05 31 21 Dear Everyone Regarding The Shit Storm



By Anna Von Reitz

There was never any reason for a second Declaration of Independence. The first one did a masterful job and it still stands today.

Any presumption otherwise was brought forward because of a false claim made by agents of the central banks, and so, Teri and others joined together to reply to the nonsense being pushed by the bankers who were at that time trying to claim that our Government no longer existed and all our assets were subject to “claim on abandonment” by the Creditors of the US CORP. They returned their answer exactly as Teri Hinkle describes; I was present and heard the debates and the acrimony with Tim Turner and RuSA over the whole thing.

And I was shaking my head through the whole thing, too.

U.S. Citizens can’t speak for Americans— even if they were born and raised in America, their registered political status prevents them from having lawful standing under international law. At most they have a limited legal custodial interest in specific properties.

The actual issue was decided many years prior to the flap in 2012, and all that was really necessary was to remind the High Courts of that fact.

Which we did.

What nobody grasped then, and what you are still failing to grasp now, is that the Constitutions are still intact, The Declaration of Independence (original) is still intact, even The Articles of Confederation are still intact.

What has changed is your own political status. You have been registered as a Brit, and as a Brit, you have no rights as an American.

It’s like when you are sitting still in an automatic car wash and it seems that your car is moving when it’s not.

You all assume that you are Americans and counted as Americans because you were born here, but shortly after you were born, you were “seized upon” and unlawfully converted via the birth registration process into a “U.S. Citizen” — a dependent of the British Territorial Government.

So nothing that you have ever done and nothing that you are doing with your “Jural Handbooks” and your “Nation States Project” or anything else has ever had the actual desired effect.

British Territorial Subjects can natter all day long and still never have any legal or lawful standing with respect to our land and soil jurisdiction–and never had anything but limited and enumerated delegated powers at sea.

The “Shitstorm” has come and gone. The actual work was accomplished despite all the handicaps. It’s over.

We won.

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05 31 21 Dear Mr Putin Acknowledging the Security Council Debate


http://www.paulstramer.net/ 2021/05/dear-mr-putin-acknowledging-security.html

By Anna Von Reitz

We were touched but also dismayed by recent reports that the Security Council was discussing our situation and that you, Mr. Putin, were even suggesting armed intervention.

Our unincorporated Federation of States has several venerable international treaties with Russia, which have always been upheld by both sides, and which cannot be removed absent a new treaty with our Federation.

These mutual assistance treaties do in fact require Russia to act on our behalf in the event that we are unable to bulwark our own efforts or held to such a disadvantage that our national sovereignty is imperiled. We thank you, and we remember those several occasions when Russia alone among the nations came to our assistance. We are not ungrateful.

It is in fact the existence of these treaties and bonds which have lasted through multiple generations that have been the focus of evil men seeking to demonize Russia for befriending the American Government and holding “the US” in well-earned suspicion.

The entire Russian Collusion witch hunt brewed up against Donald Trump is only the most recent chapter of a long history of British guile and efforts to palm off blame for its own collusion with China. We understand.

We acknowledge the debate in the Security Council and also acknowledge the treaty obligations underlying it; however, our national sovereignty has weathered the worst threats against it, and though there are numerous issues yet to be resolved, we feel confident and competent overall to resolve these under our own steam.

We have chartered the largest International Trade Bank in a hundred years, and recalling the proper structure for the banks, we have also chartered a wholly-owned subsidiary commercial bank for it. Both stand under our Public International Law. As these measures bear fruit and sanity returns to the world under a new banking paradigm, we believe that all nations will benefit —including Russia.

Any armed intervention at this point would only serve to bulwark and assist the network of international criminal interests collectively known as “the Cabal” —and having suffered the slings and arrows of this institutionalized crime syndicate as much as any other nation, we doubt that Russia would desire that outcome.

There are so many better things to do and to think about.

Rather, we, the Americans, feel that it would be best to bring political pressure to bear on the Bank of International Settlements to delay enforcement of its Basel 3 provisions long enough to deploy the International Trade Bank safety net that will be needed to avoid widespread genocide due to disruption of commodity supply lines and lack of cash-value currency.

The more fanatical elements may not be pleased by our actions, but the vast bulk of the living people and their national governments will be happy–and safe, prosperous, and at peace.

The bad ideas of the past must not be allowed to intrude upon the future, Mr. Putin. So far as we are concerned, the bankers have sung their last refrain, and a new banking system is on the way. This, among many other positive developments, is no cause for fear or violence.

It’s time to celebrate instead

by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America

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05 31 21 Whats the Purpose of a State Assembly?



By Anna Von Reitz

Today I was asked, “What’s the real purpose and role of a State Assembly? There are already at least two District Assemblies in place. Why do we need another assembly?”

Short answer — there are fundamental differences between a State Assembly and any form of District Assembly.

They operate in different jurisdictions.

They represent different populations.

They serve different purposes.

The purpose of a State Assembly is to protect the people who live within the borders of their State, to protect the assets of those people, and preserve their birthright as Americans. The further purpose of a State Assembly is to uphold and enforce the Public Law — including enforcement of the Federal Constitutions.

State Assemblies are supposed to make all major decisions about State-owned property and resources, to form the fundamental nexus of the American Government in international jurisdiction, to educate new generations of Americans about their own history and government, and do all the other things necessary to preserve our government of, for, and by the living people of this country, complete with its bottom-up power structure, and it’s daunting responsibility to self-govern.

Now, actual, properly defined, and fully functioning State Assemblies haven’t been in Session for a long time. As a result, some of their responsibilities have been shuffled off and undertaken by District Assemblies acting as custodians of State Trusts—- but District Assemblies are not really empowered to act in these capacities, and it is our responsibility to carry our own water.

As you look around, you will see that our courthouses (for example) are occupied by foreign courts — federally-connected courts of strictly limited jurisdiction, allowed to exist on our shores by constitutional contract. Our State Courts are supposed to be occupying our court buildings, but are nowhere to be found.

As this example demonstrates, it isn’t that the foreign courts are prohibited, but they shouldn’t be the primary occupants of our court buildings. Everything is upside down. The guests are acting “as” the landlords, and the landlords are acting as the guests.

Our Courts simply haven’t been in Session, because our State Assemblies haven’t been in Session, and they haven’t been in Session for so long that our employees have forgotten who we are and what our role is.

It’s up to us to remind them. And ourselves, if necessary.

When you encounter a “District Assembly” the first question in your mind should be — what kind of district? A Military (Territorial) District? A Municipal District? Some other outpost of the District of Columbia?

These are foreign entities. They are not part of our State and are not pretending to be. Like the foreign federally connected courts of limited jurisdiction called “District Courts” and “State of State Courts”, the district employees and dependents are allowed to be here among us, by contract, but their assemblies are not our assemblies.

They have no responsibility to preserve the American birthright for us, and they equally have no obligation to uphold our Public Law for us. They have to adhere to the Public Policies and Codes, Rules, Regulations, and Statutes of the foreign corporations that employ them, but this is private law, not Public Law.

As Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc., makes abundantly clear, enforcement of the Constitutions is entirely a matter of personal choice and “discretion” for district employees and franchisees who subjugate themselves to foreign private law.

Enforcement of the Constitutions instead falls to us, the members of the State Assembly, and particularly to State Citizens.

So, if you are wondering why your constitutional guarantees aren’t being honored, search no farther. It’s because your State Assemblies haven’t been in Session and your State Courts haven’t been in Session, either. The State Citizens and State Assemblies who are Parties to the Constitutions have been “absent” — “missing” — “in interregnum” — “presumed dead” — “lost at sea”.

All this confusion, all this corruption, all this flat-footed enforcement of foreign law on Americans, all the craziness— is because you, Joe Q., haven’t been doing your Public Duty and we as Americans haven’t booted up our properly declared and constituted State Assemblies into Session since the 1860’s.

So what is the purpose of a State Assembly? To operate the American Government, to enforce the Constitutions, to uphold the Public Law, to preserve the birthrights of each and every American. We hold the Public Power and the Public Duty, but it has seldom been exercised in the past hundred years.

And that, people, is the biggest problem with this country. Too many of us have forgotten who we are and what our duty is and what the purpose of a State Assembly is.

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05 30 21 About Hawaii



By Anna Von Reitz

The last Queen of Hawaii and her ministers sold the land mass of Hawaii because they knew that if they didn’t do so, they would be over-run by the Chinese or the Japanese. That same reality remains.

We have the records showing the sale of Hawaii and the source of the funds (we were that source) but we have no records related to where the money went after it left the coffers of The United States of America. It is most likely that there is a “managed fund” set up somewhere in the Hawaii State Trust accounting for all that money.

Neither the former Queen nor her Ministers lived super-opulent lifestyles after the sale, and her living relatives have lived modestly, so it is unlikely that they kept the money for themselves.

No Treaty was necessary as this was a sale transaction and the Queen and her cabinet had the authority to do it. From reading the record, they were caught between a Chinese rock and a Japanese hard place. If they wanted United States protection they had to grant the Americans an ownership interest—- otherwise we could not intervene on Hawaii’s behalf, and we could not legally establish Territorial military outposts in Hawaii.

Anyway, the point is that the United States did not coerce the Queen into abdication. The whole situation and the elements of coercion that were part of it, were the result of Chinese and Japanese interests that were eyeing Hawaii like a bone ripe for a tug-of-war.

The Queen and her Ministers (wisely, in my opinion) did not want to see their country embroiled in a war between China and Japan, and they didn’t want to see the Hawaiian people subjugated to the victor in either case, so they actively sought protection as an American Territory.

Far from leaning on the Queen and forcing her to abdicate— which is the Urban Legend— the US had to be talked into it, because defending Hawaii against the combined Pacific Powers of China and Japan is a tall order on the best of days, and those were not the best of days. Remember that our Navy in the Pacific at the time of the Queen’s abdication was barely able to protect commercial shipping from Korean pirates. The deal with Hawaii ultimately required vast outlays of investment in military infrastructure and also civilian infrastructure in Hawaii, plus vast investment to bulk up the Navy in the Pacific.

Yes, there were industrialists and defense contractors and military gurus pushing the agenda, but there were also industrialists and defense contractors and military gurus pushing against buying into Hawaii’s defense predicament. The other camp thought the defense of Caribbean and South American interests and the Panama Canal were more important.

In the end, it was the King of England that decided the issue and accepted the abdication and all the investment obligations “for” us, and it was our money and our manpower expended to do it all. The King was concerned about the weakness of the Pacific Fleet and wanted to extend not only his power through his command of our Navy on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, but also wanted to beef up protection of his interests around the Pacific Rim— at our expense, of course.

There are also questions raised about the “legality” of Hawaii’s inclusion as a State, as our actual Government was not in Session at the time and the Federal Republic was long since dormant. How, people wonder, could the U.S. Congress pull off the requirements to make Hawaii a State of the Union?

The short answer is that the U.S. Congress could not and did not accomplish that. It did the same thing with Hawaii that it had been doing with the Western States ever since the Civil War —- conferred “Territorial Statehood” on it, installed a British Territorial State-of-State as custodian — and shut their mouths.

Hawaii, like Alaska, Utah, Idaho, Montana, etc., were never States of the Union, and all for the same reason, until October 1, 2020, when a Roll Call vote of the pre-Civil War State Assemblies completed their retroactive enrollment as States of the Union.

