11 30 18 For Those Incapable of Connecting the Dots




I have posted this article before but it is of such importance that I intend to repost it a few times more. The average American who instinctively knows that something is wrong must reread this post several times until the sheer depravity of our government sinks in and they resolve to become involved.


By Anna Von Reitz

For Those Incapable of Connecting the Dots …..

We are being “occupied” by our own Army.

The Army we pay for. The Army that we allow our sons and daughters to serve in. The Army that is strictly charged with preserving our freedoms, protecting our money, and supervising the activities of the Bar Association on our shores.

That Army.

How, you might ask, is this possible? It’s possible because the so-called “American Civil War” wasn’t a war. It was and is an illegal commercial mercenary conflict on our shores. It was never actually declared by any Congress. It was never officially ended by any Peace Treaty.

In 1863, during the so-called war, Lincoln bankrupted the original United States (Trading Company) and placed the responsibility for preserving the Union and fulfilling the contractual mandates of the actual Constitution on the Grand Army of the Republic — and the Union Generals.

With respect to the Territorial United States, they have carried on in that role ever since, and grossly expanded upon it. The rules that Lincoln gave them, The Lieber Code, has morphed into The Hague Conventions. The Grand Army of the Republic, also known as the Union Army, has morphed into the US ARMY, the United States Army, and many other permutations. But nothing ever got resolved.

President Andrew Johnson who was Lincoln’s Successor Vice-President declared “peace on the land” in three very public declarations, establishing a public contract. As a result, the people owed the land jurisdiction were recognized as peaceful non-combatants and innocent Third Parties who are all owed The Law of Peace.

Instead of honoring that, successive generations of generals and members of Congress have colluded together to define all of us as “Enemy combatants” and they have directed the falsification of the public records to that end.

Beginning with alteration of Title 37 of the old Federal Code to conscript doctors and dentists and other “uniformed officers” into the Army, and then with the original “Maternity Act” and Sheppard Townsend Act they conspired to register American babies as they were born.

Registration gives up our ownership interest in our own names and estates to the “State of ____________” as our “presumed beneficiary”. So the “State of Wisconsin” organization, for example, would be the presumed beneficiary of my name and estate and would receive the “beneficial title” to the trust ACCOUNT established in my NAME, while the “STATE OF WISCONSIN” organization would receive the “legal title” and be enabled to administer my ESTATE for the benefit of the “State of Wisconsin”.

And as for me, I would get nothing out of the deal whatsoever, except for an “indemnity receipt” from whichever federal corporation seized title to my name and estate, guaranteeing as my “presumed usufruct” that no harm would come to me or my estate as a result of their use of my assets.

This vicious swindle was in effect a species of genocide on paper, unlawfully converting the public records and political status of American state nationals to that of “federal citizens” merely “residing” here temporarily while performing our “presumed” duty to provide “essential government services”.

It also allowed them to subject us to their corporate tribunals being run in lieu of the American Common Law courts we are owed, under the false presumption that we were all federal employees or dependents or political asylum seekers.

They’ve gotten away with this crap for so long that they actually believe their own lies. And all these presumptions which were made about you without your knowledge or consent have not been rebutted because you have been kept in the dark and never told of their existence.

For six generations.

How do you rebut a lie if you don’t know it exists?

But now the game is up, and the Army is looking at the Navy and the Navy is looking at the Army and the Marines are looking at every other branch of service and the Air Force is going, “OMG!” and the plain fact of the matter is that both the Congress and the Armed Forces have been acting in treason against us, their actual employers, and against our Constitution.

These two groups of employees have been attacking us under color of law, under deliberately contrived and known false pretenses, and all behind our backs.

The sheer size and scope of the crime is breath-taking. The complexity and duration of the fraud beyond any simple imagining. And the cost to the American states and people is in the quadrillions of dollars defined as ounces of silver.

It should come as no surprise, then, that our entire “National Credit” — the flip-side of their “National Debt” — has been embezzled from the coffers of the Department of Defense.

How is all this fraud possible? In a debt-credit system, debts are supposed to immediately cancel out via the receipt of equal credit, but the answer is— it’s because they never credited us.

To put it bluntly, the “occupying Army” was double-dipping the whole time, siphoning off the credit owed to us and leaving the debts unpaid, so that they could come in and pretend that they were bankrupt because of our bad behavior and insolvency, and give themselves an excuse to sell off our assets to satisfy their debts as they have done already twice before in 1907 and 1933.

They were using their own cleverly disguised territorial court tribunals to collect on all these supposed debts— which we never owed. Ever.

