05 27 18 Two Confederations of the Original National States of States Two Confederations of the Original National States of States + George Washington’s Oaths


By Anna Von Reitz

Confusing, yes?  But necessary.

The First Confederation formed by the States during the Revolution (1781) was composed of National-Level States of States:  The State of Georgia, The State of Maine, The State of Connecticut….. and these States of States were business entities owned by the States called Georgia, Maine, Connecticut…..

The States own The States of States.   Maine owns The State of Maine.

The States formed a Federation of States known as The United States of America to function as a Holding Company for all the assets and powers that they would agree to hold in common.  The States specifically and through their Holding Company retained control of the land and soil jurisdictions of this country.

That is, the States never gave up a cubic centimeter of soil or land to The States of States.

The States of States were created to function in the realm of international trade and commerce in behalf of the States and in the global jurisdiction of the air, also in behalf of the States.

The States of States formed their original Confederation during the Revolution (1781).  When the Constitution was adopted in 1787 the Second Confederation was set up to exercise the Delegated Powers.

Where the real confusion arises is the idea that the original Confederation disappeared or was “replaced” by the Second Confederation.  It wasn’t.  All that happened was that the Second Confederation of The States of States operated the Delegated Powers under British control / influence, and the First Confederation continued to operate the Non-Delegated Powers.

And in the background, the great Holding Company of the States, The United States of America (unincorporated) was the Source of all the Non-Delegated and Delegated Powers mutually extended by the States.

So the delegation goes like this:  States combine to form a Federation of States dba The United States of America to hold their international and global powers in common.  They form a first Confederation of States of States to conduct their business in these realms.  They split the powers into “Non-Delegated” and “Delegated” subsets and create a second Confederation to exercise the Delegated powers in 1787.

We’ve been hoodwinked into paying attention only to the Delegated Powers and the Federal United States government that was created to exercise these powers, and have “forgotten” about the source of all these “powers” —- the actual government is not the Federal United States Government in any form.

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George Washington’s Oaths


By Anna Von Reitz

There is a curious fact of history that deserves everyone’s notice and understanding.

George Washington took two Oaths of office.

One was to The United States of America on April 6, 1789.  That is the political office owed to the land jurisdiction States and the American people holding the non-delegated powers.

The other Oath of Office taken on April 30, 1789 was to the Federal United States and its new Constitution as President of the United States. That is the business office of the top executive of the Federal Government exercising the delegated powers.

One Supreme Office on the land and one on the sea.

The President was supposed to stand with one foot on the land and one in the sea, able to provide for the orderly administration and  functioning of both jurisdictions to best serve the general welfare and benefit of the people and the country as a whole.

The order of the Oath-taking proves beyond any doubt that the Supreme Office was the political Office of the President of The United States of America, which had to be entered and bonded and commissioned and affirmed under Oath before the subject jurisdiction of the delegated powers could be similarly entered into.

You have to have a country before you can delegate powers to operate in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

And that is why Washington took two Oaths and why the Oath to The United States of America had to come first.

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