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 By Anna Von Reitz

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New Mini-Book in PDF – A Visit at Grandma’s House

I just finished a new mini-book just in time for holiday sharing.  People can print it off at home.  It’s only 22 pages single-sided, 11 double-sided, large print.

It presents all the most basic and urgent need-to-know information about the overall history and situation in the form of an imaginary visit to Grandma’s House and a sit down conversation with me talking to a young person — a grandson or granddaughter, and explaining it like I do with my own mid-teen to adult grandchildren.

This might be just the ticket for various audiences and needs — like if you need to explain things to your own children or grandchildren.

The information is still dense to pack into 22 pages, but it covers the basics and it is somehow easier to swallow in this format.

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 A Visit at Grandma’s House

By: Anna Maria Riezinger © All Rights Reserved

10 December 2019 A Visit at Grandma’s House Pretend that you are going over to Grandma’s House this afternoon. You find her wrapped up in an afghan in her favorite chair, sipping a cup of tea. The late afternoon sunshine is making the whole room the color of honey and the peace of her house feels rooted in the peace of Nature itself. She looks up and smiles at you, and she says,

“I need to tell you something, before I forget. Grab a cup and have a sit….” And so you do, and she begins…. “During The War of Independence, three different instruments of government came to exist. They were:

Page 2 of 22 The Union of Colonies. People called it different names. The United Colonies, The United Colonies of America, the United States, and so on, but it was, and is, a Union of families and communities throughout this country. The Union took form via the adoption of The Unanimous Declaration of Independence published on July 4, 1776. Next, came the Federation of States known as The United States of America on September 9, 1776. And finally, came the Confederation of States of States known as the States of America on March 1, 1781. Everything developed from these three (3) unincorporated business structures that were —all three— created by the Second Continental Congress. Much of the history we learn in school concerns only one of these three structures – the States of America. That’s because the Federal Government developed mainly out of the States of America.” She stops and reaches over and hands you a little card with the Official History printed on it, and then resumes. Official History: First Continental Congress met September 5-October 26, 1774, following calls for a general congress from Rhode Island (May 17), Pennsylvania (May 21), New York (May 23), and Massachusetts (June 17). Second Continental Congress met May 10, 1775, by resolution of the First Continental Congress, October 22, 1774; became the Confederation Congress (“United States in Congress Assembled”), March 2, 1781, following ratification of the Articles of Confederation, March 1, 1781. Confederation Congress superseded by the Federal Government, March 4, 1789. “That’s the “flow chart” of what happened to the States of America.

Page 3 of 22 The Union took over the soil jurisdiction—that is, the national jurisdiction of these United States. The United States of America took charge of the international jurisdiction. And the States of America took charge of commercial affairs. However…. The Union and The United States of America didn’t disappear. They operate in separate jurisdictions, and except for a little overlap, they are not within the sphere of the Federal Government at all. The Union and The United States of America are our special concern, and they exist outside the Federal Government construct. That’s what most people don’t understand. Three parts – a Union, a Federation, and a Confederation. The Union and the Federation are naturally separated from the Confederation. Why? Because of the nature of their membership. The Union is made of farm families and communities that have life and breath and substance, soil and crops, docks and parks. It’s physical and unincorporated and sovereign. The Union is populated by living people. The Federation is made of States that have defined, physical borders that are agreed upon, a population of living people called “State Nationals” and a population of people who serve the State Government. They are called “State Citizens”. When they are on duty, performing their tasks, they are operating in the capacity of “Lawful Persons” and as one of the “People” of that State.

Page 4 of 22 The Confederation was made up of business organizations called “States of States” –incorporated entities that exist only on paper, and that conduct commercial business for our States. These States of States and the people working for them, are all conducting business as Legal Persons. So you can see that both the Union and The United States of America – the Federation – deal with actual physical life, communities filled with people, States that have physical borders, while the Confederation is concerned with business transactions and relationships, Legal Persons, and things that exist only on paper—various kinds of corporations. When a Continental Congress is convened, as may be during your lifetime, each State will send a Delegation of State Deputies who are Fiduciary Officers for that State of the Union. They will be required to act according to The Prudent Man Standard while making financial and other decisions for their State and taken together, for the country as a whole. The Continental Congress is the most powerful instrument of the American Government and it is composed entirely of Lawful Persons, known as “People”, doing business for you, the living, breathing population of each state. But as I showed you in that little snippet of Official History, there are other kinds of Congresses, too. There was the Confederation Congress that became the Federal Congress, and the Federation Congress known as The United States of

Page 5 of 22 America in Congress Assembled, and the Union Congress known as The United States Congress, and so on. You have to write everything out, always, to keep it clear, but this much you can be sure of: the Continental Congress is your Congress. It’s the Congress directly serving the people of this country. It last convened March 1, 1781. The United States of America in Congress Assembled conducts business for your States of the Union, and it has met sporadically, most recently in 1965. All the other “Congresses” you can name or that you see referenced in print are spin-offs of the Federal Congress— which is a different bird entirely. Please notice that the various “Congresses” that are in constant session in Washington, DC, don’t serve you and I doubt that they even serve the States of the Union in any legitimate respect. They’ve forgotten who they work for and exist only to make money for themselves. The Federal Congress represents States of States, that is, business organizations, and in today’s world, these are corporations that have been incorporated by foreign governments. They aren’t even our own States of States. These organizations are Legal Persons and they are run by Legal Persons – meaning that they are created on paper, by charters, and articles of incorporation and patents. They have no other physical basis for existence — no borders, no trees, no people, no faces, no feelings, no accountability, either. That’s why they are called “inchoate states” or, properly, “Confederate States”. All this confusion (yes, and deliberate deceit) based on similar names, has developed over the course of two centuries, and it only got worse with the adoption of the Constitutions in 1787, 1789, and 1790.”

Page 6 of 22 Grandma leans back in her chair, looking vaguely relieved to have all that off her chest, but her tea is cold and she stirs herself, blinks, and says, “Come on downstairs. We’ll sit by the fire. I’ll feed you some nachos— how’s that?” She folds up her afghan, heaves a sigh, and trundles toward the stairway. So you follow her downstairs and she stirs up the embers in the grate of her fireplace and you sit in a chair waiting for her to come back out of the kitchen. You already feel like your head is going to explode. She soon appears again with your favorite plate of nachos and a couple cold drinks, and gets comfortable again, staring into the fire for a few moments before she turns her head, and looks straight at you. “This isn’t easy to hear or to understand, I know, but you’ve got to know it and I am counting on you. This is your county. Yours, and while I live, mine. So you have to learn.” She turns back to the fire and you can see her profile edged in the firelight. The nachos help. You begin to feel like you can think again, just as she begins to speak. The States of America Confederation “So, we’ve got three separate things, a Union, a Federation and a Confederation called the States of America, which was one of the three original “instrumentalities” of government established by the Second Continental Congress. And we are going to focus on that last one, the Confederation, because that is where all the problems started.

