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 By Anna Von Reitz

All counties have to be “surveyed” — located and geographically “defined”— before there is any “thing” present that can be labeled and named.  Once this process is complete and a name has been attached to that parcel, the County is “corporate” but not “incorporated”.

When you, a man, come forth from your Mother and are a separate living being, you are defined by your body and located in space in much the same way.  Upon being named, “John” or “Bruce” or “Charles”— you, too, are “corporate”, but “unincorporated”.

So all counties are “corporate” entities, but not all counties in the country are “incorporated” — meaning that some of them didn’t take the bait of Federal Block Grants in order to maintain their independence.  We are compiling a list of those counties that (1) never bit the hook, and (2) those counties that have liquidated federal franchise counties and chosen to operate in unincorporated status, and (3) those counties that have merely been “presumed to be” incorporated, because they received Federal Block Grants or because they changed their doing-business-as names to conform with Federal Nomenclature.

We are finding that MOST counties fit in this later group and did not specifically or publicly adopt being incorporated.  Like the rest of us, they were apparently told “you have to do this” by Federal Agents, so they changed the Style or Ordering of their names and unwittingly created new corporate Persons that were assumed to be operating as Federal Franchises.

For example, you might start out as “Pearson County” and over the years the name on the shingle at the Courthouse would change to
“County of Pearson”  or “PEARSON COUNTY” and so on.  Just like the switch from “John Michael Doe” to “JOHN MICHAEL DOE” in the absence of actual public meetings and discussions and votes taken there can be no reliable evidence that such counties ever knowingly agreed to incorporated as franchises of the Federal Government.

There are at least 3100 counties in America and people living in all of them.  Those people need to do some research into their own county history to find out the actual status of their county government.  Most likely, State of State franchises simply “moved in” after the Civil War and have operated like cuckoo birds in a robin’s nest ever since.

The correct way to name the land and soil jurisdiction county for our purposes is always in Upper and Lower Case and in the form “Name County” — as in “Bear County” or “Pearson County” or “Black River County” or “Winnebago County” or “Ipshago County” and so on.

Please Note: When we use their notaries to do our work in public, we call them “Public Notaries” on the paperwork to nail down the capacity in which they are functioning and simply name the State — for example, Colorado — not the “State of Colorado” and not the “STATE OF COLORADO” and not “COLORADO”, either, and the county is named as above, for example, “Montrose County”.

We are also finding quite a number of “Diversified Counties” especially in large metro areas.  In these cases you will find a land and soil county overlain with layers of corporate entities from various jurisdictions eating out the population, each one charging for “services” and imposing regulations and codes and rules that are creating streams of revenue for these organizations without however having any actual and knowing consent from the local people.

In other words, these organizations are operating as commercial corporations under color of law.  They are booting up like any other commercial corporation with Articles of Incorporation and Officers and Boards of Directors and operating under deceptive names designed to make people assume that they are part of the actual government — when they aren’t.  Think of it as the local version of the “IRS” or “DOT”.

The IRS exists as a privately owned and operated bill collector for the “Internal Revenue Service” which is a foreign “Bureau” perched inside of the “US Department of the Treasury” which is run by the IMF.  This is why the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven T. Mnuchin, is an Interpol Agent and not functioning as an American nor even as a US Citizen.


These organizations like the “County of Pearson” typically stake out a turf for themselves and amass a list of subscribers, that is, people or even properties, that receive services from them.  They come in, they fill pot holes, they cut brush along utility corridors, or whatever function they have chosen for themselves, and then they send their purported subscribers a billing statement for these services whether the subscriber asked for these services or not.

Often these groups act in concert with the actual County and give the County a “cut” of the action.  They may even send their billings out from the County offices, making it appear legitimate, or they may bill the County as Subcontractors and the County then arbitrarily taxes you, and again, it all looks legitimate and isn’t.

These Undisclosed Subcontractors pad their billings to be able to give kickbacks to the less savory members of County Government and around and around it goes. In Oklahoma it got so bad that the County Clerks in the 1980’s kept “Kickback Books”…. literally.  They kept ledgers to keep the crooks honest.

