06 17 19 Modus Operandi 3.0




By Anna Von Reitz

We have been discussing the methods and aims and practices of those who oppose Mankind and wish for our destruction.
Thus far we have discussed how THEY use role playing — in reverse — to sling mud and blame on their opponents.  For example, if they want to discredit Catholics, they pretend to be nuns or priests, do despicable things, and then just skinny out of their clerical costumes and let the victims take the blame.
We have also described how — with monotonous regularity — they accuse their opponents of exactly what they are doing themselves.  For example, they accuse Donald Trump of playing footsie with the Russians, when they have already sold 20% of our Uranium reserves to the Russians.
Now we come to a third gambit these creatures play.  For lack of a better explanation, I will just call this one “Inducement to Hang Yourselves”.
Why bother to hang you, if they can get you to do it to yourselves?
I cannot stress this point strongly enough: every time you incorporate anything, you give it away to whoever and whatever grants it a charter.  Period.  You place it under the law of the charter granting authority and in their ownership, too.
They, not you, get to dictate what happens to your incorporated business, your incorporated church, and if you let them incorporate your “person” without taking exception and taking action to counteract their legal presumptions, they will exercise the same arbitrary, plenary authority over you, too.
This afternoon I had a lengthy discussion with a friend who thought that they had found the answer to this, a way to incorporate and get tax benefits without incorporating and being subject to The Borg.
No such pathway exists, by definition.
Incorporation is incorporation.  It’s like being eaten.  The substance of the peach you ate for dinner is at this very moment being “incorporated” into your body.
The charter-granting authority subjects whatever is being incorporated, and the new franchise becomes part of the parent corporation which is owned and operated by a sovereign government.
At this time, there are tragically few sovereign governments left in the world: the Holy See is gunning to own everything and everyone, and so, is trying to get its franchise — the Municipal Government of the United States — to destroy those few remaining national bastions.
That’s what all the threats against North Korea and Iran are all about.  That’s what all the threats against Libya and Iraq were about.  That’s what the threats against Britain over Brexit are about.
They made the mistake of joining the European Union and that incorporation is being used to claim that England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales are just “dependent sovereigns” within the larger EU corporate conglomerate.
The Holy See plans to be the only unincorporated sovereign government on Earth, simply because it will claim that every other government has “voluntarily” incorporated as part of the Holy Roman Empire.  It will reign supreme simply by default, as everyone else foolishly abdicates their sovereignty by incorporating their government —–hanging themselves in the process.
The Municipal Government of the United States is their local franchise.
The Territorial Governments are all “Dependent Sovereigns” by definition— meaning that they are “subject nations”.  This is the same status that the American Indian Tribal Governments have been in for the past 200 years.
My friend was happily telling me about how the people in her group were all adopting Tribal Member status and Tribal IDs.  She was chirping about the sovereignty of indigenous people.  And I was shaking my head in disbelief.
Go visit any Reservation and see how “sovereign” they are.
The Ancient Romans called the “uncivilized” peoples living on the fringes of their Empire “tribes” because they were “subject to Rome” and forced to pay “tribute” to Rome —- that word again: tribute, tribulation, tribe.
So when you hang yourself by claiming to be part of a “tribe”, you are automatically agreeing that you owe tribute to Rome. You are using their words, and those words have a meaning.
There is a world of difference between calling yourself a Lakota Sioux and characterizing yourself as a member of any Lakota Tribe.
One is still a sovereign nation, bloodied but unbowed.
The other is a franchise operated by the Vatican for the benefit of the Holy See, and all the Tribal Members are understood — by the Romans at least — to be pledging themselves and all their worldly goods to be good little Tax Payers and send tribute to Rome.
Its the same kind of difference between calling yourself a Texan and calling yourself a Citizen of the United States.  One is a free, independent, and sovereign national of Texas.  The other is a wholly owned slave of the Holy Roman Empire.
If you don’t know the difference, it is all too easy for these magicians to claim that they have done nothing wrong by enslaving you.  You pledged yourself to them and subjected yourself to their law— voluntarily.  You hung yourself.
And nine-tenths of the people in this world are just like my friend– happily hanging themselves, not realizing the consequences, and not even having the wherewithal to admit that they “made a mistake”—- confess the sin — and escape the trap.
THEY are under sacred obligation to release you if you “confess” your mistake, but first you have to realize that you made a mistake.
Otherwise, its the same old box, different day.
If you are a Tribal Member, you are a Tax Payer.  You are subject to the Municipal Government of the United States, which is a franchise of the Municipal Government of Rome which is a franchise of the Vatican which is the Property Management Corporation —- all owned and operated by the unincorporated and sovereign government of the Holy See.
If you are an incorporated church, you are obligated to the State Religion, which can be anything at all, including Satanism.
I explained to my friend how the British Crown Corporation picked up billions of dollars of church properties for nothing:
They said, “We will give churches tax exemptions!  Just sign up as non-profit religious corporations!”
But our churches were already tax exempt.  Say what?
Churches in this country were always exempt from Territorial and Municipal taxes, but by taking the bait and incorporating themselves, the churches lost their natural tax exemption and their continued exemption from taxation under Territorial Law was converted into a mere privilege — a privilege that can be revoked at the Queen’s or the Pope’s whim.
The British Crown Corp used this constructive fraud inducement and claimed billions upon billions of dollars of church properties as chattel property backing their debts and financing their operations worldwide.
They got the churches to hang themselves.
They enslaved the clergy the same way they have enslaved the workers and the businesses and the industries of this country—through false claims in commerce, through constructive fraud, and through our own ignorance.
They’ve been having a good time, getting us to hang ourselves, and raking in the proceeds.
Until people actually see what incorporation is and what it does, until people  fully comprehend the danger that incorporation represents to dignity and freedom and life itself — mankind doesn’t stand a chance.
Remember this: your State of the Union is a sovereign nation, and you, a Lawful Person of that nation, one of the People of your State, are owed every jot of every protective treaty and agreement your Forefathers put in place.  If you get suckered in and claim to be a Moor, a Tribal Member, a United States Citizen, or any kind of Citizen of the United States, or adopt any other status or identity at all—-it all goes out the door.  You lose your birthright.  You lose your land and soil.  You lose your rights. Everything.
Never, ever incorporate anything unless you don’t want the responsibility and rights of owning it. Never pledge anything; pledging is a custom of feudalism and is totally foreign to your country. Never voluntarily register anything that you want to keep as private property, either.
All these “gifts” the vermin have been conferring on you, all these corporate franchises named after you— and all the citizenship obligations that go with them— have to be converted to your control.
The only way to do this is the path we’ve cut for you: reclaim your Lawful Person, your Trade Name, and establish its permanent home and domicile on the land and soil of your actual State of the Union.  Then move all the “derivatives” to permanent domiciles on the land and soil of your State, too.
This finally gets you out of the box, back home, operating under the Public Law of this country and the Constitutions you are owed.
You can’t regain your freedom by moving to another jail.
And you can’t address their crimes to them, until you stop hanging yourselves.
The Pope is under the gun now.  The full scope and meaning and diabolical nature of the scheme promoting the “Holy Roman Empire” using corporations and the process of incorporation — and the plot to leave the Holy See as the only unincorporated government, and therefore the only sovereign government left standing— is fully revealed.
The result of joining the EU and being “incorporated” into that larger regional government is being brought home to Britain right now.  They lost their sovereignty, gave it away, hung themselves.
The only way they can regain it and BREXIT and go back to the Pound Sterling and British Law again without World War III, is to admit their mistake and hang a very large club over the Roman Curia’s head.
As disgusted as I am with the Brits and their gross mistreatment of our States and our People, I wish them well in this endeavor, and hope that the rest of Europe wakes up, too.  Commercial Feudalism is an unimaginable evil and it needs to be stopped by all and any means possible.
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06 17 19 Modus Operandi 2.0





