06 15 21 Your Banks Progress and Instructions


By Anna Von Reitz

Here’s a quick update on progress for the International Trade Bank (“Blue Dot” Banks) initiatives that are now on the way.

Trade Bank Committees are forming all over the world and people are quickly answering the call. More than a dozen countries are ready to charter their own international trade bank, but having identified people with the correct political standing to act as Founders, and having found competent volunteers to act as bank stewards, fiduciaries, comptrollers, and directors, many of these Trade Bank Committees are stymied by the prospect of writing and issuing an International Trade Bank Charter, and still more are struggling over forming a wholly-owned commercial bank subsidiary.

We have templated a basic charter that covers both bases, so now all that the various International Trade Bank Committees need to do is send us some basic information, we’ll enter it into the template, and send back a charter ready for signatures.

To assist in this manner, we need the following information:

  1. Name of their country: Ireland, Spain, Argentina, etc.
  2. The “Demonym” they use: Irish, Australian, Canadian, etc.
  3. The name of their International Trade Bank
  4. The name of the associated wholly-owned Commercial Bank
  5. The date they want on their Charter paperwork or instruction to leave blank
  6. The names and addresses of the Founders
  7. The names and addresses of the Officers (Steward, Fiduciary, Comptroller, Director)
  8. Any special instructions or concerns.

Send to my attention at: avannavon@gmail.com with the Subject line “Charter”. I will forward it on to our Forms Master, who recommends that everyone secure a copy of Affinity Publisher software to expedite continuing interaction among the various Trade Bank Committees.

Please note that banking, like law, is an occupation of common right —and is not and never has been licensed on the land and soil jurisdiction of any country.

Please also note that International Trade Banks deal in lawful money, not commercial fiat and not military script. As a result, Trade Banks are the correct banks to accept deposits of actual assets, which include “cash value” assets, like silver certificates and cured labor bonds ready for settlement, as well as gold, silver, platinum, jewels and similar assets.

Commercial banks deal in fiat currencies issued by private banks and in military scripts, bonds, stocks, and similar instruments collectively known as “commercial paper”. These forms of “legal tender” are not lawful money and are only used as currencies in the jurisdictions of the sea and the air — not the land and soil.

As such, commercial banks are the correct banks to use to translate and deposit and transfer all forms of legal tender.

Please note— the Americans have a special contract that allows them to “denominate” legal tender as lawful money; that is, Americans can force the commercial banks to count legal tender as if it was lawful money and treat it as such. They can also invoke a “dollar for dollar” exchange rate.

These advantages allow us to redeem fiat currencies of all kinds as lawful money of all kinds, using the fiat USD to Silver Dollar exchange rate as the standard. So, Americans can translate fiat Euros or USD issues into lawful money, and vice versa.

This is the reason that the International Trade Bank network hub, The Global Family Bank, is organized under American auspices and under American Public Law. There is no other country that we know of that has retained its ability to translate fiat money into lawful money and lawful money into fiat.

The actual Americans (not U.S. Citizens) can provide a gateway for the rest of the world and back pre-paid credit and Treasury Bonds as a cash-value asset. We can translate lawful money into fiat credit notes and credit notes into lawful money, resolve debt-credit transactions via offset (thus relieving corporate public debt) and open up a viable escape route from the chaos that will predictably result once so-called “emergency” commodity rigging stops.

On that front, the Bank of International Settlements has been prevailed upon to delay implementation of Basel 3 until January of 2023, which gives us a year and a half to complete the International Trade Bank Charters, Bank Treaties, Asset transfers, and other necessary work.

It’s still a good, stiff schedule to meet on a worldwide basis and we cannot — any of us, any country — afford to drag our feet. Relief of the so-called “Taxpayers” and the corporate public debts of all countries is urgently needed, so let’s boot ‘er up and be on time for once.

And let’s never forget the lessons learned.

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