06 26 21 Don’t die dumb, If you are old, make sure you read these.


Severe weaknesses in the financial health of the nation’s public retirement systems rank as yet another force currently buffeting state and local government finances. Further compounding the problems faced by these public retirement funds are the following developments: the precarious financial position of private sector pensions and the federal Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation; the looming shortfalls expected in the Social Security and Medicare programs in coming decades; and the low personal savings rates of most Americans, coupled with the high rates of consumer and household debt. Given that the baby boomer generation is rapidly nearing retirement age and that America’s senior population is growing faster than the number of younger workers needed to cover their retirement needs, policy-makers across the country are paying a great deal of attention to this unfortunate confluence of events.

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CSG is pleased to announce that the entire archive of The Book of the States dating back to 1935 is now available online in its entirety.  As the introduction to the 1937 volume explains, “The Council of State Governments hopes that you will enjoy it; the Council knows that it can be useful to you.”
Since 1933, The Council of State Governments has served as a resource for state leaders and a catalyst for innovation and excellence in state governance.  Just two years after its founding, CSG published the first volume of The Book of the States. For 78 years, The Book of the States has remained a reference tool of choice, providing relevant, accurate and timely information about the states and territories.

For its first 65 years, The Book of the States was published on a biennial basis.  In 2002, CSG began publishing the book annually to better capture the pace of change and policy enactments of state governments.  In 2010, CSG took this format shift to the next evolutionary level by making the entire book available online in an electronic format through the organization’s Knowledge Center.  Volumes from 2010 to the present can be found at www.csg.org/bookofthestates.



Book of the States 2011, Chapter 4: State Executive Branch


Audrey Wall


Friday, July 1, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Chapter 4 of the 2011 Book of the States contains the following articles and tables:

The Resurgence of Crystal Meth: Trends and State Responses


Jeremy Williams


Friday, July 1, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Crystal methamphetamine, perhaps one of the most addictive and dangerous drugs in existence, has continuously plagued rural and urban regions of the country for the last three decades. States have attempted to address the growing production and distribution of the drug, along with the destructive repercussions it has wrought in the lives of those who have become addicted to it, largely through tougher laws that restrict the sale of precursor drugs used in meth production. While these measures have been as a whole effective in temporarily reducing the production of crystal meth, producers have found new ways of circumventing existing laws. For this reason, states are examining new and innovative ways to combat this terrible drug.

Trends in Public Retirement Systems: Stresses in the System


Sujit CanagaRetna







I want to thank all of you who have studied Anna’s articles and pray that you help her and Paul continue getting the word out before it’s too late. I have become too old to remember yesterday’s date.






06 19 21 The Importance of Identity





By Anna Von Reitz

We have often discussed the fact that your name is not you. It is a possession, like a chest of drawers or a bicycle, that is given to you as you start your life— but, it is important to understand that you, yourself, are nameless.

You’ve simply been given a name to use, like a bathrobe or refrigerator, while you are here, incarnate. You could be a Genevieve as easily as a Jane or a Ruth or a Rebecca. It’s totally an arbitrary choice your parents make, whether you are a Joe, a Chad, or a Moon Doggy or a set of initials like “RD”.

This is why a name in legal terminology is sometimes called an appurtenance or utility or some other description suggesting that it is a tool, because it is.

As the CB radio talk goes, it’s a “handle”. It’s a means to grab hold of you in more ways than one, but more even more importantly, a name is too often used to limit and define you and to pretend to make you into other things as well.

Oh, so you are Joe, the Garageman’s daughter…..

Suddenly, you are placed in a social caste: blue collar skilled labor.

And you instantly accrue all the reputation of Joe’s entire family in the community, which can be good or bad.

With one little bit of identity, you are suddenly the granddaughter of a preacher or a milkman, a famous engineer…. or an infamous criminal. The reputation and social class and peculiarities of your known ancestors attach to you like a coat of glue, and with it, your nationality, too.

Suddenly, your little self is transformed into an Englishman, a German, a Japanese, an Egyptian, a Greek, or whatever other nationality.

And the one-size-fits-all box of race clamps down around us like a prison. You are black or you are white or you are…. I always thought it would be fun to paint myself with pink polka dots and see what they could say?

Would I soon have my own race? The rare albino Pink Polka Dot Variant Caucasian, only captured once in the wild.

All these boxes are rapidly followed by boxes representing age and presumptions about people of your age. You are five so you are this. You are ten, so you are that….

And economic status gets added to the mix: you are poor, you are really poor, you are middle class, or you are wealthy — at least according to what your parents have accrued.

And sex. Let’s not forget that. You have to be categorized one or the other and submit to that. Bring on the ruffled pink pantaloons for girls and the denim overalls for boys.

Then, there’s religion. You are Catholic or Protestant, Muslim or Hindu, Buddhist or Wiccan or whatever else, because that is what your parents are.

And politics, too. You are Republican or Democrat, Green Party or Communist or Fascist, Socialist, Social Democrat —- also, in the beginning, because that’s what your parents adopt.

All of this happens automatically, with no say in it from your own self. You are just the object, having all these layers of “identity” applied to you like so many layers of paint.

And there you are, all trussed up, and ready to be doused with fear, shame and guilt, should you disappoint the expectations of everyone else, based on all these layers of identity already applied to you.

Do you notice something odd? You are not allowed to identify yourself.

From the day you are born, you are never allowed to identify yourself.

You are destined to live your life in this cocoon of identity woven around you like a spider’s dinner napkin, and if you don’t wake up and question this, this is how you will die, too.

Peter John Olafson, Norwegian, age 58, Protestant…..

Linda Sue St.Pierre, Canadian, age 19, Catholic….

Almut al Fayed, Egyptian, age 90, Muslim….

Jaimie el Soria-Hernandez, age 30, Spanish….

While this can be comforting, it is also crippling. Slavery is when you experience things determined by others, and from this, it is easy to see that to a greater or lesser extent, we are all enslaved from the moment we arrive here— quite apart from having even this externally applied identity stolen from us by governments seeking to redefine us as things: corporations, trusts, special purpose vehicles, vessels, etc.

What are we, poor little beings, little divine sparks, to do, to defend ourselves from this onslaught?

Go stand outside in the moonlight and look up at the stars.

Go stand in the rain without a raincoat.

Lay down on the grass.

Look at grains of sand under a microscope.

Notice the infinite variety of life surrounding you.

Sense the glorious truth that nobody ever tells you, that you are all of this and more, and you are loved more than you could ever know.

That’s who you are, Nameless Ones, Loved Ones, set free. Oh, yes, take your life and your joy, and you be you and me be me, together.

Inherit the wholeness of who you truly are, and forget the boxes and layers of identity for an hour. Laugh. Sing. Stare in wonder, for you are in the presence of miracles, and are a miracle yourself. Don’t forget that.

See this article and over 3200 others on Anna’s website here: www.annavonreitz.com


06 19 21 The Peacekeeping Task Force Issues




 By Anna Von Reitz

We have removed Eric Dingis and placed him on administrative leave, from which he has subsequently resigned. The interim Peacekeeping Task Force Director, Susan Hauck, has also been placed on administrative leave. We are reviewing the situation and the personnel associated with the PKTF to ascertain the cause of the problem(s) and the damage done.

There are a number of fundamental issues to be addressed. The Peacekeeping Task Force, as the name suggests, is supposed to be focused on peacekeeping. Peacekeeping is a function separate from any aspect of national defense or law enforcement.

Peacekeeping is the unique power and responsibility to enforce the Public Law.

This entire country has suffered for lack of civilian public courts and peacekeepers to enforce the Public Law.

We are facing a cataclysmic failure of justice and criminality in high places which results in crimes against the existing Public Law, not war in the absence of Public Law.

These are distinctly different things. Crime is apolitical. It harms everyone.

One responds to crime against the Public Law by summoning the civilian court authorities into Session and electing, deputizing and/or commissioning peacekeeping officers to enforce the Public Law—including the Constitutions.

This circumstance is largely the fault of our foreign subcontractors’ failure to honestly and transparently inform their employers about the situation — the absence of one-third of our government, the absence of half of our banks, and the absence of a complete judicial system, for starters.

