The Jurisdictional Trap of “Free Home Delivery”


Contributed by Greg Loran Durand

 The principal tool used by the United States Government to establish the people as “residents” of one of its de facto appendages is the benefit of free city or free rural delivery of mail. As was stated recently by Associated Press writer Calvin Woodward, 1863 was the “advent of numbered addresses. Before, people went to the post offices for mail addressed only by name and city [general delivery].” Even more revealing is the following quote from Congressman Clyde Kelly, who served in the early 1930s as a member of the Post Office and Post Roads Committee in the House of Representatives:

“Free Delivery” is a phrase born of the service policy of the Post Office. It has been growing in meaning until it is clearly established that every American who mails a letter is entitled to have it delivered to the doorway of the addressee.

Under the self-sustaining policy of the early days letter carriers were authorized at the larger post offices and were allowed a fee of 2 cents for each letter, to be paid by the person to whom it was addressed. If he did not have the fee, the letter was returned to the Post Office, to await his call. Such a system could not endure, once the true purpose of the Post Office [to regulate citizens] was realized. On July 1st, 1863, free city delivery service was instituted [as a war measure to keep track of “public enemies” and “suspects”—Northern Democrats]….

Still more eloquent testimony to the service ideal of the Post Office is found in the rural free delivery. It might be argued that it would be more economical to deliver mail in congested cities than to provide storage space [in general delivery] for mail awaiting the calls of patrons [not customers or “residents”], but no such reasoning will apply to smaller towns from which most of the rural routes radiate. There never was any other motive than the public welfare behind the establishment of the rural free delivery service….

The one test in changes in routes must be: “ Will the service be as good or better than formerly?” The test of self-support should not determine the future of this facility which brings benefit to every citizen of the United States, whether he lives in city or country.

It is the highway of service, designed by a democracy with faith for a social institution of vital importance in a people’s nation [Lincoln’s “new nation”]… Every American is the beneficiary of this postal highway and of those leaders [the Lincoln Administration and all its successors] who insisted upon its being built on the service foundation. Its very existence is proof that the true objective of the Post Office is service, not moneymaking, either for profit or exactly balancing expenditures. It is more essential for the protection of the nation [the corporate “United States”] than the Army or Navy; it is the democratic instrument of a democracy [not a republic]. (2)


One needs to be able to “read between the lines” when perusing Government admissions. The “benefit” that was offered to the American people by the Post Office under Lincoln in 1863, and now by the United States Postal Service, is that “post offices registered enemy aliens.” (3) It is important to understand that the United States Postal Service is “an independent establishment of the executive branch of the Government of the United States.” (4) Consequently, maintaining a place of “residence” by receiving mail at an “address” automatically transmutes the recipient of the benefit into as asset of the occupying power.

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No Zip Codes

(Use invokes Federal Jurisdiction)

(Author unknown)


Use of the Zip is voluntary. See Domestic Regulations. Section 122.32 as amended. You should also know that the Postal service cannot discriminate against the non-use of the Zip Code. See “Postal Reorganization Act “, Section 403, (Public Law, 91-375). The federal government utilizes the ZIP code to prove that you reside in a “federal district of the District of Columbia”. This is why the IRS and other government agencies (state and federal) require a Zip code when they assert jurisdiction by sending you a letter. They claim that this speeds the mail, but this is a sly and subtle TRICK. It is also prima facie evidence that you are a subject of Congress and a “citizen of the District of Columbia ” who is “resident ” in one of the several states.

The receipt of mail with a ZIP code is one of the requirements for the IRS to have jurisdiction to send you notices. The government cannot bill a Citizen of Texas, because he is not within the purview of the MUNICIPAL LAWS of the District of Columbia. In fact, the Internal Revenue Service has adopted the ZIP code areas as Internal Revenue Districts. See the Federal Register, Volume 51, Number 53, Wednesday March 19, 1986.

You must remember that the Postal Service is a private corporation, a quasi-government agency. It is no longer a full government agency. It is like the Federal Reserve System, the Internal Revenue Service, and the United States and the United States Marshall Service. They are all outside the restrictions of the Federal Constitution, as private corporations. They are all powerful in their respective areas of responsibility, to enforce collection for the federal debt. So, if you are using a ZIP code, you are in effect saying openly and notoriously that you do not live in the State of Texas, etc, but instead are a resident in the Texas area of the District of Columbia (a federal district). There are some so-called Patriot groups that I consider Patriots for money. They advocate the use of Title 42 suits (which are for federal citizens only), send mail to you with a ZIP code, and ask you to do things that place you within the municipal jurisdiction of the District of Columbia.

Remember these individuals may be agents of the government or, even worse, are advocating a one world government by the use of the Social Security number and the ZIP code.

So you must be aware of the movement towards a one world government through annihilation or elimination of State Citizens by use of the so-called 14th Amendment and its related laws.

It is this writer’s opinion, both as a result of study, e.g. of page 11 of the National Area ZIP code Directory, of 26 U.S.C. 7621, of Section 4 of the Federal Register, Volume 51, Number 53, of (TDO) 150-01; of the opinion in United States v LaSalle National Bank, 437 U.S. 298, 308, 98, 5

Ct 2d 2357, 571. Ed. 2d 221 (1978); of 12 U.S.C. 222; of 31 U.S.C. 103, and as a result of My actual experience, that a ZIP code address is presumed to create a “Federal jurisdiction ” or “market venue” or “revenue districts” that override State boundaries, taking one who uses such modes of address outside of a State venue and its constitutional protections and into an international, commercial venue involving admiralty concerns of the “United States “, which is a commercial corporation domiciled in Washington, D. C.


More specifically, looking at the map on page 11 of the National ZIP Code Directory, e.g. at a local post office, one will see that the first digit of a ZIP code defines an area that includes more than one State. The first sentence of the explanatory paragraph begins.

“A ZIP code is a numerical code that identifies areas within the United States and its territories for the purpose of…..” [cf. 26 CFR 1 1-1 (c)]

Note the singular possessive pronoun “Its”, not “their”, therefore carrying the implication that it relates to the “United States” as a corporation domiciled in the District of Columbia (in the singular sense), not in the sense of being the 50 States of the Union (in the plural sense). The map shows all the States of the Union, but it also shows D.C., Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, making the explanatory statement literally correct.

Properly construed, ZIP Codes can only be applicable in Federal territories and enclaves that may be located within the 50 States of the Union, and to the “United States” and District of Columbia and its territories – cf. Piqua Bank v Knoup, 6 Ohio 342, 404(1856) and U.S. v Butler, 297 U.S. 1, 63 (1936) to the effect that “in every state there are two Governments, the state and the United States”. Therefore, ZIP Code address are for the corporate “United States” and its agents (for example, a customs and duty collector at New York harbor, when they move out into the States of the Union to perform functions delegated to the “United States” by the National/Federal Constitution, or the Texas Department of Transportation, Bureau of Motor Vehicles, or a U.S. Congressman).

