By Anna Von Reitz


Ever hear the old saying, “He’s full of S@$!$! as a Christmas turkey!”

There’s a lot of that going around.

Here’s the first Bad News for the Bad Guys:

Nobody can contract away a constitutionally guaranteed right (which is a material property interest), nor land nor other assets held in a national trust.

Not Joe Blow.

Not Jane Doe.

And certainly not the President of the UNITED STATES, INC., e.g., Barack Hussein Obama.

What is created by land jurisdiction treaty stands until: (1) a new treaty is made or (2) only one party to the treaty survives or (3) all parties voluntarily vacate the treaty or (4) an actual factual declared war renders a fundamental change in the character, identity, or ownership interests of one or more parties.

There is absolutely nothing in any of the research we have done to suggest that in the tawdry history of the ingloriously mis-managed foreign corporations doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC., the United States of America, Inc., etc., etc,. that they have any valid claim to any of our assets, nor is there any evidence that the Queen and the Pope and the governments they represent have ceased to exist, nor is there any actual, factual war involved in any of the history involving us from 1860 onward.

There are certain businesses, mainly in France, now howling and claiming that we, Americans, individually contracted away our inheritance and accepted “Esau’s Bargain” — our inheritance for their Pot of Porridge (that is, social welfare benefits).  However, we will take exception to their claims. At least Esau consciously knew that he was making a bargain and didn’t have to additionally pay for all the ingredients in the stew.

The essence of the problem is that the victims were never individually able to contract away their rights and land to begin with, and even under commercial law, the intended victims of this scheme are not under any obligation because the purported contract was “unconscionable” — that is, they couldn’t even know that they (or anyone else, such as their Mother)  made such a contract, and finally, also it is invalid because they received nothing of equitable value from the perpetrators in exchange, that they did not pay for themselves.

So first the Bank of England took it in the shorts and now the Bank of France is taking its turn and Rothschild et Fils is getting out of the trust business — that they should never have been in, in the first place.

No doubt they are disappointed to find out that they can’t cash in on all the American ESTATES set up as Cestui Que Vies in Puerto Rico, but then, this is what happens when people who deal only in sea law meddle with land law, and the Rothschilds, if anyone, should have known that.

I firmly believe that they did know—- but after hearing nothing much from us for 150 years, they took their chances and tried to hang a vacuous commercial claim around our necks — counting on us not to know or object. After all, they had pulled lesser schemes in the past and gotten away with it.

Quote Gomer Pyle, “Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!”

I want you all to stop for a moment and fully realize that you have been paid absolutely nothing of equitable value for your labor or your goods since the Federal Reserve took over.

Imagine being the owner of a factory and discovering a way of “paying” your workers with paper I.O.U.’s that you never have to pay back?

That is essentially what the “Federal Reserve” did beginning in 1913. They issued all these paper “notes” — I.O.U.’s —  at face value plus interest, and reaped all the benefit of that, and then, in 2009, they bankrupted the trademarked “Federal Reserve System” and skated.

So the first swindle was the face value plus interest payment people made in actual labor and actual goods without receiving anything equitable in return and the second swindle was claiming bankruptcy protection to escape the consequences of their crimes.

This, and the prior swindles that took place from 1868-1907, is how we became the Priority Creditors of all the “federal” corporations and their underwriters.  And as I explained in my short video for President Trump, there is no escaping the fact of what went on and the fact that the American States and People are owed for all that labor and all those goods.

There’s no escaping the reality of the debt owed the American States and People, but there are ways of dealing with that debt that are wiser and more honest than anything that anyone inside the Beltway has come up with yet.

Certainly, the Kim Goguen, aka, “Kim Possible” answer—- steal all the off-ledger assets in the central banks that actually belong to private parties — isn’t going to work.

Neither the Central Banks nor Kim have any valid claim to those assets and the “government” is just continuing to indebt itself to criminals for no good reason.

If you want to build something to last, you can’t build on lies and sand.

And you also can’t build on hearsay and suppositions.

“The” Michael Stephen Young I support and approve as the lawful trustee/administrator of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust is a chief of the Athabascans in Alaska, who has “indigenous” DNA going all the way back to Ramses, confirmed by the same experts who analyzed the Queen’s DNA.  He is also a scholar competent to write “The Shekinah Prophecy” and to work out the exact dimensions and orientation of King Solomon’s Temple.  He is a good man, his heart and his intentions are in the right place, and he is absolutely not “an agency contractor” or “operative” of any kind.  He is a man with a Service Agreement under land law and a published Irrevocable Will, who gave up his own right to be a Beneficiary in order to make it possible for others to benefit from trust money that should have been dispersed almost two hundred years ago.

Why Kim continues to mis-represent and lie about Michael and equivocate about beginning to disperse the funds of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust to the intended beneficiaries is beyond me. She has been given the facts and continues to mis-represent them— and him.

Perhaps it has to do with actual “agency” efforts to get Michael in trouble by sending out impersonators with false ID’s claiming to be him? The vermin have done that.  Just like a transvestite in New Jersey recently came out of the closet and claimed to be me.  Hoot-hoot.

Lest there be any doubt, there’s a fake “Anna Maria Riezinger” who is a (by now) former manager of a rum distillery in Barbados and an “Anna Von Reitz” running around New York City applying for credit cards in my name and getting into trouble— and that’s just two I know about.

Besides the usual con artists and opportunists and grifters, the government agencies have been sending their personnel out to try to pull the same kinds of things.

Or maybe Kim is just naturally full of !#!$#! as a Christmas turkey?

I can verify for sure that the accounts Kim gained computer keys to are not her personal accounts and not her own assets, that the information about these “off-ledger accounts” was furnished to her and her buddies by the same guilty banks that have been responsible for all the rest of the fraud, and I can verify that I have repeatedly asked her for an accounting of all that is owed to the American States and People since the Brits and the Popes glommed onto our assets and rolled them into the ‘U.S. Trust” —without result.

So, until further notice, ’tis the season to be jolly and not take any wooden nickels.  To the transvestite in New Jersey —- even I laughed.  To Kim — paying bills with other people’s money just results in new, different debts for the government corporations. It may be a stop-gap but it’s no solution.

The actual debt that is owed by the banks and the government corporations and the entire “military-industrial complex” to the American States and People has to be dealt with, and it can’t be dealt with by: (1) the criminal plan to kill off the Priority Creditors (Agenda 21, et alia)  or (2) stealing from other private sources and robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Sooner or later everyone inside the Beltway including all the agency personnel have to grow up and learn to tell the truth again. And meanwhile, there are plenty of Christmas turkeys.

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