07 05 18 Tragic Misunderstandings Number One


By Anna Von Reitz

The first misconception we are heir to is the idea that the federal Constitutions were ever created to rule over us.  In fact, the Constitutions (multiple) were established to rule over our Federal employees, and to create, define, and control subcontracting organizations that provide “essential government services” under a delegation of powers agreement.

Big Time Message here — the Law “of” the Land is not the Law “for” the Land.

The Constitutions are often referred to the “Law of the Land” because the Federales all function exclusively in the jurisdiction of the sea.

They are obligated to obey the “Law of the Land” when they come “ashore” and enter our jurisdictions.

When dealing with the Federal Government — any branch of the Federal Government at all – you have to remember that they are looking at the world from their perspective.  Not yours.

They are, jurisdictionally speaking, out at sea, talking about the Constitutions that your ancestors imposed on them and their operations as “land law”.

From their perspective, the Constitutions and other Organic and Public Laws of this country are foreign.

The Federal Code is the law of the Federal Civil Service, and the Code of Military Justice functions as the law governing the Military.

Though this will come as a big surprise to many people, none of the Constitutions — Federal, Territorial or Municipal – are concerned with us at all.  That is why the Bill of Rights was added as an after-thought instead of being the centerpiece of the constitutional process.

The only time that the Constitutions become important to us is when our Federal Employees over-step their boundaries and transgress upon us.

The word “transgression” – as Cookie, my Paralegal, pointed out — is a legally precise description of the situation we find ourselves in, because it refers to the process by which the sea (jurisdiction) spreads over land (jurisdiction) just as well as any actual physical creep of the oceans inland.

“Trespass” is what happens on the land jurisdiction when people go where they don’t belong and “Transgression” is what happens in the international jurisdiction of the sea when persons do the same.

They have surely transgressed against us—a situation that must be addressed without further obfuscation, misunderstanding or excuse.

Our employees have contrived to ignore their duties and the restrictions of the Constitutions, and to attack us and deprive us, their employers, of our property and guarantees.

How has this been done?

It’s simple.  They have arbitrarily defined us as one them:  a “US Citizen” — part of their political system, a Democrat or a Republican, a Federal Employee or Dependent of some kind, a political asylum seeker, or a federally chartered corporation– none of these “persons” have any constitutional rights or guarantees at all, and never have had.

So long as we do not object, strenuously and knowledgeably, they get away with it— and they have gotten away with it for such a long time that they have grown arrogant and secure in their ability to pillage and oppress us via legal chicanery. They have made sure that most Americans would never have any cause to know what they have been doing to us behind our backs.

As a result of the negotiated peace process ending in the Treaty of Paris (1783) the British Monarch was allowed to retain de facto supervision of nineteen enumerated powers that actually and naturally should be ours to exercise.

The Founders devised a system by which the King had to act through business organizations belonging to the States called “States of States” in order to exercise his delegated powers.

Nobody at the time could imagine that Georgia would lose control of The State of Georgia and that this original American “State of State” would be secretively supplanted and replaced by a Territorial United States corporation merely calling itself “the” State of Georgia— but this Cuckoo Bird change actually  took place in the wake of the so-called Civil War.

The Federal States of State were usurped and almost nobody was the wiser, but from then on, the King enjoyed a much freer hand and his minions began to chisel away, like moths in a closet.

While it is customary for employers to be respected as such, it is also customary for American workers to be respected as people equal under the law.

The voluntary servitude involved in working a job is not taken – by Americans – as any stigma or suggestion that workers are lower class or deprived of any of their natural rights as a condition of their employment – and yet, ironically, we have allowed exactly such a demeaning and feudalistic system of inequality under the law to develop and flourish in America.

This feudal class system has no part in our thinking or tradition, but it is common and pernicious in Britain, and as a result, it followed over here with respect to the King’s puppets running the Territorial States of States and the usurped “Federal” Government, which should have been more properly called a British “Territorial” Government.

Our own Federal Government designed to be operated by our States was — according to the British Perpetrators— in a “condition of abeyance”.

We might claim and enforce our rights and powers—if we see through the deceit and have sense enough to claim them, but the King never gave his employees any such rights or abilities, with the result that Federal workers and members of our military have, since the 1860’s, been treated as second-class citizens and as chattel belonging to the British Crown.