As we rouse ourselves to restore our government, our banks, and our judicial system, there is a great deal to do, and much confusion. There are also multiple mercenary forces deployed under color of law, who have been misdirected to undermine and attack the people who pay their bills.

To explain how this works — we, the American Federation of States — have a contract known as The Constitution of the United States, with the Holy See.

The Holy See has hired a municipal corporation doing business as the United States, Inc., to do the work. The United States, Inc., has in turn hired “Agencies” — BLM, FBI, FEMA, BATF, DOJ, etc., to do work for them. This is contractually illegal, as a contract distributes rights and rights cannot be subcontracted — nonetheless, the Holy See has failed its duty, and these subcontractors-of-subcontractors have been allowed to murder people and commit other crimes without accountability and without oversight.

So when Americans are accosted by, say, the FBI, these Americans are being misaddressed by Subcontractors of Subcontractors of Subcontractors—- and because of this two and three-deep Middleman system, the actual Principals have hoped to insulate themselves from being accountable.

The Agencies, which have absolutely no governmental authority with respect to Americans, function largely as foreign mercenary forces acting under color of law —- and they don’t even know their actual duty or lack of standing.

They think they are doing the right thing and they think that they have standing to do it, and they haven’t been disabused of this notion, for lack of our courts to administer the Public Law and for lack of our Peacekeepers to enforce the Public Law.

As a result, America has been riddled with crime foisted off on us by self-serving foreign corporate interests— the same Principals responsible for this despicable Breach of Trust, their Municipal Subcontractors, and their Agency Subcontractors.

Like sharks smelling blood in the water, a host of other kinds of gangs and criminal organizations have descended and started operating on our streets and even in the halls of the State Capitols and throughout Washington, DC. We have become a Mecca for criminals and all manner of piracy and criminality has flourished.

The extent of this criminality is adequately demonstrated by Biden’s admitted bullying and payola scheme with Burisma and the Government of Ukraine.

The fact that such a man could even be considered for the Presidency, much less elected by any means fair or foul, speaks volumes.

It is against this backdrop of criminality in high places that the whole issue of peacekeeping and the need for it must be considered.

Without our Public Courts in Session and without our Peacekeepers in place, there is no security and no safety in this country. We are at the mercy of competing “governmental services companies” and foreign interests operating under international law.

Restoration demands the support of the international community and determination on our parts. We are now exercising our right and responsibility to self-govern, and all fifty State Assemblies are in Session. Our Public Courts are reopening and our people have repopulated their States of the Union. In concert with this, our peacekeeping forces are also assembling.

Constitutional Sheriffs are waking up to their moral and lawful responsibilities, the State Assembly Militias are forming, and the international Peacekeeping Officers, our Continental Marshals, are organizing.

These three peacekeeping forces — sheriffs, militias, and marshals — need to work together to protect the American people from enemies both foreign and domestic.

The mission of the Peacekeeping Task Force is to support each of these branches of the peacekeeping services, to promote cooperation and networking across jurisdictional boundaries, and to help them secure educational and material resources needed to do their jobs.

In other words, the Peacekeeping Task Force is supposed to help and support each branch of the peacekeepers, individually and collectively. They are supposed to be doing this with full understanding of what “peacekeeping” is, and with commitment to the work of peacekeeping.

Additionally, the PKTF is charged with helping our Assemblies and Assembly Members to prepare for civil unrest, supply chain interruptions, and natural disasters. The focus of all peacekeepers is public safety and enforcement of the Public Law—- first, last, and always.

Our Peacekeepers are our first and our last line of defense against criminals and criminality.

We already have five branches of Armed Services and an illegally composed National Guard to fill the boots of every kind of soldiering imaginable. On top of that, the erstwhile Federal Agencies have been armed to the teeth.

And none of them are tasked with enforcing our Public Law.

It is our volunteers who hold the final line between criminality and justice. Our Sheriffs, our Assembly Militias, and our Continental Marshals.

It is naturally very damaging and disappointing to find that the Peacekeeping Task Force has been misdirected despite being given a clear and succinct mission statement and roster of duties. There is plenty of blame to go around, as usual, but we are focusing on correction and staying positive.

We hope to emerge renewed, with a firmer foundation and understanding, and greater fellowship among our peacekeepers at all levels. Meantime, keep the faith and the vision and stay on the sunny side of peace and Public Law.

See this article and over 3200 others on Anna’s website here: www.annavonreitz.com

06 19 21 Eff the Parties and the MSM



By Anna Von Reitz

I have long exposed the fact that political parties are nothing but lobbyist organizations, and in the case of the “Democrats” and “Republicans” these lobbyist organizations are generally interested in swinging public money and government contracts to cronies who are either “Workers’ in the Democratic Party Myth, or to “Robber Baron” Corporatists in the Republican Party Myth, and this all amounts to the same thing: theft.

These are all Special Interests feeding themselves at the Public Trough at the expense of everyone else, illegally and immorally, and in contravention of the actual government that this country is supposed to have.

If we had any common sense left, we would outlaw the existence of all Political Parties. Full stop.

The endlessly self-serving, gullible, and otherwise ditzy Democrats have managed to elect hard core Communists to the White House, first Barack Obama, and now, Kamala Harris.

Just read Retired Major General Higginbotham’s report for yourselves— quote:

“Kamala Harris’ father was an avowed Marxist professor in the Economics Department at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. Both of Harris’ parents were active in the Berkeley based Afro-American Association; Fidel Castro and Che Guevara were the heroes of the Afro-American Association.

The group’s leader, Donald Warden (aka Khalid al-Mansour), mentored two young Afro-American Association members, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale; they created the Maoist inspired Black Panther Party which gained strong support from Communist China; the Black Panther Party served as the model for creation of the Black Lives Matter Marxist organization Khalid al-Mansour subsequently went on to arrange financing and facilitated for Barack Hussein Obama to be accepted as a student to matriculate at Harvard Law School.” –Unquote.

This information isn’t exactly new, folks, but when and where did you ever hear it during any of the political campaigns, eh? Certainly not a word from either political party.

No information from the Mainstream Media, either. Not a peep. Just a lot of bowing down and kow-towing based on the color of a person’s skin, which by my reckoning, is the actual definition of racism.

Well, I’m sick of it. Are you sick of it? It’s time to judge people by who they are and what they do. Now.

If you are an American and “full up” with all this crap, including the institutionalization of racism, commercial slavery, and politicization of science, go here: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net

And tell Harris what you think of her cowardice and refusal to face the mess that she has helped create at the Mexican border and the genocide of millions via medical malpractice and the development and deployment of illegal bioweapons.

Let’s forget about “the outrage of the Left” and “the do-nothing idiocy of the Right” and concentrate on what’s owed to the Middle. Us.

See this article and over 3200 others on Anna’s website here: www.annavonreitz.com

06 17 21 More Filthy British Laundry



By Anna Von Reit

Boy, howdy! Things just keep getting worse and worse in the British Isles.

First, it was all the black-robed goons walking in candlelight procession around and around the effigy of a dead baby in a coffin at the London Olympics, now it’s photos of red-robed Coven members sporting the symbol of the military caste of Orion performing rituals at the G7 meeting, and photos of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s wife’s latest theater production, a thoroughly distasteful hold-your-nose production of “The Last Straw”, a work based on Aleister Crowley, once rated “the most evil man on Earth”.

That’s what you’ve got running Great Britain these days. Match it up with the equally evil red dragon holding court in the Inner City of London, and you will have all you need to put two and two together and yes, if you are not part of The Liars Club, come up with 4 instead of 5.

Imagine if you will, that this entire world, everything that you see and imagine as substantial, is in fact mostly empty space — and that the empty space is alive and holding everything together, much as the spaces between these words hold the sentence together, even though they are unseen on the page.

Imagine further that this entire construct was made via the power of sound, and woven together from ordering and setting vibratory signatures using electric charges applied to single hydrogen atoms and ions?

There’s really only one unit of construction, seven whole tones, and the unimaginable power and energy of the Voice, the Word, of the Creator.

