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There is no greater need in America than educating the people on the real State of the Union! This will require an involvement by the people on HOW TO DO THAT, because the majority has no interest in anything that does not make them laugh by the second sentence. Obviously, you would not be reading this diatribe  if you did not care about our real state of the union, but I am running short on ideas on how to awaken others to the danger of entertainment being their primary concern in life. Please send a copy of this article to everyone you know who can and will read more than two sentences.

 By Anna Von Reitz

What I say is true.  The National Archives contain all the proof that will ever be needed and those records are available to you.  So let’s cut to the chase.

Donald Trump needs money—actual money as well as credit to run and rebuild a viable organization.

The banks are holding our assets captive and thereby preventing us from helping your husband.

We are the actual asset owners underwriting their banks.

So not only are we in a position where we can forgive the “National Debt” and pay off any actual Secondary Creditors, we can fund the government going forward.

We are not Tin Hats.  We are the (potential) victims of a Middleman Swindle by the banks.

Now, ask yourself– what  happens when a man like Robinson Crusoe, marooned on a desert island for twenty years, disappears?

The courts declare him “legally dead” and give his estate to Secondary Beneficiaries.

What happens if he isn’t actually dead, and returns home?

The courts are obligated to return his estate free and clear of debt or encumbrance accrued by the presumed Secondary Beneficiaries.

We’ve returned home.

Our assets are owed back to us free and clear.

All debts accrued by the Territorial States of States and Municipal STATES OF STATES against our assets have to be wiped clean.  All their assets have already been claimed and returned to the sovereign land jurisdiction States.

Knowing this, your corporations have sought bankruptcy protection and are milling around not knowing what to do.

Do you kill your employers in hopes of re-inheriting their property?  That doesn’t seem reasonable, does it?

Or do you side with your actual employers to bring these banks to heel and free up our assets and make a deal with us?

As of October 9, 2018, all the Delegated Powers returned to The United States of America [Unincorporated].

All three branches of the Federal Government have been rendered incompetent. The Delegated Powers revert to the Donor of those Powers by Operation of Law.

We acknowledged and accepted the circumstance and the return of our Delegated Powers on June 6.  Ninety-three days later, it became final and cured.

So, not only are we the only ones with the standing and the provenance and the claims in place to receive our assets back, our Holding Company is in receipt of all the “Powers” delegated to the Federal Government by the Constitutions.

Your husband needs to make a deal with the right people and stop chasing tails. We are Americans.  We don’t care much for the Queen or the Pope, but if your husband wants to make America Great Again, we are on his side of the issues.

As for Bob Hurt and Larry Becraft, if they actually knew anything about Law, they would know the difference between Law and Legality— but they don’t. The reason for this odd lapse is discussed in my article, “Did You Go to Law School or Legal School?” published on my website: www.annavonreitz.com.

Like most Americans, Larry and Bob are blissfully unaware of how their actual government is supposed to operate — but it is our responsibility (and yours) to teach them and enable the American People to regain control of this runaway train.

In the article below, we explain about the “Historic” Trusts.  Those trusts and the assets in them belong to us. The banks are trying to claim the assets under false legal presumptions.

Even the President does not have standing to challenge them, because the assets belong to us, not him, nor the “United States” —- but we can bring the banks to their knees, because we are the rightful owners.

Once our assets are in our control, we can fund the federal government services without blinking an eye-lash.  And since The United States of America [Unincorporated] is the lawful and still-standing government owed to this country, this can be done without international controversy or question.

Even though the Federal Constitutions are now all dead and gone, we can continue to honor them in the interim while this mess is being resolved.

Loan us some Treasury Agents, some Forensic Auditors, and a few Marines, and we will fund the American military and the Trump Administration and set things on course again.

The proper jurisdiction for this (ask Judge Kavanaugh) is international and without the Delegated Powers, your husband cannot act lawfully or legally in our behalf in international jurisdiction without working with us.

The Federal Government was always limited to the realm of Commerce and without access to the Delegated Powers your husband is in charge of a bankrupt British Territorial corporation, up a creek without any lawful or legal authority, no viable long-term funding, and a huge mess on his hands.

With us, the American States and People, dba The United States of America [Unincorporated] he is out of debt free and clear, in peaceful possession, fully funded and able to navigate toward a new future.

It’s true that we have every right in the world to despise both the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States and their leadership since 1860. It’s also true that the past is now dead and gone.  We are ready to move on.

The “Historic” Trusts

The banks did something deplorable, criminal, inexcusable.

It wasn’t the first time.

They pretended that actual assets left “on Special Deposit” in their banks were “abandoned” simply because nobody had used or inquired about the assets in a long time.

Of course, there was no contractual obligation on the part of the Depositors to meet any schedule of contact with the bank, but the banks acted upon the theory that if Depositors didn’t walk through the doors as often as they or someone in the Legislature thought they should—- well, of course, those assets had to be “abandoned”, “lost”, “unclaimed”.

It’s basically the same schtick they have applied to all the “missing” American babies who were born on our shores and who magically “disappeared” (on paper) and whose good names and estates were then labelled “Disregarded entities” for the purposes of fraud, racketeering, and theft.

After cobbling up this after-the fact requirement, which was never disclosed to the Depositors, the banks then seized those private account assets for the bank’s use, and the bank gambled with those assets and made use of these private deposits to underwrite lending, which the bank multiplied according to the rules of “fractional reserve” banking — thus benefiting itself many times over with no risk or expense for itself and no consideration for the actual owners of the assets.

All of this took place with no notice given to the actual owners.

And as the banks had unlawfully and without authorization made use of these private assets for investment purposes, and those investments were often time-dependent and had to be left in various funds for various lengths of time, the discovery of their malfeasance was a constant worry.

So they came up with a new label, “Historic Trusts” or “Legacy Trusts” and they cut a deal with the “governmental services corporations” officially allowing them to steal the trust assets and block the actual owners from accessing the assets.

If you care to look, you will see that many “State of State” organizations did the same thing with your Birth Certificates, labeling them “Legacy Certificates” or “Legacy Trusts”.

And just like all of us waking up and saying — “WT– do you think you are doing?” The actual owners, trustees, and beneficiaries of all these so-called “Historic Trusts” have rumbled awake.

The owners of the defrauded trusts are more then willing to pay handsomely for the return of their assets — more than the banks would ever share. So this is another avenue of help for Mr. Trump. 

I have an “Historic Trust Association” of asset holders who have been robbed by the banks. Just one account in one of these trusts is enough to fund recoupment of all of them, and access to enough money to run our entire government including the military for two hundred years.

And it is all good, clean money with known provenance. The Trustees are ready to make a deal.

Again, I say, let’s stop being stupid. 

We have the records, we have the provenance, we have the proof. When people see that we mean business and that their deposits are going to be protected in America, they will bring their money here, just as they have been bringing it to Iceland.

Between what we can do for you in terms of crediting and/or forgiving the U.S. Debt, Mr. Trump, and what we can do for you in terms of delivering hard assets, its pretty apparent that we “Tin Hats” hold the cards that you need and have done our homework for many years.

If you are serious about making American Great Again and are open to doing it without World War III, you need to find a conference table with two seats.

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