07 31 2020 The Extra Mile



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By Anna Von Reitz

“Go the extra mile,” my Mother would chide and wave her hand, as if the sacrifice she expected was nothing more than a bit of lint on a sweater.

Carry ten sacks of groceries up three flights of stairs.   Go visit the inmates.  Comfort the elderly.  Bring bouquets of flowers for the hospital front desk.  Donate the homemade apple jelly you slaved over to the church bazaar.  Volunteer to scrub floors and carry bedpans at the VA Hospital.  Just do it.

“You can afford to go the extra mile,” she’d say with ultimate confidence.

Make decorations for the dance you will never go to.  Be the Sag Wagon for those in the race.  Be content to sit on the bench in a head-to-toe Tiger Mascot suit.  It’s okay.  It’s all okay.  Put your extra pennies in the collection tin at the grocery store.  Sew blankets for Salvation Army to give to families in need. Don’t even think about it.

“Count your blessings!” she’d roar and then, with a quirk of the eyebrow, “When’s the last time you went hungry?”

True.  So do what needs to be done.  Get on your bicycle and take the sewing to Miss Susan.  She needs to make some extra money this month.   And help Uncle Merton shingle his roof.  You can carry a couple shingles up a ladder!  (It’s only a couple hundred trips up and down.)  It’s time to plant the community garden, but first, you’ll have to take the rototiller to it….. and on and on.

Go the extra mile.  Boy, I thought, this “mile” goes on forever!  If it were only a mile, I’d have ten laps around the Earth!

Dad needs you to prune the apple and plum trees this year.  (There goes my social life for a month.)  The work crew needs lunch and coffee.  (Lunch for 15 men, with dessert, and plenty of coffee, by noon. Coming right up….)  Can you help Albert with his algebra?  (Wonderful.  It wasn’t bad enough I had to learn it myself, I also have to teach it.)  And the choir is singing at the sunrise service.

Oh, joy…. that also means get up an hour early to feed and water the cows.  And the dog and the chickens.  O-dark-thirty just turned into plain dark.

And while you are at it….Bunny LeFevre needs you to help serve coffee at the VFW next Wednesday —and on Thursday morning, it’s our turn to clean the Town hall for the meeting that night. (Picture fifty of the dustiest chairs in all of creation, all needing every rung and seat to be in white glove condition. P. S. You can forget about going swimming with the rest of the girls.)  Oh, and Olive Kimball needs donations for the Bake Sale on Saturday.  You know she loves your Walnut Brownies…..

But that’s not the point, is it?  Go the extra mile.  Give back.  Make it work.  Make things happen.

It never occurred to me as a child or young adult that “going the extra mile” is an ethos and a way of life.  The connection to Yeshuah’s shirt —- the one we are supposed to give away — wasn’t always apparent.  Early on, it just seemed like a lot of extra work for no certain outcome.

What person in their right mind, I used to wonder, would embrace a lot of extra work for no certain outcome?  — as I watched my parents sail over the horizon, bearing burdens they didn’t have to bear.  Unwanted children landed on their doorstep, unemployed vagrants, lost dogs, alcoholic friends….

What, ho, my Mother would rub her hands gleefully and jump right in.  No job too big or too small.  Grow an extra acre of squash for the Food Bank?  No problem.

Right.  And she never doubted that she could do it, either.  Whatever the challenge was, she was ready, all five-foot-nothing of her.  Like my Father, I used to draw a deep breath, hold it, and slowly release…. if life didn’t offer enough opportunities to “go the extra mile” she’d go out and find more.

Recently, I found an unwanted thirty-year-old motor home that was still salvageable and gave it to a family that was living in a tent.  Now, (in all our  spare time, right?)  we are helping them get ready for winter, slathering goop on the roof, insulating doors and windows, repairing electrical systems….

Somewhere in the midst of this endeavor, the Dad turned and looked me in the eye and said, “Why are you doing this?  Why do you even care what happens to us?”

I was tempted to quip something like, “Frozen neighbors isn’t an option.” — but I didn’t.  I stopped and thought about it.   I realized that I was just “going the extra mile” with no doubt that I could do it, and no big question whether or not I should.

This family was hit by a trifecta of health problems, job loss and home loss.  None of it was their fault, but they’d reached such a depth of destitution that there was no way for them to climb out, unless somebody stopped to help.

The man was looking at me with a combination of suspicion and wonder.

What did I want in return? He couldn’t imagine anything that he had left to give, and as everybody knows, people don’t take on a lot of extra work for no certain outcome….

Unless, that is, they just pick up the extra mile, the extra job, the extra child, the extra motorhome renovation— and sail on.  Our ragtag band of Merry Men living out here in the Big Lake Forest will get the job done before winter sets in.

This family will have a small but secure shelter from the storm, and good neighbors who have been blessed enough to have snow plowing equipment and freezers full of fish and moose meat to share.  This family will get by and so will we, because some of us remember that old extra mile, having trodden over it many times before.

They are learning the hard way — on the receiving end — what it means to be an American.  The day will come when the Father of this family will shake himself awake from his bad dreams and realize how much he has.  And then, like generations of Americans before him, he’ll learn to walk that extra mile.

This country needs to remember its hard-scrabble heritage. It’s time to remember what we do when our country and our neighbors are in trouble.  Get off your couches and turn off the television.  Look around.

What can you do to help? Where’s the burden you can carry?  What’s the errand that you can run? The food you can deliver?  The wisdom you can share?  The skill you can bring to bear?  The tools rusting in your basement? The clothes and extra shoes in your closet?  The comfort you can render?

Once you start looking, that old extra mile opens up in all directions. It’s there waiting for you, in your neighborhood, in your town, in your city.  Right now.

And all those in need are giving you the precious opportunity to give, and to care, and to live and let live.  And yes, an opportunity to welcome a brother or sister home to America.

Don’t waste time feeling afraid of a virus that hasn’t even been isolated or identified.  No such beastie as “Covid 19” has even been shown to exist. So ask yourselves — how are they testing for or developing a vaccine for a virus that they haven’t even identified?  Hello?

Think about that, in full view of all the Big Lies that the media and the government corporations have been telling everyone for years.

Don’t be overwhelmed, get moving.  Have that cheerful confidence that you can go the extra mile.  Just do it.  Put one foot in front of the other, join together, and cover the distance.

If you haven’t done so already, you can start by getting your own house and political status in order, so that there is no longer any doubt about who you are or what you believe in.   Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.com today and get started.

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07 29 2020 How To Identify Liars and Fools, “They Talk About Sovereign Citizens”



By Anna Von Reitz

There is no such thing. It is a literal impossibility to be a “sovereign” and a “citizen” at the same time. “Sovereign citizen” is an oxymoron. The term “sovereign” cancels out the term “citizen” and vice versa.

Look up the legal definition of these two words and it will be absolutely, glaringly, and forever apparent. So if you hear people talking about “sovereign citizens” or calling me or anyone else a “sovereign citizen”—- you now know for sure that they are in fact either (1) ignorant as Pat’s Pig or (2) are part of the problem and trying to cause trouble by “labeling”—- a propaganda technique which you probably first encountered in grade school. ”

Oh, Jenny is a ………” and “Johnny is a…….” and so and so is something else. Anyone who survived High School should hear this kind of gossip and have a retch response. I do. And I immediately “tune out” such people, because Number One— they are divisive, and Number Two, if they don’t know the difference between “sovereign” and “citizen”—-what can they possibly contribute to the conversation?

The phrase that they are probably striving for and getting all bungled up is, “sovereigns without subjects”— from United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Jay: “…..at the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people; and they truly are the sovereigns of this country, but they are sovereigns without subjects.” quoted in ALDEN v. MAINE, 527 U.S. 706 (1999) (2). Please note— we are talking about “people” being the “sovereigns” of this country, not “persons” being sovereign over themselves or anything else.