Have you ever sung in a choir with mixed voices and parts? Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Base? Well, imagine more than a hundred such parts, all combined in infinite complexity, all orchestrated together by the empty space which is universally present and infinitely varied.

And now that you have some concept of this vast choir singing it’s infinitely varied song and have conceptualized the role and importance of the “empty” spaces, pauses, rests, and endpoints within the celestial choir’s concert masterpiece—- imagine that one no-good-nik starts singing off-key.

Just a little bit. Hardly enough to be noticed, but there and off-key nonetheless. If you are listening, you can hear it well-enough and as you notice it, it seems to be amplified, if only because you are aware of it — grating away on your nerves and diminishing your enjoyment and somehow distracting you from the whole glorious concert.

You wish the rat would simply shut his mouth and stop singing.

The silence would fill in and everything would be perfect and good. You would only notice his absence, by the relief your ears would feel, and the increase of your own enjoyment.

Well, folks, Satan is that rat. That one singing off-key.

And unfortunately, his Voice has gotten louder and louder and louder over the years, until he threatens to drown out all the beautiful and harmonious and sacred music that creates this world of ours.

Now, what can we do to put an end to this situation?

We can turn down his volume control, by turning the knob on the mainstream media (Linda T., thank you and your husband, you did exactly the right thing.) and stop listening to the freakish Rockefeller musical scale, which deliberately destroys the healing effect of celestial music and introduces harmful effects, instead.

Buy yourself some Wholetone Music and listen to that. And listen to plenty of silence, to find the well-spring of health and meaning and being.

Rest in that silence and peace after you read this British Gov memo about the “Permanent Lockdown” and who is involved in it—- absolute proof of concerted bio-terrorism via vaccination.





Facebook friends will have to go to my website, www.annavonreitz.com and be patient until it gets posted.

See this article and over 3200 others on Anna’s website here: www.annavonreitz.com

06 17 21 About Structure and Purpose Orientation of Assemblies



By Anna Von Reitz

People new to our Assemblies are often like lost ducklings, feeling uncertain about “What’s next?” and “How does this work?”

Many fall back on their prior experience with hierarchical systems and try to rebuild such a structure, at least in their minds, in the Assembly. They ask — “Who is in charge?”

During the assembling phase, and until the Assembly is fully functional and on its own, the Coordinator is in charge of making sure that the Assembly members are properly declared and recorded as Americans, and that the four functions that are common to all American Assemblies are up and going. Once the Assembly is organized and fully functional with these basics in place, the Coordinator’s position sunsets.

Each Assembly has four basic functions and all Assemblies have at least these four functions that they ultimately need to provide:

General Assembly handles in-state business. Business Assembly handles out of state business. Jural Assembly handles court services and issues. Militia Assembly handles militia services.

The State Assembly which is the embodiment of these sub-assemblies is a Committee of the Whole.

So what does that mean? It means we have no “positions of authority” that are executive in nature. We don’t have a Chief Executive Officer, like a President. Our Assembly Chairmen are Spokespersons. Stop a moment and consider the difference that this implies.

Free people endowed and enabled to act in the fullness of their individual sovereignty don’t take orders from anyone, and an assembly of such free people does not assume that any member is less or more important, except that some among us may have more skill or more learning to share, and thereby become leaders in various areas by merit and proven trustworthiness — not because they occupy an office.

Such offices as we have, are offices of service. The Assembly Chairman is the Spokesman for the Assembly, and similar to an American Common Law Judge, the Chairman speaks for the people according to what the people have as a Committee of the Whole expressed to him. He has his opinions like everyone else and he may sometimes disagree with the will of the Assembly, yet it is his duty to pronounce it—- and the Assembly has its free will, except that it is accountable to the Public Law and Custom of our country.

It is not possible, for example, for an American Assembly to adopt Communism as its form of government. If it were to do something like that, it instantly becomes something else — not an American State Assembly and not acting with the lawful standing of an American Assembly. Likewise, if an Assembly were to elect to incorporate itself, it would instantly lose its lawful standing and cease to be an American State Assembly.

All the other functionaries of the Assembly, like the State Recording Secretaries, have accepted the burden of learning skills and employing those skills to perform services for the Assembly— and it’s all volunteer at this point. In our system, it’s respect for the good will and effort that these people make to help other Americans correct and record their political status that we owe— not respect for an office per se.

Ditto our Justices and our Court Clerks, Notaries and everyone else. We are all equal as Americans, and these Americans are respected for their knowledge, their heart, and their work. Not because they hold an office.

At one time it was common throughout America to call Assemblymen by another name — “Committeemen” — because the Assembly functions as a Committee of the Whole and uses Committees to form work groups and do projects.

For the present, we are using the more familiar (though often incorrectly used) “Assemblyman” language to underline the fact that Americans have and hold the right to peaceably “assemble”.

The true purpose of all Assemblies is to provide the people of this country with a voice, both a voice about in-state issues, and a voice in international affairs.

Thus, we have the General Assembly composed of State Nationals and State Citizens to handle in-State business, and the Business (sometimes called “International”) Assembly composed of State Citizens to handle international issues.

Note: because our States are nation-states, the words “international” and “interstate” are synonymous.

Again, sometimes there is confusion and assumptions that some kind of hierarchy is involved, with State Citizens being “above” State Nationals, because they get to vote on international questions—- but this is not the case.

Our Forefathers, in their wisdom, used a system of checks and balances throughout the government structures they created. They were also ever-vigilant against conflicts of interest. As a result, they ordained that there would be a separation of jurisdiction between the County Government and the State Government.

The County has absolute authority over local law within the county borders, subject only to the Public Law and Customs of our country as a whole. Our County Sheriffs elected by each County Assembly is the highest elected peacekeeping official in America. Within its borders, each county is an island unto itself, and it’s only access to the outside world is via its participation in the State Assembly.

This was done to prevent foreign powers from coming in and forming alliances with the County Governments and picking them off one-by-one with promises of emoluments or pleas to cultural and political affiliations.

Similarly, the State Assembly has plenary authority over State-level issues, both in-State issues, and international issues.

As part of their vigilance to prevent conflict of interests, the Founders decreed that only State Citizens — the “People” in “We, the People” who willingly serve the State Government and who have no other allegiance — can vote on international questions that come before the State Assembly, and only State Citizens can serve as commanders in the State Assembly Militia.

This again helps prevent foreign powers from seducing State Governments away from serving the best interests of their States and the people living there. It also helps forestall the possibility that the State Militia could be turned against the people it is meant to serve or otherwise be misdirected.

You can all see the logic and common sense involved here, and also see that the only “superiority” implied by State Citizen status is that of service and unique allegiance.

Americans who work for the Federal Government or serve in the U.S. Military are in fact serving in foreign capacities and can’t serve two governments at once, so until they fully retire and leave Federal employment they can’t serve as State Citizens. Retirees and Pensioners can serve, but not Active Duty or Reserves.

In all these ways and more, our Assembly-based American Government is built around the individual people who ordain its existence, and its sole pre-eminent goal is to protect the people of this country and their assets — a goal that is within our reach the moment we wake up, stand up, and accept the responsibilities of self-governance.

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net and get started.

See this article and over 3200 others on Anna’s website here: www.annavonreitz.com

06 15 21 Committees of Safety and Executive Committees Aren’t For Us



By Anna Von Reitz

I am asking that all State Coordinators be given this information and burn it into their brains.

The Continental Congress delegations set up “Committees of Safety” to connect resources coming from their State Assemblies to the military, that is, to supply the Continental Army, to conduct intelligence gathering, and do contingency planning.

We are not assembled in any Congress—yet; we have no need for “Committees of Safety”, and most importantly, we are not at war. We do not propose to go to war with each other or with our own employees or with employees of our erstwhile subcontractors, either.

We propose to hold those same Principals to their contracts by lawful and peaceful means —- and if they do not concede and correct their operations on our shores, we will show them up to the entire world as criminals that are completely untrustworthy, vile, and lawless.

That’s our “Plan”.

If they contrive to attack us or get any kind of conflict going on our shores, we will Outlaw them and give them no rest until they are driven out of business. Every other country on Earth will know them as oath breakers, con artists, inland pirates, human traffickers, frauds and hypocrites, bullies, murderers and thieves. The US Raj.

