07 31 19 An Unavoidable Realization



 By Anna Von Reitz

What if people have been taught to call themselves “Christian” just as they have been taught to call themselves “US Citizens” —- to their own detriment?  What if the whole concept of “Christ” versus Jesus is just another substitution fraud?

How else to explain how many “Christians” do nothing toward imitating Jesus, and make no real effort to follow his teachings?

How else to explain the ugly doctrine of transubstantiation, which would have us believe that we are drinking the actual blood of Jesus from a Communion cup? Cannibalism?  Blood-drinking?  In the Church?  Really?

How else to explain the gross commercialism of going to “confession”, paying a fine, going out the next week and committing the same sins, going to confession, paying a fine —– over and over again, with no change in heart or action?

Why leave Jesus hanging on the cross as a crucifix, instead of declaring that the suffering is over and the deed is done?

What if the confusion of The Kingdom of Heaven with “The Kingdom of God” is the same sort of deliberate substitution and deceit as substituting “the State of Wisconsin” for The State of Wisconsin?

What if the confusion of the Roman Catholic Church with the Universal Catholic Church is also deliberate?  A matter of usurpation?  Just as “the” United States of America has masqueraded as The United States of America?

What if the deliberate use of the endearment “Father” applied to Catholic priests is a knowing insult to our Father in Heaven?  A turning away from the Heavenly Father in favor of an earthly one—-with feet of clay, no less?

Substituting the “civil” government for the “civilian” government?

Substituting the “boat” — the amnion/fetal afterbirth — for the baby?

It’s all part of the same thing.  Deceit. Deception. Fraud for gain.  This is the Kingdom of Satan in our midst, with all its glitter and emptiness, its cruelty and oppression of Mankind — and its not just limited to the “Christian” Churches or the government corporations.

All these airy-fairy “belief” systems with all their arbitrary man-made codes and traditions and obligations attempt to ignore and evade and side-step and misinterpret the profoundly simple and inexorable laws of the Living God.

Yet all the cruel deceits and lies fade away in the glorious light of the Truth, like darkness dispelled by a single candle, like a grease film removed from a dusty mirror.

This is, indeed, a spiritual and mental battle, one in which the battlefield is our own mind and heart, a battle in which we are tested not for our brute strength, but our ability to discern the truth and make corrections accordingly.

There is a brief scene in the movie “Secondhand Lions” in which Hub McCann tells his Grandnephew a profound truth —- we should believe in things that are worth believing in, the things that are good and right and true.

Our choices may be somewhat flawed, we might occasionally swallow a “whopper”, but if we hold our religious and political beliefs to that standard, the deceits of Satan will fall.  The self-interest and dishonesty will be exposed.  The excuses made for violence and cruelty and lust and selfishness will be shown up for what they are.

We should reject anything that isn’t good, and right, and true.  Regardless of tradition.  Regardless of indoctrination.  Regardless of “what we’ve been told”. Or how many generations of mankind have been fooled by these fakirs.

America, sadly, is not the land of the free.  It is the land of the enslaved.

We have been enslaved by gullibility and ignorance, deliberately dumbed down and trained to be good for nothing but gun fodder and emptying bedpans. That’s the fact.

But its not where we start from, folks.  It’s where we end up that counts.

We have begun a process that is as inexorable as rain falling and the sun rising, a process of awakening, of seeing—- and ultimately, a process of taking action against these evils in our midst.

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07 30 19 The Big Billy Goat Gruff



 By Anna Von Reitz

Remember the story?  It was one of my favorites.  There is a troll who lives under the bridge.  (The Roman Pontiff. Literally.) This troll eats unwary goats and sheep passing over the bridge.

So, first the Little Billy Goat Gruff gets caught by the troll and pleads for his life, saying, hey, my brother is coming soon.  He’s much bigger and tastier than me. The troll sits back and decides to wait for the Middle Billy Goat Gruff, and the same thing happens— hey, wait a minute, my brother will be here in a few minutes and he is much bigger and tastier than me…..

Again, the troll waits, slavering in anticipation.  Finally, the Big Billy Goat Gruff arrives and bounces the troll right off of the bridge, passes freely over to the other side, and joins his brothers.  The end.

Okay, folks, your actual given family name is the Big Billy Goat Gruff.  It is the “Person in Being” — Joseph Blow.  Just your first name and your last name, printed just the way you did it in Grade School, Upper and Lower Case.

The Middle Billy Goat is your Lawful Person:  Joseph Alphonse Blow, when he is standing on the land, or could be your Legal Person— also called Joseph Alphonse Blow, when out on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.

The Little Billy Goat(s) are all the Municipal PERSONS named after you — JOSEPH A. BLOW, JOSEPH BLOW, JOS. BLOW, etc.., which are easiest for the monsters from under the bridge to snack on.

So naturally, these “trolls” who live “under the bridge” attack the easiest prey first — all the Municipal Corporations that they have concocted and named after you.   Ah, but you are exempt under Title 50, Section 7, Subsections c and e, of the 2012 version — which you are grandfathered-into, if you were alive in 2012.

Oh, Mr. Troll, there has been a mistake…..

So trot on over the bridge and start grazing…..

Ah, but here comes your Middle Billy Goat, your Lawful/Legal Person, and the trolls come out and try to attack him, too, but you say —-

Oh, Mr. Troll…. the Doctor at the hospital made a mistake…. Joseph Alphonse Blow is the name of my Lawful Person, and as you can see, the Earth is solid under my feet….

And now we come to the best part of the story, when the Big Billy Goat arrives.

“Oh, Mr. Troll, I am Joe Blow, a man from Minnesota, and heir to everything in sight, including the land under my feet.   I am a Third Party, a civilian native to this country, and not the Subject Matter of any corporation or US military protectorate.”

Ka-thunk! Splash!

That’s the sound of your actual family name, knowledgeably applied, hitting the Bar Attorneys squarely in the gut, followed by the sound of them landing where they belong — in the water and headed out to sea.

Now, you are dealing with trolls and trolls will be what trolls are.  Bear that in mind and avoid bridges whenever possible.  Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally.  Know whether you are a Little Billy Goat Gruff in Municipal Court or a Middle Billy Goat Gruff in Territorial Court or….. the Big Billy Goat Gruff holding your own sovereign court proceeding.

Strange as it seems, plain old Martin Hansen, hand-printed like a kid in Grade School, Upper and Lower Case, is the Big Kahuna.  For most people in any kind of court situation, this is the name to use.  All other names associated with you derive from it.  This is the name of the Being in Possession.

It is neither wise nor necessary to belabor all the various names and jurisdictions.  When the Recorder calls out, “Is Martin H. Hanson here?”

“No, but Martin Hanson is.”

Smile. If you listen closely, you will hear sphincters closing all over the court building.

Some of us have our reasons for dilly-dallying with the other names and jurisdictions, but 90% of the people reading this and being forced to cross such a bridge would be better served by cutting to the chase.

Martin Hanson — Being in Possession

Martin Alan Hanson — can stand for a Lawful Person on the land, or a Legal Person on the Sea; they always try to interpret it as a Legal Person, but you can rebut that and they are self-evidently in dry-dock.

MARTIN ALAN HANSON, MARTIN A. HANSON, MARTIN HANSON – Municipal corporations of one kind or another.

Martin Hanson is the rightful owner of all these entities, but he has to claim them and declare their domicile on the land and soil of one of the actual physically-defined States of the Union.

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07 30 19 The Lion and the Crocodile



 By Anna Von Reitz

People ask me how I can continue in the face of such apparently monolithic deceit, evil, and ignorance.

Have you ever had to clean a really, truly filthy garage?

By the time you are a great-grandmother you have dealt with a great many unsavory tasks and daunting situations.  My attitude is–get out the mop and bucket.

That’s what needs to be done and there’s no help for it and nobody to do it, but us— you, me, and all the other folk who call ourselves Americans.

Can the Chinese do it for us without starting WWIII?  The Russians?  The Germans? The Brits?

Sorry, no, they all have their own Mess to deal with.

There are things that you have to do all by yourself, and though others may lend support– you are the one that has to go front and center.

So, here we go, over the top.

There is another, deeper, reason, too.

Ever seen a face off or a fight between a lion and a crocodile?

The lion wins. He retains his title as the King of the animals.  Why?

Because he knows the Crocodile’s secret.

The crocodile has unbelievably powerful jaws when biting down, but very little strength to open his jaws in the first place.

The lion uses his fore paws to keep the crocodile’s mouth shut and drives his own powerful teeth into the crocodile’s throat.

We are lions of God.

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07 30 19 The US Navy Conflict of Interest



 By Anna Von Reitz

What? The US Navy is in conflict of interest? Say what? Believe me, you are not the only ones in a state of shock over this bombshell, but it is nonetheless true.

The US Navy is in conflict of interest. It always has been. It’s not the Navy’s fault. It’s the result of deals that were cut between the Brits and the Americans in the distant past.

After the Revolution and during the peace process, both the British and the Americans were left in a bind.

The Americans had a giant commercial fleet but no navy to protect it. We had raw materials to sell. The British had need for those raw materials for their industrial era factories. Our commercial shipping was being cut to ribbons by privateers, which was a stumbling block for both countries.

So we made a deal with the devil, George III, and the British Monarch became our Trustee “on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways”.

When the Navy is at home port, say Fort LeJeune, for the Marine Corps, which is attached to the Navy and under Navy Command, the Navy is free to be American as apple pie, but when it hits the High Seas or ventures up the Mississippi, they come under the jurisdiction of the Queen.

And it has always been that way —- a residual leftover from the 1700’s that has never been addressed again, thanks to the Pope’s sleight of hand using the “civil government” to replace the civilian government, and the Queen’s cupidity acting in collusion with the Roman Pontiff.

Knowing this key fact about the US Navy helps explain why the Lusitania was sunk in international waters, why the Carrier Fleet left port in Hawaii, but the rest of the Fleet took it in the shorts at Pearl Harbor, and why the Navy has been armed with the latest and greatest scalar people-and-animal killing technology — and the ground forces have been left to be —- well, part of the people-and-animal contingent.

This is also why, strangely enough, we can thank God and our lucky stars for our supposed enemies, the Russians and the Chinese, who have developed counter-measures of their own, and who won’t stand by helpless should the US Navy deploy their killing technology. Thank God, too, that at least some of us woke up and poked the United Nations where it hurts.

Under numerous United Nations treaties that Britain signed, including treaties involving Environmental Modification and Resonance Weapons and the use of Nanotech and Biologic Vectors in warfare, the US Navy is limited to testing these weapons on the “domestic” population. They were going along testing at will and using our country and our people as Guinea Pigs with a free hand, but then, some of us raised our hands and observed the obvious — hey, we aren’t domestic with respect to them!

So their activities have been curtailed and limited to the narrow zone of land along the sea coast and navigable inland waterways. When you see the vermin in Congress trying to declare a “200 mile inland Constitution-free zone” you now know why.

The Queen has been playing us, and the Lord Mayor of London and the Pope have been playing her.

It so happens that we, The United States of America — the unincorporated version, have a mutual protection treaty with Russia, which Russia remembers. So as long as these idiots are attacking the actual American People, officials at the UN are forwarding the information to their home governments, and the Russian Government is honoring its obligation.

So, in a nutshell, that is why the US Navy has, through no fault of its own, a built in conflict of interest– and also the reason why it has so often been abused as the tool to create murder and mayhem in conflict with the actual best interests of America and Americans.

This is also why Mr. Putin keeps a very sharp and jaundiced eye on all US naval operations, including the recent submarine incident; and now that he is fully clued-in, it is also the reason that Donald Trump is better off with Army body guards. No offense to the Marines, no offense to the Navy — but both are compromised by this conflict of interest.

All the officers throughout the military might as well know it and everyone involved needs to do their best to deal with it, both politically and practically, and also needs to remember that it is the Russians and the Chinese that are holding our backs and preventing the Queen and the Pope from unleashing truly devastating technology against us.

Friendly governments around the world are also protecting us through their diplomatic agencies and recognizing the fact that we are not a domestic population of the United States —– we belong to The United States of America, instead.

Please note that the Pope and his organization does not allow for any other unincorporated government to remain standing — including the British Monarchy. So colluding with the Pope on all these various activities is also a game which the British stand to lose.

Finally, everyone from the Pope to the Queen to the US Navy Admirals and everyone else on the planet, needs to understand that the legitimate and actual government of this country is vested in the living people, who as Lawful Persons known as the People of this country, operate the States of the Union — The United States of America, which is also unincorporated.

The United States of America is the actual name of this country and we are doing nothing wrong, nothing insurrectionist, nothing against any treaty or constitution, by assembling our States and reclaiming our land and other assets from the military Protectorate established by the Pope and the Queen under false pretenses.