That is again why we are owed a government of the people, by the people and for the people, not of the persons, by the persons, and for the persons. Wake up, wake up, wake up……

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07 28 2020 On A Quest For ‘Normal’



© 2020 Rob Pue


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                           A few weeks ago, my wife and I took some time off.  It was way overdue and a greatly needed break from our hectic work life.  Because while many others have been out of work, or staying at home under “quarantine,” we have both been working harder than ever, longer hours than ever, with days that begin before sunrise and rarely ending before midnight.

We debated whether or not we should take this time off, because we KNOW that when we do that, we return to an enormous backlog of work that must be immediately attended to.

We were also hesitant because we were not sure what we would find if we were to venture out of our area.  Would we encounter lockdowns, “mask laws” or perhaps even violent protests in the streets?  …But we decided to go, because we desperately needed a rest, a change of pace and time to refresh and renew.  My wife also pointed out that, in light of what is quickly coming upon the world, this may well have been our last opportunity to go anywhere.

So we went.  Our ultimate destination was central Ohio, where we joined the Salt and Light Brigade for their annual National gathering.  But we left early, to revisit some of the places we used to go on camping trips when our kids were little, and also see some areas of the country we hadn’t been to before… and celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary as well.

The first day went well and that evening, we walked in the shallows of lake Michigan, and sat together on a park bench on the beach as we watched the stunning sunset over the lake.  But we woke up the next morning in Michigan to a new state-wide mandated “mask law” which the governor there had just declared.  No one was allowed out in public without wearing a mask.

Just one problem:  we will not comply with these edicts, because we believe they are not only NOT intended for our health — or the health of others — but rather as a tool for mind control, further exploiting the fear so many live in these days because of the hype from our government and health officials and the mainstream press.  Those caught not wearing a mask in Michigan were subject to a $500 fine and up to a year in prison; businesses not enforcing the mask rules were also subject to a $500 fine.

I decided to turn OFF my steady stream of news sources while we were away.  At least I tried.  The weight of the 24/7 news feed can be emotionally and physically overwhelming, especially in these days of fear-mongering, blatant lies and deception and the fact that “good” is constantly called “evil” and vice-versa.  So I was unaware of this new so-called “law” regarding the masks.  We WERE surprised to see so many people wearing them  everywhere we went — even outdoors.

And when we stopped at a road-side Farmer’s Market to get some fresh fruit nobody mentioned anything about it to us.  But that all changed when we went to check in to our hotel that evening.  The front desk clerk refused to even speak to me unless I was wearing a mask.  She explained that the new ordinance had gone into effect state-wide that morning, and that the hotel could be fined — and I could be fined or arrested — if I was not wearing a mask in ALL public places.

I checked with a friend that night to see what things were like in Ohio.  “Just a recommendation,” I was told.  “No mask laws here,”my friend said.  Great!  We will drive a short distance and spend a couple days on the shores of Lake Eerie.  However, we quickly discovered that while there was no official mandate, most every business and public place WERE requiring masks.  We had hoped to take a ferry to an island and do some hiking and exploring; but we couldn’t because the ferry required all passengers to wear masks.

We then headed to our main stop along the way, literally in the “middle of nowhere” in West Virginia.  We chose this area weeks before because we were told the state was “open,” no mask requirements, no lockdowns, no restrictions.  We had chosen a nice hotel, where we would be celebrating our anniversary together.  The hotel had a large indoor and outdoor swimming pool, boat rentals, and other activities we could do.  And the area was beautiful.  But that all changed before we arrived.

We were greeted at the entrance by a huge sign stating masks were mandatory in all public areas.  This facility was selling custom designed cloth masks with the hotel logo on them for $20.  We declined.  In fact, we didn’t wear a mask the entire time we were there, but we did endure the shaming looks from others and spent most of our time dodging the “mask police.”

While their swimming pool was huge and could easily accommodate more than 100 people, the hotel had changed the rules:  only 25 allowed in the pool area at a time, and it was staffed with GUARDS.  Before entering you had to have your forehead scanned so they could take your temperature and make sure you weren’t sick.  (I felt like telling them, sarcastically that “MY ‘mark of the beast’ is in my right hand, not my forehead!”)   Hotel guests had to sign up to reserve time at the pool, and so they did — lining up early in the morning to get their names on a list and a time slot when they’d be allowed in.

They also cancelled all boat rentals and other activities while we were there because of the “virus” scare and the new mask “laws,” leaving virtually no activities open… and we were truly in the middle of nowhere, so there wasn’t much to do.  We took drives around the area each day to admire the beautiful views, but were turned away from the State Park gift shop.  Because we had no masks on, we were treated as if we had the plague.

With a little research, we were able to find some nice hikes to go on.  We walked several miles down a trail through the woods and discovered a beautiful waterfall.  On another hike we discovered a hidden cave.   The weather was hot and steamy; in the 90s every day, but with the humidity it always felt like over 100 degrees.  On each of these hikes, we encountered groups of other people — and they were ALL wearing masks, outdoors in the oppressive heat, gasping for air as they struggled up hills — literally in the middle of the forest, in the middle of nowhere.  Hundred-degree heat, thick humidity, breathing their own Co2 in and out as they hiked.  But they were all slavishly obeying the “mask laws” — even outdoors in the woods, even just among their own families.

Restaurants in the area were “curbside pickup only” or “drive-through only.”  My wife and I had our 30th Anniversary Dinner in our car, after driving through KFC.  It was sad to see the downtown there so abandoned.  The main street of the town, full of quaint shops and stores, was virtually closed down.  Some buildings were boarded up.  Signs in the windows read: “Closed until further notice.”  I dare say most of those will never open again.  It’s hard enough running a business under the best of circumstances.  But being forced to close during the height of the tourist season… I see no way to come back from that.

It was such a relief to arrive at our final destination in Ohio for the ministry training event.  Over 100 of us came together, once again, from all over the country.  People were there from California to Maine and many points in between.  It was such a joy to reunite with old friends we hadn’t seen since last year, the fellowship was wonderful, the testimonies, study and worship time was incredible and because the event was held on private property, no masks required.  In fact, not a single person had one there.  But when we would return to the city to visit a gas station or grocery store, we would have to endure the “shame” from others because we were maskless… and when we returned to the hotel, we quietly slipped in the back door and into our room, to avoid running into others.

It became obvious to us — perhaps somewhere along the shores of Lake Eerie, or perhaps it was on one of those long hikes back in the woods in West Virginia — that we had found ourselves on a “Quest For Normal.”  We just so much wanted things to be “normal” again, and it was sad to come to the realization that most likely, they never will be.   The America we grew up in, raised our kids in and yes, took for granted just four months ago, I’m afraid, is gone forever.

It’s painfully obvious that we’re in the midst of a fundamental transformation of not just America now, but the entire world.  We’re on the “fast track” to socialism, communism, and a New World Order Globalism, where arbitrary so-called “laws” can be commanded from on high, and everyone blindly obeys, because the “experts” and the media tell them to.

I did check in to several of my trusted news sources while we were away.  Suddenly there was a “new” thing occurring:  a national “coin shortage.”  Banks and businesses refusing to deal in coins or paper currency — everything must now be digital… because a new crisis had risen:  the “coin shortage.”  But friends, this, too, is a ruse.   As the world economy crashes and burns, we are absolutely headed for a “digital currency” of some kind.  Most likely, this new “digital currency” will be integrated with the coming coronavirus vaccine (which they WILL make “mandatory,” make no mistake).   And every minute I had my news feed on, there was a steady barrage of media reports about “hot spots” springing up all around the country, where the “virus” had suddenly re-emerged with a vengeance.  States were shutting down quickly again.  Contact tracing in full gear.  Walmart — and many other big chain stores around the country, including most grocery stores — announced that masks would be required for everyone in order to enter and shop.

