08 31 18 Satanic Reasoning Again DD 2168


By Anna Von Reitz

You are not applying to receive benefits by filling out the DD 2168.  You are applying so that you are officially disqualified from receiving benefits under PL 95-202.

And that means that your discharge from the actual service is complete.

It’s backwards and upside down.  Anti-intuitive.  Satanic.

Think about this string of words:  “federally connected civilian military service”.

How can you be a civilian AND military at the same time?

It’s a lie.  It’s an impossibility.  It’s an oxymoron.

They are using a form of conscription that carries on into your civilian life if you don’t object to it, which is why you send a letter along with the DD 2168 clearly stating your intent and your “wish”— as in “the royal wishes of Her Majesty”— to be completely discharged from all military service obligations including federal citizenship. Period.

Otherwise, they assume that you are now a civilian volunteer doing military service connected work for one or more of the branches of the military. And you never get discharged.

Remember that I told you that a “Withholding Agent” is a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service?   That’s “federally connected civilian military service”.

Remember that I told you that a “Medical Doctor” (unlike a Private Physician) has to be licensed and pay federal taxes?  That’s “federally connected civilian military service”.

Ever think about organizations like National Guard and Civil Air Patrol?  That’s “federally connected civilian military service”, too.

Nurses, flight attendants, people who work for government subcontractors — all presumed to be in “federally connected civilian military service”.

The only way you get officially discharged from all those other, additional “civilian military” duties is by having your actual military record examined and lodging your official request to get all the way out, out, out.

I already told you that you had to send a letter to the head cheese in charge of your former branch of service, informing them that you have returned to your birthright political status.  Turns out that this is the official form and protocol to accomplish what needs to be done.

Also turns out that this whole scheme is a lot more premeditated and harmful than just checking the wrong box on a form.

In addition to keeping you working for them for free, and under their thumb politically so that you can’t access your Constitutional guarantees, this allows the rats to collect “federal income taxes” on earnings that aren’t  “federally connected” at all and to withhold the actual veteran’s benefits that you are owed upon severance from military duty.

Why?  Because you are never really separated from duty, never completely discharged.  They keep you in this limbo status, still-in-the-military-but-not, forever.  And they profit from it at your expense.

When Trapper and Hawkeye got back from Korea they walked into a civilian hospital and were told that they needed to update their license as “Medical Doctors”, so they did.  They spent the rest of their lives living in the Territorial “State of California” instead of “California” and the “Commonwealth of Massachusetts” instead of “Massachusetts” — respectively.  They were charged up to 60% of their earnings as “federal income taxes” that they didn’t owe.  And they never made it home.

And they made all these sacrifices for “freedom”.

If that doesn’t get you on your hind feet, what will?

File the form DD 2168 along with your version of the example letter clearly stating your intent to be totally discharged from military service obligations including presumptions of federal citizenship.

It’s fast, it’s easy, it gives you a DD 214 proving that you are discharged from the actual military and it gives you a “Discharge Certificate” proving that you are also discharged from “civilian military service”.

At that point you are finally free of entanglement and set to receive all benefits owed to “returning American Servicemen and Servicewomen”— including your Constitutionally guaranteed rights and all  perks that the rats have been welching on.

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08 30 18 Dear President Trump + South Africa is opening the door for tyranny


By Anna Von Reitz

Dear President Trump:

I have just received news that I consider reprehensible.

That news is that our American Service Men and Women have not been properly discharged from the obligations of U.S. Military Service, and that Public Law 95-202 has been used as a backhanded excuse for this travesty.

Millions of Americans have served in the U.S. Military in good faith.  They deserve no less in return.

We wish for the assets of the so-called Black Eagle Trust, all personal trust accounts, public transmitting utilities, public charitable trusts, labor contracts, stock portfolios, land titles, escrows, copyrights, patents, insurance and annuities and other assets to be returned to the lawful Treasury for our administration and for all American state nationals in receipt of DD 214’s to be officially and permanently released from any further obligations or presumptions of federal citizenship resulting from their military service.

Thank you for your prompt attention as Commander in Chief.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary


08 30 18 South Africa is opening the door for tyranny.


Authored by Jose Nino via GunPowderMagazine.com,

The Constitutional Court of South Africa recently ruled that 300,000 gun owners must turn in their firearms.

This judgement came in response to the North Gauteng High Court’s ruling in 2017 which said Section 24 and Section 28 of the Firearm’s Control Act were unconstitutional.

A report from The Citizen explains what Section 24 and Section 28 entail:

“Section 24 of the Act requires that any person who seeks to renew a licence must do so 90 days before its expiry date Section 28 stipulates that if a firearm licence has been cancelled‚ the firearm must be disposed of or forfeited to the state. A 60-day time frame was placed on its disposal, which was to be done through a dealer.”

Now that the High Court’s initial ruling has been overturned, gun owners who failed to renew their firearms licenses must hand in their firearms to the nearest police station, where authorities will then proceed to destroy them.

Many naïve political observers will paint this event as a casual gun control scheme, but any astute student of politics will recognize that the floodgates are now open for further encroachments – not only on the gun rights of South Africans, but also on others facets of theirs lives.

A look at South Africa’s current political climate will give us an idea of the potential ramifications of this gun control scheme.

Political Trouble Brewing in South Africa?

Though South Africa witnessed rising levels of economic freedom shortly after Apartheid ended in 1994, the country has taken a more interventionist path to economic development in recent years.

This situation is becoming more pronounced with the South African National Assembly recently voting 241-83 to amend the South African constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation.

The socialist-leaning African National Congress (ANC) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) parties are leading the charge for expropriation under the banner of fixing racial disparities that have supposedly remained intact since Apartheid’s conclusion.

While land confiscation has not been officially finalized, South Africans should worry about the direction their country is going.

And how does gun control fit into this equation?

Gun Control: A Tool for Tyranny

No matter how socialist apologists rationalize it, the redistributionist agenda the South African government is pursuing will not be implemented passively. Ultimately, it must be carried out by force.

The kind of force socialists seek is a monopolized kind, which extreme forms of gun control like gun confiscation help facilitate.

The history of gun confiscation is one of repeated cases of tyranny.

From countries such as Cuba to the Soviet Union, aspiring demagogues have used gun confiscation to disarm the populace. Logically, an unarmed populace will put up little resistance against their tyrannical acts.

In South Africa’s case, farmers and their workers are already suffering ongoing attacks against their property. One could only imagine what it would be like for these persecuted farmers once they are stripped of their right to self-defense.

For many Americans who have enjoyed historically unprecedented gun rights, South Africa’s gun control experience may seem distant and strange.

But make no mistake about it, South Africa’s latest flirtation with gun control is not based on good intentions, especially when considering the political climate the country is enduring.

South Africa should serve as a fair warning to Americans of the dangerous consequences gun control poses.


08 29 18 News for All U S Vets + To Our British Aussie and Canadian Friends


News for All U S Vets + To Our British Aussie and Canadian Friends


By Anna Von Reitz

You have not been discharged from military service. A DD 214 is not what it appears to be and is not sufficient to do the job.

To get completely out and away and to receive the money and credit you are actually owed requires you to “discharge yourself”—- like discharging yourself from the hospital.

The form needed to do this is the DD 2168 which is readily available on the internet as an interactive form you can fill out and then print off and sign.

The instructions about where to send it are with the online form and includes Coast Guard.

For those of you who served in more than one branch of the service, it is necessary to add a brief “itinerary” of service, for example, “I was inducted into the Coast Guard on May 3, 1989 at Long Beach, California and served four years prior to discharge on June 5, 1993. I then joined the U.S. Marine Corps…….”

This blow-by-blow is necessary because the bureaucrats need to sequentially process the paperwork releasing you from each branch of service.

The latest information I have from the military is that you should send in DD 2168’s to each branch you served in and include a copy of your service itinerary with each one, so that they can coordinate your final discharge.

Upon final discharge you are free to return to private life and to your birthright political status and to receive all service-related perks that you are owed.

Obviously, until you are fully, finally, and absolutely released from all presumptions and obligations of military service, you cannot return to your natural and original political status as an American state national, so for all of those who have followed my instructions to recoup your birthright standing, this is one more hoop for those who have served in the US military.

Letter to Accompany DD 2168

Dear Sirs:

My intention in submitting this “application” is to allow you to access my service record and satisfy yourselves that I am properly and completely discharged from any other, further, or additional claim or service obligation referenced by Public Law 95-202 and the associated Executive Order.

It is my wish and intention that I shall be recognized now and forevermore as fully, completely, and permanently discharged from U.S. military service and severed from the accompanying obligations of federal citizenship.

I have returned to my natural birthright political status and removed my permanent domicile to the land and soil of my birth state.

Please confirm my election to be removed from any further claim of federal connection effective with my date of discharge as shown on the DD 214 associated with my name.

Sincerely yours,

by:  Your First Middle Last

c/o Your Address

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Olddogs Comments!

 Pardon me but it looks like you must be free from military obligations BEFORE FILING for your birthright political status. (Olddog) In reference to #4

(1) Upon final discharge you are free to return to private life and to your birthright political status and to receive all service-related perks that you are owed.

(2) Obviously, until you are fully, finally, and absolutely released from all presumptions and obligations of military service, you cannot return to your natural and original political status as an American state national, so for all of those who have followed my instructions to recoup your birthright standing, this is one more hoop for those who have served in the US military.

(3) It is my wish and intention that I shall be recognized now and forevermore as fully, completely, and permanently discharged from U.S. military service and severed from the accompanying obligations of federal citizenship.

(4) I have returned to my natural birthright political status and removed my permanent domicile to the land and soil of my birth state. 

To Our British Aussie and Canadian Friends


By Anna Von Reitz

Be assured that the Birth Certificate Fraud was started in America by the British-backed Territorial United States and implemented by the British Crown with the full knowledge and approval of Queen Victoria and her Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli.

We have all been victims and we have all been victims together. The proof of the matter stands in the British public and private records of the time.  We were not the perpetrators. We were the first victims.

The object of dragging the old Babylonian Slave System out of the moth-balls was to finance the Raj in India and to promote the profitability of British agricultural investments in Africa and India.

It goaded the members of Parliament that their textile industry was so largely dependent on American cotton, which despite the cost of shipping it all the way from America, was still less expensive than the Egyptian cotton the British government subsidized and invested in.

So there you have the reason that our country was subjected to a bitter and illegal commercial mercenary war, aka, “American Civil War”  promoted by Bar Members acting as Esquires of the British Queen and her cohorts in Westminster.  This was also the means and excuse by which the British Queen and the Lords of the Admiralty usurped our lawful government in Gross Breach of Trust.

They simply substituted their British Territorial “States of States” for our Federal States of States using similar names deceits to fool the trusting people of this country, and thus, commandeered our lawful government.

Four fingers are pointing back at Britain for all of this.  Not at the British people.  At the Queen and the Crown. And the Popes who, as Roman Pontiffs, assisted in all this criminality.

Since at least 1860, when Abraham Lincoln, a British Bar Attorney who was ineligible for public office in our actual government, took over as “President” of the incorporated British Territorial Government, all the bad things that the “Americans” and “the US” have been accused of are actually the fault of the British Government and the British Crown, instead.

They were using us as proxies, puppets, to do their bidding, carry their water, and pay their bills.  And now, thank God, they are exposed as the criminals they are and that part of history is finally becoming history.

We have been ruthlessly, shamelessly defrauded and enslaved by our own purported International Trustees — and those same Trustees have then dishonored every other constitution and treaty in the western world in the same way.  After they pulled their sleight of hand with us, they betrayed their own people on their home islands and went on to rape and pillage Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and every other member of the Commonwealth.

From there, they used our wealth and manpower to enslave the Indian Subcontinent, used our resources and manpower to promote the First World War and the Second.  They cast the seeds of “perpetual war” in the Middle East in order to guarantee their oilfield investments.

This is not in doubt.  They bragged about it.  They wrote it down.

They think they are so very special that they will never be caught and brought to task for what they have done to the rest of the world.

You only help your own slave masters by mischaracterizing all this as an American problem or as the fault of “the US” — when “the US” has been run as a proxy of the British Government for 150 years.

More than any other people on the face of the Earth the members of the former British Colonies need to wake up and join forces with their brethren still on the Home Islands to put an end to this Great Fraud —– and we will say, Great Evil.

Without us and our manpower and our resources, Britain is nothing but a pile of rocks in the Atlantic sea, populated by an enslaved and down-trodden people who are laboring under six layers of taxation, invaded by foreign work forces, and helplessly trying to pin the blame for all this on someone or something other than their very own beloved Queen and Parliament and Lords of the Admiralty.

We have spent forty years researching these issues and we can tell you with great certainty and more than adequate documentation that the problem began in Britain and it needs to end there, too.

We suggest that everyone begins by realizing that the Disraeli-Gladstone Debates were about more than giving working people a vote and that the attorneys among us have a quite different meaning attached to the word, “enfranchisement”.

We are not angry with the British people.  We have suffered the same scourge.  Our statement of the facts is not to blame the British people for the sins of their government, but to draw the world’s attention to the facts, so that the facts may be dealt with.

It’s an Old Chestnut that to solve a problem one must first realize that a problem exists, but it is well-worth restating here.

Britain, not America, is accountable for the sins of “the US”.

Britain, not America, imposed the Birth Certificate Fraud on all of us, in Breach of Trust and via legal chicanery implemented by the British Crown.

What we do from here on, is what counts.  We suggest that the people of Britain realize just how miserable they are and for how long they have suffered, and join with the rest of us to demand reform of their government.

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08 27 18 The War Against Within and Around the Church


By Anna Von Reitz

The first thing you must realize about Satanism is that it is a religion — it involves a complete belief system, involves worship of external deities, and anyone of any race or background can be subscribed to it.

This religion, Satanism, is older by far than Christianity. It was the state religion in the days of Noah, and its return was prophesied by Jesus when he said that in the Latter Days, it would be as in the days of Noah.

Satanism was the state religion of Sumeria and Babylon. It was this religion that Abraham sought to escape when he fled from Ur. It was this religion that ten of his great-grandsons returned to, thus becoming “lost” to the worship of the Hebrew God.

Satanism worships Death and Evil. Please notice that “death” spelled backwards is “htaed” and “evil” spelled backward is “live”. In Satanism, everything is backward, including logic.

A lie is a prayer to Satanists. Sex is a sacrament, especially perverted sex.

It is common among Satanists to trade their children as sex slaves to garner favor or money for themselves, and the children are brought up to think that this is all well and good.

As a result, their world is upside down and backwards from ours, a mirror image. A twelve-year old Satanist who has been raped regularly by his “Uncle” since he was nine, thinks nothing of offering his rump to a priest or anyone else. He just does what he is told by his parents or whoever else.

I say this to point out the extremities of the depravity that this whole system holds and the use of even very young children of both sexes as knowing prostitutes and seducers, well-practiced in sex of every sort, willing to do virtually anything anyone wants.

In the Old Days, many of those groomed in this way became official Temple Prostitutes. In order to be forgiven one’s sins in this venal belief system, you have to have sex with a Temple Prostitute and pay handsomely for the “service”.

We still refer to “worship services” and “religious services” today.

The members of the “Lost” Ten Tribes went back to this religion and practiced it in Jesus’ time, and it was to them he referred as literally “the synagogue of Satan”. These same Satan-worshiping Israelites much later codified some of their practices and beliefs in the Talmud. Many of these Talmudic Israelites still later became bankers and brokers.

To this day, many bankers and many banking families are Satan worshipers. Satan is just another name for the horned “god” of the sea, Poseidon. There is very good reason to surmise that King Henry the Eighth succumbed to this religion, and that Elizabeth I followed it, too, and that ever since, various members of the British Royal Family have been devotees.

The Talmudic Israelite bankers are such snakes that they don’t trust each other for banking services, and rely on Chinese and Muslim bankers instead.

The British are such snakes they depend upon the Scots and the Scots depend upon the French, the French depend upon the Popes and the Popes depend upon the Spanish.

And that’s the way it goes.

So to finally get to the topic — the current attacks and exposes against the Catholic Church began immediately after the Church took steps to rein in and clean up the banks. Immediately.

Does anyone think this is a coincidence?

Within a week of Benedict XVI moving against the banks, the first accusations of sexual abuse and sex crimes surfaced.

The Satanists are exposing their own victims within the Church — men who were targeted, tempted, and overcome by lusts of one kind or another — then used to do whatever the Satanists wanted done. Sex and blackmail. Sex and blackmail.

This is what the Satanists do, and it is largely all they have ever done to get and maintain power. The antidote is to not blink an eye-lash and not be shocked or distracted. Keep watching their little game, because that’s what it is.

Their sex and blackmail ploy is an astonishingly simple gambit and it works an astonishing percentage of the time, especially among Christian leaders who cannot afford to be exposed as leeches and predators. When sex isn’t enough, the Satanists add money to the pot. When sex and money don’t do the trick, they try drugs and even such esoteric means as hypnosis and spells.

The relatively recent change that demands the Catholic clergy to remain celibate and solitary (1870’s? Just about at the same time all this other Babylonian Slave System crappola was introduced) was a perfect Satanic set-up, both to make sure everyone in the Church leadership was physically deprived, and so that everyone else outside the Church would more readily believe that this deprivation led to gross and widespread sexual immorality.

No doubt it made the Satanists job easier, both to compromise many Church leaders, and to sell the idea of sex-starved priests molesting everyone.

It’s evident that the bankers are selling out their victims, taking their revenge on men they purposefully compromised. I don’t have to think twice about it. Do you? They are also accusing men they never succeeded in compromising, simply using the same dirty brush to paint everyone the same color.

They are trying to keep the attention focused on their victims and their victim’s victims, so as to keep attention away from their own misdeeds and practices.

Just as they used the Church as a storefront — like bookies operating out of a funeral parlor — they are now seeking to use the Church’s evils as a smokescreen to keep public attention focused away from the banks and the bankers and the politicians, too.

Don’t fall for it.

If you let them, they will flip things around and have you believing that the Church was responsible for The Bohemian Grove and that your own Mother was a transvestite male.

As for me, I don’t blink.

You could show me a picture of Pope Francis raping a pig and I wouldn’t blink, because I would know where that photo was coming from and I would be keeping my attention on the snake, not the snake’s victims.

Today, I heard the first whisper of what will be the Satanist’s attempt to besmirch the entire Christian Church. Don’t be deceived. Satanists always want us to blame the victims instead of the perpetrators—- for obvious reasons.

Keep digging, Campers, and look more closely at the accusers than at those accused.

I think Nuncio Vigano is an honest man. I think he is telling the truth with exactitude. I think he did tell Francis about Cardinal McCarrick’s bad reputation and the punishment Benedict XVI imposed on McCarrick.

All of that is true, so far as it goes.

But the Nuncio and I both also know the cat-and-mouse game that goes on around the Catholic Confessional — that Francis would have gone to McCarrick directly and privately and would have heard McCarrick’s Confession, and that Francis’s action going forward would be informed by what he heard in Confession.

Can the Pope tell us what he was told by McCarrick, so as to defend his own actions going forward?

We will never know what McCarrick told the Pope.

So once again, this is a classic Satanic logic trap. You use an honest man, the Nuncio, to tell the part of the Truth that he knows, in order to condemn a man, the Pope, who cannot reply and tell us the rest of the story.

