04 30 21 Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice Blood Money 18 Hollywood East



By Anna Von Reitz

I am now given to understand that the “Arise America” Tour being popularized by Robert David Steele and Sasha Stone is actually being funded by the shadowy Bush-connected “We, the People” organization, and that their overtures to the American State Assemblies to financially support and participate in their Tour is an effort to co-opt our efforts.

We weren’t told that “We, the People” was involved.

Instead of it being an opportunity to bring the truth out, it’s a means to associate themselves and their organization with us. But just enough to lend themselves our legitimacy.

The problem with “We, the People” is that they are the wrong “People”.

The only People who are Parties to the Constitutions and enabled to enforce them are the State Citizens, as is shown by our earlier information published as Blood Money 17 — The Bond System.

Those operating the “We, the People” organization are in fact Territorial U.S. Citizens and they are clinging stubbornly to that political status.


Because they want to “represent” us, and deny our ability to present ourselves —-with no agency granted to them.

After all, impersonating us as British Territorial U.S. Citizens is how they got their foot in the door, how they managed to act in Breach of Trust and latch onto our Good Names and Persons to benefit their Queen and their Pope in the first place.

This is what we call “Hollywood East”.

Virtually all these people are literally Actors — some of them very Bad Actors, indeed.

They are the ones who stage False Flags all over this country, the same Jokers who conduct business as “Acts” of Congress — literally, acts as in stage play acts.

Most of them have been deluded to think that they are doing something great, something necessary, a “sacred cause” — when in fact, all they are doing is promoting a phony, illegal, commercial mercenary “war” and pillaging their country and their countrymen to do it.

Who was John Wilkes Booth? An actor.

Who was Abraham Lincoln? A Bar Attorney acting as “a” President, not “The President”.

Who was Ronald Reagan? Another actor.

Jimmy Carter, too.

The Walker-Bushes and Carter-Roosevelts are all Rockefellers, too. That’s why virtually all the “Presidents” are related to each other, and operate under false names.

Like Ulysses S. Grant or “US Grant” —-ahem, whose actual name was just plain old Hiram Grant from Ohio.

Take a good look at Joe Biden and compare to Jeb Bush or former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. See the resemblance? Now add in Ulysses S. Grant…. and Patty Hearst.

Compare JFK (a Carter) to Jimmy Carter…..

Now compare both of them to Donald Trump….. and Theodore Roosevelt.

Theodore Roosevelt’s Bull Moose Party ran under the slogan, “A Square Deal All Around.” Teddy was a Republican.

And Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Democratic Party slogan ran under “The New Deal”. Franklin, his cousin, was a Democrat.

And neither one of them were ever The President of The United States of America.

Starting with Abraham Lincoln, they were, and they are, all actors. All men and women pretending to be what they are not. All imposters.

And we are the people they are playing.

In all senses of that word.

Without us, they have no standing at all, no ability to commandeer our assets, no firm identity, no property, no political status of their own, no “power” except the strictly enumerated delegated powers they are supposed to be exercising “for” us in “good faith”.

Their entire political status is created by the Federal Constitutions, and without those Constitutions, they are stateless, homeless, and lacking any purpose—which is why they make such a cult out of preserving and defending the “Constitution” at all costs.

They have impersonated Americans for so long that some of them actually believe that they are us, and they do this because this is the only way that they can seize power over us and our assets — by pretending to be us and pretending to be our lawful government.

That, however, is something they can never attain, no matter how many times they claim to be, “We, the People”. They may be “a” people, but no, not “the” People being referenced by that famous phrase.

So it is time to set aside these repugnant and criminal games, face the facts, admit who pays the bills, and which ones of us actually function as Americans, not U.S. Citizens and not Municipal CITIZENS, either.

The Father of All Lies guides their actions, but the Father of All Truth guides ours. They pretend to be “We, the People” but never paid a dime toward the fulfillment of that contract. They pretend to “represent” us, but we have no need for their services; we are competent to present ourselves, directly, and in our true and Lawful Persons.

Let the records of the High Courts show that we appeared in our true form in the Court of Heaven, and that we appear now as Lawful Persons standing on the land of our country.

All beneficial interest in America is owed to us, and we do not allow our foreign employees or their dependents to substitute themselves for us, manage our private lives for us, or otherwise commandeer our Persons, cashier our assets in trusts, or waive our inheritance for their benefit.

While we initially welcomed the olive branch and the offer to join in and support the Arise America Tour, we realize that once again, this was no genuine effort to support actual Americans, create actual peace or settle anything. It’s just another attempt to co-opt what is legitimate by association.

It’s too bad for all concerned, but no, we won’t be participating in nor supporting the Arise America Tour, and we turn the High Courts’ attention to the issue of impersonation in all its senses.

These people don’t stop with impersonating us on paper, they actually take to the streets and attempt to pull the same thing in the flesh. They pretend to be our Agents, when they are not. They pretend to be our Trustees, when they are not. And they even pretend to be us, literally, when they are not.

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04 30 21 Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice Blood Money 17 The Bond System



By Anna Von Reitz

Before publishing this, I want people to fully grasp the fact that bonds are associated with “bondage” — which always requires “performance”. So bonds impose a form of servitude. Always. Bonds are not a good thing.

So when people get all excited and talk about the “value of bonds” what they are actually talking about is the value of someone’s performance — their labor, their talents, their intellectual property— being exchanged for money for a period of years, and their obligation to perform upon the terms of those bonds.

When you are sold into bondage, someone gets a pay off and that someone is typically not you. You get the performance part of the deal only.

Many of you have read about the practice of “indentured servitude” — a process by which people “bound themselves” to serve in a particular capacity for a number of years, typically seven (7) years, to pay off a debt. Many people came to this country as indentured servants (bonded servants) and worked off their debt and became free men.

Even slaves could, given the right opportunities and conditions, find means to earn “extra” money, and buy themselves out of slavery.

It is impossible to bond an American against their will, but we remain “free” to bond ourselves, which we have been “presumed” to do, as a result of the Birth Certification and underlying Registration process.

To be exact, the Perpetrators claim that our Mothers freely and voluntarily gave us up as Wards of the State-of-State British Crown Franchise operating our State Government “for” us. On an “emergency” basis, of course.

Millions of Americans know that this is total bunk and that our Mothers were never given full disclosure and that these innocent women were railroaded into signing these papers under color of law and in breach of trust, but that little fact is lurking like a Great White Shark, just under the surface of their system.

According to them, our Mothers signed us up and we continued to “voluntarily” participate when we reached the age of majority.

The fact that the purported contract was signed when we were just babies and therefore totally “unconscionable” to us, and never disclosed to our Mothers, either, is another point that the Perpetrators neglect to admit.

Thus, we have been “self enslaved” under foreign and undisclosed contracting processes promoted by our public employees, who have sold us into both slavery as Municipal citizens of the United States, and as indentured servants presumed to be British Territorial U.S. Citizens.

So now that you know that bonds are not good things and that you only get the bad end of the stick, let’s take a look at an actual Birth Certificate ACCOUNT— mine.

The STATE OF WISCONSIN BIRTH CERTIFICATE shows that a “female”, that is, a “daughter of Adam” was physically born on June 6, 1956, and the initial certificate was issued by Dr. Kenneth F. Manz, M.D., actually, the attending physician, on June 27, 1956. It was received by the Office of the Registrar (from Dr. Manz) on June 28, 1956, and I was “unlawfully converted” into a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and Indentured “Person” on June 28, 1956. All this registration work was done via a Municipal Corporation doing business as the WISCONSIN STATE BOARD OF HEALTH.

Remember that “Wisconsin State” is the State Trust the rats established after the Civil War “for” us, to manage our property “for” us in our “absence” — even though we hadn’t gone anywhere.


So, the doctor was the Undeclared Foreign Agent “claiming” me as property belonging to the Queen and the British Crown Corporation franchise running both the Wisconsin State (Trust) and the State of Wisconsin “for” me. And not a word was said to my Mother, or, for that matter, to me, when I reached the age of majority.

The initial bond has been rolled over several times in the course of my life, so the original “bond” shows as a File Number: 148-56-XXXX. The first set of numbers identifies the British Crown Corporation franchise and the “56” identifies the year, and the XXXX — which is also numeric, but I am not publishing— identifies the exact record that entered “me” into their system.

A more recent version of the document shows an eight-digit Bond Number in red ink at the bottom of the certificate. This is an IMF Bond Number; the United Nations has held these bonds since Jimmy Carter so generously donated them in 1980, as one of his last, thank God, acts as President.

Now, this is purportedly, a “private contract”, something that my Mother and later, I, entered into knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily — a supposition that everyone reading this knows is pure bunk. We were simply never told anything about these cozy unilateral, undisclosed, and for my part, unconscionable contracts, being entered into “for” me by “Uniformed” Federal Officers.

Doctors are conscripted under Federal Code Title XXXVII, so while my Mother was paying for a private physician, Dr. Manz was acting as an M.D. and signed the certificate as such. He took me into “custody” and sold me into indentured servitude benefiting the USA, Inc., and he very broadly presumed that I was an unwanted bastard child, abandoned “on the battlefield” of an illegal mercenary war being carried out in secret by my own public employees—- 91 years after the American Civil War actually ceased.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Now, what happens to little Anna Maria? The living girl goes on and lives and grows up. The British Territorial “Person” berthed by this illicit registration process, is moved to the District of Columbia, where “she” is registered again by the Department of Commerce as a “Special Purpose Vehicle” doing business as a corporation franchise of the Municipal United States Government: ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER.