Now, I don’t believe the masks are “the mark of the beast” — but I absolutely DO believe they are a means to an end… we’re being softened up, trained to comply with the masks (for our own good, of course).  No buying or selling allowed unless you’re wearing a mask.  And once everyone’s on board with that, it’s only a short jump to the mandatory vaccine, with a digital transceiver to record and report and track our every movement, our every purchase, perhaps even our every thought.  Our “smart phones” are already listening to personal conversations we have in private, even when they’re turned off.

As I write today, the media drones on continuously about the unprecedented number of new COVID-19 cases across the country.  Even conservative states like Texas are being locked down again.  But friends, we KNOW the numbers have been manipulated from the very start.  We KNOW we’ve been lied to about all of this.  With even a TINY amount of research you can learn the truth about all these things from RELIABLE sources and trusted doctors, and insiders.

You’ve likely heard the reports from nurses who, having become suspicious of the virus tests, sent UNUSED tests to their labs, only to have them come back showing “positive.”    Or medical personnel who have blown the whistle on the fact that ALL deaths were being marked down as ‘COVID 19’ deaths, if they could possibly get away with it, to purposely inflate the numbers.

You’ve likely also heard about people who lined up to get a free coronavirus test, but then changed their minds and decided to skip it.  Days later they received letters in the mail stating they tested “positive,” even though NO test had ever been done.   I doubted these stories myself — UNTIL someone I know reported this very thing happened to THEM.  They registered, then waited in line in their car for a free drive-through test.  But the line was miles long, and they soon realized it was going to take all day; so they got out of line and left.  Three days later, they EACH received a letter in the mail stating they were “COVID-positive” and were now being told to self-quarantine — and also report their whereabouts and any contacts they’ve had with others for the past several weeks.

Friends, does this sound like a conspiracy theory?  Please hear me: the TRUTH is indeed stranger than fiction.  If what is taking place in our country today had been written as a novel ten years ago, no one would have believed it.  If today’s headlines had been made into a movie ten years ago, it would have been a box-office dud.  There IS a conspiracy, but it is FAR FROM a theory.

Psalm 2:  “Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?  The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rules take counsel together, against the Lord and against His anointed, saying, ‘Let us break their bands asunder and cast away their cords from us.’”  Our nation is burning as the heathen rage.  God has given many over to depraved minds, and thus, they imagine vain things.  Truly there is nothing more “vain” or shall I say “INSANE” than the demands now being made by the Leftists.   Meanwhile, the “kings” of the earth are taking counsel together (conspiring) against the Lord and His people — against YOU, if you’re a Christ-follower.  What we’re seeing in our world today is NOT normal.  Please, don’t call it “the new normal.”  There’s no such thing.  Only tyranny and destruction of everything good and decent.  I’m still on a quest for “normal,” but I’m afraid I won’t see it again until the Lord returns and restores His natural order to this evil land.  Meanwhile, I suggest you brace yourselves, folks… I have a feeling we ain’t seen nothing’ yet.




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07 25 2020 We Now Know



By Anna Von Reitz

There is no longer any mystery about Covid 19 or how to treat it.

The Italian Government found out and apparently, numerous other governments worldwide did, too, because they have developed a simple and effective protocol to treat the actual problem.

Here’s what happens.

A man or woman shows up presenting asthma-like symptoms.  Everything indicates that they are having respiratory problems.  The doctors rush them in and give them oxygen.  If simple oxygen doesn’t work, they put them on ventilators.

But what is actually happening is that an agent, a bacterium, is causing micro-blood clots.  The tiny blood clots are impairing the ability of blood to carry oxygen and that is what is causing the asthma-like symptoms.

It has nothing to do with any coronavirus at all.

And it doesn’t help that the amount of atmospheric oxygen has declined precipitously in recent years, nor does it help that the remaining oxygen is being denatured by high frequency microwave transmissions.

And masks, though they might help a little bit in slowing the spread of the illness, more than make up for it by forcing you to re-breathe more carbon dioxide and providing a more hospitable environment inside the mask for other pathogens.

My advice?  Good hygiene practices are always the best answer at all times, but no, don’t wear masks and don’t go crazy.  We now know what the actual pathogen is, we know what it does and how it does it, and we know how to treat it with a simple and inexpensive protocol that you can safely exercise at home.

My “living wall” of spider plants remains a wonderful alternative to mechanical air quality machinery and also provides a tremendous amount of free oxygen in the house.  Giving these or other leafy house plants a home will repay you with clean air and abundant oxygen in your home environment year-round.

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07 25 2020 The Actual China Ultimatum



By Anna Von Reitz

CHINA, INC. manufactures goods and sends them to the United States.

Once there, goods are paid for using Federal Reserve Notes.

This creates debt for THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Actual cash payment in Federal Reserve Notes has been sent to China ever since the Bush Administration. Obama gave them printing presses and engraving plates and everything else needed to print Federal Reserve Notes in China and other locations and let ‘er rip.

Obummer, a British Territorial Government Operative, unleashed the biggest counterfeiting fraud in human history and the CIA and the FBI and DOJ and MI6 and all the rest of the totally worthless Intelligence Agencies sat on their rumps and grinned.

And where was our military?  Good question.

They were taking advantage of it, too, right along with the so-called Secret Space Program and their Chinese counterparts.

There is, as a result, no direct banking transaction record that China received payment from the American consumers, because payment has been in cash.

And no direct record that CHINA, INC., received payment, either.

The Chinese Government accepted the cash payment and used the Federal Reserve Notes to buy property and make investments all over the world, including sweetheart deals involving US Politicians and kickbacks to them and their supporters and many, many corporations worldwide were acquired by China as a result of this under-the-counter direct cash payment system.

Now the Chinese Government is coming forward and claiming that “the” United States of America never paid them and wants payment in gold.

But it is apparent from other records what really went on and this shell game of China, Inc. getting the cash payments and not paying CHINA, INC. is just a gigantic siphoning fraud involving both Chinese and US Politicians and lots of corporate bosses who were on the take.

Now the Chinese Government is trying to Double-Dip on the American Public and is demanding payment in gold when there was never any arrangement for payment in gold —-and when they have already been paid in cash and spent it.

So, no, Virginia, this is not about any coronavirus. It’s not about Hong Kong. Or the South China Sea.

This is about corruption on an unimaginable scale. This is about British and Vatican and Israeli bankers acting as parasites to gut America and set China up as their new host.

This is about members of Congress and “American” corporate bosses selling this country down the drain and their Chinese counterparts glutting like pigs at a trough while letting the Chinese people starve and breathe filthy air and drink dirty water.

And just so the Vermin on both sides of the table know, we, the actual Americans, have the proof of their collusion and what actually went on  — dead in the water.  And we’ve shared it with everyone else.

So there isn’t going to be any extra payment in gold, and no cash payments, either, until this corruption is cleaned up.  And we do mean spic-and-span, white glove, spit polish.

And there’s not going to be any slave market in so-called “dependents” either.  We will shut down as many corporations as want to be folded up like so much paper and sold.

See this article and over 2600 others on Anna’s website here: www.annavonreitz.com

07 25 2020 What Isn’t There



 By Anna Von Reitz

Remember how I told you that half of the research process (at least) is based on negative results? The search for things that should be there, but aren’t?

Like a formal Declaration of War from the Congress at the start of the so-called American Civil War?

Like a formal Peace Treaty ending the same?

Well, this same principle applies throughout all investigative work, and in the case of so-called “Covid 19” there’s the telltale fact that no such virus has been isolated and identified.

What the….?

