foundational documents in mankind’s quest for codified civil liberty and representative government in a civilized society.  There is no substitute for informed and critical minds that deeply grasp the timeless principles in those documents. Jefferson’s Voice

Molon Labe!

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The Eroding Character of the American People


How can the life of such a man
Be in the palm of some fool’s hand?
To see him obviously framed
Couldn’t help but make me feel ashamed,

To live in a land Where justice is a game.

Bob Dylan, “Hurricane”

 Paul Craig Roberts

Attorney John W. Whitehead opens a recent posting (see below) on his Rutherford Institute website with these words from a song by Bob Dylan. Why don’t all of us feel ashamed? Why only Bob Dylan?

I wonder how many of Bob Dylan’s fans understand what he is telling them. American justice has nothing to do with innocence or guilt. It only has to do with the prosecutor’s conviction rate, which builds his political career. Considering the gullibility of the American people, American jurors are the last people to whom an innocent defendant should trust his fate. The jury will betray the innocent almost every time.

As Lawrence Stratton and I show in our book (2000, 2008) there is no justice in America. We titled our book, “How the Law Was Lost.” It is a description of how the protective features in law that made law a shield of the innocent was transformed over time into a weapon in the hands of the government, a weapon used against the people. The loss of law as a shield occurred prior to 9/11, which “our representative government” used to construct a police state.

The marketing department of our publisher did not appreciate our title and instead came up with “The Tyranny of Good Intentions.” We asked what this title meant. The marketing department answered that we showed that the war on crime, which gave us the abuses of RICO, the war on child abusers, which gave us show trials of total innocents that bested Joseph Stalin’s show trials of the heroes of the Bolshevik Revolution, and the war on drugs, which gave “Freedom and Democracy America” broken families and by far the highest incarceration rate in the world all resulted from good intentions to combat crime, to combat drugs, and to combat child abuse. The publisher’s title apparently succeeded, because 15 years later the book is still in print. It has sold enough copies over these years that, had the sales occurred upon publication would have made the book a “best seller.” The book, had it been a best seller, would have gained more attention, and perhaps law schools and bar associations could have used it to hold the police state at bay.

Whitehead documents how hard a not guilty verdict is to come by for an innocent defendant. Even if the falsely accused defendant and his attorney survive the prosecutor’s pressure to negotiate a plea bargain and arrive at a trial, they are confronted with jurors who are unable to doubt prosecutors, police, or witnesses paid to lie against the innocent defendant. Jurors even convicted the few survivors of the Clinton regime’s assault on the Branch Davidians of Waco, the few who were not gassed, shot, or burned to death by US federal forces. This religious sect was demonized by Washington and the presstitute media as child abusers who were manufacturing automatic weapons while they raped children. The charges proved to be false, like Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” and so forth, but only after all of the innocents were dead or in prison.

The question is: why do Americans not merely sit silently while the lives of innocents are destroyed, but actually support the destruction of the lives of innocents? Why do Americans believe “official sources” despite the proven fact that “official sources” lie repeatedly and never tell the truth?

The only conclusion that one can come to is that the American people have failed. We have failed Justice. We have failed Mercy. We have failed the US Constitution. We have failed Truth. We have failed Democracy and representative government. We have failed ourselves and humanity. We have failed the confidence that our Founding Fathers put in us. We have failed God. If we ever had the character that we are told we had, we have obviously lost it. Little, if anything, remains of the “American character.”

Was the American character present in the torture prisons of Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, and hidden CIA torture dungeons where US military and CIA personnel provided photographic evidence of their delight in torturing and abusing prisoners? Official reports have concluded that along with torture went rape, sodomy, and murder. All of this was presided over by American psychologists with Ph.D. degrees.

We see the same inhumanity in the American police who respond to women children, the elderly, the physically and mentally handicapped, with gratuitous violence. For no reason whatsoever, police murder, taser, beat, and abuse US citizens. Every day there are more reports, and despite the reports the violence goes on and on and on. Clearly, the police enjoy inflicting pain and death on citizens whom the police are supposed to serve and protect. There have always been bullies in the police force, but the wanton police violence of our time indicates a complete collapse of the American character.

