09 30 2020 ILBs Are Private Not Public MUST READ!



By Anna Von Reitz

I have tried repeatedly to get this across to people. Everyone please listen up.

Individual Living Being identification numbers are a private service and like private insurance or membership in an Auto Club are not associated with our government.

ILB’s exist under private copyright by the inventors of that system.

If you choose to use their products, you become liable to their private copyright. If they issue an ILB related to you, it needs to be accompanied by a clearly stated and written and fully disclosed contract which describes your obligations, if any, for the usage of their copyrighted IDeed system.

Failing that, it is an improper contract and invalid on the land and soil of this country.

It is also not a public identification related in any way to your government and does not and cannot serve as an official government identification system.

Although it bills itself as a “replacement of government” — we all know that that is in terms of private usage only, and if it did “replace” the government of this country, it would be in insurrection and those promoting it would be liable to prosecution.

For these reasons and others, I caution everyone using the ILB system to be aware of what this system is, and is not. It has some valid purposes and can be a benefit when identifying private property, much as private insurance policies can be of benefit for car owners.

The privately copyrighted ILB System promoted as IDeed does not replace our government nor does it replace our public identification systems, State Credentials, and other paperwork.

Anyone having any ideas to the contrary needs to be fully informed.

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How to Read, How to Sign Your Name, and WTH is an ILB?

Friday, April 27, 2018

 By Anna Von Reitz

How to Read and How to Sign Your Name and WTH is an ILB?

I am constantly amazed by the number of people who have never noticed that there is a difference between USPS, United States Post Office, USPO, US Post Office, and on and on. They are amazed, even dumbfounded that there is a difference between a “Postmaster” and a “Post Master” — or between

“Postal District 3” and “THIRD POSTAL DISTRICT”. Yet there are profound differences in jurisdiction and meaning involved.

You have to learn to read—carefully! And you need to realize that these words and titles and terms are different because the things they represent are different. They are not “the same” or “the same as”. You can’t “just assume” anything–not now, not when the entire world has been confused by lawyers and charlatans running “governmental services corporations”.

There’s even a group out there calling itself “The United States of America”— Incorporated—- AGAIN, a re-run of the old farce they used in 1868 that was bankrupted in 1907.

Despite all my yammering, there is a group of veterans out there that still hasn’t caught on to the scam—or which is trying to resurrect it and play it again–don’t ask me which, because I don’t know what their intention is.

I just know the law and the truth of the matter.

No incorporated entity can be or serve as a sovereign government. And even though I have told them, repeatedly, and directed their attention to the Clearfield Doctrine and to the Ecclesiastical Law that creates legal fiction entities—- Keith Livingway and Drake Bailey and Kent Dunn continue merrily on.

I guess they are in hopes that cows can mate with horses— but “The United States of America, Incorporated” and The United States of America (Unincorporated) are in two completely different jurisdictions and literally two different worlds and are two different things.

One, the incorporated version, is a foreign corporation infringing on our Sovereign Patents and Copyrights.  The other, the unincorporated version, is our Federation of States and has been since 1776.

The sooner everyone learns to read carefully and for content, the better for them and everyone else concerned.  That includes “Virgo Triad”.

Now— how to sign your name.  Seems simple enough, but literally millions of people do it wrong and leave themselves open to abuse and theft as a result. Use a “by-line” when you sign anything. Always claim authorship and your position as the “power holder” and copyright holder associated with your Trade Name.

What’s a “by-line” — it’s what authors and writers use whenever they author an article in a newspaper or magazine.  The story is “by”—- and then a name, whether it is an actual name or a pen name, it is the “given identity” of the author claiming the work and the right to control and be paid for the performance of that work.

So if you want to control your Good Name and not just give it away to every Tom, Dick, and Harry to be used for whatever purpose — counterfeiting is popular— use a by-line and claim the authorship of your own name.  You can even go a step beyond and use an express copyright — the letter “c” with a circle around it following your signature.

And, since you have been mischaracterized as legal fiction entities in the past, you can also add “LS” which stands for “Living Soul” so that your nature is fully represented and there is no opportunity for any shyster to misrepresent or misinterpret the capacity in which you are acting.

SAMPLE By: Anna Maria Riezinger (c) LS.

Finally, on the “Baby Deed” template found among the “Editable Documents” (See article 928) there is a reference to an “ILB Number” — this stands for “Individual Living Being”– and is part of a new super-private, super-protective system under development. Until it is bug-proof and deployed, use the Registered Mail Number on the letter you use to send a Certified Copy of the Baby Deed to the State Secretary of State, giving him Notice of your presence and your claim to your own child.

This requires a little “horse before cart” thinking on your part as you need to go to the Post Office and secure the red and white Registered Mail label and number you will use before you go to the Recorder’s Office.

I just keep a roll of Registered Mail labels and numbers at home so whenever I need one, I have one.  They are very handy and once you go to the Post Office and use them to mail a letter and pay for them in the process, they are literally yours — your private recording numbers issued by the Post Office, and just as valid as any County Clerk or Recorder’s Office document numbers.

With the advent of the ILB System we will put a major krink in all attempts to steal the identities of living people. Governments or “government services organizations” will no longer be able to play the sorts of despicable games and Cestui Que Vie fraud schemes that the current diabolical regimes have used.

This is not the first time in human history that names have been used to enslave people and it is not even the first time that the Cestui Que Vie Act has been grossly abused.  We have had outbreaks of this same kind of criminality during the reign of Queen Anne, a hundred and fifty years before Queen Victoria got it going again.

The ILB which is permanent, triple guarded, impenetrable, and utterly private provides us with the means to record our ownership of our assets, our agreements, and our business affairs without dependency on the honesty of governments.  Somewhat similar in principle to block chain technology, it fixes the location of names and claims in a way that cannot be altered or messed with or “interpreted” by goons.

You will have an ILB which is visible in public, which you will use on your private automobile similar to the way that license plate numbers are used now, only it will identify your car or truck as private property belonging to you. This number is yours forever and you list your private property under it in serial number fashion, as you acquire it and as you get rid of it.

You will also have a super-private ILB that connects the public number back to your private account that nobody else ever sees.  Finally, you will have a transfer ILB that will allow you to do things like assigning a limited Power of Attorney over some property interests without divulging your private ILB.

Once this system is in place, the abusive misuse of our names, the theft of our identity by the government or any other entity, and further abuse of Cestui Que Vie Act provisions will no longer be possible.

We aren’t just talking about the problem and running around with our hands in the air.  We mean to be done with this problem of identity theft and false asset claims and bogus claims of abandonment —– and we mean to do a good and thorough job of dismantling the Babylonian Slave System once and for all.

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09 30 2020 Broadcast to All Americans Part 4 MUST READ!




 By Anna Von Reitz

So now you understand that “Honest Abe” wasn’t really so honest after all. He used semantic deceit to run for a Territorial Office as “President of the United States of America” in order to avoid the prohibitions against attorneys serving in our government while holding foreign titles of nobility.

Many people considered what Lincoln did to be treason, as it deliberately side-stepped and evaded clear-cut constitutional obligations.

Lincoln never served in the similarly-named Office of The President of The United States of America, nor did he ever serve as President of the Federal Republic — that is, in the Office of the President of the united States of America.

He used semantic deceits to occupy a foreign office, while appearing to be our President—- and had the horse laugh on everyone.

Unfortunately, as a direct result of his action and the actions of those foreign entities supporting him in this deceit, the actual Federal Republic was destroyed, and once that happened it was impossible for anyone in his inherited office (“President” Andrew Johnson and “President” Ulysses S. Grant, for examples) to correct this situation.

Even though these men were not attorneys and were eligible to occupy the actual offices owed to the Americans, the organizational structures were gone.

From that point on, the only way to restore the Presidency was to Reconstruct the entire “missing” mid-section of the government.

Both the Confederation and the Federal Republic operating as the States of America, would have to be rebuilt.

Where to begin?

Obviously, with the States and the Federation of States that gave rise to the Confederation in the first place.

Each member State of the Federation created its own “State of State” to participate as a member in the Confederation.

Maine created The State of Maine. New York created The State of New York.

And so on.

These business organizations were created to conduct routine business for the State while the State Assembly was not in Session. Their Confederation provided the same sort of service to the Federation, but was not authorized to declare war, act under any General Power of Attorney, or make any new policy decisions.

Next, after the Reconstruction of the Confederation by the States, the Confederation needs to take action in turn to reconstruct the States of America— the American portion of the Federal Government known as the Federal Republic.

How and why this was done only makes sense once you realize that the entire “Federal Government” is merely a bunch of Subcontractors providing enumerated services, and exercising specific delegated “powers” to be able to provide those services.

Once the Constitutions were written and adopted, those contracts were intentionally set in cement, subject only to an arduous amendment and ratification process. Those delegated functions became “routine” and clearly defined, such that the States would not have to look at them again until a question of ratification of a constitutional amendment arose.

That’s why the day to day management of the Federal Republic fell to the Confederation instead of remaining directly under the oversight of the Federation of States. And that is also why the reconstructed Confederation is a prerequisite to reconstruct the Federal Republic.

States to create American States of States.

American States of States to form the Confederation.

The Confederation to form the States of America.

The States of America to run the Federal Republic.

And please note — the reason that we designate “American States of States” is that our State of State organizations, like our President’s Office, were undermined and “substituted for” by Territorial interlopers “on an emergency basis”, and later, by Municipal STATES OF STATES— that simply nosed in for their share at the trough.