Page 7 of 22 Each State chartered a “state of state” commercial corporation that was a member of the States of America Confederation. For example, Georgia chartered The State of Georgia, which then functioned as a separate entity and as a member of the States of America Confederation doing commercial business for Georgia. See how that works? You have your State that conducts international trade, and your State then also creates a “State of State” that conducts commercial business. Commerce is business conducted between two incorporated entities. Your State of the Union is not “incorporated”, so it had to charter a State of State to conduct this kind of business. Please Note: [The original States of States that belong to Americans and to our States of the Union all include “the” as part of their Proper Names: The State of Georgia, The State of Massachusetts…. This fact will become important to know later on, so remember it. There are British Territorial Dopplegangers doing business as “the” State of Georgia and Papal-Roman Municipal Dopplegangers doing business as “the” STATE OF GEORGIA to deal with.] “The States of America Confederation was accorded specific duties and functioned in the global realm of commerce It was supposed to function for the benefit of all the State of State members. However…. As a result of the Constitutional Convention, some of the original duties and powers of the States of America Confederation and of The United States of America Federation, both, were soon shared out with King George and the Pope.

Page 8 of 22 The Constitutional Convention Nineteen specific and enumerated “Powers” were “delegated” in total. The delegating was done by the People of the United States – meaning the State Citizens of the respective States of the Union acting by and through The United States of America. The member States chartered all the States of States that were members of the Confederation, so the States had to do the delegating of the “Powers”—some of their own Powers and some of the Powers that were originally assigned to the States of America, too, were delegated away in the process. A grab bag of Powers originally vouchsafed to both the Federation and the Confederation were re-sorted by these new Power-sharing agreements called “Constitutions”. Constitutions are debt agreements, stipulating who does what, and who pays whom for which services, and in this case, they represent the implementation of international treaties as well as service contracts.” Grandma pauses to wet her whistle and push back in her recliner, chews thoughtfully on a corn chip dripping with cheese, gives an ironic smile and shakes her head at you. “It’s amazing,” she says, “what they have gotten away with not teaching you— For example, there were three (3) Constitutions established, one for each of the Subcontractors of The United States of America:

Page 9 of 22 (1) Coming out of the Constitutional Convention, the States of America was to continue to operate and do the lion’s share of the work under the provisions of The Constitution for the united States of America [1787]. (2) The British were to operate our Territorial Government under another variation of our name – “the” United States of America – so their Constitution is called: The Constitution of the United States of America [1789]. (3) The Pope’s Municipal Government was to operate under another variation of our name “the” United States, so their Constitution is called: The Constitution of the United States [1790]. Thus, the “Federal Government” was made up of three Subcontractors, one, two foreign, all owing duty and allegiance to The United States of America — our unincorporated Federation of States.

Page 10 of 22 The United States of America Federation of States __________________________ Federal Government Subcontractors: States of America Confederation [American] United States of America [British] United States [Papal – Roman Municipal] Those are the three branches of the Federal Government, not this horse hooey they feed you in school about “executive, legislative, and judicial branches’—those aren’t branches of anything. Those are functions that all these Subcontractors had. So we had, for example, Federal Courts, operated by the States of America. We had Territorial Courts, operated by the British Territorial Government. We had Municipal Courts, operated by the Papist-Roman Municipal Government. The Civil War And now things get interesting — the States of America Confederation continued to function as one “branch” of the new Federal Government from 1787 to 1860, when it broke in half — North and South. The former members of the South formed the Confederate States of America. A bitter commercial mercenary conflict styled as a “civil war” broke out, with the remaining States of America Confederation members (North) going head to head with the Confederate States of America (South). The British Subcontractors sided with the Northern Confederation, and the Papist-Roman Subcontractors sided with the South. Please Note: None of this directly involved The United States of America nor The United States, as the Union was then called, except that we and our States suffered a lot of damage as a result of the bad decisions and behavior of these Subcontractors.

Page 11 of 22 We should have fired them all and required the other Principals subject to the Constitutions onto the carpet, but in the gross confusion and mass death caused by the American Civil War, the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) came to power…. and morphed into the United States Army…. We have lived under a mixed military protectorate, awaiting “Reconstruction” of the States of America ever since. The situation, briefly, was this: At the end of hostilities, the Southern was “ruined” and the Northern Confederation was bankrupt– and had been bankrupt since 1863—thus in receivership to foreign creditors. President Lincoln, operating as Commander-in-Chief, turned to the Union Generals and issued the first Executive Order — ever; that action implemented the Lieber Code, General Order 100, which has since morphed into the Hague Conventions. Every President since then has functioned in the same Office, in the same way, by-passing any civilian government, as well as the Municipal Civil Government. Average Americans were never told the business side of things and there was nobody both competent and honest enough left in Washington, DC to tell them. President Lincoln was dead. President Andrew Johnson tried to honor his duty to The United States of America by three times declaring the peace in public, leaving no doubt that our States and People were to be held harmless.

Page 12 of 22 The Army Generals left in power, men like General Grant and General Sherman, had no background in politics or big business or even the history and structure of our government. The leftover members of Congress and newbies issued “Reconstruction Acts” designed to punish the South — which remain in full force and effect and have never been repealed. The foreign subcontractors kept mum. Purportedly, everyone has been waiting for us to get off our rumps and finish the Reconstruction of the States of America, but then, nobody told us that it wasn’t already done, and finished, 150 years ago. This illusion –that the “Reconstruction” was done and over a long time ago, was made possible by the substituting their Territorial States of States for our American States of States, using a simple similar names deceit: they replaced “The State of Georgia” with “the” State of Georgia, and so, the trusting American People thought everything was back to normal and the Reconstruction complete, but no, in fact, the British Monarch had acted in Gross Breach of Trust.” Grandma is a tough old woman, but you can see from small changes in her posture that she is mad – under control, but mad just the same. She leans way forward and pushes another log on the fire, jabbing at it with an iron poker as if she had Queen Victoria’s butt in mind. And maybe Benjamin D’Israeli’s rear end, too. “Too bad they are dead and gone beyond where any earthly harm can touch them,” she finally says, in confirmation of what you were thinking, too. “But, I have faith….yes, I have faith that they will reap all that they have sown, and the good people of the Earth will get their reward, too.”

Page 13 of 22 Stirred up like the fire by the injustice of it all, she stomps off to the kitchen for another plate of nachos. The crookedness of it all is beginning to make sense to you, but you half-dread her coming back and telling you anything more. Strangely, though you are young and hearty compared to her, you feel scared to know what she’s telling you. The enormity and the long term nature of the fraud and betrayal is beginning to open up in your mind and you don’t want it to, but there it is. My Lord, you think, this has been going on for a century and a half? Right in front of us all? Yet, this is Grandma telling you this. Her tongue would snap off if she tried to lie. She comes back too soon, nachos and more drinks on a tray. “This will have to count for supper, I guess,” she says, apologetically. “Except for dessert, of course.” You are already digging in and the chips are loaded down with all your favorite goodies, so it’s not like you are complaining. With a little twinge you notice that she’s not as young as she used to be, a little more wrinkled and faded than you’d like her to be, and not so eager to spend all day in the kitchen. You think, just in passing, that maybe she is telling you all this now for a reason, but she smiles and reaches for her glass and settles back into her corner spot beside the fireplace, having stirred up the fire and poked “Queen Victoria” again. Her voice is beginning to sound tired as she begins.

