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 By Anna Von Reitz

If they are going to arrest 66,000 miscreants and boot out all illegal aliens martial law is what they will need to do. We are at a point where we have been slowly invaded by Mexicans and others and have no choice.

Recent findings of vast widespread organized vote tampering and gross corruption in state and county courts is also going to require drastic action. In order to re-establish a just society we can’t continue to have private courts functioning as money laundering operations for the banks and local crooks.  All these people will face charges and/or need re-training. The corruption has gone on so long that they don’t know they are doing anything wrong.

Organized crime networks have been discovered in Arkansas, Nevada, New York, California, and elsewhere that operates internationally and which have ties to everything from gambling and prostitution to drugs and back again.  In far too many of these cases the local police are either incompetent or colluding. All that has to be addressed, too, and is connected to the first problem I mentioned — the 66,000 indictments and the unsecured borders that have allowed vast numbers of foreign nationals to come and go as they please.

On top of that the old MUNICIPAL Government run as an Oligarchy by Congress has been proven to be operating in a totally illegal and unlawful fashion.

They were limited to the ten square miles of the District of Columbia for a good reason and they grossly usurped against that limitation. Since 1946 they have been bilking the States and the American People and deliberately undermining every principal this country was built on.

There are now over 200,000 “municipal corporations” in this country and I am calling for all of them to be liquidated, nationalized, and returned to local control. The idea that a group of people can form a foreign independent city-state in the heart of America and just do whatever they please is a total whack-a-job and is nowhere allowed in any Founding Document.

Think about Phoenix declaring itself a “sanctuary city” and acting against the Public Law. Think of New York City declaring itself “the capital of the world” and operating apart from the State and People of New York.  Think of all these foreign corporations seizing the power to arbitrarily tax our people? And then think about the endless corruption and misery of Detroit, one of the first victims of this madness, spreading like a social and economic disease throughout this country?

All these municipal corporations are de facto crime syndicates on our shores, born and functioning in an unlawful status from inception. None of them have any right to be here and most of them have done nothing but promote crime and bilking of public resources for private business interests.

Literally trillions of dollars have been embezzled and siphoned out of this country by these foreign municipal corporations and some of them have done far worse things, too.

Take the Municipal Corporation operating as the US NAVY for example.

That’s not our Navy.

It has been reconfigured as a private mercenary force and has used a deceptively similar name to enable it to act under color of law.

If you go to the Patent Office and start looking at the US NAVY-held Patents you will see how they have enriched themselves and been part and parcel of the scheme of the Big Banks to take over the whole world and undermine all national governments including ours by a process of deceit, identity theft, falsification of records, odious debt accrual and embezzlement.  You will also see the horrific processes and patents that these goons have developed in contravention of international law.

And all this rot has been promoted by just one municipal corporation. Imagine the damage that 200,000 of these things, all operating under color of law, all being interfaced with and being mistaken for legitimate parts of the American Government can do?

Think of the IRS, FEMA, DOJ, BATF, FBI, CIA— all these “agencies” formed back in the 1930’s by the Roosevelt Administration? They are all municipal corporations and they have been operating on our shores as foreign “service” organizations under the control of a foreign government— the Municipal United States oligarchy run by the US CONGRESS — which is supposed to limit its operations to the ten square miles of the District of Columbia.

All of these “Alphabet Soup Agencies” have been heavily armed by the schemers and many lesser-known organizations that we don’t normally think of as parts of the government, but which we can readily identify as government contractors– municipal corporations like GENERAL ELECTRIC –have been “militarized” along with lots of local franchise branches like the STATE OF ARIZONA and WASBACH COUNTY, VIRGINIA.

Billions of rounds of ammunition and guns of all kinds, military track vehicles and armored trucks and millions of body bags and “FEMA Camps” have been prepared, along with designated mass burial grounds — all in preparation for the moment when all these foreign municipal corporations would be mobilized by the bankers and used as an already deployed supra-national mercenary force already supplied and in place and operating under color of law on our shores.

This is what my husband and I addressed with the Joint Chiefs of Staff beginning in 2005 and which led to the issuance of the General Civil Orders of 2014.

Other national governments also “woke up” and realized that they, too, were sitting ducks. And the word was passed down the line from officer to officer, policeman to policeman, vet to vet.  Not just here, but all over the world.

In 2015, the Municipal Government operations involved in these heinous acts were de-funded, but via private sources (think George Soros and the Chicago racketeers under Rahm Emmanuel and the New York Mob operating out of Nevada) they continued to operate as corporations and to take on a life of their own.

Since then there has been an internecine “war” between these elements of the old Municipal Government and the Territorial Government.  Because, for example, the functions of the Municipal US NAVY were tied to the functions of the actual United States Navy, it has been a cat-and-mouse game of trying to determine who was loyal to this country and who was not.

The Globalist Scum finally got so frustrated that they played their hand in the open and deployed against California by using Directed Energy Weapons to burn out a corridor for one of their envisioned railroad projects, and a different Scalar Resonance technology was deployed to cause the Earthquake in Alaska.

Those actions allowed us to observe exactly who was involved and what kinds of technology they have and how they operated these weapons.  And that “tipping of their hand” is proving their downfall.

All the shuffling and re-shuffling you are seeing in Washington now is a direct result of all of this coming to a head.

It is believed that when all this is exposed a majority of Americans –even those involved in working for municipal corporations- will understand the necessity of dismantling this threat to our own national security and will comply with the order to liquidate these corporations.

There will, of course, be exceptions.  Hard-core Globalist Fascist and Communist “cells” do exist and they are embedded in all levels of business and society in this country and internationally.

Often times the Fascist and the Communist diatribes are so closely aligned that it is hard to tell them apart except that they are all liars and hypocrites.

They talk about peace and promote war.  They appear to advocate “tolerance” and “respect” while in fact being intolerant toward anyone who does not share their exact views.  They attempt to use “herd mentality” to drive “social justice” agendas which never result in social justice, but which reliably line the pockets of the perpetrators.

It’s not about what they say it’s about what they do, and the obvious dissonance between the two.

We have lived under soft martial law all our lives and this evil has spread until it had “captured” its own branches of what appeared to be our own military.  Think about that.

The Road Home we have embarked upon is difficult at best.  Most people in America are still sleeping. They will need our help to make sense of all this, but once they find their feet and get their heads screwed on, they will know what to do and who to believe and that will be the deciding factor in bringing all these evils to an end.

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