04 30 19 A Very Important Grab Bag



 By Anna Von Reitz

When I was a kid growing up in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, the big event of the summer was the County Fair.  My Best Friend Forever and I would volunteer as gophers and later as kitchen help and still later as waitresses for the VFW concession every year, and every year, my BFF would get a “Grab Bag” for the fun of it.

A Grab Bag can contain a very wide range and assortment of goods, the idea being somewhat akin to gambling.  The majority of Grab Bags contain nonsense novelty items, plastic bangle bracelets, plastic paper clips, single wrapped pieces of hard candy, and similar items of use but very little value — but once in a while they throw in something that is worth far more than the price of the Grab Bag to keep the customers coming.

It’s been years since I have even seen a concession offering Grab Bags and I have no idea if the younger generation even knows the concept, so I have belabored you all with an explanation.

This posting is a Grab Bag — the value of which depends on who you are, where you are, and which issues you face, but begins with an issue that everyone reading this faces: are you an American?

Item One from the Grab Bag:

“An American citizen in territory occupied by the United States is at all times entitled to his constitutional rights.” — or so we are told in Corpus Juris Secondum, (American Jurisprudence Second Edition),  War and Emergency, Section 38, Military Occupation, (a) general, (b) in effect.

Please read this above quote again in light of the information I am giving you. Note the words “territory” — as in Territorial or District Government presumed to be overlaying the land jurisdiction of this country as a result of the 1863 Enrollment Act — and “occupied” as in “military occupation”.

Now focus in on the word, “American”.   If you are an American and this quote from the venerable secular Bible of American Jurisprudence is correct, how is it you are routinely deprived of your constitutional guarantees in District Courts throughout this country?

Could it be that I am right and that thanks to foreign citizenships, both Territorial and Municipal citizenships, being “conferred” on you without your knowledge or consent, you are no longer being recognized as an American?

There are two kinds of separate Federal Citizenship created under the Constitutions — (1) United States Citizens and (2) Citizen of the United States— and these exist apart from the American citizenship that already existed at the time the Constitutions were adopted.  These political statuses are very succinctly defined at Article 1, Section 2, Clause 2 and Article 1, Section 3, Clause 3.

I have already proven to any reasonable man that the only two branches of the Federal Government that survived the American Civil War were the Territorial and Municipal branches, so the Territorial United States Citizens and the Municipal Citizens of the United States continued to exist.

Now, what happens if a State Trust is created, say the Ohio State Trust, and along with that a Federal Territorial Citizenship is granted to everyone?

This Federal Territorial Citizenship as a “United States Citizen” is merely “conferred” upon you as a “gift” by the British Territorial United States Government upon your acceptance of a Birth Certificate defining you as a Legal — rather than Lawful — Person.

This is where they unlawfully and unconscionably convert your political status from that of an American to that of a British Territorial “United States Citizen”.

All right, so now you are a foreigner and merely a “resident” in your own country, presumed to be here providing the “essential government services” described in Article IV of the Constitutions.

This British Territorial United States Citizen is permanently domiciled in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and if you look at the name of this Foreign Situs Trust, it will appear to be exactly the same as your own Proper Name and it will appear in exactly the same style and form: John Mark Doe.

Now what if the British Territorial United States Government decides to “incorporate” as a franchise of the British Crown Corporation — which it did in the 1870’s— ?

Well, now, it has “devolved” from the status of a government and become a commercial corporation doing business as the United States of America, Incorporated,  like any other commercial corporation on Earth, and all its “citizenry” have been redefined as shareholders (known as voters) and also as chattel backing the investments of that corporation.

So much for the fate and identity of John Mark Doe, a British Territorial United States Citizen.

Next, the Municipal branch of the Federal Government gets in the act.  This is a plenary oligarchy run by the members of the British Territorial Congress— the same exact people who presumed “United States Citzenship” upon you in Step One above.

As the representative body of the British Territorial Government and as the oligarchs in charge of the Municipal United States Government also, they confer another citizenship on you, presuming (liberally) that if you are a British Territorial United States Citizen, you may also be a “Citizen of the United States” —- their Municipal Oligarchy allowed by Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17.

The Municipal Government also decides to get in on the incorporation thing, and incorporate themselves as a franchise of the Holy Roman Empire, doing business as the United States, Inc.  They also devolve to the level of a commercial corporation but their “citizenry” is all presumed to be “paupers” and “criminals” who are already guilty (sinners) by definition.  See Section 2 of the 14th Amendment.  All THEIR assets are presumed to be donated to the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) and they are used as perpetual DEBTORS, guilty by definition before they ever enter a court room.

Do you see what is happening here?  The American citizen is disappearing, being “eased out” by competing Federal Citizenships being conferred on him and presumed to attach to him by his failure to object and take exception to this process of genocide on paper.

Of course, you are conveniently kept in the dark about this entire process. None of your public servants tell you a word, so as to ensure that you have no opportunity to object to these arrangement undertaken “for” you by your presumed “representatives”.

So are you still an American citizen?  Not on paper.  On paper, you are a Dual Federal Citizen.  That’s their story, anyway.

And in both cases, you are no longer presumed to be a living man or woman. You are presumed to be voluntarily acting as both a British Territorial Foreign Situs Trust and United States Citizen, and a Municipal Government Slave and “Vessel” known as a “Citizen of the United States” doing business as the JOHN M DOE under admiralty law.

So you are no longer “recognizable” by the courts as an American citizen and you are no longer entitled to the guarantees of the Constitutions. The monsters running the Congress who wear both hats in this scheme– acting as the British Territorial United States Congress on one hand, and as the Municipal United States Congress on the other,  have put themselves in position to enslave you and railroad you in the Admiralty court system and there is only one way out of this.

Expatriate from any presumed “US Citizenship”.

Do the paperwork to make your claim explicit and place it on the Public Record of the State of State land recording district of the local Territorial Government franchise. At this point you become recognizable as an American and as a Lawful Person, one of the People of Ohio.

You also become eligible to serve as an Ohio State Citizen and to assemble the Ohio Assembly — the actual State of the Union thus comes back into view.

And the foreign incorporated interlopers get shoved back in their box.

Have the members of Congress committed treason against us?  Yes, they have been doing so over the course of the past 150 years, incrementally, on purpose and in clueless stupidity both, until the issues must be addressed and the actual American Government restored.

Item Two from this Grab Bag:

A Taxpayer is a Tax Collector — a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marines known as a “Withholding Agent”.

Everyone who ever mistakenly signed a 1040 Form was claiming under penalty of perjury to be acting voluntarily as a British Territorial United States Citizen and as a “Withholding Agent”.

All this web of lies and legal presumptions attaches to you, an American citizen owing no obligation to even participate in this system, because you have mistakenly been deluded into thinking that you are a “US Citizen” of some kind and that you are a Withholding Agent for the British Territorial United States Government working in their Merchant Marine Service.

Well, of course, they are going to throw the book at you for any failure to do your duty, aren’t they?  And they are going to continue to go after the poor old Municipal United States STRAWMAN that they gratuitously named after you, too.

So again, what is the only way out of this situation?

“There has been a mistake…..”

“….and now that I know what a “Withholding Agent” is, I cannot possibly claim to be a member of the British Merchant Marines, and nobody can suborn me to testify under penalty of perjury to say that I am a member of the British Merchant Marine Service or force me to take any action to file taxes as if I am, because that would be inducement and coercion to commit perjury and other crimes.”

Again, do the paperwork.  Establish your claim to be an American and a Lawful Person.  Expatriate from any other political status.  Cancel all Prior Powers of Attorney granted or presumed to be granted to anyone claiming to represent you in any capacity at all, and stipulate the conditions upon which your copyrights and trademarks will be recognized and honored.

Has the British Government betrayed your trust?  Is the Pope Roman Catholic?  Is “Roman Catholic” a misnomer?

As an American, you are owed all rights, all titles, and all interest in your estate and in your land and in your Good Name.

As a British Territorial “United States Citizen” you are in the unenviable position of a Person doing business as a Foreign Situs Trust permanently domiciled in Puerto Rico.

As a Municipal “Citizen of the United States” you are in the position of a “VESSEL” subject to bottomry bonds under Admiralty Law— and already condemned as a fugitive subject to salvage and arrest.

And all of this— absolutely all of this — is the most specious kind of self-interested lies and bull crap.  It only succeeds because you remain blissfully unaware of it and don’t take steps to put an end to it.

Item Three in this Grab Bag:

The only court left in America that has Article III powers is the United States District Court — a Court that is literally foreign to you and which can only act in the presence of maritime and admiralty contracts. You are a member of a Foreign Nation — your actual State.  You are a Minnesotan, a Georgian, a Vermonter, etc.  As a result the United States District Court is in no position to serve you, except in Arbitration of a dispute between you and a Municipal CITIZEN.

Do you see how this works?  They can’t operate in Public, because by definition they are a private court hired by a commercial corporation– the same corporation operating the entire “District” government of the British Territorial United States.  And they obviously can’t sit in judgement of their own employer, as that would be a grotesque conflict of interest.

But they can be invoked to operate in their Article III capacity inclusive of the Supplemental Rules (the Rules that allow them to attach assets and distribute Equity) and sit in private arbitration against any Municipal PERSON defined as a “vessel”.

And that, my dears, is how they have all been working this “System” to their advantage all these years.

They bring suit against the Municipal PERSON which is defined as a “vessel” operating under Admiralty Law, then they use the Supplemental Rules of Admiralty to “attach” the assets related to that VESSEL and distribute the proceeds to whomever or whatever claims to have an ownership interest in that VESSEL.

They issue Summons for an in Rem action in Admiralty against the Municipal “Citizen of the United States” conferred upon you without your knowledge or consent, and when you show up to defend the THING against charges, they “attach” you as the VESSEL’s owner, responsible for its debts, operations, accounts, etc., etc., etc. and then they proceed to prosecute you “as” the VESSEL — and they have a secret motivation to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the Admiralty Law.

They, acting as the British Territorial United States District Court, get a share of the “prize money” from apprehending such Municipal VESSELS, and they can do so without an appearance of conflict of interest, because technically, the Municipal United States Government is an entirely different corporation than the one they work for—- even though, at the top of the pyramid, both are being run by the same group of people acting both as the [British Territorial] United States Congress and as The Congress of the United States [Municipal].

And therein lies the rub and the total conflict of interest and the entire story of the gross corruption being worked upon this country and its clueless People. Who is responsible?

Ultimately, the Queen and the Pope are responsible.  Both have acted in Gross Breach of Trust and have allowed this System of things in violation of every duty they owe as International Trustees and as Allies and as Principal Parties and High Contracting Powers obligated under the Constitutions we are in fact all owed.

Their minions, the members of the British Territorial United States Congress acting in both that capacity and also acting as franchisees running the Municipal United States Government  have constructed unconscionable “private” contracts with each one of us via the registration of Birth Certificates in our names and then, with the Brits having accomplished that much, the Pope’s minions have done the second and more egregious constructive fraud against us by secretively creating United States “VESSELS” in our names for the purpose of allowing us to be sued.

And all this has been done “for” us by our purported “representatives” without our knowledge or consent, forced down our throats by coercive racketeering, and all the while, we haven’t been told or known a thing about any of this.

Even the idea that we, Americans, are in any way involved in any Maritime or Admiralty activities at all, is foreign — and in fact, is untrue.  We are all land lubbers, most of us, from beginning to end.

We are being press-ganged and conscripted by the British Territorial United States Government in contravention of the Public Law which has prohibited these activities for over 200 years using the excuse that we privately contracted with them — as babies no less — to allow this.

Item 5 in this Grab Bag: the Root of the Evil

The ultimate root of all this evil is the birth registration process, which is in practical terms, like all the other evil perpetuated against us, is carried out by franchises of the British Territorial United States Government operating as “the States of States” on our shores.

These incorporated Territorial franchises (think Burger King franchises) mindlessly carry out the wishes of the parent corporations and are obligated to do so by virtue of holding their charters or prescriptive status as a grant given to them by these foreign corporations.

The people actually doing the dirty work are forced into it by their employment contracts or by the professional licenses they have mistakenly applied for.

Thus the young lady at the Bureau of Vital Statistics or the Richmond County Health Department merrily entering your baby’s name on a registration form has no idea that she is committing international crime and participating in genocide against American citizens.

Likewise, the doctors signing off on these purported contracts largely have no idea that they have “conscripted themselves” into the US Army by applying for a license to practice medicine and that as Uniformed Officers (Title 37, Uniformed Officer Code), they have no choice but to follow the “Public Policy” of the US ARMY, INC. and to participate in this genocide-on-paper being carried out against American babies, serving to unlawfully convert their political status from being American citizens to being “presumed” British Territorial United States Citizens.

It is the same way with all the IRS, BLM, FBI, FEMA, BATF, and other “Agency” officials.  They are all just subcontractors and franchisees in the same way that the “States of States” and their various “Bureaus” and “Departments” are commercial subcontractors providing services.

This is why there is no remedy or relief available from any State of State Court.  This is why all these Public Officials take phony Oaths of Office — just pull one of their Oaths of Office.  There you will see an unidentified Person using a middle initial “swearing or affirming” —- well, folks, who is it and what are they doing?   This isn’t an Oath of Office.  It’s a mockery and invalid contract by definition.

So, our mission as American State Citizens, if we accept it, is to correct our own political status records, serve Notice of same, and restore our rightful form of Government.  Our secondary mission is to spread the word worldwide about what has gone on here and in most of the other countries worldwide.