Page 14 of 22 The Federal Congress “The Congress, still appearing to operate as the Federal Congress, albeit on only two foreign cylinders, also usurped into the vacuum left by the “missing” States of America. From then on, ours has been a story of self-interested deceit on the part of our foreign Subcontractors, betrayal by elected officials, and alternating periods of time when Queen and the Pope have either colluded together to fleece us, or been at odds and scrapped with each other over turf— turf that actually and factually all belongs to us, the States and People doing business as The United States of America—the unincorporated version of The United States of America, that is. The Bounders have named all sorts of corporations after us and our States and our country in their efforts to access and abuse our credit and our Good Names. The Queen’s British Territorial Government which was originally limited to operating our Navy and Commercial Shipping under Trusteeship on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, and with the care of the Insular States, Possessions, and Territories, insinuated itself into the rest of our military operations and our currency, trade, copyrights, banking and foreign policy. They racketeer money and assets out of Americans through tithes, fees, duties, imposts, improper registration processes, tariffs, excise taxes, hypothecation of debt, claiming that we are co-signers without our knowledge or consent, mortgaging our land, homes, and businesses also without our knowledge or consent, manipulation of our banking and currency, bonding American babies under the False Pretense that they are British Territorial Citizens, and let’s not forget their Internal

Page 15 of 22 Revenue Service and their specious pretension that we all “volunteered” to act as “Withholding Agents” — that is, as Warrant Officers in the British Merchant Marine Service. They also bilk us through bad trade policies and pay offs to their trading partners that hurt us and benefit them. They gain control of our actual natural resources by substituting their Territorial “States of States” (for example, “the” State of Wisconsin for the American States of States (The State of Wisconsin) we are owed. They have illegally conscripted and press-ganged our young men via Selective Service in multiple wars that no competent and authorized “Congress” ever declared. The Pope’s Municipal Government, also called the Civil Government, usurped into operating our postal service, customs houses, patent office, trademarks, securities, stocks, bonds, and what we think of as the Federal Civil Service and Federal Agencies. They use many of the same schemes as the Brits to cheat and abuse Americans and American assets and have their very own “IRS” that pretends that all our “donations” are “gifts” and tithes. They also have their own Municipal STATES OF STATES, doing business as, for example, “the” STATE OF IDAHO, written in all capital letters. Right. Gifts and estate taxes. That’s how they process Municipal Income Taxes. Well, now you know what is “really” going on in Washington, DC — we finally woke up, just in the nick of time, as these freebooters were

Page 16 of 22 about to stage another Civil War on our shores and use it as an excuse to kill as many of us as possible. We, the innocent, if gullible, American States and People, are their Priority Creditors. They thought it would be easier to kills us by the busloads than pay us. Thankfully, the Military, despite many sins, has remained loyal – and with many other nations waking up to find the same ugly circumstance, the United Nations is in no shape to argue. The Governments of the Queen and the Pope are exposed to the entire world as crime syndicates; both have preyed upon the trusting and faithful people of this country. Both the British Monarchs and the Popes have betrayed and breached the sacred trust placed in them and in their governments, and they have done so for six generations. And now…. What to do about it?” There is a long, long pause, while Grandma sits staring into the fire. You hope she has an answer, because you don’t. You are staring, too, but straight out into nowhere and you look overwhelmed when she glances at you. “Don’t worry too much,” Grandma says. “They make their money by keeping up a good reputation. The last thing they want is for the entire rest of the world to discover all this, and see how they’ve mistreated their friends and allies, the gullible Americans. Seeing what they’ve done to us will be a lesson to the entire rest of the world. Nobody will ever respect or trust them or want to do business with them again. If they do anything but make amends, they will be outcasts, and they’ll deserve it.”

Page 17 of 22 She’s tired. You can tell, but she’s still so feisty. So gently mad. She’s bubbling away like a little teapot ready to boil over. She dismisses the thought of them with a small wave of her hand, sniffs, and begins once more. The Restoration “The actual States have not assembled to do business since the Civil War. Obviously, we have to assemble our States in order to reconstruct our States of States and restore the States of America to full function. Accordingly, we have entered into our historical and inherited offices, and sent out the call to the States to assemble and more than forty have answered so far. However, there is a slight hitch…. The Great Fraud and Breach of Trust The Perpetrators responsible for this Deplorable Mess have done their best to “paper us over” and pretend that we don’t exist; they have orchestrated an immoral and illegal campaign forbidden by both the Geneva and Hague Conventions, to convert our population and our assets by misidentifying and mis-characterizing our natural political status and affiliations as Americans. This “genocide on paper” begins almost at birth, with the improper “registration” of American babies as property assets and as “persons” operating as “United States Citizens”. This is followed by bonding and selling the labor contracts of these fictional “United States Citizens” to the Pope and the proliferation at the hands of his Municipal Government of many corporations operating in our names as debt receivers.

Page 18 of 22 Thus both the British Territorial and the Papal Municipal Government have conspired to deliberately steal the identities and assets of millions of Americans, and to falsify records of their actual political status as Americans. And no surprise there, as the Queen acts as the Pope’s Overseer of Commonwealth property, and the British Territorial United States is a Commonwealth. They are literally colluding. In other words, the Pope is responsible both directly and indirectly. He controls the Municipal Government Subcontractor directly, and the Territorial Government Subcontractor indirectly, through the Queen. It all comes back and lays down on his lap like a wet dog, and even though he might try to pretend that this is all now the business of the United Nations, he owns all the member “governmental services corporations” as the majority shareholder in the UN Corporation. So – his fault again. If he tries to stage a Civil War here, he is fighting against himself. This Great Fraud and Breach of Trust against each one of us individually, this deliberate and self-interested misrepresentation of our political status from babyhood onward, has to be addressed as an additional obstacle. It means that we have to individually declare our political status and record it — before we can act in our proper capacity as American State Nationals, and before we can accept our responsibility as American State Citizens. As State Citizens, we occupy the same political status and have the same standing as our ancestors. We can act as “We, the People” again, and we can operate our State Assemblies and re-charter our State of State business organizations.