The failure of the American character has had tremendous and disastrous consequences for ourselves and for the world. At home Americans have a police state in which all Constitutional protections have vanished. Abroad, Iraq and Libya, two formerly prosperous countries, have been destroyed. Libya no longer exists as a country. One million dead Iraqis, four million displaced abroad, hundreds of thousands of orphans and birth defects from the American ordinance, and continuing ongoing violence from factions fighting over the remains. These facts are incontestable. Yet the United States Government claims to have brought “freedom and democracy” to Iraq. “Mission accomplished,” declared one of the mass murderers of the 21st century, George W. Bush.

The question is: how can the US government make such an obviously false outrageous claim without being shouted down by the rest of the world and by its own population? Is the answer that good character has disappeared from the world?

Or is the rest of the world too afraid to protest? Washington can force supposedly sovereign countries to acquiesce to its will or be cut off from the international payments mechanism that Washington controls, and/or be sanctioned, and/or be bombed, droned, or invaded, and/or be assassinated or overthrown in a coup. On the entire planet Earth there are only two countries capable of standing up to Washington, Russia and China, and neither wants to stand up if they can avoid it.

For whatever the reasons, not only Americans but most of the world as well accommodate Washington’s evil and are thereby complicit in the evil. Those humans with a moral conscience are gradually being positioned by Washington and London as “domestic extremists” who might have to be rounded up and placed in detention centers. Examine the recent statements by General Wesley Clark and British Prime Minister Cameron and remember Janet Napolitano’s statement that the Department of Homeland Security has shifted its focus from terrorists to domestic extremists, an undefined and open-ended term.

Americans with good character are being maneuvered into a position of helplessness. As John Whitehead makes clear, the American people cannot even prevent “their police,” paid by their tax payments, from murdering 3 Americans each day, and this is only the officially reported murders. The actual account is likely higher.

What Whitehead describes and what I have noticed for many years is that the American people have lost, in addition to their own sense of truth and falsity, any sense of mercy and justice for other peoples. Americans accept no sense of responsibility for the millions of peoples that Washington has exterminated over the past two decades dating back to the second term of Clinton. Every one of the millions of deaths is based on a Washington lie.

When Clinton’s Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, was asked if the Clinton’s regime’s sanctions, which had claimed the lives of 500,000 Iraqi children, were justified, she obviously expected no outrage from the American people when she replied in the affirmative.

Americans need to face the facts. The loss of character means the loss of liberty and the transformation of government into a criminal enterprise.


The Bible say’s humans are born depraved, and true to their character most humans take offence at this obvious truth, and do their utmost to prove it true. That aside, it is a proven fact that government controlled societies have consistently fallen into depravity and had to re-organize only to repeat the process under the same tyrannical leaders, THE BANKERS! It is now Americans turn to pay for their abandonment of morality. The wailing and gashing of teeth is about to begin for all the ungodly.


The American Nightmare: The Tyranny of the Criminal Justice System


By John W. Whitehead
The Rutherford Institute
July 22, 2015

Justice in America is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Just ask Jeffrey Deskovic, who spent 16 years in prison for a rape and murder he did not commit. Despite the fact that Deskovic’s DNA did not match what was found at the murder scene, he was singled out by police as a suspect because he wept at the victim’s funeral (he was 16 years old at the time), then badgered over the course of two months into confessing his guilt. He was eventually paid $6.5 million in reparation.

James Bain spent 35 years in prison for the kidnapping and rape of a 9-year-old boy, but he too was innocent of the crime. Despite the fact that the prosecutor’s case was flimsy—it hinged on the similarity of Bain’s first name to the rapist’s, Bain’s ownership of a red motorcycle, and a misidentification of Bain in a lineup by a hysterical 9-year-old boy—Bain was sentenced to life in prison. He was finally freed after DNA testing proved his innocence, and was paid $1.7 million.

Mark Weiner got off relatively easy when you compare his experience to the thousands of individuals who are spending lifetimes behind bars for crimes they did not commit. Weiner was wrongfully arrested, convicted, and jailed for more than two years for a crime he too did not commit. In his case, a young woman claimed Weiner had abducted her, knocked her out and then sent taunting text messages to her boyfriend about his plans to rape her. Despite the fact that cell phone signals, eyewitness accounts and expert testimony indicated the young woman had fabricated the entire incident, the prosecutor and judge repeatedly rejected any evidence contradicting the woman’s far-fetched account, sentencing Weiner to eight more years in jail. Weiner was only released after his accuser was caught selling cocaine to undercover cops.