Make no mistake. These Confederation and Federal Republic offices and organizations are supposed to be staffed by Americans and they are supposed to be working for the American Government, not the Brits, not the Popes — and that has not been the case since 1860.

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09 29 2020 Unity is Hard-Won




By Anna Von Reitz

James Timothy “Tim” Turner never understood the jurisdictional issues involved in trying to resurrect the Federal Republic, aka, united States of America.  He didn’t have the benefit of the history that we now have.

For example, he wasn’t clear about the structure of the three federal constitutions and which Parties and Principals were attached to which.

He never knew that the States create the American State-of-States needed to reconstruct the Confederation; in other words, he didn’t realize that Florida, the actual State, has to create the American business organization known as The State of Florida.


He didn’t know that The State of Florida is the intended American member of the Confederation.

He didn’t know that the Confederation operates the States of America, which is known as the Federal Republic.

The knowledge that the States had to be repopulated, and then the American States of States restored, in order to restore the Confederation, and then, the Confederation needed to operate the States of America, also known as the Federal Republic — all that complexity and step-by-step went over Tim Turner’s head.

But the part that he got right, that the Federal Republic was Missing-in-Action, was a revelation to most Americans in 2008.

And from that starting point, RuSA was born.

Four years later, like so many other Americans, James Timothy “Tim” Turner,  was misidentified as an “enemy combatant” in a long forgotten mercenary war, and railroaded on charges brought by the IRS, “presuming” that he was a Municipal citizen of the United States, and a therefore a Federal citizen and subject to Federal income taxes.

In retrospect we know that these courts had no right or reason to address him at all, except that our American State Assemblies were not in Session and our civilian courts were not in evidence.

But all that is changed.  All fifty properly declared Assemblies are in Session, and our civilian courts are beginning operations again as a result.  The “presumptions” of the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service, both, are proven to be nothing but self-interested bunk.

Tim Turner should be released, and all the money ever collected from him in his private capacity by the racketeers should be returned, plus interest.

It has been eight (8) years since James Timothy “Tim” Turner entered federal incarceration.  His physical condition has deteriorated as a result. He has ten years left of an 18 year sentence. This afternoon I received a plea from his long-time friend and supporter, Jean Hertler, asking us all to help him obtain a home confinement order from the Trump Administration.

I didn’t always agree with Tim.  He didn’t listen to me. He paid a very heavy price, akin to the Colorado Nine.  But Tim Turner is a patriot and he did mean well toward America and he did get some crucial things right, so yes, let’s put aside the differences and focus on helping someone who was trying his best to help all of us.  All it costs is a phone call and a postage stamp to pay our respects and say, “Aye, Tim Turner. You’re one of us.” — here’s the information for everyone to call and to write, per Jean’s letter this afternoon— beginning with his direct explanation:

“I have a number to the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Prisons,

Office of Public Relations.  This is the number to call to request

immediate release of an inmate due to the COVID-19 threat. The number is

202-514-6551.  Anyone calling will need the below list of info to tell

them why I should be released to Home confinement.  I am applying for

the release to home confinement and am in the administrative process

now.  The next step is a BP-10 to Region Office.  The reasons that I am

applying for home confinement is due to the risk factors due to my

health issues that include the following:

(1. Chronic High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

(2. Enlarged Heart

(3. Light stroke in 2015

(4. Chronic Anemia due to kidney problems

(5. Kidney removed December 10, 2019 due to a tumor

(6. The remaining kidney is not functioning properly

(7. I have a history of lung infections and had double pneumonia in 2017

(8. The probability of serious permanent injury or death if I contract

Covid-19 is very high

(9. There have been multiple deaths at Oakdale Federal Correction

Institution Due to COVID-19, where I am currently incarcerated.

(10. I have no violent offenses

(11. I have no criminal history

(12. I have no disciplinary actions during my 8 years of incarceration

(14. I have a -22 overall score on the Male Pattern Score Sheet

(15. I have state retirement and will be eligible for social security and

Medicare in March 2021

(16. I have a home, loving wife, family, and church to return to

(17. I have never been a threat to anyone

(18. I have good relations with and am highly respected in my local


(19. I am 64 years old

(20. I can be included on my wife’s health insurance plan at her


(21. I have good job skills and can get work if I need to work

(22. I have a commutation of sentence approved by the U.S. Pardon


For the above reasons I should be fully qualified pursuant to the CARES

ACT to be placed at home confinement.”

And from Jean:

“He regularly expresses gratitude for all of you and your care for him in

this time of adversity.  Please strongly consider taking action on

behalf of this honorable man who laid down his life for America—and the

world.  Consider writing to Tim and let him know you cared enough to

honor his request.  Email me and let me know your results, if you will.

James Timothy Turner

BOP# 14154-002

FCI Oakdale I

PO Box 5000

Oakdale, LA 71463”

Take a moment to make that call and send that letter.  What RuSA could not do is being done and we are all hastening the day when thousands of men and women like Tim Turner are set free by our woefully misdirected employees.

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09 28 2020 5 Taliban Generals The truth about Benghazi



By Paul Stramer

From one of our readers.  Can anyone verify this? If it’s true will there be consequences?




So here’s the REAL story:   Ambassador Stevens was sent to Benghazi to secretly retrieve US made Stinger Missiles that the State Dept. had supplied to Ansar al Sharia in Libya WITHOUT Congressional oversight or permission.

Sec State Hillary Clinton had brokered the Libya deal through Ambassador Stevens and a Private Arms Dealer named Marc Turi, but some of the shoulder fired Stinger Missiles ended up in Afghanistan where they were used against our own military.   On July 25th, 2012, a US Chinook helicopter was downed by one of them.   Not destroyed only because the idiot Taliban didn’t arm the missile.   The helicopter didn’t explode, but it had to land and an ordnance team recovered the missile’s serial number which led back to a cache of Stinger Missiles kept in Qatar by the CIA.

Obama and Hillary were in full panic mode, so Ambassador Stevens was sent to Benghazi to retrieve the rest of the Stinger Missiles.   This was a “do-or-die” mission, which explains the Stand Down Orders given to multiple rescue teams during the siege of the US Embassy.

It was the State Dept., NOT the CIA, that supplied the Stinger Missiles to our sworn enemies because Gen. Petraeus at CIA would not approve supplying the deadly missiles due to their potential use against commercial aircraft.   So then, Obama threw Gen. Petraeus under the bus when he refused to testify in support of Obama’s phony claim of a “spontaneous uprising caused by a YouTube video that insulted Muslims.”

Obama and Hillary committed TREASON!

THIS is what the investigation is all about, WHY she had a Private Server, (in order to delete  the digital evidence), and WHY Obama, two weeks after the attack, told the UN that the attack  was the result of the YouTube video, even though everyone KNEW it was not.

Furthermore, the Taliban knew that the administration had aided and abetted the enemy WITHOUT Congressional oversight or permission, so they began pressuring (blackmailing) the Obama Administration to release five Taliban generals being held at Guantanamo.

Bowe Bergdahl was just a useful pawn used to cover the release of the Taliban generals.   Everyone knew Bergdahl was a traitor but Obama used Bergdahl’s exchange for the five Taliban generals to cover that Obama was being coerced by the Taliban about the unauthorized Stinger Missile deal.

So we have a traitor as POTUS that is not only corrupt, but compromised, as well and a Sec. of State that is a serial liar, who perjured herself multiple times at the Congressional Hearings on Benghazi.   Perhaps this is why no military aircraft were called upon for help in  Benghazi:  Because the administration knew that our enemies had Stinger Missiles; that, if  used to down those planes, would likely be traced back to the CIA cache in Qatar and then  to the State Dept.’s illegitimate arms deal in Libya.


Forward this again and again and again until everyone reads the true story of Benghazi.   More than half of US citizens DO NOT Know.

09 27 2020 Bessie Answers and Miracles



By Anna Von Reitz

Ever had one of those weeks when nothing goes right?  Everything is “off”? Everyone feels out of sorts and  just on the edge of angry or nauseous or both?  And also just plain tired out, drained, and exhausted, too?

My week, and welcome to it….. but…. like rays of sunshine through dark clouds, things also started to turn around this week.  The pendulum hit its zenith and began its long sweep in the other direction.

People often ask me, with looks of incredulity on their faces, “Don’t you know how difficult what you are proposing is?  That we, average people, should run the government?”

Yes, I know.

I also know that that is what we are supposed to be doing, what our tradition demands, what our Law depends upon, and what we have to do if we want to have a country left to stand on.

So I blink and nod and go right on, objections duly noted. But in my dire moments, I do pause and reflect.  I do look heavenward and ask: how are we supposed to do this? Against such overwhelming odds?

The answer came back to me this week: love is what makes all things possible.

I found myself at the Post Office, relieving my son of his usual duty as mail carrier this past Thursday, when three boxes came in — one from California, and one from Indiana and one from Washington. Two contained donated parts for my 1991 Ford Explorer. And one was, mysteriously, a box full of small envelopes.

After several weeks spent with my Ford Explorer on death’s doorstep for lack of a single hydraulic hose and some fittings, I held both hose and fittings in hands, and simply “knew” that Bessie, my old Explorer, had another lease on life — thanks to people living in far distant places, people I’ve never met, who cared and who sent the parts she needed when I couldn’t find them here for life nor money.

She’ll probably run another 400,000 miles.

I went directly from the Post Office to the garage.  The mechanics stopped what they were doing and came jog-trotting toward me, eyes widening, lips pursing —- was it possible?  It was!