We are simply restoring our lawful government and encouraging everyone else worldwide to do the same. Ours is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people —- not a government of the corporations (persons) by the corporations (Persons) or for the corporations (PERSONS). We are not members of any reptilian religious cult masquerading as “Christianity” and we are not volunteering to serve any such “holy cause” nor donating our assets to the Roman Catholic Church as Paupers in need of any salvation.

Now that we have all of that settled and on the public record, we are prepared to move on —- and clean up this Mess.

The Jokers in Washington, DC, running the Pope’s franchise operations on our soil, need to be held feet first to the fire and told to observe the parameters of their ten miles square kingdom, to get back into their box and stop making false claims in commerce. They owe us a tremendous amount of credit and they owe us the return of all our actual assets, too. Ditto the Queen.

If the American Military doesn’t understand anything else, they need to understand that fact and back our lawful and legal claims.

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07 30 19 Facts of Ownership



 By Anna Von Reitz

The word “ownership” in Legalese does not denote the same thing as the popular meaning of the word.  An owner in legal terms is a custodian, a care-taker of someone else’s property.

The Federal Government is an “owner” in the legal sense of all the public land in the Western States, as an example. The actual Possessors in Being are the living people. It all actually belongs to us — but we have all these middlemen organizations acting as “owners” and the custodians have not been competent — and in many cases, they have not been honest.

Let me give you all an example that is important in the current situation.  The Territorial United States of America purchased the land mass of the Philippine Islands “for” us.  They used our assets to buy the land, and the Philippines became our literal property in the same sense that Alaska was purchased and became property of The United States of America.

It’s still our property.  Literally.  Just like buying a bicycle. We have the receipts and the sales agreements and that’s that.  So why does nobody know this?

In 1934, the US Congress operating in Breach of Trust, created an “independent government” for the Philippine Islands “for us”, so that they could foist off their Trustee responsibility for our gold (which had been stashed there prior to all this) on this new government they created.

So they created the Government of the Philippines, and then pretended that they had no further relationship with that Government by calling it “independent”.  Is a franchise “independent” of a parent corporation?


So once again we are looking at a shadow show of players acting “for” us on the world stage, often in their own self-interest, and often dishonestly.  You will also note that they play “both ends against the middle” —- we are the actual owners and they are misrepresenting us, which results in confusion and false claims and all sorts of mis-administration at home and abroad.

The people of the Philippines think that they have an independent government because the US Congress said so, but in fact, what they have is a Territorial Government.  They also think that the land of the Philippines is theirs free and clear — and it’s not.

People also think that aside from the Japanese attack on Attu Island in the Second World War, American holdings were untouched.  That’s also not true. Everything that happened in that theater of the war affected our property assets in the region.  And still does.

When such major historical facts are unknown or ignored, everyone concerned is left playing with half a deck.

Whose gold was cashiered in the Philippines?  Ours.  Whose assets were used to purchase the land mass of the Philippines?  Ours.   Not “the” United States.  Not “the” United States of America.

The United States of America.  Unincorporated.

So all this is bunko of the con artist kind, the by-product of people and organizations acting “for” us in Breach of Trust and criminal collusion.

We still own the Philippines and we own the franchises and the gold, and God knows, we have paid more than enough for it, too, both in terms of lives and assets.

It would be a Big Mistake for the US Navy to think that we have been asleep and that we don’t know these facts and don’t know who transported our gold to the Philippines and who orchestrated the creation of the “independent” franchise Government of the Philippines.  We know.  We have the receipts, the treaties, all the various agreements made “for” us and in our names.

A similar go-round has been launched with the Russians making claims to own Alaska.  That’s bogus, too.  They think that because “the” United States goes bankrupt or because “the” United States of America goes bankrupt, that they are in position to claim our land.  Sorry.

The Territorial Government used our assets to buy the land mass underlying Alaska.  They bought it “in our names” and they paid for it with our money in gold.  We have the receipts.  We know what went on.  We have honored the property of the Russian Orthodox Church which was grandfathered-into these agreements and that’s as far as it goes.

Alaska, like the Philippines, belongs to The United States of America. Unincorporated.

The Roman Catholic Church claims that the Creator is the actual Being in Possession to whom all the assets belong; I am prepared to go that far and agree.  I didn’t create the Earth, so it isn’t mine.  It isn’t theirs, either.  And thus far I see no reason to trust the Bishop of Rome to be the Chief Custodian.

No matter what else you see or believe in this melee of cross-purposes, greed, religious beliefs, cover-ups,  and so on, it is clear that the Pope and the Boys have made a tremendous hash of things in their rush to take over the world “for Jesus” by any means fair or foul.

Killing for Christ doesn’t make sense and any sane man who ever read any teaching attributed to Jesus would know that, just as oppressing and murdering and debauching people “for” America isn’t credible, either.

Like Gandhi said — and I paraphrase broadly — I love Jesus, but the Christians, not so much.  These purported Christians don’t act like Jesus, they don’t practice what they preach, and they show precious little respect or compassion for anyone else, so, what’s to say about that?  It reeks of hypocrisy.  And Bad Faith.

And so it does.

Just as “Christ” has been used to cover up and paper over Jesus and his actual teachings, “the US” has been used to cover up and paper over America and Americans.  Those operating “for” us as middlemen have had a very different set of values and agendas, which makes us look like what?

Hypocrites.  Liars.  Thieves.  Untrustworthy bunko artists.  Or worse.

The Church itself has practiced Christian Communism as its form of government, with terrible results and corruption, just as the openly secular forms of Communism have failed.  It all sounds good, but it doesn’t work.  To work such a system requires the free will acceptance of sacrificing everything to the Church, and also requires that the Church be trustworthy — which it self-evidently is not.   No human institution is.  Such absolute power corrupts absolutely.  The ego and the base instincts take over and that’s that.

Failure to recognize the failure is what it is, is what dooms us.  It’s not the mistakes we make. It’s our failure to face up to our mistakes and make correction that causes the actual problems — nothing else.  It’s also what prevents us from finding answers.

The Queen and her system of things is just as bad.  They have claimed that the whole world belongs to the British Monarch by right of conquest, but their conquests are based upon criminal fraud.  Since when do the rest of us have an obligation to bow down to thugs?

So both the priests and the monarchists are claiming to be the owners — custodians — of God’s Property and cutting the rest of us out of the picture, when in fact, according to the Bible — which they claim to regard as holy scripture, we are collectively the owners and custodians of God’s gift to us.

And we are doing a wretched job as custodians of ourselves or anything else.

Why?  Because certain Parties have not lived up to their obligations and have not taught people to be good caretakers, have not encouraged self-government for selfish reasons, and have instead sought to create a populace of ignorant and helpless dependents in order to facilitate their own manipulation of our lives and our assets to suit themselves.

The Queen doesn’t own Australia, Canada, or much of anything else.  She certainly does not own this country, though she has usurped upon us and manipulated things so as to achieve a de facto kind of coup via Breach of Trust and improper exercise of delegated power.

With these facts about ownership in mind, let us strive to own ourselves first, and our States second, and our country third.  This is more than enough for all of us to “own” and be responsible for.

I have a home where I live and I have a cabin where I like to live in the summer though I haven’t had that opportunity for several years.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that we can’t be in two places at once.  So we can’t actually own the Philippines and we can’t actually own Alaska if we are in Louisiana.  There are limits to physicality and actuality that we all have to respect.

As a result, all this talk and bargaining and claims and counter-claims is nonsense, and what we really need to do is learn to take care of ourselves, our families, our land, and what’s right in front of our faces.  We need to accept what is naturally ours and give back to others what is naturally theirs.

The United States of America — the unincorporated Federation that actually owns everything — does not propose to steal anything from anyone, anywhere.  In the same token, we aren’t going to stand here and be raped by a bunch of pirates and disloyal employees and foreign corporations acting as middlemen. Our interests are ours, bought and paid for, and we are presenting ourselves accordingly.

Any claim that we are “dead” or defunct or incapable of operating our own business affairs is bunk.  And it has been adequately rebutted

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07 29 19 For Ernest



By Anna Von Reitz

I already have a system worked out that far surpasses anything (QFS) the military has — fast, secure, yet transparent so far as transactions go, completely un-hackable and alien to any systems presently in place, deployable worldwide, accessible for everyone, free to private parties, fees paid by corporations according to their size and net income, far better than the present internet or Google, designed for secure commercial and banking transactions……. but instead of talking to us in an open and forthright way, they send me military “planners” and mathematicians who have already failed to provide such a system, who nose around trying to get the technology for free and to dictate how we can use our own invention.

The plain fact is that we have been lied to about mathematics just as we have been lied to about everything else.  We “can’t get there from here” as a result.  The QFS system is a bomb.  It leaks like a sieve and is of very limited utility.  Last I heard, they could run it for six minutes a day.  Try to run the world’s financial needs on six minutes a day.  Any questions as to why the system they have doesn’t work and isn’t secure and has a host of problems they can’t solve?

Kim and her sidekick “Tank” keep on talking and explaining away, but they can’t actually do what they say they can do.  She only has half the keys.  And she doesn’t know who the “male” counterpart is, so they are stuck there, too.   She doesn’t even know enough to know that she HAS a male counterpart.  She doesn’t know how the system she is trying to work is actually set up and she doesn’t know why.  I do.  LOL.  Go figure.  God has a great sense of humor.  Maybe its payback for my lost career as a mathematician?

But all these people think that they are the Big Wigs and the Controllers and the fastest, smartest, etc., etc., etc.—- so I just let them go along and fritter away and stew in their own juice and wait for that magic moment when they realize that they are getting nowhere and aren’t going to get anywhere by themselves.  Then maybe they will humble themselves and come see Grandma and I can help them get back on the road. But only if they ask nicely and act appropriately going forward.  I am not in the business of suffering fools and I don’t appreciate being taken for one, either.

The key to all of this, is honesty, Ernest.  All these people have been trained to lie and pre-conditioned to lie.  They think that’s natural.  They think that they are doing it in “the national security interest” and blah-blah-blah, but they aren’t.  They are deceived by forces outside themselves.  They think that their need to control things and approve of things overthrows the basics of common morality — like the simple fact that taking someone else’s assets without their voluntary and free permission is theft.  The military has been going around confiscating whatever they like for so long that they have forgotten common decency and the Ten Commandments.  The Ten Commandments are still in full force and effect.  Thieves are thieves and putting some pretty top-dressing on it and making excuses doesn’t change that.

Liars, cheats, gossips, false witnesses, thieves, murderers—- are all abhorrent to the Living God.  So when the military confiscates the world’s financial backing assets from private individuals who are innocent and honest, guess who God turns against?  The military.  That’s why despite the Nazi’s firm belief in “Gott mit uns.” they lost the war and were trampled and defamed.  They forgot the basics.  They forgot the Ten Commandments.  They forgot the rules.  They forgot common decency.   The same thing will happen to our military if they don’t repent and start dealing with a full deck.  The Laws of God are all like the Law of Gravity.  Ignore them, and you fall flat on your rump.

Doing this and doing it right requires bringing the actual owners and trustees of the “legacy trusts” to the table and dealing with the FACT that the military doesn’t own those assets and whatever claim it has to controlling those assets is naturally subject to dealing with the owners of the assets in a moral and respectful way.  There are those who would have you believe that the world’s assets are owned by monsters, all controlled by the evil Illuminati Banking Cult Families—- and that therefore, the military is justified in taking all their assets and setting up their “meritocracy system”.

First, tell me how they are going to set up a system based on merit, when they have forgotten things as fundamental as “don’t steal other people’s property” —-?   Are we talking about the “merit” of being the best, most creative crooks?  Or the “merit” of telling lies for a supposedly good cause?   For example, if I hear one more Big Whopper about climate change, I think I will just throw up in public and divert attention to more realistic things.

Second, tell me what you believe all that crappola about the evil Illuminati Banking Cult Families?   The truth is that the bankers work for the military and the military works for the Pope and the Queen in the western world.  All bankers are military bankers, except for the very few who do function as private bankers.  Even the Queen is a military banker for the Pope under the Commonwealth System.  So if you have a problem with the bankers, by definition, you have a problem with (1) the military and (2) the Pope and the Queen.

95% of the mismanagement of the banking system lies squarely with the military.  We are living under a largely British-controlled military Protectorate and have been living under these conditions for over a hundred years.  Our Navy, our Marines, and our Coast Guard are not our own.  We “entrusted” all those functions to the British Monarch and the Pope (Coast Guard) under our delegated authority and the British Monarch is in Gross Breach of Trust and so is the Pope. So, add two plus two plus two plus two….. and what do you get?