Our additional mission once we have our own records corrected and ducks in order is to “fully inform” the members of the United States military that: (1) the Enrollment Act of 1863 is both unlawful and illegal; (2) they are still under contract to serve us, the civilian government, not the “civil” government; (3) we wish them to “Cease and Desist” all private conscription activities involving minors and to convert their registration processes to simple recording functions recognizing the American State Citizenship of all babies born within our geographic borders; (4) we wish them to formally release any private contract with any baby they “seized and presumed upon” on their phony 150 year-old “battlefield” and (5) we wish them to recognize the fact that The American Civil War was a long-resolved commercial mercenary conflict that had nothing to do with our actual States of the Union and nothing to do with us.

Got your paperwork on the Public Record?  Sharpen up your pens and paper and jot off a note to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  And President Trump.  And the Queen.  And the Pope.

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04 30 19 The Push Assembly Coordinators and Current Listings



By Anna Von Reitz

Numerous people have been calling, writing, and emailing asking me how to contact the assembly coordinators in their States.  Also some people have asked how they can confirm that the person claiming to be Assembly Coordinator really is “officially” a State Assembly Coordinator.

Early on we realized that there is a lot of confusion going on out there with a lot of different so-called “patriot groups” getting started, mostly without a clue as to the actual history or the issues of jurisdiction and citizenship that this whole Mess involves.

So we had a few Coordinators from the very start who did reliably grasp the concepts and the reasons for the paperwork and the recording processes and they have been acting as a support group to make sure that other volunteer Coordinators are on board and up to speed.  They have also weeded out would-be Coordinators who acted only as place-holders with no actual action to form an Assembly organization— to ensure that progress would not be impeded by people lacking the will, skill or determination to get the job done.

There may be multiple State Assembly Coordinators in any one State, as indeed County Assembly Coordinators are also typically involved in putting together the State Assembly.  This is because the State Assembly in our American system receives its empowerment from the County Assemblies.

This multiplicity of State Assembly Coordinators is only to be expected and be expected to grow as the organizations expand and more County Assemblies form and more people in more areas step to the plate.

Bear in mind that there is really only one State Assembly, but that State Assembly comes from all over the geographically defined State, thus there is only one California Assembly, but there may be a State Assembly Coordinator for Southern California, one for Mid-State California, one for the Sacramento Valley, one for San Francisco Bay, one for Northern California — and all expected to work together as Coordinators for the California Assembly.

Tall Orders, but we can do it if we put our minds to it.  As each State has a Coordinator step forward and “pass muster” by completing their paperwork and demonstrating that they understand the reasons we do these things, etc., the sovereign State becomes “re-populated”.  Their names then appear on the Coordinator listings on www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net and on the PaperUpNow.com website.  Their link is here:


Also, please join us every Monday when The American States Assembly hosts me for a one hour question and answer session via Zoom Teleconference.   Just go online and download the Zoom program onto your computer and use this contact address:  https://zoom.us/j/597600142

The number of the teleconference you wish to join is: 597600142.

Everyone is invited to submit questions at: info@theamericanstatesassembly.net  the website for The American States Assembly, for inclusion during the teleconference.

There are also continuing questions about “State Nationals” versus “State Citizens”.

Basically, State Nationals are always welcome to join our calls and ask questions, but a State National carries no obligation to serve their State in any public capacity.  That is, they don’t serve the government, the government serves them.

That may sound real good to most of you, I am sure, but I have to point out that at least some of us must bear the extra burden as I do, to serve the sovereign State government on an active, day to day basis. Without those of us who volunteer to take on this responsibility, the rights and the prerogatives of the People of the State disappear, and we all no longer have access to the Constitutions we are owed and other protections that the sovereign State provides.

American State Citizens thus serve the sovereign State government in some capacity — as Jurors, as Electors, and in many other possible capacities and positions both paid and unpaid.  We “carry the water” so that the rest of the People of Wisconsin, People of Colorado, People of Virginia, et alia…. have a voice and a choice and a home to come home to.

This is a daunting challenge, especially when you consider that two foreign governments under contract to provide our States with “essential government services” are already bleeding us dry, but as more and more Americans wake up and get highly motivated, resources and commitments will get realigned and The Push to get off the ground will ease.

It is to be hoped that as we develop more “at a glance” visual aids and as more and more people grasp what has actually gone on in this country, millions of Americans will step forward to fill the gaps and do what has to be done.

You can assist this process by sharing the information with friends and family, with club members and workmates, with your religious leaders, with your business associates, with your public servants, too.

At first you will be looked at — as I described and experienced it myself — “like a talking horse”.  Nobody will grasp what you are saying the first time around, but as you explain it repeatedly, your skill at explaining it will grow and hopefully we will soon have new pdf visual aids you can download and print off at home to distribute and to use as aids as you explain things yourself.

More and more people are waking up and “smelling the java” every day, and as the news gets out and more people start grasping the history and the law and the facts— well, then, they know what has to be done.

Instead of staring at you like you are some kind of a freak or nutcase, they will start listening intently, and then, they will pitch in and help.

Your public servants will stop making fun of you and start showing some respect and cooperation.  In time, you will find them pitching in and helping you, too, because they realize that what you are doing helps them, too.

When everyone knows their part and does their job, America will be great again.  By taking up this work, you are in fact leading the way forward, upward, and onward. You are fulfilling the vital role you were born to do on your very first birthday.

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04 29 19 US Citizens Going to Jail for Insurrection



By Anna Von Reitz

Tonight, I get word that Municipal Prosecutors are arresting “patriots” and throwing them in jail under:
18 U.S. Code § 2383.Rebellion or insurrection and
18 U.S. Code § 2385.Advocating overthrow of Government

Well, note the key words: “US Citizens”.

If you claim to be a “US Citizen” you owe your service and obedience to the US Government. You have “voluntarily” subjected yourself to that foreign corporate government, so then, what business do you have to complain about it or take up arms against it?

This is precisely what I warned everyone about recently and the reason I “took exception” to any implied suggestion of affiliation with any of these groups that are purportedly assembling States of the Union, but including “US Citizens” as members.

This is also why I have warned all the Jural Assemblies not to associate with or allow anyone preaching violence to join them. Remember that we have the right to peaceably assemble — note the word: “peaceably”.

Any US Citizen involved in assembling an American State, or rather, pretending to do so, because they can’t actually do that—– is out of their lane. They are trespassing against our sovereign States.

If we were to go onto their turf and try to organize a Territorial State of State, we would be transgressing against them in the same way. Ditto if we go into one of their courts and start flailing away.

It’s that old straddling the electric fence thing, and the end results of this are as predictable as rain falling.

So, until the Patriots finally pay attention and learn the history and learn the law and figure out how the government is actually structured and what their options are, there will continue to be these kinds of arrests. And all I can do is stand here and shake my head.

This is not, and cannot be, about tearing down what is on their side of the fence. It is, and it has to be, about restoring what is supposed to be on our side of the fence.

See this article and over 1700 others on Anna’s website here: www.annavonreitz.com



This should put any fears of jail time to rest for American Nationals. These jerks do not have the authority to put American Nationals in Jail for abandoning U. S. Citizenship. Follow Anna’s advice and become a American National or Citizen. Then you can tell the grunts to go piss up a rope.


04 27 19 An FBI frame up and a rigged trial! FBI Informant Kidnaps Family!



By Paul Stramer

Schaeffer Cox, a well known 2nd Amendment lobbyist who had won 38% of the vote in a State House election, became the subject of an intense FBI investigation after he angered State and Federal authorities by openly accusing them of drug trafficking and child prostitution.

Oil pipeline service company executive, Bill Allen, who had been spared prosecution on multiple counts of sexual abuse of minors in exchange for his 2008 testimony against pro-2nd Amendment Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, was among those implicated. “The State Wide Drug Taskforce supplied children for sex to a number of state and federal officials in exchange for those official’s cooperation in concealing the ongoing illicit drug trafficking activities of the State Wide Drug Taskforce,” Schaeffer Cox said.

Not long after these public statements, the same departments that Schaeffer Cox accused of corruption sent in numerous provocateurs to try to switch his efforts off of exposing corruption and on to violent vigilante-type actions. Schaeffer cox, who believes in non-aggression and voluntarism, can be heard on multiple undercover recordings telling the provocateurs, “No, I’m going to pull a Ghandi, NOT a Rambo” and “if we turn violent, people will see us as the bad guys.”

In what some have called a deviation from accepted investigative techniques, the FBI responded to Schaeffer Cox’s rejection of their violent proposals by creating a threat to his children that could serve as a motivator.

Working with the Office of Child Services, the FBI filed a child neglect complaint regarding Schaeffer and his wife Marti’s 1 and 1/2 year old son. Because they do not require probable cause, child neglect complaints are an attractive tool for investigators who wish to enter a home, but lack any evidence to support a warrant.

Once Schaeffer Cox was made aware of the “writ of assistance” issued for the seizure of his young son, the FBI dispatched undercover provocateur, Bill Fulton, to again try to convince Schaeffer Cox to go on a shooting spree in response to these new developments. Bill Fulton, acting under the supervision of FBI Special Agent Sandra Klein, pointed out that the child neglect complaint was obviously the corrupt work of Schaeffer Cox’s political adversaries in the government, and urged him to go kill all officials involved.

When Schaeffer Cox and his friend, Les Zerbe, refused Fulton’s violent suggestions a second time, Fulton flew into a rage, held a hunting knife to Les Zerbe’s throat, and told him he would “slit his throat open and bleed him out at his feet” if he and Cox didn’t agree to the proposed mass shooting. Cox and Zerbe refused, and escaped never to see Fulton again.

Suspecting foul play by the FBI and local police, and fearing for their lives from Fulton, Schaeffer Cox and his wife went to the military police station on Ft. Wainwright for help. Officers there advised Schaeffer Cox that Federal agents had come into the station and bragged of how they planned to “fix the Schaeffer Cox problem” by “going into his home to take out his kid, then just shoot Schaeffer Cox in the process.” The MP’s gave Schaeffer Cox’s attorney affidavits to this effect and would later testify to the same under oath.

At FBI Special Agent Klein’s direction, Fulton made a third attempt to get Schaeffer Cox to do a mass shooting. Fulton did this by issuing a death threat ultimatum and promising to kill Schaeffer Cox himself if he refused the proposal of violence again.

Fearing for their lives, the Cox family packed up and headed for Canada. But the FBI sent another undercover provocateur, RJ Olson, after them, court documents say. Olson, a self described “drug wholesaler” working under the supervision of FBI Special Agent Richard Southerland, held the whole Cox family, including a 2 year old boy and a 3 week old baby girl, hostage, against their will in an attic for 21 days after sabotaging their vehicle, then using death threats from Fulton and a made up story about a truck driver to keep them from leaving.

“The government does not dispute the fact that the actions of the provocateurs working under the FBI’s supervision did in fact meet the legal definition of 1st degree kidnapping,” said Robert John, the Fairbanks attorney who got all related State charges against Cox thrown out.

On March 10th, 2011 Schaeffer Cox was taken from the attic to a deserted industrial lot in Fairbanks where he believed he would meet the “truck driver” Olson had promised. No such truck driver existed. Instead, there was a FBI ambush of out of town agents who did not know Schaeffer Cox was a well respected local political voice with popular support. The Agent’s, who had been instructed to shoot Schaeffer Cox on site if he had a weapon, were not advised by the local FBI case agent of Cox’s repeated statements about being like Ghandi not Rambo.

FBI Special Agent Richard Southerland supplied JR Olson with an unregistered, nontraceable pistol and instructed him to “put it in Schaeffer’s lap then get under the truck so there will be some thick metal between you and him when the shooting starts.” The FBI’s plan was interrupted when the owner of the industrial lot happened upon the scene and started asking questions about why men with masks and machine guns were hiding around the corner.

Schaeffer Cox was arrested and put on trial for “conspiracy against the government.” The prosecution was led by Steve Skrocki and Joseph Botini, the same people that were held in contempt of court for hiding evidence in several related trials of Alaska political personalities. The audio recording of Schaeffer Cox repeatedly rejecting violence were hidden from the jury, but are now being made available to the public by Schaeffer Cox’s supporters via youtube and other means.

Steve Skrocki, who has publically attacked Schaeffer Cox for his belief in Moral Higher Law, built his case primarily on the testimony of Fulton and Olson. But recently released audio recording and email between Steve Skrocki and his boss, US Attorney Karen Loeffler, now show that Skrocki coached his witnesses to lie, then vouched for those lies in his closing arguments to the jury.

Still others have taken issue with Skrocki’s entire theory of the case. “The importance of this case is significant to the whole of humanity,” says Larry Pratt, president of Gun Owners of America. He points out that the prosecution conceded that Cox had no actual plans for violence, but convicted him anyway based on Cox’s belief that ‘We The People’ may someday have to stand down an out of control government.

Schaeffer Cox, who has been in prison since 2011 agrees. “This amounts to sending people to prison for simply believing in the original meaning of the 2nd Amendment,” he says. “If we don’t reverse my conviction, it will set a sweeping new precedent allowing for the wholesale round up of those who have not committed any crimes.”

Rudy Davis

Editors Note:  Thanks to Rich Scheben for bringing this to my attention. This is the kind of citizen journalism that should be done 24/7 to expose the criminals in government who abuse their power and persecute people for their love of freedom and their belief in God, not to mention their belief in their right to defend themselves against tyranny being done to them BY THEIR OWN EMPLOYEES.