Just like Satan telling Eve — you won’t die if you eat the fruit….

Well, at least not right away…..

So the real “story” here isn’t about the Pope or McCarrick or the Nuncio, either. The real story is to be found in whoever pushed Nuncio Vigano to do this.

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08 27 18 More Big Lies From Britain + To Our British Aussie and Canadian Friends


By Anna Von Reitz

Today, this landed on my desk, in which the authors claim that the Birth Certificate Fraud is an American concept.


Au contraire.

It’s a Babylonian concept brought forward into modern times by Benjamin Disraeli and Queen Victoria. Not the Americans.

We were merely the first innocent victims of it.

After they promoted an illegal commercial mercenary war on our shores Disraeli and the Queen compounded their infamy by using the British-backed Territorial United States to usurp our lawful government and secretively began draining our country dry to finance their war-mongering in India and elsewhere.

Your Monarchs are all criminals. And the Popes acting in the Office of Roman Pontiff were not a bit better.

So now that we have the history straight, let’s get on with the actual work that needs to be done to put an end to the enslavement of the human race.

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To Our British Aussie and Canadian Friends


By Anna Von Reitz

Be assured that the Birth Certificate Fraud was started in America by the British-backed Territorial United States and implemented by the British Crown with the full knowledge and approval of Queen Victoria and her Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli.

We have all been victims and we have all been victims together. The proof of the matter stands in the British public and private records of the time.  We were not the perpetrators. We were the first victims.

The object of dragging the old Babylonian Slave System out of the moth-balls was to finance the Raj in India and to promote the profitability of British agricultural investments in Africa and India.

It goaded the members of Parliament that their textile industry was so largely dependent on American cotton, which despite the cost of shipping it all the way from America, was still less expensive than the Egyptian cotton the British government subsidized and invested in.

So there you have the reason that our country was subjected to a bitter and illegal commercial mercenary war, aka, “American Civil War”  promoted by Bar Members acting as Esquires of the British Queen and her cohorts in Westminster.  This was also the means and excuse by which the British Queen and the Lords of the Admiralty usurped our lawful government in Gross Breach of Trust.

They simply substituted their British Territorial “States of States” for our Federal States of States using similar names deceits to fool the trusting people of this country, and thus, commandeered our lawful government.

Four fingers are pointing back at Britain for all of this.  Not at the British people.  At the Queen and the Crown. And the Popes who, as Roman Pontiffs, assisted in all this criminality.

Since at least 1860, when Abraham Lincoln, a British Bar Attorney who was ineligible for public office in our actual government, took over as “President” of the incorporated British Territorial Government, all the bad things that the “Americans” and “the US” have been accused of are actually the fault of the British Government and the British Crown, instead.

They were using us as proxies, puppets, to do their bidding, carry their water, and pay their bills.  And now, thank God, they are exposed as the criminals they are and that part of history is finally becoming history.

We have been ruthlessly, shamelessly defrauded and enslaved by our own purported International Trustees — and those same Trustees have then dishonored every other constitution and treaty in the western world in the same way.  After they pulled their sleight of hand with us, they betrayed their own people on their home islands and went on to rape and pillage Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and every other member of the Commonwealth.

From there, they used our wealth and manpower to enslave the Indian Subcontinent, used our resources and manpower to promote the First World War and the Second.  They cast the seeds of “perpetual war” in the Middle East in order to guarantee their oilfield investments.

This is not in doubt.  They bragged about it.  They wrote it down.

They think they are so very special that they will never be caught and brought to task for what they have done to the rest of the world.

You only help your own slave masters by mischaracterizing all this as an American problem or as the fault of “the US” — when “the US” has been run as a proxy of the British Government for 150 years.

More than any other people on the face of the Earth the members of the former British Colonies need to wake up and join forces with their brethren still on the Home Islands to put an end to this Great Fraud —– and we will say, Great Evil.

Without us and our manpower and our resources, Britain is nothing but a pile of rocks in the Atlantic sea, populated by an enslaved and down-trodden people who are laboring under six layers of taxation, invaded by foreign work forces, and helplessly trying to pin the blame for all this on someone or something other than their very own beloved Queen and Parliament and Lords of the Admiralty.

We have spent forty years researching these issues and we can tell you with great certainty and more than adequate documentation that the problem began in Britain and it needs to end there, too.

We suggest that everyone begins by realizing that the Disraeli-Gladstone Debates were about more than giving working people a vote and that the attorneys among us have a quite different meaning attached to the word, “enfranchisement”.

We are not angry with the British people.  We have suffered the same scourge.  Our statement of the facts is not to blame the British people for the sins of their government, but to draw the world’s attention to the facts, so that the facts may be dealt with.

It’s an Old Chestnut that to solve a problem one must first realize that a problem exists, but it is well-worth restating here.

Britain, not America, is accountable for the sins of “the US”.

Britain, not America, imposed the Birth Certificate Fraud on all of us, in Breach of Trust and via legal chicanery implemented by the British Crown.

What we do from here on, is what counts.  We suggest that the people of Britain realize just how miserable they are and for how long they have suffered, and join with the rest of us to demand reform of their government.

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08 26 18 “Worshiping God or Our Emotions?” + EVERYONE Will Get a Microchip Implant


08 26 18 “Worshiping God or Our Emotions?”

© 2018 Rob Pue, Publisher


PO Box 756

Marshfield, WI  54449

(715) 486-8066



Today’s message may seem insignificant, at first, because of the myriad of very serious issues and assaults we’re facing on our true Christian faith in America and around the world.  Normally, we discuss these topics in detail here, which admittedly, are very concerning and require our immediate attention and action.

But today I would like to talk about something else, which has been a real concern with ME for a long time now.  It has to do with REVERENCE, or perhaps better stated, the LACK of reverence we have in our churches for our Lord and Savior, and our Heavenly Father.

The “seeker friendly” movement crept into our churches a few decades ago, and it has continued that way, as more and more churches have followed the concept of “just give the people what they want.”  Pastors and Elders attend “church-building conferences,” to learn how to get more numbers — more people in the seats.  Seminaries now teach new ministers how to be non-offensive, politically correct, and to provide a “worship experience” that will appeal to the EMOTIONS of the people, make them “feel good,” and at the end of the “service,” leave with a feeling of satisfaction and comfort.

Part of this equation is music.  Music has always been a part of worshiping God.  Perhaps the most notable was David, who worshiped God through music and many of his Psalms were sung in worship to the Lord.  In the “old days,” as I was growing up, we sang the timeless hymns of the faith, so richly filled with biblical doctrine and reverence for God.  I didn’t really appreciate them at the time, at least not as much as I appreciate them now.  I guess you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

And those old hymns of the faith ARE all but GONE now, from MOST of our evangelical churches.  They have been replaced by “praise and worship” choruses, most of which are comprised of very “shallow” lyrics, which are repeated over and over, ad nauseum.  As a case in point, if I hear Open The Eyes Of Our Heart, Lord,” one more time, I think I’m going to be sick.  Indeed, that seems to be a “staple” of modern church “praise and worship time” in just about every church I’ve attended for the past decade, at least.

The song goes like this:

“Open the eyes of my heart, Lord, Open the eyes of my heart.  I want to see You.  I want to see You.  Open the eyes of my heart, Lord.  Open the eyes of my heart.  I want to see You.  I want to see You.

 “To see You high and lifted up; Shinin’ in the light of Your glory.  Pour out Your power and love as we sing ‘holy, holy, holy.’”

That’s all there is.  But the song is endless…  the “worship team” repeats these verses over and over and over again.  It almost seems as if they feel the longer they play and the more they repeat it, the more the “Holy Spirit” will descend upon the people and “move” among them.  In reality, I fear a better analysis is that the music and words tend to do one of two things:  1)  either lull people into an emotional “trance,” or 2)  make people so bored they stop singing altogether.  Neither one is true “worship.”  And I believe neither one is truly honoring to the Lord.

You see, nowadays, “church” seems to be all about US… OUR feelings, OUR emotions, OUR needs, OUR wants, OUR desires.  The words of this song, to me, have really become meaningless babble.  Like the prayers Jesus warned about in Matthew 6 when He said, “when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do.  For they think that they will be heard for their many words…”

 To me, most of these modern day “praise and worship choruses” are really just vain repetitions designed to bring people into an emotional state of mindlessness.  This is not biblical.  In fact, it’s heathen, in my opinion.

Now don’t get me wrong:  I DO appreciate and enjoy some of the modern Christian music.  There are some very wonderful musical artists out there today who create beautiful, God-honoring songs of praise.  But sadly, those are not what we’re singing in most of our churches today.

Today, MOST of the churches have tossed the hymnals in the dumpster.  In fact, at our Ministry Center in Marshfield, Wisconsin, we rescued some of those old hymnals from the dumpsters of several churches and we’re glad to have them.

Let’s compare, for a few minutes, what is sung today with what USED to be Christian worship music.  “Open the eyes of my heart, Lord; Open the eyes of my heart; I want to see You; I want to see You.”  Now remember, you have to sing this AT LEAST six or seven times before the Spirit “moves!”  Then you go on:  “To see You high and lifted up; Shinin’ in the light of Your glory.  Pour out Your power and love; As we sing ‘holy, holy, holy…’”

Then you sing the whole thing over again, six or seven more times, and HOPEFULLY the Spirit will fall upon the people.

I attended one church where most of the music consisted of these modern “praise and worship” choruses.  But then they would include ONE of the old hymns in each service.  As I looked around at the room, I noticed something.  During the modern songs, about 10, maybe 20% of the people were actually singing.  But when they did the old hymns of the Christian faith, the room literally SHOOK with the volume from the sheer number of EVERYONE singing in unison.

Let me make a few points here:  if you’re hoping to “mesmerize” people into a state of emotional bliss (one pastor explained it as: “giving time for people to ‘ENTER IN’ to worship,”) and thereby bringing the “Holy Spirit” into your meeting, then WHATEVER it is that descends on your meeting is NOT the Holy Spirit — and those in attendance are not Spirit-filled to begin with.  If you have to “call down” the Spirit” from the heavens, it seems to me that it ain’t HIM!  No, as Christians, the Holy Spirit resides INSIDE us.  We don’t need the vain ritual of endlessly repeating shallow choruses to “feel” the Spirit.  The Spirit is with us always, guiding us into all truth.

Now let’s look at some of the old hymns, those that have been tossed in the dumpsters of so many churches today.  “O Lord, my God, when I, in awesome wonder, Consider all the works Thy Hand hath made….  I see the stars, I hear the mighty thunder, Thy power throughout the Universe displayed….  Then sings my soul, my Savior, God, to Thee.  How great Thou art!  How great Thou art!”  THAT song begins with the wonder of God’s creation, as described in Genesis.  It goes on to talk about Christ’s return, and how we will bow, in our humble adoration of Him.  The problem is, we don’t WANT to “bow” to ANYONE today, not even God, because we’re so prideful.  We love ourselves too much!

Another old hymn talks about contentment in Christ, in all circumstances.  “When peace like a river attendeth my way, When sorrows like sea billows roll.  Whatever my  lot, Thou hast taught me to say, ‘It is well, it is well with my soul!’”  THIS one goes on to talk about the buffeting of Satan that will surely come to the Christian’s life; the blessed assurance we have in Jesus, how helpless we are without Him, and how He rescued us from sin (yes SIN — a novel topic today), through His blood, shed for us on the cross.  And because of that, it is WELL with my soul!

Another that talks about our sin, our desperate situation and our need for the Savior.    It starts:  “Would you be free from the burden of sin?  There’s power in the blood, power in the blood.  Would you, over evil, a victory win?  There’s wonderful power in the blood.”  This song goes on to talk about the Lamb of God, the ability for us to be free from worldly passions and pride, and how to be cleansed, through Jesus.

How about “Amazing Grace, that saved a wretch like me?!”  I wonder, how many seeker-friendly church-goers today consider themselves to be wretches?  No, nowadays, we all think we’re pretty special to God, just the way we are.  But Amazing Grace declares the truth that “I once was lost but now am found.  Was blind, but now I see!”

God calls us to a new life in Christ, upon our salvation.  But modern day theology tends to teach that we are fine just the way we are, and we can just “add Jesus in” to the life we’re already living.  A “Get Out of Hell Free” card, if we just repeat a simple prayer.  And the music we sing today in most churches reflects that ignorance.  If we are not wretches, hopelessly lost in our sin and depravity, why then, did Jesus have to be the perfect sacrifice to rescue those who call upon His name?  If we don’t understand WHY we NEED a Savior, we will never truly come to know Him and we will never really honor Him as our Lord.

Once saved, we are then to GO OUT and do as Jesus commanded:  to be salt and light in a dark and dying world.  To fight evil, to do the Lord’s work, to make disciples, teaching them to obey all Jesus commanded.  We are to be “Christian Soldiers.”  And SOLDIERS don’t just sit there once a week, or stand and raise their hands to look “holy” while repeating vain words that really, if we are honest, mean nothing to us.  We’re to go OUT.  We’re to move ONWARD.  Now I’m going to give you the entirety of one song in particular, which describes the spiritual battle we are in.  After all, if we are NOT truly in a spiritual battle, if we are not TRULY supposed to be Christian soldiers in this battle, why then, do we have such an in-depth description of the Armor of God we are all supposed to be putting on?  Are we supposed to be wearing our Armor of God to protect us as we go out to our favorite restaurant after the service?  No.  We are to engage the enemy in battle, and the gates of hell shall not prevail.  So listen to THESE words:

“Onward Christian soldiers!  Marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before. Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe;  Forward into battle, see His banners go!  Onward, Christian soldiers!  Marching as to war, With the cross of Jesus, going on before.

 “At the name of Jesus, satan’s host doth flee;  On then, Christian soldiers, on to victory!  Hell’s foundations quiver at the shout of praise:  Brothers, lift your voices, Loud your anthems raise!

 “Crowns and thrones may perish, Kingdoms rise and wane; But the Church of Jesus constant will remain. Gates of hell can never ’Gainst the Church prevail; We have Christ’s own promise, Which can never fail.

 “Onward, then, ye people!  Join our happy throng;  Blend with ours your voices in the triumph song.  Glory, laud and honor unto Christ, the King; This through countless ages Men and angels sing.”

THAT is a Church I want to belong to…. God’s REMNANT believers, standing up for His righteousness amidst a world of death, decay and destruction;  a world destined for damnation apart of Christ our King.  I’d much rather be among those saints of God than the shallow, feel-good, seeker-sensitive emotionally-laden spiritual eunichs that inhabit most of Evangelicalism today.

Let me close with these words of encouragement to you:

“Stand up, stand up for Jesus,  ye soldiers of the cross;  lift high His royal banner, it must not suffer loss.  From victory unto victory His army shall He lead, ‘til every foe is vanquished,  and Christ is Lord indeed.

 “Stand up, stand up for Jesus,  the trumpet call obey;  forth to the mighty conflict, in this His glorious day.  Ye that are brave now serve Him against unnumbered foes; let courage rise with danger, and strength to strength oppose.

 “Stand up, stand up for Jesus, stand in HIS strength alone;  the arm of flesh will fail you,  ye dare not trust your own.  Put on the gospel armor,  each piece put on with prayer;  where duty calls or danger,  be never wanting there.

 “Stand up, stand up for Jesus,  the strife will not be long;  this day the noise of battle,

the next the victor’s song.   To those who vanquish evil a crown of life shall be;  they with the King of Glory shall reign eternally.”

What POWER when we KNOW biblical doctrine and celebrate it and sing it to our Lord in song.  When we sing the words of Scripture, when we have the HOLY SPIRIT inside us, rather than waiting for it to magically “fall on us” because of our many empty words!”    PLEASE, friends, don’t ask the Lord to “Open the eyes of your heart” if you’re not willing to see!

Audio CDs and transcripts of this message are available when you call me at Wisconsin Christian News, (715) 486-8066.  Or email Rob@WisconsinChristianNews.com.  Ask for message number 232.

Experts Say Eventually EVERYONE Will Get a Microchip Implant


by Daisy Luther

After a company in Wisconsin fitted each of their employees a microchip and claimed they absolutely loved it, many people were adamant that nope, no way, they’d never get chipped like a dog. Some people claimed religious objections (mark of the Beast) while others feel that their privacy has been already been invaded quite enough with the advent of “smart” technology and advertising cookies on the internet.

If you swear to the skies that you’ll never get chipped, several experts quoted in an article on USA Today are here to tell you that you’re wrong.

Associate professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Noelle Chesley said, “It will happen to everybody. But not this year… Maybe not my generation, but certainly that of my kids.”

Professor Chesley isn’t alone in her prediction. Gene Munster of Loup Ventures had a lot to say about the possibility of everyone getting a microchip. He believes it’s about 50 years away.

“In 10 years, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Tesla will not have their employees chipped,” he says. “You’ll see some extreme forward-looking tech people adopting it, but not large companies.”

The idea of being chipped has too “much negative connotation” today, but by 2067 “we will have been desensitized by the social stigma,” Munster says. ( source)

The article gushes about the “benefits” of getting a microchip embedded in your hand.

This would go beyond paying with your smartphone. Instead, chipped customers would simply wave their hands in lieu of Apple Pay and other mobile-payment systems.

The benefits don’t stop there. In the future, consumers could zip through airport scanners sans passport or drivers license; open doors; start cars; and operate home automation systems. All of it, if the technology pans out, with the simple wave of a hand. ( source)

Seriously, how much lazier are humans going to get?

They’re right about the desensitization, though. There are things going on these days that never in a million years would have been okay decades ago, and that’s because popular culture, television, and the internet make it seem A-OK and perfectly normal. When They Who Rule decide that microchipping is the best way to ensure their total control, you can bet that there will be tv shows and movies and celebrities that all demonstrate the ease and joy of having a microchip.

Everyone’s talking about the “benefits” of getting a microchip.

Tech companies are practically waxing poetic about the joys of having a microchip implanted in one’s body.

In Sweden, BioHax says nearly 3,000 customers have had its chip embedded to do many things, including ride the national rail system without having to show the conductor a ticket.

In the U.S., Dangerous Things, a Seattle-based firm, says it has sold “tens of thousands” of chips to consumers via its website. The chip and installation cost about $200.

After years of being a subculture, “the time is now” for chips to be more commonly used, says Amal Graafstra, founder of Dangerous Things. “We’re going to start to see chip implants get the same realm of acceptance as piercings and tattoos do now.”

In other words, they’ll be more visible, but not mainstream yet.

“It becomes part of you the way a cellphone does,” Graafstra says. “You can never forget it, and you can’t lose it. And you have the capability to communicate with machines in a way you couldn’t before.”

That guy who wants to communicate with machines clearly hasn’t been watching the same sci-fi movies that I have. Nor has he read Stephen Quayle’s terrifying book, Terminated.

Graafstra isn’t the only one who thinks the whole thing is fabulous. One guy even has parties were people can “bond” over getting microchipped.

At a recent tech conference, Hannes Sjöblad explained how a microchip implanted in his hand makes his life easier. It replaces all the keys and cards that used to clutter his pockets.

“I use this many times a day, for example, I use it to unlock my smart phone, to open the door to my office,” Sjöblad said.

