02 28 19 Use Your Heads + 02 28 19 What’s Right, Not Who Is Right – Me and the Military + 02 28 19 Attempt to Repeat Past History


02 28 19 Use Your Heads


 By Anna Von Reitz

Destry has never declared his political status as an American State Citizen and put it on the Public Record.

Anna has.

Why would any honest American have any problem declaring their status as an American?

They wouldn’t— unless they were working for foreign governments.

And that is the long and short of it.

Where is there proof that any actual American State ever allowed Dual Citizenship?

They –Destry and MGJA–are the ones making the claim and promoting the practice. They are the ones that have to “prove” it.

And they can’t– because our forefathers never allowed Dual Citizenship in any actual State.

It was common and still is in the Federal Government but never in the jurisdiction of the actual States— and for obvious reasons.

Otherwise, we’d have people like Destry Payne, employees and Undeclared Agents for foreign governments coming here and telling the States what to do.

So. Enough said.

Anna’s records are posted at the Palmer Alaska Recording Office and at the Anchorage, Alaska UCC Office and all over the Internet. She isn’t afraid of or hiding from anything.  She’s an American. Her whole pedigree is Public Record.

So why not him?

If he is really an American and acting as one– let’s see him stand up and expatriate from any other Citizenship.

If he’s so right and trustworthy, let’s see credible proof that any actual State EVER allowed Dual Citizenship?

We say that the Federal entities are the only ones that have ever practiced Dual Citizenship.

Prove us wrong or shut up and obey the actual Public Law.

See this article and over 1600 others on Anna’s website here:


02 28 19 What’s Right, Not Who Is Right – Me and the Military


 By Anna Von Reitz

So let’s put an end to the stupidity before it starts.

My husband is an Air Force Veteran. Honorably discharged. He’s a Life Member of AmVets. I have supported the Paralyzed Veterans of America for more than 20 years and before that I was a card-carrying member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. My Father and my Uncle Henry were both in the US Army Air Force during WWII and my Uncle Merton was with Patton’s Third Army in Europe. Everyone got the picture?

Field McConnell and I are personal friends, for those of you who have followed the work of Abel Danger or seen the highlights reported on my website. My Executive Officer is a former Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, also Honorably Discharged.

So, this is the reality. Not a “Vatican Agent”. Not a stranger to the U.S. Military. Not an “Enemy” of the U.S. Military.

But I am a fierce voice for reform of the U.S. Military, because it has become infested with PsyOps and “Economic Warfare” and worse other weaponry aimed at us, the American People, they are supposed to defend.

And, they have been running a secretive British Territorial United States Government on our shores since 1863.

It’s time for this garbage to stop and for the actual civilian government to be restored. They don’t like that, but that’s what’s coming.

They can’t disprove a thing I am saying.

So here you’ve got Destry Payne and the “National Assembly” — but they won’t tell you (and certainly didn’t tell me) what nation they are assembling.

Turns out that it was a NWO nation to be populated by “U.S. Citizens” and people having citizenship obligations to foreign countries like the Netherlands— like Destry’s MO.

If it makes sense to you that foreigners and American’s claiming foreign citizenship obligations should be bossing you around on your own soil— just go ahead and swallow the Cock and Bull stories these guys are trying to sell you.

But before you take the hook…. Look up the Lieber Code and the very first Executive Order, which was issued by Abraham Lincoln in 1863. And then write yourself a little letter to the Congressional Research Service or the Library of Congress and ask —- is the Lieber Code still in force?

The U.S. military isn’t supposed to have one word to say about our country’s land and soil, except to defend it. They are supposed to keep their noses spotlessly clean and not interfere in the functioning of the civilian government.

However, as I exposed recently about the Iraqi Dinar and Zim junk bond operations, our Generals and Admirals have been abusing their positions of trust and power and diddling with the civilian governments of whole countries, —-including ours.

Here are just some of the incorrect ideas that Destry and friends are trying to sell:

(1) That you can have Dual Citizenship, both U.S. Citizenship and Netherland Citizenship —- no American Citizenship at all —- and have a right to run the American States and dictate what goes on here.

The fact is that our Forefathers demanded that we have ONLY American Citizenship when we operate the actual States of the Union.

The military brass doesn’t know that because all they have ever dealt with are Federal States of States, and the Federal entities have always allowed Dual Citizenship.

They are mixing apples with oranges and thinking that we will be stupid enough to do so, too.

(2) That the fraud back in 1860 magically nullifies everything that has gone on here. Wrong. We are not liable for the fraud, but the fraud happened and the damage is real.

The British Government—especially the Scottish Government, and the Popes and the Lord Mayors of Westminster — are the chief parties responsible for the fraud, but the U.S. Military isn’t clean in this matter, either.

“Our” Generals and Admirals went along with the fleecing of America and they benefited from it. It was by using legal chicanery to enslave us that they built up the biggest, baddest military machine in the world.

And after World War II, they just kept on going.

They are the reason we have been at almost constant war since the founding of this country. They don’t know when enough is enough.

Well, we are calling “Enough!” and they need to hear it. Our States are ours and they are under contract to protect us and our States, not horn in and try to put in their own puppet multinational organizations instead.

(3) That the State organizations we, Americans, are organizing are “interim” organizations of some kind. This goes back to the false idea that our government has ever been in any kind of interim or “abeyance” in the first place.

When the Confederate States of States, both North and South, were shut down at the end of the Civil War, the Federal Branch of the Federal Government shut down.

But that’s just a small part of the actual American Government and not the most important part of the American Government, either. Those States of States were just service contractors and as history has proven, we could hire any commercial corporation to provide those service.

Oh, dang, my dry cleaner went out of business.

Does that mean that I went out of business? Of course, not.

Our government has been alive and well and paying the bills for 150 years and all this idiot-speak about “interim” governments and “governments in abeyance” is just more fraud, trying to get us to agree to this nonsense and give them an excuse for their bad behavior and Breach of Trust.

So, to all the “Military Experts” out there— better think long and hard about who you are actually supposed to be serving, and who and what your Generals and Admirals are supposed to be serving.

The American People have finally woke up. We aren’t happy. We are taking the necessary steps to reclaim our birthright political status and repopulate our land and soil jurisdiction States — steps that wouldn’t be necessary except for crap that our military endorsed — and then we are operating the actual civilian government, our States.

Listen up. We are the long-lost Civilian Government. We are your Employers. Despite your best efforts, we have come home again and we are minding our own store from now on. Your duty is to protect and defend us. And that is all your duty is.

Keep your nose out of our business as we peaceably assemble our rightful civilian government. Stand ready to receive new orders from the actual civilian government of this country.

See this article and over 1600 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com

02 28 19 Attempt to Repeat Past History


 By Anna Von Reitz

Destry is confirmed a military op shill and so is the whole Michigan General Jural Assembly.  It’s NWO.  U.S. and other Foreign Citizens being invited to come run our States of the Union “for” us.  Another attempt to repeat past history.

First, they substituted British (specifically Scottish) Territorial States of States for our “missing” Federal States of States.

Next, they substituted Roman Catholic Municipal Corporations operating as STATE OF STATES for our still “missing” Federal States of States.

Now, they are trying to substitute “multi-national” organizations to operate as STATES — and usurp upon our land and soil jurisdiction.

Want proof?   Here’s the phony UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INCORPORATED) they have set up and here’s the names and addresses of the Registered Agents thereof all nicely listed for every phony incorporated “STATE”:


Bear in mind that the entire job and purpose of a “Registered Agent” is to serve as a point man who can serve as the contact for a foreign corporation seeking to do business with you.  So here are the Registered Agents for all their phony “STATES” that are foreign commercial corporations in the business of providing “governmental services”.

And look who these foreign corporations are providing Registered Agent Services for?   “Alaska Resident Agent” and “Alaska Statutory Agent”, “California Resident Agent” and “California Statutory Agent”….. et alia.

They are flagrantly, in your face, admitting that they are acting as Registered Agents for Foreign entities called “California Residents” and for Alaska Statutory Entities — and that means all the corporations formed under “State of State” Statutory Law.