Nobody will want to do business with them. Nobody will believe a word they say. Nobody will trust them anymore. Nobody will listen to them. Their own actions will show them up for what they are.

Just like Nasty Gossips caught lying. False Friends that betray a trust. BFFs caught looting your locker.

We humans may have our faults, but we all still know which way the wind blows.

We aren’t preparing for war. We are already ready. We’ve been ready since 1776. Millions of us.

Yes, there is one silver lining in having been abused and conscripted as slaves and mercenaries and occupied by our own Armed Forces. We all know more than we want to know about military operations and running surgeries out of kitchens.

We don’t need any “Committees of Safety” at this point, and if we ever do need any “Committees of Safety” both London and Rome had better kiss their asses and their money good-bye, because we won’t be the only ones coming for them.

So forget about Committees of Safety and forget about those promoting Committees of Safety. They are taking a historical fact, twisting it, and using it out of context. They are misleading patriots into taking actions that can needlessly endanger good people and also potentially provide the Vermin with an excuse to “crack down”.

Don’t take the bait. They are the ones under a microscope. They are the ones on the run. They are the ones that need to be afraid. Keep your nerve. And stay in your lane.

Everyone in your Assembly needs to be clued in and settled down. Everyone needs to stick together and support each other as friends and neighbors. Our State Assembly Militias are perfectly lawful and devoted to Public Safety as Peacekeepers. Not soldiers.

And now I want to point out that “Executive Committees” are foreign to the entire concept of an American State Assembly. The very word “executive” should give you a clue. Our executive power is vested directly in the people of this country, not some clown pretending to “represent” the people.

Our Assembly Chairmen are spokespersons, not executives.

Executives run corporations and the corporations are what have brought us all to this madness and mayhem—-Robber Barons and Bankers out of control, Silicon Valley Nerds, Hollywood Scum, Big Pharma, NEA, CDC, WHO, et al.

Those who are dragging their corporate experience into our Assemblies need to be corrected and prevented from perpetuating the same evils all over again. Remember the plain, simple truth that Hannah Arendt taught—- if we don’t watch ourselves, we become what we hate.

Just like the idiots decrying racism and teaching “Critical Race Theory” —- they have become what they pretend to hate: racists teaching racism to others.

When you come to our Assemblies, cast away your assumptions about hierarchy, authority, and “executive power”. Our Executive Power is vested in the Public Law and the people upholding it. Period.

I trust that these two examples are sufficient to point out the necessity of thinking before acting. Liars are not welcome in our Assemblies. Neither are gossips nor pot-stirrers nor power-mongers.

If that’s all you’ve got to offer, people, stay home.

See this article and over 3200 others on Anna’s website here: www.annavonreitz.com

06 15 21 Your Banks Progress and Instructions



By Anna Von Reitz

Here’s a quick update on progress for the International Trade Bank (“Blue Dot” Banks) initiatives that are now on the way.

Trade Bank Committees are forming all over the world and people are quickly answering the call. More than a dozen countries are ready to charter their own international trade bank, but having identified people with the correct political standing to act as Founders, and having found competent volunteers to act as bank stewards, fiduciaries, comptrollers, and directors, many of these Trade Bank Committees are stymied by the prospect of writing and issuing an International Trade Bank Charter, and still more are struggling over forming a wholly-owned commercial bank subsidiary.

We have templated a basic charter that covers both bases, so now all that the various International Trade Bank Committees need to do is send us some basic information, we’ll enter it into the template, and send back a charter ready for signatures.

To assist in this manner, we need the following information:

  1. Name of their country: Ireland, Spain, Argentina, etc.
  2. The “Demonym” they use: Irish, Australian, Canadian, etc.
  3. The name of their International Trade Bank
  4. The name of the associated wholly-owned Commercial Bank
  5. The date they want on their Charter paperwork or instruction to leave blank
  6. The names and addresses of the Founders
  7. The names and addresses of the Officers (Steward, Fiduciary, Comptroller, Director)
  8. Any special instructions or concerns.

Send to my attention at: avannavon@gmail.com with the Subject line “Charter”. I will forward it on to our Forms Master, who recommends that everyone secure a copy of Affinity Publisher software to expedite continuing interaction among the various Trade Bank Committees.

Please note that banking, like law, is an occupation of common right —and is not and never has been licensed on the land and soil jurisdiction of any country.

Please also note that International Trade Banks deal in lawful money, not commercial fiat and not military script. As a result, Trade Banks are the correct banks to accept deposits of actual assets, which include “cash value” assets, like silver certificates and cured labor bonds ready for settlement, as well as gold, silver, platinum, jewels and similar assets.

Commercial banks deal in fiat currencies issued by private banks and in military scripts, bonds, stocks, and similar instruments collectively known as “commercial paper”. These forms of “legal tender” are not lawful money and are only used as currencies in the jurisdictions of the sea and the air — not the land and soil.

As such, commercial banks are the correct banks to use to translate and deposit and transfer all forms of legal tender.

Please note— the Americans have a special contract that allows them to “denominate” legal tender as lawful money; that is, Americans can force the commercial banks to count legal tender as if it was lawful money and treat it as such. They can also invoke a “dollar for dollar” exchange rate.

These advantages allow us to redeem fiat currencies of all kinds as lawful money of all kinds, using the fiat USD to Silver Dollar exchange rate as the standard. So, Americans can translate fiat Euros or USD issues into lawful money, and vice versa.

This is the reason that the International Trade Bank network hub, The Global Family Bank, is organized under American auspices and under American Public Law. There is no other country that we know of that has retained its ability to translate fiat money into lawful money and lawful money into fiat.

The actual Americans (not U.S. Citizens) can provide a gateway for the rest of the world and back pre-paid credit and Treasury Bonds as a cash-value asset. We can translate lawful money into fiat credit notes and credit notes into lawful money, resolve debt-credit transactions via offset (thus relieving corporate public debt) and open up a viable escape route from the chaos that will predictably result once so-called “emergency” commodity rigging stops.

On that front, the Bank of International Settlements has been prevailed upon to delay implementation of Basel 3 until January of 2023, which gives us a year and a half to complete the International Trade Bank Charters, Bank Treaties, Asset transfers, and other necessary work.

It’s still a good, stiff schedule to meet on a worldwide basis and we cannot — any of us, any country — afford to drag our feet. Relief of the so-called “Taxpayers” and the corporate public debts of all countries is urgently needed, so let’s boot ‘er up and be on time for once.

And let’s never forget the lessons learned.

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06 15 21 Here’s How It Goes, American History -101 – 2 The Confederation



By Anna Von Reitz

As we learned in part 101-1, the American Government started out as a Union of former Colonies, which were all geographically-described estates belonging to the people who lived within their borders, and secondly, with an unincorporated Federation of Estate Governments, The United States of America, which enabled the people of this country to speak with one voice in international and global affairs.

That’s the way it was for five long years, 1776 to 1781. This entire country functioned with just two branches of government in place: national and international/global, with all the international and global issues being fielded by the Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.

So take yourself back to 1781. It’s the height of the Revolutionary War. The various former Colonies described initially as “estates” have become known as “states”. They are bound together in Common Cause against Great Britain.

As of January 1, 1781, there are still only two branches of the American Government in operation — the Union, doing business at that time as “the” United States, and the Federation doing business as The United States of America, which deals with everything else.

This burden of dealing with “everything else” was overwhelming the Officers of The United States of America — men like Franklin and Adams and Jefferson were kept busy trying to navigate the course of international diplomacy at the same time they endeavored to produce and pay for gunpowder at home.

Something had to give, so the Confederation was born.

The purpose of the Confederation was to conduct commercial business for the States.

Each State that was already a member of the Federation chartered a new entity, called a “state of state” organization, and these new business entities, like The State of New York and The State of Georgia, then joined together to form a Confederation.

It was this process that was memorialized by The Articles of Confederation.

The burden of conducting global commercial business was thus lifted off of the Federation and shifted onto the Confederation, though obviously, the States of the Federation remained able to conduct business in the global jurisdiction in the event that the Confederation as a whole or any member State-of-State failed.