While the British Person carrying my Proper Name is just an indentured servant, the Municipal PERSON is a slave, both of whom have to buy their way out of their servitude every step of the way, because at the end of that day, they owe everything to the State Trust, where “I” am actually “lodged”—-and which they manage “for” me.

Okay? Are you able to follow along here? They seize upon me as a baby in my cradle, include me as property belonging to the Wisconsin State (Trust), which they then commandeer and manage “for” me in my “absence”. After this initial act of misrepresentation and kidnapping and unlawful conversion of my nationality and political status, they remove the resulting British “Person” they have named after me to the District of Columbia.

Once in the District of Columbia, they incorporate an additional Municipal Corporation named “ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER” as a Cestui Que Vie ESTATE Trust, and they begin spinning off “derivatives” — other commercial corporation franchises that are all “Special Purpose Vehicles” presumed to be engaged in various public commercial capacities. So, we have, for example, their current scapegoat, ANNA M RIEZINGER, a bankrupt Puerto Rican Electrical Company franchise.

These Municipal franchise CORPORATIONS are all promptly bundled up and transported offshore to Puerto Rico (or more recently, the Mariana Islands) where they are graciously administered as Church properties, under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.

Now you know how and why the IRS is so effective as a debt collector of your “voluntary” Federal Income Taxes, whether or not you are a Federal Employee or Dependent.

Let’s examine the actual “books” using my BC account as a totally typical example of what is in fact owed to an average American versus what is owed by that same American in the aggregate. This is a recent — April 2021– look at “my” account.

You will see that it is organized as “BC FRONT CUSIPS” and “BC BACK EE SERIES PAPER BOND CUSIP” numbers.



FPURX x 3 Cusip: 316345107 Amount: 475 Million

FSELX Cusip: 316390863 Amount: 5,833.64 x 1,000,000.00= 5,833,640,000

FTRNX Cusip: 3164231025 Amount: 3,281.00 x 1,000,000.00= 3,281,000,000

FDESX Cusip: 316127109 Amount: 2,731.59 x 1,000,000.00= 2,731,590,000

Altogether, they are holding $12,321,230,000.00 in the Wisconsin State (Trust) for me, but all this Pre-paid Credit is, conveniently, blocked. It was pre-paid by my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents and by me, too, but I can’t access it. Remember—- my “Person” has been unlawfully converted into a British Territorial Person, and until I “return” from “over the seas”, this account belongs to an American and is “unclaimed” property. So the Perpetrators of this scheme use it as an investment capital Slush Fund instead of using it to benefit me or my family or even my country.

Now, let’s look at the “debt side” of the account. Here we see the “back side” of the account, and we see that Federal Reserve Notes of the EEOOO80771 Series have been issued in MY NAME, as public debts. So, “I”— that is, the Municipal PERSON(S) they have created “in my name”— owe $50,360,000.00 in debt.

This is what they are always promoting and attempting to collect from the DEBTOR and using as the excuse to confiscate the property of living Americans and to harass them in Municipal COURTS and claiming that these PERSONS owe all sorts of taxes and other debts—when in fact, all these debts are owed by the organizations promoting this enormous fraud and money laundering scheme on the backs of the American people.



5,036.00 x 10,000 for denomination 50,360,000.00

The actual tally when the books are balanced is that these Vermin owed me:

$12,270,870,000.00 as of the day we pulled the record.

And they are still trying to pretend that I, or at least, various Municipal PERSONS named after me, owe them money for all this “service” and they are proposing to steal my house, entitle themselves to my home, arrest me whenever they please, and, if necessary to free themselves of their insurmountable debts, they propose to “sacrifice” their property — that is, to kill us all, in order to get rid of their Priority Creditors.


Well, we have a better idea. We have come home and proven and declared our birthright political status as Americans, owed every penny of our State Trusts. We are the actual landlords, and they are the tenants. It’s time to balance the books.

Please bear in mind that this does not mean that you or I are suddenly going to be in possession of “gozillions” of dollars with no stipulations or responsibilities; that’s not what it means at all. What it means is that we and our State and our ancestors are owed a tremendous amount of pre-paid credit that needs to be gradually paid down, so as to maintain the value of our currency throughout the world, improve our lives, set us free from harassment from our own employees, and promote a safe, clean, sane and truthful world in which all children can grow up happily and achieve their dreams, a world in which all families and all nations are respected.

We cherish the many cultures and nations, the colorful diversity of life, and all its forms, and we utterly reject any model of Corporate Feudalism that certain bankers and other scum have advocated. Norwegians won’t be inundated with displaced Muslims from Iraq anymore. Neither will there be wars that murder and leave people homeless, promoted by thieves and mental incompetents.

What this means on an individual level, is that you, plain old Joe Q. American, should never see another tax bill of any kind again. Or suffer any potholes. You should never have to quibble over a “land title” belonging to a British version of yourself. You should never see another public utility bill of any kind in your lifetime. You should never be misaddressed by any foreign “federal” officer or foreign “State of State” Court or Law Enforcement Officer. You should never have to worry about a medical bill, the cost of medicine, a college debt, or buying a new car when you need one. Ever.

And bear in mind, this is just the “sort out” of the Birth Certificate Bonds.

Other bonds were placed on your weary backs as well.

You are the richest people on Earth, even though you have been treated as slaves in your own country for 158 years.

It’s time for this abysmal nonsense to end.

The Americans have seen through the deceit and the Roman Civil Law demands the removal of the fraud and its results, to return our land and our Good Names and our pre-paid credit and everything else that is legitimately ours.

We have also seen through the inland piracy practiced against us by the Queen’s Government and the Lords of the Admiralty. The Law of the Sea maintains that “Possession by pirates does not change ownership.” and so, we have reclaimed all our property— our purloined gold and silver, our Good Name, our copyrights, our trademarks, our patents, our public buildings, our land patents, our post offices, all of it.

As it turns out, we also own most of Western Europe, which has been badly bungled, too. Contrary to fears that we will enslave the populace or repossess property, we propose to free everyone concerned and return each man to his own place with his own property intact. The principles of war do not apply.

We will consider this a true Jubilee, the first in over 800 years, and the Creditors will gradually and sensibly release all the debts and hold the living people harmless, so long as everyone keeps their heads together and proceeds in an orderly fashion.

There will be no UN Death Squads on our shores, no Chinese Troops on our nickel, no false claims in commerce misapplied to anyone— and no more continued pretense of mercenary war on our shores.

Instead, those who have been harmed by this pernicious system will be made whole and enabled to live free and secure and dignified lives. Everyone will be educated and fully informed and enabled to take responsibility for their own lives as self-governing beings, and anyone seeking to enslave, bringing false claims in commerce, impersonating anyone, or playing any of these loathsome games on our turf will be recognized as a criminal, arrested, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Public Law.

This is our Will as the actual Government of this country, and our employees of every stripe, are fully obligated to obey and the High Courts are all obligated to enforce from the top down as we enforce from the bottom up.

We believe that this little expose using my account as an example of what is totally typical, more than adequately demonstrates not only the existence of our “Exemption Accounts” but locates them, and also explains the mechanisms used to establish and misdirect this system, so as to misidentify and enslave the actual Creditors.

Instead of owing anyone for the use of Federal Reserve Notes, I am owed for the use of Federal Reserve Notes issued against my good name and credit. Any debts owed by any corporate PERSON named after me utterly pale in comparison to what I am owed, so that I, and millions of other Americans, are without question, owed the Mutual Offset Credit Exemption Exchanges that were stipulated in 1933-34, and our feckless foreign Employees need to organize themselves to issue the Exemption Credits.

We suggest an overhaul of the “Internal Revenue Service” and the “IRS” to coordinate their activities with the Treasury and expedite the opening of our Exemption Accounts as each American “returns” home to the land and soil of our beloved country and re-establishes their identity as an American.

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04 29 21 Dear Mr. Trump . . . . the Second Time



 By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, we wrote to express our dismay with your apparently boundless ignorance regarding biology, virology, protein synthesis, and viral DNA and RNA disease vectors.

Now, we find that you are missing the point about all claims based on illegal patents are null and void. Those patents were issued under our authority without our knowledge or consent. They represent an entire history of illegal and indeed, criminal, patents. That history and those patents are individually and collectively coming to an end.

No commercial claims to the effect that anyone is rendered a “GMO” by virtue of ingesting any cellular level nanobot, engineered DNR or RNA fragment or similar “property” will be honored anywhere in this country and no patent issued by the U.S. Patent Office will be deemed lawful or protected that advances such a claim against living people.

Both slavery and peonage have been outlawed worldwide since 1926 and we are here to enforce the Public Law, regardless of whatever “Public Policy” any corporation adopts.

We have broken the codes and delved down to the roots and are applying the ax to those roots of evil even as this message gets forwarded to your new office address by scores of Americans.

You will either be part of the solution or part of the problem, and the choice is entirely up to you, as it is for all Americans. For those of us who have returned to the land and soil of this country and to whom your corporations owe all duty and due diligence, as well as all your debt, the answer going forward is obvious.

We have announced our intentions. We are enforcing the Constitutions. We are issuing the new American Credit Certificates to settle the Federal Reserve Notes and underlying bonds.

Anyone caught trying to securitize or monetize bonds based on labor is engaged in international crime, and it doesn’t matter if this is done in one of the States or in the Territories and Possessions. All the Usual Suspects can forget about using Puerto Rico or the Mariana Islands as pirate bases.