By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, we discussed the fact that Satanists are role players — actors in the same sense that there are actors in Hollywood.  They infiltrate our society, our churches, our businesses, our clubs — and they blackball whoever and whatever they wish, based on their own actions.

They have total control of how they portray their victims, what pre-existing prejudices they pluck like strings on a guitar.

Their job is made easier because many targets have identifying uniforms or emblems, which these Players adopt as their own for the purposes at hand.

Want to target the Catholic Church?  How hard is it to find a priest’s cassock at a costume shop?

Want to target Jews?  Wear a yarmulka, with or without sideburns, and a big, flashy gold necklace with a Star of David pendant.

Hate Democrats?  Plaster your car with DNC bumper stickers and Eco slogans, sign up as a member of Planned Parenthood, contribute to Dem candidates, volunteer as a campaign worker.  Be as air-headed and obnoxious as you can.

Have it out for Republicans?  Same deal.  Change the donkeys to elephants. Slather on the pro-gun bumper stickers and flag decals.  Join the NRA.  Be as crass and opinionated as possible.

Want everyone to hate Americans?  Wear gaudy, ill-fitting clothes, maybe even some cowboy boots. Talk with a drawl or a New Yorker or Boston accent while flashing wads of greenbacks. Talk big.  Be overbearing. Arrogant. Nasty. Pushy.

It won’t be long and everyone in town will think they know who and what you are and they won’t like you —- an antipathy and prejudice they will apply to all Americans like the smell of a skunk.

See how this works?

With a little creativity it isn’t hard to target any group, and as they do this, they “give substance to stereotypes and prejudice”.  They “model” the purported behavior of lecherous priests and dishonest judges and greedy “Jews” and Ugly Americans. They even have their stereotype of “Sovereign Citizen” ready to roll.

Some of these Creatures of the Night are actually hired as actors to go out and discredit entire religions, nationalities, political parties, competing corporations, racial groups —-you name it and they will play it and trash it.

When it comes time for a False Flag, there they are, Johnny On the Spot, crawling away from the fake firebombing, moaning pitifully.

Other times their mission is more generic: infiltrate a group, collect information, mislead, co-opt, misdirect.  They “plant” wrong ideas to promote wrong assumptions, which spawn wrong actions —- and undermine our efforts.

I sit here like a fighter pilot in the cockpit, clocking the Bogeys as they appear on my radar — this week, it’s the idea that the Articles of Confederation were “good” and the Constitutions were “bad”.

How can we possibly recognize and combat such insidious, diabolical ruses?

Do what my Grandma told me to do: look sharp and hard at each and every individual and every idea that people are pushing at you.


Examine what they say and do, how they look, what does and does not ring true.  Most especially, examine the results of what they do: judge their fruits.

Does a particular individual cause trouble wherever they go?  Are they always the center of attention?  Do they spread controversy?  Are they fear-mongers encouraging paranoia and “contingency plans”?

Or are they spreading “Hope Porn” and encouraging people to do nothing? Just wait for The Rapture?

Are they obnoxious in some way?  Nervous?  Put your finger on it.  Think about it.

What does the sum total of their “act” add up to?  What does it accomplish?  Who or what does their behavior discredit?  Do they make honest mistakes? Or do they deliberately “misunderstand” when you tell them something?

If you find yourself explaining the same things to the same person multiple times you have to ask yourself — is this person genuinely impaired, or pretending to be, so that they can prolong dangerous and/or destructive activities?

What or who are they aiming for?  Extrapolate the target.

Use your brain like a sieve.  Sort the possibilities and the probabilities.  As you do this, you will get better at it and faster.

Think beyond the context of the present drama they are creating.  Look at how their actions and words are “directing” you to a conclusion, and whatever that conclusion may be, and what that leads to.

The most common goal of all these Players is to create confusion, fear, or doubt, but they are also often trying to plump up a political agenda by discrediting someone or something.

Remember, if they want to discredit Jews, they pretend to be Jews.  If they want to discredit Republicans, they pretend to be Republicans.  If they want to discredit Americans, they pretend to be Americans.  If they want to discredit Muslims, they pretend to be Muslims.  And so on an on.

A priest who smokes cigars, drinks like a fish, owns brass knuckles, and keeps a locker full of well-thumbed hardcore porn magazines?   A Republican Senator who votes with the Democrats ninety percent of the time?  A devout Jew who eats pork BBQ?

Most of the time, their role playing only goes so far, and the truth about who they really are oozes out around the edges.

To win this “war” requires us all to be a lot quicker on the uptake, more watchful and discerning, more skeptical, more aware of the nagging-can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it sense that you are being led to think, feel, or do something like “hate Iran” or “distrust Paula Reynolds” or whatever else today’s agenda might be.

The easiest way to catch these Players out, is simply to sit back and let them run their spiel.  Listen.  Watch.  The vast majority of them will go too far into their role and ham it up if they are the least bit encouraged—just like vaudeville.  They are more patriotic than Uncle Sam.  They are more righteous than Jesus.  They are more Jewish than Moses.

Set your Shinola Sensors on “High Alert” and be aware that there are skilled actors out there, paid operatives, as well as plain old Satanists stirring the pot and causing trouble for everyone just because spreading violence and distrust and lies and immorality is what a Satanist does.