Think of the Magazine Subscription Scams that plagued everyone back in the 1980’s.  First, they gave you a “free subscription” out of the blue. It just comes to your mailbox from some “Subscription Service”.  As part of that first “free” magazine they sent you a “subscription card” to receive up to six more magazines at “unbelievable prices”, and, if you didn’t bother to reply, they promise to send you complimentary copies of six more magazines to try!  After that, of course, they just kept sending magazines and if you were too busy to track down the fine print and cancel all these subscriptions, you were on the hook to pay for them all.  This went on for ten years before the Postal authorities finally cracked down on it.

Its the same thing with all the services that the County of Pearson offers you.  If you don’t contact them and say, “Whoa!  Who are you and what are you offering and how much is it going to cost me?”  — you are “presumed” to have subscribed to their service and are on the hook for paying for the services you received.   A wise person receiving a bill from something that looks like the County but not exactly, should question that billing, and should want to know exactly what they supposedly signed up to receive.  Who signed them up?  When? How? For what services?  — And they should object to paying for anything they didn’t order and ride herd on the cost of any services they agree to receive from the “County of Pearson”.

This is all “government by private contract” and doesn’t have a thing to do with the actual County, which rarely if ever does much beyond deciding which of these franchise operations are going to get the contracts next year.

I hope you continue to dig for any evidence that your county was ever incorporated or “presumed” to be incorporated.  If you can’t find any evidence of incorporation, you may be living in one of those counties that never did incorporate.  What a blessing for you and everyone else concerned, if that turns out to be true.  It’s one more thread that undermines claims that these foreign interlopers ever achieved “exclusive legislative jurisdiction”. Please let us know so we have a confirmed status for your county.

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MikeV May 13, 2019 at 6:59 PM

Some Counties are Quasi-municipal verses completely municipal, also forgot which dictionary: the people of the county as a whole are called the county.

Shelby May 13, 2019 at 7:09 PM

Need a project manager for this entire process and a huge project it will be
There are a whole lot more other organizations to take down than at the county and city levels you got COG’s and Councils of Councils and a slew of others operating in their public private partnerships
We need to recruit top notch developers to help us map all this out and track what is happening county per country, city by city
Go look at this web page https://calcog.org/
This is for the regions they have set up in California alone – and they have set these up all over the country
Multiple COG’s in the state responsible for certain counties
In North Central Texas there is this one
Again they operate multiple COGs within the state repsonsible for their respective counties
Each county is not operating separately we have to take down the entire COG which operates multiple counties within their assigned regions
This guy here is filing all kinds of stuff against the courts, police and other entities within Fort Worth Texas and he is rattling some cages for sure
This entire country is under martial law, foreign occupation
Just some thoughts but as you can see by reading some of these COG pages they have been in operation for 50+ years guiding us right into the NWO and into their regional global government
Regionalism and how they have been sneaking America in to global government for decades
Just my two cents
All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

Shelby May 13, 2019 at 7:35 PM

At the 1:05 mark in this video this guy shows a chart of their UN Agenda 21 implementation process and progress

They have a UN 2030 and 2050 plan as well but have not yet seen a chart like this for those initiatives
Not sure where this guy got the chart either but I can ask
Trump just signed this bill putting another 30,000 acres off limits to humans
Obama signed many bills doing this very same thing which coincides with the wildlands project which calls for over 80% of the entire land mass off limits to humans
While they flood the country with immigrants and pack us in to cities like this

You’ve got the old soviet union guy living large on the coast of California planning our future in these ghettos with the likes of oprah and ted turner
We need plans, plans, plans and developers, analyst, web developers, boots on the ground everywhere to coordinate this effort
And if someone is a citizen they cannot participate no matter how good their intentions so only those that can and have done their paperwork can do this – it has to be coordinated period cannot keep just giving directives and not show with visuals the progress
Just my two cents
All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

Shelby May 13, 2019 at 8:06 PM

This is how you depopulate the earth

All of this done to country after country as they deindustrialize the entire world and reduce everyone to complete poverty
As I’ve said before this did not happen by accident
Today in India big agriculture is there taking over their land and biometrically marking their slaves which was all part of the BRICS deal
So Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa will be provided some upward mobility if they comply with what the globalist want and that is after they have plundered the people and their resources
Wake up folks this is what they have planned
All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

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