04 27 19 The German Idiom Fits




By Anna Von Reitz

It’s certainly no secret that I am 88% German and 12% Scot. So is my older sister, who famously observed that it is a “bad combination”– mostly because it can make one as hard as steel and unreasonable as water, all at the same time.

Life for me is a constant struggle of these famous, passionate, and canny well-springs of obdurate stubbornness, combined with a lively enjoyment of life, and all trying to live together under one roof.

So for the moment let’s observe that I haven’t fallen far from either tree and that my Shinola Sensor was inherited.  I came by it honestly.

In German there is a slang expression that describes the overall world situation perfectly–“Das ist ja alles nur kase!”—  meaning, “All that is only cheese! — and it is inferred, cheese of the stinky, rotten kind.

The situation with Germany is, if possible, even worse than the situation here.

For one thing, the victors in World War II set up the German Central Bank to be the worldwide hub of their “derivatives” scheme, knowing that when the whole credit based derivative Ponzi game fell apart, the Germans would (once again) be set up as the Fall Guys and blamed for it.

Third time is a charm, right?

But it isn’t going so well for those actually responsible– those who strong-armed and forced the German Central Bank to take on the “derivative burden” and risk for the whole world as part of the sneaky back-stabbing reparations-by-any-other-name plan put in place after WWII ended.

We have the proof of what actually went on and how the banks carved up the whole world and each major block of banks took up and operated their own part of the overall crime syndicate, which was set up so that all the banks were involved in crimes and so, compromised and blackmailed, were unable to back out or as one of the Swiss bankers said to me today–“There was no help from the government, because the plan and the corruption was being demanded by and set up by the government!”

It was, so the lawyers and regional level bankers were told, all a matter of the gravest “National Security Concern” and they were all both threatened and implored for the sake of their respective homelands to turn a blind eye to certain “irregularities” and “changes from the normal course of business”.

These men and women were led to believe that they were doing something necessary and if not good, they were also being paid a lot of money to just keep their heads down, mouths shut, and follow instructions.

Jawohl, Herr Kommandant!

It was, clearly, the Old Mafia choice–the gold, or the lead, only instead of swarthy Sicilians, the New Mob was composed of pink-cheeked Swiss businessmen and New Yorkers in Brooks Brothers suits and suave Men in Black trained by MI6.

Just as the “US GOVERNMENT” adopted the crooked bookkeeping system called “double accrual accounting”— otherwise known as keeping two sets of books– that was dreamed up by Easy Eddie O’Hara for Al Capone, other governments that fell under the sway of the victorious Allies were forced into lives of crime.

This, more than anything else, was what World War I and World War II were really all about— forcing all the national governments to commit crimes so that they would all be subject to blackmail, and compromising all the central banks in the same manner.

Once that was accomplished– by the mid-1960’s– anyone attempting to do anything about the criminality was forced to wrestle with a skunk.

Observe former Congressmen Louie T. McFadden (poisoned), Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh  (his only child kidnapped and murdered), James Trafficant (set up on criminal charges, ridiculed, harassed, died early).  Observe JFK.  If Ron Paul had ever had the kind of mind to be able to fathom this iniquity, he would have been killed, too.

And in back of it all?  What we would call “Big Business”.  Railroad Barons, Oil Tycoons, Arms Manufacturers, Commodity Riggers, “Defense” Contractors, Media Conglomerates, Bond Traders, Unions, the whole panoply of what President Eisenhower called, “the military industrial complex”.

Eisenhower had cause to know all about that, and though he warned us, he was evidently not able to say more.

Ronald Reagan rattled enough sabers by ordering the Grace Commission Report and busting the Air Traffic Controllers Union to send shockwaves through the established monopolies–and earn himself a trip to the hospital.

And so it has been that a shadowy worldwide crime syndicate has flourished in our midst and who would ever guess that at the top of this pyramid sat such icons of propriety as the Queen and the Pope?

Through it all, both have been raking in the profits from their government monopolies until their coffers could hold no more.  To add to the drama, and the irony, in the 1990’s they instituted their own gambling casinos– philanthropic (hahahahaha!) “private trading platforms” where the world’s elite could gamble and not risk anything.

How, you wonder, is this possible?

The gambler simply agrees  not to use or move a large block of assets for a stipulated period of time, and agrees to place a “block” on the account or depository for that time period.

The assets are then “traded” on the private trading platform and the rules of “fractional reserve banking” are applied.

So, you place a hundred million dollars of “blocked” assets on the Trading platform, this is immediately inflated by whatever the fractional reserve rate is– 7 to 10 times worth of fiat credit “money of account” is issued by the banks involved, and voila!

The gambler receives back a 100% of the value of his blocked assets, plus, typically, 300% more as his profit on the deal, so he has not risked anything and quadrupled his supply of fiat credit currencies.

The owners and operators of these trading platforms and the bond companies underwriting all this then divvy up the remaining fiat currency/credit generated by this activity.

How could such a thing be possible? The World Bank, always a hotbed for criminal enterprises, suggested it as a means to raise money for philanthropic projects.

To date, no philanthropic projects have been funded.

So, obviously, this is all La-La-Land, but otherwise sane people have nonetheless done this and the bankers have locked down lending and “blocked” accounts they don’t own so that they could use depositor’s assets to invest in this complete and utter nonsense.

I have had “Bag Men” for the British Secret Service tell me how they have invested MI6 and Secret Service and CIA pensions like this for the past three decades and how their accounts are now “worth” a number followed by 240 zeroes.

And they say this with a straight face and an actuarial table in hand.

So, if these guys are making money like this, literally spinning it out of thin air, who is on the receiving end of this?

Answer: all the living breathing people who live in the actual world where water flows downhill.

This is how we can be greeted with the astounding news that every US Citizen (mischaracterized as an “American”) owes $72 trillion “dollars” and the Germans and the Japanese and Aussies and French and Canadians owe almost as much.

This is also how the value of all the national currencies can be inflated into oblivion.

It’s all stinky cheese.

In the days to follow you will hear a lot of incredibly dumb stuff as the perpetrators and casino operators try to justify these claims and excuse themselves –as would-be philanthropists, of course– for offering to indebt the entire race of Mankind for the next hundred billion years— but we have a better suggestion.

Open more mental hospitals.

They are obviously needed.

“Das ist jah alles nur kase!” (proper transliteration: “kaese”– I don’t have an umlaut on this keyboard.)

And no matter what these schmarmy crooks tell you, none of this stench-filled dairy counter was thought up, implemented, or desired by the Germans.  No, the source of all this lies much closer to home– in California and Nevada,  of all places, and all approved by Whitehall and the Vatican and the World Bank/IBRD.

Germany, you have been punished and maligned and set up three times in a row.  You know it. You have been overrun with the Muslim hordes. You have been betrayed by your elected leaders–again.

But to be fair, the Kaiser was the only world leader with Eggs enough to take on the real rats after they murdered the Czar, and Hitler had no choice for his part, and neither does your current leadership.


What are you going to do about it? Your American Cousins are finally waking up. The British People are waking up.  All over the world, the lies and criminal nature of what has gone on for the past three centuries is tearing open like the proverbial cheese wrapper.

For God’s sake– don’t just stand there and take any of the blame for this. Help expose it for what it is: a madhouse created by the criminally insane.

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04 27 19 For All The Jural Assemblies 55 MUNICIPAL COURTS DEATH and TAXES



By Anna Von Reitz

The Municipal United States Government operates exclusively under Title 50 of the Territorial Federal Code, and has never adopted any other Title of Federal Code; the internal affairs including the financial and political affairs of this creepy war-mongering state-within-a-state perched on our shores and ruled over as a plenary oligarchy by the members of the Territorial Congress, are not open to general public view.

Last time I looked, you could buy your own copy of the Washington, DC  Municipal Code for about $800.  It includes such nuggets as the statutes they use to claim that we are legally dead and set up offshore corporations in our NAMES,  to sell child labor contracts, to launder money, to create giant slush funds, and for other purposes.

The Municipal United States Government styles itself as a Roman-style Republic.  This is the source of the Roman Fasces — a bundle of sticks emblem that you see in the Capitol Rotunda and elsewhere.   Aside from the lies that these monsters have told about us to enrich themselves, they have no jurisdiction related to any living American, yet they contrive to create and enforce the Lion’s Share of the false claims in commerce that are brought against our Good Names and Estates.

These false claims are brought in MUNICIPAL COURTS and it is important for you to realize that everything about MUNICIPAL COURT is the realm of the dead — literally.  No living men appear in a MUNICIPAL COURT.  Ever.  What appear there are incorporated entities and the officers of incorporated entities, and rarely, a corporate entity which is not incorporated, but nonetheless, also a dead legal fiction entity.

How can you tell whether you are in a Municipal Court or a Territorial Court?

The Municipal Courts are the special province of incorporated entities, which are indicated by the use of Dog Latin —- they use the all capital letters conventions of Latin to write what appears to be English — and isn’t actually, just like the THING bearing what appears to be your NAME isn’t you.

It is all built of deceptions within deceptions, designed to confuse identities and issues, so when you go into one of these COURTS, you must be firmly grounded in exactly who you are, who THEY are, and what your relief and remedy is.

When you see the NAME of the COURT written in all capital letters, you know it is a MUNICIPAL COURT.   And you know that the only relief to be found in a MUNICIPAL COURT is 50 USC Appendix, Section 7 (c) and (e).


Section 7 (c) — The sole relief and remedy of any person having any claim to any money or other property heretofore or hereafter conveyed, transferred, ] § 8 assigned, delivered, or paid over to the Alien Property Custodian, [now the US Attorney General]  or required so to be, or seized by him shall be that provided by the terms of this Act [said sections], and in the event of sale or other disposition of such property by the Alien Property Custodian, shall be limited to and enforced against the net proceeds received therefrom and held by the Alien Property Custodian or by the Treasurer of the United States.”

So, when you have to “visit” a Municipal COURT, this, the foregoing, is the “sole relief and remedy” for your Lawful Person.  The Probate of your Estate can never be closed, and all the profit that these monsters seized upon, all the State Trusts they created, all the resources they commandeered, have to be reclaimed and redeemed through the Office of Alien Property Custodian — which Office was closed and its functions transferred to the US Attorney General.

Yes, we have more important business to discuss with Mr. Barr than you might suppose.

When we “visit” one of their Municipal COURTS we do so as Lawful Persons, that is, via our reclaimed and re-conveyed Trade Names, and the only thing we say to them is that we are claiming our sole remedy and relief guaranteed under Title 50 as cited above;  we then proceed to tell them what we want — our land and homes and perfected titles, our trusts, our gold, our silver, and all our material and immaterial property assets and interests, free and clear of any debt or encumbrance.

Please also note Section V of the Trading with the Enemy Act, which documents the official end of the Second World War:


TERMINATION OF STATE OF WAR CESSATION OF HOSTILITIES The cessation of hostilities of World War II was officially proclaimed by the President of the United States, Proclamation No. 2714, Dec. 31, 1946, 12 F.R. 1, 61 Stat. 1048, in the following language: NOW, THEREFORE, I, HARRY S. TRUMAN, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim the cessation of hostilities of World War II, effective twelve o’clock noon, December 31, 1946.

This is the missing “Sunset Clause” that is applicable to end the “Victory Tax”  by which millions of American State National civilians  were ensnared into paying Federal Income Taxes “voluntarily” to help the “war effort” —- and then were simply coerced and extorted into paying Federal Income Taxes forever afterward via the false presumption that they were “volunteer” British Merchant Marine Warrant Officers known as “Withholding Agents” and that no specific Sunset Clause ended this arrangement.

Well, here it is, tucked away in Title 50, for evidence that no actual State of War allowing American State Nationals to pay Federal Income Taxes exists — very handy for claims against the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service.

Here is also the 1934 Amendment to the Trading With the Enemy Act which sets aside any statute of limitations to collect property “lost” prior to 1934, which includes the State Trusts, gold, taxes—all from THEIR perspective, “war profits”  that we, American State Nationals, are heir to and owed:

“AN ACT To amend section 24 of the Trading with the Enemy Act, as amended. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That section 24 (b) of the Trading with the Enemy Act, as amended by the Settlement of War Claims Act of 1928, approved March 10, 1928, is amended by adding at the end thereof the following: “Notwithstanding the expiration of any period of limitation provided by law, credit or refund of any income, war-profits, or excess-profits tax erroneously or illegally assessed or collected may be made or allowed if claim therefore was filed with the Commissioner of Internal Revenue by the Alien Property Custodian on or before February 15, 1933.” Approved, June 18, 1934

And here’s the annotation for the above:

June 18, 1934. [8. 852.] I Public, No. 374.] Trading with the Enemy Act, amended. Vol. 42, p. 1516; Vol. 4.;, p. 277. Credit or refund of any income, or war profits, erroneously assessed and collected, authorized.

From the foregoing it is pitifully apparent how grotesquely evil and corrupt the politicians — heads of political lobbies — have become, and the urgent need for the people of this country to stir their stumps and put an end to this criminality and usurpation under color of law, war-mongering, racketeering, and extortion.

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04 27 19 For All The Jural Assemblies 54 Two Courts Systems Neither One Ours



By Anna Von Reitz

As you now know, for sure— and also how it happened— there is really only one form of law and one Article 3 Court operating in America.  That Court is the [British Territorial] [Military] District Court.  All the other forms of law have been nested inside the Admiralty Law since 1966.

