04 20 19 The Day Before Easter



 By Anna Von Reitz

The day before Easter, Jesus is dead.  It’s the Sabbath. The entire City of Jerusalem is quiet as the day dawns. For most people on that sunny spring day, it was just another Sabbath and the quiet was just the normal peace of the Sabbath.

For a certain family and a small circle of friends, the quiet was of a different kind: a stunned and horrified silence, the kind where your mind reels and you can’t say anything, because there is nothing to say—and nothing to do.  He’s dead.

So you sit hunched over with your stomach muscles knotted up against the pain and you hug yourself and all you can think is — how could this happen? How could this possibly be?

And even though you were there, it doesn’t seem real.

One moment, he’s lauded and praised– hosannah in the highest!—and the next moment, this dull blank horror.  This nothingness.

Mary, his Mother, is prostrate with grief.  The rest of the family gathers around her, but it’s no good. There is nothing anyone can say. She knots her hands together and weeps until she is exhausted and falls asleep, only to awaken to this nightmare and weep again.

Nothing will ever be the same. Nothing will ever be as good.

And what about all God’s promises and the prophets now?  What about the miracles?

It all comes down to this today: he’s dead. He’s gone. He will never laugh with us again, never play, never stop to comfort some poor beggar, never touch another leper.

The heaviness of it is unbearable. And underlying the thick miasma of shock and loss, is fear.  The Chief Priests and the Romans are vengeful.  Who will be next?

We have heard about the strange thing that happened in the temple, how the temple curtain, a very thick and heavy curtain, was torn in two by unseen hands, just ripped asunder like a piece of paper.

Dully, we wonder how that could happen, too, and what does it mean?  God has left the temple? The Holy of Holies stands open to the breeze.  There is nothing the Priests can do.

The divorce is final.

Furtively, we think back on all the things he said.  Pictures of him, little snippets, the sound of his voice– and we crunch up and weep again until our sides ache, until we can’t catch our breath.

It seems that except for the little group keeping watch over Mary, we’ve all crawled away to our own spot to grieve, some upstairs, some downstairs, some in the garden, some on the city wall, some lingering in the street, flaccid as empty sacks.

He loved us.  For a while in this turbulent world, we felt loved. We felt secure. We felt hopeful. Excited. And now this. He’s dead and nothing will ever be the same again.

The brutal, arrogant Romans won, and the worst of it is that our own people betrayed him to the Romans. The Chief Priests. The Pharisees. The Scribes. The Levites. All those we were taught to respect and trust, our leaders, betrayed him and betrayed us.

It seems that there will be no tomorrow.  It seems like this day will never end.  It drags on so slowly, it seems as if time itself has stopped, and we are stuck just staring at the wall, alone with this great gaping emptiness, wavering back and forth between numbness and waves of grief.

Drawing a deep breath is so difficult to do without choking, as if even our lungs have shrunk down to nothing, and over and over we tell ourselves– so this is how it ends.

Shame, disgrace, and torture, the death of a criminal, accused of being a necromancer who brought the dead back to life, mocked as a failed king.  Scourged, stabbed, and crucified.

For what? For the sin of helping the helpless. For restoring the blind and the sick?

Wildly, like birds, our thoughts dart back and forth. It can’t be the end. Yet, it is.

It’s spring. All over the countryside the grass is green again, the trees are blossoming.  It doesn’t seem possible.  It doesn’t seem real. Any moment, we will hear his voice in the courtyard and the noisy entourage of disciples and crowds of people who always follow him, seeking help.

Where are they now?  Cowed down in despair.  The light and the hope has guttered out.  Nobody can replace him.  Nobody can help. Now, more than ever before, we feel alone, disoriented, knocked sideways–and empty.

So empty.

It’s the day before Easter.

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04 20 19 Fact One Fact Two….