And as if having one set of phony “STATES” wasn’t enough, here’s the Registered Agent info for 49 out of 50 other phony Municipal Corporation “STATES” —–   and their Registered Agents: UNITED STATES CORPORATION AGENTS, INC.

https://www.bizapedia.com/us/united-states-corporations-agents-inc.html  (removed)

If these were our “States” they wouldn’t need a Registered Agent to do business here.

If these were our States, they wouldn’t need to show their names in All Capital Letters to “silently take Notice” that they are incorporated entities, either.

If these were our States, they wouldn’t be populated by “Residents” just passing through.

If these were our States, they wouldn’t have any foreign-registered franchises operated as “Statutory” entities.

Destry and Company and the U.S. Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned us about are trying to do another End Run and get the dumb Americans to buy into their crap and give them control of our country and our credit and our resources AGAIN.

Only this time, they want the usurpers to be lousy NWO multi-national conglomerates, so that the blame for this fraud can be spread all over the world.

We have one chance to get this right, folks, and hold the perpetrators feet first to the fire.  We have to get organized and we have to operate in the correct capacity and we have to form our own Federal States of States to replace all these Undeclared Foreign Interlopers.

They are trying to pull it again— substitute their foreign States of States for our States of States.

And there’s the proof above, in black and white.

See this article and over 1600 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com

02 27 19 Just Confirmed ++++++



For All The Jural Assemblies 37 – 38 – 39 – 40 – 41

is now posted on
We must have some unity between the Jural Assemblies



Just Confirmed ++++++

By Anna Von Reitz

Just confirmed worst fears and suppositions. Destry Payne is a Dual Citizen— US and Netherlands.

This means that with respect to the American States and American People and our Federation of States doing business as The United States of America he is serving two (2) Foreign Governments and has nothing to do with us at all.

Stamp a big NWO on his ID and have nothing more to do with what he is “assembling”.

He is most likely trying to get enough people involved to claim that some kind of credible insurrection against the Territorial Government is going on– which would then provide the excuse to call in UN “Peacekeeping” forces owned and operated by Soros and the Rothschilds

I knew that things were not adding up but this is worse than I anticipated. He is now in Alaska and posing a direct threat to me.

Everyone needs to form up their own State using reliable local people and regroup under their State and our venerable Federation of States, The United States of America.

Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, California, Montana, Georgia—- these are our actual States in international jurisdiction.

Only American State Nationals and American State Citizens have any right to operate these States and our States do not allow Dual Citizenship of any kind—much less Citizenship in the Netherlands.

Let everyone be warned.

See this article and over 1600 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com

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Wet Cats vs. The United States of America

By Anna Von Reitz

All this while Destry has not been forthcoming with me and neither has the Michigan General Jural Assembly.  If they had told me up front that they were trying to construct some kind of half-here, half-there “interim” assembly that included US Citizens of all kinds, I would have told them (also up front) that such a thing isn’t possible, and that there is no “interim” involved.

The idea of an “interim government” comes from the idea that our government has ever been held in “abeyance”.  It hasn’t.

Our government has been misled, misrepresented, misdirected, confused, lied to, and suffered gross breach of trust, but it has never ceased to function.

At most, a portion of our government ceased to function, but as it happens, the least important part: the Confederation of States of States doing business as the States of America.

As this portion of our government was composed of incorporated States of States chartered by our States, it is really no Big Deal for our States to “Reconstruct” these organizations and put new corporations in the field to provide the Federal portion of the service contract known as “The Constitution for the united States of America”.

We simply didn’t do it, because nobody made an honest effort to inform us that it hadn’t been accomplished already a long time ago.  Instead, they usurped upon us in the name of helping us, and put in their own commercial corporations to act as “States of States” instead — and used these foreign organizations as a means of controlling and stealing our resources and abusing our people.

The British King acted in deceit and in Breach of Trust to substitute his own Territorial “States of States” organizations for our own Federal States of States.  Most Americans weren’t sharp enough to catch the difference between “The State of Georgia” and “the State of Georgia”, nor the difference between “The United States of America” and “the United States of America”.

But now, thank God, we are awake and on the move. And home again.

We can have new Federal States of States re-chartered and up and running in a matter of weeks, once we get our own political status records corrected and our actual State Assemblies in place.

Once our States assemble they can act upon their own business and they can act as members of The United States of America to put everything back in its proper place.

We can enroll the Western States as full members in The United States of America.  We can settle BLM’s hash on the issue of grazing rights owed to ranchers.  We can put an end to the buying and selling of water rights that already belong to the People of this country. And so much more.

This can be done peacefully and without endangerment or rancor, simply by enforcing the Public Law, including the Constitutions, and the Treaties we are heir to.

Once we reclaim our birthright political status, nobody has any right to say “Boo!” to us on our own soil — including the Queen and the Pope.

I am by far not the only one to say this and to bring it to public attention. I already gave you all the example of Richard McDonald’s YouTube video about State Citizenship.  Is he supposed to be some kind of evil “Vatican Agent” too?

How about the books of Bill Dixon — Without Prejudice and The Great Mystery Babylon?   Are his words somehow “compromised”?  He is telling you the same information that I have shared.

God knows, The John Birch Society has been trying to get this same information out for decades, but they were attacked by propagandists, too. Belittled.  Pooh-poohed.  Portrayed as know-nothing rednecks and racists and whatever else, but they have been right all along.  They’ve told us the truth about our own country.

It’s always something thrown in the way to stopgobber the Truth from getting out, but not this time.  This time it goes viral and no amount of self-interested mud-slinging and no amount of ignorance or fear is going to stop it.

There’s a big difference between the States and the States of States and you are now going to learn what that difference is and who you are.

And get a clue — if you aren’t actually employed as a Federal Civilian or Military Employee or Dependent of a Federal Civilian or Military Employee, and not “voluntarily” working as an Unpaid Federal Employee — you are no kind of “US Citizen” at all and never have been.

Time to step back into your American State Citizen shoes.

To tell the truth, I never did much like the name “National Assembly” because there can be many, many “nations” all inhabiting the same space, but there can only be one “American People” operating “The United States of America”.

All this pussy-footing and dissembling about a “National Assembly” without explicitly saying which “Nation” is being assembled didn’t suit me.  It reeked too much of other games that have been played with words like “National Security” — all without mentioning which “Nation’s” security was involved.

And I didn’t like the wishy-washy of not declaring one’s political status, either.

The excuse was used that, since we have nearly all been misidentified as “US Citizens” that meetings should be open to all — and certainly, open and public meetings are desirable in any case.

However, in order to actually function as State Assemblies, we have to correct our records and declare our political status and there is no way around that.

In the world of pretenses that has been built around us, the Federal Government composed of foreign commercial corporations in the business of providing us with governmental services —- is still at war.

The mercenary conflict that began in 1860 — according to them at least — has never been resolved, and so, this is the excuse for our own under-contract Army to occupy our States and harass our People.

And until you declare yourselves as American State Citizens and Third Parties with respect to all their mercenary nonsense, they will happily misidentify you as one of their own “soldiers” — either Territorial or Municipal, lost at sea or lost on the battlefield.

It’s time to put an end to all this self-interested and predatory BS.

Time to wake up, folks.  Time to declare who you are.  Time to come home to your actual State of the Union and The United States of America. Forget about any unspecified “National Assembly”.

What we need is an American States Assembly, pure and honest and built solid from the ground up.  Those who want that, stick with the information and the guidelines being provided on my website.

See this article and over 1600 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com

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For All The State Jural Assemblies – 41 Who Owns What



By Anna Von Reitz

So who owns what and how does the power of the American Government flow?

All the ultimate power is vested in the living people.

The people own and control the soil and operate the soil jurisdiction republican states via organizations like The Texas Republic (soil) and The Republic of Texas (surface water).   This is the national jurisdiction that determines all the rest. These republican states are all members of The United States, an unincorporated Union of unincorporated republican states.

The subservience of the international land jurisdiction underlying the republican states can be demonstrated easily enough.  Think of the soil and surface water — the top six inches of everything you see — as a skin.  You can’t get to the land underlying the soil surface without passing through the soil, can you?