I am not even sure who I am quoting here, but it was such a perfect stream of questions applied to this fact, I can’t resist re-posting and thank both Cathy C. and Kari Stevens in advance:

“Health Canada thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (Kari Stevens): COVID-19 and it’s testing is officially a complete fraud. Health Canada response file: A-2020-000208 / BH under the Access to Information Act R.S.C. says that Health Canada has no record describing the isolation of any Covid-19 virus.

This means that ‘COVID-19 has not been isolated’ – which means that all COVID-19 response is fraudulent, Covid-19 testing is fraud, media hype is just propaganda and the daily press briefings by the Health Officers is fraudulent.

If the virus has not been isolated then what are they testing for?

What are they pretending to diagnose?

What are they pretending to cure?

What are they making a vaccine for?

What are they pretending to prevent through mandatory masks?

Anyone still trying to say its a ‘conspiracy theory’ here is the original letter pdf for download to scrutinize:


End quote.

Isn’t that absolutely beautiful?

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07 24 2020 How’s the [no delivery] system working for you?



I have a new question for you folks, that is very important to me.

How many of you are reading my daily posts, now that you do not have a daily reminder?

All you have to do is reply to anationbeguiled@fastmail.com if you are reading Anna’s articles!

Now that you do not have a daily reminder it is very important to me to know if this new system is compatible with your routine.

Just send me a short note so I know if this system works for you.

Believe it or not this new system saves me a lot of time and expense, but as always I want subscribers that are interested enough in our system of government to stay in touch and send me your thoughts.

I am still convinced the time it takes to study Anna’s writings is the only thing that will save America from becoming a slave state.

We the people must know how our government works and be involved, or slavery will overtake us. Not to mention millions eliminated. So please stay in touch with replies to me if you are still interested in her work.


07 23 2020 A Storm Is Upon Us




I am presenting as much opinion as I can find on this and will let you make up your own minds. Read and compare. 

Found Here:  https://www.bitchute.com/video/w64rFwcO2TSO/

Without God’s Grace we will never be able to find the truth.

Your prayers are very much appreciated.

Here is the prayer I pray every day for the people involved in this effort.

COME, Holy Ghost, fill the hearts of Thy faithful, and kindle in them the fire of Thy love.
Send forth Thy Spirit, and they shall be created;
And Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.

Let Us Pray
O God, Who didst instruct the hearts of thy faithful by the light of the Holy Spirit, grant us by the gift of the same Spirit that we may be always truly wise, and ever rejoice in His consolation. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

You might want to spread this very powerful prayer around.




If you really consider yourself a real AMERICAN,

It is time to get educated on the real state of our union!

READ everything that Anna Von Reitz has published, and abandon your leisure activities.

If you are two stupid to realize America needs you,

Go back to sleep!

James P. Harvey aka Olddog


07 23 2020 The Federal Coup to Overthrow the States and Nix the 10th Amendment Is Underway



By Attorney John W. Whitehead

 I don’t need invitations by the state, state mayors, or state governors, to do our job. We’re going to do that, whether they like us there or not.”—Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf’s defense of the Trump Administration’s deployment of militarized federal police to address civil unrest in the states

This is a wake-up call.

What is unfolding before our very eyes—with police agencies defying local governments in order to tap into the power of federal militarized troops in order to put down domestic unrest—could very quickly snowball into an act of aggression against the states, a coup by armed, militarized agents of the federal government.

At a minimum, this is an attack on the Tenth Amendment, which affirms the sovereignty of the states and the citizenry, and the right of the states to stand as a bulwark against overreach and power grabs by the federal government.

If you’re still deluding yourself into believing that this thinly-veiled exercise in martial law is anything other than an attempt to bulldoze what remains of the Constitution and reinforce the iron-fisted rule of the police state, you need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

This is no longer about partisan politics or civil unrest or even authoritarian impulses.

This is a turning point.

Unless we take back the reins—and soon—looking back on this time years from now, historians may well point to the events of 2020 as the death blow to America’s short-lived experiment in self-government.

The government’s recent actions in Portland, Oregon—when unidentified federal agents (believed to be border police, ICE and DHS agents), wearing military fatigues with patches that just say “Police” and sporting all kinds of weapons, descended uninvited on the city in unmarked vehicles, snatching protesters off the streets and detaining them without formally arresting them or offering any explanation of why they’re being held—is just a foretaste of what’s to come.

One of those detainees was a 53-year-old disabled Navy veteran who was in downtown Portland during the protests but not a participant. Concerned about the tactics being used by government agents who had taken an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution, Christopher David tried to speak the “secret” police. Almost immediately, he was assaulted by federal agents, beaten with batons and pepper sprayed

Another peaceful protester was reportedly shot in the head with an impact weapon by this federal goon squad.

The Trump Administration has already announced its plans to deploy these border patrol agents to other cities across the country (Chicago is supposedly next) in an apparent bid to put down civil unrest. Yet the overriding concerns by state and local government officials to Trump’s plans suggest that weaponizing the DHS as an occupying army will only provoke more violence and unrest.

We’ve been set up.

Under the guise of protecting federal properties against civil unrest, the Trump Administration has formed a task force of secret agents who look, dress and act like military stormtroopers on a raid and have been empowered to roam cities in unmarked vehicles, snatching citizens off the streets, whether or not they’ve been engaged in illegal activities.

As the Guardian reports, “The incidents being described sound eerily reminiscent of the CIA’s post-9/11 rendition program under George W Bush, where intelligence agents would roll up in unmarked vans in foreign countries, blindfold terrorism suspects (many of whom turned to be innocent) and kidnap them without explanation. Only instead of occurring on the streets of Italy or the Middle East, it’s happening in downtown Portland.”

The so-called racial justice activists who have made looting, violence, vandalism and intimidation tactics the hallmarks of their protests have played right into the government’s hands

They have delivered all of us into the police state’s hands.

There’s a reason Trump has tapped the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for this dirty business: these agencies are notorious for their lawlessness, routinely sidestepping the Constitution and trampling on the rights of anyone who gets in their way, including legal citizens.

Indeed, it was only a matter of time before these roving bands of border patrol agents began flexing their muscles far beyond the nation’s borders and exercising their right to disregard the Constitution at every turn.

Except these border patrol cops aren’t just disregarding the Constitution.

They’re trampling all over the Constitution, especially the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits the government from carrying out egregious warrantless searches and seizures without probable cause.

As part of the government’s so-called crackdown on illegal immigration, drugs and trafficking, its border patrol cops have been expanding their reach, roaming further afield and subjecting greater numbers of Americans to warrantless searches, ID checkpoints, transportation checks, and even surveillance on private property far beyond the boundaries of the borderlands.

That so-called border, once a thin borderline, has become an ever-thickening band spreading deeper and deeper inside the country.

Now, with this latest salvo by the Trump administration in its so-called crackdown on rioting and civil unrest, America itself is about to become a Constitution-free zone where freedom is off-limits and government agents have all the power and “we the people” have none.

The Customs and Border Protection (CBP), with its more than 60,000 employees, supplemented by the National Guard and the U.S. military, is an arm of the Department of Homeland Security, a national police force imbued with all the brutality, ineptitude and corruption such a role implies.

As journalist Todd Miller explains:

In these vast domains, Homeland Security authorities can institute roving patrols with broad, extra-constitutional powers backed by national security, immigration enforcement and drug interdiction mandates. There, the Border Patrol can set up traffic checkpoints and fly surveillance drones overhead with high-powered cameras and radar that can track your movements. Within twenty-five miles of the international boundary, CBP agents can enter a person’s private property without a warrant.

Just about every nefarious deed, tactic or thuggish policy advanced by the government today can be traced back to the DHS, its police state mindset, and the billions of dollars it distributes to local police agencies in the form of grants to transform them into extensions of the military.

As Miller points out, the government has turned the nation’s expanding border regions into “a ripe place to experiment with tearing apart the Constitution, a place where not just undocumented border-crossers, but millions of borderland residents have become the targets of continual surveillance.”

In much the same way that police across the country have been schooled in the art of sidestepping the Constitution, border cops have also been drilled in the art of “anything goes” in the name of national security.

In fact, according to FOIA documents shared with The Interceptborder cops even have a checklist of “possible behaviors” that warrant overriding the Constitution and subjecting individuals—including American citizens—to stops, searches, seizures, interrogations and even arrests.

For instance, if you’re driving a vehicle that to a border cop looks unusual in some way, you can be stopped. If your passengers look dirty or unusual, you can be stopped. If you or your passengers avoid looking at a cop, you can be stopped. If you or your passengers look too long at a cop, you can be stopped.

If you’re anywhere near a border (near being within 100 miles of a border, or in a city, or on a bus, or at an airport), you can be stopped and asked to prove you’re legally allowed to be in the country. If you’re traveling on a public road that smugglers and other criminals may have traveled, you can be stopped.

If you’re not driving in the same direction as other cars, you can be stopped. If you appear to be avoiding a police checkpoint, you can be stopped. If your car appears to be weighed down, you can be stopped. If your vehicle is from out of town, wherever that might be, you can be stopped. If you’re driving a make of car that criminal-types have also driven, you can be stopped.

If your car appears to have been altered or modified, you can be stopped. If the cargo area in your vehicle is covered, you can be stopped.

If you’re driving during a time of day or night that border cops find suspicious, you can be stopped. If you’re driving when border cops are changing shifts, you can be stopped. If you’re driving in a motorcade or with another vehicle, you can be stopped. If your car appears dusty, you can be stopped.

If people with you are trying to avoid being seen, or exhibiting “unusual” behavior, you can be stopped. If you slow down after seeing a cop, you can be stopped.

In Portland, which is 400 miles from the border, protesters didn’t even have to be near federal buildings to be targeted. Some claimed to be targeted for simply wearing black clothing in the area of the demonstration.

Are you starting to get the picture yet?

This was never about illegal aliens and border crossings at all. It’s been a test to see how far “we the people” will allow the government to push the limits of the Constitution.

We’ve been failing this particular test for a long time now.

It was 1798 when Americans, their fears stoked by rumblings of a Quasi-War with France, failed to protest the Alien and Sedition Acts, which criminalized anti-government speech, empowered the government to deport “dangerous” non-citizens and made it harder for immigrants to vote.

During the Civil War, Americans went along when Abraham Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus (the right to a speedy trial) and authorized government officials to spy on Americans’ mail.

During World War I, Americans took it in stride when  President Woodrow Wilson and Congress adopted the Espionage and Sedition Acts, which made it a crime to interfere with the war effort and criminalized any speech critical of war.

By World War II, Americans were marching in lockstep with the government’s expanding war powers to imprison Japanese-American citizens in detainment camps, censor mail, and lay the groundwork for the future surveillance state.

Fast-forward to the Cold War’s Red Scares, the McCarthy era’s hearings on un-American activities, and the government’s surveillance of Civil Rights activists such as Martin Luther King Jr.—all done in the name of national security.

By the time 9/11 rolled around, all George W. Bush had to do was claim the country was being invaded by terrorists, and the government was given greater powers to spy, search, detain and arrest American citizens in order to keep America safe.

The terrorist invasion never really happened, but the government kept its newly acquired police powers made possible by the nefarious USA Patriot Act.

Barack Obama continued Bush’s trend of undermining the Constitution, going so far as to give the military the power to strip Americans of their constitutional rights, label them extremists, and detain them indefinitely without trialall in the name of keeping America safe.

Despite the fact that the breadth of the military’s power to detain American citizens violates not only U.S. law and the Constitution but also international laws, the government has refused to relinquish its detention powers made possible by the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Then Donald Trump took office, claiming the country was being invaded by dangerous immigrants and insisting that the only way to keep America safe was to build an expensive border wall, expand the reach of border patrol, and empower the military to “assist” with border control.

That so-called immigration crisis has now morphed into multiple crises (domestic extremism, the COVID-19 pandemic, race wars, civil unrest, etc.) that the government is eager to use in order to expand its powers.

Yet as we’ve learned the hard way, once the government acquires—and uses—additional powers (to spy on its citizens, to carry out surveillance, to transform its police forces into extensions of the police, to seize taxpayer funds, to wage endless wars, to censor and silence dissidents, to identify potential troublemakers, to detain citizens without due process), it does not voluntarily relinquish them

This is the slippery slope on which we’ve been traveling for far too long.

As Yale historian Timothy Snyder explains, “This is a classic way that violence happens in authoritarian regimes, whether it’s Franco’s Spain or whether it’s the Russian Empire. The people who are getting used to committing violence on the border are then brought in to commit violence against people in the interior.

Sure, it’s the Trump Administration calling the shots right now, but it’s government agents armed with totalitarian powers and beholden to the bureaucratic Deep State who are carrying out these orders in defiance of the U.S. Constitution and all it represents.

Whether it’s Trump or Biden or someone else altogether, this year or a dozen years from now, the damage has been done: as I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, we have allowed the president to acquire dictatorial powers that can be unleashed at any moment.

There’s a reason the Trump Administration is consulting with John Yoo, the Bush-era attorney notorious for justifying waterboarding torture tactics against detainees. They’re not looking to understand how to follow the law and abide by the Constitution. Rather, they’re desperately seeking ways to thwart the Constitution.

As Harvard constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe recognizes, “The dictatorial hunger for power is insatiable.

This is how it begins.

This is how it always begins.

Don’t be fooled into thinking any of this will change when the next election rolls around.

WC: 2265


Constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead is founder and president of The Rutherford Institute. His new book Battlefield America: The War on the American People  is available at www.amazon.com. Whitehead can be contacted at johnw@rutherford.org.

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07 23 2020 Today’s Lie Rebuttal Grab Bag



 By Anna Von Reitz

Lie Number One:  TVM — Tribrucio Marcos is the signatory on the world trust accounts.  This is ridiculous.

TVM wasn’t appointed by his Father, who didn’t trust him with any such responsibility, and neither should anyone else.

The actual purported “donors” of the major part of the gold in storage in the Philippines never appointed anyone in the Philippines to act as our trustees.

That was done “for” us by the Scottish Interlopers that operated “under our names” from 1868 to 1907, and the dirty deed was finished in 1934, when their  Roman Municipal Successors created an “independent government for the Philippines” so that the Philippine Government could act as Trustees “for” us.

All this was done “for” us and “in our names” without our knowledge or consent or any authority on any of their parts to act for us in these matters at all.  Here is what is documented and what actually happened:

The Scottish Interlopers had no permission to buy the landmass of the Philippine Islands using our money and acting in our names, but they did so as part of the aftermath of the Spanish-American War.

They had no permission or right to transport our gold to the Philippines, but they did so.

Their Successor doing business as “the” United States of America had no right to create an independent government for the Philippines but they colluded to foist the role of Trustee over our gold on their own newly created “independent” government of the Philippines.

This is how our American gold came to be in the Philippines when the Japanese walked in and seized control of it for a while during World War II.

In 1907 The Japanese lost the war and it was never “Yamashita’s Gold”.  It was our American gold heisted by the Brits and the British-owned US NAVY, Inc. and transported to the Philippines between 1898-1907.

This is not any smoke up anyone’s skirt.  We have all the records, including the Congressional Records proving it.  TVM has jackdiddly authority related to our gold.  And neither have any of the other fraud artists.

The Presumed Donors, the American States and People,  have called the question to collapse this phony unauthorized trust and require return of the American gold to our shores.

The Scots and the Queen and the Lord Mayor and the Pope are all on the point of the spear for it.  This circumstance is entirely their fault and a result of their self-interested double-dealing.

And you had all better believe it, because it’s your gold these pikers have commandeered in Breach of Trust, Service Contract (that is, Constitution) and Treaty.  And they even had guts enough to use your Navy to transport your gold and move it to the Philippines, where they used it as chattel backing their operations.

All this was done by your misdirected Federal Employees and your supposed Allies and Friends — the British Monarch, the Lord Mayor, and the Pope.

But as the British Monarch’s role with respect to the British Territorial Government that has the ‘federal” service contract with us, is that of an Overseer for the Commonwealth assets of the Pope—- it all actually all comes down to Popeykins, again.

Make no mistake that this entire boondoggle is the responsibility of the Holy See, the Holy Roman Empire 4.0 and the City of Rome, as is the gross pollution of our biosphere, the mismanagement of the United Nations organizations, the Big Lies about “climate change” and its causes, and the current ridiculous “Covid 19 Plandemic”.

Big Lie Number 2:  That there is not now or ever was any valid American government called “The United States of America 1781” or any such entity established in 1781.

This is just another attempted identity theft and impersonation in progress.

Our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America was formed in 1776.   We have never owned, operated, or authorized any incorporated entity to function in our name.  Ever.

The entity formed in 1781 was the Confederation of States (of States) doing business as the States of America.

These obnoxious con artists need to be arrested; you would think that if the FBI can prosecute people for pirating movies for home use, that they might manage to prosecute those engaged in piracy and crimes of personation against our actual government?

Idiots and incompetents abound.

Big Lie Number Three:  Covid-19 exists and is an enhanced strain of coronavirus causing serious illness on a worldwide basis.

IF any such strain of coronavirus exists, and there is absolutely nothing to suggest that it does, it would melt at 77 degrees Fahrenheit and we would see a natural decline of cases in the summer.

That’s why “seasonal flu” is seasonal.

Instead, we observe the opposite occuring which means it is not a corona virus causing increased hospitalizations in hot places like Florida and Texas.

I and two Japanese Nobel Prize winners and thousands of medical doctors worldwide agree.  This is all BS.

Our government has offered a $50 billion dollar reward to anyone who can prove the whole Covid-19 scenario that has been foisted off on the public, and nobody has appeared to collect.

So, if not a coronavirus, then what?

The Italian Government has told the world that it is a bacteria that causes blood coagulation (thick blood syndrome — similar to what our Iraq II vets are suffering from) and that reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of blood resulting in pulmonary crisis.

The successful treatment protocol being used by the Italians: 100 milligrams of aspirin and prescription strength Tylenol and Aleve.

This disease appears to have resulted from ill-fated attempts by the military to “improve” on nature’s blood-clotting responses.

So, just remember—- if they could lie about the Atom Bomb and get away with it, they figure they can lie about anything else.

See this article and over 2600 others on Anna’s website here: www.annavonreitz.com

07 23 2020 A Big Stick in Their Little Red Wagon Wheels



By Anna Von Reitz

With rights go responsibilities.  You can’t have one without the other.

In fact, you can’t conduct international business without taking responsibility and liability for your actions and products.

And herein lies the rub.

The governmental services corporations that have been operating under color of law “as” our government are bankrupt and they are the one’s on the hook for guaranteeing the safety of vaccines produced and used in this country.

As I explained the Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers went to the Municipal Congress back in the 1980’s and said they were losing too much money due to lawsuits brought by people injured by their products.  They were going to shut down production of vaccines entirely.

In reply, Congress said, oh, that’s okay, we will shift the burden of responsibility for vaccine damage claims onto our shoulders (and pass it off onto the taxpayers, of course).  And this was duly accomplished, giving the vaccine manufacturers a complete Out of Jail Card.

So the Congress and, purportedly, the Municipal citizenry (Federal Civil Service Employees and their Dependents) became responsible for paying damages to people harmed by vaccines manufactured or deployed in this country.

Except that both the Municipal and Territorial corporations are now bankrupt, so there is absolutely nobody and nothing responsible for any harm that results from vaccinations, voluntary or mandated, at which point the entire operation fails.

If there’s nobody up front minding the store and taking responsibility for all these actions — and I do mean financial responsibility, there is absolutely no possible justification for development or deployment of any product, including any vaccine.

No responsibilities, no rights.

No liability, no mandates.

Pope Francis, if you and your backers really do want to kill millions of people and have no liability, financial or otherwise for doing so, I am afraid your business must otherwise be disclosed and insured, and placed before the Public.

There will be no deployment of any unproven, uninsured RNA vaccine on our shores, Mr. Trump, and you are requested and required to arrest and prosecute any commercial entity and any Municipal Officer, including GOVERNORS, engaged in any such activity anywhere on our soil.

See this article and over 2600 others on Anna’s website here: www.annavonreitz.com



By Olddog

It seems to me there are few real hard ass Americans left and decided to recommend Bradlee Dean as a good source of information. It beats the crap out of the lies coming out of the Demorats publications.


And if you really love the republican form of government we were supposed to have, read Anna Von Reitz’s articles on Paul Stramer’s site http://www.paulstramer.net/ or mine at https://anationbeguiled.wordpress.com/ . She is probably the best source of American history that ever lived.

07 21 2020 Ten Billion People Have Tested Positive!



By Anna Von Reitz

What?  Yes, according to the official records being promoted by WHO and the rotten CDC, ten billion people have tested “positive” for Covid 19 since January.

There’s just one problem.

There are only about 7.2 billion people alive in the world.

They must have gone to the cemeteries and exhumed some more “voters”.  Quite a few more, in fact.

Not only has our $50 Billion Dollar Reward gone unclaimed, those promoting this GIANT HOAX have sunk to a new low.  Even Joe Biden only missed the mark by millions; WHO and CDC have missed it by billions with a “b”.

How can people continue to live in a world where such obvious bunk is being blatted out on the public airwaves by straight-faced “news” anchors shoveling this crap all day long?

Where is the man (or woman) with guts enough to shut this carnival down?

And arrest Bill Gates, the international criminal already indicted in India and elsewhere for killing, maiming, and sterilizing hundreds of thousands of people with his insane vaccine scams?

Really.  An estimated 750,000 children in India have been murdered, maimed, deformed, left sterile, blinded, and otherwise harmed by Bill Gates.

Why in Heaven’s Name is the monster still walking around free on our streets?

Still making threats about releasing the Bubonic Plague?  He’s insane.  Loony. Bonkers.  Bill Gates needs a rubber room and permanent sedation. Let’s give it to him.

Mr. President, if you need someone to swear out a complaint against Mr. Gates, there are about 320 Million Americans who have been harmed by his most recent caper.

And if anyone wants to argue with me, there is the $50 Billion Reward issue.

I say it’s all bunk and nobody has come forward to prove otherwise.

This latest compilation of literally impossible claims by WHO and CDC is just more proof that we are all being used and scammed by reckless entities that have no granted authority to do as much as sneeze on our shores.

Shut them down.  Now, please.

See this article and over 2600 others on Anna’s website here: www.annavonreitz.com

07 21 2020 For England 4 0



By Anna Von Reitz

Sorry that I have been deluged in recent days and feel like Noah bobbing about in a ferocious storm in my little ark with too many animals on board. Enough said for the circumstance. The Sons of Saturn are now gone at long last, but in the resulting vacuum there is a great deal of confusion.

Good Guys and Bad Guys are resolutely pointing fingers at each other and I am left reminded of my Mother wagging her head and saying, “There’s so much bad in the best of us, and so much good in the worst of us, it’s hard to tell the difference.”

And so it is. I am more inclined to judge the money and the law than the victims of either one, but those of us who remain on Terra Firma are still left with the False Claim that we departed some years ago from our pleasant shores and are —at least on the official records—Lost at Sea, Presumed Dead.

This conundrum arises as a result of unfortunate choices that were made by commercial corporations, operating as “governmental services providers” and substituting themselves for our national governments.

Quite simply, we are the victims of identity theft, impersonation, and credit fraud promoted by commercial corporations posing as our governments.

Read that again if necessary. This fraud against the living people has been ongoing since the 1850’s in England and the 1860’s in America and has since spread to virtually every country on Earth.

This Great Fraud has been promoted by deliberately confusing our Lawful Persons with Legal Persons having what appear to be the exact same names.

For example: a man with the Given Name of say— John Christian Anderson, naturally uses this appellation as a Trade Name on dry land, and he operates as a Lawful Person under the Law of the Land that applies in his native country. He is protected by his country’s constitution and the customary laws of his nation.

However, when John Christian Anderson gets on a boat and sails over the horizon to the High Seas, a change takes place — temporarily — and his name now denotes a Legal Person bound to obey the Law of the Sea.

So we have a Lawful Person and a Legal Person with exactly the same name—John Christian Anderson— and it is this circumstance that the criminals have exploited to promote their fraud scheme.

It is, of course, common knowledge, that sailors may come ashore and landlubbers may, occasionally, travel upon the sea.

So location is not necessarily as definitive as we might think when it comes to determining the nature and capacities and obligations of John Christian Anderson.

This circumstance, too, has been badly exploited by the perpetrators of this scheme. By presuming that John Christian Anderson is a sailor on shore, we can preferentially subject him to either the Law of the Land or the Law of the Sea, depending on our own authority.

His Captain can have him clapped in irons and thrown in the brig for brawling in a local pub. And the local Sheriff can arrest him for disturbing the peace and throw him in jail, too. Either way.

This poor fellow, John Christian Anderson, is betwixt and between, hardly able to keep track if he is a-foot or a-horseback, being prosecuted as a Lawful Person on the land or a Legal Person subject to the Law of the Sea.

Yes, it’s very confusing and it’s meant to be —- and it is doubly confusing when John Christian Anderson has never been to sea in his lifetime and has no reason whatsoever to consider himself a sailor or as anyone subject to the Law of the Sea in the first place.

Now, against this backdrop of confusion and cross-claims of jurisdiction, consider what happens when there is no public record of any Lawful Person named John Christian Anderson?

Only a registration of a Legal Person named John Christian Anderson?

Suddenly, our Landlubber friend who is owed all his constitutional protections and his own national law, disappears.

What remains is a Legal Person subject to the international Law of the Sea, cast up on the dry land, and in the absence of evidence otherwise, that’s how things remain.

This is precisely the circumstance that we Landlubbers face, as a result of our corporate employees neglecting to record our actual birth.

They registered the event instead, and profited themselves by creating a new franchise for their corporation named after John Christian Anderson — who has, lamentably, disappeared. Whereabouts unknown.

This is how your identity as a living Englishman (or American or German or…) is stolen and a Legal Person Doppelganger is substituted for your Lawful Person.

It happens within hours or days after you are born, while still a babe in your cradle, without your Mum’s knowing consent, and results in an Unconscionable Contract being foisted off on you along with the National Debt.

The Birth Certificate issued to John Christian Anderson is evidence of the crime committed against the actual baby who is the Holder in Due Course of that name.

Because you are never told any of this rot and because it happened when you were far too young to remember or understand anything about it, you are left helpless to complain or bring action against the Perps.

This scheme proved so profitable that we even have a double layer of it to deal with. Once the British Crown Corp registered your Given Name, they split the pot with their Boss, the Pope, and created a Municipal franchise of “you”, too.

This is JOHN CHRISTIAN ANDERSON, another foreign Legal Person, only instead of being subject to the Law of the Sea, this one is subject to Municipal Law of the Holy Roman Empire. Now, you have a Papist Doppelganger, too.

Legal Persons have no natural or unalienable rights, because they are fictional in nature. They have no access to constitutional protections. They may be taxed or otherwise held accountable for debts without their consent and without representation.

Legal Persons have to obey and cannot question any act of legislation or administrative law. They are either indentured servants or slaves, no accounts, drifters, stateless world travelers on a perpetual journey, owing body and soul to the corporation that owns their copyright.

In this case, the British Crown Corp.

This is how an Englishman who is heir to the Magna Carta and British Constitution becomes reduced to an automaton, and also how the British Crown Corporation finagles a way to attach his private property assets as chattel backing its debts. This is how Westminster gets its paws into your pockets and subjects you all to the Law of the Sea, instead of the Law of the Land. This is how your homes get “mortgaged” to pay the corporation’s debts.

And it is exactly the same for Americans, Frenchmen, Germans, Italians, Canadians, Australians….. we have all been outrageously dis-served by these criminal “governmental services corporations” which have all promoted this same fraud scheme worldwide.

Now, the question is, what to do about the fraud now that we’ve discovered it and thoroughly understand how it works?

The first thing is to correct the Public Records and get Landlubber John back on the gameboard.

Here are two great resources to start you on your way home:



See this article and over 2600 others on Anna’s website here: www.annavonreitz.com


07 20 2020 See the Judge Upon the Bench




By Anna Von Reitz

My kids often come and ask questions, children from many places and many lands, many religions, and many races, all beloved.

I write this so that you can better understand.

Law is an evil thing, that would not be necessary except that we are all infected with a loathsome disease of the mind and spirit.

This illness creates a parasite that we mistake as ourselves. We cannot easily detect it as anything separate from ourselves. It takes much patience and discernment to catch this thief.

For it is a thief that steals who we truly are from us.

Battling this thief requires a plan and the knowledge that this parasite exists. It requires courage. It requires humility. And triumph requires the intercession of God Almighty, because we cannot overcome this evil alone.

God must fight for us.


So we should not look to “law” as an answer or seek justice according to our own understanding. Law is there as a standard we cannot meet.

Yes, I am a Justice, but I am here to judge the Law. Not you.

There are those who have set themselves up as priests to rule over others, to pretend to decide our salvation or condemnation, to act as priests of justice and priests of health, too. Do not believe them.

There is only one true Judge of you, and he is your Father in Heaven.

So know that we all fight this parasite. We are not who we think we are. Nobody else is who they think they are, either.

And the Law is not any answer.

Love is the only answer.

See this article and over 2600 others on Anna’s website here: www.annavonreitz.com


07 20 2020 Force Majeure



By Anna Von Reitz

There are widespread rumors that the world economy may be facing a “Force Majeure” — the equivalent of an “Act of God” event where the world governments basically say, “Aw, shucks, folks, all bets are off.

All gold certificates are….well, going to be paid off at a much, much reduced rate, and…..”

As Jim Willie points out, if the banks get a Force Majeure, they get a Get Out of Jail Free card, but after the COMEX goes bust and the London Gold Exchange goes poof! —guess what?

The manipulation of gold and silver prices will be gone, which will leave the precious metals market free to escalate as much as it likes.

Just imagine all the Gold bugs rushing around, whispering, “Be still, my heart!”

Then what?  Then the “derivatives” rear their ugly heads.  What happens with that horrorshow?  Another Force Majeure.  Another Get Out of Jail Free Card.  Except what happens then?

The bond market, the stock exchanges, and everything else collapses, and it becomes completely obvious that all the banks are bankrupt.

All of them.

But here’s the really queer thing.  All these same banks have been bankrupt, busted, insolvent, since at least 1933.

So how can that be any big surprise to anyone?  It’s been this way for almost a hundred years.

We already fought two World Wars over it, and, to quote Forrest Gump — there’s nothing more to say about that.

I have never believed in money, so this is not so hard for me to take, but I expect that quite a few otherwise reasonable and sane people will be distressed and depressed and disoriented as they wander around like lost souls muttering, “This was all a game?”