That is, despite the impression that Hawaii and other States had left “Territorial Status” a long time ago, they were not actually States of the Union; they were only being treated as such and managed as State Trusts.

Always remember that our actual Government is not vested in any kind of “legislature”. Our foreign territorial subcontractor which functions as a democracy uses a legislature to set public policies, rules, codes, and regulations for their employees and dependents, so acting through a “legislature” is appropriate for them and applies to their custodial duties as assigned by The Northwest Ordinance.

It’s important for Hawaiians to realize that (1) the same fears of Chinese or Japanese invasion that created the situation in the first place are still well-justified and (2) they have been living under the Queen’s foreign thumb as a Territorial State and have never gotten to enjoy the rights and advantages of an actual State of the Union —- until this past October.

Before people go blaming us and reacting against things that the Territorial Subcontractor has done, or proposing to enslave themselves again to a Monarch—- they should give themselves a chance to take up the responsibility of self-governance in earnest and join their State Assembly with a clear vision and willingness to work.

This is the first time since Captain Cook that they have had the opportunity to steer their own boat and take charge of their destiny. I encourage each and every Hawaiian to do so—- lawfully and peacefully. Their actual State Assembly is now in Session and the power of the actual sovereign State is in their hands for the first time.

Need I add that their help is needed? Our whole country has been abused and misused for generations and its “All hands on deck!” for every American, not only to save their own bacon, or their own State, but the entire country and the world as we know it.

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05 30 21 Urgent Appeal The First Bank Founded on Love




By Anna Von Reitz

For thousands of years, banks have been founded on lies and idolatry and self-interest, so the entire concept of a bank founded on love is as alien as a mermaid goat. And yet, yesterday, The Global Family Bank was founded on exactly that premise: the idea that money should serve humanity, instead of humanity serving money.

If you step back and think about it, as I often have, the common banking paradigm reduces the joy and dignity of mankind to the level of being rats in a maze, learning to push the button to get a treat— and it’s an arbitrary treat, a commodity akin to any other widget.

It’s hard to hold back the overwhelming sense of incredulity once you think about it and grasp the situation: we are letting ourselves be enslaved to little pieces of paper, plastic cards, little round pieces of metal, or even worse, digits on a ledger.

The whole situation is, in truth and in fact, ridiculous.

So let’s think about these things more deeply.

And when we do, we find that, as with so many other things, we’ve been living in a world that is upside down and backward.

Money isn’t the measure of a man. Man is the measure of money.

Faced with these facts and the looming crisis the bankers are deliberately creating both by manipulating commodities including gold and silver, and by failure to offset debt, what is one to do?

Let 70% of the world’s population starve or fall victim to violence? Let the creatures of Hell feast on us again? We think not.

Yesterday, The Global Family Bank came into existence —- a sovereign international trade bank, together with its wholly-owned subsidiary, The Global Family Bank of Commerce.

This is the way the banking system is supposed to be organized, with international trade banks that stand under the Public Law owning and controlling their own commercial banks, so that all the banks remain accountable to the Public Law.

This, the system our ancestors mandated, is a far cry from the system we have now, in which the commercial banks run roughshod over everything and everyone, and their black-robed accomplices enforce their hegemony against the Public Interest.

How and why did this come about?

There’s a missing piece in the banking system, just as there are a couple of missing pieces in our government structure.

The international trade banks that deal in actual assets — not “hypothecation of assets” — are missing. This has allowed the commercial banks to escape like bad dogs slipping the leash. Like the court systems, the commercial banks have functioned in capacities never dreamed of –nor allowed– by our forefathers, and much to everyone’s detriment.

The Global Family Bank is the first major international trade bank organized in over a century. By definition, it functions under the Public Law and deals exclusively in actual assets and Lawful Money. It’s wholly-owned subsidiary commercial bank, The Global Family Bank of Commerce, will deal with commercial paper as necessary, but because it is owned and managed by The Global Family Bank, it will also in effect stand under the Public Law.

Picture the globe with all the banks you are familiar with appearing as red dots. Then picture the globe again, with only a few scattered blue dots. The blue dots are multiplying and connecting, and The Global Family Bank is the hub.

Safe, honest banking, carriage accounting, no usury, no blind escrows, no open assignments, no funny business at all, cash-value assets only, lawful money only, deals directly with your Lawful Person, no bail-outs, no bail-ins, no secret handshakes, no interference with lawful transactions and transfers, no black robed hustlers enforcing “private” law.

Very soon, within days, Americans who declare and record their political status as Americans will be able to open accounts through their national bank’s account in The Global Family Bank network.

People throughout the world in other countries can do the same— organize their land jurisdiction government, declare their political status, set up their international trade banks and join the fun.

It will be fun. It will be profitable. More importantly, it puts family first — our family of mankind, our global family. The Global Family Bank will treat you like family, protect you like family, and make sure that you have a cash-value means to trade no matter what happens.

So when Basel 3 trips the wire and the Gold Fix is no longer fixed, and the price of gold predictably skyrockets (unless we can bring our gold reserves to bear first) and cash dries up (as a result of the unallocated gold being withdrawn from the stock market) you won’t be left standing there with nothing in your pocket.

A great deal of work has to get done in a short time and massive amounts of assets have to be legered, new account structures have to be set up, vendor cards issued, and all sorts of other footwork done in a matter of weeks. National banks operating in international trade have yet to be formed in some countries, bank treaties have to be signed, connections made, accounts created.

You can imagine the flurry of activity.

If you are, for example, a German living in Germany, who woke up and declared yourself a living man and claimed all your rights and assets and recorded your claim on our Land Recording System or via other appropriate means—- gather your like-minded friends together, and use our template to form two banks — an international trade bank, and a commercial bank that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of your international trade bank.

Then sign a bank treaty with The Global Family Bank — connecting your bank to the other “blue dots” as they populate the globe.

Don’t worry and throw up your hands and think, “I can’t do this! I don’t know anything about banking! What about all the regulations! What about security! What about…..”

You can do this. We have your back. Besides, you have to do it.

The artificial spikes in gold prices (expect two of them, one this summer and another in January-February) and the sudden drying up of cash and lack of connectivity occasioned by the Basel 3 accords means that even those who have gold and silver won’t be able to trade in such a scenario.

Why? Because nobody is equipped to trade in real assets anymore, aside from one-to-one bartering by hand.

Imagine the situation. There is no cash anywhere. You have gold and silver coins saved up for a rainy day, but what you need is five gallons of gas. What do you do? Go down to the gas station and barter a gold coin for the gasoline?

But wait, will there even be any gasoline to buy? Probably not, because the entire transportation of products to market will be impacted. It is in fact already being impacted.

We all have to keep our heads, join together, and make this work.

At this point, you must admit that the bankers are destroying the world as we have known it, in a final, bitter, death-cult, scorched Earth policy battle pushed by the Bank of England/HSBC, their Chinese equivalents, and the Bank of International Settlements.

And they don’t have anything viable to replace what they are destroying.

Nobody can save us but ourselves. We have two months to do it. All of us, worldwide.

Strange as it may seem, considering the trillions of dollars worth of assets that belong to us and which need to be placed on the bank’s ledgers, we are still limping along on cash donations to spool this entire effort up. And that slows us down. If you can help, help now.

Loathe as I am to condone any form of price fixing, we must all bring as much political pressure to bear on the Bank of International Settlements as possible, to delay the enforcement of Basel 3 on their affiliated banks— which without a viable replacement system in place, is the equivalent of genociding 70% of humanity.

The safety net is being spread, the resources are marshaling, but time is the critical element now. We have to have time to spread the net over the whole globe and do it as quickly as possible. Basel 3 must be delayed long enough to deploy the trade banks worldwide, or the bankers will literally be guilty of planned genocide.

PayPal: avannavon@gmail.com

Mail: Anna Maria Riezinger

Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska 99652

The Global Family Bank is not “public” yet and not on the internet yet. Please understand this and remain calm and upbeat. Keep checking my articles daily for news and instructions.

Those setting up National Trade Banks need to contact me via email with the subject line “National Trade Bank”. Those seeking to cash in court judgements and transfer assets, please use the email subject line “Asset Transfer”. Please withhold inquiries about getting individual accounts for now. You will get instructions. Soon.

People who are already members of the State Assemblies will be eligible for accounts as soon as The American States and Nations /ASAN Bank preparations are complete. No further action is necessary at this time.

People who have not yet declared and recorded their political status are advised to do so as soon as possible.

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05 27 21 A Terrifying Thought



By Anna Von Reitz

I learned early that all my observations are not positive or helpful, and not welcome, either. Still, I persisted in my honesty well into my life, and only somewhere after the age of thirty learned some part of discretion and the value of silence when nothing can be changed by speaking.

Yes, I have considered not saying this and not releasing and sharing the link that I am making available on my website, www.annavonreitz.com, because it is so unbearably graphic and so irrefutable for those who have been vaccinated already.

We are presented with photos of healthy blood cells reduced to misshapen, distorted things and damage that cannot be denied.

The nightmare is real. And we are left to consider the Bogey Men, who failed their Public Trust and Duty to protect the American people—- condemning millions of trusting innocents to death via a loathsome and wasting and man-made plague.

You will remember that the British Territorial Government responsible for the U.S. Military conscripted our health professionals as “Uniformed Officers” and required them to be licensed to practice medicine on U.S. Citizens. What if they are using these “officers” to wreck death and havoc, like any other military force?

Who betrayed us at the “dock” and set up the whole Birth Certificate scam?

Medical doctors.

Who promoted the use of Smallpox infected blankets to decimate Native American tribes?

Medical doctors.

Who covered up the terrible effects of electromagnetic radiation sickness?

Medical doctors.

Who among us continued to use treatments for chronic diseases that don’t work long after any sane analyst would stop and look for other answers?

Medical doctors.

Who lives in such fear of losing their license to treat U.S. Citizens that they can be easily leveraged and coerced?

Medical doctors.

Who has to pass “boards” and meet continuing education goals and submit their every action to scrutiny?

Medical doctors.

Who could be fooled into harming their patients simply by being told by the purported government that — “You have to do this.” Or worse, “Do this, and we will pay you $50,000 per case.”

Medical doctors.

This Culture of Coercion, of Carrots in the form of payoffs, and Sticks in the form of malpractice claims, has turned medicine into a snakepit, where most medical doctors face repeated nasty political and legal challenges to their conscience and their livelihood and professional reputation.

Remember George McGovern? Democratic Presidential candidate in 1972? He was two bricks short of a load and otherwise a hulluva nice guy, unlike Joe Biden, who is two bricks short — full stop.

George McGovern, who knew nothing about anything, decided that certain foods were bad, and armed with nothing more than his own hare-brained opinion, he rewrote the American Diet and made it the endlessly confusing and politicized morass of fads and lies that represent nutrition science today.

Eggs are bad; no, they are good. Butter is bad, but, no, well, butter is good. A lot better than hydrogenated vegetable oil…. oh, well…… Wheat is bad; no, wheat is good— a vital source of fiber and B vitamins. Milk is bad, cholesterol is bad, bacon is bad, avocados are bad, coconut oil is bad, yoghurt is bad, bananas are bad, apples are bad —- but no, wait, they are all actually good.

