By Benjamin Baruch and Jeffrey Nyquist

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The evening news is filled with pictures of suffering refugees fleeing the war torn Middle East. The American public watches as Syrian children disembarking from trains in Germany are handed cookies by smiling Germans, who appear to be happy about the sudden influx of hundreds of thousands of mostly Moslem refugees. European and American leaders press the case that both Europe and the United States must absorb this steady flow of illegal immigrants as the only humanitarian response in light of the incredible suffering now being inflicted upon civilians throughout much of the region.

The Bush doctrine of exporting democracy to the Middle East through the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq almost 14 years ago has left only a legacy of failure and suffering in its wake. Rather than achieving the goal of bringing democracy to the Arab world, American policy only succeeded in destabilizing our former allies while increasing the various conflicts throughout the region. The Obama administration, rather than bringing change or even a semblance of sanity to U.S. foreign policy, has engaged in even greater forms of what can only be described as schizophrenic actions. America today has turned its back on our traditional allies in the region, Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia, in order to embrace our enemies in Iran. It is hard to find anyone who can explain how this latest chapter in the Obama doctrine makes any sense at all. To much of the world, America now appears as a super power gone wild.

When the Arab spring first began to break out across Middle East, America lent its support to the people, demanding states like Egypt respect their right to protest. When civil war in Syria broke out, we provided support to the freedom fighters who opposed Assad, only to learn later, many of these same freedom fighters now fight alongside ISIS. In Egypt, American officials gave their support to the anti-Mubarak camp, assisting the rise in power of the Muslim Brotherhood, a communist sponsored organization with known ties to terrorism. In Libya, American and NATO airstrikes assisted Islamic forces in toppling Kaddafi, only to leave the country in the midst of chaos and tribal warfare.

Throughout the region, America’s foreign policy has only destabilized the moderate regimes, bringing down pro-American allies, while opening the door for radical extremists to rise to power. In looking back at the foolishness of these actions, are we merely to believe the political leaders of the West are this stupid?

Following the events of 11 September 2001, the President of the United States formally declared war on an ideology which he called terrorism and for the first time in history, a nation declared war on an idea. Shortly thereafter the US invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq. Fourteen years later, the entire Middle East has now been destabilized, while the nations of the world are all mobilizing for war. The Arab Spring has brought only radicalization across the region. The civil war which continues to rage in Syria is now being directly supported by Russian troops on the ground. In Iran, American appeasement has given the mullahs the green light to continue their pursuit of nuclear weapons.

In late 2004, an expert on American foreign policy from one of the Ivy League think tanks spoke to a large group of intelligent Americans. He spoke at great length how the US policy of creating a democratic government in Iraq was doomed to failure, concluding that the leadership that promoted such madness must either be mentally impaired or insane. The majority of the listening audience concurred and offered their opinion of how foolish and ignorant the Bush administration must be to pursue such an obviously doomed agenda.

No one in the room even stopped to consider that the true purpose of American foreign policy has been carefully hidden from the public eye, veiled within lies and deceptions, while the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were actually pursuing another agenda. This agenda was designed in hell, and is built upon lies and deceit. Its sole purpose is to bring the world to brink of destruction and to open the door for the rise in power of the New World Order, a one world government.

The refugees flooding out of this war torn region are merely pawns in a global war which has already begun. Reports indicate as many as 75% of the refugees are military aged men, in excellent physical condition. Robert Spencer, columnist for Front Page magazine writes that Islamists “planned to flood Europe with as many as 500,000 refugees” while the actual numbers may likely be more than double that amount. Spencer continues, “This is no longer just a refugee crisis, this is hijrah.”

Hijrah is the Islamic strategy of using immigration as a weapon of Jihad against the infidel nations. While the attention of the world is focused on the refugee crisis, in the shadows behind these events, another nation’s sinister plan is now in play. Russia has always been the main ally of the world’s terrorist regimes. Islamic terrorism was created as a weapon against the West, but it didn’t arise on its own, it was actually first created in the think tanks of the KGB. The Soviet Union began recruiting future terrorist leaders from the Arab world in the 1950’s, bringing them to Russia and training them in subversion and terrorism tactics. Many of the world’s terrorist leaders were recruited by and act as agents for the Soviet KGB. They were sent back to their Arab countries to stir up anti-American and anti-Israeli sentiment and to build terrorist organizations which would one day be used as a weapon against the West.

Benjamin Baruch and Jeffrey Nyquist, in The New Tactics of Global War: Reflections on the Changing Balance of Power in the Final Days of Peace, explore the truth of what is really happening behind today’s news headlines, and why after the Cold War, Russia remains the number one threat to the United States. Most Americans believe Islamic extremism is the number one threat to the West, but the greater threat is from the nation where all of this began almost seventy years ago.

The New Tactics of Global War uncovers the reality of the changing balance of power in our world offering insight into the thinking of the Russian strategists who first began this game of deception almost one hundred years ago. This book allows the reader to see inside the minds of the men who have conjured a new totalitarian threat, and in so doing, allows the reader a glimpse into the heart of a beast.

And behold a second beast, like a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh. Daniel 7:5

The New Tactics of Global War: Reflections on the Changing Balance of Power in the Final Days of Peace will be released in early October, 2015.

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Benjamin Baruch is a professional financial advisor, author and public speaker.

Benjamin Baruch is the author of the best-selling book; “The Day of the LORD is at Hand.” First released in 1998, it immediately became an underground best-seller, with over 20,000 copies sold. The 7th Edition was released in December, 2014 and includes insight into the today’s major news headlines including the crisis in the Ukraine, and the growing wars of the Middle East. Benjamin also uncovers what has been occurring behind the closed doors of power in the United States offering the reader a clear view of what our rulers are doing in the dark.

Benjamin’s has recently released his second book, a seven volume series; entitled “ Search the Scriptures Volume One: Out of the Darkness” which is now available at

Benjamin Baruch is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Public Accountant and is a financial advisor to some of the largest privately held real estate companies in America. His academic background includes studies in International Finance and Economics at UCLA and graduate studies in the Middle East conflict at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. Benjamin is a recognized expert in real estate taxation, and his professional experience includes the management of institutional investment portfolios. For more information, or to book Benjamin for a speaking or media appearance, please contact him through his website.

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I disagree with the Authors attempt to give Russia the credit for designing this covert war on Democracy. He neglect’s to acknowledge that the Banking Cartel have been designing and assisting both America and Russia from the get go. This is not a Russia war on America per-se.  It is a United co-operation of all major governments involved to Bankrupt them all and usher in the New world order. They are not stupid enough to think the world’s citizens would accept a world government without chaos and total loss of local governments support. This is going to end from utter demoralization of the people in a helpless condition when they finally realize there is no government support for freedom anywhere on earth. The demoralized people will thank their oppressors for uniting against them and giving them a new false hope. Give a starving man food and he will accept slavery with thanks and loyalty! In my book they are listed as God-damned cowards. Death is much better than slavery. OBUMA, YOU S.O.B., YOU’RE GOING TO ROT IN HELL…………………………..FOREVER!

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