Page 19 of 22 We can complete the Reconstruction and restore our rightful government. We can restore the lawful government in short order, but only if we wake up and make the effort required to self-govern. We have to educate ourselves and our children and the rest of the world. No more sitting on the sidelines being entertained and dumbed-down. Time to get up and get involved—worldwide; this same evil has impacted virtually every country on Earth and undermined every national government. We have to clean the crooks out of our governments, our churches, and all our institutions and corporations, especially the banks and the securities brokerages without further delay. So—you need to (1) declare and record your proper political status as an American State National; (2) serve Notice on the US Secretary of State; (3) join your State Assembly; (4) begin the process of selfgoverning and exercising your guarantees and rights. And that’s what we all need to do. Assemble our States of the Union, and expose these criminals for what they are. We need to show these dishonest subcontractors what we are made of, once we all understand the game, they’ve played us and how they’ve abused us, while we mistook them as friends and Allies and fought their wars for them and spilled our blood for them.” Grandma falls silent and she’s hunched over like a fist. Then, without another word she snatches up the dishes and stalks into the kitchen, head held high. She has that way, sometimes, of looking like she has a ramrod up her back. Her ancient Yellow Labrador Retriever started the evening lying flat on the floor next to her, but it got too hot for him. Now, hopeful of treats,

Page 20 of 22 he rouses himself and follows her into the warm light filling the kitchen doorway. It’s all so familiar. Grandma’s voice, the burly old dog, the dusky golden darkness of her living room at night, the smell of good food, the clatter of cups and spoons. You know she’s making hot chocolate the old fashioned way, stirring it up in a pot on the stove. You sure didn’t expect all this late breaking news, but you feel oddly happy, as if at last some jagged pieces fit. It’s like getting the diagnosis of a disease. There’s a name for it. And a cure for it. And no Statute of Limitations on Fraud. The dog, having gotten his treats, wanders back out to the living room to collect his pets from you, and you sit there together comfortable and silent, waiting for her to come bustling out of the kitchen, cups of hot chocolate in hand. But when she does appear, it’s not just hot chocolate. She has slabs of your favorite Chocolate Swirl Pound Cake. Did she know you were coming? Was she lying in wait, ready to spring a Pound Cake on you? You sigh. You give Grandma a calculating look. After all, you have some of her blood in your veins. And you weren’t born yesterday. Seems like an unlikely coincidence, dropping by to visit and boom! Chocolate Swirl Pound Cake. Life is tough. “You’re pale,” she says. “Eat up. Lord knows I didn’t give you much for dinner….” “Did you know I was coming to visit today?” “No.” “Did you know you were going to tell me all this today?” “Nope.”

Page 21 of 22 “Is there some reason? I mean, why now? I lived my whole life without knowing any of this….” “Eat your Pound Cake,” she clucks; having inflicted the damage, she administers the cure. Various kinds of bandages, Duck Tape, and cold cream, will, on average, fix almost anything. The rest succumbs to hot chocolate and Pound Cake. Your head is spinning slowly. Declare political status. Record it. Notify US Secretary of State. Notify the world, more like it. Tell the Pope. Tell Queen Victoria. Tell her Great-Great-Granddaughter, too. Start putting Sticky Notes on lockers at work. You are about to start asking questions about the How To and all the rest of it, when you see how tired she looks and that she already knows all the questions beginning to pop up in your mind. “There’s a website and a whole organization forming,” she says. “We have our ducks in order and we are playing to win.” She shoves a business card toward you. It carries the Great Seal of The United States of America and directly under that, a website address: http://www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net “We are assembling our States of the Union and taking the Hired Help to task. First the States, then the States of States. We are going to finish that long-delayed Reconstruction, and neither the Pope nor the Queen have a thing to say about it.” As you stagger out her front door and into the night, you wonder about Grandma and you think about the book, The Last Unicorn. Love can drive you to do a lot of things. And even perform miracles.

12 10 19 IRS Fraud 101 – Tacit Admission



 By Anna Von Reitz

I recently mentioned that HR – 1 [House Resolution 1] of 2017 is a tacit admission of wrong-doing with respect to the so-called Sixteenth Amendment, in that it attempts to redefine the taxing authority under which the “Income Tax” is collected and to place it under the general taxation provisions of Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1.

Why is that important?

They are admitting that they’ve been collecting this tax under false premises for decades.

They are admitting that they had no subject matter jurisdiction over money accrued from our labor as men and women— our earnings and salaries that they taxed as “personal” — meaning “corporate” income.

As Thomas Freed has said, regardless of any power to create a tax, there must also be the ability to write law to enforce it.  “The fact that the 16th Amendment never gives Congress the authority to write law with respect to the enforcement of this alleged direct taxing power….is just ignored….”

Notice that Congress has the power to tax us, but only under the limits and constraints of the Constitutions.  And next….

Notice that Congress can tax Federal Citizens, both Territorial and Municipal, any way it wishes to tax them. Constitutional constraints don’t apply to Federal Employees and their direct dependents.


This is another case of the foreign court system operating under Roman Law and “Let him who will be deceived, be deceived.”

All my American Readers now know that this law was created for and applied to whom?   United States Citizens and “citizens of the United States” —- Federal Employees and their Dependents, in other words.

Federal workers are not in receipt of any Constitutional guarantees, so they were fair game and not protected by Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3, nor by Article 1, Section 9, Clause 4.

Federal citizens of both kinds, military and Federal Civil Service, are defined

by the Constitutions and are not parties to these agreements, so they can be abused at will.

Simply by redefining all of us as “Volunteers” working for the Federal Government for free, as “Withholding Agents”, they could strip us of our constitutional protections, too.  And they did.

So what does this change in the source of claimed authority from the Sixteenth Amendment to Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1 do?

Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1 contains no ability and no claim to the ability to impose an un-apportioned direct tax on us and our earnings and salaries.

They can continue to do whatever they like to the Federal Employees and their Dependents, just as they always could before, but for those of us who declare our proper political status as Americans, the actual constitutional protections clamp down again.

If Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1 is the only basis for the income tax, then it must also take the form of an impost, duty, or excise tax and the source of that impost, duty, or excise tax must be explicitly stated in the written law and that source must be taxable.

And we already know that 15 USC 17 specifically excludes any “excise taxation of labor”, and we also know that as originally enacted in 1913 and still maintained as Subtitle A, Chapters 1-6, the intended “foreign persons” were all the Federal Employees, so that there is no possible application to the earnings and salaries of Joe Average Americans working in these United States.

Take home message — direct un-apportioned taxation of the earnings and salaries of average Americans as Federal “income” has always been illegal.

They simply contrived to get around this fact by: (1) alleging that we “volunteered” to act as Federal Employees (Withholding Agents) and (2) misidentifying us as British Territorial Citizens and/or Municipal citizens of the United States at birth.

This “unlawful conversion” of our political status stripped us of our Constitutional protections and guarantees and having converted us into “Federal Citizens” then made us subject to whatever taxes they imposed on their own employees.

So, they’ve admitted — tacitly–that the Sixteenth Amendment was bogus as a taxation authority, and that also means that all the tax enforcement actions taken against average Americans by IRS Agents acting “under the 16th Amendment” from 1913 to 2018, were also bogus.

And now we get down to the reason that the Sixteenth Amendment was always a bogus taxation authority with respect to Joe Average American.

The “Constitution” that was amended by the “Sixteenth Amendment” was actually the Articles of Incorporation for a Scottish Commercial Corporation, merely calling itself “The United States of America” — Incorporated.  And that corporation went bankrupt and liquidated in 1906.

So we have been treated to the spectacle of a hundred years-plus of vicious taxation based on the By-Laws of a defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation that was infringing on our Good Name for purposes of deliberate deceit and identity theft.  And is trying to do so again.

But that’s another story.

For now, declare your proper political status, record it, give notification of it, and if you are not a Federal Employee or direct dependent of a Federal Employee, revoke your election to pay Federal Income Taxes.

Thomas Freed has done a great deal of work on these issues though I have not been able to spend adequate time to evaluate it; it seems likely that he does not understand the reasons that the 16th Amendment had to be abandoned and may not understand that Federal Citizens were always subject to being taxed in ways beyond the constitutional provisions.

Most Americans remain stubbornly unaware of the existence of the two second class citizenship statuses of our Federal Employees and the impacts on them and, if we are not vigilant, on us.

Be that as it may, Freed does understand the implication of this tacit admission. Those who want to investigate more can find more at:

www.IRSzoom.com & www.Tax-Freedom.com

www.TaxBible.com & www.AmericanTaxBible.com

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12 10 19 Frustration on the Home Front – Mine



 By Anna Von Reitz

I realize that there are those of you who want action, action, action.

There is actually more than enough to do, if you concentrate on learning all that you need to know and mastering the ins and outs of setting up your own State Assembly, your own Courts, and your own State Militia and Offices.  But instead of doing that, certain people just have to rush around, looking for other things to do and more rabbit holes to tunnel around in.

No, we don’t need any Treaty of Peace.  We were never involved in any unresolved war.  We are members of the Federation of States.  Not the Confederation of States of States.

Think, people.  The actual States are sovereign entities.  They cannot go bankrupt.  They don’t need insurance — they have indemnity.

Our actual government hasn’t been at war since 1814.

American State Nationals and American State Citizens are owed The Law of Peace, AR 27 -161- 1.  Period.  And there is no excuse for anyone in government not knowing that and honoring that.

The entities that need to enter into peace accords are the States of America Confederation members, and these cannot be formed and “reconstructed” until our actual States assemble and charter them.

So get the horse in front of the cart and realize that there is a profound difference between States that are members of the Federation doing business as The United States of America and the States of States that are members of the long-dormant Confederation doing business as the States of America.

We have to assemble the States of the Federation, and then the States of the Federation reconstruct (re-charter) the State of States of the Confederation.

Wisconsin reclaims the property assets vested in The State of Wisconsin and re-charters it, for example.

Next order of irritation….

No, there is no advantage to any Joe Average American in joining any tribal trust and doing so automatically voids all the work that you have done to extract yourselves from the maze.

Our States are Nations.

Our States require one singular political status — one nationhood.

You can’t be part of the Algonquin Nation and serving as part of the Wisconsin Assembly for the same reason that you can’t belong to the Texas Assembly

and the Wisconsin Assembly at the same time, and for the same reason that you can’t be a US Citizen and a State Citizen at the same time.

One means one.  Singular means singular.  No other allegiances or political statuses are allowed while adopting American State Citizenship and running a State Assembly.

Actual Native Americans have always been free of taxation and are Constitutionally guaranteed that.  It has nothing to do with belonging to a trust and everything to do with meeting the Federal definition of “native”.  Last I heard, that requires at least one-eighth native DNA.

Tribes can adopt white people as friends and family within their own community but this makes no difference to Washington, DC.  White people can belong to tribes if they wish, but they get no tax or other benefits and won’t be recognized as Natives by the Federal Government.

White people claiming tax exemption or other “Federal benefits” as Tribal Members are regularly prosecuted for tax evasion and fraud— and they should be.  What is given to one should not be claimed by another.

So if you are Native, there are some advantages to being Native, but there are also downsides, too.  Native Tribes are under a condition of Dependent Sovereignty.  As a result, all Native Tribal Members are (with a few exceptions) considered United States Citizens and citizens of the United States.

This precludes them from accepting Tribal status and benefits and State Citizenship at the same time.

We have noted and formally declared that our States of the Union accept people of all races, kinds, colors, and ethnicity without prejudice, meaning that so far as our States are concerned Natives are as welcome as anyone else to embrace the protections and benefits of State Citizenship.

But also like everyone else, once you step over the fence, you are no longer eligible to receive emoluments from any foreign government and participate in a State Government at the same time.

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12 09 19 United States Corp Registration



 By Anna Von Reitz

Teri, Paul—

Please pull the attachment for your records, and Paul, please post it on my website for all to see.

There will be more commentary about this.


PLEASE GO TO http://www.paulstramer.net/2019/12/united-states-corp-registration.html

Posted by Paul Stramer at 11:42 AM

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12 09 19 America Never Sold, Just Foreign Corporations Abusing Our Names



For several days I have been getting this photo lobbed at me, as if it was any huge surprise, and as usual, the people sending it to me have jumped to the mistaken idea that “America” was sold to these Billionaires:


The only things sold were foreign corporations “doing business as” the United States (Inc.) and the United States of America, (Inc.) —– British Territorial and Municipal corporations in the business of providing “essential governmental services” — not our country.  That is the key fact you have to know and stick to and realize that while corporations can be bought and sold and go bankrupt, etc., this actual country and the people who live here are not eligible nor in need of any “bankruptcy protection”.  We are, in fact, immune from bankruptcy of any kind.  Period.

So when you see things like this — step back, remember your history.  What was happening in the 1920’s?  The Internal Revenue Service was brought ashore as a Delaware Corporation in 1925, the stock exchanges were be bought up and up and up in preparation for the Big Bust in 1929, just two years after this report.  We are in the midst of the Roaring Twenties and these are five of the Robber Baron Families benefiting from all the graft and identity theft and “false titles” being issued by “the” United States of America, Incorporated.

If you own a house and you have a Lawn Service and a Housekeeping Service and they both act crazy and abuse your credit without you knowing or approving and then they go bankrupt —- what happens?

Well, the bankruptcy and the credit theft is their problem and the problem of the banks issuing the credit —- not yours.  And as for the rest, it doesn’t matter if they stay in business or go out of business after the bankruptcy, because it has nothing to do with you as their Employer.

You can cluck, you can duck, you can offer help, you can ignore the whole situation and deny them as much as access to a single penny of all the credit that is owed to you.  Why?  Because they are all incorporated entities, separate from you in nature and in fact, and the most that you really have to do is look around for other organizations that can mow your lawn and swab your kitchen floors.


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12 09 19 Keep These Facts Firmly in Mind



 By Anna Von Reitz

The actual government of this country is vested entirely in the living
people.  That is why it is called a government “of the people, for the
people, by the people”.

It follows that no incorporated entity can ever be the government of this

Corporations of various kinds can serve the living people. Only.

When a living man, one of the people, acts in a Public Capacity — for
example, serves as a Juror, he is acting in a “corporate” capacity — the
Office of a Juror, but still not acting in an “incorporated” capacity.