So the land jurisdiction State underlying the soil layer is owned, operated, and possessed by the soil jurisdiction republican states that belong to the living people.  The international land jurisdiction State controls all the subsurface resources, the minerals and ground water.

This is the realm of the living people and Lawful Persons: soil and land, which includes all the fresh surface water and ground water, too.  This is also the realm of the State Assemblies.

Beyond this lies the watery and airy world of the purely fictional States of States, which all function as Legal Persons administered by more Legal Persons.

Originally, the States of States belonged directly to the States.  They were commercial corporations chartered, owned, and operated by the States, and members of the Confederation of States doing business as the united States of America.

The original States of States were empowered to conduct all the business of the States in the international Jurisdiction of the Sea  and in the global municipal Jurisdiction of the Air and they did so until the adoption of the Constitution in 1787, when a power-sharing arrangement dictated by earlier treaties kicked in.

Thereafter, the original States of States acquired contractual obligations as a group and the united States of America became responsible for providing mutual services and exercising specific “joint powers” on behalf of The United States of America — our Federation of States, under The Constitution for the united States of America.

All States of States are naturally subservient to the States, as can be demonstrated by the fact that no State of State can even be named without the presence of a pre-existing State.  Just try to have a “State of Florida” without a Florida first?   So these entities, too, all ultimately belonged to the people of this country.

Several other powers that were originally exercised by the States of States were ceded to the British Monarch, these included control of the US Navy and Commercial Fleet, and control of our Trade Policies, as well as physical control of our Territorial Possessions, such as Guam and American Samoa. This was done via the Territorial Constitution called “The Constitution of the United States of America”.

This is the entity doing business as “the” United States of America as opposed to the Federation of States doing business as “The United States of America”.

Finally, control of the Washington, DC Municipality was delegated to the Holy Roman Empire through Westminster, with the understanding that the plenary oligarchy established there was to be exercised by the members of the Federal Congress and the ten miles square was to serve as a neutral meeting space to conduct our country’s international trade and commercial business. This was finalized via “The Constitution of the United States”

This municipal international city-state is what does business as “the” United States, as opposed to our Union of republican states doing business as “The United States”.

Through it all, the people retained the ownership interest and control.  All powers flowed directly from the people to the unincorporated Counties to the unincorporated States to the States of States that were chartered and operated by the States themselves, and were consolidated first in the Union of states called The United States, next in the Federation of States called The United States of America, and finally in the Confederation of States of States doing business as the States of America.

Except for the stipulated power-sharing with the British Monarch, which obligated him to act as our Trustee, and a very minor foothold, however strategically placed, for the Holy Roman Empire, the American People owned everything and controlled everything.

It was and is a Government of, for, and by the People— literally, and the international land jurisdiction States played and still play–  the lynch pin and leading role.

This is because the States are the fundamental connector between the realm of the people and the soil and the rest of the world.  The States stand at the interface between the international land jurisdiction and the international sea jurisdiction. They are both the bulwark against encroachment by incorporated entities and the comptroller of all our worldly business interests.

The actual States are the key to running the whole government properly, and the Assemblies are the key to running the States.

Now you can see why those who wish to undermine our government also seek to keep everyone confused and bent of creating more State of State organizations instead of assembling the actual States belonging to the Union.

So long as we chase our tails and create States of States, we can be attacked and our efforts nullified, but if we stand on the solid ground of the land and soil and assemble our actual States, the jig is up.

There is a vast difference between a State Assembly and a State of State Assembly.  One is composed of Lawful Persons, American State Citizens, and the other is composed of Legal Persons, United States Citizens.

The State Assembly owns and controls the State of State, so the decisions of the State Assembly — should they be contrary in vision or particulars — automatically overrule the actions and druthers of the State of State Assembly.

This is called “Checks and Balances” and was built into every level of the government we are heir to.

This is a matter of the actual owners taking care of business and telling the Hired Help what to do; when the State Assembly speaks, the State of State Assembly has to obey.

The Hired Help at the State of State level too often wish to usurp the role of the actual owners and tell us what to do, and also seek to benefit themselves surreptitiously from the unobstructed use of our public property and other assets.

Those who wish to act as US Citizens and create new States of State are  competing against the existing States of State, like any two commercial corporations competing for the same contract.  This activity naturally draws the attention and adversity of the current contractor and leads to the arrest and abuse of those organizing such efforts.

Those who act as American State Citizens and who assemble the actual States are acting in a totally different and higher capacity that does not compete with any State of State organization, but which does hold the authority to tell the State of State what to do, both in general and in specifics.

The actual State Assembly composed of American State Citizens has the authority to tell the State of State Governor how high to jump, how to administer the State resources, what fees and charges the People will accept and what services they will receive– or not—from the State of State.

It is precisely this role of the State Citizens and the State Assembly that has stood empty for too long, leaving the people of this country without a voice and without control over the succession of mostly foreign commercial corporations that have edged in here since the Civil War and operated as States of States.

You are being called to act as State Assemblymen and Assemblywomen, not State of State Assembly members.

This distinction is of ultimate importance in terms of both your experience and the benefit to your State and your Country.

Sure, we can all agree that the services of the States of State organizations need vast improvement.  Sure, we can all agree that new service providers or at least better informed and better directed service providers are needed, but at the end of the day, that’s quibbling among the Hired Help.  It’s not the voice of the actual Employers coming forward nor is it the sound of the Employers putting their flat feet down– and that is what is needed.

We cannot go on another hundred years letting the tail wag the dog or being endlessly confused about the difference between the actual State and the State of State organizations we employ to do work for us.

Put simply:  the actual State is populated by Lawful Persons who are American State Citizens; the State of State commercial corporations that we either create or hire to provide us with services are populated by Legal Persons who are US Citizens of one kind or another.

As you can see from the title of all these articles, you are being called to act in the capacity of Lawful Persons, as Employers, and as American State Citizens.

We are not calling for local chapters of the current States of State commercial corporations to assemble, nor asking for input from our Employees, the US Citizens among us.

We are calling the actual States and People of this country to assemble. We are calling upon those who can and will expatriate from all Territorial and Municipal United States Citizenship to come home to the land and soil jurisdiction and take care of business.

See this article and over 1600 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com

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Why What We Are Doing Is Different

By Anna Von Reitz

Those of us who have “been around a while” have seen a lot of various patriot efforts come and go, and now, despite my best efforts to not further dilute my time and energy with organizing efforts, I find myself at the forefront of exactly such an effort.

It behooves me to say why what we are gathering together to do is different from what Tim Turner attempted with RuSA and different from what Destry turned out to represent with National Assembly:

  1. We are acting in our birthright capacity as State Nationals and State Citizens belonging to the land and soil of our respective States of the Union. We understand that doing this requires us to leave behind and expatriate from any other citizenship obligations real or imagined.

They continued/are continuing to act in the capacity of some form of “US Citizen” — which is a political status foreign to our States.

  1. We are acting as Lawful Persons known as People They are acting as Legal Persons known as Individuals — a form of Stateless Foreign Situs Trust.
  2. We are intent on peacefully assembling our actual soil and land jurisdiction states/States. This is our inherent and guaranteed right to do as American State Nationals and American State Citizens.

They are/were intent on setting up competing “States of State”, apparently to overturn existing Territorial and/or Municipal States of State, but as “US Citizens” they are not competent to set up a State of State of any kind and can be considered in rebellion if they attempt to do so. This leads to them being arrested and charged and jailed with great regularity.

  1. We are standing on the solid ground of our own country as heirs of every treaty, every trust, every commercial contract owed to us by the British Monarch and the Popes/Pontiffs, including the actual Constitutions.

They are standing on the decks of legal fiction “vessels” cut off from the jurisdiction of the land, and subject instead to the jurisdiction of the sea (Queen) and the jurisdiction of the air (Pope). As Stateless Foreign Situs Trusts in the international jurisdiction of the sea (“individuals”) they are prey to the Queen’s Privateers. As Foreign Municipal Franchises of the Holy Roman Empire, they are slaves and paupers of the Puerto Rican Commonwealth, which still functions under Spanish Law of the Inquisition.