Sjöblad calls himself a biohacker. He explained, “We biohackers, we think the human body is a good start but there is certainly room for improvement.”

The first step in that improvement is getting a microchip about size of a grain of rice slipped under the skin. Suddenly, the touch of a hand is enough to tell the office printer this is an authorized user.

The microchips are radio frequency identification tags. The same technology widely used in things like key cards. The chips have been implanted in animals for years to help identify lost pets and now the technology is moving to humans…

…Sjöblad said he even organizes implant parties where people bond over getting chipped together.  ( source)

Will microchipping parties be the next generation of those outrageously expensive candle parties? Will folks be pimping microchips like they do those scented wax melts? Will it become some kind of MLM thing to make it even more socially acceptable?

What about the dark side of being microchipped?

Of course, they didn’t mention how easy it would be to shut off the microchipped person’s access to all of those things. And it isn’t like you could just not use your chip if it’s embedded in your body. If you were ever in a situation in which you didn’t wish to be identified, tough luck. Everything would be right there in a little device implanted under your skin.

Although the current breed of microchips does not have GPS tracking capability, analysts contend that they will one of these days in the not-so-distant future. Anyway, how do you KNOW that there is no GPS tracking technology in that teeny little chip? Just because they tell you so? And gee, who doesn’t want their every move being tracked?

Not every professor or tech expert thinks getting a microchip is a good idea. Mercifully, there are a few voices of reason.

Alessandro Acquisti, a professor of information technology and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College, warns that this might not be a good idea. (Although it doesn’t take a Ph.D. to realize this.)

“Companies often claim that these chips are secure and encrypted…But “encrypted” is “a pretty vague term,” he said, “which could include anything from a truly secure product to something that is easily hackable.”

Another potential problem, Dr. Acquisti said, is that technology designed for one purpose may later be used for another. A microchip implanted today to allow for easy building access and payments could, in theory, be used later in more invasive ways: to track the length of employees’ bathroom or lunch breaks, for instance, without their consent or even their knowledge.

“Once they are implanted, it’s very hard to predict or stop a future widening of their usage,” Dr. Acquisti said. ( source)

Then there is the issue of the chip in your body being hacked.

“This is serious stuff. We’re talking about a nonstop potential connection to my body and I can’t turn it off, I can’t put it away, it’s in me. That’s a big problem,” said Ian Sherr, an executive editor at CNET.

“It’s very easy to hack a chip implant, so my advice is don’t put your life secrets on an implant, Sjöblad said…

“It’s about educating the people and giving every person the tools…not only how to use the technology but, more importantly, when it’s being used against you,” Sjöblad warned.  ( source)

Yeah. Microchips are fabulous.

Here’s how it could go down.

Some people actually want to be microchipped like a dog. They’re lining up for it. It if isn’t available to them, they’re totally bummed out.

Certain folks won’t be happy until everyone has a computer chip implanted in them. Here’s how this could go.

  • Initially, it would be the sheep who blindly desire to be chipped for their own “convenience” leading the way.
  • Then, it would become remarkably inconvenient not to be chipped – sort of like it’s nearly impossible to not have a bank account these days.
  • Then, the last holdouts could be forcibly chipped by law.

The push may be soft at first. It may begin with peer pressure in the workplace.

Three Square Market said the chips are voluntary, but Chesley says that if a company announces a plan to be chipped, the expectation is that you will get chipped ­ or risk losing out on advancement, raises and being a team player.

“That’s what we’re worried about,” says Bryan Allen, chief of staff for state Rep. Tina Davis (D), who is introducing a bill in Pennsylvania to outlaw mandatory chip embedding. “If the tech is out there, what’s to stop an employer from saying either you do this, or you can’t work here anymore.”

Several states have passed similar laws, while one state recently saw a similar bill die in committee. “I see this as a worker’s rights issue,” says Nevada state Sen. Becky Harris (R), who isn’t giving up. “This is the wrong place to be moving,” she says.

Should future corporations dive in to chipping their employees, they will have huge issues of “trust” to contend with, says Kent Grayson, a professor of marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

“You’ve got to have a lot of trust to put one of those in your body,” Grayson says. Workers will need assurances the chip is healthy, can’t be hacked, and its information is private, he says.  ( source)

So what if it meant you’d lose your job if you refused to be chipped? What if you had a family to take care of and health insurance you couldn’t afford to lose?  The question of would you or wouldn’t you just got a whole lot more variables.

This horror movie gets even scarier. There is already a law on the books that could allow human beings to be forcibly chipped.

Oh, it’s couched in warm, fuzzy language and they say it’s just to help keep track of folks with Alzheimer’s or other developmental disabilities, but remember that the most unpatriotic law ever passed was also called the Patriot Act.

H.R.4919 was passed in 2016.

It directs the Department of Justice’s (DOJ’s) Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) to award competitive grants to health care, law enforcement, or public safety agencies, and nonprofit organizations, to develop or operate locally based proactive programs to prevent wandering and locate missing individuals with dementia or children with developmental disabilities. The BJA must give preference to law enforcement or public safety agencies partnering with nonprofit organizations that use person-centered plans and are directly linked to individuals, and families of individuals, with dementia or developmental disabilities. ( source)

Despite the fact that the bill requires everyone to use privacy “best practices,” it’s not that much of a stretch to see what a slippery slope this is. Who gets to decide whether a person “needs” to be chipped for their own good? Law enforcement? Scary.

Could this lead to a cashless society?

If “everyone” is getting microchipped like these experts predict, that could be the next step in the push toward a cashless society. Think about the lack of privacy then. If everything is purchased via a chip unique to you, then no purchases could be under the radar. Whether a person was stocking up on food, watching X-rated movies, reading books on revolution, or buying ammo, it would all be recorded in a database. Our purchases could be used in some kind of pre-crime technology, ala Minority Report, or they could be used to profile us in other ways.

If there is no way to make purchases but with a chip, many people will have to reluctantly comply. The same chips could be a requirement for medical care, driver’s licenses, jobs – you name it. No matter where you tried to hide, your GPS locator would mean that you would be found. It would be like everyone being forced to have one of those ankle bracelets that criminals wear, except it would be inside your body.

If you think the atmosphere of control is unnerving now, just wait. When everyone is microchipped, the net will be even tighter.

Between the looming robot apocalypse and forcible microchipping, it seems like we won’t have to wait for “climate change” or a war of Mutually Assured Destruction to get us. Technology just might be the end of humanity.

Summation by Jackie Juntti

I just heard this reported on the local  news and then came across this on my trap line checking.   God warns us about this….

Revelation 13:16
And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead,
Revelation 13:17
and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.
Revelation 14:9-10
Then another angel, a third one, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also will drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is mixed in full strength in the cup of His anger; and he will be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.
Revelation 7:2
And I saw another angel ascending from the rising of the sun, having the seal of the living God; and he cried out with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea,

Anyone remember the branding of the Jews by Hitler???  I wrote a lot on this when the microchipping of dogs in the early ’90’s was being pushed….  my concern then and remains – how soon before we microchip our kids and ourselves…  MARK OF THE BEAST.

Jackie Juntti
WGEN   idzrus@earthlink.net
All you say and do clearly indicates WHOSE you are.  We Brand ourselves by our actions.

I just heard this reported on the local  news and then came across this on my trap line checking.   God warns us about this….

Revelation 13:16
And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead,
Revelation 13:17
and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.
Revelation 14:9-10
Then another angel, a third one, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also will drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is mixed in full strength in the cup of His anger; and he will be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.
Revelation 7:2
And I saw another angel ascending from the rising of the sun, having the seal of the living God; and he cried out with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea,

Anyone remember the branding of the Jews by Hitler???  I wrote a lot on this when the microchipping of dogs in the early ’90’s was being pushed….  my concern then and remains – how soon before we microchip our kids and ourselves…  MARK OF THE BEAST.

Jackie Juntti
WGEN   idzrus@earthlink.net

All you say and do clearly indicates WHOSE you are.  We Brand ourselves by our actions.






By Anna Von Reitz

The rats misused and abused our Patent Office and our Copyright Office to implement their entire system.

All of these Municipal and Territorial Government corporations worldwide have been chartered right here.

And all their franchises are then franchises of ours, too.

So, now, all the assets of the Municipal and Territorial Government corporations have been rolled over into the Federal State Trusts as of 2016.

This protects American assets from seizure, and in the process saves everyone else’s assets, too.   Why?  Because they are all franchises of ours by default.

Because the Federal State Trusts are land trusts and land trusts are not subject to bankruptcy, everything stabilized and continued on.  The bankers weren’t able to initiate the worldwide cataclysm they wanted to create and profit from as a sort of giant version of The Great Depression.

Sheltering the States of States and STATES OF STATES in the Federal State Trusts automatically sheltered all the various Territorial and Municipal Governments worldwide, plus all their franchises— their banks, their commercial corporations, too.

We saved our own bacon, and we saved everyone else’s bacon in the process.

Okay, fast forward. After taking breath to pause, the perpetrators tried to boot up another round of the same old fraud.  Whereupon, we politely moved the “cheese” and rolled the Federal State Trusts back in-to the sovereign unincorporated States.

We also gave Notice and Demand for the return of control of all our assets to the Trustees responsible for the Mess: the Pope and the Queen.  By Operation of Law, the Delegated Powers returned to us the moment all three levels of the Federal Government were declared incompetent.  We acknowledged and accepted their return to the Delegating Power.

End game.

All the assets attached to us are now back on the land, worldwide, where they function under Public Law.   All assets of the States of States and STATES OF STATES belong to the actual States and the actual People and they are claimed and returned.

Westminster is put on Notice of these facts, and the International Bar Association right along with them.

See this article and over 1200 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com



From: “ALAN DONELSON” <alancdonelson@hughes.net>
It’s all in the mind, eh?

Rarely these years do I watch video, whether “movies” or “documentaries”.  Always there is an exception to prove the rule. “The Minds of Men” proves a case in point.

You can read a succinct albeit highly informative review at the link, also reproduced below.

From the opening of Truthstream Media’s first full-length documentary THE MINDS OF MEN, the general aesthetic — from the narration to the black-and-white appearance to the bizarre imagery — is properly reminiscent of an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Featuring original music and character voicing by Melissa and Aaron Dykes, viewers will learn about the people behind mind-control programs designed and implemented by the military, universities, foundations, elite societies, science and government institutions. THE MINDS OF MEN weaves archival video footage, news clippings, primary research papers, interviews, and analysis into a stunning trove of conclusions about what humanity faces.

As the nearly 4-hour film commences, Part I introduces a chronicle of various experiments on unwitting populations, and the mad science torture methods of breaking down the psyche in an attempt to rewrite the human brain much as one would a computer hard drive.

Viewers might feel like they are completely familiar with projects like the CIA’s MKULTRA, but this well-known program is only used to set the stage. Aaron and Melissa begin to delve deep into the lesser-known subprojects that were developed to create a broad array of tactics and technologies that were tested on many unwitting human beings.

In fact, as the filmmakers expertly document, no one has been off-limits when it comes to military research into the inner workings of the human mind. Psychological, pharmacological and technological trauma was routinely used in tests on military personnel, inmates, hospital patients and even children.

As stated in the film:

The implications for brainwashing, indoctrination, and re-education were staggering.

Part II – Cybernetics covers the establishment of “control and communication in the animal and machine.” Working from the baseline idea that people are fully programmable, the next step along the path toward ultimate control would be to automate the mission. This “man-machine project” introduced the concept of a “neural net,” which we see being developed in a much more advanced form now under the term neural lace.”

Learning about the origins of robotics and artificial intelligence, all designed to mechanize the human mind, is a solid reminder to be wary of any of the supposed benefits that mind-rewiring technology claims in its modern propaganda.

The dark origins are laid completely bare in what Aaron Dykes calls a “global Manhattan Project for the mind,” which was heavily documented but long since forgotten in publications like Mental Health and World Citizenship. The film continues to connect the dots throughout the evolution of the Internet itself as it was constructed to become a de facto electronic nervous system that the populace is wired into.  The potential for behavior modification was seen very early on, even as “new revelations” emerge from social media companies that only now acknowledge this to be part of the built-in design.

Part III – The Brain Doctors looks at many of the people behind mind control systems like the MKULTRA subprojects. Moving beyond behavioral modification, this begins the age of direct mind control via “psychosurgery” with horrific experiments conducted on mental patients. Many of the techniques were rudimentary and brutal precursors to technology we are seeing in the news today, such as transcranial magnetic stimulation. However, today’s news bites don’t properly contextualize the history that the filmmakers have uncovered in the fields of biological control through radio frequency transmitted to implanted electrodes, and testing with microwave radiation (5G anyone?). Worse still is the fact that this testing began on animals, but humans were eventually treated just the same in sanctioned laboratories.

Part IV – The Psychocivilized Society segues from the political turmoil of the 1960s which led to the theory that the behavior of rioting might have a medical cause, even leading some proponents to suggest that political leaders and activists must have some sort of brain disease that should be targeted for correction or prevention. It was an early type of pre-crime notion that sought to identify behavior patterns and the likelihood of violence before any activity had taken place.

What followed was the development of the brain-computer interface and, specifically, the pursuit that specific brainwaves could be eradicated. This is where the concept of violence prediction came about as the combination of psychiatry and social systems began to meld into one overall method for direct control over large populations.

A key interview with Dr Breggin, MD serves to round out all of what the film presents and is a must-see whistleblower account of someone who saw these systems being built. At the time, Dr Breggin was a lone voice of reason and ethics; and in the film, he appears as a shining light amid the darkness as he recounts horrendous physical and mental abuse that clearly was/is rife at the highest level of these mind control programs.

And this film, too, is a shining light despite its dark overtones. It is a meticulously and comprehensively researched account that is a great service to the public as well as other researchers in bringing into one place all of the dots that need to be connected.

After viewing this documentary, despite our own 15-year investigation into the subject of government mind control, we wholeheartedly agree with Melissa and Aaron’s statement about their personal journey while making this film: You may think you know this story, but we promise you, you don’t.

Highly Recommended

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 When one sees a statue of the type shown below – being used to replace the destroyed Ten Commandments in Arkansas – then you realize that it stands for Pedophilia – which is being pushed more and more by the ‘Champions’ in Government of these perverted beings.

Olddogs Comments!

Everywhere we look these days, evil is devastating everything we formally loved about America and the public school system is the worst place in the world to send your children every day. After you Pray long hard and continuously, ask GOD for directions! The scum in our society has to go back to hell before we do.


08 24 18 So, You’re in Hell. Now what? + More Basics. Social Security: Impact On?


By Anna Von Reitz

Let us begin with this important piece of information:

“Hell” is not “Hades” as in the underworld of the Ancient Greeks, and it is not “Sheol” the shadow world of Second Soul in the Hebrew scheme of things, nor is it “Gehenna” the realm of separation and misery in the Hebrew system.

In fact, if you really search Catholic Dogma, you won’t find any reference to “Hell” there, either, though most people attach the meaning of Satan’s fiery prison to it.


“Hell” is literally the name of Debtor’s Prison.  And that’s why apprentice attorneys are still called “Devils” in Scotland.

Don’t believe it?  I have plenty of books.

You’ve been living in a Debtor’s Prison all your life without knowing it.  So, yes, you are in Hell right now, Literally.

What are you going to do about it?

When I say, “Wake to Hell up!” this is what I am talking about: the circumstance in which you live.  Wake up!

If I walked up to you and told you that the clerk at your insurance company stole the information off your credit card and that he is pilfering your credit account —– you might stare at me, you would definitely be alarmed, but once you checked your statement and saw that it was true, you would know what to do.

You would call your bank or Credit Card Company and say, “Hey!  I didn’t make these charges!  My account has been compromised!  This is a mistake!  I don’t know anything about “Felix’s Massage Therapy” and I sure didn’t order a new hot tub from “Wonder Spa” or buy anything at Neiman Marcus….. ”

So why is it that everyone stops and balks and stares at me like I’m the crazy one when I tell you that a foreign, private, for-profit governmental services corporation has stolen your identity and your credit cards?  And is charging you for services you never ordered and is charging whatever they want to charge for all the “services” they have foisted off on you and charged to your ACCOUNT?

It’s really no different.  It’s the same crime.  It’s being committed at the same level — the level of commerce.  And the end result — to put you in debt up to your ears for expenditures you never authorized — is the same.

But, hey, until you raise your hand and object — everyone assumes that you authorized the charges and that you owe them.

The bank isn’t going to call up Neiman Marcus if you don’t object to paying for someone else’s trip to Beijing, the $1200 bath robe, the 3 carat diamond ring, and new leather furniture set they charged to YOU.

The so-called “government” doesn’t use credit cards; it uses Treasury Bonds and CUSIP Bonds and other forms of debt instruments to pile its debts on your weary head.

They use the “presumption” that if you vote in their private corporate elections, you must be going along with all this and profiting from it somehow.

Why else would you let a foreign private investment corporation use your assets as collateral for its debts and charge you whatever it wants to charge?

Do you know that there isn’t a single mortgage in America that is owed by a living man or woman?

That’s what “mortgage” means — its a debt owed by a dead person.

That “dead person” is a defunct earlier version of another foreign, privately owned, for-profit government Services Corporation that went bankrupt and left you and your children responsible for paying off its debts.


Got the picture now?

You and your children and your children’s children’s children’s are buried alive under a mountain of Odious Debt— that is, debt that you didn’t authorize and didn’t benefit from.

When a “government services corporation” pulls this kind of criminal crap there is no bank or credit card Company to call, so you may be standing there with a dumb, horrified look on your face, feeling terribly alone. And helpless.

Been there and done that.

But you are in luck.  And you are not alone.  There are at least 350 million other Americans in the exact same boat.  And there are good solid historical reasons for why we are in this deplorable situation — reasons that are known and there are things we can do to change “Hell” into Paradise.

We’ve written three books so far that give you all the basics, all of them available on Amazon.com for a few bucks.

The first one, Disclosure 101 tracks my own experience, how I got my “wake up call” and details the early history of the effort to not only wake up, but make sense of what we call “The Mess” — plus our early actions to put a stop to the crimes.

The second book is aimed at a broad audience.  Anyone can read “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” which is lavishly illustrated with cartoons and helpful graphs and commentary.  It may strike some people as to “not serious”—- but it is.

And the third book, America: Some Assembly Required, is very short — an “executive summary” built on 30-second sound-bites of information that coalesce as you go, so, you can have the whole Big Picture lined out in an hour or two if the “Just the Facts, Ma’am” approach works for you.

We woke up to this reality more than twenty years ago and every year, more and more Americans wake up.  Word is spreading every day. And yes, we have found ways to deal with the pesky “devils” among us.

The good news is that the Truth will set you free, and there is a path forward and onward and upward.  There is a way to save our country and reform our government.  And even if you are in “Hell” right now, you don’t have to stay there.

You can come home, come out of Babylon, and once you boil it all down, it isn’t even that hard to do (though we can assure you that the road to ferret out the information was anything but easy).

Go to Article 928 posted at www.annavonreitz.com.  There you will find a handful of simple forms that establish your claim to own your own Trade Name and which enable you to claim your children and grandchildren’s names for them, too.

This is the start — the foundation to reclaim your freedom, your identity, and your correct political status.  It’s the beginning of taking back control of your country and your finances and your future.