But, by propaganda, misleading information and seditious syntax, government has gotten nearly everyone in the 50 States of the Union to use ZIP Codes of address, and that creates a PRESUMPTION or a PREJUDICIAL ADMISSION that one is in such a Federal venue, or that one is such a government agent.

In general, it is well settled in law that Income Tax Statutes apply only to corporations and to their officers, agents, and employees acting in their official capacities, e.g. from Colonial Pipeline Co. v Traigle, 421 U.S. 100, 44 L.Ed.2d.1, 95 S.Ct. 1538(1975)”. …However, all “income tax statutes apply only to state created creatures known as corporations no matter whether state, local, or federal”. Since corporations act only through their official capacities, but not as individuals. This is the real purpose for Identifying Numbers-26 CFR 301.6109-1(d) & (g) and 26 U.S.C. 6331(a) and 26 CFR 301.6331-1, Part 4.

Use of a ZIP Code address is tantamount to the admission of being a “citizen of the United States” who does not necessarily have the protections of the first eight Amendments to the Constitution (in the Bill of Rights) when proceeded against by Federal or State authority- Maxwell v Dow, 176 U.S. 581, 20 S Ct 448 (1900), but “All the provisions of the constitution look to an indestructible union of indestructible states”, Texas v White, 7 Wall 700; U.S. v Cathcart, 25 F Case No. 14,756, In re: Charge to Grand Jury, 30 F. Case No 18,273 (65 CJ Section 2)-not known to be overturned.




To Whom It May Concern:

Please kindly correct your records to show that I am located at: NON-DOMESTIC

C/O 2819 Bluto Street Dallas, Texas

Zip code exempt (DMM 122.32), As Amended


Since the use of Zip codes is voluntary (see Domestic Mail Service Regulations, Sections 122.32), the U.S. Postal Service cannot discriminate against the non-use of ZIP codes, pursuant to the Postal Reorganization Act, Section 403 (Public Law 91-375).


The federal government attempts to assert jurisdiction by, sending letters with ZIP codes, when jurisdiction would otherwise be lacking. The receipt and “acceptance ” of mail with ZIP codes is one of the requirements for the Internal Revenue Service, in particular, to have jurisdiction to send notices. In fact, the IRS has adopted ZIP code areas as “Internal Revenue Districts “. See the Federal Register, Volume 51, Number 53, for Wednesday March 19, 1986.


The federal government cannot bill a Texas State Citizen because such a Citizen is not within the purview of the District of Columbia, its territories, possessions or enclaves. As a group, these areas are now uniquely and collectively identified as “the federal zone”, as explained in the book entitled, The Federal Zone: Cracking the Code of Internal Revenue, San Rafael, Account for Better Citizenship, 1992. Your immediate cooperation in this matter will be most appreciated.


Signed with explicit reservation of all of My Rights and without prejudice to any of My rights.


                                      John Q. Doe, Agent

John Quincy: Doe, state Citizen


Nonresident Alien with respect to The Federal Zone D.C., its territories, possessions and enclaves)


7/19/02 John Quincy

01 26 17 Redemption History


There have been so many papers written about the REDEMPTION PROCESS and yet there seems a lack for understanding the basic concepts.

REDEMPTION was the initial path taken by people who know they are free but see no hope in the judicial system as it is practiced.

It is vitally important for understanding how the people in the government turned our lives upside down and have made us believe that We are subjects under them; when in reality they are subjects under We The People-every being is part and partial for We The People. The important points:

  1. In 1871 the Federal Government formed itself into a CORPORATION and pulled itself from under the
  2. In 1913 the Federal Reserve Central Banks were
  3. In 1933 President Roosevelt put into effect the “Trading with the Enemies Act”. This applied only for Federal
  4. In 1933 President Roosevelt took the Gold away from the People-although they were not required for giving it away-thereby leaving the people without “Money”for paying “DEBTS”
  5. In 1933 President Roosevelt passed HJR 192 June 5, 1933-simply put-since the government had taken the Gold, the people had no “Money”-the government would pay the “DEBTS” for the people-DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR-thereby giving the people-unlimited
  6. In 1938 Erie Railroad vs. Tompkins made CONTRACTS the rule in our
  7. In 1946 we lost our government and courts through the Administrative Procedures
  8. In 1965, silver was taken away as a means for paying “DEBT”, the UCC became the supreme law for America concerning the Banking System, the courts were pulled together in Administrative/Admiralty and Civil (Contract or Commerce/Corporation), and the Act and Intent were brought together thereby taking away your plea of Innocent. You had to prove there was no Intent. Guilty until proven innocent – changing the often quoted – you are innocent until proven guilty.
  9. 2-6-2015-10-13-51-am

Interregnum My Rump Part 26 + Ford and Carters Bicentennial Part 27



By Anna Von Retiz

There is no so-called “interregnum”— yet another specious idea being floated by Bar Attorney Karen Hudes.

According to Ms. Hudes and others of her ilk, our lawful government is in “interregnum”— a sort of legal coma— caused by Lincoln’s declaration of a “state of emergency” which has been declared every year since then by his successors.

Let’s make this perfectly clear— the only office of “President” that Lincoln could hold was that of a commercial corporation CEO.  This is because Bar Attorneys have been prohibited from holding any public office in our government since March 12, 1819 and Abraham Lincoln was a Bar Attorney.

Commercial corporations have no ability to declare war, nor even “states of emergency”, except in the euphemistic sense that their corporation is in trouble.

Lincoln was not eligible as a Bar Member to hold the actual lawful public office of President of the united States of America, so the only kind of “President” he could be was the “President” of the United States (Trading Company).

His assumption of the public Office of Commander-in-Chief was an act of fraud, treason, and violation of international law.

The perpetrators have tried to paper this over retroactively by adopting our lawful constitution as the basis for their corporate articles of incorporation published as The Constitution of the United States of America (1868).

They have tried by this means to enclose our constitution for their own use— and they have tried via that means to unlawfully convert the actual office of the Commander-in-Chief to a private corporate office merely called the Office of the Commander-in-Chief.

The fact remains that this is pure lawless fraud fomented by the Bar, the British Monarch and the Roman Pontiff in gross Breach of Trust against the American states and people.

You can’t take a sow’s ear and transform it by calling it a silk purse.  It remains a sow’s ear just the same.

And you can’t take a declaration of a “state of emergency” made by a private foreign corporation and transform it into anything related in any way to us or to our lawful government.

I have news for Karen Hudes and all the other Bar Attorneys responsible for this circumstance— there is no “interregnum” and no affect on us or our lawful government by anything said, done, or claimed by the filthy foreign organization in Washington, DC in 1860 or at any time since.

It was fraud then, it is fraud now.

