06 08 21 For the Military Geniuses Among Us


By Anna Von Reitz

Not one dollar of any military payroll, not one dollar spent on any military equipment or supply, not one dollar spent on armaments, rockets, tanks, jet fighters, or any other defense expenditure ever came from the Queen or the Pope or “the” Congress.

All that money came from one source: the American People.

And who are the American People? They are the State Citizens who signed the Federal Contracts known as Constitutions.

All the folks back home. The rank and filers who paid for it all.

Now, what happens to you, when millions of Americans die?

You don’t get paid, because there’s nobody left to pay you. Your budgets go the way of the Dodo. You are disgraced. Useless. Finished.

And that is what is coming to you if you continue to let these corporate managers lead you around like bulls on a nose ring. That’s what happens if you let Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci get away with their Humanoid-GMO-population-reduction crap.

That’s what happens when all those body bags that you and FEMA have put in place get used.

You become obsolete.

There will be no need for you, because you failed your duty to protect.

And that is the truth of the matter, boys.

Take a good deep breath and own it.

You’ve already failed millions of Americans whose lives are now compromised because of you and your lack of intelligence and leadership and guts.

You all stood there like dumb beasts and let all these innocent people be “vaccinated” by these monsters in suits.

You’re still standing there mum as tombstones, dumb beefeaters, worthless as tits on a boor, without the sense to save yourselves, much less anyone else.

And you wonder why I am “anti-military”?

I’m not anti-military. I am pro-military, if I could find one worth its salt. I’d pay good money for half a dozen generals who could recognize the actual domestic terrorists in the room.

And let’s get a clue, it’s not me or any of the other old ladies pointing our knitting needles at you.

It’s all the medical officers conscripted under Title 37 who have been misdirected and turned into an army to kill innocent Americans —and this has been done on your watch; it’s still occurring as I write this.

Elders and little kids, teenagers and college students, workers in factories and schools, being silently murdered and sterilized while you Worthlessers do nothing to stop it.

You couldn’t recognize a domestic terrorist if one bit you on the nose. Or shoved a needle up your rump.

For all the trillions of dollars spent on you, you can’t think your way out of a paper bag. You are all completely boggled by reams of paper issued by experts who aren’t experts at all, by people occupying vacant offices on false pretenses, and political party sideshows that shouldn’t exist if you were doing your job.

There’s just one thing providing you with jobs and it is called The Constitution of the United States of America. If you can’t read it and recognize who is owed all those guarantees, then what good are you to anyone?

Read it. See any mention of “public health mandates” anywhere? Masks? Coerced vaccinations? Experimental genetic engineering protocols? Anthony Fauci, President? Bill Gates, Vice President? When in blazes did these maniacs get elected to any public office?

That old musty contract is your contract, and if you dishonor it, guess who is next on the chopping block?

Don’t talk about what you are going to do. It’s past time for you to be doing it.

Bill Gates was being prosecuted by the Government of India for maiming and murdering 750,000 children in India via his vaccination programs five years ago.

And where have all you military geniuses been? Apparently in a gin bottle with your ear plugs on and a cork up your %^$&##%$.

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