In the meantime, Weiner lost his job, his home, and his savings, and time with his wife and young son. As Slate reporter journalist Dahlia Lithwick warned, “If anyone suggests that the fact that Mark Weiner was released this week means ‘the system works,’ I fear that I will have to punch him in the neck. Because at every single turn, the system that should have worked to consider proof of Weiner’s innocence failed him.”

The system that should have worked didn’t, because the system is broken, almost beyond repair.

In courtroom thrillers like 12 Angry Men and To Kill a Mockingbird, justice is served in the end because someone—whether it’s Juror #8 or Atticus Finch—chooses to stand on principle and challenge wrongdoing, and truth wins.

Unfortunately, in the real world, justice is harder to come by, fairness is almost unheard of, and truth rarely wins.

On paper, you may be innocent until proven guilty, but in actuality, you’ve already been tried, found guilty and convicted by police officers, prosecutors and judges long before you ever appear in a courtroom. Chronic injustice has turned the American dream into a nightmare. At every step along the way, whether it’s encounters with the police, dealings with prosecutors, hearings in court before judges and juries, or jail terms in one of the nation’s many prisons, the system is riddled with corruption, abuse and an appalling disregard for the rights of the citizenry.

Due process rights afforded to a person accused of a crime—the right to remain silent, the right to be informed of the charges against you, the right to representation by counsel, the right to a fair trial, the right to a speedy trial, the right to prove your innocence with witnesses and evidence, the right to a reasonable bail, the right to not languish in jail before being tried, the right to confront your accusers, etc.—mean nothing when the government is allowed to sidestep those safeguards against abuse whenever convenient.

It’s telling that while President Obama said all the right things about the broken state of our criminal justice system—that we jail too many Americans for nonviolent crimes (we make up 5 percent of the world’s population, but our prison population constitutes nearly 25% of the world’s prisoners), that we spend more money on incarceration than any other nation ($80 billion a year), that we sentence people for longer jail terms than their crimes merit, that our criminal justice system is far from color-blind, that the nation’s school-to-prison pipeline is contributing to overcrowded jails, and that we need to focus on rehabilitation of criminals rather than retribution—he failed to own up to the government’s major role in contributing to this injustice in America.

Indeed, while Obama placed the responsibility for reform squarely in the hands of prosecutors, judges and police, he failed to acknowledge that they bear the burden of our failed justice system, along with the legislatures and corporations who have worked with them to create an environment that is hostile to the rights of the accused.

In such a climate, we are all the accused, the guilty and the suspect. As I document in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, we’re operating in a new paradigm where the citizenry are presumed guilty and treated as suspects, our movements tracked, our communications monitored, our property seized and searched, our bodily integrity disregarded, and our inalienable rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” rendered insignificant when measured against the government’s priorities.

Every American is now in jeopardy of being targeted and punished for a crime he did not commit thanks to an overabundance of arcane laws. Making matters worse, by allowing government agents to operate above the law, immune from wrongdoing, we have created a situation in which the law is one-sided and top-down, used as a hammer to oppress the populace, while useless in protecting us against government abuse.

Add to the mix a profit-driven system of incarceration in which state and federal governments agree to keep the jails full in exchange for having private corporations run the prisons, and you will find the only word to describe such a state of abject corruption is “evil.”

How else do you explain a system that allows police officers to shoot first and ask questions later, without any real consequences for their misdeeds? Despite the initial outcry over the shootings of unarmed individuals in Ferguson and Baltimore, the pace of police shootings has yet to slow.

For those who survive an encounter with the police only to end up on the inside of a jail cell, waiting for a “fair and speedy trial,” it’s often a long wait. Consider that 60 percent of the people in the nation’s jails have yet to be convicted of a crime. There are 2.3 million people in jails or prisons in America. Those who can’t afford bail, “some of them innocent, most of them nonviolent and a vast majority of them impoverished,” will spend about four months in jail before they even get a trial.

Not even that promised “day in court” is a guarantee that justice will be served.

As Judge Alex Kozinski of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals points out, there are an endless number of factors that can render an innocent man or woman a criminal and caged for life: unreliable eyewitnesses, fallible forensic evidence, flawed memories, coerced confessions, harsh interrogation tactics, uninformed jurors, prosecutorial misconduct, falsified evidence, and overly harsh sentences, to name just a few.

