DOJ, FBI Decided ‘No Matter What,’ Hillary Would Go Free in Email Probe

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By Tad Cronn

Former presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich on Monday broke the Democratic Party code of denial, denial, denial and said that it was the Obama Administration that decided Hillary Clinton would not be indicted, no matter what was revealed by an investigation into her handling of classified emails.

The executive branch “made an early determination that no matter what came up, that there was no way that Hillary Clinton was going to have to be accountable under law to — for anything dealing with the mishandling of classified information.”

Kucinich, who was appearing on Fox, said, “This is a very political process, having very little to do with the scales of justice, and having everything to do with the 2016 presidential election. The Justice Department and the FBI are inevitably a part of the executive branch of government.”

He added, “I will say, it is distressing to see the politicization of the justice system, and the attempt by people in the State Department to try to shade the classified document process in favor of an outcome during the period in which these records were being subpoenaed.”

Distressing, yes, but surprising? Hardly.

Anybody who has paid close attention to the workings of the federal government must be aware that transparency, while much talked about by politicians, is not something that really exists in Washington. Most decisions are made out of the public view, bills are often passed without even being fully written, much less read. There are numerous and obvious conspiracies to push political agendas without going through the legal process. The president regularly creates and passes laws through his improper use of executive orders and a very unique interpretation of the executive branch’s ability to create rules and regulations to support existing laws.

All these things are clear.

That the American public is manipulated by politicians and a complicit media to disbelieve these things is also clear.

How else to explain that, amid the recent deluge of email and video revelations confirming just about everything that’s ever been said or speculated on regarding the Clintons breaking the law, lying to the public and engaging in criminal behavior to get Hillary into the White House, so many voters still think the biggest election issue is that Donald Trump engaged in some locker room talk more than a decade ago?

Just in the past few days, there has been evidence produced that the multiple women accusing Trump of sexual harassment in the past week are all bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign. Other emails have revealed the close relationship between the Clinton campaign and journalists, with major journalists being invited to Clinton aides’ houses days before she declared her candidacy, and with journalists and news outlets revealed as donating more than 21 times as much to Clinton as to Trump. Also revealed in the Wikileaks email dump are instances of alleged “journalists” submitting their stories for approval to Clinton campaign officials.

(A friend of mine coined a term for the rash of slime-ball so-called journalists who are in Hillary’s purse: “presstitutes.” I think we should adopt the term and spread it around.)

On Monday, a video from Project Veritas confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt what many of us have suspected, that the Democrats have been hiring people to stir up violence at Trump rallies. The video captures many top-tier Clinton cronies spelling out exactly how they find people, train them in the violence script, then plant them in a Trump audience or outside a Trump event, inviting the cooperative press to be there to take pictures and spread the word that Trump is causing violence. The video shows that several infamous incidents of violence were in fact staged, including one in which a woman with an oxygen tank was punched.

The arrogance of the Clinton minions on the video is such that they just come right out and admit to behavior that is probably illegal, including coordinating campaign efforts between the DNC and the Clintons through a number of “double blind” arrangements, in which, for example, the assistant to a Clinton employee is the director of another program that coordinates directly with the DNC. On the video, the man in charge of “bird-dogging,” stirring up violence at Trump and other GOP rallies, boasts that Hillary knows all about his activities.

In another set of emails from the Wikileaks dumps, top Clinton aides, including Huma Abedin and Robert Mook, are shown discussing how important it is to keep billionaire George Soros happy, and that Clinton was going to dine with him that night. Soros, of course, is the money behind much of the effort to get Clinton into office, as well as the string puller behind groups that fundraise for liberal causes, and a big contributor to Black Lives Matter and various activist, socialist groups that have been stirring up violence and racial division for more than the past year. Like President Obama, Hillary exists in Soros’ very deep pocket, as verified by the recently revealed emails.

Our government, represented by Hillary Clinton and her ilk, no longer belongs to us.

New documents released from the FBI investigation of Clinton’s emails even go so far as to reveal the attempted intervention in the release of information by a powerful group within the State Department referred to by employees as “The Shadow Government,” or “The 7th-Floor Group.”

“This is a giant criminal enterprise disguised as a foundation and disguised as a campaign,” Newt Gingrich said Monday about the Clinton cabal.

Despite all the evidence of the deep criminal activity involving the Clintons, their campaign and the DNC, it’s still very possible the Clinton corruption army will be able to cheat its way into office.

As difficult as it is to accept, the hypnotic hold on the minds of liberal voters may just be too powerful for anything to break it. The evidence of top-to-bottom coordination, from Soros down to the thug who throws a punch at a Trump rally, is too compelling and clear for denial of Clinton involvement in a criminal conspiracy to get Hillary into the Oval Office to hold water. Yet, the media will try to bury all of it, being part of that conspiracy, and we know from history that soft-headed liberals will buy whatever excuse is given, probably without even bothering to look into the evidence.