If they see something good, they target it and try to tear it down, for the same reason that moths are drawn to flames.

Both kinds of Players will be coming into our Assemblies with their own agendas.  They will try to obtain information and assets.  They will cause disruptions and “steal the show”.  They will charm.  They will be boors. They will try every trick there is.

One of their favorites is to find someone in the local community who is in trouble with “the law” or who can be threatened through their families, and force them — a known and trusted person — to be the Snitch and/or Instigator, while a Controller sits in the background and watches everything.  Be on the look out for these Tag Teams. Be sharp. Be aware.

Notice who comes and who goes, and who comes and goes together.

And be aware that although the pros can be flushed out or compromised with a Bevins Declaration, the “volunteers” are under no such obligation to declare themselves.

We are the only ones who have recouped our political status, proven our standing, staked our claims timely, built up the record, and correctly identified the True Parties of Interest, populated the correct jurisdiction, and now have the eyes and ears of the entire world focused on us.

We are the last star fighters.

You had better believe that the intelligence services of the entire planet are up to their nostrils in every word we say and everything we do— but as for that, we don’t care.  So long as we are not foolish, as long as we are not deceived, as long as we don’t give it away, and aren’t tricked out of it, our birthright and our destiny is safe.

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06 16 19 Modus Operandi 1.0



By Anna Von Reitz
Our enemies think that we are stupid because we are trusting and easy to mislead and easy to distract — like sheep, like children.  And they have no mercy for either.

They think that they are so very superior, because their minds dwell upon how to deceive and how to cheat, how to misrepresent and mislead.  This is their stock-in-trade, and it is what they use to profit themselves every day that they live.

They worship the Father of All Lies and call him by many names — Satan, Poseidon, the One-Eyed God, Baal, Molloch, Hades, Lucifer, El Shaddai—- even plain old Death.

It hardly matters what they call their idol.  What matters is that even their idol is false and empty as a shadow; the Spirit of Evil is a Spirit of the Air.

For Satanists, every lie is a prayer, and the bigger the lie, the better.  This is why they always, reliably, and monotonously accuse their enemies of precisely whatever they are doing themselves.  They collude with the Russians so they accuse Donald Trump of colluding with the Russians.

I have over the course of many months discussed what these people predictably do to cause trouble. Let’s review.

They pretend to be their enemies, and pull all their crappola in the name of or in the guise of their enemies, so that their enemies get blamed for their wrong-doing.

For example, they pretend to be Jews or Muslims or Christians, cheat and murder and steal “in the name of” the victims of this ruse, and then leave the innocent members of the targeted group to pay the bills and take the blame.

Sound familiar?  It should.  That’s precisely what they have done to us— the actual Americans.  They have pretended to be us, and acted “in our names” to access our credit, charged up our credit to the limit, then sought bankruptcy protection and left us on the hook to pay off their debts. Repeatedly.

I first became aware of this Satanic Role Playing as a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where, quite by accident, I discovered that one man was playing the role of a Jewish Businessman, a Catholic Priest, a Jazz Singer in a Night Club, and a Mafiosi.  All four.  And he was discrediting all four.

His version of a Jewish Businessman was a greedy pig with a boorish bad temper—–a greedy, loud-mouthed, bossy, self- aggrandizing cheat.

His version of a Catholic Priest was slimy as an eel, sharp-eyed, lecherous, sanctimonious, hypocritical, and a silver-tongued devil if there ever was one. He had affairs with married parishioners and quoted snatches of Ovid in his sermons.

His version of a Jazz Singer was egotistical and imperious, cruel to his band members, always grinding everyone else into the dirt and stealing whatever he could from the bars where he worked.

His version of a Mafiosi hung out at the Flamingo Grotto until four in the morning and talked Big Stuff with the local Bosses of the Unions and DOT and sloshed down more Red Table Wine than a big horse drinks on a hot day.

I called him The Big Wave.

Wherever he went and whatever he was doing, it was always Big and it was always Bad, and at the end of the day, he was a walking Disservice to everyone and everything he portrayed.  He gave a bad name to Jewish Businessmen, Catholic Priests, Nightclub Singers, and Mafiosi with equal zeal.

I used to wonder what it was all about, what possible reason a man could have to pretend to be and act in all these roles?  And trash them all?

Obviously, Moshe in his beaded yarmulka was not the same as Father Pietro, who was not the same as Lucian Fabriano, who was not related to the Jazz Singer, Leon Diaz.

Yet they were all the same man, with the hair-line scar on his upper lip and the small blue birthmark on the side of the middle knuckle of his little finger on the right hand.  And all his characters were equally, purposefully, dreadfully obnoxious.

I had an upstairs apartment on State Street in the University district and a brutal class and work schedule that kept me up and moving around at all hours of the day and night.  He was hard to miss, about 300 pounds of obnoxious and six foot four, usually wearing handmade Italian shoes.

And then one day it hit me: there didn’t have to be a rhyme or reason for his  role playing.  It could be utterly random. Whatever characters he wanted to discredit, for whatever reasons and according to whatever characters he could convincingly play.  Just go out there and make everyone despise everyone else.

That’s your job as a Satanist. Spread hatred. Give credibility to stereotypes. And that is what they do.  Fan the fires of prejudice and hatred — and no doubt, for profit.

I had the eerie feeling that I was the only one in the entire city who had spotted him, knew what he was doing, and in some sense, knew who and what he was.

I also had the feeling that for some reason, I was invisible to him.

The last time I saw him he was playing Father Pietro, wearing his priest cassock with a massive gold crucifix bumping against his chest as he strode across the University Quadrangle.  It was past midnight in late April.  The full moon was diving in and out behind windswept clouds  and gale force winds were coming in off the lake beyond the Student Union. I had run down Bascom Hill in the dark and across the Quad and was leaned up, panting for breath, against a cement wall.

We were the only two people in that entire plaza and for one terrifying moment, I feared that he would see me, would simply look up and look into my eyes and know that I knew about his secret lives— and perhaps kill me for it.  The moment passed and so did he, his immense cassock flapping and billowing like three sailing ships in a storm, the heavy hollow sound of his footsteps receding as he made his way toward the corner of State and Mifflin Street.

I shivered and thought about T.S. Eliot and the Beast shuffling away toward his unlikely destination— and waited until he turned the corner before I hurried home.  The last glimpse I had of him was the edge of his massive profile brightly illuminated for a moment by the headlights of a car.

