03 31 2020 How President Trump Uses Concealment In the Silent War



Got this from a friend:

A lot happening right now.  US Treasury swallowing the Fed, economy in the tank, unemployment exploding, debt money (fiat currency) being created at the speed of light, reserve troops being called up, hyped-up virus scare halting gathering and most movement across the entire world!  Something really big is under way. M.B.

How President Trump Uses Concealment In the Silent War

On the battlefield, when a soldier needs to move to a different position but is engaged in combat with an enemy, they’ll use a tactic called concealment. One option for concealment is to deploy a smoke grenade. The grenade emits a cloud of smoke, making it possible to move to a different location without being seen by the enemy. Concealment has been used often and with great success by Donald Trump. I’m going to provide an illustration of how he has used concealment in the past and then discuss how he is using it currently.

The deep state has had as its primary objective the subjugation of the world’s governments to its agenda. They understood that the United States could not be conquered militarily. Thus, a plan was developed to infiltrate our nation rather than invading it. They set out to replace patriotic voters with people who had no affinity for our culture and heritage and put in positions of power, corrupt people who would allow our government to be subverted.

Once President Trump understood this was the goal of his enemy, he determined to build a wall on the southern border as one way to prevent the infiltration. The pushback on the idea of building a wall by politicians is evidence that he had correctly identified one of their objectives. Trump knew Congress would not agree to fund a wall, so he came up with another way to do it.

In his book, The Art Of the Deal, Trump claims to be an accomplished builder and an expert contract reader. He knows how to assemble the components of a building project. And he understands the stated permissions, limitations, and unstated loopholes found in legal documents. If there were a way to legally build a wall without using Congressional funding, Trump would find it. Once he found it, he would need to do two things. He would need to recruit the electorate to support the construction of the wall, and he would need to conceal from his enemies his actual plans to do it.

During his rallies, Trump became notorious for inspiring crowds to chant, “Build that Wall!” The first goal was easily accomplished. He battled Congress for two years in what appeared to be an attempt to get them to approve funding for the wall. We now know that was never his actual plan. He anticipated that the swamp would resist the wall, so he planned to use the military budget to fund it and the Army Corps of Engineers to build it. To do so, he needed to declare a national emergency at the border. Declaring a national emergency gives the President sweeping legal authority to take whatever steps are deemed necessary to mitigate a crisis. He fought Congress over wall funding and, in the process, revealed their allegiance to drug cartels and human traffickers.

The battle with Congress was a smokescreen, behind which, POTUS concealed his real plan. Through backchannel communications, he signaled to his base his actual plan.

I decoded this post by Q in March of 2018, as a signal that Trump may have been planning to build the wall using the Army Corps of Engineers. I came to that conclusion because the Corps of Engineers has a red castle on their insignia and they have a branch located in Greencastle, Indiana.

The President didn’t mention publicly the idea of using the military until almost nine months later. On January 4th, 2019, he said he was thinking about declaring a national emergency and using the military to build the wall. The following day, The New York Times published a scathing op-ed, claiming the idea was idiotic and unconstitutional. For the first two years of his presidency, Trump concealed his real plan because it allowed him to achieve the objective with little effective resistance to the plan.

The plan everyone wants to know about is how Trump intends to take down the deep state. Because he is concealing his real plan, we’ll need to first glean what we can by looking at the tactics corrupt people are using to keep themselves out of jail.

A plan was put in place by the Obama administration to prevent Trump’s election, and once he was elected, to remove him from office. The Mueller investigation was intended to run the entire length of his first term in office. The goal was to keep Trump under constant suspicion of having engaged in criminal activity. As long as the public suspected he might have done something illegal, the Justice Department could not bring charges against members of the Obama administration without it looking like retaliation. The day after the 2018 midterm election, Trump had Jeff Sessions resign and he appointed a new Attorney General.