They took the parts and turned them over and over in their hands and looked at each other and looked at me and let out a whoop and started dancing around—– yes!  Against all odds, here it was, the “impossible” phantom hydraulic hose, the “miracle”.

I glanced across the garage lot at Bessie, the blue sky beginning to break through the clouds behind her, the coating of gold birch leaves on her hood. She has been sitting there for a month, immobile, frozen in place, but on Monday her faithful mechanics — who have worked on her for twenty years and treat her as a family pet — will begin refitting her fuel lines.

Thank you, I whispered, to the men who located the parts and spent their own money to buy them and send them to me.  It really was better than any Christmas I remember.  Thank you, I whispered again, to the Love that propelled them to take action, to look for the parts, and to send them.

Miracles happen, yes, they regularly do.

Then, I went home, and found another miracle waiting for me.

A whole box full of thank you notes, and most of them with small donations, too, from one of our State Assemblies. They somehow sensed the need here. When they held their regular meeting, as part of the agenda, they took up a Special Collection for the Gipper. I sat at my kitchen table and opened up each small note and read each message at least twice, looking at each name.

There were notes from young children with $1 tucked inside— and notes from single parents who didn’t have even a dollar to send, notes from small businessmen, notes from housewives, notes from other grandparents…. and I noticed that they were beginning to think of their counties, too, as many of them signed their names and their counties, as well as their State.

Afterward, I just sat and stared into space for a few minutes, the pile of opened notes and the pile of cash on the table in front of me, knowing that Heaven had answered my question— how are we supposed to restore the rightful government of this country, against such overwhelming odds?

With love. With caring. With our simple actions, all added up.  With our motivation to look and see and do things in support of our country, and our rightful government, and each other.  That’s how miracles happen.

I nodded to myself and to the Good Lord.  Love for this country.  Love for what’s right. Love for each other.  Against that, no hordes of scheming corporatists can succeed. Against that, no amount of money or technology can prevail.

And I drew a deep breath and felt completely blessed and centered again, ready to go on and face the day.  Love is how we restore this country and everyone in it.  No need for tons of money.  No need for corporate power.

Just boot up your State Assemblies and go with God.

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09 27 2020 Assemblies of Different Kinds




By Anna Von Reitz

There are multiple kinds of “Assemblies”.

Most of you are familiar with “District Assemblies” and think nothing of it when you drive past an election season placard advertising “Dean Simpson for Assembly District 4!”

You should think about it when you hear or see the word “district” attached to anyone or anything, because “district” refers to the District Government, as in District of Columbia, whether it is an “Assembly District” or a “School District” or a “District Attorney” or a “District Court”.

Our country is not meant to function under a district system of government and we are not naturally nor generally subject to any such district government; instead, we and our country are supposed to be functioning under a county and state system of government.

We should be seeing County School Boards, not District School Boards.

So now that you’ve noticed the difference, you’ll notice that in addition to District Assemblies, you also have Municipal Assemblies and politicians running to fill those seats, too. So what is going on here?

Our Federal Employees, both District and Municipal, are usurping upon us, pretending to “represent” us, and to some extent, pretending to be us.

To make matters more confusing, these Federal Interlopers have formed State-level franchise operations, and they are operating their own “State-of-State” (Territorial) and STATE-OF-STATE (Municipal) organizations, too.

So you will see “State of Wisconsin” Assemblies, and “STATE OF ILLINOIS” ASSEMBLIES, too. But none of these are your actual, honest-to-God, State Assemblies.

These Federal and Federated organizations are usurping their own units of government onto our land and soil, and “offering” to take over and run everything, including us, into the ground, in behalf of foreign interests.

As of five years ago, our actual Assemblies started popping up: State Assemblies, and they are being followed by County Assemblies.

These are our assemblies, of, for, and by the people of this country—- not “district”, not “municipality”, and not “state-of-state” organizations.

Which assembly do you belong to?

If you are a Federal District employee or dependent, you should be joining your District Assembly.

If you are a Municipal employee or dependent, you should be joining your Municipal Assembly.

If you are a State of State employee or dependent, you should be joining your State of State Assembly.

But if you are Joe Average American, you should not be participating in their elections or having anything to do with these foreign incorporated organizations.

You should be joining your own state and county assemblies and supporting them with all your might.

Our government of the land and soil is a republican government of, for, and by the people of this country. You are being called to come home and self-govern.

Unlike the professional politicians and their foreign systems of government that are under contract to provide us with stipulated government services, the actual government of this country isn’t in Session all the time.

However, when our government comes into Session, via our assembly process, it holds the ultimate jurisdiction and power over the land and soil of this entire country.

We are not a “democracy” — that’s the sea-going District Government, extending its tentacles where they don’t belong. We enjoy “freedom” — not “liberty” which is something given to British sailors when they come to port.

So-called “American Democracy” is actually British Territorial Democracy; our Forefathers rejected democracy and chose a republican government instead.

We are certainly not a “city state” nor a “sanctuary city” government, either — that ‘s the foreign Municipal Holy Roman Empire concept of government, and it shouldn’t even exist outside the boundaries of Washington, DC.

Finally, a State of State is just a business organization doing business of some kind for a State, not the State itself.

So, listen up.

Unless you are a Federal Employee, chances are that you have been “in the right church, but the wrong pew” —and participating in the wrong assembly organization for lack of knowing better, and for lack of your assembly being present to join.

That is all changing now, as your government is now in Session.

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net to get started on the pathway to self-governance and sanity in government.

Our Employees have been ruling over us. That’s why everything is upside down and backwards. That’s why the tail is wagging the dog. That’s how the petty bureaucrats act as little gods, misapplying all their own codes, regulations, and statutes to their Employers.

And if you are sick of it, well, then, it is past time to get off your duffs, declare your birthright political status, and take up the job of self-governance that you are heir to. Join your actual State Assembly— not a “State of State” Assembly, not a District Assembly, and not a Municipal Assembly, either.

Look for the one that is plain and simple and also most powerful: The Ohio Assembly, The Wisconsin Assembly, The Utah Assembly, et alia.

Remember: you are the Employer. They are the Employees. You don’t belong to their organizations, and they don’t belong to yours.

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09 26 2020 Coordinators Handbook Chapter 5



 By Anna Von Reitz

The Missing Citizens.

Thus far we have covered the two active Federal citizenship statuses– Territorial and Municipal, American State National status, and American State Citizen status- a total of four (4) possible political statuses, two of which are foreign and “Federal”, and two of which are American.

There is a third Federal political status possible.  Pay close attention.

What we have reviewed so far are: (1) Territorial United States Citizens known as “U.S. Citizens” and (2) Municipal United States citizens known as “citizens of the United States.

These two foreign political statuses may be adopted temporarily when you take a federal job, as a condition of employment.

When you enter the U.S. Military, for example, you acquire (whether you know it or not) the Territorial political status: U.S. Citizen.

When you enter Federal Civil Service, for example, working for the Post Office or the FBI, you become a “citizen of the United States”, otherwise known as a “Fourteenth Amendment citizen”.

This is a particularly troubling status, as it involves involuntary enslavement and servitude as chattel backing the debts of the Municipal Oligarchy allowed under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17.

The Papist Municipal Government sided with the South in the Civil War — and lost; the British Territorial Government sided with the North, and won.  Therefore, in the immediate aftermath, the victors were intent on collecting war reparations from the South — and from the Federal Municipal Employees.

To expedite this process, they redefined Municipal “citizens of the United States” as publicly-owned slaves.

The victors also “latched upon” the freed plantation slaves as human chattel that was purportedly cast adrift and subject to “salvage” when the South collapsed— and included them in the new slave class known as “Fourteenth Amendment citizens”.

As we have seen, the referenced “Fourteenth Amendment” was in fact made to a look-alike, sound-alike corporate charter for a Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business as “The United States of America, Incorporated” issued in 1868.

This deceitful document was published as “The Constitution of the United States of America” — Incorporated— underline the word “Incorporated” which was conveniently left off —-and used to substitute for the actual Territorial Constitution, because the actual Constitution could not be altered unilaterally by the Perpetrators of this criminal fraud scheme.

As far as we have been able to determine, none of the “Amendments” to this document were ever duly ratified by the States of the Union as required to be true Amendments to any actual Constitution —- and though called “Amendments” these new definitions which were applied both to freed Negroes and other plantation slaves and to Federal Civil Service Employees —were in fact only By-Laws added to the disguised corporate charter.

Using this Flim-Flam, the Perps created an entire new subclass of Federal “citizens” who were in fact enslaved to pay off war debts.

So, we have these two basic Federal citizenships still in operation, Territorial U.S. Citizens, and Municipal “citizens of the United States” — bearing in mind that the political status of Municipal citizens was profoundly altered and downgraded after the Civil War — but the real subject of this Chapter is a Third Federal “Citizenship” that should be present, and isn’t.

The Confederation formed under The Articles of Confederation in 1781, was formed by American States-of-States, which were business organizations formed to conduct business for the States themselves. In the run up to adoption of the three (3) Federal Constitutions, the Confederation organized a new business entity, the States of America.

The States of America is otherwise known as the Federal Republic.

The Federal Republic is the American portion of the Federal Government, but because it was created by and run by the Confederation, it has been out of commission since 1860, when the Confederation itself was torn apart by the Southern Secession.

Both the Confederation and the States of America have been “held in abeyance” and “presumed to be in interregnum” ever since.

