CHURCH ARISE During the Great Falling Away



A good sermon is well worth repeating.


Complimentary Story By Rob Pue

We live in amazing times.  For centuries, faithful Christians have studied God’s Word and marveled at what was foretold about the very days WE are living in right now.  It must have been hard to believe the depths of depravity, the wickedness and evil that was to come upon the world as the Earth drew closer to that glorious day of the Lord’s return.  Certainly history is filled with examples of evil so horrific one would think things could never get any worse.  Those who walked with Christ and watched Him ascend into heaven must have wondered too, WHEN their Lord would return to them, as He promised; even as they were persecuted, jailed, beaten, tortured and murdered in the most unimaginable ways.  Surely things could get no worse.

But they have.  Though none of us know the day or the hour, as we see all that has come upon the earth, and just how QUICKLY our culture has devolved to the darkest of depravities — even exponentially more so just over the past few years, SURELY our redemption draweth nigh.

Paul, guided by the Holy Spirit, instructed Timothy of what these days would be like.  He wrote:  Now the Spirit EXPRESSLY SAYS that in the latter days, some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, SPEAKING LIES in hypocrisy, having their own consciences seared as with a hot iron.”

Of course, Romans 1 reminds us that ALL MANKIND is without excuse, even those who claim to not believe in God.  Because in His mercy, our Creator has made Himself known to ALL — even the haters.  “For the wrath of God is revealed form heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness.  BECAUSE THAT WHICH MAY BE KNOWN OF GOD IS MANIFEST IN THEM, FOR GOD HAS SHOWN IT TO THEM!”

Yes, friends, God has even made Himself known to those who hate Him.  I often wonder, if atheists don’t believe there IS a God, why, then, do they HATE Him SO MUCH?  It’s because they KNOW, folks.  They know.  They’re just too prideful, too arrogant, too selfish and self-centered to bow to His authority, His love, mercy and wisdom.  They love the darkness and the evil and unbridled lust and want the “freedom” to do as they choose.  If they were to allow their minds to admit God is really there, I dare say they would go stark, raving mad because of the HUGE, HEAVY BURDEN OF GUILT… that dark, black cloud of guiltiness they live under every day of their lives.  And so they HAVE, indeed, gone stark, raving mad.  This is why  they fight Him — and all who love Him.  They rage and rebel and continue on in their evil lifestyles.  But make no mistake:  they KNOW.  Yes, they KNOW.  And that knowledge only serves to fuel their rage as they drift deeper into pure evil and insanity.

Paul goes on in Romans 1:  “For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made; even His eternal power and Godhead, SO THAT THEY ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE.”

This is one of the saddest chapters in all of Scripture.  Maybe because it clearly describes what our world has come to in our day.  Though our Lord was merciful and gracious to all, waiting with His arms wide open to receive all who would humbly repent and turn to Him, they chose instead, the darkness and death of the enemy of our souls.  We are seeing that today, folks, and there are consequences.  Verse 21:  “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified Him NOT as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations and their foolish hearts were darkened.”  Have you ever tried to have a logical conversation with a God-hater?  It is impossible.  They cannot comprehend what you’re saying.  Why?  Because they have become VAIN in their IMAGINATIONS, and their foolish hearts are darkened.  It’s not so much that they don’t WANT to understand.  It’s that they have been “given over,” by God Himself.  Their foolish hearts are darkened.  They CAN’T understand.  All they can do is rage, curse and swear.

They think themselves wise, but have actually become fools.  God gives them over to uncleanness, the lusts of their own hearts, and the natural progression of that is the degradation of their own bodies.  They change the truth of God into a lie.  And finally, God gives them over to vile affections; women with women, men with men, reaping the horrible sicknesses and diseases associated with unnatural, vile sexual relations.  God gives them over to reprobate minds, and they become FILLED with ALL unrighteousness.

Stop for a moment and consider:  If those who have rejected God have been GIVEN OVER to reprobate minds and are FILLED with ALL unrighteousness (as the Word clearly states), how much room does that leave within them for anything “good?”   The answer is NONE.  Because they are FILLED with ALL unrighteousness.  “FILLED means FILLED!  And ALL,” friends, means ALL.  There is no room left for anything good, holy or righteous.  Only pure evil.  Consumed with fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness, full of envy, murder, and deceit.  Their hatred of God only grows stronger.  Then they become PRIDEFUL, even going so far as to INVENT even more evil things out of the vanity of their own imaginations.

And so they are without understanding, without natural affection.  Not only do they have no natural affection for Holy Matrimony, but today they do not even have natural affection for their own babies and children.  The love of MANY has grown cold.   In their maliciousness and hatred for God, they even have the audacity to spit in His face, shake their fists in rage, and host enormous parades that celebrate ‘PRIDE’ — yes, not only engaging in unbelievable abominations, but even going so far as to celebrate such evil wickedness in front of God and the whole world, PRIDEFULLY.

What could possibly be worse?  Today in America and around the world, we kill our own babies and children, we defile our own bodies in sexual perversion, causing us to reap sickness, disease and death.  You would think that would be a “wake up call” to us, but NO.  Because THEN we go out and dance and party and CELEBRATE ALL OF THIS with PRIDE.  And today, the consciences of MOST have become so seared, the minds of MOST have become so reprobate that now even those who do NOT engage in all these abominations themselves not only approve of all these things, they celebrate pridefully along with those who do.

Back to Paul’s letter to Timothy.  He speaks of those who give heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, SPEAKING LIES in hypocrisy, having their own consciences seared as with a hot iron…  has anyone else noticed that the very ones who engage in and celebrate and promote acts of sexual depravity and abomination are the SAME ones who go out of their way to dig up dirt and point fingers of accusation at anyone who opposes their agenda or represents God?  If, in their minds, they believe that sexual perversion should be normalized, then why do they even CARE if a politician — ANY politician — had an illicit affair sometime in his past?

These prideful God-haters are also the first ones to point fingers at pedophile priests.  But if pedophilia is actually a GOOD thing, as many of them would like us to believe — (and make no mistake, the LGBTQ crowd IS indeed now pushing for the normalization of pedophilia) — but if child rape is so “wonderful,” in their minds, why do they even care about the scandal in the Roman Catholic church?  Talk about speaking lies in hypocrisy!  Talk about doctrines of demons!

Yes, it IS INDEED horrific when a so-called “minister of God” abuses a child in any way.  In my opinion, there is no punishment fitting enough for anyone who harms a child.  Jesus said it would be better for them to have a millstone tied around their neck and be cast into the deepest part of the sea.  Yet today, MOST so-called “ministers of God” in our Institutional Churches — and yes I’m talking about ALL Institutional churches — mainline denominations and every color and shade of protestant as well — couldn’t care LESS about the murder of God’s most precious creations: those tiny babies who are murdered in their mothers’ wombs.  And let’s be clear here.  This is not a quick and painless death these babies suffer.  DOGS are “put down” more humanely than babies are killed in abortions… While God Himself is lovingly, tenderly, and carefully knitting these little ones together in their mothers’ wombs, the abortionist comes along and (for a HEFTY FEE), either burns the baby to death with chemicals or rips them limb from limb, or stabs a knife in the back of their head and then uses a vacuum to suck out their brains.

I am sorry to be so graphic here.  But I cannot understand WHY IT IS that Christian so-called “Pastors” simply cannot be bothered to care about this, much less lift a FINGER to do anything about it… not even speak on the topic from the pulpit, for fear of offending a paying pew-sitter.

I will NOT be as graphic when it comes to sodomy.  You can figure that out for yourself.  But there is nothing to be PROUD of when it comes to male-on-male sex.  You can dress up in rainbow colors and dance and celebrate as much as you want.  But when you get down to the reality of the thing, you’re talking about sodomy.  And I cannot understand WHY IT IS that Christian so-called “Pastors” simply cannot be bothered to care about this, much less lift a FINGER to do anything about it… not even speak on the topic from the pulpit, for fear of offending a paying pew-sitter.

Our world has devolved into utter debauchery.   There was a time, not very long ago, when what we are seeing today would be unthinkable.  Yet God’s Word predicted it long ago.  There was a time, not so long ago, when God’s CHURCH served as a restraining influence against all this.  But not anymore.  The so-called “church” has been neutered by political correctness and a desire to please men more than God.

Second Thessalonians reminds us that the Day of the Lord will NOT come until the great “falling away” comes first.  I submit to you that THAT day is here NOW.   The ravening wolves like Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, and Rob Bell pale in comparison to what we are seeing right now, all across the broad spectrum of Christendom.  As evidence, I point to the many so-called “Christian churches” that now ordain practicing lesbians and homosexual men as “pastors.”  They not only approve of so-called “same sex marriage,” they even perform the ceremonies and celebrate with them in their so-called “churches.”

The Christian pastors in America that will speak out against sodomy and abortion — or even teach the simple truths about these things from the Word of God — are less than 1%.  To say nothing of leading their flocks out of their four walls to be salt and light and fight the evil.  Every day now, we see more news stories about the apostasy taking place in nearly EVERY denomination.  It’s no longer just the ELCA, the United Methodists, the United Church of Christ, the Presbyterian Church USA.  The great falling away is in full swing, and MOST denominations are on the broad road to hell.

And so it’s time now for the TRUE Church to ARISE!  And I believe that that TOO, is starting to take place.  TRUE Christians are coming out of the “whoredom” of modern day “churchianity.”   They are no longer content with the vain, powerless form of religion practiced in most of the “stained glass fortresses” in every town.  They are exiting in droves, leaving only the tares and goats still inside.  A powerful work of the Holy Spirit is taking place, as the hearts of God’s true Remnant Believers are awakened.  They can no longer tolerate the nonsense.  They yearn for something more, something real.  Their hearts cry out for God, and God is calling them OUT to be His witnesses!

And in such a time as this, these Remnant Believers are gathering together — October 17th through the 20th for an event called “CHURCH ARISE – OPERATION SAVE WISCONSIN.”  This is a cooperative effort of four ministries:  Wisconsin Christian News, Operation Save America, the Salt and Light Brigade and Missionaries to the Preborn.  Four ministries, two cities, four days.  We begin Wednesday evening at 6 pm in Marshfield, Wisconsin.  We will have incredible speakers to inform, educate and challenge you to rise up as true soliders of the cross and push back the forces of darkness enveloping our world.

