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by Walter Burien – CAFR1

It appears most individuals cognitive thinking has been “response conditioned trained” to parrot the government’s promotions and to maintain a void towards the reality of the situation that has developed over the years. (decades)

Just for clarity,  I never have mentioned “tax government retirement accounts”.

The TRFA (Tax Retirement Fund Association) designed to: “Retire Taxation” by consolidation of “Government’s” existing wealth and “NON-TAX income to directly “Benefit” the taxpaying population through the elimination of taxation utilizing the fiduciary trust principle to meet local government’s ongoing budgets. Now if Pensioners “wish” to consolidate their pensions with the TRFA accounts, to get paid directly from the TRFA accounts, they will have the vote option to do so down the road. Government currently has the financial management staff in place to make this happen today.

Per those who say: “Government is too large and should be funded totally by indirect taxation. The lesser the better. ” Well, taxation is nothing new. It has been an extortion tactic used for over 5,000-years. Ending it is the correct path to follow. Regarding government being to large, the greed and opportunity principle has basically been running unrestrained for centuries if not longer.

Taxation has been the #1 facilitator of the same followed by the expansion (takeover) accomplished by the growth of collective government’s investment capital. When the dots are connected, Government now “owns it all” by investment. When the dots are connected, government is funding most of that government debt they list, funded with cash or investment funds previously moved out of and off the Budget of the same.

The population “creates the wealth” and government players have been usurping that wealth in an ever increasing fashion, year by year, decade by decade. An example of the “ever increasing fashion”, I will use Arizona State government; as of 1983 (statistical section of 1992’s report, page 154).

AZ State government’s budget based on “Total Tax” income + Fines / Fees was 1.5 billion and total income 2.3 billion.  Jump ahead to 2016 (statistical section of 2016’s report, page 254) “Total Tax” income + Fines / Fees was 29.8 billion and total income, well too much accounting for me there. The diversity of “other” income sources outside of governmental tax income is extensive. There are many fund balances outside of general governmental and the tactic of “net” accounting obfuscates the standing balances. My estimate of “Total” income as of 2016 (on the low side) is 42.5 billion. Standing totals for “all” investment fund balances??? Keep in mind this is just “State”. Cities, Counties, School Districts, etc. in Arizona, are separate CAFR reports.

Here for “State” government we have a 15X increase from 1983 to 2016 (33-years). If total gross income was validated, we would probably have an increase of 25X. The population’s increase of their income was about 2X. (can be found in the statistical section also) NOTED also: The population of Arizona doubled over the same time period.

Source: State of Arizona CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) 1992 to 2016    (great source for archived “State” CAFRs from Arizona. Check to see if your state has the same for its archived CAFRs)

Per: “social and corporate welfare redistribution” Government’s view point on that redistribution is: It all comes back to government in a direct or indirect fashion. (taxation; investment income; ownership by equity investment of many private sector companies where government is profiting from those financial transactions via their investments in those companies)

** Government depends on individuals operating, commenting, and cognitively thinking within the parameters of the propaganda they spoon feed the population within the “void” of no cognitive thinking of the basics right under the populations noses. Masterful entertainment and distraction is essential for government to succeed in maintaining the status quo void and “Business as usual”  due to the Money and Wealth held, and power involved. They are Pros at accomplishing that end.

Per: “thieves”, Government, as established by THEIR OWN ACCOUNTING, takeover, and increase in the take over the years, establishes government as the thief of no equal in perspective to all time.

Bottom line: The TRFA (and its intent) is focusing on the restructure of local governments to make the population the 1st line beneficiary of the wealth held and income generated, already in place within government, by and through the elimination of taxation. IT IS NOT NEEDED!

To counter the influences of the void created that influences us all, start focusing on the elephants in the room (never mentioned) and not the mice scurrying around the floor that government and their partners in crime, the syndicated media and political parties are constantly and exclusively pointing at.

As mentioned in previous posts, as of 2008, collective government’s return on domestic and international investment income was about 5.8 trillion dollars, that income primarily benefited government. The financial managers handling those investments are in place today for assignment to manage TRF funds to now “DIRECTLY” benefit the population by and through the elimination of taxation. Those trying to trade the markets “outside” of the government management teams, consistently have the habit (by government’s design) of loosing their shirts. Their loses, become government’s profits, that those profits government generates by design, where not $1 goes to offset or eliminate taxation.

Will you or any others accomplish this paradigm shift contrary to the current intent of government? Probably not. Will the TRFA accomplish it? Well, time will tell. It is being worked on one step at a time. The masterful entertainment and distractions have had no effect in thwarting its progression, just slowing it down has been the effect. When it is all said and done, the majority of the rest can just say to themselves: “Great idea, why did I not think of it.”

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