09 07 18 The Preponderance Never with Honor: Americas Pessimism Addressed

By James H. Hafeman

Honor is an estimated concept evoking exceptional standards and ethics, which has all but completely disappeared from the American vernacular along with the concept of humility.  The emphasis on individualism and redefined terms of honor, like “hero”, have juxtaposed an otherwise evolving enlightened civil society into a mediocre state of catatonic pessimists who refuse to acknowledge those awesome internal and external blessings provided to them by simply being born in the United States of America.

Perhaps the pessimist’s belief that they descended from apes gives cause for them to think little of humanity.  The primitive ape-like intelligence may be the catalyst for their failure to relish their moments on earth, an inability to express joy, and hatred of those who do.  Each wanting their miserable existence disseminated equally to everyone else.

The spiritual and social deprivation exhibited by the rising fascist culture and their fictitious interpretations of the non-fascists culture around them.  It seems to have vied their personal dissension against the psychological and sociological normalcy of humanity in order for them to achieve an entrenched secular paganism, which is shared only by the pessimists.

With literally and figuratively having everything available under the sun available to them, including food in the grocery stores, gas and oil for their mobility, and coal for their comfort, they exhibited neither an appreciation or an understanding of how these things came to be throughout America’s society, culture, and landscape.  There is nothing to be said to those who ensure we don’t need to go to bed hungry, cold, and irrelevant to others.

After consuming a deadly mushroom the man on his death bed professed it was the best mushroom he had ever eaten.  Socialism to fascism to communism may look appetizing to the ignorant, but the effects will destroy more than just those feasting on the concept.

Like America’s intellectually devolving pessimists, Venezuelans also thought it a good idea to replace their capital-driven economic society with a more compassionate and responsive government; a government which would provide the citizens with all their necessary needs.  Hugo Chávez (1999-2013), Venezuela’s Barack Obama, was all about equality among the masses.

Ignorant people thought equality was a great concept, but little did they know equality meant there would be nothing for the citizens and everything for the ruling class elitists.  Maria Gabriela Chávez, daughter of Hugo Chávez is now the wealthiest person in Venezuela.  However, she’s wisely not vested in the banks of Venezuela:

Maria Gabriela Chavez, 35 [2015], the late president’s second-oldest daughter, holds assets in American and Andorran banks totaling almost $4.2billion, Diario Las Americas reports. 1

After Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela’s version of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, assumed office, the elitists confiscated all remaining assets and property.  The leftists pilfered the nation’s banks and natural resources for their own profiteering enterprise, leaving citizens to live on their benevolent crumbs.

There remains nothing new under the sun for nationalists and statists who moved their nation into a state of democratic-socialism.  The tearful angst against capitalism remains a profound curiosity.  No desire to socialize a culture under the protective arms of government edicts can be accomplished without a solid and sustainable capital-driven economy.

Destroying a capital-driven economy so a few people can control all components of the economy has never, ever worked well for the citizenry, e.g., Venezuela, Cuba, Sweden, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and North Korea.  Canada, socialized to its core, couldn’t function without taxing the crap out of the generated capital of its industries and citizens in order to sustain its “free” government health care enterprise.

Another problem facing the socialization of individuals outside your own household is that there is no point in time that citizens can say the nation has become too socialized and take back some lost liberties or assessed income.  That’s why its critical socialism destined for communism has to disarm citizens and allow only forces loyal to their socialist ideologies to be issued advanced assault-weapons.

Amazingly, these pessimists are counting on the passivity of the American conservatives even though it was, and has mostly been, America’s conservatives that battled oppression in the United States during the civil rights movements and in foreign lands for generations.  They think these same veterans won’t recognize a necessary call to war on their own soil?

Do leftists actually think conservatives are incapable of or unwilling to break numerous civil and criminal laws and using violent acts for restoring those same broken laws in the ultimate defense of the Constitution?  Ask those who purchased firearms and ammo at record levels.

For the general welfare of the nation, the pessimists must abandoned their perverse ideas and negative dispositions rallying calls for the destruction of America’s foundation.

As part of a “side arrangement” made in June, the FBI agreed to destroy the laptops of two of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s top aides after granting each immunity – according to a letter House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) sent to Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Monday.

It has not been the conservatives who created the system of identifying individuals by race, color or creed, or required such in a census, on applications, or to segregate the human species based on a person’s net worth and social value.  It is not the conservatives that serve their nation and her citizens with unethical and dishonorable intent.

On a final note, those pessimists out there who feel it their mission to interpret the actions of President Donald Trump on a regular basis in order to generate hostility towards the vigorous revitalization of the American systems of justice, economics, and labor, please take care of your own backyard, shut-up and enjoy the ride of liberty.  The conservatives who put DJT in office are far better at weighing and interpreting his activities than any of you could ever hope.  That goes for evaluating members of Congress and the judiciary as well.

Olddogs Comments!

 Pessimism is a natural admission of ignorance! Therefore, all who choose to remain ignorant when everything that affects them is apparently causing problems in their life, have no excuse to complain. One cannot control everything that other people do, but to remain passive is to admit ones inability to adapt in a world where other people are in control of their lives.

One must learn their shortfalls and decide if the effort to improve their lives is within their intellectual and financial capabilities, or accept those things they cannot control and the humiliation that comes with it.

It is way past time for all Americans to admit there is an irreparable ideological difference between us that prevents harmony, advancement in social status and personal wealth, so why not go our own way and see which political ideology produces the best social environment and then stick with it?

Perhaps we were sleeping when we had a better system of government, which proved that common law for the people is far superior to statues which are only acceptable for corporations.

We now have jural assemblies in every State and as soon as we have jural societies in every county, America will once again offer the security of common law instead of corporate governance which has no obligation to the Constitution or dominance over the people.

Incorporated governments are the death of freedom and the perpetuation of tyranny.

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