06 08 21 Additional Issues for The Court of International Justice Blood Money 25 Legacy Trusts



By Anna Von Reitz

Among the more odious excuses that we have heard from the criminally-minded among us is the excuse that people have “died” to their inherent political status and “voluntarily” adopted both political statuses and conditions which were never disclosed to them. Despite this, we are not deceived and do not fail to object.

Let it come to the Notice of all Justices and Magistrates that the creation of GMO Humanoids by the injection of foreign genetically engineered mRNA has already been outlawed in this country as of January 1, 2020 and that this continuing assault against humanity must be brought to an abrupt and permanent halt.

Nobody who has accepted these injections was given full disclosure. In fact, they were deliberately deceived by WHO and other complicit criminal organizations that collaborated to change the meaning of “vaccine” to include an experimental genetic engineering protocol harmful to human life.

Those responsible are below the benchmark of sanity and they must all be rounded up and held accountable without regard for nationality or political status.

Each and every corporation functioning as a national government is responsible for the harm they have caused their employers.

This includes the deliberate spreading of false information and propaganda. The Media franchises of these so-called National Corporations must be prosecuted as accomplices and the Medical Doctors who have allowed and promoted this genocide as defined by Territorial Law — see 18 USC 1091 — must be held accountable.

The banks and commercial corporations that have sought to benefit themselves by claiming that people are rendered Genetically Modified Organisms by this heinous injection process, and as such, are patented property, subject to disposal—- must be liquidated. Immediately. Summarily.

This excuse by which they seek to legalize genocide must be recognized for what it is. — a heinous and unjustifiable excuse, unlawful, immoral, and illegal to the core.

These outrages must be answered decisively and swiftly and without any further misinterpretation of civil law.

Despite any upheaval or confusion caused by The American Civil War, the First World War, or the Second World War or any self-serving legal definitions offered by the Perpetrators of these crimes against humanity — herein rebutted— the actual civil law pertaining to the estates of these people and their nature is already spelled out and has been for a thousand years:

Resoluto jure concedentis, resolvitur jus concessum: by the extinction of the right of the grantor, the right granted is extinguished.

Res nullius naturaliter fit primi occupantis: the property of no one naturally becomes that of the first occupant.

As we have observed, all right, title, and interest in our Delegated Powers and all property interests invested by delegation returned to the Delegator, our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, by Operation of Law — and that includes all custodial interest vested in or presumed to exist or to be exercised by any instrumentality of the Queen or the Pope — upon their bankruptcy.

As this is true for the nation as a whole, it is also true for the Lawful Persons of our nation.

Thus, for example, the loss of our Title IV Flag by a bankrupt instrumentality of the Pope returns that version of our flag to our custody, and not to the custody of any Third Party.

The bankruptcy of any instrumentality of the Queen has no impact upon the actual ownership of private property including property trusts belonging to Americans.

We call for immediate corrective action and determined disciplinary action against the British Crown Corporation and the Government of Westminster and the Roman Curia and their corporations in sum total for allowing these predatory, inhumane, and war-like practices and False Legal Presumptions to continue against their employers—- and failing that, we call for their immediate and permanent liquidation as corporations, and expulsion from the world community as organizations or governments of any kind.

We hereby provide Notice to The International Court of Justice, the Court of the Lord High Steward, and the Vatican Chancery Court, that all of this wrong-doing has occurred in the realm of commerce and has merely extended its reach into the territorial realm via constructive, so-called discretionary non-enforcement of the actual Public Law via another constructive fraud — the purported existence of Special Admiralty provisions allowing the usurpation of the jurisdiction of the sea upon the land.

There are no such provisions in our Treaties with these Principals.

The actual Public Law is not subject to discretionary enforcement by any employee, trustee, or representative. The Public Law is a mandatory enforcement obligation of all trustees, employees, administrators, officers, and officials pretending any authority or association with the actual Government of this country and is an obligation of all Principals under both The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America.

The above-described attempt to legalize genocide by these madmen is only the most recent example of their drive to mischaracterize living people and to thereby deprive and defraud them of their natural standing, so as to unlawfully seize upon their property assets and dispossess them as the natural owners of their Proper Names, bodies, businesses, and homes.

It is the responsibility of the Popes to immediately liquidate the offending corporations and return the purloined rights, titles, interests, and assets to the victims of these charlatans. The Roman Curia is in particular the organization responsible for the existence and definition of these corporations and is held to account for them.

As a result of earlier similar attempts to mischaracterize and defraud the living people by corporate entities, more than 5,000 so-called institutional Legacy Trusts holding most of the gold and silver and other assets of the world, have been presumed to exist and to belong to the Perpetrators of these schemes acting as “representatives” and “agents” of the actual owners — without the knowledge or permission of the actual owners.

These convenient institutional Executors de Son Tort are nonetheless guilty of all the errors, omissions, and unlawful standing of all such Persons, whether individuals or instrumentalities, institutions or Principals.

We call for the immediate return of all such Legacy Trusts to the actual owners and depositors, including the return of all such primary asset deposits — gold, silver, jewels, etc., owed to The United States of America and to all American depositors, without any pretense that they are or have been missing, whereabouts unknown.

The tax records of the Perpetrators of this scheme more than adequately demonstrate that the whereabouts of the actual owners, like the whereabouts of the actual heirs, have been known throughout this debacle, and have been deliberately obscured in order to promote fraud against the victims of these schemes.

All deposits of our assets on a worldwide basis are subject to our wishes and we wish for a full accounting from all the banks responsible.

With a worldwide corporation-sponsored genocide underway against the living people and with the Priority Creditors being mercilessly targeted by such international criminals as Anthony Fauci, M.D., and William Gates III, there is no time to be lost in lengthy deliberation by the High Courts.

We wish for the issuance of International Arrest Warrants for the immediate arrest of Dr. Anthony Fauci and William Gates, III, their collaborators, and associates, involved in this massive crime spree. We do not recognize any claim of contrary authority or non-participation by the United States or any of its corporations.

Both the Roman Civil Law and the Territorial Code are clearly stated, and there can be no doubt that these above-named Persons and Parties are in criminal violation of both.

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06 08 21 Administrative Leave Imposed Effective Immediately



By James Clinton Belcher

Eric Brian Dingis will no longer be acting as Director of the Peacekeeping Task Force. Effective immediately, Susan Hauck will be Acting Director. Eric will be on Administrative Leave until further notice and completion of a training course.

The simple fact that the Continental Marshals are commissioned directly by The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, has been consistently misinterpreted by various parties.

This is not only a mistake, any such misinterpretation of the Marshal’s position and authority results in a dangerous commingling of jurisdictions that would lead to prosecution of the individual Marshals and to the organization as a whole.

The States, acting individually, have no say in the administration or deployment of the Continental Marshals and never have had any such authority.

Any attempt to undermine the authority of The United States of America in this matter is an attempt to undermine the structure of the American Government as a whole and must be recognized as an immediate threat to all concerned.

Please inform all Marshals and Peacekeeping Task Force Members and conduct your operations accordingly. Eric is asked to immediately report himself and his activities to our Federation Liaison Officer and to stand down pending further investigation.

James Clinton Belcher,

Head of State

The United States of America

60 08 21 Its Not a Vaccine People



By Anna Von Reitz

What have we learned about the Liars Club?

Their entire modus operandi is to deceive, deceive, deceive. First, last, and always, their mouths are twisted. Their thoughts are twisted. Everything about these Devotees to the Father of All Lies —- is twisted.

They are at fault, so what do they do? They blame the victims of their evil.

They did something awful, so what do they do? They accuse innocent Third Parties or the victims of their evil of doing the same thing.

The Truth and the Law is against them, so what do they do? They rename and relabel things to have different meanings.

And this is a case in point.

They have changed the definition of “vaccine” and presented something that isn’t a vaccine as a “vaccine” under this new definition of the word.


A lie by any other name is still a lie.

So it is not a vaccine, and it’s not even a virus.

The issue is that foreign mRNA is being injected into your body, just like foreign mRNA is injected into a corn plant to create a genetically modified organism (GMO).

And just as genetically modified corn produces its own pesticides, you are being altered to produce foreign proteins that attack the lining of your arteries and veins.

Is this illegal? Yes.

Is this immoral? Yes.

Is this unlawful? Yes.

Should everyone involved be prosecuted? Yes.

Are they being prosecuted? Yes.

And if anyone attempts to coerce you into taking this “vaccine” are you entitled to sue them? Yes.

If anyone offers to vaccinate you by force, are you enabled to respond with deadly force? Yes.

If anyone tells you that you have to be vaccinated as a condition of employment are you enabled to invoked Federal Law, including 18 USC 1091? Yes.

If anyone fires you from a job or discriminates against you in the workplace on the basis of whether or not you have been vaccinated, can you file a complaint against that employer with the State Labor Board? Yes.

If any business refuses to serve you based on whether or not you have been “vaccinated” or not, do you have the right to sue them for violation of Federal Law? Yes.

If anyone tells you that you have to shut down your business now or ever as a result of “public health concerns” to you have the right to tell them to leave your premises and not return? Yes, you have that absolute right.

The only contracts that Americans have with either one of these foreign commercial corporations are very explicit and easy to read.

The Constitution of the United States is your only contract with the US CORP in any form.

The Constitution of the United States of America is your only contract with the USA, INC. in any form.

Neither one say a single word about health concerns. Your health and public health alike are private concerns of the American People, and are not left to the discretion or interference of our employees or their dependents.

Be not like dumb driven cattle.

Look, listen, learn, and defend yourselves from these monsters in suits.