So that is Lesson One: these people are literally role players, and by their actions they discredit whole groups of people without actually being members of that group at all.  Father Pietro wasn’t Catholic.  Lucian Fabriano wasn’t Italian. Moshe Levinson wasn’t a Levite.  Leon Diaz wasn’t a Cuban ExPat.

All that I can guarantee you, but who this man actually was– I never found out.  And that is typical of Satanists, too.

Their Father has no actual name. Ditto his children.

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06 16 19 About Small Contributions



By Anna Von Reitz

Some friends are only able to send $5 or $10 toward the expenses we face here and they feel bad that it couldn’t be more.  But if you think about it, it’s the staying power that counts and the commitment to give what we can.

If you think about the immensity of the problem, all contributions are small.

Only God knows whose $5 or $10 kept us in the black all these months of struggle, but there have been many times when it came down to that.  So let’s hear it for those small donations that add up and keep the wheels rolling.

When I was young I ran with a pack of very athletic Californians.  These people were all Norwegian scions and were tall and blond and built for all sorts of sports and outdoor activities.  They kept on and on about wanting to climb this particular (rather low, but still a “mountain”) in the local area where we lived and I, the short and slightly flabby and only German member, kept saying— “No, I have no interest in climbing any kind of mountain.”

Germans, being Germans, are pragmatic by nature.  It’s built into the warp and weft.  We don’t, if we run true to form, climb mountains for no reason.  We might walk for pleasure, we might even hike, but it is a rather rare German bird that sets off to climb a mountain just because it’s there.

Notice— I didn’t say I couldn’t climb that mountain, just that I wasn’t interested in doing so.

Nonetheless, they kept at it, week after week and month after month.  Finally, in exasperation, I agreed to climb the mountain with them.  So, one Saturday morning, we set off.

Of course, they immediately out distanced my stubby legs and were soon lost in the rain forest mist.  I was left chugging along far behind, so far behind that I could no longer hear their cheerful voices up ahead.

But by then, I was disgusted to be climbing a mountain for no reason.  And I grimly plodded along, ever upward.

A couple hours later I met the first one of them coming back down the trail. His  hiking boots had chafed his feet and he was limping home with blisters.

My sympathies.  Despite my smallish physique, I had actually used my hiking boots enough to break them in and I was doing fine in that respect.  So I wished him well and kept climbing.

One after another, for all their various reasons, I met them all on their way back down the mountain.

I was all alone and the only one who made it to the top of the mountain late in the afternoon.  I had brought along a plastic garbage bag to pick up the beer cans and empty film cartridges and other detritus that climbers always leave behind at the summit.  Don’t ask me why.  I am not of the mentality that climbs mountains for no reason.

So I picked up the trash and took in the view and took photographs and headed for home, hauling the trash bag out and walking and climbing more swiftly going downhill in hopes of getting to the trail head before dark—- which I did. Just barely.

My point is that the tortoise who endures and knows what it takes to climb a mountain is a better bet than the rabbit who doesn’t, and the size of a contribution is not necessarily the measure of it, any more than the size of a climber determines their success.

It’s the will behind it all that matters.  It’s the grit.  It’s the decision we make to take action and keep climbing.

Like the Widow’s Mite, a small gift from small resources is the moral equivalent of a large gift from large resources. And it all counts.  Ten bucks a month over the course of a year is $120.  Not such a small donation, is it?  Not when you think and feel and see the bigger picture spread out before you.

There are three elements to a lawful claim upon property — status, standing, and jurisdiction. The only people who have established their correct political status on the public record, the only ones having the standing to bring a claim in behalf of our States of the Union, and the only ones left guarding the land jurisdiction of this country, are all those who have listened and taken action to reclaim their Good Names and correct the falsified political status records.

We, ourselves, our band of brothers and sisters from all across this country, are the only ones determined enough and in position to rebut the claims of all the foreign Secondary Creditors of “the” United States.  We didn’t want to climb this mountain, either, but here we are.

Despite everything that the perpetrators allege and throw against us, we keep coming.  Despite the lies and the disruptions and the widespread ignorance and every other obstacle, we are building our Assemblies, too.  As each State Coordinator steps forward and serves notice that their State of the Union is populated, another miracle happens— America is reborn.

Soon, the immensity of all our “little” contributions will become more obvious, the impact of simple truth-telling and logic will emerge out of the confusion and the pile of purposeful lies and omissions that we have had to sort through.  That’s another mountain we were not eager to climb.

But we did so.  Today, I ask you to remember a great man you never knew. His name?  Bill Benson.  Bill climbed his mountain, too.

As a retired forensic auditor for the State of Illinois, he began to suspect that something was wrong with the records and the claim that the Sixteenth Amendment (the Federal Income Tax) was ever ratified by the States.

So he and a few others began the long, long trek, all across this country, digging into records in State Archives that nobody had looked at in a hundred years, getting Certified Copies, and painstakingly piecing together the proof that the Sixteenth Amendment was never ratified by the States of the Union.

That proof, a two volume set of over-sized books published as “The Law That Never Was” absolutely documents the deceit and the fraud against the American People.

As a thank you, the Powers That Be arrested Bill Benson on false federal charges and denied him the medication he needed to live.

I suffered for him then and I suffer for him now.

This afternoon I am told that the large platform scanner your contributions made possible completed the job of scanning every page of  “The Law That Never Was” into the digital form for The Library of the Continental Congress.

The rats who are so famous for burning books will never be able to destroy the record he gave up his easy retirement and ultimately, his life, to create.


Bill was hopeful that all his work and effort would bear fruit, that people in this country would look at the records and come to their ownconclusions.

There are no small contributions.  Write a letter, tell your kids, pass it on, elbow your best friend and fill them in.  Cash in your pocket change.  Take on a piece of the puzzle. Rebuke Satan. Collar a Congressman. Report their abuses and hypocrisy to the United Nations.  Do whatever you can.  And keep doing it.

We’re not only going to climb this mountain.  We are going to move it.  If we have to do it $5 at a time, that’s how we will do it.  Raindrops make an ocean and single footsteps gain the summit — never forget that.

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06 16 19 A Proclamation To Attorney General Barr and Secretary of State Michael Pompeo



 By Anna Von Reitz

It has come to our attention that both of you may be ignorant of the actual history of this country. This in itself is normal, because none of us have been taught the actual history in school. However, those of us who have taken the time and made the effort to learn are in position to assist in clearing up several pervasive confusions.

First, the only entities involved in the “American Civil War” were Federal States of States, not the actual States of the Union. The American Civil War was in fact a mercenary conflict. It was never properly declared by any Congress and it has never been resolved by a Peace Treaty. Those Federal States of States, which are — whether North or South — all “Confederate States”, have yet to be reconstructed, a circumstance that has never been fully explained to the American Public and which has never been corrected as a result.

