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By Marilyn Barnewall

The article is an economic overview for this new year.  It is also on my blog at http://marilynwrites.blogspot.com — but I can’t figure out how to get the loans made by the Fed and the amounts made into two rows so it’s prettier to read the News With Views version.

As James Carville once said, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

As we enter 2019, the Federal Reserve is once again in the headlines for increasing interest rates. The Fed’s increase is what is responsible for the upsy-downsy stock market, not President Trump’s tariffs (though the fake media will tell you otherwise).

There are three important things to remember about the Federal Reserve System: 1)  It is a private corporation and is not part of the government; 2)  It is merely a wholesaler of financial services and does nothing that cannot be done by the United States Treasury Department; 3) American taxpayers are responsible for the unlawful debts accumulated by the Federal Reserve.

“Well,” you may say to yourself, “it’s only fair that we pay for Social Security and our highway system and all of the things that cause the national debt, isn’t it?”

You might want to take a look at the loans that  have nothing to do with America and its well-being before being so generous with your forgiveness:

A 2006 audit showed that during the period from December 1, 2007 through July 21, 2010 the Fed made $16 trillion dollars in loans (our total national debt is $21 trillion) to US banks and corporations and to foreign banks.

Foreign banks? That’s right… foreign banks. The bank bailout of September 2008 was nothing compared to secret loans made by the Federal Reserve System about which the Congress was never informed.

Thanks to then-Congressman Ron Paul who kept pressure on the House of Representatives to pass legislation ordering the General Accounting Office audit of the Fed.

The loans were to cover up secret bank and corporate bailouts. They were made to prevent the banks and corporations who borrowed the money from bankruptcy. The money was loaned at nearly zero percent (.01%) interest – as in 1/10th of 1%.

Citigroup, Inc (Citibank):                              $2.5 trillion
Morgan Stanley:                                              $2.04 trillion
Merrill Lynch & Co.:                                       $1.949 trillion
Bank of America Corporation:                      $1.344 trillion
Barclays PLC (United Kingdom):                 $868 billion
Bear Sterns Companies, Inc.:                        $853 billion
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.:                         $814 billion
Royal Bank of Scotland PLC (UK):              $541 billion
JPMorgan Chase:                                            $391 billion
Deutsche Bank AG (Germany):                     $354 billion
United Bank of Switzerland AG:                   $287 billion
Credit Suisse Group AG (Switzerland):       $262 billion
Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. – NYC:      $183 billion
Bank of Scotland PLC (UK):                           $181 billion
BNP Paribas SA (France):                               $175 billion
Dexia SA (Belgium):                                        $105 billion
Wachovia Corporation:                                   $142 billion
Dresdner Bank AG (Germany)                       $123 billion
Societe Generale SA (France):                       $124 billion

So, now that we know the Federal Reserve System is not only unlawful under the Constitution; we also know it takes part in activities involving banks and corporations around the world over which it has no jurisdiction.  Or does it?

I have said for many years that the Fed needs to be absorbed into Treasury.  It is an illegitimate organization approved by a Democrat Congress in 1913.  The Democrats of 1913 were no differenr than they are now.   They voted without their opposition present and approved the Federal Reserve giving them a 100-year contract (unless my math is bad, it expired in 2013).

Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution says the following:

The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

To borrow money on the credit of the United States;

It says more, but for our purposes this is sufficient.  As I said, the Fed is an unconstitutional entity.

Aside from the liberal progressive tendency to lie if it allows them to tell you what and what not to do or think, no one seems to understand real trends and why the Fed is raising interest rates, how it impacts the stock market, why having the stock market drop so radically is actually a signal of a Trump success, and how both impact our international trade relationships.

The people who call themselves “experts” and appear on business shows spouting their favorite anti-Trump trash are playing checkers.  Trump is playing chess.  He’s playing like a champion.  The Bible has something to say about what is happening.

“But God has chosen the foolish things of the world — to confound the wise; and God has chosen the weak things of the world — to confound things that are mighty; and the base things of the world and the things which are despised God has chosen . . . that no flesh should glory in his presence” 1 Corinthians 1:27-28

By making Donald Trump our President, God has succeeded beyond comprehension at confounding “the wise.”

The best way to destroy a nation is to destroy the value of its currency.  The best way to destroy the value of a currency is to print too much of it.  How else can the globalists pave the way for China to become the international currency?  The easiest way is to devalue the dollar.  President Trump is taking the right action to prevent that.

President Trump did not create the problem.  It has existed for a long time.  Barrack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton did nothing about it.

Like North Korea, Trump inherited the problems.  Unlike his predecessors, he’s trying to do something about it.

