08 25 19 Government, Media, and Gun Control



By Jackie Juntti

FINALLY –  someone in media clearly says what I have been saying for years.  It all goes along with the TWISTING of WORDS –  ie: What does “SHALL NOT INFRINGE” mean – beginning when it was first stated in the 2nd Amendment and what does it mean today with the WORD TWISTING?  As I understand words – SHALL NOT INFRINGE does not mean ‘maybe’ or ‘pass rules’ on how to go around the LAW.  Each and EVERY rule that deals with guns beyond SHALL NOT INFRINGE is in direct violation of the 2nd Amendment.
The problem is the enforcement of those who VIOLATE other laws – like SHALL NOT KILL, assault laws.  It isn’t the GUN that is guilty – it is the PERSON.  Do we hold hammers liable for building things?  Do we hold CARS liable for injury or deaths in which a car was used to inflict harm?  The Opioids kill more than guns but do we confiscate those drugs?
As I often say –  GO TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM and deal with it – not the vines.

Jackie Juntti
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So stand down, Congress.We don’t need you to keep us safe, the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, our right to bear arms, will do that
Government, Media, and Gun Control

Government, Media, and Gun Control


By Peggy Ryan ­­

The New York Post blared the headline: “Now can Congress talk about gun control?“ No, Congress should never, ever talk about gun control because it goes against the very Constitution they swore to defend.

But what brought us to the place where Congress and even our President is willing to ‘talk’ about encroaching on our Constitutional rights? It was another mass shooting, actually two events back-to-back, a Walmart in El Paso, Texas where 20 people were killed and a bar in Dayton Ohio where the shooter took 9 lives.

Though those crimes are horrific tragedies they’re not the only gun deaths in this country. More than 100 people were shot In Chicago over the 4th of July Weekend, 15 Killed in just one city. Why don’t we hear the media drumbeat for gun control over those deaths?

There are two methods of manipulation, ‘persuasion’ that the left uses to get gun control and the media is able to optimize both tactics with mass shootings. The first ploy is to pounce on a tragedy before the bodies are cold. Rahm Emanuel gave voice to this technique when he instructed:

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Translation: if you have a horrific massacre, get right in there while the emotions are raw, while the victims’ families and survivors are still reeling. If you play your cards right you’ll be able to use their grief, their fear to get gun laws you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to pass. So a mass shooting is an opportunity according to Rahm’s Rule.

The second way media exploits a mass casualty event is to effectively use terrorism. The number of casualties in a terror attack is not as important as where the attack takes place.

The goal of terrorism generally is to destroy the public’s sense of security in the places most familiar to them.”

People are far more likely to turn on gun owners if the tragedy is in their own backyard, a Walmart, a concert, or a club.  These are places most Americans go at one time or another so the message is no one’s safe. The media then binge-reports on the tragedy, paints it as a national crisis, a recurring event, an ever-present danger that demands new gun laws. Thus these domestic terror attacks are tailor-made to achieve gun control.

But the left and their media can’t wait around for a crisis so they augment their gun control argument with a blatant lie. They repeatedly claim that the US has the most mass shootings, that these events only happen in America. But that narrative is false:

America is not the only country with this problem: Mass shootings happen all over the world and if you account for the POPULATION DIFFERENCE between the United States and smaller nations, we’re not even one of the countries with the worst problem,

The campaign to disarm the American people is relentless. Congress wants to put gun owners in a federal database where they can be located on a moment’s notice. Democrats have been demanding universal background checks for decades. The reason is simple, they’d have a hell of a time confiscating guns if they have no idea where the guns are. But if they could just locate gun owners with the click of a mouse, their task would be significantly easier when the time comes.

Congress is working to pass red flag laws that sound sensible enough but are already being abused. In California it’s only family and law enforcement now but “lawmakers are already pushing for an expansion of the law to grant the right to co-workers, high school, and college personnel, and mental health care professionals. “They’ll undoubtedly include hairdressers or our server at iHop before they’re done or maybe just let the accuser be anonymous, that would work.

So if someone reports you as unhinged, says you can’t be trusted with guns, the government will swoop in and remove those weapons. Not unhinged? Well, you’ll get your chance to convince some liberal activist judge that wearing a #MAGA hat doesn’t make you a white nationalist threat. After all, “right-wing terrorism” is all the rage in media today, though it doesn’t really exist.

Fewer homicides were committed by political terrorists of any stripe in the United States in 2017 than were committed by illegal immigrants in the state of Texas alone.

There’s good reason we can’t trust our government to do what’s right for the American people. This same Congress that wants to regulate our Constitutional rights brought us Obamacare; an out of control national debt; the horrible Iran Deal, and the list goes on. Our government openly lies to us, the Obama Administration’s claim that a video triggered the Benghazi attack or the recent coordinated Russian collusion hoax pushed by Democrats, the deep state, and the media for two and half years.

These are the people to keep us safe? I don’t think so, although once we had leaders who truly wanted to keep the people safe. Those leaders wrote laws that are proven to protect Americans that have stood the test of time, the Constitution of the Untied States.

But the push for gun control is gaining traction. Even President Trump, a strong defender of our 2nd Amendment, is saying something has to be done. Therein lays the trap.

Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” – William Pitt

No, something doesn’t have to be done, It’s not time for gun laws, we don’t have to pass gun control, that path is the road to tyranny. We the people know new gun laws won’t stop shootings yet media portrays the call for action as a national outcry. It’s not.

But something does need to be done about a politically poisoned media that attacks the Constitution at every turn, which blames Americans for the carnage, and insists our 2nd Amendment is the problem. Law-abiding gun owners aren’t the problem, they’re the solution. As one bumper sticker reads:

Legal gun owners have over 200 million guns and 12 trillion rounds of ammo. If we were the problem, you’d know it!”

But here’s an idea, Congress, media, blame the shooter, the guy who actually fired the gun. Maybe he’s crazy or maybe he’s just evil but he’s the one who killed those people, no one made him do it and no one else is responsible for his actions.

The federal government doesn’t need any more tools to monitor us, to regulate us, to subjugate us. That’s the real red flag, the true danger to the American people, government.

The Constitution [shall] never be construed to authorize Congress to prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens, from keeping their own arms – Samuel Adams

So stand down, Congress. We don’t need you to keep us safe, the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, our right to bear arms, will do that.

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