Why do I say that? Because the debts were racked up by the Municipal United States — which was serving itself, not us—and the debts were being collected by the Territorial United States — which was serving itself, not us.

Remember? We were cut totally out of the picture at birth.

None of this is our debt and none of this criminality is our doing. It’s entirely a federal matter that has nothing to do with us.

Please bear in mind that we are not alone, because the same infectious disease has eaten away at the foundations of lawful government in virtually every country on Earth. The same venal “system” of “federal districts” overlaying the land jurisdiction of every country has imposed the same form of de facto slavery on people from Japan to Belize, from Queensland to Point Barrow, from Manchuria to Moscow and from Moscow to Denmark.

This crime syndicate which has used our country as its home base for 150 years has now moved on to China, where it proposes to set up shop and use its ill-gotten gains to dominate the rest of the world forever.

And what do you all say to that?

Is it time to kick some Generals where it hurts?

Force some actual useless eaters to perform their Oaths and duties?

Tell the Lord Mayor of London exactly where to shove it and how far?

Escort the Popes out of Vatican City to hear the roar?

Bury Buckingham Palace under the enormous pile of manure that they have bequeathed as their legacy to the rest of the world?

How about giving all these bankers new jobs cleaning public toilets?

They can share rooms with members of Congress and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and attend my lectures every morning.

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The price of freedom is eternal vigilance


Thomas Jefferson said:
“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”
We add this:
“The battle for liberty is never won, and is never lost.
The battle for liberty always continues.
It is never too late, and it is never soon enough, to defend freedom.
No matter how enslaved we are, we always have hope.
No matter how free we are we are never safe.
Any generation that fails to defend freedom will lose it.
The next generation will have to shed blood to gain it back.
When the defense of liberty becomes a crime, tyranny is already in force. At that point failure to defend liberty makes slavery a certainty.
The day that government tries to disarm the people is the last good chance to resist.“

John Perna

WARNING: This message has been intercepted and stored by the National Security Agency as part of its unlawful spying program on all Americans. The National Security Agency is the only part of the government that actually LISTENS to you. Do you wish that the government would read the Constitution? Just email it privately to your friends. What we formerly called “freedom of speech” we now call the “right to remain silent.” BUT they will now claim that you DO NOT HAVE the right to remain silent… if THEY are asking the questions.

The Patriot Act is constitutionally illegal, but was signed into a law that takes away your rights and turns them into privileges, which the government can grant or take away at will. If you remember we were told that this would just be temporary. Now it has been made permanent. But no one protested did they?

Olddogs Comments!

As I have stated many times, America is NOT the free nation you have been told over and over by the lying media industry, the education system and your loving parents who may or may not have suffered the atrocities of serving in one or more of the constant wars that the powers that be have created.

There is only one way to return to our original legal form of government and that is for the people to get off their ass and do some research!

Fortunately for you lazy entertainment addicted dummies there is an old woman who has created a web site that outlines every detail of this atrocity and all you have to have is some common sense and do some reading, then follow her instructions to the letter. SO, when enough real Americans read her instructions there is going to be hell to pay by the remaining lazy fools who believe a divided nation can survive in peace and prosperity.

Your natural common sense should have told you years ago that no group of humans can live in peace and prosperity when they have divided concepts of freedom and what is right and wrong. NOW GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GET EDUCATED.

In PDF go to: http://www.annavonreitz.com/

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OR: https://anationbeguiled.wordpress.com/ and use the search bar.

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By Anna Von Reitz


Ever hear the old saying, “He’s full of S@$!$! as a Christmas turkey!”

There’s a lot of that going around.

Here’s the first Bad News for the Bad Guys:

Nobody can contract away a constitutionally guaranteed right (which is a material property interest), nor land nor other assets held in a national trust.

Not Joe Blow.

Not Jane Doe.

And certainly not the President of the UNITED STATES, INC., e.g., Barack Hussein Obama.

What is created by land jurisdiction treaty stands until: (1) a new treaty is made or (2) only one party to the treaty survives or (3) all parties voluntarily vacate the treaty or (4) an actual factual declared war renders a fundamental change in the character, identity, or ownership interests of one or more parties.

There is absolutely nothing in any of the research we have done to suggest that in the tawdry history of the ingloriously mis-managed foreign corporations doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC., the United States of America, Inc., etc., etc,. that they have any valid claim to any of our assets, nor is there any evidence that the Queen and the Pope and the governments they represent have ceased to exist, nor is there any actual, factual war involved in any of the history involving us from 1860 onward.

