07 08 18 America is Toast, Unless!

 By Olddog

During the last 100 years the average American has gradually become more and more self absorbed to the point of lunacy. They no longer have any real comprehension of just how despicable governments can be, or what to do about it if they are incarcerated for some otherwise minor violation of the millions of statutes that have replaced common law. In fact, the average American has no idea what common law is.

Their first thought when being arrested is to hire a Bar Attorney and turn their very existence over to them; being assured that they will take care of the hapless stooge, but in fact the Bar Attorney works for the Court and this is the most ridiculous arrangement ever devised to rape the people.

This total lack of understanding the power of governments and how despicable they are has led the people down the path of complacency, They no longer know how to communicate with power hungry Judges and sit there while their lives are destroyed, including their family.

Now you may wonder what caused this intellectual decline but most people do not; they just accept the tyrannical government’s destruction of their freedom as though the government is always right, and it was their own fault.

From my own research I surmise that the media industry was culpable by creating the myth that America was a democracy and it was further enforced by the government controlled education system so people were gradually dumbed-down without ever realizing they had forfeited the independence and protection of having fifty republics whose only restrictions were in a contract called the Constitution for the United States.

We were never intended to be governed as a whole and gradually gave up all that so many had died for without a fight. This dear reader is what happens when the scholastic level of a Nation goes down.

So, in spite of the technological advancements we have made the overall intelligence of the people declined and they accepted what ever happened.

I offer this short article written by Judge Anna Von Reitz as justification for my thoughts above.

The Colonies equal Farm Family Assemblies

The United Colonies (1790)


During the so-called Civil War one of our Federal Government service providers, the British-backed Territorial United States attacked a break-away group of the original States of America calling themselves; The Confederate States of America. It was a cat-fight among federal service providers, and would-be service providers, not a “war” at all. No sovereign entity was involved, no Declaration of War was ever issued by the land jurisdiction Congress, no Treaty of Peace ever concluded.

After this illegal mercenary conflict on our shores was over, the British Territorial United States usurped upon the original States of America and seized upon them as “trust property” to be managed by the British Territorial United States “in trust” while the National level government they were supposed to provide us was “held in abeyance”

.The original States of America were all rolled over into trusts. The original State of Florida became the Florida State (Trust), and so on.

New Territorial States of America deceptively called by the same names replaced the original States of America, so that on the surface, nothing appeared to have changed: the (National) State of Florida was replaced by the (Territorial) State of Florida and nobody knew the difference.

As a result of this fraud and deceit, the intended structure and balance of power – including the checks and balances built into the federal government – was undermined and commandeered by the British-controlled Territorial United States.

From there, it has been a long history of breach of trust and commercial mismanagement and false claims made against the actual states and people.

If you compare the simple, straight-forward, strictly compartmentalized original structure of the “federal government” with what has developed over time, you see the gross proliferation and incorporation and privatization of the Territorial and Municipal levels of the “essential government service” providers, most especially the development of municipal STATES OF STATES, which were appointed to do the dirty work for the insolvent Territorial States of States in 1951.

And right now the principal parent corporations in charge of all this fraud, the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc. are both bankrupt, one in liquidation (UNITED STATES) and one in reorganization (USA, Inc.) and we, The United States of America (Unincorporated) are in court fighting the widespread supposition that we no longer exist and that our assets are “abandoned” and are available to pay the debts of these disloyal foreign federal service providers to their secondary creditors.

I fully admit that the complexity of America’s problems require a superior intellect of which I do not posses, but that is no excuse for the people to sit on their back-sides and take what ever is demanded of them.

America has reached the point of destruction; by completely abandoning the rights that so many have died to secure and nothing is left but tyranny if the people do not abandon their infatuation with entertainment and do a little reading to reawaken their natural rights to peace and prosperity.

This Continent has enough natural resources to provide every living soul with all they need to make a good living, IF the people would get off their ass and do a little reading.

Granted it would take a larger effort for some but the end results would be stupendous if every one would take part in their re-education.

So Far, we have been lucky that the powers that be have stumbled over their greed and given us the internet, which is about to be completely taken over by the tyrants that desire total control of all resources.

It is incredible that they were stupid enough to allow the net to grow into what it is before taking total control, but they have seen the light and it will not last much longer.

Therefore it is with the upmost urgency that the people grab what is currently available and study their hearts out with all their might.Fortunately we have a few people with minds that are far superior to most civilians and they have recorded years of research for us dummies to enrich our minds with and at the top of this list of researchers sits an old lady with a mind that makes me too humble to approach her directly. Anna Von Reitz

Believe me; the best thing that could happen to America is for 90% of the people to read every word on her site at http://www.annavonreitz.com/

And buy Deanna Spingola’s three book series of The Ruling Elite.

As intelligent as she is, she still writes at a level where 99% of Americans can understand what she is saying.

And to make matters even better, a man named Paul Stramer has converted all of her articles from PDF to a MS Word format, making it possible for every computer owner to copy and re-post her works.

You see folks, once you have understood the difference between what we were promised and what we were given, your blood will boil over from the heat of patriotism and all the scumbags that have suppressed us will go belly up in their own pile of crap.

Although they are vicious enemies, the indefatigable rage of untold millions of educated American Patriots will prevail over their malicious aggression.

You do not have to abandon your life style completely, but the more time you put into this reconstruction of your mind, the more life health and happiness you will enjoy.

Please, for the love of your self and family, abandon your past life style and refuel your mind with patriotism unlike anything the world has ever seen. You will see evil shrink up like an old prune and prosperity blossom like a rose on steroids. An ignorant population is tyrant food and will be served up in many forms to feed the politicians, Bankers, and rich elites. Anna Von Reitz and Deanna Spingola are just a couple of those you should be reading.

 http://www.annavonreitz.com/ – – http://www.paulstramer.net/ – – http://spingola.com/ The Ruling Elite available at Amazon  – – https://www.goodreads.com/series/225545-the-ruling-elite

Just think for a minute what life would be like if we were free from all forms of taxes, crooked politicians, wars, forced brain washing education, killer cops, crooked judges, and the list goes on and on.


This is our country, our freedom, and our future if you want it.

God Bless


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