08 17 18 Bingo, Crime and Politics


By Anna Von Reitz

My article the other day mentioned the fact that political parties are lobbying organizations and need to be regulated the same way that other lobbyists are scrutinized and limited.  Color that a timely end to all the shenanigans, the Diebold Machines, and the Clinton Foundation.

For some reason, that idea came as a huge surprise to many people who had never thought of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party as political lobbies.

And the next thought that arose like a lightning bolt was: “OMG! They are supposed to be lobbying Congress, not running it!”


In the lawful American Government structure, there are no political parties per se. There are opinions and there are those who support those opinions in an organized fashion for purposes of debate — the Federalists vs. the Anti-Federalists, for example, but there are no permanent, organized, fund-raising political parties.

Political parties and the billions of dollars of graft and criminality that go with them are the creatures of the Territorial United States Government and its brand of Territorial “United States” Congress.  They are part of the Territorial “democracy” that somehow never achieves a mandate, not part of the actual government owed to the States and People of this country.

So why do we put up with political parties at all?  They have come ashore on our land and soil and had a “party” all right — 150 years worth of “partying” at our expense.

These obnoxious lobbyists pushing their “agendas” back and forth on Capitol Hill have no reason to be there, and should be offshore in some place like the Virgin Islands or at their new IRS Headquarters on the Mariana Islands, plotting how best to convince our Congress to spend our money.

Instead, they have been masquerading as our Congress and passing themselves off as our “representatives” and the only limits to their bad behavior and deceits have been what they thought they could get away with and whatever curbs the demands of their differing agendas have applied.

The Democrats, if you look at their voting history, have a long tradition of stealing our money and assets to provide bribes and pay-offs to their constituents, and then, an equally long history of stabbing those same constituents in the back.  This is so marked, so predictable, that I think of Democrats in terms of passive-aggressive psychosis.

The Republicans, if you look at their voting history, have a long tradition of promoting big business, manipulating commodities, services, stock markets, and currencies, and all aimed at control and profit, profit, profit.  But they suffer from their own brand of mental illness and can’t tell when enough is a enough; gluttony and compulsive hedonistic tendencies take over and they consistently squander the Greater Good for the sake of petty profits and short term goals.

But what do you expect from lobbyists?  Leadership?  Morals?

That’s like expecting a hired cheerleader to earn a Nobel Prize in Physics.

No, the “Missing Piece” is you and your Congress, and that has been the missing piece for a long, long time.

These Territorial Yahoos are not supposed to be encamped on Capitol Hill running rampant and spending your money.  They are supposed to be lobbying your Congress to spend your money.  And you?  You are supposed to be sending your own Deputies– accountable fiduciary officers of your respective States– to conduct your business in Washington, DC.

Until you wake up and take back your own birthright nationality and non-citizen political status, and until you attend to your own business, boot up your own Jural Assemblies, reconstitute the Federal States of States, and call your own Continental Congress into Session, this is the Mad House scenario we’ve got, where unaccountable lobbyists pretend to “represent” you and also pretend to have your authority and your permission to do whatever they want, which is only limited by what they can get away with.

Here is an example of what happens when people get fed up enough with lawlessness and idiots “representing” them:


We have a good system of Law and Governance provided for us by our ancestors.  All we have to do is  operate in our natural capacity and take the responsibility for exercising our rights and running the lawful government we are heir to.  No insurrections.  No arguments.  No way for your employees, including “your” hired lobbyists, to say one word about it.

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