The bankers and lawyers have been busily bilking and plundering and pillaging us at the direction of our own military, which in turn has been misdirected by the Queen, who has been acting as a subordinate and collaborator of the Pope and the Lord Mayor of London.  They have suborned the civilian courts and replaced them with “civil” courts and military tribunals instead.  And then, acting under color of law, as if this were anything but a military dictatorship with a veneer of political control covering it, the military has been confiscating our homes and telling lies about us and betraying our interests in the name of the “Law of Necessity”.

They haven’t been protecting us and they haven’t been upholding their Oaths to the actual Constitution, either.  It’s right there in front of our noses and it is up to us to put it right back under their noses.  The military controls the banking system, so don’t blame the bankers.   If the military wanted to solve the foreclosure crisis in this country, it would be solved tomorrow.  If they wanted to honor their agreements made in 1933-34 and make good on the Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges they promised us, the “National Debt” would evaporate like morning fog.

Instead, they just want to lie, lie, lie and control, control, control.   And we all know who the Father of All Lies is, don’t we?  We all know that the Living God gifted us with free will, don’t we?

Remember what I said about the Ten Commandments being in full force and effect?  Remember what I said about the inexorable nature of God’s Laws and getting knocked down on your rump if you forget?

There are Illuminati Banking Cult adherents, but the majority of the people who actually own (and are owed) the world’s banking assets are ordinary people.  Farmers.  Indian chiefs. Housewives.  Those are the people that the military doesn’t control and therefore, the people that the military is afraid of— and the people that the military is stealing from.  The Illuminati are a piece of cake, co-conspirators, willing lackeys who happily jump as high as the military wishes them to jump in exchange for a cut of the profits.  It’s the rest of us, who have the odd idea that since we pay the military, the military should indeed be subject to our civilian government — not the “civil” government — as the Constitutions require.

They have justified or tried to justify their Endless Protectorate by pretending that the need to “reconstruct” the original State-owned corporations doing business as States of States was of paramount importance and that our government ceased to exist and was in “abeyance” while we sorted this out and established new “Federal” corporations.  In fact, no such thing is true.

Our States, which delegated all federal authorities, are still here, still competent, still able to “assemble” and conduct business.  We simply weren’t informed fully by our employees.  In fact, we were deliberately not told the truth and not assisted by our employees, who have instead taken “the bit in their teeth” and run roughshod over the entire world “in our names” and at our expense.

So the truth of the matter, Ernest, is that: (1) the military has made a hash of things; (2) they are having a lot of trouble facing up to this fact and are afraid they will be found guilty of treason and other crimes; (3) they are compounding the problems they have caused by not being honest and not accepting civilian — as opposed to “civil” control; (4) they don’t know how to solve the banking problems or solve the systems requirements for a new global banking interface; (5) both the Queen and the Pope know that their misdeeds are discovered, so they are circling the wagons and tightening the purse strings, (6) and though I can help them sort this all out, they need to approach all of this in terms of conciliation and mutual benefit and (7)  in full view of the necessity of giving up the Culture of Lies and Commercial Feudalism.

Given their belief in lies and their enthusiasm for plundering everyone including their employers, this adjustment back to civilian control and respect for the actual Constitution and the Ten Commandments, is a hard bowl of ice cream to swallow.

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07 29 19 A Short Reply to Thomas “Tank” Williams



By Anna Von Reitz

When Kim first appeared on the scene, I thought — “Thank goodness!  Someone to help sort through this mess from the banking side!”

I am not a banker.  I am a fiduciary.  Those two facts should, taken together, add up for you in the proper order:  I have a responsibility of a fiduciary nature owed to my country and all the other Americans, but I am not a banker, so I am not in “competition” with any banker, and I don’t desire to be a banker, either.

Thank you, very much, I have more than enough to do without learning everything there is to know about banking, too.

Basic justice and honesty is all I require and all that I am interested in.

Unfortunately,  my experience with Kim has been deeply compromised and tainted by the fact that I gave her two names of actual trustees who stepped forward and bonded themselves to act in that capacity for the benefit of the other people those trusts serve —- and what did she do?

She rejected them out of hand without doing due diligence, responded with some whackjob claims of her own based on the residual holdings of the Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska, and when I replied to those, I heard nothing more from her.  Not a word.

Next, those two trustees were viciously attacked by “federal” operatives, and have had to spend the last two or three years of their lives fending off false charges and acts of violence. The coincidence is a bit too improbable.  I gave Kim their names, and now these innocent, God-fearing, honest, compassionate people who gave up their own rights as beneficiaries so that they could serve as trustees —- they are being attacked.

Hello?  Do I look stupid?

Why in the world would I give Kim any other names when this sort of thing is the result?  It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it, that Kim wants to be “the” Trustee and the military wants to work with just one Trustee, because working with the actual people who ARE the legitimate trustees — in other words, doing the honest thing — is just too inconvenient.

The Private Trustees who have come to me for help in navigating the morass of the present system deserve far better treatment.  They are the ones that have voluntarily offered to give up a portion of their lives and their share of the assets to help deliver the benefit of those trusts to others and they are being hounded and harassed for one reason: I gave their names to Kim.

So go figure why I won’t give her any more names and won’t support her bid to legitimize the Manna World Holding Trust.

And please note, that I am the one who actually told you all that “the” United States is not the same thing as The United States, nor is “the” United States of America the same as The United States of America.  Please show the respect and do me the honor of not feeding my own lessons back to me and pretending to the audience that you are better informed?

Until the military comes to heel and accepts the civilian government of the States and People, there is nothing more to talk about.

I am not going to be played for a fool or have my Office disrespected by my employees and that is that.

I was more than willing to accept help and to work with Kim and do my part to straighten this mess out.  I observe the results of my attempts to do so, and that is also the end of the story.

If you want relief from your situation, you need a whole new attitude, and you need to be honest about the provenance and ownership interests attached to the assets underlying the world banking establishment.

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07 28 19 Why I Oppose Manna World Holding Trust, Etc.



By Anna Von Reitz

In 25 words or less:  the culprits responsible for this situation — all of whom are thieves guilty of capital crimes — chose one of their own to be the Holder, instead of returning control of the assets to the actual owners.

Is that simple enough for everyone to understand?

Kim Goguen is one of them by blood, by training, by indoctrination, by belief, by all that is endemic to the evil that pervades the Banking Cult.

She may try to do things differently.  She may have good intentions.  But that does not change the fact that she is in control of (or claims to be in control of) stolen goods and assets that don’t belong to her, and she is standing there bare-faced and refusing to give the assets back to the actual owners.

So, what am I as a Justice supposed to do?  Support her in unlawful possession?  Just because she seems to be a Nice Person?

Looking deeper into the situation, it is clear that the actual Holder of all these assets is and should be The United States of America, which means that they fall under my Fiduciary Office and not hers.  She should be working for me and doing what I tell her to do, not stomping around making False Claims based on possession related to piracy, fraud, and unlawful conversion.

What I would tell her to do is very simple — start releasing assets in a step-by-step fashion to the people they actually belong to.

Return all the Titles to American Land to the most recent American Owners, meaning living people, not corporations.  Do the same on a worldwide basis.  Return all the “individual” ESTATES to the Americans they are named after, all the Brits they are named after, all the Germans they are named after…. .

It isn’t rocket science.  The benefit of the massive wealth stolen and amassed by these criminals can be returned to the people individually and as funding for many beneficial technologies and new infrastructure.

And as for the military, I’d tell them to stop goosing around like idiots. Tell the Europeans we are calling in their debts and taking over their corporations and their banks if they don’t shut down the B.E.A.S.T. system and the UN nonsense and stop all the False Claims against Americans.

You military generals may be “US Citizens” all you like, but you need us to back you up and give you a contract, otherwise you are all just a bunch of mercenaries and thugs with no standing as soldiers and if you are going to betray the people who actually employ you and do the bidding of Middlemen acting in Breach of Trust —- then why do we need you?  Hello?  Why do we need to keep paying you and buying you new toys?

What good are your oaths to protect and defend “the” Constitution when you are too clueless to know which Constitution that is?   Too clueless to know that you work for the American People, not the Queen, not the Pope and not the ever-loving “UN CORP”, either?

NATO is the Enemy. It was formed by the same group of criminals that formed the European Common Market and that are trying to create the B.E.A.S.T system.

The US Navy is compromised and in conflict of interest.  Even the Marine Corps that actually allows that our troops are American  — is compromised in its command structure because they take their orders from the Navy and the Navy takes their orders from the Queen.   We have no Coast Guard thanks to the same cozy arrangement.

The Coast Guard is supposed to be protecting us –Americans– from Inland Piracy.  That is what we pay them to do as their principal responsibility.  But guess what?  All this graft and fraud has come ashore on their watch.   They are stood down, useless, helpless to stop the human trafficking and gun running and drug running, left without funding just like the Federal Marshals who are supposed to be protecting us and our international land jurisdiction.  We have to rely on volunteers to provide enforcement.

They– the Navy, the Marines, and the Coast Guard (inappropriately)  are all under the command of the Brits, and the Queen is guilty and up to her knickers in graft and fraud against her own people and the “former” commonwealth nations and us, too, taking the payola and not giving a fig more than her batty great-grandmother did about the consequences of her betrayals.

The pelicans at the BBC snarking about Trump and trying to get something started with Iran — or anywhere else they can get a nice little war going — are nothing but a bunch of greedy self-interested war mongers and propagandists for men who make their money on war.

So let’s throw them in front of the cannons and the tanks, this time, shall we?

Haul out all the BBC Commentators and the Board Members of all of Britain’s top corporations and their US Brethren and the members of Congress, and let them fill the trenches.

They always want war, they are always pulling false flags and blaming others for their misdeeds. It’s time that the Brits either shut up and pay up, or we stand back and let the buggers take it square in the shorts and nobody — not us, not the Aussies, not the Canadians, not the New Zealanders, not the Scots, and certainly not the Irish — nobody comes to rescue them.

Anyway that “Special Relationship” with the British  is why Trump has had to fall back on the US Army and Joint Forces Command of the American Armed Forces.  See that word?  American?  They aren’t talking about South Americans, in case you were wondering.

Trump can’t trust the US Navy.  Its a sad day when the Commander-in-Chief of American Armed Forces can’t depend on a third of the military we pay for, but that is the circumstance. The Navy wags have tired to kill him three times that I know of, and also tried to get WWIII started with the Russian submarine incident.  I can only thank God that Putin had sense enough to see through it and Trump had sense enough to be skeptical and not rush into anything.

All you Brass in the Navy?  You’d better straighten your gigs and ratlines. The Queen is supposed to be acting in Good Faith under our Delegated Authority, but instead, she’s in Breach of Trust.  Be aware.  She’s not your actual Boss. We are.  Without us, all she can do is serve you tea and crumpets and shower you with “knighthoods” like she gave the feckless traitors Colin Powell and  G.H.W. Bush and Henry “the Floss” Kissinger.

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07 28 19 Debtors and Creditors



 By Anna Von Reitz

This week we have definitively busted the Roman Catholic Church for harboring a grotesque criminal cult within itself, and using sincere Christians as “storefronts” covering up for the nefarious activities of the cult members.

The exact actual religion that the cultists adhere to has been identified as the Dogon Religion, a reptile-worshiping religion native to Africa and the Levant. It is apparent that this religion stems from very early contact with advanced alien civilizations that were familiar with genetics, astronomy, histology, embryology, and other information not available on Earth at the same time.

It is also apparent that this “sacred knowledge” was perverted and used for entirely corrupt and criminal purposes, and that its primary center of power was the Office of the Roman Pontiff within the Roman Catholic Church.

We may safely say that this pagan religion came to Rome no later than the Second Century B.C. and became enmeshed in the Roman administrative government where its adherents served as tax collectors and notaries. We may also infer that Treaties made by Constantine the Great and other Roman Emperors prior to the Council of Nicea resulted in this secretive cult being included under the umbrella of the Roman Catholic Church as part of a quid pro quo agreement negotiated by “Saint” Jerome.

“Saint” Jerome also polluted the basic scriptures of the New Testament adopted by the Council by including numerous Letters attributed to the Apostle Paul, but actually written as Homages by Paul of Ephesus.  These misogynist diatribes were necessary in the mind of the Roman Emperor to ensure the continuance of the Roman Patriarchy.

The use of impersonation and introduction of “Dog Latin” as a means to enslave illiterate people was established under the later Emperor Justinian, adopted by the Cult ruling the City of Rome, and allowed by the Roman Catholic Church which operated its Secular Business under Roman Civil Law.