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06 08 21 Incorrigible Corrupt Judges and Other Matters



By Anna Von Reitz


Today, I was asked — is Public Law the same as Common Law?

We’ve gone around and around and around about this and nobody was getting it.

I finally said— the Public Law is ice cream. The Common Law is the kind of ice cream.

I am not sure if that went over some heads or not, but really, people need to understand that “common law” is a catch-all phrase used to describe many forms of law that use prior cases and their results as the basis for deciding current cases.

In a fundamental way, that’s all that the phrase “common law” means, and so you can have civilian common law of various kinds, ecclesiastical common law, even military common law.

The actual magic is the Public Law, which is meant to apply equally to everyone at all times. It is this “commonality” of the Public Law that so many people are searching for, and mistaking for “common law”.

Some forms of common law are dreadful. For example the Spanish Law of the Inquisition is perfectly sound Common Law —- it uses all sorts of former decisions as the basis for decisions today, but that in no way suggests that those decisions were ever wise or humane or just to begin with.

So instead of mucking around trying to herd squirrels, let’s just focus on the endgame. What is it that you are actually searching for?


And common law is no guarantee that justice will be served, as we just demonstrated — enshrining and perpetuating bad decisions and prejudices is an inevitable danger of common law of all kinds, so it behooves us to be sure that the kind of “Common Law” that we are searching for and taking refuge in, is our own Public Law.

Public Law in this country assumes the obligation of justice for all. Private law assumes no such thing. Both can be executed in the form of “common law”.

As so many people have learned, you can have chocolate flavored ice cream or chocolate flavored pickles, and you should never leave it to a judge in one of these foreign courts to divine which one you are asking for.

In America, you need to stand on your feet as an American and invoke the Public Law. Don’t let these crafty judges weasel around and interpret your calls for “common law” to mean, for example, military common law. Or Arabian common law. Or Noahide common law.

Also, remember, particularly in Mortgage cases:

(1) The actual mortgage and paperwork never leaves the hands of the original Lender, so don’t let them substitute a Third Party Bill Collector as any real party of interest. You don’t have a contract with that Third Party. Say so. Demand to see any contract between the “Servicing Agent” and you. Always drag the original “Lender” into the proceedings by naming them as a the True Party of Interest.

(2) Always go directly to the bank CFO acting as “Lender” and tell that executive in no uncertain terms that his bank has misaddressed you as a Municipal CITIZEN of the United States, and it is his responsibility to make correction. You are in fact exempt from Municipal debts and presumptions and you wish for the entire matter to be corrected and any mortgage debt to be discharged in your favor through the Fed Window. He can lose his licenses and credit ratings if he messes around trying to defraud you.

(3) Tackle the State Judicial Council (Territorial) and, if there is one in your State, the State Banking Commission and Judicial Commission. Tell them all in no uncertain terms that you are an American, not a Municipal CITIZEN and not a Territorial U.S. Citizen, either one, and you are being deliberately misaddressed. Send your complaint with copies to your State Secretary of State, the head Clerk of Court, the Department of Public Safety and the State of State Governor.

And take no Low Ball Offers.

We’ve seen Sharpies like Black Rock, Inc., come in, buy up bonds that are worth billions of dollars, and come around and offer the people those bonds actually belong to a $10,000.00 “settlement”. These are rapacious, ugly, mean-spirited, greedy, power-hungry corporations, and the only thing they deserve is liquidation for criminal activity.

Tell your friends and neighbors the same. Beware of any and all “settlement” offers, and accept any hand-outs as gifts. Keep on your toes.

Some of the rats are saying they are going to give you back “as much as” $70,000.00 out of the billions they owe every average American. Tell them to go pound sand.

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06 07 21 A Timely Reminder — Nuremberg 2.0 is in Session



By Anna Von Reitz

To quote a timely report:

“During the Nuremberg trials, the media were also prosecuted and members were killed for lying to the public, along with many of the doctors and Nazis found guilty of crimes against humanity.”

Perhaps we should remind FB and Twitter and all the Mainstream Media Talking Heads?

Media, too.

And “Uniformed Officers” — medical doctors —mindlessly assisting in these experimental medical procedures using living people as lab rats.

It wasn’t just the monsters of Auchwitz being paid back at Nuremberg— oh, no.

The Media Mouthpieces and the doctors who betrayed their profession and their oath were hauled up, too; however, in 1946, hanging was the world-standard form of capital punishment.

So they all hung.

Today, it’s death by lethal injection.

God created irony for a reason.

Those who don’t believe in God and don’t respect karma should be provided with a grainy black and white photo of all those dangling corpses and asked to reflect upon the meaning of what went on there, at Nuremberg, a little over seventy years ago.

Those who don’t remember the past really are condemned to relive it.

Literally. http://annavonreitz.com/nuremberghangings.pdf


06 06 21 Clearing the Bank Hurdle The Basics Setting Up Your National Trade Bank



By Anna Von Reitz

Last week, I sent a heartfelt message to the people of Ireland, who have been restless and rioting and sensing yet another British-led debacle in the making. They aren’t far wrong, in that British Corporations are at the root of most of the evils we are now facing, yet we also have to remember our own power, and remember that the British people are overall victims themselves.

We all retain the ability to think and to act on our own behalf, to get organized to do so, and to “show up” in our lives — take responsibility, and take charge.

This is what I called upon the Irish people to do, and what I call upon every nation on Earth to do: start solving the problems for yourselves. Begin by declaring yourselves to be living people, standing on the land and soil of your country, and recording that fact.

We have opened up our international Land Recording System (LRS) so that nobody is left without the basic tools needed to record your claims.

Next, open up your own National Trade Bank. I outlined the basic process in the article entitled “People of Ireland” available at: http://annavonreitz.com/peopleofireland.pdf . You need three people who have declared their standing and recorded it to act as Founders of the bank, and four volunteer employees to run it. The paperwork is templated and ready to run.

All you need is three people adopting their proper political status, four volunteer employees, names and addresses, and a name for: (1) your National Trade Bank and (2) the wholly-owned commercial bank subsidiary that goes with it. For example, we might soon see: The Danish Restoration Bank, an International Trade Bank, and DANSK, a wholly-owned commercial subsidiary bank in operation.

This Bilateral Banking System is what is supposed to be in place worldwide. The International Trade Banks all function under Public Law, and as the owners of the Commercial Banks, they keep them in line. Without this oversight, the Commercial Banks succumb to criminality — as they have.

We all need to do this, because as it stands, nobody is safe – not the corporations and not the living people, either.

So, every country on earth and all the people on that portion of land and soil should be highly motivated and encouraged but also moving at breakneck speed to revamp their banking operations.

Once the bank is named, staffed, and formed, it’s time for the officials to sign a simple Universal Bank Treaty, which will connect them to The Global Family Bank and all other member banks in our global network of International Trade Banks.

And then, guess what?

You, too, will have access to pre-paid credit cards that aren’t welfare and aren’t “benefits” —- but are funds owed to you and to your parents and grandparents before you. These Vendor Cards will be available to discharge various kinds of debt — mortgages, medical bills, utility bills, and college loans, for example, and they will make a crucial difference in millions of lives.

So if you weren’t motivated before, get motivated now.

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net to learn more.

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06 06 21 Clearing the Bank Hurdle The Basics Corporate Overview



By Anna Von Reitz

This past week we announced the formation of The Global Family Bank and its wholly owned commercial bank subsidiary, The Global Family Bank of Commerce.

These two banks function in two different jurisdictions.

The Global Family Bank is an International Trade Bank. The Global Family Bank of Commerce is a commercial bank, but because it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Global Family Bank, it functions under Public Law by default.

This is the way all our banks and banking institutions are supposed to be organized, but over the course of the past century, the commercial banks escaped the oversight of the international trade banks.

As a direct result, the commercial banks have had a free-for-all era of unbridled criminality, because they were left unaccountable to the Public Law— and that circumstance has cost everyone dearly, on a worldwide basis.

In re-instituting the Bilateral Banking System, we are correcting this situation. Everyone worldwide is invited to join us in restoring the lawful banking system, because as it stands, nobody is safe. Not the largest corporation. Not the smallest savings account. It’s time to change that.

So let’s begin.

International Trade Banks are banks set up and set aside to serve living people. Commercial banks are set up to serve corporations, and specifically, incorporated businesses.

However, there are two kinds of corporations — and therein lies both the lynchpin and the rub and the solution to this problem.

We can have a business that is corporate (a Lawful Person) which is not incorporated (a Legal Person).

Think of it as a spectrum: unincorporated, corporate, incorporated.

International Trade Banks serve unincorporated and corporate entities. Commercial Banks serve corporate and incorporated entities.

See the overlap?

Corporate entities can use the services of either kind of bank, which means that the ideal business structure is to be corporate, but unincorporated — unless, of course, your particular business is one of the relatively few that need bankruptcy protection.

So what do we mean by “corporate but not incorporated”?

Most Mom and Pop business enterprises are corporate, but not formally incorporated.

They have a business name, like “Joe’s Hamburger Shop”—which means that they are an entity separate from Joe, the Owner, but they are not registered with any State of State organization, and they don’t have a Board of Directors, they don’t have a President, Secretary, and Treasurer, they don’t have regulatory reporting requirements, and they are, generally speaking, just normal small businesses providing goods and services to their communities.

Such businesses are Lawful Persons, standing under the Public Law. They are the natural patrons of International Trade Banks, along with their owners, but they can easily do business with incorporated entities and commercial banks, too.

Their corporate-but-unincorporated nature allows them the full spectrum of banking services without the onerous obligations and losses of ownership interest implied by incorporation.

