By Betty Freauf
December 31, 2016

In an earlier article entitled Parents Gave Up Rights to Educate, I noted all the chaos we are experiencing is the result of the Harvard/Unitarian/Progressive enlightened snobs way back at the turn of the 19th Century attempting to bring communism to the U.S. which would require getting control of education away from the Calvinists Christian parents. Well, the Trump presidential candidacy did to one thing – educated people on the Electoral College. I know 80 year olds who didn’t know what it was.

History is not only written by the victors but by the ignorant, the biased and the devious. If, in addition to distortions of the history record, one adds another factor – the intentional “dumbing down” of a people, then the disintegration of a country can be accomplished even more quickly. As those who were listening and watching soon saw our Constitutional Republic being dismantled ever so quietly by these enlightened snobs. I cringe every time I hear another elected leader call our country a democracy. The lack of Civics in our public school system has been the biggest problem. Suddenly we found ourselves confronted by an incredible societal transformation – a tectonic shift of enormous magnitude – had taken place before our eyes. However, it has been the last generation of what are now called millennials is the most frightening and they seem to be the ones billionaire George Soros paid to protest Trump’s election.


A great journalist Alan Stang passed away in 2009. He warned when the Communists impose their version of Socialism on a country, they always destroy its history. They stop teaching it in the schools. They don’t talk about it in the media. They delete and pervert it in the movies and we know who owns Hollywood. Nationally, if you don’t know history, you are no longer a nation. You are people without cohesion, disunited and easily conquered.
Now if all this rings a bell, please study what he’s written about Islam. No. 30 of the 45 declared goals for the communist takeover of America is to discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.” No. 21 says to belittle all forms of America culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture” and No. 32, support any socialist movement to give centralized- control over any part of the culture – education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

Muslims train their children at an early age how to handle guns and explosives. They are taught to hate and while Americans were brainwashed to believe two children was enough, the Muslims are having lots of babies.
Recently there is much talk in our news about the 18-wheeler truck driven into the Berlin Christmas party and we are being warned by the intelligence community America is going to be next; however, google HOAX Global war on Terrorism. According to news reports, some communities such as Dearborn, Michigan have already taken over large portions of the town and the insistence that the women must wear burkas that cover their whole body plus their faces, automatically becomes a source of contention and anxiety in these communities.

Now for immigrants to bond together in certain areas is not unusual. This has happened since they got off the boat at Ellis Island in search of a better life and couldn’t wait to become citizens but the Muslims refuse to assimilate as described in their dress above and one can find no U.S. flags in the areas. Some men have up to four wives and receive welfare assistance. Eventually they will run for some public office in a district where they can guarantee election and one by one they will bring in others.


Yes, this is what happens when God turns a nation over to Satan. (Romans 1:18-32) The goal of the Muslims is to take over the world and install Sharia law. They come to our country and support themselves with our “politically correct” welfare system. Recently psychologist Dr. James Mitchell an expert on the Muslims say it only takes one or two people to cause great carnage like allegedly recently happened in Berlin and this terror threat is worldwide.

Germany’s first female chancellor, Angela Merkel, is the daughter of a Lutheran minister and is compassionate to a fault with the refugees. Like white guilt caused America to vote into the White House not once but twice two total communist groomed frauds, Merkel’s type of WWII-Hitler “guilt” stops Germany’s ability to defend themselves.

But we also see President Barack Obama doing likewise. In addition, before he leaves office, he’s granting clemency to hundreds (maybe thousands) of those in prison primarily on drug charges – he calls them low level offenders. And guess where the Muslims recruit – at our prisons!!

Nations with strong families are survivors. So the first attack was to destroy a mother’s self worth with the women’s movement which encouraged women to go to work outside the home. Spankings were called “child abuse so in order to protect the children from abusive parents, the Child Protective Services (CPS) was created to intervene into what used to be God’s command – spare the rod, spoil the child. (Prov. 29:15) And yes, abuse did occur but the authority that should have been called and asked to investigate would be the duly elected county sheriff and not a bunch of unqualified and unelected pecksniffians in CPS. (Hypocritically affecting benevolence or high moral principles – character in Charles Dickens Novel Martin Chuzzlewit – 1843)

In 1994 it was noted a growing number of sex researchers were supporting the idea that pedophilia could be healthy and should be legalized and promoted. Way back in 1984 one homosexual spokesperson said “We will Sodomize your sons.” Alan Stang in his 2007 book NOT HOLIER THAN THOU wrote about the sodomizing of children and by whom- A pervert by the name of Craig Smith “maintained a call boy ring that catered to the political elite and, unlike most D.C. call boy rings, offered children to its clients.” Stang told how the Republican Party had homosexuals worm their way into important jobs. One example was sodomite lawyer Roy Cohn, who, dying of disease in a hospital bed, was still trying to arrange homosexual liaisons.

The Psychiatry profession once labeled homosexuality as a mental disorder but applied pressure on the profession got that classification removed. The 6/30/03 New American magazine gave names of homosexual serial killers and the numbers they killed.


Corrupt the young, get them away from religion and get them interested in sex is the communist rule for a revolution. No. 27 of communist goals: Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.” To further this experiment, SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S.) entered the picture. It’s January 1993 report called for “respect for the diversity of values and beliefs about sexuality” and asserted that “sexuality is a natural healthy part of living” and each individual must have the right to make “responsible sexual choices. These generalizations belie the fact that SIECUS lacked respect for religious, traditional sexual beliefs and has resulted in bitter fruit but the experiment went on. And in 1994, sex clinics became known and condom clinics cashed in under President Clinton’s “Health Security Act. (S1757) The bill scheduled $50 million a year for “School Health Education” which, of course, is popularly known as sex education. This is where counselors would smuggle PG girls out the back door for an abortion without parental knowledge. Since Clinton’s sex life with Monica Lewinsky was exposed, 12 and 13 year olds in middle school began having oral sex. Kids are dirty dancing at high school events. A December 2002 NEWSWEEK magazine said 46% are having sex. The number of kids having sex before 14 is increasing. They have sex in the bathrooms, science class, and the parking lot.