Let’s review:

Our States of the Union are populated by American State Nationals and American State Citizens.

The Territories, including the Insular States (DC, Guam, Puerto Rico, et alia)  are inhabited by British Territorial U.S. Citizens.

The Municipal United States Government formed under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, is inhabited by “citizens of the United States” as described above.

The States of America, also known as the Federal Republic, are inhabited by a third variety of Federal Citizen known as United States Citizens.

This political status, together with the numerous requirements that an American must undertake to enter into it, are established by an act of Congress (not an Act of Congress) dated April 14, 1802, 2 Statute-at-Large 153, Chapter 28, Subsection 1.  This act very clearly describes what we, Americans, must do to become Federal Citizens — “and not otherwise”.

In other words, we can’t be Federal Citizens of any kind, unless we go through the prescribed process and become United States Citizens —- we are not eligible to be U.S. Citizens, nor “citizens of the United States”, so far as our government is concerned.

We can only be United States Citizens, and hold Dual Political Status as United States Citizens/American State Nationals while working for the united States of America.

This third, missing kind of Federal Citizen, will reappear upon the reconstruction of the Confederation and the States of America, aka, the Federal Republic.

Until then, it is enough for us to be aware that it exists, that the requirements to become this kind of Federal Citizen are established by the cited Statute-at-Large, and most important for our day-to-day lives: this Statute-at-Large prohibits any presumption by our Federal Employees that we, Americans, are any kind of Federal Citizen at all, absent our completion of the requirements of 2 Stat. 153, Chapter 28, Subsection 1.

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09 26 2020 The British Way



By Anna Von reitz


There have always been Tories in America.  There still are.  I have proof.  I get attacked by them, one way or another, every day that I live.

These people come from many backgrounds including the obvious English scions, but they are united in their belief that anything that comes from England is superior.

The mere idea that any upstart American colonists ever came up with anything better than being ruled over by a British Monarch is anathema too unsettling to consider.  Even briefly.

Perhaps they fear that if they look, they’ll see?

And see something that they don’t want to see?

Which is the mean pettiness, cruelty, and guile that underlie the finer traditions of England?

England is like a Favorite Son among the nations, but deeply flawed in character— so much so, that it is at the bottom of nearly every dogpile plaguing the modern world.

The Mideast?   England.

China as a threat?   England.

Corporate Feudalism?   England.

It’s hard to imagine how one tiny nation isolated on all sides by sea could possibly become a world power, much less a world destroyer.  One must chalk it up to the unique character and abilities of the people who live there.

Here in America, the Tories have been entrenched since Day One.  They survived the Revolution very handily, thank you, with only a few high profile Tories feeling compelled to flee to England or Canada afterward.

More important, they survived the Civil War, which they promoted and benefited from tremendously.

Always remember that the [British] Territorial United States Government largely controls and influences our military, especially the US Navy, which sails under the British Monarch when it is on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.  And to a lesser extent, the Marine Corps and Coast Guard.

There is a reason that Colin Powell was knighted by Queen Bess II.

It’s not a good reason from the American point of view.

This past week I have been engaged (again) in a discussion with British Legal Eagles about the nature and efficacy of British Law and the remedies available to Americans who choose to live under it.

Those promoting the British System as is, which includes “voluntary” slavery and remedies that amount to healing our own wounds by indebting ourselves even more than their spending has already done — can’t seem to grasp the American perspective.

Why can’t we be content to receive military script as money and recompense for all that has been done to us and stolen from us?

As one of them put it to me — “It spends, doesn’t it?”

He couldn’t quite grasp the fact that spending more of my own credit to make up for British graft wasn’t really a remedy in my view.

He was equally abject when the glories of British “judicial discretion” were lost on me.

“When obeying the Public Law becomes discretionary, you have no law,” I told him.  He fell silent for a moment, stumped on that one, but quickly deflected and finally, not to be defeated, offered — what is it that I want?

“I want you fellows to obey your constitutional obligations,” I said flatly.  He cocked his head to one side, as if he’d been doing that all along.  So I spelled it out.

When we, Americans, are on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, the British Monarch is our Trustee and is obligated to ensure our safe passage; this is similar to when crewmen and passengers board a ship and their safety becomes the captain’s responsibility.

The same applies when entering “American” military bases and arsenals and similar installations.  Captain’s rules apply.  We all know that and take that for granted, but somehow miss the important point: this is a different kind of law, Admiralty Law, and it is literally a “foreign law” with respect to us civilians, as is all Federal Code and its Regulations, and all State-of-State Statutory Law.

These are all “foreign law” with respect to us, and per the Constitutions, Amendment XI, Americans are not subject to foreign law.

The only other instance where Americans are subject to foreign law is if they happen to be engaged in the manufacture, sale, or transportation of alcohol, tobacco or firearms across state lines.

If the Brits were obeying the Constitutions with respect to us, they would not be “presuming” any form of British Law upon us, except in the aforementioned situations.

So, I concluded, all I “want” is what you promised, that you honor your obligations under the Constitutions, and stop trying to traffic Americans into British Citizenship obligations and stop trying to subject us to British Law and Roman Civil Law, both.

I haven’t heard a word back.  The silence is deafening.

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09 24 2020 Broadcast to All Americans Part 1



 By Anna Von Reitz

I am going to put this to you as bluntly as only a Great-Grandma can:

Our actual government has been “missing” — “in interregnum” and “held in abeyance” for 160 years.

Get that firmly in your head.  It “disappeared” without a forwarding address, rode off into the sunset and left the Hired Help in charge. That happened in 1860.

The mess you now see is the result of letting the Hired Help manage your business “for” you for 160 years.

These foreign Territorial and Municipal Subcontractors have been “representing” us as Proxies and as Agents for 160 years.  But they are not us.

Except in the sense that they exercise certain ‘powers” delegated to them under The Constitution of the United States of America (Territorial) and The Constitution of the United States (Municipal) respectively, they aren’t our government, either.

They are foreigners and part of a foreign citizenry on our shores to provide — as Article IV puts it — “essential government services”.

Except for the aforesaid delegation of some enumerated powers, ours is a completely separate, sovereign, and independent Government.

Our Government is being summoned into Session for the first time since 1860 to deal with the long-overdue “Reconstruction” of our American Confederation and the American Federal Republic — the portion of the Federal Government that is supposed to be run by Americans.

And all our foreign Hirelings and their responsible Principals — the Queen, the Pope, the Lord Mayor —- are being put on Notice of our return.

That is what is happening.

Now, all you Americans out there, listen up.  You have to declare your political status as Americans, because in your “absence” certainly “liberties” have been taken by your erstwhile Public Servants.

They have deliberately misidentified you as one of them, so that they have you all marked down as both a Territorial Citizen and as a Municipal “citizen” —- but not counted as an American at all.

This has been done to control you, to steal your assets by racketeering and pillaging, and to subject you to the foreign laws administered by their courts. This is how they have colluded to evade their obligations under the Constitutions.

As foreigners, they have no constitutional “rights” or guarantees, and they have conspired to deprive you of yours by misidentifying you as one of them.

Read the Constitutions.  Article VI contains the Supremacy Clause.  There is no higher law for them to obey than the Law of the Land.  Read Amendment X.  Anything that isn’t specifically delegated to them remains our bailiwick.  Read Amendment XI.  No American is subject to foreign law.

This is the only law you have in common with them, but it hasn’t been enforced for 160 years.  It’s time to enforce it, lawfully, peacefully, and with authority.

The American States Assembly is calling you to do your Public Duty.  Declare your birthright political status as an American and join your State Assembly.

It is up to you to do the work of self-governance and it is up to THEM to stand  by their constitutional agreements. Any other response on their part is a crime against their long-suffering employers.

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09 24 2020 Broadcast to All Americans Part 2



By Anna Von Reitz

Those who read or heard the first blurb now understand that our actual government has been missing in action for 160 years, ever since the beginning of the Civil War.

Our American Government has been “presumed to be in interregnum” and “held in abeyance” ever since.  Karen Hudes has referred to it repeatedly in numerous videos and public comments.

This basic misunderstanding about the status of the so-called “Reconstruction” of our Confederation and their States of America organization that is supposed to be operating the Federal Republic— along with widespread misunderstanding about the actual structure of our Government, has left the door open for certain European Subcontractors to commit fraud and many other crimes against their innocent Employers, the American States and People.

Please get this fact firmly cemented in your brains:

You have never actually seen the lawful American Government in action in your lifetimes.  Until now.

What you’ve seen, instead, and “taken to be” your government, are foreign Federal Subcontractors acting under your delegated powers as your presumed -to-be “representatives” and “agents” in the sense of being proxies.

Your actual Government has been summoned into Session and there are now fifty State Assemblies populated by properly identified and declared Americans all in operation and conducting business internationally through their unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America.

You are all being called to do your Public Duty, to enforce the Public Law, including the Constitutions, and to self-govern, as you are meant to do.  Join your State Assembly, fill your civilian court jury pools, and get busy.  It’s long overdue.

This past week, John Daresh of the National Liberty Alliance, has gone off on another tear, having “discovered” Rule 2 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which was instituted in 1934, in tandem with the Emergency Banking Act.  He is claiming that this is “it”, the answer, the reason for all the criminal oppression Americans have suffered and are suffering.

But if you have been following along, you know that your government hadn’t been heard from in 74 years in 1934, and was not involved in anything going on in 1934.