It began with Alan Greenspan when he kept the cost of funds for banks so low that it became cheaper for banks to borrow from the Fed than pay reasonable rates of deposit interest to customers.  That’s a primary reason you cannot get any kind of reasonable rate of return on your savings account or certificate of deposit.

Former Fed Chairmen Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen kept the Fed funds rates low and our currency was being totally debased.  What the current Fed Head Jerome Powell is now doing is what Paul Volcker did back in the early 1980s when the cost of funds got too high.  Because of Volcker’s actions, the economy we had in the mid-to-late 80s and throughout the 90s was very strong.

Powell’s problem is the opposite of what Volcker faced, but the solution is the same.  Volcker had to bring interest rates that made it impossible to buy cars and homes down; Powell must get low interest rates that are debasing the currency up.  Fractional-reserve banking, implemented by Greenspan in the 1990s and continued by Bernanke and Yellen, is the cause of too-low interest rates.

The media wants you to believe it is President Trump’s tariffs on unfair practices involving international trade that is causing radical stock market shifts, but that is not true.

The cost of Fed funds must go up.  Yes, it will have a negative impact on the stock market… but the market has been over-valued for many years.  Companies are not worth what people are paying for a share of stock in them.  That, too, needs to be corrected and the Federal Reserve’s actions will achieve it.

I believe the Fed will be absorbed into Treasury… its illegitimate contract was over in 2013.  The Constitution gives responsibility for spending and creating money to the Congress, not a private corporation.  We will, thus, take a constitutional step back towards the legal parameters established by our founders and away from a non-government owned central bank controlling economic policy for the nation.

We will probably have a fairly serious recession in 2019 as the markets stabilize.   The Democrats love that possibility thinking it is a presidential race advantage but have underestimated just how much the American public hates the Federal Reserve and how much they support their President.  The market will right itself in plenty of time for the 2020 election.

Once the Fed is gone, it will be possible to issue a new currency and also include a possible revaluation of the dollar.  Look at the bills you currently have in your wallet.  They say “Federal Reserve Note.”  A “Note” is a loan… like your mortgage note with the bank.  As I said earlier, American taxpayers are responsible for the debts of the Federal Reserve which is why the currency in your billfold says “Note” on it.  Because we have a $21 trillion debt (some of which is justified and constitutional, some of which is not), every dollar that is printed represents a debt – represents the Federal Reserve lending you money.

Contrary to what the media wants you to think, Trump’s economic policies are positive and needed.  There is nowhere it is more apparent that an effort to destroy this nation was well underway than in the way the Federal Reserve System has mismanaged our currency.  Because of the Fed, not Donald Trump or his tariffs, the stock market will likely have a dose of the flu for awhile this year.

The stock market can get sick and the nation feels its pain… but the market recoups and moves forward.  When your commercial banks get sick, the nation can die.

That is what Donald Trump’s actions are in place to prevent.

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12 30 18 The Short Explanation?



By Anna Von Reitz

You start out playing a game of Checkers, but in 1913, they changed to Parcheesi and didn’t tell you anything about it.

Then, in 1933, they changed to 3-D Chess and never said a word.

And now, they are trying to change the game and the rules again, all without telling you anything.

So there you are, Joe Schmoe, still proceeding according to the rules and https://atomic-temporary-19493231.wpcomstaging.com/Clue.

This is called the “assumption of a normal course of business”.

When they advertise a “home loan” you naturally assume that they are proposing to loan you money to build or remodel a home, right? That would be “a normal course of business”.

But that is just your assumption. Because they have no money to loan and haven’t had any money for decades. So what is actually going on here?

They are proposing that you loan them your home as collateral backing their debts and investments. “Home loan”— right?

What if nobody ever tells you any different, and you just go on thinking that they have loaned you money, when in fact, they’ve given you a bunch of I.O.U’s. and you have loaned them your home instead? ‘

They took “title” to your home and used your assets to raise capital which they used to pay their debts and make investments — gave you a little bit of the gross receipts as credit equal to the amount of the “loan”, and kept 9/10ths of the benefit for themselves.

That is what has actually gone on here.

Millions of Americans have unknowingly loaned the banks labor and assets and yes, their homes, in exchange for worthless I.O.U.’s that the banks then deliberately dishonored.

That’s what the foreclosure crisis is all about.

You “loaned” them your house, instead of them loaning you anything.

They then used your house as collateral to borrow money from investors, named you the “secondary” and co-signer for their loan and claimed that your house was their collateral —- and absconded, leaving you to pay off their mortgage to their creditors.

This is not “a normal course of business”. This is not anything close to what you thought was going on.

