03 24 19 Helpful Forms 2


By Anna Von Reitz

We have discovered and confirmed (thanks largely to Kurtis Kallenbach) an outrageous and long-standing ploy that has been used by the Roman Catholic Church to establish claims to our DNA and as a result, improper claims of ownership interest in our bodies.

To counteract that, we have set up another Public Form called a Paramount Claim which settles the “interest” in our DNA.

I know, everyone is groaning — not another form to add to the list!—- but this one is important as it appears to be the basis that the vermin use to lay hold of our bodies and incarcerate us, as well as a foundation to the claims of the Municipal Government to “own” us.

Please see example attached:  http://annavonreitz.com/dnaclaim.pdf

If people don’t know the exact details of when and where their parents were “wedded” —- that information can be bypassed.

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