This so-called Secular Church operating under Roman Civil Law and ruled over by the Office of the Roman Pontiff morphed into the Holy Roman Empire circa 800 A.D., a convention that was continued under various rulers and organizational structures ever since, becoming the Third Reich in Germany and the Fourth Holy Roman Empire in 1939.  It’s current operations are centered in Brussels where they have established The B.E.A.S.T. computer system as part of the European Common Market, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and the Kingdoms of Monaco and Lichtenstein—- are up to their piggy snouts, all backed by principal gold deposits held in Spain and France and later, Switzerland, the Philippines and Kuwait.

It all needs to be cleaned up and cleared out like a backed up septic system and we all need to wake to eff up.

One of the peculiarities of this “religion” is that they rape children, especially the rape of young men and boys by older men in acts of sodomy, and the rape of very young girls and even baby girls.  This is done to pollute their bloodlines with foreign genetic material.  It has only recently been learned that we retain genetic material from every sex partner we have ever had, but this fact has been well-known to the Dogons.

They see this as an opportunity to assure lots of progeny for themselves, seeded into the general population.  They also use it as a means of subjecting, terrifying, and corrupting their victims, using false guilt, shame, and fear as a means of assuring obedience and submission to their purported supremacy and political agendas.

It is now time to pull the masks off these criminals, using whatever means is necessary.

And it is also time to explain the details of how they have used “our” treasury system against us.

Anna Riezinger is the Living Being in Possession of my natural family name.

Anna Riezinger is the Creditor of both the Territorial Person admitted to the hospital — the Amnion named “Anna Maria Riezinger” ( and not-coincidentally also the name of the Lawful Person occupying the international land jurisdiction of this country as one of the People of Wisconsin) and all the Municipal CITIZENS doing business “in my name”.

These international criminals working in collusion and Gross Breach of Trust have attempted to kill off the People on paper and thereby evade their responsibilities and guarantees under the Constitutions, while continuing to profit themselves from the commercial Service Contracts the Constitutions provide for.

They have repeatedly attempted to evade the Constitutions by acts of bankruptcy, false settlements, and false Settlor Agreements of the bogus trusts that they have used as a means to legalize all this tripe.

And now we have them in our sites. Squarely identified.  The whole Schtick.

Correct your political status records, claim your zygote and DNA, and the next time you see a Catholic priest, forego the impulse to grab him by the throat — you never know if you are dealing with an honest Christian or a servant of Satan, who was, as we are told, “cast down into the sea”—- a sea snake among the water-breathing fish-gods.

Join your State Assembly.  This is necessary service in the interest of self-governance.  You must accept the responsibility and create the proper instrumentality to enforce your claims and put an end to this criminal nonsense.

We need courts, we need Public Notaries, we need actual Sheriffs, we need Continental Marshals, we need Public Recorders— all of which are in short supply.

We need actual Lawyers, not “Bar Attorneys”.

Now think about this whole situation in terms of credits and debts.

Anna Riezinger is the Principal Creditor.

Anna Maria Riezinger, a Wisconsinite and one of the People of this country— who just happens to have the same exact name as “Anna Maria Riezinger” a British Territorial Citizen — representing a dead Amnion belonging to Anna Riezinger —- is also a Creditor.

The British Territorial Citizen “lost at sea” and also called “Anna Maria Riezinger” is not a Creditor, because the Amnion doesn’t actually come first in the lineage.  The zygote does.  The Amnion is a Debtor with respect to Anna Riezinger, without whom “she”, the Amnion, would never exist, so “she” and “her” ESTATE are both Debtors and Property owned by Anna Riezinger.

Ditto the situation with all the Municipal PERSONS created by the Municipal United States.

My parents created the Unregistered Trademark, Anna Maria Riezinger,, and neither they, nor I, are at fault because of the actions of a doctor mis-applying my land jurisdiction Proper Name to a dying Amnion.

It cannot be presumed that any of this intricate fraud scheme has anything whatsoever to do with me or my actual estate, other than the fact that I own the Principal name, own the Priority Creditor, hold all derivatives accountable and liable, and claim my exemptions.

The most that can be alleged is that these Municipal and Territorial Corporations have provided me with some services and incurred some costs under the actual Constitutions, and that they should be paid by my State, which is party to those Constitutions.

Whereupon we, the Principals and the Priority Creditors, call for an accounting and a return of our interest in our Amnion’s ESTATE(s), PUBLIC TRANSMITTING UTILITIES, PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUSTS, and all other DERIVATIVES, plus the interest and ownership in our parent’s and grandparent’s similar ACCOUNTS and Accounts, which they were just as unaware of as we were when this started.

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07 28 19 The Dogons – – Part 2



 By Anna Von Reitz

Having read “The Dogons — A Tale of Gross Ingratitude” you are no doubt having some uncomfortable stirrings and are making some odd associations.

Here we are, talking about the Dogons — the (according to the priests of Dogon) First Born of God water-breathing embryonic beings that make our development as fetuses possible and which innocently die when we are born, thereby “sacrificing themselves so that we might live” and providing a “Eucharist” of blood to save us —- and where have we heard something like that before?

Oh, yes, Jesus is called the “first born of God” and he, too, is innocent.  He, too, sacrifices himself so that we might live and be saved.  He, too, provides a Eucharist of blood….. It’s the same story, only this time, the hero isn’t an unknown “brother in the womb” but a separate living man.  In the Christian story, God not only draws the sperm and egg together and ignites them in a creative act of combining, he contributes the sperm himself.

It’s hard to tell who is who and which story is which with all this hybridization going on, fish-men X men, and men X God, which by implication means fish-men X men X God —- to give what?  An entirely new kind of being that has been “brought forth” and hybridized at both the physical and the spiritual levels.

And what happens to the fish-man part of us after we are born as air-breathing babies?

Well, he is checked into the hospital — admitted by the doctor’s signature and identified by Your Name: First, Middle, Last.

He — the water-breathing Amnion, composed of fetal afterbirth materials and organs, the purported “First Born of God” and purported Heir to the Divine Estate, then dies upon exiting the womb, and of course, “he” dies intestate, giving rise to the “infant decedent estate”.

Thanks to my background in ancient religions and Kurt Kallenbach’s research we now have the whole story and the evidence to bust this religious cult, Mystery (aka Eucharist) Babylon, once and for all.

They weigh the dead water-breathing Amnion in metric units, identify “him” using your First-Middle-Last, as a Territorial United States Ward of the State of State —say, State of California, register his death and send his estate to probate.  When “his” estate emerges from probate it is declared “abandoned” property and the Pope — running the Municipal United States — claims the abandoned estate as public property belonging to the Civil (not Civilian) Government.

And, Presto -Change-O! — by magic (of the black kind) there is the “Missing Person” Cestui Que Vie Trust operated as YOUR NAME: FIRST MIDDLE LAST, out of Puerto Rico, under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.  The Missing Person isn’t you.  It’s your Amnion, the water-breathing fish-man that these freaks claim “died for you” and which was according to them, the First Born of God, the Heir of the Kingdom, who “sacrificed himself” for you.

There are several points to be made.  First and foremost is that your unique DNA is your unique DNA and the Amnion that results from the Act of God (that is, sex act in their religion) is merely a physical apparatus derived from and directed by your DNA, like a caterpillar’s cocoon, to expedite your exodus across the Red Sea (of blood) and arrival on the Promised Land.

The Amnion has no existence or personality of its own.  It is not a viable living being and would never exist apart from your existence.  You and your unique —and as Kurt says— “species specific” DNA, is in fact the Creator of the Amnion and once you claim your Zygote and DNA, you naturally claim everything that derives from the Zygote and your unique combination of DNA — including the Amnion whether it is alive or dead, with you or separated from you.

You, as Kurt Kallenbach points out, began with fertilization— not with emergence from the womb.  We have a Fertilization Date, not a “birth day” and not a “birth date”, either.

Also according to the Old Testament, Jeremiah 1:5, our actual beginning pre-dates all of this: we were actually created and known by the Living God prior to us being “formed” in our Mother’s womb.

These are the biological facts and we can stand on science for our claim to be the legitimate owner of all property including ESTATES derived from our DNA; and, we can also rely on Jeremiah, if we are Jew, Christian, or Muslim, to rebut the lies being used to justify these outrageous claims about our Amnion and “his” purported ESTATE.

The Roman Catholic Church is well and truly busted as the reptile-worshiping religion of Mystery Babylon.  The Queen is also busted for allowing this to go on.  So is FDR and the actual citizenry of “the” United States busted for criminal Breach of Trust, Fraud, and Unlawful Conversion resulting in identity theft, grand larceny, and proxy genocide.

Meantime, back at the hospital….

They destroy the evidence and burn the remains of the Amnion in an incinerator, thus “he” truly does become a “Missing Person”.

The Territorial Government issues you a Birth Certificate, a proof of ownership and receipt owed to the “spoilated owner” that they are obligated to give you under Article 38 of the Lieber Code and the international Hague Conventions.

You, the baby, are never admitted to the hospital at all.  There is no record of you being there.  Your name is never recorded as yours.  The only name involved is the First Middle Last name that your parents contributed as their intellectual property and which the hospital administrators attached to the dead Amnion, not you.

As Kurt Kallenbach pointed out in his recent lecture series, we all have the Mother of All Law Suits for damages against every hospital and hospital administrator in the United States, every doctor, every nurse and administrative aide who has been an accomplice to this grotesque fraud scheme.

We also have just cause to go after the Pope, his minions and supporters, the Queen, for her part in this, and all the politicians and generals who have either stood by like dumb cattle or who have knowingly participated in this fraud, this genocide on paper, against the American People.

As this profane and ridiculous system of lies has been applied to most countries and to most people worldwide, we all have cause to stand up and listen.  These heretical cultists have spawned a worldwide crime network right under our noses, the principal part of which is a false claim that we voluntarily abandoned the poor, dead, purported sacrificial victim, the Amnion, and thereby refused and abandoned our connection to our Divine Heritage.

May we all throw up now, or wait for later?

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07 26 19 The Dogon – – a Tale of Gross Ingratitude



 By Anna Von Reitz

There is a tribe in Africa called The Dogon.  They are not Dogons themselves, merely named after the actual Dogons, who were half-fish, half-men.

We think of them as mermaids and mermen and they are often symbolized with the torso of a man or woman and the tail of a fish– but this is only symbolic.

In truth, we are told that they were humanoid in form and walked upon the Earth on two feet and swam through the sea much as we do.

The scales of their skin were larger and much more obvious than ours (yes, our skin surface is composed of minute scales). They were larger and stronger on average than we are.  They had an extra transparent eyelid that protected their large, light sensitive, slightly bulging eyes, and their eyes usually were flecked with gold. Their toes and fingers were noticeably webbed.

They had land-dwelling cousins called Terrans, who lived in underground cities connected by tunnels and underground water canals.

Originally, very long ago, they came from the Sirius B star system according to the modern day Dogons.

The Dogons played a part in our creation.  It is their reptilian DNA that gives us our “reptile brain”, our autonomic and lymph systems, and our scaly skin, our tear ducts, our claw-like fingernails.

In fact, if not for our fish-man contributors, we would not exist in anything like our present form and we could not be incarnate on Earth.

Why? Because when the fertilized egg forms a zygote, the first creature formed is a water-breathing, fish-like embryo, which gives rise to the air breathing baby–and which dies when the baby is born and begins to breathe air.

Thus, the Dogon religion that grew up in the Mediterranean region before and after the Great Flood teaches that the innocent fish-like embryo is the First Born creation of God, our older brother and co-habitant in the womb.

This First Born dies and sacrifices itself so that we might live, and we reject it and refuse to care for or claim it’s dying body–the amniotic membranes, placenta, etc., that are the remains of a reptilian fish-man brother with the same DNA as ours.

He, according to the Dogon, is our direct link to the Creator, the legitimate First Born of the Act of Creation that created the Zygote. Without him, they say, we would not exist.  And self-evidently, they are right.

So we are the heirs of a Divine Estate bequeathed to us by a reptilian First Born brother, who gave up his life for us, and who we rejected and refused to acknowledge as any relative of ours.

That’s why “abandoning” the Afterbirth material is such a grave sin in the eyes of the Dogons, the reason that their adherents so scrupulously collect and weigh and catalogue every tiny bit of this material and consider it holy.This is why they hold the remains in “Reserve” waiting for you to humble yourself and return to claim your own remains and admit your debt to the dead Infant before you can inherit his estate.

This, from the Dogon point of view, is the reason that an infant decedent estate exists. And this is the reason that you must go to the Federal Reserve and claim the Eucharist held in Reserve for you– the literal sacrificial blood of the collected remains –and claim back your dead reptilian brother so you can legitimately inherit his estate.

Strange, yes. Biologically true, yes.