Democrat President Jimmy Carter created the unconstitutional Department of Education. So basic reading and writing, arithmetic skills, Civics and the Constitution were ignored and replaced with sex education under the premise parents were incapable. The overall goal of sex education program was stated to enhance self esteem , increase decision making capacity, enable adolescents to make responsible decisions about sex. Embarrassed students were asked to tell what they like and did not like about the instruction, the group, the size and appearance of their own sex organs. Education aides included rubber like models of sex organs, Play Doh for students to shape into sex organs, fruits and vegetables to represent parts of male and female anatomy – all this without the knowledge of the parents.

Judith Reisman writes about “Kinsey’s Kooky Shrinks” and says anyone who believes that sex professors are just objective, high-minded intellectuals has never attended a sex conference. Communist collective-bargaining unionized teachers also lacking in history allowed themselves to become change agents instead of whistle blowers. And now President elect Donald Trump has selected Betsy DeVos to head the Department of Education which should have been repealed years ago! Americas used to be #1 in education worldwide, now we are 36th.

And sex education has morphed into mass confusion in the minds of our young people and we now have 300 million grandparents who are now either having their children and grandchildren living in their homes or are helping them out financially. The advent of political correctness and social networks has broken down traditional barriers and expanded boundaries to unacceptable dangerous lifestyles to where it is difficult to protect our children from sexual deviants.

Gender identity is the theme of today’s sexual indoctrination and Planned Parenthood and our school system wants to make your child so confused in hopes they will begin to question who they really are – enhancing therefore, the homosexual lifestyle. In 2016 California began to indoctrinate seven year olds with the new LGB T curriculum. So we now have young folks wanting the government to pay for their sex reassignment surgery and transgenders want access to all public restrooms.


And for the New World Order, death education will play as important a part in changing attitudes toward death as sex education played in changing attitudes toward sex information and wide acceptance of various lifestyles.
They offered death education classes. Such classes promoted conditioning of these young minds and desensitizing of the masses to the mass genocide to come, with abortion, euthanasia, necrophilia, cannabalism, group death and cruelty. The Illuminati listed 25 ways to smash America’s resistance to the global Agenda and #19 was the death culture to promote the conditioning of young minds so now we know why young people kill. And then an increase in suicides by young people….

And we’ve seen videos how Islam parents are conditioning their children early to kill the infidels. That which was once Normal, has suddenly become Political Incorrect as Saul Alinsky came on the scene to socialize or nationalize everything (one step below communism and a dictator) and he was Hillary Clinton’s as well as many others mentors. And what Bill and Hillary Clinton have done is not well known by today’s young snowflakes who began to melt down when their leader, Hillary Clinton, lost the presidency.

And after more than a hundred years of universal public education indoctrination, we can say that it nowhere resembles the Utopia vision that drove its proponents to create it and public schools have become a shelter for incompetent communistic collective bargaining teachers who were trained by the majority of communist professors in these worthless colleges. I can use Bill Ayers as an example. Because of prosecutorial errors, Ayers went free boasting, “guilty as hell, free as a bird,” for killing a policeman. It was no accident that Barack Obama chose Ayers as mentor in his run for the Illinois Senate. This felon Ayers went on to become a college professor spewing out his dangerous doctrine to heads full of mush.

So now newcomers who have suddenly awakening to the deception carried on by the education elites should be able to better understand why it has all happened. Look at how their futures are desolate because of what they’ve been taught. These young folks protesting now and bemoaning the fact that their evil leader, Hillary, lost are products of an education presented to them by a bunch of miserable, unhappy, constantly angry intellectuals and elitists who have created an army of mind-numbed ill educated robots who will spend the rest of their lives miserable and unhappy, unsatisfied and it has been done on purpose. Yes, politics and the social media can become a mental disorder and few exit the system untarnished.

© 2016 Betty Freauf – All Rights Reserved

Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to



From Power Currency to Power Money*


Money Metals News Service

On a Tuesday evening in early November, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had been elected 2 years earlier on the slogan “Minimum Government, Maximum Governance” stunned India’s 1.3 billion people by announcing that their 1000 ($15) and 500 rupee notes would be “demonetized” (removed from circulation) and replaced with new 500 rupee versions by the end of the year.

All they had to do was take their old notes to the banks – which were closed the next day – and deposit them – as long as there was a “legitimate” explanation for the cash – (600 million Indians do not have bank accounts).

The New “Modi” Operandi in the War against Cash

The dictionary defines the Latin phrase modus operandi as “a particular way or method of doing something, especially one that is characteristic or well-established… It is also used in criminal profiling where it can help in finding clues to the offender’s psychology.”

Billed by proponents as a way to cut down on the drug trade and bring “dark money” into the open, the reality of banning large denomination notes, if not all paper currency, is considerably different. It is detrimental to the vast majority of a country’s citizenry, who are, by and large, honest people simply trying to make a decent living. Thus the government’s methodology – and ultimate goals – come into view.


It stands jurisprudence on its head. Victims go from being “innocent until proven guilty” to the reverse. The mere possession of “excessive amounts” of paper currency becomes a presumption of guilt. The move toward universal digital transactions brings forth a specter of the much-abused civil asset forfeiture laws – an online version on steroids – where you are deprived of your money and possessions without ever being charged with a crime.

“Tyler Durden” at effectively states,

Our individual sovereignty is tied directly to our ability to move freely about. When every step we make is tracked by the bank/government our sovereignty is gone forever. Freely trading commerce is one of the cornerstones of human sovereignty. Without the ability to conduct business with whom we wish, when we wish, we are nothing more than cattle to the overlords of the land…

If you have any misguided notion that a cashless society is not coming, just keep telling yourself that every time you use a debit card, credit card or your phone for your next purchase. With the elimination of cash we effectively hand over our individual human sovereignty to the banks and the government.

Jayant Bhandari, an institutional investors’ advisor, who grew up in India, writes about the implications of India’s stunning attempt to transform the monetary landscape for one out of every six people on the planet, saying,

There are moral dilemmas galore. But this had to happen in a society run by rulers who have absolutely no sense of morals, (or) reason, not to mention respect for private property. It is also clear that Modi has to take more and more increasingly repressive steps to keep people from taking protective measures. India will rapidly become a police state…. this will go down in the history books as one of the most naïve, least thought through policy decisions ever, a massive man-made disaster.