There are certain businesses, mainly in France, now howling and claiming that we, Americans, individually contracted away our inheritance and accepted “Esau’s Bargain” — our inheritance for their Pot of Porridge (that is, social welfare benefits).  However, we will take exception to their claims. At least Esau consciously knew that he was making a bargain and didn’t have to additionally pay for all the ingredients in the stew.

The essence of the problem is that the victims were never individually able to contract away their rights and land to begin with, and even under commercial law, the intended victims of this scheme are not under any obligation because the purported contract was “unconscionable” — that is, they couldn’t even know that they (or anyone else, such as their Mother)  made such a contract, and finally, also it is invalid because they received nothing of equitable value from the perpetrators in exchange, that they did not pay for themselves.

So first the Bank of England took it in the shorts and now the Bank of France is taking its turn and Rothschild et Fils is getting out of the trust business — that they should never have been in, in the first place.

No doubt they are disappointed to find out that they can’t cash in on all the American ESTATES set up as Cestui Que Vies in Puerto Rico, but then, this is what happens when people who deal only in sea law meddle with land law, and the Rothschilds, if anyone, should have known that.

I firmly believe that they did know—- but after hearing nothing much from us for 150 years, they took their chances and tried to hang a vacuous commercial claim around our necks — counting on us not to know or object. After all, they had pulled lesser schemes in the past and gotten away with it.

Quote Gomer Pyle, “Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!”

I want you all to stop for a moment and fully realize that you have been paid absolutely nothing of equitable value for your labor or your goods since the Federal Reserve took over.

Imagine being the owner of a factory and discovering a way of “paying” your workers with paper I.O.U.’s that you never have to pay back?

That is essentially what the “Federal Reserve” did beginning in 1913. They issued all these paper “notes” — I.O.U.’s —  at face value plus interest, and reaped all the benefit of that, and then, in 2009, they bankrupted the trademarked “Federal Reserve System” and skated.

So the first swindle was the face value plus interest payment people made in actual labor and actual goods without receiving anything equitable in return and the second swindle was claiming bankruptcy protection to escape the consequences of their crimes.

This, and the prior swindles that took place from 1868-1907, is how we became the Priority Creditors of all the “federal” corporations and their underwriters.  And as I explained in my short video for President Trump, there is no escaping the fact of what went on and the fact that the American States and People are owed for all that labor and all those goods.

There’s no escaping the reality of the debt owed the American States and People, but there are ways of dealing with that debt that are wiser and more honest than anything that anyone inside the Beltway has come up with yet.

Certainly, the Kim Goguen, aka, “Kim Possible” answer—- steal all the off-ledger assets in the central banks that actually belong to private parties — isn’t going to work.

Neither the Central Banks nor Kim have any valid claim to those assets and the “government” is just continuing to indebt itself to criminals for no good reason.

If you want to build something to last, you can’t build on lies and sand.

And you also can’t build on hearsay and suppositions.

“The” Michael Stephen Young I support and approve as the lawful trustee/administrator of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust is a chief of the Athabascans in Alaska, who has “indigenous” DNA going all the way back to Ramses, confirmed by the same experts who analyzed the Queen’s DNA.  He is also a scholar competent to write “The Shekinah Prophecy” and to work out the exact dimensions and orientation of King Solomon’s Temple.  He is a good man, his heart and his intentions are in the right place, and he is absolutely not “an agency contractor” or “operative” of any kind.  He is a man with a Service Agreement under land law and a published Irrevocable Will, who gave up his own right to be a Beneficiary in order to make it possible for others to benefit from trust money that should have been dispersed almost two hundred years ago.

Why Kim continues to mis-represent and lie about Michael and equivocate about beginning to disperse the funds of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust to the intended beneficiaries is beyond me. She has been given the facts and continues to mis-represent them— and him.

Perhaps it has to do with actual “agency” efforts to get Michael in trouble by sending out impersonators with false ID’s claiming to be him? The vermin have done that.  Just like a transvestite in New Jersey recently came out of the closet and claimed to be me.  Hoot-hoot.

Lest there be any doubt, there’s a fake “Anna Maria Riezinger” who is a (by now) former manager of a rum distillery in Barbados and an “Anna Von Reitz” running around New York City applying for credit cards in my name and getting into trouble— and that’s just two I know about.

Besides the usual con artists and opportunists and grifters, the government agencies have been sending their personnel out to try to pull the same kinds of things.

Or maybe Kim is just naturally full of !#!$#! as a Christmas turkey?