During the nineteenth century, unincorporated small businesses and people doing business under their own Proper Name, were all understood to be engaged in international trade and were all protected from the predatory commercial banks and their incorporated patrons by an invisible shield.

Think of a two lane road, with the yellow line down the middle— trade banks on one side of the road, commercial banks on the other.

Incorporated entities can, generally speaking, play fast and loose, because at the end of the day, they and their shareholders have been granted a certain form of indemnity — bankruptcy protection, at public expense.

This practice of incorporation began with Royal Charters — privileges extended to Defense Contractors, who otherwise couldn’t stay in business. Incorporation, licenses, and Letters of Marque were used to “legalize” unlawful or dangerous activities.

Companies engaged in manufacturing things like gunpowder and guns and nitroglycerin and dynamite, or in the modern day, vaccines —- products that involve great risks to the public, and which inevitably provoke lawsuits, had to be protected along with their shareholders or they would simply not exist.

So a special class of privileged businesses, incorporated businesses, grew up in tandem with normal corporate business enterprises — and these incorporated businesses enjoyed various advantages and disadvantages. For one, the privilege of bankruptcy made them accountable to strict regulation by the entity giving them a charter. For another, incorporation required giving away ownership interest in the enterprise itself. As a creature of the government, it became the government’s property asset.

Now, imagine the commercial banks, which grew up to serve this special privileged class of businesses? Realizing that the natural clientele of such banks are all owned and regulated to a greater or lesser extent by government entities? This is how commercial banks became government banks, at the same time as the governments themselves were being reduced to function as mere incorporated “governmental services providers”.

This set-up has allowed government-owned incorporated businesses and the commercial banks serving them to run wild, engage in all sorts of dangerous and immoral and even criminal activities with impunity. It has also allowed these incorporated “government interest” entities to unfairly compete with other business enterprises.

Thus, we, the unsuspecting people of the world, have been funding our own demise and by cherishing these sources of evil as being necessary evils have promoted the proliferation of violence, warfare, disease, and recklessness in the name of “defense preparedness” and, of course, more profit and power for the government, which turns out to be just another corporation glutting itself at the cost of our lives and our resources.

Backing out of this situation requires broad spectrum reform and public understanding of the problems involved.

First and foremost we must reconsider giving promoters of evil activities privileges that allow them to pursue evil ends without risk to themselves. We must re-think the very premise of licenses, insurance, incorporation, and “government” corporations.

After all, who died and left Monsanto– or Bayer, Inc. — as an immortal god, privileged to create and distribute poisons of all kinds without a care in the world? And who created a special form of bank, equally privileged and secured against loss, to serve these monsters?

The same politicians who have been sopping up campaign donations from these entities ever since they (the same politicians) allowed corporations to make direct campaign donations.

This same cycle of corruption has led to collusion between big corporate interests and people running the governmental services corporations “for” us, with the result that defense contractors and big pharma have been given licenses to kill, murder, and maim by politicians who are either psychopaths themselves, or who are so stupid they have to be prompted to breathe.

And in all cases, the public, that means you and I — suffer.

Our money was used to support biological warfare research, which has been outlawed for decades. Our patent system was used to protect the end result and to profit the perpetrators. Our medical care professionals were used as “Uniformed Officers” — an unrecognized army in our midst — to lie to and harm millions of innocent people.

Now, the purveyors of this disgusting breach of public trust are selling billions of dollars worth of phony vaccines to the self-interested governmental services corporations —and the innocent among us don’t even realize that they are bearing the cost of all this, but as the Priority Creditors of these scumbags, are becoming the intended victims of this “warfare”, too.

We have no choice but to put an end to the practices of licensing, incorporation, public-cost bankruptcy protection, public ownership of corporations, and the abuse of the so-called “corporate veil”. — which is a revolution in reverse.

To accomplish this transition back to sanity requires a step-by-step approach and the cooperation and support of all thinking people worldwide.

The restoration and final reconstruction of the American Government is one part of this. A broad public understanding of the problem(s) involved, is another. The enforcement of Public Law is another. The awakening of the American People is another. And the restructuring of banking operations is another.

Go to:www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.com.

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06 05 21 Military Saviors?



By Anna Von Reitz

Everyone worldwide is now pinning their hopes on their own armed forces to come save them, but is that realistic, given the facts and cover stories we are hearing on a daily basis?

Here’s Benjamin Fulford, telling us that all the heads of the British Secret Service have been former Dachau Prison Guards attached to the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst? Which translates loosely as the German Army’s Supply Office?  Really?

These magic quartermasters must have been miracle men far more adept than James Bond, and at a young age, too—- considering the average lifespan and survival rate of a camp guard at Dachau— to rise, Horatio Alger style, to the pinnacle of British Intelligence, not once, but every single time there was an opening at MI6 during and after the war?

Talk about losing the German accent.

As Jethro Beaudine would say, “That’s really something, Uncle Jed!”

Don’t you think that’s really something?

I certainly do.

If all the heads of OSS and MI6 were Nazis, they were British-born and raised Nazis—- a point I made a long time ago.

And if your own Armed Forces, the ones you pay for, were going to come save you, don’t you think they would have done so by now?

Our guys have had every day since March of 1863 to do so.  We are still waiting.

The truth is that our beloved military is up to its neck in dirty linen and this entire situation could not and did not develop without them.

I am simply stating the obvious. No particular spite intended.

Who profits most from staging a “perpetual state of war”?

The military.

Who gains the most power in an emergency?

The military.

Who hates being chained down to the plodding Will and stingy purse strings of the people?

The military.

And now, last to know, we are told that the CIA is run out of Switzerland, presumably by the Swiss Government, which appears to be the World Economic Forum in drag.


A lawless flaming bag of dog dung if ever there was one, and left on our doorstep by…. The Secret British Nazis.

Next, Godzilla will rise up from the bottom of the sea and make a new nest on top of the Fukushima Reactor.

All the people who have been magnetized from taking the Shot, will discover that they can overcome the silent AI prompts  to kill other people by playing the theme song from “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” really loud, while hopping on one foot.

And your Great-Grandma from Big Lake, Alaska, will turn out to be a gay Spanish Princess with an incurable facial tick.

We all knew that things would get worse before they got better, but now we really do have to face the fact that we are the ones we have been waiting for.

Join your State Assembly and get busy doing something practical to help.


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06 05 21 What We Want



By Anna Von Reitz

I have often observed that the one question that we are really qualified to answer, if we work at it—- is “What?”

What is that? (Our naming and labeling and identification functions.) and What for? (Our analytic functions.) and What kind? (Our differentiation functions.) and What time? (Our cataloguing functions.) —-all these come naturally to us, but when it comes to “What do you want?” all chaos breaks loose.

We are confused by that question, even though it’s a “what” question like any other—- what do you want? What’s truly in your heart?

It’s as if all our experience of authoritarian rule (“No, you can’t have a pony!”) and all our experiences of limitation (“No, you can’t be an astronaut!”) come crashing down on our psyche, and that dogpile of negativity keeps us from answering from the heart, because we already assume that we can’t have what we want in this life. So it hardly matters what we want.

In our minds, what we want becomes tangled up with “what’s realistic” and “what we can reasonably expect” — and that entanglement keeps us from ever truly answering the question with our whole heart and mind and body.

What results, then, is a dull, lifeless, rote answer born of intellectual thought, devoid of energy and power.

We all say we want peace and justice and compassion and truth; we want abundance and joy and brotherhood and inspiration; we want unity and love and the reality of all our highest ideals, but….

Now we come to a question that we are not very good at answering: why don’t we just go straight for what we want? Why all the stumbling into darkness and war and discord and suspicion and death and limitation and grief?

We now have an opportunity to settle it once and for all. We can answer what we want, and we can have it — but we have to focus on it.

We have to dwell in the presence of our desire — that is, we have to think, feel, and know the joy we envision.

Instead of mumbling, “Oh, yeah, I want peace, joy, and understanding….” and then going right on with whatever dirge-like expectations we have regarding our world and our own prospects in it, we have to stop.

We have to attune ourselves to joy and the vision of what we truly want: our Happy Place.

I have such a Happy Place, in fact, I have several Happy Places.

One of them is a place that exists (so far as I know) only in my mind — a broad shallow stream running through a meadow. I just wade out into the middle of the current and let the water carry away all my fears and sadness and regrets in life, smell the fresh air, watch the little minnows darting in the shallows and the dragonflies hovering like jewels above the water….

Another such place of mine once existed in the physical world, but is no more. It was already passing when I was a small child, but I glimpsed it and I still hold it in my heart.

It was an old stone grist mill on the banks of a small river, with its water wheel still intact and its stones still grinding on a seasonal basis. Beyond the mill was a smithy, and on a summer day, one could sit on a bench in the shade of a giant Burr Oak and listen to the rush of the water and the rhythmic clang of the blacksmith hammering, and hear no sound of the modern world.

No hum from electricity at all. No motors. Just wind and water and the bell-like sound of the hammer.

As often as not, the smell of fresh baked bread would drift down from the white farmhouse slouched on the brow of a small hill above, and there was no doubt in my mind that I had, for my part, encountered a bit of Heaven on Earth. I could sit there for hours and watch the lazy turn of the weathervanes and the slowly changing cloudscape above. I could wander up to the farm house and help myself to a piece of that crusty bread and a bowl of soup.

It seemed that in this blessed and sheltered place, man and God had finally come together in harmony, and all the beauty of life was there for the taking, secure and happy. Even the old retired plow horse was at peace, happy to see me as I offered him a carrot fresh from the garden, and patted his amber cheek.