See this article and over 400 others on Anna’s website here:


Ford and Carters Bicentennial Part 27

By Anna Von Reitz

While we were all celebrating America’s Bicentennial back in 1976, enjoying all sorts of quaint colonial dramas and fireworks displays, historical re-enactments, and even Broadway plays about the Founding Fathers, Gerald Ford and Company were quietly observing their own celebration by corrupting and co-opting and commandeering what was left of our court system.

Meet the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act as summarized by Wikipedia:

The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA) of 1976 is a United States law, codified at Title 28, §§ 1330, 1332, 1391(f), 1441(d), and 1602–1611 of the United States Code, that establishes the limitations as to whether a foreign sovereign nation (or its political subdivisions, agencies, or instrumentalities) may be sued in U.S. courts—federal or state….. It was signed into law by President Gerald Ford on October 21, 1976.

This law makes it very difficult for us to sue them in courts that are ultimately paid for by us.  Sweet.

So we pay for the courts and the judges and the police and when the “United States Citizens” or the “citizens of the United States” presume that we are citizens, too, and we are too ignorant or deluded to forcefully dis-abuse them of their presumptions, they can haul us into courts (paid for by us) and hold us accountable to their private law and they can then charge our trust accounts for any violations and can use police forces (paid for by us) to haul us off to jails (paid for by us) — but we cannot use our Common Law or Federal Postal District Courts, according to them, to pay them the same compliment in return.

This is how they always attempt to claim “sovereign immunity”.

To stuff this down their throats requires you to know that they are not a sovereign government of any kind with respect to you, but are in fact nothing but one or another species of government corporation (31 USC 9101) engaged in commercial transactions under the guise of operating a lawful court.

It also requires us to remember that we, the people and our states, retained the international land jurisdiction.  We didn’t ever delegate the international land jurisdiction to “the United States” incorporated, nor did we delegate all of our powers on the sea.  These reserved powers are the powers that we must invoke to bring these criminals to justice.

The Clearfield Doctrine was handmade to ratchet open their throats on this issue and basically says that when a government descends to the level of a commercial corporation and operates as such, it is owed no sovereignty and has no special rights or indemnities.  It is subject to all the same rules and limits as any other commercial corporation.

If you can’t be tried by the JC PENNY CORPORATION COURT, neither can you be tried by the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION DISTRICT COURT.  That’s your immunity from prosecution in a nutshell, so pay attention.

A few years earlier another “immunities act” was passed— the International Organizations Immunities Act (IOIA) was passed December 29, 1945, during the last gasps of the Second World War.

The overt intent of the law was to exempt some special groups including the United Nations  and various foreign-government related organizations from obeying United States law—- a sort of diplomatic immunity applied to whole organizations instead of specific people.

It will no doubt come as a surprise to most of you that your NAME written in all capital letters is being used as the name of an International Organization—- and it is exempted under the IOIA so that “YOU” can engage in all sorts of unsavory and licensed activities.

Great.  That explains how “I” — dba “ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER” was supposedly running a rum distillery in Barbados according to the IRS Masterfile attached to “MY” NAME, at the same exact time that I was actually at home in Alaska running an art gallery.

These unspeakable vermin have had “US” out running around the world doing all sorts of criminal and licensed activities for them, and then exempting “US” from the law so that they can benefit from “OUR” bad behavior as drug runners, privateers, arms dealers, booze manufacturers, and all the rest.   Obviously, this is a crime syndicate operation in which they are using our good names and our identities to do evil which they benefit from at our expense—and all without our knowledge.

The rats were gearing up that day in December 1945 to rape and pillage the rest of the world in the wake of World War II, and to do it in OUR NAMES so that when and if they got caught, we’d be blamed for it.


NOTICE TO THE REST OF THE WORLD: I have never run a rum distillery in Barbados.  I have never even visited Barbados.  These criminals have stolen my name and identity for their own profit and have charged against my credit and falsely claimed that my name and estate were standing as surety for their debts.  This is your NOTICE that I have been defrauded and because I have been defrauded, so have you.  The Masterfile kept on “MY NAME” by the Internal Revenue Service is nothing but hot air, and you can bet that there are at least 390 million other such Masterfiles being kept “in the NAME of” other Americans that are also nothing but hot air.

There is enough Bull Poopy in Washington, District of Columbia, to float battleships down Pennsylvania Avenue, but these false claims against our names and estates are the worst, most venal, most despicable examples of all. It isn’t bad enough for these monsters to indebt the current generation, they have to extend their greed and false claims to generations yet unborn, willingly condemning babies to enslavement while toot-tooting about America, the Land of the Free.

They need to be recognized as the traitors and liars and criminals that they are, unmasked, and disgraced, and most of all—- stopped.   Anyone with a brain should know that there is no possible basis for these monsters to indebt –and thereby enslave — anyone, much less babies yet to be born.

It is considerably past time that all the victims of these crimes rose up and brought the careers of these would-be slave masters to an end. Also past time that our NAMES and estates were returned to our ownership and control, free and clear of any encumbrance, debt, fee, title, or other imposition from any commercial corporation whatsoever, including the UN Corporation.

In 1980, Jimmy Carter oversaw the transfer of our Birth Certificates to the International Monetary Fund as security backing the debts of THE UNITED STATES, INC. In this way we became the “presumed chattel” of the UN Corp.

Jimmy didn’t care that every single document was executed under conditions of fraud and non-disclosure and against the interests of little babies in their cradles.  He was content that they should all be enslaved and defrauded and made to pay the debts of THE UNITED STATES, INC. —- a private, mostly foreign-owned corporation in the business of providing governmental services.

Jimmy Carter could have provided housing for the entire known world on a fraction of what he spent against future generations of Americans while he was in office.  That puts his work in behalf of Habitat for Humanity in perspective, doesn’t it?

This now completes the circle and tells you how it is that we now have “UN” personnel guarding our Southern Border.  They aren’t talking about the United Nations chartered in 1945.  They are talking about the UN Corporation— a different beast entirely.

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Practical Education Pure and Simple Lighthouse Law Club



By Anna Von Reitz

Every day of every week of every month my email and snail mail boxes are plugged solid with people writing to me for help.  I get plagued with every kind of problem you can imagine, and often with people who misunderstand my role as judge and mistake me for an admiralty or maritime tribunal judge.  I also get a lot of nasty correspondence from people mistaking me as a ringleader supporting some kind of Vatican take-over, when in fact the take over happened at the Council of Nicaea many hundreds of years ago and then as now, I had nothing to do with it.

Through it all there is a common theme—“Help! Help! I am just waking up and I need to do something to get out of this trap I am in!”

So I am posting this good advice once again.  Go to YouTube and watch the videos being posted by the Lighthouse Law Club.  Three foundational videos will more than get you started.  In about three hours, Mark Emery and his cohorts will provide you with the basics you need.  Just go to YouTube and watch:  “Changing Legal Status– Practical Matters”, “Winning in Court — Status, Standing, and Agency”, and “Claiming Ownership”.