And if the forms don’t immediately make sense to you, take the time to read the books so that the Big Picture of what happened snaps into view.  There is logic to every thing that happened, and therefore, logic to everything we do in response.

See this article and over 1200 others on Anna’s website here:


 More Basics. Social Security: Impact On?


By Anna Von Reitz

None. They still owe you.

I regularly get questions from retirees who want to know what impact claiming their birthright will have on Social Security payments and services owed to them?

Notice — I did not say “benefits”.

Let’s begin with what “Social Security” is.

It’s a government employee pension program started under FDR. Chances are, you were never eligible to enroll in Social Security because you were never a federal government employee, never a federal government dependent, and never knowingly or willingly sought political asylum from the British Territorial United States.

No American in their right mind would ever choose Territorial “citizenship” because it is a distinctly unfavorable status with no constitutional guarantees and no “Natural and Unalienable” rights, and tons of obligations.

But you weren’t told any of this. Instead, you were told a Big, Fat, Self-Interested Fib — that you had to enroll in Social Security and pay into it “in order to have a job” and your employers were lied to, too, and told that they “had to” participate in and collect taxes for the program also.

Another one of Satan’s little half-lies.

Of course, if you were working for the federal government, you would have to enroll in their employee pension program and if your employer happened to have a contract with the federal government, they would have to allow you to (voluntarily) participate….. but for most of us who never saw a federal paycheck or even a “federally connected” paycheck in our lives, it is all nothing but fraud and false presumptions.

We were deliberately mis-informed by fraudsters and compelled under the “appearance” of a government mandate to enroll in a pension program that had nothing to do with most of us.

In recent years the rats in charge have plundered the Social Security funds and given them away to illegal immigrants and whoever else’s votes they wanted to buy, so now they have taken to calling Social Security payments “benefits” — as in “welfare benefits” — because for people who never worked their forty quarters and who never “vested” in the system, that’s what such payments are.

But there’s another, darker reason, too.

Having busted your nickel and spent all your credit and the credit of your children’s children, too, the “governmental services corporations” responsible have all declared bankruptcy and left you and yours holding the bag.

And it’s easier and more justifiable to stop “voluntary” welfare payments than it is to avoid the obligations of an old age pension actually owed to someone.

Head’s up, seniors. Those of you who worked your rumps off for fifty years — they spent all the money you gave them on war and depravity, never caring or intending to pay you back. And now they are trying to grease their backdoor, Plan B — change a few words here and there, call your pension payments and services “benefits” — and skate.

And that is just One More Reason you have to take control of your affairs and wise up right about now.

So, what’s the deal, Grandma?

First, you have do the basic paperwork I’ve assigned (Article 928, www.annavonreitz.com) and get your counterclaim recorded. And then, as part of that, you will also record your “Cancellation of All Prior Powers of Attorney”.

Unknown to you, as part of your “enrollment” in Social Security (most of us were 16 and real sharp about legal stuff) they slipped in a “General Power of Attorney” for themselves.

Once your “Cancellation of All Prior Powers of Attorney” is recorded, you will want to send one copy of the recorded document to the Social Security Administration and give them Notice that you have returned to your birthright political status, that you earned your pension, and that you have cancelled their Power of Attorney. As always, send it Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested.

Now, until everyone gets the “word” this may leave the Social Security Administration workers scratching their heads and their butts. They may think you are nuts. Hey, they really ARE “federal” workers and really DO get a federal paycheck, and yes, Social Security IS mandatory for THEM, so, they assume that you are obligated to enroll in Social Security, too, because THEY are—-right?


That’s what is so ingenious about this scam, just like Eve and the apple. It’s half true — true for some people and not for others. You won’t die……right away.

Anyway, serve them Notice right up front, and then contemplate your next moves. The Legal Law Firm is stretched tight as a drum, but working away on all fronts: foreclosures, theft of Social Security, child custody snares, Odious Debt, utility bills, “citizenship”, the “UN” — all of it, and we are going as fast as we can.

You can help a lot by doing your part. Get your paperwork recorded at the local land recording office and get your own fat out of the fire. Next, boot up your local County and State Jural Assemblies. Those are the most important things to do right now — (1) stake your claims and (2) begin operating your own lawful government again.

I think it is obvious that we cannot depend on hired subcontractors to do the job for us. If that were an option, we wouldn’t be in this Mess. So even if the prospect of operating your own local government seems daunting — do it. Feel your way forward and join together to help chart the way. Americans provided their own government for two hundred years prior to these European Sharpies moving in like Cuckoo birds and substituting their “services” for our lawful government. We can do it again.

The other thing you can do is help support The Living Law Firm. It’s the only organization of its kind in the entire country, and its the only one organized to take on the Big Issues and find solutions that apply across the board, for the good of everyone concerned, and the good of our country.

It means a lot to me when one of “our guys” calls up and needs help, to be able to send help, and as this whole effort spools up, more Americans join the effort and become part of the team. As our efforts expand, so do our expenses. It cost me over $1000 this past week in filing fees and over $200 for Registered Mail — multiply that by all the rest of the work being done by other members of The Living Law Firm and all the light bills, travel costs, paper and ink, certified copy costs, filing fees….. and then allow for a broken arm, flat tires, and a busted water heater for some of us along the way…. and you will know what our team is up against.

In addition to all my other roles, I am still serving as Paymaster for all of this. As Head Cheese (or “Cheese Head” since I am from Wisconsin) I have to parcel out the resources as they come in and do the best I can.

Right now, I have several team members who need help to buy school supplies and shoes and clothes for their children. That isn’t — strictly speaking — related to the legal and research work they do for me, but it is part of their duty as mothers and fathers and it hurts when they work so very hard on all of this — and can’t meet basic obligations. Your donations make it possible for me to help them and keep the ball rolling. It also allows us to keep offering the information for free.

There are people out there selling “packages” for thousands of dollars that don’t do anything more or better than what you find posted at www.annavonreitz.com for free to everyone. Our attitude is — and has always been — we are all Americans and we are all in this together, rich and poor alike. We don’t want anyone left behind because they couldn’t afford it.

So, if you can, if you have some extra this month, think of our “legal troops and history snoops”. We’ve come a long way, but we haven’t done it alone, and we couldn’t have come this far, this fast, without your donations tiding our volunteers over the rough spots. We take PayPal at: avannavon@gmail.com and other donations via Snail Mail: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652

See this article and over 1200 others on Anna’s website here:




Introduction by Marilyn Barnewall about the new civil war

I got this tonight and thought you might enjoy it.  I did. Sometimes things that come across my desk are so well done that it would be an injustice not to share them.  Such is the case with the following.  I received this article from a subscriber. I did not know the author but the truth he has penned is transcendent.  In my effort to confirm that the attribution is correct, I even reached out to the late Dr. Minzey’s family.  At the time of this writing I have not yet heard back from them, so based upon the vetting I did do, I share it with you. The truth presented in this article is incontrovertible.  I trust you will find it as powerful as I have.  The article begins below. — Mychal Massie

A few days ago, Jack Minzey, sent what was to be the final chapter in the long line of books and treatises which he had written. Jack went to be with the Lord, last Sunday, 8 April 2018.

Professionally, Jack was head of the Department of Education at Eastern Michigan University as well as a prolific author of numerous books, most of which were on the topic of Education and the Government role therein.  His interest in Conservative Politics was exceeded only by his intellectual ability.

This is the last of his works: Civil War

How do civil wars happen?

Two or more sides disagree on who runs the country.  And they can’t settle the question through elections because they don’t even agree that elections are how you decide who’s in charge.  That’s the basic issue here. Who decides who runs the country?  When you hate each
other but accept the election results, you have a country.  When you stop accepting election results, you have a countdown to a civil war.

The Mueller investigation is about removing President Trump from office and overturning the results of an election.  We all know that.  But it’s not the first time they’ve done this. The first time a Republican president was elected this century, they said he didn’t really win.  The Supreme Court gave him the election.  There’s a pattern here.

What do sure odds of the Democrats rejecting the next Republican president really mean?  It means they don’t accept the results of any election that they don’t win.  It means they don’t believe that transfers of power in this country are determined by elections.

That’s a civil war.

There’s no shooting.  At least not unless you count the attempt to kill a bunch of Republicans at a charity baseball game practice.  But the Democrats have rejected our system of government.

This isn’t dissent. It’s not disagreement.  You can hate the other party.  You can think they’re the worst thing that ever happened to the country.  But then you work harder to win the next election.  When you consistently reject the results of elections that you don’t win, what you want is a dictatorship. Your very own dictatorship.

The only legitimate exercise of power in this country, according to Democrats, is its own.  Whenever Republicans exercise power, it’s inherently illegitimate.  The Democrats lost Congress.  They lost the White House.  So what did they do?   They began trying to run
the country through Federal judges and bureaucrats.  Every time that a Federal judge issues an order saying that the President of the United States can’t scratch his own back without his say so, that’s the civil war.

Our system of government is based on the constitution, but that’s not the system that runs this country.  The Democrat’s system is that any part of government that it runs gets total and unlimited power over the country.

If the Democrats are in the White House, then the president can do anything.  And I mean anything.   He can have his own amnesty for illegal aliens.  He can fine you for not having health insurance.  His power is unlimited.  He’s a dictator.

But when Republicans get into the White House, suddenly the President can’t do anything.  He isn’t even allowed to undo the illegal alien amnesty that his predecessor illegally invented.  A Democrat in the White House has ‘discretion’ to completely decide every aspect of immigration policy.   A Republican doesn’t even have the discretion’ to reverse him.  That’s how the game is played.   That’s how our country is run.  Sad but true, although the left hasn’t yet won that particular fight.

When a Democrat is in the White House, states aren’t even allowed to enforce immigration law.  But when a Republican is in the White House, states can create their own immigration laws.  Under Obama, a state wasn’t allowed to go to the bathroom without asking permission. But under Trump, Jerry Brown can go around saying that California is an independent republic and sign treaties with other countries.

The Constitution has something to say about that.

Whether it’s Federal or State, Executive, Legislative or Judiciary, the left moves power around to run the country.  If it controls an institution, then that institution is suddenly the supreme power in the land.  This is what I call a moving dictatorship.

Donald Trump has caused the Shadow Government to come out of hiding: Professional government is a guild. Like medieval guilds.  You can’t serve in if you’re not a member.   If you haven’t been indoctrinated into its  arcane rituals.   If you aren’t in the club. And Trump isn’t
in the club. He brought in a bunch of people who aren’t in the club with him.

Now we’re seeing what the pros do when amateurs try to walk in on them.  They spy on them, they investigate them and they send them to jail.  They use the tools of power to bring them down.  That’s not a free country.

It’s not a free country when FBI agents who support Hillary take out an ‘insurance policy’ against Trump winning the election.  It’s not a free country when Obama officials engage in massive unmasking of the opposition.  It’s not a free country when the media responds to the other guy winning by trying to ban the conservative media that supported him from social media.  It’s not a free country when all of the above collude together to overturn an election because the guy who wasn’t supposed to win did.

Have no doubt, we’re in a civil war between conservative volunteer government and a leftist Democrat professional government.

Olddogs Comments!

When one considers how many people vote in elections against those who either know better or are completely indifferent, that is proof we have been in a civil war for most of our history: but why? If I may give my opinion those who do not participate are smart enough to know better than to be involved with such a stupid and corrupt system. So, if the majority are really the smartest, why don’t they do some research and see what other methods of governance are available? One could begin by researching the ORIGINAL method that was in affect before the International Banking Cartel, The Pope, and the Queen of England surreptitiously introduced various illegal statues that is totally incompatible with our then existing system of common law. They trashed the 13th amendment which protected us from the Bar Association and introduced the 14th amendment which made us slaves. So, if there is any common sense left in America one would wonder why everyone does not investigate the destruction of freedom and help rebuild our original form of government, all of which is thoroughly explained by Anna Von Reitz and the Living Law Firm. Go here  and see for yourself what happened and what to do about it. For those of you who insist on participating in a two party system of corruption; what will it take to wake you up? It has never worked and never will, and your refusal to do the research and support the cure puts you in the category of the dull and ignorant!


08 22 18 Lions, and Tigers, and Bears. . . . and oh, my! World Trusts!


By Anna Von Reitz

First, there was the “Unum Sanctum” — “One Sacred” Trust, published in 1302.  It gradually gained traction and assets and network connectivity that spanned the Globe.  Like most human endeavors, it had its upsides and its downsides….

Upsides include a global postal and banking system which allows us to communicate and to trade on a global scale.  Those strawberries from Ecuador that you are eating in January would not be possible without the work of the Unum Sanctum Trust.

The idea of public hospitals and public charities and public schools for the masses are all the work of the Unum Sanctum Trust.  The idea of foundations devoted to things like Public Broadcasting and Art Museums and Public Libraries—- all from the Unum Sanctum Trust.

In fact, much of the modern world as we know it, and much of the good that has been accomplished, has in one way or another been guided or implemented or expedited or planned by the Unum Sanctum Trust and we take this all for granted as it things like the Postal Service just sprang up out of the ground like mushrooms in the fall.

Not so.  It took many generations of sacrifice and inspiration and donations by — largely Catholic supporters — to make all this possible.

And now for the downside….. over many generations, things got out of control and the power and connectivity and wealth of the Unum Sanctum Trust began to be abused for political and criminal purposes. The so-called “Middle Crown” of the Trust, the Romanus Pontifex was dissolved in 2011 as a result.

And then we had the ill-fated One People’s Public Trust — the OPPT, organized as a result of the work of the Paradigm Project — an attempt to “take over” the assets and resources of the Unum Sanctum Trust and redefine it and garner political support by giving away little dribs and drabs of assets while retaining the vast bulk of the “foreclosed upon” assets for purposes unknown.

This is in common terms known as  “rolling over” a trust.  When one trust ends, another begins. Or so that theory and means of dealing with the situation has it.

It is one of the great ironies of the world that Bar Attorneys are generally speaking the only ones who know how to foreclose assets, but they also have no standing as owners with respect to the assets they foreclose. They are the eternal middlemen, foreclosed themselves from entering into the Kingdom.

Well, according to some of the most ancient texts on Earth, somebody had to be the Gatekeepers.

And then, there is “Manna World Holding Trust” that has been making a bid to take over and control all the assets of the world.

Same story as OPPT, different day, more sinister provenance.

Some hackers at MIT in concert with certain loose canons in the so-called “defense community” developed a means to transfer information from the current banking system and lock down accounts all over the world.  They have since been thumping themselves on the back for their illegal acts and touting their own horns as if they have done a great thing.


We expect that when the dust settles they will all be tracked down and scrutinized and while they may make some claims that they did it for “national security”,  I believe that a very different motive will emerge.  They are trying to roll over the World Trust Assets, just like OPPT.  Only they serve their own masters and their own peculiar agendas.

Apparently, our simple idea that the assets need to go back to the countries and to the people to whom the assets naturally belong is too hard for all these power-hungry genius-types to grasp.

And in cases where nobody knows any longer who the owners are, simply put the unclaimed assets into an investment fund and use the proceeds to fund infrastructure in underdeveloped countries and to provide aid to those affected by natural catastrophe or war?

Once they deal with the fact that the American assets — as in our assets — are not “unclaimed” and that our government isn’t in any kind of “abeyance”,  the larger part of all the land and other assets they were planning to divide among themselves disappears from the table and the whole issue gets cut down to size.

And the World Trust is no longer a single juggernaut poised to destroy all national governments and impose a single world government administered by some kind of global “meritocracy”, either.  It dissolves like a paper tiger in the rain, melting back into the National Trusts that are owed to the people of every country.

Sometimes going forward means going back, retracing and rethinking.  A single World Trust — or even half a dozen such trusts — is a bad idea, because it concentrates too much power in the hands of too few people, who then become subject to the corrupting nature of such power.

Instead of universal brotherhood it resulted in universal enslavement.

So scratch that one. Erase the drawing board. Start over.

See this article and over 1200 others on Anna’s website here:


08 21 18 Cancellation of All Powers of Attorney + To Be Clear About the Paperwork




By Anna Von Reitz

Many people have been asking me, “Well, how do I cancel Powers of Attorney that I may or may not even know exist?” You record your Cancellation of all such Powers and make it another Extension of your Deed of Re-Conveyance.

Here is a bare-bones example of how it needs to be set up and what it needs to say:

“All prior Powers of Attorney granted by Anna Maria Riezinger are removed, cancelled, and permanently revoked effective June 6, 1956.

Anna Maria Riezinger is Attorney-in-Fact for all purposes related to the administration of her estates and all correspondence should be addressed to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.”

by:______________________________ this ____day of _______ 2018.

Public Notary Witness


Matanuska-Susitna County

I____________________, a Public Notary, was visited today by the woman known to me to be Anna Maria Riezinger, and she did affirm and sign this Cancellation of All Powers of Attorney in my presence for the purposes stated.

by:____________________________Public Notary; my Commission expires on:______________________.


To my readers— notice that the place this notary function is taking place in is “Alaska” — the sovereign State, and also that it is taking place in “Matanuska-Susitna County”, both of which are unincorporated entities.

Not the State of Alaska, not County of Matanuska-Susitna, Not a Borough. Not a City. Or any other incorporated entity.

And also note, that because this is taking place in the land jurisdiction “State” and in the land jurisdiction “County”, this is a Public Notary function and not a “Notary Public” function.

See the PDF version of this here and see the editble version .docx in the documents at article 928 at http://www.annavonreitz.com


See this article and over 1200 others on Anna’s website here:




By Anna Von Reitz

Destry Payne did not do the paperwork I recommend that every American do.

(See Article 928 on my website: www.annavonreitz.com.)

Bruce Doucette didn’t do the paperwork I recommended, either.

Neither did Stephen Nalty.

Neither did Ammon Bundy.

Neither did the Hammonds.

Neither did LaVoy Finicum.

Neither did Steve Curry.

I could go on all day long listing all the people who have listened with only half an ear to what I am saying, and who have paid the price for not doing a few hours of due diligence and maybe a half-day chore of recording some paperwork.

All these men thought they knew better.  They all went their own way.  They all trespassed into Federal Jurisdiction.  They all suffered the consequences.

Rain falls from the sky.  Water runs downhill.

We are living in a bogus state of manufactured political “war”, which is considerably more phony than any $3 bill, but until you realize what is being promoted against you and by whom and what, it is not possible to gain control of the situation or take any action to correct it.

Now, some people have done the paperwork and have still been arrested by highway patrolmen and so on.

Best be aware that there is no automatic computer-generated connection between what you have on file at the Recorder’s Office and what the police have on their screens.  You not only have to record it, you have to bring it forward.  (Someday, hopefully quite soon,  there will be a database connection, but not yet.)

When people do this and knowledgeably defend their position as landlubbers, miracles are happening.  Mortgages are being set-aside and “paid off”.  People are leaving jails, set free because they are not subject to statutory law.  The Indemnity Bond is being honored.

The police, the judges, and the “Machine” are slowly waking up along with the rest of America, and beginning to come to heel, but these are early days and these atrocities against our States and our People have been going on for a long time.

Imagine that you are at the helm of a Supertanker far out at sea and you are trying to execute a 180 degree turn around and reversal?  Even at “Full Speed” that kind of change takes time.

So is the paperwork a Silver Bullet?