By Anna Von Reitz

  1. No organization that includes “United States Citizens” or “Citizens of the United States” can assemble an actual State of the Union.
  2. Beacon 37, The Republic, the National Assembly, RuSA, etc., etc., etc., are all organized and “inhabited” by US Citizens.
  3. Therefore, NONE of these organizations are competent to assemble our actual States of the Union.
  4. Our States are the only ones that can enforce the Constitutions because our States are the Parties to the Constitutions.
  5. Our States are the only ones that can re-charter the American owned and operated States of States that we are owed.
  6. Various parties, either in ignorance or on purpose, want to avoid abiding by the Constitutions, so don’t want us to assemble our actual States.
  7. Various parties, either in ignorance or on purpose, want to usurp upon the “vacancy” left by our missing Federal States of States.
  8. So none of these organizations — Beacon 37, the Republic, the National Assembly — none of them are set up and aiming to do what We, the American People, need to get done.
  9. You need to come home while there is still a home to come home to.
  10. The only organization(s) out there that are properly constituted of American State Nationals and State Citizens are organizing under the heading of The American States Assembly:

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04 20 19 The GIFT Pillar to Post



 By Anna Von Reitz

When I dug deep and down the rabbit hole, I was told that the Municipal PERSON — aka — Strawman, was a gift. Well, it was “conferred” on all of us without our knowledge or consent, based on the false presumption that we were British Territorial United States Citizens and “Wards” of their States of States, but giving us a “mask” — a “person”— that is slave and a criminal by definition is not my idea of a gift.

So what is really going on?

A scheme by the colluding criminal commercial corporations to get us in a crossfire and get us “both coming and going” — and all under three false presumptions:

(1.) The false presumption that we are or ever were British Territorial United States Citizens;
(2.) The false presumption that we are or ever were a Municipal Citizen of the United States;
(3.) The false presumption that these two options (above) are the only possibilities.

In fact, our States of the Union and our Lawful Persons were here before any of the British Territorial United States Citizens and before any Municipal Citizens of the United States, either.

The “US Citizens” were created by the Constitutions.

We were created by God.

So, they simply tell Big Lies about us, and keep us defending ourselves, first as a Municipal and then as a Territorial Citizen—- and at no time are we either one.

It’s just one big, jolly Lie Fest with the Brits telling lies about us on one side and the not-so-holy Romans telling lies about us on the other.

No wonder we are confused.

I suppose we could respond in kind by wantonly telling lies, but the Truth is far more devastating.

“I act exclusively as a lawful person. Where’s your authority to address me?”

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04 20 19 For All the Jural Assemblies 48 Banking Corrections



By Anna Von Reitz

There are two kinds of banking institutions available — Federal and State. These institutions operate under different kinds of charters.  As American State Nationals and American State Citizens, we should be using and supporting State-chartered banks and credit unions.

Why?  Because of the legal presumptions involved and the relative safety provided to Depositors by State-chartered banks and credit unions.

We long ago advised that non-federal employees and their dependents, should shift their small business and private trust and Trade Name accounts to State-chartered banks and credit unions.

We also suggest that people who have accounts in Federal banks and credit unions provide the bank CEO’s with a Registered Letter, Return Receipt Requested, specifically instructing that all funds being deposited in and transferred out of such accounts held in our NAMES be “denominated” as “lawful funds”.

This prevents them from getting grabby in the case of a bank holiday or “bail-in” or similar fiasco.  Federal banks don’t actually have sufficient United States Notes to trade in them — USN’s are a foreign currency — but they are required to “denominate” the digits held in their accounts “as” United States Notes, if and when Depositors require this.

Many people have had trouble locating the State-chartered banks and credit unions in their State.  In Alaska, this information is available from the State of Alaska, Division of Banking and Securities.  The State Banking Commissioner in all States should have that information or be able to direct you to the proper office.

A search by one of our more diligent researchers shows that there are only four State-chartered banks left in Alaska, only one of which is truly accessible and statewide in scope.

There is only one State-chartered credit union — Credit Union One.  Thankfully, Credit Union One has State-chartered organizations in every State of the Union.