Adherents of this religion will look you in the eye and cite even more facts to prove that the fish-man is the Elder-Born, including the fact that our blood is naturally the same pH as seawater— proving again that our biological existence is linked to and comes to us from the sea.

They will also note that the Order of Creation is given in The Book of Genesis and we can see for ourselves that the creatures of the sea were created before the animals of the land. What holds true for creation as a whole also holds true in the microcosm of our unique life.

The mitre that the Pope wears, that strange tall hat, is the same exact headdress worn by the priests of Dogon many millennia ago. You can see it carved in bas relief on the ruined walls of Dogon temples throughout the Middle East.

Why are we never taught about this mysterious religion?

Because this whole rationale is the excuse used to enslave and defraud and alienate you from your inheritance.

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07 25 19 Its Very Simple and Exactly the Opposite of What You Suppose….



 By Anna Von Reitz

I have explained it before and shall explain it again.  It is so simple, so huge, so anti-intuitive that people tend to bounce it right out of the brain matrix the first time they hear it, so multiple repetitions are necessary— no matter how frustrating that is for me.

Repetition is also necessary for all the Newbies joining our ranks every day.

They continue to send me astonished questions and even try to “shame” me and the others who are claiming our National Credit.  This is because they don’t yet understand the information in this short article.

(1) We have been living under a British controlled military Protectorate since the spring of 1863.

(2)  In order to end this Protectorate, we have to organize our unincorporated States of the Union and “reconstruct” our own federal-level States of States organizations.  We haven’t done that, so the Protectorate drags on.

(3) We haven’t been told anything about this necessary action or taught anything about it in school, because the British and the Pope have been benefiting from it— at our expense.

(4) Thus, technically, we are in this bind as a result of our own inaction, but we can hardly be expected to ever take action because we aren’t made aware of the fact that we need to do anything of the sort.

(5) Now that we finally “woke up” and realize what must be done, we find that we have been misrepresented by those benefiting from this continuing travesty in Breach of Trust, and have been deliberately misidentified as criminals and slaves belonging to the Municipal United States Government.

(6) These so-called “Fourteenth Amendment citizens” are a political sub-class created by Congress in the wake of the Civil War as a means to re-enslave plantation slaves and convert their ownership from private ownership to public ownership.

Read that— these people were owned by private slave owners prior to the war, and then were claimed by and owned by public sector slave owners — the Municipal Washington, DC Government operated by members of Congress [See Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 — these vermin have been running their own plenary oligarchy in competition with our actual government.] as public property after the war.

Let that sink in.  And now let it sink in that they have deliberately and with malice aforethought falsified records to claim that you are such a “Fourteenth Amendment citizen of the United States”.

In 1866, “Civil Rights” were created by the Civil Rights Act of 1866.  This was done to define for the rest of the world how Congress intended to treat their new slaves, and what privileges they would guarantee to these unfortunates.

Also in 1866, the Municipal Congress adopted the Metric System, a foreign system of weights and measures, by which they could define their new slaves in a system separate from the rest of the population.  Babies born into this new form of slavery would be weighed using kilograms and grams instead of pounds and ounces. This would also then serve to “convey” them automatically into Admiralty Jurisdiction.

To expedite the “conveyance” of people from one status to another, they adopted a system of “conversion” allowing them to legally convert pounds into metric weights and measures. and thus from a condition of natural freedom and national land law, into a condition of slavery under Admiralty Law, at the same time. [See the Metric Act of 1866. Thanks for this information goes to Kurt Kallenbach.]

Former plantation slaves were the original targets of this malice which benefited both the British Monarch and the Pope: since these people exist under Admiralty Jurisdiction the British Monarch can control and tax them, and as they are owned by the Municipal United States, so can the Pope.

Over time, this scam and outrage against common decency and our Constitution proved so profitable that they created the “Federal Reserve” — an institution formed and financed solely on “human capital” and on our “good faith and credit”: our “presumed” slavery, in other words.

They simply abused their positions of trust to falsify records and claim that we are all their slaves, all “Fourteenth Amendment citizens of the United States”, as recently verified by the US State Department.

(7) In concert with the creation of the Federal Reserve, the guilty corporations responsible for all this began the conversion of our Lawful Money into Legal Tender — fiat “Federal Reserve Notes”. Such Promissory Notes are I.O.U.’s promising future repayment, no different than any other I.O.U.

Many people are still confused about this.  They think that when they went to a bank and got a “home loan” or a “car loan” that they were given something of actual value by the bank, but instead they were given I.O.U.’s.  In fact, they were duped into loaning their homes and their cars as assets that the banks seized upon and used as the basis to extend credit to other “borrowers” —and profit themselves, of course.

A “home loan” in this system is a loan of your home to them, and all they give you for it in return is a share of their already pre-existing debt and their mortgage.

As a “State of State” organization, these same criminals are holding title to your home and land under a purported protective custodial “relationship” owed to your public trust: JOHN MAYNARD DOE, for example, and they have “hypothecated” debt against your home and land already, resulting in a mortgage owed by the State of State, like the State of California.

This is the mortgage you get stuck paying off for them.  It has nothing to do with your “voluntary” loan of your home to them, when you mistakenly agreed to a “home loan”—- and everything to do with yet another level of fraud being practiced against you by the banks, your employees, and your international trustees— the Pope and the Queen.

(8) Since the adoption of the “Federal Reserve System” by the Municipal United States Government, you have been forced under the false pretense that you are a “Fourteenth Amendment citizen of the United States” to exchange your labor and goods for nothing but their empty paper promises to pay.

Your goods and labor are exchanged for I.O.U.s — evidences of debt owed by a foreign corporation.  If you accept an I.O.U. as payment for a glass of lemonade, are you the Debtor or the Creditor?

The Creditor.

If you accept Federal Reserve Notes as payment for your house, are you the Debtor or the Creditor?

The Creditor.

In all of these transactions you are providing actual and factual goods and labor and they are providing promises to pay at some unknown future date.

And they never pay, so you never get paid, and that is what creates their National Debt and your National Credit.

Because these vermin operate as corporations, they simply run up your credit to the stratosphere, then declare bankruptcy, and leave you on the hook as the “presumed” co-signer to pay their debts.

That’s what happened in 2009 when the vermin bankrupted their trademarked “Federal Reserve System” and shifted their debts onto the backs of the weary public slaves — all the presumed-to-exist “Fourteenth Amendment citizens of the United States”.

So, having read this, read it again.  And again.  Read it however many times it takes to sink in, and then, ask yourself —- am I a “Fourteenth Amendment citizen of the United States”?   Have I received anything of actual value in return for my goods and services, or have I been the source of whatever value there is in these transactions?

Am I a Creditor in this situation, or a Debtor?

And while you are at it, notice that the “Fourteenth Amendment” is itself a sham and a fraud, a measure adopted by a Scottish corporation as a By-Law to Articles of Incorporation disguised as the Territorial United States Constitution and merely doing business as “The United States of America, Incorporated”.  That corporation, formed in Scotland in 1868,  went bankrupt in 1907.  It’s long defunct, and so is its “Fourteenth Amendment”.

(9) So here’s the “news” for the Pope and the Queen: you are responsible for these corporations and their operations on our shores. They have operated as crime syndicates and you are responsible for their misdirection.  The Pope is responsible under Ecclesiastical Law to shut them down.  You are both responsible for these despicable and criminal claims, acts, and frauds perpetrated in Breach of Trust against every American.

The debts of these corporations over and above market rates of services we agreed to receive as part of the Constitutions, are all yours, and the interest and leases and other fees and escrows owed, together with the actual principal assets— are all ours.  We claimed our “reversionary trust interest” all the way back to our days in Heaven, and we are the Priority Creditors without any doubt.

And we set ourselves free of any presumption, claim, or pretense otherwise.

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07 25 19 Beyond Words



 By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, we talked about discernment — the desire to know the truth and the tools necessary to discern truth.  We’ve also spent thousands of hours discovering just how profoundly slippery words are as a form of communication — how words are used to deceive, and how imperfect they are as a mode of communication.

Imagine a totally different mode of communication which does not involve words, but uses pictures like words.

Imagine that you are hovering above a vast undulating surface, a field stretching as far as the eye can see, all papered over with photographs, each holding a place within the surface of the field,  like tiles of glass in a mosaic picture that is much larger.

Each photo contains the absolute truth of what is contained in it.  And you can perceive that truth directly, without the use of any words at all, in detail.

For example, the photo is of a smiling man and two young women, his daughters.  At a glance, you know all their life stories in detail and all of what brought them to that particular moment that is encapsulated in the photo.  Not only that, but everything about their world– the rocks, trees, bugs, all of it, is revealed and known and preserved, too.

This little microcosm, their stories, their moment, is part of the much larger field which contains billions upon billions upon billions of these photo archives hidden within each surface photo. And you are enabled to absorb all this information at a glance — absolute information without any distortion created by words.

Not only that, but along with the images, feelings and intentions are recorded and layered into the overall communication.  You know how the man felt at that moment and you know why he is smiling.  You know, again, at a glance, the totality of his life and his intentions, his feelings, his failures, his triumphs, what he values, the status of his health, and an infinity of other truthful information about him, all conveyed in “picture-feelings” without the use of a single word.

There are no secrets.  Nothing is hidden.  Nothing is deceptive.  It simply is, or is not, and that is all there is to it.  Wherever you focus your attention, you see whatever there is to see, and there is no inexactitude, nothing to interpret or argue over or be uncertain about.

All those illusion-laden aspects of communication (or miscommunication) are gone and you are able to receive and understand billions of these photo archives instantaneously, as well as being able to see the much larger mosaic-like picture that all these pieces combine to create.

It all keeps changing moment to moment, but also stays the same, as each photo is firmly set in place, cemented into the flexible substrata, existing separately and within set parameters.

This is communication on a whole different scale and of a whole different kind, set free of the waffling quicksilver nature of words, all available to you at a glance — but you must become aware of it, and you must learn to see it with your “inner eye”, and you must become aware that you have an inner eye— a non-physical organ of sight.

You use it every day as you visualize things in your mind, yet we somehow remain placidly unaware of its factual existence.  The facility of imagination is make possible by this unseen “eye” and by other unseen organs as well. These additional sensory organs are what you use to communicate in “photo-feeling” language.  This precise, truthful, unerring, universal language is the language of the True God.

We are all born with the ability to use this language and we do so, but we do it unconsciously, as if in our sleep, and when we pop back into the world of words and imprecise illusions, we conveniently forget what we actually know.

One of the things that we actually do know, is our covenant with the True God.  It is set forth plainly enough in The Book of Genesis.  Genesis, as we have learned by dint of hard-slogging, is not our beginning — not even our beginning in this physical world.  It is the beginning of what the critics of the Manichean Heresy, including Kurt Kallenbach, called the “False Start” or “Second Start”.

What the Bible actually teaches is that we exist prior to any physical and corporeal embodiment (Jeremiah 1:5) and that no man knows the start date of his existence nor does he know his name.

We exist in this non-physical form and then, we incarnate in physical form, a process that has us start as a water-breathing fish-like creature derived from a single, unique, species specific fertilized egg.

All that we can physically become, is encoded in the information contained in this single fertilized egg.  This egg and the information contained in it, is literally our earthly estate, but it is not the summation of our total estate, which remains in the non-physical realm from which we ultimately come and to which we ultimately return.

In between, there are way-points, like milestones on a highway we journey upon.  These are not, in themselves, the beginning or end of anything, though we often mistake them as such.  One such way-point comes about nine months after our egg is fertilized and our earthly estate is formed.

Over the course of these nine months, the fertilized egg has multiplied and diversified itself into over two hundred different kinds of living tissue, and has sequentially organized and formed first a water-breathing creature, and then, transformed the water-breathing creature into one capable of breathing air on dry land.

With all of this mission accomplished, we are born — ejected from the watery environment of the womb — and this event, a way-point on the journey — is memorialized as our birthday, but this is not our ultimate beginning.

What we call our birthday isn’t even our second beginning. That second, physical beginning, occurred when the egg was fertilized, and that was again, after some unknown moment when we were first conceptualized and created in the unseen realm of pure energy.

So we can’t know when the Living God created us and knew us prior to our physical incarnation.  We can’t know exactly when our particular egg was fertilized, either. These earlier way-points on our path of Becoming are unknown to us in our present form,  and it is only in retrospect and upon reflection that we “know what we don’t know” about ourselves and our journey.

The mysteriousness of our actual beginning leads many people to discount it, and to pretend that we somehow leapt into existence at the moment we became visible as a separate being, the moment of what we call our birth, and that is recorded as our “birthday”.  This act, attaching our existence to a calendar, then also condemns us to “death”— the moment we exit this physical realm.

