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Top U.S. Teachers’ Union Endorses “Fundamental Right to Abortion.” The National Education Association, with more than three million members, declared its support for abortion under Roe v. Wade. Read more here.

Kansas Judge Blocks Approval for Telemedicine Abortions. Shawnee County District Judge Teresa Watson rejected a request for an injunction to block the state from subjecting the clinic and its doctors to enforcement of state laws against telemedicine abortions. Read more here.


Former Homosexuals Petition Amazon to Stop Banning Books That Help With Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction. Amazon recently removed several books in response to a Change.org petition that mislabeled all materials dealing with leaving the practice of active homosexuality as destructive “conversion therapy.” Read more here.

Botswana to Appeal Ruling Decriminalizing Homosexuality. Attorney General Abraham Keetshabe said the judges made a mistake, and the government will appeal the ruling by the High Court. Read more here.

Poll Finds UK Becoming Less Tolerant of Same-Sex Relations. According to the British Social Attitudes Survey, one-third of the population is opposed in some way to homosexual behavior, a level not seen since the onset of the AIDS crisis. Read more here.

UK Prime Minister Defies Parents to Back Compulsory LGBT Lessons. Prime Minister Theresa May has commended compulsory Relationships Education for primary school children despite parents’ opposition. The program, which will be compulsory in all primary schools in the UK from 2020, is “heavily biased towards LGBTQ” as it covers topics such as gender, “gender reassignment” and sexual orientation. Read more here.




Nova Scotia Expands Gender Options on Official Documents. The government announced that Nova Scotians can now choose their gender identity on birth certificates, driver’s licenses, health cards and photo ID cards. Read more here.

Over 21,000 Attend Library Conference Featuring Workshops on Drag Queens and Queering Elementary Schools. The American Library Association’s annual conference included workshops on “Lesbian Pulp Fiction,” “Creating Queer-Inclusive Elementary School Library Programming,” and “Encouraging Gender Identity and Expressing in School and Public Libraries” among others. Read more here.


UK Doctor Fired Over Religious Beliefs on Transgenderism. Dr. David Mackereth is a disability assessor and works for the Department for Work and Pensions. His religious convictions prevented him from addressing transgender claimants by their preferred pronouns. Read more here.




Psychologists Form New Task Force to Normalize Polyamory. The American Psychological Association is forming a task force made up of psychologists based at California universities to study “awareness and inclusivity about consensual non-monogamy and diverse expressions of intimate relationships.” Read more here.




What You Lose When You Diss the Public Good of Marriage by Alan J. Hawkins. “If ‘marriage’ were eliminated today, society would still value loyalty, sexual fidelity, partnerships of reciprocal support, and stable parenting – which are best produced by . . . marriage.” Read more here.

The Truth About So-Called ‘Conversion Therapy’ by Michael L. Brown. “We should also remember that the very term ‘conversion therapy,’ … is derogatory more than descriptive. It was coined by critics to describe professional efforts to help people with unwanted same-sex attractions (or, unwanted gender identity confusion). This would be like white supremacists calling the Civil Rights movement the ‘Black Aggression Movement.’“ Read more here.

‘Drag Kids’ Attract Pedophiles, Which Is No Surprise by Daniel Payne. “In the great grand genre of unsurprising news developments, this may be among the least surprising: It turns out that publicly sexualizing a young boy, parading him around in gaudy and flamboyant outfits as part of a deeply and perversely erotic subculture, will catch the attention of perverts. Stop the presses.” Read more here.

Selling the Rainbow: Why Rainbow-Washing is Actually Bad Marketing by Mark Batey. “By incorporating the rainbow flag in its merchandising a company is explicitly affirming today’s radical LGBT ideology. That includes restricting others’ freedom of conscience, equating same-sex parenting with mother-father parenting, advocating commercial surrogacy, promoting sex-change surgery, demanding punishment for pronoun transgressions, and so forth.” Read more here.

We Fought the Transgender Activists, and Lost. Here Are 5 Lessons for Every Parent by Kristen Allen. “Public school children are being indoctrinated in transgender ideology by posters on the wall, speakers in the library, books on the shelves, after-school clubs, school-wide celebrations, and politicized teachers. Vigilance and consistent engagement with principals and classroom teachers are critical.” Read more here.

4 Trans People Beg for Help With Their Gender Identity Crises by Walt Heyer. “Transgender people who want to go back understand that consulting the gender specialists who helped them get into the transgender mess doesn’t work. Like the cult leaders in Jonestown in the 1970s, gender therapists push clients to “drink the Kool-Aid” of hormones and surgery and gender activists punish those who want to leave. I know this because it happened to me.” Read more here.



Those of you who do not care about the morals of your children and neighbors will rue the day they turned on you for not supporting them. Since they have no morals they believe we who do are their enemy and although I for one would not lend a hand if one was bleeding to death I still want you to understand how much they loath you and I. So keep watching your back because they will eventually call for the police to kill you. Lying is second nature to them and your politicians will support them. Their disgusting life style (sexual preferences) makes them hate everyone not like them.

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