We all have our Happy Places. It’s time to dream of them and say, yes, this is what I want — my own little dream, whatever it is, wherever it is. Just say it and mean it with all your heart and let go of all the “reasons” you can’t have it and can’t expect it and won’t receive it and yadda, yadda, yadda.

If what you want is peace, love, and understanding, if you want life and want it in abundance —- then go for it, directly, with all your heart and all your mind. Forget the limitations that someone once placed on your heart and your visions. They didn’t mean to cripple you; they were crippled themselves—but now, for you, it’s time to rise up and reach out.

Now, things are different. A change has come. And once again, the Universe is asking, “What do you want?”

Send back your vision of your Happy Place, and the feeling that your Happy Place gives you. Reply with all your best hopes and dreams, with all your heart.

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06 05 21 Christopher Doherty Equals The Thoroughly Discredited Reign of the Heavens Society




By Anna Von Reitz

And Christopher Doherty also equals the “American Herald” and the American National Union of The United States of America, also. Which nobody ever heard of, and would do well to steer clear of.

Mr. Doherty has seen fit to issue another “hit piece” trying to attack my credibility and the standing of our State Assemblies, but what has actually happened is that the snake oil that he and the Reign of the Heavens Society have been selling came to an abrupt end once the Territorial and Municipal Authorities figured out that those completely confused Bounders were infringing on our Good Name, The United States of America —- similar to what the Scottish Interloper successfully pulled off in the 1860’s, and no doubt aiming at the same end— to foist themselves off as our lawful Federation of States and gain access to our credit by deceit.

So, all their grand claims to be “The United States of America, Incorporated” were recognized as fraud and they were forced to shut down. Imagine that? Once again, they accuse their opponents of doing exactly what they did themselves, and lie through their teeth about it.

The same old modus operandi of the Liars Club, again: accuse others of doing what you yourself did.

Even after this rather hard wake-up call, the would-be pirates continue their personal assaults, false accusations, and innuendos.

Anyone who wants to know the truth about my purported “blood oath” is advised to think about what Communion really is and really means; and they are also instructed to read the very first Article on my website, the Letter to Cardinal George (http://annavonreitz.com/) and finally, to also read my first book, Disclosure 101 — if they wish to know about the work I did for the Pope for seven years and a whole lot more.

But I doubt that those who cast such aspersions are diligent or honest enough to simply look into the matter for themselves or use a little logic for a change.

I include with that the equally false twist of their propaganda saying that I am not a judge; technically, they are right. I am a Justice — like a Supreme Court Justice, which is quite a bit higher than a “judge” though the word “judge” is more common and has come to mean any juridical person or office.

No, dears, I am not a Bar Attorney. If you actually had a copy of the Federal Constitution you could read why for yourselves — the original Federal Constitution prohibits Bar Attorneys from holding any Office in our American Government. So, I am not a Bar Attorney and never claimed to be one and never desired to be one.

Acceptance of their Oath would have meant that I could not serve my country.

For better or worse, I chose to serve.

So when you see the name “Christopher Doherty” attached to anything, know that he is not some disinterested journalist. He is one of the erstwhile perpetrators of the Reign of the Heavens Society scheme; a True Believer, and no doubt, one of the elite chosen few who signed up prior to December 21, 2011, and thus purportedly obtained their slot in Heaven by paying a healthy sum and donating their trust funds to the Reign of the Heavens Society.

I wish I were laughing, but I’m not.

There is only one safe haven for Americans and that is their own country and their own birthright political status on the land and soil thereof; regrettably, Mr. Doherty is ignorant of the danger that he is in, and he teaches others to be similarly exposed to prosecution and debt and false legal presumptions.

I repeat about him the same warning given about the Reign of the Heavens Society in sum total — run like an antelope away. And keep running.

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06 04 21 To All Assemblies Concerning Our Words and Our Powers



By Anna Von Reitz

The only ones who can truly own land are living people, the sons and daughters of Adam, who came from the Earth and who return to the Earth and who are the Earth. We are land and soil assets in Law, and the land and soil are our assets in return.

Read that sentence over as often as necessary.

Both the soil (national jurisdiction) and the land (international jurisdiction) belong to living people as possessions. When operating on the land and soil, we operate as Lawful Persons. This is the realm of Public Law. Lawful Persons are alive and presumed to be innocent until proven guilty.

What seems to confuse so many people is that the sea is a separate international jurisdiction, so that there are two (2) international jurisdictions that butt up against each other and communicate with each other: land and sea. However, the corporations and “persons” operating on the sea are doing so as Legal Persons. This is the realm of Private Law. Legal Persons are considered “dead at Law” and presumed to be guilty until proven innocent.

Lawful Persons in America are Parties to the Constitutions and owed every jot of their guarantees, but Legal Persons are in a foreign status and the Constitutions do not apply to them.

It is, therefore, of supreme importance that you draw a clean line between who you are (an American) versus who the Corporate Persons are (U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States) — both, because they have no constitutional guarantees and because they cannot own land or soil in our country.

At most, they can have a “custodial interest” or tenancy that allows them to act as caretakers of land and soil in this country.

Drawing this sharp line isn’t always easy, and neither is learning all the ropes of legal language. Add to that, we are all more familiar with corporate language than common law language and most Americans don’t even understand what a constitution is, nor how our constitution has been evaded by our public employees.

It’s important that you get this straight, so that you can explain it to others.

We, for example, don’t have “by-laws”. Corporations have by-laws.

We, for example, don’t operate under Constitutions. We operate under declarations and set up constitutions for our employees— who then operate under Constitutions.

They get confused, too. Look at all the Americans out there imagining that they can call for a “Continental Congress” when they are still at sea, registered as U.S. Citizens and functioning as registered voters?

A Continental Congress can only be called by living people acting in the capacity of Lawful Persons. That is, when you are ready, you can choose delegates to act as your fiduciary deputies and they can together form a Continental Congress, because you have declared and recorded your proper status and formed your Assemblies accordingly.

All the rest of this silliness that is going on with the National Assembly and Freedom Watch and numerous other efforts to create a Continental Congress is theater by default– whether the people involved know this or not.

Their efforts lack standing, because as either U.S. Citizens or Municipal citizens of the United States, they don’t have standing to do such a thing.

You can’t build a brick house without bricks.

You can’t have a common law assembly functioning under by-laws.

Neither can you have a common law assembly functioning under a constitution.

And one further point for everyone to remember:

Committees of Safety were formed by Colonial Legislatures as subcommittees to deal with military and militia affairs. In other words, they were a creature that grew out of the British Colonial Government, and which the patriots used in a foreign context.

This is not what we are doing now.

Each Assembly is now engaged in setting up a simple subcommittee to deal with its own Militia Affairs—- and the primary job of this subcommittee is to supply the Militia with men and materials needed to promote the general public safety within the borders of their State.

This Committee is the proper place for the Militia to bring forward projects and needs and supply requests for review and budget allocations going forward, and this, the Militia Affairs Committee, is also the group charged with working with the Militia to develop public safety plans.

Public Safety is the fundamental concern of all the Peacekeeping Forces.

State Assembly Militias are tasked with protecting the people in their State under a wide variety of conditions and possible threats. Whether it’s a gang of bandits, or a flooding river, the State Assembly Militia bears the brunt and the Militia Affairs Committee acts in support to provide funding and manpower and also helps direct operations via their planning functions—but does not direct or interfere with the day to day functions of the Assembly Militia.

Let this be a guide for the Assemblies going forward with this part of the Assembly process, so that these functions are properly named and organized and appropriately limited and focused as they should be on public safety—instead of internal power-mongering and arguments.

The Assembly has the power and duty to regulate the Assembly Militia and the Assembly Militia has the power and duty to protect the Public.

These are not adverse powers; but, they are different powers, meant to work together for the good of all.

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06 02 21 People of Ireland



 By Anna Von Reitz

I know you are scared. I know you are weary.

This entire nasty pandemic “live exercise” has impacted everyone in different ways, and for you, it has been most difficult — causing an odd mix of fear and doubt and anger.

And now the gears are shifting more and more toward righteous anger, because you realize that the bullies have nubbed things again, and that the average people are being targeted again, and you are just about full-up with it.

Many of you are at the point that I was at forty years ago, when I stood in front of the mirror as a young woman and knew that I couldn’t face a life spent living in fear of my own employees.

There comes a time when you’d rather die than put up with the crap anymore.

I passed that marker forty years ago.

So listen to this American song by Toby Mac called “Help is On the Way (Maybe Midnight)”.

Here are the lyrics:

“It may be midnight or midday; he’s never early, never late. He’s gonna’ stand by what He claimed! (I) Lived enough life to say– I heard your heart, I see your pain…. out in the dark, out in the rain…. feel so alone, feel so afraid— I heard you pray in Jesus’ name: It may be midnight or midday. It’s never early, never late. He gonna’ stand by what He claims. I’ve lived enough life to say —help is on the way! — (roundin’ the corner!) Help is on the way (comin’ for ya!) Help is on the way (yeah, yeah) I’ve lived enough life to say ….

Help is on the way.

You need three Irishmen born on the land of a county, who know their family lineage back to 1850 and know that their ancestors were living in Ireland at that time, willing to step forward and Declare that they are living Irishmen and heirs of the land and soil of their Counties and Country, and willing to record that statement on the international land records. If all your land recording offices are closed down, you can use our Land Recording Service.

These three men can then act as the Founders of your own International Trade Bank, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Commercial Bank. These two banks can then form a bank treaty with The Global Family Bank and be in a direct network with the American States and Nations Bank and other National Trade Banks worldwide.

This will then open up your access to all the pre-paid credit you are owed and yes, all the programs and help and support that you need to have secure and happy lives.