These are the cleanest, fastest, most accessible and simplest yet most complete video presentations covering this information I have ever seen anywhere and I highly recommend that everyone take the time to listen.  Even experienced people will find gold nuggets, and for Newbies, it is the Motherlode.  You can waste weeks pouring over hundreds of other videos by worthy researchers who can’t talk, who can’t present information in a concise, logical manner, or who are too deep in the weeds to describe the forest— or you can save yourselves a lot of trouble and watch the Lighthouse Law Club videos and get it all straight in your mind as 1, 2, 3…. and all for free.

Please consider joining the Lighthouse Law Club and/or supporting their excellent work with donations.  No matter who you are or what issues you are facing, you will benefit from the whole process of discovery, sharing, and conversation that goes on among club members.  They are making strong progress because they are working together in forums devoted to specific concerns including foreclosures, false arrests, freedom to travel, child custody, and all the rest.

There is another very worthy research group that has by far most, if not all, its ducks in order though they tend not to be as concise and organized and that is They have some great videos available on YouTube, too.  The one I most recently watched is called “Stopping A Court Case in Sixty Seconds”.

I am sure that there are a great many people in America right now who either need or want to do that, so I highly recommend that you tune in and listen to what they have to say.

Finally, one of the cornerstone deceptions and acts of fraud that are a part of every court case being tried by these corporate tribunals involves the use of “glosses”— which are foreign sign language elements embedded in English text to create a deliberately false impression of the meaning of the text.

For those who are just becoming aware, “MAYBELLE MAE CAMPBELL” is not a name and neither is “MAYBELLE M. CAMPBELL” and the use of these signs embedded in English text to convey the impression that they are names of a living woman is a deliberate fraud scheme promoting the crime of personage.

There will soon be a full set of documentaries covering this deceptive practice complete with information and references allowing you to prove that these are not names but are being used as if they are names to deceive the victims of crass commercial villainy and get them to assume both debts and often criminal charges that are not related to them.

I will be posting more information about this in a separate post as soon as I am myself better informed about content, target dates for release, costs, etc.

See this article and over 400 others on Anna’s website here:



The Lighthouse Law Cub is a center for advanced learning, education and advancement in both the personal and business realms. It’s focus is the empowerment of its members with the tools of knowledge and access to contacts & opportunities so that we all may develop, preserve and enjoy the fruits of our labor to the maximum extent possible. Above all, we are about preserving; Life, Liberty and Prosperity as represented by the traditional American values of personal independence and self reliance. We do this for all people around the globe.


Through the resources provided by The Club, members will find a focus on the essential ingredients required for freedom to exist in an unfree world. We do this by properly positioning our personal and business assets and creating the proper relationships in the global arena.

We call our members ‘The Mastermind Group’ which consists of successful minded, informed and forward thinking individuals who seek to manage political, financial and economic risk to their best advantage. This involves asset holdings and management structures, entities to manage business finances and creating the proper relationships to enhance personal freedom wherever you are in the world.

Listen to our founder in the short video below as he discusses The Club.

What We Do

Everything we do is in support of your life, your liberty and your property


Our philosophy is simple: God created Man to be free, prosperous, creative and productive. Everything we do in The Club points toward acheiving that status.

As world governments expand their reach and control over humanity, it is becoming increasingly difficult to acheive those standards of living with any level of privacy or prosperity.

History and current events show us that to keep all of your eggs in one basket and to roll the dice on that basket being the ‘best environment’ to develop your current and future interests, is a strategy for ill informed fools.

When corruption reaches the point that government represents little more than an ongoing criminal enterprise bent on eating out the substance of the most productive people, the good, hardworking, productive elements in society have no choice but to look outside their ‘fatherland’ to secure their best interests and future freedoms.

God gave man dominion over the earth. And it is in all corners of the earth that our Mastermind Group is able to achieve our objectives.


 Our mission is simple: To give every member of our Mastermind Group the best opportunity possible to achieve and maintain freedom and prosperity in the short and long term.

On the domestic side (USA): We start by showing members how to use the law to protect their rights, secure their assets and income streams and bolster their financial position.

From this solid base, we develop a customized strategy to ‘globalize’ current and/or future business and personal activity to maximize:
personal and financial privacy legal lawsuit protection asset protection
tax management & optimization cash flow & income enhancement
and business development.

You have been successful in your business or occupation and have developed a decent net worth which you wish to preserve for your family and/or future. You understand the risks of being inextricably tied to ‘one economy’, or ‘one political system’ or ‘one currency’ so that you live or die with the fate of that ‘one thing’.

You see the value of taking advantage of multiple jurisdictions to spread that risk and ensure that you always have ‘options’ available if or when a major ‘shift’ happens.

That shift could be the result of natural disaster, economic decline, currency collapse, martial law, regime change, war, political pressure, regulatory restrictions, privacy invasions and more.
You understand that expanding your options also expands your survivability and your ability to thrive under potentially adverse conditions.

You are a forward thinker, which is why you are successful and which is why you are here now!








The Sweet Spots Part 25



By Anna Von Reitz

The value of the money in your pocket depends on oil.

Think about that statement for a full minute.  Really think.

Oil is the commodity asset backing the corporate funny money called the UNITED STATES DOLLAR (USD).  That is why it is also known as the “Petrodollar”.

The value of your labor is tied to oil.  The value of your house is tied to oil.  The value of your land is tied to oil.  And so is the cost of your food, your education, your medical care, and everything else you can think of.

It has been this way since 1971, but somehow, the news still hasn’t come home to Main Street.

When Nixon changed the asset base backing of the UNITED STATES (INC.) currency to oil instead of silver, your fundamental well-being and prosperity became inextricably linked to oil and it will remain that way until we, and that means Americans and US citizens alike, find a new way forward.

So let’s look at the logic and end result of Tricky Dick’s Gamble.  We have become the largest per capita consumers of energy on the planet.  We have also become by far the richest per capita country if we include the value of managed trust assets.

Nixon’s move to the Petrodollar has fundamentally changed the way we live and has fueled the technical revolution and made globalization possible.  It has also caused wars and numerous police actions, governmental corruption, pollution of the environment, and growing social unrest.

You have to account for both the good and the bad.

Now, new technology is threatening the oil market.  Free Energy electrical generators are coming online and they will inexorably bring their changes to the planet and to the commodity markets of the world, too.  We will no longer have to depend on The Grid and no longer have to fuel giant coal, gas, and diesel turbines to push electrons through millions of miles-worth of electrical cable lines.   New modes of transportation won’t be far behind.

The transition of the whole world to the use of these new energy devices won’t come overnight, but it will come.  There will continue to be demand for fossil fuels, but not like it is today, and slowly but surely the industry that has been compared to an “eight hundred pound gorilla in a glass factory” will fade away.