  1. Those of us acting as “People”, that is, as State Citizens of our respective States of the Union, can claim and enforce the provisions of all three (3) original Constitutions.

They are acting as “US Citizens” of some form or other, and “US Citizens” of any stripe are not party to the Constitutions and cannot enforce them or claim any guarantees or protections under the Constitutions.

  1. We, the People of the States of the Union, are the recognized Employers of the various groups of “US Citizens” on our shores; they owe us duty and Good Faith Service at all times. Both the Queen and the Pope owe us proper administration of their services and management of their personnel on our shores.

They, those operating as “US Citizens” either Territorial or Municipal, are the Employees in receipt of labor contracts and benefits obligating them to serve us. As Territorial level employees they are subject, ultimately, to the Queen– via the President of the United States of America and as Municipal employees, they are subject to the Holy Roman Empire and its official hierarchy through the President of the United States.

  1. We have retired and expatriated from any citizenship obligations owed or presumed to be owed to the Queen or the Pope. We have “returned” home to our lawful domain and stand as Lawful Persons on the land and soil of our States. No valid complaint can be brought against us for any “failure to perform” any duty related to any federal franchise or person. We stand under the Public Law.

Those willfully acting as “US Citizens” remain in a active duty status as “volunteers” of various kinds including unpaid work as “Withholding Agents” (British Merchant Marine Warrant Officers), Territorial or Municipal “Bankers”, “Motor Vehicle Operators”, and so on. They can be held in dereliction of duty and arrested, fined, or jailed for any Federal Territorial or Municipal Code Violation and are naturally subject to this form of Private Law imposed by both the parent corporations and their local State of State franchises.

  1. We have seized control of our Trade Names and any Derivative NAMES associated with us and have permanently domiciled all these “persons” on the land and soil of our States, thereby re-flagging them as belonging to Lawful Persons and as American State Vessels engaged in peaceful international trade and commerce. As a result, all the Names/NAMES associated with us function under Public Law and they are all owed all the guarantees and treaties and exemptions owed to American State Vessels when engaged in international trade or commerce.

They have not taken responsibility for establishing and claiming their permanent homestead on American State soil, nor have they identified themselves as people adopting their Lawful Person status; as a result, they and the various franchise names attached to them remain “at sea” as Legal Persons of indefinite origin and merely “presumed” to be US Citizens.

  1. We and our ancestors have been at peace for various lengths of time. Some of us have been at peace since 1783, some since 1814, some since 1865 — but all of us are officially at peace and have been at peace for a long time. We are officially owed The Law of Peace by the U.S. Military as is admitted by their own Regulations: AR27- 161-1. As Employers of the U.S. Military we are immune from attack or reproach.

They, the “US Citizens” both Territorial and Municipal, have been at war continuously since 1860 and they remain at war and continue to operate under conditions of false emergency and via Executive Orders. This is why they have a cops and robbers mentality, adopt noms de guerre, and reduce everything to spy stories and thrillers. This is also why they may be subject to 14th Amendment Territorial Citizenship and subjected as both slaves and criminals.

  1. We have surrendered any Municipal PERSONS issued in our names back to the Secretary of the US Treasury, and have named him as the Fiduciary Officer responsible for these PERSONS. We cannot be accused of having any further responsibility with respect to these Municipal PERSONS, nor can we be accused of harming them. We have properly discharged any duty that we ever had or were presumed to have.

They have retained these Municipal PERSONS and have not changed their domicile and not returned them to the Secretary of the US Treasury, with the result that they are still “individually liable” and responsible for any debts or crimes associated with these PERSONS.

  1. We have established indemnity bonds for each of our States with the United States Treasury allowing us to engage freely in international trade or commerce, indemnifying our shipping, and preserving our States from any loss of assets.

They have not, with the result that they are continuing in possession of derelict foreign registered Vessels that have not been re-venued as American Vessels, and acting without any sovereign indemnity bonds in place. This places them in an illegal status as presumed pirates or smugglers, subject to arrest.

  1. We have established international and global claims to and liens upon our assets including our re-venued American State Persons/PERSONS and have published them timely for the benefit of all the American States and The United States and The United States of America.

They, the “US Citizens” among us, have not made the effort to reclaim their birthright political status, so have no claim to the assets of their birthright and no direct voice in determining the future of this country going forward. This is not our fault or doing or wish for them.

See this article and over 1600 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com

To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.

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Monday, February 25, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies Handbook Volume One Published

From Anna Von Reitz

For all of you looking for a handy way to keep organized and review for yourself or to introduce people new to the topic(s)— the first volume of collected articles addressed to the Jural Assemblies, 1-35,  has just been published as a paperback on Amazon for $12.95.

This gives everyone a solid grounding going forward and can be used by the Jural Assemblies in every State as a general guidebook and history primer:




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Attacks Against President Trump – The Wrong Focus

By Anna Von Reitz

It’s no news to my Readers that President Trump is acting as “President” of a foreign (British Territorial) commercial corporation that is having a hard time staying afloat.  Nor is it any news that he is acting exclusively as the Commander in Chief of a Territorial United States military junta that has been in power and operating under the Lieber Code (restyled as Hague Conventions) since 1863.

So when you hear nasty rumors about President Trump and claims that he is forcing a war with Iran and that he has been compromised by his son-in-law Jared Kushner and that “they” have film of him “bashing in the head of a baby” — let me remind you all of the following facts:

None of these bad things are happening without a helluva lot of pushing and steaming by war-mongering Generals and Admirals who have their own agenda and who want to make money “the old fashioned way” which is by going out and plundering and pillaging defenseless people.

Therefore, if you want to be intelligent and effective in stopping these evils, refocus the glaring lights on the Pentagon and DOD where all this crappola is coming from.

Jared Kushner, who is Jewish, is the President’s Son – in – Law and apparently, he has been a good Husband to the President’s daughter and a good Father to the President’s Grandchildren.  Show some respect for the President and his family and accept the facts of life.  If we could accept Communists from East Africa in the White house for eight years, we are nailed down to survive darn near anything else.

With all the digital filmmaker’s tool boxes available today, you could make a film that makes me look like Loretta Lynn.  Or Johnny Cash, for that matter.  They could literally make a “movie” showing me morph into Johnny Cash or a reptilian monster or a space alien.  Making a film that seems to show President Trump “bashing in a baby’s head” or even more monstrous things is a piece of cake.

Don’t fall for it.  Trump has been up against it both money-wise and from ugly Generals and Admirals that want their own way like a pack of malevolent two year-olds.

DOD has been the source of much of the ugly brush applied to the CIA, because the CIA has the goods on these same corrupt Generals and Admirals. But the CIA and NSA and other “civilian” agencies are up against it, because they ultimately work for the military.

So there’s your problem in real life: corrupt Generals and “US” Navy Admirals.

Their idea of making money is to install a puppet government in Zimbabwe, get the puppet to sign over all the natural resources of the country for less than pennies on the dollar, buy up all the existing Zimbabwean currency and bonds —- and become trillionaires themselves when the currency and bonds are revalued and reflect the value of all those minerals.

Same thing with the Iraqi Dinar.  All of Iraq’s oil and cultural heritage is to be sacrificed to “investors” and Iraq’s people are to be shafted, which is why Iran is a problem. Iran doesn’t approve of this.

Meanwhile, the criminals at the DOD  are trying for a currency equivalent to Cinderella.  Buy up Iraqi and Zimbabwean Junk Bonds, because that’s what they are, for pennies, and then set things up so that  they are suddenly worth gazillions of “dollars” when they are “revalued”.

They are so set on this idea and have so much of their own pensions and other assets invested in making it happen that they are openly defying Trump trying to get him to go along with it.

Shine the light on them and the Lieber Code and their inexcusable “occupation” of this country and their abuse of the American States and People that they are under commercial contract to defend.

I support our Troops and I always have, but we have nests of absolutely worthless, power-mongering, politicized, dishonest, incompetent, and worst of all —- disloyal — “Brass” scattered throughout our military and those people need to be recognized for what they are and drummed out of the service. Double time.