USDX Weekly

David Morgan’s Describes the “Run to Cash” —

The upside-down world (of near-zero to negative interest rates) we are now living in has become our reality. This is one more reason you are now seeing a run toward the dollar. As the nearby USDX chart shows, is now trading at 12 years highs. What I have long taught – in the footsteps of the late John Exter’s inverted gold pyramid work – is that a “run to the dollar” will take place before the real run to gold gets fully underway. As you can see, that “asset class” occupies the last layer above gold itself.

We are now in the final step before another 1% of the population takes action by moving into gold and silver. When the run starts, it won’t be because 90% wake up and say “Wow, I need precious metals to protect my financial wellbeing!” What will happen is that simply another 1 or 2% will finally see the light and start to buy. Since the physical gold market represents less than a single percent of all financial assets, with silver at only about .02%, it won’t take a huge amount of new money to put the paper price at stratospheric levels…and that’s what will take place.

When people lose trust in the dollars they’re holding, the run into gold will be one for the financial record books. The dollar will keep rising until hit hits a major, unsustainable peak, and then begins to slowly roll over. After awhile, the momentum of that declining trend will build toward terminal velocity, accelerating until the dollar’s value hits the ground. While that is taking place, more and more people will be motivated to move into the precious metals. All at once, a demand flood will be attempting to get through a very narrow supply door. At that point, you will either have acquired some metal for financial protection in your possession, or you’ll be left standing in line…empty handed.


Exter’s Gold Pyramid

Fiat Always Fails

We believe the terms “power currency” (paper money) and “power money” (gold and silver) were coined by Trace Mayer*, a leading monetary and blockchain expert on Bitcoin. Applied to Exter’s inverted pyramid, they provide excellent visual definitions of the two asset classes which have – throughout history – jockeyed for acceptance on the part of governments and the governed alike. And so far, as the late Richard Russell wrote a few years ago, “In experiment after experiment with fiat money, gold has always turned out to be the last man standing.”

Forewarned Is Forearmed

Make no mistake – The loosely (for now) coordinated efforts in the “war against cash” of Sweden, Australia, France, Venezuela, and now India – with philosophical support from “intellectual” elements of the U.S. financial community are quickly swinging into gear. Spain has just announced that effective January 1, 2017, it would prohibit cash transactions in excess of 1,000 euros (c. US$1,080)

How rapidly these policies reach American shores and attempt to become the norm here will be determined in no small measure by the level of acceptance by India’s and European citizens of these draconian monetary policies.

While you ponder whether or not the Benjamins and Grants in your pocket should continue circulating – consider that what you are able to buy today with a $100 bill, took less than $20 to acquire in 1970. As you read this essay, Indians are willing to pay the equivalent of $2,200 per ounce of gold, in order to get rid of their “power-less currency” in exchange for “power money” – gold and silver.

Observe. Orient. Decide. Act.

About the Author:

David Smith is Senior Analyst for and a regular contributor to For the past 15 years he has investigated precious metals’ mines and exploration sites in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Bolivia, China, Canada, and the U.S. He shares his resource sector observations with readers, the media, and North American investment conference attendees.


If you don’t think that ten million people rioting in New York and the same in Chicago and California coastal cities would get those bastards attention, think again and warn your representatives of what is surely coming. Do it now before they drop it on us like a bomb, The time has come to take down the International Investment Banking cartel, before they take us down.



Steps to Take, Who To Notify, What to Be Aware Of.



by Anna Von Reitz

Please, folks, be aware that I have a website where letters, etc., are archived and available to read. There is a lot of information there. There is also a complete documented historical time line of the fraud — “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” is available on Amazon, as is Disclosure 101 that provides even more background and references.

You all have to make the effort to read and educate yourselves or you will be like sheep to the slaughter for these criminals. I cannot do it for you. You have to get on your own two feet and look and think and get moving for yourselves.

There are a few effective things you can do— and the most effective is to realize that whenever you incorporate anything it is removed from the Law of the Land and slides under the Satanic Law of the Sea.

So everything that you do and any organizations that you form MUST NOT BE INCORPORATED.

The next thing that you need to know is that foreign criminals have seized upon your own given name that is yours by birthright, a gift to you from your biological parents—and they have copyrighted and claimed (falsely) to be the owners of it. They have then used that claim and created numerous “fictional personas” and operated them “in your NAME”—–without your knowledge, without your consent. All those legal fiction entities are corporations—- so, they are subject to the Satanic Law of the Sea.

They are “legal fictions”—- lies.

And who is the Father of All Lies?

Your states and counties are all on dry land. They are all unincorporated associations created by your natural body politic as “free sovereign and independent people of the United States”. All these things that are operating “in the name of” your counties and states are corporations and franchises of corporations. They all operate under the Law of the Sea, not the Law of the Land.

They aren’t your counties or your states. You’ve merely been hoodwinked into assuming and believing that they are.

So, this is a political status issue. Your political status determines which law forms you are owed and your political status has been misrepresented, falsified for profit—– and your records have been falsified, too.

As a living man you have many guarantees confirming that your right to choose your political status is yours alone and that no government has any right to question, alter, or change it.

In this country you can by birthright be one of the “free sovereing and independent people of the United States” or an “inhabitant”— a British Crown Subject or Federal United States Citizen— (Definitive Treaty of Peace, often called the Treaty of Paris, 1783).

You are born free, sovereign, and independent, but within hours of birth undeclared British agents get your uninformed Mother to sign undisclosed contracts changing your status to that of a British Crown subject. You remain in that “presumed” status the rest of your life unless you object.

It’s past time to object—- object to the United Nations, which if it is worth a hoot in Hell will impose upon its members— Britain and the Federal United States — which have both signed onto the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Universal Right of Self-Declaration.

If any employee of the “Federal Government Corporation” accosts you or causes you trouble, remind them that you are one of the “free sovereign and independent people of the United States” and that you are guaranteed their loyalty, Good Faith, and Service by the Treaty of Peace, 1783, The Constitution for the united States of America Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2, the Expatriation Act of 1868, the Lieber Code, the Geneva Convention Protocols of 1949 – Laws of War Volume II, Article 3, the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Universal Right of Self-Declaration.

If they haul you into one of their private corporate franchise tribunals masquerading as a “County” or “State” Court of any kind, ignore their demand to “state your name” and observe on the record that every fact that falls from your mouth concerning you is testimony of a living Witness having the only first-hand knowledge of any fact concerning you. State that you are a living man (or woman) not operating any franchise and inquire if the court has any jurisdiction over one of the “free sovereign and independent people of the United States” defined by the Definitive Peace Treaty of 1783, Article III, and if it is competent to function in the jurisdiction of American Common Law and provide adjudication as required by Amendment VII of The Constitution for the united States of America”? And if not, by what possible stretch of the imagination are they proposing to address you at all?