A hundred years from now our children’s grandchildren will look back on Big Oil and our present nuclear power generation processes the same way that we look at the whale oil industry – something odd and best left forgotten except for a sporadic re-reading of Moby Dick and in our case, Atlas Shrugged.

That’s what is coming and it’s good. We need to embrace it and have no choice in the matter anyway.

Other countries not as blessed with energy resources like China and Japan, countries with large impoverished populations like India and most of Africa, and countries with topography ill-suited to conventional electrical grid development like Peru, have powerful economic and practical reasons to develop Free Energy and we can’t blame them or stop them from doing so.

As a result of the development of Free Energy, mankind as a whole will be released from the burden of supporting utility companies, the wholesale pollution of the atmosphere will cease, and we will no longer have disasters like the Exxon Valdez, BP Deep Horizon, and Fukushima to worry about.

As with any commodity market, the supply versus demand curve for oil follows a hyperbolic curve.  Along that curve at each point is a “Sweet Spot” where supply and demand are in alignment. The Saudi government has long had a grasp of this mathematical relationship and can peg their output to their best price relative to demand for oil within a hair’s breadth.  There is another Sweet Spot that exists on the consumer side of the equation, where we cut our demand for a commodity to realize our best price.

Americans are both the greatest consumers of fossil fuel energy on the planet and, in terms of refined oil products, the greatest long term producers of refined fossil fuels.  For us, then, there are two Sweet Spots of concern.  When we cut our consumption of fossil fuel, our “demand” in other words, we drive the cost down in our role as consumers, but we suffer in our role as producers.

For us, the oil economy is a yin and yang proposition where maximizing overall benefit demands balancing both our demand and our supply.  Let me submit that while the crude oil producers of the world have precise control of supply, no remotely similar effort has been made to balance and analyze — much less control — demand.

As the energy market shifts and changes and Free Energy comes on line it will be of exponential benefit for all concerned if our country focuses on intelligent, conscious, and long term energy consumption as well as energy production policies. More efficient use of energy, better deployment and diversification of fuel choice options, better fuel delivery systems, and investment in fuel economy measures— like public transportation— all make sense. The entry of Free Energy technology into the marketplace and the environmental, social, and economic challenges of making this transition requires no less of us.

It all has to balance out, and over time, the dependence of the UNITED STATES DOLLAR on oil assets has to change along with everything else.

So against this vast and changing worldwide energy market background, we have to consider the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines.

America has been blessed with vast natural reserves of fossil fuels, but thanks to policies set in place in the early 1900’s, the majority of those resources have never been developed.  Only recently have the oil and gas reserves of the Midwest been tapped.  The pressure to do so has been the result of both increased price gouging by Middle Eastern suppliers of crude oil to our refineries and the realization that long term value of the resource is no longer increasing.  Instead, we are facing a use-it-or-lose-it market.

Building both the Keystone XL and the DAPL pipelines in such an environment is a no-brainer and time is of the essence—- that is, if Americans want to keep eating and stay warm in the winter and be able to bootstrap their way forward.

Because our old natural resource development policy circa 1908 was against the development of our own resources (“let the other guy develop his resources and let us buy them for pennies on the dollar while keeping our own in reserve”) a great amount of anti-development propaganda has been used over the years and not a little fear-mongering to curtail American resource development. Now, suddenly, that has to change.

We all need to understand why and we all have to make the change, at least when it comes to hauling our gas and oil reserves out of the ground and making use of them.

I want to point out that I am an Alaskan and that our TransAlaska Pipeline (TAPS) has functioned perfectly for going on 50 years and is still pumping oil cleanly, efficiently, and without spills through some of the most challenging and remote country on Earth.  It is a living testimony to American engineering skill and what is possible when we make safe, efficient pipeline design and operations our goal.

Neither the Keystone XL nor the DAPL pipeline represent anything like the challenges presented by TAPS— and they are being proposed using today’s engineering, materials, and monitoring systems – not those available fifty years ago.

If TAPS can do its job in Alaska for going on five decades, there’s no reason to think that Keystone XL and DAPL (which is a much smaller diameter) can’t function safely and efficiently for the twenty or thirty years they need to function during a worldwide energy source transition.

If there are concerns about river crossings and spills in aquifers, we can put pipelines inside of pipelines, build in shut off and double shunting valve systems, and we already have state of the art computerized monitoring systems capable of constant online monitoring of modern pipeline installations so that the moment there is any pressure loss anywhere in the system, the alarms go off and the valves shut down.  Even if there’s an Earthquake, a dam or bridge collapse, or other disaster that impacts a modern pipeline, the entire system is designed to shut down just like electric space heaters are designed to shut down if they fall over.

As for the DAPL route crossing sacred ground, well, the Native groups will have to consider whether or not the economic benefit is worth disturbing Earth Mother or not.  If not, we will have to find another route and other people will benefit — but it is sure that the environmental danger of doing what we are doing now — which is shipping massive amounts of needed crude oil to East Coast refineries via train cars is far, far greater than building a pipeline to do the same thing.  Those who watched the movie Unstoppable, based on a true story, will have a sense of what carrying gas and oil products by rail can mean.

Three things are certain— the value of the US currency is now totally based on oil and oil derivatives, the long term value of the oil and gas reserves in the ground is going downhill and all the people on the East Coast need both affordable fuel and jobs.  Those considerations add up to the fact that rerouted or not, DAPL needs to be built.

Both from our perspective as consumers and as producers the need to access gas and oil for use on the East Coast is apparent.  The efficient use of idle East Coast refinery capacity to free up Gulf and West Coast refineries for export volume is less obvious, but just as important.  We have to hit both Sweet Spots — produce refined oil products for export and consume our own oil for lower cost energy at home while there is still need for large volumes of oil and gas.

We need to do this to grubstake our way into the future, to reinvest in other assets backing the UNITED STATES DOLLAR, to enable a large shift in our long term investment and development strategies, to bring our country into alignment with the valid needs of the rest of the world for cheap energy and a clean environment, and to provide energy for our own use during the 20-30 year transition.

Bear in mind that our super-fastidious permitting process commonly takes twice as long as the actual engineering and building of a pipeline and that building a pipeline like the Keystone XL can easily take four years of actual construction. Now set that against a viable market life of 20 – 30 years and you begin to see that we are in a time crunch, a veritable race to make it to market while there is a market.

The situation in the Middle East, China, and elsewhere is not much different owing to the fact that everyone on Earth is more or less dependent on the value of the UNITED STATES DOLLAR— which is tied to oil and gas.  The other countries can’t sell off bonds and other investments in USD without devaluing their own investments.  They have every reason in the world to cooperate with us in developing and implementing new asset bases for US currency.

The easiest transition in terms of finding additional and/or alternative asset backing for a common currency is to come back whence we came.  American state nationals need to restore the proper functioning of the actual state governments and to convene an actual Continental Congress (as opposed to the corporate version in Washington, DC) to mandate re-issuance of American Silver Dollars (usd).  This will form a basis for the UNITED STATES to trade with both the American states and the BRICS nations in a mutually beneficial way and ease the path forward.