But this is not just all talk and no action.  We will also be taking to the streets to hand-deliver packages to thousands of homes.  Packages containing an abundance of powerful information, designed to wake the people from their slumber and give THEM an action plan as well as a choice: to stand for God and righteousness, or to take the dark side.  On Friday we will move to Milwaukee, where we will once again go to the very gates of hell and do our best to rescue babies from slaughter at a local killing center.  We will have rallies and speakers every evening, and action every day.

Will you join us?  You will meet Christians from all over America and you’ll find true fellowship with like-minded believers, make life-long friendships, and most importantly of all, you will be making a REAL DIFFERENCE as you learn to minister to the lost and perishing while serving your King as He has commanded us all to do.  Call me for more information.  But do it TODAY. Time is short.  The harvest in the field is great, but the workers are few.

03 30 19 Amorica and America


 By Anna Von Reitz

When I was in Third Grade we were studying Early American History.  It came right after a three-week session on the Spanish Conquest and the European colonization of the Caribbean, Meso-America, and Mexico.  Whew!  I was thinking I knew more about South America than North America when my teacher, Mrs. Sampson (an otherwise reliable adult) told me that America was named after an Italian mapmaker called Amerigo Vespucci.

No doubt most of the rest of you have been told this same ridiculous lie?   There are probably school teachers reading this who are still teaching this same drivel?

America is named after Amorica, a region of far western France facing the English Channel and more or less directly east of Northumbria, the ancient ancestral home of the Amoricans,

The Amoricans come from coastal Normandy and they are the ones who discovered and populated North America — hence the name, “America” is just an English transliteration of the French Tribal Name, Amorica.

This is an inconvenient fact because the Amoricans have always been allied with the King of Gaul and the same Barons of Normandy who beat the crap out of England in 1066.

The King of Gaul’s home has always been the Auvergne province of France, where the ruins of Camelot (“the charmed land”) are, where Lancelot returned after the disaster of King Arthur fame.

There is a very good reason why Camelot has never been found in Britain and never will be. It’s not there.  It’s French, not British.  Look at the words: “Camelot” and “Lancelot”.   Think that is just a coincidence?  Do those look like British words?

Amorica and America.  Lancelot and Camelot.

The common people of England captured the story of Arthur’s Round Table and kept it alive and Anglicized it, though none of the principals in the whole story were English.

Arthur was the grandson of a brutal Irish privateer who conquered a large segment of modern day Wales.  Not English.  Guinnivere, the White Owl, was Celtic French, part of the same ruling family as Lancelot; she was heir of the Kingdom of Powys in central England. Not an Englishman among them.

But they were all greatly impacted by the Roman occupation of England and by the arrival of Christianity and they were all allied against the invading Norsemen who ravaged the coasts of both England and France.

We know the truth. The Holy See knows the truth.  There are plenty of others still alive upon the Earth who know the truth, too.  Why don’t you?

So when I am told (with a straight face) that the Vatican owns the name “America” and by assumption, owns this whole country — I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Are we all so gullible as to believe this?

Let me tell you all for a fact and for your profit, the Amoricans were a Celtic Tribe and had their name before the City of Rome was founded.

The English knew the “Americans” and traded with them long, long before Julius Caesar arrived in England.

The land of the Amoricans in Normandy was never conquered by Rome.  Quite the opposite. They allied with the Visigoths and kicked Roman butt clear back across the Rubicon.  They sacked Rome and carried the plunder clear to China.

The whole idea that the Holy See — or their Property Managers at the Vatican– either one, have any valid claim to own the name “America” is the kind of Big Lie that makes one suck in breath just because it is so wildly audacious and so completely bogus.

It makes the Amerigo Vespucci Whopper look small by comparison.

Remember that you are dealing with those who worship The Father of All Lies.  Take nothing they say seriously.  Look diligently for the truth in all things.

The Belle Chers and the Amoricans / Americans have never been conquered in war by the Romans, by the Holy See, or the Holy Roman Empire, either.

Guilleroi de Lancelot du Lac (Lancelot’s actual name) handed them their heads in 506 AD.  William the Conqueror did the same in 1066 AD.  And William Belcher did the same in 1781 AD.

Three times and out.  They have no legs left to stand on.

And so, why do you suppose the Marquis de Lafayette came to our aid during the Revolution?  Because he was the French Heir to the King of Gaul from the same ancient Kingdom of the Auvergne, Camelot.  He came to the aid of his kinsman, William Belcher.

And together, they beat the Vermin bloody once again.

It is tiresome to even speak of all this.  It is settled and done and well-won and over.  We are not going to go through any more terrestrial argument over this. Our King, the true King of Heaven, the Creator, is triumphant; the Liars are just Liars, as they were and are and always have been.

As a good polite child, I didn’t tell my teacher, Mrs. Sampson, that she was full of #$%$# —– but that does not change the fact that I knew she was.  And now you know it, too.

America is named for our ancestral homeland, Amorica. And nobody owns that “copyright” but us.

All men are set free to know and be their Divine Heritage. Nothing on Earth, no Lie, no Deceit, no Venal Sin is left to betray what will be.

Know this, all you people of the Earth: Our flesh is nothing.  Our spirit is everything.  We burn clear through the lies like so much brush waiting to be consumed.  Let those Liars come.  Let them come and see what their lies will merit before the King of Kings.

A Further Insight About Amorica

This comment came in from a reader who is considerably more familiar with the Celtic language than I am. I had always thought that “Amor” might be another transliteration of “Amour”— French for “Love” but now find out it means “Heavenly”, which is certainly aligned with Love….
Consider the implications of the “Heavenly Kingdom” never conquered by Rome, never controlled by the Catholic Church, expanding and flourishing on a whole new Continent?
No wonder the Roman Catholic Pontiff hated it and sought to undermine it.
And now my Reader’s Quote:
“If one should check the true meaning of America in the Celtic language you will find that it is broken into two separate words, “amer” = heavenly, and “rika” = kingdom or nation. Thus America is the Heavenly Kingdom to finally be set up in the earth as it is in heaven, which is part of the prayer given as how to pray, the “Our Father which art in heaven…..”
Let us fulfill the destiny of our True Name and Heritage, and the name of our Capitol city, Philadelphia.
(Of course, the Capitol of the Heavenly Kingdom is The City of Brotherly Love.  It makes perfect sense throughout, just as it always does when the True Lord of Heaven puts his hand to something on Earth.)
Rise up, you Remnant, returning to the land after the Great Tribulation (Tribute paid to Rome).  Let your feet hasten and your hearts be glad, because despite the ravages and destruction wrought by our enemies and the enemies of the True God, we have survived and remained intact and the land is here for us to come home to.
Take up your work with peaceful hearts knowing that the scourge has come and gone and will not rest on us again.
It will rest on our Enemies and give them no rest until the Final Hour of the current world has come to pass.
Pray, then, for the Earth and all the people on it.  Pray for the restoration and truth that is so desperately needed.  Pray for the permanent removal of the Evil Ones, the Liars who have made lying for profit the object of their days.
Step forward with courage and with faith to reclaim and restore your great nation.  Leave no stone unturned in your efforts.  Come now, as children who have been kidnapped and enslaved, returning home to your righteous kingdom and your Good Name.
Establish your Will in these matters by recording your paperwork on the Public Record, reclaiming your Good Name and returning it to the land and soil you are heir to.
What began in Amorica so long ago, let it come to fruition here, so that the Heavenly Kingdom is established before all men and all bear witness to the Truth.

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03 30 19 American. Proud of It.


By Anna Von Reitz

I woke up in the middle of the night with a message ringing in my ears—-don’t feel bad.

There have always been those who preach false Gospels.

No matter how the Sons of Satan twist your words and misrepresent you, Anna, it’s nothing they haven’t done before —and about far greater issues.  Be comforted.  You are suffering now, but the fault is theirs.

Thank you, Lord. That puts things back in perspective.  Yes, the Liars have done far worse things than lie about me and US Citizenship.

That said and fully admitted–you must ask yourselves– why would anyone discourage me from claiming to be an American?

Why would they try to make you afraid of doing that?

— To rob you of your birthright.

— To avoid paying you back.

— To subject you to foreign laws.

— To have a reason to arrest you.

If they can confuse you about who and what you are– if they can get you to claim “US Citizenship” instead of American State Citizenship, they win the lottery and you lose.

If they can keep you clinging to US Citizenship you will have to share their debts –all the woes of Babylon will be yours.  And they know it.

They want you to believe that you are $21 trillion in debt, instead of being what you are– the Priority Creditors of that debt.

You are either bankrupt or one of the wealthiest people on Earth.

And it all hinges on one thing.

Are you an American or a US Citizen?

You are either owed all the guarantees of the Constitution or not.

And that hinges on this simple choice –are you an American or not?

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03 30 19 The American National Credit


By Anna Von Reitz

For those of you who missed my partial run-down of what Americans are owed, you should all know that Americans are owed back the National Credit, about $21 trillion dollars worth of credit that has already been earned and which stands on the books of the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE.

How did this American National Credit Accrue?

For over a 100 years (1913 to date) we have been exchanging our actual goods, natural resources, and labor for I.O.U.s — Promissory Notes called “Federal Reserve Notes”.  We have never been paid.

Via this mechanism, a vast National Debt has been accumulated by the United States [Inc.] and its corporate franchises known as “Citizens of the United States”.  There has also been a very substantial debt accrued by the British Territorial Government doing business “the” United States of America and its corporate franchises known as “United States Citizens”.

Taken together, this accounts for the “US National Debt”, of about $21 trillion dollars, which is owed entirely by these two kinds of “US Citizens”.

We, Americans, have been falsely and purposefully misidentified as “US Citizens” with the clear object of making us responsible for paying the US Debt.  At the same time, we have been declared “missing” and “legally dead” so as to prevent us from claiming all the credit that is in fact owed to us.

It’s a commercial fraud scheme designed to exchange pieces of paper for actual goods and services and never have to pay back anything to the victims.

But in fact, we are very much alive and we are Americans and we were –for most of us anyway—never knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily acting as US Citizens.  We are owed the $21 trillion National Credit.

Why is the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE involved and holding our credit?

This goes back to the Lieber Code issued as General Order 100 in 1863.  It replaced “all law” and became the law of the British Territorial Government. Among other things, it made the US Army responsible for protecting our money— but as they were also spending our money, there was a natural conflict of interest involved.

So, they passed off the actual bookkeeping to their co-workers in the Municipal United States Government— the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. As a result, a gigantic “Foreign Credit” began building up on the books of the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE.

This “Foreign Credit” is largely owed to us.  It represents the “US National Debt” on one side of the ledger, and the American National Credit on the other side of the ledger.

The problem is, we have never been able to access our credit.

It was simply locked up on the false pretense that we were all “dead” and all our individual credit-side ACCOUNTS were closed, while debts continued to accrue against our fraudulently probated ESTATES.

Just like what happens when someone dies and their estate is probated, financial transactions continue after their death.  Bills continue to come in and credits continue to accrue —- sometimes for a long time.

That’s the “system” they have been using to pretend that we are dead on one hand, and yet still allow themselves to have access to our falsely constructed “ESTATES” on the other.

To finesse this Gross Breach of Trust and financial fraud,  they declared us “Authorized Representatives” of our own ESTATES and held us responsible for paying all debts of the ESTATES—- without, however, giving us access to all the credit owed to us to offset these ESTATE debts.

Thus the Foreign Credit owed to us continued to accumulate on the books of the DOD and the US Debt also continued to grow — and the Municipal Government strong-arm racketeered us to pay up debts we never owed under the false pretense that we were all knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily acting as United States Citizens—unpaid volunteers, no less.

Of course, the perpetrators indoctrinated us to “assume” that we were “US Citizens” from an early age.  They changed our political status records while we were still babies in our cradles and used coercion and semantic deceit to do it.  In this way, by identity theft, mis-characterization, falsification of records, semantic deceit, impersonation, and probate fraud,  they “killed off” all the Americans who are owed credit, and left nothing but the debt-bearing “US Citizens” behind.

So they could wallow like cats in cream, give us Monopoly Money I.O.U.s that cost next to nothing for them to produce, and receive actual goods and labor in exchange.  It was the ultimate capitalist dream.

Something for nothing.

And the Federal Reserve acting in collusion with Cede and Company and the DTTC and WIPO and the US Patent and Trademark Office orchestrated all of it.  We have the complete story and all the goods on all of them.

For over a hundred years the mysterious Foreign Credit kept on growing in the dark….and the “US National Debt” kept accruing.

I almost hear the theme from “JAWS” playing in the background….

To make a long story short — I observed that in a debt-credit system, it is impossible to accrue a debt.  All transactions in such a system are zero-sum transactions. For every debt, an answering credit is created.

So like the old woman in the “Where’s the beef?” commercial, I started the Hounds of Hell on a mission to find out, “Where’s the American National Credit?”

We found it in 2011.  It’s being held (and held up) by the Municipal DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE and managed by the Seven Grumpy Old Men — the Military Bankers responsible for the Office of Military Settlements/OMS in California.

They have this Albatross of criminal mismanagement firmly anchored around their respective necks and are still too stubborn to face the facts and return the credit where its due — to the hard-working people of this country and their lawful government, The United States of America [Unincorporated].

Some things you can’t go back to not knowing once you know them.  This is one of those things.

In order for them to pay you back the credit that is already accrued and owed to you, you have to “come back from the dead” — return “from across the seas (of BS paperwork)”— and record your presence on the land and soil as an American, born and bred.

You have to raise your hand and say, “Hey, a mistake has been made. I’m an American State National (or American State Citizen).  I’m not any kind of US Citizen.”

And that is what we are doing by the hundreds, by the thousands, and soon by the millions.

Here’s the irony.

The DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE can wipe out most of the combined US Debt simply by transferring the credit to our lawful government and letting us establish a Credit Voucher system for Americans to offset debts.

The US Citizens would be happy, because all that US Debt would fall away off their shoulders.

The Americans would be happy, because they would also be free of debts that they have never in fact owed.

This is just one of multiple fraud schemes and false claims associated with our assets. There’s more.  A lot more.  And it is time for a reckoning.

What can you do?

Become aware.  Wake up.  Smell the java.

If you aren’t actually a Federal Civilian or Military Employee — and receiving a payroll check — you have zero reason to adopt any form of “US Citizenship”. Your actual government is still here, still waiting for you to claim your true identity as an American.

There’s some paperwork to fill out and record.  Go to: , Article 928, go to: .

There’s some “technical issues” — like new passports and travel cards instead of “Driver Licenses” and cancellation of registrations to be resolved.

There are vacant offices to be filled.

There are State Assemblies to fully populate.  State Courts to be staffed.

Federal-level States of States need to be reconstructed.

No doubt, there’s a lot of work in front of us, but we know where we are going and basically, how to get there.

Once you have your paperwork on the record and your private records in order, it’s time to “Sign In”.  Go to: .

We are building the national data base of Americans who have come home to the land and soil — both American State Nationals and American State Citizens.

This data base will allow The United States of America [Unincorporated] to reclaim the assets we are owed and provide the political basis for Americans to take peaceful and proper action in their own behalf to: (1) reclaim all the constitutional guarantees; (2) enforce the Public Law; (3) enforce our international and commercial remedies; (4) pre-screen people eligible to receive Credit Vouchers to offset US Debt; (5) negotiate and issue proper passports, travel cards, and tax exemption certificates; (6) operate the republican form of government we are owed.

We have plenty of slaves clinging to their chains as if they were security blankets, trying to scare everyone into accepting the status quo and going for another round of the same old fraud scheme, while they themselves hide behind fake names like “Merlin” or “Virgo Triad” or “Sun-Tzu”.

If I were trying to sell what these agents are pushing, I’d be hiding behind a fake name, too.

But I am not hiding.  I am standing here on my own and telling you the God’s Honest Truth.

Chances are that you are and have always been an American, not any kind of US Citizen at all.

Chances are that you are owed more credit than you can even imagine, and shouldn’t be paying any debts at all.  No utility bills, either.

Oh.  And by the way — what happens to the American National Credit if you don’t stand up, get organized, and claim it?  The commercial banks are pushing to have it all declared “abandoned funds” and given away as a sop to cover their sins.

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03 30 19 Why So Many Lies and So Many Liars?


By Anna Von Reitz

Here we are, at the end of over two years of the most shameful, public, politically motivated witch hunt in our history, and all focused against Donald Trump.  He must be doing something profoundly right.

And all this time, it has been painfully clear that Hillary Clinton and her State Department and Harry Reid, actually have colluded with the Russians and sold them 20% of America’s Uranium.

Once again, the Liars accused their victim of exactly what they were doing themselves.

I want them charged.  I want them jailed.

I want the big media conglomerates responsible for promoting this gigantic Lie Fest broken up into a hundred thousand little pieces and sued into oblivion.

It couldn’t happen to nicer people.  Just take a long look at the harm they have done with their lies and political agendas.

And when the media empires are busted as monopolies and are re-sold, I want the pieces sold to Americans.  I want American Air Waves and American Media to be American.

Even as this is all playing out, we are seeing more Liars oozing out of the woodwork in swarms.  As I said to a friend this morning — “Must be their mating season.”

They are everywhere, lying desperately about anything and everything and everyone.  And they think that they can get away with this….. and nobody is going to notice that they are spewing hokum?

Let’s review:

(1) They accuse their victims of doing what they are doing themselves.

(2) They attach derogatory labels to their victims.

(3) They gossip like teenagers.

(4) They act behind false names and false fronts.

(5) They make people feel paranoid.

(6) They deliberately misrepresent people and facts.

(7) They make unaccountable accusations and omissions.

(8) They have no morals or scruples whatsoever.

Why are they lying about me?  The same reason they are lying about Donald Trump: money.

They know that if we follow through and properly assemble our States of the Union, their Big Party at our expense is done and over.

There are two reasons for this.  First, our States are competent to govern all by themselves, with or without restoring any Federal-level States of States.

Second, if we finish the “Reconstruction” and re-charter Federal-level States of States that work for our American States, the endless “emergency” and claims of “war powers” and all the rest of the Shinola will be over.

American Service Providers will take over the Federal Contracts and the Brits and the Holy Roman Empire will no longer be able to manipulate and control and siphon American resources.

The money we spend on Federal Services will stop being sucked off to benefit foreign interests and will stay at home, where it will benefit the American States and People instead.

Trillions of dollars of service contracts will go to new service providers.  American service providers.  Imagine that?

Of course, the Brits and the Papists are desperate and throwing every lie in their repertoire at us.  Of course, they are accusing me of what they are doing themselves. Of course, they are labeling and trying to demean me.

And these are, after all, the same people that stole your identity when you were just a baby in your crib.  These are the same ones who routinely pretend that you are “dead” while they are administering your probated estate in court right in front of you.  These are the same vermin that refuse to pay you offset credit you are owed.  These are the same Filth that oppress you under color of law.  These are the same Liars that have all but destroyed our country.

And they don’t even tell you their names.  They hide behind nicknames like “Virgo Triad” which actually means “Taxing Pitchfork”.  Well, if you haven’t been taxed enough….just listen to her.

Turn your Shinola Sensors on.  And leave them on.   It’s mating season for Liars.

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03 29 19 Carts and Horses – A MUST READ!


By Anna Von Reitz


The best way to describe this situation with the national assembly effort  is that the cart is getting in front of the horse. That is what The American States Assembly is correcting.

You have to assemble the actual States BEFORE you assemble any States of States (the Confederation States), because the States are the entities that charter the States of States (Confederate “States”).  The States of States cannot charter themselves.

Assembling the actual States requires us to “return” to the land and soil jurisdiction.  The States cannot be operated from the sea or the air jurisdiction of the corporations, just like you can’t be on a boat in the middle of the ocean and plow a field.

We have to do the paperwork to explicitly “return” to the land and soil, because we have almost all been misidentified as “US Citizens” and  US Citizens are precluded from operating the actual States of the Union.

Why?  They are all operating in the jurisdiction of the sea (Territorial) or the jurisdiction of the air (Municipal) and cannot operate our land and soil jurisdiction— they are like those sailors out at sea or balloonists drifting through the sky.  When they try to reboot the Federal States of States our States are owed, all they accomplish is setting up a new franchise for their own foreign parent corporations.