Yet none of these things, what we call “birth” and what we count as “time” and what we call “death” — are anything but way-points, markers of orderly transformations that are all occurring in a single mysterious moment called “now”.

When is your life occurring?  Now.  When is your death occurring? Now.  Where are you at all points in between?  Now.

So “your” birthday is just a convenient lie, a means of marking when you entered this world as a separate visible air-breathing being. Unavoidably, it also marks the moment when the water-breathing creature is transformed and all the apparatus associated with it is expelled as waste material.

We see this same process when a butterfly exits its chrysalis and leaves the detritus of the caterpillar body and the hard shell of the chrysalis behind. One form ends and another begins, but this transformation of form is not a death. It’s a transformation.  A change.  Not an end.

There is no break in the continuity of our existence. There is no excuse for probating our estate.

There is no break in our relationship with the Living God.  In fact, we have never been dead and never existed in a past nor a future.  We are not broken. We are whole and we are part of a greater whole.

When we communicate at the deeper levels of our Being,  where fact is fact and all the illusory constructs of words and convenient lies (‘legal fictions”) are set aside, we know this.

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07 24 19 The Rain and Belief




 By Anna Von Reitz

Tonight I have listened to the second segment of Kurt Kallenbach’s seminar, “Where Darwin Meets God” and I must say, it is stimulating a lot of thought and connections with other associated material…. ecclesiastical and otherwise, because he is discussing what in Admiralty terms are “bridges” —think Roman Pontiff, and “bars” — as in barriers.

As I have been listening intently to this two-hour long discussion, I have been aware that the rain is pelting down in gentle sheets outside — finally, the drought of Summer 2019 in Alaska — is ended.  I must admit it is a relief to relax my mental focus and let the sound of rain on the roof and dripping from the eaves enter my consciousness more fully.

Rain after drought.  Love after hate.  All the schemes and dreams of men are, in this day and age, being exposed like the skeleton of a whale on the beach long after the flesh is gone.

Now that all the jurisdictions have been explored and the basics of the over-arching architecture of the World Trust are clear, the dynamics of belief are also shoving over the horizon.  Some of it is ridiculous in modern terms and would be deeply disturbing if one had cause to contemplate the logical implications of continuing such practices and claims.

Fortunately, I don’t seriously expect that the same reasoning that identifies the amniotic membranes and afterbirth materials as a separate dead, water-breathing being, and accords it an estate and probate and burial — and which allows the false claim that we “abandoned” this poor creature and thereby allowed other parties to claim it —oh, and our DNA and our identity, too — will be extended to its ultimate logical conclusions.

If it were, a bit of urine, poop, fingernail clippings, “abandoned hairs” from our heads and other parts, a carelessly discarded snot rag, a used Band-Aid, even a fingerprint, all of which contain our DNA and “substance” could be used to front similar claims.

Oh, my poor, poor dead fingernail clipping!  I must give it a burial and probate its estate!  And just look at that mass grave, out in the septic settling field!  And if I inhale a booger (by mistake, I assure you!) then it must be a crime of self-cannibalism.

That’s where the madness of this entire system ultimately leads. It began with medieval ignorance, and then, thanks to the self-interest of crooks and governments has evolved into the current lunacy.

Still, the rain is pouring down outside, drenching the dust settled deep on the Earth, relieving the dying birch trees, sweeping aside the fires that have devastated the vast public forests on the Kenai Peninsula like a magic wand. Rain, rain at last!  Fresh from the hand of God, who makes the sun shine and the rain fall upon both the evil and the good.

I think I will re-read The Book of Job tonight.

Whether it makes sense to anyone else at all, I believe in an everlasting and true Creator, a Being that inhabits and enlightens us all, a Living God that gives us life and every good thing— and which we can never describe or second-guess or know — in the same way that a two year-old can’t know an adult.

It no longer bothers me that I can’t put this True God in a box, and can’t fathom the Creation, much less the Creator.  I am content to accept that I am made part of it all, that I am blessed, and that I am loved and cared for and guided— and that the rain comes and goes.

It is enough, more than enough, just to be here and to be part of it all.

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07 24 19 Status Report: Self-Government



 By Anna Von Reitz

It’s crazy busy.  That’s the first circumstance.

We are all coming together.  That’s the second circumstance.

From all over the world, in all directions, people are waking up.  And what they are seeing is amazing to them, in the same way as Dorothy reacted to her first sight of The Land of Oz.  It’s just plain strange and different from anything any normal person ever imagined, the same way that Technicolor is different from Black and White, and the landscape of Oz differs from that of Kansas.

Then, having glimpsed the strange reality of the “government”, people react in horror and fear and denial and disbelief.  How is it possible that we have been living in the midst of all this deceit and crime, and had no idea?  How is it that so many government officials have been duped in the same way?

One of the most difficult skills we have to teach is what the Hindus call  “discernment”.  Discernment is the ability to discern the truth, to see through the veils of illusion surrounding us, and to pierce to the heart of actuality.  Discernment requires the desire and will to seek the truth in the first place, and then, also requires the tools to achieve it.

The tools include quite a range of skills most of us have never been taught: grammar, phonics, the history (etymology) of words, Latin (and Hebrew and Greek), definitions of words and legal terms, logic, mindfulness, centeredness, self-awareness, and ultimately, self-government.

It was never intended by those who mean to profit from us, that we should ever learn these skills, ever discern The Land of Oz, or ever learn to rule ourselves.  Ruling over us is the job they crave: to govern us by manipulating our minds and limiting our ability to perceive and ultimately, to discern, what they are doing to us.  It isn’t in their self-interest to educate us.  So they don’t.

Imagine a loathsome viper biting through your skin in such a subtle way that you hardly notice that it is there, clinging to your heel. Imagine dragging this thing along with you every step you take, while its poison is very slowly drip-feeding into your blood stream, killing you a bit more every day.

That is the circumstance that we all live with.

In order to kill the viper and get rid of it once and for all, we must learn all these other skills and apply them.

We must learn to self-govern, and never again leave that responsibility to other men, for the only men who desire to rule over others are, by definition, those who are untrustworthy to do so, and those who, unwilling though they may be to step forward, are called to do so in order to save the race of mankind.

And then, as we evaluate the leaders who would lead us one way or another, either deeper into The Pit, or out of it, we must develop the skills of discernment ourselves in order to know the difference between the two cadres of leaders now emerging.

We must also develop these skills for our own sakes, to use in our own lives and our own business affairs, and ultimately, we need these same skills to forge a future for our country and our world.  So let’s set aside our astonishment and our fear and get on with the job.

Americans are nothing if not task-oriented, so let’s accept that our educations were deliberately incomplete and flawed, and we must now make up for it.

The school we will attend is not conventional.  The teachers don’t have degrees in education.  The school itself doesn’t have a street address.  We carry this institution of Higher Learning within us, in our minds and in our souls.  There are two Headmasters, the Devil and our Creator.

And we must learn to discern the difference between the teachings, ideas, and lies of the Great Viper, and our Father.  One leads to death and agony. One leads to life and joy.

It’s really that simple, and that difficult, and we each face the challenge alone.

So, I have learned and practice a high level of discernment.  My Shinola Sensor is acute.  I know when people are lying to me on purpose. I know when they are lying in ignorance.  And I know when they are telling the truth. This ability is a great natural advantage, but teaching it to others is not so easy.

There are other teachers and they vary from me, because of their own peculiar backgrounds and their path of learning and their own interests and specialties.  My only concern about them — and you — is that you understand where they are coming from and therefore understand what to expect and glean from them.  Also, there are a very few high level teachers who are treacherous, and those you either need to avoid, or approach carefully to learn from, but not as they would teach you.

I have recommended Mark Emery and the Lighthouse Law Club.  This group is centered on learning to cope with the System in practical ways, how to handle traffic stops, divorces, foreclosures, and most of all, business affairs. They regularly come up with nuggets that are insightful and helpful when dealing with the Unreal World.

I have recommended Kurt Kallenbach and his seminars.  He currently has one going called “Where Darwin Meets God”.  I caught the last hour of discussion last night and it was sheer brain candy for those who are already aware.  The only caveat I have about Kurt is that he has studied the issues of  the Jurisdiction of the Air, which is — admittedly — the most important jurisdiction in terms of understanding the whole scheme— but to the exclusion of the other jurisdictions.  That can lead him to say some disparaging things about the realities we face day to day — such as the need to own and control our own Given Names.

The reality is that we all interface with all three jurisdictions and have to know the ropes in all three.  We can indeed return to “Kansas” — but The Land of Oz will continue to exist, and its best to have one’s plan to deal with Flying Monkeys.

Ken Cousins and the Panterra organization has a wealth of information to offer at their Gemstone University.  Again, it is a mixed bag coming from many directions, many subjects, and not all absolutely correct, but overall solid and worthwhile and well-intentioned.

Ditto SEDM.org.

David Straight is wonderful.  Karl Lentz is wonderful.  Romley Stewart is wonderful. The list of worthwhile teachers goes on and on, and each one of them has something well-worth knowing to offer.

It’s the same with all the groups and individuals coming together.  We may not have it all absolutely right, and so once again, we come to the issue of discernment.

We all tell lies by accident, if nothing else.  We are all fooled to one extent or another, it’s just a matter of degree.  “All fall short of the glory of God.”  So while we all deal in facts to the best of our ability, we all make mistakes. We are all impacted by our own experience and limitations.

Imagine a group of people standing in a circle with their backs to each other, all looking out from a mountain top, and shouting out what they see.

That’s the situation that we have right now with all the various teachers and preachers in the worldwide Patriot Movement.

And on top of that, we have paid Disinformation Agents out there pounding the streets and the internet, trying to muddying things up deliberately.

Use your Horse Sense, but don’t rely on much of anything you learned in school.

Use your instincts and your ability to reason, but don’t take recourse to what you have assumed to be true all your life.  Assume nothing and evaluate everything and you will be far better off.

In many ways, the Path to Discernment is a path of forgetting what you were taught and learning to see things from different angles, and most of all, becoming aware of the serpent you have been dragging along at every step — the falsehoods and false assumptions that have crippled you.

For those of you who have a solid background and are already pretty far advanced and know the differences between the jurisdictions and the role of  semantic deceit in all of this— and who have resources to make a hefty (recommended $600 donation) — I can already recommend Kurt Kallenbach’s “Where Darwin Meets God” seminar.

The most valuable thing this seminar will help you with is to demonstrate how the air jurisdiction functions, is organized, and the thought processes and definitions underlying it.

For similar help with the international jurisdiction of the sea (which is where most of us get walloped day to day) our friends in Australia have put together a fabulous presentation on YouTube called “Justinian Deception (Law)” —


I personally guarantee that if you are ready for it, you will learn vast amounts of useful skills and information from these two teachers — Kurt for the jurisdiction of the air, and Rom for the jurisdiction of the sea.

You will also learn a lot about courts from Karl Lentz (and some good attitude adjustment, too!) and you will learn more about courts and American History from David Straight, who has his head screwed on and a fine sense of who he is and “where the bear went through the buckwheat”, too.

There are many good teachers and good organizations now entering the arena and helping to dis-spell the illusions and lies and semantic deceits that have enslaved people for centuries.  In the midst of all this revelation it is easy to get confused and to get side-tracked down rabbit holes, and also fairly easy to be deceived either because of deliberate manipulation by Disinformation Agents, or because of honest ignorance.

The best safeguard is a healthy awareness of The Big Picture, and an open-minded but also skeptical and questioning attitude.

As you study and learn, you will notice that things begin to “fall into place” and make sense.  When you are offered a new piece to the puzzle that doesn’t seem to fit, you will be aware enough to question it, and that will lead to either: (a) recognizing it as a lie or mistake; or (b) expanding your view of the puzzle.

I am not the best teacher for everyone.  We all have our strong suits, our strengths, our weaknesses.  I strive to give you a vision of the ultimate goals — the ability to discern truth and achieve self-government being two major goals — and a practical pathway forward.  I also try to point you toward developing the skills and “ways of seeing” that are necessary to succeed.

It’s a long haul to arrive at the point of being “in it, but not of it”.  God bless each and every one of you who aspire to be free and self-governing.

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07 23 19 The American States Assembly with Anna Von Reitz Zoom webinar.




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07 22 19 And 300,000 Pulpits Remain Silent



Since Anna is busy this week on other projects and I was out of town yesterday,

below is the next best author in America! And that’s a fact!