Each State Assembly needs to research this topic for their State and their Members, and make the information available to them.  State-chartered banks and credit unions are in-state Depositories by definition, and as such, are not as likely to be affected by any international banking collapse resulting in the loss of Depositor’s assets.

To bring this home to Americans — the State-chartered banks and credit unions are “George Bailey” and the Federal-chartered banks and credit unions are “Mister Potter”.  It has been this way since the days when the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” was made, and it continues to be true today.

The trouble with banking began in 1913 with the passage of The Federal Reserve Act, which imposed conditions that can only be described as contractual lunacy— leaving only Section 16 of the Act as remedy for it.  From that time on, federally-chartered banks were obligated to function under this patently criminal scheme.  Section 16 of The Federal Reserve Act was “codified” as Title 12, Section 411, [12 USC 411] which spells out the remedy via proper endorsement of all banking instruments.

Is it a check?  It’s a banking instrument.

Is it a signature card?  It’s a banking instrument.

Is it a court case?  It’s a banking instrument.

Is it a savings account?  It’s a banking instrument.

Is it a safety deposit agreement?  It’s a banking instrument.

Is it a mortgage application?  It’s a banking instrument.

Is it a mortgage closing document?  It’s a banking instrument.

All these and more are being bonded, subject to bailment—- and unless you specify otherwise using your signature correctly, you leave the federal agents free to presume whatever they like and whatever profits them.

You have a choice.  You can deal in “Federal Reserve Notes” — I.O.U.’s, or, you can deal in lawful money, “United States Notes”.  You can use the bank as a “Gratuitous Bailee” or the bank can use you as a “Subject BAILOR”.

As American State Nationals and American State Citizens, we should not be using federal “notes”—-but as our identity was stolen while we were still babies in our cradles and we were never told otherwise, we were never given disclosure, afforded our exemptions, or told about this choice.

When we endorse anything, that is, sign a banking instrument, we need to use a by-line, reserve our rights, and declare our intent by writing “Redeemed– 12 USC 411–  in lawful money”.  This backs up our instruction to the local bank CEO regarding our accounts and assures that our instruction regarding each instrument will be followed.

Every time we do this, we reduce the so-called “US National Debt” by the amount being transferred.

Since the Perpetrator’s intention was to create an insurmountable, eternal “National Debt” nobody was ever told how to discharge it via proper signature, and thus we didn’t sign the bank instruments in this way—- and the debt simply grew and grew and grew…… ad infinitum.

So we need to use the Magic Words and say, “There has been a mistake.” and we need to transfer our accounts and we need to instruct any Federal banks or credit unions we have to work with and we need to properly endorse all bank instruments from now on.

A small red-ink stamp set up with the by-line like this:  By:_________________ with space for your signature, a small “c” with a circle around it providing copyright notice immediately following, and the disclaimers, “All Rights Reserved” and “Redeemed– 12 USC 411–  in lawful money” underneath. You might also add your account number, but if you are going to change banks, maybe not.

This will make properly endorsing checks and other bank instruments far less tedious and make sure you get the verbiage right every time from now on.

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04 20 19 For All the Jural Assemblies 47 Actual Constitution and Codicils



By Anna Von Reitz

The Original Equity Contract — The Constitution for the united States of America was passed in 1787, ratified by the States in 1789.

As soon as it was finished dealing with the first Constitution, the Congress was “reseated” and acted as the Territorial United States Congress which allowed it to address the British Trusteeship while the Original Equity Contract was being ratified— so they worked next on The Constitution of the United States of America, and adopted as a codicil to the Original Equity Contract by a simple vote of the Congress operating as the Board of Directors for the States of America.

Finally, the Congress was “reseated” a third and final time in their Municipal United States Congress capacity to write the Municipal Constitution known as The Constitution of the United States, which was adopted as a codicil to the Original Equity Contract by a simple vote of the Congress operating as the Board of Directors for the States of America in conformance with The Jay Treaty.

Thus there is one ratification process by which the actual States approved the Original Equity Contract — The Constitution for the united States of America, and the subordinate Constitutions were attached as codicils approved by the Congress acting first as the Territorial Congress and next as the Municipal Congress—-and further sharing out “powers” vouchsafed to the States of America under the Original Equity Contract — which is the only one ratified by the States.

One must remember that everything taking place during the adoption of the Constitutions — is a power-sharing agreement between the States operating the original Confederate States of States, and two foreign subcontractors, according to the dictates of the peace process and treaties ending the Revolutionary War.

They are divvying up the “powers” being “delegated” by the actual States to their own States of States and two foreign subcontractors.

At  each step, the Congress is operating in a different capacity and jurisdiction — first acting in public to restructure and limit the American Confederation of States [of States] dba “States of America”, then acting to structure and adopt the British Territorial “share” via The Constitution of the United States of America, then acting again to adopt the Municipal “share” via The Constitution of the United States.

And at each step, the Congress changed hats and jurisdictions, moving from General Session to Territorial business to Municipal business.

You can see the actual names of the entities involved from the titles of the Constitutions:

The Constitution for the united States of America  — our Federal Government operating in international and global jurisdiction

The Constitution of the United States of America  — our Territorial Government being operated by the British Territorial United States

The Constitution of the United States — the Municipal Government being operated by the Holy Roman Empire

Originally, only the States of America were formally chartered by their own States; the foreign Territorial and Municipal service providers were doing business as private, unincorporated businesses under what are called prescriptive charters — that is, they were not directly chartered and incorporated by the foreign governments (UK and Holy See) acting as subcontractors.

After the Civil War, both the Territorial and Municipal entities restructured as incorporated entities operated by the Queen and the Holy See respectively; they had no permission to do this, but there was nothing in our contract with them prohibiting it, either.  This is what the flap over the (repealed, by the way) Act of 1871 was about, and this is what cleared the way for them to be able to work all the insurance and pre-planned international bankruptcy frauds that took place in 1907, 1933, etc.

As unincorporated and lawful businesses these foreign subcontractors had to be accountable for their behavior, but as incorporated “legal” franchises of the UK and Holy See, they enjoyed bankruptcy protection — which motivated them to secretively hypothecate debt against our American assets on the pretext that they were working for us, and then seek bankruptcy protection for themselves, while leaving us on the hook to pay off their debts — all, conveniently, without our actual conscious knowledge or consent.

This is a crime on many levels, but most essentially is a constructive fraud involving unconscionable contracts and deliberate and premeditated bankruptcy, breach of trust, and false claims in commerce.

The crime is only magnified because both governments chartering these organizations — the Queen’s UK Government and the Pope’s Government — had cause to know that: (1) the American States were the actual Parties to the Constitutions, (2) the American States were, as the Delegators of all the Delegated Powers, owed Good Faith and Due Diligence from their Subcontractors and Trustees,  including Full Disclosure and Assistance in resolving The Mess caused by the Civil War staged on our shores.

There is absolutely no doubt that both the Queen and the Pope and their respective governments which chartered, supported, and offered bankruptcy protection to the Offenders, are at fault, in proven Gross Breach of Trust, in violation of the Treaties and Commercial Contracts owed to our States and People, and lacking any plausible Cause in their Defense.

Now that you know that the only Constitution actually ratified by our States is “The Constitution for the united States of America” and the other two “constitutions” were simply applied as subcontracts, it becomes a lot easier to sort the wheat from the chaff.

The actual Federal Government we are owed is supposed to be American owned and operated. The Territorial Government and the Municipal Government are both strictly defined and limited in their scope by the controlling contract, The Constitution for the united States of America, but have usurped authority by claiming “an emergency” that didn’t actually exist in 1860 or at any time since with respect to our lawful State Governments.