Just like the mandate that many cities adopted prior to the recent madness, requiring people to use their own cloth or plastic shopping bags to carry home groceries. Remember that?

Remember how funny it was when you showed up carrying your nice sturdy fabric shopping bag, and having those same dimwit clerks tell you that, no, you couldn’t possibly use your own shopping bag! It was dirty! Unhealthy! It might have germs!

But the nasty fabric mask on your face didn’t?

Do we need any more proof that these people setting themselves up as petty gods are ignorant nutcases incapable of a reasoned or logical or original opinion?

There are a great many issues that politicians should never be allowed to touch. Health and medicine are two of them. Science, more generally, is another arena which should be sacrosanct and outside the grasp of politicians and corporate moguls alike.

There is no mention of public health or private health in any Federal Constitution and this is not an oversight.

What if the clueless and controlled Medical Establishment was given half a billion doses of “vaccine”, paid $1500.00 per shot, and let loose?

How many of our beleaguered “Uniformed Officers” would question the contents of those syringes?

And how many would have the courage to speak up, much less take a stand? And what business do any politicians or businessmen have making health decisions for the rest of us? Imposing their opinions on us? Or politicizing any aspect of medicine or science?

Those who care about medicine, about health, about actual science, must stand up against the abject craziness that has politicized science ever since the 1960’s and all of us need to look at the microscopy photos of red blood cells before and after….

Go to: www.annavonreitz.com and look for yourselves. You can literally see what is happening and nobody has to tell you that it is bad beyond belief.

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05 27 21 What We Need to Communicate



 By Anna Von Reitz

When this whole Mess began there was a far greater understanding of the circumstance, at least on the parts of the Federal Military and Federal Civil Service Employees, than there is today.

The nature and purpose of the Carpetbagger Courts was pretty simple. The victorious North and their British Allies were intent on collecting money from the Southerners to pay for their own war debts. This process began immediately after Lee’s Surrender and the courts tasked to act as debt collectors were formed in May of 1865.

Ten new Military Districts — established under the Territorial District Government residing in the District of Columbia — were set up under the auspices of the Territorial U.S. Army. Each such District was overseen by a Military General of at least Brigadier rank, and it was his duty to appoint Judges loyal to the North and the Territorial Government to the benches of these courts. The courts were then set up as private bill collection agencies to extort war reparations and profits.

Nothing has changed, except that over the years, more Military Districts have been formed across the entire length and breadth of this country, the Carpetbagger Court System has become an institution mistaken for our Lawful Court System, and it has continued to be used as means to pillage and plunder under color of law, using False Legal Presumptions, Impersonation, and Barratry to extort payment from Americans who have nothing to do with any of this graft and criminality at all.

What we, Americans who have declared and recorded our political status, need to communicate to these courts is the same today as it was in 1865.

We are Americans.

We are peaceful law-abiding non-combatant civilians.

We stand under the Public Law and The Law of Peace.

We are owed all protections and guarantees.

We are not Municipal citizens of the United States.

We claim all exemptions.

We are owed permanent, mandatory, protective injunctions.

Our State Assembly is in Session and our State is enrolled as a State of the Union.

There can be no Presumption of a Public Trust Interest.

We have not subjected ourselves to any foreign law.

We have not granted any Power of Attorney.

We request and require Full Disclosure of the Case-Claim.

There is no lack of ignorance at all levels of the current bureaucracy, including within the Carpetbagger Courts which have been in continuous operation since 1865, collecting war reparations from people who were never involved in any war and never owed any reparations.

The Military District Courts actually think (or try to bluff) that they are Article III Courts, but that is literally impossible. Why? Because the Article III Courts were formed under the auspices of the Federal Republic in 1787, under the original Federal Constitution granted to the States of America, and the Federal Republic ceased to function in 1860.

Neither the Territorial U.S. Government nor the Municipal Government of the United States operating as incorporated instrumentalities are competent to function as Article III Courts — but they can front Military (also known as “Federal”) District (Carpetbagger) Courts operating under Maritime and Admiralty Law, or Municipal COURTS to oversee Municipal FRANCHISES — and collect money from their own respective citizenries to their heart’s delight.

That’s why they have accidentally-on-purpose-misidentified and impersonated all of us Americans as members of their citizenries instead of counting us for who we are — Americans.

This information has been “compartmentalized” so as to assure that the right hand has, generally speaking, not known what the left hand was doing. Clerks of the Court only know the Clerk’s part. Judges only know the Judge’s part. Attorneys only know the Attorney’s part.

So it remains for us to tell them what they are engaged in and the nature of the courts they are working for and foisting off on others. And most important, it remains for us to tell them who we are in no uncertain terms.

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05 26 21 The FED Says That Inflation Isn’t Real….



By Anna Von Reitz

That is a tough sell for someone standing in a lumberyard anywhere in America this morning, because they are paying anywhere from 30% to 130% more for the same product this year over last year.

Those who are building, remodeling or repairing wooden structures are thinking that inflation is real enough.

So is your Honorary Great-Grandma from Big Lake, Alaska.

Obviously, I have been a homemaker for a long time, and one of my peculiarities is to observe the prices of basic commodities. I even jot them down. So I am in a position to tell you that the very same loaf of bread that cost me $1.69 in 1992 now costs me $4.39 if I buy two loaves at once, and $5.08 if I buy a single loaf.

That’s not “real” inflation? Funny. I could have sworn….

The minimum wage in 1992 was $4.25 per hour, which is, with phantom inflation included, the equivalent of $8.01 today, when the minimum wage is $10.30 per hour. So there has been a significant gain in wage per hour, however….

I could buy 2.5 loaves of bread for an hour of work in 1992, and only 2 loaves for the same hour in 2021. That’s a loss of half a loaf to inflation, or 20% of the total transaction, no matter how you slice it.

Just to keep even, the minimum wage would have to increase to $12.36 per hour, but then, that in itself is inflationary…. and so you see the vicious cycle of inflation and how it perpetuates itself.

You have to make more money to buy the same amount of any commodity, and then the commodity prices increase, so you have to make more money to keep even…. and that, my friends, is what I call inflation and it feels real enough to my pocketbook, even if the FED is telling me that it is an illusion.

The prices of bread, milk, eggs, and hamburger are my “Leading Price Indexes” as a homemaker, and I can tell you for sure that the losses on hamburger relative to the price in 1992 are about the same — a 20% loss in buying power, and if you care to run your calculator all across the board you will find that despite the gains in wages, consumers have lost a whopping 20% of their buying power on average.

But that’s not inflation, according to the FED. It’s a mirage. And it’s supposed to be all fixed by the end of the year.

By what, we may ask? Certainly not the runaway spending and printing of Federal Reserve Notes (I.O.U.s) that the Municipal Congress and the FED are indulging in.

But you don’t have to take Grandma’s word for it. She’s not a world famous economist. So here’s a famous economist saying the same thing:

“The Fed has been creating money at a pace that has never been seen before. You are basically up 75% (in money creation) year over year. This is unprecedented. Normally, it might be up 1% or 2% year over year. The exploding money supply will lead to inflation. I am not saying we are going to get to 75% inflation—yet, but you are getting up to the 4% or 5% range, and you are soon going to be seeing 10% range year over year. . . . The Fed has lost control of inflation.” Economist John Williams, founder of ShadowStats.com.

So, using my soon-to-be-famous Bread and Hamburger Index, we’ve lost 20% of our buying power in the past 30 years, but from now on, thanks to the idiots in Congress, we’ll be seeing 5% to 10% losses per year.

But, it’s not real according to the FED…. which makes absolutely no sense until and unless you factor in the legal meaning of “real” which means “royal”, and then the FED’s utterances make perfect sense. Guess what happens when out-of-control inflation occurs?

The value of “royal” —gold, silver, platinum, etc., commodity assets enjoy astronomical gains.

So now with that little insight cutting away the veil of what is otherwise unctuous nonsense, let’s review the soon to be finalized “Basel 3” agreements that were put in place following the 2008 meltdown to prevent bank collapse due to lack of liquidity.

The New York and London Stock Exchanges keep “unallocated” bullion on their books as inventory. This inventory can be used over and over to short sell the paper currencies via Futures Commodity Trading —on an institutional level, which is why people call it “the Fix”.

Put simply, constantly expanding the supply of paper money via manipulation of the unallocated bullion has served to artificially suppress the value of the “real assets” — meaning precious metals.

Basel 3, which kicks in on June 28 for Euro Banks and January 2022 for banks in Britain, will force the banks to reduce their unallocated precious metals stashes to provide themselves with liquidity insurance.

This means that the supply of paper money will dry up at precisely the same time that the new spiral of inflation caused by current rampant FED spending gets geared up to full steam. So prices will be sky-high and there will be far less paper money available– at the same time.

Imagine having to pay $10 for a loaf of bread, an “exchange rate” of basically one hour of minimum wage of labor per loaf of bread— a loss of 60% of your buying power in 1992, at the same time as supplies of paper money dry up.

The phrase “not for love nor money” comes to mind — if the bankers have their way. It is clearly the intent of the Bank of International Settlements to reduce the unallocated bullion stores by an estimated 10,800 tons of gold, by forcing the other banks to assign that gold as a liquidity guarantee.

The unallocated gold futures market will be effectively shut down, and gold prices will no longer be “fixed” by this mechanism —with the result that gold prices will skyrocket in real time trading that is mostly controlled by China, and at the same exact moment, the ever-expanding supply of paper money will cease to exist.

People dependent on the western banking system will be left with a doo-dad in their hair, and the banks themselves will be hunkered down hoarding every scrap of gold in hopes that the increase in the price of gold will be sufficient to float them over their own unavoidable liquidity crisis, which results from unbridled spending of fiat currencies.

Fat chance. Grandma’s calculator says that gold prices would have to increase to $10,000.00 per ounce, minimum, for the banks to clear that hurdle, and the suffering and death inflicted on the living people of this planet to achieve that dubious goal would wipe out seventy percent of the world population due to starvation, rioting, warfare, and disease caused by all the disruption.

Most of the suffering, of course, would fall on those least able to bear it. As usual.

Now, the interesting question is — how to avoid all this unpleasantness?

Well, obviously, we have to rebalance the gold supplies and find new means of providing liquidity to the banks and find other options to replace fiat currency.

Bitcoin and other so-called digital currencies will not be able to provide that, because the embattled commercial banks are on the warpath and forcing the politicians and bureaucrats to shut down those competing currency sources which would otherwise provide a means to escape the sudden “chopping block” restriction on cash supplies.

Literally, you will go to your bank and ask to draw out $100 (which you need to pay for ten loaves of bread) and they will tell you that they inexplicably ran out of cash and you will have to use your bank card instead to make purchases.

Under these conditions, it will become more and more obvious to people that “money” has become entirely arbitrary digital “money of account” and that they are being cheated in the accounting.

Moreover, everyone here has been cheated for a long, long time.

Our Federation of States holds the key to overcoming all of this chaos, death, and deceit — and it’s really quite simple. We tap the Slush Funds the bureaucrats have been hoarding “in our names” and issue pre-paid credit certificates to sop up the debt. That greatly reduces the liquidity demand on the banks, at the same time that it provides a viable cash-value substitute to use as currency.