I can verify for sure that the accounts Kim gained computer keys to are not her personal accounts and not her own assets, that the information about these “off-ledger accounts” was furnished to her and her buddies by the same guilty banks that have been responsible for all the rest of the fraud, and I can verify that I have repeatedly asked her for an accounting of all that is owed to the American States and People since the Brits and the Popes glommed onto our assets and rolled them into the ‘U.S. Trust” —without result.

So, until further notice, ’tis the season to be jolly and not take any wooden nickels.  To the transvestite in New Jersey —- even I laughed.  To Kim — paying bills with other people’s money just results in new, different debts for the government corporations. It may be a stop-gap but it’s no solution.

The actual debt that is owed by the banks and the government corporations and the entire “military-industrial complex” to the American States and People has to be dealt with, and it can’t be dealt with by: (1) the criminal plan to kill off the Priority Creditors (Agenda 21, et alia)  or (2) stealing from other private sources and robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Sooner or later everyone inside the Beltway including all the agency personnel have to grow up and learn to tell the truth again. And meanwhile, there are plenty of Christmas turkeys.

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11 21 18 Example of My Claim for the “Life – Lineage Treaty”




By Anna Von Reitz

The scanned copy of the actual record will be posted on my website, http://www.annavonreitz.com (see links at the bottom), which shows the stamps, etc. — but here is the text showing the kind of detail and verbiage needed to establish your claim to your inheritance as a Natural Person aka Living-Man or Living-Woman:

For the Notice of the Claim for the Life: Lineage-Treaty

Date: November 16, 2017

Place: Big Lake, Alaska

Action: Claim and Conveyance

Presentment: To All Parties:

From the Living-Soul: Anna Maria Riezinger: Anna Maria Riezinger:Woman, Principal, Vessel with Manifest: Anna Maria Riezinger-Living-Soul, Priority Creditor, Paramount Security Interest Holder as of June 6, 1956 holds this Testament-Claim for the Life of Anna Maria Riezinger for the Public Record

with this claim of the Fourth Article of the 1666 Cestui Que Vie Act as and with this claim of the writ of Habeas Corpus &: does form this Testament upon the Public Record of the states of the Union of these United States and the Alaska State:

From the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger manifest this day alive and well, the living daughter of the Emmett Anthony Riezinger:Father of the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger. The Emmett Anthony Riezinger:Father from the Peoria-City, of the Illinois-Land-State, born August 14, 1921 with the Chicago-City-Birthplace of the Illinois-Land-State, is the son of the John George Riezinger:Grandfather of the Living Woman:Anna Maria Riezinger: From the Paternal-Grandfather: John George Riezinger of the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger born June 1, 1879, from the Salzburg-City of the nation of Austria and from the Paternal-Grandmother: Emma Elizabeth Helmich, born 1879, of the Spring Lake-City of the Illinois-Land-State: From the John George Riezinger, the Paternal-Grandfather of the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger, the son of the John George Riezinger:Great-Grandfather of the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger, the son of the Mother-Wife:Caroline (Rothaus) Riezinger, born November 2, 1840 from the Salzburg-City, from the nation of Austria, and the Father-Husband:Frank Heinrich Riezinger, born the year of 1855 &: from the nation of Austria: From the Emma Elizabeth Helmich, the Paternal-Grandmother of the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger, the daughter of the William Helmich, born July 4, 1850, from the Tete Des Morts-City, of

the Iowa-Land-State, and the Mary Jane Zimmerman, born February 28, 1859 from the St. Clair-City, of the Pennsylvania-Land-State: The Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger is Manifest from the Paternal-Grandparents: John George Riezinger and Emma Elizabeth Helmich: Marriage Covenant from the Public Record, November 25, 1911, of the Chicago-City, Illinois-Land-State: From the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger manifest this day alive and well, the living daughter of the LaVera Myrtle Schnur of the Black River Falls-City, of the Wisconsin-Land-State, born March 9,

1920, from the Albion Township, of the Jackson County, of the Wisconsin-Land-State: From the Julius Alfred Schnur, the Maternal-Grandfather of the Living Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger, born November 20, 1867, of the Black River Falls-City, of the Jackson County, of the Wisconsin-LandState,

the son of the Julius Alfred Schnur, born December 31, 1832, from the Brunswick-City, of the nation of Germany and the Julius Alfred Schnur:Father’s Marriage Covenant with the Wilhelmina