Prior to his appointment as Trump’s  Attorney General, Bill Barr wrote a legal opinion that refuted the interpretation of the obstruction of justice statute Mueller’s team was planning to use against the President if they could get him to testify in person. When you read the view of the obstruction statute found in the Mueller report alongside Barr’s opinion, the two documents read like opposing legal briefs. It appears as if Trump got wind of Barr’s view of the obstruction statute and appointed him as his new Attorney General. Being of the opinion that the obstruction of justice angle was unfounded, Barr brought Mueller’s investigation to an end. The deep state’s primary tactic was to run out the four-year clock of Trump’s first term without the DOJ indicting anyone of consequence. That plan failed.

Next, they launched the impeachment plan. The goal of impeachment was to smear Trump with false allegations of corruption going into an election year, hurting his chances for re-election. A secondary goal was stalling for time in the hope of replacing Trump and Barr this November before John Durham’s investigation is complete. The impeachment hoax failed.

Enter the coronavirus. Although the pathogen itself is real, as I’ve written previously, the President’s enemies weaponized a series of news cycles about the pandemic. One objective was to cast Trump in a negative light by creating the appearance of a crisis and then portraying his handling of the crisis as incompetent. The media published sensationalized stories that created investor fear, which crashed the stock market. They also pushed a narrative that people must be quarantined, which put millions of people out of work and destroyed businesses. An objective observer might wonder if these actions were a coordinated effort to keep Trump from being re-elected.

There appears to be a specific purpose behind Hollywood celebrities posting videos of their quarantines. An indirect message is being sent to their fans. If the stars are willing to observe social distancing at great inconvenience to themselves, shouldn’t we commoners be prepared to make the same sacrifice? The videos seem to be an attempt to normalize isolation. If self-quarantine were stretched out long enough, it would lead to long delays in the normal functions of society. For example, many courts have not been in session during the pandemic. Would not a primary objective of a criminal be the avoidance of prosecution by any means necessary? The coronavirus itself accomplishes nothing without the self-quarantine angle. The pandemic is being used as a smokescreen. Two of its objectives are delaying the prosecution of criminals and removing Trump from office in November.

If corrupt people are using the coronavirus as a smokescreen, you know Trump is, too.  Now let’s look a some of the troop movement behind the smokescreen on his side of the battlefield.

Last week, Attorney General Barr asked Congress for permission to suspend habeas corpus in certain situations as court proceedings were being delayed due to the new demand for social distancing. Barr’s request is unlikely to be granted, but I don’t believe that was the point of the request. If my suspicion is correct, and the demand for social distancing is a tactic to delay prosecution, then Barr’s request is a middle finger to the deep state. He knows they’re using the pandemic as a tactic to delay legal proceedings, but he has no intention of letting them escape prosecution.

Yesterday, the President signed an executive order authorizing the callup to active duty up to one million reservists from all branches of the military for a period not to exceed two years. This decision was made, ostensibly, in support of the administration’s response to the coronavirus. The pandemic will soon be on the downhill side of the curve. In a few months, it will only be a distant memory. The activation of reservists makes no sense in the context of the pandemic. Since we know Trump is likely concealing his real agenda, it’s uncertain what the reservists might actually be used for, but if I were the deep state, I would be terrified. The public may be unaware of the silent war that is ongoing, but corrupt people know all too well he is gunning for them, and he just called up reinforcements.

Trump is in a zero-sum game. There is only going to be one winner of this war. If he doesn’t utterly destroy the deep state, they will destroy him. If you think he’s not aware of that reality, you don’t know your President. Please keep him and his family in prayer.

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03 31 2020 Second Decree Over Mandate



 By Anna Von Reitz

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Final Second Decree Over Mandate



Posted by Paul Stramer 

03 31 2020 Black Rock, Smack Rock



By Anna Von Reitz

Well, meet your brand new “Financial Services” Company, which has been the “operative manager” of the merger of the Fed, a crime syndicate, with the IMF, another crime syndicate, and which now stands in the middle of the middle.

Black Rock.  Like Black Law.  Like Black Water.  Like Black Everything, except, of course, black people, which they generally despise and use and abuse as slaves.

Time to wake up, people.  Summon the Army of Gideon and rise.


This gives the details that you will never, ever, hear come out of President Trump’s mouth, nor out of the Mainstream Media.

This giant crime syndicate (which isn’t really Jewish, by the way) has taken over two other giant crime syndicates.  Oh, whoopee-ding.  But here is the good news, if you get organized and know who you are (as in declare your proper political status and join your State Assembly) this has nothing whatsoever to do with you or your assets at all.

This has to do with Babylonian Fakirs defrauding and deceiving “U.S. Citizens” and “citizens of the United States”.

Now, it’s true that your Proper Given Name has been seized upon  under conditions of fraud and non-disclosure by these Creeps.

And it is true that your Proper Given Name has been used as the basis to create unauthorized U.S. Citizens and unauthorized Municipal CITIZENS, too.

But its all Bull.  They just make up a new corporation and define a new “Special Purpose Vehicle” —- a new “style” of name — and they claim to own it, similar to what they have done by going around making up land descriptions and attaching them to your land.

What they need is about 320 million riflemen aiming up their rumps in this country and the entire population of all the other countries around the globe, to convince them that their “magic” — that is, lies and fraud, has been recognized for what it is, and no “Special Purpose Vehicles” are to be attached to us, our Good names, or any of our assets.

Not now, not ever again

The fraud is discovered.  Black Rock needs to go hide under a literal black rock.  They need to hide their heads in shame and have the Board Member’s profiles and faces and home locations broadcast worldwide.

We all need to demand their permanent liquidation as a crime syndicate involved in restraint of trade and illegal securitization practices (SPVs — ha!) and unjust enrichment schemes based on impersonation, probate fraud, bankruptcy fraud, identity theft, unlawful conversion, and conspiracy against the Constitutions.

Line all these criminal corporations up and liquidate them — one, two, three.

If Trump and the military don’t have guts enough to do their jobs…..stand aside and let the Grandmothers of the world do it instead.

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03 31 2020 The Actual Value



By Anna Von Reitz

I am old enough so that “I have been here before.”  And it’s not just some thinly underlined deja vu.

I have survived all sorts of horrific crime scenes and panics — and if you are older than a high school student, so have you.

I’ve seen Eisenhower and JFK and LBJ and Tricky Dick, used Silver Certificates and silver coins, saw the military script “Federal Reserve Notes” being forced down our throats, lived through the Petrodollar, too.

I’ve seen Korea, Vietnam, Shock and Awe and Desert Storm and everything ever since.  I’ve seen “Federal Revenue Sharing”, Y2K and 9/11.  AIDS and HIV and all sorts of other loathsome diseases come and go.  Wars against poverty and wars against drugs and wars against cancer and wars against hate and wars against drunk driving and wars against free speech.

I am still waiting for a war against war.

Right now, we are engaged in a “war” against the Common Cold.

It’s all bogus.  Like the zombies at the Fun House at the State Fair when I was 7.

What this does demonstrate, however, is: (1) Americans in general and especially members of the Press Corps, are math illiterates; and, (2) we continue overall to be both naive and gullible; and— (3) despite all the things that have been done to us to make us hate ourselves and hate life—- we still love life.

We still supremely value life.  We are willing to do all sorts to bitter things to protect and save and preserve life.

Too bad we don’t always remember that primal truth and core value and share it more consciously day to day.  Too bad that we take life and love for granted until there is a Big Scare, some looming threat— real or perceived, and then, all of a sudden- as if it is some Big News, we remember how important life is.

And we start taking better care of ourselves and we start taking better care of each other.

And that’s a good thing.

If Yeshuah came back today he would find us minding our own business and all those of us who accept serving others are here, finding that we are needed just as much or more than ever.

Lift that weight. Tote that bale. Tell the truth.