We carefully re-assign our gold assets deposited worldwide and bring forward the stunning amounts of natural gold we have rat-holed away to collapse and/or greatly moderate the Chinese Run Up based on the disappearance of unallocated gold in the stock market.

We issue our traditional domestic currency, the American Silver Dollar, which will be able to assert its true trading parity of .67 of gold value.

Between the reintroduction of silver and the issuance of pre-paid credit, the gold balloon being caused by the Basel 3 arrangements will pop without a great deal of suffering and the world can get back to something approaching sanity.

By opening up our International Trade Banks, the collapse of banking services can be avoided entirely—- and in fact, new banking services can be extended to countries and to people all over the globe who currently need access.

All of which also buys time to deal with the cartel represented by the Bank of International Settlements and the corrupt World Bank, too.

To all the hard-pressed governmental services organizations reading this — it’s time for you to wake up, too. We live in a world of infinite abundance. There is no reason to allow this pending debacle to happen.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America

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05 26 21 Authenticated Birth Certificate



By Anna Von Reitz

There are actually three pages to this document, which demonstrates an “Authenticated Birth Certificate” which is apostilled to conduct business overseas.

The third piece is simply a normal Birth Certificate issued under my Given Name by the Territorial State of Wisconsin, which is then Certified as true and correct by the State Secretary of State and then also verified and admitted by the United States of America (Territorial) Secretary of State.

The result, the yellow face page, is a “full faith and credit” declaration which is numbered and issued.  In this case, 15036455-3.

This is a Legal Document afforded to my Legal Person — a Territorial Citizen — while in transit on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, and in a backhanded way, it admits my true standing as a Lawful Person and an American.

As of this writing, I am told that it is no longer possible to go through this process and obtain this specific document, because the office is shut down, but in any case, it is not necessary for you to worry about that, because I have already obtained it and exercised it and included all other Americans (those who claim their birthright political status) under my Full Faith and Credit owed by the Territorial United States Government.

In a sense, I adopted all the other Americans who will come after me, and made them heirs pursuant to Equal Protection provisions which we also secured for everyone who claims their political status as an American.

So, this is not “only” my Full Faith and Credit proof, but yours as well.  I am posting copies so that you as my heirs (see my recorded “Irrevocable Will”) have a photographic record of it.

The number at the top of the page is sufficient to identify the document, and you don’t need the third page, a copy of the Territorial Birth Certificate issued to me,  to claim Equal Protection in their jurisdiction.



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05 26 21 American v. US History



By Anna Von Reitz

When I went to school there were two distinct history courses, one called “American History” and one called “United States History”.

Do you think there is a reason for that? Or just sloppy semantics?

There are in fact two separate histories involved — the history of the American Government and the history of the United States Government, also called the Federal Government.

You need to know both to make sense of your world and to claim and exercise your rights, treaties, and guarantees.

You need to know that these two governments, are designed to operate in tandem, and are: (1) foreign to each other, and (2) mutually exclusive, and (3) designed to operate in separate jurisdictions, and (4) diametrically opposed in structure — that is, in the American Government, power flows from the bottom up, and in the US Government, power flows from the top down.

We presently have numerous organizations in this country trying to figure this mystery out, but it is in reality no mystery at all. Jimmy Carter created the Federal Department of Education and as of 1976, American History was deleted from the curriculum of Public Schools across America.

As a result, two generations of Americans have grown up totally unaware of their own history, and a great many of them — left to their own devices — have assumed that US History was their history.

The majority of Americans are not “U.S. Citizens” or Municipal citizens of the United States, either. The majority of Americans should be reading American History, and only studying US History as an offshoot consequence of American History.

A massive fraud scheme seeking to impersonate Americans as US Citizens of one kind or another has been in play since 1976, and so has an equally odious plan to evade the obligations our Federal Subcontractors have always owed under the Federal Constitutions.

Again, this morning, I had a contributor ranting and railing about Grand Juries.

Why, they ask, can’t we just get a Grand Jury, bring up the charges, and start prosecuting these criminals in suits?

It’s pretty hard to muster a Grand Jury without your own citizenry and courts being assembled to do the work.

This same person ranted at me about our constitutional guarantee to a republican state government — and apparently thought that that meant the United States was obligated to provide us with such a government, instead of respecting and guaranteeing our right to assemble one.

We have the right to assemble our republican state assemblies— and our State Assemblies operating on the land jurisdiction, too, but if we fail to do so, guess what?

It’s like my “right” to pick blueberries. I have the right to do it, but if I don’t take my bucket up the hill and pick them —- the right is moot.

If I don’t assemble my State Assembly and fill its offices and exercise its powers, the right and the Constitutional Guarantee protecting my right to do so, are both moot.

All these confused patriots have been running around sending Writs to Grand Juries that are attached to foreign Municipal, Maritime and Admiralty courts that are practicing foreign law and in foreign jurisdictions. Hello?

The American courts owed to these patriots — including their own Grand Juries — aren’t in session as a result of their own inaction.

They haven’t declared their political status in a hundred years, haven’t elected their own Justices of the Peace, haven’t filled their own jury pools, haven’t enforced their own Public Law, haven’t summoned their own Grand Juries, and have left their own courts dormant, for the most part, since the 1960’s. They haven’t attended to their own business affairs since the 1860’s.

No wonder the rest of the world thought our American Government was dead, absent, in “interregnum”.

So when these Americans wake up and realize that they are being harmed and railroaded and their Constitutional Guarantees are not being respected, they look around, they see the foreign courts, and they assume, like the Colorado Nine, that these foreign courts serving in international and global jurisdictions are their courts run horribly amok.

But in fact, these are not our American courts. Pure and simple. They are foreign courts of limited jurisdiction being used to address issue that arise in the administration of Municipal, Admiralty, and Maritime jurisdictions.

These courts of “limited jurisdiction” are most assuredly not the courts intended for Joe Q. Public American and never were.

These same bleary-eyed patriots also mistake both the Territorial District Assemblies and the Municipal District Assemblies for their own “missing” assemblies. Like a baby duck mistaking a goose for its mother.

You would think that the word “District” as in “District of Columbia” would give them a clue, but instead, they persist like a moose in love with a donkey, fondly deluded by the assumption that somehow, they belong in a district assembly instead of a county assembly.

For about fifty percent of the Americans eligible to stand up and function as Americans, it’s like pounding rocks to get the idea of self-governance into their heads. The idea that they are responsible for providing their own government is totally foreign.

They expect their government to be present, in Session, and served up like oysters on a half-shell with no effort on their part, and that isn’t the way the American Government works.

The American Government is not staffed by professional bureaucrats. It’s staffed by average people who have jobs and productive functions and families to care for.

That’s why Lincoln described it as a government of the people, by the people and for the people, and did not describe it as a government of the persons, by the persons, and for the persons— that is, the various species of professional bureaucrats hired to work under our delegated powers to perform specific enumerated duties.

Our employees are not the actual government. We are.

So, now, finally, enough Americans have awakened to the facts, and lumping along, there are now properly declared State Assemblies in every State of the Union. Now, finally, those Assemblies are beginning to take on the actual work of the American States again, and are beginning to fulfill their functions.

If you really want to solve the problems instead of adding to the confusion, you have to take part in the actual government and pull your weight. You have to assemble the state assemblies. You have to organize and educate. Yes, you, Americans, are called to self-govern and provide yourselves with the republican states and the courts that go with those states.

And then maybe everyone will realize that your Grand Juries are just a part of your Court System, and that the Grand Juries attached to District Courts and State-of-State Courts have precious little to do with 95% of Americans.

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net

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05 25 21 Additional Issues for the International Court of Justice Blood Money 23 Treaties and Obligations



 By Anna Von Reitz

It stands that Treaties are the Highest Law and that the United States is committed to this principal, as evidenced by 1 Statute-at-Large 37; therefore there can be no disagreement or lack of performance with regard to matters of standing Treaty owed to the people of any nation, and no ignorance of Matrimonial Treaties — that is, Treaties sealed by the Marriage of Principal Heirs in ages past, between the French Armorican Chieftains and the tribal nations of the Americas. These alliances are in fact established in the blood and exist in every State of the Union.

We are attaching a digital unsigned copy of the Declaration of Flag issued in 2017, which clears up a lot of misunderstandings and which was sent as a wet-ink signed copy to all Parties including the Vatican Chancery Court, The International Court of Justice and the United Nations at that time.

JPEGS of the date and signature pages are also attached, making it a complete documentary record.

Rumors are now circulating that the Western United States has been sold to China in an attempt to pay off US DEBT to China.

Need we say that “the US” cannot sell what does not belong to it?

Our money and our assets were employed in gaining the land and soil assets of those states, not the Holy See’s and not the Queen’s, either. Our Seals were affixed to the paperwork, too.

It behooves the Vatican Chancery Court to intercede and move the responsibility for the debt where it belongs, and to void the sale.

If we owe the Chinese anything, which is doubtful, we have the means to pay it and do not propose to sell them any of our land and soil.

As of the last day of September 2020, all the Territorial States in the Western United States including Alaska and Hawaii were formally enrolled as States of the Union and taken out of Territorial status by the Roll Call Vote of the assembled States of the Union that were enrolled prior to the American Civil War.

And as the attached documents prove and this transmission also proves, we were not silent or acquiescing to the arrangements being made “for” us in any purported “absence”.

Our claims to North America are not dependent on any petty commercial ventures occurring in the distant past. Our claims are based on the Treaties of Trieste and Camlan.

The Treaty of Trieste (Treaty of Three Lives) is also sometimes called The First Treaty. It set up the recognition of the three jurisdictions of law — air, land, and sea and provided for the peaceful settlement of controversies arising in all three jurisdictions. This Treaty was settled in France and established by a laying on of hands by the participants which included my Husband’s ancestors and my ancestors, too.

The intent of the Treaty of Trieste was to prevent exactly the kind of usurpation of one jurisdiction over another that has occurred here and now, wherein the watery jurisdiction of the British Monarch’s domain has been enabled and allowed to slosh over the continental mass of many nations with no regard for law or treaty. The same can be said for the further allowance of the Municipal air jurisdiction seeking to dominate both the land and the sea.

My Husband and I are both grandfathered into the Treaty of Trieste and are here to enforce it in the sight of the Holy See, which has all the records necessary to confirm the lineage of the Irish and Scottish Kings, the true Kings of England, the true Kings of France, the true Kings of Spain, and the attendant Treaty of the Kings of Authority, which we are also heirs to.

It is no secret to the Holy See that the violation of the Holy Vows of Matrimony resulted in the severance of treaties merging the Kingdoms of Ireland, Wales, Powys (England) and Gaul early in the Sixth Century.

Gaul, at that time, already included the land mass of The United States as a Christian country and nation, thanks to the earlier intermarriage of Armorican Chieftains (French Normans) with Native Americans. Our tribal people, the sea-faring Armoricans, gave their name to this westerly continent as can easily be seen.

“America” is a British phonetic transliteration of “Armorican”, so it is readily admitted both by name and by history that this continent and the people on it, are allied by the blood with France long before any such affiliation claimed by England.