There are two court systems, both of them are foreign.  One Municipal Court System run by the Municipal United States for “Citizens of the United States”, one Territorial Court System run by the British Territorial United States for “United States Citizens” —– and neither one have anything to do with us, unless we are actually and legitimately engaged in Maritime Commerce or Admiralty contracts.

Even including all those unfortunates who have no other choice, less than 25% of us are legitimately subject to these courts at any one time.

They try to gain jurisdiction over us via numerous tricks and devices beginning with the unconstitutional “conscription” of babies and their purposeful mis-identification as “United States Citizens” via the Birth Registration process.

This then results in our “assets” being “monetized” by the bonding process that results from registering us.  This creates a Public Charitable Trust in which we are mis-identified as Paupers and “Wards of the State of State” franchise operated by the British Territorial United States.  The British Territorial United States keeps the beneficial title to the estate named after us and the Municipal United States keeps the legal title.

The Municipal United States Government then confers an additional political status upon the unknowing babies, claiming them as “Citizens of the United States”, too, and after that, they create any number of corporations —- all STRAWMEN defined as Roman Municipal SLAVES —-  belonging to the members of the Municipal United States Congress running their oligarchy in the heart of the District of Columbia.

If either the Municipal or Territorial Governments had functioned in Good Faith and done their jobs, this situation would have been resolved promptly after the Civil War.  Instead, here we are,  being commandeered and pillaged and plundered under color of law by people on our own payroll, pretending that they don’t know who we are.

If you are angry, you should be— but remember:

“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error.” — American Communications Association v. Douds, 339 U.S. 382, 442 (1950).

It is your duty as an American to correct your government, and they agree that it is, so let’s clean house and do a good job of it, too.

To correct this situation requires those of us who can do so to boot up and (1) reclaim our lawful, birthright political status; (2) form up our State Jural Assemblies; (3) Hold our elections and fill our court offices — sheriff, justices, coroners, etc. (4) Hold our State Assemblies to conduct the business of our States; (5) Recharter our Federal States of States; (6) Elect our Deputies to convene the Continental Congress; (7) Elect our Deputies to convene the Federal United States Congress of Federal States of States.

At the point that our own courts are in operation, these other courts are required to withdraw under the mandate established by Milligan Ex Parte when this whole Mess began, and cease and desist all unnatural claims of Admiralty jurisdiction on the land. The whole game of Carpetbagger Courts comes to an end. The American Common Law re-asserts itself, and we finally breathe free again, at home in our own country.

This is why the Jural Assemblies are of such crucial importance and the reason that every red-blooded American should be eager to join —- and also why we should all be doing double-time to explain this situation to our friends and neighbors, our pastors and our priests, and to the local sheriffs and politicians and lawyers who are either wittingly or unwittingly participating in this catastrophic Breach of Trust and Duty.

By any stretch of the imagination, this is the worst Breach of Trust in history, and the longest running commercial con game, too.  Time to shine up your Shinola Sensors and get to work, America.

As a result of all the other forms of law being rolled up and into the Common Law of Admiralty and the fact that 75-80% of all Americans are not actually subject to the Common Law of Admiralty, the Military District Courts have had to adopt “Special Rules of Admiralty” to deal with the situation, and it is under these “Special Rules of Admiralty” that American State Citizens and American State Nationals have their small window of relief.

If anyone asks you about your purportedly “suspicious activities” or accuses you of any wrong-doing or improper or illegal action or ill-intent related to your reclaiming and re-conveying your Trade Name, recording your paperwork, assembling your State, participating in your State Jural Assembly, or anything else of that kind, just smile and inform them that you are doing your duty as an American and the United States Supreme Court fully agrees with you.

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04 27 19 For All The Jural Assemblies 53 The Actual Legislative History



 By Anna Von Reitz

Every once in a while the US Supreme Court (or one of the “US Supreme Courts” — there are six that I know of, and when they get into Star Chamber mode, there are probably a dozen….) comes up with a Golden Nugget. Here’s one dug out of the archives by Ed J.—-

“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error.” — American Communications Association v. Douds, 339 U.S. 382, 442 (1950).

With that firmly in mind — and fully admitted on all sides — let’s look at the actual legislative history underlying the current malaise.

It all began to go off-track during the Civil War, and specifically with the Enrollment Act of March 3, 1863. This came just a few days before Lincoln declared the Northern Confederation of States of States bankrupt, just before he issued the very first Executive Order as Commander-in-Chief: The Lieber Code, otherwise known as General Order 100.

We have already discovered that the actual States of the Union did not participate in the Civil War, which was in fact not a “war”, but a mercenary “conflict” like Vietnam. The entities that fought this major conflict were all States of States — commercial businesses operated by the States of the Union, and they were all members of the original Confederation of States doing business as the States of America before the conflict.

Wrap your head around that one. What took to the field in 1861 were all “Confederate” States of States, both North and South, were commercial businesses belonging to the actual States, in the business of providing essential government services to all the States. So, in a sense, this was a private war with public consequences.

One third of the mandated Federal Government — the “Federal” part of it, disappeared as a result of the Civil War. The Southern States of States were subjected to “ruination” by men like William Tecumseh Sherman, and the Northern States of States were bankrupted by Lincoln. Our actual States were the staging ground for all this destruction, with our innocent civilian population being the true victims of it all.

What remained was the “other” branches of the “Federal Government” — the British United States Territorial Government and the Municipal United States Government.

Anyway, now you are prepared to take in who the actors were operating the “Congress” on March 3, 1863: these were the elected representatives of the Northern States of States commercial corporations facing bankruptcy. This backdrop prepares us for what happened next: the Enrollment Act.

The Enrollment Act created a “Federal Overlay” of the United States on top of the actual United States of America and divided this new overlay into military districts, each one with a Provost Marshal working under the auspices of the Department of War.

This original Provost Marshal position was very important, as it was the interface between the new military “District” Government and the civilian population of the actual States. The Provost Marshals were then administratively charged with keeping the peace, coordinating military and civilian forces — the State National Guards, Militias, and local sheriffs and police to work with the active duty military, and to form a de facto military government.

Lincoln would very shortly unveil The Lieber Code and set this in motion. We have been living “in a state of emergency” and under the thrall of a military junta ever since.

But let us as the true citizens of this country stop a moment and take pause. Who did this to us? Our employees. And did they have authority to do this? No. The members of the Northern Confederate “Congress” of commercial corporations had no such power then or now, and as the United States Supreme Court has often noted, any law or legislation or regulation contrary to the terms of the Constitution(s) has no force or effect, and is null and void as if it never was.

We declare it all null and void. By Operation of Law, all powers assumed return to the States and People that delegated them to the British Territorial United States Government (the entity in charge of running our joint military forces) in the first place. By Law, they are required to get back in their box.

For now, let’s resume our trek through the legislative history, bearing in mind that all “legislation” is law only for the internal purposes of the entities that pass such legislation.

So we have ersatz military districts superimposed over our actual States and their actual governments as an “emergency measure” undertaken by the British Territorial United States Government and Abraham Lincoln working for them as “Commander in Chief” of our own Armed Forces, and each district presided over by a military official, a Provost Marshal—- and no valid authority for any of this under the Constitutions.

This same untenable Act of a Confederate Congress resulted in the Selective Service Act of June 24, 1948, 62 Stat 604 and codified as Title 50, Sections 451-473. This means that every man subjected to “The Draft” in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, was “presumed upon” unlawfully and illegally. They were press-ganged, and press-ganging has been outlawed for two hundred years.

Moving right along… next, our military was placed under a similarly null and void piece of self-serving British Territorial “legislation” proposed under Admiralty Law: “An Act to Facilitate Judicial Proceedings in Adjudications of Captured Property, and for the Better Administration of the Law of Prize” — and this then was used to formulate Title 10, Sections 7651-7681 of the Military Code of Justice.

This statutory law was passed March 25, 1862 under the Insurrection and Rebellion Acts of August 6, 1861 and July 17, 1862, by the same Northern Confederate State of States “Congress” that pulled all the rest of this crap without any authority to do so. This “law” was purely meant to guarantee an excuse and orderly means to pillage and plunder our Southern States under the pretense that they were “States of States” and that the “States of States” owned everything south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

That is is all untrue, that this is all criminal, and all based on lies and false assumptions is just now coming out in the open for the American People to see and judge for themselves. This is the basis for the Carpetbagger Court System set up in the Southern States after the Civil War.

We will skip over the bankruptcy of the British Territorial Government in 1907 and all the skullduggery that happened then, and proceed apace to the Great Fraud of 1933, when the Roman Catholic Church’s Delaware Corporation doing business as “the” United States of America, Incorporated, went bankrupt. This version of the same banal evil was— get this— run as a religious non-profit.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Anyway, in 1933 they went bankrupt, FDR made his big Inaugural Speech about a “holy cause” without anyone outside Washington, DC having a glimmer what he was talking about, and they used this as an excuse to claim that they had given full disclosure to the American People — full disclosure about the greatest bankruptcy fraud and pillaging in world history — which FDR was about to undertake for his Holy Roman masters.

Of course, they couldn’t do this under the British Common Law, so they had to bring the British Territorial United States under a “form of law more conducive to our aims” —- and they found that in Puerto Rico, an British Commonwealth possession of the United States, where the Spanish Law of the Inquisition still applied to slaves. Then all they had to do was steal our names and unlawfully convert them to the status of Municipal United States “citizens” under the Territorial Diversity of Citizenship clause found in Title 28.

Voila, we, the free and independent Americans, were magically redefined by fraud to be Municipal United States SLAVES, “residing” off-shore and subject to the Puerto Rican Spanish Law of the Inquisition.

Well, you know what we say to all that?

That was their “conversion” to the Spanish Law of the Inquisition by the Municipal United States Government — the plenary oligarchy we gave to Congress and limited to the ten miles square of Washington, DC.

Next, over the next few years, they, the Municipal United States Government had to overcome the British Common Law of the British Territorial United States on shore, too, and that took some more doing. There they used an obscure case and a bizarre circumstance involving (once again) the railroads and their protected status, Erie Railroad v. Thompkins in 1938, to declare that there is no such thing as a “General” Federal Common Law.

What proceeded then was a scramble to define a “Federal” Common Law for the on -shore Municipal Government. This was pursued through The Clearfield Doctrine coming out of Clearfield Trust Co. v. U.S. 318 U.S. 363 (1943) and the United States v. Kimbell Foods, 440 U.S. 715 (1999).

This is where they adopted the Uniform Commercial Code as “Federal” Common Law, but, more properly and exactly, as Municipal United States Common Law. The British Territorial United States operating the military Districts continued under the Common Law of Admiralty.

They got away with this in both cases because Maritime Commercial Transactions (think Merchant Marine) are subject to the Common Law of Admiralty— see INTERPOOL, LTD. v CHAR YIGH 890 F. 2nd PG, 1453, (1989) in which Municipal Corporations are bound over to the Admiralty Common Law.

While all these court and “form of law” manipulations were going on — and all of this mind you, involves nobody and nothing but the foreign commercial corporations that are supposed to be on our shores delivering good faith governmental services —- the two “sides” of this epic story of fraud — got together and colluded to merge “Law, Equity, Civil, and Admiralty” under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. This happened in 1966.

This is all expressed in volume 324, page 325, of the Federal Rules Decisions—- and what this all means is that our American Common Law is not available to us because it has been “nested” inside the Admiralty Law by our dishonest, disloyal, and/or incompetent Public Servants.

This is why Title 28 Section 1333 (1) gave the [Municipal] United States original jurisdiction — please note this next phrase, underline it, pink highlights — “exclusive of the States” — for all cases of admiralty maritime jurisdiction under the Saving to Suitor’s Clause, Article 3, Section 2, which gives the district courts of the United States judicial power in all cases of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction.

This is the only still-standing Article 3 judicial power that the vermin occupying Washington DC use — their very own little War Powers Act of Admiralty.

Pretty good for a government that is supposed to exist only within the ten miles square of the District of Columbia, and exists only for the purpose of overseeing and running the Municipality of Washington, District of Columbia, as a meeting place for all the States and their various Congressional Delegations?

This is why when you walk into a “State of State” Court, you cannot get any remedy for their vicious lawlessness. This is why the only remedy there is, is on “the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways”— the Common Law of International Admiralty, enforced by the military district government of the British Territorial United States.

Ah, but, remember that little pink highlighted phrase? — “exclusive of the States”—-? That means us. The actual America and the actual Americans. Naturally, a foreign government cannot legislate for us. We bear the responsibility to govern ourselves. And also the responsibility to hold our run-amok foreign corporate service providers to account.

They have conspired to bring Americans under the heel of their foreign laws and statutes by impersonating us. They have used undisclosed and unconscionable commercial contracts to do this. Both the British Territorial and Municipal United States authorities have been operating as crime syndicates on our shores, in violation of the Constitutions which allow them to exist. This fact needs to be brought home with a sledge-hammer upon the members of their Congresses, along with a fire alarm-style wake up call to Americans.

“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error.” — American Communications Association v. Douds, 339 U.S. 382, 442 (1950).

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04 25 19 For All the Jural Assemblies 52 Committees of Safety



 By Anna Von Reitz

Prior to the start of the Revolutionary War, colonists formed local “committees of safety” to prepare themselves “if trouble comes”, which at that point was brewing.  So they set up networks of Minutemen and pass words and secret storage facilities.

