By Anna Von Reitz

So how did your nationality get combined with citizenship?  A friend from Australia recently sent me a nicely summarized list of legislative acts from the 1920 through the late 60’s, and what it very neatly summarizes is a fundamental change that happened in the 1940’s and which has never been corrected.

At the beginning of the legislative history there were numerous “Nationality Acts” in the 1920’s and 30’s.  Then, beginning in the 1940’s all of these became “Nationality and Citizenship Acts”.  This is where your nationality got confused and “lumped together” with your political status as a “citizen” or not.

The organizations passing all these “Nationality and Citizenship Acts” were all functioning in Territorial jurisdictions, so it was no big leap for them to include “citizenship” presumptions with the topic of “nationality”.  For them, the two are synonymous.

If you live your life as a “resident” (temporary sojourner) in the “State of Wyoming” (a Territorial State of State) you are a federal “citizen” by definition, so that your nationality and citizenship are tied together.

If you live your life at home in Wyoming, you may or may not be a “citizen”. It is entirely possible to live your entire life and never be employed by any “federally connected” employer and to never hold any office related to any federal corporation.

And that is the fundamental difference between “us” and “THEM”.

We have no natural obligation to serve and obey the government.  The government has a natural obligation to serve and obey us.  Our nationality is not tied to any obligatory citizenship, but theirs is.  And therein lies the rub and the misunderstanding.

People presume that you must be a citizen, because they are, but in fact this is merely a self-interested and unconscionable presumption on the part of the Territorial United States Government that began in the 1940’s and which deserves to be soundly rebutted and refused now.

When you are born on the land of a sovereign State, say, New York — you are under no obligation to act or serve as a Federal Citizen of any kind.  They merely “presume” on the basis of a long-vanished war that you are a volunteer willing to assume “Territorial political status”.

So that’s how your nationality got balled up with the issue of citizenship, which is by nature entirely different.

We now know that the same thing happened worldwide during the Second World War and that “Nationality Acts” in places as diverse as Italy and Australia and the United States underwent the same kind of change to “Nationality and Citizenship Acts” at the same time. This implies in turn at that the participants were acting in Territorial capacity and that people were never returned to their natural birthright political status as non-citizen nationals after the Second World War.

This parallels what went on with the so-called Victory Tax. Prior to the Second World War, only Federal Citizens and federal corporations (like the big railroad corporations) were subject to pay “federal income taxes”.  During the war the Territorial United States Congress passed the “Victory Tax” which allowed average non-Federal citizen Americans to “voluntarily” contribute an amount equal to that paid by Federal Employees as part of the war effort.

The sunset clause on this legislation stated “the end of hostilities” which by most reckoning means September 1945, but instead, the Territorial United States Congress just left everything in place as if the Second World War was still going on and people were still “volunteering” to pay federal income taxes as part of the effort to win it.

Eighty years later and millions upon millions of Americans have been deprived of their natural birthright nationality which does not include any obligations of citizenship and have paid trillions of dollars worth of federal income taxes they never owed.

It’s easy enough to see why the Territorial United States Government wanted everyone to be in “citizenship” status so as to be able to control and commandeer the labor force during the Second World War.  It is also easy to see why they wanted the extra income from American workers and why they acted in simple greed and continued on with both these false presumptions after the War—- both Territorial “citizenship” and “voluntary federal income tax” have been foisted off and presumed upon millions of Americans without their knowledge or consent.

And now has come the objection from the lawful government and from the people to this situation and the need to: (1) cease and desist these false presumptions and (2) make amends for them.

It is within our power as individual Americans to reclaim our “reversionary trust interest” in our own birthright prior to when the Territorial Government agents changed our fundamental nationality and citizenship status.  We can revert back to being Americans standing on the firm foundation of our land and soil without any citizenship obligations and without any Territorial attachments to our earnings.

And this is why when we talk about Jural Assemblies it is so important for people to grasp what has been done to them in terms of damage to their natural capacities and political status, and why it is necessary for everyone involved in the Jural Assembly process to recoup their natural birthright political status which does not include any obligations of Territorial citizenship.

You were born in Vermont, not Puerto Rico.  Say so and inherit the land and soil of your birth, your guaranteed exemptions and immunities, your Natural and Unalienable Rights, and be set free from the obligations of Territorial citizenship.

Run, don’t walk, to the Recorder’s Office and establish your claim. And if anyone tells you that it isn’t “necessary” for you to make this change, tell them it isn’t necessary to wipe your butt, either, but the consequences of not doing so have obvious drawbacks.

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 Exact Original Citation:

By Anna Von Reitz

Here’s the exact original citation of the Penhallow v. Doane’s Administrators case I quoted and that Larry Becraft said “didn’t exist” even though I told him to look in the annotations to the case record he was citing — where the original source was noted:

“Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the MIND ONLY with other artificial persons.  The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible.  The legal manifestation of this is that NO government, as well as any law agency, aspect, court, etc., can concern itself with anything other than Corporate, Artificial Persons and the Contracts between them.” (emphasis added).  S.C.R. 1795, Penhallow v. Doane’s Administrators (3 U.S. 54; 1 L.Ed 57; 3 Dall. 54, Supreme Court of the United States 1795, [Not the “United States Supreme Court” -ed.]

This is the actual Supreme Court of the United States which over-stands all inferior courts including “The United States Supreme Court”, “the United States Supreme Court” and the “UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT”.

Posted by Paul Stramer at 10:05 PM


By Paul Strammer


The State of Illinois ‘ debt Is currently $203,000,000,000.00 (billion) and growing rapidly.

One reason is: The state has too many “breadwinners”.

Hard to believe, but it’s happening all over the country.

An emergency room physician in Chicago tells of a woman in her late 20’s who came into the ER with her 8th pregnancy.

She told the doctor: “My Momma told me that I am the ‘breadwinner’ for the family.”

He asked her to explain.

She said that she can make babies, and babies get money from the State of Illinois for the family.

It goes like this: The grandma calls the Department of Child & Family Services, and states that her unemployed daughter is not capable of caring for all of her kids.

DCFS agrees, and tells her the children will need to go into foster care.

Then, the grandma, volunteers to be the foster parent, and receives a check for $1,500 per child, each month in Illinois

The total yearly income is: $144,000.

$1,500 x 8 = $12,000 per month x 12 = $144,000, per year.

She is in her late 20’s, how many more can she have?

Tax-free, and nobody has to go to work.

In fact, they get more if there is no husband/father/man in the home!

Not to mention free healthcare (Medicaid), plus a monthly card entitling them to free groceries and a voucher for 250 free Obama phone minutes each month.

This does not include WIC and other welfare benefits that they are

“entitled” to.

Indeed, grandma was correct that her fertile daughter is the “breadwinner” for the family, and now Illinois is hopelessly overrun with people who vote only for those who will continue to keep them on the dole.

No wonder our country is broke

Worse, the Muslims have been paying attention, and by mandating that each Muslim family have eleven children, they will soon replace the voting bloc above, and can be running this country within 25 years.

The Muslim population is growing faster in Illinois than any other state.

Read the above again, until it sinks in, and then ask yourself if your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will survive these severe changes to America !

Are you alarmed yet?

Is anybody listening?

Don’t forget to pay your taxes!

There are a lot of “breadwinners” depending on you not to forward this to as many as you can.

Olddogs Comments!

 The above situation is the result of corporate governance, instead of the original intent of government BY THE PEOPLE!

And the reason we have a corporate government is because the people are too stupid to remember history, so they could teach their children, instead of submitting them to corporate education.

If you cannot home school them – – DON’T HAVE THEM!

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