The only thing that can stop Clinton now is the truth, repeated loudly and often.


Hillary Fixer Breaks Ranks: I Arranged Sex Trysts For Her ­ With Men & WOM

Hillary Fixer Breaks Ranks: I Arranged Sex Trysts For Her ­ With Men & WOMEN

Stunning revelations of Clinton bag man!

By National ENQUIRER Staff
Oct 18, 2016 @ 13:38PM

Hillary Clinton is a secret sex freak who paid fixers to set up illicit romps with both men AND women!

That’s the blockbuster revelation from a former Clinton family operative who is sensationally breaking ranks with his one-time bosses to speak to The National ENQUIRER in a bombshell 9-page cover story ­ on newsstands Wednesday.

“I arranged a meeting for Hillary and a woman in an exclusive Beverly Hills hotel,” the man, who was hired by the Clintons, via a Hollywood executive, to cover up their scandals, told The ENQUIRER.

PHOTOS: Revenge! Donald Trump Fighting Back Against Hillary Clinton’s Smear Campaign

“She had come to the studio to see the filming of a movie in 1994.”

“While I was there, I helped her slip out of a back exit for a one-on-one session with the other woman. It was made to look casual, leaving quietly [rather] that being caught up in the melee … but really it was for something presumably more sordid.”

What’s more, it wasn’t just Hillary’s flings with women that the shadowy Mr. Fix It helped to orchestrate!

PHOTOS: Hillary’s Lies EXPOSED! Clinton’s Top 5 Debate Whoppers

Hillary’s former bagman finally confessed to The ENQUIRER just how he helped her to cover up her affair with married lover Vince Foster, too!

The shadowy figure ­ who provided PROOF of his employment for the Clintons ­ also revealed 12 fixes he covered-up, including:

+ How Hillary secretly plotted to a counter-attack on Bill’s mistress Monica Lewinsky ­ via a document buried for two decades!

PHOTOS: Leaked Emails Detail Hillary Clinton’s Desperate Health Crisis Cover-Ups

+ What crooked reporters were on the take from the Clinton camp!

+ How he covered up Bill’s seedy romp with hookers!

+ Which A-list celebrity had a secret affair with Bill during his presidency!

PHOTOS: Crooked Hillary’s Lies EXPOSED! Clinton’s 13 Most Infamous Scandals ­ So Far

In the bombshell exposé, The ENQUIRER will reveal the fixer’s dossier of smoking gun proof, including 24-years of documents, notes, and journals.

He also tells his “Confessions of a Clinton bagman!” story ­ in his own words ­ for the very first time!
  by Taboola

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VIDEO Hitlerys Sep 7 screaming cursing meltdown after the first debate described in detail She went bugfuck because Laurer asked her an unapproved question


BY THOMAS MADISON   /  Powder Whig Society

I had heard the story of Hitlery’s meltdown after the September 7 debate moderated by Matt Laurer, but I had never heard it described in such detail.

No doubt Hitlery is running for her life. At one point in her backstage rage regarding Donald Trump, the Wicked Witch screamed, “If that fucking bastard wins, we all hang from nooses! Lauer’s finished…and if I lose it’s all on your heads for screwing this up.”

Looking directly at a stoic Donna Brazile, Hitlery shrieked, “I’m so sick of your face. You stare at the wall like a brain dead buffalo, while letting that fucking Lauer get away with this. What are you good for, really? Get the fuck to work janitoring this mess – do I make myself clear?”




Everyone keeps asking, how do they get away with all the crap they are shoving down our throats as though it has not been going on for a hundred years or more. I keep telling people it’s simply because the government is a CORPORATION,  operating under the UCC – Law of the Sea, and not under COMMON LAW, which makes them more or less free to do any damn thing they want, because there is no one to oppose them, indict them, or prosecute them. In short it is not a Constitutional Government like everyone thinks. Have you ever heard of a corporation that allows all the employees to vote for the higher offices? OBUMA IS THE SITTING CEO OF THE UNITED STATES INC. And he was appointed by the board of directors of the corporation, so if you want to call that voting go ahead because nothing is going to convince you of the truth you don’t WANT to believe. The next CEO is going to continue following the orders of the Board of Directors just like all of our so called Presidents have, regardless of what you believe. If they want Hillary in the office there’s not A DAMN THING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT, BECAUSE OVER HALF OF THIS COUNTRY IS A BUNCH OF GOD DAMNN IDIOTS. Remember this, the Declaration of Independence is useless when the majority of the people is too damn stupid to fight for their freedom, and will turn on the people who will. Just try organizing a resistance and watch the sleaze balls defend their celebrities. But then again, dying for what is right is a hell of a lot better than being a damn coward.


The only sensible alternative is:

You Know Something is Wrong When…..: An American Affidavit of Probable Cause (Paperback) by Judge Anna Maria Riezinger & James Clinton Belcher



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