08 22 18 Lions, and Tigers, and Bears. . . . and oh, my! World Trusts!


By Anna Von Reitz

First, there was the “Unum Sanctum” — “One Sacred” Trust, published in 1302.  It gradually gained traction and assets and network connectivity that spanned the Globe.  Like most human endeavors, it had its upsides and its downsides….

Upsides include a global postal and banking system which allows us to communicate and to trade on a global scale.  Those strawberries from Ecuador that you are eating in January would not be possible without the work of the Unum Sanctum Trust.

The idea of public hospitals and public charities and public schools for the masses are all the work of the Unum Sanctum Trust.  The idea of foundations devoted to things like Public Broadcasting and Art Museums and Public Libraries—- all from the Unum Sanctum Trust.

In fact, much of the modern world as we know it, and much of the good that has been accomplished, has in one way or another been guided or implemented or expedited or planned by the Unum Sanctum Trust and we take this all for granted as it things like the Postal Service just sprang up out of the ground like mushrooms in the fall.

Not so.  It took many generations of sacrifice and inspiration and donations by — largely Catholic supporters — to make all this possible.

And now for the downside….. over many generations, things got out of control and the power and connectivity and wealth of the Unum Sanctum Trust began to be abused for political and criminal purposes. The so-called “Middle Crown” of the Trust, the Romanus Pontifex was dissolved in 2011 as a result.

And then we had the ill-fated One People’s Public Trust — the OPPT, organized as a result of the work of the Paradigm Project — an attempt to “take over” the assets and resources of the Unum Sanctum Trust and redefine it and garner political support by giving away little dribs and drabs of assets while retaining the vast bulk of the “foreclosed upon” assets for purposes unknown.

This is in common terms known as  “rolling over” a trust.  When one trust ends, another begins. Or so that theory and means of dealing with the situation has it.

It is one of the great ironies of the world that Bar Attorneys are generally speaking the only ones who know how to foreclose assets, but they also have no standing as owners with respect to the assets they foreclose. They are the eternal middlemen, foreclosed themselves from entering into the Kingdom.

Well, according to some of the most ancient texts on Earth, somebody had to be the Gatekeepers.

And then, there is “Manna World Holding Trust” that has been making a bid to take over and control all the assets of the world.

Same story as OPPT, different day, more sinister provenance.

Some hackers at MIT in concert with certain loose canons in the so-called “defense community” developed a means to transfer information from the current banking system and lock down accounts all over the world.  They have since been thumping themselves on the back for their illegal acts and touting their own horns as if they have done a great thing.


We expect that when the dust settles they will all be tracked down and scrutinized and while they may make some claims that they did it for “national security”,  I believe that a very different motive will emerge.  They are trying to roll over the World Trust Assets, just like OPPT.  Only they serve their own masters and their own peculiar agendas.

Apparently, our simple idea that the assets need to go back to the countries and to the people to whom the assets naturally belong is too hard for all these power-hungry genius-types to grasp.

And in cases where nobody knows any longer who the owners are, simply put the unclaimed assets into an investment fund and use the proceeds to fund infrastructure in underdeveloped countries and to provide aid to those affected by natural catastrophe or war?

Once they deal with the fact that the American assets — as in our assets — are not “unclaimed” and that our government isn’t in any kind of “abeyance”,  the larger part of all the land and other assets they were planning to divide among themselves disappears from the table and the whole issue gets cut down to size.

And the World Trust is no longer a single juggernaut poised to destroy all national governments and impose a single world government administered by some kind of global “meritocracy”, either.  It dissolves like a paper tiger in the rain, melting back into the National Trusts that are owed to the people of every country.

Sometimes going forward means going back, retracing and rethinking.  A single World Trust — or even half a dozen such trusts — is a bad idea, because it concentrates too much power in the hands of too few people, who then become subject to the corrupting nature of such power.

Instead of universal brotherhood it resulted in universal enslavement.

So scratch that one. Erase the drawing board. Start over.

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