Rob Pue, Publisher


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By Rob Pue, Publisher


PO Box 756

Marshfield, WI  54449

(715) 486-8066

I’m about to make a statement that may shock some of you, and perhaps that’s a good thing.  My statement is this:  Christianity, as an INSTITUTION, is dead in America; it has been deemed good for nothing, and has been thrown out and trampled in the streets.  For at least two generations now, children who have grown up attending American churches with their parents every week, LEAVE their faith behind when they grow up and leave home, never to return.  And can you blame them?  What they experienced growing up in their modern American churches was nothing more than vain, powerless religion.  They were given “flannel graph” “Bible Stories,” bribed with candy and prizes simply for attending Sunday School or “Children’s church,” and entertained in every possible way… but they were not given God.

The Communist, Homosexual and ‘social justice’ Socialist agendas have infiltrated our seminaries and Bible colleges, and they have been churning out young new “pastors” who MAY have a head full of knowledge, but the knowledge they’ve acquired is flawed.  Their goal now is to make FRIENDS, not disciples.  Should they be handed the reigns of a church body to “shepherd,” they first want to be well liked and popular among the people.  They desire to be “hip” and “cool,” in hopes of filling the seats with happy followers who ENJOY going to church, because there, they find a comfortable social club, entertainment, good times.  PERHAPS — MAYBE — an opportunity to “do good works” and feel good about themselves for that.   Unfortunately, too often, what they do NOT find, any longer, is God.

As far as I can recall, God began to call me into ministry when I was about 8 or 9 years old.  The Holy Spirit began speaking to my heart, and giving me some assignments to carry out for the Kingdom that were appropriate for my age, ability and level of understanding.  It wasn’t until I was 35 years old that I began full time ministry work.  I realize now, that at the time, I had been steeped in “churchianity,” and had a skewed understanding of God and what His true children had been called and commanded to DO here in this life.  Over the years, I’ve learned and grown spiritually in tremendous ways.  But this, IN SPITE OF, not BECAUSE OF my church attendance or participation.  The deeper things of God that I have come to know, I ONLY know NOW because of my own study of His Word, and a deep communion with God and Jesus Christ through prayer and the guiding of the Holy Spirit.  AND I was blessed to have TRUE Christ followers come into my life to train, disciple and “coach” me — to force me out of the safety and security and comfort of those four walls and to follow Jesus — FOR REAL.  Because the truth is, I was NEVER comfortable with Institutional “churchianity” — I KNEW there was MUCH MORE to it all — and so  I’m grateful to God for sending me such teachers, because leaders like that are EXTREMELY hard to find.

Today, pastors are the LAST people in the world who would EVER enter into controversy.  They are happy if they can just maintain the status quo, keep everyone content, and never make anyone uncomfortable.  This is wrong.  That’s not just my opinion.  That’s the model we see from EVERY faithful man of God in Scripture; INCLUDING Jesus Himself.  Historically, the men and women God called into service were “nobodys” in the eyes of the world — they were just everyday, ordinary people.  But they were faithful to speak God’s Word — ALL of it.  They called out sin, and they called sinners to repentance; they did NOT just become “accepting and affirming” of ALL people, because they KNEW that apart from God, we remain His enemies.  Until we turn to Him in sorrowful repentance and humility, we are of our father, the devil.

Yes, all human beings are created in the image of God.  But until we become His children, we are NOT His children.  There is no such thing as “universal salvation” for all.  Scripture tells us that MOST in this world will reject God, and follow the broad road that leads to destruction.  Only a FEW ever find the path that leads to life.  If only there were more disciple makers and fewer people-pleasers, perhaps things would be different.  God calls us, as His TRUE followers, to comfort the afflicted (with the good news of the Gospel), and to afflict the comfortable (AGAIN, with the good news of the Gospel).  You see, the Word of God can be REAL GOOD NEWS — or REAL BAD NEWS for you — depending on where you stand.  But God does not change with the whims of men, or with the changing times, and His Word never changes either.

Sadly, today, I dare say that MOST church-goers have never truly obeyed Christ a day in their lives.  They’ve never witnessed to anyone, not even their own spouse.  They’ve never confronted evil with the knowledge and power of the Holy Spirit.  They’ve never been in any situation where lies, falsehoods and deception were being promoted and accepted and been brave enough to STAND UP and say, “NO — God’s Word says this…”

American Churchianity has become all about socializing, about a “feel-good” message, and a happy, uplifting singalong time that is called “worship.”  “Prayer” in our modern churches is all about US — what can God do for US?  And worst of all, we are NEVER taught or trained to LEAVE the four walls of those buildings and represent God to the world around us.  So is it any wonder “Christianity” in America today is so powerless and irrelevant?

Today, the ideologies of Islam, Communism and perverted sex are quickly overtaking our culture.  I see no way to turn things around at this point, because as good is called “evil” and evil is called “good,” modern American faithful church-goers simply go along and get along.  Scripture tells us we are to have NOTHING TO DO with the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but rather, we are to EXPOSE them — speak up, tell the truth, push back.  The “Church” is to be God’s restraining influence against evil in our world.  But our pastors have trained us to be “dumb dogs” who WILL NOT speak… in most cases because we don’t know what to say, because in MOST cases, we’ve never been properly trained or discipled.  You cannot teach what you do not know.

And so today in our world we have perverted sexuality of all kinds being accepted, promoted and celebrated as normal — in our schools, in our media, in our entertainment, in our public libraries, in our government, in our workplaces, and even in our churches.  And 300,000 pulpits in America are absolutely SILENT on the matter.

Today we have a “man” running for president of the United States who self-identifies as the WIFE of his sodomite partner… and people are taking him and his candicacy seriously.  He is VERY well liked and popular among the people.  Countless cities across the nation hold “pride” festivals and parades and the LGBTQP+ flag has been raised over official government buildings in celebration of the pride of sodomy.  What’s more, not only is sexual perversion pushed upon our young children from the time of birth, now we have cities and even states passing laws making it ILLEGAL for clergymen and counselors to tell the kids the TRUTH about all of this.

Today we have more Muslims in public office — from school boards to city councils all the way up to Congress and the Judiciary — than ever before.  We even had one in the Oval office for eight years.  These Islamic infiltrators are welcomed and honored, even as they openly call for transforming America into a fully Sharia-compliant nation.  We also have open Socialists and Communists in our government offices and holding office as judges over us — and they are very well liked and popular among the people, especially the young.  And again, 300,000 pulpits in America are absolutely SILENT on the matter.

And today, despite the fact that we have irrefutable proof that life begins at conception, and we KNOW without any shadow of a doubt that babies in the womb are REAL LIVING PEOPLE, we have those who have pushed and passed into LAW what can only be described as infanticide.  Now, not only can we legally murder our own children right up until the time of birth, we have those who voraciously advocate for POST-birth “abortion.”  We will have officially gone from “no child left behind” to “no child left alive” if the baby killers have anything to say about it.  And YES, they have a LOT to say about it!  They run the world today, along with the Islamic invaders and the sexual perverts.  Why?  Because today in America, 300,000 pulpits remain absolutely SILENT on these matters.

When REAL Christ followers, REAL Holy Spirit-filled believers and children of God stand against all these unrighteous things and PUSH BACK against the forces of evil, they are labeled as “radicals,” as “haters,” as “bigots,” “homophobes, “Islamophobes,” as “Right Wing Pro-Life Activists.”  I have to ask:  when did it become such an outrage… when did it become SO RADICAL to stand up and speak the TRUTH?  When did it become SO WRONG to BE that restraining force against EVIL — yes EVIL — that has swept our world off it’s feet and twisted so many minds into delusion and depravity?  When did that become so wrong?  And ESPECIALLY — why do most of our PASTORS today think of those of us who work to stand up for righteousness and God’s Word and Truth as “radical troublemakers?”  What is WRONG with this picture?

Just IMAGINE if a powerful tsunami of revival were to sweep across our land, and just IMAGINE if our pastors in the pulpits were to somehow muster the interest to study and learn God’s Word for themselves and YIELD to the Holy Spirit, and then SOMEHOW muster the courage to actually TEACH THE TRUTH to their people, and then SOMEHOW muster the courage to actually LEAD THEM OUT of the church house to BE that restraining influence against evil….  just imagine that.

How long do you think it would be before abortion in America were to end?  If just ONE CHURCH in EVERY CITY in America were to step outside their four walls and hold their church service at the doors of the nearest abortion clinic EVERY week — how long would it be before the killing were stopped forever?  Now imagine if FIVE churches in every city were to do that.  Now imagine if there were TEN.  But sadly, no.  There isn’t even ONE.

And what if, instead of continuing to spread the lie that muslims and Christians worship the same god, and instead of accepting and affirming our “muslim neighbors,” taking them at their “word” that all their intentions are good, and that they only have America’s best interests in mind… what if instead of continuing to perpetuate that LIE, America’s pastors were to intentionally EDUCATE their people on the ideology and history and PLANS of Islam for world domination?  Not to mention, what if America’s pastors were to TRULY educate their people on the never-changing TRUTHS of the Word of God.  How long do you think it would be before this Trojan Horse was rejected, and people’s hearts were turned back to the Father?

And what if — just IMAGINE now — what if SOMEHOW America’s pastors were to muster the courage and risk the possibility of offending someone with the truth — to TELL THE TRUTH about NATURAL sexuality… and contrast that with the devil’s lies and the abomination of sodomy, transgenderism, “gender confusion” and all manner of twisted sexual perversion.  What if, when a city council was voting on whether or not to make it illegal for counselors to help sexually confused people, or when they were voting on whether or not to officially recogize and celebrate the LGBT “pride” festivites, or install a rainbow-colored crosswalk or allow a Drag Queen Story Time at your child’s public school — WHAT IF those city council chambers were PACKED with well informed, Holy Spirit empowered CHRISTIANS?  Which way do you think those votes would go?

You see, as Christians, we have power, but we don’t realize that, because we have never been taught or trained to use it.  Our pastors prefer to remain silent, well liked and popular among the people.  They avoid controversy like the plague.  They’d rather let people remain happy in their sin and delusion.  And yes, I dare say, they’d even rather just let them go to HELL, than muster the courage to be bold, courageous, faithful prophets and shepherds of God.  And again, when REAL CHRISTIANS actually DO stand up and push back, these hirelings are the FIRST ONES to call them some sort of “fill-in-the-blank-phobes,” and “radicals” and “activists.”

I once had a pastor try to insult me by calling me a name.  He called me a “Christian Activist!”  “As opposed to what,” I thought, “an inactive Christian?  A pew-warmer?  A FAKE Christian?”

If Christianity is dying in America — and make no mistake, the REAL THING IS on life support now — it is only because of the cowardice of those charged with leading, teaching, training and discipling God’s people.  Scripture asks, “how will they hear without a preacher?”  The answer is, they WON’T — worldly people are NOT going to come flocking to ANY church door — no, not even those that are so “accepting and affirming” of sin — because men love darkness rather than light… even dull, powerless, fake light.  The Word of God IS offensive to those who are perishing…. so when we speak the truth, we are NOT going to be well liked and popular, especially in today’s wicked world.  But it is OUR JOB, as true Christians to still SPEAK IT!   Yes, we do so in humble, loving ways.  But we must NEVER BACK DOWN!  We must NEVER compromise on the truth of God’s Word.  We are to be the salt and light of the world.  Pray for a revival, by all means, because God may yet be merciful and bring one about… but do not be discouraged if you are in the minority.  There IS a remnant, but the remnant will ALWAYS be small.  As for me,  I have decided to follow Jesus.  No turning back.  And though none may join me, still I will follow.  Amen.

Audio versions and transcripts of this message are available when you call me at Wisconsin Christian News, (715) 486-8066.  Or email Rob@WisconsinChristianNews.com.  Ask for message number 260.

About Rob Pue 

Rob is an ordained minister and the founder and publisher of Wisconsin Christian News, a national Christian newspaper based in Wisconsin. He writes a monthly commentary for WCN, and can also be heard twice weekly, (Tuesdays and Saturdays) nationwide on the VCY America Radio Network, with his “From the Editor’s Desk” commentaries. Rob’s messages offer unique teaching and insights from God’s Word, dealing with the most important issues of our day. He is also available for speaking engagements for conferences and special events. View his website at WisconsinChristianNews.com

07 21 19 Please Get This Out




By Anna Von Reitz

Paul, I am working remote, attending Kurt’s Seminar, and correcting IRS Operations this week— please help me keep up by posting this on my Facebook wall as well as on the website?

Lord knows I have tried to explain this many, many times –to a point where  I am tearing my hair out. So here it is again and as plainly stated as I can make it for people:

We are living under a military Protectorate.

We have been living under these conditions since 1863.

They have been waiting for us to wake up and finish the Reconstruction of the Federal States of States.

And confiscating civilian property in the meanwhile to pay their bills.

They have done this by misidentifying us as “Persons” who are not owed the guarantees of the Constitutions and as “Enemy Combatants”.

This then allows the military to prey upon us at will under “the Law of Necessity”.