  1. In order to enforce the Constitution and the Territorial and Municipal Subcontract Constitutions, we must be acting as Lawful Persons — People — of our States of the Union.  We are the only ones that are Parties to the Constitutions, therefore the only ones with the standing to enforce them.


  1. Our States are populated exclusively by Americans operating as Lawful Persons.  Our States do not allow US Citizens to participate in actual State Government, because they are at best Dual Citizens and may act in conflict of interest as a result.


  1. Only our States have the standing, authority, and capability to recharter and reconstruct the “missing” American Federal States of States (Confederation States) and designate American owned and operated Successors.  Only American Successors assigned by our States have the ability to reclaim the actual ancient and hereditary interest in the States of States doing business as, for example, The State of Georgia, The State of Maine, and The State of Texas.


  1. All “assemblies” that include US Citizens are not “State Assemblies”.  They are by definition “State of State” Assemblies, either Territorial or Municipal.


  1. There is no provision for Territorial States of States or Municipal STATES OF STATES allowed under the Constitutions, therefore, none of these organizations have any actual public function or authority at all with respect to our States and People.  They are merely franchises of foreign commercial corporations in the business of providing “essential government services” per Article IV.


  1. Read that: Territorial States of States and Municipal STATES OF STATES are “Administrative Units” of foreign commercial corporation service providers, acting as franchises of the Territorial USA, Inc. and the Municipal UNITED STATES, INC. like Dairy Queen franchises, merely calling themselves “States of States” and usurping upon and substituting themselves for our missing Federal States of States.


  1. “Administrative Law” and “Administrative Courts” are therefore private institutions that do not have any obligation to impose the Public Law, but operate instead upon Public Policy of their corporation’s Board of Directors and Shareholders.


  1. The problem we face is that millions of Americans have been deliberately shanghaied and misidentified and mislabeled as “US Citizens”, both as “United States Citizens” — Territorials and as “Citizens of the United States” — Municipals — and have been subjected to the Public Policies of these foreign corporations instead of having access to the Public Law and the Constitutional Guarantees they are heir to.


  1. The further problem is that these same Americans who are being robbed and defrauded have been indoctrinated to believe that they are “US Citizens” of some kind or stripe, and many persons employed by the various levels of these foreign corporate “private government units” know no better.  Educating people on both sides of the fence — both Americans and US Citizens (actual employees and dependents of the Federal Territorial and  Municipal Corporations) is a fundamental duty of the State Assemblies and the State Assembly Members.

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04 20 19 Beacon 37 Just New Version of the Same Old Scam



By Anna Von Reitz

As I explained yesterday, building materials — straw, sticks, or bricks— count.

Beacon 37 is a house of sticks.

It’s a “States of States” organization by definition.

It’s another attempt to set up another round of the same old fraud against the actual States and People.

It doesn’t matter if these people are acting in good faith and ignorance, or purposefully trying to co-opt the effort and derail actual progress.

The result is the same: you get nowhere, you get no protection, and you get no recognition as anything but another new Territorial or Municipal “State of State” organization.

Why?  Because Beacon 37 is building with sticks, not bricks.

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04 20 19 Moving the Cheese



By Anna Von Reitz

I have commented on this before, and will comment again.

It is the stock-and-trade of the perpetrators of these schemes to: (1) destroy and burn books and public records contrary to their story line—observe the War of 1812; (2) rewrite or omit history to mislead others and promote their self-interest — observe your own less-than-complete public school education; (3) evade and deny and lie about any truth that is not complimentary to them and their false claims in commerce.

These Liars make their livings off of Lying.  Okay?  So that is what we are dealing with.

They constantly change the Codes and the records and the court citations by renumbering, “revising”, annotating, archiving, repealing, renaming, and in extremis, destroying material that contradicts their official version of reality.

And they constantly misrepresent things.  For example, they continue to promote the assumption that the “Revised United States Statutes at Large” exist, when in fact, they were never adopted.