It was in fact the object of the British troops marching on Concord and Lexington to find and secure such a storage of arms and gunpowder and to arrest those presumed responsible for its existence.

There are some people who haven’t noticed the passage of over 200 years and they still think that forming such committees and making such preparations is a sensible and viable response today as it was then.

Let’s be very clear — pitting the might of the US Armed Forces against farmers armed with deer rifles is not a desirable or reasonable option.

Ironically, what sparked the onset of the Revolutionary War was a committee supposedly promoting “safety”.  What landed Schaeffer Cox in jail for 26 years was a “contingency plan” based on a “what if” scenario that never happened.

People who get involved in your Assemblies and who start preaching violence need to be treated to a Bevins Declaration on the spot, and if they persist, you must throw them out on their ears, draw a line, and disassociate yourselves from them. It’s hard, but it’s necessary.

Such people are far more dangerous than the dangers they fear.  Why?  Because they can knowingly or unknowingly provide the open door — the means and excuse — for exactly what they are afraid of.

Those who are so angry and fearful that they sneak around looking over their shoulders and stockpiling weapons need help, but not the kind of help a State Assembly can give them.

In this day and age, we have a different kind of war to fight, a war of Evil in High Places, of middlemen (bankers and politicians and military personnel) usurping the power of lawful national governments, of false information, of deceit, of propaganda, or commodity rigging, of bankruptcy fraud, of judicial corruption, of counterfeiting of currencies, of odious debt…..the list goes on.

The real essence of “war”, even political genocide, takes place on paper now, in board rooms, and in bars and men’s clubs where the low-life scum sit comfortably and discuss their latest plan to squeeze the last drops out of the working classes and how best to mischaracterize the “enemy” — that is, all the honest working people they prey upon —  in the morning paper.

Today’s Committee of Safety consists of those who know the actual law — not the “rule of law” — and keep it.

Today’s Committee of Safety consists of honest alternative journalists who work hard to expose the men behind the curtains.

Today’s heroes are those who are competent to go into courts and slay paper dragons.

Today’s heroes are the military personnel who know the truth and who won’t follow illegal and immoral orders.

Today’s heroes are those who educate themselves and shine up their Shinola Sensors and share the necessary information by word of mouth.

There’s nothing wrong with setting aside extra supplies for your family. There’s no reason you should give up your deer rifles.  There is no harm in considering the public safety of your communities, water supplies, use of public buildings in emergencies, food banks, and similar efforts are all fine.

As State Assemblies we have every reason and right to promote true Public Safety. As anyone who has been through an actual disaster can tell you, FEMA is not about Public Safety nor any direct and effective relief, so there is a role for State Assemblies to play in terms of community preparedness, but not with the intention of warring against a government that we have ourselves created.

This is our own Bug-A-Boo and it is up to us to take up the means of control which we already have, to make it perform as it should.

Think about it. Our States of the Union have been at peace since 1814.  It’s best for everyone concerned if we stay at peace and simply lawfully,

take  up the task of minding our own store.

We need to seize upon and exercise our lawful rights and we all need to learn how to enforce those rights and guarantees that are already ours.

In that lies the true safety of everyone concerned, including our sons and daughters in the US military services and our neighbors working to perform other government services.

The unique structure of the American Government places us in the crucial position of upholding the rights of everyone else — including those of us who are currently serving in the capacity of ‘US Citizens”.

Without us knot heads exercising our “natural and unalienable rights” on the land and soil of the American States, those natural and unalienable rights disappear for everyone concerned and all that is left is “civil rights” given by oligarchs and taken away by oligarchs.

Is that what our service members have fought and died to defend, the petty interests of petty despots in Washington, DC?

Or is it about preserving something far better, far nobler, and far greater than that current sideshow of self-interest and politics?

Once all the US Citizens wake up and realize that we are actually the ones covering their backs and preserving their right to come home and enjoy freedom, and we wake up and realize that they are also doing the same for us, then this idiocy of shadow boxing can disappear.

We can step back, and from the larger perspective, see how foreign governments acting in Breach of Trust and in violation of commercial contracts, treaties, and obligations, have occupied middleman positions and worked both sides against the middle to benefit themselves– and all at our expense.

We can identify our actual enemies and the enemies of all Mankind and we can then take appropriate action to eradicate these banal evils; we can do so lawfully, peacefully, and with impunity, using the tools that we already have.

This is, as we have always said, a matter of criminals and criminality, not a matter of politics at all.  Our lawful national government has been overtaken and “substituted for” by our own employees run amok.  There are cures for that, that does not involve guns or “Committees of Safety”.

When we empower ourselves and apply the actual Law instead of getting mired down in the “Rule of Law” — which is nothing but the policies and procedures of courts — we win.  We win peacefully, decisively, and forever.

Let the simple truth be our armor and let the Divine Providence that established our many sovereign republican states be with us, and may we all realize that we give each other the only safety there is, by sharing and by caring and by taking right action every day that we live.

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04 25 19 Bombshell Indeed + John Bogles Bombshell Gift to Americans



 By Anna Von Reitz

Just today I was talking with a friend about her concerns about her employer-based credit union and I explained that all banks and credit unions are obligated to “denominate” the digits representing funds in our accounts as “lawful money” if and when we request this.

In real terms this means that your digits have to be interpreted as United States Notes instead of Federal Reserve Notes.  It may seem like a small thing, but it’s not.  Every penny that gets redefined as lawful money reduces the US National Debt by the same amount.

The same thing happens when we endorse every check or other financial instrument with a “limited endorsement” that says, “Redeemed in lawful money — 12 USC 411”.  It makes no difference to you or your creditors or vendors, but it reduces the US National Debt by the full face value of the check or other instrument.

If every American Senior did this same thing religiously and converted all their retirement accounts and checking and savings and insurance and mortgage accounts and started “redeeming” them all in lawful money, the US National Debt would plummet like a rock, and the Seniors would enjoy the added security of knowing that their funds were no longer subject to seizure by the banks. Lawful money is a material asset, not a credit.  The bank has to carry lawful money as a material liability.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of crooked scumbags.

And for all you youngsters just starting out in the world and thinking two thoughts about retirement and Mutual Funds — here’s a bit of mathematics and insight from one of the Fathers of the Mutual Fund industry:


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04 25 19 John Bogle’s Bombshell Gift to Americans


John Bogle, Founder of the Vanguard Group

 By Pam Martens: January 17, 2019 ~

The legendary John Bogle passed away yesterday in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. He was 89. Bogle was the founder of Vanguard Group. In announcing his death, Vanguard said that Bogle “introduced the first index mutual fund for investors and, in the face of skeptics, stood behind the concept until it gained widespread acceptance; and he drove down costs across the mutual fund industry by ceaselessly campaigning in the interests of investors.”

We’ll always remember Bogle for the courage he demonstrated on April 23, 2013 when he appeared on the PBS program Frontline. Bogle dropped the bombshell that Wall Street has attempted to hide for half a century: If you work for 50 years and receive the typical long-term return of 7 percent on your 401(k) plan and your fees are 2 percent, almost two-thirds of your account will go to Wall Street.

Bogle explained the math to Frontline’s Martin Smith:

Bogle: What happens in the fund business is the magic of compound returns is overwhelmed by the tyranny of compounding costs. It’s a mathematical fact. There’s no getting around it. The fact that we don’t look at it— too bad for us.

Smith: What I have a hard time understanding is that 2 percent fee that I might pay to an actively managed mutual fund is going to really have a great impact on my future retirement savings.

Bogle: Well, you have to rely on somebody to get out a compound interest table and look at the impact over an investment lifetime. Do you really want to invest in a system where you put up 100 percent of the capital, you the mutual fund shareholder, you take 100 percent of the risk and you get 30 percent of the return?

You can check the math yourself. Access a compounding calculator on line. Input an account with a $100,000 balance and compound it at 7 percent for 50 years. That gives you a balance of $3,278,041.36. Now change the calculation to a 5 percent return (reduced by the 2 percent annual fee) for the same $100,000 over the same 50 years. That delivers a return of $1,211,938.32. That’s a difference of $2,066,103.04 – the same 63 percent reduction in value that Smith’s example showed.

If you don’t know the amount of fees that you’re paying on the mutual funds in your 401(k) plan, 403(b) plan, IRA or other retirement vehicle, you may be putting your ability to retire with adequate income and dignity at risk.

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04 25 19 Guilt by Association



By Anna Von Reitz

Remember the movie “Lonesome Dove”?  Remember how Gus and Woodrow wound up hanging their friend Jake Spoon?

Jake was an affable man, not a bad man at all, just weak and shiftless.  He fell in with a gang of murdering horse thieves and cattle rustlers on the trail, and by the time he realized what company he was in, it was too late.  Though he didn’t participate and didn’t kill anyone, he was guilty by association.

Now people are in uproar and accusing me of bad leadership and unkindness and lack of good judgment because I have drawn hard lines between The American States Assembly effort and all the other organizations out there that claim they are doing the same thing.  Why?

Guilt by association.

Maybe it hasn’t really hit rock bottom yet, but US Citizens can’t organize an actual State of the Union and its a crime for them to be involved in any such thing.  It’s not a small crime, either.  It’s a whopper.

Even if they mean well, even if they don’t know that jurisdictional boundaries have been crossed, even if they are innocent as the flowers in May.

Bruce Doucette got 38 years under the statutory law — and it would have been worse if he had been tried as a US Citizen under Common Law.  He and the other people with him could have been hung.  Just like Jake Spoon and for the same reason.

That should tell people enough, but unfortunately, it is still not sinking in.

Anyone who hasn’t got their identity nailed down and their political status correction on the public record is presumed to be a US Citizen, and it is a crime for a US Citizen to be a member of anything calling itself a State Assembly.

So. I am not being mean. I am not being arrogant. And I am not being set up with some phony collusion charge and being railroaded, either. Those other groups are doing what they are doing and The American States Assembly is doing what it is doing— and never the twain shall meet.  Why?

I have zero tolerance for guilt by association.

Now, I am willing to whole-heartedly believe that there are lot of good patriotic people involved in all those other groups.  And I agree that a vast fraud has been practiced against us and that it is irritating that we have to respond to it and rebut it, but the fact remains that we do have to rebut it.

Those who don’t do the paperwork, who don’t reclaim their birthright on the record, who don’t rebut the presumption of US Citizenship — are leaving themselves and their Assemblies open to being charged as criminals, and anyone who aids and abets them or associates with them, is open to guilt by association and claims of conspiracy and collusion.

Not me, Bubba.  And not The American States Assembly, either.

There is one other kind of “guilt by association” I want to discuss and this one is, if possible, even more troublesome.  This is the one that confuses me and my team with public servants.

Some people think that I and the other members of The Living Law Firm are public employees, that it is our “job” to straighten this mess out and bring the claims and do all the work for everyone.

And they blame us, because they are sitting on their rumps expecting to be served and expecting to get everything for free and they think somehow that its not their problem — it’s our problem, as if we caused it by discovering it: again, guilt by association.

Here’s the rest of the story, and I am not being arrogant, irresponsible, or mean.  I am telling you the truth.  It is our problem — it’s a problem for every American and every US Citizen.  We have all been set up.  We’ve been defrauded, enslaved, lied to, and the plans are well-underway to steal our inheritance right along with our identities.

Now, identity theft is a crime that everyone in this day and age should understand.  Some hot shot kid with a computer and a bad streak gets hold of your name and some information about you and suddenly, they are into your bank accounts, they clean out your life insurance, they max out your credit cards.

What the British Territorial Government under the Queen and the Municipal United States Government under the Pope did to us, is just a gigantic national level identity theft.  It has the same results for everyone.  If you are an American, you’ve suffered identity theft and institutionalized fraud and robbery.  If you are a US Citizen, you’ve been fingered as a criminal and left holding the bag and the national debt.  Either way, they did this to us while pretending to be our friends, our Allies, and our protectors.

If you want someone to blame, blame yourselves first for being so clueless for so long, then blame the Queen and her lot for all the lies they’ve told about all of us, and then finally blame the Roman Pontiffs and the Roman Curia for their parts in all this rot —- but don’t blame me and don’t blame my team.  We are not associated with the crime and we are not guilty by association, either.

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04 24 19 For All the Jural Assemblies 51 NAMES and Debts



By Anna Von Reitz

Immediately following and attendant upon Texas entering the Union, a reshuffling of the Federal Territorial Government began and a change in nomenclature was adopted by the Municipal United States Government. This started in 1845 and culminated in 1851.  Prior to that, the Municipal Government functioned using the nomenclature of Roman Civil Law and the conventions of Latin.

In Latin, the greatest power and respect and political status is indicated by the use of all small letters.  A name written in all small letters indicates the political status of a free patrician in their private capacity: flavius josephus.

Thus, until 1851, the republican states occupying the soil jurisdiction of this country are all referenced and written in Municipal documents using all small letters: texas, wisconsin, florida…. and these states are all known to be represented by business organizations dba texas republic and republic of texas, for example.

This made it easy to literally see what jurisdiction of each republican state was being referenced, and in this case, the soil jurisdiction is being indicated by the use of all small letters.

After 1851, the Municipal United States Government adopted English conventions.  After that, the soil jurisdiction had to be directly referenced in the text, because the soil jurisdiction of Texas looks the same as the land and sea jurisdiction of Texas in English.

It’s all “signed” as “Texas” without any finer distinction available in English text.

This causes confusion for people delving into old documents, but its not really that confusing.  In the earlier “Latinized” documents, “texas” is the national soil jurisdiction of the republican state operated by the “people”, “Texas” is the land jurisdiction State operating the international jurisdiction of the People.