In early 2015, the Justice Department and FBI “formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants over more than a two-decade period…. The admissions mark a watershed in one of the country’s largest forensic scandals, highlighting the failure of the nation’s courts for decades to keep bogus scientific information from juries, legal analysts said.”

“How do rogue forensic scientists and other bad cops thrive in our criminal justice system?” asks Judge Kozinski. “The simple answer is that some prosecutors turn a blind eye to such misconduct because they’re more interested in gaining a conviction than achieving a just result.”

The power of prosecutors is not to be underestimated. Increasingly, when we talk about innocent people being jailed for crimes they did not commit, the prosecutor plays a critical role in bringing about that injustice. As The Washington Post reports, “Prosecutors win 95 percent of their cases, 90 percent of them without ever having to go to trial…. Are American prosecutors that much better? No… it is because of the plea bargain, a system of bullying and intimidation by government lawyers for which they ‘would be disbarred in most other serious countries….’”

This phenomenon of innocent people pleading guilty makes a mockery of everything the criminal justice system is supposed to stand for: fairness, equality and justice. As Judge Jed S. Rakoff concludes, “our criminal justice system is almost exclusively a system of plea bargaining, negotiated behind closed doors and with no judicial oversight. The outcome is very largely determined by the prosecutor alone.”

It’s estimated that between 2 and 8 percent of convicted felons who have agreed to a prosecutor’s plea bargain (remember, there are 2.3 million prisoners in America) are in prison for crimes they did not commit.

Clearly, the Coalition for Public Safety was right when it concluded, “You don’t need to be a criminal to have your life destroyed by the U.S. criminal justice system.”

It wasn’t always this way. As Judge Rakoff recounts, the Founding Fathers envisioned a criminal justice system in which the critical element “was the jury trial, which served not only as a truth-seeking mechanism and a means of achieving fairness, but also as a shield against tyranny.”

That shield against tyranny has long since been shattered, leaving Americans vulnerable to the cruelties, vanities, errors, ambitions and greed of the government and its partners in crime.

There is not enough money in the world to make reparation to those whose lives have been disrupted by wrongful convictions.

Over the past quarter century, more than 1500 Americans have been released from prison after being cleared of crimes they did not commit. These are the fortunate ones. For every exonerated convict who is able to prove his innocence after 10, 20 or 30 years behind bars, Judge Kozinski estimates there may be dozens who are innocent but cannot prove it, lacking access to lawyers, evidence, money and avenues of appeal.

For those who have yet to fully experience the injustice of the American system of justice, it’s only a matter of time. America no longer operates under a system of justice characterized by due process, an assumption of innocence, probable cause, and clear prohibitions on government overreach and police abuse. Instead, our courts of justice have been transformed into courts of order, advocating for the government’s interests, rather than championing the rights of the citizenry, as enshrined in the Constitution.

Without courts willing to uphold the Constitution’s provisions when government officials disregard them, and a citizenry knowledgeable enough to be outraged when those provisions are undermined, the Constitution provides little protection against the police state.

* * *

The day I read John Whitehead’s article (July 22), there were new reports of a number of police murders of innocent American citizens. Sandra Bland, a black women who protested police violence against blacks was found hanged in her cell in a Texas jail after her false arrest.

Just a few days ago Samuel Dubose was murdered by a police officer with a shot to his head while he sat inside his car.

A 3o-year old asthmatic white chemical engineer was without cause hog-tied by Mississippi police with face positioned to prevent breathing, resulting in his death.

Americans are in more danger from police than from terrorists. During the Iraqi war, American police murdered more Americans than the number of US troops killed in combat.

In this age of perverted justice and government-sanctioned tyranny, the Constitution is no safeguard against government wrongdoing such as SWAT team raids, domestic surveillance, police shootings of unarmed and unthreatening citizens, indefinite detentions, asset forfeitures, prosecutorial misconduct, etc.

Today in the United States of America citizens are as unprotected by law as the aristocracy in England prior to the Magna Carta. America has far more in common with the Medieval dungeon state than it does with the Declaration of Independence.

In a country in which the citizens have no protection from the state and can be shot down in their streets and homes by unaccountable police, detained indefinitely without charges or conviction, executed on suspicion alone without due process of law, there is no freedom, no democracy, no accountability of government to the people.

The United States of America is no longer the hope of mankind. The USA has become the source of evil and dread. Will America destroy the world as well as itself?

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