Go the extra mile.  Show that little extra love and self-respect. Take that hot bath.  Scrub that counter.  Rest.   Reflect on just how precious life is and the mystery of how we ever lose sight of that “ultimate value”.

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Pastor Rob Pue


Pastor Rob Pue does not send his email sermons before he preaches it in church and I usually re-publish them the following Sunday, but this one should be read asap instead of next Sunday when I usually re-publish them. May the Lord God Almighty keep you all safe.


Pastor Rob Pue

Let me begin today by noting that this message is being compiled on Monday, March 30th, so that you will have a reference point.  Because by the time you read or hear this commentary the information contained here will have likely changed, but this is the situation as it stands today.

As of today, the country has been officially “locked down” for 17 days.  It was March 13th when President Trump declared a National State of Emergency to fight the Coronavirus, and since that time the majority of states have issued “shelter in place” or “stay at home” orders.  Businesses that the government consider to be “non-essential” have been forced to close their doors, with no indication when they may reopen.  Restaurants nationwide are closed, except for take-out and delivery orders.

Interstate travel within the United States has not yet been prohibited, however, several states are issuing strict orders regarding those who travel there from “hot spot” locations including Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago,  California, Louisiana and Washington state.  In most instances those traveling to other areas are ordered to “self-quarantine” for a minimum of 14 days after their arrival.

The Mexican and Canadian borders are closed.  Just today the states of Texas and Florida are prohibiting visitors from Louisiana to enter.  A friend in Canada reported over the weekend that there are now long lines at grocery stores there, with only a limited number of people allowed in the stores at a time.  And when they ARE allowed inside, most of the shelves are bare.  The governments in the UK, Germany and other European nations have now banned all gatherings of TWO or more people.  Currently in the US, the ban is generally for ten or more people.

As more people are now being given tests for the virus, the numbers are naturally rising.  The official numbers today are: 147,794 confirmed cases, 4,886 have recovered and there have been 2,596 deaths attributed to the virus.  Most who die after contracting the virus have been “high risk” patients — those with pre-existing medical conditions or compromised immune systems.  While their cause of death may NOT be the coronavirus, but one of those underlying conditions, if they have the virus when they die, they’re considered a victim of the virus and added to the numbers.

This has, of course, caused the closing of all public and private schools, as well as churches, clubs and other organizations — in addition to all private businesses if they’re considered “non-essential,” even if such businesses rarely have ten customers or clients in their buildings at a time.  I find it interesting that liquor stores are considered “essential businesses” in every state… and in those states that have legalized the use of recreational marijuana, the marijuana stores are considered to be “essential.”  Not to mention the abortion centers that are still allowed to remain open in most states, under the guise of ‘womens’ healthcare.’  How can THIS be considered “essential” when killing one’s child is an “elective surgery?”  I thought it was a choice… remember “My body, my CHOICE?”  Whatever happened to THAT?!

Meanwhile, thousands upon thousands of small businesses across the country have been forced to close.  Over the weekend, President Trump announced that the mandated “social distancing” rules will now extend AT LEAST to the end of April, and indicated that the lockdown may extend into July, August or even longer.

Please know that I do a great deal of research, and cross-checking references on news items before I share them.  It’s not always easy to tell truth from fiction.  But here’s what I know:  In October of 2019, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with the World Economic Forum hosted (quote) “a high level pandemic exercise” in New York.  This event included CEOs of major corporations, health officials, UN officials and government leaders.

This was a SIMULATION of a world-wide pandemic, to study how such a catastrophe would impact the world economically and socially.  This “study,” incidentally, was paid for by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  And INTERESTINGLY, the TYPE of pandemic that was studied was a CORONAVIRUS.  You can research this for yourself.  It’s called “Event 201.”  And it was just two months later that the coronavirus began in Wuhan, China.

It’s interesting to note that many of the CEOs present at this exercise (including Bill Gates) have since resigned their positions.  In fact there has been a record number of CEOs of MANY corporations that have resigned since “Event 201.”  Why would they all suddenly do that?  What do they know that we don’t know?