If they persist, ask them if they are aware that American Common Law Courts are functioning in your state on the land, and that Milligan Ex Parte forbids fhem any further public function?

If they persist, ask if they are aware that you are being forced to act as General Executor of your ESTATE under duress and against your published Will? (The Constitution for the united States of America)

Remember that you can never get into trouble by asking questions on the record, but you can send a judge in one of these “courts” straight to Hell.

Remind the Provost Marshals and the Joint Chiefs who you are and of their obligation under the Lieber Code and the Geneva Protocols of 1949, Laws of War Volume II, Article 3. Be sure to also remind them that you are a non-combatant Protected Person who has been assaulted and mischaracterized by officers of the British Crown and undeclared foreign agents acting in favor of the British Crown.

Next, contact the members of the “US Congress”—- bearing in mind that these people do not “represent” you in any way, shape or manner— but ARE obligated to provide you with “essential governmental services” under Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2. If they don’t do it and do it in Good Faith, they are acting in treason and subject to the self-executing 3rd and 4th Clause of their own corporate “Constitution’s” 14th Amendment and are subject to the immediate loss of their office.

All these Bar Association Members, all these government employees, are the direct responsibility of this corporate Board of Directors and they are being ALLOWED to run amok on your land and to falsify your political status and cause you trouble and make false claims against you and your property assets.

Call them down on the carpet and spank their asses red. They are your servants— literally— and they have gone mad. Tell them very explicitly that you expect a prompt correction of all records related to you and your estate including the “infant decedant estate” that was improperly created “in your name”, the return of title to your property owed to you free and clear, the copyright to your given name, and the unblocking of your accounts.


Remind them of the Public Law — 2 United States Statute-at-Large 153, which clearly and explicitly lays out the duty of performance required to change the political status of any of the “free sovereign and independent people of the United States” to that of a Federal United States inhabitant.
Remind them that that duty has not been performed. Ever.

Remind them that the corporate “Congress” acted in gross fraud and conflict of interest amounting to treason when they claimed to establish a fixed rate of interest between their own private script, the so-called “Federal Reserve Note” and the United States Dollar— facilitating the exchange of our labor, our gold and silver, and our other resources for worthless I.O.U’s that were discharged by the abusive bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve System and by their own consummately dirty hands.

Remind them that thanks to more criminal fraud you have never received the remedies that were promised by HJR 192 and the related public statutes.

Remind them that both the Federal United States and the Washington, DC Municipality are their unique responsibility, not ours. Remind them that their Federal Reserve Note is their responsibility, not ours. Remind them that as they purloined our goods and our labor and gave it to the Pope and to the Queen under conditions of deceit and fraud and self-interest, it is now apparent to whom they should turn for succor and relief and for the payment of all debts related to their Federal Reserve Notes.

And if the Pope and the Queen refuse to return the favor of sharing the ill-gotten loot and bail their rumps out, we will have no reason whatsoever for not joining the defrauded Russians and Chinese in wiping the whole brood of robbers and murderers who have participated in this grotesque betrayal of our trust off the face of the Earth.

Remind them all that their only other possible source of help happens to be the very same “free sovereign and independent people of the United States” they have so arrogantly and gratuitously betrayed and whom they have defrauded and mischaracterized and enslaved and harrassed and lied to and sent their revenue agents after while pretending that we are or ever were British Crown subjects.

We Americans are good moral people, trusting, honest people— and we know how to forgive debts. God knows, we’ve forgiven and forgiven and forgiven debts owed to us all around the world, debts of blood, debts of honor, debts of gold, debts of every kind, shape, sort, and description we have forgiven. There is no reason to think that we have changed our character. But we have been betrayed by Breach of Trust and without the most abject and sincere kind of repentance backed up by action, there can be no forgiveness of this circumstance.

These are facts that were presented to Benedict XVI and which Francis also knows. These are facts that have been presented to the United Nations. These are facts that have been presented to all the nations of the world. The Holy See has already given its answer and settled the Seal of Saint Peter upon my forehead—ask Francis to deny it. The Pope has opened his storehouses, and now it remains for the Queen, Jacob Rothschild, his minions, David Rockefeller and his minions, the Committee of 300, and all their corporations—not us— to pay off the debts of the Federal United States and the Washington, DC Municipality, or face criminal prosecution and liquidation for fraud by the People of the United States, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, New Zealand……Brazil, India, Russia and China.

This criminality has gone on far longer than long enough. We have all been abused and we have all been defrauded. It is now time for all the people around the world to realize that we have a common enemy in the form of a dishonest banking system and dishonest men running the banking system, assisted by clueless and corrupt politicians.

It is also time for all men of goodwill and moral character to stand up and insist that these functions be cleaned up, these phony debts be erased, and that a new and honest banking system providing true planetary liquidity be instituted without further delay.

An honest banking system does not depend on banks nor on gold nor on any specific commodity. An honest banking system admits that there are only two things of value on this Earth: labor—which includes our energy, creativity and inventiveness—and natural resources. THAT is the backing for all economies and all spending and all value on this planet and no honest man will ever pretend otherwise.

An honest banking system does not depend on brand names of money— yen, dollars, rubles, “federal reserve notes” or any other such nonsense.

An honest banking system admits that every living man, woman, and child, has great intrinsic value—beyond measure in terms of any credit system–and that we are all literally OWED all the food, housing, water, transportation, education, medical care, and everything else that we can ever legitimately need.

This truth is universal. It matters not whether you are Muslim or Jew, an American or a Chinese.

An honest banking system is in our control, literally. It is not lorded over by any supposed “elite”. It is overseen directly by the people operating in their own countries and marketplaces day by day, and is exercised through the choices they individually make regarding what they invest in.

In an honest banking system all men and women have money to invest in the things they care about—-not what will make a “profit” because profit is not the object of an honest banking system — promoting what you care about is the object of an honest banking system: life, health, family, community, kindness…..

Spread the word. We are wide awake, seven billion against a few million criminals, most of whom are so clueless they don’t even know they are acting in a criminal fashion.