Just keep your heads together and find three solid sensible intelligent men willing and able to stand up for the kith and kin and country.

Beyond that, you will need four volunteer employees — a bank steward, a bank fiduciary, a bank comptroller, and a bank director.

That’s it. Seven people and the will to save yourselves.

When you’ve found those three solid good men to act as Founders of your National Trade Bank and decided on a name and rustled up four volunteers who have the needed skills, send me an email with the subject line “Ireland” and we’ll send you the paperwork.

Help is on the way.

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06 01 21Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice Blood Money 24 Other Kinds of Blood Money



 By Anna Von Reitz

We are admittedly unable to determine who first came up with the idea of using the vast cave systems that naturally occur in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and Indonesia for the purpose of storing gold, we can only attest that this happened in the distant past, and was in full operation during the Roman Empire.

Along with the gold storage came gold-related businesses—banking, smelting, hallmarking, assaying, jewelry, shipping, security services, and so on, which flourished, and along with the gold trade came the jewels trade. Jewels from India, Burma, Thailand, and Africa found their way to the Filipino and Indonesian gold storage and processing centers.

Thus, we are talking about a highly complex, interlocking, well-established industry that has been functioning for centuries prior to this, and which is central to the world’s storage of gold and use of gold for all sorts of purposes– as a commodity standard, as a means of international exchange, as an industrial material, as collateral for credit, and as the raw material to create fine jewelry.

These facts which are not generally well-known in the western world account for the involvement of such personalities as Ferdinand Marcos and President Sukarno in the history of our money.

The official story that everyone is trying to sell is that in the final days of the Communist Chinese takeover of China, the Nationalist Chinese Government supported by the never-really-identified Dragon Family, sent seven warships laden with Chinese gold to America and placed it on deposit for safekeeping.

That part of the story is true enough, at least insofar as the fact that a large amount of Chinese-owned gold was placed on deposit in certain US Banks, most particularly the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This same gold was the subject of a 2011 court suit brought by Mr. Neil Keenan, on behalf of the current Chinese Government.

It seems that the New York Fed never paid the interest owed on the Chinese gold deposit, and the Chinese Government wanted at least some reasonable accommodation for payment of interest and recognition of the debt.

Instead of agreeing to that, the New York Fed used the excuse that the original depositor, the Nationalist Chinese Government, no longer existed and had no representation, and so all the Chinese gold on deposit was “abandoned” property and had been used to create the Global Collateral Accounts, to be used for humanitarian development projects worldwide.

The Chinese were not impressed with this theft-by-any-other-name, and neither were we. The central fact that this gold ultimately belongs to the Chinese people regardless of the government in charge, got glossed over with legalistic arguments and technicalities, with the effect that nothing good has come of it. The so-called Global Collateral Accounts have not been used for philanthropy and the gold has not been returned to the owners.

As interesting as this situation is, and the Robinhood-style public benefit scheme resulting from it, let us observe that seven warships of gold is just a drop in the bucket compared to actual world gold reserves, and all the attention focused on this political and moral stand-off is a red herring akin to the attention focused on “budgeted” money squabbles versus all the “non-budgeted” money that corporate governments commandeer, rat-hole, slush fund, and otherwise hide from public view.

So let’s dispense with tales about the lost Chinese gold, and the mythic Dragon Family, and the Global Collateral Accounts, and that whole storyline—- it’s a distraction from what is actually important.

Gold is a peculiar substance. It has, in effect, its own DNA. The ultimate provenance of any lump of gold on Earth can be determined with a high degree of accuracy, and when you use this natural “Source Code”, it turns out that the vast bulk of all the gold in the world comes from the Americas— North and South, and from Africa, too.

If the bulk of gold on Earth truly belongs to anyone, it belongs to the native people who were the original owners of it, the same native people who were enslaved and forced to labor in both gold and silver mines with a shocking loss of life. It’s estimated that on average, twenty Native Americans died to extract one ounce of silver. Nobody knows how many Africans similarly perished.

Think about what makes these metals so very precious and you will find yet another meaning for the phrase “blood money” and perhaps even develop a healthy abhorrence for all the pretty little coins stamped with the faces of evil men and the emblems of evil institutions.

In the 1850’s The United States of America was caught up in the trade of gold and silver like every other nation on Earth, and naturally, it had its stockpiles of both gold and silver as a requirement of that trade. After the Civil War, under the auspices of what we call “The Scottish Interloper” — a Scottish commercial corporation doing business as The United States of America, Incorporated — our gold was quietly shipped to the Philippines for “safekeeping”.

The U.S. Navy was responsible for the transport. Both the shipping certificates from the United States and the receipts for the flats from the Philippines still exist. At about the same time that this was going on, the Territorial U.S. Congress arranged to buy the landmass of the Philippine Islands using our money to do it. Those records also remain.

There was nothing so remarkable about this in terms of worldwide practices– literally miles of caves in the Philippines were already being used for the purpose of gold storage and had been used for that purpose for centuries. What is remarkable about it is that the American People were kept completely in the dark about this transport and emptying of their coffers.

Our gold was cashiered away in the Philippines without our knowledge or consent under the presumptions and provisions of Abraham Lincoln’s General Order 100, the first ever Executive Order, issued in March of 1863. This Executive Order was issued in Lincoln’s capacity as Commander-in-Chief and is otherwise known as the Lieber Code, which has since morphed into the Hague Conventions.

Among other things, the Lieber Code made the U.S. Army responsible for safeguarding our money.

Fifty years later, in the throes of yet another banker-created catastrophe, the U.S. Congress passed a little-noted Act creating an “independent government for the Philippines” in 1934. This was done so that the newly “independent” Government of the Philippines could act as the Trustee for our gold reserves stored in the Philippines.

And that is how Ferdinand Marcos and President Sukarno and all the rest of these men got involved in our business and in making decisions about our gold.

Please bear in mind that the landmass of the Philippines still belongs to The United States of America, independent government or not.

It is against this backdrop that the invasion of the Philippines by the Japanese in World War II must be viewed. Douglas MacArthur presided over the worst military defeat in our country’s history, mainly because the Philippines had been a sacred cow for generations, similar to Switzerland, because of its role as a gold storage facility for many other nations. Nobody expected the Japanese to attack it.

When they did, the Japanese seized the gold horde, including the gold belonging to The United States of America, and quickly began transporting the gold back to Japan and throughout Polynesia and the Asian Subcontinent. It was at this point that our gold and the gold of many other nations was dubbed “Yamashita’s Gold” — named after the Japanese General who plundered the gold horde during the Second World War.

Of course, the Japanese knew the gold horde was there. They had significant quantities of their own gold stored in the Philippines and in Indonesia and even the Middle East. There is even some indication that the heist was an inside job, actually planned by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration and the British OSS. The seizure of the gold in the Philippines by the Japanese provided a handy excuse to siphon off and “disappear” other gold reserves. They could claim that the Japanese took it, whereabouts unknown.

All this double-dealing and deceit and collusion with the enemy was eventually paid back, but it would be ten long years before things were more or less recouped and back in place in the Philippines.

President Kennedy went to the Philippines shortly before his death to discuss the recouped American gold reserves still stored in the Philippines and still standing under the Trusteeship of the Government of the Philippines. The plan endorsed by both Kennedy and Sukarno was to use the gold horde as the collateral backing a new gold-backed U.S. Treasury Note.

All this history is discussed in a veiled way throughout the Green Hilton Agreement and the Bilateral Minefields Agreement, but has never once been brought forward to the American people and the actual Federation of States to whom the gold belongs and to whom the landmass of the Philippines belongs.

Obviously, we need to be at the table when the other nations discuss the idea that our government is “absent” and “in interregnum” and that, at least potentially, there is an excuse to claim that our gold reserves stored throughout the world are “abandoned” —- similar to the New York Fed’s excuses to the Chinese Government.

This is to fully inform you members of The International Court of Justice, the Vatican Chancery Court, the Court of the Lord High Steward, the banks, and everyone else, that we are indeed present and holding everyone to account, including the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor of London, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, and all Officers attached to the USA, Inc., the US, INC., the UN CORP, and the United Nations organization.

Not only are our gold and silver reserves not abandoned, they are explicitly claimed by us under two strong attachments and as part of our international notices, claims, and assignments:

First, the bulk of the gold and silver under discussion derives from North and South America –as demonstrated by its molecular DNA– and was mined via the slave labor of indigenous people in our country, and other countries within our Hemisphere. Even if the end product was claimed as spoils of war and transported throughout the world by the Spanish, the labor and the sacrifices of our indigenous civilian population are owed.

Second, as our country acquired massive gold and silver reserves, both, as a result of being a producer of gold and silver and in the process of international trade, The United States of America is owed the return and control of all those gold and silver reserves cashiered in the Philippines and distributed throughout the world under the auspices of the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy acting “on our behalf” since 1863.

It’s more than past time for those resources to return to civilian control and for all pretensions and excuses of war and legalistic arguments to cease.

It is also time to set aside all disposal agreements entered into on our behalf by the Kings and Queens, Popes, and Lord Mayors, who merely assumed emergency powers that were never granted and that are mere legal presumptions standing in the way of the truth.

The truth is that all powers delegated to the original Confederation of States and the States of America — also known as the Federal Republic — returned to the Delegators of those powers upon the first disability of these instrumentalities to perform. This happened by Operation of Law, and no formal action on our parts was ever required to receive back our own powers.

The further truth is that the other Principals involved in this debacle acted in Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Services Contract, trespassed on our land and soil as our Employees, commandeered assets and custodial powers never granted to them, failed their due diligence and duty to support our actual Government in time of need, and there can be no excuse for this circumstance.

