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By Anna Von Reitz

Can a group of Irish Merchant Seamen be part of a Spanish Jural Assembly?

Can a group of Austrian Customs Agents be part of a French Jural Assembly?

Can a group of Territorial United States (British) Warrant Officers be part of an American Jural Assembly?

If you answered “No” to all three of the above, you are on the right side of the logic involved in the current senseless debate about whether or not you have to reclaim your birthright political status in order to participate in our Jural Assemblies.

Of course, you do. It is not a “personal choice” when it comes to this.

And if you don’t want to reclaim your rights and property and prerogatives as an American, what are you doing getting involved in an American State Jural Assembly in the first place???

That’s like someone from Hong Kong coming over here and offering to organize our counties for us.

Thank you very much for the help, but at the end of the day, you are a foreigner and you can’t be a participant or electoral member of our Jural Assembly.

You must be claiming your “reversionary trust interest” and your birthright political status as a Virginian, Coloradan, Wisconsinite, etc. in order to participate in a State Jural Assembly.

And that choice does need to be official and recorded on the public record somewhere.

There is a famous precedent case in Minnesota circa 1860s.  I can’t remember the citation off the top of my head, but it ultimately gave rise to “Minnesota Rule 220”.

At the time, immigrants were pouring into the country  — just like today.  One of them decided to settle in Minnesota, but didn’t make his intentions clear.  Even though he met all the criteria to be a Minnesotan, his failure to declare it on the public record meant that he couldn’t claim status as a Minnesotan. 

From the standpoint of international law, we have all been “adrift at sea” and “unidentified” for decades regarding our identity and our ultimate provenance on the land and we haven’t “declared our intention” otherwise, so until we do, we are “presumed to be” British Territorial Citizens temporarily “residing” in this country to provide “essential government services”.

No “ifs” or “ands” or “buts” about it.

As you stand there in your stocking-feet, thinking — “Well, of course, I am an American and an Alabaman by birth!”—- I am here to tell you that so far as the public record goes there is only a foreign “VESSEL” registration to show that anyone with your name ever existed.

You have to record the paperwork and stake your claim in America or you don’t “count” as an American and can’t function in the capacity of one.

Now, folks, this has obvious implications far, far beyond whether or not you can properly serve on and organize a valid Jural Assembly for Vermont.

For your own sakes, for your safety, for the preservation of your rights and your assets, for your children and their inheritance, for your country, for your freedom, you have to take action and declare your political status and desire to exercise your reversionary trust interest.

Otherwise, guess what?  A bunch of international banks swagger in and say, oh, BTW, that big chunk of North America over there?  That’s all unclaimed, abandoned property.  We don’t know where the heirs to all that went, but hey, there’s no public record….they haven’t been heard from in decades…..Last we heard, they all joined the British Merchant Marine Service and were lost at sea…..”


Get your paperwork recorded and your Jural Assemblies booted up. Stop dithering and arguing and see the logic of the trap that has been set for you and your country.  And take proper action now.

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There Isn’t A Republic Period.

http://www.paulstramer.net/2018/08/there-isnt-republic-period.htmlBy Anna Von Reitz

There isn’t “a” Republic and there never has been.

There is a Federation of fifty (50) State Republics.

Anyone who talks about “a” Republic is talking about a foreign, mostly French-sponsored commercial corporation.

And they are trying to deceive you, once again, into mistaking their commercial corporation for your lawful government.

Explain that there are fifty “republican states” and never a single “Republic”. And if they won’t listen and won’t stop spreading garbage and deceit, denounce them as traitors, because that is what they are.

So what happened?

During the so-called Civil War one of our Federal Government service providers, the British-backed Territorial United States attacked a break-away group of the original States of America calling themselves The Confederate States of America. It was a cat-fight among federal service providers, and would-be service providers, not a “war” at all.

No sovereign entity was involved, no Declaration of War was ever issued by the land jurisdiction Congress, no Treaty of Peace ever concluded.

After this illegal mercenary conflict on our shores was over, the British Territorial United States usurped upon the original States of America and seized upon them as “trust property” to be managed by the British Territorial United States “in trust” while the National level government they were supposed to provide us was “held in abeyance”.

The original States of America were all rolled over into trusts. The original State of Florida became the Florida State (Trust), and so on.

New Territorial States of America deceptively called by the same names replaced the original States of America, so that on the surface, nothing appeared to have changed: the (National) State of Florida was replaced by the (Territorial) State of Florida and nobody knew the difference.

As a result of this fraud and deceit, the intended structure and balance of power – including the checks and balances built into the federal government – was undermined and commandeered by the British-controlled Territorial United States.

From there, it has been a long history of breach of trust and commercial mismanagement and false claims made against the actual states and people.

If you compare the simple, straight-forward, strictly compartmentalized original structure of the “federal government” with what has developed over time, you see the gross proliferation and incorporation and privatization of the Territorial and Municipal levels of the “essential government service” providers, most especially the development of municipal STATES OF STATES, which were appointed to do the dirty work for the insolvent Territorial States of States in 1951.

And right now the principal parent corporations in charge of all this fraud, the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc. are both bankrupt, one in liquidation (UNITED STATES) and one in reorganization (USA, Inc.) and we, The United States of America (Unincorporated) are in court fighting the widespread supposition that we no longer exist and that our assets are “abandoned” and are available to pay the debts of these disloyal foreign federal service providers to their secondary creditors.

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