Second, this circumstance leaves a third of the Federal Government inoperable, and from our perspective, the most important part: that which is supposed to be operated by Americans for Americans. The British Territorial contractors and the Holy Roman Empire’s Municipal contractors eagerly entered the power vacuum created by this situation and secretively substituted their own “States of States” organizations for ours, operating like cuckoo birds occupying a nest. They also incorporated their service delivery operations, so that in fact, we have private, foreign-chartered, for-profit commercial corporations masquerading as our government.

Third, this is not what we are owed in terms of treaty or commercial contract, and it stands before the entire world as an affront to decency and good faith and service by both the Queen’s Government and the Holy See, that we, the Americans, have not been fully informed and have not been assisted to restore the functions of the Federal Government.

Fourth, it is also an affront that our States have been accidentally-on-purpose mistaken for rival commercial corporations and our People have been mis-characterized both as combatants and as commercial vessels, when it has been plainly stated and well-established ever since the Civil War that we are a separate population with a sovereign civilian government of our own that you are all employed by.

Fifth, for your edification, The United States, a Union of soil jurisdiction states, controls the soil jurisdiction of this country. The United States of America, a Federation of land jurisdiction States controls the international jurisdiction of this country. Our States of America organization is supposed to be in control of the bulk of the Federal functions delegated under the constitutional agreements.

Sixth, because of the foregoing situation and out of self-interested deceit, both the British Territorial Government and the Holy Roman Empire’s Municipal Government have been operating commercial corporations “in our names” and employing our Delegated Powers in unauthorized ways. The British Territorial Government has been operating as “the” United States of America and the HRE Municipal Government has been operating as “the” United States. These are not our Proper Names and it needs to be fully understood that nothing our employees do or say while acting as our agents in any way countermands what we tell you ourselves, nor does their bankruptcy affect us beyond the fact that we must find new service providers.

Seventh, this basic misunderstanding has led to a situation in which the British Territorial and Municipal Governments have imagined themselves to be the only governments present on our land and they have proposed that all Americans are born as Dual Citizens of their respective commercial corporations, owing duty to the Holy See and the British Territorial Government, which is deliberate self-interested misrepresentation of the facts. The Americans are still here, still minding our lawful and to put a fine point on it — sovereign— government of every state of the Union. We don’t belong to you; you belong to us. You are our employees, not the Queen’s, not the Pope’s, and it is time for all these False Claims in Commerce to cease and desist.

Eighth, Americans are born as nationals of their respective States and those States are not subject to any commercial corporation on Earth. We are Minnesotans and Georgians, Californians and Texans. We are not born as nor do we choose to adopt either brand of Federal Citizenship — neither United States Citizens nor Citizens of the United States. Those citizenship statuses were created under the respective constitutions and have no meaning apart from the constitutional agreements that both the Queen and the Pope stand in breach of.

Ninth, since the 1930’s the HRE Municipal Government has been telling a most pernicious lie and making an absolutely outrageous False Claim in Commerce — a claim that is false on the face of it. They have claimed that Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s First Inaugural Address created a Public Trust and that all our assets, personal, private, and public, were rolled into this Express Trust. In fact, this is self-interested poppycock.

Tenth, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was being sworn in as President of the United States —- the Municipal United States Government operated by the Holy See. He was addressing the Citizens of the United States — the employees and dependents of the Municipal United States Government, and could not be presumed to be addressing anyone else just because they were in earshot. His language throughout is consistent with this interpretation and no other performance would have been legal.

Eleventh, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had no authority to establish any Express Trust related to rank and file Americans and no authority to conscript anyone on our shores. There is no evidence that any Public Trust was in fact established as a result of his verbiage; rather, there is evidence of illegal and immoral and unlawful “taking” of our property and assets and use of legal chicanery to falsely claim that our private property magically became part of the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) set up as a welfare trust for former plantation slaves in the wake of the Civil War.

Twelfth, no American was ever under any obligation to reply to or rebut Roosevelt’s presumptions, because we were not addressed. The only persons having any such obligation to rebut were the Citizens of the United States at that time, and only a small portion of the population, approximately 15%, was or is legitimately in that political status then or now.

Thirteenth, these false presumptions which could only apply to a small percentage of the population, and which were never fully disclosed to anyone by Roosevelt’s speech, have since been used to plunder and pillage and abuse and conscript millions of Americans in the greatest fraud and identity theft scheme in history—- which is now discovered and firmly rebutted as nothing more or less than commercial constructive fraud.

Fourteenth, as a result of the fore-mentioned collapse of the States of America Confederacy and the secretive usurpation that took place in the 1860’s–by definition, the bulk of Americans were not operating in Commerce in 1933. A “gift” of a commercial franchise operated in our NAMES and conferred upon us without our knowledge or consent and used to make false claims of citizenship obligation upon us was an act of self-interested fraud and any acceptance of such gifts offered under color of law is revealed to be nothing but more crime and chicanery designed to alter our birthright political status as Americans in contravention of the Geneva Conventions.

Fifteenth, the foreign commercial corporations which have been operating on our shores in our purported “absence” and which have been promoting these crimes against us are being liquidated for cause, and no new contracts have been issued to the perpetrators. Our property being held by Attorney General Barr in his inherited capacity as Alien Property Custodian is owed immediate return to the rightful owners and all presumption that we are or ever were “Enemies” must be dropped along with all the False Claims against our property interests.

Sixteenth, as these acts were all promulgated by breach of international treaties and commercial contracts and were promoted via inland piracy, no change of ownership from the original American ownership can be implied. We find that the Congress has attempted to insulate itself from the curse of its own actions by adding a disclaimer to the enabling clause of every Act of Congress since 1861: “This Act shall not effect any rights thus previously established.” In effect, every American who has ancestors who were present on our soil prior to 1861 is grandfathered in and owed every jot of all three Constitutions and all rights and benefits that have accrued since then.

Seventeenth, as a result of the foregoing: (1) no presumption of animosity or enemy combatant status can be advanced against our actual States of the Union nor our People; (2) no presumption of 14th Amendment citizenship can be applied to anyone who isn’t both the progeny of former plantation slaves and also currently receiving unearned federal welfare benefits from the Public Charitable Trust; (3) STRAWMAN Municipal commercial trusts and utilities issued in our names must be presumed to be gifts without strings attached, admitted to be tax percuse, and we ourselves must be held harmless in all respects to the extent that those commercial entities are used for any purpose.