These guilty Principals and their Undeclared Foreign Agents have continued to sail under our flags and seals, to charge us for their services, and to exercise our delegated powers while acting as privateers and pirates against our interests. They have impersonated us, committed barratry against us, acted under color of law for over 150 years, pillaged and plundered our resources—including our gold and silver— press-ganged and conscripted our people as cheap mercenaries, engaged in war for profit schemes in our names, and by our estimation, have broken almost every major international law and convention on Earth.

We have asked the Popes to permanently liquidate the Municipal Corporations used as the instrumentalities for this fraud and abuse, and to deprive those responsible of any further privilege to form new commercial corporations. Without these measures, the same old game continues like a revolving door, with one corporation being bankrupted or liquidated, and another similarly named entity being created by the same guilty parties to perform as purported Successors to the same contracts and duties that they have violated before.

Right now, “President” Joe Biden is attempting to pull this same sleight of hand again, and to present a new Municipal Corporation as the Successor to the bankrupted UNITED STATES entity. We have served Notice to his would-be administration, to the Public, to the International Community, and now, to the High Courts that Mr. Biden and his Corporation don’t have a contract with us. This in no way impairs our constitutional contracts with the other Principals, nor does it change their obligation to us.

This circumstance simply means that we are not assuming a Successor contract with the new Municipal Corporations; we are doing this explicitly, for Cause, and in the sight of the True God.

We wish for our natural resources, our historical assets including our gold and silver, our employees, and our natural prerogatives as sovereign powers to be returned to our peaceful civilian government’s control and for all pretensions of war and emergency and military occupation to immediately cease.

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05 31 21 Dear Everyone Regarding The Shit Storm



By Anna Von Reitz

There was never any reason for a second Declaration of Independence. The first one did a masterful job and it still stands today.

Any presumption otherwise was brought forward because of a false claim made by agents of the central banks, and so, Teri and others joined together to reply to the nonsense being pushed by the bankers who were at that time trying to claim that our Government no longer existed and all our assets were subject to “claim on abandonment” by the Creditors of the US CORP. They returned their answer exactly as Teri Hinkle describes; I was present and heard the debates and the acrimony with Tim Turner and RuSA over the whole thing.

And I was shaking my head through the whole thing, too.

U.S. Citizens can’t speak for Americans— even if they were born and raised in America, their registered political status prevents them from having lawful standing under international law. At most they have a limited legal custodial interest in specific properties.

The actual issue was decided many years prior to the flap in 2012, and all that was really necessary was to remind the High Courts of that fact.

Which we did.

What nobody grasped then, and what you are still failing to grasp now, is that the Constitutions are still intact, The Declaration of Independence (original) is still intact, even The Articles of Confederation are still intact.

What has changed is your own political status. You have been registered as a Brit, and as a Brit, you have no rights as an American.

It’s like when you are sitting still in an automatic car wash and it seems that your car is moving when it’s not.

You all assume that you are Americans and counted as Americans because you were born here, but shortly after you were born, you were “seized upon” and unlawfully converted via the birth registration process into a “U.S. Citizen” — a dependent of the British Territorial Government.

So nothing that you have ever done and nothing that you are doing with your “Jural Handbooks” and your “Nation States Project” or anything else has ever had the actual desired effect.

British Territorial Subjects can natter all day long and still never have any legal or lawful standing with respect to our land and soil jurisdiction–and never had anything but limited and enumerated delegated powers at sea.

The “Shitstorm” has come and gone. The actual work was accomplished despite all the handicaps. It’s over.

We won.

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05 31 21 Dear Mr Putin Acknowledging the Security Council Debate


http://www.paulstramer.net/ 2021/05/dear-mr-putin-acknowledging-security.html

By Anna Von Reitz

We were touched but also dismayed by recent reports that the Security Council was discussing our situation and that you, Mr. Putin, were even suggesting armed intervention.

Our unincorporated Federation of States has several venerable international treaties with Russia, which have always been upheld by both sides, and which cannot be removed absent a new treaty with our Federation.

These mutual assistance treaties do in fact require Russia to act on our behalf in the event that we are unable to bulwark our own efforts or held to such a disadvantage that our national sovereignty is imperiled. We thank you, and we remember those several occasions when Russia alone among the nations came to our assistance. We are not ungrateful.

It is in fact the existence of these treaties and bonds which have lasted through multiple generations that have been the focus of evil men seeking to demonize Russia for befriending the American Government and holding “the US” in well-earned suspicion.

The entire Russian Collusion witch hunt brewed up against Donald Trump is only the most recent chapter of a long history of British guile and efforts to palm off blame for its own collusion with China. We understand.

We acknowledge the debate in the Security Council and also acknowledge the treaty obligations underlying it; however, our national sovereignty has weathered the worst threats against it, and though there are numerous issues yet to be resolved, we feel confident and competent overall to resolve these under our own steam.

We have chartered the largest International Trade Bank in a hundred years, and recalling the proper structure for the banks, we have also chartered a wholly-owned subsidiary commercial bank for it. Both stand under our Public International Law. As these measures bear fruit and sanity returns to the world under a new banking paradigm, we believe that all nations will benefit —including Russia.

Any armed intervention at this point would only serve to bulwark and assist the network of international criminal interests collectively known as “the Cabal” —and having suffered the slings and arrows of this institutionalized crime syndicate as much as any other nation, we doubt that Russia would desire that outcome.

There are so many better things to do and to think about.

Rather, we, the Americans, feel that it would be best to bring political pressure to bear on the Bank of International Settlements to delay enforcement of its Basel 3 provisions long enough to deploy the International Trade Bank safety net that will be needed to avoid widespread genocide due to disruption of commodity supply lines and lack of cash-value currency.

The more fanatical elements may not be pleased by our actions, but the vast bulk of the living people and their national governments will be happy–and safe, prosperous, and at peace.

The bad ideas of the past must not be allowed to intrude upon the future, Mr. Putin. So far as we are concerned, the bankers have sung their last refrain, and a new banking system is on the way. This, among many other positive developments, is no cause for fear or violence.

It’s time to celebrate instead

by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America

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05 31 21 Whats the Purpose of a State Assembly?



By Anna Von Reitz

Today I was asked, “What’s the real purpose and role of a State Assembly? There are already at least two District Assemblies in place. Why do we need another assembly?”

Short answer — there are fundamental differences between a State Assembly and any form of District Assembly.

They operate in different jurisdictions.

They represent different populations.

They serve different purposes.

The purpose of a State Assembly is to protect the people who live within the borders of their State, to protect the assets of those people, and preserve their birthright as Americans. The further purpose of a State Assembly is to uphold and enforce the Public Law — including enforcement of the Federal Constitutions.

State Assemblies are supposed to make all major decisions about State-owned property and resources, to form the fundamental nexus of the American Government in international jurisdiction, to educate new generations of Americans about their own history and government, and do all the other things necessary to preserve our government of, for, and by the living people of this country, complete with its bottom-up power structure, and it’s daunting responsibility to self-govern.

Now, actual, properly defined, and fully functioning State Assemblies haven’t been in Session for a long time. As a result, some of their responsibilities have been shuffled off and undertaken by District Assemblies acting as custodians of State Trusts—- but District Assemblies are not really empowered to act in these capacities, and it is our responsibility to carry our own water.

As you look around, you will see that our courthouses (for example) are occupied by foreign courts — federally-connected courts of strictly limited jurisdiction, allowed to exist on our shores by constitutional contract. Our State Courts are supposed to be occupying our court buildings, but are nowhere to be found.

As this example demonstrates, it isn’t that the foreign courts are prohibited, but they shouldn’t be the primary occupants of our court buildings. Everything is upside down. The guests are acting “as” the landlords, and the landlords are acting as the guests.

Our Courts simply haven’t been in Session, because our State Assemblies haven’t been in Session, and they haven’t been in Session for so long that our employees have forgotten who we are and what our role is.

It’s up to us to remind them. And ourselves, if necessary.

When you encounter a “District Assembly” the first question in your mind should be — what kind of district? A Military (Territorial) District? A Municipal District? Some other outpost of the District of Columbia?

These are foreign entities. They are not part of our State and are not pretending to be. Like the foreign federally connected courts of limited jurisdiction called “District Courts” and “State of State Courts”, the district employees and dependents are allowed to be here among us, by contract, but their assemblies are not our assemblies.

They have no responsibility to preserve the American birthright for us, and they equally have no obligation to uphold our Public Law for us. They have to adhere to the Public Policies and Codes, Rules, Regulations, and Statutes of the foreign corporations that employ them, but this is private law, not Public Law.

As Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc., makes abundantly clear, enforcement of the Constitutions is entirely a matter of personal choice and “discretion” for district employees and franchisees who subjugate themselves to foreign private law.

Enforcement of the Constitutions instead falls to us, the members of the State Assembly, and particularly to State Citizens.

So, if you are wondering why your constitutional guarantees aren’t being honored, search no farther. It’s because your State Assemblies haven’t been in Session and your State Courts haven’t been in Session, either. The State Citizens and State Assemblies who are Parties to the Constitutions have been “absent” — “missing” — “in interregnum” — “presumed dead” — “lost at sea”.

All this confusion, all this corruption, all this flat-footed enforcement of foreign law on Americans, all the craziness— is because you, Joe Q., haven’t been doing your Public Duty and we as Americans haven’t booted up our properly declared and constituted State Assemblies into Session since the 1860’s.

So what is the purpose of a State Assembly? To operate the American Government, to enforce the Constitutions, to uphold the Public Law, to preserve the birthrights of each and every American. We hold the Public Power and the Public Duty, but it has seldom been exercised in the past hundred years.