We are not alone in facing this transition, but as the USD is based on oil asset backing, we are in a peculiarly exposed position.  If we don’t move off the dime and make use of the common sense and natural resources we are heir to we will miss the boat. Science and progress march onward.  The self-interested delay in the development of Free Energy caused by JP Morgan, James Clerk Maxwell, and George Westinghouse has lasted a century.  The Chinese, Russian, and Indian governments are all here to tell us that it won’t be tolerated anymore.

The world needs Free Energy and it needs clean energy.  Average Mom and Pop Americans need Free Energy as much as anyone else, and are depending upon the federal government to find the Sweet Spots— the means to move forward and make a smooth transition to new asset backing for the USD, maximize current export opportunities and refinery capacities, provide abundant affordable fuel at home—and do all this while maintaining the overall value of the UNITED STATES DOLLAR.

My assessment?  It’s a tall order, but it can be done, and it is already clear that this is the path that Donald Trump is on.

See this article and over 400 others on Anna’s website here:


Trump Bans Muslims from Entering the United States, Launches “Holy War against Radical Islam”


By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, January 25, 2017

Region: Middle East & North Africa, USA

Theme: Police State & Civil Rights, Terrorism


Trump’s Executive Order to ban Muslims from entering the US, will have devastating consequences both in the US and internationally.

It also has a bearing on America’s military agenda in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In his inauguration speech, President Donald Trump called for the “civilized world” to unite “against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the Earth.”


It is worth noting that Trump’s Executive Order to ban Muslims coincides with the confirmation of Rep. Mike Pompeo as head of the CIA. Pompeo is a Tea Party Republican, member of the House Intelligence Committee, with little experience in the practice of US intelligence.

Pompeo favors the reinstatement of “waterboarding, among other torture techniques”. He views Muslims as a threat to Christianity and Western civilization. He is identified as “a radical Christian extremist” who believes that the “global war on terrorism” (GWOT) constitutes a “war between Islam and Christianity”.

In other words, he is a firm support of the “global war on terrorism” (GWOT) doctrine, under the banner of a “holy war against Islam”.

GWOT is “On the Table” of the Trump Administration as an instrument of US intelligence. (Amply documented Al Qaeda and ISIS are “intelligence assets” i.e. constructs of the CIA. In turn, Al Qaeda and ISIS affiliated terrorists in Syria and Iraq are the foot-soldiers of US-NATO).

To put it bluntly, both Trump and CIA Director Pompeo firmly believe in their own counter-terrorism propaganda. Continuity is ensured. The mainstay of US intelligence ops. using “Islamic terrorists” as instruments of destabilization and destruction prevails. Of relevance, the ban on Muslims entering the US is also part of a Homeland Security agenda.

It is therefore unlikely that there will be a major shift under a Trump administration in regards to America’s military agenda in the Middle East. According to Reuters: ”President Donald Trump is expected to sign executive orders starting on Wednesday that include a temporary ban on most refugees and a suspension of visas for citizens of Syria and six other Middle Eastern and African countries”. These countries are identified as “terror prone” nations, despite the fact that the US is covertly supporting terrorism in these countries.

Sectarian profiling prevails in regards to immigration. The ban does not apply to Christian refugees from Syria and Iraq:

Trump is expected to order a multi-month ban on allowing refugees into the United States except for religious minorities escaping persecution, until more aggressive vetting is in place.

Another order will block visas being issued to anyone from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, said the aides and experts, who asked not to be identified.

The border security measures could include directing the construction of a border wall with Mexico and other actions to reduce the number of illegal immigrants living inside the United States.

Both Trump and his nominee for Attorney general, U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, (yet to be confirmed by the US Senate) have said  ”they would focus the restrictions on countries whose migrants could pose a threat, rather than placing a ban on people who follow a specific religion”. Yet the executive order does not seem to make that distinction:

Other measures may include directing all agencies to finish work on a biometric identification system for non-citizens entering and exiting the United States and a crackdown on immigrants fraudulently receiving government benefits, according to the congressional aides and immigration experts.

To restrict illegal immigration, Trump has promised to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and to deport illegal migrants living inside the United States.Reuters, Emphasis added)

Michel Chossudovsky 

The original source of this article is Global Research

Copyright © Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, 2017



Not that I support Donald Trump, but this is the last of Michel Chossudovsky’s articles you will find on His pansy ass concern for NON AMERICANS can be expressed elsewhere. My contention is there should be NO more refugees allowed in America until our borders are secure and a NO BULLSHIT practice has been in affect and proven to work. Further more, I firmly believe, A real American is the offspring of two- born in America parents. The war on terror is a concept designed by the banking cartel to destroy patriotism in America by dividing the people on what is right and what is wrong, which is something people educated in our present government controlled schools is incapable of understanding. If Americans are no longer capable of knowing right from wrong, what is there left to protect?


Ross: Believing What Never Was



By Neal Ross

I’m used to arguing with people over slavery being the sole cause of the Civil War; it is what they were taught in schools and I can, at least, understand why they are so vehement in their beliefs. However, the other day I read an article that left me flabbergasted; and then the comments following it showed that there were many who supported the claims made by the author.

The basic premise of this article was that if Robert E. Lee had not accepted command of the Confederate Army the Civil War would not have happened and all those people would not have died.

First off, Lee did not immediately accept the position of Commander of the Confederate Army; he was assigned command of the Army of Northern Virginia. Virginia, if you were not aware of this, did not secede from the Union until Abraham Lincoln called out for volunteers to suppress the rebellion in those States which had already seceded.

Secondly, using the same logic, the American Revolution would not have happened, and 25,000 men would not have died had George Washington not accepted the position of Commander of the Continental Army.

If you want my honest opinion, the Civil War was all but inevitable from the moment the Constitution was ratified. Was slavery an issue? Of course it was. Was it the cause of the Civil War? No, it was only one of many causes which led the Southern States to secede and form their own Union.

The Civil War began when Lincoln attempted to enforce the laws of the North upon the newly created Confederacy. The Civil War began when Lincoln raised an army to invade the Confederacy and force their return to the Union.

From almost the very beginning our nation was already divided. There was the primarily industrial North and the agrarian South. As our nation grew in size the influx of immigrants came to live primarily in the North; in the major industrial centers where all the jobs were. With this increase in population came an increase in representation in Congress.

The two regions had distinct views on the balance of power between the State and federal governments. The North was more inclined to allow the federal government to exercise more power and use taxes collected upon internal improvements in their region. The South was more about State’s rights and limited federal power over the lives of the people. This schism, if you wish to call it that, can be traced all the way back to the epic battles in Washington’s Cabinet between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, and the formation of the first political parties; the Federalist Party and the Democratic-Republican Party.