You were playing Checkers and they were playing Parcheesi.

And now the filthy animals are trying to change the game again and set up another round.

That is “whutsup”.

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12 30 18 What They Do & What You Do


 By Anna Von Reitz

They “seize upon” your Given (Trade) Name that your parents created and gave you, and they create a franchise for their foreign corporation named after you.

If your Given Trade Name is “John Michael Johnson”, the Territorial State of State creates a franchise for itself called “John Michael Johnson” and the Municipal STATE OF STATE creates a franchise for itself called “JOHN MICHAEL JOHNSON” —- all without telling you a thing about it.

After that, they merely pretend that you are responsible for their franchises and the debts of their franchises.

Because the franchises are named after you, it’s easy (usually) to confuse you and everyone else about “which” John Michael Johnson is being discussed.

Are you referring to the living man named “John Michael Johnson”?  Or the unincorporated business operating as “John Michael Johnson”?  Or the incorporated Territorial State of State franchise operated as “John Michael Johnson”?  Or the Municipal STATE OF STATE franchise operated as “JOHN MICHAEL JOHNSON”?

This is key, especially when you bear in mind that when the Clerk calls out the name “John Michael Johnson” —-there is absolutely no way that you can verbally tell the difference between these various entities.  The name “John Michael Johnson” being used by a living man sounds exactly the same as the name “JOHN MICHAEL JOHNSON” — doesn’t it?  Yes….

So the very first Order of the Day is to find out which “John Michael Johnson” is being addressed and the source of the Prosecutor’s authority to address “John Michael Johnson”— if he has any such authority at all.

When the Prosecutor walks into court he is bearing a bond issued in your name— in this case, the name of “John Michael Johnson” — but that name is also the name of “JOHN MICHAEL JOHNSON” — isn’t it?

They have set up the situation where you are technically not a party to a case.

Why?  Because technically, none of this applies to you the living man, at all.  They only play with the Territorial State of State franchise doing business as “John Michael Johnson” and the Municipal STATE OF STATE franchise doing business as “JOHN MICHAEL JOHNSON” because their courts are specifically forbidden from addressing the living man.

When you visit (never “appear”) a court by special limited visitation, you are saying up front — hey, I am separated from all of this.  That’s Job One to protect your living “person” from attachment or false claim.

“I am visiting the court today by Special Limited Visitation to exercise my right of subrogation in this matter and direct the court to enforce my right to exonerate my Good Name.  I am owed legal subrogation as well as the lawful subrogation right and I am asking the Prosecutor to certify my right of subrogation and I am serving my Notice of Demand on and for the record for the court and the District of Attorney.  It is my credit underlying the bond held by the Prosecutor and I request discharge of the claim and the reversal and dismissal of all Orders otherwise.”

So long as you haven’t hurt a specific living being having first-hand knowledge of the issues and circumstance, they are obligated to do as you say.

Just step forward and do it.  Depriving the Prosecutors of their profit is a highly desirable and fun activity to pursue on a dark and wintry night.  Remember to send your Notice of Claim and Demand to the District Attorney, the State Attorney General, the Clerk, the Prosecutor, and the Judge.

Once you raise the issue of subrogation, the court has to stop and address it before any other proceedings.  You just hold your ground no matter what they say or do — “Your Honor, I have raised a bar to these proceedings and the issues must be addressed…..”

See this article and over 1400 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com

By Michael V. Copeland


Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Not since the arrival of the almighty dollar has currency been poised for a more dramatic leap forward.

There was a time when people happily used chickens, pigs, or a nice pile of lumber as payment for a cow, some clothes, or anything else of value. And then some smart people got behind a breakthrough—they introduced currency.

Swatches of buckskin, stamped pieces of gold, and later, paper notes—these were a mighty intellectual and technological leap ahead from that clucking bird. It may not seem like it in today’s world, where cash has a whiff of the downright prehistoric, but paper currency was mind-blowing in its heyday—the first U.S. government-issued currency debuted during the Civil War—because of its advanced features: It was lightweight, portable, reliable (hyper-inflationary events notwithstanding), efficient, and powerful. These are descriptors we might apply to the latest smart-phone today.

The point is, currency for hundreds of years has been an evolving form of technology, with the faster, better, cheaper underpinnings found in all great technologies. But arguably, not since the arrival of the greenback has currency been poised for a more dramatic leap forward. Digital currency is finally taking hold.

Driven by two massive technological waves—the Internet and the mobile phone—digital currency is bringing banking to the unbanked; it’s making new forms of transactions financially feasible; and it’s allowing currency to do things it could never do when trapped in a physical form.