Federal Employees and Dependents have struggled along as best they could. Those born white and on the soil of one of the States claimed Dual Citizenship to allow themselves to retain their constitutional guarantees—at least while off-duty.  Those born black weren’t so lucky or able to adapt, so they finally rebelled and rioted for “Equal Civil Rights”— meaning rights equal to the “natural and unalienable rights” other Americans are supposed to enjoy.

Slowly, by means of guile and deceit, the King’s minions on our shores — especially members of the BAR Associations – have contrived to redefine all of us as federal Territorial Citizens, as if we were all born in Puerto Rico.  This scam allows them to seize upon our Good Names and property assets and to subject us to their foreign corporate Codes.

They have done this to control Americans and hold us in a state of subjection—the same subjection that our ancestors rebelled against.  They have done this to escape the limitations imposed on them by the Constitutions, to inflict the evils of their own British system on others and, in the case of the lawyers, bankers, and politicians responsible, to share in the profits of doing so.

Via this institutionalized fraud scheme they have contrived to provide Britain with a means to conscript American manpower into its wars and American natural resources into its commodity rigging schemes.

All of this is very profitable for the King and his helpers, very unfortunate for the actual Americans and the rest of the world— and a gross, blatant Breach of Trust and of international treaties and of international commercial law.

What they could never win by force of arms they have contrived to seize by fraud and deceit.

Our government— our actual, sovereign government – has declared the end of any so-called “abeyance” and has served Notice on the guilty Principals involved in this shameful circumstance.  The actual States have been called to assemble, and all fifty of them are now engaged.

This Fourth of July, make it count for something more than a distant memory.

If you want your government restored and an end to the European guile and criminality that has held us in thrall for 150 years, get sharp and get busy. Correct your own falsified political status records. Join your State Assemblies which are gathering – go to https://national-assembly.net or send an email with your County and State in the subject line to contentmanager1@yahoo.com.

Once you are on solid ground, start filing criminal reports and administrative complaints against the banks and the politicians and bureaucrats and court officials who have impersonated you and knowingly committed barratry and unlawful conversion against you.  You know who they are and where they live, their names, their families, their faces.  Report the criminals.  It’s your duty.  So do it.  And again.

Make the ears of the politicians and regulators and bankers and police and attorneys and priests and doctors and other Grand Poobahs bleed.  Light the watch fires and give them a taste.

The filthy home foreclosures.  The fake custody claims.  The unlawful licenses and racketeering and extortion.  The undisclosed “implied” contracts.  The “thought crimes”.  The asset seizures.  The police brutality.  The false census records.  The faked elections.  The vile registration processes.  The taxes you never owed. The purloined National Credit. The Federal Reserve.  The draft.  The drugs. The human trafficking. The schools.  The Fluoride.  The Smartmeters.  The Microwave “Kill” Towers.  The NSA snooping.  The mischaracterization and impersonation of innocent Americans.  The wholesale murder of babies.  The slush funds.  The chem trails.  The out of control S.W.A.T. units.  The banks talking about seizing our credit and assets on deposit for their debts.  The lousy rats sending our sons and daughters to war and impoverishing us for their profits.  The bums locking up our resources and curtailing our industries. The vermin planning to cheat seniors out of the pitiful “Social Security” pensions the Queen doles out like gruel during a drought and which her minions try to mischaracterize as “welfare benefits” when the victims have paid for everything and far more all by themselves.   The bogus Cestui Que Vie “trust estates”.  The even more bogus Public Transmitting Utilities. The patented criminal processes.  The infringement of our copyrights.  The identity theft on a national scale. The foreign bill collection agencies pretending to be our courts.  The court administrators pretending to be judges.  The vermin proposing to lord it over us without a public oath, without a public bond, and without a valid commission.  The private corporate mercenaries masquerading as “STATE OF STATE” police and operating under color of law, attacking our people and evicting them from their homes based on debts the people never owed.  The list goes on.  And on.  And on.

This year, beginning July 4, make it your goal to take action every single day.

File a criminal complaint.  File an administrative complaint. Write a Letter a Day exposing the rot.   Confront these people with what they are doing. Address the doctors and the hospital administrators and bankers.  Visit the local police and the Registrars and the Court Clerks.  Look them in the eye.

Give them no excuse.

Take positive actions, too, to teach your neighbors and friends and family and anyone who will face the facts and listen.  Organize, assemble, and serve your local county assembly and State Assembly.  Contribute as you can, where you are, and with what you have at hand.

This year, be heard, not herd.

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