See this article and over 1600 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com


02 26 19 Confirming Info RE Judge Anna von Reitz




For All The Jural Assemblies 37 – 38 – 39 -40

is now posted on
We must have some unity between the Jural Assemblies

by David Robinson


As of July 1, 2013, Pope Francis cleaned house and settled the “bankruptcy” of the United States of America, Inc. At that point, all the Puerto Rican ESTATE trusts should have been formally dissolved, and all assets presumed to belong to them should have been returned to their true beneficiaries, the living American people. Instead, the criminals in DC contrived to work out another “New Deal” with the operators of the United Nations City State.

The United Nations City State has allowed the old criminals who were running the “Federal Reserve System” to reorganize as the “new” “FEDERAL RESERVE” under UN auspices. This criminal syndicate has claimed —falsely as ever— that all the property contained in the individual ESTATES was “abandoned” and therefore belongs to the banks, and they have begun to transfer all title and ownership of OUR property and assets into their brand new transmitting utilities doing business under the “JOHN Q. ADAMS” names.

Pope Francis gave them three years to come into compliance with their corporate charters or face being liquidated. More than the three years has passed and thus far, they are laughing in his face and doing everything they can to rob, rape, pillage, damage, and confuse the American People they have victimized for so long.

Make no mistake — these people running both the FEDERAL RESERVE and the IMF are criminals and these organizations are international criminal syndicates which have enslaved and falsely indebted the American People via identity theft, the practice of personage, unlawful conversion of assets, fiduciary trust fraud, kidnapping, inland piracy, contract default increasing the public debt, and myriad other offenses.

The American People are owed all their assets back, together with the interest and profit which have been made off those assets. The American organic States are similarly owed all their assets back. All that was “borrowed” must be returned, and any false pretense that UNITED STATES INC or any “successor” to this fraud—the UNITED NATIONS INC, for example — has no right to continue controlling Americans or their property via this network of fraud, and all false claims must cease.

This is what the officials have done to Americans and America. Every one of them who knew the truth and did nothing about it, are criminals in our midst. Now that it is becoming known, it is only a matter of time before the similar frauds that have impacted Europe and the former Commonwealth will become self-evident and the perpetrators forced out of their holes like the criminals they are and prosecuted as such on both a national and international basis.

Let that end come and come quickly. Let the sorting of the goats from the sheep begin. Those who have been complicit through ignorance must come out of Babylon, or be destroyed within it.

[From the recently published book, “Unrebutted Affidavits Stand As Truth”.]  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1718993404/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i57

02 25 19 Confusion About Gun Control Legislation +The Pedophile Project Your 7 Year Old Is Next On The Sexual Revolutions Hit Parade



 By Anna Von Reitz

There are various Territorial and Municipal initiatives taking place now at both the Congressional level and the level of their respective States of States organizations seeking to enact gun control and gun grabbing legislation, and I am being queried about this by a lot of very confused Americans.

All those affected by such legislation are “US citizens” of some kind and “US citizens” have never had any constitutional guarantees of any kind, so the organizations adopting these provisions for their members are within their rights to enact gun control legislation in the same way that IBM or Sonic Hamburgers, Inc. could seek to establish Public Policies forbidding their employees from owning guns or bringing guns to work.

American State Citizens and American State Nationals are not at all affected by their Public Policies and druthers, but many Americans have been misidentified as some variety of “US citizens” and so the legislation could be misapplied to Americans who are not naturally subject to Territorial or Municipal legislation either at the level of their “Congresses” or their “States of States”.

One more argument in favor of reclaiming your birthright political status and explicitly expatriating from all forms of Territorial and Municipal Citizenship.

I have also heard a lot of confusion about the Dick Act, which was adopted in the very early 1900’s by the Territorial Government and which applies by Succession to the current Territorial Government.

Some people think that because it was enacted after 1860 that the Dick Act is “useless” but they are profoundly confused.  None of this current debate applies to us, American State Nationals or American State Citizens, either one.  But it does apply to Territorial “United States Citizens” and the Territorial Branch of the Federal Government.

The Dick Act permanently settled the question of Territorial Branch Gun Grabbing and did so in such a way that it can’t be revisited. 

The Territorial branch of the Federal Government therefore can’t grab any guns or restrict any gun rights whatsoever, and what is so nice about this, is that the Territorial branch of the Federal Government is also responsible for protecting us from any usurpation or misapplication of legislation from the Municipal branch of the Federal Government.

So the Dick Act though not applicable to American State Nationals or American State Citizens, is applicable to Territorial Branch Federal Citizens, and they are then also responsible for protecting us from Municipal legislation seeking to infringe on our gun rights.

The Municipal Government has usurped grossly against the limitations stipulated by its Constitution and the Territorial Government allowed this in Breach of Trust, but we are now pulling both of them up by the proverbial hairs and this process of putting both back in their places about gun rights and many other matters must continue.

So address the Territorial Congressional Delegations and inform them of their obligation as Successor organizations to honor the Dick Act and inform the Territorial State of State Legislatures of the Dick Act, and while making it clear that you as an American State Citizen are not subject to any of this frou-frou-rah in the first place, they are nonetheless prohibited from gun grabbing against their own citizens (by the Dick Act)  and obligated to protect us against any offer of gun grabbing or other usurpation by the Municipal Government, too.

See this article and over 1600 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com

02 25 19 The Pedophile Project Your 7 YearOld Is Next On The Sexual Revolutions Hit Parade

We cannot dismiss the campaign to legalize pedophilia as fringy stuff that will get nowhere. It’s real and it’s here and it’s gaining strength.

By Stella Morabito

FEBRUARY21, 2019



Activists for normalizing pedophilia are on the move. Public acceptance of adult sex with children is the next domino poised to fall in identity politics. It’s being sustained, among other things, by the rapid sexualization of children in the media and in K-12 education.

We cannot dismiss the campaign to legalize pedophilia as fringy stuff that will get nowhere. It’s real and it’s here and it’s gaining strength. It’s a very logical outgrowth of the nihilism inherent in the sexual revolution.

If you doubt this, just consider, for example, how unthinkable to many Americans was the recent celebration of infanticide (in the guise of abortion rights) by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Likewise, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam—supposedly a pediatrician—spoke cavalierly about whether to dispose of a living infant who survives abortion.

They and governors of many other states are betting that your shock will simply wear off and we’ll all eventually get with the infanticide program. People do tend to settle into such shifts, believing it won’t affect them. But the selective dehumanization of children has been going on for a long time now. Why should we think it’ll be any different when the time comes for legalizing pedophilia?

As with any propaganda campaign that pushes outrageous changes on an unwary public, it’s all about timing. Academics might refer to timing as the Overton Window or the Availability Cascade. But we should all be able to understand the process of conditioning the public to accept the unacceptable.

First, the groundwork is laid through carefully planned propaganda. There are various types of messaging for various audiences: the medical establishment, the education establishment, legislators, judges, the general public, and so forth. Then the agitation begins with poster people who are “just like you.” And before you know it, it’s all over.

Unveiling pedophilia as “just fine” will likely be an ambush if we aren’t prepared. It promises to be as swift as the “transgender tipping point” campaign that shrewdly coincided with the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision in 2015. It will be accompanied by a defiant campaign to paint any resistance as a relic of outdated morality that oppresses the rights of an identity group and the civil rights of any children caught in it.

So, when that inevitable time comes, will we just sit back and cower in confusion? Or will ample voices be able to break through the pressures of political correctness beforehand and shout “Enough!” Be prepared to make that happen, because the pitcher is full and they are mixing the Kool-Aid.

The Sexualization of Children Is Well Underway

We’ve already being desensitized to the sexualization of children and implanting gender confusion in them. Parents from Long Beach, California to Queens, New York are taking their toddlers to drag queen story times at local libraries. Some, like the mother of nine-year-old Lactatia, now actually groom their boys to be drag queens and encourage them to get other children to do the same.

Media outlets spread the idea. For example, “Good Morning America” recently celebrated an 11-year-old drag queen who danced suggestively on the show and does the same at adult night clubs. The studio audience looked groomed to be a picture of Middle America. They cheered his gyrations on cue, and approvingly.

A majority of American parents are already tacitly okay with sex “education” that pushes early sexual activity on their kids, along with developmentally inappropriate teachings about various sexual practices. They’re also getting on board with having the transgender hoax imposed on their kids, with a bunch of cool moms modeling that behavior. Most parents who are disturbed by all this are overwhelmed and keep their concerns to themselves, which only perpetuates the trend.

Our public schools, with the backing of the highly politicized American Academy of Pediatrics, are also now in the business of nudging any young child to get injections of puberty blockers if he or she claims to be transgender. Some states are now threatening to take away custody from any parent who is not on board with that. K-12 classrooms are becoming labs in which kids are being programmed to serve such agendas.

Your children have been defined by the left’s sexual nihilists as totally sexual beings. So what next? The logical answer: from sexual beings to sex objects. We may well see even more legalized exploitation of children unimaginable to many Americans today. Let’s face it: Pedophilia has been waiting in the wings, and is itching to come out. So let’s not be blindsided when it hits full force.

Designating Pedophilia a Sexual Orientation

There are two main avenues to legalizing adult sexual relations with pre-pubescent children: 1) to designate it as a sexual orientation; and 2) to lower—or abolish—the age of consent for sexual activity. Both efforts are on track by pedophilia advocates, especially in academia and in the mass media. Take a look at this TED Talk released last year, in which the speaker chides us: “Let’s be mature about pedophilia.”

The speaker, Madeleine Van Der Bruggen, makes the case that pedophilia is simply a sexual orientation that can be neither chosen nor changed. She appeals us to “stop with the hate!” (sound familiar?). She argues that everybody probably knows someone with a pedophilic interest. And, really, they’re just like you. Most don’t talk about it because it’s illegal. Imagine, she asks, if you’re told you could never act on your passion? She implores us to imagine “how lonely” that must be.

Yet another TED talk from another young female pushed the same argument. But that talk was taken down by TED, at the request of the speaker. You can still access it here.

The academic literature is also getting much bolder by publishing increasing numbers of articles in support of both avenues: designation as sexual orientation and re-considering age of consent. Perhaps most shocking to people of conscience is the December 2018 article by convicted British child molester Tom O’Carroll that was published in the peer-reviewed journal Sexuality and Culture. More on that later.

You can find an extensive bibliography of such articles in popular media.

In arguments to push social acceptance of adult sex with prepubescent children you will find nearly an exact parallel to all of the arguments for all manner of “progressive” causes, including, of course, LGBT preferences.

There has also been a rash of publishing in popular magazines. The idea of the “virtuous pedophile” was unveiled in Todd Nickerson’s Salon article “I’m a Pedophile, but not a Monster.” Salon actually removed the article, although it’s still archived on the internet. Nickerson says he would never act on his urge and never has. He also has a website called “Virtuous Pedophile,” ostensibly for helping celibate pedophiles resist their urges.

You can find an extensive bibliography of such articles in popular media if you don’t mind visiting the “virtuous pedophile” website. Typical titles include a 2016 New York Magazine article, “What’s it like to be a celibate pedophile?” or a 2016 Vice articleentitled “Realizing You’re a Pedophile Can Make you Want to Kill Yourself.” Then there’s the “born that way” defense, as discussed in this BBC news item entitled “Are Paedophiles’ Brains Wired Differently?”

Born This Way Shouldn’t Seal the Deal

I don’t question the need for people to get the help they need to avoid engaging in destructive behaviors. We should all have mercy for those who struggle, especially people who feel utterly rejected and demonized by society, particularly if they want to regulate any wild urges that would hurt others, especially kids.

The argument in all of the above is that pedophilia is a sexual orientation that is not chosen.

The sad irony is that when people feel so marginalized and dehumanized, especially if they are unnecessarily barraged with humiliations, when they finally get what they want they tend to take revenge. They cannot distinguish between kind people of goodwill who have legitimate critiques of their demands and the bullies who embittered them in the past.

So be prepared: simply having an opposite opinion will get you marked as an enemy, even if you always treated every human being with compassion and dignity. If you cave to political correctness, you are allowing your goodwill to be weaponized against all you stand for.

So here we are. The argument in all of the above is that pedophilia is a sexual orientation that is not chosen. So if we accept it as such, wouldn’t any therapist who didn’t affirm the orientation be accused of “conversion therapy?” Would pedophiles even be permitted to get help?

Finally, whether or not you want to believe the warnings of former child actor Corey Feldman, there can be no doubt that Hollywood has a good share of pedophiles. “An Open Secret” is a 2015 documentary about it by Amy Berg. We should not be surprised in the future when Hollywood gives pedophilia a final Caitlyn Jenner-styled juggernaut to push it all over the top. Again, it’s all about the timing.

APA Will Ultimately Decide How to Classify Pedophilia

Just as the American Psychiatric Association (APA) re-classified gender identity disorder to gender identity dysphoria, it also tinkered with classifying pedophilia in its fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V.) As the psycho-bible of mental disorders, the DSM has always been the go-to source for making the sexual revolution the law of the land. Its reclassifications of homosexuality and transgenderism are really just the beginning.

All that remains is for the medical establishment to officially proclaim that pedophilia is a sexual orientation.

There is no reason other than timing to think it won’t do the same for pedophilia. Currently, the DSM makes a distinction between pedophilia as a paraphilia (a desire not acted upon) versus “pedophilic disorder” (actual child molestation.) But the lines in society sure feel like they’re blurring.

In 2013 the APA “erroneously” referred to pedophilia as a sexual orientation on page 698 of the first printing of the DSM-V. After a public outcry, the APA said it would correct the error in subsequent printings, changing the term “sexual orientation” to “sexual interest.” Their public relations folks also added for good measure that the APA still considers acts of pedophilic disorder to be criminal.

Okay. But ask yourself this: With all of the meticulous attention the APA applies to every controversial aspect of the DSM, and the bated breath the news media holds for any new edition, how exactly does a reference to pedophilia as a “sexual orientation” end up in there by accident?

Sadly, the error smells more like a trial balloon. Both the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association have long been politicized to promote every outgrowth of the sexual revolution. Groupthink is deeply embedded in both organizations.

Bottom line here: if you track the promotion of pedophilia in academia and the media, all that remains is for the medical establishment to officially proclaim that pedophilia is a sexual orientation. Then anti-discrimination laws kick in to protect it in its entirety, and children are at the mercy of some judge’s interpretation of “penumbras” to determine what constitutes harm.

The Farce of a Child’s ‘Right to Choose’

The other turning point in legalizing pedophilia would come with repeated claims in public discourse that prepubescent kids can enjoy and consent to sexual relationships with adults. Furthermore, denying children this avenue of expression with adults, the argument goes, violates their civil rights.

Perhaps the biggest bombshell recently is that December 2018 article mentioned above, written by convicted child molester Tom O’Carroll in the peer reviewed journal Sexuality and Culture. The title of the article is “Childhood ‘Innocence’ is not Ideal: Virtue Ethics and Child-Adult Sex.” At the outset, he puts the word “innocence” in scare quotes. If you don’t want too much of a soak in that sewer, you can look over a good review of O’Carroll’s demented reasoning in Justin Lee’s article written in Arc, “The Pedophile Apologist,” or see Rod Dreher’s commentary.

O’Carroll’s goal is to make the case that pedophilia is simply a sexual orientation that should have all the protections of anti-discrimination laws for other sexualities.

In his article, O’Carroll masquerades as a philosopher. He takes on Kant and Aristotle. Like a Chihuahua barking furiously at the ocean, O’Carroll also attempts to bash the impeccable scholarship of Sir Roger Scruton.

O’Carroll’s goal is to make the case that pedophilia is simply a sexual orientation that should have all the protections of anti-discrimination laws for other sexualities. He tries to appeal to the same litany of arguments that subjects children to early sexualization and to the transgender curriculum: that kids can decide for themselves how to express themselves and shouldn’t be denied a choice in how they identify—no matter how young they are.

He lets loose a panoply of arguments strongly suggesting we should lower or abolish the age of consent: that children shouldn’t be denied any form of sexual expression; that allowing them the full range of sexual expression actually promotes their flourishing and development; and that stigmatizing pedophilia is in the same class as stigmatizing people on the basis of their race, sex, religion, or, naturally, their sexual orientation, which he argues pedophilia is. To object to any of the above is, in a word, “hate.” (Sound familiar?)

So get used to it: the goal is to frame pedophilia as a human right, redirecting your attention away from the adult and reframing it as a child’s right to sexual expression. If the child claims to consent, who are you to get in his or her way? Hence, every child becomes fair game for child molesters, especially if the child can be persuaded and influenced to say he or she consented.

Undue influence is a cult-like dynamic to which children are particularly vulnerable.

Worse is that there are recent studies by Bruce Rind published in the academic journal The Archives of Sexual Behavior, claiming there is no long-term harm to adult sex with children. (As O’Carroll also claims, the positive effects on children is a growing field of inquiry.) You can read about it in a 2017 Public Discourse article by Mark Regnerus. Otherwise, the silence is deafening.

The issue of consent has been made murky, especially when trying to clarify cases of he-said-she-said in accusations of sexual harassment or assault. But if you accept the claim that children can consent to sex with adults, then it seems we must now take their word for it, and never question if that “consent” was coerced.

In addition, our society seems increasingly ignorant about the causes and effects of undue influence caused by a disparity in power between two actors in a relationship. Any substantive discussion of this element in human dynamics is fading fast. Yet it ought to be common knowledge. Undue influence is a cult-like dynamic to which children are particularly vulnerable.

The ‘Equality Act’ Would Protect Pedophilia

Just about all of today’s so-called “anti-discrimination” laws include sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) classifications. Once pedophilia is classified as a sexual orientation, then it’s protected under that umbrella, which covers all areas of life: employment, education, medicine, housing, business, military, even the parish life of churches, family life, and much more.

If pedophilia is ever classified as a sexual orientation, wouldn’t the Equality Act afford it federal protection?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced that a big priority for this Congress is to get the “Equality Act” passed. So the big question is this: If pedophilia is ever classified as a sexual orientation, wouldn’t the Equality Act afford it federal protection? Seems logical. What am I missing here?

If that happens, then any objection to a known pedophile teaching at any level in any school or daycare center would have to be considered illegal discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

There can be no doubt pedophilia will eventually be officially classified as a “sexual orientation” if more people don’t grow some spine. You don’t have to be a master of logic to understand that once that happens, then expressions of disapproval will be deemed illegal discrimination.

So, are you going to be one of the folks in the morning show audience applauding the sexualization of your child? Will you just get used to it? Or will you take a stand? Time is running out.

You Bigoted Pedophobe!

No person of conscience can allow this sinister pedophilia project to gain any more momentum. If we do, it will produce an unexpected avalanche of comings-out with an aggressive campaign complete with poster children (and their parents!) to support it. This is no more a conspiracy theory than to say the same thing about the transgender project in 2014. It’s pure logic, and it’s totally in keeping with our society’s trajectory.

This is no more a conspiracy theory than to say the same thing about the transgender project in 2014.

So if you’re not all in with pedophilia, prepare for the smear campaign. Today “pedophobia” is defined simply as a fear of children in the same sense that acrophobia means a fear of heights. But it could easily take on a new meaning as our culture sinks ever lower.

Consider this: If pedophilia is ever normalized, what are the chances that the word “pedophobia” and the term “pedophobe” will be used as slurs against people who disapprove? Against churches that disapprove? Could they be used in the same way the terms “homophobia” and “transphobia” are used as slurs today?

Of course. In this scenario, if you express reservations about sexual activity between pre-pubescent children and adults, you will be publicly shamed and silenced as a “pedophobe” for doing so. A bigot. A hater.

For those just waking up, we’re not in Kansas anymore. We’re on a speeding train through the Twilight Zone. And the hyper-suggestibility of most folks in this age of internet-induced mass delusion will get us there even faster.

We’ve become a nation of complete squishes because all that matters to most people is how they think they’re perceived in social circles.

We’ve become a nation of complete squishes because all that matters to most people is how they think they’re perceived in social circles. The fear of the smear is in high gear today, generating a pandemic of moral cowardice. It’s infecting state legislators who ought to know better. It’s infecting judges who ought to know better—and teachers, journalists, even parents. Sadly, there are many who really don’t know better and simply try to maintain the social status they think they’re afforded by political correctness.

It’s up to those who do know better—those who have an active conscience—to speak up, and to stare down the smear artists in propaganda journalism, pop culture, and academia who’ve been stoking that cowardice. Too few people publicly take unpopular stances anymore, and when they do they pay a highly inflated price for it only because no one else joins them.

There are too many cowards who apologize for being right, too many who self-censor out of fear of social rejection. That’s exactly the dynamic that will fast-track trends like the normalization of pedophilia.

We have no choice but to stop accommodating political correctness, no matter the price. Its movement in the shadows has all the hallmarks of an impending ambush. People of goodwill must do all they can to stop the momentum of this pedophilia project in its tracks. Otherwise, it will destroy children and childhood together.

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This is a subject that I cannot discuss because it makes me use language unacceptable to my readers. Suffice to say, I will fight this action with all my might, and hope I never meet a supporter of this unspeakable transformation of humanity.  Anna’s quest for a non Corporate government is the only thing that can save America, BESIDES THE RETURN OF REAL BIBICAL CHRISTIANITY.


02 24 19 Please Remove All References to Destry Payne and His Organizations




We must have some unity between the Jural Assemblies


 By Anna Von Reitz

Please remove all references to Destry Payne and www.national-assembly.net until further notice.

They have gone off the tracks and are trying to establish a different Territorial State of State and Territorial National Government instead of getting their status straight and doing the actual work that has to be done to reconstruct our Federal States of States and restore the fully functional American Government.

As such, they are in insurrection against the already functioning Territorial States of States and Municipal STATES OF STATES and are operating in these foreign jurisdictions instead of operating from the safe vantage point of the land and soil jurisdiction States.  Their members can be arrested at any time and hauled into the nisi prius contract courts and busted the same way that Bruce Doucette and many others have been victimized.

And they won’t listen to reason or the facts, so, once again, I have to draw the line in the sand and say — no, don’t join the www.national-assembly.net organization.  If you have any association with them, cancel it.  Run like gazelles away.  It’s another bust and bull disappointment.

I will not be held responsible for what happens to them or those who have joined them although I initially supported their efforts, because their leadership is definitely leading them astray now and into unnecessary danger.  Just like Bruce Doucette.  Just like Tim Turner.

Lacking any clear declaration of expatriation from Territorial and Municipal

United States citizenship(s) they  are presumed to be some form of Federal Citizen — either Territorial “United States Citizens” or “US CITIZENS” under the 14th Amendment, or Municipal “Citizens of the United States” or “US CITIZENS” chartered by the Municipal United States Government —– which unavoidably means that they are subjecting themselves to both the Queen and the Pope and are then also subject to the Statutory Laws and Public Policies of the foreign commercial corporations.

They will be forced to comply with the statutory laws, codes, and standards of those organizations and will be permanently barred from returning to their original birthright status as soil jurisdiction state nationals and also from operating as American State Citizens and American State Electors because of their own knot-headed ignorance.

So be it.

I am done arguing, explaining, teaching, or trying to help them in any way.  They can just go on running and hiding and pretending that there is some “war” on, when in fact we, American State Nationals and American State Citizens, have never been in any kind of war since 1814 and we are admittedly owed The Law of Peace (AR 27-1-161) from the Territorial Government and the Territorial Government is obligated to protect us from overreach by the Municipal Government, too.

We are well-protected and well-established as long as we knowledgeably claim our birthright political status and color inside the lines and stay in our own jurisdiction and sail our “vessels” as American vessels —– any other pathway puts us right back smack dab in the middle of the foreign commercial mercenary conflict which both the Popes and the British Monarchs have engendered and kept going for 150 years.

If we ever want peace back in our land and an end to foreign meddling and mischief on our shores, we absolutely must get the facts straight in our heads and deal with what is in front of our noses.  We can’t afford any more mistakes or Patriot Mythology.

