By Anna Von Reitz

I am tired of repeating this, so please, everyone listen up and act accordingly?

Nobody who doesn’t do the paperwork can be associated with our State Assemblies.  

The reasons are plainly stated AGAIN today in my Second Comment About the Michigan General Jural Assembly. 

If you don’t agree, Jocelyn, go join THEM.  Leave the Arizona State Assembly effort and take down anything regarding me or my paperwork from PaperUpNow.com.  

We will go it alone rather than be tainted by US Citizens and rounded up with the Numbnutz. 

This is the second time I have received reports like this:

 Also the new Colorado Assembly leader placed by Jocelyn is still a U.S. citizen as far as I know from our discussions. A very nice man nonetheless.
The following is certainly not for you to answer and I don’t mean to sound off-base but…are you 100 percent sure that PaperUpNow is in line with your goals? I LOVE this website’s content and applaud Jocelyn for her hard work BUT some links STILL point to the Michigan Assembly and WHY appoint U.S. citizens for State Assembly leadership…

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