07 10 19 Battle for the next Monetary System


By Paul Stramer

There’s a reason facebook, et al. wanted to gather all that “private” information on everyone. When they implement the social credit, cashless blockchain system that they have in China, they will deny you access to your money based on your unacceptable world views and opinions. If you fail to knuckle under and conform to their worldview, you will not be able to secure a job, a home, and will literally starve to death.

Apple Cofounder Steve Wozniak’s Dire Warning: Delete Your Facebook Account Now!

Comment Section:

I was fixing a cnc plasma machine at the local high school. The brand is torchmate. I didn’t type anything in my phone about torchmate, or Lincoln Electric, but later that day I got an ad at the top of Drudgereport for Torchmate…..they’re listening. Fkin creepy nerds need to go.

Same here. Was talking with my lady about a recurring back pain a couple of weeks ago and the same day her phone was showing ads for back braces, medication etc. At times, we have to walk to another room without our phones for privacy like we used to with our kids. It’s getting freaky.

I live less than two miles from the hardware store. I bought some five dollar item and paid with my debit card, not credit card. I came strait home, and by the time I got here there were adds from True Value on my computer screen. So either my bank or True value pimped me out in less then ten minutes. Yeah they know.

They know, but the idiots keep showing me ads for the thing I just bought or was just looking up current price ranges for the item I want to sell.

I believe there was a string of articles about a year ago that was talking about how Facebook has linked up with banks for data.

Spoke to a friend about hiking, mountains and getting the right boots. Got a facebook ad on Mountain Boots

You can’t and don’t need an account to have one. All it takes is for your family or friends to have one and they will build one on you based off familiar data. It is really no different than those DNA databases like ancestry or 23andme, if any of your relatives gave them DNA they now have your DNA. Only with social media they don’t need a relative they can do it through your friends and associates too.

Oh, you have a facebook account, whether you want it or not. “…..any third-party web site or service that’s connected to Facebook or that uses a Like button is sending over your information, without your explicit permission. ”

There is a reason there is not a “pay for privacy” option in any of the social media behemoths: they are not doing it for “profit” in the monetary sense, they are doing it for “profit” in the power sense.

((They)) are setting up their Big Brother surveillance state (as well as their AI controllers and death/enforcer drones). And they don’t care if it costs billions.

If they can make money in the process as well, so much the better: the faster they can build their artificial Beast Yahweh.

Agreed. But also in the monetary sense. It’s free because the product is you! Sold to the highest bidder to advertisers and big bro for as much as they can make off you, the real product.

I’m likely one of the few people in her that Never had a FB account since i knew from the get go that it was a complete Mossad/Deep State operation.

At the time FB started ta CIA/NSA project simply changed names …

There was literally Every single kid out of college in any IT department thinking about making a Content Editor online.

And there were a lot of those, many much better then fb …

Why did fb got promoted? and by who ? the same mossad assets of the In-Q-Tel the came out of the project Great Mountains.

Wake up folks ..DELETE your fb account! go out on to the likes of Minds.com, Gab.com and bitchute.com !

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