The bankruptcies that occurred in 1906-07 and again in 1930-33, were all about the foreign Federal Subcontractors — both the British Territorial and Papist Municipal Subcontractors operating for-profit commercial corporations (chartered in 1868 and 1878, respectively) in the business of providing governmental services.

And if you are thinking at all, you know this is true, because actual governments are not eligible for bankruptcy protection. They enjoy state immunity.

So the conversion of the “Civil” that is, Papist Municipal Courts, under Rule 2 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, concerns foreign law and foreign courts and their internal administration.

Notice the words “Federal” and “Civil” and “Rules”.   If John Daresh knew what those words meant, he would never suppose that they have anything to do with us or our courts at all.

Like many Americans, he mistakes something that “represents” him as being him, similar to a man mistaking his image in a mirror for his living self. We must overcome this confusion in order to address the realities of this situation and stop wasting our time and our energy trying to correct foreign governments while neglecting our own.

All those organizations like the National Liberty Alliance that have formed in support of enforcing the Constitutions and protecting average Americans from being attacked in these foreign courts, need to accept their Public Duty and join their State Assemblies, fill their own jury pools, reboot their own civilian courts, and do the work of self-governance—-as other Americans already are doing, in all fifty States.

When they do, they will find that the world settles back into place, and the tail stops wagging the dog.

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09 24 2020 Broadcast to All Americans Part 3



 By Anna Von Reitz


So now comes the Second Wave — not of Covid 19 — of Confusion.

How…..could a situation like this come about? How could a major world power be operated “in absentia” for a hundred and sixty years, by foreign subcontractors, and nobody noticed?

Obviously, the foreign subcontractors noticed and wasted no time in feathering their nests.

Obviously, we noticed and saw through the veils of deceit, or we wouldn’t be here.

But as to how this came about, it’s really pretty simple.

In 1819, Virginia ratified the Titles of Nobility Amendment to the original Federal Constitution, The Constitution for the united States of America, issued in 1787. This Amendment, which appears as the Thirteenth Amendment to that Constitution, put “teeth” into an already long-established prohibition against people in our government accepting “titles’ from foreign governments, especially the British Monarchy.

Under the Titles of Nobility Amendment (TONA) Bar Attorneys who accept the title of “Esquire” are not allowed to hold any public office in the American Federal Government and would suffer various penalties if they did.

Please note that TONA could not and did not prohibit attorney’s participation in the British Territorial Government operating under The Constitution of the United States of America, nor could it be applied to the Papist Municipal Government operating under The Constitution of the United States.

In 1836, Abraham Lincoln was admitted to the Bar, accepted the title of Esquire, and was allowed to practice international corporate law in Illinois. When he was offered as a Presidential candidate in 1860, he could not qualify to run or act as President of the Federal Republic, because of the Titles of Nobility Act.

So, in the best tradition of British guile, he ran for the office of President of the Territorial Government instead —- President of the United States of America, acting under The Constitution of the United States of America— not President of the Federal Republic operating under The Constitution for the united States of America.

This arrangement neatly avoided the consequences of TONA and outraged the Southern States, which saw it (correctly) as evasion of their Constitution and emasculation of the Presidency, making it little more than a “running boy for the British king”.

Millions of Americans voting in the 1860 elections were blissfully unaware of this Switcheroo and didn’t notice the subtle change, so Lincoln and his British compatriots pulled off the scam, the South Seceded, and the mercenary conflict began.

The Civil War was never declared by any American Congress, nor was it ever ended by any Peace Treaty. An Armistice was established following the surrender of Lee’s Army, President Andrew Johnson —- who was not a lawyer and not a well-educated man — declared “peace on the land” via three Public Declarations. And that was that.

From these facts we now know that the American Civil War was not a war, but a mercenary conflict like Vietnam. We also know that President Johnson had no legitimate basis to establish a peace treaty, so acted to create a contract, instead, still operating in the foreign British Territorial (Commonwealth) office as President of the United States of America following in Lincoln’s footsteps.

The Papist Municipal Government, which makes a large percentage of its money from enslaving people of all colors and trading upon their labor and other resources, sided with the South —- and lost.

So, at the end of this vast illegal and immoral enterprise, the Southern States lay in ruins, the Northern State-of-State organizations were bankrupt, and nobody knew what was going on —- except the foreign British Territorial contractors, who backed Lincoln in the first place, and who accomplished the sleight of hand that placed one of their Barristers in de facto control of the Federal government despite the Titles of Nobility Amendment.

Ulysses S. Grant was a gifted natural soldier, but he wasn’t educated in law or diplomacy, knew little to nothing about government outside the military, and his ineptitude and that of his appointees in all these regards provided ample opportunity for cronyism, graft, and abuse of power under color of law that has continued to this day.

So that is “how” the rats got in the grain storage—via Lincoln’s misrepresented election to a foreign federal office, that of the Territorial Presidency, instead of the Presidency of the Federal Republic.

How they’ve endeavored to stay in purloined power for 160 years is another story.

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09 22 2020 Simple Riot Solution



Paul Stramer


It is easy to deploy safely, never fails, and is very inexpensive.  What is this ingenious and effective method?

It is called “Skunk Water”.“Skunk Water” smells like, well ya know, and is fired through fire truck water cannons.

It not only sends the crowds of rioters running like Col. Jackson’s enemies running down the streets, but will send them home for a long shower and a change of clothes.

No one, but no one will continue rioting smelling like a skunk, nor will anyone want to be around anyone who smells like a skunk, (right politicians?) and it encourages social distancing.


09 22 2020 And Another Rip Off Nailed Down



By Anna Von Reitz


I spent five days with Russell J. Gould, discussing grammar in general, his ideas about PARSE, and numerous other matters.  He is an engaging individual and very intelligent, however, he also bears the ear-marks of someone who has been tortured; I am more than persuaded to believe his claims about what happened to him while in “federal” custody, but that also begs the question, how did he get out of federal custody?   At what cost?  Per what agreements?

We now have both evidence and direct testimony linking Russell J. Gould to the Office of Military Settlements, a shadowy organization within the United Nations, and claims that he offered “settlements” — sometimes trillions of “dollars” worth of “settlements” issued as credit, in exchange for assistance in overthrowing the government of this country.

We assume that this organization and these offers are under criminal investigation,  and that a distinction is being made between the de facto “government” provided on a for-hire basis by the Pope and the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of London,  and the actual government of this country which is just now coming back into Session.

The Office of Military Settlements and Attorney General Barr both need to be notified and told that no settlement based on our credit or assets is authorized. We require the return of all American assets and persons, tout de suite.

The permanent overturning of the Municipal Government in Washington, DC, can be realized simply by not allowing the perpetrators access to the privilege of incorporation.  The ecclesiastical law concerning corporations is well-known and needs to be enforced: they may be organized for any “lawful” purpose—- not any “legal” purpose.

The corporations in question are all operating in an unlawful manner and all should be liquidated and/or placed under new management.

All of these municipal entities and elements of “borough” city governments exist here in violation of the contract establishing any form of municipal government on our shores: The Constitution of the United States.

It follows that upon the dissolution in bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, INC., these other franchise issues need to be addressed and all the phony Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trusts established in the names of Americans need to be released together with all derivatives thereof —- Public Transmitting Utilities, Public Charitable Trust interests, and so on.

The Office of Military Settlements  and AG Barr need to return all property and assets belonging to our population including land held in the State Land Trusts doing business as, for example, the Arkansas State.

The Office of Military Settlements and AG Barr need to return the 20,000 tons of privately held American gold that was admittedly confiscated by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration and used to bankroll the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, and the IBRD.

The Office of Military Settlements and AG Barr need to return the American gold transported “for safekeeping” to the Philippines.

The Office of Military Settlements and AG Barr need to return the stock portfolios containing our interest in the Fortune 500 and thousands of other corporations worldwide.

The Office of Military Settlements and AG Barr need to return the purloined property of Americans, full stop, and stop pretending any legitimate excuse for doing anything else.

And the Russell J. Gould PsyOp needs to be called off.  We obviously tracked down who and what he was, and are not deceived.

We are not falling for any of the proffered fraud schemes.  Not accepting the repeat of the Scottish Interloper song and dance offered by the Reign of the Heavens Society, not accepting the even older dog-Latin fraud scheme dating from the days of the Roman Emperor Justinian, and not buffaloed by any Suzerain Treaty claims made by “the United States of North America”, either.

And by the way, we are owed our part of the $950 trillion in Life Force Value Annuities sucked out of our country by Prince Philip and the Governor of Ottawa operating in collusion.

And our National Credit, which now stands at over $25 trillion “dollars”.

And access to all our Special Deposit and Legacy Trust Accounts worldwide.

The Office of Military Settlements needs to be shut down and the “UN” needs to be outted for what it is —- a stinking Vichy French crime syndicate established a full two years before the United Nations was ever chartered, seeking to use the United Nations organization as a storefront in much the same way as the same culprits used the Roman Catholic Church as a storefront for generations.

No, we are not deceived, and we claim fraud —- fraud which vitiates all contracts, all speculation, all “Acts” of any “Congress” operating outside the stipulations of their contractual obligations, all “acts” of legislation carried out by Territorial State of State legislatures that have been misapplied to Americans, and which requires the dissolution of Territorial State of State franchises and Municipal STATE OF STATE franchises for the benefit of the victims of these vicious and long-running fraud schemes.