Always remember that the Federation conducted all international and global business for a period of five years. In a pinch, it can always do so again, because its members are sovereign States.

The Federation of States thus gave up some powers and duties that were initially its responsibility, and handed them off as a delegation of power to the Confederation of States doing business as the States of America.

A third branch was thus added to the original American Government and by the end of 1781, we had:

(1) the Union doing business as the United States,

(2) the Federation doing business as The United States of America, (3) and the Confederation doing business as the States of America.

The Articles of Confederation create a new and “more perfect union” — of what? The answer is —-American State-of-State organizations, like The State of New York and The State of Massachusetts.

No other union was being replaced by The Articles of Confederation; instead, a new union joining together business entities was being created.

Please note that this arrangement left a Federation whose members were all States of the Union like New York, Maine, and Virginia, functioning side by side with a Confederation whose members were all states-of-states, like The State of New York and The State of Maine.

In the parlance of our Forefathers, we had States and Confederate States, and the “Confederate States” were actually state-of-state business corporations chartered by the States.

This simple difference between States and Confederate States has created one of the most damaging and confusing semantic conundrums in the history of our country.

People who were not taught the difference readily called the Confederate States by the same name as the actual States, and mistook one for the other—- but a State of the Union exists in a different realm and capacity than any state-of-state organization it charters.

An unincorporated State is a sovereign entity; but, a “Confederate State” is a business organization chartered by a State. They are not the same thing at all.

By the end of 1781, you have three branches of American Government in operation:

(1) the (e)states of the United States (national soil jurisdiction);

(2) the States of The United States of America (international jurisdiction);

(3) the States-of-States of the States of America (global jurisdiction).

These represent different functions or “branches” of one government — a Union of (e)states operating as an international Federation of States and as a global Confederation of States-of-States.

In general terms, the Union is supposed to determine everything that happens on the surface of the Earth apportioned to it, the Federation is responsible for the land underlying the soil and for operations at sea, including international trade; the Confederation is responsible for conducting commercial business for the States.

This compartmentalization of duties worked well-enough for the next 79 years.

And then, something happened.

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06 15 21 ‘End the Mad Cow Confusion About We the People’



By Anna Von Reitz

Let’s end the confusion about who “We, the People” are— once and for all?

There have always been “people” and “People” in this country.

The “people” refers to the General Populace, meaning everyone who lives here; the “People” refers to State Citizens, those who act as Deputies of the “people” in each State to conduct the business affairs of each State, and who are charged to act as Fiduciary Deputies for their State of the Union.

In a free country we all have a choice to make. We can live our lives as one of the people with a small “p”, in what we call a State National status, and owe no duty to the State Government beyond keeping the peace, or, we can step up and shoulder the responsibilities of self-governance at the State level and serve as State Citizens and make decisions as Fiduciary Deputies of the State Government.

This is why it says “We, the People” are setting up the constitutional agreements and committing the State Governments to perform their part, and not “We, the people”.

The People are the State-level Fiduciary Deputies of the States of the Union, the Principals enabled to commit the States to a course of action, and there are no others lawfully empowered to do so.

So, the People, the Fiduciary Deputies of the States, operating as State Citizens, are the only ones who are Parties to the Federal Constitutions and they, operating via their instrumentality, our unincorporated Federation of States, doing business as The United States of America, are the only ones with the lawful and legal capacity to enforce the Federal Constitutions.

It’s precisely because our States of the Union have not been in Session for decades and our State Citizens have not been identified and active, that the Federal Constitutions have been disrespected and evaded by the other Principals— the British Monarch, the Popes, and the Lord Mayor of London.

They openly claimed that we were “absent”, “in interregnum”, “missing, lost at sea” and so on.

To be fair, we gave them some cause to think this, because we did not qualify our people as Americans after the Second World War, didn’t summon our State Assemblies into Session, and let most of our court functions lapse.

Encouraged to think that they could get away with it by our inaction, the other Principals scurried around behind our backs, registered each one of us as bastard children abandoned on a “battlefield”, and also as wards of their respective foreign governments—- attempting to claim us as property belonging to their commercial enterprises and using us and our assets as collateral for their debts.

THAT, my friends, is what has gone on here. They have preyed upon the ignorant for so long and with such success, that they have grown arrogant and ignorant themselves. At the lowest levels of their administration the drudges responsible can no longer tell who is an employee and who is an employer.

So it is up to us to tell them in no uncertain terms.

It’s also up to us to know who we are.

As things stand, we have millions of Americans who have been deliberately misidentified as British Territorial U.S. Citizens and as Municipal CITIZENS of the United States.

This has been done without their knowledge or consent, so of course, they assume that they are Americans and act as Americans—-without, however, being legally “recognizable” as Americans.

If we don’t come forward and identify ourselves and declare our political status —–and record it and publish it—- and organize our own State Assemblies, our employees reserve the right to abuse us and make legal presumptions about us at their “discretion”.

This is the schtick that has allowed these foreign “Special Admiralty” Carpetbagger Courts to prey upon our people with such devastating success. This is why District —as in District of Columbia– Court Judges will sneer at you and tell you that the Constitutions don’t apply in their courts.

The citizenry of the District of Columbia has never had access to any of the constitutional guarantees— only constitutional obligations. If you are not an American, you have no constitutional guarantees, either.

So they have endeavored to take by deceit and legal mechanism what they could never win by open warfare, in the same way that they are now attempting to quietly murder millions of Americans via unaccountable medical malpractice.

This situation must come to an end, both by bringing international condemnation and law to bear upon the Perpetrators, and by “manning up” our own American Government. The sooner, the better.

The first Order of Business is to identify yourself as an American and record your proper birthright political status — that is, identify yourself as someone owed every jot of the Federal Constitutions.

The second step is to join your State Assembly and engage the responsibilities and rights of self-governance.

Yes, you have to DIY — Do It Yourselves —- but you are Americans, after all.

You can do anything that has to be done, as you have proven many times before.

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net and weigh in.

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06 13 21 What Did I Tell You About Killing Their Priority Creditors?



By Anna Von Reitz

I cannot believe that people are still being coerced and “shamed” and otherwise hounded into “voluntarily” being vaccinated with this goop.

As Priority Creditors of these Monsters, we all have a bulls-eye target painted on our backs.

They don’t want to pay us. They make more money by killing us. Wake up.

They are in the process of killing millions of Americans, and have already killed millions of people in India. For God’s sake, wake up. Now.

This isn’t a “war”. It’s a commercial crime. And the British Crown is the main perpetrator. Again. Still. All the people in all the countries that have suffered under the lash of the British Raj since World War II are at risk.

The military isn’t going to save you. The military Paymaster is a British Corporation — SERCO. Haven’t you observed that the military is standing there with thumbs inserted?

They are a big part of the whole problem. They are the ones who have been in control of our money since 1863. Read General Order 100.

The military brought you the first big “public bankruptcy” in 1906. Prior to that, they removed all your gold to “safe-keeping” offshore in the Philippines. The Federal Reserve scam and bondage? The military again. The Great Depression? Kennedy Assassination? Tricky Dick? The Two Party System? The crooked “Government” accounting system?

The Crooked Idiot Biden?

All this and more has been brought to you by Uncle Sam’s Merry Men.

You think the military is going to clean up the CIA when they depend on the CIA and its 78 subsidiaries for all that juicy Black Ops funding?

So here they are, tacitly participating in a “Soft Kill” of the American People that they are supposed to protect against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Here they are, letting drug cartels pour over our Southern Border and transferring money intended for the Border Wall to construction at overseas bases, instead. Leaving us wide open at home.

No more shameful display of cowardice, dereliction of duty, and negligence has been observed in a thousand years. Perhaps they all think that if they stay quiet and don’t move, nobody will notice?

Put the hammer down and call these politicians out.

Do it, knowing that we are going to lose friends and co-workers and loved ones and many will even lose their own dear children because of these profoundly evil men and women.

And because you have all sat on your rumps and let these traitorous fools rule over you.

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06 12 21 No Fifth Dimension



By Anna Von Reitz

First of all, there are no “dimensions”.

There is just one ever-expanding non-delimited morphogenic information field. Period. No “fifth dimension” to go to.

Second, there is no “time”.

Time is nothing but a cataloguing system, like index cards.

The characteristic of the information field that we are trying to express as “time” is actually “place” within the information field.

Third, our mathematics is hopelessly imprecise and wrong-headed.

As a result of our math being incorrect, everything else is incorrect– and we can’t get straight until that fundamental flaw is addressed.

This means that our language and our science and everything else, including our thinking process, is more or less fubar, too.

It means that “Einstein” was no Einstein.

And 90% of what we have been taught is bunk.

Members of the military and the scientific community have been shown this, but they have refused to correct the math.

The idiocy and idolatry of the current banking system has been fully revealed, too.

Earth’s “leaders” persist in willful self-delusion and continue to promote sheer hokum for illusory profit.

When we call for new leaders to take responsibility for themselves and their planet, we hear crickets.

Everyone seems to assume that it is someone else’s job. Above their pay grade.

Let’s ask you — look around. Could you do a worse job?

And meantime, psychopathic madness and lies reign supreme:

A full third of the ocean on this planet is dead.

The atmospheric oxygen is down to 15% from 28%.

And the idiots-in-charge are focusing on the build-up of carbon dioxide which is caused by lack of oxygen as the problem.

People are looking to the military to save them.

The military is useless.

The U.S. Military is dependent on Britain. A British corporation, SERCO, acts as their Paymaster. Go figure.

The DOD, which is controlled by EU interests, is useless, too.

Millions of Americans are being coerced into vaccinations.

After the terrible effects of this become obvious, they will be told they did it to themselves.

Nobody else is responsible for the harm done. They volunteered.

Not the corporations that produced the poison.

Not the “Medical Doctors” and others who distributed it.

Not the politicians who rammed this down our throats for profit.

Not Bill Gates, who was already under indictment for maiming and/or killing and sterilizing 750,000 children in India via “vaccines” when all this started.

Not Anthony Fauci, who partnered with Moderna to make a killing — literally and figuratively.

He’s a Eugenicist and obviously, killing and sterilizing those dumb enough to take the shot, was a good result in his view. Culling the herd. Only the fittest survive. The Lesser are slated to die and be used as weapons.

We disagree.

We believe that these men are monsters as bad or worse than Hitler and Stalin ever were.

We believe that they have been given political power under Color of Law in violation of our Constitutions.

We believe that this is an Act of War being carried out under Color of Law.

And we hold every single one of those perpetuating this situation responsible for capital level crimes.

Any other questions?

If you want to save yourselves and your planet, go to:


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06 08 21 Here’s How It Goes — American Government 101-1



 By Anna Von Reitz

The States exist as separate nation-states, however, they voluntarily joined together so they could operate as a group of united states when and where it served their best interest to do so.

That’s where the name “United States” comes from.

They formed the Union to address their “mutual need” for a common defense and a common monetary system, to establish common weights and measures for use throughout the country and in foreign trade, to choose an official language in which to conduct business and diplomacy, to establish public roads and other public infrastructure promoting development and interstate trade, to promote common trade policies, provide domestic and foreign mail services, etc.—all these and similar mutual concerns were addressed by the Union of States, and all these efforts served to bulwark their well-being as individual States of the Union.

Very early on, within months of issuing The Unanimous Declaration of Independence, these same united states (technically still calling themselves United Colonies) realized that they needed to act as one body in the realm of international diplomacy; otherwise, it would have been too easily to leverage one state against another using economic or military powers. To create this united front, the former colonists created The United States of America, an unincorporated Federation to represent their interests abroad.

From the very beginning, The United States of America has functioned exclusively in the international and global jurisdictions.

The Founders deliberately separated the Union, doing business as the United States, from the Federation doing business as The United States of America, because they wanted to establish a separation of powers, with the United States in control of what happened at home, and The United States of America in control of what happened abroad.

Probably no other single issue has created more confusion than the proliferation of entities doing business variously as “the” United States over the years. It is important for Americans to realize that this appellation has applied to different organizations and business entities at different times in our government’s development.

In the early years “the United States” referred to the Union of Colonies and later, the Union of States —and this is the entity being referred to as “the United States” in all the early treaties and diplomatic documents. After the adoption of the Federal Constitutions, this same name “the United States” was applied to the American Federal Republic, while the original Union of States became known as The United States. Then, after the Civil War, when the American Federal Republic ceased to operate, the Municipal Government began using the name “the United States”.

Today, these same three words, “the United States” have to be interpreted from context, both in terms of the subject matter of documents and the time in which the documents were written, and they can mean:

(1) the name of the country as a nation among other nations;

(2) the political union of states being referenced in context;

(3) a federal corporation doing business as the United States.

To the United States, our unincorporated Union of States, properly styled as The United States, belongs the right, title, and interest in the mutually shared powers of the county governments which allow this version of “United States” to do things like establish an interstate highway system.

The name “The United States of America” is far less ambiguous, though it has suffered, too, and has to be interpreted according to time and context.

The United States of America was and still is the Proper Name of our unincorporated Federation of States. To this Federation belongs the right, title, and interest in the mutually shared powers of the State Governments, which allows it to do things like represent the actual States in foreign diplomatic venues and international courts.

Beginning after the adoption of the Federal Constitutions, another entity called “the” United States of America appeared, this and was adopted as the name of the British-affiliated Territorial Government Please note that the definite article, “the” is not and never was part of the official name of this entity.

Later, various corporations infringed upon our Good Name, most notably a Scottish commercial corporation that did business as “The United States of America” — Incorporated from 1868 to 1907, and the United States of America, Inc., a Delaware Corporation formed by the Roman Catholic Church that operated from 1925 to 1933, and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, a Municipal Government corporation and the USA, Inc., a Territorial-owned Municipal Corporation….

Today, the words “United States of America” may mean:

(1) the generalized name of the country in international jurisdiction;(2) the unincorporated Federation of States;

(3) the British-affiliated Territorial Government;

(4) any one of a number of corporations past and present doing business “as” some version of “United States of America” without permission.

These, then, are the principal entities that started the ball rolling and operated the entire government for the first five years, 1776 to 1781:

(1) the Union of states known variously as “the United States” holding mutually shared powers delegated to it by the county governments, operating exclusively in national (soil) jurisdiction;

(2) the Federation of States known as “The United States of America” holding mutually shared powers delegated to it by the State Governments, operating exclusively in international (land and sea) and/or global (air) jurisdictions.

In 1781, the Union and the Federation were joined by the Confederation of States, organized under The Articles of Confederation. This entity doing business as the States of America, was a commercial business enterprise operating exclusively in the global (air) jurisdiction. But that’s another story.

For now, concentrate on how this American Government began— with a Union of counties (national soil jurisdiction) called the United States, and a Federation of States (international land and sea and air jurisdiction) called The United States of America.

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06 08 21 For the Military Geniuses Among Us



By Anna Von Reitz

Not one dollar of any military payroll, not one dollar spent on any military equipment or supply, not one dollar spent on armaments, rockets, tanks, jet fighters, or any other defense expenditure ever came from the Queen or the Pope or “the” Congress.

All that money came from one source: the American People.

And who are the American People? They are the State Citizens who signed the Federal Contracts known as Constitutions.

All the folks back home. The rank and filers who paid for it all.

Now, what happens to you, when millions of Americans die?

You don’t get paid, because there’s nobody left to pay you. Your budgets go the way of the Dodo. You are disgraced. Useless. Finished.

And that is what is coming to you if you continue to let these corporate managers lead you around like bulls on a nose ring. That’s what happens if you let Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci get away with their Humanoid-GMO-population-reduction crap.

That’s what happens when all those body bags that you and FEMA have put in place get used.

You become obsolete.

There will be no need for you, because you failed your duty to protect.

And that is the truth of the matter, boys.

Take a good deep breath and own it.

You’ve already failed millions of Americans whose lives are now compromised because of you and your lack of intelligence and leadership and guts.

You all stood there like dumb beasts and let all these innocent people be “vaccinated” by these monsters in suits.

You’re still standing there mum as tombstones, dumb beefeaters, worthless as tits on a boor, without the sense to save yourselves, much less anyone else.

And you wonder why I am “anti-military”?

I’m not anti-military. I am pro-military, if I could find one worth its salt. I’d pay good money for half a dozen generals who could recognize the actual domestic terrorists in the room.

And let’s get a clue, it’s not me or any of the other old ladies pointing our knitting needles at you.

It’s all the medical officers conscripted under Title 37 who have been misdirected and turned into an army to kill innocent Americans —and this has been done on your watch; it’s still occurring as I write this.

Elders and little kids, teenagers and college students, workers in factories and schools, being silently murdered and sterilized while you Worthlessers do nothing to stop it.

You couldn’t recognize a domestic terrorist if one bit you on the nose. Or shoved a needle up your rump.

For all the trillions of dollars spent on you, you can’t think your way out of a paper bag. You are all completely boggled by reams of paper issued by experts who aren’t experts at all, by people occupying vacant offices on false pretenses, and political party sideshows that shouldn’t exist if you were doing your job.

There’s just one thing providing you with jobs and it is called The Constitution of the United States of America. If you can’t read it and recognize who is owed all those guarantees, then what good are you to anyone?

Read it. See any mention of “public health mandates” anywhere? Masks? Coerced vaccinations? Experimental genetic engineering protocols? Anthony Fauci, President? Bill Gates, Vice President? When in blazes did these maniacs get elected to any public office?

That old musty contract is your contract, and if you dishonor it, guess who is next on the chopping block?

Don’t talk about what you are going to do. It’s past time for you to be doing it.

Bill Gates was being prosecuted by the Government of India for maiming and murdering 750,000 children in India via his vaccination programs five years ago.

And where have all you military geniuses been? Apparently in a gin bottle with your ear plugs on and a cork up your %^$&##%$.

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06 08 21 Additional Issues for The Court of International Justice Blood Money 25 Legacy Trusts



By Anna Von Reitz

Among the more odious excuses that we have heard from the criminally-minded among us is the excuse that people have “died” to their inherent political status and “voluntarily” adopted both political statuses and conditions which were never disclosed to them. Despite this, we are not deceived and do not fail to object.

Let it come to the Notice of all Justices and Magistrates that the creation of GMO Humanoids by the injection of foreign genetically engineered mRNA has already been outlawed in this country as of January 1, 2020 and that this continuing assault against humanity must be brought to an abrupt and permanent halt.

Nobody who has accepted these injections was given full disclosure. In fact, they were deliberately deceived by WHO and other complicit criminal organizations that collaborated to change the meaning of “vaccine” to include an experimental genetic engineering protocol harmful to human life.

Those responsible are below the benchmark of sanity and they must all be rounded up and held accountable without regard for nationality or political status.

Each and every corporation functioning as a national government is responsible for the harm they have caused their employers.

This includes the deliberate spreading of false information and propaganda. The Media franchises of these so-called National Corporations must be prosecuted as accomplices and the Medical Doctors who have allowed and promoted this genocide as defined by Territorial Law — see 18 USC 1091 — must be held accountable.

The banks and commercial corporations that have sought to benefit themselves by claiming that people are rendered Genetically Modified Organisms by this heinous injection process, and as such, are patented property, subject to disposal—- must be liquidated. Immediately. Summarily.

This excuse by which they seek to legalize genocide must be recognized for what it is. — a heinous and unjustifiable excuse, unlawful, immoral, and illegal to the core.

These outrages must be answered decisively and swiftly and without any further misinterpretation of civil law.

Despite any upheaval or confusion caused by The American Civil War, the First World War, or the Second World War or any self-serving legal definitions offered by the Perpetrators of these crimes against humanity — herein rebutted— the actual civil law pertaining to the estates of these people and their nature is already spelled out and has been for a thousand years:

Resoluto jure concedentis, resolvitur jus concessum: by the extinction of the right of the grantor, the right granted is extinguished.

Res nullius naturaliter fit primi occupantis: the property of no one naturally becomes that of the first occupant.

As we have observed, all right, title, and interest in our Delegated Powers and all property interests invested by delegation returned to the Delegator, our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, by Operation of Law — and that includes all custodial interest vested in or presumed to exist or to be exercised by any instrumentality of the Queen or the Pope — upon their bankruptcy.

As this is true for the nation as a whole, it is also true for the Lawful Persons of our nation.

Thus, for example, the loss of our Title IV Flag by a bankrupt instrumentality of the Pope returns that version of our flag to our custody, and not to the custody of any Third Party.

The bankruptcy of any instrumentality of the Queen has no impact upon the actual ownership of private property including property trusts belonging to Americans.

We call for immediate corrective action and determined disciplinary action against the British Crown Corporation and the Government of Westminster and the Roman Curia and their corporations in sum total for allowing these predatory, inhumane, and war-like practices and False Legal Presumptions to continue against their employers—- and failing that, we call for their immediate and permanent liquidation as corporations, and expulsion from the world community as organizations or governments of any kind.

We hereby provide Notice to The International Court of Justice, the Court of the Lord High Steward, and the Vatican Chancery Court, that all of this wrong-doing has occurred in the realm of commerce and has merely extended its reach into the territorial realm via constructive, so-called discretionary non-enforcement of the actual Public Law via another constructive fraud — the purported existence of Special Admiralty provisions allowing the usurpation of the jurisdiction of the sea upon the land.

There are no such provisions in our Treaties with these Principals.

The actual Public Law is not subject to discretionary enforcement by any employee, trustee, or representative. The Public Law is a mandatory enforcement obligation of all trustees, employees, administrators, officers, and officials pretending any authority or association with the actual Government of this country and is an obligation of all Principals under both The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America.

The above-described attempt to legalize genocide by these madmen is only the most recent example of their drive to mischaracterize living people and to thereby deprive and defraud them of their natural standing, so as to unlawfully seize upon their property assets and dispossess them as the natural owners of their Proper Names, bodies, businesses, and homes.

It is the responsibility of the Popes to immediately liquidate the offending corporations and return the purloined rights, titles, interests, and assets to the victims of these charlatans. The Roman Curia is in particular the organization responsible for the existence and definition of these corporations and is held to account for them.

As a result of earlier similar attempts to mischaracterize and defraud the living people by corporate entities, more than 5,000 so-called institutional Legacy Trusts holding most of the gold and silver and other assets of the world, have been presumed to exist and to belong to the Perpetrators of these schemes acting as “representatives” and “agents” of the actual owners — without the knowledge or permission of the actual owners.

These convenient institutional Executors de Son Tort are nonetheless guilty of all the errors, omissions, and unlawful standing of all such Persons, whether individuals or instrumentalities, institutions or Principals.

We call for the immediate return of all such Legacy Trusts to the actual owners and depositors, including the return of all such primary asset deposits — gold, silver, jewels, etc., owed to The United States of America and to all American depositors, without any pretense that they are or have been missing, whereabouts unknown.

The tax records of the Perpetrators of this scheme more than adequately demonstrate that the whereabouts of the actual owners, like the whereabouts of the actual heirs, have been known throughout this debacle, and have been deliberately obscured in order to promote fraud against the victims of these schemes.

All deposits of our assets on a worldwide basis are subject to our wishes and we wish for a full accounting from all the banks responsible.

With a worldwide corporation-sponsored genocide underway against the living people and with the Priority Creditors being mercilessly targeted by such international criminals as Anthony Fauci, M.D., and William Gates III, there is no time to be lost in lengthy deliberation by the High Courts.

We wish for the issuance of International Arrest Warrants for the immediate arrest of Dr. Anthony Fauci and William Gates, III, their collaborators, and associates, involved in this massive crime spree. We do not recognize any claim of contrary authority or non-participation by the United States or any of its corporations.

Both the Roman Civil Law and the Territorial Code are clearly stated, and there can be no doubt that these above-named Persons and Parties are in criminal violation of both.

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06 08 21 Administrative Leave Imposed Effective Immediately



By James Clinton Belcher

Eric Brian Dingis will no longer be acting as Director of the Peacekeeping Task Force. Effective immediately, Susan Hauck will be Acting Director. Eric will be on Administrative Leave until further notice and completion of a training course.

The simple fact that the Continental Marshals are commissioned directly by The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, has been consistently misinterpreted by various parties.

This is not only a mistake, any such misinterpretation of the Marshal’s position and authority results in a dangerous commingling of jurisdictions that would lead to prosecution of the individual Marshals and to the organization as a whole.

The States, acting individually, have no say in the administration or deployment of the Continental Marshals and never have had any such authority.

Any attempt to undermine the authority of The United States of America in this matter is an attempt to undermine the structure of the American Government as a whole and must be recognized as an immediate threat to all concerned.

Please inform all Marshals and Peacekeeping Task Force Members and conduct your operations accordingly. Eric is asked to immediately report himself and his activities to our Federation Liaison Officer and to stand down pending further investigation.

James Clinton Belcher,

Head of State

The United States of America

60 08 21 Its Not a Vaccine People



By Anna Von Reitz

What have we learned about the Liars Club?

Their entire modus operandi is to deceive, deceive, deceive. First, last, and always, their mouths are twisted. Their thoughts are twisted. Everything about these Devotees to the Father of All Lies —- is twisted.

They are at fault, so what do they do? They blame the victims of their evil.

They did something awful, so what do they do? They accuse innocent Third Parties or the victims of their evil of doing the same thing.

The Truth and the Law is against them, so what do they do? They rename and relabel things to have different meanings.

And this is a case in point.

They have changed the definition of “vaccine” and presented something that isn’t a vaccine as a “vaccine” under this new definition of the word.


A lie by any other name is still a lie.

So it is not a vaccine, and it’s not even a virus.

The issue is that foreign mRNA is being injected into your body, just like foreign mRNA is injected into a corn plant to create a genetically modified organism (GMO).

And just as genetically modified corn produces its own pesticides, you are being altered to produce foreign proteins that attack the lining of your arteries and veins.

Is this illegal? Yes.

Is this immoral? Yes.

Is this unlawful? Yes.

Should everyone involved be prosecuted? Yes.

Are they being prosecuted? Yes.

And if anyone attempts to coerce you into taking this “vaccine” are you entitled to sue them? Yes.

If anyone offers to vaccinate you by force, are you enabled to respond with deadly force? Yes.

If anyone tells you that you have to be vaccinated as a condition of employment are you enabled to invoked Federal Law, including 18 USC 1091? Yes.

If anyone fires you from a job or discriminates against you in the workplace on the basis of whether or not you have been vaccinated, can you file a complaint against that employer with the State Labor Board? Yes.

If any business refuses to serve you based on whether or not you have been “vaccinated” or not, do you have the right to sue them for violation of Federal Law? Yes.

If anyone tells you that you have to shut down your business now or ever as a result of “public health concerns” to you have the right to tell them to leave your premises and not return? Yes, you have that absolute right.

The only contracts that Americans have with either one of these foreign commercial corporations are very explicit and easy to read.

The Constitution of the United States is your only contract with the US CORP in any form.

The Constitution of the United States of America is your only contract with the USA, INC. in any form.

Neither one say a single word about health concerns. Your health and public health alike are private concerns of the American People, and are not left to the discretion or interference of our employees or their dependents.

Be not like dumb driven cattle.

Look, listen, learn, and defend yourselves from these monsters in suits.

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06 08 21 Incorrigible Corrupt Judges and Other Matters



By Anna Von Reitz


Today, I was asked — is Public Law the same as Common Law?

We’ve gone around and around and around about this and nobody was getting it.

I finally said— the Public Law is ice cream. The Common Law is the kind of ice cream.

I am not sure if that went over some heads or not, but really, people need to understand that “common law” is a catch-all phrase used to describe many forms of law that use prior cases and their results as the basis for deciding current cases.

In a fundamental way, that’s all that the phrase “common law” means, and so you can have civilian common law of various kinds, ecclesiastical common law, even military common law.

The actual magic is the Public Law, which is meant to apply equally to everyone at all times. It is this “commonality” of the Public Law that so many people are searching for, and mistaking for “common law”.

Some forms of common law are dreadful. For example the Spanish Law of the Inquisition is perfectly sound Common Law —- it uses all sorts of former decisions as the basis for decisions today, but that in no way suggests that those decisions were ever wise or humane or just to begin with.

So instead of mucking around trying to herd squirrels, let’s just focus on the endgame. What is it that you are actually searching for?


And common law is no guarantee that justice will be served, as we just demonstrated — enshrining and perpetuating bad decisions and prejudices is an inevitable danger of common law of all kinds, so it behooves us to be sure that the kind of “Common Law” that we are searching for and taking refuge in, is our own Public Law.

Public Law in this country assumes the obligation of justice for all. Private law assumes no such thing. Both can be executed in the form of “common law”.

As so many people have learned, you can have chocolate flavored ice cream or chocolate flavored pickles, and you should never leave it to a judge in one of these foreign courts to divine which one you are asking for.

In America, you need to stand on your feet as an American and invoke the Public Law. Don’t let these crafty judges weasel around and interpret your calls for “common law” to mean, for example, military common law. Or Arabian common law. Or Noahide common law.

Also, remember, particularly in Mortgage cases:

(1) The actual mortgage and paperwork never leaves the hands of the original Lender, so don’t let them substitute a Third Party Bill Collector as any real party of interest. You don’t have a contract with that Third Party. Say so. Demand to see any contract between the “Servicing Agent” and you. Always drag the original “Lender” into the proceedings by naming them as a the True Party of Interest.

(2) Always go directly to the bank CFO acting as “Lender” and tell that executive in no uncertain terms that his bank has misaddressed you as a Municipal CITIZEN of the United States, and it is his responsibility to make correction. You are in fact exempt from Municipal debts and presumptions and you wish for the entire matter to be corrected and any mortgage debt to be discharged in your favor through the Fed Window. He can lose his licenses and credit ratings if he messes around trying to defraud you.

(3) Tackle the State Judicial Council (Territorial) and, if there is one in your State, the State Banking Commission and Judicial Commission. Tell them all in no uncertain terms that you are an American, not a Municipal CITIZEN and not a Territorial U.S. Citizen, either one, and you are being deliberately misaddressed. Send your complaint with copies to your State Secretary of State, the head Clerk of Court, the Department of Public Safety and the State of State Governor.

And take no Low Ball Offers.

We’ve seen Sharpies like Black Rock, Inc., come in, buy up bonds that are worth billions of dollars, and come around and offer the people those bonds actually belong to a $10,000.00 “settlement”. These are rapacious, ugly, mean-spirited, greedy, power-hungry corporations, and the only thing they deserve is liquidation for criminal activity.

Tell your friends and neighbors the same. Beware of any and all “settlement” offers, and accept any hand-outs as gifts. Keep on your toes.

Some of the rats are saying they are going to give you back “as much as” $70,000.00 out of the billions they owe every average American. Tell them to go pound sand.

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06 07 21 A Timely Reminder — Nuremberg 2.0 is in Session



By Anna Von Reitz

To quote a timely report:

“During the Nuremberg trials, the media were also prosecuted and members were killed for lying to the public, along with many of the doctors and Nazis found guilty of crimes against humanity.”

Perhaps we should remind FB and Twitter and all the Mainstream Media Talking Heads?

Media, too.

And “Uniformed Officers” — medical doctors —mindlessly assisting in these experimental medical procedures using living people as lab rats.

It wasn’t just the monsters of Auchwitz being paid back at Nuremberg— oh, no.

The Media Mouthpieces and the doctors who betrayed their profession and their oath were hauled up, too; however, in 1946, hanging was the world-standard form of capital punishment.

So they all hung.

Today, it’s death by lethal injection.

God created irony for a reason.

Those who don’t believe in God and don’t respect karma should be provided with a grainy black and white photo of all those dangling corpses and asked to reflect upon the meaning of what went on there, at Nuremberg, a little over seventy years ago.

Those who don’t remember the past really are condemned to relive it.

Literally. http://annavonreitz.com/nuremberghangings.pdf