Eighteenth, prompt correction for all these ills and misunderstandings must be provided and those operating the court system must be re-educated and given new instructions fully informing them to stand down and cease making the presumptions under which they have been operating. Proper passports for actual Americans functioning as State Nationals or State Citizens must either be provided or we will provide them ourselves. Likewise, most Americans don’t “drive” or operate commercial “motor vehicles” and they need to have proper identification of their private automobiles and their private status as travelers. Again, your agencies may be hired to provide this service or we will provide it ourselves, but you cannot just wave your hands and pretend that everyone in America is involved in interstate commerce and subject to commercial law.

Nineteenth, all the corporate law enforcement personnel need to be informed that they are operating in a private, for-hire capacity under the Pinkerton Laws and have no special authority or public bonding for what they are doing, that they are working for foreign, for-profit, privately held commercial corporations in a mercenary capacity and are not allowed to bully, harass, enter private property, or charge Americans for any infraction that does not directly impair the US Mail or actually occur on the trains or railroad right of way.

Twentieth, all the banks need to be informed that accounts held in the names of living people and unincorporated businesses cannot be misidentified as accounts belonging to commercial franchises of any US or USA CORPORATION and that such accounts are not subject to lien or seizure on the basis of the existence of Social Security Numbers or other evidence obtained under color of law, force, coercion, non-disclosure, or implied, unilateral, or unconscionable contract.

Twenty-first, the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service have both been operating wildly out of context and without authority on our shores and must be severely corrected and re-purposed. These organizations have been operating under the false presumption that all Americans are US Citizens or Citizens of the United States and playing a pillar-to-post confiscation fraud scheme, pretending that Americans have to be either US Citizens or Citizens of the United States, or both, when in fact Americans are owed full recognition of the fact that they are Americans without any federal citizenship obligations at all. Most Americans are not in receipt of any Federal income and are in fact holding the majority of Federal debt as Priority Creditors.

Twenty-second, these facts may be difficult to hear, bear, and deal with, but they are nonetheless facts, and they have been fully vetted, fully investigated, and are known throughout the higher levels of the global community. Any attempt to kill off your Priority Creditors so as to enforce these numerous and egregious False Claims upon us will be instantly recognized for the criminal activity that such attacks against civilian populations always represent. The lawlessness and criminality of the corporations and Boards of Directors involved will be fully exposed and the corporations responsible will be subject to liquidation.

Twenty-third, generations of Americans have been used and abused as mercenaries in wars for profit without their knowledge or consent. This practice, too, is built upon false presumptions of citizenship obligations that do not exist. The Selective Service needs to be shut down permanently, and all recruitment activity in the Armed Services required to fully disclose the nature of the work being offered, the risks, and the rewards— such as they are. In the absence of any war directly threatening our borders, no pretense that they will be defending their homeland can be used as an excuse to con these young people into employment as mercenaries.

Twenty-fourth, our employees are required to act honorably and to provide Good Faith Service to their actual employers—-that means, us, the American People. None of the circumstance we have described above meets those criteria and our extreme displeasure has been conveyed to both the Queen and the Pope and the United Nations. As things stand, both the Territorial and Municipal Governments are out of compliance with the Hague Conventions (Territorial) and the Geneva Conventions (Municipal) and the corporations responsible are continuing to act in a rogue, outlaw capacity with respect to their own employers as well as the international community at large.

Twenty-fifth, we are calling upon both the United States Attorney General and the Secretary of State to make correction within your respective spheres of duty. Mr. Barr is being called upon to Perform under The Constitution of the United States of America and The Constitution of the United States to return our private and public “alien” property unharmed and unencumbered. Mr. Pompeo is being called upon to provide a process by which Americans claiming their birthright political status may be recognized and identified and set free of these noxious false presumptions of federal citizenship.

Most Sincerely,

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary


President Donald Trump

United Nations Secretariat

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06 15 19 The Irony and the Elephant



 By Anna Von Reitz

We have made tremendous progress.  We can finally talk, openly, about the “elephant” in the middle of the room.  Strangely, it was this way about the issue of American Independence, too.  For the longest time, people couldn’t or wouldn’t discuss it.

Part of this was loyalty to England.  Many Colonists were originally from England and they continued to have fellow-feeling for their homeland, even several generations removed from British soil.

Part of this was fear, because the British were nasty landlords, and had a habit of knocking heads and sending out squads of soldiers whenever the least bit of controversy was heard concerning the latest Acts of Parliament.

Both sentiment and fear of unpleasant consequences dictated the silence then, and so it has again been the same way in America today, for the same causes, only the names have changed.

Many Americans continue to have a misplaced sense of loyalty toward the foreign commercial corporations that have been providing them with “essential government services” and have not only accepted, but have been clinging to, a mistaken identity as “US Citizens”—- never realizing how disadvantageous this political status actually is.

They don’t want to face facts and admit that the IRS terrifies them and steals large amounts of their yearly earnings— a greater percentage by far, than serfs had to pay in the Middle Ages.

They don’t want to see that the courts are utterly corrupt.

They don’t want to fully understand that the “political parties” are actually “political lobbies” engaged in fighting over who gets to deliver the biggest piece of pie to their members — completely without regard for the good of the country.

Many Americans desperately want to believe in “their” government, complete with brass bands and fireworks, and many still don’t realize that their government has been gradually undermined and usurped upon, until it is a pitched battle for volunteers to keep it alive and rebut claims that it has been “abandoned”.

And as in the days leading up to the Revolution, many Americans are afraid to speak up. They hope, by keeping their heads down and paying large portions of their earnings to “the government”, to have a little modicum of peace in their lives.  Still, whenever they think of the IRS or a traffic stop, they sweat.

So between ignorance and fear, it has been relatively rare for anyone to actually talk about these facts and many more.  Those with the good sense to realize that something is drastically wrong have been labeled and marginalized as Tin Hats and Conspiracy Theorists.  Those who have done anything about the situation, have been mis-characterized as “violent” and “unbalanced” and called names like “sovereign citizen”.

The police, with a rare combination of bovine stupidity and bull-like violence, have been keeping the peace via violence and armed theft of their employers’ assets.  Most of them don’t even know that they are acting as private security personnel and are not bonded, not public officials, and have no special authority to ram around in military surplus vehicles and flak jackets bullying and robbing the rest of us under color of law.

But now at last, the actual situation can be talked about.  Indeed, it can be openly addressed.  The fact is that we are the Priority Creditors and Employers of these Yahoos, all of them, and they are in extremely deep debt to us.

They have plotted to kill us off precisely because of that fact.