Yes, so long as you don’t murder, rape, steal or do other things that damage actual people and property.  And so long as you get it on the Public Record prior to running afoul of THEIR law.  The Truth will set you free, so long as you establish what your truth is and provide proof of it.

See this article and over 1200 others on Anna’s website here:




By Anna Von Reitz

I am re-posting this seminal article from “Four Winds” for all those who need to know the nature and status of the “Department of Justice” — and the fact that it’s an Executive Branch entity not connected with the Judicial Branch of government at all.

This makes the  “Department of Justice” an instrumentality of political policy and executive power and divorces it (from inception no less) from any actual role vaguely related to ensuring any kind of justice for anyone, including the President of the United States.

This is why you are continuing to see the DOJ Witchhunt in the national media: it is a political organ, and always has been.  Ironically, as you will see, DOJ is also meant to be a creature under the thumb and forefinger of the President, and a means for him to exercise Executive power.

Always remember that your actual land jurisdiction government, The United States of America, [Unincorporated] has never been at war, never been bankrupt, and is not subject to any form of martial law.  And when you reclaim your birthright, neither are you affected by any of this drama.

All this “reconstruction” — is within and a function of the Federal Government operating under Delegated Powers.  And now that the Delegated Powers have reverted by Operation of Law to the Delegators of those “Powers” it is time for us to settle this hash once and for all.

It is left to us, those who are awake and alive, to determine the fate of the “Federal Government” and finish not only its reconstruction, but determine its role in the modern world.  Read on— and all our many thanks to the original “Four Winds” who dedicated many years of worthy scholarship to the effort:

U.S. Under Martial Law Since The Civil War

Four Winds

Please be aware that what you are about to read will be very difficult to digest. All our life we have been living under a lie to keep us enslaved. The truth is now known. The problem is, what do we do now? Like you, I became aware of this same truth today and I don’t where to go from here.

I learned judges in California are not “public officials”  I wanted to know why, if they are elected by the people.

Now I know why, and so will you after reading this information.

It will take many educated and creative minds to solve our problem. I pray you are up to the challenge.

Further proof that martial law remained in effect after the Civil War can be found in the “Congressional Globe” (now called the “Congressional Record”).  The following are excerpts from the April 20th through 29th, 1870 “Congressional Globe” concerning H.R. 1328 which established the Department of Justice to CONTINUE TO CARRY OUT MARTIAL LAW nearly five years after the end of the Civil War:

“The following bureaus shall be established in this department [the Department of Justice]:  a Bureau of International Law, a Bureau of Revenue Law, a Bureau of Military and Naval Law, a Bureau of Postal Law, a Bureau of Land Management Law.”

Congressman Lawrence then said in the record:

“This Bill, however, does transfer to the Law Department, or the Department of Justice as it is now called, the cognizance of all subjects of martial law, and the cognizance of all subjects of military and naval law, except that portion of the administration of military justice which relates to military court martial, their proceedings, and the supervision of records.

“If a question of martial law is to be determined by the law officers of  government, it will now belong to the Attorney General, or to this Department of Justice.  It will not belong to the Judge Advocate General of  the Army.  He will not be called upon for any opinion relating to martial law or military law except as to that portion of the administration of military law which relates to military justice.

“In other words, the Judge Advocate General, instead of giving legal opinions to the Secretary of War relating to the status of the states of the union, their right to call upon the government for military protection, or military aid, and other grave Constitutional questions, will be limited.  The Judge Advocate General will perform duties administrative in their character and almost exclusively so.

“But I will state to the House why, in my judgment, no transfer of the Judge Advocate General or of his duties to the Department of Justice has been proposed in this Bill.  If this had been done, the Bill would have encountered the opposition of some of the officers of the Bureau of Military Justice and their friends, and so great is the power of men in office, so difficult is it to abolish an office, that we were compelled in the consideration of this subject to leave officers in this Bureau untouched in their official tenure in order that this Bill might get through Congress.

“But so far as the Solicitor and Naval Judge Advocate General is concerned, he is transferred with all his supervisory power over naval court partials and the records and proceedings of such courts, so that to that extent, this Bill accomplishes the great purpose which it has in view of bringing into one department the whole legal service of the government. It is misfortunate that there should be different constructions of the laws of the United States by different law officers of the United States.”


These traitors knew they would have encountered opposition from the military with the provisions of H.R. 1328, so they decided to leave the military officers untouched during their tenure, and transfer them to supervisory positions over court partials.  This appeased the military leaders, who didn’t have the foggiest idea as to what was really going on.

Had the traitors fleeced the military of all their powers during their tenure in office, the military would have realized and possibly taken some military action.  But as nothing was happening at the hen house, they slept through this entire situation which resulted in an overthrow of the Constitution — an overthrow under which government pretended to operate in 1933, and under which it continues to pretend to operate today.

The traitors were now faced with a very serious problem, namely, what to do with the powers of the Office of the Judge Advocate General when their tenure in office expired. And they solved this dilemma by adding the following amendments, detailed in that same “Congressional Globe”:

Congressman Jenks:  I move to amend Section 3 by inserting the word “naval” before the words “Judge Advocate General”.

The amendment was agreed to and later Congressman Finkelburg stated:

I would suggest the propriety of amending the third section of this Bill by inserting after the words “the Naval Solicitor and Naval Judge Advocate General” the words “who shall hereafter be known as Naval Solicitor”.

Mr. Jenks: I have no objection to that amendment.

This amendment was also agreed to, and the Office of the Judge Advocate General became known as the Naval Solicitor.  Thus, when the existing tenure was over, the new office would have a different set of rules and regulations so that the Bill accomplished the great purpose which it had in view of bringing into one department the whole legal service of the government without the power of the Office of the Judge Advocate General getting in their way.

 This was a necessary step to bring the President into the position of  dictator over America. 

But they had one other problem facing them, namely, DIRECT ACCESS to the Treasury for the Department of Justice without interference.  They accomplished this by the following three sections of the Bill:

“…The Eighth Section provides that the Attorney General is hereby empowered to make all necessary rules and regulations for the government….

“…The Eleventh Section provides that all monies hereafter drawn out of the Treasury upon requisition of the Attorney General shall be dispersed by such one of the clerks herein provided for the Attorney General as he may designate, and so much of the First Section of the Act, making appropriations, past March 3rd, 1859, as provides that money drawn out of the Treasury upon requisition of the Attorney General shall be dispersed by such dispersing officer as the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby repealed….

“…The Fifteenth Section provides that the supervisory powers now exercised by the Secretary of the Interior over the accounts of the district attorneys, marshals, clerks, and other officers of the courts of the United States, shall be exercised by the Attorney General….”

It is important here to remember that under the Trading with the Enemy Act, the District Courts of the United States are:

   “…hereby given jurisdiction to make and enter all such rules as to notice and otherwise and all such orders and decrees and to issue such process as may be necessary and proper in the premises to enforce the provisions of this Act.”

It is here that we find out that the district attorneys, marshals, clerks and other officers of the courts are under the Department of Justice. That seems an obvious statement, given the state of the nation today.  But the REAL PROBLEM — given the broad scope of powers granted the District Courts under the Trading with the Enemy Act — is that the Department of Justice is *NOT* a part of the Judicial Branch of Government!

According to Section 101 of Title 5 of the United States Code, the Department of State, the Department of Treasury, the Department of Defense, the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, the Department of the Interior, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Energy, the Department of

Education, and the Department of the Veteran Affairs are *ALL* under the Executive Branch of Government.

All of the above departments are under the Executive Branch–which raises quite a few questions about the balance of powers between the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of government.

How can this be?  There is no balance of power under a declared state of  emergency.  And we’ve been living under a declared state of emergency ever since the Civil War began, and have been living under a declared state of martial law ever since the Reconstruction Act.

This overthrow of the Constitution occurred long before the War Powers Act, and if we are going back in history to find our roots of legality — and if we stop our search when we reach the War Powers Act — we are NOT going to succeed in this venture. 

Where is the separation of powers if the Department of Justice is under the Executive branch? Shouldn’t it be part of the Judiciary?  The answer, of course, is yes; but it’s not.  Again, just check Section 101 of Title 5 of  the United States Code. There is no Judiciary!

If only Congress has the power to regulate Commerce, under Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution, why are the Department of Commerce and the Department of Transportation under the Executive branch and not under the Legislative branch?

And if only the Congress has the power to coin money, according to the Constitution, why is the Department of Treasury under the Executive branch?

The Commerce Department (from Title 5):

 “…part of the Executive branch of federal government, headed by a Cabinet member, the Secretary of Commerce, which is concerned with promoting domestic and international business and commerce.”

To further illustrate the take-over by the Executive branch of government via martial law rule, the following offices, bureaus, divisions, and organizations are under the Department of Justice.  And remember, the Department of Justice is under the Executive branch — NOT under the judicial branch.

The Office of Solicitor General

The Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Drug Enforcement Agency

The Bureau of Prisons

Immigration and Naturalization

United States Marshal Service

Office of Justice Program

United States Parole Commission

United States National Central Bureau

The Office of the Pardon Attorney

Executive Office of the United States Attorney

Criminal Division

Civil Division

Anti-Trust Division

Civil Rights Division

Tax Division

Environmental and Natural Resource Division

Community Relations Services

Foreign Claim Settlement Division

Executive Office of United States Trustees

Executive Office for Immigration Review

Justice Management Division

Office of Legal Counsel

Office of Policy Development

Office of Legislative Affairs

Office of Public Affairs

Office of Liaison Services

Office of Intelligence and Policy Review

Office of International Affairs

Office of the Inspector General

Office of Professional Responsibility; and

Interpol — (Note: Interpol is a private corporation, yet it comes under (in this country) the Executive branch of government.)

In my opinion:  if the matter of the repeal of the Reconstruction Act and the old H.R. 1328 are not addressed, we will remain in a state of declared martial law. But  few people do any research anymore, and even fewer read the results of  research done by others.  Yes, we are already, and have been all our lives, living under declared martial law.

The source of this law is from 1875.

‑CITE‑  2 USC Sec. 118





Sec. 118. Actions against officers for official acts


In any action brought against any person for or on account of anything done by him while an officer of either House of Congress in the discharge of his official duty, in executing any order of such House, the United States attorney for the district within  which the action is brought, on being thereto requested by the officer sued, shall enter an appearance in behalf of such officer; and all provisions of the eighth section of the Act of July 28,  1866, entitled ‘An Act to protect the revenue, and for other purposes’, and also all provisions of the sections of former Acts  therein referred to, so far as the same relate to the removal of suits, the withholding of executions, and the paying of judgments against revenue or other officers of the United States, shall become applicable to such action and to all proceedings and matters whatsoever connected therewith, and the defense of such action shall thenceforth be conducted under the supervision and direction of the Attorney General.


(Mar. 3, 1875, ch. 130, Sec. 8, 18 Stat. 401; June 25, 1948, ch. 646, Sec. 1, 62 Stat. 909.)


The provisions of section 8 of act July 28, 1866, ch. 298, 14 Stat. 329, referred to in text, were contained generally in R.S.Sec. 643, which was incorporated in the former Judicial Code, Sec. 33, and was repealed by act June 25, 1948, ch. 646, Sec. 39, 62 Stat. 992. See sections 1442, 1446, and 1447 of Title 28, Judiciary and Judicial Procedure. Other provisions referred to were contained in R.S. Sec. 771, 989, which were also repealed by act June 25, 1948. See sections 509, 547, and 2006, respectively, of Title 28.



Act June 25, 1948, eff.  Sept. 1, 1948, substituted ‘United States attorney’ for ‘district attorney’.  See section 541 of Title

28, Judiciary and Judicial Procedure.



Judgment against certain public officers, satisfaction of, see Rule 69, Title 28, Appendix, Judiciary and Judicial Procedure.



This section is referred to in section 118a of this title.


Statutes Relating to Commissions, Appointments, etc.

Sections in this file relate to required commissions, oaths, etc., for officers and employees of United States government and the government of the District of Columbia. All sections have been pasted directly from the 1996 CD-ROM edition of the United States Code produced and distributed by the Government Printing Office. Notes in Italics that follow the sections list regulations for each section listed in the Parallel Table of Authorities and Rules. It is significant that the “Seal of the United States” is no longer affixed to commissions of “judicial officers” appointed by the President with advice and consent of the Senate; commissions are filed with the Department of Justice under the D.O.J. seal, which is an executive seal. This is suggestive that there are no longer any Article III[constitutional] judges in the United States.


4 USC Sec. 41                                               01/16/96



The Insurrection Act (enacted in 1807) delegates authority to the President to federalize and deploy the National Guard domestically during an insurrection or civil disturbance (10 U.S.C. Sections 331-335).  Section 331 authorizes the President to use federal military forces to suppress an insurrection at the request of a state government.  Section 332 authorizes the President to use armed forces in such manner as he deems necessary to enforce the laws or suppress a rebellion.  Section 333 authorizes the President to use federal military forces to protect individuals from unlawful actions that obstruct the execution of federal laws or which impede the course of justice under federal laws.  Section 333 was enacted to implement the Fourteenth Amendment and does not require the request or consent of the governor of the affected state. 


08 19 18 As Things Now Stand + The Preponderance: A Peculiar Peculiarity


By Anna Von Reitz

The assets of the bankrupt States of States  (Territorial United States) and the liquidated STATES OF STATES (Municipal United States) have been claimed and rolled into the associated State Trusts doing business as, for example, the Maine State (Trust) and Wisconsin State (Trust) since 2016.

This was done by the Priority Creditors to protect the assets from the Secondary Creditors — international banks.

Meantime, the guilty government of France has launched “The Republic for the United States of America” as a replacement Territorial Government and the guilty UK Government has launched THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as a replacement for the Municipal Government.

And they have both proposed, apparently with Mr. Trump’s ignorant blessing, to continue paying themselves with our money, based on borrowing against our assets, without our permission and in fact against our actual instructions.

Therefore, as of yesterday, all the State Trusts were rolled over in-to the actual sovereign States and both The Republic for the United States of America and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA were hit with Agricultural Liens and seized upon.

Apparently, neither the UK nor France have learned that “No means no.” and they have somehow convinced Mr. Trump that the Operation of Law related to Delegated Authorities doesn’t work with the regularity of gravity.  Even though it does.

Their attempt to continue the same old scam on a different day has been thwarted and our assets are now safely off their playing field.  From here on in, it becomes a matter of head-to-head debate.

When the Donor and the Heir to an Estate held in trust are one-in-the-same, that person can act as the Donor to collapse or amend the trust, or as the Heir to receive benefit from it.  The Trustees in the middle have nothing to say about the actions of the Donor and must obey.

In our case we were coerced and defrauded into unknowingly becoming  Donors of our Estates and conveniently not told about all the actions taken by the Trustees acting  “for” us.  We were, as the saying goes, kept in the dark and fed horseshit for a very long time.

Emerging into the bright light of day, it appears that although our Donor status was engineered within a few days after we were born and were still helpless, and that this was accomplished via deliberate falsification of our public records, the equal presumption that we intended to be the Beneficiaries of our own Estates was not deduced by our brilliant Trustees.

So the Donors have “come back from the dead” and made our Will in the matter explicit and clear: yes, we are the Heirs of our own Estates.  We didn’t give them away to England nor to France nor to Donald Trump, for that matter.  Sorry.  There has been a mistake.

And this Ship of State is not headed where we want it to go.

So, Trustees, get your girdles on and prepare to do some honest work.

High above the squabbling of commercial corporations masquerading as the governments of nations when in fact they are merely “service providers”, there exist actual sovereign States and Governments.

In this country, each actual State is sovereign and unincorporated.

Our actual Government in the international jurisdiction, The United States of America, is also unincorporated.

We bear the actual responsibility, and therefore, we are the Powerholders.

Since those who formerly held the Delegated Powers have plotted to vacate the constitutional agreements –apparently thinking that that would give them even more liberty to plunder on our shores— we have called them on it.

The Federal States of States were disabled during the bogus “Civil War” and “held in abeyance” — so color them gone, along with the original Constitution.

The Territorial Government went bankrupt this past year, as did the Municipal Government in 2015.  Count both of them gone, along with whatever ragged claims they had to any constitutional authority at all.

The so-called “International Organizations” which have proposed to replace the Territorial and Municipal Governments owed to this country have been rebuffed and the actual government, The United States of America [Unincorporated] has accepted back the Delegated Powers, and has extended Donald Trump a month-by-month contract and bond, enabling him to get his ducks in order.

The Trustees, both the Queen of England and the Pope, have been given more than adequate Notice and Demand from the Donors that continued interference in our affairs and sequestration of our assets is not acceptable. They are under demand and so is the “Congress” in whatever capacity it pretends to continue to exist and operate — to deliver our assets back to us and to our control without further obfuscation or delay.

Anything less will be considered a criminal Breach of Trust and will appear so before the entire world.

Delivery and funding of basic government services under Mr. Trump’s direction is to continue, including the funding of public and military pensions, which includes Social Security.

Congress does not have access to our assets to borrow against, so we hope that wherever that $716 billion in war-making expenditures was going to come from, they are prepared to ante it up all by themselves. Perhaps they could use some of the over $20 trillion that has been embezzled.

Pope Francis, the Vatican Chancery Court, the Roman Curia, the Queen and Westminster are all under demand to make amends to The United States of America and to our States and People for the great wrongs which have been practiced against us.  It is in keeping with the Double Golden Jubilee that all should be returned, free and clear of all debt or encumbrance.  It is also in keeping with established Law that those who have been harmed by fraud and breach of trust are owed additional compensation for their innocent suffering and loss: we are thinking now of the many millions of Americans who have paid “federal income taxes” they never owed and “mortgages” they never owed and “utility bills” they never owed, either.

We have suggested full disclosure of the circumstance and facts, allowing individual Americans to choose whether they wish to be considered State Nationals or British Citizens, and following that election for there to be a full and permanent and internationally recognized severance of all other legal presumptions created by the purposeful falsification of our public records and the pernicious offering of adhesion contracts disguised as “government mandates”.

We note that although the Queen’s Territorial Government has widely described itself as being a “democracy” it has yet to establish a single public mandate for its existence, much less any of the actions which it has taken to cause so much pain, misery, disruption, theft, and war for profit.

Again, if there is any question on this point, we suggest that Americans be offered full disclosure of the history and the facts, and be allowed to participate in free elections to determine whether they wish to live in a “democracy” sans mandate or in their own State Republics.

There is no need for war, only a great need for new understandings and an honest foundation for going forward.

Our assets need to be returned by our Trustees, so that we can operate our own lawful government without any undo interference or financial manipulation. We are not proposing any great disruption of the world banking system nor are we proposing a lot of physical action moving or removing assets on deposit, but we do require the return of title and access to our assets.

While it was laughed at by everyone on Capitol Hill except its lonely sponsor, the original NESARA provisions should be accepted and passed by those few members of the “Congress” who are actually eligible to vote on the matter and the rest of the “Congress” should be ordered to fully fund every iota of it. “Ordered” we say, since every Bar Member currently sitting in the “US Congress” is under the command of the Queen and obligated to do exactly as she wishes.

Passing and fully funding the original un-amended NESARA legislation would at least be a token of repentance and renewed Good Faith between the UK and the American States.