As letters are capitalized in Latin, a loss of political status and power is indicated:

“flavius josephus” is a free man.

“Flavius Josephus” is an indentured servant or Office Holder.

“FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS” is a slave of Rome.

Thus in the old Latinized documents that you run across in your research a reference to “virginia” is talking about the soil jurisdiction of the colony or the republican state, depending on the time frame, while a reference to “Virginia” is talking about the international land or sea jurisdiction of the colony or the republican state, and if — very rarely — you run across a reference to “VIRGINIA” in old pre-1851 papers of the Territorial or Municipal Governments, this indicates the global jurisdiction of the air that is subject to Rome, but nonetheless attached to the ownership of the republican state, virginia.

There was a resurgence of these “Latinized” conventions in this country following the Second World War, when the Romanized Municipal United States Government exerted itself and issued “PERSONS” in the “name of” American State Citizens who were wrongly registered as Territorial United States Citizens.

This is because the Territorial United States [Military] Government was in debt to the Pope and the Holy See.  They had earlier in the 1920’s – 1940’s created Territorial “franchises” for themselves, operating in names identical to our Given Names and appearing to be Proper Names in English, but having been “Registered” as British Foreign Situs Trusts operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea, not recorded as the Given Names of American State Nationals.

The British Territorial United States Government having accomplished this fraudulent “unlawful conversion” and identity theft, then sold these fake franchises as “salvaged property” presumed to belong to the former Confederate States of States to the Roman Pontiff.

The Roman Pontiff then converted these into WARDS of the Municipal United States Government, and various incorporated entities operating under these slave NAMES were created — most especially, a Pauper doing business under a NAME styled as “JOHN DOE”, a Cestui Que Vie Estate Trust doing business under a NAME styled as “JOHN MICHAEL DOE”, and a Public Transmitting Utility doing business under a NAME styled as “JOHN M. DOE”.

As things stand, the British Territorial Government has been briefly subjected to Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and the Municipal United States corporation claiming to own all these various entities as “WARDS” of the various Municipal STATES OF STATES is undergoing liquidation.

At which point, we have stood up and said — ah, wait a minute — there’s been a mistake.

(1) We were never at sea and never knowingly or willingly acting as British Territorial “United States Citizens” despite the unconscionable falsified registrations indicating that we were;

(2) Therefore, we and our assets were not available for the British Territorial United States Government to sell to the Roman Pontiff;

(3) We are here at home, standing on the land and soil jurisdiction of our States, owed every jot of the Constitutions, and also owed the return of our natural birthright estates free and clear of any debt or encumbrance. We are also owed any profit realized from the lease and use and trading upon of our private and public property.

This is why we are owed a lot of money from both the British Government and the Vatican.

Both are under solemn treaties and commercial service contracts and both have acted in Gross Breach of Trust.

Both have taken advantage of and attempted to cheat generations of Americans via the undisclosed and unconscionable contracts provided by phony birth registrations — used to create the legal presumption that we were all choosing to be counted as “United States Citizens” and that we were, moreover, leftover “rebels” and abandoned assets of the defunct Confederate States of States—- instead of being peaceful American State Nationals native to States of the Union that were never involved in the Civil War, never at sea, and never engaged in international commerce at all.

No doubt, after eighty years of silence, they thought they were going to get away with it, and it has been quite a shock to find that we are still awake and still alive and that we contest and rebut their falsified records and presumptions being made against our country, our populace, and our lawful government.

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04 24 19 For All the Jural Assemblies 50 Congresses




By Anna Von Reitz

We all think of “the” Congress, but in fact, “Congress” is a very broad word and basically means “meeting” and, to be honest, a “verbally raucous meeting” –as in a “Congress of Crows”.  It has in its original meaning and context none of the dignity accorded to the word today, and a return to the earlier understanding would be healthier and far more realistic for our purposes.

The original Congress that we think of, known as “The First Continental Congress” was exactly such a meeting — raucous and undisciplined and largely unofficial, as it was the equivalent of a Committee of the House of Burgesses meeting off-site in the City of Philadelphia, a jurisdiction foreign to the Colonies being represented. “The Second Continental Congress” was no different or better in terms of being a contentious and largely unofficial meeting of men recognized as deputies (fiscal officers) of their colonies.

A “colony” is itself a “farm family community”— it has no land of its own, because a king or pope or other potentate has assumed ownership of the land, nonetheless, these two Congresses of fiscal deputies sent from thirteen colonies are styled as “Continental Congresses” for a reason.

It is from their actions that The American Revolutionary War derived, was prosecuted, and brought to the successful conclusion in which the colonists gained control of the land and soil of this country and ultimately, this portion of the North American Continent.

The American Revolution was substantially about ownership of soil and land, about the right to expand westward (in contravention of Treaties that the King of England had with the Native Tribal Leaders) as much as it was about freedom and the rights and dignity of mankind.

The colonists, all considered members of their respective farm family communities, whether they lived in towns or not, naturally and immediately gave rise to separate nations– groups of people identifying with a common cultural, historical, political and geographical history.

That is, the people of the colonies gave rise to nations once they declared their interest in the land and soil: the Colonists of Georgia— became in the words of the (eventual) Treaty of Paris (1783) a “free, sovereign and independent people”— Georgians, the Colonists of New York became New Yorkers, and the Colonists of Virginia became Virginians… and so on.

Similarly, having obtained the right to the soil and land and having declared their ownership, the former colonists were suddenly in possession of land jurisdiction states that occupied the same boundaries as the former colonies, more or less, and the people who were now recognized as Georgians, New Yorkers, Virginians and so on, were left to define these new sovereign States, nail down their official borders, and in all other ways decide upon all the issues which would enable them to act as responsible members of the international community of states and nations.

And all of this devolved upon them while they were engaged in fighting the Revolutionary War and throughout the decades following.

Chaos reigned. And England meddled.

Each new State issued its own currency for the purposes of trade. Some of the new States did a better, more responsible job of this than others, and prospered, but some States suffered inflation and other ills of bad monetary policy—- aided by British counterfeiting of the American States’ currencies—all of which served to undermine the stability and economic viability of the new States.

Their first attempt to issue a mutual international currency, the Continental Dollar, was counterfeited and inflated into oblivion.

So another “Congress” was called, and this was a meeting — a congress — of The United States in Congress Assembled.

Please notice the exact words and styles of the words.

Jointly and severally, The United States, meaning those “States” that derived from the original Colonies and their Union of States formed by The Unanimous Declaration of Independence, did what?  Ah, they “Assembled” for a meeting— a Congress, but it was no longer a “Continental Congress”, it was The United States Congress.


Because this body of delegates was meeting to discuss business that concerned a different jurisdiction.  They were next meeting to discuss political (for example, international trade) and financial (currency) issues. Every Congress since then has met to address these sorts of issues.

There has never again been a Continental Congress held to specifically address land and soil issues.

As you page through the history of this country you will find that there have been many different kinds of “Congresses” called to meet, both in Philadelphia, and later in Washington, DC.  The topics that these “Congresses” addressed and the nature and composition of the delegations attending these meetings have changed over time.  This is always indicated by the records kept of these meetings.

Thus we have the Continental Congresses, The United States in Congress Assembled, The United States of America in Congress Assembled, The Congress of the united States of America,  The Congress of the United States, The Congress of the United States of America, and so on and on.

Any idea or impression that there is now or has ever been an entity known as “the” Congress representing this country is just that — an impression, not a truth, not an actuality.  Instead, what has happened over time, is that a practice of electing “Congressional Delegations” has developed, and whatever kind of “Congress” meets, meets.

Washington, DC, itself, is like a hotel or a conference center, where delegations of various kinds and statures can hold “Congresses” — that is, meetings— on neutral turf.  The fact that “a” Congress meets in Washington, DC, grants it no special or pre-determined purpose or identity. Rather, Washington, DC, is like a bird’s nest that can be occupied sequentially by robins, cuckoos, crows, and meadow larks.

For the sake of sanity, only one such Congress can meet in Washington, DC at a time, but there have been occasions in our history when multiple complete Congressional Delegations have met at the same time, one in Philadelphia and another in New York and another in Washington, DC.

All the Delegates of all these Congresses are empowered to speak for their own body politic and to speak to their own particular issues.

Thus, a meeting of “The United States of America in Congress Assembled” is a meeting of Delegates who are elected by land jurisdiction States and by the People of those States who are American State Citizens, and such a Congress is empowered to exercise the full range of “powers” possessed by those States of the Union.

A meeting of “The Congress of the United States of America” by comparison, is a meeting of Delegates elected by “United States Citizens” comprising the Territorial United States “citizenry” and such a Congress is empowered to exercise the limited range of powers and address such issues as “The Constitution of the United States of America” places in their grasp.

You are no doubt beginning to get the true flavor of the situation that our country faces: “the” Congress presently meeting in Washington, DC, is not our Congress of the American States and People.  It’s “a” Congress representing Federal Citizens — not American State Citizens.

It has been a very long time since the People of this country exerted themselves to act in their sovereign capacity and assembled their States of the Union and sent Fiduciary Deputies to a meeting of The United States of America in Congress Assembled, and it is long overdue.

That is why those of you who have the ability to claim your birthright political status as American State Citizens are being called to correct all the falsified Territorial United States Birth Registrations that have been issued in your names without your knowledge or consent, and also part of the reason that you are being called to Assemble your States of the Union.

Your States will, once they are ready, elect their Delegates to attend a meeting of The United States of America in Congress Assembled, and they will then address and define those issues which only the actual States and People of this country can address.

Most likely, this meeting of our Congress will occur in Philadelphia, owing to the fact that the Municipal and Territorial Congresses are almost continually holding court in Washington, DC.

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04 21 19 For All The Jural Assemblies 49 Republic or Republican Civil or Civilian


Below is article 49 and all of this series are found on the link below




By Anna Von Reitz

As is now apparent to everyone, confusion and semantic deceits are the stock-and-trade of crooked lawyers.

It should come as no surprise that these same devices which seek to confuse “Citizens of The United States” with “citizens of the United States” and to pass off “the State of Wyoming” for “The State of Wyoming” have been employed to promote other self-interested gambits.

There is right now a concerted effort to confuse “Republics” with “Republican States” and to pass off the “Civil Government” for the “Civilian Government” we are owed.

Most people in America are not well-prepared to recognize this ruse for what it is, because the study of Latin even in the Church has been suppressed since the 1960’s.

However, there are still a few dinosaurs, present company included, who do recognize Latin and do have the ability to properly interpret the full one-third of our Founding Documents which are written in Latin.  So it is up to us to clue the rest of you in to the fine points.

What our Forefathers built and what they envisioned from the start was a “republican” state and a “republican form of government”.  Please note those two letters “an” that are attached to the word “republic”.  In Latin, this converts the word from the male gender to the female gender, and conveys a significantly different meaning than the word, “republic”.

With a “republican form of government” everyone in this country has both rights and responsibilities.  Everyone has the right to own land and other property interests.  Everyone has a duty to uphold the public law.  Everyone has a duty to defend our country. Our nation extends down to the poorest and up to the richest among us.  We are all equal in our political status, all enabled to elect fiduciary deputies to conduct our public business, all equally protected under the Public Law.

In a “republican state” the population is organized similar to the present government of the Swiss Cantons.

The job of American governance begins around the kitchen table, which is the focus of power, because the ultimate source of political power in a republican state is vested in the living people and extends outward from the family to the community to the county to the state to the country as a whole.

The living people occupy the pinnacle of power in a republican state and they are what is known as the civilian government.

By now you have noticed that those two pesky little letters “an” are also attached to the word “civil” to create the word “civilian”.

As in the above example of “republican” versus “republic”, the addition of “an” to the word “civil” converts it to “civilian” and converts the gender of the Latin from male to female, which changes the meaning and flavor of the word.  “Civil” can refer to any function of government that is not military, but “civilian” can only refer to the people as in “civilian population” — themselves.

Thus a “civil action” is not necessarily a “civilian action”, and vice versa.

Now we’ve looked at what a “republican state” and a “republican form of government” implies and also noted the difference between “civil” and “civilian”. It’s time we looked at the male counterparts — “republic” and “civil”.

You may be sure that if our Forefathers had meant to establish “State Republics” instead of “republican states” they had the command of language and thought to do so.  The fact that they did not create “State Republics” and did not choose this as their form of government should raise some red flags in the minds of those who are mistakenly describing our States of the Union as “Republics”.

Americans have never had any “State Republics” much less have we embraced “a” political Republic to represent our Federation of States.  We have never embraced “democracy” either, apart from the concept that everyone’s power at the ballot box is equal.

Those who are spouting off about “a” Republic and “State Republics” are either: (1) ignorant; or (2) undeclared agents of the Municipal Government of Washington, DC. — trying to foist their foreign form of government off onto unwary Americans, using more semantic deceits.

The Municipal United States Government doing business as “the” United States, operates as a separate plenary oligarchy that is structured as an independent international city-state.  It is its own separate little country plopped down in the middle of the District of Columbia, which is run in turn by the Territorial United States Government.  This Municipal city state is run entirely according to the whims of the members of Congress.  See Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Constitutions to see where this is allowed.

The Municipal Government is “inhabited” exclusively by “persons” — not “populated” by “people”– and these persons are functioning as either: (1) Oligarchs with unrestricted power; or (2) some form of “Citizen of the United States” — a corporate officer or municipal employee or dependent of the Municipal Government; or (3) a SLAVE — a corporation chartered under the auspices of this separate government.