Sitchfield:Mother, from the Public Record of the Beloit-City of the Wisconsin-Land-State: From the Anna Wilhelmina Nielson, the Maternal-Grandmother of the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger born October 2, 1881, in South Dakota-Territory, the daughter of the Augustinus Frederik

Nielson:Father born May 10, 1852, from the nation of Denmark &: the Mary Ann Alexander:Mother born January 13, 1850, from the Watertown-City of the Wisconsin-Land-State: From the Maternal-Grandparents: Julius Alfred Schnur’s Marriage Covenant with the Anna Wilhelmina Nielson from the Public Record: June 1, 1905 of the Rochester-City, of the Minnesota-

Land-State: By the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger-Manifest from the Marriage Covenant of Emmett Anthony Riezinger – LaVera Myrtle Schnur, from the Public Record, of the Day 6 June 1942, from the Kohoka-City, Missouri-Land-State, by and with the Provenance proven as an American-state-vessel with the Sacred-Cargo: Anna Maria Riezinger-Living-Soul.

:With Claim for the Vessel & for the Cargo & for the Manifest of the Estate of the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger: &: with the Estate from this Lineage-Treaty free from encumbrance, free from alien-title, free from charge, free from duty, the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger is with this

Lineage-Treaty-Conveyance home from the sea:

By: ___________________________ :Living-Woman

Right-thumb-print Seal:


This record demonstrates my lineage claim to the land and soil of this country through numerous ancestors who were here before the Civil War and even before the Revolution. But even if you are not lucky enough to have a similar recitation, if you were born in this country or born to parents who were born in this country or even to parents claiming to be American state nationals through their parents or who are legal immigrants who finished the Naturalization process to become a “US citizen” and then went on to adopt a permanent domicile in one of the States– you can do the same thing.

Why? Because anyone born or naturalized into these Land-States is heir to their kingdom, free and clear.

Your Claim for the Life doesn’t have to be long or ornate. It doesn’t have to involve ancestors who lived in this country, so long as your were born here or naturalized and then expatriated to an adopted State of the Union.

To those who are misleading everyone and telling them that they don’t have to go through all this effort to rebut lies being told about them and record their counter-claims —– there are a lot of crooks that hope you don’t, lots of corporations that don’t want to pay back what they’ve stolen, lots of politicians who don’t want to own up to the facts, lots of insurance underwriters and banks, too.

And if you don’t record your claims because you were lazy or thought you didn’t have to — the rats win.


It’s up to you. Here are the actual documents filed.






See this article and over 1100 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com

11 20 18 Status Report November 19 2018



 By Anna Von Reitz

In 1868 they pulled an identity theft scheme, ran up debts against us under color of law, went bankrupt in 1907 and left us holding the bag for it.

In 1933 they pulled an identity theft scheme, ran up debts against us under color of law, went bankrupt, and left us holding the bag for it.

In 1934 they pulled an identity theft scheme, ran up debts against us under color of law, and as of January 1, 2016, went bankrupt and…..

We stood up and said, “Whoa!  Not us.  Not again.  You were given Due Notice and Process.”

And now they have to deal from a different deck and don’t know how.

They know, for example, that the IRS is totally bogus and that every action it takes actually puts them all deeper in debt, but they are starved for cash flow so they keep on beating that dead horse.

What actually needs to happen is for President Trump to sit down and talk to me, the Fiduciary of his Priority Creditors, and the other owners of the assets in the accounts that Kim Goguen has secured.  He needs to do this because there is no other lawful way to proceed and no other lawful way to establish a firm basis for going forward

The assets in the accounts don’t belong to Kim any more than they belonged to the other bankers involved, but the people that do own them are not bad people and their trustees are not bad people, either.  They haven’t had access to their assets because of the bankers, who basically stole the assets and used them to feather their own nests, which is why the actual owners and trustees never were able to deliver relief and do the philanthropic work everyone blames them for not doing.

All Mr. Trump has to do is strong-arm the bankers and get the middlemen out of the middle.  Then his precious government can be fully funded under the following provisions —and the infrastructure and scientific and philanthropic work can go forward.  It’s very simple.

  1. Return control of the assets to the actual asset owners and stop lying about the funds being “abandoned” and belonging to the banks or being subject to a 16,000 year old contract and conveniently belonging to Kim Goguen as the only heir—- or some other fanciful excuse.

We have the deposit receipts. We have the complete history from the day the ore came out of the ground.  And we have dominion: Genesis 1:26-28.

2. Immediately and permanently stop racketeering and other criminal actions against the people of this and every other country.

See this article and over 1300 others on Anna’s website here: