05 09 18 The States Are Summoned to Assemble + The Enemy is Now in View For All Americans + The Bundy Documentary Response


By Anna Von Reitz

Ever since I started this work, I have been blessed and plagued to work “with” the Roman Catholic Church.

The problem began with the Church, so that is where it has to end, too.

There is a logic to this.

The Roman Curia defined all manner of incorporated entities  — everything that you can think of — cooperatives, trusts, S-Corps, C-Corps, foundations, LLCs……the list goes on.

So, by Maxim of Law, the Creator is responsible for what they create.

This entire situation derives from and returns to the Roman Curia.

Given that fact, who are you going to go to when corporations get run amok?  Who are you going to work with to fix it?

The Dalai Llama?   Headquarters of the United Methodists???

This is why the Pope was given the responsibility of liquidating corporations.  And that is why that responsibility remains with the Roman Curia no matter how they try to weasel out of it.

It makes no sense to take complaints against organizations like the IMF to the World Court, which is owned by the governments that are owned by the banks. The most we can do there is embarrass them and show the world what frauds they are.

By publishing all this information for everyone to see, enough people may hopefully get motivated to save themselves and inform each other to put a stop to this insane criminality.

Otherwise, if you all just sit on your butts and let trolls mislead you by playing on your fears and using half-truths to deceive you, you will be enslaved and used like animals by these criminal banks and the disloyal politicians and military officers that keep these syndicates in power and who pay all these trolls to cast doubt and cause disunity.

Our group is the only group with valid standing and claim that got ahead of the wave and secured claims for your country, your States, and your private assets— and we did it for you, so that you still have a valid claim to your birthright.

Now it’s up to you to get your records straight and get your county and state level assemblies set up.

Contact the Michigan General Jural Assembly for help today.

Go to www.national-assembly.net and make those digit counters roll!

Join the National Teleconference Call each Thursday Night, 9 EST, 1-712-770-4160, access code 226823#.

Can also call the Hotline from 2 to 7 EST Monday through Thursday at: 1-989-450-5522.

These are your States being called to Assemble for the first time in 150 years.  This is historic and you need to be part of it for your own sake and the sake of your country.

At this point, the Delegated Powers have all reverted to the unincorporated sovereign government.  You are all free to adopt your natural birthright political status and return “home” to the land and soil of your birth.

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 The Enemy is Now in View For All Americans


By Anna Von Reitz

We have waited long and patiently for the confirming proof of who and what form “the Enemy” has taken.

This morning we have confirmation that the organization hoping to benefit itself from all this criminality is the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Whereupon it becomes a matter of utmost importance for all people worldwide to sue the Pope and the Vatican Chancery Court for the liquidation of the International Monetary Fund as a corporation involved in criminal activities —which it surely is and which it has demonstrated by knowingly making false claims before the World Court and also misleading President Donald J. Trump.

We are heading up a Committee to Prosecute the International Monetary Fund.

All corporations are obligated to perform lawfully and for lawful purposes — not legally.  Even commercial corporations bear this obligation with respect to living people and their Natural Persons.

As everyone including French President Macron and IMF Director Christine LaGarde have cause to know our government is not in any “abeyance” and our claim as the Priority Creditors of the United States has been given full Public Notice and  Due Process and has been subjected to international agricultural liens and cured.

If they have a validated claim against the United States going back to 1776, let them bring it.  If not, let them be liquidated for fraud and attempted unlawful conversion of assets.

This necessitates a relatively expensive operation.  We will need to send attorneys to the World Court to void the international bankruptcy settlement and we will need to send a delegation to Rome to prosecute the vermin.

Despite the end of the Pontifical Office, the Curia remains 100% responsible for the creation and therefore also 100% responsible for the destruction of all incorporated entities.

If they don’t take action to liquidate the International  Monetary Fund they will themselves be liable for all damages.

Likewise the Sponsors of the International Monetary Fund will lose their “corporate veil” for fraud and Breach of Trust and malfeasance and other crimes too numerous to mention.

And we will sue for their liquidation, too, if this nonsense continues.

We have advised the IMF officials to retreat to their residences in Washington, DC, until a better understanding can be reached.

Meantime, all this action has to be funded — as it was in the beginning — out of our own pockets,—-  after our pockets have been picked clean by the same monsters promoting this fraud and inland piracy in the first place.

This is the Hour in which America must re-declare it’s sovereignty, destiny, and due.  It can only be done by each one of you joining hands with each one of us in supporting the Committee to Prosecute and the very hefty costs involved in sending the law teams to the Hague and Rome.

Send Special Committee Donations to my Paypal account at: avannavon@gmail.com  or cash, checks, and money orders to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 

It really is always something.

The Bundy Documentary Response


By Anna Von Reitz

I just finished watching a documentary about the Bundys and the Oregon Wildlife Refuge Occupation and the Ambush of LaVoy Finicum and  people are still so completely clueless after all this, that they couldn’t find their butts with both hands and a searchlight.

Well, here’s the searchlight, anyway.

1.st First false idea — “The Federal Government owns all these federal lands in the western states.”

No, these States own all the land within their borders.  They just need to be formally enrolled as members of the Federal Union by a Continental Congress.  So by all means, the actual land jurisdiction States have been summoned to assemble and take care of that business at long last.

The Federales have been using this excuse for 150 years to claim that — technically — Nevada and Oregon and the other western states are still “territories” subject to their administration.

As such, they have claimed a “proprietary interest” in the land holdings of these States-in-Waiting and acted improperly as usufructs and asset managers.

BLM and FBI are both sister-subsidiaries owned and operated by the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, INC. so when BLM got its tit in a wringer — finally — for trespassing on the property rights of the actual Nevadans, they went running to their fellow corporate subsidiary, the FBI, to enforce their proprietary interest against the people that employ them.

It all boils down to fraud, deceit, Breach of Trust, unjust enrichment, usurpation against our lawful government and conspiracy against the actual Constitution(s).

The Territorial United States has in fact always been limited to the ownership of property that is necessary for its performance of its stipulated duties— things like arsenals and docks and customs houses.

The Territorial “State of Nevada” should not exist and neither should the “Nevada State” trust.

These Territorial State of State organizations number fifty (50) plus the Seven Territorial Insular States — Guam, Puerto Rico, et alia — for a grand total of 57 Territorial states.

These are what Mr. Obummer presided over as President.  He knew what he was talking about when he famously referred to the “57 states”.

How many of us did?

2nd. Second false idea:  “The NDAA violates our Constitutional rights.”

In fact, the NDAA doesn’t apply to any American properly and officially standing on the land jurisdiction at all—and never did.  Neither did Obummer Care.   Neither do any of the other flagrantly unconstitutional and bizarre “Acts of Congress” proposing to seize firearms, infringe upon free speech, or legalize bestiality.

The NDAA applies, like all Federal Code and Statutory Law, to “citizens”.  And no Federal Citizen ever had any rights or guarantees under any Constitution.  Only we and our States, non-citizen nationals, are owed those rights and guarantees

And who are “citizens” —?

The “citizens” are servants of the government, including elected officials running the Territorial and Municipal government corporations, employees and dependents, and incorporated franchises of the Territorial and Municipal corporations.

Most Americans have never really been “citizens” of the Territorial United States at all—never held an office in any federal corporation, never received a paycheck, never been dependent and never knowingly operated as an incorporated franchise of the Territorial or Municipal United States.

Instead, we have been “presumed upon”.  It has been convenient (and extremely profitable) for the vermin to “presume” that we are all Territorial United States Citizens— as if we had been born in Puerto Rico — and to apply those legal presumptions of political status to each and every one of us without our knowledge or consent.

They go to great pains to establish falsified public records seeming to confirm their claim that we are “citizens” of their Territorial and Municipal organizations. They deliberately misinform us that we have to enroll in Social Security (only Federal employees have to) and that we have to pay Federal Income Taxes (only if we are operating as Federal corporations) and that we reside (as visitors) in our own country.

It’s time for all this fraud to be blown sky-high. We have never directly delegated any authority to any federal agency and we do not allow any secondary transfer of our delegated power by the members of Congress.

I listened to that Territorial County Sheriff in Oregon being interviewed as part of the documentary and heard him keep talking about “citizens” this and “citizens” that and I knew that he didn’t have the least little bit a clue what he was really talking about.

He had no idea that Ammon and Cliven and LaVoy were not “citizens” and not actually subject to him or the Federales’ Code or the Territorial State of State Statutes, either.

3 rd.False idea three — that the deliberate ambush and murder of LaVoy Finicum was then or is now or ever can be justified or excused in the name of “public safety” or anything else.

The FBI,  which had a direct conflict of interest and direct bottom-line profit motive to enforce the BLM’s claims in behalf of their own parent corporation’s fiscal interests,  acted as a foreign mercenary organization on our shores and ambushed and murdered an innocent man with premeditation and in cold blood.

They planned to arrested him under false presumptions, after he had already made his political status and the capacity in which he was acting perfectly clear.  They had cause to know that their warrant was null and void and that he was outside any valid federal jurisdiction.

Every officer involved in that operation deserves to be executed by firing squad for international war crimes against an innocent non-combatant civilian owed their loyalty and protection.

Get it through your heads, folks, your own employees have been murdering and robbing and mis-characterizing you for over a hundred years and you have been sitting here like sheep letting them slaughter you in wars for profit and sheer you for all their debts.

Time to wake up and put the hammer down.

4. th.False idea four — that the Bundy’s “got off” because the FBI and other agencies lied to the Judge.

They got off because it became apparent to the Judge and everyone else that the FBI and other enforcement agencies lied, and because it became apparent that the Bundys were being advised concerning their actual political status, and once they played that card not only would the game be over, the prosecution of the FBI Agents and others for actual crimes would be unavoidable.

See this article and over 900 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com

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