Note that these are decidedly not “republican states” and as separate STATE oligarchies under the plenary control of the members of Congress are not operating as any “republican form of government”, either.

As we saw earlier, the word “civil” can be applied to any function of government that is not military, and that is in fact how the Municipal United States Government is described as the “Civil Government” — please note because this is extremely important —- it is not the civilian government, which is our government,  to which both the Civil Government (Municipal) and the Military Government (Territorial) owe Good Faith Service.

It is the Municipal Government which has styled itself as “a” Roman-style Republic and which has usurped outside its stipulated boundaries and functions to create for itself a shadow government of Municipal STATES OF STATES which are styled as “Republics” and as “State Republics”.

This separate “Civil Government” which is here on our shores providing federal non-military services [think Postal Service, Customs Houses, Tax Collection, etc.] under the provisions of The Constitution of the United States, is the source of the oft-noted symbol of the Roman Fasces — a bundle of sticks — that appears around the Federal Capitol and on various seals and emblems associated with this element of the Federal Government.

Unfortunately, the members of Congress elected by “US Citizens” and “Citizens of the United States” —- have gone into business for themselves, while we, purportedly anyway, have been “absent”.

This False Claim against our Government of the People, for the People, and by the People, has been promoted using the excuse that the original “States of States” serving our States of the Union ceased to function after the Civil War. We can answer this easily enough by saying, “So what?”

Our States of the Union have never ceased to function, and as the source of all the “Delegated Powers” that the Federal Government ever exercised, our States are competent by definition to take over and run any aspect of government that is otherwise unfulfilled — Federal, State, County, or otherwise.

The current attempts by the Municipal Government and its Undeclared Agents to promote their “Republic” as a substitute for our unincorporated United States of America and to promote their “State Republics” —- which are merely foreign commercial corporation franchises—as a substitute for our “republican states” is at best attempted international commercial fraud and at worst open treason against our Lawful Government and against the Constitutions we are owed.

This is especially concerning as regards the issue of citizenship.

Those serving the Federal Government and their Dependents have always been afforded Dual Citizenship with the intention that those Americans providing Federal Services would be able to retain the protections of their American State National status at the same time that they worked as either “United States Citizens” or as “Citizens of the United States”.

Unfortunately, many members of the current Federal Government branches have abused this generous arrangement to adopt totally foreign citizenship obligations.  Some consider themselves Dual Citizens of the Territorial and Municipal Governments.  Others, like many members of Congress, have styled themselves as Municipal Government Citizens and citizens of entirely foreign countries.  Many Democrats and some Republicans function as citizens of their plenary oligarchy and also citizens of Israel, Monaco, England, and so on.

As such, these people are expatriating themselves from any association with our States and our Lawful Government, placing themselves outside of our Constitutions and our Public Law, while still pretending to be our “Representatives” and to have our permission to charge their expenses against our credit.

This allows them, at least superficially, to operate as foreigners immune from prosecution on our shores.  But, please note, this sword cuts both ways.

At the point they violate our Public Law, they are simply foreign criminals on our shores, like illegal immigrants, subject to international arrest warrants and  detainment.  They are owed no protection under the constitutions, and owed no loyalty, as they have betrayed their own country and their countrymen alike.

Also to the point, as their actual political status was not disclosed to those voting in the corporate elections, they need to be deprived of office and have their elections overturned.  Remember that they work under contract, and for a contract to be binding, it must be fully disclosed.

Bottom Line:  educate everyone as to the current effort to confuse our “republican states” with their State Republics doing business as STATES OF STATES —-incorporated “STATES”, and to confuse our civilian government with their own Civil Government, which is a foreign subcontractor on our shores.

They are trying to usurp authority from our missing Federal States of States, and from our actual States of the Union, and once again, they are using semantic deceit to try to accomplish this —- deliberately promoting their foreign “Republics” and their “Civil Government”  as if these were our “republican states” and our “civilian government”.

Refuse to be confused and do not support any of these charlatans in their con game.  Educate all Americans and spread the word.

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I wonder how many of Anna’s readers are aware of the average intellect it takes to understand exactly what she is saying in many of her articles. I declare that it is an intellect that 80% of Americans have never obtained because of the surreptitious so called education they received. Ask yourself if you really understand what has happened to America. Is it feasible you and your family are really prepared to comprehend the real situation you are in? Do you fully understand that most people will take offense at an article they do not comprehend? Perhaps you have lived your life unprepared to protect yourself from our present legal system which makes us totally dependent on lawyers who do not have any loyalty to you. It is high time for Americans to lay down their various entertainments and pick up a book. Folks, you will never be free and ignorant because those who would harm you know you are defenseless. The rich and educated have been stealing your freedom for centuries because you do not have the ability to recognize them, or their power over you. If you cannot comprehend what Anna is doing or saying, whose fault is that? And where is your God given instinct?


04 21 19 Apples and Oranges



 By Anna Von Reitz

The job before us is to gather together a crate of apples.

US Citizens equals oranges.  Americans equals apples.

It seems simple enough, doesn’t it?

Today I got an angry message from Tim in Pennsylvania asking what I know about Beacon 37 and the Republic and what they are trying to do?

I know that Beacon 37 and the Republic and yes, the National Assembly, are all welcoming US Citizens as members, and that means that no, they can’t assemble an actual American State — which is what needs to be done.

Back in 2011, I got involved  in RuSA— the “Republic”— under Tim Turner’s leadership.

When I realized they were off track, I went public and told Tim that he was crossing jurisdictions and that we couldn’t do that.

He stomped all over me and would not listen to a word I said; six months later he was in jail serving an 18 year sentence.

Then, in 2015, I met Bruce Doucette.

His heart was in the right place and we became good friends, but within months, he had gotten sidetracked, too, and was doing the same thing as Tim Turner —- crossing jurisdictions.

Again, I warned him.  Like Tim Turner, he wouldn’t listen.  Three months later he was arrested and now he’s in jail serving a 38 year sentence.

This should be enough to prove that I know what I am talking about, but there are still those “experts” out there who won’t draw the line between apples and oranges.

Here’s what I told Tim in Pennsylvania verbatim:

“I know that Beacon 37 and the Republic and RuSA and yes, National Assembly, too— all welcome and include US Citizens.

And so far as what I am advocating, that is all I need to know.

These organizations are not able to assemble the actual States, nor are they able to reconstruct the Federal States of States that Americans are owed.

As a result, they are just competing against the actual effort that needs to be made, drawing off resources, and confusing the issues.

You “can’t get there from here” is their problem and always has been and more importantly–always will be.

I am not kidding either when I point out that the Territorial Government is under obligation to arrest any United States Citizens engaged in “assembling” or claiming to assemble.

This is the same kind of error that put Bruce Doucette in jail for 38 years and it is not happening to me or anyone who follows what I am doing.

So make up your mind and do one or the other– assemble the actual State and act as one of the People, or get out of the way and stop trying to confuse yourself and your other agenda with me or anything I am doing.”

This is the way it is, and the way it has to be.

Otherwise, I would be open to the same kind of attack as what happened to Turner and Doucette — and more importantly, so would the innocent people who are taking action to build actual State Assemblies.

I owe it to myself and my own good sense and to the people who are depending in Good Faith on the knowledge I share with them, not to make this mistake and not to be associated with anyone who does make this mistake.

I am an apple assembling with other apples.  I am staying in my lane and giving nobody cause to claim otherwise.

When and if I see any commingling of my message with these other organizations, I take exception to it and draw the line— both privately and in public.

Last night I gave Jocelyn at PaperUpNow.com the same message I gave Tim Turner and Bruce Doucette.

She has been advertising the Republic as a resource in the same breath as she has been presenting my paperwork — but the Republic as an organization hasn’t ever made correction and is still crossing jurisdictions.

I turned my back on Tim Turner and RuSA though I didn’t want to.  I turned my back on Bruce Doucette and wept bitterly– for him and for all of us.

But an orange is an orange and an apple is an apple, and neither I nor the people struggling to assemble the actual States of the Union can afford these kinds of mistakes.

It’s nobody’s “fault”.  It doesn’t imply any moral judgment. It’s just a terrible and costly mistake that a great many people make.  The way is broad that leads to destruction, but the way to Life is narrow and hard.

The fact remains that if your task is to gather a crate of apples, you have to know what apples are—–and you have to recognize the difference between apples and oranges.

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This problem of recognizing, who is right, and who is wrong has its birth place in the natural nature of man-kind. Most highly intelligent men want the lead roll in any venture they are involved in and that is not going away soon. The chauvinistic tendency in men is part of their natural design and will continue to be the rotten fruit in any form of leadership; especially that of government. Needles to say, those who have a burning desire to be the stud duck in any organization will naturally consider them self as superior intellects and refuse to follow anyone, and for that reason alone each and every person who understands Anna’s instructions must follow her instructions to the letter. If your local group of officials want to go a different route and refuse to follow Anna’s obvious intellectual superiority, you will be pooping in your own nest. The scumbags in DC and our own local governments will go for the jugular of anyone who threatens their power, so be sure you are following the right leader. Chauvinism will be the downfall of Americas return to lawful governance.


04 20 19 The Day Before Easter



 By Anna Von Reitz

The day before Easter, Jesus is dead.  It’s the Sabbath. The entire City of Jerusalem is quiet as the day dawns. For most people on that sunny spring day, it was just another Sabbath and the quiet was just the normal peace of the Sabbath.

For a certain family and a small circle of friends, the quiet was of a different kind: a stunned and horrified silence, the kind where your mind reels and you can’t say anything, because there is nothing to say—and nothing to do.  He’s dead.

So you sit hunched over with your stomach muscles knotted up against the pain and you hug yourself and all you can think is — how could this happen? How could this possibly be?

And even though you were there, it doesn’t seem real.

One moment, he’s lauded and praised– hosannah in the highest!—and the next moment, this dull blank horror.  This nothingness.

Mary, his Mother, is prostrate with grief.  The rest of the family gathers around her, but it’s no good. There is nothing anyone can say. She knots her hands together and weeps until she is exhausted and falls asleep, only to awaken to this nightmare and weep again.

Nothing will ever be the same. Nothing will ever be as good.

And what about all God’s promises and the prophets now?  What about the miracles?

It all comes down to this today: he’s dead. He’s gone. He will never laugh with us again, never play, never stop to comfort some poor beggar, never touch another leper.

The heaviness of it is unbearable. And underlying the thick miasma of shock and loss, is fear.  The Chief Priests and the Romans are vengeful.  Who will be next?

We have heard about the strange thing that happened in the temple, how the temple curtain, a very thick and heavy curtain, was torn in two by unseen hands, just ripped asunder like a piece of paper.

Dully, we wonder how that could happen, too, and what does it mean?  God has left the temple? The Holy of Holies stands open to the breeze.  There is nothing the Priests can do.

The divorce is final.

Furtively, we think back on all the things he said.  Pictures of him, little snippets, the sound of his voice– and we crunch up and weep again until our sides ache, until we can’t catch our breath.

It seems that except for the little group keeping watch over Mary, we’ve all crawled away to our own spot to grieve, some upstairs, some downstairs, some in the garden, some on the city wall, some lingering in the street, flaccid as empty sacks.

He loved us.  For a while in this turbulent world, we felt loved. We felt secure. We felt hopeful. Excited. And now this. He’s dead and nothing will ever be the same again.

The brutal, arrogant Romans won, and the worst of it is that our own people betrayed him to the Romans. The Chief Priests. The Pharisees. The Scribes. The Levites. All those we were taught to respect and trust, our leaders, betrayed him and betrayed us.

It seems that there will be no tomorrow.  It seems like this day will never end.  It drags on so slowly, it seems as if time itself has stopped, and we are stuck just staring at the wall, alone with this great gaping emptiness, wavering back and forth between numbness and waves of grief.

Drawing a deep breath is so difficult to do without choking, as if even our lungs have shrunk down to nothing, and over and over we tell ourselves– so this is how it ends.

Shame, disgrace, and torture, the death of a criminal, accused of being a necromancer who brought the dead back to life, mocked as a failed king.  Scourged, stabbed, and crucified.

For what? For the sin of helping the helpless. For restoring the blind and the sick?

Wildly, like birds, our thoughts dart back and forth. It can’t be the end. Yet, it is.

It’s spring. All over the countryside the grass is green again, the trees are blossoming.  It doesn’t seem possible.  It doesn’t seem real. Any moment, we will hear his voice in the courtyard and the noisy entourage of disciples and crowds of people who always follow him, seeking help.

Where are they now?  Cowed down in despair.  The light and the hope has guttered out.  Nobody can replace him.  Nobody can help. Now, more than ever before, we feel alone, disoriented, knocked sideways–and empty.

So empty.

It’s the day before Easter.

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04 20 19 Fact One Fact Two….