From now on, the hunters have become the hunted and there will be no rest for the wicked.

So make up your mind, Mr. Trump. Loyal American? Or Company Man? You either stand behind the American Creditors and protect them and their good health and welfare as an American, or you belly-up and kiss the feet of people like Nancy Pelosi.

Your quid pro quo with us is wearing thin. Any idea that your USA, Inc. is going to be able to keep the same old game going with the US, Inc. players and use these outrageous “Human GMO” claims to further more claims against Americans is going to end on the end of a rope.

And no, it really doesn’t matter what the “U.S. Supreme Court” opines, because at the end of the day, we are the only Supreme Court in the room. And we own it all. Right down to the spike on the flag.

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04 29 21 Taxes, Simple and Sweet, And Keep Your Birth Certificates



 By Anna Von Reitz

If, as rumor has it, armed “federal officials” are showing up at people’s homes and demanding that they turn over their birth certificates, tell them that they are engaged in international crime and to leave immediately and stop doing what they are doing. It’s better to lose a job than be hanged.

And that’s what’s coming next for those who don’t seek amnesty.

There are also reports that “President” Biden — which “President” and “President” of what? Certainly not The United States. Not the old United States, Inc. Not the old United States, INC. and not the UNITED STATES, INC., either—- is advertising “free” vaccines if you turn in your birth certificate.

That BC is evidence of crime against you committed by the various foreign commercial corporations that have been here purportedly to provide us with essential governmental services. Pass the word.

That BC is also evidence of how much they owe you.

So that is why they want it back and they want it back BAAAAAD.

Don’t give it to them.

You would be funding the enemies of humanity and the promoters of genocide.

Declare your birthright political status as an American, join your State Assembly, record your status declarations.

And as for any jabs, forget that. Just another ruse trying to get some “angle” to claim ownership of you and your DNA. Shove it in their arm if they want to be slaves.

Finally, about taxes….. you don’t owe any taxes. Any taxes that you owed were paid off a long, long time ago.

So, what you do when you receive a “ACCOUNT Statement” often disguised as a “Billing Statement” that appears to be a bill, but technically isn’t, you write back to whatever agency sent it, and you tell them that you received “a misaddressed ACCOUNT Statement” and you are forwarding it on to the State of State Secretary of State (e.g., State of Minnesota Secretary of State) with instructions to him to open your Exemption Account and discharge the amount.

Please note, some states don’t have a State level Secretary of State and use a Lieutenant Governor to do these functions instead.

Then you forward the ACCOUNT Statement and copy of your letter and a brief cover letter addressed to the State of State Secretary of State. If you live in one of the western states or any state that wasn’t a State by the start of the Civil War, you let him know that as of October 1, 2020, your State has been officially enrolled as a State of the Union, effective with the time and date it first entered Territorial Statehood.

That’s Job One that must be taken care of if you live in one of the states formed during or after the Civil War.

Then, you tell him that you are a Californian, New Yorker, or whatever other state national designation applies, and a “peaceable” American, who has reclaimed their birthright political status, declared it, and recorded it. You are a member of The _______ Assembly, and you wish him (or her) to open your Exemption Account and settle the charges that were forwarded to you by mistake.

As long as you aren’t working for a Federal Employer, that should be the end of any taxation questions or billings. And if you are working for a Federal Employer and have reclaimed your birthright status for one of the two citizenships you are allowed to have as a Federale, you should still have no further taxation bills to worry about. Americans are exempt.

And the rats have already extracted far more than enough to pay for all public services “forever”, without presuming upon you to pay anything more at all.

Feel free to tell them so.

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04 29 21 To the U. S. Secret Service, Treasury Department



By Anna Von Reitz

You don’t have to grasp everything that is going on, but you do have to understand this much:

Your debt is our credit.

This is true for the Federal Reserve Banks that have been run using our intellectual assets and labor —“PKIs” —- as chattel to create every single Federal Reserve Note, and true for the International Monetary Fund which has used our gold, our silver, and other tangible assets labeled “legacy trusts”, etc., as chattel backing their debts, and the World Bank/IBRD which has used our gold (illegally confiscated by FDR in the 1930’s) as the initial funding basis for their operations, too.


Everyone got that straight? Finally?

All the U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States are Debtors/DEBTORS.

The Americans are the Creditors.

And we have been the Creditors since 1851.

This means that you have accrued a preposterous, insurmountable debt, which mirrors our equally preposterous credit.

We are issuing a new currency. We are calling it: “American Credit Certificates”.

These Certificates will be exchanged on a “dollar for dollar” basis with Federal Reserve Notes. As our banks collect the Federal Reserve Notes, their serial numbers will be destroyed and your debts will be erased.

It’s the “your debts will be erased” part that should highly motivate each and every member of your service and the U.S. Territorial Government to cooperate and expedite absolutely everything that we are doing to save everyone’s bacon, including yours.

We understand that certain Generals are all in flap. The Biden Administration doesn’t know what to do. Well, haven’t we made ourselves clear enough?

We are the Creditors. We own it all, including your debts.

We are in a position to pay off that debt and keep things balanced and operating in a lawful and peaceful fashion. You aren’t. So stand down, cooperate with your Creditors, and we will lead you out of the morass you’ve managed to get yourselves into.

It’s that simple.

Now, inform “the U.S. Mint” that The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States and the Delegator of all Delegated Powers is assuming control of all functions that were delegated to the Confederation operating as the States of America and to the Federal Republic pending the completion of the Reconstruction of our Government —- a task that has been left hanging for over 150 years.

Clear the way and make ready to strike new engraving plates for the back of all the current Federal Reserve denominations. The face of the currency has to be corrected to reflect the fact that it is being issued by: The United States of America, not THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and it is an “American Credit Certificate”. The back of the new currency will carry the image of the American Bison, facing to the right, and no part of the bill will be devoted to any pyramids or all-seeing eyes.

We stand ready to work with the U.S. Mint design team and engravers. This production of our new currency must be completed by November when the worldwide bankruptcy will end, whether or not anyone in your department likes it.

In tandem with the issuance of new American currency for domestic purposes, there will also be conversion of commodity asset holdings to back international exchanges.

So, all the Secret Agents need to put your knickers back on, and start dancing to a new tune. The “world” as you knew it is coming to an end, and a profound and better change is coming for the 99%. Make haste, because you are all part of that 99% and so are your families.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America

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04 29 21 Un–incorporating, Re-Chartering, and Other Issues



By Anna Von Reitz

Many Americans who have unwittingly (and without the benefit of full disclosure) incorporated their businesses are now in what appears to be a terrible situation and I have been getting plenty of “screams in the night” as they have awakened to the facts.

Those facts include that by incorporating their businesses they have signed away their essential ownership interest in the business in exchange for bankruptcy protection that most of them never needed to begin with.

The further facts include that by incorporating they subjected themselves to all sorts of regulations, rules, taxes, and codes that would otherwise not apply to them, and they also are in a bind in that they can’t “unincorporate” without permission of the State of State organizations that they applied to charter under.


Many non-profit organizations including churches that chartered as “NGOs” and 501 (c) 3 non-profit organizations are aghast to learn what that really means. Satan just snuck up on them quiet as the snake he is, and swallowed them whole —– and they are the ones who did this “voluntarily” to themselves.

Again, without full disclosure.

Understandably, this is very, very scary for business owners, both profit and non-profit.

So that is what all the shouting and moaning and gnashing of teeth is about in the business world.

However, there is this saving grace. All those Territorial State of State organizations are subject to us, the actual unincorporated Federation of States known as The United States of America, and our State Assemblies are now in Session.

What this means is that your incorporated business operating under a State of State Charter is actually owned by us, not the territorial State of State organizations you have been dealing with. We are the ones who actually pay all the bills and stand behind all the bankruptcies, so your ownership interest is in our hands, not theirs.

And, similarly, if you incorporated your business as a US CORPORATION, your charter is actually owned by The United States, and is under the administration of The United States of America — us, again.

So to straighten this conundrum out and get things back on track and allow everyone to sort out their own business affairs, we have established a one year amnesty period for all and any Territorial and US Corporations to recharter as American Corporations.

This is the easiest and least controversial option and doesn’t entail a lot of palaver or legal battles or paperwork.

The Board of Directors meets, adopts “lawful purposes” language and a declaration that your corporation stands under the Public Law– and if there are shareholders, the shareholders approve it — you record this action amending your Articles of Incorporation and voila, you are all safely back in America and none the worse off, though considerably wiser.

I get lots of begs for templates to accomplish this, but the fact is that is nearly impossible owing to the unique nature of Articles of Incorporation. The idea isn’t to rewrite everything you have, but to simply amend what you have, so as to declare that you are: (1) operating as an American Corporation under the Public Law; and (2) organized for lawful purposes. Then record this decision on our Land Recording System blockchain, or with any State Assembly Land Recording Office.

It will shock you all to learn that many corporations in the current system have been allowed to operate for “legal” purposes, and legal purposes include many ugly and unlawful purposes that nobody in their right mind would approve of, much less insure at public expense. Those corporations will have to seek foreign havens and get offshore fast.

It won’t do them any good to move their operations to Puerto Rico or the Mariana Islands or any other Territorial of US enclave, because the Public Law and the Constitutions are now being enforced not only on the mainland, but throughout the Territories and Possessions.

The other option is to liquidate— which basically means to sell off the assets of the corporation “as it stands” — recoup the money and reinvest. If you go this route, the other foreign governments involved will take a hefty corporate gains tax and possibly other taxes out of your receipts, but, at least you will be shed of the enslavement racket.