We note that the Law supporting the originally proposed  NESARA has already been enabled and that all that is necessary is a swift kick in the keisters of the American Bar Association members and our permission to fund it.  Consider that permission granted.

See this article and over 1200 others on Anna’s website here:


The Preponderance: A Peculiar Peculiarity

James H. Hafeman


Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote in The Possessed, published in Russia in 1872, about the prevailing socialist movement that was in the offing using fictional characters:

The one thing wanting in the world is discipline. The thirst for culture is an aristocratic thirst. The moment you have family ties or love you get the desire for property.  We will destroy that desire; we’ll make use of drunkenness, slander, spying; we’ll make use of incredible corruption; we’ll stifle every genius in its infancy. We’ll reduce all to a common denominator!  Complete equality! ‘We’ve learned a trade, and we are honest men; we need nothing more,’ that was an answer given by English working- men recently. Only the necessary is necessary, that’s the motto of the whole world henceforward. But it needs a shock. That’s for us, the directors, to look after. Slaves must have directors. Absolute submission, absolute loss of individuality, but once in thirty years Shigalov would let them have a shock and they would all suddenly begin eating one another up, to a certain point, simply as a precaution against boredom. Boredom is an aristocratic sensation. The Shigalovians will have no desires. Desire and suffering are our lot, but Shigalovism is for the slaves.”

“You exclude yourself?” Stavrogin broke in again. 1 (Page 433)

What appears to be going on around the world is a Divine Intervention; the wheat is being separated from the chaff.  The tares that have infiltrated the fields of humanity, benefiting from the same soil and sharing the same sun and rain, has grown beside the wheat, but the growth of the tares have made their substantial stocks (bitterness) and deep roots (hatred) obvious to the Ordained Harvesters.

The epicenter for covert and riotous radicalization among the toxic citizenry is in their heart.

Toxic people will always see in others what they don’t want to acknowledge about themselves. It’s called projection. You could be the kindest, most generous, hardest working person on the planet and toxic people will turn themselves inside out trying to convince you that you’re a liar, unfair, nasty or a slacker. See it for what it is. You know the truth, even if they never will. 2

The calculated apostasies vacated devout religious principles and traditions, political honor, patriotic valor, humility, integrity, and self-determination and personal responsibilities.  American cities are laden with the homeless, suffering veterans, and starving senior citizens living on a pittance from Social Security and unaffordable Medicare programs as the politicians, at the behest of their leftists’ constituencies, direct funds to illegal aliens in hopes of sustaining an oppressed lower-income class of Democratic Party voters.

The leftists profess to love the poor, yet they prefer to fund their own secular interests.  They assert the protection of an individual’s right to self-identity, but condemn those who identify outside their narrow-minded sphere of who’s to be tolerated.  They invoke Amendment I for themselves while violating the inclusivity of the Amendment’s purpose for those not of their ilk.  They have an overt distain for the wealthy but they and their elected representatives are completely controlled by wealthy leftists; all pursing global Marxism for the purposes of making citizens equally poor and concentrating the wealth and power among a very narrow group of select individuals and groups.

A love affair with collectivist ideologies has lead to ever bigger government and the welfare-warfare state. Lead by a Marxist splinter group called the “Frankfurt School” — “the long march through the institutions” has infiltrated every corner of Western culture to corrupt traditional Christian values with “political correctness,” another name for “cultural Marxism.” 3 [01:38:38 – Recommended viewing]

Clear on the other side of the pole barn from the GOP booth, which was functioning as the vendor shelter at the Marquette County, Michigan Fair, sat the Democratic Party booth.  It was evident they were in mourning.  Democrats passing-by the GOP booth had a long face and when one actually spoke to a representative in the GOP booth, it was with a defeated attitude and a lot of innate contempt, even though the GOP has no interest in destroying the fabric of America or the Democratic Party – they’re doing that quite well on their own.

The Democratic Party has become the Party of fictional personalities, corruption, and is the political home for a litany of disassociated and disturbed individuals.  The decades-long development of their deep-state secret society is collapsing around them, but residuals will remain entrenched in the souls and minds of the highly influenced, weak-minded, undisciplined, and disrespectful children that they’ve molded in their own image.

As the little progressives rampage as a collective in various venues across the country advocating George W. Bush’s and Heidi Cruz’s North American Community or crawl under a blanket in response to a micro-aggression, the media planned retaliation against the public for not buying into their crap and against President Trump for pointing their dishonesty out.

On Thursday, more than 200 newspapers will publish editorials in a “coordinated response” to President Trump calling the press the “enemy of the people.” Each publication will write its own editorial. 4

Americans have difficulty in understanding the vigorous challenges against normalcy by a collective group of pampered and ignorant individuals.  Redefining the fabric of a nation through the tolerance of abnormal behavior, polarization, immorality, and an overt indignation towards those not embracing such devolving traits have successfully infiltrated the Democratic Party and to a significant extent, the Republican Party.

The Democratic Party itself has been perverted to such an extent that the term “democratic” has no realistic connation associated with the Party’s lingering political identity.  The overt contempt by the global progressives against citizens owning private property, keeping larger portions of what they earn, displaying patriotism, expressing expectations of their elected officials, and a desire for America’s prosperity has bled the Democratic Party to such an extent that it is no longer recognized as a Party representative of the people, especially the working class and post-working class.

No matter how meticulously the progressives try to rewrite history books and how many statues they destroy to obscure their past and present hatred for non-whites and the religious and financially secure citizens, they will always be recognized by the enlightened citizens as the Party of civil, financial, moral, and ethical oppression.  Their ultimate demise is imminent unless stronger forces within the Party fight to restore some dignity to the Party; the GOP must do the same.

The peculiar peculiarity is that individuals known to possess contempt toward the rights and privileges reserved to the citizens of the United States think themselves immune from being fired by the people who hired them.  Headline: No one is immune from dismissal!

As an example, California is on-fire, both literally and figuratively.  As wildfires burn throughout the State because of ignorant and poorly managed controls by environmentalists instead of ecologists, fires also burn in the hearts and minds of many of the State’s legal citizen voters.  The inevitable demise of the greedy and destructive Californian political elite is coming to fruition with the silent movement among the State’s had-enough citizenry.

The blue-wave predicted by the wishful thinkers on the left is tepid at best.  The persuasions and advocacy fermenting in the bowels of the leftwing media are repugnant to consumers.  The hate-filled, dishonest news, talk shows and insane leftists are still suffering from the consequences of their distain toward God-fearing, family-oriented, gun-toting patriotic Americans; thanks be to God.



By Anna Von Reitz

So how did your nationality get combined with citizenship?  A friend from Australia recently sent me a nicely summarized list of legislative acts from the 1920 through the late 60’s, and what it very neatly summarizes is a fundamental change that happened in the 1940’s and which has never been corrected.

At the beginning of the legislative history there were numerous “Nationality Acts” in the 1920’s and 30’s.  Then, beginning in the 1940’s all of these became “Nationality and Citizenship Acts”.  This is where your nationality got confused and “lumped together” with your political status as a “citizen” or not.

The organizations passing all these “Nationality and Citizenship Acts” were all functioning in Territorial jurisdictions, so it was no big leap for them to include “citizenship” presumptions with the topic of “nationality”.  For them, the two are synonymous.

If you live your life as a “resident” (temporary sojourner) in the “State of Wyoming” (a Territorial State of State) you are a federal “citizen” by definition, so that your nationality and citizenship are tied together.

If you live your life at home in Wyoming, you may or may not be a “citizen”. It is entirely possible to live your entire life and never be employed by any “federally connected” employer and to never hold any office related to any federal corporation.

And that is the fundamental difference between “us” and “THEM”.

We have no natural obligation to serve and obey the government.  The government has a natural obligation to serve and obey us.  Our nationality is not tied to any obligatory citizenship, but theirs is.  And therein lies the rub and the misunderstanding.

People presume that you must be a citizen, because they are, but in fact this is merely a self-interested and unconscionable presumption on the part of the Territorial United States Government that began in the 1940’s and which deserves to be soundly rebutted and refused now.

When you are born on the land of a sovereign State, say, New York — you are under no obligation to act or serve as a Federal Citizen of any kind.  They merely “presume” on the basis of a long-vanished war that you are a volunteer willing to assume “Territorial political status”.

So that’s how your nationality got balled up with the issue of citizenship, which is by nature entirely different.

We now know that the same thing happened worldwide during the Second World War and that “Nationality Acts” in places as diverse as Italy and Australia and the United States underwent the same kind of change to “Nationality and Citizenship Acts” at the same time. This implies in turn at that the participants were acting in Territorial capacity and that people were never returned to their natural birthright political status as non-citizen nationals after the Second World War.

This parallels what went on with the so-called Victory Tax. Prior to the Second World War, only Federal Citizens and federal corporations (like the big railroad corporations) were subject to pay “federal income taxes”.  During the war the Territorial United States Congress passed the “Victory Tax” which allowed average non-Federal citizen Americans to “voluntarily” contribute an amount equal to that paid by Federal Employees as part of the war effort.

The sunset clause on this legislation stated “the end of hostilities” which by most reckoning means September 1945, but instead, the Territorial United States Congress just left everything in place as if the Second World War was still going on and people were still “volunteering” to pay federal income taxes as part of the effort to win it.

Eighty years later and millions upon millions of Americans have been deprived of their natural birthright nationality which does not include any obligations of citizenship and have paid trillions of dollars worth of federal income taxes they never owed.

It’s easy enough to see why the Territorial United States Government wanted everyone to be in “citizenship” status so as to be able to control and commandeer the labor force during the Second World War.  It is also easy to see why they wanted the extra income from American workers and why they acted in simple greed and continued on with both these false presumptions after the War—- both Territorial “citizenship” and “voluntary federal income tax” have been foisted off and presumed upon millions of Americans without their knowledge or consent.

And now has come the objection from the lawful government and from the people to this situation and the need to: (1) cease and desist these false presumptions and (2) make amends for them.

It is within our power as individual Americans to reclaim our “reversionary trust interest” in our own birthright prior to when the Territorial Government agents changed our fundamental nationality and citizenship status.  We can revert back to being Americans standing on the firm foundation of our land and soil without any citizenship obligations and without any Territorial attachments to our earnings.

And this is why when we talk about Jural Assemblies it is so important for people to grasp what has been done to them in terms of damage to their natural capacities and political status, and why it is necessary for everyone involved in the Jural Assembly process to recoup their natural birthright political status which does not include any obligations of Territorial citizenship.

You were born in Vermont, not Puerto Rico.  Say so and inherit the land and soil of your birth, your guaranteed exemptions and immunities, your Natural and Unalienable Rights, and be set free from the obligations of Territorial citizenship.

Run, don’t walk, to the Recorder’s Office and establish your claim. And if anyone tells you that it isn’t “necessary” for you to make this change, tell them it isn’t necessary to wipe your butt, either, but the consequences of not doing so have obvious drawbacks.

See this article and over 1200 others on Anna’s website here:


 Exact Original Citation:

By Anna Von Reitz

Here’s the exact original citation of the Penhallow v. Doane’s Administrators case I quoted and that Larry Becraft said “didn’t exist” even though I told him to look in the annotations to the case record he was citing — where the original source was noted:

“Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the MIND ONLY with other artificial persons.  The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible.  The legal manifestation of this is that NO government, as well as any law agency, aspect, court, etc., can concern itself with anything other than Corporate, Artificial Persons and the Contracts between them.” (emphasis added).  S.C.R. 1795, Penhallow v. Doane’s Administrators (3 U.S. 54; 1 L.Ed 57; 3 Dall. 54, Supreme Court of the United States 1795, [Not the “United States Supreme Court” -ed.]

This is the actual Supreme Court of the United States which over-stands all inferior courts including “The United States Supreme Court”, “the United States Supreme Court” and the “UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT”.

Posted by Paul Stramer at 10:05 PM


By Paul Strammer


The State of Illinois ‘ debt Is currently $203,000,000,000.00 (billion) and growing rapidly.

One reason is: The state has too many “breadwinners”.

Hard to believe, but it’s happening all over the country.

An emergency room physician in Chicago tells of a woman in her late 20’s who came into the ER with her 8th pregnancy.

She told the doctor: “My Momma told me that I am the ‘breadwinner’ for the family.”

He asked her to explain.

She said that she can make babies, and babies get money from the State of Illinois for the family.

It goes like this: The grandma calls the Department of Child & Family Services, and states that her unemployed daughter is not capable of caring for all of her kids.

DCFS agrees, and tells her the children will need to go into foster care.

Then, the grandma, volunteers to be the foster parent, and receives a check for $1,500 per child, each month in Illinois

The total yearly income is: $144,000.

$1,500 x 8 = $12,000 per month x 12 = $144,000, per year.

She is in her late 20’s, how many more can she have?

Tax-free, and nobody has to go to work.

In fact, they get more if there is no husband/father/man in the home!

Not to mention free healthcare (Medicaid), plus a monthly card entitling them to free groceries and a voucher for 250 free Obama phone minutes each month.

This does not include WIC and other welfare benefits that they are

“entitled” to.

Indeed, grandma was correct that her fertile daughter is the “breadwinner” for the family, and now Illinois is hopelessly overrun with people who vote only for those who will continue to keep them on the dole.

No wonder our country is broke

Worse, the Muslims have been paying attention, and by mandating that each Muslim family have eleven children, they will soon replace the voting bloc above, and can be running this country within 25 years.

The Muslim population is growing faster in Illinois than any other state.

Read the above again, until it sinks in, and then ask yourself if your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will survive these severe changes to America !

Are you alarmed yet?

Is anybody listening?

Don’t forget to pay your taxes!

There are a lot of “breadwinners” depending on you not to forward this to as many as you can.

Olddogs Comments!

 The above situation is the result of corporate governance, instead of the original intent of government BY THE PEOPLE!

And the reason we have a corporate government is because the people are too stupid to remember history, so they could teach their children, instead of submitting them to corporate education.

If you cannot home school them – – DON’T HAVE THEM!

08 17 18 Bingo, Crime and Politics


By Anna Von Reitz

My article the other day mentioned the fact that political parties are lobbying organizations and need to be regulated the same way that other lobbyists are scrutinized and limited.  Color that a timely end to all the shenanigans, the Diebold Machines, and the Clinton Foundation.

For some reason, that idea came as a huge surprise to many people who had never thought of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party as political lobbies.

And the next thought that arose like a lightning bolt was: “OMG! They are supposed to be lobbying Congress, not running it!”


In the lawful American Government structure, there are no political parties per se. There are opinions and there are those who support those opinions in an organized fashion for purposes of debate — the Federalists vs. the Anti-Federalists, for example, but there are no permanent, organized, fund-raising political parties.

Political parties and the billions of dollars of graft and criminality that go with them are the creatures of the Territorial United States Government and its brand of Territorial “United States” Congress.  They are part of the Territorial “democracy” that somehow never achieves a mandate, not part of the actual government owed to the States and People of this country.

So why do we put up with political parties at all?  They have come ashore on our land and soil and had a “party” all right — 150 years worth of “partying” at our expense.

These obnoxious lobbyists pushing their “agendas” back and forth on Capitol Hill have no reason to be there, and should be offshore in some place like the Virgin Islands or at their new IRS Headquarters on the Mariana Islands, plotting how best to convince our Congress to spend our money.

Instead, they have been masquerading as our Congress and passing themselves off as our “representatives” and the only limits to their bad behavior and deceits have been what they thought they could get away with and whatever curbs the demands of their differing agendas have applied.

The Democrats, if you look at their voting history, have a long tradition of stealing our money and assets to provide bribes and pay-offs to their constituents, and then, an equally long history of stabbing those same constituents in the back.  This is so marked, so predictable, that I think of Democrats in terms of passive-aggressive psychosis.

The Republicans, if you look at their voting history, have a long tradition of promoting big business, manipulating commodities, services, stock markets, and currencies, and all aimed at control and profit, profit, profit.  But they suffer from their own brand of mental illness and can’t tell when enough is a enough; gluttony and compulsive hedonistic tendencies take over and they consistently squander the Greater Good for the sake of petty profits and short term goals.

But what do you expect from lobbyists?  Leadership?  Morals?

That’s like expecting a hired cheerleader to earn a Nobel Prize in Physics.

No, the “Missing Piece” is you and your Congress, and that has been the missing piece for a long, long time.

These Territorial Yahoos are not supposed to be encamped on Capitol Hill running rampant and spending your money.  They are supposed to be lobbying your Congress to spend your money.  And you?  You are supposed to be sending your own Deputies– accountable fiduciary officers of your respective States– to conduct your business in Washington, DC.

Until you wake up and take back your own birthright nationality and non-citizen political status, and until you attend to your own business, boot up your own Jural Assemblies, reconstitute the Federal States of States, and call your own Continental Congress into Session, this is the Mad House scenario we’ve got, where unaccountable lobbyists pretend to “represent” you and also pretend to have your authority and your permission to do whatever they want, which is only limited by what they can get away with.

Here is an example of what happens when people get fed up enough with lawlessness and idiots “representing” them:


We have a good system of Law and Governance provided for us by our ancestors.  All we have to do is  operate in our natural capacity and take the responsibility for exercising our rights and running the lawful government we are heir to.  No insurrections.  No arguments.  No way for your employees, including “your” hired lobbyists, to say one word about it.

See this article and over 1200 others on Anna’s website here:


08 16 18 For Doctors, Lawyers and Indian Chiefs + Important Point:


By Anna Von Reitz

The doctors, lawyers, and Indian Chiefs among us — as the old poem goes —have an extra stumbling block between them and their freedom.

The corporations that we have been dealing with “as” our governments set “Public Policies” which are then enumerated into Administrative Code — as in “Federal Code” and State of State Statutes.

In order to become Public Law these Public Policies/Administrative Codes have to be published in the Congressional Record and enumerated in the CFR and enrolled.  Titles 17 through 50 have never passed this test, because the so-called Revised Statutes have never been enumerated and enrolled.

The point of this is that Title XXXVII (37) which causes all the problems for civilian “Uniformed Officers” is part of the Revised Statutes that have never been rendered into Public Law.  They remain merely the private “policy” of the governmental services corporations masquerading as our government.

So— all the “requirements” that doctors and lawyers and Indian Chiefs be “registered” and/or licensed, or that they have to belong to some club or union like the American Bar Association or be approved as a member of the American Medical Association are nothing more than Public Policy of a corporation and its literal franchises, the States of States organizations.

People think its “law” but it’s not.

That is the First Issue.

The Second Issue is that a corporation does have the right to set Public Policy for itself and its employees.  Your employer can make you wear an ugly brown uniform and an orange gingham apron as a condition of your employment.

In this case, they can demand that in order to take advantage of company-sponsored insurance, their employees can only receive treatment from a “licensed” professional the Company approves of and licenses for that purpose.

So who are their employees?

Obviously, all the federal civilian and military workers and their dependents.

But, thanks to the Great Fraud, they also claim that everyone who has ever been “registered” in their system is a corporate franchisee, with the result that they claim that all Social Security participants are government employees and subject to their rules, too.

You can “retire” from this presumption any time you like, but you also need to know that this is being presumed against you before you have any motivation to object and notify Social Security and the IRS and the rest of the alphabet soups that you made “a mistake” and/or that you have “retired”.