That leaves us with what?  Oh, the original United States Statutes at Large are the actual Law, but people are left citing the Revised (Non-Existent and Unofficial) version, which automatically torpedoes and invalidates anything they say.

These Agents of Darkness are as devious as you might expect, so you have to put on the “full armor of God” and sharpen your skills of discernment and think about what you are doing and what you are searching for.

Title V was just “revised” again in 2017, and not surprisingly, it has been renumbered and the evidence of the guilty parties sale of “citizens” has been moved — quite possibly entirely removed — from the current version of Federal Code.

Realize that what we are talking about had its genesis in 1868 and its most evident fruition in the 1930’s, so instead of looking at the Federal Code as it exists in 2017, look at the Federal Code as it existed in the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s.

When trying to find a citation and it doesn’t immediately pop up, look 10-20 pages on either side of the number of the Code citation given.  Look carefully at the notations added to the Code as notes and footnotes.  These often tell you where they moved “the cheese”— and be forewarned, you may have to track down several iterations of this same process, because some “cheese” is so good they move it multiple times.

Finding that they have re-numbered a citation is utterly commonplace, and finding that they have moved citations to other sections of the same basic publication, or that they have reshuffled whole sections and renumbered them, is as commonplace as dirt.

So, please don’t call me up and rave that you can’t find a citation, therefore, it doesn’t exist, therefore, I lied to you.

When trying to find a “US Supreme Court” case, remember that there are six (6) versions of “US Supreme Court” and you have to be in the right church to find the right pew.

When trying to find a court case, be aware that they rarely but consistently change the names of “hot” court cases by changing the names of the Parties or breaking up the court record into separate pieces.

For example, a case that starts out as “People of Colorado v. Aims Hardware, Co.”  will magically transform into, “State of Colorado v. Aims Hardware, Co.” and a case that starts out as “City of Philadelphia v. Robert Burns and Company” will morph into “PHILADELPHIA v. BURNS”  and so on.

Among old cases you will also find “Split Jurisdiction” Cases, where a land jurisdiction court had to rule on the land portion of a case and a sea jurisdiction court had to rule on the sea portion of a case, creating two separate court records in two separate courts.  Invariably, they have hidden the land jurisdiction court case in an effort to hide the existence of the land jurisdiction court, and you will have to dig very deeply into the bowels of the Archives to find what you are looking for.

Nobody said this was easy.  This is why we have researchers whose entire contribution to the effort is tracking down certified copies of these source documents.

Be aware that the “cheese” moves, and sometimes, it even disappears for a time, but also be aware that when I give you a citation, it does exist, and somewhere in my records, there’s a hard copy of it with a date stamp and office on it.

This what I suggest that everyone do.  Go to a Law Library, find your citation, take photocopies of the citation AND the actual book you took it from.  Literally, take a copy of the book cover and a copy of the inside pages showing the publisher, date, copyright, etc.  This establishes “the Record” at a specific source and point in time.

And that nails the cheese down at last.

Also, some sources are relatively free of this kind of manipulation and you will find that the lawyers themselves lean hardest on these sources.  Be aware that the only dictionary ever approved by Congress is Bouvier’s Law Dictionary.  The common use of Black’s Law Dictionary is because of its use in Maritime and Admiralty Law—- not land law.

American Jurisprudence, Corpus Juris Secondum, usually abbreviated American Jurisprudence 2nd, or just Am Jur 2nd, is published by Westlaw and is widely regarded as “reliable” by most courts and For-Hire Jurists.  Therefore, unless you are obviously mistaking the meaning of the legalese, citations taken from this source are widely accepted and may help you find new leads in your research.

Quite often, Am Jur 2nd will “link” associated cases, so if you find a reference to “Downes v. Bidwell” you will find listings to “Hooven and Allison v. Evatt” and other Insular Tariff Cases.

Remember the video of the Mouse v. the Snake?  This is the Mouse v. the Cheese Maze.  Don’t be discouraged if at first you don’t succeed in finding a reference.

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