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By Anna Von Reitz

Every day of every week of every month my email and snail mail boxes are plugged solid with people writing to me for help.  I get plagued with every kind of problem you can imagine, and often with people who misunderstand my role as judge and mistake me for an admiralty or maritime tribunal judge.  I also get a lot of nasty correspondence from people mistaking me as a ringleader supporting some kind of Vatican take-over, when in fact the take over happened at the Council of Nicaea many hundreds of years ago and then as now, I had nothing to do with it.

Through it all there is a common theme—“Help! Help! I am just waking up and I need to do something to get out of this trap I am in!”

So I am posting this good advice once again.  Go to YouTube and watch the videos being posted by the Lighthouse Law Club.  Three foundational videos will more than get you started.  In about three hours, Mark Emery and his cohorts will provide you with the basics you need.  Just go to YouTube and watch:  “Changing Legal Status– Practical Matters”, “Winning in Court — Status, Standing, and Agency”, and “Claiming Ownership”.

These are the cleanest, fastest, most accessible and simplest yet most complete video presentations covering this information I have ever seen anywhere and I highly recommend that everyone take the time to listen.  Even experienced people will find gold nuggets, and for Newbies, it is the Motherlode.  You can waste weeks pouring over hundreds of other videos by worthy researchers who can’t talk, who can’t present information in a concise, logical manner, or who are too deep in the weeds to describe the forest— or you can save yourselves a lot of trouble and watch the Lighthouse Law Club videos and get it all straight in your mind as 1, 2, 3…. and all for free.

Please consider joining the Lighthouse Law Club and/or supporting their excellent work with donations.  No matter who you are or what issues you are facing, you will benefit from the whole process of discovery, sharing, and conversation that goes on among club members.  They are making strong progress because they are working together in forums devoted to specific concerns including foreclosures, false arrests, freedom to travel, child custody, and all the rest.

There is another very worthy research group that has by far most, if not all, its ducks in order though they tend not to be as concise and organized and that is They have some great videos available on YouTube, too.  The one I most recently watched is called “Stopping A Court Case in Sixty Seconds”.

I am sure that there are a great many people in America right now who either need or want to do that, so I highly recommend that you tune in and listen to what they have to say.

Finally, one of the cornerstone deceptions and acts of fraud that are a part of every court case being tried by these corporate tribunals involves the use of “glosses”— which are foreign sign language elements embedded in English text to create a deliberately false impression of the meaning of the text.

For those who are just becoming aware, “MAYBELLE MAE CAMPBELL” is not a name and neither is “MAYBELLE M. CAMPBELL” and the use of these signs embedded in English text to convey the impression that they are names of a living woman is a deliberate fraud scheme promoting the crime of personage.

There will soon be a full set of documentaries covering this deceptive practice complete with information and references allowing you to prove that these are not names but are being used as if they are names to deceive the victims of crass commercial villainy and get them to assume both debts and often criminal charges that are not related to them.

I will be posting more information about this in a separate post as soon as I am myself better informed about content, target dates for release, costs, etc.

See this article and over 400 others on Anna’s website here:



The Lighthouse Law Cub is a center for advanced learning, education and advancement in both the personal and business realms. It’s focus is the empowerment of its members with the tools of knowledge and access to contacts & opportunities so that we all may develop, preserve and enjoy the fruits of our labor to the maximum extent possible. Above all, we are about preserving; Life, Liberty and Prosperity as represented by the traditional American values of personal independence and self reliance. We do this for all people around the globe.


Through the resources provided by The Club, members will find a focus on the essential ingredients required for freedom to exist in an unfree world. We do this by properly positioning our personal and business assets and creating the proper relationships in the global arena.

We call our members ‘The Mastermind Group’ which consists of successful minded, informed and forward thinking individuals who seek to manage political, financial and economic risk to their best advantage. This involves asset holdings and management structures, entities to manage business finances and creating the proper relationships to enhance personal freedom wherever you are in the world.

Listen to our founder in the short video below as he discusses The Club.

What We Do

Everything we do is in support of your life, your liberty and your property


Our philosophy is simple: God created Man to be free, prosperous, creative and productive. Everything we do in The Club points toward acheiving that status.

As world governments expand their reach and control over humanity, it is becoming increasingly difficult to acheive those standards of living with any level of privacy or prosperity.

History and current events show us that to keep all of your eggs in one basket and to roll the dice on that basket being the ‘best environment’ to develop your current and future interests, is a strategy for ill informed fools.

When corruption reaches the point that government represents little more than an ongoing criminal enterprise bent on eating out the substance of the most productive people, the good, hardworking, productive elements in society have no choice but to look outside their ‘fatherland’ to secure their best interests and future freedoms.

God gave man dominion over the earth. And it is in all corners of the earth that our Mastermind Group is able to achieve our objectives.


 Our mission is simple: To give every member of our Mastermind Group the best opportunity possible to achieve and maintain freedom and prosperity in the short and long term.

On the domestic side (USA): We start by showing members how to use the law to protect their rights, secure their assets and income streams and bolster their financial position.

From this solid base, we develop a customized strategy to ‘globalize’ current and/or future business and personal activity to maximize:
personal and financial privacy legal lawsuit protection asset protection
tax management & optimization cash flow & income enhancement
and business development.

You have been successful in your business or occupation and have developed a decent net worth which you wish to preserve for your family and/or future. You understand the risks of being inextricably tied to ‘one economy’, or ‘one political system’ or ‘one currency’ so that you live or die with the fate of that ‘one thing’.

You see the value of taking advantage of multiple jurisdictions to spread that risk and ensure that you always have ‘options’ available if or when a major ‘shift’ happens.

That shift could be the result of natural disaster, economic decline, currency collapse, martial law, regime change, war, political pressure, regulatory restrictions, privacy invasions and more.
You understand that expanding your options also expands your survivability and your ability to thrive under potentially adverse conditions.

You are a forward thinker, which is why you are successful and which is why you are here now!








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