With nearly everyone enrolled by fraud and error in their corporation’s “Social Security” program they have a mighty hammer to use against us until we “retire” and serve notice of our return to our birthright political status, or serve notice that we made a mistake and were not meaning to or required to enroll in Social Security. Or both.

The end result is that if you are seeking medical care and expect Social Security to pay for it or Medicare or Medicaid or any other government program, the Company has a right to demand that the provider is “licensed” and meets their criteria. Which they do.

So they enforce Title 37 even though it isn’t Public Law via de facto commercial contract and coercion under monopoly inducement.

This cuts down the choice of “covered” service providers and also “covered” services, so that even if Doctor A has a cure for cancer, people diagnosed with cancer will be obliged to go to Doctor B, whose services are covered under the Company insurance, aka, Medicare, etc., and their treatment options will be limited in the same way that their choice of doctors or lawyers is limited: by commercial contract and coercion under monopoly inducement.

As a further inducement, hospitals and clinics which receive government corporation grants and aid are forced to work only with “licensed health care professionals” operating as civilian uniformed officers — unpaid employees of the government monopoly.

You can go to any physician you like, licensed or unlicensed, in a public (licensed) capacity or private (unlicensed) capacity, but you have to pay for it yourself.  You can also obtain any service or undergo any treatment you like, so long as you pay for it yourself.

Doctors who wish to conduct their business as “private physicians” may do so, too, so long as they provide all their own services and equipment and operate their own clinics as private enterprises, and of course, they can’t accept Medicare or other government program insurance for services.

It is the “Company Store” phenomenon as recorded by Tennessee Ernie Ford singing, “Sixteen tons, and what do you get?  Another day older and deeper in debt!  St. Peter dontcha call me ’cause I can’t go!  I owe my soul to the Company Store!”

In this case, the monopolistic corporations serving in place of your lawful government, are forcing you and millions of others to receive their services and only their services at the price and under the conditions they dictate.

They have already taken all the money you might have otherwise had to spend on medical services as taxes over the course of your working life, and now they want to dictate who you can receive service from and how much you can pay for such service and which services you can access.

Lawyers and Indian Chiefs are in the same bind, more or less.

You don’t have to be a Bar Member unless you want to work for “the government” or one of its “franchises”, but since they have worked it to arbitrarily define almost everyone as a “franchise” belonging to their corporation, the vast bulk of the work is only available to Bar Attorneys.

Similar to the hospitals receiving “government” grants, the courts can only employ Bar Attorneys as officers of the court, because that is what the Company policy dictates.

You can be a private lawyer, called a “Counselor-at-Law” and you can assist your customers (not clients) to navigate whatever jurisdictions or processes are required, but its an uphill go, because most people don’t know the difference between a “Bar Attorney” and a “Counselor-at-Law” and so don’t have sense enough to seek your services out.

And meanwhile, the Company is ruthlessly passing more policies that make sure that only Bar Attorneys can use all the services and facilities of the courts, while you have to provide all your own clerks and receptionists and paralegal services.

We are dealing with two oppressive old-style monopoly-interest parent corporations acting “as” our government, and while we can — and some of us do — continue to operate as private and independent health care professionals and lawyers and tribal chiefs, our customer base is shrinking and the options that people have are shrinking, too, until we all wake up and operate the lawful government we are heir to.

The THINGS in Washington, DC, and all those THINGS operating in your State Capitols are only corporations like J.C. PENNY and Dairy Queen, and they actually have no more authority or lawful control over your lives than any other corporations — so long as you make it your business to hold them to their limitations and to exercise your own rights and prerogatives.

Begin by reclaiming your own Trade Name and all your Assumed NAMES and removing them to a permanent domicile on the land and soil of your birth State.

And then get busy and boot up your State Jural Assembly.

See this article and over 1100 others on Anna’s website here:


 Important Point:


By Anna Von Reitz

A couple weeks ago, I published an Article called “This is the Big One”—- in which I observed that: (1) in commerce, the truth is established by Affidavit, and (2) that corporations cannot possibly give an Affidavit because they have no “voice” or motive force enabling them to do such a thing, and (3) since you have been “defined” to be operating in the capacity of a corporation (JOHN DOE, JOHN M.DOE, JOHN MARK DOE) you have therefore been deprived of having any voice or ability to make an Affidavit. Thus, YOU are helpless and cannot defend yourself or present the Truth in a commercial court.

So some people missed the point entirely, and others could not reason their way forward to a solution for this conundrum.

You will note that the exact verbiage of the Maxim is– “Truth in commerce is established in the form of an Affidavit”.

Thus, when you wish to act in the capacity of a Living Man in a commercial court, you do not offer an Affidavit — because in the current scenario that allows them to ignore every word you say or write.

Instead, you offer “Living Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit”.

You follow the “form” of an affidavit which is to swear or affirm for the Public and Private Record and from without the United States that your testimony is true, correct, and not misleading– and then you enumerate your facts: 1, 2, 3, 4….

This allows the Court to hear your facts and gives de facto rebuttal to the presumption that you are acting in the capacity of a corporate franchise.

And since your opponent is a corporation, it has no ability to answer your Living Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit with any countering Affidavit— and your facts stand as Truth in Commerce by default.

If the opposing attorney attempts to say anything or make any further argument in the case, ask how a corporation pretends to issue any opposition to your Living Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit?

They are caught in their own net.

A corporation can’t make an affidavit and as officers of the court, they are all operating as corporations, including the JUDGE and the Prosecutor and the PLAINTIFF.

Plus, the Prosecutor/Prosecuting Attorney has no first-hand knowledge so cannot serve as a Witness or make any statement in evidence.

Soooo…… that’s what we call “end game”.

See this article and over 1200 others on Anna’s website here:




Hey American!

Are you awake?


Are you sleeping and enslaved?

You have no future, you’ve taken the blue-pill, and firmly in the matrix; unless you wake up and learn the truth of American history. There’s hope for you, your family, and your children, and for your grandchildren. When you have the courage to take the red-pill, you can make a difference and begin to reconstruct the county and state governments owed to you, that our founders put in place – taken away during the so-called Civil War and never reconstructed.

My people are DESTROYED for lack of knowl­edge….” says the Almighty Creator. You are the only one who can correct this deadly problem.

Get to it now!

The true and accurate story of American histo­ry holds the means and the way for us to bring back America and “drain the swamp.” And only you by working with others can do this! It’s time to be self-governing in action and responsible for yourself and for your neighbors. We have the examples in two places: (1) the Bible, and (2) the founding fathers and mothers who did what no other people have ever done. They took on the most powerful organizations in the world, overcame them, and with the aid of Providence sovereigntised a people and brought freedom to millions of Americans and gave hope to world.

The same British elitist weasels that our great grandmothers and grandfathers beat have re­turned through stealth and stole our assets and future through fraud and deception.

The call has gone out to you wake up and get busy giving direction to government.

We are peaceful people who are Americans, native North Carolinians, Pennsylvanians, Virginians, Connecticuters, South Carolinin­ians, Massachusettsians, New Yorkers, New Jerseyans, etc., who are lawfully organizing and operating the North Carolina Jural Assembly. In accordance with the First Amendment of the Constitution that guarantees freedoms con­cerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition the government.

We have awakened to the great fraud.

The Federal United States has been managed as an incorporated public trust by the Territorial United States since 1868 and repeatedly sub­sumed in the bankruptcies of the “presumed” trustees. Since 1946, it has been managed in a similar fashion by the Municipal United States, and again, dragged into the bankruptcies of the purported trustees.

We Americans have had our own government employees turn on us under the direction of foreign owners of the for-profit corporations providing government services. We are obligat­ed to return to the assemblies to provide the direction to these government services provid­ers or continue to be victimized by them.

By operation of law, these corporations of the Municipal United States and the Territorial United States, formed and owned by foreign entities, having been bankrupted and incom­petent; thereby, the delegated powers have returned to us, the delegators.

Are you happy with your government? I sup­pose not; and here’s some history that shows why!

What we have inherited over the past 150 years, is a government that continues to become more and more foreign to us. I mean “foreign”, like owned and operated by elitists in Europe. What we see before us, is not our actual government that our founders devel­oped. It’s vendors and employees amusing themselves after a long debauched and im­proper occupation of our estates. Most of the corruption began with the so-called Civil War and progressively worsened over time.

Our government, the “we the people’s” gov­ernment is not and has never been a “democ­racy”, but rather a union of republican states. Our people don’t “vote”, but rather they elect. We don’t have “representatives”, but rath­er we have “deputies.” We are not citizens, citizens are slaves to their government, but rather we are the free and independent pro­viding direction to our government. Yes, the elitist criminals have turned everything upside down, then dumbed us down by their media and educational system, until most of us know little about true American history, but rather experts in the trivia that we are fed by govern­ment “masters”, employees who have turned on us their employers.

Wake up and get with us to fix this mess and bring about prosperity and happiness envi­sioned by our founders.



In Hendersonville, N.C.

08 14 18 To the Jural Assemblies + There Isn’t A Republic Period.


By Anna Von Reitz

Can a group of Irish Merchant Seamen be part of a Spanish Jural Assembly?

Can a group of Austrian Customs Agents be part of a French Jural Assembly?

Can a group of Territorial United States (British) Warrant Officers be part of an American Jural Assembly?

If you answered “No” to all three of the above, you are on the right side of the logic involved in the current senseless debate about whether or not you have to reclaim your birthright political status in order to participate in our Jural Assemblies.

Of course, you do. It is not a “personal choice” when it comes to this.

And if you don’t want to reclaim your rights and property and prerogatives as an American, what are you doing getting involved in an American State Jural Assembly in the first place???

That’s like someone from Hong Kong coming over here and offering to organize our counties for us.

Thank you very much for the help, but at the end of the day, you are a foreigner and you can’t be a participant or electoral member of our Jural Assembly.

You must be claiming your “reversionary trust interest” and your birthright political status as a Virginian, Coloradan, Wisconsinite, etc. in order to participate in a State Jural Assembly.

And that choice does need to be official and recorded on the public record somewhere.

There is a famous precedent case in Minnesota circa 1860s.  I can’t remember the citation off the top of my head, but it ultimately gave rise to “Minnesota Rule 220”.

At the time, immigrants were pouring into the country  — just like today.  One of them decided to settle in Minnesota, but didn’t make his intentions clear.  Even though he met all the criteria to be a Minnesotan, his failure to declare it on the public record meant that he couldn’t claim status as a Minnesotan. 

From the standpoint of international law, we have all been “adrift at sea” and “unidentified” for decades regarding our identity and our ultimate provenance on the land and we haven’t “declared our intention” otherwise, so until we do, we are “presumed to be” British Territorial Citizens temporarily “residing” in this country to provide “essential government services”.

No “ifs” or “ands” or “buts” about it.

As you stand there in your stocking-feet, thinking — “Well, of course, I am an American and an Alabaman by birth!”—- I am here to tell you that so far as the public record goes there is only a foreign “VESSEL” registration to show that anyone with your name ever existed.

You have to record the paperwork and stake your claim in America or you don’t “count” as an American and can’t function in the capacity of one.

Now, folks, this has obvious implications far, far beyond whether or not you can properly serve on and organize a valid Jural Assembly for Vermont.

For your own sakes, for your safety, for the preservation of your rights and your assets, for your children and their inheritance, for your country, for your freedom, you have to take action and declare your political status and desire to exercise your reversionary trust interest.

Otherwise, guess what?  A bunch of international banks swagger in and say, oh, BTW, that big chunk of North America over there?  That’s all unclaimed, abandoned property.  We don’t know where the heirs to all that went, but hey, there’s no public record….they haven’t been heard from in decades…..Last we heard, they all joined the British Merchant Marine Service and were lost at sea…..”


Get your paperwork recorded and your Jural Assemblies booted up. Stop dithering and arguing and see the logic of the trap that has been set for you and your country.  And take proper action now.

See this article and over 1100 others on Anna’s website here:


There Isn’t A Republic Period.

http://www.paulstramer.net/2018/08/there-isnt-republic-period.htmlBy Anna Von Reitz

There isn’t “a” Republic and there never has been.

There is a Federation of fifty (50) State Republics.

Anyone who talks about “a” Republic is talking about a foreign, mostly French-sponsored commercial corporation.

And they are trying to deceive you, once again, into mistaking their commercial corporation for your lawful government.

Explain that there are fifty “republican states” and never a single “Republic”. And if they won’t listen and won’t stop spreading garbage and deceit, denounce them as traitors, because that is what they are.

So what happened?

During the so-called Civil War one of our Federal Government service providers, the British-backed Territorial United States attacked a break-away group of the original States of America calling themselves The Confederate States of America. It was a cat-fight among federal service providers, and would-be service providers, not a “war” at all.

No sovereign entity was involved, no Declaration of War was ever issued by the land jurisdiction Congress, no Treaty of Peace ever concluded.

After this illegal mercenary conflict on our shores was over, the British Territorial United States usurped upon the original States of America and seized upon them as “trust property” to be managed by the British Territorial United States “in trust” while the National level government they were supposed to provide us was “held in abeyance”.

The original States of America were all rolled over into trusts. The original State of Florida became the Florida State (Trust), and so on.

New Territorial States of America deceptively called by the same names replaced the original States of America, so that on the surface, nothing appeared to have changed: the (National) State of Florida was replaced by the (Territorial) State of Florida and nobody knew the difference.

As a result of this fraud and deceit, the intended structure and balance of power – including the checks and balances built into the federal government – was undermined and commandeered by the British-controlled Territorial United States.

From there, it has been a long history of breach of trust and commercial mismanagement and false claims made against the actual states and people.

If you compare the simple, straight-forward, strictly compartmentalized original structure of the “federal government” with what has developed over time, you see the gross proliferation and incorporation and privatization of the Territorial and Municipal levels of the “essential government service” providers, most especially the development of municipal STATES OF STATES, which were appointed to do the dirty work for the insolvent Territorial States of States in 1951.

And right now the principal parent corporations in charge of all this fraud, the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc. are both bankrupt, one in liquidation (UNITED STATES) and one in reorganization (USA, Inc.) and we, The United States of America (Unincorporated) are in court fighting the widespread supposition that we no longer exist and that our assets are “abandoned” and are available to pay the debts of these disloyal foreign federal service providers to their secondary creditors.

See this article and over 1100 others on Anna’s website here:


08 13 18 What Do I Want? + Uh, Duh…. Red Alert


 By Anna Von Reitz

I wish for the return of all our assets, all our property, and for all our records to be corrected to reflect our actual political status.

I wish for every American to be told the truth and given a choice whether they want to live as Americans or as Brits and I want their choice to be honored. Once that decision is made, I wish for an absolute, complete, and utter end of all further British attempts to interfere with, control, undermine, or secure any unjust enrichment from America ever again.

I wish for the Roman Catholic Church to reform itself voluntarily and repent from what it has done in this country and repent the Breach of Trust it has committed against Americans for almost two centuries.

I wish to see the Roman Catholic Church get back to being a Church and actually providing unselfish service to humanity instead of allowing criminals and moral reprobates to profit themselves while using the Church as a store front for their unsavory activities.

I wish for the return of all our intellectual property that has been purloined by both the British Government and the Roman Catholic Church, including our copyrights and patents and trademarks and certificates and all stocks and bonds and contracts related to us, back to our control.

I wish for an apology to and a release of all of the American prisoners who have been jailed and railroaded and incarcerated and prosecuted under false premises and contrived, deliberately false legal presumptions.  I especially wish for the speedy release of all political prisoners and all those accused of victimless white collar crimes and “thought” crimes.

I wish for all my employees whether British citizens or Americans to remember that they are in fact employees owing me good faith service at all times and in all respects. I wish them to remember that fact with regard to the service they owe to all other Americans as well.

I wish for all middlemen including bankers and politicians and attorneys who have betrayed and plundered the National Trust of the American People to voluntarily vacate their positions.  Those who have acted in ignorance, I wish them to be re-educated and re-assimilated. Those who are unrepentant criminals need to be prosecuted.

I wish for all quasi-military positions including the “U.S. Attorney General” to be redirected to assist us in reclaiming and restoring our rightful government or otherwise be removed from our shores.

I wish for a complete financial audit of all budgets, of all Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, of all associated Annual Reports, of all Public Trusts, of all Public Pension Funds, of all internally and externally Managed Accounts so as to validate the current status of this country’s actual wealth and debt position and to expedite prosecution of those responsible for the massive embezzlement that has occurred here.

I wish for the nullification of all the bogus “MASTER FORM LINE OF CREDIT DEEDS OF TRUST” taken out by Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and other banks against American land assets, in which they pretend to have an interest in our land in exchange for their digits entered in a ledger —- and the end of all such claims and practices resulting in Odious Debt.

I wish for the recognition and release of all Odious Debt worldwide.

I wish for the return of all American Historic Trust funds and their repatriation to our people and our Sovereign States, which are all trusts which have been commandeered by these dishonest banks, purloined and held under various false and weak-minded excuses including purported “money laundering” related to funds that haven’t seen a single transaction in a hundred years — and an end to all the vacuous criminality on display at the World Bank, IBRD, BIS, IMF, etc.

I wish for the return of all our assets which are naturally and reasonably ours and their return to our control without any further obfuscation or argument, and those assets are to include all American gold confiscated under color of law by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration and other assets of ours currently held in the so-called Global Debt Facility.

I wish for the return of our portion of those “Life Force Value Annuities” awarded as credit and received under known conditions of fraud by Prince Philip as part of the settlement of the bankruptcy of CANADA.

I wish for our portion of the Economic Security Fund and of the Exchange Stabilization Fund to be returned to us.

I wish for the dissolution of all “titles” and land trusts being held with respect to any portion of our land and soil and the return of these parcels free and clear to the people and to the sovereign States they rightfully belong to.

I wish for the liquidation of all corporations which have been operated as crime syndicates.

I wish for restitution for all the bogus foreclosures and asset confiscations that have been carried out against private property belonging to Americans under color of law, such restitution to include treble damages, return of the property seized whenever possible, all time lost, all court expenses, and a million dollars penalty for each instance to make up for grief, suffering, and unconscionable assault to the extent possible — all directly payable to the living people who are the actual victims of these crimes.

I wish for the rapid reform of all of the Law Schools and the Universities and the Medical Schools in receipt of public funds, grants, or aid of any kind to teach the actual Public Law of this country and to honor it in thought, word, and deed —- or tenure be damned.

I wish for the orderly reform and auditing of all public utility corporations and cooperatives and particularly the liquidation of the North American Water and Power Alliance, all so-called Water and Soil Districts, all other attempts to seize upon and mismanage public assets for private gain and an end to ruthless oppressive racketeering against the people to whom all these resources actually belong.

I wish for an auditing of all public employee pension funds and so called “pension associations” which have been used as slush funds for predatory investment activities throughout the United States and which are subject to seizure and restructuring.

I wish that this should be done with no harm to any public employee, retired or currently working.

I wish for the political parties and their “elections” to be fully disclosed for what they are and no longer deliberately confused with public elections.

I wish for an end of criminality including an end to all attempts seeking to justify adhesion contracts.

I wish for full and official recognition of the Operation of Law and the return of our Delegated Powers to our sovereign States and People.

I wish for the cessation of all attempts to form commercial corporations named after “the United States” or any form of “United States of America” or any “Republic” so as to attempt another round of the same old fraud.