By Anna Von Reitz

  1. No organization that includes “United States Citizens” or “Citizens of the United States” can assemble an actual State of the Union.
  2. Beacon 37, The Republic, the National Assembly, RuSA, etc., etc., etc., are all organized and “inhabited” by US Citizens.
  3. Therefore, NONE of these organizations are competent to assemble our actual States of the Union.
  4. Our States are the only ones that can enforce the Constitutions because our States are the Parties to the Constitutions.
  5. Our States are the only ones that can re-charter the American owned and operated States of States that we are owed.
  6. Various parties, either in ignorance or on purpose, want to avoid abiding by the Constitutions, so don’t want us to assemble our actual States.
  7. Various parties, either in ignorance or on purpose, want to usurp upon the “vacancy” left by our missing Federal States of States.
  8. So none of these organizations — Beacon 37, the Republic, the National Assembly — none of them are set up and aiming to do what We, the American People, need to get done.
  9. You need to come home while there is still a home to come home to.
  10. The only organization(s) out there that are properly constituted of American State Nationals and State Citizens are organizing under the heading of The American States Assembly:

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04 20 19 The GIFT Pillar to Post



 By Anna Von Reitz

When I dug deep and down the rabbit hole, I was told that the Municipal PERSON — aka — Strawman, was a gift. Well, it was “conferred” on all of us without our knowledge or consent, based on the false presumption that we were British Territorial United States Citizens and “Wards” of their States of States, but giving us a “mask” — a “person”— that is slave and a criminal by definition is not my idea of a gift.

So what is really going on?

A scheme by the colluding criminal commercial corporations to get us in a crossfire and get us “both coming and going” — and all under three false presumptions:

(1.) The false presumption that we are or ever were British Territorial United States Citizens;
(2.) The false presumption that we are or ever were a Municipal Citizen of the United States;
(3.) The false presumption that these two options (above) are the only possibilities.

In fact, our States of the Union and our Lawful Persons were here before any of the British Territorial United States Citizens and before any Municipal Citizens of the United States, either.

The “US Citizens” were created by the Constitutions.

We were created by God.

So, they simply tell Big Lies about us, and keep us defending ourselves, first as a Municipal and then as a Territorial Citizen—- and at no time are we either one.

It’s just one big, jolly Lie Fest with the Brits telling lies about us on one side and the not-so-holy Romans telling lies about us on the other.

No wonder we are confused.

I suppose we could respond in kind by wantonly telling lies, but the Truth is far more devastating.

“I act exclusively as a lawful person. Where’s your authority to address me?”

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04 20 19 For All the Jural Assemblies 48 Banking Corrections



By Anna Von Reitz

There are two kinds of banking institutions available — Federal and State. These institutions operate under different kinds of charters.  As American State Nationals and American State Citizens, we should be using and supporting State-chartered banks and credit unions.

Why?  Because of the legal presumptions involved and the relative safety provided to Depositors by State-chartered banks and credit unions.

We long ago advised that non-federal employees and their dependents, should shift their small business and private trust and Trade Name accounts to State-chartered banks and credit unions.

We also suggest that people who have accounts in Federal banks and credit unions provide the bank CEO’s with a Registered Letter, Return Receipt Requested, specifically instructing that all funds being deposited in and transferred out of such accounts held in our NAMES be “denominated” as “lawful funds”.

This prevents them from getting grabby in the case of a bank holiday or “bail-in” or similar fiasco.  Federal banks don’t actually have sufficient United States Notes to trade in them — USN’s are a foreign currency — but they are required to “denominate” the digits held in their accounts “as” United States Notes, if and when Depositors require this.

Many people have had trouble locating the State-chartered banks and credit unions in their State.  In Alaska, this information is available from the State of Alaska, Division of Banking and Securities.  The State Banking Commissioner in all States should have that information or be able to direct you to the proper office.

A search by one of our more diligent researchers shows that there are only four State-chartered banks left in Alaska, only one of which is truly accessible and statewide in scope.

There is only one State-chartered credit union — Credit Union One.  Thankfully, Credit Union One has State-chartered organizations in every State of the Union.

Each State Assembly needs to research this topic for their State and their Members, and make the information available to them.  State-chartered banks and credit unions are in-state Depositories by definition, and as such, are not as likely to be affected by any international banking collapse resulting in the loss of Depositor’s assets.

To bring this home to Americans — the State-chartered banks and credit unions are “George Bailey” and the Federal-chartered banks and credit unions are “Mister Potter”.  It has been this way since the days when the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” was made, and it continues to be true today.

The trouble with banking began in 1913 with the passage of The Federal Reserve Act, which imposed conditions that can only be described as contractual lunacy— leaving only Section 16 of the Act as remedy for it.  From that time on, federally-chartered banks were obligated to function under this patently criminal scheme.  Section 16 of The Federal Reserve Act was “codified” as Title 12, Section 411, [12 USC 411] which spells out the remedy via proper endorsement of all banking instruments.

Is it a check?  It’s a banking instrument.

Is it a signature card?  It’s a banking instrument.

Is it a court case?  It’s a banking instrument.

Is it a savings account?  It’s a banking instrument.

Is it a safety deposit agreement?  It’s a banking instrument.

Is it a mortgage application?  It’s a banking instrument.

Is it a mortgage closing document?  It’s a banking instrument.

All these and more are being bonded, subject to bailment—- and unless you specify otherwise using your signature correctly, you leave the federal agents free to presume whatever they like and whatever profits them.

You have a choice.  You can deal in “Federal Reserve Notes” — I.O.U.’s, or, you can deal in lawful money, “United States Notes”.  You can use the bank as a “Gratuitous Bailee” or the bank can use you as a “Subject BAILOR”.

As American State Nationals and American State Citizens, we should not be using federal “notes”—-but as our identity was stolen while we were still babies in our cradles and we were never told otherwise, we were never given disclosure, afforded our exemptions, or told about this choice.

When we endorse anything, that is, sign a banking instrument, we need to use a by-line, reserve our rights, and declare our intent by writing “Redeemed– 12 USC 411–  in lawful money”.  This backs up our instruction to the local bank CEO regarding our accounts and assures that our instruction regarding each instrument will be followed.

Every time we do this, we reduce the so-called “US National Debt” by the amount being transferred.

Since the Perpetrator’s intention was to create an insurmountable, eternal “National Debt” nobody was ever told how to discharge it via proper signature, and thus we didn’t sign the bank instruments in this way—- and the debt simply grew and grew and grew…… ad infinitum.

So we need to use the Magic Words and say, “There has been a mistake.” and we need to transfer our accounts and we need to instruct any Federal banks or credit unions we have to work with and we need to properly endorse all bank instruments from now on.

A small red-ink stamp set up with the by-line like this:  By:_________________ with space for your signature, a small “c” with a circle around it providing copyright notice immediately following, and the disclaimers, “All Rights Reserved” and “Redeemed– 12 USC 411–  in lawful money” underneath. You might also add your account number, but if you are going to change banks, maybe not.

This will make properly endorsing checks and other bank instruments far less tedious and make sure you get the verbiage right every time from now on.

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04 20 19 For All the Jural Assemblies 47 Actual Constitution and Codicils



By Anna Von Reitz

The Original Equity Contract — The Constitution for the united States of America was passed in 1787, ratified by the States in 1789.

As soon as it was finished dealing with the first Constitution, the Congress was “reseated” and acted as the Territorial United States Congress which allowed it to address the British Trusteeship while the Original Equity Contract was being ratified— so they worked next on The Constitution of the United States of America, and adopted as a codicil to the Original Equity Contract by a simple vote of the Congress operating as the Board of Directors for the States of America.

Finally, the Congress was “reseated” a third and final time in their Municipal United States Congress capacity to write the Municipal Constitution known as The Constitution of the United States, which was adopted as a codicil to the Original Equity Contract by a simple vote of the Congress operating as the Board of Directors for the States of America in conformance with The Jay Treaty.

Thus there is one ratification process by which the actual States approved the Original Equity Contract — The Constitution for the united States of America, and the subordinate Constitutions were attached as codicils approved by the Congress acting first as the Territorial Congress and next as the Municipal Congress—-and further sharing out “powers” vouchsafed to the States of America under the Original Equity Contract — which is the only one ratified by the States.

One must remember that everything taking place during the adoption of the Constitutions — is a power-sharing agreement between the States operating the original Confederate States of States, and two foreign subcontractors, according to the dictates of the peace process and treaties ending the Revolutionary War.

They are divvying up the “powers” being “delegated” by the actual States to their own States of States and two foreign subcontractors.

At  each step, the Congress is operating in a different capacity and jurisdiction — first acting in public to restructure and limit the American Confederation of States [of States] dba “States of America”, then acting to structure and adopt the British Territorial “share” via The Constitution of the United States of America, then acting again to adopt the Municipal “share” via The Constitution of the United States.

And at each step, the Congress changed hats and jurisdictions, moving from General Session to Territorial business to Municipal business.

You can see the actual names of the entities involved from the titles of the Constitutions:

The Constitution for the united States of America  — our Federal Government operating in international and global jurisdiction

The Constitution of the United States of America  — our Territorial Government being operated by the British Territorial United States

The Constitution of the United States — the Municipal Government being operated by the Holy Roman Empire

Originally, only the States of America were formally chartered by their own States; the foreign Territorial and Municipal service providers were doing business as private, unincorporated businesses under what are called prescriptive charters — that is, they were not directly chartered and incorporated by the foreign governments (UK and Holy See) acting as subcontractors.

After the Civil War, both the Territorial and Municipal entities restructured as incorporated entities operated by the Queen and the Holy See respectively; they had no permission to do this, but there was nothing in our contract with them prohibiting it, either.  This is what the flap over the (repealed, by the way) Act of 1871 was about, and this is what cleared the way for them to be able to work all the insurance and pre-planned international bankruptcy frauds that took place in 1907, 1933, etc.

As unincorporated and lawful businesses these foreign subcontractors had to be accountable for their behavior, but as incorporated “legal” franchises of the UK and Holy See, they enjoyed bankruptcy protection — which motivated them to secretively hypothecate debt against our American assets on the pretext that they were working for us, and then seek bankruptcy protection for themselves, while leaving us on the hook to pay off their debts — all, conveniently, without our actual conscious knowledge or consent.

This is a crime on many levels, but most essentially is a constructive fraud involving unconscionable contracts and deliberate and premeditated bankruptcy, breach of trust, and false claims in commerce.

The crime is only magnified because both governments chartering these organizations — the Queen’s UK Government and the Pope’s Government — had cause to know that: (1) the American States were the actual Parties to the Constitutions, (2) the American States were, as the Delegators of all the Delegated Powers, owed Good Faith and Due Diligence from their Subcontractors and Trustees,  including Full Disclosure and Assistance in resolving The Mess caused by the Civil War staged on our shores.

There is absolutely no doubt that both the Queen and the Pope and their respective governments which chartered, supported, and offered bankruptcy protection to the Offenders, are at fault, in proven Gross Breach of Trust, in violation of the Treaties and Commercial Contracts owed to our States and People, and lacking any plausible Cause in their Defense.

Now that you know that the only Constitution actually ratified by our States is “The Constitution for the united States of America” and the other two “constitutions” were simply applied as subcontracts, it becomes a lot easier to sort the wheat from the chaff.

The actual Federal Government we are owed is supposed to be American owned and operated. The Territorial Government and the Municipal Government are both strictly defined and limited in their scope by the controlling contract, The Constitution for the united States of America, but have usurped authority by claiming “an emergency” that didn’t actually exist in 1860 or at any time since with respect to our lawful State Governments.


  1. In order to enforce the Constitution and the Territorial and Municipal Subcontract Constitutions, we must be acting as Lawful Persons — People — of our States of the Union.  We are the only ones that are Parties to the Constitutions, therefore the only ones with the standing to enforce them.


  1. Our States are populated exclusively by Americans operating as Lawful Persons.  Our States do not allow US Citizens to participate in actual State Government, because they are at best Dual Citizens and may act in conflict of interest as a result.


  1. Only our States have the standing, authority, and capability to recharter and reconstruct the “missing” American Federal States of States (Confederation States) and designate American owned and operated Successors.  Only American Successors assigned by our States have the ability to reclaim the actual ancient and hereditary interest in the States of States doing business as, for example, The State of Georgia, The State of Maine, and The State of Texas.


  1. All “assemblies” that include US Citizens are not “State Assemblies”.  They are by definition “State of State” Assemblies, either Territorial or Municipal.


  1. There is no provision for Territorial States of States or Municipal STATES OF STATES allowed under the Constitutions, therefore, none of these organizations have any actual public function or authority at all with respect to our States and People.  They are merely franchises of foreign commercial corporations in the business of providing “essential government services” per Article IV.


  1. Read that: Territorial States of States and Municipal STATES OF STATES are “Administrative Units” of foreign commercial corporation service providers, acting as franchises of the Territorial USA, Inc. and the Municipal UNITED STATES, INC. like Dairy Queen franchises, merely calling themselves “States of States” and usurping upon and substituting themselves for our missing Federal States of States.


  1. “Administrative Law” and “Administrative Courts” are therefore private institutions that do not have any obligation to impose the Public Law, but operate instead upon Public Policy of their corporation’s Board of Directors and Shareholders.


  1. The problem we face is that millions of Americans have been deliberately shanghaied and misidentified and mislabeled as “US Citizens”, both as “United States Citizens” — Territorials and as “Citizens of the United States” — Municipals — and have been subjected to the Public Policies of these foreign corporations instead of having access to the Public Law and the Constitutional Guarantees they are heir to.


  1. The further problem is that these same Americans who are being robbed and defrauded have been indoctrinated to believe that they are “US Citizens” of some kind or stripe, and many persons employed by the various levels of these foreign corporate “private government units” know no better.  Educating people on both sides of the fence — both Americans and US Citizens (actual employees and dependents of the Federal Territorial and  Municipal Corporations) is a fundamental duty of the State Assemblies and the State Assembly Members.

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