By far the easiest and most advantageous option for most enterprises is to “re-charter” as an American Corporation.

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04 29 21 Showdown at the Okay Corral





By Anna Von Reitz

So Sheriff Richard Mack, whose work I have loyally supported for years, and his efforts to restore local control to county sheriffs — up to and including his landmark Supreme Court Case, Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc., is dissing me in return and won’t let me participate in the Arise America Tour, because he has some unstated grudge against Americans restoring their own government?

Oh, and he has never been willing to talk to me.

Never read any of the books or evidence we’ve presented and delivered, all our overtures to just sit down over a cup of coffee and talk— ignored.

And this is a problem from the head of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peacekeepers, because we, our properly declared State Assemblies, are the only organizations with standing as the government of this country.

Any authority his Sheriffs have, ultimately comes from us.  The Americans.  Not the U.S. Citizens.

So I am putting this “put up or shut up” message to Sheriff Mack in public —him and his followers, all, and counting myself among them for the past thirty years.  It’s time for a showdown, me and Richard Mack, mano a mano, to finish whatever misunderstandings or misinformation he is holding against me and against our Assemblies, once and for all.

Hear that, Sheriff Mack?  I am calling you out.  We need to settle whatever “issues” you have with me and with the actual State Assemblies, right about here and right about now.

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04 29 21 Once and For All, People….



 By Anna Von Reitz

Executive Orders apply only to the Executive Branch of the Territorial United States Government.

If you are not in the military, or a military dependent, Executive Orders do not apply to you.

So if you are an American who has clearly declared and recorded your correct birthright political status, you are not a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and you are not obligated to obey any “Executive Order” nor any decrees, mandates, or proclamations of any State of State Governor.

All these yahoos are “Presidents” of large commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services.

If the President of General Motors walked up to you and said, “Get your uniform on!  Brush your hair!  Shine your shoes!  Turn in your handguns!   Take your vaccination!  Put on a mask!”   —- would you, Joe Q. Public, not being an employee of General Motors, have any reason to obey him?

No!  You’d look at him like he was ark raving mad.  Use your common sense and put on your Employer Pants.  These guys are paid by you, not the other way around.

So why do millions of Americans who are not Federal Employees or dependents act like Joe Biden died and became God by issuing an Executive Order?

As a living breathing American standing on your own land and soil, having declared your identity and political status and recorded it, and hopefully having joined your State Assembly, Joe Biden’s Executive Orders don’t matter a fig in Hell to you.  They don’t apply to you, and they never did.

Read it again and again and again.  The only people who have to obey Joe Biden as a condition of their employment are federal workers employed by the Executive Branch of the Territorial Government.

And tough for them, if his orders are unpopular.

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04 28 21 Dear Mr. Trump….



 By Anna Von Reitz


We read your announcement saying that “refusing vaccination” in the current situation was “deranged pseudo-science”.

Perhaps you would care to explain how injecting monkey fetal cells, cells culled from long-dead human baby tissue cultures, human lung cancer cells, and bits and pieces of the HIV virus, all mashed up and macerated together, and then killed using industrial organic solvents and injected into anyone’s arm is “science” of any kind? Ever?

We might as well throw dead snakes in a barrel full of mineral oil, let them decay and strain off the decoction as a miracle tonic.

Or dress up in skins, take hallucinatory drugs, howl at the moon, and hope for the best.

Even more to the point, how could anyone condone the insertion of foreign Messenger RNA into a living man or woman?

Do you even realize what this does?

It high-jacks the cell’s protein production capabilities, so that instead of making proteins needed by our bodies, it makes useless foreign viral protein instead.

This foreign protein is useless to us, but it consumes the raw materials that we need to make our own proteins to repair our organs, and it builds up in toxic quantities, forming tiny little blood clots all over our bodies. And at the same time, our immune systems are on overload, trying to get rid of all this foreign protein suddenly being manufactured by our own bodies.

So we die by organ failure, for lack of the proteins we need, or we die from the blood clots or the Warfarin (rat poison) used to dissolve them, or we die from immune system failure.

And in all versions of this scenario, we die as a direct result of taking this shot.

And we are being “unscientific”? What’s scientific about being mortally stupid?

Despite what you and Mr. Fauci and Mr. Gates might think, there are still enough of us with an actual education in science to stomp the living Hell out of all of you, and with millions of sick infected people with nothing to look forward to but treatment with rat poison as a cure for your snake oil, we will have plenty of help.

Suggest that you take a basic biology book down off the shelf and actually read it.

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04 28 21 Those Who Cant Walk Talk



By Anna Von Reitz

This week, we have more nonsense from the Reign of the Heavens Society and their new label for their BS — “The American Herald” — claiming that I am a “Convicted Human Rights Violator” and that everything I say is a lie. No attempt, you will notice, to prove either claim.

Not only have I not been convicted of any such thing nor violated anyone’s “human rights” — I don’t even deal in “hue-mans” — that is, “persons” — but I haven’t knowingly told a lie since I was a young woman, which is now a very long time ago.

It’s the Liars who always accuse others of lying.

Just as they accuse others of all the other things that they are doing themselves.

Now, perhaps they are engaged in “human rights violations” and mucking about in the jurisdictions of the law where those crimes occur with astonishing regularity —- and no thanks to them for any effective action to stop it —- but my mission involves safeguarding the Natural and Unalienable Rights of living people and I could frankly give a fig about corporations of any kind.

I even question whether corporations should be allowed to exist.

After all, what good are they?

They claim bankruptcy protection that has to be paid for by the public. They wish every kind of protection and benefit from society, tax breaks, emoluments, public grants, the right to make contributions to political parties and influence political decision makers to benefit themselves, and the list goes on….

And in return, they plunder, pillage, cheat, misrepresent, murder, and privateer against their betters.

So, these corporate persons may go hang, and the sooner the better. They only exist on paper anyway, so, getting rid of their extraneous existence is the least of my problems.

Go to my website, read my books, follow my logic, look up the public records for yourself — and the actual source of the hot air will become painfully apparent: a group of patri-idiots who hope to make money and gain power by following in the footsteps of the Scottish Interloper — a Scottish commercial corporations formed in 1868 which infringed upon our Good Name and began doing business as “The United States of America —–Incorporated”.

Not The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, but a criminal enterprise bent on stealing our identity and accessing our credit in exactly the same manner as any modern day credit card hacker.

Unfortunately for us and the rest of the world, Edinburgh was a long way away from the heart of America in 1868, and they got away with it.

The Reign of the Heavens Society and their “newspaper” calling itself The American Herald are trying to pull off the same scam in the modern day and failing dismally, as they should.

Their corporation is another wannabe identity thief engaged in unlawful activities and seeking to confuse itself with the actual unincorporated Federation of States. Let them explain themselves and their actions in full view of the actual history and we will all see who is lacking in both substance and good intent.

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04 28 21 What You Need to Know



By Anna Von Reitz

Back in the Old West on the American Frontier we suffered a rash of “snake oil salesmen”.  These unscrupulous and possibly deranged individuals got themselves a barrel of mineral oil, and as they traveled, they killed snakes and threw them  in the oil barrel— letting them decay, fangs, poison and all.  They sold vials of the resulting decoction as a cure all tonic, and people bought it.

Believe it or not.

We look back on that and shake our heads, so proud of modern medicine…. and yet…. millions of people just lined up and let themselves be injected with a mixture of  fetal monkey cells, cells from long-dead human babies, cancerous lung tissue cells, and bits of HIV. This melange of biological detritus was macerated and killed with industrial organic solvents and then injected into your arms as a vaccine.

Some things never change.

Gross ignorance on the part of the public and equally gross money-grubbing self-interest on the part of the purveyors of this modern day snake oil, have combined to poison literally millions of people, but it gets worse.

Along with all the other gunk being senselessly injected into the victims comes a little genetically engineered nanobot, a Messenger RNA payload.

This little gem high-jacks your cells’ ability to manufacture proteins, but instead of manufacturing proteins that your body needs, your cells will now be producing mass quantities of a dead foreign viral protein instead.

This protein is less than worthless to your body, but large quantities of nutrients will be consumed making it anyway, and it will build up in your bloodstream, where it will cause tiny blood clots.  Then the geniuses responsible will give you “Warfarin” — rat poison — as the cure for the blood clots they caused.

Meanwhile, your body will be starved for the means to make proteins that it needs to live, and your immune system will be going bezerk trying to fight off this build up of toxic foreign protein in your body.

You will die, either from organ failure (for lack of good protein to restore organ tissue) or from the blood clots or from immune system failure.

And those who did this to you and your family and your friends, will say that you did this to yourself.

You did this “voluntarily”, just like you paid Federal Income Taxes “voluntarily” all your life— even though you never had a penny of Federal Income and owed no such tax at all.

Yes, you did this to yourselves and your children, but it wasn’t actually voluntary.  You were coerced.  You were deliberately misinformed by the media and by doctors on the take, “authorities” like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates, Eugenists who were making money off this while killing all you “stupid useless eaters”.

Don’t forget the politicians who spent your ill-gotten tax money on massive propaganda campaigns and “free vaccine” clinics, that you actually paid for. You were also set up and threatened.

You were told that taking the vaccine was a condition of employment.

You were told that you wouldn’t be able to travel without a vaccine passport.

You were shamed into it on top of everything else.

And so, you have killed yourselves and your families.  Voluntarily.