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09 22 2020 BREAKING DOJ declares Seattle Portland and New York to be lawless anarchist zones setting up federal arrests of Democrat mayors after the election




by:  Mike Adams

(Natural News) As we reported two weeks ago, President Trump has a “secret weapon” against the left-wing insurrectionists and treasonous actors who are trying to destroy this country. That weapon is the Fourteenth Amendment, which unambiguously states that the President of the United States must remove those from power who are engaged in granting aid or comfort to insurrectionists who are waging war against this nation.

Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment openly states:

No Person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.

It couldn’t be more clear. All those who aid in rebellion against the United States, whether civilian or military, must be removed from office. This includes Ocasio Cortez, Mayor Wheeler, Mayor Durkan, Mayor de Blasio, and even state governors like Inslee, Brown and Cuomo.

Arrests of left-wing mayors could begin shortly after the election

As we have reported over the last few days, the DOJ is gearing up to arrest left-wing collaborators shortly after the election, as Trump invokes the Insurrection Act and activates US military troops which are being positioned across the top 50 cites in America.

For full details on how this is likely to play out, see my important timeline of events to take place from Sep. 20th to Jan. 20th.

Now, the DOJ has issued an announcement that declares three US cities to be “jurisdictions permitting violence and destruction of property.” These three cities are:

  • Seattle
  • Portland
  • New York City

As the DOJ explains:

The U.S. Department of Justice today identified the following three jurisdictions that have permitted violence and destruction of property to persist and have refused to undertake reasonable measures to counteract criminal activities: New York City; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle, Washington.

Criteria for evaluating each city is below:

  • Whether a jurisdiction forbids the police force from intervening to restore order amid widespread or sustained violence or destruction.
  • Whether a jurisdiction has withdrawn law enforcement protection from a geographical area or structure that law enforcement officers are lawfully entitled to access but have been officially prevented from accessing or permitted to access only in exceptional circumstances, except when law enforcement officers are briefly withheld as a tactical decision intended to resolve safely and expeditiously a specific and ongoing unlawful incident posing an imminent threat to the safety of individuals or law enforcement officers.
  • Whether a jurisdiction disempowers or defunds police departments.
  • Whether a jurisdiction unreasonably refuses to accept offers of law enforcement assistance from the Federal Government.
  • Any other related factors the Attorney General deems appropriate.

It’s clear from the announcement that other cities will soon be added to the list; most likely Chicago and Minneapolis, among others.

Analysis: The DOJ is preparing to arrest Democrat mayors and charge them with sedition after the election

What this DOJ announcement sets into motion is a plan — which we’ve covered in detail at Natural News — to invoke Fourteenth Amendment powers to arrest left-wing mayors, governors, judges and legislators who have taken part in the illegal insurrection against the United States. This includes Rep. Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff and literally thousands of state-level legislators and corrupt court officials who have taken part in a coordinated conspiracy to overthrow the United States of America.

As we’ve explained, no aggressive action will be taken against the insurrectionists until after the election. But immediately following the election, as the radical Left explodes into “Operation Chaos” and carries out organized, well-funded militant attacks on US infrastructure, lawmakers and the White House, President Trump will officially likely declare an insurrection to be under way, and he will activate US military resources across 50 cities, immediately taking down left-wing insurrectionist groups.

We also know this is the plan because AG William Barr has all but said so. In a widely circulated news item from last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that AG William Barr told prosecutors to explore charging Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan with sedition, “for allowing residents to set up a police-free zone in that city this summer.”

In other words, the DOJ is actively encouraging federal prosecutors to build cases against treasonous public officials who are allowing this left-wing violence to take place, and today’s DOJ announcement naming Seattle, Portland and New York City is further establishing the fact that the political leaders of those cities are actively engaged in insurrection against the United States while violating their oaths of office.

Remember: The Fourteenth Amendment now requires President Trump and the DOJ to arrest those individuals and remove them from power. Such arrests will likely need to be carried out by military police after the election, once the military is fully deployed against left-wing cities to put down the violence and remove criminal insurrectionists like Durkan from public office.

America cannot function if its cities and states are run by treasonous actors engaged in violent rebellion against the nation

To parse all this information, remember that America is already in a civil war, with radical anti-American forces waging kinetic warfare against law enforcement, government buildings and Trump supporters. The recent death of child murder advocate Ruth Bader Ginsburg will only escalate the bloodthirsty Left even more, turning them into radicalized, raging lunatics who are committed to mass destruction, arson and chaos.

The only sure way to defend America from this violent uprising is to invoke the Insurrection Act and cite the Fourteenth Amendment, temporarily putting troops on the streets of US cities to take down insurrectionist forces and remove all treasonous / seditious actors from power. This would involve mass arrests of potentially thousands of treasonous actors — many named above — who have actively conspired to overthrow the United States of America. Some of these treasonous actors are sitting US Senators (Feinstein) or members of the House (Nadler, AOC, etc.). Others are members of the fake news media (Stephanopoulos) or run large tech platforms (Dorsey, Zuckerberg, Pichai, etc.). All of them are guilty of treason against America and must be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned for their coordinated crimes against this nation. And that doesn’t even get into the corruption at the FBI and Obama’s DOJ, where people like James Comey, Eric Holder, John Brennan, Loretta Lynch and even Obama himself should also face charges of treason.

Violent left-wing rioters will soon be designated enemy combatants or domestic terrorists

At the same time, the tens of thousands of deranged, hate-filled left-wing rioters who are openly celebrating mass destruction, chaos and violent attacks against innocent people must be engaged with force by federal and military forces. In declaring the existence of an insurrection against the United States, President Trump is simultaneously declaring that all who engage in acts of insurrection are enemy combatants / domestic enemies who can legally be shot on sight by defensive forces such as activated military units.

Most likely, this is exactly what it’s going to take to end the destructive Left. The insane, deranged, lawless, raging mobs of the Left are now beyond human and have no rationality remaining in their twisted brains. They are no longer functioning as human beings. Instead, they are programmed biological robots who have been indoctrinated with media-inspired hatred and Big Tech social engineering to function as agents of destruction against America. They cannot be reasoned with or reformed. They will need to be permanently removed from society if any American is to ever live in peace again, under a system of civility and law.

Technically, once Trump declares an active insurrection under way, any American citizen can legally engage any enemy combatant who threatens this nation, although we have repeatedly advised American civilians to allow US military forces, National Guard forces and patriotic law enforcement to carry out this task.

Increasingly, the coming battles on the streets of America look to be left-wing domestic terrorists vs. activated US military and National Guard forces, although there is a possibility that some Guard units in Democrat-run states like Washington and California may join the treason, resulting in escalated military action that engages treasonous Guard units with extreme force. Under this scenario, we could literally see tanks, artillery, gunships and other air support operations carried out in or near US cities.

When you start hearing 155mm artillery shells going off near your home, you’ll know the civil war is on.

Support our domestic troops, and prepare for extreme disruptions in everything

During all this, the American people will experience severe disruptions in food, electricity, fuel, medical supplies, water supplies and other basic necessities.

My advice to all Americans is offered thusly:

  • SUPPORT local troops and pro-America militia units. The militia units, in particular, have a great need for food, ammunition, tactical gear, firearms and other supplies. Donate what you can, but maintain enough for your own survival and protection.
  • COMMEND our President for having the courage to call out the enemies of America while invoking the power necessary to eliminate them. It’s time to take our nation back from the lunatic, lawless Leftists who only seek to destroy it. Their tyranny and sedition must be ended.
  • CALL FOR arrests of seditious mayors, governors, corporate CEOs and members of Congress. Raise your voice to demand that all who are carrying out acts of treason against this nation be arrested, charged and prosecuted.
  • STOCK UP on everything you can in advance of Election Day. Stockpile food, water supplies, water filters, ammunition, medical supplies, communications gear, batteries and anything else you might need.
  • DOWNLOAD my free nine-hour audio book, “The Global Reset Survival Guide” at GlobalReset.news
  • WATCH my tactical preparedness videos on firearms and more at PrepWithMike.com
  • JOIN Brighteon.social to stay plugged in and benefit from live tweets of the day’s events, from a pro-America, pro-Christian, pro-liberty point of view. My channel there is @HealthRanger, and there are thousands of other channels offering excellent coverage.
  • VOTE for Trump in the upcoming elections, and vote for GOP members of Congress in every race. We must maintain control of the US Senate and White House in order for Trump to take this decisive action against the treasonous Left and save America from destruction.
  • PREPARE to defend your president and your nation if necessary in the weeks following the election. The lawless Left is pursuing a detailed conspiracy to cheat and try to steal the election, and this plan involves flooding the streets with left-wing violent actors who will no doubt attempt to assassinate GOP Senators and the President himself.

Stay safe, in other words, and get prepared. You are about to witness the most tumultuous chapter of American history since the Civil War. And before this is all over, we will see military operations in multiple US cities — a necessary step to defeating the anti-American domestic enemies that hope to destroy this nation.

Remember when I said, earlier this year, that we would soon be in a situation where you would “beg for martial law?” Now it suddenly makes sense, doesn’t it? You will be eternally thankful when US troops arrive in your city and shoot the insurrectionists dead, restoring the rule of law and halting the mass arson and chaos. For a while, we’re all going to be living under temporary military rule, but it now remains the only way to defeat the enemies of America and restore pro-Constitution, civilian rule in the months ahead.

09 22 2020 Rip Off Indeed



By Anna Von Reitz

I just filed a rebuttal to the Rip Off Report filed by some member of the Reign of the Heavens Society, one of the three principle teams of con artists assailing and trying to misrepresent the States and People.