They can’t reconstruct our Federal States of States because they don’t populate our land and soil jurisdiction.   You have to come home from the sea or finish your balloon trip before you can put your hand to the plow.

So Job One in the process is making sure that everyone gets their own paperwork in place so that they can officially and properly operate as State Citizens.

Job Two is organizing the State Assemblies and getting everyone educated and up to speed and signed in at , so that all those who do the paperwork are pre-approved to receive Credit Vouchers to offset STRAWMAN debts—- both State Nationals and State Citizens. This isn’t important to the “State” per se, but it is important to millions of Americans who have labored under a debt burden they don’t actually owe.

Job Three is determining whether or not an actual Federal State of State was ever chartered by your State.  Those States that were States prior to 1860 all chartered Confederation States ( States of States )  so you may be sure that Pennsylvania chartered an original corporation doing business as The State of Pennsylvania  (Notice that “The” is capitalized and is part of the Proper Name).

You then have a Pennsylvania Assembly Vote to Amend and Restore the Charter of The State of Pennsylvania to guarantee the abolition of slavery and involuntary servitude, guaranteeing equal rights and protections of the law for women, establishing protection for minors forbidding child labor, kidnapping, human trafficking and all similar other crimes against minors and incompetent persons, including provisions against improper probate of their estates, outlawing undisclosed contracting practices and unconscionable contracts, and explicitly adopting the principles and directives of The Unanimous Declaration of Independence of the united States of America, July 4, 1776 as the Public and Organic Law under which The State of Pennsylvania operates in concert with The Constitution for the united States of America, 1787.

This effectively brings forward and updates the original Charter of the Federal State of State operating as The State of Pennsylvania and officially puts it back in play.

Other States that were created after the Civil War have no such Charters to Amend and have to start from scratch.

The essential difference between this process and forming any other kind of corporation is that it is taking place directly by the State itself under a Sovereign Charter, thus this Charter is issued directly  by Pennsylvania via the properly constituted Pennsylvania Assembly and is NOT issued by any “State of Pennsylvania” organization.

The original Confederation met in New York City.  It may be somewhat difficult to locate the original Federal State of State Charter.   If you can’t find the original to amend or never had a Federal State of State Charter because that level of our government stopped functioning before your State was formed, the Assembly will still be issuing a Sovereign Charter in the same way, you simply won’t have the underlying documents to work from.

Most of the Territorial States of States which have been in operation since the end of the Civil War have records in their archives which were used to set up proxy State Trusts which they then controlled in a proprietary role “for” the actual States.  Each case will be a little different and organizers will need to go to the State Librarians and Archives to look for charter documents creating the State Trusts and looking for the original Federal State of State Charters.

We can find enough of these original Confederation Charters to get a good flavor of the structure of these original now-“missing” Federal States of States and we can develop templates that cover the essential updates necessary to reconstruct them.

Once that is done the Federal Branch of the Federal Government will be fully restored.  The Territorial United States and the Municipal United States Branches of the Federal Government will no longer have any excuse for claiming that there is any “emergency” or that any part of our government is “missing” or being “held in abeyance”.

Completing the Reconstruction is obviously a very important part of reclaiming and restoring our lawful Government as it was intended to function and establishing the Checks and Balances the Founders built into it  –but always bear in mind that our actual Government which is vested entirely in the living people of each state, has never ceased to be and to function, regardless of the condition of the Federal commercial corporations that are supposed to be running and directing the Federal Government functions.

The Confederate States of States are businesses that are supposed to provide our States and People with services according to the constitutional agreements, owned and operated by the States themselves, but they are still just corporations like other corporations.  They are not sovereign entities.  When they shut down and failed to operate or be replaced in the wake of the Civil War, all powers delegated to them reverted to the States and People who issued their charters in the first place by Operation of Law.

Our States therefore retained the ability to conduct all necessary business both in international trade and in commerce.  We simply didn’t realize what the Territorial and Municipal branches of the Federal Government had done to usurp upon us and substitute their own States of States for the States of States that we are owed and which our States are supposed to own and operate.

I hope that you can now see the logic of everything presented and that everyone you share this with can see the road map, too.

There isn’t much to argue over, except apparently (1) the issue of US Citizens being included in State Assemblies and (2) the order of operations.  As you can now see, the States have to be properly populated and organized first in order for them to set up a valid committee of the States, and then, they have to act as States to re-charter and update their Confederate States of States under Sovereign Charters issued as Sovereign Letters Patent directly by each State.

The reason that I surmise that this relatively simple process has been so difficult for us to get through is that these Confederate States of States will be in receipt of billions upon billions of dollars worth of service contracts that will benefit our States of the Union instead of going off-shore to benefit other countries, and if we succeed in this reconstruction, the Territorial and Municipal Service Providers will lose a very significant amount of those service contracts and the money that goes with them.  This is why we have had Federal—meaning British Territorial and Municipal Agents— attempting to co-opt, mis-direct, confuse, and otherwise interfere with our process so as to: (1) invalidate our efforts or (2) derail our efforts or (3) co-opt our efforts so that the end result is merely to set up a new Territorial or Municipal franchise for them.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I prefer to keep the bulk of Federal business in American hands, benefiting American businesses and helping to provide infrastructure and services to improve the lives of our People and better manage the resources of our States.  I am sick of having the Hired Help running amok, racketeering, throwing us into jail under color of law, promoting probate fraud against infants, kidnapping, and trafficking Americans into foreign and unnatural jurisdictions of international law.  And I am sick of seeing what is passing for our “Federal Government”  acting as a giant sucking straw to siphon money our of our economy to benefit foreign interests.