This is the same difference you see between unincorporated small
businesses, like Mel’s Autobody, and incorporated businesses like GE, Inc.,
or Intel, Inc.

A unincorporated small business is “corporate” but unincorporated.  It does
not owe its existence to any charter granted by any government.

In the same way, when a living man acts in a Public Capacity, as a State
Citizen, a Juror, a Sheriff, a Coroner, a Justice of the Peace, and so on,
he acts in a corporate but still unincorporated capacity as one of the

While acting in a Public Capacity of Office, each American acts as either
(1) a Lawful Person (land jurisdiction) or a (2)  Legal Person (sea
jurisdiction).  The land jurisdiction protects you while you are standing
on the land and soil, and the Queen or King of Britain is supposed to be
protecting you on the “High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways” but they haven’t been doing that.

“We, the People” who created the Constitutions were all acting as Lawful
Persons.  The Founders were acting as State Citizens and State Delegates to
Congress—that is, they were acting in a “corporate” but “unincorporated”
capacity.  If they had been acting as Legal Persons– that is, incorporated
entities, of any kind, the phrase would read, “We, the Persons”.

It is only when we adopt the same political status and shoulder the same
responsibility that we have the same standing as, “We, the People” in the
current day, and are able to enforce, negotiate, and enter the jurisdiction
of the Constitutions and their guarantees.

So– take that fact to heart.  Underline it.

Now, here’s the next fact, even though you were born in the proper
political status, your name and identity were kidnapped and transported —
“trafficked” into the realm of corporations and incorporated entities, the
strange “Land of Oz” world, where both Legal Persons and INCORPORATED
PERSONS exist.

According to the fraud artists, you were identified as a “Legal Person”
and, furthermore, as a Public Person — but not an American, when you were just a few days old.  The evidence of this is the Birth Certificate the
rats were obliged to give you.

It shows that you were the victim of “Unconscionable Contracting Processes” when you were only a few days old, long before you could become conscious of what this meant.

As a result, you are being “presumed to be” a British Territorial Citizen,
like someone born in Puerto Rico, a member of the Commonwealth, who is, for whatever reasons, living as a “resident” — a temporary sojourner in
America, called a “United States Citizen”.

Obviously, this is a false presumption and you never knowingly, willing, or
voluntarily adopted such a foreign political status.  You were born in an
actual State, like Kansas, and you were far too young to choose to live in
any imaginary State of State like the Territorial State of Kansas (or the
Land of Oz).

Nonetheless, the Wicked Witches cast a spell on you, trafficked you into
their realm and redefined you as a Legal Person, a Public Person, and a
British Territorial Citizen obligated to follow Federal Code, but not
having any Constitutional Guarantees.

They did this because they acted in Breach of Trust concerning you and did
not fully inform you of the circumstance, nor did they assist you to recoup
your natural, lawful and owed political status.  Why?  Because by
“redefining” you and trafficking you into their foreign jurisdiction, they
could latch onto your Good Name and Estate and buy and sell your Person and everything you own.

So, the first thing these Evil Cretins did was to sell you and your labor
to the Pope and his Flying Monkeys.

You were then “additionally” presumed to be a Dual Citizen of both the
British Territorial United States AND a MUNICIPAL “citizen of the United

This also took place under cover of darkness, before you were old enough to object, and resulted in several incorporated entities operating under your name being established “in your name”.

These are incorporated THINGS like any incorporated entity you are
familiar with — and may be defined as different kinds of trusts, C-Corps,
S-Corps, 501 (c) 3 Corps, Cooperatives, Public Transmitting Utilities,
Foundations, LLCs, LLP’s and whatever other phony business structure
designations the Roman Curia can define and sell as patented and
trademarked and copyrighted products.

JOHN DOE is a Public Charitable Trust.
JOHN R. DOE is a Public Transmitting Utility.
JOHN ROY DOE is a constructive Cestui Que Vie Trust.
And so on.

All these entities are created by the Municipal United States Government,
and according to the Vatican Chancery Court, they are all supposed to be
“gifts” to you —- rather like the Trojan Horse, because on the other side
of Dual Citizenship created by your Stolen Identity, the Queen gets all the
benefit of these “gifts” and you get to pay for them. And the Queen works
for the Pope…..

The excuse for this is that they have been pretending to be involved in a
perpetual “civil war” with the Queen’s Territorial (Northern) Government
against the Pope’s Municipal (Southern) Government in a continuance of the illegal Mercenary Conflict known as The American Civil War.

It ended more than 150 years ago, but they kept right on pretending,
because it profited them and let them pillage and plunder you.  That is,
they acted in Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Service Contract.

All that is silly enough, if the consequences for Americans were not so
dire, but on top of that, the fraud is two-faced and double-sided, in other

The Pope controls the Queen who acts as his Overseer for the Commonwealths, and the British Territorial Government is operating as a Commonwealth.  So when the British Territorial United States fights with the Municipal United States, you’ve got the Pope telling the Queen to fight with him and with those who are working for him.

It’s actually all just a mercenary conflict with the Pope against the Pope
(indirectly through the Queen), which is ridiculous.

More recently, the Pope, has attempted to use the United Nations as his
“storefront” and bring UN Troops in to fight with the Territorial United
States.  Either way, he hoped to get a hot war going and kill off millions
of his Priority Creditors — but as you can now see, since the Pope owns
majority stockholder interest in the UN Corp, he is merely proposing to
fight with himself again.

Now he is attempting to spread the war his predecessors and minions created in the Middle East, by selling off his purported interests in the two
Governmental Services Corporations — “the” United States. Inc. and “the”
“United States of America, Inc.” to his Arab and Jewish Creditors, so that
maybe they can drum up an excuse to bring their quarrels here.

Just look what they have done in Europe. Wholesale “seeded” war throughout Europe using humanitarian aid as their excuse — but not their object.

Take a tiny Norwegian hamlet of 6,000 souls, import 300 Shiite Muslims and 300 Sunni Muslims, and what do you get? War in Norway, Norwegians unable to ride their bikes to work because the “crazies are using bicycle blades and saws to kill each other in our streets now, and often enough, killing us, too”.

The Pope and the Boyz aren’t creating peace on Earth this holiday season.
Far from it. They are creating new wars, endless wars, endless conflicts,
because that is how they make their money and excuse themselves for the
evil they choose to create.

But is it the fault of the Muslims, really? What do you expect? They have
been at each other’s throats for centuries. Both sides have been evicted
from their homes. Their families have been killed and abused and robbed and given no peace or rest for generations.

What I want to know is — who are and where are the senseless evil
bureaucrats who didn’t separate these populations and encapsulate them,
instead of blowing them like mold spores all over the entire Earth?

We are plainly, loudly, and unequivocally telling Francis to go stuff his
head up the nearest elephant butt, because no matter what they say or
do: these entities that he controls are our employees.