The murderers have no accountability.  The vaccine manufacturers can’t be sued by law. So you will die by the various and sundry causes, by the millions, and the vermin responsible will make money on all the body bags they already bought and have stockpiled at FEMA camps all over this country.

My Sister and Niece were already suffering from this deadly man-made “disease with no name” before all this happened.  My Niece is a veteran of the Gulf War  you know — the one caused by the non-existent weapons of mass destruction?  — and she was injected in the course of her service.

It’s a long and lurid history here, in “the land of the free” —of our soldiers being used as involuntary lab rats for irresponsible and unaccountable human test trials for the drug companies.

So, suddenly, she and her compatriots developed a mystery disease that thickens their blood and causes blood clots.  Sound familiar?  And all they can do for her at the Veteran’s Administration is tea, sympathy, and warfarin — the aforementioned rat poison that the rest of our population will now become familiar with.

We first realized that this condition was transferrable when my Sister “caught it” from my Niece.  And now, they are both on rat poison— and my Niece is fighting cancer and my Sister is slowly dying of adrenal exhaustion (dead thyroid gland) and diabetes.

And all the hospitals and doctors and nurses —- who are not “heroes” — but rather an admixture of monsters and psychopaths, liars, fools, and thieves, are making money hand over fist as a result of their customers’ slow, agonizing demise.

They are going to have their hands in your pockets, too, soon enough— capitalizing on the problem they created.

And what are you going to do about it, with the time you have left?

Whine and feel sorry for yourselves?  Regret killing your own kids and sterilizing the survivors?

Let me suggest that you do something useful. You’ve got nothing left to lose and nothing to look forward to but rat poison.

Send back the malice and death that has been sent to you.  Just sit there and take in the situation until you’ve got a bellyful of it, and then, think of Bill Gates. Think of his smug smiling face, poised with a hypodermic needle in his hand.

Think of the over 700,000 children in India who were killed and maimed by this man, and how encouraged he was, because he got away with it.  Think of all those lying media Talking Heads, parroting statistics about the Common Cold to scare you into taking the Death Shot.


Think of Anthony Fauci, dithering idiot, pontificating one way today and another tomorrow and yet a third mandate the next day.  Take a good look at his stock interests.  He sold himself to the devil and set the stage because he was making lots and lots of money off of this.

And the CDC and NIH —- did anyone ever tell you that those are both privately owned corporations in the business of manufacturing vaccines?

No, I didn’t think so.  Well, they are.

Now, what I want you to do is simply this: imagine jabbing Gates and Fauci and all the smug WHO officials, the TV Talking Heads, and the politicians responsible for this, with the same crap they injected into you.

Feel the plunger go down.  Feel the poison entering their bloodstream.  Know how they are going to end their days, too.

Oh, it’s for the Greater Good.  It really is.  And it has no karmic consequence, because after all, you are just returning all this malice and evil to the senders, reflecting it back to them like a mirror.

Imagine the CDC — gone.  The NIH —- gone.  Pfizer — gone.  Moderna — gone. Johnson and Johnson — gone.  All the corporations responsible for this — simply gone.  Erased from history.  Their board members — gone.  Their officers — gone.  And of course, all the politicians responsible for this, gone, too.  Just erased as if they never were.

I want those of you who are dying— and who now truly understand that you are doomed and why —  to please pray and ask for the Holy Spirit to come to you and teach you what you need to know.

Imagine that the Spirit of God comes and while you sleep, the entire Earth is swept clean of those who have done these horrifying things and who have worshiped money more than life.  Ask for them to be removed.  Ask for healing for yourselves and for the Earth.  Ask for the paradise and peace you have been promised.

Ask.  And then, get up and join your State Assembly and push, push, push with all you’ve got left to bring down these politicians and corporations that have allowed this.  Make your outrage and your dying breaths count.

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net.

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04 27 21 The Last Jar




By Anna Von Reitz

We finished the last jar of cherry jam this morning.

I view the empty space on the pantry shelf.

There are some things you can’t buy at a store.

Only time will bring the cherry trees to blossom, the bees to swarm

All the intricate miracles will have to be reborn —-another generation.

Late in July the cherry season will come again with brown paper bags of fruit and we will eat our fill

And jealously preserve the rest…. but….

Many wings must fly and many breezes blow between now and then

That moment when the new cherry jam is back on the shelf, and everyone quietly thinks

No, you can’t buy that at Costco.

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04 27 21 Native American



By Anna Von Reitz

People come to me and complain.

They tell me about their own trail of tears, from the Bronx to Long Beach, from Dallas to Denver, Chicago to Salt Lake….

I hear it all; they come and they confess
their sins, too.

Things they would not tell their Mother, they tell me.

Grandma isn’t as close in space and time.

Her mind was formed in other places.

When she was young, there were no home computers.

Still, they come and tell me the same things their own Mothers and Fathers said.

I’m lonely. I’m scared. I’m bored.

My knee aches. My stomach is upset. I have this constant nasty nasal infection.

Grandma is a wall.  Her lips are sealed.

All the grief and dirt, all the might-have-been items come tumbling out, falling like last fall’s leaves on bare Earth

Dreams waiting to be recycled.

They say, I don’t know what love is.

And I wonder why they don’t know?

Then I take them by the hand….and teach them.

Love is the wind rustling the pussy willows.

It’s the stars at night.

It’s the way a cat stretches in the morning sun.

It’s the light in my eyes when I see you standing tall

It’s when you find your way to my door.

I rejoice!

Your feet still know the path to find me.

Somehow, you stumbled your way home.

And I whisper in your ear, hey, you’re an American!

Do you know how wonderful that is?

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04 27 21 Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice Blood Money 16 The RV



 By Anna Von Reitz

There can be no legal or lawful Revaluation of Currency in the presence of a completely rigged system controlling both trade and commerce connected to currency commodities.

Dealing with this issue requires dealing with the wholesale commodity price manipulations and rigged market conditions that have already been noted and discussed. Any “RV” — revaluation of currencies scheme occurring under these conditions is a scam by definition, because at best it is an arbitrary negotiated price index having no necessary connection to the market or reality.

We have yet to face the facts imposed by the existence of the Exchange Stabilization Fund and the ability of this fund to inflate or deflate the value of independently produced national currencies at will. This coercive power is removed from markets and consumers and driven almost exclusively by political mandate and western corporate Public Policy.

The euphemistically named Exchange Stabilization Fund guarantees that a USA-led hegemony will dominate world currency markets from now on, until and unless it is universally acknowledged that commodity rigging, including currency commodity rigging, fosters unnatural market conditions in which lies and arbitrary prejudices consume both commodities and lives.

We have yet to nail down and admit and honestly evaluate the vastness of the precious metals resources of this planet, both already mined assets and assets in the ground. We don’t actually have a farthing-in-the-wind estimate of how much gold or silver or platinum already exists in mined and refined condition, much less how much is already catalogued as estimated in-ground assets. We haven’t admitted to the new technologies that exist which are capable of extracting everything from gold mined from sand and sea water, to plastics recaptured from the air.

Nor have we begun to fathom the value of rare earth minerals like molybdenum and cobalt — much less the costs of mining, refining, and cleaning up the often poisonous detritus of harvesting these increasingly important resources.

Most distressingly, we have not dealt with the value of life’s necessities — pure and abundant water, arable and fertile farmland, healthy river and sea ecosystems, and all the other “commodities” that become increasingly valuable as pollution, scientific ignorance, and population stress take their toll.

We consider these things to be the most valuable of all commodities, but we do not suggest that they be brokered and bought and sold by commercial entities on stock markets. We suggest that their value be recognized and that investment in these commodities should be built into any sane world economic system and should be a primary focus and concern of every national government.

We suggest that open-hearted and transparent investment in these life-sustaining resources of our planet should be rewarded by increased value of each national currency and of a new worldwide currency that also gains value based on improvements made to the natural resources and labor force of each and every country.

Only by enacting this currency system where profit is a reward for positive change can we refocus our nations away from the competitive, combative, selfish, power-seeking models of the past, and arrive at a vision of global teamwork and cooperation tied to profit-making for both national and global good promoted through individual enterprise and creative inspiration.

We have had enough arms races and space races and technology races. What we need is to put aside such childish, competitive, and destructive games and pull together with full force to cherish, preserve, clean, and care for the Earth, to invest in our families, our cultures, and our people.

We need to truly value what we love, not what we hate. The choice between guns and butter is a false choice. All we really need to do is set a sane standard of value and enforce it with logic and true self-interest.

The same forces that drive world markets now can be harnessed to positive values the same way that they have been harnessed to negative values. The choice is ours.

We believe that rewarding reckless consumption only breeds more of the same, and short-sighted profit-mongering and the arbitrary and coercive “pegging” of commodity values — including currency commodity values — against nothing more than self-interested Public Policies promoted by commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services, is insane.

If money is to be held as a valid representation of value, then we must be clear about what is truly valuable —- and not in any money-grubbing, profit-driven sense of the word, but in terms of value-to-life and value-to-quality-of-life for everyone on this planet.

So, The Company goes to Zimbabwe, and strong-arms local leaders into selling out all the mineral wealth of the country. This is assumed to increase the value of the national currency and currency speculators rush to “run it up” into the stratosphere. The original sell-out leaders get cold feet and are removed. New puppets are installed. The people riot when they find out what is going on. Thousands are killed. News of this is suppressed. Fat slobs in London wipe the gravy off their chins and pat the BBC on the head. Good dog. Nothing to see here. Just move along.