Inform them. And if they turn away from their sins, forgive them and invite them in to join the Brotherhood of Man.

See this article and over 100 others on Anna’s website


Never forget for a moment that we have all been surreptitiously propagandized by the media industry from birth. (Movies, news, and education). It is heart breaking to observe the majority of this countries people being so infatuated with the false patriotism propaganda, and unable to escape it. Ladies and gentleman you do not need to die for the Banking Cartel in order to be an American. The first thing you need to do is know who you really are! A free man or woman only supports organized groups of people who they have hired to administer certain described functions, who are euphemistically called governments. They are not your superiors in any way shape or fashion, they are your employee’s, and owe you their loyalty. THINK! STAND UP AND GROW A SET! ANOUNCE YOUR FREE STATUS!


Trump to inherit more than 100 court vacancies plans to reshape judiciary


Received from Marilyn Barnewall

Donald Trump is set to inherit an uncommon number of vacancies in the federal courts in addition to the open Supreme Court seat, giving the president-elect a monumental opportunity to reshape the judiciary after taking office.

The estimated 103 judicial vacancies that President Obama is expected to hand over to Trump in the Jan. 20 transition of power is nearly double the 54 openings Obama found eight years ago following George W. Bush’s presidency.

Confirmation of Obama’s judicial nominees slowed to a crawl after Republicans took control of the Senate in 2015. Obama White House officials blame Senate Republicans for what they characterize as an unprecedented level of obstruction in blocking the Democratic president’s court picks.

The result is a multitude of openings throughout the federal circuit and district courts that will allow the new Republican president to quickly make a wide array of lifetime appointments.

State gun control laws, abortion restrictions, voter laws, anti-discrimination measures and immigrant issues are all matters that are increasingly heard by federal judges and will be influenced by the new composition of the courts. Trump has vowed to choose ideologues in the mold of the late Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia, a conservative icon — a prospect that has activists on the right giddy.

“I’m optimistic he’ll come at this right out of the gate,” said Carrie Severino, chief counsel and policy director of the Judicial Crisis Network, a conservative group that has opposed many of Obama’s court choices.

“Every president can expect to make a huge impact,” Severino added. “[Trump] is unique in having campaigned really hard on this issue — the significance of the courts, and of the Supreme Court in particular.”

The Supreme Court vacancy created by Scalia’s death in February was a motivating issue for many conservative voters, especially evangelical Christians, to turn out for Trump. Senate Republicans refused to hold even a hearing on Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland, the chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, for the Scalia seat.

Democrats accuse Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), chairman of the Judiciary Committee, of intentionally denying Obama’s nominees a fair hearing and running out the clock in hopes that a Republican would succeed him, as Trump has.

Twenty-five of Obama’s court nominees were pending on the Senate floor, after having been approved out of the committee with bipartisan support, but did not get a vote before the Senate ended its two-year term before the holidays, according to White House spokesman Eric Schultz.

“Republican tactics have been shameful and will forever leave a stain on the United States Senate,” Schultz said. “Republican congressional dysfunction has now metastasized to the third branch of government, and that is not a legacy to be proud of.”

Trump spoke frequently about his intentions to put forward a more conservative Supreme Court nominee as a way to galvanize the right.

“The replacement of our beloved Justice Scalia will be a person of similar views, principles and judicial philosophies,” Trump said in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. “Very important. This will be one of the most important issues decided by this election.”

Although Trump spoke little on the campaign trail about the many vacancies on lower courts, remaking the federal judiciary overall has been a priority of his and of Vice President-elect Mike Pence, aides said.

Trump’s older sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, is a senior judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit. First appointed to the federal bench by President Ronald Reagan, Barry was later elevated to the circuit court by President Bill Clinton and is known for her relative moderation. She has spoken out against women’s claims of sexual harassment yet also struck down a New Jersey law banning late-term abortions as unconstitutional.

Trump transition officials declined to comment on the process of selecting nominees, but incoming White House Counsel Don McGahn is expected to play a key role. Such groups as the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation have been working with the Trump team to suggest possible candidates.

The judiciary also is a top priority for McConnell, who stands ready to help the Trump White House identify candidates and grease the sometimes-laborious Senate confirmation process.

The Trump administration and the Senate will be under pressure to quickly install judges in courts around the country where cases are severely backlogged because of long-vacant seats.

There are 38 so-called judicial emergencies, according to the nonpartisan Judicial Conference, including in Texas, where seven seats have sat empty for more than one year. The Obama administration and the state’s two conservative Republican senators could not come to an agreement on nominees for the many openings.

“There is a real impact on real people,” said W. Neil Eggleston, Obama’s White House counsel. “There are people and companies who are not having their cases heard because there are no judges around.”

The politics surrounding judicial vacancies are more poisonous than at any time in recent memory, as the Garland episode has shown, with Democrats and Republicans at loggerheads for much of the two years since McConnell took leadership of the Senate.

Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (Vt.), the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, issued a 4,200-word statement this month saying that by blocking Garland, Republicans had committed “the most outrageous act of obstruction and irresponsibility” that he had seen in his 42 years in the Senate.

Speaking more generally about circuit and district court vacancies, Leahy added: “Despite the fact that there are dozens of qualified, consensus nominees pending on the Senate floor right now, we will finish this Congress having confirmed just 22 judicial nominees in two years. That is the lowest number since Harry Truman was president.”

As with many subjects, judicial nomination data can be subject to interpretation. Judicial vacancies ebb and flow somewhat randomly, considering judges serve lifetime appointments until they choose to retire or die.

“It is a challenge to make apples-to-apples comparisons at the end of a term because vacancies don’t happen in the same regular basis as they do in the Senate or the White House,” said Don Stewart, a spokesman for McConnell. “To make an apples-to-apples comparison on a snapshot in time doesn’t work.”

Despite Obama’s difficulty winning confirmation for his nominees, the Senate has confirmed more of his nominees during his eight years as president, 329, than it did Bush’s during his eight years in office, 326.

Beth Levine, a spokeswoman for Grassley, said, “The White House has very little to complain about because no matter how they spin it, the fact is that President Obama had more judicial nominees confirmed than President Bush.”

Obama has used his nominations to systematically diversify the federal courts to look more like the fast-changing country. He appointed far more female and minority judges than any other president in history, and he has paid particular attention to sexual orientation. When Obama took office, there was only one openly gay or lesbian judge, and he appointed 11 more.

“The president, my predecessors and I spent a significant amount of time looking for all different kinds of diversity — racial, sexual orientation, gender and professional background,” Eggleston said.

When Obama took office, only one of the 13 regional circuit courts had a majority of Democratic-nominated judges, and as he leaves, nine do. While the Supreme Court hears roughly 75 cases a year, tens of thousands are decided at the circuit court level, affecting all who live in the states within those circuits.

Russell Wheeler, an expert on judicial nominations at the Brookings Institution, said Trump has a great opportunity to change the partisan split in the federal courts. He predicted that by mid-2020, Republican appointees would hold about half of the 673 district judgeships, as opposed to the current 34 percent. And among the 179 circuit court judgeships, Democratic appointees now hold a slim majority, 51 percent, but that could fall to about 43 percent.

But Wheeler warned that there are important limitations to Trump’s power. For one thing, many of the judges most likely to leave their appointments in the coming years were appointed by Republican presidents, meaning there will be fewer opportunities to shift the partisan makeup.

And perhaps more importantly, 28 of the 50 states will be represented by at least one Democratic senator, including large ones such as California, Florida and New York. Senate leaders have a tradition of considering nominees only if they are supported by both senators representing their state — and Democratic senators are expected to bargain hard with the Trump administration, just as Republican senators did with Obama’s.


What can be expected from over a hundred corporate judicial officers, more of the same?


A Deeper Understanding Of Technocracy



This article was written by Jon Rappoport and originally published at Jon Rapport’s Blog

Technocracy is the basic agenda and plan for ruling global society from above, so we need to understand it from several angles.

Consider a group of enthusiastic forward-looking engineers in the early 20th century. They work for a company that has a contract to manufacture a locomotive.

This is a highly complex piece of equipment.

On one level, workers are required to make the components to spec. Then they must put them all together. These tasks are formidable.

On another level, various departments of the company must coordinate their efforts. This is also viewed as a technological job. Organizing is considered a technology.

When the locomotive is finished and delivered, and when it runs on its tracks and pulls a train, a great and inspiring victory is won.

And then…the engineers begin to think about the implications. Suppose the locomotive was society itself? Suppose society was the finished product? Couldn’t society be put together in a coordinated fashion? And couldn’t the “technology of organizing things” be utilized for the job?

Why bother with endlessly arguing and lying politicians? Why should they be in charge? Isn’t that an obvious losing proposition? Of course it is.

But engineers could lay out and build a future society that would benefit all people. Hunger, disease, and poverty could be wiped out. Eliminating them would be part of the uncompromising blueprint.

This “insight” hit engineers and technicians like a ton of bricks. Of course! All societies had been failures for the same reason: the wrong people were in charge.

Armed with this new understanding, engineers of every stripe began to see what was needed. A revolution in thinking about societal organization. Science was the new king. And science would rule.

Of course, for an engineered world to work, certain decisions would have to be made about the role of the individual. Every individual. You couldn’t have an air-tight plan if every human were free to pursue his own objectives. Too many variables. Too much confusion. Too much conflict. Well, that problem could be solved. The individual’s actions would be tailored to fit the coordinated operations of the planned society.

The individual would be inserted into a pre-ordained slot. He would be “one of the components of the locomotive.” His life would be connected to other lives to produce an exemplary shape.

Yes, this could imply a few problems, but those problems could be worked out. They would have to be worked out, because the overriding goal was the forming of a world organization. What would you do if one bolt (an individual human) in one wheel of a locomotive was the wrong size? You would go back and correct the error. You would re-make the bolt.

Among sincere technocrats, the overall vision superseded the glaring problems.

But…other people entered the game. High-echelon Globalists saw technocracy as a system they could use to control the population. Control was their goal. Period. What happened to the individual in the process was of no concern to them. The individual had freedom or he didn’t have freedom, and the Globalists overtly intended to wipe out that freedom.

Erasing hunger, poverty, illness? Nonsense. For the Globalists, those realities would be exacerbated. Sick, weak, and debilitated people were easier to rule and control and manage.

Essentially, a vastly misguided vision of a future technocratic utopia was hijacked. Something bad was made much worse.

In a nutshell, this is the history of technocracy.

A locomotive is a society? No. That was the first fatally flawed idea. Everything that followed was increasingly psychotic.

Unfortunately, many people in our world believe in Globalism, if you could call a partial vague view a legitimate belief. They dreamily float on all the propaganda cover stories—greatest good for the greatest number of people; no more poverty; equality of sharing; reducing the carbon footprint; a green economy; “sustainable development”; international cooperation; engineering production and consumption of goods and services for the betterment of everyone; and all of this delivered from a central platform of altruistic guides.

If you track down the specifics that sit under these pronouncements, you discover a warped system of planning that delivers misery and de facto slavery to the global population.

The collective utopia turns out to be a sham.

Waking up is hard to do? Breaking up is hard to do? They must be done.

A workable technological fix is a very nice achievement when the project is a machine. But transferring that glow of victory to the whole of society is an illusion. Anything that calls itself education would tackle the illusion as the first order of business.


There is no atrocity greater than demanding by force what an individual must believe, or worship, which was not addressed in this article, but much more important!


BUSTED Classified Documents Show Michelle Obama Used Taxpayer Dollars To PAY Friends And Family To Vacation With Her


Are you an American tax payer? If you answered yes to that question, then you’re also the person who helped pay for Michelle Obama’s fancy trips over the last eight years. Not only that, but you’ve paid for her to pay her family members to go with her.

Let me explain what was recently leaked from potentially classified documents. I’m not entirely sure we should be sharing this information with you because it may have been leaked from a source that doesn’t want to be named, but here it is anyway.


The items pointed to are people who’re related to or friends with Michelle Obama. What job do her daughters do on the Senior Staff? Is twerking on the list of jobs for the Senior Staff, because at least one daughter is good at that.

What does her Mother do, walk the family dog?

Why does Michelle Obama need a make-up artist and hair stylist? She can’t do her own hair or makeup? We literally pay taxes to fund her costume crew? No wonder her lunch program sucked. We probably spent more on getting her “hair did” than we did on the food for needy kids.

If I was the President, then I would probably do the same thing and give my kids or siblings a job, but I would make them work for it. They would have an actual job so that there wasn’t an article like this calling me out for milking the tax payers and being a scum-lord millionaire who rips off the American citizens.
Glad it’s over in January.

Obama’s Budget Abuses Can Fund All Necessary Services


by Christian Zionist

by Rev. Austin Miles

Working Americans are receiving less and less of their paychecks while being denied basic promised services that they have earned and paid into including Social Security.

Especially hit hard by the Obama Administration is services to wounded veterans who have served our country.  V.A. health facilities are woefully understaffed. In Phoenix, several veterans have died waiting to be seen by a doctor.

It takes four to six months to get an appointment with a primary care physician in the Martinez, California facility. The appointments are usually in a 20 minute time frame. Every appointment is up to an hour late before being seen.

The staff members in Martinez are very caring but cannot do what they should be able to do because of these staff cutbacks by Obama. He has cut back on everything except his families lavish vacations.

You will see below a series of heavily budgeted government spending programs that Paul Ryan and the Republicans are proposing to cut, which does NOT include Social Security and the military. Here are the unnecessary programs that will be affected. Sit down as you read this list and see how much of our tax money is squandered and how much we can save. Warning: Your head will spin.

  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting Subsidy ­ $445 million annual savings.
  • Save America ‘s Treasures Program ­ $25 million annual savings.
  • International Fund for Ireland ­ $17 million annual savings.
  • Legal Services Corporation ­ $420 million annual savings.
  • National Endowment for the Arts ­ $167.5 million annual savings.
  • National Endowment for the Humanities ­ $167.5 million annual savings.
  • Hope VI Program ­ $250 million annual savings.
  • Amtrak Subsidies ­ $1.565 billion annual savings.
  • Eliminate duplicating education programs ­ H.R. 2274 (in last Congress), authored by Rep. McKeon ,

eliminates 68 at a savings of $1.3 billion annually.

  • U.S. Trade Development Agency ­ $55 million annual savings.

Woodrow Wilson Center Subsidy ­ $20 million annual savings.

Cut in half funding for congressional printing and binding ­ $47 million annual savings.

John C. Stennis Center Subsidy ­ $430,000 annual savings.

Community Development Fund ­ $4.5 billion annual savings.

Heritage Area Grants and Statutory Aid ­ $24 million annual savings.

Cut Federal Travel Budget in Half ­ $7.5 billion annual savings

Trim Federal Vehicle Budget by 20% ­ $600 million annual savings.

Essential Air Service ­ $150 million annual savings.

Technology Innovation Program ­ $70 million annual savings.

*Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Program ­ $125 million annual savings..

  • Department of Energy Grants to States for Weatherization ­ $530 million annual savings.

Beach Replenishment ­ $95 million annual savings.

New Starts Transit ­ $2 billion annual savings.

* Exchange Programs for Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and

Their Historical Trading Partners in Massachusetts ­ $9 million annual savings

  • Intercity and High Speed Rail Grants ­ $2.5 billion annual savings.

Title X Family Planning ­ $318 million annual savings.

Appalachian Regional Commission ­ $76 million annual savings.

Economic Development Administration ­ $293 million annual savings.

Programs under the National and Community Services Act ­ $1.15 billion annual savings.

Applied Research at Department of Energy ­ $1.27 billion annual savings.

Freedom CAR and Fuel Partnership ­ $200 million annual savings..

Energy Star Program ­ $52 million annual savings.

*Economic Assistance to Egypt ­ $250 million annually.

  • U.S.Agency for International Development ­ $1.39 billion annual savings.

General Assistance to District of Columbia ­ $210 million annual savings.

Subsidy for Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority ­ $150 million annual savings.

*Presidential Campaign Fund ­ $775 million savings over ten years.

  • No funding for federal office space acquisition ­ $864 million annual savings.

* End prohibitions on competitive sourcing of government services.

  • Repeal the Davis-Bacon Act ­ More than $1 billion annually.

IRS Direct Deposit: Require the IRS to deposit fees for some services it offers

(such as processing payment plans for taxpayers) to the Treasury,

instead of allowing it to remain as part of its budget ­ $1.8 billion savings over ten years.

*Require collection of unpaid taxes by federal employees ­ $1 billion total savings.

  • Prohibit taxpayer funded union activities by federal employees ­ $1.2 billion savings over ten years.

Sell excess federal properties the government does not make use of ­ $15 billion total savings.

*Eliminate death gratuity for Members of Congress.

  • Eliminate Mohair Subsidies ­ $1 million annual savings.

*Eliminate taxpayer subsidies to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel

on Climate Change ­ $12.5 million annual savings.

  • Eliminate Market Access Program ­ $200 million annual savings.

USDA Sugar Program ­ $14 million annual savings.

Subsidy to Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) ­ $93 million annual savings.

Eliminate the National Organic Certification Cost-Share Program ­ $56.2 million annual savings.

*Eliminate fund for Obamacare administrative costs ­ $900 million savings.

  • Ready to Learn TV Program ­ $27 million savings..

HUD Ph.D. Program.

Deficit Reduction Check-Off Act.


*TOTAL SAVINGS: $2.5 Trillion over Ten Years. Yes, @2.5 TRILLION!!

My question is, what is all this doing in the budget in the first place?!

If this isn’t outrageous enough, in one last desperate attempt before exiting The Oval Office, Obama

is attempting to slip in another pricey climate-change initiative before Donald Trump takes office, potentially costing U.S. taxpayers another $90 million if it survives its unveiling – in Asia – next month.

The “Climate Change” hoax is a scheme to create a world tax. Al Gore has made over $200 million so far, to promote that faulty science. If he succeeds in pulling this off, he will be awarded a billion dollars.

First of all, it is not carbon dioxide omissions causing climate change. It is the sun only that creates climate changes which has been observed over the centuries. Carbon omissions contribute heavily to smog and bad air which is harmful to one’s lungs and overall health. But it has nothing to do with the weather being cold or hot. This is confirmed by NASA.

In addition to the useless spending above, let’s take a look at what the Obama family has spent on personal luxuries paid for by the taxpayers who work hard for a pay check that barely covers a roof over a family’s head, food on the table, and clothing. There is nothing left for actual luxuries in life, but part of that hard earned paycheck goes for the luxurious living demanded by the Obama family. This is, of course, the Communist way. The “peasants,” barely scrape by while the leaders live in luxury.