At the time of the Civil War there was no income tax like we know today. Most of the revenue collected by government came from tariffs; which were borne primarily by the South. As the population of the North continued to grow, the power held by the Republicans, (the newest incarnation of the Federalists), also increased. When the government attempted to halt the expansion of slavery into newly created States it did so, not to prevent the atrocity that was slavery, but to diminish the power held by the Southern Democrats.



At the same time the tariffs which the South was paying was being spent on improvements in the North, while nary a penny was being spent on improving the infrastructure of the South. One would do well to research the period of American History prior to the Civil War; particularly the Nullification Crisis, if one wishes to understand a major cause which ultimately led the Southern States to secede from the Union.

The Civil War was a war fought over the question of whether the Union was indeed perpetual, or whether a State had the right to secede from it when if felt that remaining in it was harmful to its existence and its people.

The question of secession did not arise for the first time in Charleston, South Carolina in 1860, it was first broached in the early 1800’s in, of all places, Salem, Massachusetts. No less than four serious attempts at secession were introduced by New England Federalists in response to actions taken by the Jefferson and Madison administrations. The Louisiana Purchase, the Embargo of 1807, and the War of 1812 were all justifications used by these early secessionist movements.

So it was not only the South that felt that secession was an inherent right of the states, it was also a belief held by those in the North as well.

The problem with explaining the true causes of the Civil War to people today in 2017 is that they view it from a 21st century mindset. Today people view the relationship between State and Federal government as one, the federal, being superior to the other, and they view themselves as, not being citizens of their State, but as United States citizens.


Gen. Robert E. Lee

In 1860, particularly in the South, the people viewed their States as their country; with their State belonging to a Union of other sovereign entities. Looking at it with this perspective may explain why Lee, when accepting command of the forces of Virginia, made the following statement, “Profoundly impressed with the solemnity of the occasion, for which I must say I was not prepared, I accept the position assigned me by your partiality.

I would have much preferred had your choice fallen on an abler man. Trusting in Almighty God, an approving conscience, and the aid of my fellow-citizens, I devote myself to the service of my native State, in whose behalf alone will I ever again draw my sword.” When Lee spoke of his fellow citizens he was not speaking of citizenship like we would today; he was speaking of his fellow residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Virginia had not yet left the Union when the attack upon Fort Sumter occurred; the opening salvo of the Civil War; that occurred days later. The Virginia legislature did not formally decide to secede from the Union until after Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of War, Simon Cameron, sent a message to Virginia Governor John Letcher; calling for Virginia to provide troops to suppress the rebellion in those States which had already seceded.

In response, Governor Letcher sent the following to Lincoln’s Secretary of War, “In reply to this communication, I have only to say that the militia of Virginia will not be furnished to the powers at Washington for any such use or purpose as they have in view. Your object is to subjugate the Southern States, and a requisition made upon me for such an object — an object, in my judgment, not within the purview of the Constitution or the act of 1795 — will not be complied with. You have chosen to inaugurate civil war, and having done so, we will meet it in a spirit as determined as the Administration has exhibited towards the South.”

The South never sought war with those in the North; only to be let be; to live their lives as a free and independent nation. In an address to his Congress on April 29, 1861, Confederate President Jefferson Davis stated, “We feel that our cause is just and holy; we protest solemnly in the face of mankind that we desire peace at any sacrifice save that of honor and independence; we seek no conquest, no aggrandizement, no concession of any kind from the States with which we were lately confederated; all we ask is to be let alone; that those who never held power over us shall not now attempt our subjugation by arms. This we will, this we must, resist to the direst extremity. The moment that this pretension is abandoned the sword will drop from our grasp, and we shall be ready to enter into treaties of amity and commerce that cannot but be mutually beneficial. So long as this pretension is maintained, with a firm reliance on that Divine Power which covers with its protection the just cause, we will continue to struggle for our inherent right to freedom, independence, and self-government.”

To say that the Civil War was fought solely over slavery, or the even more ridiculous idea that it was fought because Lee accepted command of the Confederate Army, only shows that people have not been taught the truth regarding this period of American History.

I did not learn these things in school, I had to dig through page after page of books, and internet websites to slowly uncover the truth. The difference between me and many others in this country is that my mind sought only the truth; while many cling to the lies they have been taught as though they were a life raft in the middle of the ocean.

Prior to Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Courthouse, Major General Patrick Cleburne, CSA, stated, “Every man should endeavor to understand the meaning of subjugation before it is too late… It means the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern schoolteachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the war; will be impressed by the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit objects for derision… It is said slavery is all we are fighting for, and if we give it up we give up all. Even if this were true, which we deny, slavery is not all our enemies are fighting for. It is merely the pretense to establish sectional superiority and a more centralized form of government, and to deprive us of our rights and liberties.”

No, the Civil War was not fought over slavery, nor was if fought because Lee accepted command of the Confederate Army. The Civil War was fought because a portion of the United States decided to exercise their right as outlined in the Declaration of Independence, “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

The outcome of the Civil War; the fact that the South lost does not diminish the justness of their cause no more than a 200 lb bully beating a 100 lb boy for his lunch money justifies his actions.

But the sad truth is that history books are written by the victors, and those history books tend to be biased against those who lose conflicts. While I blame our educators for continuing the lies regarding the reason for which Americans fought Americans during the Civil War, I do not hold the fully to blame. It is my honest belief that most of them do not know the truth themselves; and therefore they are only repeating what they have been taught.

I do, however, hold people accountable for examining all the facts regarding this period of American History, and for either choosing to accept the inevitable conclusion the facts demand, or in continuing to believe the lies they have been taught.


That, after all, is what thinking is all about; the examination of facts and the formation of opinions based upon those facts. But if you only choose to examine one side of the story, the opinions you form will be biased and based upon one side’s version of the story.

Just as in a court of law the prosecution and defense are given equal time to prove their case, the jury of public opinion should not render any verdict on the justness of the Civil War until they have heard ALL THE FACTS.



Neal Ross, Student of history, politics, patriot and staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Send all comments to:

If you liked Neal’s latest column, maybe you’ll like his latest booklet: The Civil War: (The Truth You Have Not Been Told) AND don’t forget to pick up your copy of ROSS: Unmasked – An Angry American Speaks Out – and stay tuned – Neal has a new, greatly expanded book coming soon dealing with the harsh truths about the so-called American Civil War of 1861-1865. Life continues to expand for this prolific writer and guardian of TRUE American history.


Foreigners Are Dumping U S Debt At A Record Pace, And Our 20 Trillion National Debt Is Poised To Become A Major Crisis



by Michael Snyder

While most of the country has been focused on the inauguration of Donald Trump, a very real crisis has been brewing behind the scenes. Foreigners are dumping U.S. debt at a faster rate than we have ever seen before, and U.S. Treasury yields have been rising. This is potentially a massive problem, because our entire debt-fueled standard of living is dependent on foreigners lending us gigantic mountains of money at ultra-low interest rates. If the average rate of interest on U.S. government debt just got back to 5 percent, which would still be below the long-term average, we would be paying out about a trillion dollars a year just in interest on the national debt. If foreigners keep dumping our debt and if Treasury yields keep climbing, a major financial implosion of historic proportions is absolutely guaranteed within the next four years.