Conveniently, the only ones empowered to actually determine our political status are military tribunals, which are allowed to use their “discretion” in these matters.

So, it’s time for the people of this country to get organized and bear down on the Pope and the Queen and the Commander in Chief to get this Mess straightened out and to get the proper identifications made and our proper IDs as Third Parties owed the Geneva Conventions issued by DOD.

Their present assumption — that we are all either Fourteenth Amendment “citizens of the United States” amounts to a claim that our country and government no longer exists and that we are all Negro Plantation slaves and public property– or “Enemy Combatants” in commercial mercenary wars that are over a century old –cannot be allowed to stand.

We rebut the Enemy Combatant claim by taking our exemption under Title 50 Section 7 (c) and (e).

And we rebut the enslaved Negro Fourteenth Amendment “Citizen” claim as we see fit.  The so-called “Amendment” is in fact a corporate By Law adopted by a Scottish Commercial Corporation merely doing business as “The United States of America, Inc” (1868 charter) and that corporation has been defunct since 1907 — so the most appropriate response is to to say, “What are you idiots even talking about? What “Fourteenth Amendment? Whose “Fourteenth Amendment”? That corporation was a foreign fraud and has been defunct since 1907.”

All this crappola has to end. Mr. Trump and the Secretary of Defense are responsible for making sure that it does end. Now.

See this article and over 1900 others on Anna’s website here: www.annavonreitz.com

07 20 19 Meet Your Strawman For Bodhi



By Anna Von Reitz

I get questions like this on a regular basis and I am trying to funnel up-to-date answers through the State Coordinators, but there are still many people, like Bodhi, who are sorting through the copious notes on the historical “process” that brought us all forward to today on their own — and they are getting confused.

This is unavoidable, because (1) we have had to discover the answers as we went, and (2) everything keeps changing. So far in the time that I have been writing my blog we have gone through two national level bankruptcies amounting to a liquidation in one case and a quick march reorganization in the other, both of which have impacts in terms of what we are doing and how things work.

So start right there. Because of the bankruptcies and reorganizations, what was appropriate and workable three years ago isn’t anymore; the processes we were engaged in then won’t work now. Do not pass “Go” and do not collect $200. On top of that, the processes for Federal Workers and Average Joes are unavoidably different in terms of what relief is available. We have three different populations here and everyone is in trouble, so we are doing our best to help. You have to be able to identify which group you are in and which processes apply.

The groups are: Federal Territorial Citizens (mainly military and dependents), Federal Municipal Citizens (mainly Federal Civil Service and dependents), and Joe Average Americans.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I have addressed the problems of all three groups in my writings and tried my best to make it clear when I am talking to or about Federal employees — but it can get confusing.

Go to TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net website and use the process outlined there. It is the simplest and the most up to date for Joe Average American and you won’t get sidetracked into past practices or information that only applies to Federales.

Alternatively, skip all the verbiage and head directly to Article 928 on my website, where all the various documents have been collected and read through those. I believe that except for the Expatriation documents they are all self-explanatory.

The only thing “tricky” about the Expatriation documents is that in those, we are not talking about the expatriation of any living man or woman. We are expatriating corporations that were created and named after us — these corporations are popularly known as “STRAWMEN”.

The most important thing you need to know about your three “primary derivatives” that function as STRAWMEN is that they are all criminals as far as the Territorial United States Government is concerned, and they are all fugitives from justice subject to arrest and prosecution under commercial law.

In fact, the Territorial Government which operates under the vast bulk of the Federal Code, has defined all crimes as commercial crimes. They don’t address you, the living man or woman, at all. They address only your pre-judged and pre-sentenced STRAWMEN. Since the STRAWMEN are guilty by definition there is really no need for a trial or a jury; the Territorial Judge can simply pass sentence and collect money or impose jail time.

The first STRAWMAN is a Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trust that is created to contain your assets. This is the one resulting in a Birth Certificate. This is the one that you “return” to the United States Secretary of the Treasury or the United States Secretary of Defense or the United States Secretary of State— the same way that you would return an escaped prisoner to custody, using a Form 56 to make them responsible for IT.

The reason you do this is to make the government officials accountable to you for what they have created “in your name”. They now hold the Fiduciary Responsibility for the entities they created and foisted off on you, not you, and if anyone summons THEM they will need to talk to the responsible officials.

This creates a settlement date when you leave the debts and the crimes of the Municipally-owned and operated STRAWMEN behind and re-flag your VESSELS as State Nationals operating under the Public Law of your State of the Union and under the actual Constitutions.

The criminally mismanaged entities and their debts as of the day you returned them are now back in the hands of those responsible.

You, meantime, have reflagged all such “VESSELS” associated with you, and declared their permanent domicile to be the land and soil of your State of the Union. This then removes the legal presumption that THEY are being operated out of Puerto Rico and under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.

This leaves the US Government responsible for the debts and wrong-doing of the STRAWMEN they created and operated “in your name” and provides you with a clean slate and legitimate claim to be operating all your business affairs as an American under the Public Law of your State of the Union.

Neither the Territorial Government nor the Municipal Government can continue to treat your NAME(S) the same way or under the same legal presumptions. You have returned their Municipal PERSON(S) to them, and now operate exclusively as an American State National.

In case you missed the play, you have used their own system against them. They created these THINGS “in your name” and used them to hypothecate debt against you and your assets. Now you have officially returned their property to them and made them responsible for the debts accrued, while establishing your own newly refurbished American State entities, which look identical, but which are functioning under the Public Law of your State of the Union and which are American VESSELS owed every jot of the Constitutional guarantees.

So you have the old JOHN MAYNARD SMYTHE who was a Pauper owned and operated by the Municipal United States Government, cast ashore in Puerto Rico and operated under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition, and you have the new JOHN MAYNARD SMYTHE — an American permanently domiciled in Ohio and operating under the Public Law of Ohio.

You have declared and recorded all this and given Notice of it and have the mailing receipts to prove that you carried through on it, so there is really no excuse for any judge or government official to presume anything more about it. You returned the Municipal STRAWMEN to the Municipal Government Officials responsible for them “without recourse”.

And from now on, you have redefined what “JOHN MAYNARD SMYTHE” is and the law “HE” operates under.

There is nothing to stop the existence of two “JOHN MAYNARD SMYTHES” just as there is no stopping the existence of two “Albert Michael Donaldsons”. The original Municipal PERSON was a “gift” to you, and you have every right to return the “gift” and to operate your own State franchises in your own name.

Understanding this is key to explaining it to a Judge or anyone else who comes after you and tries to force you to pay for the debts and crimes of a runaway municipal slave operating under a similar NAME.

“The DEFENDANT is a Municipal Corporation that I do not own or operate. I returned the ownership Certificate without recourse to a responsible Municipal Government Official effective July 11, 1966 (or whenever your actual birthday is) and named him to act as Fiduciary. These facts are all recorded and registered. If you have any problems related to IT, you will have to speak to him. I conduct all my business affairs privately under the Public Law of Ohio.”

As you can see, the issue is to say, “No, thank you.” to the “gift” of these Municipal Government franchises being operated “in your name”, and to then redefine the political status of any STRAWMEN that are associated with you, as private American entities.

Question 1:
In Anna’s “steps to take document” it suggests using a 9 digit code from the registred mail receipt to use as the TDA number however the format of the number on my receipt is just 20 numbers so it is not in the correct format. Where else can I find a 9 digit code to use in its place without accidentally using one that is already in use? I am stuck here because I can’t even get the A4v stamp I need made without having this first and I need it to put in the paperwork as well of course.

It should say “Registered Mail Label” — I am referring to the nine-digit number that appears on every red and white Registered Mail Label, but please note, we no longer use any “A4V” process because the UNITED STATES is now bankrupt and it is illegal to charge bankrupt entities.

Question 2:
On IRS Form 56 there is a box for “Identifying number” in the top row. I suspect this is my social security number however there is another box right after it labeled “Decedent’s social security no.” which is also the strawman I would think. Do I put my social security number in both of these? This seems odd. Also is it with or without dashes? The way it is worded it seems like the first would be without dashes and the second with dashes but I want to be sure.

The “identifying number” is the File Number on the Birth Certificate.

Question 3:
If I am accepting the title (birth certificate) as “payment” as the secured party why am I then giving it back to the government via the Secretary? Isn’t the whole point of doing this process to take it back from them through this process to put it into my ownership and control as the living man? If I accept it for value from the strawman then sign it over to the secretary don’t they own it again now? Even worse don’t they own it in a way that I can never retrieve it back (unlike it was originally) by doing this? In a previous explanation of this process I found it doesn’t suggest this:

When you endorse THEIR Birth Certificate and return it to them, you are exonerating yourself from the debts of their bankrupt Municipal franchise. You do not benefit from holding any ownership interest in their Municipal franchise. It is being used as a means to extract value from you and your assets, so give it back to those who issued it and thereby say, “No, thanks” to their offer.

“Then turn the BC over and on the back anywhere write: Pay to the Order of the United States of America, U.S. Treasury. Without Recourse. And again, write— by: Your Upper and Lower Case Signature, and date it.”

This returns the “value” of the Municipal Franchise — the debt — to the Territorial Treasury, where it has to be converted into credit held in your Name.


In a different set of instructions I have simply says to stamp it with the A4v stamp in this format:

By: (my name)
All Rights Reserved Without Recourse
Exemption ID: (my ss number no dashes)
Deposit to US Treasury the same to
(name and ss number)
Private Indemnity Bond # AMRI00001 Kentucky
Registered Treasury Acct. # (number)



What we are doing now is claiming the National Credit owed to each and every American and acting as the Priority Creditors in a bankruptcy. This is now being addressed to the “US Trustees” and they are being made liable for any failure to clear the books and return the credit owed to the Priority Creditors. What is debt for the Municipal franchises is credit owed to you.

What they have tried to do is to claim that you didn’t claim your credit and other assets, thereby giving them a chance to “make a claim on abandonment” and to “redistribute” your wealth to every corner of the globe while leaving you still responsible for the debts of these bogus Municipal franchises.

We have said, “To Hell with that!” and shoved it all back in their faces.

So get on board, do your best to get your own political status corrected, and join your State Assembly.

See this article and over 1900 others on Anna’s website here: www.annavonreitz.com

07 20 19 Loose Ends and Ties that Bind



 By Anna Von Reitz

As you can all perhaps begin to appreciate, there are things to be built up and things to be torn down, and all of it in concert.

This poses tremendous logistical challenges, especially when not everyone is aware of the need for change, the reasons for the change, nor aware of the authority backing the change.

Everyone clamoring for immediate relief and restitution must remember that this System has functioned on a “need to know” basis, often falsely claiming that these criminal activities were issues of “National Security” — without, however, explaining which “nation” and whose actual “security” was the cause of concern.

The workers implementing this vast web of lies and deceits are for the most part Useful Idiots, who have lived their entire lives within the confines of a highly compartmentalized “box”— doing what they are told, according to whatever assumptions they can derive.

My Readers know that when the banks advertise “Home Loans” they are soliciting us to loan them the use of our homes and other property assets so that they can make a profit —- not offering to loan us anything of theirs.

My Readers know that they don’t have a mortgage — the State of State organizations have mortgages that we are being enslaved to pay off for them, while they retain “title” to homes and lands that are ours, not theirs.

Just this morning I received a letter from an IRS Agent who has attempted to assume a “normal course of business” and that collecting taxes is a necessary evil and that the entire change that FDR implemented never happened.  In her mind, home loans are cash loans made to people who are borrowers, who are then obligated to pay these “home loans” back.  In her mind, taxes are collected to pay for government services.

She is operating in a mental state and under a system of assumptions that are almost a hundred years out of date.

She’s a Useful Idiot.

And there are millions of people like this, who are good enough people — they just don’t have a clue.  They all have to be contacted and re-educated and the rights, remedies, and reliefs have to be booted up and exemptions exercised ….and so much other work has to be done…. and guess who gets to do it?

You and me, Brother.

So don’t worry or let your hearts be troubled.  Just rise up every morning and do your best.  We are the change we want to see in the world, every single one of us.  Awaken the millions and the slumbering Giant will make quick work of turning all these lemons into lemonade.

I am here, working double-time, and we are all making progress.  The DOD is responsible for issuing the proper ID’s and Kurt Kallenbach has nailed them, if not to a cross to something solid enough to bear their weight in gold.  All this takes time and effort, folks.  Be patient.  Keep working.  Go Forward.  Work on the issues that you know about in your own lives and work together.

A small group of dedicated people focused upon exercising and retaining exemptions and rights that are already guaranteed to them, is more than sufficient to move any mountain in sight.

See this article and over 1900 others on Anna’s website here: www.annavonreitz.com