Well, yes, a game.  A nasty game. It encourages people to believe in things that simply aren’t true, and to take these lies and delusions very seriously, too.

It’s really nothing more than a stingy, mean-spirited control mechanism that pleased the Sons of Saturn — and now, they are gone.

So, don’t be afraid of any Force Majeure. Prepare for it, but don’t be frightened. It’s just a clearing of the decks, a sweeping away of the past.

The True God is forever faithful and the Earth is our inheritance.

Anything that ever had value, still does.

Value yourselves and your children.  Value your homes and your sea and your woodlands.  Value your friends and your animals and the peace.  Value the flowers in your garden.

Value the True God and the stars above.  Know that you are all wealthy beyond the wildest dreams of Midas.

And fear nothing at all.

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07 20 2020 McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt?



By Anna Von Reitz

Lots of rumors flying today because President Trump replaced Bush and Clinton portraits with McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt portraits in the Oval Office.

But McKinley and Roosevelt were also corrupt– just in a different way.

McKinley stopped people from exchanging silver for gold and gold for silver. How stilted and unnatural and unconstitutional is that? The States trade in gold and silver, as clearly shown in the Constitution and in the original Coinage Acts.

McKinley was acting as the CEO, aka, “President” of the original Scottish Interloper as it prepared to go bankrupt and sail over the horizon with our gold rat-holed in the Philippines being used as credit for the monsters who plotted the 1868 substitution of a Scottish Commercial Corporation for our lawful Government.

Makes me sick. McKinley was probably assassinated for doing it and well he might have been, because thanks to the earlier actions of the same Perpetrators, we had no gold left in Fort Knox or elsewhere, and the limitation to the Gold Standard he imposed left us as de facto Paupers, unable to pay our bills.

First they stole our gold reserves and transported them to the Philippines without our knowledge or consent, then they demanded that all bills be paid in gold, knowing that we would have no gold available and wouldn’t be able to pay, or would have to pay out vast sums of silver or land or other assets to obtain gold, while these Vermin sat on our gold and pretended that they were our Agents.

They are trying to do the same thing right now, which is perhaps why Mr. Trump has changed the decor.

Still think its such a great thing to venerate McKinley and the Scottish Bastards who worked this entire Great Fraud Scheme against our great-grandparents and then just continued it for multiple more rounds of theft, racketeering, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, personage and barratry on our shores?

And Teddy was just as bad as FDR, just bent a different way.

Teddy Roosevelt is the one who set up the first National Conservation Policy, which basically tied up American Natural Resources and kept them from development, or as he summed it up, “Force everyone else to sell us their resources for pennies on the dollar, while we keep our own resources locked up for a rainy day.”

Oh, and did we mention? Benefit his cronies because these policies made the Robber Baron assets more valuable and undercut their would-be competitors.

No, I am afraid there have been no choir boys among the Presidents and if Mr. Trump needs to hang portraits of great men in the Oval Office, he will have to make a far more diligent search.

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07 20 2020 One Assembly Per State



By Anna Von Reitz

There is an obvious error being played out across the country and all sorts of various groups forming and claiming to be this or that version of “United States”, but all these activities which are taking place outside the framework of our government are acts of insurrection and attempted commercial and international fraud that cannot go unanswered.

There is only one Assembly per State because there is only one recognizable Body Politic in each State of the Union.  If there were two Body Politics, there would be two States.  Or three.  Or a half a dozen.

As you can see, there is only one entity called “California” and we do not see any “California 2” in evidence.

Each single State Assembly is made up of Natural-born Americans or Legal Immigrants who have adopted that physically-defined State of the Union as their permanent house and home, and declared themselves State Citizens—- Lawful Persons also known as “People”.

This is the Body Politic forming each one of our State Governments and there is no other.

There are no provisions for any other kinds of “Assemblies” inhabited by Federal Citizens operating as U.S. Citizens or citizens of the United States, and no sanction for “clubs” or “associations” calling themselves by similar names like “United Allied States” and blah, blah, blah which are all foreign commercial corporations trying to pull another Fast One on unwary people.

If you are an American, you were born in or immigrated to, a physically defined State with borders, rocks, trees, and other features.  This is where you live, breathe, and have your home.  This State is called by a single, simple Proper Name like this: Oregon, Vermont, Wisconsin, Texas, etc.

Each one of these States has one State Assembly.  You are naturally part of that State Assembly and either acting as a State National or a State Citizen, until or unless you go to work for the Federal Government or otherwise knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily adopt foreign citizenship.

In order to function in your natural birthright capacities, any other citizenship or political status “conferred” upon you without your knowledge has to be disclaimed, including any Federal Citizenship.

Federal Citizens all act as Persons (Territorial) or PERSONS (Municipal) and cannot act as one of the People of this country, and do not fall under the protections of, nor are they inheritors of, the guarantees of the Constitutions.

So, if you want your Constitutional Guarantees to be upheld, you have to take action to declare and record your political status as an American State National or American State Citizen.   Otherwise, you are in Limbo Land.

All those who can do so are urged to join your State Assembly and support it as State Citizens.

You can find your lawfully organized State Assembly by going to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net.

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07 19 2020 Use Your Ears



 By Anna Von Reitz

I hate anything cloying.  I really do.  It makes my skin crawl to have some sanctimonious hateful Talking Head intone, “In these challenging times….” in exactly the same way a more decent man or woman might say, “I’m sorry your dog died.”

“In these challenging times….”

“In these challenging circumstances….”

“In these uncertain times….”

“In these unfortunate times….”

“In these unstable times….”

I’ve heard all the variations and so have you, day after day, in newscasts and in advertisements for everything from hamburgers to Hondas to Cremation Services—- that usually also remind us that the “average funeral” (whoever determines that “average”) now costs in excess of $25,000.00 to bury 200 lbs of dead meat in a box.

Come all you weary and heavy laden.

Grandma Anna’s Green Funeral Service can provide a plot of good Earth, a decent wooden box, free seating for 25 people, seasonal flowers, a rib-sticking picnic lunch, and a memorial tree over your bones for less than $1000.  BYOB.

You see how crazy and commercialized — and offensive — things have gotten?

The out of control Liars and Merchants are trying to corner the market on water and air and sanitation.  You can’t even die without paying through the nose.

These Rotten Excuses like to simper and pretend that they are so sensitive, so easily “offended” by every-little-thing?  Well, I am offended, too.

Use  your ears and when you hear one of these witches start in with their wheedling false-comfort tone of voice, saying anything like, “My dear, I’m sorry …. but in these challenging times…..”

Practice saying, “I am offended!”

And mean it.  Look them right in their startled, disbelieving eyes.  And with all the theatrical garnish you can muster (while keeping a straight face) sputter, “I am so offended!”

[Yes, my intelligence is offended.  My ears are offended.  My very soul is offended.]

Pray tell, when are “the times” not “challenging”?

When are there any guarantees?

Who says I won’t be run over by a milk truck on 1-17?

If you want to stop living because you are afraid of dying, you might as well do us all a favor, go directly to the nearest graveyard and start digging!

Mindlessly repeating parrot-like catch-phrases may be okay for a parrot talking to other parrots.

Maybe they learn something by saying things like, “In these challenging times….. ” or “In these uncertain times….”  over and over again, but for most of us, that and “Russian collusion” wore out after one repeat.

Practice looking them balefully in the eye and saying, “Oh, I am so dreadfully bored, darling!”  and “Whatever are you talking about now?  Nasty vile things as usual?”  and  “If you need to repeat it, please go outside….” and, if you finally just get to the end of your rope there is always the immortal —–“You’re too stupid to be my friend [neighbor, acquaintance, family member].  I’m sorry.”—- and show them the door.

Thankfully, most of the worst of it is broadcast using a television or radio channel, and turning the knob or pushing the button will suffice.  For now.

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