The expenses below, paid for by us, are in addition to the wasteful spending listed above. Let’s take a look: As of 11/15/2015 (with more than a year to go) the Obama Family had spent over $1,300,000,000 (one billion, three hundred million dollars) on personal family trips like golfing and vacations and even shopping sprees–remember when Michelle used Air Force One to take her to New York for a shopping spree? These events were personal, not political, or Government related. They use Air Force One as a taxi, at our expense.

Here are more of her personal expenses we pay for: With the exception of Hillary who had 7 personal assistants, all other first ladies had one. Michelle has 22 personal assistants, at a cost of $2,075,200 (2 million 75 thousand 200 dollars) annually. Plus she has a hairstylist and make up artist who travel with her on Air Force One for all trips, including their lavish vacations in Hawaii and Europe.

Yes, Donald Trump will drain the swamp, and in Obama’s case, flush the toilet. He will find enough money by cutting useless spending to better staff the V.A. Hospitals and clinics, We can get the homeless off the streets and into housing. The State of Idaho is the only state in the union that has such a program. And we will get back to classic education seeding intelligence instead of a dumb-downed politically correct and immoral agenda that furthers the Communist Party USA.


The Failure of Public Schooling in One Chart


By Daniel J. Mitchell

Daniel J. Mitchell is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute who specializes in fiscal policy, particularly tax reform, international tax competition, and the economic burden of government spending. He also serves on the editorial board of the Cayman Financial Review.

I confess that none of my creations have ever been as clear and convincing as the iconic graph on education spending and education outcomes created by the late Andrew Coulson.


I can’t imagine anyone looking at his chart and not immediately realizing that you don’t get better results by pouring more money into the government’s education monopoly.

But the edu-crat lobby acts as if evidence doesn’t matter. At the national level, the state level, and the local level, the drumbeat is the same: Give us more money if you care about kids.

So let’s build on Coulson’s chart to show why teachers’ unions and other special interests are wrong.

Gerard Robinson of the American Enterprise Institute and Professor Benjamin Scafidi from Kennesaw State University take a close look at this issue.

…education is important to the economic and social well-being of our nation, which is why it is the No. 1 line item in 41 state budgets. …Schools need extra money to help struggling students, or so goes the long-standing thinking of traditional education reformers who believe a lack of resources – teachers, counselors, social workers, technology, books, school supplies – is the problem. …a look back at the progress we’ve made under reformers’ traditional response to fixing low-performing schools – simply showering them with more money – makes it clear that this approach has been a costly failure.

And when the authors say it’s been a “costly failure,” they’re not exaggerating.

Since World War II, inflation-adjusted spending per student in American public schools has increased by 663 percent. Where did all of that money go? One place it went was to hire more personnel. Between 1950 and 2009, American public schools experienced a 96 percent increase in student population. During that time, public schools increased their staff by 386 percent – four times the increase in students. The number of teachers increased by 252 percent, over 2.5 times the increase in students. The number of administrators and other staff increased by over seven times the increase in students. …This staffing surge still exists today. From 1992 to 2014 – the most recent year of available data – American public schools saw a 19 percent increase in their student population and a staffing increase of 36 percent. This decades-long staffing surge in American public schools has been tremendously expensive for taxpayers, yet it has not led to significant changes in student achievement. For example, public school national math scores have been flat (and national reading scores declined slightly) for 17-year-olds since 1992.

By the way, the failure of government schools doesn’t affect everyone equally.

Parents with economic resources (such as high-profile politicians) can either send their kids to private schools or move to communities where government schools still maintain some standards.

But for lower-income households, their options are very limited.

Minorities disproportionately suffer, as explained by Juan Williams in the Wall Street Journal.

While 40% of white Americans age 25-29 held bachelor’s degrees in 2013, that distinction belonged to only 15% of Hispanics, and 20% of blacks. …The root of this problem: Millions of black and Hispanic students in U.S. schools simply aren’t taught to read well enough to flourish academically.  …according to a March report by Child Trends, based on 2015 data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), only 21% of Hispanic fourth-grade students were deemed “proficient” in reading. This is bad news. A fourth-grader’s reading level is a key indicator of whether he or she will graduate from high school. The situation is worse for African-Americans: A mere 18% were considered “proficient” in reading by fourth grade.

But Juan points out that the problems aren’t confined to minority communities. The United States has a national education problem.

The problem isn’t limited to minority students. Only 46% of white fourth-graders—and 35% of fourth-graders of all races—were judged “proficient” in reading in 2015. In general, American students are outperformed by students abroad. According to the most recent Program for International Student Assessment, a series of math, science and reading tests given to 15-year-olds around the world, the U.S. placed 17th among the 34 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries in reading.

This is very grim news, especially when you consider that the United States spends more on education – on a per-pupil basis – than any other country.

Here’s a table confirming Juan’s argument. It lacks the simple clarity of Andrew Coulson’s graph, but if you look at these numbers, it’s difficult to reach any conclusion other than we spend a lot in America and get very mediocre results.


Juan concludes his column with a plea for diversity, innovation, and competition.

For black and Hispanic students falling behind at an early age, their best hope is for every state, no matter its minority-student poverty rate, to take full responsibility for all students who aren’t making the grade—and get those students help now. That means adopting an attitude of urgency when it comes to saving a child’s education. Specifically, it requires cities and states to push past any union rules that protect underperforming schools and bad teachers. Urgency also means increasing options for parents, from magnet to charter schools. Embracing competition among schools is essential to heading off complacency based on a few positive signs. American K-12 education is in trouble, especially for minority children, and its continuing neglect is a scandal.

He’s right, but he should focus his ire on his leftist friends and colleagues. They’re the ones (including the NAACP!) standing in the proverbial schoolhouse door and blocking the right kind of education reform.

P.S. This is a depressing post, so let’s close with a bit of humor showing the evolution of math lessons in government schools.

P.P.S. If you want some unintentional humor, the New York Times thinks that education spending has been reduced.

P.P.P.S. Shifting to a different topic, another great visual (which also happens to be the most popular item I’ve ever shared on International Liberty) is the simple image properly defining the enemies of liberty and progress.


The single most inhumane thing you can do to your children is to enroll them in the public education system. If you cannot afford to home school, keep it in your pants!!!