Over the weekend, news reports began coming in from Rhode Island, where police, backed up by the National Guard, are now going door-to-door to (in THEIR words) “hunt down” New Yorkers who have fled the state seeking refuge from the Coronavirus.  Last Friday, police also began stopping cars in Rhode Island with New York license plates and signs were posted ordering New York drivers to pull over to a checkpoint for questioning.

According to the Huffington Post, National Guard members have also been posted at Rhode Island’s airport, train stations and bus stops to interrogate travelers.  The penalty for not complying with the state’s quarantine order is a fine of up to $500 and 90 days in jail.  Meanwhile, videos posted on social media over the weekend show massive movement of heavy duty military vehicles — not humanitarian aid vehicles, but rather tanks and armored personnel carriers — on trains, headed to all parts of the country.  We have seen such movements here before, even just five years ago during the “Jade Helm” exercises which involved four of the five branches of the military in multiple states, ostensibly to train for controlling civilian populations “in other countries,” they said.  “Jade Helm” left a lot of people suspecting martial law was imminent under the Obama administration.  But we have never before seen such military operations in action, simultaneously with a nation-wide lockdown of all American citizens.

As a matter of fact, we’ve never before seen ANYTHING like what’s happening today.    Those the government deems to be “essential workers” have now been issued “travel papers” to show law enforcement should they be pulled over and questioned by police.  Just like Nazi Germany.  And while we’re not downplaying the fact that the Coronavirus is real and IS affecting people, numerous very credible doctors and scientists have stated repeatedly that the infection and death rates the government and media are showing us are false and nothing more than projections — guesses — of a worst case scenario.  These same experts have repeatedly stated that the typical flu virus is much more serious and takes many more lives than the Coronavirus has, or will.  These doctors and scientists are wondering the same thing many of us are wondering:  what is REALLY going on here?

Here’s a headline from the Chicago Tribune, dated March 20th:  it reads, “Those trains you see transporting military vehicles? Illinois National Guard says they’re not part of enforcing a lockdown.”  The article states: “Though the governor activated the Illinois National Guard earlier this week to help combat the virus, the service members don’t have a role in enforcing any lockdown order issued by the government.”  Ok.  But it’s interesting how the military IS indeed, now, enforcing lockdown in Rhode Island.  My guess is it’s only a matter of time before all-out martial law is declared nationwide, under the guise of keeping everyone “safe” by keeping them locked in their homes.

Meanwhile, while half of Americans were “sheltering in place” in their homes, many glued to the mainstream media “news” on TV, Congress passed the largest economic stimulus package in history, to the tune of 2 TRILLION dollars.  The average American will receive a check in the amount of $1200 in a few weeks.  However, as usual, our dedicated “public servants” added more than a few pounds of “pork” as it broke our national piggy bank to smithereens.

Notably: $25 million for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; $75 million for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting; $50 million for the Institute of Museum and Library Services; $150 million for the National Endowment of the Arts and Humanities; $88 million to the Peace Corp; $250 million for the IRS to cover “taxpayer services” and “enforcement;” $350 million for Migration and Refugee Assistance; $30.8 BILLION for the Department of Education (or should I say the “Department of Indoctrination?”)  What do these things have to do with helping the average middle class American, suffering from potentially months of lost income?  I don’t know.

At one point in the stimulus package negotiations, Nancy Pelosi was insisting on implementing — RIGHT NOW — a new “digital currency” in America.  That provision is NOT in this final agreement, but clearly it IS on the overall agenda, along with ID 2020, “Real ID,” Agenda 21, the Green New Deal… and most assuredly, a new One World Government and a New World Order.  While on the subject, we may as well add mandatory vaccinations, implanted microchips with all our personal data, financial information, health history, social media, cell phone, internet and other electronic interactions, personal tracking and locating, and more.  The days of your personal business being YOUR personal business are over, I believe.  Because if Government and the mainstream media can team up so well to foment THIS MUCH FEAR in Americans, the world we lived in just a few weeks ago, I’m afraid, is gone forever.  Welcome to the new ‘Normal.’