And that, people, is the biggest problem with this country. Too many of us have forgotten who we are and what our duty is and what the purpose of a State Assembly is.

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05 30 21 About Hawaii



By Anna Von Reitz

The last Queen of Hawaii and her ministers sold the land mass of Hawaii because they knew that if they didn’t do so, they would be over-run by the Chinese or the Japanese. That same reality remains.

We have the records showing the sale of Hawaii and the source of the funds (we were that source) but we have no records related to where the money went after it left the coffers of The United States of America. It is most likely that there is a “managed fund” set up somewhere in the Hawaii State Trust accounting for all that money.

Neither the former Queen nor her Ministers lived super-opulent lifestyles after the sale, and her living relatives have lived modestly, so it is unlikely that they kept the money for themselves.

No Treaty was necessary as this was a sale transaction and the Queen and her cabinet had the authority to do it. From reading the record, they were caught between a Chinese rock and a Japanese hard place. If they wanted United States protection they had to grant the Americans an ownership interest—- otherwise we could not intervene on Hawaii’s behalf, and we could not legally establish Territorial military outposts in Hawaii.

Anyway, the point is that the United States did not coerce the Queen into abdication. The whole situation and the elements of coercion that were part of it, were the result of Chinese and Japanese interests that were eyeing Hawaii like a bone ripe for a tug-of-war.

The Queen and her Ministers (wisely, in my opinion) did not want to see their country embroiled in a war between China and Japan, and they didn’t want to see the Hawaiian people subjugated to the victor in either case, so they actively sought protection as an American Territory.

Far from leaning on the Queen and forcing her to abdicate— which is the Urban Legend— the US had to be talked into it, because defending Hawaii against the combined Pacific Powers of China and Japan is a tall order on the best of days, and those were not the best of days. Remember that our Navy in the Pacific at the time of the Queen’s abdication was barely able to protect commercial shipping from Korean pirates. The deal with Hawaii ultimately required vast outlays of investment in military infrastructure and also civilian infrastructure in Hawaii, plus vast investment to bulk up the Navy in the Pacific.

Yes, there were industrialists and defense contractors and military gurus pushing the agenda, but there were also industrialists and defense contractors and military gurus pushing against buying into Hawaii’s defense predicament. The other camp thought the defense of Caribbean and South American interests and the Panama Canal were more important.

In the end, it was the King of England that decided the issue and accepted the abdication and all the investment obligations “for” us, and it was our money and our manpower expended to do it all. The King was concerned about the weakness of the Pacific Fleet and wanted to extend not only his power through his command of our Navy on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, but also wanted to beef up protection of his interests around the Pacific Rim— at our expense, of course.

There are also questions raised about the “legality” of Hawaii’s inclusion as a State, as our actual Government was not in Session at the time and the Federal Republic was long since dormant. How, people wonder, could the U.S. Congress pull off the requirements to make Hawaii a State of the Union?

The short answer is that the U.S. Congress could not and did not accomplish that. It did the same thing with Hawaii that it had been doing with the Western States ever since the Civil War —- conferred “Territorial Statehood” on it, installed a British Territorial State-of-State as custodian — and shut their mouths.

Hawaii, like Alaska, Utah, Idaho, Montana, etc., were never States of the Union, and all for the same reason, until October 1, 2020, when a Roll Call vote of the pre-Civil War State Assemblies completed their retroactive enrollment as States of the Union.

That is, despite the impression that Hawaii and other States had left “Territorial Status” a long time ago, they were not actually States of the Union; they were only being treated as such and managed as State Trusts.

Always remember that our actual Government is not vested in any kind of “legislature”. Our foreign territorial subcontractor which functions as a democracy uses a legislature to set public policies, rules, codes, and regulations for their employees and dependents, so acting through a “legislature” is appropriate for them and applies to their custodial duties as assigned by The Northwest Ordinance.

It’s important for Hawaiians to realize that (1) the same fears of Chinese or Japanese invasion that created the situation in the first place are still well-justified and (2) they have been living under the Queen’s foreign thumb as a Territorial State and have never gotten to enjoy the rights and advantages of an actual State of the Union —- until this past October.

Before people go blaming us and reacting against things that the Territorial Subcontractor has done, or proposing to enslave themselves again to a Monarch—- they should give themselves a chance to take up the responsibility of self-governance in earnest and join their State Assembly with a clear vision and willingness to work.

This is the first time since Captain Cook that they have had the opportunity to steer their own boat and take charge of their destiny. I encourage each and every Hawaiian to do so—- lawfully and peacefully. Their actual State Assembly is now in Session and the power of the actual sovereign State is in their hands for the first time.

Need I add that their help is needed? Our whole country has been abused and misused for generations and its “All hands on deck!” for every American, not only to save their own bacon, or their own State, but the entire country and the world as we know it.

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05 30 21 Urgent Appeal The First Bank Founded on Love




By Anna Von Reitz

For thousands of years, banks have been founded on lies and idolatry and self-interest, so the entire concept of a bank founded on love is as alien as a mermaid goat. And yet, yesterday, The Global Family Bank was founded on exactly that premise: the idea that money should serve humanity, instead of humanity serving money.

If you step back and think about it, as I often have, the common banking paradigm reduces the joy and dignity of mankind to the level of being rats in a maze, learning to push the button to get a treat— and it’s an arbitrary treat, a commodity akin to any other widget.

It’s hard to hold back the overwhelming sense of incredulity once you think about it and grasp the situation: we are letting ourselves be enslaved to little pieces of paper, plastic cards, little round pieces of metal, or even worse, digits on a ledger.

The whole situation is, in truth and in fact, ridiculous.

So let’s think about these things more deeply.

And when we do, we find that, as with so many other things, we’ve been living in a world that is upside down and backward.

Money isn’t the measure of a man. Man is the measure of money.

Faced with these facts and the looming crisis the bankers are deliberately creating both by manipulating commodities including gold and silver, and by failure to offset debt, what is one to do?

Let 70% of the world’s population starve or fall victim to violence? Let the creatures of Hell feast on us again? We think not.

Yesterday, The Global Family Bank came into existence —- a sovereign international trade bank, together with its wholly-owned subsidiary, The Global Family Bank of Commerce.

This is the way the banking system is supposed to be organized, with international trade banks that stand under the Public Law owning and controlling their own commercial banks, so that all the banks remain accountable to the Public Law.

This, the system our ancestors mandated, is a far cry from the system we have now, in which the commercial banks run roughshod over everything and everyone, and their black-robed accomplices enforce their hegemony against the Public Interest.

How and why did this come about?

There’s a missing piece in the banking system, just as there are a couple of missing pieces in our government structure.

The international trade banks that deal in actual assets — not “hypothecation of assets” — are missing. This has allowed the commercial banks to escape like bad dogs slipping the leash. Like the court systems, the commercial banks have functioned in capacities never dreamed of –nor allowed– by our forefathers, and much to everyone’s detriment.

The Global Family Bank is the first major international trade bank organized in over a century. By definition, it functions under the Public Law and deals exclusively in actual assets and Lawful Money. It’s wholly-owned subsidiary commercial bank, The Global Family Bank of Commerce, will deal with commercial paper as necessary, but because it is owned and managed by The Global Family Bank, it will also in effect stand under the Public Law.

Picture the globe with all the banks you are familiar with appearing as red dots. Then picture the globe again, with only a few scattered blue dots. The blue dots are multiplying and connecting, and The Global Family Bank is the hub.

Safe, honest banking, carriage accounting, no usury, no blind escrows, no open assignments, no funny business at all, cash-value assets only, lawful money only, deals directly with your Lawful Person, no bail-outs, no bail-ins, no secret handshakes, no interference with lawful transactions and transfers, no black robed hustlers enforcing “private” law.

Very soon, within days, Americans who declare and record their political status as Americans will be able to open accounts through their national bank’s account in The Global Family Bank network.

People throughout the world in other countries can do the same— organize their land jurisdiction government, declare their political status, set up their international trade banks and join the fun.

It will be fun. It will be profitable. More importantly, it puts family first — our family of mankind, our global family. The Global Family Bank will treat you like family, protect you like family, and make sure that you have a cash-value means to trade no matter what happens.

So when Basel 3 trips the wire and the Gold Fix is no longer fixed, and the price of gold predictably skyrockets (unless we can bring our gold reserves to bear first) and cash dries up (as a result of the unallocated gold being withdrawn from the stock market) you won’t be left standing there with nothing in your pocket.

A great deal of work has to get done in a short time and massive amounts of assets have to be legered, new account structures have to be set up, vendor cards issued, and all sorts of other footwork done in a matter of weeks. National banks operating in international trade have yet to be formed in some countries, bank treaties have to be signed, connections made, accounts created.

You can imagine the flurry of activity.

If you are, for example, a German living in Germany, who woke up and declared yourself a living man and claimed all your rights and assets and recorded your claim on our Land Recording System or via other appropriate means—- gather your like-minded friends together, and use our template to form two banks — an international trade bank, and a commercial bank that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of your international trade bank.

Then sign a bank treaty with The Global Family Bank — connecting your bank to the other “blue dots” as they populate the globe.

Don’t worry and throw up your hands and think, “I can’t do this! I don’t know anything about banking! What about all the regulations! What about security! What about…..”

You can do this. We have your back. Besides, you have to do it.

The artificial spikes in gold prices (expect two of them, one this summer and another in January-February) and the sudden drying up of cash and lack of connectivity occasioned by the Basel 3 accords means that even those who have gold and silver won’t be able to trade in such a scenario.

