By Anna Von Reitz

The rats misused and abused our Patent Office and our Copyright Office to implement their entire system.

All of these Municipal and Territorial Government corporations worldwide have been chartered right here.

And all their franchises are then franchises of ours, too.

So, now, all the assets of the Municipal and Territorial Government corporations have been rolled over into the Federal State Trusts as of 2016.

This protects American assets from seizure, and in the process saves everyone else’s assets, too.   Why?  Because they are all franchises of ours by default.

Because the Federal State Trusts are land trusts and land trusts are not subject to bankruptcy, everything stabilized and continued on.  The bankers weren’t able to initiate the worldwide cataclysm they wanted to create and profit from as a sort of giant version of The Great Depression.

Sheltering the States of States and STATES OF STATES in the Federal State Trusts automatically sheltered all the various Territorial and Municipal Governments worldwide, plus all their franchises— their banks, their commercial corporations, too.

We saved our own bacon, and we saved everyone else’s bacon in the process.

Okay, fast forward. After taking breath to pause, the perpetrators tried to boot up another round of the same old fraud.  Whereupon, we politely moved the “cheese” and rolled the Federal State Trusts back in-to the sovereign unincorporated States.

We also gave Notice and Demand for the return of control of all our assets to the Trustees responsible for the Mess: the Pope and the Queen.  By Operation of Law, the Delegated Powers returned to us the moment all three levels of the Federal Government were declared incompetent.  We acknowledged and accepted their return to the Delegating Power.

End game.

All the assets attached to us are now back on the land, worldwide, where they function under Public Law.   All assets of the States of States and STATES OF STATES belong to the actual States and the actual People and they are claimed and returned.

Westminster is put on Notice of these facts, and the International Bar Association right along with them.

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From: “ALAN DONELSON” <alancdonelson@hughes.net>
It’s all in the mind, eh?

Rarely these years do I watch video, whether “movies” or “documentaries”.  Always there is an exception to prove the rule. “The Minds of Men” proves a case in point.

You can read a succinct albeit highly informative review at the link, also reproduced below.

From the opening of Truthstream Media’s first full-length documentary THE MINDS OF MEN, the general aesthetic — from the narration to the black-and-white appearance to the bizarre imagery — is properly reminiscent of an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Featuring original music and character voicing by Melissa and Aaron Dykes, viewers will learn about the people behind mind-control programs designed and implemented by the military, universities, foundations, elite societies, science and government institutions. THE MINDS OF MEN weaves archival video footage, news clippings, primary research papers, interviews, and analysis into a stunning trove of conclusions about what humanity faces.

As the nearly 4-hour film commences, Part I introduces a chronicle of various experiments on unwitting populations, and the mad science torture methods of breaking down the psyche in an attempt to rewrite the human brain much as one would a computer hard drive.

Viewers might feel like they are completely familiar with projects like the CIA’s MKULTRA, but this well-known program is only used to set the stage. Aaron and Melissa begin to delve deep into the lesser-known subprojects that were developed to create a broad array of tactics and technologies that were tested on many unwitting human beings.

In fact, as the filmmakers expertly document, no one has been off-limits when it comes to military research into the inner workings of the human mind. Psychological, pharmacological and technological trauma was routinely used in tests on military personnel, inmates, hospital patients and even children.

As stated in the film:

The implications for brainwashing, indoctrination, and re-education were staggering.

Part II – Cybernetics covers the establishment of “control and communication in the animal and machine.” Working from the baseline idea that people are fully programmable, the next step along the path toward ultimate control would be to automate the mission. This “man-machine project” introduced the concept of a “neural net,” which we see being developed in a much more advanced form now under the term neural lace.”

Learning about the origins of robotics and artificial intelligence, all designed to mechanize the human mind, is a solid reminder to be wary of any of the supposed benefits that mind-rewiring technology claims in its modern propaganda.

The dark origins are laid completely bare in what Aaron Dykes calls a “global Manhattan Project for the mind,” which was heavily documented but long since forgotten in publications like Mental Health and World Citizenship. The film continues to connect the dots throughout the evolution of the Internet itself as it was constructed to become a de facto electronic nervous system that the populace is wired into.  The potential for behavior modification was seen very early on, even as “new revelations” emerge from social media companies that only now acknowledge this to be part of the built-in design.

Part III – The Brain Doctors looks at many of the people behind mind control systems like the MKULTRA subprojects. Moving beyond behavioral modification, this begins the age of direct mind control via “psychosurgery” with horrific experiments conducted on mental patients. Many of the techniques were rudimentary and brutal precursors to technology we are seeing in the news today, such as transcranial magnetic stimulation. However, today’s news bites don’t properly contextualize the history that the filmmakers have uncovered in the fields of biological control through radio frequency transmitted to implanted electrodes, and testing with microwave radiation (5G anyone?). Worse still is the fact that this testing began on animals, but humans were eventually treated just the same in sanctioned laboratories.

Part IV – The Psychocivilized Society segues from the political turmoil of the 1960s which led to the theory that the behavior of rioting might have a medical cause, even leading some proponents to suggest that political leaders and activists must have some sort of brain disease that should be targeted for correction or prevention. It was an early type of pre-crime notion that sought to identify behavior patterns and the likelihood of violence before any activity had taken place.

What followed was the development of the brain-computer interface and, specifically, the pursuit that specific brainwaves could be eradicated. This is where the concept of violence prediction came about as the combination of psychiatry and social systems began to meld into one overall method for direct control over large populations.

A key interview with Dr Breggin, MD serves to round out all of what the film presents and is a must-see whistleblower account of someone who saw these systems being built. At the time, Dr Breggin was a lone voice of reason and ethics; and in the film, he appears as a shining light amid the darkness as he recounts horrendous physical and mental abuse that clearly was/is rife at the highest level of these mind control programs.

And this film, too, is a shining light despite its dark overtones. It is a meticulously and comprehensively researched account that is a great service to the public as well as other researchers in bringing into one place all of the dots that need to be connected.

After viewing this documentary, despite our own 15-year investigation into the subject of government mind control, we wholeheartedly agree with Melissa and Aaron’s statement about their personal journey while making this film: You may think you know this story, but we promise you, you don’t.

Highly Recommended

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 When one sees a statue of the type shown below – being used to replace the destroyed Ten Commandments in Arkansas – then you realize that it stands for Pedophilia – which is being pushed more and more by the ‘Champions’ in Government of these perverted beings.

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Everywhere we look these days, evil is devastating everything we formally loved about America and the public school system is the worst place in the world to send your children every day. After you Pray long hard and continuously, ask GOD for directions! The scum in our society has to go back to hell before we do.


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