That is the way things have been for many years, but for self-evident reasons, this is not the way for us to continue.

When Lord Sassoon bites his lip and stutters, famously, that “only 1,500 tonnes of gold have been mined in the history of the world” we have to ask which world he has been living in.

Obviously, his world is profoundly disconnected from reality — which is precisely the evil that we see all around us, every day, in every way, we are living in a kingdom of lies and violence and self-destructive idiocy for no valid reason but illusory profit-making.

Ask yourselves, if energy is neither created nor destroyed, and matter is only an expression of energy, what possible gain or loss is there? Evidently, all true value lies in how we structure things and what we value.

We do have eyes, ears, brains, and the sense that God gave us. We presume that we are meant to use these assets to improve upon and use and enjoy and share all the rest.

Our Creator is not a deadbeat Dad.

Every nation on this planet has everything needed to build a good life for its people and for the Earth as a whole.

The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, is the actual legal and lawful owner of all American assets in international trade and global commerce—assets that must be accounted for and deployed. If there is going to be a revaluation of world currencies, our so-called legacy trust assets and half a billion American silver dollars each pegged against approximately $55,000.00 worth of Territorial U.S. Debt must be accounted for.

If not, any “RV” is just another capricious, dishonest, arbitrary and ultimately meaningless exercise designed to implement a continuing Public Policy of Corporate Feudalism —which is increasingly and dangerously disconnected from life and love.

We have required the return and possession of the Labor Bonds that were issued in our names. We also require the return and possession of the gold and silver assets cashiered by the British-run Territorial U.S. Government.

For the good of the whole world, the Holy See, the British Monarchy, and the Lord Mayor must return the purloined American assets to the lawful American Government and stop trying to interfere and circumvent our control of our own assets.

We return this to the High Courts responsible, together with our determination that Feudalism was a miserable form of government except for the very few and Corporate Feudalism if allowed to progress further, will be worse. Whereupon we object to any continuing legal presumptions being made against us by our Treaty Partners and fellow-Principals, and any further delay, obstruction, or meddling in our direct administration of our assets.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America

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26 21 12 Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice Blood Money 15 English



By Anna Von Reitz

Our particular kind of government allows for one State Assembly in each State of the Union. This is the sovereign and unincorporated State in each case. Together, these States by custom and for their mutual self-interest, delegate certain of their international and global powers to The United State of America. Both The United States and The United States of America being referenced are unincorporated entities employed as instrumentalities by the fifty (50) sovereign States of the Union.

As of the first of October 2020 the pre-Civil War State Assemblies voted unanimously to enroll the western Territorial States created under the Northwest Ordinance since 1860 and chosen to make enrollment effective with the date and time that these states entered Territorial Statehood.

All fifty (50) States of the Union are populated, all fifty (50) State Assemblies are in Session, and all members of these Assemblies are properly declared and publicly recorded birthright Americans. All fifty (50) are fully empowered, enrolled, and endowed with equal powers.

Our State Assemblies are lawful, unincorporated, and have standing as sovereign states under national, international, and global law.

Our paid Federal Employees who are by definition District Persons/PERSONS have been running around behind us, trying to put together District Assemblies populated by District Personnel, because they are struggling under the misapprehension that we need Confederate States, that is, States of States, to function in international trade and global commerce.

This is not the case. The incapacity of the Confederation and the incapacity of the Federal Republic are both moot issues in the face of the actual Federation of States.

Our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, which is the source of all the delegated powers in international and global jurisdictions, is completely competent to function in both international trade and global commerce without any representation or grant of agency. Indeed, our Federation did exactly that for a period of five years and has the option of doing so now — and has availed itself of that option.

Both the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States must stand down and cease and desist from all efforts to impersonate us, to interject themselves as our agents, or to otherwise pretend to be us or represent us apart from their clearly enumerated constitutional obligations.

The Principals responsible for these organizations are required by Treaty and Commercial Contract to cease and desist attempts to latch our assets, traffic our assets, securitize our assets or in any other way pretend authorities never vouchsafed to them.

The Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor together with their respective Governments, have no authority or occasion to impersonate us, substitute themselves and their citizenry for us, or to conduct business for us; as we are present and accounted for and taking care of our own affairs.

We have served Public Notice and Due Process of these facts to these Principals and throughout the International Community, and we are addressing The International Court of Justice, Vatican Chancery Court, and the Court of the Lord High Steward in affirmation of these truths.

No man and no nation should be deceived further by any semantic deceit seeking to misrepresent The United States of America as an incorporated entity, nor seeking to impersonate our States of the Union as State Trusts, nor otherwise attempting to pass off foreign Persons as Americans and pretending that their foreign District Assemblies are in any way required to exist for any emergency purpose nor pretend that District Assemblies are competent to replace the actual State Assemblies.

In all cases, circumstances, and jurisdictions, our State Assemblies are the only sovereign governmental entities on this continent; any other kind of assembly composed of foreign persons, is self-evidently posturing upon our strictly limited delegated authorities and trying to assume the powers of our State Assemblies without any vested authority to do so.

In fact, the existence of District Assemblies on our soil was never contractually agreed to, and their operations have caused a considerable amount of disruption, fraud, and confusion. These “assemblies” of foreign persons on our shores have indiscriminately welcomed non-Federal Employees and conscripted our people without full disclosure as well as latching upon our Given Names and presuming against our self-evident nationality via unconscionable registration processes and adhesion contracts —- all of which we disallow.

We wish it to be universally known and fully acknowledged that the Americans are home, and in truth, the vast proportion of us never left. Any pretensions by our Federal Government Subcontractors or their incorporated instrumentalities otherwise, must be recognized as self-interested prevarication amounting to constructive fraud and purposeful deceit being pursued in the cause of unjust enrichment.

The sum total of any powers ever delegated to any of our Federal Subcontractors or secondarily entrusted by them against their Honor– to agency personnel, are matters of Public Record established more than two hundred years ago.

No, we have not all adopted any form of Federal citizenship; no, we have not agreed to employment or dependency; no, we have not agreed to enfranchisement; no, we have not recognized any emergency powers; no, we have not vacated our government; no, we have not yielded any legislative power to our paid employees and their dependents except for those legislative powers allowed within the District of Columbia as already discussed.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary                                                     The United States of America

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04 26 21 Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice Blood Money 14 English



By Anna Von Reitz


Please note that English is the official language of this country. The language conventions of Roman Civil Law do not normally pertain to our communications with the High Courts and should not be assumed to have meaning apart from the context of commercial subjects. .

We wish you to observe that The United States is the name of this country, not “the” United States, a name applied to the Municipal United States Government and its various corporations which have been established in our names without any granted authority to do so.

This results in a situation in which we have been presumed to be the owners and operators of these corporations and have been held accountable for their debts, when in fact they have been operated in our purported absence by our foreign Federal Subcontractors.

These same Subcontractors have used our money, our assets, our charter powers and our names without our agreement, knowledge, or consent, to create these corporations. Now they want to pretend that they own them, but in fact, the use of our charter powers, names, money, and our assumption of their debts through multiple bankruptcies prove that all of the corporations appearing to belong to both the United States Municipal Government and its STATE OF STATE franchises, and all those corporations chartered by the Territorial Government and its State of State franchises belong to The United States and are subject to the direct powers and international jurisdiction of The United States of America, our Federation of unincorporated States.

All emergency powers claimed and used by both the Municipal United States and the Territorial United States are usurpations in the absence of law or contract and are null and void from inception.

We have made provision for lawful purposes language to be adopted by these corporations and for them to stand under validated and migrated charters; the only other solution to this problem is the liquidation of these US and USA Corporations and their franchises.

It has also come to our attention that efforts are being made by these criminal enterprises to monetize the Labor Bonds referenced in our earlier correspondence, and that this activity is being pursued in Puerto Rico.

We are in possession of the bonds but we have not accepted them for commercial purposes.

Let us underline this with a broad brush: securitization and monetization of labor is both illegal and unlawful and any entity, bank, level of government, agency, or personnel caught doing any such thing are all subject to immediate arrest for bank fraud, treason, and enslavement.

Securitization and monetization of labor has been illegal worldwide since 1926.

The Bearer Bonds that have cured are the unique property of The United States of America — our unincorporated Federation of States, and the people in whose names these bonds appear. Any trade, transfer, collection, transport, or monetization of these, our assets, by any bank in the world, will be grounds for the immediate liquidation of that bank, the arrest of its officers and board of directors, and the imprisonment of any agency personnel involved in such activities.

Our Public Law overstands all forms of legislation and private law. Period.

Both the Municipal and Territorial Governments are bound by our Public Law throughout The United States including actions pursued in our Territories and Possessions.

All interference in the administration of our assets by us, coming from all and any purported representatives, must cease and be recognized for what it is — crime and criminal obstruction.

We call for the immediate retraining of all US Marshals, all FBI Agents, all Municipal Agencies, and all Territorial Officers.

Those Labor Bonds are private assets and anyone caught trading in them or pretending to trade in them on our behalf is breaking the Public Law of this country and is in violation of the international conventions against both peonage and slavery.

We are issuing this INTERNATIONAL CRIME BULLETIN AND FRAUD ALERT to all Municipal and Territorial personnel, especially those stationed in Puerto Rico, and we are presenting the immediate need for a worldwide mandatory protective injunction to the High Courts responsible.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America

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04 26 21 Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice Blood Money 13 One Compact



 By Anna Von Reitz

The genesis of America as a modern nation lies in the far distant past when the hardy sea-faring people of the Normandy coast known as Armoricans, a tribal nation within the Kingdom of Gaul, began trading with the Natives of what is now known as Nova Scotia and the Northeastern United States for furs. This trade was established and recorded in Roman times and continued unabated for at least 600 years, most recently evidenced by the French and Indian Fur Trade we still read about in our history books.

