09 04 18 Urgent Notice to All Jural Assemblies

A mans honey do list can only be as big as his wife’s patience, and mine overflowed this week which put me in the driveway installing a 160′ long 4 inch drain pipe from which I am now convalescing.


By Anna Von Reitz

The Jural Assemblies are now being investigated as possible insurrectionist groups and/or “terrorist” groups.

You have invited this kind of scrutiny and trouble by failure to do the paperwork and officially reclaim your name and estate and birthright political status.

As I have pointed out repeatedly, the British Territorial “United States” is a different version of “United States” than the one you think of.  It is the equivalent of a foreign country with respect to you, and no one who accepts such Territorial citizenship has any right or business participating in an American State Jural Assembly.

As a result, the goons are out in force looking for “Easy Pickens” — which is anyone, like Destry — who hasn’t done their homework and recorded their paperwork and reclaimed their names and estates.

There is also a plague of “new names” appearing.  For example, my husband has never used the abbreviation “JAS” for “James” in his entire life, but we recently received bills in this variation.  Similarly, my pen name, Anna von Reitz, was suddenly and inexplicably changed to simply “ANNA REITZ”.

This is just part and parcel of the same old fraud scheme of naming franchises after you and then pretending that these franchises are-the-same-as you, which is a crime known as “personage”.

Whenever you see any new names being used to address you, you want to haul out your Certificate of Assumed Name template and claim and re-convey that name, too.  Record it as an Extension to your original Deed of Re-Conveyance.

This removes “you” from their playing field —- again —- and sooner or later, they do run out of variations.  Then they are left with nothing they can claim against.

We are working hard to educate Americans about this venal system and how they have been entrapped in it.  We wish there were some blanket means to eradicate it, but all of this has arisen on a one by one basis as each American baby has been unknowingly “registered”— the vermin claim that this fraud and genocide-on-paper is a protected right to contract issue.

We do not agree.

But for the time being, the only way to overcome this circumstance is to one-by-one repudiate any such contract and one-by-one reclaim your name and estate from out of their clutches.

Nobody in their right mind would knowingly exchange the wealth and security and guarantees that are owed to Americans for the poverty and deprivation and servile condition of a “United States Citizen”.

That is no doubt part of the reason why the Bar Attorneys laugh and call us “incompetent”, but it isn’t that we are incompetent; it’s that we have been deliberately defrauded and deceived and taught wrong information.

It’s like teaching a baby to say, “I am a bastard.” — with no idea what the words mean.

It’s the same way with parroting, “I am a United States Citizen.” when in fact you are not and never were and if you stand up for yourself and your proper standing, never will be.

All of you who have joined the Jural Assemblies need to get your paperwork together and recorded  ASAP and be prepared to identify yourselves as American state nationals exercising your guaranteed right to peacefully assemble.

And nobody who hasn’t done the paperwork to reclaim their actual birthright political status as a New Yorker, Virginian, Wisconsinite, Idahoan…..should be allowed to participate in any Jural Assembly functions.

Newcomers should be welcomed.  The basic situation should be explained.  The paperwork should be given to them along with whatever local help and insight can be brought to bear — but they should not be counted as members nor allowed to participate in meetings until they return certified copies of their recorded re-conveyances and certificates of assumed name and cancellation of all prior powers of attorney to the Assembly for confirmation.

No meeting should convene without a Bevens Declaration — which is basically calling out anyone who is attending as a Federal Agent and requiring them to identity themselves as such or leave the meeting.

For their sake and for all of yours, this must be enforced.  Otherwise, the group as a whole will be ravaged and taken down and portrayed as something it isn’t— and you will have lost all the lawful and legal protection you are owed simply because you neglected to officially cancel their “private contract” with you, which was formed without your knowledge or consent just a few days after you were born.

Do not fall into the same trap as Destry and the Colorado Nine and countless others.  Make your severance with Babylon clear and concise and record it with the Land Recorder’s Office using the Deed of Re-Conveyance and associated paperwork explained as part of Article 928 on my website.

It is only AFTER you make this decision to leave Babylon public that you begin to see and feel the benefits, and you begin to build up admissible evidence of your identity, your living status, your standing, and the great fraud that has been committed against you.

So don’t stand around and wait like Destry and the members of the Colorado Nine did — thinking that you don’t have to do this and that it should be obvious who and what you are and what is this BS anyway?

Well, it is BS.  Unfortunately, the only way out of something is the same way you got into it in the first place. You have a “contract” — a birth registration — on the public record, obligating you to a lifetime of servitude and subjugation as a British Territorial “US Citizen”—- as if we were all born in Puerto Rico.   It takes an equal or greater counter-claim also established on the public record to overcome it.

When you signed up in the “US military” you were supposed to be briefly in federal “US Territory” and were subject to the same kind of service and subjugation.

We have recently learned that the vermin responsible for all this found means of discharging all our veterans without actually discharging them from this foreign and subservient status — via a false presumption of their continuing “federally-connected civilian military” service status.  This, too, is a false and undisclosed “BS” contract that has to be repudiated in order for our veterans to receive the actual freedom and repayments they are so richly owed.

Until we locate and rebut and overcome all of these traps we are at the mercy of the Euro-scum responsible for this, literally “subject” to them and their courts and their statutory “laws”—- and so far as the Public Record shows, all by our own consent.

Why anyone reading this would not immediately understand the dangers of remaining in such a political status and the benefits of leaving it behind — is frankly beyond me.  Would you rather be a bankrupt or wealthy?  Subjugated or free?

In Babylon or standing safely outside it?

The choice is up to you.  You got into this mess via unknowing acceptance of an unlawful (but perfectly legal) adhesion contract.  You have now been told the facts and given the tools to sever this contract and inherit your actual birthright.  And the only question in my mind is —- what are you waiting for?

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