It never fails that the process of projecting one’s own guilt on others leads these offenders to accuse innocent parties of doing exactly what they are doing themselves: attempting to rip off the American People and mislead them into supporting more fraud against their own interests.

In case it has missed the notice of many readers, there are trillions of dollars up for grabs —- your National Credit, now standing at more than $25 trillion dollars, 20,000 tons of gold confiscated by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration, all the American gold transported to the Philippines for safekeeping  prior to the 1906 bankruptcy, your stock portfolios and ownership interests in the Fortune 500 and thousands of other corporations around the world, and the value and ownership of your land assets — are all on the line.

That’s why these shady organizations like the Reign of the Heavens Society and Russell J. Gould’s PsyOp, and the “United States of North America” are popping up like mushrooms.  The rest of the world wasn’t left as ignorant by their Public School system as you were.

And the United Nations Corporation which engineered all this, is sitting in the background, still hoping to claim that America is “abandoned” and that the Americans all disappeared circa 1860, and have left the entire country and everyone in it up for grabs, subject as chattel for the debts that the United Nations Corporation and its franchises.

In other words, you and your children and your grandchildren have been targeted as the goats.  The other countries were all supposed to get a piece of your “abandoned” pie —- your land, your National Credit, your homes, your businesses.

They’ve been standing on the doorstep, trying to sell this Bushwah and use it as an excuse to “divvy up America” like a giant wheel of cheese.

You have to ask yourselves — if any of these organizations were ever legitimate, why are they all incorporated?  Who do they really belong to?  Why didn’t they come forward and bring these issues and these assets to your attention?

Because they were intent on commandeering our assets, “latching” them, and using them as chattel to pay their own debts,  just as the original Scottish Interloper did back in 1868.  It isn’t in their interests to explain anything to you or help you to bring forward your own claims to your own assets. Instead, they operate under the Roman Civil Law and its Maxim: “Let him who will be deceived, be deceived.”

If they can trick you again into accepting their stories and their British Territorial substitutes— instead of owning your own assets and self-governing your own States of the Union— they will be more than happy to do the job for you and act “in your names” to do so.

But if you are wise, and I hope you all are, you will be even more determined to reclaim your birthrights and have control of your own lives and assets—- and put all the public employees in their proper places.

If you want “your share’ of what is owed to America and Americans, and if you care about your security and prosperity and that of your children and grandchildren for the next hundred years — don’t waste any more time or effort on any other thing.  Just up-end your anchor and sail home.

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net  and get started today.  Your State Assembly needs you.  Important decisions are being made.  Only those who are willing to self-govern can prevail.

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09 21 2020 President Trump declares war on Big Pharma to save America from the criminal pharmaceutical cartels



By Mike Adams

You may recall that a couple of months ago, after President Trump announced “Operation Warp Speed,” I became concerned that he was going all-in with Big Pharma on the coronavirus vaccine. After I voiced my concerns, I was contacted by a person very close to the president who assured me Trump was absolutely NOT jumping in bed with Big Pharma and that he would be, in fact, taking strategic steps very soon to protect Americans from Big Pharma’s predatory practices.

Now we’ve seen the results of that action. Trump has signed executive orders to “cut out the middle men” who rake in hundreds of billions of dollars in Big Pharma profits. It is these middlemen who keep drug prices insanely high in the USA while the very same drugs are a fraction of the price in Canada or Mexico (not to mention India, where drug prices are even lower).

Two days ago, President Trump spoke directly about the “rich enemies” in Big Pharma who are trying to stop him from implementing his efforts to bring down prescription drug prices in America by cutting out all the price gouging and monopolistic price fixing by pharma distributors.

Watch this video to see for yourself:

From the video:

So I have a lot of enemies out there. This may be the last time you’ll see me for a while. A lot of very, very rich enemies, but they are not happy with what I’m doing…

But I figure we have one chance to do it, and no other President is going to do what I do. No other President would do a favored nations, a rebate, a buy from other nations at much less cost. Nobody. And there are a lot of unhappy people, and they’re very rich people, and they’re very unhappy…

They are so wealthy. They are so wealthy… Nobody has any idea who the hell they are or what they do. They make more money than the drug companies. You know, in all fairness, at least the drug companies have to produce a product, and it has to be good product.

Analysis: Trump is going to war with Big Pharma’s exploitative price fixing practices, and very powerful people stand to lose billions in easy profits

As you can hear in the video above, President Trump is going directly after Big Pharma’s exploitative profit model by bypassing domestic drug sales and instead arranging for government programs to purchase drugs at overseas prices which are far more affordable.

Other efforts are under way to vastly reduce the price of drugs at your local pharmacies as well.

If you ever had any doubt of whether Trump was on our side, know that Donald J. Trump is the only man in Washington D.C. who is standing up to Big Pharma, and his life is being threatened as a result. This is why he’s going into “lockdown” mode for a while.

This is also why Trump deserves your vote in November. There is no one else who will go after Big Pharma like President Trump is now doing, and even though his administration is pumping out billions of dollars in vaccine contracts during the current pandemic, his long-term goal is to dethrone Big Pharma from its position of economic dominance and science fraud.

Trump needs our support to even have a chance of dismantling the Big Pharma drug cartels. Trump also knows that a really big counterattack against pharma is to issue an executive order that tells the FDA to ban direct-to-consumer drug advertising, which currently provides up to 70% of the revenue for CNN and other corporate media propagandists. Banning DTC ads would simultaneously cut off pharma at the knees and deprive the fake news media of most of their operating revenue.

If America doesn’t declare war on the Big Pharma criminal drug cartels, these evil corporations will dominate every sector of society and make us all slaves to their chemical indoctrination. Actually, they’ve already done that. Big Pharma now controls the media, the science journals, the medical schools, the universities and even large sectors of pop culture such as movies. This is why “anti-vaxxers” are always depicted as lunatics in Hollywood scripts: The writers are being paid by the CDC and the vaccine industry to generate scripts that promote vaccine propaganda.

This is why we must also encourage President Trump to end legal immunity for vaccine manufacturers who have become dangerous, fraudulent “vaccine terrorists” in their deployment of fake science, fear and financial fraud.

09 21 2020 Pirates, Pirates, Everywhere — Make No Mistake



 By Anna Von Reitz

There are three known groups of pirates attempting to commandeer our Ship of State.

They are:

(1) Russell J. Gould and his acolytes, pretending that their untoward seizure of the Title IV Flag from some of our disabled subcontractors entitles them to our property; in fact, the actual applicable law is: “Possession by pirates does not change ownership.” Our subcontractors never actually possessed our flag in any form or proportion; they were allowed to use the Title IV Flag when conducting business for us and exercising our delegated powers to do so. Their lapse is not our loss under any form of international law.

(2) Reign of the Heavens Society — a group of nutcases working largely offshore (as pirates usually do) claiming that because they bought some bric-a-brac and documents left over from the bankruptcy of the Scottish Interloper (1868-1906) that they own The United States of America.  As the Scottish Interloper was a commercial corporation infringing upon our Good Name, trademarks, and copyrights without authority to do so, it was acting as a pirate and a fraudster, and all that results from piracy and fraud is more fraud.  The international law remains: “Possession by pirates does not change ownership.” — whether in 1868 or today.

These provocateurs have done the same thing as their Scottish antecedents and have sought foreign incorporation using and abusing our name and seeking to personate us and confuse themselves with us by operating a corporation merely calling itself  “The United States of America —– Incorporated”.

We have never authorized the existence of any such foreign corporation named after our Federation of States, and they have no authority, right, or reason — apart from attempted impersonation and piracy — to infringe upon the lawful unincorporated Federation of States in this manner.

Recently, they issued a bunch of clap-trap claiming that I had been sentenced to 37 years in prison and was to be apprehended and sent to the nearest facility; since they are just a bunch of pirates trying to operate foreign storefronts as “States of States” they are the criminals under our Public Law, International Law of the Sea, and Commercial Law Merchant.  All three.

Avoid these numbnutz characters like the plague and take nothing they say, no threat they make, seriously.  And never let them gain any ground to pull another round of the Scottish Interloper Fraud on us.

(3) A group of Moors and disaffected Negroes styling themselves as the United States of North America (Is Canada involved?  Mexico?  Just another name-sake of the United Nations’ “Regional Government” scheme?) claiming that they are the last surviving Parties to a Suzerain Treaty predating the founding of this country by several thousand years; the problem they face is that everyone here is also Party to the same Treaty and enabled to enforce the Will of God against them, as we are self-evidently here by the Will of God and Nature and are in control of the actual government of this country— also by the Will of God and Nature, and in no case does this claim of theirs invalidate one iota of what we are owed by the Queen, the Pope, the Holy See, the Lord Mayor, the Moroccan Government, and the King of Spain.

So, pirates, pirates, everywhere — and not a valid claim among them, just as you would expect from people and enterprises intent upon making false claims in international and commercial jurisdictions for their own self-interested benefit.

We, the American States and People, and our Federation of States remain the Lawful Government of this country in international jurisdiction.  We control this land and soil by the Grace of God and there is no other standing between us and the Divine Presence.  And we insist that our Treaties and Power-Sharing Agreements be honored in full and that our assets be returned to us, including our Good Names, our Trademarks, our Copyrights, all our Material and Substantial Interests, without further nonsense, obstruction, or obfuscation.

Nature’s God deemed that we should be here and by his grace, here we are.