Why? Because nobody is equipped to trade in real assets anymore, aside from one-to-one bartering by hand.

Imagine the situation. There is no cash anywhere. You have gold and silver coins saved up for a rainy day, but what you need is five gallons of gas. What do you do? Go down to the gas station and barter a gold coin for the gasoline?

But wait, will there even be any gasoline to buy? Probably not, because the entire transportation of products to market will be impacted. It is in fact already being impacted.

We all have to keep our heads, join together, and make this work.

At this point, you must admit that the bankers are destroying the world as we have known it, in a final, bitter, death-cult, scorched Earth policy battle pushed by the Bank of England/HSBC, their Chinese equivalents, and the Bank of International Settlements.

And they don’t have anything viable to replace what they are destroying.

Nobody can save us but ourselves. We have two months to do it. All of us, worldwide.

Strange as it may seem, considering the trillions of dollars worth of assets that belong to us and which need to be placed on the bank’s ledgers, we are still limping along on cash donations to spool this entire effort up. And that slows us down. If you can help, help now.

Loathe as I am to condone any form of price fixing, we must all bring as much political pressure to bear on the Bank of International Settlements as possible, to delay the enforcement of Basel 3 on their affiliated banks— which without a viable replacement system in place, is the equivalent of genociding 70% of humanity.

The safety net is being spread, the resources are marshaling, but time is the critical element now. We have to have time to spread the net over the whole globe and do it as quickly as possible. Basel 3 must be delayed long enough to deploy the trade banks worldwide, or the bankers will literally be guilty of planned genocide.

PayPal: avannavon@gmail.com

Mail: Anna Maria Riezinger

Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska 99652

The Global Family Bank is not “public” yet and not on the internet yet. Please understand this and remain calm and upbeat. Keep checking my articles daily for news and instructions.

Those setting up National Trade Banks need to contact me via email with the subject line “National Trade Bank”. Those seeking to cash in court judgements and transfer assets, please use the email subject line “Asset Transfer”. Please withhold inquiries about getting individual accounts for now. You will get instructions. Soon.

People who are already members of the State Assemblies will be eligible for accounts as soon as The American States and Nations /ASAN Bank preparations are complete. No further action is necessary at this time.

People who have not yet declared and recorded their political status are advised to do so as soon as possible.

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05 27 21 A Terrifying Thought



By Anna Von Reitz

I learned early that all my observations are not positive or helpful, and not welcome, either. Still, I persisted in my honesty well into my life, and only somewhere after the age of thirty learned some part of discretion and the value of silence when nothing can be changed by speaking.

Yes, I have considered not saying this and not releasing and sharing the link that I am making available on my website, www.annavonreitz.com, because it is so unbearably graphic and so irrefutable for those who have been vaccinated already.

We are presented with photos of healthy blood cells reduced to misshapen, distorted things and damage that cannot be denied.

The nightmare is real. And we are left to consider the Bogey Men, who failed their Public Trust and Duty to protect the American people—- condemning millions of trusting innocents to death via a loathsome and wasting and man-made plague.

You will remember that the British Territorial Government responsible for the U.S. Military conscripted our health professionals as “Uniformed Officers” and required them to be licensed to practice medicine on U.S. Citizens. What if they are using these “officers” to wreck death and havoc, like any other military force?

Who betrayed us at the “dock” and set up the whole Birth Certificate scam?

Medical doctors.

Who promoted the use of Smallpox infected blankets to decimate Native American tribes?

Medical doctors.

Who covered up the terrible effects of electromagnetic radiation sickness?

Medical doctors.

Who among us continued to use treatments for chronic diseases that don’t work long after any sane analyst would stop and look for other answers?

Medical doctors.

Who lives in such fear of losing their license to treat U.S. Citizens that they can be easily leveraged and coerced?

Medical doctors.

Who has to pass “boards” and meet continuing education goals and submit their every action to scrutiny?

Medical doctors.

Who could be fooled into harming their patients simply by being told by the purported government that — “You have to do this.” Or worse, “Do this, and we will pay you $50,000 per case.”

Medical doctors.

This Culture of Coercion, of Carrots in the form of payoffs, and Sticks in the form of malpractice claims, has turned medicine into a snakepit, where most medical doctors face repeated nasty political and legal challenges to their conscience and their livelihood and professional reputation.

Remember George McGovern? Democratic Presidential candidate in 1972? He was two bricks short of a load and otherwise a hulluva nice guy, unlike Joe Biden, who is two bricks short — full stop.

George McGovern, who knew nothing about anything, decided that certain foods were bad, and armed with nothing more than his own hare-brained opinion, he rewrote the American Diet and made it the endlessly confusing and politicized morass of fads and lies that represent nutrition science today.

Eggs are bad; no, they are good. Butter is bad, but, no, well, butter is good. A lot better than hydrogenated vegetable oil…. oh, well…… Wheat is bad; no, wheat is good— a vital source of fiber and B vitamins. Milk is bad, cholesterol is bad, bacon is bad, avocados are bad, coconut oil is bad, yoghurt is bad, bananas are bad, apples are bad —- but no, wait, they are all actually good.

Just like the mandate that many cities adopted prior to the recent madness, requiring people to use their own cloth or plastic shopping bags to carry home groceries. Remember that?

Remember how funny it was when you showed up carrying your nice sturdy fabric shopping bag, and having those same dimwit clerks tell you that, no, you couldn’t possibly use your own shopping bag! It was dirty! Unhealthy! It might have germs!

But the nasty fabric mask on your face didn’t?

Do we need any more proof that these people setting themselves up as petty gods are ignorant nutcases incapable of a reasoned or logical or original opinion?

There are a great many issues that politicians should never be allowed to touch. Health and medicine are two of them. Science, more generally, is another arena which should be sacrosanct and outside the grasp of politicians and corporate moguls alike.

There is no mention of public health or private health in any Federal Constitution and this is not an oversight.

What if the clueless and controlled Medical Establishment was given half a billion doses of “vaccine”, paid $1500.00 per shot, and let loose?

How many of our beleaguered “Uniformed Officers” would question the contents of those syringes?

And how many would have the courage to speak up, much less take a stand? And what business do any politicians or businessmen have making health decisions for the rest of us? Imposing their opinions on us? Or politicizing any aspect of medicine or science?

Those who care about medicine, about health, about actual science, must stand up against the abject craziness that has politicized science ever since the 1960’s and all of us need to look at the microscopy photos of red blood cells before and after….

Go to: www.annavonreitz.com and look for yourselves. You can literally see what is happening and nobody has to tell you that it is bad beyond belief.

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05 27 21 What We Need to Communicate



 By Anna Von Reitz

When this whole Mess began there was a far greater understanding of the circumstance, at least on the parts of the Federal Military and Federal Civil Service Employees, than there is today.

The nature and purpose of the Carpetbagger Courts was pretty simple. The victorious North and their British Allies were intent on collecting money from the Southerners to pay for their own war debts. This process began immediately after Lee’s Surrender and the courts tasked to act as debt collectors were formed in May of 1865.

Ten new Military Districts — established under the Territorial District Government residing in the District of Columbia — were set up under the auspices of the Territorial U.S. Army. Each such District was overseen by a Military General of at least Brigadier rank, and it was his duty to appoint Judges loyal to the North and the Territorial Government to the benches of these courts. The courts were then set up as private bill collection agencies to extort war reparations and profits.

Nothing has changed, except that over the years, more Military Districts have been formed across the entire length and breadth of this country, the Carpetbagger Court System has become an institution mistaken for our Lawful Court System, and it has continued to be used as means to pillage and plunder under color of law, using False Legal Presumptions, Impersonation, and Barratry to extort payment from Americans who have nothing to do with any of this graft and criminality at all.

What we, Americans who have declared and recorded our political status, need to communicate to these courts is the same today as it was in 1865.

We are Americans.

We are peaceful law-abiding non-combatant civilians.

We stand under the Public Law and The Law of Peace.

We are owed all protections and guarantees.

We are not Municipal citizens of the United States.

We claim all exemptions.

We are owed permanent, mandatory, protective injunctions.

Our State Assembly is in Session and our State is enrolled as a State of the Union.

There can be no Presumption of a Public Trust Interest.

We have not subjected ourselves to any foreign law.

We have not granted any Power of Attorney.

We request and require Full Disclosure of the Case-Claim.

There is no lack of ignorance at all levels of the current bureaucracy, including within the Carpetbagger Courts which have been in continuous operation since 1865, collecting war reparations from people who were never involved in any war and never owed any reparations.

The Military District Courts actually think (or try to bluff) that they are Article III Courts, but that is literally impossible. Why? Because the Article III Courts were formed under the auspices of the Federal Republic in 1787, under the original Federal Constitution granted to the States of America, and the Federal Republic ceased to function in 1860.

Neither the Territorial U.S. Government nor the Municipal Government of the United States operating as incorporated instrumentalities are competent to function as Article III Courts — but they can front Military (also known as “Federal”) District (Carpetbagger) Courts operating under Maritime and Admiralty Law, or Municipal COURTS to oversee Municipal FRANCHISES — and collect money from their own respective citizenries to their heart’s delight.

That’s why they have accidentally-on-purpose-misidentified and impersonated all of us Americans as members of their citizenries instead of counting us for who we are — Americans.

This information has been “compartmentalized” so as to assure that the right hand has, generally speaking, not known what the left hand was doing. Clerks of the Court only know the Clerk’s part. Judges only know the Judge’s part. Attorneys only know the Attorney’s part.

So it remains for us to tell them what they are engaged in and the nature of the courts they are working for and foisting off on others. And most important, it remains for us to tell them who we are in no uncertain terms.

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