They have no permission to front any kind of a “war” or commercial
mercenary operation on our soil, and neither do any would-be “Successors to Contract”, either.

Hence the word has gone out to the Pope, the Brits, the Saudis, the Israelis, everyone who needs to know.  We are the actual employers of these
“governmental services providers” and we have had enough of their Breach of Trust and Dis-service. There is the Fact that needs your attention.  We are the actual Employers of these Monsters.

If the cretins responsible for this situation don’t back down, it won’t
matter if Nancy Pelosi impeaches Donald Trump as the “President” of “the”
United States, Inc., a bankrupt corporation liquidated for criminal
activity. It won’t matter who was stupid enough to buy such vacuous claims
and non-existent property interests.

All that will matter is that throughout the world: (1) the Pope and the
Roman Catholic Church will be exposed as a crime syndicate that has
dishonored our Trust and our service contract with them without cause; (2)
the Queen and her Predecessors have done the same; and (3) no Successors have a contract of any kind, except the quid pro quo we established for President Trump on a month by month basis.

We own the actual unincorporated United States and these Several States and the States of America, and we also own our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America — we are the
actual, factual government of this country. All the rest, is just foreign
subcontractors making a huge mess.

We are not at all confused nor are we amused.  Our records and our
paperwork and our liens are all in effect and in order.

Buying and selling and trading upon what they don’t in fact have any valid
claim to own, may be the style and habit of these hucksters, but at the end
of the day, it’s all still ours and we can hire whomever we wish to hire to
do a better job of providing us with services, because in actual fact —
as an entire country, we are richer than Midas. And we are owed our

We are also owed peace, because the actual government of this country has been at peace since 1814 and if the  erstwhile “Trustees” force us into any other pattern or status, this is Published Notice to the Principals and
their Agents,  that in our world, those who start wars pay for them 100%
and also do so 100% of the time, to the full, plus interest.

The actual government of this country did not participate in the baseless
and fraudulent “Civil War” promoted by our Employees.

We aren’t paying for any “Mouse That Roared” scenario.  Our Employees are going to stand down and shut up or be shut out.

Keep these facts firmly in mind going forward.  There is and can be no
“civil war” here so long as we overtly forbid it — which we do, and so
long as we, the actual Employers, refuse to fund it and/or refuse to fund
those people including the members of “the” Municipal Congress who are
attempting to pull off this gross criminal escapade.

There needs to be a Detente established with Rome and with the Vatican and the Queen and all their Bankers, such that they clearly understand that we know who we are and also know who they are; we have assembled our States accordingly, and we are “home” with 40 States reporting and more on the way.

We are conducting our own business, thank you very much.

As the actual and factual Americans, those having the political status,
standing, and jurisdiction to speak as “We, the People”, we are telling
Pope Francis and the Federal Civil Service and the Federal Agencies to go
back in their box, mind their business, do their jobs, stop fomenting fraud
and causing trouble, or they will all be out of work.

Any would-be Successors are similarly instructed and under the same demands and particulars.

Judging by the impact of numerous other “federal government shut downs”
they aren’t doing anything much anyway—-and what they are doing, they are doing wrong.

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12 07 19 About Us Working With Karen Hudes



By Anna Von Reitz

Editors note: This should have been published on December 3rd. but I must have missed the article.
Paul Stramer

Karen Hudes is a flak for the World Bank— but this statement requires analysis of what the “World Bank” is. It’s a bank of banks, controlled by bankers from all over the world.

So what happens when the World Bank does things that endanger or offend the member banks?

If things get bad enough and the implications liability-wise are clear enough, those member banks that stand to lose the most will need a “whistle blower” to dampen down the improper actions being taken by the World Bank.

The same scenario could develop within the World Bank itself. The Directors could find themselves being outgunned and out-maneuvered by several very powerful member banks —in effect, forced to do immoral or illegal things and left to take the blame for it.

Enter Karen Hudes.

That is the kind of “Whistle blower” she is— not the brave, lonely figure alerting the world to criminal wrong-doing, but the Insider being employed to blow the whistle because internal organizational control mechanisms aren’t working.

You might think of her as the person being paid to pull the emergency brake on a runaway train.

So, she’s certainly not an enemy of the World Bank. She still indirectly works for them and so, last time I looked, does her husband. She was, in fact, taking action to help at least some factions within the World Bank and most likely, her activities stem from the second scenario— that is, most likely she was working for some of the directors of the World Bank to save the World Bank.

My beef with Karen is that she either doesn’t know or chooses not to tell the truth about the American issues. She misrepresents American history and does so in a way that undermines efforts to settle accounts.

And why that is?

She has spent her life in Europe and even many Americans who grew up and stayed in this country for a lifetime don’t know their own history, so it is completely plausible and even likely that she simply doesn’t know that she is misrepresenting what went on here.

It could also be that she knows the history and is — again —- protecting the World Bank.

The World Bank has reasons why it does not want to hear about what it owes Americans.

For starters—

  1. We know that FDR collected by his own admission 20,000 tons of privately held American gold. We know that 6,000 tons of that was used to capitalize the Federal Reserve System, and 14,000 tons was used as a bankruptcy guarantee for the other Secondary Creditors—- the World Bank and IBRD (International Bank of Reconstruction and Development).

We know this gold stash was used as a collateral guarantee backing both the World Bank and IBRD as a result. We also know that when the bankruptcy of “the” United States of America, Incorporated was finally settled in November of 1999— that gold was not returned to the Americans.

World Bank and IBRD claimed it as “abandoned assets” —-and made no attempt to contact us and return the assets to the lawful heirs—- the living people of this country.

I have a problem with that.

It’s bad enough that they had the free use of our assets as collateral for 66 years without our consent and even worse that FDR stole our assets at gunpoint in the first place—- which they also had cause to know—- without adding injury to insult by purloining the assets once the bankruptcy was over.

We want the 14,000 tons of American gold returned to the lawful government of this country, to be returned for the direct benefit of the heirs of those it was stolen from.

It’s just simple law and decency. If your Grandmother was forced at gunpoint to “donate” her wedding ring, you’d feel the same way I do. It’s not even the thought of any riches. It’s the thought of justice and property being returned to the lawful heirs and owners.

Second Bone to Pick—-

Upward of $21 trillion dollars worth of credit owed to Americans is also owed by the banks —and the World Bank and its members certainly have cause to know this.

The “system” adopted in 1913 and completely implemented in 1934 is a debt-credit system using a private military script I.O.U. known as the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE — FRN’s, as currency.

Like any other “Note” this is just a piece of paper promising to pay at some later date.

But to be legal there has to be a redemption date and there is none published on these notes—- why?

Because the debt was transferred to Treasury Bonds that are issued in tranches and paid off on specific dates —to the purported investors, the Federal Reserve Banks.

But are the Federal Reserve Banks the actual investors?

No. They are just a bunch of check kiters, illegal securities brokers, and crooks.

The American States and People are the actual investors— again, at gun point, forced to “invest” by Legal Tender Laws.