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09 21 2020 Coordinators Handbook — Chapter 4



 By Anna Von Reitz

American State Nationals and American State Citizens

Our Forefathers designed a deliberately complex and “counter-balanced” system of government and paid special attention to conflicts of interest. This system of Checks and Balances was followed at every level and step, from the foundations of our Counties to our States to our States of States, and finally, to each segment of the Federal Government, too.

It is well to remember that at the time, there were large inclusive segments of the population built upon relationships with various European countries.

We had English colonists, but also French, Protestant and Papist, Dutch, and Spanish in the West. Building a cohesive and defensible whole out of such disparate origins and conflicts of affiliation, culture, and tradition required extraordinary measures.

In the end, it was accomplished via the skillful use– and just as skillful limitation of— jurisdictional authority.

Our physically-defined counties control the national jurisdiction of the soil, and, taken together, define the “embodiment” of the combined soil jurisdiction owed to our state of the Union.

Notice the small “s”. When we are talking about soil jurisdiction, we are talking about the state as a nation-state. Alabama is a nation-state as well as a State of the Union.

Each county government is the supreme local authority and so, the county Sheriff is the supreme elected peacekeeping official– however, in keeping with Checks and Balances, this supreme authority extends only within the physical borders of the county, and each county has only its own State as an interface with other States and foreign countries. It is cut off from the rest of the world.

This becomes important when you realize that if it were otherwise, each county could split off and ally itself with any foreign government it chose, and our country would quickly become a hodge-podge of over 3,000 disparate crazy quilt pieces, all functioning under different laws and warring with each other and using different forms of currency.

Without this “segregation of the soil jurisdiction” the Union would have dissolved even as it was being born.

Each such county and the nation-state that the combined counties build, is populated by people, known as American State Nationals. Note the small “p” on “people”.

We have already seen that Americans born within the borders of a State acquire their nationality at birth, and so we become Texans, New Yorkers, Minnesotans, and so on.

We remain American State Nationals until the age of 21, when we can choose to act as State Citizens.

The word “citizen” always implies an obligation to serve some level or form of government, and it is no exception here. When we are old enough to accept the responsibility and understand the obligations involved, we become eligible to act as Citizens of our State of the Union.

What do we mean by “State of the Union”? Notice the capital “S”?

The State is different and set apart from the nation-state formed by the combined soil jurisdictions of the counties. The State level of government exists in the International Jurisdiction of the Land and Sea. It is inhabited by Persons, either Lawful Persons or Legal Persons.

State Citizens voluntarily occupy an Office of Personhood in order to serve the interests of the International Jurisdiction of their State of the Union. Their Lawful Persons are known as People — notice the capital “P”.

The Land Jurisdiction begins six inches under the surface of the soil and extends to the center of the Earth by definition.

Land is an “international resource” as it and the resources of the subsoil — mineral deposits and subsurface water — cannot observe the strict and known boundaries of the soil surface.

Each State’s Land Jurisdiction is forever connected to its soil, but the nation-state of Alabama and the State known as Alabama occupy two distinct and different jurisdictions — one National, one International in nature.

So, Alabamans acting as American State Nationals are people who populate the soil jurisdiction of Alabama, but when they choose to act in the capacity of State Citizens, they operate as People, that is, Lawful Persons, and control the international land and sea jurisdiction of Alabama.

International Jurisdiction is the jurisdiction in which Alabama as a whole acts as a physically-defined State of the Union and interacts with the other States and with other Countries, for example, Denmark.

Our Forefathers, always anxious to avoid conflicts of interest which might undermine our security, defined State Citizens to be People having no other allegiance to or affiliation with any foreign State or Nation.

Thus, you cannot serve your State as a State Citizen, and decide international questions for your State of the Union, if you have any conflicts of interest.

Such conflicts of interest may include being licensed by a foreign government, receiving titles and offices from foreign governments, being employed by foreign governments, receiving unearned welfare benefits from foreign governments or other substantial gifts or emoluments from foreign governments.

This includes professional licenses, titles, offices, employments, and substantial unearned welfare, substantial gifts—land, gold, etc., or other emoluments conferred by the Federal Government Subcontractors or what we more readily recognize as foreign governments of other countries — Britain, France, etc.

It follows that anyone employed by any other level of government, anyone in receipt of professional licenses issued by any other level of government, or having any other such attachment, obligation, or conflict of interest, is limited to acting as an American State National.

A State Citizen must be free to make decisions impacting their State and its international relations with other States and Nations with a clear mind and open conscience, unaffected by mixed loyalties to any other Master.

Each State of the Union is thus populated by both American State Nationals and American State Citizens. Both can serve their State, both can vote in Public Elections for State and County offices, both inherit their nationality from their State, but when it comes to international and interstate questions, the State Citizens are the only ones authorized to vote on these matters.

By isolating the soil jurisdiction and giving it the supreme power over local law, the Founders sought to preserve the security of the people of each nation-state; they forestalled foreign speculation and interference by giving the counties one (1) and only one interface to international jurisdiction —- their own State of the Union.

By limiting international and interstate decision-making to State Citizens, they further ensured that the States would be self-interested and would not succumb to foreign interests seeking to parlay political influence or kick-backs into giveaways of State interests and assets.

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09 21 2020 Only Ignorance of the Public Law.



  By Anna Von Reitz

If your local Sheriff knew that he was doing anything wrong by prosecuting you under private foreign law, he probably wouldn’t do it.  The same for the highway patrolmen.  And the State Troopers.  And the Federal Agents.

Whenever they know the actual Public Law, they tend to obey it— but as they are not taught the Public Law and are not instructed to enforce the Public Law by their corporate bosses — what can you expect?

So far as they know, they are obeying and enforcing “the” law, that is, the only law they know.  It never occurs to them that there is more than one kind of law, and that they may be dealing with people who live under different forms of law than they do.

We live and breathe and stand under the Public Law, not their private “law”.

It’s your Public Duty to tell them — and teach them.

God knows that most of the “hired jurists” in this country are as ignorant as the Highway Patrol and are not capable of teaching anything but legal procedure and statutory law.

So, if we are standing around waiting for the magistrates and attorneys to teach Law Enforcement Officers the actual Public Law of this country, we will be waiting a long, long while.  The Public Law isn’t their baileywick and they don’t wish to be held accountable to it, so of course, they don’t study it or pay much attention to it.

They merely presume that you are one of them, that you adopt their law, and that you are accountable to the now 80 million statutes, codes, and regulations that they are required to obey.

Like the Wendy’s employee running out on the street, grabbing me by the elbow, and demanding to know why I am not in uniform and flipping burgers—don’t I know it’s my shift?

They are engaged in a self-serving delusion that we all stand under the same law they do.  That we have to be licensed, because they do.  That we have to do all the things and obey all the statutes, codes, and regulations—- that they have heaped upon themselves.

Fortunately for us, that doesn’t happen to be true.  It remains for us to bring the news home to our employees.

Witness the discussion I had with one of them recently.  He insisted that I had to obey statutory law.  To which I replied:

Man is not subject to statutory law and not within its “contemplation”.

Statutory Law exists for the creations of Statute—- and not otherwise. That’s why it is called “Statutory Law”.  It applies to persons, not people.  Humans, not men.  It comes from the same Latin root word as State and Status.

State is the level of government that controls the International Jurisdictions of Land and Sea.  This jurisdiction is inhabited entirely by persons— Lawful Persons and Legal Persons.   Technically, no living, breathing man exists in these jurisdictions.

I might have added —- as I act exclusively as a Lawful Person and stand under the Public Law, I am owed protection and assistance on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, and at all times, my Constitutional Guarantees and natural exemptions apply.  I don’t volunteer to waive any rights or adopt any offices of personhood.

They can all read.

Article VI.   Article IV.   Amendment X.  Amendment XI.

He replied something to the effect that if I could show him any cases, statutes, etc., that agree with what I say, he’d accept my view.  So I sent him two bon mots —- in addition to the Constitution.

“The state citizen is immune from any and all government attacks and procedures, absent contract.” See Dred Scott vs. Sanford, 60 US (19 How.) 393, or as the Supreme Court has succinctly said, “….every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowmen, without his consent.”  Cruden vs. Neale, 2 N.C. 238, 2 S.E. 70.

I am waiting for him to come back and say that he “can’t find” these cases; since they don’t speak to statutory law, they won’t be found among the tomes he regularly consults.

That itself will be quite a discovery, as he stumbles upon the records of land jurisdiction courts, for the simple and supreme Public Law has been well-buried beneath the weight of 80 million statutes, codes, and regulations and all the court cases attached to them, so much so that people are naturally mistaking all this foreign litigation as something that pertains to them —- when, quite simply, it doesn’t.  And never did.

The burden of educating ourselves, and then teaching them, lies with us.

The corporation they work for only insures itself against loss, and uses them as “expendable instruments” to enforce their will, both illegally and unlawfully, on the American Public.

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09 20 2020 The Constitutional Event of Our Lifetime





a non-political exploration into matters of:
Law, Jurisdiction, Land, History, History of Law, Status, Standing, and Rights.
Bring Your Knowledge – Bring Your Questions

Get Sheriffs To This Training
Event is for all law enforcement, public servants, and public

 County Sheriff:
America‘s Last HopeThe
Presented by the CSPOA.org

September 30th, 2020
9am to 5pm eastern time


Hotel Reservations are Being Offered by
Fairfield Inn & Suites Lynchburg.

For more information,
contact the CSPOA Office:
(602) 268-9268

Posted by Paul Stramer 




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