With digital currency as the stream through which value flows, barriers to truly global trade are poised to fall. The knock-on effect is that the advantage that developed nations held for so long—as hubs through which value of all kinds move—is weakening. As with all forms of digital goods, it’s the most connected nation, or company, or individual that has the power. That does not necessarily mean the nations and companies that have traditionally led the global economy will continue to lead. The fastest, most secure data exchange will win—wherever it may be.

Digital currency acts as a catalyst for all kinds of businesses—large, small, legal, and not so legal. It’s enabling a whole new wave of competition. Whether you are running the corporate show, or investing in it, be prepared to take digital currency on, or be prepared to be left behind.

 The digital currency everyone has heard of lately is Bitcoin, but there are many other forms this new platform takes. Each has its network within which it is exchanged. For Bitcoin that is the Internet, and by extension, the globe. For others it might be a single country, a company, or a game (hard to call it a currency if you can’t get it out of the game, but it’s pretty close). At a high level, what all these currencies have in common is the conversion of value into ones and zeros, into digital data. That in itself isn’t revolutionary. Banking today is mostly a function of moving around digital data. Where it gets far more interesting is when smart software hooks into that data and emerges on the front-end as new services serving networks of people and organizations—that’s when new digital currencies will be able to take on properties we’ve never seen. For example, banking without any banks.

In the U.S. with banks on every other downtown corner, it is hard to wrap your head around the fact that more than 2.5 billion people worldwide don’t have bank accounts. What they do have, however, are mobile phones. Take a form of digital currency, introduce some software that allows value to be exchanged on phones between people and businesses, and all of a sudden “money” is moving where it never has. That is the case in Kenya with the digital currency M-Pesa (“M” stands for mobile, “Pesa” is Swahili for money).

Launched in 2007 by the nation’s largest wireless carrier, Safaricom, M-Pesa is a service that allows registered users to do things like deposit money in accounts, transfer money person-to-person, or to one of tens of thousands of shops that take the digital currency. You put value in; it resides on the network (so if you lose your phone you don’t lose your money) and you take it out on your phone.

Even more interesting is that the service has led to a wide variety of businesses being built on top of it that couldn’t have been anticipated—such as shops and bars, travel insurance on animals being brought to market by farmers, and of course lots of money transfers from the city to relatives in rural areas. Saving for later—to buy a home, or to buy that thing to start a business—is another byproduct of this form of digital currency. M-Pesa’s success has been phenomenal. Recent statistics show that fully one-quarter of the Kenyan economy flows through M-Pesa.

Other countries are taking a crack at a similar mobile digital currency. Vodacom (majority owned by UK-based Vodafone, which owns a minority stake of Safaricom) has launched M-Pesa in other African nations, as well as India and parts of Eastern Europe. In Latin America, Ecuador recently announced it would launch a nationwide digital currency, residing largely on people’s smartphones to accompany the U.S. dollars that are the country’s official currency. The hope is that a digital currency will bring the same safety and ease of monetary transfer that the M-Pesa has to Kenyans to the roughly 40% of Ecuadoreans who don’t have access to a bank account. Plus, it offers Ecuadoreans the opportunity to start saving. The difference in Ecuador is that the Bank of Ecuador is backing the digital currency, essentially bypassing the big commercial banks in the nation, at least for now.

Olddogs Comments!

This is a very smooth presentation for the dull and ignorant. However, did this information above say anything about intrinsic value? Digits are not anything of value by their selves. Now let’s consider that little problem most people have no idea exist. Value is established by a physical object, and digits don’t have any physical object. This is nothing short of a government/Bank merger to fleece and control capital. When you try to buy something physical without something physical to trade, you have nothing. The ignorant public it seems have no idea they have been scammed. When a bank guarantees each digit is backed by so many ounces of gold or silver or some other valuable physical object, then we are still in control of our wealth, other wise and the banks own you, and the government protects them. That’s what governments are folks, a security company for the Banks. Or, you might call them the Bankers Army!!! IT IS TIME FOR THE PEOPLE OF America and the rest of the Nations to wake the hell up. America is not the Land of the free and the home of the brave, it is the land of the elites, and the home of their slaves. That’s US!!! There are many other people in various countries who are a part of the elites, but those who control the money are the ones with the biggest stick. Hence, Let me issue and control a Nations currency and I care not who makes its laws. “Mayer Amschel Rothschild” Now when they trade your currency for digits, you have nothing tangible!!!

Tangible: “capable of being given a physical existence.” “something that has a physical form, especially a financial asset.”

Imagine getting this text on your phone from the P.D. or bank: Mr. Jones, if you are sited for one more speeding violation, your digits will disappear!

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