They have mis-characterized us and labeled us and told outrageous lies about us because of that fact.

And now the truth comes out.  The “US” National Debt is owed to the Americans.  The elephant in the middle of the room can be talked about.

The reason that it can be talked about and is being talked about — and the reason that the push is on to not only save the lives of the innocent people, but to get them relief that they are owed — is that we, The Living Law Firm and The American States Assemblies — have brought it all forward.

Others have also brought the circumstance forward, but they didn’t have standing to do so, and for the most part, they brought it forward because they were trying to chisel-in and secure special advantages for themselves.

The Living Law Firm held the line.  The People have assembled.

Otherwise, the charlatans would have declared bankruptcy again and left us on the hook as their “presumed” secondaries to pay their bills for them.

Otherwise, all the assets and land would be (according to them) “abandoned” and up for grabs by any Tom, Dick, or Daniel from whatever foreign countries wanted to show up here and claim what you and your ancestors fought and died for.

So now the tide is turning and the actual facts may be discussed in the open, in front of God and Everyone.  This miracle is made possible because millions of people worldwide are waking up, are admitting what is right in front of their faces, and are taking action to change, to restore, to reform, and to correct.

Yes, Virginia, there is an elephant in the living room.  And a St. Bernard on the front porch, too.  You are not imagining it.

The irony of all this is that while Americans stand to regain trillions of dollars worth of assets and credit that they are owed because of The Living Law Firm and The State Assemblies, nobody pays them.  It’s all volunteer.  The Living Law Firm, including the historical researchers, the paralegals and auditors— lives or dies on the basis of your donations.  The State Assemblies, too, can’t make it without you donating your time and talents and money.

More times than I can count the last three years we have been down to running on fumes, and we are getting close to that again.  Every time it happens, we get just enough in to keep our noses in the black.  I mean, literally, just enough— maybe ten or twenty dollars to spare.  It is so close each time,  that it’s like God is poking me in the ribs and making sure that I know where this is coming from and how all this is actually being accomplished — by His Spirit and Grace.

None of this is according to the wisdom of men.  Not one little iota.  And at the end, the only credit we can give, is not to ourselves.  A far greater wisdom has guided us and a far greater love has sustained us every step.  This work has not been done, and these aims have not been pursued, by mere mortals. It is God in us that makes this possible.

If you are called to help, please answer the call today.  Everyone can pray.  Just stop and ask for help for yourselves and for us.  I have learned the hard way, that you have to ask.  And sometimes keep asking for as much as thirty days.

Let this, the 14th of June, be the beginning of a thirty day prayer effort.  Once a day, for thirty days, pray for the peace of our planet and for the abundance of life and grace and love we need to carry us onward.  Pray for wisdom to guide us and for the skills and tools and resources we need to do the work before us.

The Atheists can snicker and pooh-pooh all they like.  It still takes faith to move mountains.

Those of you who can help financially, we survived last month with a small reserve which is now close to being spent. Even when we recoup everything and have funding from other sources, there isn’t a “line item” for Grandma and The Living Law Firm and the peculiar work we do.

If you have been blessed and wish to bless others — my PayPal is the same as my email address: avannavon@gmail.com. We take Snail Mail donations to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.  I act as the conduit and comptroller to parcel out resources to all the others involved, except for Paul, who has his own donate button.

We’ve come a long way.  The correct issues are finally under discussion and the correct People — the Heirs and Beneficiaries of our States of the Union, are present and accounted for.   If your State Assembly  is still looking for a Coordinator and you have your paperwork reclaiming your birthright political status recorded, don’t wait another day.  Hear the call and say the prayer and do what you can do.

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06 15 19 The National Credit Redemption



 By Anna Von Reitz

When we are afraid of someone — and have cause to be — it’s hard to communicate with them in a rational, factual way.

Most of us retain a quite child-like response pattern when we are confronted with our own wrong-doing as adults: avoidance, excuses, lies to to try to escape, blaming third parties, and so on.

We know its wrong. We know in our heart of hearts that our excuses and explanations aren’t going to work. We are scared and we are wondering, oh, no, what happens now?

That’s the position that the bankers are in. They’ve been caught red-handed, and their crimes go back at least 150 years. So, first they blame the colluding governments, and next they blame the military, and then it’s the regulatory agencies fault and then, it’s the victim’s fault.

We’ve suffered through all these various stages of denial, excuses, and explanations, all the blaming and gaming. What it comes down to is this: the bankers are afraid, and to some extent, they have cause to be.

This makes it hard for them to think straight and have a sane conversation with me.

When we make a deposit of an actual asset — silver, gold, etc., — with a bank, it is called a “Special Deposit”.

Special deposits are loans to the bank and are carried on the bank’s books as a liability, because (1) the banks have to pay back these Special Deposits, and (2) they have to pay some reasonable amount of interest on these Special Deposits, which they are using as the basis of making loans to other people throughout their “fractional reserve” banking system.

What this means in microcosm is that when I give them a ten pound bar of gold, they accept that as a Special Deposit and put it on their actual assets ledger as a bank liability owing whatever the going price of that much gold is. The actual assets ledger is separate from the credit ledger. The bank then issues seven to ten times the value of my actual asset on deposit with them as loans of credit to other parties, and sits in the middle of this situation.

Please note that credit is a separate and different thing than an asset. When banks issue a credit, it becomes a debt for whomever accepts it. Until the debt is paid, including the interest on it, the bank has to stand good for it.

In the case of my gold bar, the bank owes me my actual asset back, plus interest. They are loaning credit based on the value of my asset to others and making money off of my assets, so that is only fair. The bank is dependent on other people pay their debts to the bank in order for the bank to be able to pay me.

The bank itself has no assets to loan. It is acting entirely as a middleman and “trading off” of other people’s assets.

Please note that even though my asset stays in the bank the whole time, it has been “monetized” — used as the basis to issue fiat “dollars” as credit.

As others pay back the loan of credit, the bank recoups what it owes me in terms of credit, but credit is not an actual asset. It’s just a debt countering the debt that the bank already owes me.

This is called expunging an asset loan.

The bank is working to pay back what it owes me already, plus interest, from loaning out seven to ten times the actual value of my asset to others as credit at interest.

Because bank loan interest is moderated by law, they have to loan out this same value several times merely to recoup what they already owe, but at a certain point, they break even and begin making pure profit which they don’t share with me, the original Special Depositor.

But they are still making loans based on my Special Deposit. Therein lies the rub. They didn’t stop and let well-enough alone. They “pooled” my asset with other assets of the same kind and continued to use it to issue more credit and generate more loans.