I wish for every country on Earth, including Scotland, England, and France to cease and desist all infringement against our copyrights and our Good Name and I do hold these governments accountable for all their wrong-doing in this regard both past and present.

I wish for the “United Nations” Corporation and the United Nations Organization and all related franchises and officials to cease and desist all effort to claim hegemony against our rightful national government based on the actions of the Territorial United States Congress or the Municipal United States Congress at any time now or in the past. We did not vacate our states nor did we grant any power or authority related to our state offices to the United Nations.

I wish for the worldwide recognition of the fact that these pikers have been trading upon assets that they have controlled by piracy and fraud, to the extent that they have possessed or controlled them at all, and have been secretively, unconscionably profiting themselves by borrowing money and credit against assets that do not now and never have belonged to them.  This is known as “Odious Debt” and I wish for all of it to be discharged and all the property and assets that have been conscripted and/or pirated to be returned to the living people and sovereign States they belong to without further obfuscation or delay.

I wish for the “U.S.” military services to be forthrightly and immediately converted to the “American” military services,  and for anyone who disagrees with that change to be released from any further obligation to serve in any branch of service.  Any such person who feels that their allegiance to the “U.S.” is greater than their allegiance to America, is welcome be discharged whether officer or NCO, whether vested in the military retirement system or not, without dishonor and without penalty.  Anyone who stays under false pretenses and who expresses any actual and material disloyalty to America after being granted the opportunity to leave our service, I wish all such persons to be subject to court martial and immediate involuntary discharge.

I wish for all military, agency, and so-called “counter intelligence” and controlled opposition operations addressed against the American people and our sovereign States by our employees to end now and never resume.  If this requires the wholesale disbanding and liquidation of the FBI, CIA, DIA, FEMA, BATF, DOJ, and other unauthorized agencies that is just fine and in line with my wish that the government in all respects be subject to the people of this country and not allowed to run amok foisting off public policies and agency regulations as Public Law.

I wish for all the leaders worldwide who are responsible for this stinking Mess to have a “Come to Jesus” moment regardless of what their religion is and realize that the bulk of the misery that billions of innocent people have suffered is all unnecessary and is more or less directly attributable to their own dishonesty and/or incompetence.

I wish for all those world leaders and politicians who can’t stand the heat or grasp the fundamentals of the situation we are all facing — Americans and everyone else, too — to step down.  Leave.  Admit that you are either a skunk or an incompetent or both, and go.  Leave the space open for people who do know what it going on and who do care for their countries and for the world and who will at least try to do the right thing for everyone concerned instead of dithering and snarking and standing around looking like a combination of guilty-stupid-and-helpless.

I wish for an end to ignorance about our government, how it was formed, why it was formed, how it is structured and how it is supposed to work.  For that I wish a vast national education effort to be made to teach actual American History instead of distorted pablum.  Our government requires an intelligent and well-educated electorate operating at top speed and dealing with a full deck of verifiable facts and I wish to see that result enabled as quickly as possible.

I wish for all the media corporations foreign and domestic to be compelled to obey our Public Law and respect our right to Free Speech.  Any media corporation that wants to come to America and trash Americans using American airwaves to do it needs to be taxed out of business on our shores and I wish it to be so, sooner than later.

I wish for all “National” Football League owners and members and players to remember what “nation” they are part of and stop disrespecting the American flag and I wish for any player using our stadiums to be given the option of playing or not.

I wish for the deplorable role of the Democratic Party and of political parties in general in debasing, misleading, preying upon, and betraying the interests of the American People to be fully recognized and I wish for their strict regulation along with all other lobbyists — because that’s what political parties are: organized lobbies.

I wish for all of this to be done as quickly, as peacefully, and with as much honesty as possible, with respect and compassion and the benefit of a doubt extended, without any emphasis on blame, and instead with an emphasis on making correction and re-building this country and this world into a far better place for everyone to live.

I wish for everyone to be provided with the actual facts and for everyone to work with one accord to clean up this Mess.

That’s what I wish for, so everyone can stop asking.

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 Uh, Duh…. Red Alert

By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, people, you read it here first.

The British Government has been colluding with traitorous and/or clueless American politicians for decades to undermine our country — and they have been doing it one baby at a time.

They have been falsifying our political status records and seeking to “genocide” all Americans on paper.

You are not recorded as an American baby. You are registered as a British “citizen” — a subject of the Queen.

And if you don’t wake to hell up and take action and I mean — really TAKE ACTION NOW — you won’t have a country left. You will lose it all, everything your forefathers fought for.

We will be nothing but a backwater British Territory.

And you won’t have a leg to stand on because you stood there like a dumb cow and didn’t do anything about it even after you were told what was going on and how to correct the records.

I repeat…. I repeat….I repeat….

Go to my website www.annavonreitz.com and scroll down to Article 928 and use the examples given there to lay claim to your Good Name and birthright political status.

And then, get busy! Start your county jural assembly and get involved in your State Jural Assembly and do it ASAP!

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The 2018 Bah Humbug Awards



By Anna Von Reitz

The 2018 Bah, Humbug Awards

Once you lift the lid on the dumpster called “Washington, DC” it quickly becomes evident that financial crimes are very popular.

We reported the fact that during the Obummer Administration printing presses, currency paper and engraving plates were exported to various locations in foreign countries and billions of dollars worth of Territorial “US Dollars” were run off which are indistinguishable from any other such “dollar”.  It finally stopped once Donald Trump got in office—required air strikes to put an end to it—  and is the single largest example of state-sponsored counterfeiting in world history.  Prior to that, international bank officials had to step in and mandate the issuance of new “US” hundred dollar bills in an effort to distinguish between official versions and counterfeits.

To the uninitiated, this looks like it accrues against the credit of America and Americans, but as we have also fully disclosed, the Territorial “United States” is a separate and foreign entity with respect to us.  The Territorial “US Dollar” has nothing to do with our actual currency, the silver “United States dollar”.

The Territorial United States is the responsibility of Britain and the UK, not The United States of America—- and all this graft and fraud and abuse of the financial system and deliberate deceits confusing “Federal Reserve Notes” with “US Dollars” and “US Dollars” with “United States dollars” must be placed on Britain’s doorstep and on the doorstep of the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London. It was done via the misuse and abuse of our delegated powers, but that is where our culpability ends.

The situation is analogous to having a servant or subcontractor gone wild, someone under contract and enjoying a position of trust totally losing their minds and abusing their employers and their employer’s assets. The employer — the American States and People — are the primary victims and creditors, not the cause of the problem.

This is only a “tip of the iceberg” of the financial crimes perpetuated by the criminals running the Territorial United States and only a more recent example of it.

Just this week, it came to light that the judges installed to ride herd on the Security and Exchange Commission were chosen by and illegally installed by the Securities and Exchange Commission itself.  The SEC was enabled to hire and fire its own judges thereby removing any vestige of oversight or control over their  activities.  Donald Trump once again took action to clean the Mess up.

Most Americans are now aware of the fraud and evils perpetuated by the so-called “Federal Reserve” which is nothing but a private banker’s club that obtained a contract to act “as” a central bank for the Territorial United States and then proceeded to plunder and pilfer the actual American dollar via an unlawful and non-consensual exchange rate of one silver United States dollar for one “Federal Reserve” Promissory Note — aka, Federal Reserve Note.

As we all know or should know by now, the Federal Reserve banks thus devalued the actual American currency in “exchange” for their own I.O.U.s, and when the time came to pay back, they bankrupted their “Federal Reserve System”, upped the anchor, and went sailing off into the sunset.

Then the SEC and the Wall Street Mob engineered the Big Short in 2008.  They offered up the worst of the perpetrators, Lehman Brother’s, as a token sacrifice and left the clueless American people to pay the rest of the price.

This is all just part and parcel of Territorial United States business as usual– and I am reciting it for you and the rest of the world, so you can see how much America and Americans have suffered and how stupid — but honest — we have been, and how mercilessly Britain abused its position of trust and our own delegated powers.

Let’s give another example of it.

Back during the Second World War, the Allies wanted to “encourage” the non-aligned nations like Indonesia and Libya to side with them, so the CIA arranged the issuance of billions of dollars-worth of  “Certificates of Obligation”— which are bonds— made out to well-known dictators from around the world: Fidel Castro, Daniel Noriega, et alia.  These bonds all wound up in the possession of the Indonesian government as a bribe.  There was no obligation.

Indonesia basically said, “Gee, thanks a lot for the gift, but we are not interested in breaking our neutrality or helping you guys out.”

Fifty years later, those “Certificates of Obligation” are still in the possession of Indonesia, so Indonesia decides to cash them in.  They begin quiet efforts to negotiate these “debt instruments” and initially everything goes well, the banks are all nodding and rubber stamping, the Congress is agreeing to honor the fake debt— and then, all of a sudden, everything stopped.

We are left with the picture of Indonesia accepting a bribe and trying to negotiate known phony “debt” notes, the CIA as usual, with egg on its face and crime as its stock-in-trade, and Congress “embarrassed”.  The bribe was supposed to be in exchange for Indonesia joining the Allies.  They didn’t join so, all bets are off. There is just one problem.

The Certificates of Obligation were issued by the Territorial United States Government and are as valid on their face as any other such financial instrument issued by the same source.

The resulting stand off has become known as “Treasurygate”.

We could, in our dreams, imagine that this was the only such preposterous flop engineered by the CIA meddling in politics and using criminal means to achieve its ends, but we would be very much disappointed.  It seems that the only way to stop the endless stream of such idiocy is to disband the CIA and defund it entirely, but that is not our call or our business so long as we are not held responsible for it.

And we do not propose to stand silently by and allow Indonesia or any other injured party to blame us or seize our assets in payment for debts owed by the Territorial United States and the UK.

The entire Birth Certificate scheme is similar.  Prince Philip proposed to rent out the value of our lives and labor and to receive back the “Life Force Value Annuities” for his own profit, so he did, via a complex international bankruptcy fraud scheme in which the money owed for this “rent” was left “unclaimed”— purportedly— by the actual heirs as part of the bankruptcy spoils from the bankruptcy of CANADA.

There’s just one problem.  Plenty of actual heirs exist and we placed a UCC claim and lien on all our assets.  So the estate was improperly probated and the bankruptcy proceedings were a fraud.  And to date, Phil the Pill got away with $950 trillion dollars-worth of credit owed primarily to us and the Canadians.  So much for the Royal Family of Criminals and Slave Masters of the “Free World”.

The Living Law Firm has tracked the life cycle of the Birth Certificate Fraud from beginning to end. The Territorial State of State conscripted the doctors as Uniformed Officers under Title 37, forcing them to register all births taking place in the “United States” — they just neglected to say which “United States”.  It could only be Territorial United States, but nobody made that clear, so they just “came ashore” and press ganged all American babies into their scheme.

Once our Given Trade Names were seized upon, the vermin set up Public “Charitable” Trusts operated by the US Attorney General’s Office in each Territorial State of State and County of County in America—- and issued Public Bonds in our NAMES.

The bonds were deposited by the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE with the Depository Trust Corporation, which became the actual Issuer and Holder of these bonds.  The money raised was laundered by the Bank of New York Mellon and passed on to the Vatican Bank which took its cut and passed it back to the Bank of Canada which took the Queen’s cut and then returned the leftovers back to the STATE OF STATE Governors.

The Birth Certificates themselves were removed “off shore” to Puerto Rico, where the Internal Revenue Service had its main offices, and all these new Territorial Taxpayers were subjected to the Municipal law of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, one of the Territorial United States.

During Jimmy Carter’s Administration, the Birth Certificates of millions of clueless shanghaied Americans were transferred to the IMF as sureties for the debts of the — you guess it — Territorial United States Government.

All of this was down knowingly and willingly in fraud and in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of Commercial Contract.

Just yesterday I was reading an article by a man named Ron Giles called “Africa Unveiled” in which he claimed that because a group of mostly African nations sued the “USA, Inc.” that all our land and labor and everything else was forfeit in perpetuity under international commercial law.

That would be true, except for the following facts.

It is a Maxim of the Law Merchant that “possession by pirates does not change ownership” and our assets have unknowingly been in the possession of British-backed privateers and pirates since 1860, long before any “USA, Inc.” came into existence.  The assets therefore are ours and remain ours and any commercial claim otherwise is false.

Second, though this concept is just now beginning to dawn on people, any corporation merely calling itself “USA, Inc.” is not the “same as” America. It’s just a corporation— in this case, a foreign corporation — that has infringed on our copyright so as to confuse people into thinking that it has something to do with us and our assets — when it doesn’t.

Third, the British Territorial United States which has done all these evil fraudulent things is not “the same as” America, and strictly speaking, it is not our problem.  It’s the world’s problem.  The blame for its gross criminal mis-administration does not lie with the Americans.  It lies with the Queen and the UK which has profited itself via the abuse of our Delegated Powers and various means of fraud, piracy, racketeering, and enslavement employed by the British Government to rob, impersonate, and misrepresent us.

Fourth, we are the actual Priority Creditors of these Euro-Trash vermin, and our claims against them pre-date anything anyone else can offer.  First come, first served.  Greatest amount of loss takes precedence over least.

Bottom line — if you want your money back, don’t look at us.  And don’t bring false claims against our assets.  We are their primary and priority Creditors.  Anyone else on Earth that has a claim needs to take a back seat.

Some of you may have noticed the abrupt retirement of Secretary of the Territorial United States Treasury, Rosa Gumataotao Rios.  And you may recall a speech that Obummer gave before the American Bar Association in which he announced — if you knew what you were listening for — that all the “American” franchises had been unlawfully converted to “Public Transmitting Utilities”.

What this means is that you stopped receiving bills addressed to “JOHN MICHAEL DOE” and started getting bills addressed to “JOHN M. DOE” and the private corporate municipal courts stopped “interpreting” the “DEFENDANTS” as Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trusts, and started interpreting them as bankrupt Puerto Rican Public Transmitting Utility franchises — and it is all fraud.

They moved “us” — that is, the falsified records of the bogus Public Transmitting Utilities created “in our names” from Puerto Rico to the Marianas Islands, where they set up shop again and proposed to continue on with Business as usual.  And the Pope and the Queen sat on their velvet tuffets, in complete and utter violation of their obligations, and allowed this.

What they’ve done with the “Marianas Operation” is nothing more or less than a vast and sophisticated identity-theft credit card scheme. The heart of the fraud is concealed as the Nation States Bank agreement secretively embedded in the heart of every mortgage ever processed through any iteration of the MERS –Mortgage Electronic Registration System — which is itself illegal, non-consensual, and as a matter of fact, has been defunct since the 1990s, but continuing to operate as spin-off look-alike sound-alike organizations.

Essentially, what they do, is run a bank out of the Marianas Islands based on your credit, take out credit cards in your name, and charge the entire amount of “YOUR” mortgage off, and then they just keep on charging, charging, charging, using your good name as a rubber stamp, because that is what the hidden Nation States Bank agreement allows them to do.  And you, the victim of all this fraud, all this non-disclosed and non-consensual indebtedness— are left on the hook for their criminality and wrong-doing.

Meantime, the ever-resourceful Jacob Rothschild who runs the Bank of France, was busily trying to re-brand the bogus corporate government as THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and rename all our States as OHIO, NEW YORK, etc., and trying to gin up a de facto service contract for this new “governmental services corporation”.

After all, the bankruptcy of a service corporation is just the bankruptcy of a service corporation.  Just like they infringed on our copyrighted name, The United States of America, to create the Scottish corporation calling itself “The United States of America, Inc.” in 1868 and again to create the Delaware corporation calling itself the “United States of America, Inc.” in 1925, why not a French version calling itself THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

Sounds catchy, doesn’t it?  We will just omit the “INCORPORATED” part of the name so nobody knows that it is just another corporation and not the actual sovereign government.

And, while they were at it, why not also create another bogus Territorial United States currency — this one gold-backed in accord with the Federal Reserve’s original Hundred Year Plan?   Just call it a “United States Note” and let ‘er rip.

Except that we have not accepted Mr. Rothschild’s kind offer.  In fact, we have explicitly told him and Mr. Trump that any service provided is on a month by month quid pro quo pending the restoration of our lawful government and we do not accept any responsibility for any Territorial United States expenses that are not actually related to the original equity contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America. And our counter-offer stands.

We are calling upon the entire rest of the world to wake up and end the Babylonian Slave System and all the criminality that goes with it, once and for all.

Just say “No”.  Say it loudly, determinedly, and refuse to be deceived.

After all — who is the guilty party in a situation like the Indonesian bond scandal?  The CIA and the Territorial United States Congress knew that there was no real obligation underlying those bonds, and the Indonesian Government knew that it was a bribe — and tried to cash in on it anyway.

Are there any heroes or honest men in this story?  Decidedly not.  They are all crooks, and have proven that they are crooks by their respective actions. The CIA has proven to be both crooked and incompetent, and the Indonesian Government has proven to be a model of hypocrisy.

It’s more than past time for a worldwide housecleaning, a clean sweep that really digs into the corners and repudiates all the fraud and prosecutes the criminals responsible.

Here in America, it’s time for most of the “agencies” to go away.   They were created by FDR, the same scheming devil that illegally and immorally press-ganged three generations of Americans.  They are operated as private and irresponsible contractors of the Territorial United States —all “governmental services vendors”— and they have morphed into crime syndicates operating under color of law.  Same thing with all the Municipal United States vendors.

Help put an end to this Mess.  It’s your country and your responsibility to mind the store.  You’ve all been told now what is going on and there is no excuse for sitting on your duffs with your mouths agape. This is not a matter of politics or race or any of the usual blinders they use to control us.  It’s a simple matter of uncontrolled criminality let loose on a worldwide basis, of rogue government “agencies” and indeed, rogue governments.

Bah, humbug on the CIA, DIA, FBI, DHS, NSA, BLM, FEMA, BATF, IRS, SES, SEC, DARPA, STATES OF STATES, and the whole FU Brigade operated by the Municipal United States— which is supposed to limit its operations to the ten square miles of the District of Columbia.  It needs to get back in its box and stay there or be liquidated down to the dust bunnies—with the proceeds already owed to the American States and People.

Bah, humbug on the “Division of Fiscal Services”, the Territorial United States Congress, the “Bureau of Public Debt”, the “Government Accounting Office” (hahahahahah!) and all the various “Oversight Committees” that have been out to lunch for the last hundred years.

And a special bah, humbug on the United States Attorney General and the Office of the Inspector General and the so-called “Department of Justice” and the American Bar Association, which have all expedited and enforced this gross criminality and helped create the deceits and fraud schemes that have funded it.

The Silver Bah Humbug goes to the “US” military, which can’t figure out which “United States” it belongs to, to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Pentagon, the US Strategic Command (hahahahahahah!) and especially all the Public and Civil Affairs Officers and Provost Marshals and JAG Officers who can’t read their own Manuals and do their jobs with both hands, their butts, and a flashlight.

Last, but not least, the Golden Bah Humbug goes to the United Nations, for unequaled hypocrisy, incompetence, self-service, and greed. Everyone knows that “the UN” is a fraud, they just aren’t aware yet of the true and sinister extent of the rot— but keep a-going and all that will be dug up along with Dag Hammarskjold.

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