One of the most significant aspects of the “Obama legacy” is the appalling mountain of debt that he has left behind. As I write this article, the U.S. national debt is sitting at 19.944 trillion dollars. During Obama’s eight years, a staggering 9.3 trillion dollars was added to the national debt. When you break that number down, it comes to more than a hundred million dollars every single hour of every single day while Obama was living in the White House. In just two terms, Obama added almost as much to the national debt as all of the other presidents before him combined.

What Obama and the members of Congress that cooperated with him have done to future generations of Americans is beyond criminal.

Unfortunately, hardly anyone is talking about this right now, but the consequences are about to start catching up with us in a major way.

The only possible way that our game of “borrow, spend and stick future generations with the bill” can continue is if the rest of the world participates. In other words, we need them to continue to buy our debt.

Unfortunately for us, a major shift is now taking place. According to Zero Hedge, the most recent numbers that we have show foreigners dumping more than 400 million dollars of U.S. debt over the past 12 months…

The wholesale liquidation of US Treasuries continued in November, when according to the just released TIC data, foreign central banks sold another $936 million in US paper in November 2016, which due to an offset of $892 million in buying one year ago, means that for the 12 month period ended November, foreign central banks have now sold a new all time high of $405 million in the past 12 months, up from a record $403 million in LTM sales as of one month ago.

This isn’t a catastrophic emergency just yet, but if we continue down this road we will eventually get there. The only way that the U.S. government can continue on with business as usual is if it can continue to borrow billions upon billions of dollars at ultra-low interest rates. Now that Treasury yields are rising, some people are beginning to get quite nervous

As we pointed out one month ago, what has become increasingly obvious is that both foreign central banks, sovereign wealth funds, reserve managers, and virtually every other official institution in possession of US paper, is liquidating their holdings at a disturbing pace, something which in light of the recent surge in yields to over 2 year highs, appears to have been a prudent move.

In some cases, like China, this is to offset devaluation pressure; in others such as Saudi Arabia and other petroleum exporting nations, it is to provide the funds needed to offset the drop in the petrodollar, and to backstop the country’s soaring budget deficit. In all cases, it may suggest concerns about a spike in future debt issuance by the US, especially now under the pro-fiscal stimulus Trump administration.

Someday historians are going to look back in horror at what took place during the Obama years.

The amount that was added to the national debt during his years comes to “approximately $75,129 for every person in the United States who had a full-time job in December”. There is no possible justification for this. But because there haven’t been any catastrophic consequences so far, most people assume that this theft from future generations of Americans must be okay.

In a previous article, I explained that government debt greatly stimulates the economy. If we had not borrowed and spent 9.3 trillion dollars over the past eight years, we would be in the worst economic depression in U.S. history right now.

But most people don’t understand this. They don’t get the fact that we are living way, way above our means. And they also don’t get the fact that the only way that Donald Trump can keep the party going is to borrow and spend just like Obama was doing.

And even with all of Obama’s recklessness, he was still the only president in all of U.S. history not to have a single year when U.S. GDP grew by at least three percent. The following comes from the Hill

Despite the trillions of dollars in government spending pumped into the economy every year under Obama, America has never once enjoyed an annual GDP growth rate at 3 percent or higher, making Obama the least successful president—at least when it comes to economics—in modern history.

A historically sluggish GDP isn’t the only concern worth mentioning. Under Obama’s tenure, average annual food stamp enrollment has risen by more than 15 million (compared to 2008). The home ownership rate is the lowest it has been since 1995, the earliest year provided in the U.S. Census Bureau’s most recent report. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports more than 590,000 Americans say they are not in the labor force because they are discouraged, a figure that’s 26 percent higher than even the worst annual average under George W. Bush. Additionally, the employment-population ratio has been continuously below the 60-percent threshold under Obama; the last time it was this low was 1985.

Now that Donald Trump is president, he is going to have some very hard choices in front of him.

If Donald Trump and the Republicans stop borrowing and spending so much money, the economy will immediately start suffering.

But if they do continue down the same path that Obama put us on, it is a recipe for national suicide.

So either we take our medicine now, or we risk completely destroying the bright future that our children and grandchildren were supposed to enjoy.

Wake up America, because time is running out.

Courtesy of The Economic Collapse Blog

Trump Hits DC With $10.5 Trillion in Cuts

 by Tim Brown

Well, this certainly sounds promising, if it comes to pass. Named and unnamed sources inside the Trump transition team have said that President Donald Trump has been working with others to bring about a massive reduction in spending.

The Hill reports:

“The proposed cuts hew closely to a blueprint published last year by the conservative Heritage Foundation, a think tank that has helped staff the Trump transition.

“Similar proposals have in the past won support from Republicans in the House and Senate, who believe they have an opportunity to truly tackle spending after years of warnings about the rising debt.

“Many of the specific cuts were included in the 2017 budget adopted by the conservative Republican Study Committee (RSC), a caucus that represents a majority of House Republicans. The RSC budget plan would reduce federal spending by $8.6 trillion over the next decade.

“Two members of Trump’s transition team are discussing the cuts at the White House budget office: Russ Vought, a former aide to Vice President-elect Mike Pence and the former executive director of the RSC, and John Gray, who previously worked for Pence, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) when Ryan headed the House Budget Committee.

“Vought and Gray, who both worked for the Heritage Foundation, are laying the groundwork for the so-called skinny budget — a 175- to 200-page document that will spell out the main priorities of the incoming Trump administration, along with summary tables. That document is expected to come out within 45 days of Trump taking office.

“The administration’s full budget, including appropriations language, supplementary materials and long-term analysis, is expected to be released toward the end of Trump’s first 100 days in office, or by mid- to late April.”

The Departments of Energy, Commerce, Transportation, Justice and State are all going to be facing massive cuts in spending, including the elimination of some programs in some of the departments.

Additionally, the Trump team is looking towards the privatization of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, as well as the elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities.

The Hill went on to provide a few specifics of the cuts.

“At the Department of Justice, the blueprint calls for eliminating the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, Violence Against Women Grants and the Legal Services Corporation and for reducing funding for its Civil Rights and its Environment and Natural Resources divisions.

“At the Department of Energy, it would roll back funding for nuclear physics and advanced scientific computing research to 2008 levels, eliminate the Office of Electricity, eliminate the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and scrap the Office of Fossil Energy, which focuses on technologies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

“Under the State Department’s jurisdiction, funding for the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, the Paris Climate Change Agreement and the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are candidates for elimination.”

The expected savings from the cuts are expected to by $10.5 trillion over 10 years.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost