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By Carl F.Worden


The Framers of our Constitution did not want a government police force, so they did not authorize the federal government to have such a police or law enforcement force in the Constitution.  For that matter, they also did not authorize the federal government to have a Justice Department.  Under Article X of the bill of Rights, both agencies are unconstitutional, just as the Department of Education is unconstitutional.

The Framers had good reason to prohibit the federal government from having its own law enforcement agency, rather than leaving law enforcement to the states and the people:  History had proved to them that such a force would be the most likely to go rogue and undermine the legitimate authority of the President and Congress to carry out its duties to the People.  History has also proved that a nation’s intelligence services pose the same, if not greater threat, because, by their very secretive nature, they can tell a president they cannot reveal information to him/her on the basis of plausible deniability and national security.  All intelligence activity was to be performed by the military in concert with its duty to protect the nation, and not stand-alone intelligence services.

Right now, the United States employs seventeen separate intelligence gathering, stand-alone intelligence services.

Have you noticed in our history, every time the federal government violates our Constitution, nothing good ever happens?  We’re seeing that right now.

It has just been confirmed in the Inspector General Hearings held 6/19/18 that highly placed rogue agents of the FBI, Justice Department and top intelligence agency officials did everything illegal they could think of to prevent President Trump from being elected, and then once he was elected, they did everything illegal they could think of to impeach him out of office.

As usual, the Framers were right.  It was an attempt to overthrow the elected Government of the United States by un-elected bureaucrats, using pseudo-legal means.  They knew they couldn’t just do it by force, as often happens in third world nations, for one primary reason:  We have guns, we know how to use them, and we would have used them, thanks to the Framers, who included Article II into the Bill of Rights. That’s the part the anti-gun-nuts never quite understood, or perhaps, didn’t want to.  So these evil Domestic Enemies of our Republic resorted to pseudo-legal subterfuge, then failed in their attempt and got caught.

But let me remind you of the true history of the FBI:

J. Edgar Hoover was made first Director of the FBI and he used his office to secretly record and survey top elected government officials.  He used that information to blackmail them for purposes that are still being debated, but it is a fact he did it.

John F. Kennedy was clearly assassinated through a CIA/Mafia conspiracy, and the FBI directly contributed to the cover-up that followed, rather than investigate to know the truth. Hoover was still FBI Director at the time, and he was known to hate Kennedy.

The FBI got into bed with known murderer Whitey Bulger in Boston, Massachusetts, and they protected Bulger even when they knew he was still murdering people.

The FBI Murdered Vickie Weaver at Ruby Ridge. She was, “armed”, with a 10-month old suckling child when FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi shot her in the head. No charges were ever brought.

The FBI gassed and barbecued over 80 men, women and innocent children at Waco, Texas for defending themselves against a needless attack by the ATFE, which was conducting a fund-raiser with news invited.  Six ATFE agents died in the initial attack, so the FBI was brought in to teach the Branch Davidian Church who was boss in this nation.

I’m certain a lot of you watch Sean Hannity on Fox News.  I always cringe when Hannity goes out of his way to defend the rank & file of the FBI, claiming they are good people, and that the blame for this latest attempt to overthrow our government was only by the top echelon of corrupt FBI officials.  Oh yeah?  Well, those top echelon officials didn’t do all they did without the silence or participation of that rank & file, so spare me the BS!

The FBI should be disbanded right now, before our memory of what they attempted to do fades.  So should the Justice Department and Department of Education.  If they remain, they will screw-up again and again, just as they have in the past, because anything that can be abused, will always be abused.  That is Human Nature, and the Framers knew it well.

Carl F. Worden

Why Is The Rest of the World Angry?


By Anna Von Reitz

Basically, it’s because the [Territorial] United States went stark raving bonkers and attempted to absolutely control and dictate the financial and business affairs of all the other countries in the world.

They were dictating who could do business with whom, what currencies they could use to conduct business, how much they could spend with trading partners— you name it, and the [Territorial] United States was trying to control everyone else’s markets and micro-managing business affairs of the entire world.

So they forced all these other countries to band together in opposition to this oppression and suppression in restraint of trade and to form new alliances and new banks and new banking systems.

And what else would we expect them to do?

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