There will be many small “mom and pop” stores and literally thousands of small businesses that have been forced to close by our government and will never have the resources to open again — even if the ‘powers that be’ allow it.  You can’t just shut down someone’s business, their LIVLIHOOD for weeks or months, with no notice, and expect them to rebound just fine with their $1200 check.  It’s not happening.  I grieve for the many companies that are closed now, and likely gone forever — many family businesses that have been in operation for generations.  Wiped out by Big Brother.  I truly don’t know what they will do.

As I said previously, we don’t know what the entire purpose of all this is, but it’s very obvious to all with eyes to see that this is about much more than a virus which is less of a threat than an average case of the flu.  Nefarious forces are at work, with evil intent.  But what the enemy has meant for evil, I believe God WILL work for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.  Yes, even in this, good things have happned.

For example, the public schools have closed down.  No more government indoctrination of our young people with liberal, socialist ideologies.  No more perverted sex-education classes.  Now, PARENTS have the opportunity to raise and teach their children at home.  The same is true with the colleges that have closed down.  To a large degree, the indoctrination has stopped, and Lord willing, many young people will have a chance to come out of the Leftist “brain fog” that has been clawing at their souls, and seek out the real truth for themselves.

Likewise, since the public libraries have closed, there will be no more “Drag Queen Story Times” for the duration of this government “exercise.”  If this should go into the summer months, the thousands of homosexual “pride” parades will also be cancelled.  The bars have closed down, the strip clubs have closed down, along with other evil “entertainment” venues.  It seems that the hand of God has suddenly SMASHED all of our hedonistic idols in America.

This crisis has also caused us to rethink how we “do” church.  With all the church buildings closed down, many Christians are now meeting in homes in small groups, digging in and studying for themselves what God’s Word has to say regarding all we see coming upon our world today.  Also, with so many lost souls wandering the streets and surfing the web at home now, seeking answers and TRUTH, I pray many will come to know Christ as Savior AND Lord through all of this… something that most likely would never have happened had our churches simply continued “business as usual.”

We don’t know what the future holds.  We never know what a day may bring.  But we do know our Lord is returning one day, and perhaps one day very soon now.  We see the signs of the times and know that even amidst the delusion, lies and wickedness in high places, our Creator, GOD is still in control.  Again, I implore you to not waste this opportunity to draw close to your Savior.  Make Him your Lord and prepare yourselves spiritually, so that you may be ready yourselves for that Day when you meet Him face to face, and so that you will be able to bring a multitude of others along with you into His kingdom, for eternity.  May you have that peace that passes all understanding, even in the midst of these trials, even as we walk boldly into the unknown days ahead.


About Rob Pue

Rob is an ordained minister and the founder and publisher of Wisconsin Christian News, a national Christian newspaper based in Wisconsin. He writes a monthly commentary for WCN, and can also be heard twice weekly, (Tuesdays and Saturdays) nationwide on the VCY America Radio Network, (as well as several other independent stations), with his “From the Editor’s Desk” commentaries. Rob’s messages offer unique teaching and insights from God’s Word, dealing with the most important issues of our day. In addition, Rob hosts the weekly internet TV program, “WCN-TV,” every Wednesday at 2 pm Central time, which can be found at WCNTV.net.   He is also available for speaking engagements for conferences and special events. View his website at:  WisconsinChristianNews.com

03 29 2020 All This Stupid Talk….



 By Anna Von Reitz

All day I have been listening to prattle about the “meaning” of “the Fed Take Over” by the Treasury Department. All these people are running around spinning all sorts of “interpretations” about this.

One group is sure it’s the work of the “evil New York Wall Street Jews”…..

Another group is lauding and praising Trump as if he accomplished a miracle….