As an American, I have every right to rebuild and restore my lawful government and hold both the Queen and the Pope to their actual obligations.  I have every right to finish the Reconstruction that should have happened in 1865.  And I am determined to see it done, done right, and done in such a way as it works and nobody has any right in the world to complain about our conduct of our own business.

Those who feel the same way and who realize the vital importance of doing what needs to be done, should be aware of the self-interested activities of the foreign commercial corporations that stand to lose money that we — our States and our People — stand to gain.  This is why they have pulled out all the stops and are lying about me and my intentions and the veracity of what I am telling you.  I have an American Agenda to fulfill and they have British and Holy Roman Empire goals in mind.  So they throw mud at me all day long and try to get everyone confused and scared and unable to make progress.

But now I have told you what has to be done and I trust that I have adequately explained why it has to be done and what is at stake and how things are supposed to function.  As each one of us gets the picture firmly in mind and starts acting upon it, I become less and less important and the mission itself becomes more and more clear.  Millions of Americans have been victimized terribly by this “System”.  They don’t know who to trust or how to get out of the misery these foreign commercial corporations have caused —- I understand their paranoia.  At the same time, there is a logic and a history and plainly observable facts, and those are what everyone must depend upon and act upon.

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03 28 19 Over 1700 Articles in Four and a Half Years.


From Paul Stramer

In just 4 years and 6 months I have published well over 1700 articles and related documents for Anna Von Reitz on this blog and on her website at That is not a typo.  Seventeen Hundred articles.  The website is now a giant archive of information, much of which is just flat not available anywhere else.  I have upgraded the search features on the blog and website to help you find what you need.

We are now getting over 20 thousand page loads per week, and as high as 35 thousand page loads some weeks on the two sites.  As of today we have had well over 1.4 Million visits to her website.
We have also had over 6 Million people visit the blog. Just last month alone we had 163,688 visits to the blog at .

We have well over 5400 subscribers to our email announcement list now, and many of those have large email lists of their own and routinely send Anna’s articles to many other people.

In a google search for Anna Von Reitz today I got 1.06 Million results in .38 of a second. I am thinking we are going into a momentum phase where the world will really find out the truth about the massive fraud that we have been subjected to for 150 years or more.

We are now compartmentalizing our work.  It’s way too much for one or two people to handle.

I will continue to publish the articles and documents as Anna sends them, which requires spell checking, formatting, proof reading, and other chores involved in the publishing. I will also continue to update the websites as required to build a larger presence on the world wide web for our efforts.

I will also continue to moderate the blog, answer email questions and phone calls, sell and ship flags, and flash drives or DVDs with the website on them, and I will continue to try to make sure the information gets where it needs to go with promotions on traffic sites and search engines.

Some of the new chores will be handled by other supporters who are also volunteering their skills.

The new chores include the following.

1. Making sure people who need help can get to a real individual who is familiar with the process of the status correction necessary to claim your heritage back. For that help you need to fill out the Blue form to Get Help at the bottom of Anna’s page on the right side.  You will get a phone call to start the process within about 48 hours at the phone number you put in the form.
Be sure to thank Shirley for this service when she calls. She will have a website for this also at some point.

2. For those of you who feel confident that you can fill out and record the documents yourself you can go to . That website has instructions and all the documents in an easy format.
There is a contact form link in the upper right corner if you need to find something you are not sure of.  Be sure to thank Jocelyne for all her hard work programming that website.

3. Weekly Webinar/conference call, moderated by Teri Sahm.  This takes some real preparation and hard work to pull off.  Thanks to Teri and Anna for doing this.
Here is the information to get on the webinar/call.

Every Monday at 6 pm Pacific – 7 pm Mountain – 8 pm Central- 9 pm Eastern

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  1. Contact The American States Assemblyfor your area or ask questions about that effort here:   The website will answer many of your questions about the State Assemblies, but you can also use the contact form at the bottom of that page.5. For the information on National Debt Relief you should study the information at this website.     Remember that this is a process that doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t happen one by one. This is a long range project to get a lot of people working in unison to make this very bad situation of debt go away permanently for EVERYONE.  It will take a lot of participation and that is what this site is for.  The website is self explanatory. There is a way on the site to ask questions.

    We are trying to build a huge “spiderweb” of connected websites for this effort that will enable us to get this found on search engines all around the world. We are on our way, but we need your help to make it happen.

    Please  know that I am in this full time, and spend about 8 to 9 hours per day in this office promoting the work at hand.  I have never asked Anna for a penny for doing this, and I have sent some donations from time to time when we had a little extra. Also I have not asked her readers for donations for well over a year now.

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    In any case, please consider doing something to help this effort to spread Anna’s words world wide.

    Thanks and God Bless you, one and all.

    Paul Stramer  406 889 3183

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