The Treaty of Camlan provided that the lands of Powys and Wales were forever ceded to the King of Gaul, his heirs, descendants, and assigns — his son, Guilleroi du Lac. It was signed and sealed in 540 A.D. in the presence of the Pope and was seen as an important step forward for the Christianization and stabilization of the British Isles at the time, so we doubt that the Holy See has quite forgotten the French footholds that gained its safety and its entrance to the British Isles.

It is precisely the enforcement of this Treaty of Camlan by William of Normandy (and the back-sliding of the British) that caused the Norman Conquest, another part of history that is being conveniently ignored as if it never happened.

For the interest and action of the Holy See and the United Nations and every instrumentality thereof, William of Normandy forever precluded the possibility of there ever being a true British Monarch again, via The Settlement of the Norman Conquest upon his death in 1087 A.D.

William of Normandy scrupulously catalogued every scrap, down to the single goat, of the property assets of England — and upon his death, he bequeathed separate kingdoms to his loyal Barons as “sovereigns in their own right”. From that moment on, there were and have been many “kings of England” . In truth, it was the signature of those many kings appearing on the Magna Carta, only appearing to be French Barons in France, that has given that document, The Magna Carta, the Force of Law.

King John was deliberately given no land at all. His grandson, who signed the Magna Carta, became the Overseer of the Pope’s Commonwealth lands in England, and to this day, that has been the source of all his descendant’s claims to have any “kingship” at all in England or anywhere else.

My Husband and I are both heirs of all the Treaties and Treaties by Marriage referenced above, inheritors of sovereignty resulting from this Settlement of the Norman Conquest, and though we do not like to embarrass anyone, the failure to enforce the above referenced Treaties and Settlements has brought the entire world to the brink of economic and social collapse.

Please observe that the Belle Chers (Belchers in England) Coat of Arms established as a sovereign coat of arms (in England) and a barony coat of arms (in France) was and is part and parcel of the Royal House of the King of Gaul, and closely related to the Kings and Princes of Aragon which shares the unique vertical striped shield that was adapted to the use of The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States.

There can be no mistaking the relationships of these symbols and trademarks, nor the authority over land grants possessed by both the House of Aragon and the House of Du Lac.

Thus, there is no right, rhyme, or reason why the Holy See should allow its Overseers of the Commonwealth to presume upon the jurisdictions of the land and soil upheld by The Treaty of Trieste, The Treaty of Camlan, The Norman Conquest, The Settlement of the Norman Conquest, The Magna Carta, The Supreme Declaration of Independence of the Colonies of the United States of America, and our victories in no less than two (2) World Wars.

We remind the Holy See that we have never sought war, but never been defeated in war of any kind in any jurisdiction.

We are here demanding a complete review of these circumstances and their immediate correction. The sea must return to its natural bounds, and the land must be upheld; the jurisdiction of the air must be content with its own vast domain and administer it properly without complaint, for the representatives of the Holy See were also present and parties to The Treaty of Trieste.

China must be properly advised that China was not dealing with the actual government of this country and our land assets are not available to pay for the debts of the United States Municipal Corporation. We propose a complete fiscal audit of the transactions involved in the development of any purported debt owed to China, as there can be no actual debt accrued in a debt-credit system.

So far as we can observe, American labor paid for Chinese goods, the Chinese spent the Blood Money, and now want to double-dip and demand commodity asset payment, too. The extent of any such alleged payment owed by this nation would be determined by the stipulated expenses allowed as a result of the exercise of our delegated powers.

We also request and require the return of control of all our gold and silver and platinum and other precious metals assets so that we can settle all and any valid debts we may have worldwide and thus avoid any possible conflagration on our shores or anywhere else.

by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America




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05 24 21 Choices and Outcomes



By Anna Von Reitz

Democrat or Republican? The Closet Communists eat you alive, or the Robber Baron Corporatists eat you alive. You still get eaten alive, so, tell me— why should the choice of cannibal matter to you?

From my point of view, and for about 70% of other Americans, too, there is no actual choice to be made, so why bother? One blood-sucking leech is as good as another.

More and more Americans have figured that out, which accounts for the plunge in actual poll numbers, and the need to import illegal voters, dead voters, and phantom digital voters to take up the slack.

The majority of Americans have ceased participating in their own demise, which is encouraging, but not sufficient.

We have to do our own actual Public Elections, field our own candidates, and take action in our own jurisdiction to finish filling all our public offices. The Recorded Electors have every right to upstage the Registered Voters, and should be looking forward to it.

This is how we give ourselves choices that are choices.

It’s the same way with the money and the boiling ball of snakes now arguing over the gold versus commercial paper debate.

There’s no actual choice in their paradigm. Joe Q. Public loses either way.

Lawful money is arguably better because it has value in and of itself, but that value has been inflated and distorted to the point where we are all in La-La-Land.

Gold traded for around $30 an ounce in 1930. It is now trading for almost $2000 an ounce. This reflects both the evil effects of abusive Legal Tender Laws, and the reason that it is impossible to recoup the losses. The combined impact of inflation and usury means that instead of the “US National Debt” being around $25 Trillion, it is actually closer to $8,750 Trillion.

That $8,750 Trillion is owed, primarily, to Americans.

Continuing to use fiat currencies of any kind, including Bitcoin and other digital currencies, only sinks us deeper into the unregulated commercial paper insanity.

And I do mean “insanity” quite literally. Ask yourselves — how it is possible for a piece of paper to be worth $500 Trillion (or more) “dollars”, except that the “dollar” being referenced isn’t worth anything to begin with?

Perhaps it would be instructive for me to bring forward historical examples of currency issued during the Weimar Republic?

Or to quote Jethro Beaudine, “Naught into naught is naught….”

In 1934 the Emergency Banking Act established a “dollar for dollar” Exchange Rate —- one paper “dollar” Federal Reserve Note in exchange for one silver dollar. So, the Perpetrators were able to exchange their I.O.U.’s for our silver and what we received in return was their debt. The same scheme has been carried on with a few additions and changes ever since: we give them goods and services, they give us their I.O.U.s.

Does this seem equitable to you?

Especially when they periodically go bankrupt, name us as their Secondaries and Co-Signers, and leave us to pay their debts on top of it?

So, first you are given an I.O.U. in exchange for actual goods and services by these Freeloaders, and to add insult to injury, you are then also stuck paying their I.O.U. for them.

Plus interest.

This is what we mean by “debt slavery”.

Recently, we’ve moved to put an end to this system of things, and have claimed ownership of all their debt and all their assets, too. The whole smoking pile. And all our purloined gold and silver, also.

The actual spot price of gold as of this morning is $1,888.24 and the price of silver is $27.66.

As our American Silver Dollar is defined as one ounce of .9999 pure silver, this gives us a handy estimate of the damage done by inflation to the US DOLLAR since 1934. It now takes almost 28 paper “dollars” to buy one Silver Dollar, starting from a one-to-one exchange rate in 1934— and this is in a market where the value of silver is grossly manipulated.

If silver were allowed to reach its known historical parity with gold, its price would be $1264.96 per ounce this morning. Our half billion American Silver Dollars still in circulation and those we may mint and put into circulation in the future look a lot less silly and old fashioned when viewed against this backdrop.

We, the Luddites, are fully vindicated.

However, we are faced with the reality that the debt on one side of the equation is insurmountable to the same extent that the credit on the other side of the equation is also insurmountable. Either way you totter the teeter results in economic death.

This goes back to my early observation that money is like fertilizer.

Literally like manure.

Too little and the economy starves for fuel. Too much and it burns up.

So the trick, as any farmer knows, is to apply the right kind of fertilizer in the right amounts, as demanded by each kind of ground and each kind of crop.

You use chicken manure and corn cobs for rhubarb, fish for corn, and cow patties for wheat. And it’s the same way with money.

It’s not a simple “coinage is good and credit is bad” reduction. Credit, especially pre-paid credit, judiciously applied, can be an excellent substitute for actual commodity-backed money — especially when it is used to wipe away oceans of debt.

As we go forward the only reset that we should be highly interested in, is the gradual “offset” of debt for pre-paid credit, resulting in a clean slate and a firm foundation to build upon.

Any other plan, such as the “RV” that the military has envisioned, will result in worldwide economic death and the destruction of their own hegemony with it.

Let’s face it. Hiram (Ulysses S.) Grant was no economic genius and none of his successors have been, either. The responsibility for the money was placed upon the Fiduciary Deputies of our land jurisdiction Congress, and that is where it should have –and could have– always remained.

It is time to restore our government and put things in their proper place, with the correct people in charge, and the right Congress in office.

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05 23 21 My Opinion as an Anti Vaxxer



By Anna Von Reitz

Luc Montagnier, one of the world’s top virologists, has flatly said that everyone who has received any form of the purported vaccine has no chance of survival —

“There is no hope, no possible treatment, for those who have been vaccinated already. We must be prepared to incinerate the bodies.”

After studying the contents of the so-called vaccines, the Nobel Laureate said, “They will all die from antibody dependent enhancement. Nothing more can be said.”

Antibody-dependent enhancement, sometimes less precisely called immune enhancement or disease enhancement, is a phenomenon in which binding of a virus to suboptimal antibodies enhances its entry into host cells, followed by its replication. Wikipedia

So an “enhanced” Common Cold Virus gets easy entry to the cell — similar to what happens with HIV, and no coincidence, either, since HIV research was the source of the “enhancement” in the first place.  The victim’s immune system wears itself out, similar to AIDS, and there you go.  Down the long road.

The results in India can be seen for themselves, and yep, the funeral pyres are piled high and more funeral rafts than ever are sailing down the Ganges, and we will be overwhelmed soon enough come winter, thanks to our evil and idiotic politicians.

Still, I don’t agree that there is “no possible treatment”.

Any evil  that man can devise can be overcome. The problem is that it usually takes time to overcome such mindless depravity and breach of trust, unless of course, the Perpetrators already have the solution to the problem they have created waiting in the wings.

Which in this case, they do.

Afterall, they have to have the antidote available to save themselves.

They also have to have the antidote to make Big Money off their invention.

So, rest assured, there is an antidote, and what has to be done to make sure everyone knows and has access to the antidote?

That’s right.  It’s time to send in the Goons and Gorillas. For real.

Bill Gates seems to think that simply refusing to take the vaccine by claiming that he and his children are “allergic” to it, is sufficient.  That is what he did when the Needle Police arrived at his door.

This claim is the Get Out of Jail Free Card provided as the remedy needed to legalize their illegal mask mandates and other demands. So use it.

Remember Woody Allen’s neurotic film character mumbling, “I’m allergic to everything.”

That’s you from now on, and your family, too.  You are all such delicate little rosebuds that you are allergic to everything.  The mere sight of a corn chip makes your skin crawl.  Dust and pollen?  You break out in hives.

And if you have already taken the jab, stand by.

Dr. Luc may be right, but then, there may be other things that he isn’t yet aware of and isn’t taking into account.

The Perpetrators definitely underestimated the resistance of the American People and the loss of credibility of the Mass Media and also the loss of trust in government.  Less than 40% of our population has “voluntarily” self-destructed.

That leaves about 40% of our population sick and dying with nothing to lose and reason to hate every politician from here to Melbourne. No wonder Fancy Nancy wants $2 billion spent on “defenses for the capitol”.

Those who don’t believe in God, the True God, that is — are about to get a helluva jolt.  Just like the priests of Baal got it, 3,000 years ago. The spiritual forces of death and evil have spent their wad.  And now comes the payback.

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05 23 12 Additional Issues for The Court of International Justice — Blood Money — 22 The Great Reset and Old Dictionaries


https://atomic-temporary-19493231.wpcomstaging.com/2021/05/23/05-23-12-additio…old-dictionaries/ ‎

By Anna Von Reitz

Observe the meaning of “re-set” as revealed by the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary:

http://webstersdictionary1828.com/Dictionary/resetRE’SET, noun In Scots law, the receiving and harboring of an outlaw or a criminal.

And then also observe the meaning of “Scots” —which has only a passing relationship with Scotland: Black’s 2nd 1910 tells us that a Scot is a TAX. Therefore getting off Scot Free means that you aren’t being taxed. And a bit more digging reveals that a “Scot” is specifically the kind of tax mentioned in the Exclusion Clause of Lincoln’s National Banking Law.

They can only be referring to the corporations being released from the debts that they have owed all of us since the Civil War. So, quite apart from the common meaning of “reset” which everyone assumes, the more arcane meaning is that the tax outlaws (including certain generation skipping trusts) are being welcomed with open arms and allowed to profit from their ill-gotten gains — a free-for-all for the corporations, not for people, and amnesty for all the criminals who took our gold and our Cestui que Vie trusts offshore to expedite their pillaging of our resources.

So are we in favor of The Great Reset? No, we are not.

We have specifically requested and required that our assets be removed from The Great Slush Pile and held harmless from The Great Reset. We have also specifically requested and required— that as these guilty corporations have all been created in our names and we have been held accountable for their deceitful abuse of our credit through multiple prior bankruptcies, there can be no doubt that we own all of these corporations — they must all stand under the Public Law of the Land, and failing that, they must all be dissolved.

Any possible “misunderstanding” of which “Public Law” is being referenced, is exactly what is being clawed at by US SENATOR LISA MURKOWSKI and others as they desperately try to advance the idea that the Law of the Sea is what we mean when we demand that these corporations stand under the Public Law.

No, what we mean is that all corporations operating in our names and under our charters must obey the Law of the Land while on the land and cannot be presumed to operate under the Law of the Sea while on the land. No “Special Admiralty” allowed. Finally, we also preclude the application of Municipal Law outside the environs of the District of Columbia and do not provide for the redefinition of the District of Columbia as any kind of “state” — Territorial or otherwise.

All these semantic legal deceits must end and we must all come to our senses again. We have provided for a simple means for every corporation chartered under the US or USA to comply, and if they don’t comply, that is simply more proof that they are willful renegades engaged in criminal enterprises which are owed no quarter and no support from the Public.

We do not stand as sureties and we will not act as Guarantors for any such organizations.

The new Municipal Corporation doesn’t have a contract with us and it follows that none of its officers have contracts, either. This includes Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and all the other Actors. Whatever actions they take and whatever costs they incur are the responsibility of the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor and their application must be limited to their domain within the District of Columbia and applied only to actual Municipal citizens of the United States. These Principals also remain responsible for the proper functioning of all their operations.

The Constitutions are in full force and effect for Americans and all limitations and obligations are also in full force and effect for Federal Government corporations and their employees.

We regret that it is necessary for us to say so in public, in the forum of The International Court of Justice, and to thus air a great deal of dirty laundry, reveal mistaken identities, and settle questions that have too long been left unanswered, but over the course of the past decades, the spiderweb has grown to such enormous proportions and the criminality and corruption has spread to such an alarming extent, that we must admit the incompetence and/or criminality of our public employees and would-be representatives.

It is under this unfortunate set of circumstances which we find ourselves compelled to address the rest of the world community and also to address The Court of International Justice regarding this criminal misadministration and misinterpretation of both our delegated powers and our standards of international law, respectively. It also falls to us to reveal that a similar cat-and-mouse-game has been played by the self-interested commercial corporations operated as governmental services organizations against the lawful governments of many other countries, too, all of which have been surreptitiously occupied by mercenaries operating under color of law, similar to the Raj in India.

This outbreak of Corporate Feudalism, a social illness more to be feared than either Colonialism (which it imitates to a large degree) or Feudalism itself, can only be attributed to the Roman Curia, the Pope, the British Monarch, and the Lord Mayor of London, all operating in Breach of Trust and Contract.

Please note: the Americans were deceived into thinking that the necessary Reconstruction of their American Government had already occurred, therefore, they never took action on a matter that they were told was concluded. Their purported lapse and lack of action was then used as the excuse to impose a Territorial Government in our purported “absence” — when in fact the actual Delegator of the several “powers” entrusted to the Federal Republic and the Territorial Government, too, has been here the entire time.

This all set up a constructive fraud cloaked in secrecy, in which a Territorial (Military) Government was empowered to, in effect, occupy the land and soil of its employers under the terms of the Geneva Conventions, resulting in a perpetual “state of war” being engendered in this peaceful country, and in Americans being alternately mistaken for enemy combatants, POWs, or civilian wards of their own Territorial Government.

A similar ruse and further semantic deceits were used to similarly occupy all the former Commonwealth countries. The end of the Commonwealth arrangement was very quietly announced, so that the people of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other former Commonwealth nations were deprived of their constitutions, but never made aware of their obligation to form new governments for themselves.

The failure of the Australians, Canadians and other peoples to act upon this unknown opportunity then resulted in the British Territorial Government similarly occupying their land and soil under exactly similar provisions to what had already occurred in America.

Thus, the free people of both America and the former British Commonwealth were enslaved by their own public servants and occupied by their own armed forces— and all via means of fraud and omission in breach of trust.

The Queen still speaks of the “British Commonwealth Nations” but they are only “British” in the sense of ethnicity and the fact that the Pope’s Commonwealths are being administered by the military British Territorial Government (their own version of the Raj in India) while the civil government is administered by foreign corporate mercenaries in breach of trust. All this has occurred under the false front of the Geneva Conventions being applicable to the situation, when in fact, all those “foreign” occupation forces should have never been deployed, nor paid for using the victim’s funds; this is a Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Service Contract, with respect to all the populations being impacted.

We could wish that this secretive encroachment upon the land jurisdiction by commercial corporations was isolated to fraud against Americans and Brits by their own public servants and international trustees, but no, it has not stopped there and has quietly usurped the positions of virtually all land jurisdiction governments, worldwide.

This presents us, and The Court of International Justice, with a spectral world in which the creation — that is, corporations — are thought to be greater than the creators, in violation of common sense and Maxim of Law, both.

We assert that those who issue corporate charters are greater than those receiving such charters by definition, and that those who guarantee and underwrite the operations of corporations are again, greater than any corporation thus protected can be—again, by definition, and, finally, those issuing the charter and acting as the Guarantor, are also more endowed with ownership interest in these corporations than any shareholder.

So even though the Corporations Act of 1870 was fraud on the face of it, the various corporations chartered were chartered in our names, presumed to be placed under our authority, and paid for with our blood and our money, which provides us with the actual and factual ownership interest and right of possession.

We have claimed ownership of all corporations, both US CORPORATIONS and USA Corporations, that have been chartered “in our names” since 1870; we have paid for them through multiple rounds of bankruptcy and they belong to us as chattel property. As the owners and Guarantors in international jurisdiction, we insist that all these corporations abide by our published Law of the Land while conducting business, duties, or other operations in our country.

All the complicit Boards of Directors of all US and USA incorporated entities are being served Notice through these public actions, together with their Principals: Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.

By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America

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05 23 12 Lincoln — a Sad Duty to the Public



By Anna Von Reitz

Those who have followed my work know that I am not enamored with Lincoln, and everyone always seems stunned and amazed. Why don’t I love our fifteenth President and revere him as akin to George Washington?

Three reasons:

(1) He was a Bar Attorney and he knew that he was a Bar Attorney and he also knew that Bar Attorneys were (already) prohibited from serving in any public office of our American Government, but instead of ending his affiliation with the Bar, he used semantic deceit and public ignorance to occupy a similarly named Territorial Office, and thereby cheated and evaded the actual Federal Constitution and betrayed the trust of the American people who were relying on him.

(2) He provided “emancipation” — not freedom — for the slaves, a mistake that has caused millions of people to live maimed and truncated lives, and provided the means to enslave millions more of all races for the past 160 years. Is it likely that Lincoln himself missed the difference between “emancipation” and “freedom”? No, it is not likely at all. He was a lawyer. He chose his words carefully. He meant to leave that loophole standing.

(3) And now, we have this quote:

“I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me, and

causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. As a result of war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all the wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of our country than ever before, even in the midst of war. God grant that my forebodings may be groundless.’

You will note that Lincoln clearly identified the problem— “corporations have been enthroned” and the “Republic” that he was concerned for was indeed the “Federal Republic” — the same institution he undermined by running for a different Presidential Office in the first place. No doubt he regretted what he’d done to fool the people, and no doubt that the powers that put him in office and which he helped enthrone — the corporations — did destroy the Federal Republic after his death.

Why, we must wonder, if Lincoln cared about the Federal Republic, did he fail to honor its Constitution in the first place?

Maybe he thought, as many do when standing on the slippery slope between self-interest and duty, that because he was loyal to the Republic, no harm would be done if he engaged in a little sleight of hand and used a lawyer’s trick to bypass the actual Presidential Office and undermine the actual Presidential Election Process?

We will never know. What we do know and fully recognize is that Lincoln was the lynch-pin that, in a sense, created the whole problem. He showed the way for the corporate interests to commandeer the White House and bypass the actual Federal Constitution. He exposed the bifurcation of the Presidential Offices and the ways that they could be separately invoked, and thereby also the means to substitute all the other federal offices, as well. He, more than any other man, undermined the Federal Republic and betrayed it to the same corporate interests he identified as the source of the corruption.

Without Abraham Lincoln and the schemers who were directly part of his cabinet, men like William H. Seward, the mammoth fraud and enslavement racket we have suffered under for decades would never have been possible.

Lincoln may have valued and revered the role of the Federal Republic and may have imagined himself competent to protect it after having himself ruptured the fabric of its safety net—- but men like his Secretary of State and his Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon Chase, would not be denied their prey.

Having so far progressed their aims they would not and did not let Lincoln’s sentiments about the Federal Republic stand in their way.

In the crucial hour, neither would General Grant rally the Union Army to its duty to protect the Federal Republic. Never forget that Grant and his wife were supposed to be with Lincoln that fateful night at Ford’s Theater, and they withdrew at the last minute, choosing to go visit their daughter instead.

So the sad truth is that the Great Emancipator fell short of freeing anyone — quite the opposite. And the most eloquent spokesman for the Federal Republic, wound up being the author of its destruction, too.

Without Lincoln, the Reconstruction was talked about, but never done.

Both Lincoln and Kennedy were incredibly popular and could have stopped the progress of the destruction at any time. In fact, Kennedy bragged (unwisely) that he would — but his life was cut short, like Lincoln’s — before he could do anything meaningful about it.

Without Kennedy, Vietnam continued to fill the coffers that the Democrats used to buy votes and buy off local governments with Federal Block Grants, and the oil industry gained another fifty years-worth of wanton profits for the cost of three bullets.