And speaking for myself, I am sick and tired of listening to disparaging remarks and taking abuse from people who don’t really know their butts from tin cups and who also don’t want to learn.  I am sick of watching decent Americans arrested and harmed by the Hired Help.

So, until further notice, cross the Michigan General Jural Assembly off your lists and also the www.national-assembly.net and just as I warned everyone against following Tim Turner and Bruce Doucette —- add Destry Payne to the long list of those who needlessly stand in harm’s way and lead others to do the same.

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Dear Anna,

Many of my recipients have been asking me questions about possible repercussions from the government, insurance companies, hospitals, personal physicians, local government agencies, police and fire departments and on and on until I had to admit I was not capable of answering their questions.

One of the most frequent was about driver’s license, and automotive insurance. The people are also worried about doing business with corporations who have a hook with big government.

Another major concern was about hospitals who are threatening parents with child confiscation if they do not sign birth certificates.

But the highest number of concerns goes to people who want to know who to go to when they need legal advice or service, and they feel it will take decades to supply America with enough living law firm legal service.

It is also apparent that the majority of people who read your articles on my site are very interested in your journey to freedom, but are terrified of the present uninformed government employees lack of cooperation, and hostility.

I am making a guess that your freedom plan is becoming known by local government agencies, who are very hostile towards anyone not willing to accept their precious authority.

The people feel dependent on such things as health and liability insurance, government benefits, personal protection from lawless people, and how to be accepted by the existing corporate suppliers of products they need to resell, and the biggie is what to do about banking.

It is more than apparent the people are afraid of their government even more than their fear of change and being intellectually unequipped to stay out of trouble. I personally fear that the existing power structure will soon turn on us with a fury never before experienced, with no regard for our original form of government. History has repeatedly shown that once established, governments are the most ruthless organizations ever known to humanity.

One exceptionally erudite writer is convinced that our existing power structure will be supported by the majority of Americans once we gain enough publicity to attract their attention, and a very possible civil war will be our demise. He reminded me of the atrocities experienced by the patriots of our beginning, and quoted several hundreds of patriots being tortured by burning at the stake. Personally, I know of no better way to die.

Give me freedom, or give me death, because I have no desire to live with fools.

Your Olddog

02 23 19 To Comfort You



 By Anna Von Reitz

I know many of you are suffering and distressed to learn the true condition of our country and to see and know for sure how generations of Americans have been hoodwinked, misrepresented, and defrauded. Many are angry, too. And at first, nearly everyone is confused, disoriented, and overwhelmed.

There’s so much to learn, so much to take in.

Here I am telling you that after a whole lifetime spent thinking of yourself as a “US Citizen” —- that you probably aren’t a “US Citizen” — and except for maybe a stint of military service, never were.

You’re an American State Citizen instead. You just haven’t known that and haven’t been made aware of the distinction. Or the advantages of being an American State Citizen, either.

Federal Titles 8, 11, and 42 give a pretty exhaustive listing (in different spots) of exactly who legitimately can be regarded as “US Citizens” of one kind or another:

  1. People born in the actual Territories — Guam, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, et alia.
  2. People born in Washington, DC
  3. African Americans (but not all African Americans)
  4. Native Americans (but not all Native Americans, either)
  5. Federal Civilian Employees
  6. U.S. Military Employees
  7. Dependents of Federal Civilian and Military Personnel
  8. Federal Elected Officials
  9. Foreign Political Asylum Seekers
  10. Federal Subcontractors while on the job; includes Federal State of State franchise employees, and alphabet soup agency personnel.
  11. Directly chartered Federal Corporations and their officials

It is this last category that has been applied to virtually all of us. Beginning in 1940, with the Buck Act and related legislation, the Municipal United States Congress conferred free franchises on all of us, and, upon our receipt of these “gifts” they then claimed that we donated our Good Names and all our assets to them.

This was done without any Notice to us, without disclosure to our parents, and then evidenced by deliberate falsification of our political status via the birth registration process and the creation of completely unconscionable “citizenship” contracts that went along with the registrations.

As babies we couldn’t know that all of this was being done “for” us by members of the Municipal United States Congress without our knowledge or consent. Our parents weren’t told either.

It was the perfect crime, until the rest of us figured it all out, and now there is Hell to Pay and a lot to be done.

These things were done with criminal malice aforethought by people on our payroll, acting under assumed contracts obligating them to abide by the provisions of our Constitutions and to protect our rights as material interests of the National Trust.

Fraud and breach of trust on a massive scale was thus perpetuated against the American States and People by our own employees. Millions of Americans have also been mis-characterized as Federal Volunteers of various kinds to justify claims that we are all Federal Employees.

For example, “Withholding Agents” are actually Warrant Officers in the British Territorial Merchant Marine Service, charged with collecting Gift Estate Taxes as an excise tax mislabeled as an “income tax”.

The Brits are taxing us for the privilege of “donating” our Good Names and Estates to the Pope — purportedly—- and on top of everything else, they are misidentifying us as their own “volunteer” employees and subjects of the Queen.

All of this is fraud against us, pure and simple, but in order to bring a stop to it and to enforce the Constitutional guarantees we are all owed, it requires us to wake up, see what has been done to us and by whom, and to take action.

I know that this can seem utterly overwhelming at first, but here we are, those are the facts, and yes, we can put a stop to this. You and your beloved country will come through this difficult time. The more of us who become educated and who take up the tasks involved, the better.

In order to correct your erring employees without fear of reprisals from them and their misdirected alphabet soup agency subcontractors, it is necessary to establish superior evidence on the Public Record of who you are and your correct political status.

That’s Job One, because until you do that, they have an excuse to presume the existence of Federal Persons/PERSONS subject to their jurisdiction and operating under your Name/NAME. This is how they harass people and steal their property. You have to debunk their presumption of ownership of your Name and also any derivative NAMES.

We’ve developed a simple process that anyone can use to establish superior evidence of your identity and political status.

For those of you who see the need to make this correction and reclaim your birthright political status as an American, information and examples are posted on my website http://annavonreitz.com/ Article 928, and templates are available at http://paperupnow.com

Very soon there will be direct help available through a new service that will help those who are challenged by computers or other obstacles— and those that just want a little hand-holding.

If you are in financial straits, you can have these good folks record your claims and notices for you for the cost of the filing fees, but if you can afford a donation toward their time and materials, do what you can. They are volunteers spending their time to help us all move forward together.

Watch my website for the live link coming soon!

What else can you do? You can tell your family, neighbors, and friends what is going on. You can educate yourself about the history, about the law, and you can form your own local county and State assemblies.

You can take back your country and tell your employees how high to jump.

You can stop being afraid of what appears to be your own government. You can finally be at peace in your home on your own land.

In the days to come we will join together and demand the repeal of the Buck Act, the Maternity Act, and all other Acts of members of the Municipal United States Congress infringing and usurping upon the dignity, rights, and prerogatives of the American States and People, seeking to extend a foreign legislative monopoly onto our soil in contravention of the limitations imposed on the Municipal Government, mis-characterizing the political status and nationality of American State Nationals, and promoting fraud and false claims in commerce against The United States of America [Unincorporated] and its member States.

Remember that any “law”, any “Act”, any “Executive Order” that is repugnant to us, those who are the remnant of the People who are Party to the Constitutions, is null and void ab initio. This includes all the false commercial claims and repugnant legislation that members of Municipal and Territorial Congresses have passed.

We were never part of their vicious Civil War by definition and though they may be at “war”, we are at peace and are owed The Law of Peace.

The reckoning has come, but it must be done logically, intelligently, step by step, and one by one.

Every day I meet people who are disoriented, angry, and confused. Many of them want to attack the messenger — me, because the news I bear is unwanted and unpleasant to contemplate.

Who wants to admit that they have been gulled and pillaged by the British Monarchs and the Popes for six generations? Who wants to see that it may be the “land of the free”, but through deceit, betrayal, and guile of our own employees, we have been left permanently at sea?

Nobody wants to wake up to that, and yet, there is this comfort in it.

You can’t fix a problem until you know what it is and know that it exists.

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