Now instead of ten loans based on my asset, there are two hundred loans partially based on my single asset and it is impossible to tell which two hundred loans my asset is supporting and for how much, but it is apparent that some of those loans are going to fail and the bank is going to be on the hook for it. It is also apparent the bank is going to try to get off the hook for this and pass the pain on to whom? The Depositors, who are in fact the bank’s own Creditors.

And the Depositors for the most part, don’t even know what is going on or how confused and bad this situation is. They just trust that the bank is going to return their gold bars whenever they need them.

So, imagine that your ancestor made a Special Deposit to a bank (or the US Federal Reserve, for example) a hundred years ago….because the bank hasn’t paid back the Special Deposit and hasn’t paid the interest on that Special Deposit in a hundred years, what happens when you walk in the door and say, “I am Joe Schmoe, here’s my Deposit Receipt and ID. I’d like to withdraw my grandfather’s gold which has been on deposit here since 1819.”

I’ll tell you what happens: sheer, blind panic and denial of the, “This can’t be happening!” kind.

Those deposits have been there so long, sleeping so peacefully, and have been used to “back” so much debt, that the bankers are thrown into complete disarray. Suddenly, they are faced with not only having to cough up the gold that was deposited, but all the interest on the gold. And they can’t do it.

They know that they are facing the loss of the Special Deposit base that lets them loan credit and without that initial deposit, they have no basis to make more loans — therefore, no way to recoup.

All it takes is innocent Joe Schmoe walking in and wanting to take his asset somewhere and do something else with it.

So the bankers wig out. They go to the government. They go to the military. They say its a matter of “National Security!” And then they all make up various kinds of stories to excuse them from honoring the plain fact that the Depositor’s property is owed back to him or her, plus interest.

I think that in the past ten years I have heard every excuse possible for the banks to hold onto control of Special Deposits that are in fact owed to living people who are the legitimate heirs of those deposited assets.

And it is all Bushwah. 100%. Of course, they can’t show any actual contract giving them permission to do any of this, so they just lie their rumps off and make up all sorts of fanciful excuses for not returning the actual assets to the actual owners.

Most of these excuses are the “dog ate my homework” kind. Here’s an example: the depository fees haven’t been paid.

Oh, but wait a minute, I never agreed to pay any “depository fees” and you didn’t ask for any at the time the deposit was made. Besides which, you’ve been making money on my asset for thirty years and have to pay me interest, so why haven’t you taken the “depository fees” out of what you already owe me as interest?

Uh, oh, well, uh….

We all know how this is supposed to work. You place your gold bar on deposit with a bank for safekeeping. They are supposed to return your gold bar whenever you have need of it. If they don’t, something is drastically wrong, and a crime is happening.

Simple as that.

In recent years, the banks and the Municipal Government — the one run as a franchise of the Holy See by members of Congress— have gotten even more creative and sought to cover their butts by claiming that you are an incompetent ward of their State of State organization, a pauper left as a baby on the doorstep, so that all your assets including your body and good name, are all in the keeping of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and are chattel properties backing “US” debts.

Did you get that? You were purportedly “donated” to “the” United States’s Commonwealth of Puerto Rico as a baby.

Uh-huh. Except that nobody told your Mother any of this, and they sure as hell didn’t tell you this cock and bull story. It’s all just a tremendously Big Lie, foisted off by the members of “the” United States Congress— the Municipal Government Corps’ Board of Directors.

Now, I know that, and the bankers know that, so they are scared to death of me and spend their days making up stories about me. I must be crazy. I must be up to something. I must intend to crush them all. I must be involved in some nefarious plot to harm millions of people. Why else would I show up on their doorstep and flash my Deposit Receipt?

And, once they do— somehow— scrape together the means to pay me back, what am I going to do with all that money and credit?

Let me suggest to you that nobody is served by destroying the economy or harming trade.


Neither is it just or fair that Depositors be deprived of the use and enjoyment of their own assets. If I want some of the credit that is owed to me as interest, I should be able to access it.

For some reason, the banks are trying to paint me as an irresponsible madwoman, who would jerk all the Special Deposits out of the banks and mix them around and destroy some banks and favor others and create all sorts of terrifying disruption — and this is the story they peddle, when in fact, all I am asking for is: (1) an accounting, and (2) reasonable access to credit that is already owed and long overdue.

Right now, the issue is access to the National Credit that the American States and People are owed.

We have been owed credit for our work and our goods for over a hundred years. We were simply left in the dark, mis-characterized, and not told how to access the Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges we have been owed all along.

So, let’s deal with that issue first. The credit is on the books. We know where it is, we know basically how much it is.

Three offices buried in the IRS maze are not going to be able to process the volume of claims using red rubber stamps, so we suggest hiring a lot more staff, and developing a special National Credit Redemption Card that can be used for specific expenses, including mortgage payments, medical and dental expenses, utility bills, and school loans.

That’s a start. Let’s start there and get some actual practical relief to those who deserve it most.

As for my other request, I have already bluntly stated that I don’t even believe in money. None of it. Not credit. Not coin. None of it. I am pleased to hear that the Vatican finally honored my request and set up my Fiduciary Account, but not pleased to hear all the scuttlebutt gossip and ideas about what I am going to do with it.

I am going to do exactly what I told you all that I was going to do with the Fiduciary Fund.

What I care about is the actual, factual world — about the people and the animals and the Earth. I am not likely to pursue any pie-in-the-sky ideas, nor likely to waste any resources.

My car may be a BMW, but it is sixteen years old. Left to myself, God willing, I will still be driving it ten years from now. My house is nice, but it is small, and needs some petty, mostly cosmetic repairs. Have you all got the picture? I live this way because I am not a consumer at heart. I have no debt. My car is paid off. My house is paid off. No credit cards. The only things “cluttering” my house are books, houseplants, two dogs and a cat.

Why, then, would I suddenly go crazy and spend, spend, spend on nonsense and luxuries? All those that are clacking their jaws and spreading that fear can just go home and soak their heads.

There is a need for an organizational nexus to connect Americans to the rest of the world. There is a need for a valid, lawful, local authority which is competent to enforce the Public Law of this country. Here we are.

We are the Priority Creditors of the banks and no mistake about that. We aren’t going to be bought off with beads and trinkets. We aren’t going to mistake credit for actual assets—much less our own actual assets.

And we are not “lost at sea”.

Now that we have all that cleared up, plainly stated, and on the table for everyone to see, can we get started cleaning the rest of this Mess up?

I brought my mop and bucket.

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