Maybe it’s time we all grew up, stared the Beast in the face, and realized that it’s up to us. All of us. Stop waiting for a hero to do it for us and just plain do what has to be done to restore our own government. That is certainly the conclusion I have drawn, and the reason I encourage each and every one of you to fully engage the process and power of self-governance:

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net.

The same qualities and eloquence that made Lincoln and Kennedy so popular were the exact qualities that withheld their hands from taking action. Grey Men like William H. Seward and Allen Dulles suffer no such pangs or questions. For them, profit and power are the twin gods of destiny; respect for law is a very distant third runner up, and care for other people has no place at the table.

These Other Men, the ones you don’t see, are the ones that stole last fall’s election. They are the ones who manipulate your credit and your money. They are the ones who have callously, selfishly, and recklessly manipulated the commodity markets for generations. They are the problem. And you are the solution.

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05 22 12 From Dr. R.E. Search, Andrews Plantation, a True Ghost Story



  By Anna Von Reitz

In my experience the exact right information always comes forward exactly on time, and so it is that this famous (and true) ghost story has once again crossed my desk.

I first read this when I was very young, and was rummaging among Civil War Era artifacts and publications of that era and concerning that subject that my Mother acquired in the course of her work as an antiques collector.

Whether or not you believe the supernatural aspects of this story—apparent in the longer version posted with this article on my website—- you will nonetheless find that the information about money and the issues surrounding control of money are true and have remained eerily the same, only worsened, since the days of Lincoln.

Please read these excerpts and remember what I have told you and reflect upon the fact that our actual Federal Congress had no ability to change the obligation laid upon them by our Constitution to control the money or give any other body that delegated responsibility. Therefore, you can be reassured that our actual Federal Republic Congress never agreed to the usurpation by the Moneychangers and that these arrangements made by the Territorial Congress and the U.S. Army during and after the Civil War are wholly their responsibility.

From Dr. Search, quoting his unexpected visitor: “He further

explained that the control of money must be made sure for the moneyed men, and that they were to get, and keep, this control the world over, by the same scheme they had used when the Bank of England had been established, namely, the power to ‘issue’ paper money as a privilege of buying Government bonds and depositing them with the government, and later to use ‘bank credit’ instead of money, because they could issue or withhold ‘credit’ at their own pleasure, thereby being able absolutely to control the money or ‘circulating medium’ of exchange of the world; also, by being able to vary the ‘quantity’ of‘ circulating medium’ they could raise or lower prices of commodities at their will and really control the destiny of any and all countries.”

“He told Andrews his people had ‘managed’ the passage of the National Bank Law in the States in 1863. Lincoln, he said, had not been in favor of it, because he had been able to see that a government could finance itself, by issuing full legal tender greenbacks, as he had done for a while, until his (Rothberg’s) people had been able to ‘persuade’ certain congressman and senators that the ‘exception clause’ should be written into the bill for the next issue of greenbacks.“

“This, of course, they had cause to be done, to give their banks an excuse for discounting them, and discrediting such money, and making it worthless, and which had given them a better chance to get their own plan adopted, which they had accomplished.”

“Over the centuries in such circumstances, [response to Lincoln’s assassination] confusion, deceit, and make-believe have been their chief tools, aside from the use of the power of Gold, which, of course, is their greatest weapon, in their drive for wealth and power.”

“No government, up to Lincoln’s time, had ever been able to figure out any way for the government itself to gain and keep control of its own money and finances.“

“This, then, was the crux of the whole situation: Lincoln had, through the help of Colonel Dick Taylor, discovered that very thing, and had used it successfully (Making full legal tenure ‘greenback’ money), the money they made under their plan being absolutely good money, never falling below par at any time, and being even better than the much talked of ‘sound money’ of the Money Changers and their cohort legislators.“

“True, the Money Changers had been able to get this new power away from the Government by having their satrap legislators in Congress pass the Exception Clause Bill, making the next issue of greenbacks good for payment of all debts both public and private, EXCEPT duty on imports and interest on the Government bond debt, which, of course, gave the Money Changers and Bankers the excuse, as they planned, to ‘discount’ the next issue of bills and therefore devalue and discredit them in the eyes of the public.”

“There is no weapon to be used by a group equal to the power of gold when that is made the basis of a nation’s money. If any nation is now going to try to throw off the encircling chains of economic slavery of the money changer group, that nation must FIRST take away from the money changers their power to control the money of the nation, for that is their chief weapon and through its use and manipulation all other advantages are obtained, and all other rackets are perpetuated.”

“Through the manipulation of the nation’s money system, the money changers have now obtained virtual possession and control of all our principal communication and transportation systems, our public utilities systems; and together with the use of money manipulation, usury, stock exchange gambling, and the exploiting power of these aforementioned systems they have now mortgaged practically every piece of property in our nation to themselves.”

“Therefore, once we have taken back the power to issue and control the value and volume of our money, and placed that control in the hands of Congress, where our good old Constitution placed it, we must use the power of Eminent Domain, also given our government by our Constitution, and take over and operate under our government these systems of transportation, communication, oil, gas and coal, as they are all natural monopolies and should belong to our people as a whole and not for the exploitation of any particular group.”

“Mr. Average Man and Woman of our troubled America, you have shifted the responsibility of your duty to yourself and your nation—of giving time and thought to what is done by your legislators, whom you send up there to do it—long enough. It is up to you, individually and collectively, to get busy now, if you wish to save your necks and the future independence of your nation. DO IT NOW, TOMORROW MAYBE TOO LATE!”

Need I say more?

The Colonel Dick Taylor mentioned is Colonel Edmund Dick Taylor.

Here is a brief note to Colonel Taylor from Abraham Lincoln, crediting Colonel Taylor as the creator of the Greenback: ‘My dear Colonel Dick: I have long determined to make public the origin of the greenback and tell the world that it was Dick Taylor’s creation. You had always been friendly to me. and when troublous times fell on us, and my shoulders, though broad and willing, were weak, and myself surrounded by such circumstances and such people that I knew not whom to trust, then I said in my extremity, ‘I will send for Colonel Taylor — he will know what to do.’ I think it was in January 1862, on or about the 16th, that I did so. Said you: ‘Why, issue treasury notes bearing no interest, printed on the best banking paper. Issue enough to pay off the army expenses and declare it legal tender.’ Chase thought it a hazardous thing, but we finally accomplished it, and gave the people of this Republic the greatest blessing they ever had — their own paper to pay their debts. It is due to you, the father of the present greenback, that the people should know it and I take great pleasure in making it known. How many times have I laughed at you telling me, plainly, that I was too lazy to be anything but a lawyer.

Yours Truly.

  1. Lincoln

You may learn more at: https://www.heritech.com/pridger/lincoln/taylor.htm

Please note that the solution to the problem suggested by Dr. Search remains the solution to the problem now–education, awareness, and group action, together with an ever-expanding social and spiritual awareness of the enslavement and peonage system we have been living under with no necessity to do so, since the events of the Civil War.

We vary only in that Dr. Search was taken in by the British Cuckoo Bird swap of the British-backed Territorial Government for the actual Federal Republic ordained by the American People, and so imagined that relief could be obtained by bringing pressure to bear on that foreign Congress.

Today we know that those sitting in Congress are acting in a totally foreign capacity, and that the only likely impact we can have on them is: (1) Making them aware of their individual liability and the severity of their crimes; (2) Bringing both our public opinion and the opinion of other people around the world to bear upon them and their usurping commercial corporations.


05 21 21 What You Get Out of It — Positive Incentives



 By Anna Von Reitz

We covered the Negative Incentives— what won’t happen to you as a result of taking my advice — so let’s cover what will happen as a result, the positive incentives.

If you follow my advice, you will record who you are and what your political status choice is on the public international record. When you check the box “American” and additionally identify the American State that you were born in or which you adopted as an Immigrant, for example, “South Carolina” —-that makes you an internationally protected Lawful Person.

Because such Lawful Persons have been erased from the Public Record, or never entered onto the Public Record in the first place, Lawful Persons were near extinction. Like the American Bison and the American Chestnut tree, we are making a comeback.

Your action claiming your Lawful Person might not immediately make sense to various people including officials of the Territorial and Municipal Government Corporations, but that is nonetheless what you are doing by recording your political status and reclaiming your identity as an American — that is, someone who is not a “U.S. Citizen” and not a Municipal citizen of the United States, either.

Reclaiming your Lawful Person and your natural birthright political status has quite a number of immediate positive results, even though you may continue to experience some pushback from your own incredulous public employees.

First, you regain access to all of your Constitutional Guarantees. That means that you regain the Bill of Rights and all the other additional unstated Natural and Unalienable Rights that you are heir to.

Many people think that such rights are not valuable in monetary terms or asset terms, but they are “material interests” and they are, in fact, all important.

For example, U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States, have no right to own land in this country. Wouldn’t you say that the ability to actually own your own home or business and the ground it sits on is a rather large positive benefit?

Otherwise, all you get is a “title” from the Queen, acting as your presumed Trustee — a privilege that can be revoked, along with confiscation of the assets that belong to you— by her black-robed employees operating international courts under color of law.

Either kind of Federal Citizen who was born here and became a U.S. Citizen as a result of employment in the Military or in the Federal Civil Service, or who was left in that status as a result of legal immigration, can correct their status like anyone else by dropping one form of Federal Citizenship and adopting American State National status.

So the benefit of your birthright is still available, your rights and standing and property interests can be reclaimed, but you have to take action. You have to speak up. Otherwise, the rats are free to “presume” that your assets have been “abandoned” and are at the discretion of your foreign employees to dispose of.

I would say that regaining your rights and protections owed under the Constitutions is a huge gain for you.

So is regaining your property assets — your land, soil, flags, public infrastructure, natural resources, money, homes, businesses, and everything else that belongs to you by rights and by nature.

But first, you have to have the rights and the nature— that is, you have to be recognizable as a Lawful American Person — before you can claim back anything. So you have to fill out some paperwork and record it.

It’s not actually very hard to do, and yet, it makes all the difference.

Imagine that you are walking into a house wearing a white t-shirt. Upon entering, you are immediately attacked and someone throws a blue t-shirt over your head, and before you have recovered from that, someone else throws a red t-shirt over your head.

By now, you are wondering what’s going on, but it didn’t really hurt, and you gained two new t-shirts. So, most people just shake their heads and trundle on.

That’s what happened to you as a baby and young child, before you were even old enough to defend yourself — you were papered over, or, in this silly example, dressed in a different colored shirt.

And it may not seem to matter a great deal, if you are left clueless about what it means — but the fact is that only those wearing a white t-shirt can inherit.

Only Americans can inherit the benefits of the Constitutions, including all the material rights and assets. Only Americans can inherit the land, soil, money, credit, and other actual assets of this country.

So those guys who were throwing red and blue t-shirts over your head were trying to pass you off as someone or something else, trying to keep you from being identified as an American—- so as to deprive you of your inheritance and rights and powers.

If you do as I suggest, you will strip off those foreign colored t-shirts and suddenly appear in your original white t-shirt, as an American and as a Lawful Person, claiming their birthright political status and standing under the Public Law of this country.

If you additionally follow my lead, you will join together with other Americans wearing their white t-shirts, and be part of your lawful State Assembly. Your State Assembly is the “nation” part of your “nation-state”. It’s where and how the living people of your State exercise their powers and enforce their rights as Americans.