It is from the Armoricans that America inherits its name and so far as European colonization and government goes, it is with the Government of Gaul that it all begins. Gaul is the ancient Roman name for France and it was under the Kingdom of Gaul that the original Armorican trade in furs began. The Belle Chers are the equally ancient and dominant tribal nation of Gaul and the chieftain-kings of Normandy, including the land and blood of the Armoricans.

So in fact the first European claims concerning this country result from the Armorican Fur Trade and the very name of this country — America — is a British transliteration of Armorican.

As the tribal chieftains of Gaul, the Belle Chers and their nations own all of France and their peoples also populate and own the Kingdoms of Aragon and Castille in Spain, and the Kingdom of Powys in Central England.

From Powys these European tribal chieftains migrated to America in 1608. They have remained in this country and populated it ever since. Those who came to this country were independent sovereigns in their own right as a result of The Settlement of the Norman Conquest in 1087 A.D. and kinsmen of William of Normandy, of the same family and lineage.

James Clinton Belcher — Belcher being the British transliteration of Belle Cher — is the chieftain of the Belle Chers in America. His ancestral name in France is Guilleroi de Armentrois du Lac and the honorable history of his House of Belle Garde in Northern France is well-known. It is his Coat of Arms that forms the basis of the Great Seals of both the United States and the United States of America.

Thus by both name and shield, and by history of service of his ancestor William Belcher of Connecticut in the Continental Army and afterward, the history of America on land and sea is inextricably connected to France as well as Spain and England, and by dust and by blood they make One Compact via the hand of the Clan Chieftain of the Belle Chers, who has summoned the actual States of this country into Session.

All of the jurisdictions of the law, national, international and global, all the local forms of law engaged in by our country and our countrymen, come together in One Compact.

Article VI Section 2 of all three Federal Constitutions fully admits that Treaty is the highest form of law among nations and that all treaties are honored including those concluded prior to the settlement of The War of Independence; the new American Government assumed all treaty debts, obligations, and contracts.

This allows us to be sure that this country functions in all respects in a single unbroken Compact and our knowledge and physical presence guarantees that that Compact has never been vacated at any time; thus, bono vacantia does not apply and ownership interest in this country is not limited to those Principals present in 1776, but includes a far more venerable heritage.

The Mayflower Compact signed November 11th of 1620 according to the Julian Calendar forms the first public declaration of law brought forward by the English settlers coming to these shores, but even prior to that, the British-lineage Belchers had established their own Testament and Declaration of Law in 1608, when they arrived in Boston, Massachusetts and began building the Old South Church.

Both of these foundations are international treaties established by sovereign Principals, inherited under Article VI, Section 2. Both pre-date the earliest known treaties with North American Indian tribes: they predate The Treaty of Fort Pitt, also known as the Treaty with the Delawares, by over a hundred and fifty years.

Likewise, our Seat of Government and General Post Office for The United States of America comes by Treaty with the Belle Chers in Spain in 1702, and has been established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, since 1732. To this day, The United States of America is not a member of the Universal Postal Union, and maintains its own separate service and private postal designations. James Clinton Belcher is the American Post Master on the land and the American Postmaster on the sea by International Treaty and inheritance pre-dating The War of Independence. This is the foundational Postal Treaty that connects our country to postal services on an international and private basis.

The United States Post Office by contrast was established by Benjamin Franklin in 1778 and also located Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, to serve the United States bureaucracy, and the citizenry of the United States including the Native American Tribes subscribing to Roman Civil Law and Municipal citizenship. The USPS is a member of the Universal Postal Union and operates in global commerce.

Both of these Postal Treaties are vital to the proper functioning of our country as a member of the community of nations, and both must be honored and regulated according to our published treaties and constitutional agreements.

When we re-issued our Sovereign Letters Patent on 4th November of 2015 according to the Gregorian Calendar, we served the Principals and International Courts with our action as The United States of America– our unincorporated Federation of States; when we issued the Joint Sovereign Letters Patent on 6th November 2015 according to the Gregorian Calendar, we established a Treaty of Peace between ourselves and the Native American nations of the United States.

Never again will Native Americans suffer the atrocities and alienation from the land and soil that they have suffered for the last 150 years.

All these actions, all these agreements on air, land, and sea, make for peace and for plenty for all people; they are treaties stretching into the distant past and into the freedom of the future, woven into one tapestry of living history memorialized, One Compact of Law which belongs to everyone.

We call upon the High Courts of every jurisdiction to bow to the logic and the history, the signs and the symbols and names which cannot be erased, the noble purposes and intentions that have inspired us for centuries, and the end of the spiritual war which has been based on the delusion of separateness.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America

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04 26 21 Today, I was accused of being a Nazi.



By Anna Von Reitz

I know too much, though nobody told me.

Nobody left me anything but an American tattoo.

And the cologne called 4711 that smells like plum blossoms.

And a way of walking through the rainstorms in spring, smelling the Earth, and thinking yes, I have inherited too many graveyards.

I wish I could turn off other people’s memories of who they were and who they are.

I wish that the hardships were not so much a part of every one of us.

Most of all, I wish we could stop becoming what we hate—

Because there we are, all the liberal progressives unconsciously acting as Fascists….

Telling everyone else how to live and what to value….

Judging everyone according to a Liberal Stick and

Not listening.

Maybe that’s how we become Nazis?

Hannah Arendt said it a long time ago.

It’s no brilliance of mine to repeat it….

But we do become what we hate and love what we loathe.

Just think of all those ineffectual Trump Haters out there?

Turning into Orange Men despite themselves?

Taking on a New York accent

Learning to grease the palm?

It’s funny isn’t it, that we become what we hate and the wheel of karma

Hides that fact from us

Until it’s too late.

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04 26 21 Breaking Big Pharma



By Anna Von Reitz

You may think that breaking the back of Big Pharma is impossible, and that we will never get sanity back into the health sector of our economy — but it’s not really that difficult.

In fact, most of our problems in this area, as in other areas, derive from not doing our job and self-governing.

Self-governance is something we rarely talk about. It’s the exercise of our own volition — our own mind, our own will — to rule our own lives, first and foremost.

Secondly, it’s the joining together of other self-governing people in State Assemblies to organize and restore our lawful American Government.

Third, it’s taking the meaningful actions necessary to control our public employees — get them back in line and actually providing services according to our priorities — not theirs.

When it comes to health there isn’t a single word about health in the only contracts that we have with either one of the Federal Service Providers, or their State of State franchises. Not a single word about health in any constitution anywhere.

That’s right. They have no authority to say one word to any American about their personal health, no “emergency powers” allowing them to mandate masks, no excuses for invading our privacy or shutting our businesses down.

When it comes to vaccines or, to put it bluntly, genetic modification experiments— it really is: “My body, my choice.”

In view of what we have uncovered about the lies and omissions that have been used to undermine our lawful government, evade constitutional obligations, and privateer against innocent Americans—- can you trust “your” government?

Your own government, the one that you staff and control—- yes.

The foreign paid-for employees, no. They’ve been misdirected for decades and it will take more than a few minutes to get them back on track.

In the same way, can you trust Big Medicine and Big Pharma?

Absolutely not! Since Tricky Dick Nixon enabled health providers to incorporate as for-profit corporations, costs of health care have skyrocketed and actual progress toward the goal — health for more people for longer — has tanked.

Health care costs hundreds of times more and sadly, is overall less effective than it was in the 1970’s when this craziness began. Millions more American suffer from chronic diseases than ever before, and there is no significant progress on nailing down the causes and the cures.

Why? Go figure. Chronic illness is Big Business. There is no motivation to provide cures and health, when these businesses are being so handsomely rewarded for providing pain and more illness.

On top of this, 106,000 Americans die every year simply because prescription drugs are not safe.

Like the recent situation with my dog, doctors and vets, both, are prescribing drugs and using us as the guinea pigs. Heads you win, tails you lose—- big time.

Taking many of these drugs, much less combining them, is like playing the slots. Yet millions of Americans just like me– people my age– trust their doctors and swallow these pills, slather on these creams, and hope for the best without knowing the risks.

If you love yourself, if you love your loved ones— think about the burgeoning problem we have with Big Pharma and Big Medicine. Both.

Here is just one example. Taking any kind of prescription sleeping pill astronomically increases your risk of death — over five times more likely to kick the bucket, bite the big one, and pack it away.

Sleeping pills, even when not used often, can harm your health as if you were smoking two packs a day.

I don’t know about you, but when I want to sleep, I also want to wake up.

So how to get off this merry-go-round? Remember how we got on it.

Start holding medical corporations of all kinds accountable. Liquidate those that harm the people they are supposed to help.

Reverse Nixon’s wrong-headed decision to turn our health services into profit-driven juggernauts with a captive clientele.

Tell the politicians and their hired security services where to get off and stay off.

Study, test, and share alternative health answers from people who don’t make their money off of disease or selling drugs.

Join other Americans who are already in high gear —- go to The Healthy American website and weigh in. Queue up Leigh Dundas’ latest rant exposing the vaccine industry and our own mindless acquiescence to quasi-science that makes us, Americans, likely victims of medical malpractice of every kind.