So let’s look a little deeper at the actual situation.

They are using debt as legal tender which results in what is known as a debit-credit system.

I give you an I.O.U. and you give me a hamburger.

Have I paid you for the hamburger?


I have promised to pay you back sometime in the future.

In this way the “US National Debt” accumulated, and so also did the American National Credit.

All the Americans who exchanged their actual labor and actual hamburgers for I.O.U.s are owed pre-paid credit for every penny of the US National Debt.

Plus interest.

This is a fact that none of the banks want to face, because they all benefited from using this credit that was in fact owed to us. They purloined it, leveraged it, invested it, cashiered it away so that we couldn’t have any direct benefit from it, and now, they don’t want to admit what they did and return it.

In fact, they can’t return it, but they could make a good faith effort to benefit the people they wronged by carrying through on the promised remedy passed by their Congress back in 1934, and honoring a system of Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption, which the miscreants never actually disclosed to the public or fully implemented.

In a MOCEE system both parties owe each other debts.

In this case, we owe them for government services and they owe us for the goods, services, credit, etc., that they receive from us—- so we simply agree to “offset” our debts.

I owe you $10, you owe me $100, so we agree that henceforth, I owe you nothing and your debt to me is reduced to $90.

If the rats had simply carried through and made this available to the Americans, the US Debt would have been kept in check and never “blossomed” into a $21 trillion dollar behemoth. Plus interest.

Now the “US” Corporations, including the Federal Reserve System, responsible for this theft and embezzlement of pre-paid credit owed to the Americans, applied for and received bankruptcy protection because of the bogus “US National Debt” that should have been offset —but clearly, this was all predicated on fraud and embezzlement of credit owed to us, so that no bankruptcy protection should have been allowed.

Those who benefited from this theft and who protected the perpetrators—- the Pope and the Queen—- remain on the stick for it, but all the banks worldwide benefited, so Karen’s buddies at the World Bank are squeezing their knees together, too.

It’s an absolutely staggering amount of pre-paid credit that was extracted from us and the interest owed on it has taken on a life of its own.

The pre-paid American National Credit is the elephant in the downstairs bathroom.

We know that they can never pay us back in actual fact, but they can begin to make amends by doing what they agreed to do in the first place. They need to be authorizing Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions for all Americans, allowing us to offset all public debts.

In real time that means that we would be able to offset mortgage payments (which are public debt, not private—but that’s another story), college loans, utility payments, and various other bills.

This could be done simply by issuing a special purpose credit card.

In this way, Americans would finally obtain relief and the Perpetrators would finally be paying some of their own bills and nobody would have to go broke over it.

So far, they are trying tooth and nail to obscure and cover up the facts, but both the history and the very nature of a debt-credit system belie them.

They are stuck and they either come to terms to provide relief that is owed, or eventually enough “wolves” will wake up— enough other countries will realize that they have been or are being victimized in exactly the same way, and then all bets are off.

I suspect that this latter fact is what makes the World Bank so nervous.

Growth and profits are good things for corporations—-and that includes banks, but not at the cost of enslaving people you are supposed to serve, and not at the cost of fraud, embezzlement, and all the other crimes involved.

This is just “the credit side’ of things. There’s more that puts us — Americans — at odds with Karen and the World Bank on the actual assets side.

In 1868, the Scottish Government chartered a commercial corporation calling itself “The United States of America, Inc.” They then gained access to our credit using this semantic deceit. Their plan and the plan of every other corporation operating in this manner ever since, was simply to charge up our credit cards to the limit, claim bankruptcy protection for themselves, and claim that we were their co-signers — so as to leave us holding the proverbial bag. Before their planned bankruptcy, however, they did a number of things that have still to be corrected or accounted for.

Most significantly, they bought the Philippine Islands “for” us, using our money to do it, and then, they transported all our physical gold to the Philippines for “safe-keeping” offshore.

Yeah, right.

That original Doppelganger went bankrupt in 1906 and the next Doppelganger, “the” United States of America, Inc. pulled the same basic trick, inflated the currency, ran up the stock market, caused the whole “Roaring Twenties” and Prohibition mark up, went bankrupt in 1933 — and in 1934, their Board of Directors calling itself a “Congress” passed legislation “creating and independent government for the Philippines”.

This created a situation wherein we owned the land of the Philippines lock, stock, and barrel, but now the Philippines had an “independent government” to act as the Trustee for all our gold that was packed off and stored there. This is the connect between Marcos and the Philippines and our gold and President Kennedy and the various agreements that various Presidents made “for” us and that Karen keeps hooting about — the Bilateral Minefields and Green Hilton and so on.

To put it mildly, all that went on back then by any sane evaluation, is piracy.

And by Maxim of Law, “Possession by Pirates does not change ownership.”

Everything that they stashed over there still belongs to us and we have the shipping and docket and flat and box numbers and everything else from those days down to this. We even have their supreme Bank Trustee in our jurisdiction, and are working with him to sort this Mess out.

So, that is stroke Number Three that Karen Hudes and the World Bank don’t want to face.

Don’t get me wrong. The Americans don’t own all the gold that is cashiered in the Philippines and Indonesia. We do, however, own a very goodly part of it, and we own it outright. Our gold and silver deposits collateralize many, many, many banks and the loss of that collateral is what ultimately terrifies the banks.

As with so many other bunko schemes they changed the meaning of “Depositor” to allow themselves to seize deposits left in their keeping, but our deposits were made before those surreptitious changes away from a “normal course of business” —- so we are unaffected and grandfathered-in.

Karen and her Employers at the World Bank don’t know whether to stand up or sit down as a result. Nobody knows what to do, and at the same time, nobody wants to talk to us — because they are afraid of us. They know how mercilessly we have been cheated and defrauded and they expect no mercy in return.

I can only assume that they judge others by themselves.

However, in the broad scheme of life, it does no good for anyone to seek the destruction of others. That just opens up another avenue for nasty people to profit themselves at everyone else’s expense, so no, we are not proposing vengeance. We are proposing a peace and reconciliation process to discharge odious debt and open up credit resources and restore a sane economic system, at the same time that we fully restore our own government— putting Americans in control of America again.

This should be good news for people worldwide, as it dawns on them that “the US” is not America. It should also be a relief that we are proceeding in a lawful and peaceful manner and not being vengeful. At the same time, Mr. Trump and the Pope and the Queen, need to talk directly to the actual Creditors and dispense with any pretense that we are anyone or anything but what we are: the American States and People, doing business as The United States of America [Unincorporated].

Obviously, Karen and the World Bank and the community that she represents professionally have tried to avoid these facts and tried to explain them (and us) away, and that is why I have a less-than-high regard for Karen. I see her as someone who is grinding her own wheel and actually protecting interests that have been less than honest and forthcoming both now and in the past.

That doesn’t mean that they can’t change, and it doesn’t mean that we won’t talk to them in the interests of resolving all these issues. It just means that the facts as we know and observe them don’t jive with the story that Karen is selling.

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