And it’s good to be an American, to be free, to own your own land, to do your own thing, to travel where you wish in your own car, to keep the money in your hand, to be safe in your homes, and in control of your own government.

If you take my suggestion, you will join together with other Americans to open your own banks and your own Recording Offices and run your own courts and post offices. You will safely and intelligently manage your own business affairs on the land and soil of this country without any untoward “help” from the Queen or the Pope. You won’t be threatened or coerced by your own employees. You won’t be misaddressed by their special foreign courts of limited jurisdiction.

Life will go back to something far better than what has been “normal” in this country for the past hundred and almost-sixty years.

And all because you decided to wear your white t-shirt.

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net

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05 21 21 What You Get Out of It The Negative Incentives



By Anna Von Reitz

From time to time, I am asked—- if I do what you suggest, what do I get out of it?
There are both “negative” incentives — that is, what won’t happen to you as a result of reclaiming your political status as an American, and positive incentives — what will happen as a result. Let’s take the Negative Incentives first.
I am very upfront about what my own initial motivation was: I realized that if I didn’t act, I would be an accomplice to crime.
Simple as that.
Whether that crime is — in the particular instance — willing participation in constructive fraud, impersonation, inland piracy, or even treason or conspiracy against the Constitutions — it should matter to you that you can be considered a willing accomplice to these crimes, if you do not object.
Objection is essential. Reporting the crime to the responsible authorities is essential. If you are aware of a crime and don’t report it, you are considered a willing accomplice to it, and you can be arrested and prosecuted as a result.
So, if you do what I suggest, you cannot be accused as a willing accomplice to the crimes that have been perpetuated in this country. That’s a big benefit, considering that many of these crimes are very serious.
Who do you report these crimes to? The Governor of your State of State. The Chief Justices of the “State” Supreme Court, which is a Public Trust Office. The State of State Secretaries of State. The President(s). The Pope. The Archbishops. The United Nations (because of Jimmy Carter). The Joint Chiefs of Staff. The State Troopers. The State Judicial Councils. Members of Congress. Hit ’em all up.
I have.
Everyone from Portland to Poughkeepsie, Dallas to Bismarck, Tallahassee to New York City knows where I stand on these issues and “has cause to know” that I am not a “willing” accomplice.
I have tens of thousands of registered mail receipts logged and filed, together with the correspondence, to prove that I did not sit on my laurels. Once I knew there was a crime afoot, I blew the whistle so loud it could be heard in Boston. I have published books. I have written articles by the thousands. Nobody can accuse me of willingly going along with fraud and enslavement and graft, breach of trust, unlawful conversion, kidnapping, or conspiracy against the Constitutions.
Nearly everyone else in this country who hasn’t taken my advice or similar advice from others, is wide open to these sorts of accusations. Think about it.
I am not suggesting that everyone can or should endure the kind of effort that I have gone through, but everyone can and should care enough about their own position to let fly some letters to the responsible authorities and record some paperwork to reclaim their American identity.
You may say, well, what good do you expect that to do? Writing letters to pirates telling them about their own smuggling?
It does two (2) very important things. It establishes that you are NOT a pirate, and it establishes that they ARE, if they continue to sit around and do nothing to stop it.
You not only protect yourself from being accused as an accomplice, you deny those in political power any “plausible deniability”.
And while they might ignore one little old lady, heck, a great-grandma from Big Lake, Alaska — are you joking? (God has a great sense of humor.) They can’t ignore hundreds of letters from thousands of people who have caught on to the scam and who are safely and properly organized as State Assemblies in their own jurisdictions.
If you do what I suggest, you won’t be identified as a willing accomplice to capital level crimes. You will have done your Public Duty. You will have prodded the various officials to do the same. You will be part of a lawful State Assembly and no longer hiding in your basement, all by yourself, wondering what one man or woman can do against such monstrous evil.
That’s quite a lot of relief and benefit and avoidance of nasty consequences, even if it is a negative incentive.

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05 21 Notice the Modus



By Anna Von Reitz

I just finished reading an entire screed of weird world “news” — including a bunch of astrologers suggesting that we need to prepare for the return of Baphomet, who, according to them, is actually Jesus Christ.

Ignorance not only breeds.  It breeds like bunny rabbits in springtime.

If you really want to know what is going on, read The Book of Ezekiel. All of it.

There you will learn the Secret of Solomon, whose Number is 666.

There also, you will see one of the last to be fulfilled prophecies in the Bible, the reunion of Israel and Judah.

Add that to what we now know about the razing of Mount Zion by the Romans amid the general destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. –and the use of the debris that was the top of Mount Zion as fill for later projects and road building— and it becomes clear that the Temple Mount is not the Temple Mount.

And all that wailing at the Wailing Wall is for naught.

I shake my head.  I go back to work. Mount Zion is now a steep decapitated slope, and the only way anyone is going to build a Temple where the 2nd Century Temple once stood, is (1) if they are smart and honest enough to find the location—which is unlikely, and (2) they exert an effort that would make building the pyramids look small, because not only do they need to rebuild their temple, they need to rebuild Mount Zion as well.

Everyone, including the Crazy Persons trying to make the Bible come true via human efforts, would be better off relying on Ezekiel. Soon after beginning to read The Book of Ezekiel, you will begin to notice the way the themes of this book mirror the themes of today, right down to Ezekial’s duel with the black-robed priests of Molloch.

You will also notice that these people, the Enemies of the True God, are liars.

They lied until Ezekiel called them out, and they even believed their own lies. They take his challenge.  And they lose.  Big time.

This was true then, and it is true now.

We don’t need to fear lies—- or liars.  They have their place in the Lake of Fire.

All it takes is one honest man to destroy everything they have built.

Yehushua — English “Joshua” — destroyed their temple by rebuilding his own.

It was their own free will decision to kill him instead of welcoming him, so it was in no way his fault —- and yet, he knew the ultimate outcome.

Their temple would be destroyed.  Not one stone left standing upon another.

For those who have eyes to see, the parallel and the meaning  is obvious.

When the curtain in the Temple was torn in half, the True God left it.  Even if the Temple were rebuilt, and Mount Zion magically restored to be a mountain instead of a decapitated slope, would the True God enter into it?

No.  And Ezekiel tells us the reason why.  Read it for yourselves.

The Spirit that is the True God came to live in the temples his Son built for him in our hearts, for we are, literally now, the living temples of the True God.  And just as the child is forever a part of the parent, and the parent part of the child, we are joined together by a bond that cannot be severed. Ever.

The True God will build his own temple and raise his own New Jerusalem in a place of his own choosing, and those who do not know and believe this are not listening to what is plainly told to their own souls.

Those who have lived through this darkness will see the new day, and a world not made by men, but by the Living God: “for behold, I make all things new….”

Listen with your soul and let your eyes read the message of Ezekiel.

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05 19 21 Another Refutation of TROH Again



By Anna Von Reitz

I have had to comment, repeatedly, about “the Reign of the Heavens Society” and the complete bunk it keeps publishing, but this time they went over the top.

Now, they are telling people that all “Yeshuaians” — followers of Jesus, who adopt a “33 + 3” calendar, are “sealed” by a “Blood Moon” and have to bow knee to their version of “The United States of America”.

They are also claiming that this allowed them to ignore the US Postmaster General.

They also claim that The United States of America is a sovereign government.

No sane person could make this stuff up without the assistance of hallucinatory drugs.

Let’s take these claims in reverse order:

The United States of America is not a sovereign government. It’s an unincorporated Holding Company. It’s a business with a “doing business as” Proper Name. This particular business structure was formed by the actual sovereign States of the Union in 1776, so that they would have an agent to act for them “mutually” –that is, as a group– in international and global affairs.

As a Holding Company, The United States of America “holds” various “powers” that belong to the separate and sovereign States. It exercises those powers for the benefit of the States as a group. The United States of America is the first entity ever in receipt of “delegated powers” donated by the States, and it is the Primary Delegator of those powers from 1776 onward.

That is what The United States of America actually is and always was.

Whatever else TROH thinks it is, only God knows, but the same principle I observed recently with regard to the political Left appears to be at work here, too: these people don’t actually know what “The United States of America” is or what it was organized to do, so they just make stuff up and redefine it at will.

Judging from their track record and the wild claims they have already made for it, their version of The United States of America is somewhere between the Big Rock Candy Mountain and the Province of Shangri La.

As for ignoring the US Postmaster General, I am sure that the US Postmaster General is relieved that he can ignore them and their claims, too.

The officers of the USA are not subject to the officers of the US and vice-versa.

The actual Post Master (land jurisdiction) and Postmaster (sea jurisdiction) of The United States of America can “ignore” the Postmaster General of the United States (air jurisdiction) because they work in different jurisdictions and for different employers. Go figure.

More importantly, TROH has no standing or valid claim to have any Post Office function related to the actual government of this country. Our Post Office and seat of government is founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; it existed well-before The War of Independence, and it is still there.

Once again, TROH doesn’t understand the difference between USA and US and the various jurisdictions and offices and services involved, so, they apparently just made something up.

Finally, this cult-like spiel about “Blood Moons” and a “33 +3” calendar cycle and that people are “sealed” to obey some bunch of knotheads misrepresenting themselves as The Government of The United States of America—- that whole diatribe is so smelly and off the wall that even an old Dumpster Diver like me takes pause.

As we have discussed before, time doesn’t exist. As a result, all calendars are fictitious cataloging systems based on various natural phenomena— the precession of the constellations, the waning and waxing of the moon, or even the frequency of vibration of a hydrogen atom— and it is all arbitrary and chosen by men who are about as infallible as weather reports.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, sacred about any calendar, unless you want to talk about the “calendar” of festivals.

This same group, TROH, got all excited about the end of the Mayan Calendar, too, and were nonplussed as to why the world didn’t end on the day they predicted, and why they were not raptured up to become the 144,000 Elect.

Maybe it’s because none of them are virgins, they don’t follow Yeshua’s example, and the Mayans were pagan blood-sacrificers?

Just prior to the Winter Solstice of 2011 TROH was all over the internet, and the basic line was—- sign on with us now, or you can never be one of the super-elite leaders of the Reign of the Heavens Society. Sign up now, Buddy, or you are going to lose your slot in Heaven and never make the grade.

Oh, and send us money — something like $1500, if I remember correctly — a substantial sum, to mark your seat and save your place in this wonderful organization of those very, very special people who are called.

They seem to have forgotten that even Yeshua didn’t have control of who is actually called, and that no money was ever involved.

The entire history of TROH is the same way. One preposterous episode after another.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether the subject is religion or government with them, they just bounce back and forth, making it up as they go.

Now, I can’t tell you why they are doing and saying all these whackjob things, but I can tell you that, yes, they are whackjob— and to run like an antelope away.

Just like I remind everyone that English, not Dog Latin, is our official language –and to leave PARSE SYNTAX behind.

Things that don’t make sense, and people who want to walk a crooked walk —leave them behind.

If you have never read the Bible for yourself, now would be a good time. See for yourself what it actually says, so that you are not led astray.

If you have never studied American History (as opposed to US History) now is the time to do that, too, so that you are not misled about your government, either.

And always, let your own Shinola Sensor be your guide.

Truth can be stranger than fiction at times, and I can attest to that; but fiction is more usually the strange part of the equation.

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