Still more groups are evenly split with some saying its the End of the World and the rest saying its the Beginning of a New World.

Listen to what your Grandma is telling you.

The FED can’t buy anything that isn’t guaranteed by “the government”.

The “government” that was pretending to be the civilian government of this country (and never really was) was organized as a commercial corporation that violated its charter.  It is in Chapter 7 Involuntary Bankruptcy Liquidation as a result.

Okay?  So, what can the FED buy, if there is no “government” guaranteeing them anything, and their charter forbids them to buy anything that isn’t guaranteed by a government?

Think, Grasshoppers.  You all have brains and I am giving you the facts.

The FED was all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Doing this little “rearrangement” with the bogus “US Treasury” —- aka, IMF —-

which has no such noisome restrictions on what it can buy, lets the IMF take the risks and do the deals while the FED washes its pretty hands of responsibility for impersonating and mis-characterizing and defrauding millions of Americans— all those “SPV’s” you are hearing about — and invest in NEW “SPVs”.

Oh, yeah?

Now the “US Treasury” —- IMF —- will take the rap for that, and the FED will just provide the grease to create a whole new generation of “Special Purpose Vehicles” —- new styles of names for me and you, used to defraud and racketeer against Americans.

When Obummer changed the “Special Purpose Vehicles” from names styled like this: JOHN MICHAEL DOE to new “Special Purpose Vehicles” with names styled like this: JOHN M DOE, the banks got the TARP bailout for free, all funded on your backs and your Public Utility assets.

So now what do you think the vermin are doing?

They are trying to buy up your land estates and mineral resources at fire sale prices based on the (false) idea that you “abandoned” your natural birthright estate as an American —- and they are using your own assets to do it.

Yep, that’s right.  They are using your credit secured by your assets to buy themselves a First Position Priority Creditor interest in your estate.

At your expense.

And the only ones out here on the field carrying your torch and standing up for you?

The United States of America.  The members of your State Assembly, which you stupidly haven’t joined. Heck, you haven’t even recorded your proper political status, have you?  You haven’t done one thing to protect yourselves and your families from being utterly, totally ripped off, have you?

You are all just standing there with your mouths gaping open, thinking, this is our government.  They wouldn’t do anything bad to us…..  despite DECADES of abuses like this, despite DECADES of proof otherwise.

There are no heroes, no red, no blue.  There’s just a whole lot of sanctimonious liars and crooks that you have failed to shut down and deal with.  The FED is the bank for the Territorial pigs and the IMF is the bank for the Municipal pigs, and you, folks, are playing the part of the trough in all of this.

Can anyone shout, “Fraud!  Bank crime in progress!  Fraud in progress!  Red alert!  More fraud incoming!  American States and People protest FED and IMF collusion in conspiracy against the Constitutions and the people of this country!”

Can anyone hit these stupid Generals upside the head and recall their “duty” for them?

And how about “Q”— time to squash all that Hope Porn like a bug?

Trump is cleaning the Swamp, all right.  Problem is, he’s only cleaning half of it.

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03 30 2020 Truth Bomb, are you listening?



 Stephen Yuhas


The Governors are committing treason and crimes against humanity with their illegal lockdowns and subversion of our freedoms and constitutional rights given their draconian measures on a virus that does not measure up against the common flu. In 2017, the flu infected 44 M Americans with 61,000 deaths with no shutdowns and business as usual. Yet with only 1000 recorded deaths with this virus the US is going insane. This is a concerted conspiracy by the MSM and Blue State Governors to stage a coup on a duly elected President. Trump did not mandate a US lockdown and left it up to the Governors who colluded with the MSM and perhaps China to bring down the economy as well as Trump. The state of MD has 4 deaths yet the state is locked down. Absurd! I live in PA with a commie Obama ass kissing Gov who shut down counties with ZERO deaths! Fake news, fake numbers, fake tests. These Governors must be arrested for a treason against the American people!