As you join your State Assemblies, realize that these organizations are inherently able to change your world for the better in ways that are only limited by your own awareness and creativity and willingness to work together.

You can break the stranglehold of unaccountable drug manufacturers. You can put common sense back into the health sector of our economy. You can make your own difference. Join your State Assembly, form a Corporate Accountability Committee, and get going.


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04 25 21 Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice Blood Money 12 Pride of Place



By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, 22nd of April 2021, the House of the U.S. Congress – the British-affiliated Territorial Congress, passed House Resolution 51, entitled: “To provide for the admission of the State of Washington, D.C., into the Union.”

The Resolution was presented as a Bill and it was voted upon as an enactment of Law applicable to the Territorial Government and its citizenry, not as an amendment to The Constitution of the United States of America.

This is important because such an action would require a constitutional amendment and it would need to be approved by the actual State Governments now assembled and in Session.

Neither did this Resolution receive the two‑thirds (2/3rds) of the Votes cast as mandated by Article V of the Federal Constitutions. This is important for obvious reasons.

The District of Columbia is a creation of the original Federal Constitution passed in 1787, which also provided that the Federal Congress should provide for its governance and act as a plenary oligarchy with respect to its administration:

“To exercise exclusive jurisdiction in all cases whatsoever, over such district …. as may, by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of government of the United States ….” Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.

The Members of the Congress have no ability to alter or amend this provision of the original Constitution with an enactment of private Laws; and also, the actual American Government now in Session has absolutely no obligation to enroll or accept the District of Columbia as a State.

This is important because while the Congress rules as a plenary oligarchy over the District of Columbia, their authority is strictly limited. They can dictate what the District of Columbia desires—for example, to become a State of the Union, but they cannot mandate the acceptance of their dictates by the actual States of the Union.

The District of Columbia was created by land cession granted by the States of Maryland and Virginia in the year of 1790. The purpose of this land cession—a special purpose land grant– was defined within the Residence Act of 1790, 1 Stat. 130 described as: “An Act for establishing the temporary and permanent seat of the Government of the United States.”

Apart from this use, there is no grant of land provided for nor any reason for the District of Columbia to exist. By Operation of Law, if it does not serve this defined purpose, the land reverts to the actual owners, Maryland and Virginia, and once again, becomes part of those States.

As the Congress of 1790 defined the purpose of this cession of lands as being for the establishment of the Seat of Government of the United States, no future governments have the authority to change the terms of the land use, nor any authority to take possession of that land for the purpose of establishing any additional States of the Union.

The most that the members of the Territorial Congress could do upon the dissolution of their international independent city state — would be to honorably retrocession the land back to Maryland and Virginia, provided that the actual States accepted the land back. This provision is important, because land that is subject to retrocession may be polluted or otherwise damaged, and the States have the right to inspect the premises and decide the terms upon which they may accept it back.

As the District of Columbia was, moreover, created by the combining of lands from two distinct States of the Union, the action proposed — to arbitrarily take lands belonging to these States and combining these lands without the express consent of the Legislatures of these States — their State Assemblies — is beyond the powers of any U.S. Congress.

Maryland and Virginia gave cession of the land underlying the District of Columba for a specific purpose; these States of the Union never severed their jurisdiction over those lands. They merely gave up their authority to legislate over cases arising within the boundaries of the District of Columbia. This is important as it concludes that the independence of the District of Columbia is as an inchoate state, not an actual State.

Please also observe that the grant of what amounts to a perpetual land use permit by the States of Maryland and Virginia does not provide for any other use of that land — such as the actions taken to create an independent international city-state known as the Municipality of Washington, DC.

Such a use of the land as the headquarters of an independent international city-state was never allowed by nor contemplated by Maryland or Virginia when making the cession, and the development of the Washington, DC, Municipal city-state must be viewed as an unconstitutional and non-contractual usurpation against the actual expressed intent of the land cession provided by our States.

Please also note that the District of Columbia is not a possession of land by the United States, but is a grant of land use by the States of Maryland and Virginia, and as such, is neither a territory nor other property that may be disposed of by the Territorial Congress under the authority of Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2. The creation of States is not an action congruent with the disposal of lands.

In this as in so many other actions undertaken by our erstwhile Territorial Employees, they arrogantly over-reach the limits of any natural or granted authority and attempt to dictate the prerogatives owed to others.

While we most earnestly desire the understanding and support of the other nations of the world and are united in our desire to see a peaceful transition of power and asset control back to the actual American Government, this present action by the Territorial Congress is emblematic of the ignorant, reckless, and misguided misadministration this country has suffered at the hands of our paid employees.

They appear not to understand the basics of law and history, nor the limits of their delegated “powers”. They and the Principals using them as an instrumentality are constantly trespassing upon us in violation of our treaties and commercial service contracts, promoting criminal impersonation schemes, “voting” themselves raises and emoluments out of the Public Purse, and committing crimes of various and sundry natures on our shores without any provocation by their loyal and long-suffering Employers.

To say that their behavior has been wrong-headed and misdirected in Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Service Contract is mild; in the course of conducting their mercenary war against each other, they have played both ends against the middle—their actual Employers. Despite having been given explicit and repeated Due Process informing them of their dereliction of duty and also the criminal aspects of their misadministration, they have continued to presume upon us and to promote self-interested conflict on our shores. They have continued to evidence a deplorable lack of respect for the Public Law, and International Law, too.

It is apparent that both of these organizations and their attendant Municipal Corporations are ultimately owned and operated by the Holy See, which through the organs of the British Crown Corporation on one hand, and the Vatican City Government on the other, has unjustly enriched itself and the colluding British Government as well as the American-born Bad Actors who have usurped upon their Employers in Breach of Trust.

We have, for example, been able to track the receipts from the so-called Birth Certificate Bonds — actually Clearinghouse Certificates — from the Bank of New York Mellon to the Vatican Bank to the Bank of Canada and the rest going to the Federal Reserve Banks involved in this criminal fiasco predicated on the Roman Civil Law and the continued practice, under that law, of both peonage and enslavement.

That this scheme and others like it, including their present pretension of “power” to declare the District of Columbia a State of the Union, have been allowed to flourish under the storefronts provided by such institutions as the Roman Catholic Church and the United Nations organization, is a testament to the enduring and arbitrarily coercive power of money and the temptations of falsehood.

We have in recent days demonstrated that all the various courts in this country, except for our own, have been operated as identifiable commercial enterprises secretively engaged in privateering and the collection of war reparations from people who have been at peace since 1814. We have also demonstrated that all the various “District Courts” operating in this country are in fact Parish Courts operating secretively under ecclesiastical law, popularly known as “The Spanish Law of the Inquisition”, that has nothing whatsoever to do with our General Public.

We have ourselves had to repeatedly and in Public rebuff the incorporated Roman Catholic Church to inform the respective Archbishops that we are not members of any incorporated church and we have also had to serve similar Notice of Non-Membership and Non- Participation on the various political parties – Republican, Democratic, Independent, and so on —that presume that we are members of their organizations and that we are voluntarily participating in their devious substitution of private corporate “elections” for actual Public Elections.

For those of us in a position to appreciate the irony, this is precisely what started the first American Revolution: Americans being forced to pay for the British expenses of fighting The Seven Years War which ran from 1756 to 1763, and which is deceptively called The French and Indian War in this country. That, and our resistance to the King’s Equity Law, a venal admixture of British Common Law and Admiralty Law serving as a sugar-coating for legalized banditry by the British Royals.

Imagine our dismay and disgust to return to our shores, having never knowingly, willingly, or voluntarily vacated them —to discover that our States have been mothballed as State Trusts operated “for” us by foreign Employees, and our People have been press-ganged in diverse World Wars and Mercenary Conflicts, and our babies have been misidentified as British Territorial Persons and trafficked offshore, where their “infant decedent estates” have been created and administered under The Spanish Law of the Inquisition.

What possible insanity is this, and what excuse may the other Principals guilty of defrauding our country offer? When did the Americans fail to support the Pope in any humanitarian effort? Did we not offer the Roman Catholic Church a safe refuge of religious freedom on our shores? When did we tax the Church on its extensive holdings? At what point and upon what cause did our actual Government ever deserve such disservice at the hands of the Roman Catholic Clergy?

As for the Governments of the Queen and Westminster, where would they be without the Americans saving their bacon in two World Wars and endless other Mercenary Conflict squabbles that the British Crown Corporation and its affiliates like BlackRock, Inc., and yes, the UN CORP, too, have engaged in for profit?

Our honorable soldiery has been misled and our Armed Forces have been misused as cheap mercenaries, a fate that is now being brokered and transferred to the Chinese military.

Our international land jurisdiction as well as our jurisdiction within the international jurisdiction of the sea and in global commerce, has been trespassed upon and commandeered by our own Employees under the direction of the Queen, the Government of Westminster, and ultimately, the Holy See.

This has been done in violation of both the Geneva Conventions and the Hague Conventions.

And now they propose to clothe themselves with the protections of an American State of the Union, without our permission?

As neither a Territory nor a Possession of the United States, the respective corporations, their Officers, and the citizenry of the District of Columbia are homeless, stateless, and purposeless unless they immediately yield to the Public Law of this country and our long-published Law of the Land.

A nation-wide educational effort is being made at this time to fully disclose the various political statuses available to Americans and the responsibilities of each kind of citizenry, so that people may freely and with conscious will choose and exercise their political status options.

We express our undying thanks to our Senior American Researchers, who wish to remain unknown, but who have contributed so long and faithfully to this effort.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America

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